Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1845 Page 3
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term with their consent. The extraordinary suc cess which has attended the otiice-seeking steps of the said Dennis Prieur for the last twenty years, is remarkable enough in itself to inent record. The old adage, "fools for luck," Arc., has taken him es pecially under its guardianship; for with all his suc cess he has not a tangible child. General Taylor and his army are still in statu quo, as far as we have learned. Business is worse than dull. Cotton is a perfect drug in consequence of the scarcity of vessels. I know of but one ship partly disengaged. We are readily giving j of a cent per pound freight to New York, wntn the opportunity presents itself. When business shall have been constitutionally installed, you shall hear from me often and accurate ly, as I tread the mazes in all their prominent mean ders, and will, therefore, write by the card. I have just escaped the crowd at Morgan's, (who are making the usual 9 o'clock rush for the Herald,) after having, by some exertion, secured one copy of your daily, with which I expect to while away an hour very comfortably?it may make you smile to talk of securing one of the 40,000 copies issued by Vour press, but such is the fact; we eat our break fast (always, of course, a healthy man's first look out) and then call for the New York Herald. New Orleans is just budding out again ; two of the most lovely daysthat have blessed our senses for (i iiioiiths, have just passed over our heads, and we are now on the morning of the third?the air is cool and bracing, the sun clear, but not hot, and bu siness, which for long and tedious months has been bowing to the Sirocco blasts of summer, now rais es its head and snuffs the reviving breeze, and re covering from its long prostration, begins to How a sire tm of life and vigor through the veins of our city; and then, the ladies ! our beautiful Creoles !? two weeks since you would have thought them all crossed the Styx in yellow fever ferry boats ; but now you find they were only dwelling in a kind of chrysalis state at home ; but when this refreshing breeze stole through their latticed windows, and they saw in the columns of the Pic. "fresh arri vals," "fall fashions," Acc., they could no longer withstand the temptation, but turned out en manse, giving Chartres street more the appearance of a beautiful rainbow, than the cheerless lane we have seen it in other days. There is no yellow fever in the city, and none en tertain the least fear of a visit from Master "Yellow Jack" this season. We h?i>e the inopportune pub lication of our Board of Health, some time since, has not deterred any from returning home as soon as they wished ; if so, we think the papers of this date will satisfy them on that point. We long to see our friends home again, and at the same time will extend a hearty welcome to any of the Gothamites wlu) will honor us with a visit during the season? we cannot be out done in hospitality. Navigation of tile Ohio River. Places. 'l'ime. State of River. ' Pittsburg,. , .Sept 30 3 feet Oin. inchai el. Wheeling,. ..Sept. 28, 4j, falling slowly. Louisville,. ..Sept. 30,. . . .3 feet in the canal. Cincinnati,.. .'Sept. -JH 3 j feet on flats am | >ar*. ? Ethiopian Screnutlera Palmo'i Opera Houve ?It will afford unmixed gratification to the admirer* of the Kthi ptaii Serenaders, that, at the solicitation* of, we may say, the whole community, they hav- made arrangement* to completa their concert* for thia we. k?au intimation accepta ble to the public, and houoraole to their talent* They have published a pre gramme for to-morrow, that in point of novelty and exleut, exceed* all their former announcement*. SIONBY MARKET. Saturday, Oct. 4?0 P. M. An improvement in qu Rations for stocks was realized to-day. The sales were not very extensive, but a much better feeling exists in the street. Norwich and Wor cester went up 4 per cent; Brie Railroad, J ; Reading, ] ; Morris Canal, j ; Long Island, j ; Canton, J ; Ston iugton, Pennsylvania 5's, Farmers' Loan, and Ohio 6's closed firm at yesterday's prices. 1 ho advices from Oreat Britain in relation to the har vests, have had very little effect upon the cotton market but holders of llour have advanced their prices abou( twenty-five cents per barrel. Domestic exchanges are very quiet. There is so lit. t!e doing that our quotations cannot be considered other, wise than nominal. The variations in the rates are, how ever, very trifling from week to week. Domestic Exchange, Oct. 4, 1845 Buster... para V dis. Apal tchicola... . 2 a 2,V dis Philadelphia... .par a la do Mobile,specie... V a? do Baltimore a !? do Mobile,St Bk nti,6 a 7 do Virttima 1 a lh do Montgomery... . 6 a 7 do North Carolina. .IV a lV do Tuscaloosa 6 a 7 do Charleston X a 1 do New Orleans... X? IV dis. Sava inah iK * * do Nashville 2 a 2'4 dis .Augusta a t, 1 do Louisville 1>4 a 1>, do Columbus 1^ a IV do St Louis... 2 a 2 V do Macon... ... ,..1V a 1)4 do Ciiicinnaiti 1 a IV do Union, rloriva. ..70 a75 do Safety Fdnates.. H 1 do South L K T Co.75 a80 do Eastern notes... 'a a do Quotations kor Uncurrf.nt Monev. Uncurrent Money. Unon-rent Money. East'n, huk'ble in Bos'n 14a Jtf Ohio a2V Albany,1Troy, Sch (kc.. a Indiana a2V .l-rsey a Michigan a3 1 Philadelphia a >? North Carolina al\ Hiltiinnre a South Carolina alV S.fcty Kd St Red Back. Va J? Mobile al* Virginia alia New Orleans alX . Quotations k<jr SrEcix. Per cent. Value. ! Ainer. gold, old. .106 a 106V Carolus dollars.Sl 06 a 1 07 do do new.ltK) a 100V Five francs... . -94 a 94 '4 Half dollars 100*4 a lOOX Doubloons... .16 00 al6 10 Portuguese gold. .100 a lflO'4 do patriot.15 60 al5 71 Spanish dollars. ..104 a 105 Sovereigns .... 4 85 a 4 87 do quartera.. 99 a 100 do light... 4 82 a 4 85 Mexican dollars .100 a 101 Heavy guineas. 5 00 a ... do quarters.. 99 a 100 Napoleons 3 83 a ... The amouDt of capital embarked in railway enterprises in Oreat Britain, is immense. In seventy-seven railways completed, or in progress, the amount of capital is ?86,' 1170,723, of which ?63,090,893 is paid tip, and ?33,379,630' remain to be called up. Of 139 railways before Parlia* inciit the last session, exclusive of small branches, devia tions, connecting links, Ike., the nominal capital, for which the registered shareholders are liable, is ?96,246,. 630, of which,averaging the deposits at ?2J per share, or ?7,390,733, appears to be paid up, and being lodged with | the treasurer of the private hill office, is thus withdrawn Irora commercial circulation. There have also been 196 railways projected, but not yet before Parliament, of which the average deposits amount to ?1J per share.? The total capital represented by these is ?163,309,000| and the amount paid up and withdrawn from commer. cial circulation is ?9,913,312. There are also a number of small branches and deviations, in progress and in pros pect, involving a capital of ?37,000,600, on which the de- : posits amount to ?2,360,000. The total number of shares 11,047,281, or nearly a share for every two of the popu. ; latjon The total capital represented by railways, paid tip, and to be paid up, is ?368,000,000, or about ?61 per 1 head to the whole population ; and the total of paid up capital is ?72,644,938,leaving ?296,385,346 to be called up. . Of course this calculation relers to the amount required 1* 1 the whole of the schemes projected should be carried out' | Many of them, however, are competing lines ; some ar rejected, whilst others have been rendered unnecessary , by the formation of branches, &c., from existing lines- ; Taking, however, only one half of the amount remaining ' to be called tip for the new lines, as being as much as the ' legislature is likely to sanction, we have no less than ! ?132,000,000, which, will probably be called up to fur nish for new railways in the course ef the next four or live years, in addition to ?33.279.000, remaining unpaid upon the lines completed or in progress. Of the lines completed or in progress, representing a capital of ?85,370,723, many are at a considerable pre* mium, as are some of those at present before parliament, and projected. We may fairly add one-tliird to the pi' tal represented by the flrst, lor premium, and we have then the following as the total capital already invested in railways, and liable to be acted upen by speculation, on the various Stock Exchanges Raii.roah* or Uheat Britain. Paid up on lines completed or in progress... .?63,090.893 Add one-third for premium 17 996.964 Paid upon railways before parliament 7,390.273 Deposits on new schemes 9,913,313 Ditto for branches, Ike 2,350,000 Total ?90,341,443 This amount is already invested in this de scription of property, exclusive of engagements in foreign railways. Of this amount no less than ?19,554,046, the amount of deposits on new lines, may be said to have been furnished within the last twelve months, in addition to the amount, a large one, which has been absorbed in calls upon lines in progress. To give some idea of the immense extent to which banking institutions in Oreat Britain have recently in creased, in consequence of railway business, it is stated that the amount sent to the clearing house by one firm in London, was ?2,600,000?and as nearly the same amount would be drawn upon them, it gives the enormous sum of ?5,000,000 for the business of one firm in one day Under ordinary circumstances, the amount sent to the clearing house by any of the largest bankers, seldom ,Keed ?1,000,000 daily. 01(1 Stock Kxchangs. anno t S6's, *2 llix 350 shss Farm's Tr 34 ilMiO US 5's, '62 103 1(H) do _ 830 34** ||M0 NY Htste 5's.'55 I00).< jo NY Life S Tr 112 15MO Heading bonds 65 VI Canton Co 12V ijoaO P*nn 5 s 77 to do b6fl I3'4 11 ?,oo do 1*0 77V ijj do 13 -,nmi do *60 76V JO L Island RR 70H jdOO do *60 77 100 do (90 70 Lhhi do s30 77 50 do 70s; 1(1500 Ohio 6's, "60 25 Erie RR *30 34 V 200l-(l do 30d 97k 50 do 31V I0"fl(l do 90J 9V, 150 Htomngtdn RR ;,j lO.hssDkof America 99>? 25 do 3i?i 15 Am Eic Bk 88 100 do 31V 40 M'ch'? Bk 110 49o Nor Wore RR 74 on ( lie ns Bk 66*, 100 do alj 7*14 12 N K Bnik 100S 250 NJ RR bl2m IliO 33 N ilioo-d Bk 100 200 Peterson RR .30 9I\ 150 Hk of Com. scrip 96X 150 Reading RR jl IV; NO C mjl Bk 42V 50 do 1.60 51* IliO M,-ch It Trad. NO 65 50 do h30 51 100 Morris Canal 2IV 100 do JtQ 190 du 43 V Marnnd Board! 75shssPaterson RR ?30 91 25 shaa Canton Co 43^ 50 Morria Canal b3 2 I' 30 do 13', 130 do 1,30 34 W 33 trie RR 33'. 200 do 213, 30 Heading ItR 30V 100 do aiiO 21 23 Erie 11R b!3 Ij '4 New 8t?ack Kitbangf, 10 aim Kami's Tr 3ll4 75 aliaa Canton Co 1,30 43 30 do b3 34i; 25 do 1,3(1 43 100 Moma Cnl c 2314 25 do >30 12 k 30 do s3 23?, 23 do r 42* 23 do b20 24 21X1 do c 43 123 do c 21V 130 L Ialand RR c 70* 73 do bnw 23?4 30 do b30 71 100 do b30 24 50 do bl3 70V 30 do b3 23V 30 Harlrm RR c 63^ 100 do c 23* 23 do sty 62V 24 do blO 24 100 do atv 62V 23 Erie RR >60 33V 25 Nor lie Wore c 74 25 do e 34 V Died, On Saturday morning, 4th inat. Rachi.l, wife of John Bay and, aged 64 years and six months. The friends of the family are invited to attend her fu neral, which will take place this afternoon at 31 o'clock' froinNo. 3 Squire's Buildings, Atlantic street, Brooklyn. THE EATON TOWN INSTITUTE, N. J.. CONDUCTED on strictly Physiological and Phrenological principles, having a Gymnasium, Shower Halha, and other important provisions for health, imparting a sound, practical and classical education, will be ope"ed Ut Monday in November, in the township ol Shrews bury, half Hide from tile lauding, where a steamer plies daily from foot of Catherine at., N. Y. Circulars furnished and iui tlivr information given, at 131 Nassau st., by B. J, GRAY, Proprietor. oc3 |t*mc C. COLES, the original Manufacturer of MOROCCO CASES, HAVING returned to New York, after a temporary ab sence now intends carrying 011 the same business, with increased facilities for pleasing h>s customers, in addition to his well established ex|ierience of twenty-six years in this citv. lie therefore invites the attention of merchants and dealers to his stock of Morocco Goods, namely :? Dressing Cases, Writing and Travelling Desks, Portfolios, Mini Uure and Jewel Cases, and all other articl ts in his line, ? Inch he will warrant cannot be excelled ra respects either workinauship, durability, or cheapness. Thos- giving the advertiser a call, will find that he is prepar ed to execute the largest or smallest orders with equal ability, at the very lowest wholesale or retail prices in the New York inarkrt. Countrv dealers will do well to step in at 217 Broad way, corner of Murray street, [up stairs,] where they will lind the public's old and thankful and obedieut servant, C. COLkS. N. B.?No connection with any other establishment in New York. Goods manufactured to order with expedition and piinctualily o3 Iw'rn COCHINEAL. TO Ceroons first quality Mexir 11 Cochineal, for sale by ?> E. K. COLLINS It CO., <>3m 36 South street. QfYfkCk Large and healthv Sweedish Leeches, for sale by OUUv JOHN H. KABER it CO., o3 3t*m No. 1 New street. TO DRUGGISTS, COUNTRY MERCHANTS, ? AND DEALERS IN PERFUMERY IN GENERAL. 1J3UOF.NE ROUSSEL, Manufacturer of Perfumery respect -4 fully anuounces that he is now exhibiting at the "Fair of the American Institute" (held at Nildo's) a splendid assort ment of fine Toilet Soaps, Shaving Creams, Extracts, and Co lognes, as well as many other articles in his line, w hich he of fers for sale -t exceedingly low prices. He bus been exhibit ing for several successive years articles of his manufacture at the exhibitions of New York, Boston, aud Philadelphia, aud has always been awarded by them the highest premiums, inas much as they are superior, and sought after by all who have once used them. The superlative good ipiality of hia Shaving Cream is well known,that it iseipial to the best French, (and by good judges pronounced better, owing to its freshness,) is certain, aud that it can he afforded at a inuch cheaper rate than any imported All who are desirous of purchasing will readi ly judge. As the kind of goods exhibited, and the prices asked for same will, without doubt, he satisfactory, order* are solicited, w hich will be promptly attended to at the Fair of the American Institute, by ^ E. ROU88EL, o6 2weod*rc Manufacturer of Perfumery, No. Ill Clieinut street. Philadelphia DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF VOIGTLAENDER'S APPARATUS. BESIDES a new supply of the above Apparatus/the subscri bers have rec- ived best Plates, Chemicals aud Polishing substances, and the newest improvements in the Art. instruc tions given in the Art, and orders from every part of the coun try promptly attended to, by addressing (post-paid) to an* W. & ,F LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange. LANGENHEIM k BECKERS. o5 lmdatw'rc New York, 201 Broadway. FRENCH LANGUAGE. MONS. FOIGNET, one of the priucipala of the school known to the public aa the firm of Foiguet and Taylor's Classical French aud English School, and under whose charge ? s the French Department, takts this opportunity to iuform his former pupils and the public in general, that he will re-open his Evening 4 lass at his schoolroom, No. 739 Broadway, on Monday, October 20 h. Mous. F. having some leisure hours, will likewise consecrate, them to af-w private pupils. For terms enquire at his resi dence, No. 217 Green at., 6 Amity, or at the school. o3 3tawlm*rc. OCl LIST. DR. POWELL, M. D? OCULIST AND OPERATIVE 8UKOEON, continues to attend to Diseases of the k ye and to all imperfections of vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his re sidence, 261 Broadway, cor Warren st. Inveterate cases of Strabismus, 'or squinting, cured in a few minutes ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted that cau scarcely be distin guished from the natural Offices and residence 261 Broadway, entrance IX Warren it.? Gratuitous advice 11 ihe Poor. o3 ll'in ANGLO-AMERICAN SHOOTING CLUB. 17IIE 8 looting Match announced to come ofT on Monday next, is postponed until the 13th inst , when it will rake place near the Union Star Cricket Ground, near Fort Green, Bronkh n. H Y.RUSSELL, for Secy. oS 2t*m F SAMARITAN SALVE .7 OR Salt Rheum, Tetter, Ringworm, Itch, 8cald Head Ike, a speedy, positive cure, without lailure. Let every afflict ed person try it; let the world tryit, and no one could sav it is a failure . Ringworms disappear 111 48 hours. Only 23 cents, at Mrs. King's. 441 Fulton atieet, and Merritt's, corner ofThoinp son and Spring sts o3 2t*m TEETH! TEETH!! WHY will you suffer your Teeth to decay, when, by call ing on Dr. JONe.S, at his office in Broadway, corner of ('anal street, you can have them filled with fine gold witlion the slightest possible pain, and the filling warranted never to come out. Charge for filling with line grild 73 cents to $1 30. Remember, corner of Canal street and Broadway. 0.6 li*m THE LARGE: T THE CHEAPEST, AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF AVIUM AND SCALPS, Are lobe found at C L IR E II U G H' S, !<03 Bi-ondwny, up atnlra. All wearers and coutioisseuis are iviterl to inspect his HEADS OF HAIR, which for elegmee, lightness and durability mav be classed among the first productions of modern art. In their in uiufac tu'e they differ from nil others made here. The hair is singly inserted, and so equally distiibuted aa to appen* as just issuing from the skin ; ihey cover no more of the brow than the natu ml hair does, and having no metallic spring, all disagreeable pressure is obviated, kor a southern climate they are inestima ble, being only 1 oz. weight. Senators, members of Congress, and gentlemen from every quarter of the country, who are now wearing C.'s wigs, are re It rred to. The prices will be found to suit the circumstances of all>. o4 lw'rrc CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Hair Invlfforator. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Merit* of the Chkmicl Bai sam or Hair Inviuortor.?It prevents Baldness. It removes Dandriff and Cutaneous Scruff. It keeps the Hair ill its natural color aud prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be lief, that as a beautiful aud healthy restorative of the Hair it will be found ou irial unequalled. Prepared solely by E I'ha lon, No. 214 Broadway. ? Agents?O. Fish It Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer ItPhelan, 16 Broad street. Cohimbus, Georgia; E. B. Tuttle, Philadel phia, Pennsylvania; H. Kice, corner of Court and Howard streets, Boston ; C B. Brower, No. 105 Fulton St., Brooklyn: M. S.Fletchir, Marebou, Ulster Co., N. Y.; S. W. Creech, Treinout House. Boston >28 Im'mc "THE A LB AT A SILVER WARE," MANUFACTURED by Win. Chandleas, 452 Hudson St.. cannot be d-tected from Sterling Silver, for the longer this Ware is used the whiter it becomes. W. C., also manufactures Sterling Silver Spoons, Forks and Jewelry, cheap and :s prepared to buy Old Gold and Silver, German do, Pearli nod Diamonds, to any amount. Be sure to look out for the Siiiu Plate, 452 Hudson it reel, between Barrow and Morton sts. Wm. (handiest, established 1833, late of Clarkson st. >26 Im'rc IMITATION PRECIOUS STONES; <eal Garnet andTur kois, for sale by K. F. KOKTUM, 214 William street, New York. OSTRICH FEATHERS, for sale by E. r. KORTUM, >26 Im'r 214 William street JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET, Between Sixth nncl Seventh Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE it CO. Proprietors. JAMES BAGLEY, lafe of Jones' Hotel. Hk.NKY C. MACKENZIE,formerly of Washington House PETER L. FERGUSON. ,2l2mrc G. B. CLARKE, FASHIONABLE TAILOR AND DRAPER, Near Fulton, 132 William Street, Opposite the ueo Row of Buildings, CI I VES the following reasons for the gieat success he lias hi * therto met with 1st.?All goods are bought at the lowest cash prices and paid for at once. 2d?An exclusive and rigid system of selling for cash only. 3d?Many years experience in business 4lh?Bring satisfied with small profits. A discerning public, therefore, cau at once perceive that it i> their iuteirst to pationisr this establishment. O B C. would refer to a large and respectable Connexion both in thiscity and lu Brooklyn, in proof of the style and fi nish of his garments 9plendul French Cloth Dress ( oats made to.neaiure from $ 14 to $26. An assortment of Office fonts 11ml all oMirartir' 1 of gentle men's dress, at equally reasonable price? sR Im'rc A_PURDIE, FRINGE, GIMP, CORD AND TAS.>EL MANUFACTURER, No. IDA Wllllnsn klrrel. Up Stains. INTIMATES that he has en hand, and is daily bringing for ward, a splendid assortment of ihe above article", W> which lie invites atteution. Orders promptly executed. Ttices low. all lm're THE ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING FOR 184K JUST PUBLISHED, BY McGOWAN ic TREADWKLL, No. UN llnt-slny Street . THE ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING, FOB 1846?Edited by Paschal Donaldson?Embellish with elegant k ngra *in*? on Steel, from Original Designs by Casilver and Mor ton, Rod beautifully round in Morocco nnd Hilt. The mini di?count Allowed to Booliftcllcri. n\\ |m-r FuR SALE. THE LEASE.Stoek and Fistures nfa first rale OyiterCellar. situated in a business part of the city. For terms inquire at the Vivarambla, cor Spriug and Mercer sts. 03 **>?c KRB. N. BARRON. ?5* WANTED, BY * young French woman a place at chambermaid or nurse, to take ? are of children. She speaks a little English, iaau eicellent sempetress, and irons in the French atyla. Terms $ 0 per mouth?(he best of references as to character can be given. Apply by letter to R. C., Herald Office. oc5 St'rrc "wanted? THREE good Tin Plate and Sheet Iron Workera, to whran good wages and steady employment will be given. A ppl y at 195 Greenwich atreet. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM. o> 3l*ui WANTED TO HIRE. A ROOM between Franklin and Liberty streets, Weat aide of Broadway, for trie use of a Beuevoleut Temperance Aaaociatiou. Private aud comfortable for fifty members. Ad dreaa P. W. G. ar thia office. o5 3t*in WAN I ED? A aa nouaekee|ier, by one who has fulfilled that situation in several large hotels. Satisfacto ry reference can be giveu as to cnaracter and capability by ap plying ar rh> Globe Hotel. G6 Broadway. o4 3t*rrc WKT NURSE.?A highly respectable, healthy, young Eng lish Woman, of fine constitution, 14 days confined, and having abuudance of milk, wishes to engage in a first rate family aa Wet Nurse. Apply at No. 641 Greenwich, bet ween Morton and Barrow streets o4 2t*r WANTED, A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or Weat, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. $500 over and above their exjieuses will he insured to them ill wrtiug, w.ili an opportunity ofclearii.g S1000 per year. Some men now in our employ will, uo doubt, mude over S1000 per year clear of I-Ilespcuse. Each will have his district It will be necessary for them to have at least from $25 to $50 to obtain a good lilting our. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall. 293 Broadway, up stairs. All letters must be post paid. o4 im'r INFORMATION WANTEl)-Of John O'Brieu,auatlve ^ ol the county of Kilkenny, Ireland, formerly a private of t oinpany U, 0 li U. S Infantry, who n as discharged from the seryi"e at Tampa Bay, Florida, on the 22il May, 1841, since which period uo tidings have been heard of him, or of his wife and family, wli ) accompanied him. Any information respecting the present whereabouts of the said O'Brien, or his family, directed to Mr. John Kelly, care of Mr. John Sweeny South Ferry, Brooklyn, will be tli iiilrfiilly received. o3 3t'je LEFT OFF WARDROH.K AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value for all kinds ofsuia-rrtouseffects they wish to dispose of,such as Ladies and Geiitleuieus Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Fur niture, kc. Gentlemen letviug or returning to the city will iu fo ' ~ find it to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who pledg es himself to given fair price lor all articles offered. N. B?A line through the Post Office will he promptly at tended to. T. LEVENSTYN, all Im'rc 466 Broadway, up stairs. wanted. TA AMILI ES call ulwaya be supplied with faithful, competent X and well recouimeuded help of all capacities, both for city aud country, at the well established Agency office for dotnes 221 Grand street, near the Bowery, where evey ^neana is used "o procure the best help I. T. WATTS. N. B ? Good and faithful domestics can have excellent places at this office. s9 Im'rc MUSIC. A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies on the Piauo. She teaches ou the Logerian system, winch has never beeu introduced as yet into this coun try : it has beeu greatly approved wf iu Europe, aa being the shortest and easiest method of briugiug on the pupil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, ahall be attended to. >26 lm*rc TEN DOLLARS REWARD. LOST OR STOLEN, while riding up in a South Ferry stage, from Wall to head at. on briday, the 3d iust, a dark purple rocket-book, containing $54, viz Six $5 bills on the National Bank, four 5's of the Union IJauk, two $2 bills of a bank uot remembered, and a few visiting cards with the name of Jose E. Genoux. The above reward will Ik' paid, and no questions asked, on leaving the pocket-book and contents at the Hotel de Paris, cor. II ead st. and Broadway. 04 2l*r Yen dollars re ward. RAN indent'd apprentice by the name ol George Wilson. Said boy is about 18 years of age, stout built and b^nd in his left eye. All persons are forbid harboring or truatisff**said boy ou my account under the penalty of the law. JOSIAH LECOUNT. Dated New RocheBe, Oct. 2d, 1845. o4 5tisrrc JAMES A SWAIN CO.. Drapera und Tailors, 332 Broadway, Carlton House, WOULD respectfully inform their customers and the pub lic, that lliey now have on hand and II constantly re ceiving asaperior stock of fall and winter goods, which will !>u made up iu the latest fashiou aud at the lowest prices, for cash. o4 Imrrc MEDICAL NCTICE. rpHE MEDICINE of the lute Dr. George H Chapmanice" I be had (only genuine) 0f the proprietor, 93 Cana1 sfc^until further notice, FALL FASHIONS. M*n AM BEHRMAN begs to announce to her friends ana customers that she will ojien on Monday, 6th mat, her fall and winter fashions, coniistingof the choicest "election and atvIeof French HaU. Feather.. Flower.. Ribbon'. ?fC. Ladies are invited to call and examine, at the Magism De Mode, 60 Canal at. gl* "c ? FKANCIS- MTIgT ^mUKU Tiik* SUBSCRIBER i. the only person authorized to but d celebrated Boat., that have been so thoroughly proved and tested ft* five years. .The publie are cautioned nirniniit ntirch**inff of persons violating the Law ot latent, as thev will be liable for damages equal to three turns the R"?* I.f e^ch boat The price is the same as for ordinary boats ol the steamboat, generally, *"???$,} |?I9H,Boat Builder. , ol 2l*rc No. ? Front street, near Hosevelt. l'l A *U FORTES.. *. . nou Bill; CHEAP FOR CASH?An elegant six and a 1? half octave grand action mahogany Piano Porte, of "."I'*'1", tone and finish; it is made of the. best sea.oned mater.J. aud '''Aft o ,??ev <ern" good's eeondhand Piano Forte, for sale. 04 3; frre ?????? pHYBJOJ^OY Tmit^vU^^dimsifay?tO?ell610,7\y,8^?Enib?ac!ng''man^novei Kt?S wc? never before introduced to a P?6l.c an ^Ticketslor the course $1; the number " limited. Single ad ^ A^rti^'^PO^^Vo's. Broadway. SFSSaSKiEF&Sff^ "'7g rm IK' SSaSSfWfJK male diseases, &c. Admission 25cents. . o3 3t"rrc Gentlemen of the press are invited. ^ MECHANICS'JNSTITUTB. EVFNINti SCHOOL?No. 12 Chambers street?Com meuceson Monday,the 6th of Oc^.T<trmv-Membe of the Institute, $3 per quarter ; no,|.,nemb?rs, ?l, pFaj able l *"J*J^MAfES. Chairman School Com. 830 6l*r A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. A F. THOMPSON'S DaguerrianRooms. No. 283 Broad A. way, between the Granite Buildings auu R'ade st. LIKENESSES of the various sixes taken by the improved process and finished in the most superior style, with all the "^Operation's in all weather from 8 A. M. till tIT._M. Instructions in th.Art and Apparatus and Mulerids supplied. To person, wishing a thorouglikiiowleilge of the business t iwrior advantages are here offered. ~ coal! 7. ? A\1 now delivering best Peach Orchard and Red Ash Coal 1 screened and free ol cartage fro w I e yard at the following prices, (as usual the lowest iuU* city,) namely. Brokeu, Egg and Stove at 65 25; large nut 64 75; smalluut64p. r ton, with ?S3 cenu off if taken from the boats, LwlYenl c< f?[xON and Greenwich streets. Pfc1t.UCl.iniv> . all Im're. TO DEALERS IN JEWELbRY. rpHK UNDKR8IGMED, bfing Manufacturers, and having L a tine assortment of Jewelery and Diamond Workonhyi<^ solicit a call from dealers aud merchants deal ingin. tlwe abo e articles. Any given Pattern or style of jewelery or hue dia moud work made to orderfeatAW & ARROWSMlTH'S. ,19 im'mc Ne. 1 Dey street, one door from Broadway. N. B.?Twelve or fifteen eooi chain makers can find em ployment as above. RICH EMBROIDERED White Marseilles Vestings; .. , Do do do Valencia do; Do do Black Satin do; Do do do Cassimere do; Cassimeres in a great variety, new styles; Extra Silk and Satin Scarfs and Cravats; Super hlack, white and colored Kid Gloves, ettra Jixei See., manufactured expressly for our sales. Just received at 231 Broud way, American Hotel, . ,,,, ,28 Iwism W.M.T. JENNINGS A CO. A CARD. 4J1GNOR RAPETTI having dedicated himself excluaivel ?5 to the instruction of Music, respectfully tufprtns his Ineiiii and the public, he will, during the month of October, com mence a class for the VIOLIN at his room, No 3&1 Broadway Terms inodcr*e. Those who are desirous of becoming pupils will please apply to Sitnor Godone, 403 Broadway, and a Chambers 8t Jollie, 385 Broadway. Signor Rapettl will conttnre, as usual, giving Irssous on tin Piano and Italian Singing. ??4 eodlm'rc THE OSWEGO"AND SYRACUSE JR AlLROAL) ri'HE Books of Subscription to the stock of the Oswego f 1 Syracuse Riilroad Company will be opened for a subscrip tiou of the balance oftlie stock on Saturday and Monday next the 4th and 6th of October, at Howard's Hotel, from II to o'clock eaco dsy. Dated Oct. 2, 1845. l,c ALFRED MUNSON, JOHN WILKINSON, ALVIN BRONSON, HOLMES HUTCHINSON, u3 3fm3d. IthkClh Committer. BWigs and Scalps. ATCHELOR'STSew luvenied Wigs anX Scalps, are ex cuing the astonishiii'iit, curiosity and admiration of con. noisseurs. All the old difficulties anil vexatious annoyance! ,ire now done away with. Those beautiful specimens of the arl of Wig making, can only be procured at Wm. Batchelor's, No J Wallstreet, near Broadway, Removed I rom 163 Broadway. o3lm*me ??/ AGON FUR SALE?A light one seat wagon, nearly TV new, with leather top. patent axles; budt by Godwin, Ui order, in the best manner; for sale low. Anplv to ROB r. L. WILLIAMS, Livery Stable. I3th ?t, o3 3t' mr between 3th anil 6th avenues. IMPORTED segars. OMOKERS are reminded that they can get the best Began S the H?h.n.prodnce.,.HABANERO(l, 12 Beekmen street . Dealers in Segsrs not wishing to lay out much capital in aloe* it will be to the? r advantage to call as above and examine Hie t ery superior article we have just received, elegantlv put up m fancy boxes, new style, some containing 100 and others 73 Be gars each Ian, and it they give satisfaction can always gel 'tie same Hrtiele, thus avoiding to tut eal inurli money and being cbealeil in tliebargain. PENAfkRlVAS, o3 2l*nc Hole Vgents for tbe Figaro Beg irs. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, FEA THERS AND MATERIALS. VP. MONT ANT, 111 Pearl st, lias received from packet ? slops Oneida, Emerald and Zurich, from Havre, a com plete assorinieut of Artificial Flowers and materials for the ^fso, an assortment of Marabout, Ostrich and Fancy Fes thers, which he offers for sale cheap to close si consignment. o36tcodism TO TAILORS. 'P HOSE who desire to attain a correct knowledge of Fash A ionahle Cutting, in all its various branches, would do well to obtain Btlnemeu' Complete Work on the subject, which c in be obtained of the aut ior only, at 113 Broadway. Price, from 66 to 616 per book ol lm'mc AUCTION NOTICES. JAMES COLE, Auctioneer. POSITIVE uad |>ereni|itory Partition Sal. of Valuable M Brook I wi Property, situate in (he 4th, 6th and 7th Wards? James Cole will aril at auction, on Tueaday, 7th October at 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, tha following valuable lota, eligibly situated in the most pleasant part ot the city vix :? ' 12 lota on Fulton street, between Hoyt and Nevins. 6 lots ou Livingston do do do 10 lots ou Schermerhoru do do do 5 Iota on Liriiigston, between Debevoise'and Hoyt. 11 lots oh Bond, between Fulton and Schermerhorn. Also, 3 lots ou Bridge street, lietweeu Myrtle and Wil loughby. Alto. 2 lott on Dulheld street, between Myrtle and Wil lougtiby. Also, 2 lots on N. W. corner of Willonghby and Lawrence strertt. Also, 5 lots on Fulton street, N. E. corner of Lawrence slier t. Title to tin-above property is indisputable, having been in the family for a great number of yeara. Terms?Sixty p r ceut can remain on tnortg*ge'for a term of years, at 6 per cent. Ma|is of the above property can he had at the office of the anctloueer. No. 1 Front street, Brooklyn, or of E. H. Ludlow St Co., No. 37 Wall street, N. V. o5 3t?rc NEW YORK HORSE RAZAAR, No. 31, 33 and 3A Crosby Street. This establishment is now opvu for the express pur* ?|iose olreceiving property from gentlemen on private ?ale. Also, lor taking Horses and Carriages on li very bylhe day, week or month. being no auction sales at thII establishment, gentlemen keeping horses at these stables Will be subject to no iiicoiiveiiieuce in going out and returning Croshystreet beiug very ijuiel aud'i.ear the great thoroughfare! Broadway. ? These Stables are as good as any in the city, and the facilities and conveniences superior to many. Noue but sober and ex perienced grooms in charge of the Horses. A Carriage House for the express purpose of vehicles, where they are free from hrv and under the charge of a careful and competent person. 1 he Harness and Saddlery are also in charge of a man of long ex|ierieuce in that department; the whole under the management and direction of WILLI A.M COWAN. JOHN H. OATP IELD, proprietor. N. B.?'About forty Horses just arrived from the country, agitable for the city and country trade. o4 3t*r A HOUSE TO LET?A two story brick Hoase, west of Broadway and south of Cunal street: the furniture for sale; the establishment is plain and respectable. Apply GEO. L.PRIDE,41 Wa'Ut. 3trrc TO LET~OR LEASE. " THE OLD and well established Grocery and Flour Store,iu one of the best locations in Brooklyu. The jowner intending to remove into Ihe country wall dispose ol the same to a lirst rate business inaii well acquainted with the business; no other need apply. Address A X, at this office. 04 3t r TO LET, M A SUIT OF ROOMS, consisting of a handsome D/awing Koom and Parlor on the first lloor, Irout and rear bedrooms, with pantries and wardrobes, conveni ently arranged for a large family, for the wiutvr.all handsome ly and newly furnished, a private table, and all necessary comforts at 411 Houston street, second block east side from Broadway. Can be seen at any time after the 8th September, oj 1 wm ? CENTRE VILLE COURSE, L I TROTTING. A PUR8E for S100. three mile heats, in harness, free for all ,i. !a!>|t,J'i"{. i0r*ei,.th"it nev?*ou a purse over SiO, to come off the 13th October, to close at Green & Losee's, on Monday evening, Oct. 6th, by 9 o clock I*. M.?Three or more to make a held. All entries lor this purse free of charge, except the Any person entering a horse and not starting him for the purse, will lie charged entrance. AJao.a purse for $30, inile heats, best three in five, under the sailille, lor horses that never won a purse over $30, to close the same tune?three or more to make a field. r ... , JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, Oct. 1, 1845. o5 2t'in BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. TVTONDAy, Oct. 6th, at 2)1 o clock P M, match for $1400? 3.7 E Mile heats, under the saddle, between Gen. Dunham's ','^;JS2!?0.wau" Jauies D. McMann's hr. m. Reality. ? TUESDAY, Oct. 7, at 3 P M, purse $300?mile heats, best 3 in 5yin harness. ur m Lady Suffolk W. Wheelau. . br m Dnchess N B?A purse of $30 will also be given, to come off on each of the above days.' Particulars to-morrow. Same day, purse $30, mile heats, best three iu live, under the saddle : D Brvant enters m Fanny Wright V'k "aifir 'J'ot '? Arab n Keon '' 'i;? ' V ' v b * Smith Same Day, purse $40, mile heats, best three in five in harness : ' H .Itjoea enters brrn Lady Washington r on b(t Peter Smith wrff'i, b g Trouble W CI into-k b g Tom Moore Oct. IJih, or hrst fair day?purse $250, mile heats, best three ill rive. B WVH'a '7re? *rm Lady Snffolk H Woodruff. b g Ripton n L' V" ' 'v'ilT'A b 8 Moscow harness r' 0n ?r 20tl'?purse $400, three mile heats in Geo Spicerenters be Americas i'vB?t.nalrnter? m Lady Suffolk W WheeUn br m Duchea. Iroit.LK and pacing parses to the amount of $1200 w ill be given for t e following races: A purse ot $400, $100 to second horse, one mile heats best 3 in 5 lor Ladv Suffolk and James K. Polk; Lady Suffolk "go about loTl'insr s P""1skeleton wagon, to come off _ Also, same inirjs, to.coms off within ten days?James K. Polk in Harness, Lady Suffolk under the saddle?2 mile heats j,. a * m e I,n r*,e f?r same horses, to go three mile heats, La ? a? under the saddle, James k lolk in harneu?to come off within two weeks after the above. Lady Suffolk and and James K. Polk are entered for the above three pu rses, to come off over the Beacon Course St*m U. 8. BROWNING. Proprietor. PHILADELPHIA HUNTING PARK COURSE TROTTING. THE PALL MEETING over the above Course will com mence on Tuesday, the 28th of October, and coutiuiie two dft VS. ? J ? ,1rTufJ'ida}r'28'fh 9ft?ber- purse $200, two mile heats, $300 fiddle, free for all horses that never won a purse over No. 2?Same day purse $150, $50 to the second best, mile heats, the best iu live, in harness, free for all horses tha' have never trotted lor money. No. 3?Wednesday, 29th October, purse $30(1, three mile neats, 10 harness, free for all trottiug horses. No. 4?Same day. nurse $150, $50 to the second best, two mil# heats, under the saddle, free for all horses that have never trot ted lor money. Entries for No. 1 and No. 3 to be made ou Saturday, the 18th ol October, at the Course, iu I'liiladelphis, and at (Jreeu* Losee's, Chatham square, on or before 9 o'clock PM, in New Y ork. Entries for Nns. 2 and 4 to be made at the Course the evening previous to each trot. Two or more to make a race in each purse. Members will pleas# apply for their fall badges as it has been iound necessary to cancel those already issued. o3eod&ev Sun*t ol8m BOAT RACE. A toT 0"e Hundred Dollar, a-side will come off 4T*. fields, Hobokeu. ou Monday afternoon. Oct. bth, at 3 o clock, between the celebrated scull boats New York and Batten Pet?the New Vork to be rowed by the Br.e ther. Tenycks, and the Battery Pet bv Charles Thomas and John Connor. The distance to be 2\ miles and to be rowed iu beats and the winning boat to receive a purse of $30? to be given by the proprietors of the Colonade. f,t'? *m M.McCARTV. REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. /** MORNING LINE at 10 o'clock A. M. U?yp BEN FRANKLIN Ne. 7, J. B. Summons, rnas tr r. PIKE No. 8, J Armstrong, master. EVENING LINK at6 o'clock P M. SIMON KENTON, W. McClain, master. FRANKLIN No.6, W.McCIellau, master. These boats, forming two daily lines, will run regularly, lea ving punctually at the hour, and will take freight and passen gers to and from intermediate landings, at the used rates. Freight will he received for these lines at the Mail Wharf Boat, foot ol Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas sengers. STKADKK k GORMAN, ) A , ROGERS (k SHERLOCK, STEAMSHIP NEW YORK, forCh.rle ton, Key West ami New Orlrins?P.-isseu "ers by this steamer will please be on board, at 10 o clock I his Morning, at pier 7 N R.? setter bags will close at 9>, o\b>rk, at the W. (k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 South at., cor. Maiden Lane. TO SAIL on Monday, the Jith. October 1845, the fait sailing iiarket ship ROBERT PARKER, Uspt. ?|I arsons. Her accommodations for steerage and 2d , ........ passengers, are unsurpassed. For freight and passage. apply on board, mjMamrt wharf.foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERD MAN 8c CO. 61 South street, i nj 'f fn ronifr of Wall jfig: MpA88AOE FOK NEW ORLEANS -Sail, on fc^^WVMpndaj, the 6th of October, wind and weather per Will IT til lit nig, or passage tree?^The splendid fast sailing lavurice packet ship IIARURAVK, burthen 900 toux. Cant J. Bailey, will sail positively ax above. A few more second cabin and steerage passengers can be hamlsnmeiy accommodated. Apply ou board, at Murray's wh irl. pier 16, E R, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS JkCo.,35 Fulton St., 04rrc next door to the Fulton Bunk. KPfVm?P t,NEe PACKF.fTVoR LIVER rOOL-Packet ol the fltli ()rtober-The splendid well known and tavonte Packet ship TAROL1NTA, 1 apt. rsmith, will sail on Wednesday, the 8th October, her re- i guUrday. ' r The accommodations of this xhip for cabin, second cabin and steer ige passengers cannot be surpassed; her between decks 1 are fitted ni? \\ ith attention to the comfort and con venieuce of nassengers, and need only be seen to command a decided preference over any other. The price of passage being low and the ii una lie r limited early application shouldbe made on board, foot of Dover st, or to W. k J. T, TAPSCOTT, ?*rrc 75 South street, cor Maiden Lane. k OR NEW ORLEANS?-Monday, the 6th inst ? ? The regular packet ship FLORIDIAN, Wm. Pratt, ?manter, will nail as above, her regular day. laving very sui?erior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin and suerag# Paasengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board, at Burling slip, or to JOS. McMURRAV, o4 rrc corner of Pine and South ft*. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 10th Oc dg^tob#r-Thespleu?liil packet ship SWITZERLAND, JBMBaat aptam Knight, wilf sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations forc.ibin, secondcahm arid steerage i<a.sseiiKers, persons intruding to embark ahonId make im<ne?liate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane or to JOSEPA McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. The picket ship (Quebec, F. H. Ilehsrd, master, will succeed Ihe Sw itrerlxnd slid ?sil on the 20th Oct. ?3 !JW FALL FASHIONS. r?1HE SUBSCRIBERS hxve jast received an invoiceVdve?? M. rich Scarfs, Cravats and Linen Hilkl's, richly bordered? Their assortment of ready made Linen, and gentlemen'? umier garmenta is now complete and well worthy the attention ol citixens and atiangers. Their Patent Elaatie Brace ia highly recommended by the 'acuity for all persons who are suffering from debility, or am in the chest, or have atouited the habit of stooping. For sale wholesale anil r tail, at the old eatabliahment ol ruraellt fc Agate, 237 Broadway, corner of Park place. eio lm'm AMUSEiMENTS. PAHA TUJCATtUC. FIRST NIGHT OF Mil. AND MRS. CHARLES KKAN. Monday Krtnlng, October 6th, The performance will commence wirh rhei.nmedv of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Benedick Mr Charlea Kean Pedro Bland Beatrice ... ... Mrs Charles Keane LaVeiieciau by thetwo Mm Vallees To com hide with KORTUNIO. Baron Dunover Mr De Walden Hon Miss Fertina Mm Fanny Gordon Tuesday? Will be performed the Tragedy of ? , HAMLET. R*n?l? Mr Charles Kean Ophelia.... Mrs Charles Kean Monday, Mr and Mrs Chas Kean. rrice of Admission?Boca, tl ; fit, SO cents : Gallery 2S cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and' the Curtain will rise precisely at ha)Tnast7 o'clock. ' !T/~ A limited number of Season Tickets may be obtained at the Boi Office. BOWEKV THEATRE. ZD*The public^^respectfully informed, that Messrs. Omy ami JJ/uru hunl, trie celebrated Pautomimists from Loudon, are enitaited at this Tl Tl ii I .1 .i_:_ - a ? Thealrr. They will make their appearance this evening, iutro ' ' ~' " " ' " sd Do duciug their Astouishiug Trained Dogs in their performances, that have excited the greatest wonderaud astonishment through out Europe. Monday Evening, October Oth, Will be performed, the new drama of THE IDIOT OK THE SHANNON. Patrick Mr. Blsnchard Andy Mr Cony Clutii I eary Mrs Sergeant Shelah Godfrey .. . ... Mrs Madison To conclude with MAREPPA. Mazeppa Mr Milner C c mil Preinialaus Daq-nport pliuska Mrs Madison Zainilla .\lr? Sergeant try Lower Boies SO cents; Second and Third Tiers, 2S cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12X cents. Doors will open ,t half past 6 'he curtain will rise at 7. CASTLE GARDEN. First night of a grand VOCAL CONCERT OF SACRED MUSIC. ADMISSION I2K CENTS. Sunday Evening, October 5th, PROGRAMME. PART I. Vesper Hymn at Pea as sung by the Hutchinson, Oh thnuwho dwellest Mr Holman Hymn of Kve Mrs Sharpe The Widow of Nain Mr. Lynch . ...Lynch Mother's Bible. Strike the Harp in praise of God Nelson lutermissioii ofhalf an hour. PART II. When trom the Sacred Garden, Mrs Phillips In Native Worth Mrs Holman Eve's Lamentation. Mrs Sliarpc oil ml f Ii u T fiii/l I Sound the Loud TimVe Concert to begin at half-past 7. During the whole day the spleudid and extensive saloon will be thrown open to visitors, who may eDjoy themselves by viewing the romantic scenery of land and water spreading in every direction, as 24 door-ways lead to the upper covered plat forms^ end an ex'eusive entrance to the promenade on a level with the sea, will enable the lover of nature to examine the most beautiful pros|>ect in New York. Scats and conveniences are every wher-to be found for those who are incliued to me ditate or read alone. CASTLE GARDE*. BURLESQUE Ol'ERA SINGERS. Ay-Admission !43 Cents../*} Proprietors Messrs. Fench & Heiser. Monday Evening, October Oth, The Entertainment will commence with A MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT. After which. O" Intermission of Half an Hour for Promenade aud Refresh ments. The range of splendid Cosmoramas will be open for inspection. To conclude with the Burlesque Opera of THE VIRGINIAN GIRL. Lucy Long, alias Lucy Neal Madame Dejio Cynthia Sue Signor La Schreeuher Porgies Aunt Dabby signora Since you Darinetta Jumbo J urn Signer Triangleua Spruce Pink Signor Tomatoes Old Dad Neil. Signor de big Aples Bouquets constaiitlyTor sale at the (tardea. intlv lor Doors open at naif-past 6 o'clock. Performance tocora mence at 8o'clock. [IIUIiU'9 UAIIUM? MK. H. PLACIDE, MRS. MO WATT AND MR. CRISP. Monday Kvenlng, October (3th, The performance! will commence with the Overture to La Gazza Ladra. To be iucceeded by the comedy of CHANGE MAKES CHAN OK. Madeline Mrs Mowatt Fanny Fitzhugh Miss Mathews Lionheart Mr H I'lacide Mrs Lionheart Mrs Hautonyille Vanquish Mr Crisp An Intermission of half an hour between the 3d and 4th acts. Doors n>ia at half past 0 and the psrfo-manee to lommnci at 7 o'clock. _ _ (Or Tickets Fifty Cent*.-CI) By Private Boxes $5 each. eW ~ _ , "Aa efficient Police will always be in ?ttendiare to mala tain good order and keep all improper persons out. A limited number ol Season Tickets will be disposed of. " PALMO'S OI'KKA UOV8K. Monday Kvenlng, October Oth, POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF THE SERENADERS Messrs. OERMON, STAN WOOD .HARRINGTON, PELMAM and WHITE, OPEN EVERY NIGHT. Admission 25 Ctnts only. Kor particulars see proftramme. [p? Doors open at 7H?Concert to commence at I. Boxes and seals secnred daily at the olhce, from 10 A. M. till P.M. PROGRAMME. PART 1. ? , Cazneau's Quick Step Foil Band Opening ' horns Conn>any Sonit? Alabama's Suunv Shore , White Quartette?When de Moon is on de Lake, (Music by S. C. Massett.) Company Song?The Old Jaw Bone Harrington Choros?The Colored Fancy Ball, (from Leonora). .Compauy Song?Picayune Bath r Oermon TART II. I Quick Step?Love Not Full Band i Glee?Merry is the Minstrel's Life Company , Song?The Dandy Broadway Swell Harrington Song?I dreamt 1 dwelt in Kitchen Halls Oermon Song?You'll Remember Me White Glee?The Old Virginity State Company Quartern?Let's be Gay Company PAKT III. Rail Road Oberture Fall Band Song?Da idy Jim Aiermon Song?Cynthe Sue ... >V lute Song?Uncle Gabriel Harrington Song?The Banks of the Mississippi Germon Duett?Accordion and Bones Stan wood and Pelham Finale?Lucy Long Company vrnw EXHIBITING, (for a short time only) at the Rooms In arthe National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, De Kuyper's celebrated statue (in marble) entitle^ gyujjj. BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This exquisite and refined work, which has been pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chef d'auvre of modern art, and which has attracted crowds ol admirers in Europe, has been brought to this country at ureal cost and risk, and is now confidently opened for the inspection of the lovers of this sub lime and beautiful art. . Open from 9 A. M. until 10 P. M. Admittance 25 cents.? Season Tickeis 50 ccuts. *3n ne ARCH STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. SfaoK Manager H. E. Stetkns FIRST NIGHT OF MR. J. R- SCOTT'S ENGAGEMENT. Monday Kvcnlng, October Hth, The Performance will commence with JULIAS CAESAR. Marc Anthony, Mr J R Scott; Capins, Morris; Brutus, John ston, JulmsC;esar, Frederick; Portia, Mrs Wilkinson; Casca, Mr J M Scott. Dancing and Singing. To conclude with THE MARINER AND HIS MONKEY The Manner Robinson, Mr W h Wood; Musha I'ug. the Monkey, Master Wood; Kinmelme. Mrs Rogers CHKSNUT 9TKKKT T'UKATllJC PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Btrton Lesser and Manaoer Monday Kwenlng, October Oth. The pel formonce will commence with the Orend Opera of LA MUETTE DE PORT ILL MR ARNAUD, ? MR. G.\"RY, M'ME. dASSlNI. and ' M'ME. STEPHEN CCEURIOT, Will api>ear. Oil Wednesday? LA JU1VE. " CONCERT. OLE BULL has the honor of announcing hisSecond ( o?cert atthe Tabernacle on Monday Evening, Oct 6th, aMisted by Miss Northall and Mr. Dnffield, VocMisfs, and a lull Or chestra, under the direction of Mr. U C.Hill. Mr. kl'RS will Ira ni M E Part 1st. i-uuMdo..? ?11,,'^iKa 3?Sirillianae Tarrentella, composed and perform ? w| hv *',e 4?Song V. Mies Northall 5?NorgesKieide ,Monr tains of Noiway.fantasia, composed and performed by Ule Bull Part 2d. 1?Song Mr Dnffield ??Carnival of Venice, composed by Nicolo Paganini and performed by . Ole Bull 3?Son g Miss Northall 4?Polaeca Gtierriera, composed ami performed by Ole Bull Tickets $1 each, to be had at the principal Music Stores, As tor House, am. at the door. Doors open at 7?Concert to commence at 8. ol rrc ~ AMERICAN MlISEl'M, Every Day and Evening 11\is Week, COMMENCING MONDAY, Ocs. 6, 1845 -Splendid per formances every dsy, at 3 and 7H P. M Living Orang Onlang. the only one in America, mav he seen at all hours of the day and evening, with the Petrified Human Body, the greateat wonder in the world Heaotifnl Diaaolving Views. Hydro Oxygen Microscope, The Westerns; Mr. Howard, violinist; Infant Malihran; Mad. Rockwell,the Fortune-Teller; Wax Figures,he. Tickeis 25 cents; chPdrrn under 10 years, half price o5 2ti?'m _________ | HOY AG OL.YMPIC THEATRE, MONTREAL rpHIS establishment will be ready fur unlimited Theatrics) 1 Perform Rices on the begiuning of September, under the manag-mei. ofthe subscriber, who will receive proposals for eng igemei, 11 from ladiea vud gentlemen of acknowledged talent. The n eeum i ofthe saidThealrs for a few evenings will be with the celebr edSigeora Rosina Pico and Signor De Begins, end the even*., s sentertainmeut will be interspersed with Vaude ville, Dee <at,g. Oscheetral Oyertnres, the orchestra being com posed on i nis occasion of 17 Professors, mid the principal instru ments in i he hands of fire British music masters. se3 Imrre VT. MAZZOUHI. D. M. EMP?100 bales extra water rot, a very superior article, for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO 56 South st. H LATEST INTELLIGENCE. ? V LAST KVUNINU'S MAIL. VVaihlnytiiii. ff'?rr(?poD(leiire ol the Herald.] Washington, Oct. 8, 1845. The administration u getting on so smoothly?the machinery is all working so well, that one can scarcely hear the creaking of a wheel, or the friction ot a cylinder. The guillotine is quite rusty from disuse, and the dread of its horrible blade is only remembered us a fearful dream. There are no more decapitations here, and the consternation of the first three months of the administration has passed away, and things about the Executive de partments wear an aspect t s pleasant and benign,and as? " Calm aa a summer's morning." The Cabinet, we are officially and reiteratedly in formed, so far from discordant?so far from in triguing against each other and the administration, ; are just as harmoniously co-o|>erative, as? " The happy hand of brothers, Krorn the old granite State." ' Still, we ex|>ect Mr. Buchanan will be transferred from the Diplomatic to the Judicial Department pf the government?that Mr. Walker, if he remains in the Treasuiv so long, will only remain until a modi fication ot trie tariff shall have been consummated. The routine of business, the posting of the books, Arc., in every bureau of every department, is under process of completion for the annual Executive re ports to Congress. And, as " a new broom sweeps clean," we shall anticipate this year unusually spe cific, clear, and interesting developments of the ope rations of each of the departments. We expect, particularly, from the Postmaster General, an impor tant report u|>on the new iMistage law, with'the de liberate deductions of the P. M. G , that the new system is defective in its organization, inefficient in its receipts, and prospectively impracticable to the independent subsistence of the various and multifa rious operations of this great branch ol the public service. The Postmaster General and his assistants have been kept as busy this summer over their papers and letters as house carpenters in a new country.? The correspondence of the department, upon resig nations and appointments, upon construction ot the new law by country deputies, U|>on the official re ports of deputies, upon contracts, and proposals for contracts, &c. Arc., has come in bv bags full of let ters per diem. About !8tJof the little deputies, the receipts of whose offices vary from one hundred dollars toseven cents, have resigned since the adop tion of the law, and nothing but a restoration of the fees and salaries to postmasters, the same in amount as under the old law,has saved many little sixpnny oliices from utter extinction. Among the most curious inventions patented of late, are the artificial jaws, by Dr. John Allen, pt New Orleans. A pair of lantern jaws, whether thin from loss of teeth or want of flesh, are filled out by the insertion of this apparatus, as round and natural as can be. It is certainly not only an ingenious in vention, but one which will bring back many a sunken-jawed old bachelor, and many a sharp and meat-uxe physiognomy of an old maid to the stan dard of five and thirty. Back " To the days of their flirtations, A long time ago." We expet in a few days to have something to say tor the edification of Senator Dickinson, ot New York, that will be veiy acceptable to his constitu ents. Colonel Medtll, second assistant postmaster-gene ral, has gone oil on a short visit to Ohio for the ar rangement of his private affairs, and for all we know to look up. after the example of Senator Allen, and take unto himself among the Buckeys. But we con fess we are not sanguine of the consummation. WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 1845. Things Present and to Come. No intelligence decisive ot peace or war from the South Western or Texan frontier. United States troops still being augmented by fresh recruits of volunteers and regulars. Nothing from Mexico.? The next news may very probably be that Paredes has overturned the Government and set up for him self. Captain Stockton left the city this evening in the Northern train. Captain Geisinger of the Navy, is at Coleman's. Item?Coleman's little pleasure steam boat for the Potomac, is expected round from New York soon. We expect the extra Senatorial mileages of the late Executive Session, will be brought before the public only through a resolution by the Senate.? There seems to be no other way of getting at the official vouchers of these most extraordinary Sena tonal perquisites. Gen. Dulf Green is still quartered at Galabrun's Hotel. Beujatnin lsthere too. The General, mean time, is not an indifferent spectator ot the political intrigues at head-quarters. He will show you by und by that he has a finger in the pie. We shall attempt a regular political essay to-mor row on the movements and news of the times. Washington, Oct. 2, 1845. Inquiry into the Conduct of Lieut. Mclaughlin. The Court of Inquiry was convened for the pur pose of taking into consideration a resolution adopted by the House of Representatives of the U. States, March 3d, 1845, in the following words: " Resolved, That the Secretary of the Nary he direct ed to cause a full investigation into the expenditure* of the Florida squadron, under the command of Lieutenant McLaughlin, and report the same to the next session of Congress, with his opinion as to the propriety of the ex penditures made by said McLaughlin, and particularly to show the amount of money paid him, and the amount to which he was entitled." The Court met pursuant to adjournment, and Dr. V. L. Godon was called and testified. I was passed Assistant Surgeon under the command of Lieut. McLaughlin, of the Florida squadron; I was on board tbe schooner Van Buren; 1 know nothing of the expenditures of the hospital; I never saw any extravagant expenditure in the expedition. We had in one of the boat expeditions scouts, a detachment of the army, and we provided for them whenever they required any thing in the medical line. I sup pose there were about sixty men in this detachment; I am now speaking of the hospital supplies and de partment altogether; we had an abundant supply of provisions; I occasionally called for a little of every delicacy for the sick ; they were always freely giv en ; the officers in these scouting parties had pro visions provided for them by themselves; we re ceived at Indian Key, on board of our vessels, whatever medicines were required for all those that were seriously ill. Captain liurke was the officer in command of the detachment I speak of; I pre scribed sometimes brandy, but mostly porter; I took a small portion of Cherry and Madeira wine, but do not remember if Ifprescribed any ; 1 may have giv en it freely for the sick; we obtained some liquors at Baltimore ; I obtained no liquors from the Indian Key hospital; the porter was obtained at Key Bys cian : about 2 dozen bottles. By the Cotrt.-?There was no control of any medical officer over any other in relation to the medical supplies for the sick. The rations and re quisitions of the medical department were never made out, and the accounts were very irregularly kept. We were a great deal out of our vessels and the service was very irregular. It was impossible to make returns in the boat ex|>editions. Dr. Johnson, from Charleston, S. C. was called and sworn. By the Judge Advocate?I am engaged in the druggist business in Charleston, S. C. (The vouches and bills for medical supplies were here shown the witness.) I should iuage that some of these articles are the Charleston prices, although a majority of them exceed those prices about 20 or 25 percent, retail Some of the articles are double the price. Any druggist in Charleston would allow 5 per cent, discount upon such a bill of medicines. By the Cocrt.?I never, to my knowledge, ?ui> plied the Florida ex|>edition with drugs. I would say that the present prices were about right for pur chases to be made at Charleston and resold in Hor lda. I)r. Woodward called and sworn. By Lieut. McLaiuhmn.?Of the first precept I know nothing. As regards the second, no waste ot stores of any kind, and particularly the medical ones, ever came under my observation. 1 was at tached to the schosner Flirt, under Lieut. McL. from September, 1841, to August, 1842. Of the third, I know nothing and I know of no cause for believ ing that there ejtisted between Lieut. McL. and any other |arson, or any attempt to defraud. Under the fourth, 1 know of no unnecessary purchases, or un usually high prices paid for purchases. Relatively, the prices were high, but I believe them to have been the market prices at Key West, Indian Key and Charleston. Respecting the fifth, I don t believe that any of the buildings were un necessary, or the charges too high for erection, Arc. As regards the sixth I do not believe there was any unnecessary purchase of canoes or the cost extravagant. The canoes were all employed in the service of the Government, and they were not pleasure boafts either. As to the seventh I have no reason to believe that the buildings were improper ly occupied or ]>ersons uselessly employed in Lieut. McL's, service and paid by the government, ru der the eighth head, I did not know it war the duty of the Commanding officer to stop the rations of the sick, and am ignorant that it was done. Large por tions of the rations ol the sick were undrawn, and have reverted to the credit of the Navy Ilo?spitai fund, or are recoverable to that fund. 01 the ninth precept, I know nothing. Of the tenth I know nothing I do not remember that Lteut. McL. while

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