Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1845 Page 4
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than lait, and we do not anticipate for the remainder of tie season shipments of specie to any eat ent Foreign Exchange continues high, but drawers will keep it just below . specie point, to prereat any very extensive ex portation of the preoioua metals. $^Ohio6'.l*5Md r , ? ?lion do lift *???h?? Morris Canal 23 WOO do '3# *5 2? 10 2* 3000 K*nl11kir 6'* i"i?2 200 dS Ste nii 5000 Ind SOw k j 101* M d0 bl? MM d..- > b0|nd' 37 '"O de SI0 23* 10IM pi. l,boud? _ " 100 do ,30 33* ?>aua S's ,30 77 300 Harlem RR S do 77 50 do 06 22 "?;? M?"h.ttan Bk 93* 123 Nor It Wore 74* 50 8J? iso do 71 ? t- Uo . rr. ?* 3? do 1)60 74* 51 Farmers' Tr ,90 34* 2J3 Read ins RR 30* 2a Canton Co ?V SO L Island RR ,80 70 ? do 42* 100 do 70* ? a. 1 do *'* 109 Mohawk RR 37 30 N Jersey RR 97 300 Wilmingtou RR 37 Second Board. 3o shea Morris Col ,30 23 iBahaa L Island RR 70* * do ,30 23 100 Nor It Wore t60 72* ?? r. l!0 ?? 23* 30 Farmer,' Loan 34* 100 Reading RR blO 30* 30 Canton Co 42* 23 Honsatonic 29 100 do ,30 42 New Stock Exchsuigs. 30 ahas Farmers' Tr bl3 34* 75 ,ha* Cantou Co 23 Morria ,3 23* 30 do 23 do dm 22* 30 C Island RR 25 do c 23* 100 Nor It Wore c 25 do alO 23* 25 do ,3 73V 23 Canton Co a3 42* 23 do ,15 73* ?30 7 3* 25 do 23 do 23 do 23 do 25 do ' <5 do BtW 73J. 25 do btw 42* 30 do btw 74 25 do blO 42* 23 do ,3 74 >60 33* Married, In Brooklyn, on the 7th init by the Rev. Theophilu* Jones, Mr. Lyman Brows, to Miss Mary Ahn Jonks t,h," lat" Mr' Jones, Bedford, J. T both of Brooklyn. ' Tr(,!nR8?n^y' 4V' W ky th?, R?V- E. K. Hatfield, PE Tin,? HV. 'r Ann, eldest daughter of William Blair, Esq. all of th.i? city. Died. ?r.v?n Tu?,d*y' .70> ?n?t. Liowora, infant daughter of Thomas R. and Ann Amelia Clark. Funeral this afternoon at S o'clock, from 168 Crosby street. ' At Louisville, on the 11th ult. Dr. James Branca, of Springfield, Illinois. At Dnnvers, on Thursday morning, Stlvcster Ot ?orn, Esq. aged 87. Another of the worthies of Revo lutionary memory is thus numbered with the dead. At the early age of 10, Major Osborn was found in the front ranks of the defenders of his country's rights; and on to the 19th of April, 1776, accompanied his friend, Copt. Foster, to the Dattle field of Lexington. He was the youngest of the hundred men that went from Dan vers on that day- all of whom, excepting the venerable Uideon Foster, at the age of 98, and Levi Preston, at the uge of 89, are now gone. Through life, Major Osborn has been distinguished for energy and uprightness of character, and lew men have been more universally be loved and respected. For many years he was one of the most active and influential citizens in the town in which he was bom and always resided. For the last twenty years he has carefully avoided mingling with the crowd uud bustle of society, preferring the comforts of his own borne, and imparting joy by his presence to all around him.? Qbaarvnir NOTICE and iutere.tiug topics never before introduced to a public audi Ticket* for the course $1; the number it limited. Single ad mi siou 60 cents, to kern ihe attendance select. Lyceum of Natural H it tor y, opposite Niblo's Broadway.? Doors open at 7?lecture to commence at 7>f. 11 u-tra*rd by 16 full sit-d life-like models, which minutely diss ct and exhibit the whole male and female structure, com plete; he gradual developemeet of the new bring from its pri mal gcrui, etc.?a'l perfectly tru.e to uatarc; besides diagrams a .U ii iural preparations. These models have never before he*-n exiiibued and explained rxcept in medical institmious. After the lectur- the audience can examine them at leisure, and ask any questions abo*at them. Kach lecture complete by itself, though ihe whole jorm a connected course. At 3 P. M., same day, m uew course, for Ladies ouly, on Fe male diseases fee. Admission 26 cent^ Gentlemen ol th,e press are invited. o3 3t*rrc CONGFjjtosiON \L INTELLIGENCE. 'I'HE f>'opr.iet<Jv 'f the National Intellig'ucer, in order to M. meet tn-e uriatte. of thnae whoae circumstances or inclina t on do uot ,||ow them to subscribe even to a weekly Washing ton paper during the whole ye.r, have determined to issue, during ? h session of Congress, a Weekly aheet styled "The Co gr eaaioual Intelligencer," to be devoted exclusively to the , .C-.tion, aa far as its limits will permit, of the Proceedings ?' 'joth Houses of Congress, and Official Reports and Uocu m .lit. connected therewith, including a complete official copy 'jf all the Act. pasted by Congress during the ?esaion. To bring the pric- within the means of every man who can read, ihe charge for thia paper will he for the first session of cacn Congress One Dollar, and for the second session of each CougTeas naif a Dollar. The price of the Congressional Intelligencer, to be issued on each w during the approaching Session of Congress, will therefore be One Dollar, paid iu advance. Toe .large upon ihe value, io those who take no newspaper from Wssbiugliin, of th s publication, containing an impartial but necessarily abbreviated account, of the Proceedings iu Cou Ri es-, including an authentic official copy of all the laws pass ed during the se.-iou, would be needless. The man who take* no such paper ought to Uke ooe, if h- does not prefer remain tug Ignorant of what moat nearly concerns his own destiny, and thai of his family and of hia posterity for ever. W lien six c ipies are ordered and paid for bv any one person, a deduction ol one-s:xth will be made from the price : thai is iu say, ? remittance of Five Dollars will commaud six cop et of the Congressional Intelligencer for the next Session. A remittance of leu Dollars will secure thirteen copies; and for f if een Dollars reniitt d from any out person or place tweutt copies will be forwarded. , _ Z\j** Payment in advance in all cases is indispensable.. WEEKLY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER. This u.|vr, being made np of such portion of the contents of the National Intelligencer proper aa can he compressed with in he couip ts of a single newspaper, continues to be issued and mailed to sub'cribers every Saturday at Two Dollare a year, payable in advance in all ca ea?no account being opened w th subscribers to the weekly paper. To bring this piper yet more n-arly within the reach of such as desire to l-ke by the year a cheap paper from the seat of the Grner-l Government, a reduction will be made in the price of ii, wh-re a number of copies are ordered sud paid for by any one per.on or association at the following rate* I? For Ten Dollars siX copies will be sent, for twenty Doll rs iliirt en copies ; and For each >um of Ten Dollars, above Twenty, eight cornea will be forward d ; so that a remittance of fifty Dollars will command thirty-seven copies. OT I'uhii.tiers ol p ipers throughout the several Stairs and Territor.s who will give a single insertion to this advertise ment (with this note ami. xed) and send one of their papers to tin* office with the advertisement marked therein, shall receive the Weekly National Iutelligeucer for oue year free of charge. 08 m L . ? AND OENTLBMEN visiting the Fairofthe American Institute (held at Niblo'a) are respectfully invi trd to examine carefully the quality of the Toilet Soapa, 8h? v ing Creams. Extracts, Cologne!. etc. Ac , exhibited by E. t.ousael; and if Jesirout to purehaie, can do 10 by applying at he sale aland, No 2, in the Garden. ol xweodis-ic ;i I1ERL CAN BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT ? MASTER. THE French;Language, at once the easieit learned and most fashionable acquirement of the dey, is taught by f"rofe?sor I'. Kewalewaki iu the oral and most approved system, adapting his1 lessons to the capacity of hia pupils in such a mauner as will eusure a knowledge of the langaage in a veiy short space He has been honored with pnpils from the families of time w ol the following distinguished gentlemen, to whom he can reler Hc,n. Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cnahing. Hon Thoa. H. Ben "" " lenton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others. Or ma 1 and French taught. Terms moderate Apply at No. 310 Broadway. f. KEWALEWSKI. 08 Itn'r FOR SALE. THF. Subscriber having other busineaa arrargemen's to which he it desirous of devoting Ilia exclusive attention, offers lor sale the Stock, Fixtures, Lease, Iu., of hit old eats bli-bed Wine and Tea Store, No. 487 Broadway, corner ot Br. ome street. Personal application as above, before 10 A. M., end after 5 P. M., or at No. 94 Front atreet at other houre. 08 3|?r SAMUEL F. ENGS. A RARE CHANCE. TO flHtee in want of Sofas the subscriber offers for sale some splendid Sofas, made by the beat of workmen and in the latest style. They wi I be sold chcan on accountof giving up business Purchasers will find it to their advantage to com* aud see them belore pun haai a elsewhere. N. JULIEN, I m Green it., 3d floor, ol 3t*m hei ween Bl.echer and Amity. GREr-f* TURTLE &OUP A.nD ai'EAKS. FK \NKLIN COFFEE HOUSE, H Maid n Lane and 16 Ceda. s'.-Aflne Turtle weighing 200 lbs will be dressed tins day. Soap and Steaka ready at II o'clock. c? lt*r JOHN P. BROWN. SFaLDL\G'S EaTRA FLOUR. If) Af I Bblt. from new Wheat, for tela by 1UU H. C. BEALS * CO., <?8 lt-r 10 South atreet TALLOW. lOJy AIU1 Lbt in hhd?. end bbla, a prime article, in 1 sl/.V/i r\J splendid shipping order, for sale by 18 a'. H. C. B K.AL3 It CO., 20 aouth at. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. FEA THERS AND MATERIALS. AT. MONTANT, 114 Pearl at, has received from packet ? ships Oneida, Emerald and Zurich, from Havre, a com plete assortment of Artificial Flowers and materials for the same Also, an asaortirent of Marabout, Oatrich and Fancy Fea tliera. which he offen for sale cheap to close a consignment. ol4teodia*m NEW CURTAIN GOODS SOLOMON & HART, No. '443 Broadway. HAVE jut'rrceivad per packet thin Za'ich, and ai ? iieiio g i" store, five ciaea of rich new Curtain 5 a. n Trimmings, which lh v nviie their friends and mrrs 11 call and ex mine, sud from which they can mi irCliuna of entiri u-w good, and new put ems , 11 r assort ent of (;u.tain Materials are now complet b.acn - th la gear ami moat varied slock in the city, an ? sti m iu part of rich Brocades, Sati.i liamaaka, DeLains iy, Lsmpis Txharet's, French Chin ties, with net gtinfs to correspond, inch a. U.mps, Galooos, Taaaela, < 1 nnii etaud fins in m-t"h, embracing everv article nec for rich w" 1 ow *n<l Bed Curtains, and which will be 1 * small adva< ? e from the eeitial cost of iinnoitatioo, an<" 1 ha? ran be purchased at any other establishment in the Mates. ? .SOLOMON ?t HART _ hvimvimvi, ?. nam , Decorative Upholsterers and Imports ol Iteodia'rc 243 Broedv WOOL. Of) ()()() Eha Fleece and Pulled Wool, comprui ,V s assortment IVom common to full Bloed-1 od, Till* J* ashed and I nwaahrd, f r aaleii lots to auiti chssvrs.hy K k. COLLINS It CO., ol * 60 Soot 1 HEMP. ~~ TOfl B?'e. Missouri Water Rot Hemp, a very super 1*" tide, well cleaned and dreaaed; also, 20 bales 11 .Rid Dew Hoi Hemp, for tale by nl in ?? K C4llLLlNS?tCO.,6#goutl SARSAPAhlLLA. I'oin ni niiinun. 1 S B ilea Mexicuii, very fine, fnr sale by lO ?- K.COLLINS Ii CO., 60 Bout COCHINEAL. ~ 1 ft < croom Mexic'ii. Silver Grey and Black, a very 1 f t) or article, fnr sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO 08m M Booth st B OY WANTED it this Office immediately, ol Jtfh INFORMATION WANTED, AF the actual residence or whereabouts of L. Famnftou It O Co., or Mr. Robert Moore, representing said firm, former It tnusectini buaineaa at atore No. 85 Front a'reet, in thia citjr. Any nfornation leading to ths discovery of ei'her of the part ners of the abore ineutionrd firm wilt be thankfully . ___ by J. H CHAKRUAUD It CO., 96 Pearl at. ^NswYork, Oct. 7, HIS. o? Jt're INFORMATION WANTED OF MRS. MARY CRAYTON. (formerlyReed) who with her infant daughter Margaret, (then nine mouths old) left Philadelphia for New Yotk, June fTth. 1134. Auv information respecting rithrr of the above, will be thankfully receirrd hi tler rldeat daughter. Please address W. A. MARTIN, No.67 South Second street, below Chestnut, Philadelphia. c>8 lt'gbx WANTED. vv Afs 1 E, n. A SITUATION ina Priv ,t# Family,by a respectable Young Woman, as Dressmaker or Seamstress Satisfactory city reference as to character o- capability can be precured by ap plying at 34 Twelfth street. ?g ^4^' WANTED, RY\YSu,,.f ? "t"tio.n M Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do tne Washing or Irouing of a small private family; no objection to go to Brooklyn. Please call at 158 Washington street, in the basembut. 08 2t*m A f.P-OT^^TANl! Yonug Woman wishes a situation as an. Chambermaid ot Plairt .Cooking, or to do general house wurk iu a small family; would hare no objection to going to the country. Appl y at 18 Spring street, in the rear, up stairs, ol lt*rc WANTED, BY a Yonug Woman of good character, a situation as Nurse, or to wait on a lady that is going South. Apply at No 81 West street, lip stairs. S'lary is do great object. n8 lt*rc WANTED. SITUATION, by a Protestant Young Woman, to do the Washing and Irnniug and Clumber-work of a smell fami ly; would also^fo as Cook; would have no objection to go into the country. The best ot references gieeu. Enquire at 80 Ridge st , first Boor. 08 It*re GENTLEMEN'S CAST OFF CLOTHING WANTED. GENTLEMEN or Families having any snperfluonaeffects, such as Clothing, Jewelry. Fire Arms. Ac., lie., that they would convert into cash, will obtain from the snbscriber libe ral prices. H. LEVfcTT, _ Principal Office, No. 3 Wall street. N. tJ.?All orders left at his office, or a line through the Post Office will be punctually attended to ol ll*r WANTED, BY a respectable Young Womsn, a situation in a respectable family goiug South or Chambermaid or Waiter ia the city. Good reference given. Address No. 18 Henry st., back room, first door. ol lt*r WANTED. A SITU ATION, by a respectable Young Woman, as Nurse or general honse work. Best of refe>eece can be given. Enquire at 12 Henry street, bsck room, first floor. ol tc*r WANTED, A SITUATION as Porter, by one who has filled that situa tion iu aeveral large hotels: would have no objection to as sist in a grocery store or boarding house, and make himself generally useful in either capacity. Satisfactory reference as to character and capability can be procured by applying to J. Roberts, 28 Madisou street, first floor, in the rear. o7 3t*r A RESPECTABLE young woman, a protestant, wa?tsa situation as chambermaid, and washar and ironer. (food city references can br had. Please enquire at No. 36 First st. o7 2i*m w ANTED?A young woman of good character and refer ences. in the capacity of seamstresa. she may be either r rench or German?must be capable of dressing ha,r, making dresses, file. To such s one, the highest wages will be given. Apply to B. B. at ih desk of this office. 06 3t*rc BOARD WANTED?During the winter, for s gentlemen, his wife snd child, ineludiug one or two servants, in some boarding honae near Washington or Union squares. Apply by letter to K. st the office of this paper. 06 3t*rc \\J ANTED?Furnished lodgings, or part of a honse elegant yj ly furnished, for a family, consisting of a gei tlemau, his wife, one child, and two servants. An eligible house in the upi>er part of the city, near Broadway, would be preferred.? Apply to a. B. at this office 06 3l*rc WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A French Oirl. who is a good seamstress, and can dress hair. Good wages will be given for a capable person. Apply to A. A. A. at thia of 06 3i*re A FEW ACTIVE ___ ..., Mch will have hisdistrict ft be iiecettary for them to have at lenut from $25 to $60 to obtain a good fitting eut. Apply at FRENCH'S Publish nig Hall* 293 Broadway, up stain. All lctten must be post paid. LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. O. ENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the fnll value for vJ all kinds of tuperilous effects they ' , wish to dispose of,such as Ladies and Gentlemens Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Fur niture, file. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the city will find ;t to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who pledg es himself to give a fair price for all articles offered. N. B?Aline through the Tost Office will be promptly st tended to. T. LEVEN8TYN, all lm*rc 48* Broadway, up stairs. WANTED. FAMILIES can always be supplied with faithfnl, competent and well recommended help of all capacities, both for city and country, at the well established Agency office for domes tics, 224 Grand street, near the Bowery, where every means is used to procure the best help. I. T. WATTS. N. B.?Good snd faithfnl domestics can have excellent places st this office. s9 lm*rc MUSIC. A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction of >- young ladies on the Piano. She teaches on the Logerun .. ystem. which has never been introduced as yet into this conn try : it has been greatly approved of in Enrope, as being the shortest and easiest method of bringing on the pnpil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, shall be attended s86 lm*rc NOTICE. IF MR. A. THEOBALD, lately arrived in the ship Vieto na, from Loudon, should reside in New York or its vicinit * he is d'sired to enquire tor B,73 Nassau street,op stairs,whey, he will hear of something advantageously. o7 lt*mre TEETH! TEETH!! TEETH?Who would be without Teeth when they can h've them inserted without the slightest possible pain, and war ranted to suit all the purposes of natural ones by calling on Dr. JONES, Dentist, at nis office, corner of Canal street -nd Broadway, entrance iu Canal street. The following is a list of prices :? A complete double set of best miners! teeth on fine gold plates, 256 00 A set of best mineral teeth, on fine gold plate, for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 30 00 Single tooth, ou cold plate, from 13 30 to i 00 Pivot tooth, from 75 to 1 10 Plugging teeth with gold, from 75 to 1 50 Extr.cling (eeth, 25 to 50 All other operations in the same proportion. Remember, Corner of Canal street anu Broadway, entrance on Canal st 08 Itis m OCULIST. DR. POWELL, M. D., OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, coutinuts to attend to Diseases of the 0 ye and to all imperfections of vision, Iroin 9 to 4 o'clock, at hit re sidence, 261 Broadway, cor Warren st. Inveterate cases of Strabismus, or squinting, cured in a few minutes ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted that can scarcely be distin guished from the natural Offices and residence 261 Broadway, entrance 1R Warren sr.? Gratuitous advice to the Poor. 08 It'm FINE WATCHES, JEWEARY, SILVER WARE, &c. Efii 8. 8. ROCKWELL, No. 413 Broadway, a few doors ? south of Canal street, have a good assortment of fine Gold and Silver Duplex, Detached Lever, L'Epine, and other Watches, which they warrant first rale time keepers, and sell at very low prices. A fine assortment of new and fashionable Jewelry and Silver Ware of every description. Watches and Clocks of every description, carefully repaired by skilful and experienced workmen. o7 3tis*m 1 ISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of IsAAC J. PHILLIPS fit Co , wa< dissolved by mutual content on the 2d instant? Isaac J Phillips it nuthorived to settle the aff irt of the firm, :<nd will continue the business on hisown account at 27lBroad way, corner ot Chambers street. ISAAC J. PHILLIPS, W. J. BUCK. New York, October 6th, 1845. o7 3t*rc TEN DOLLARS REWARD. AN AWAY from the subscriber, an indented apprentice bv the name ol George Wilson. Said boy is about 18 years of age, stone built and blind iu his left eye. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy on my account under the penalty of the law. JOSIAH LECOUNTT Dated New Rochel'e, Oct. 2d, 1145. o4 5tiarrc JAMES A SWAIN CO.. Draper* and 1 aUors, 352 Broadway, Carlton Houte, WOULD respectfully inform their customers and the pub lic, tint "h. y now have on hand and are constantly re ceiving a sipenor stock of fall and winter goods, which will be made up in the latest fa-hion and at the lowest prices, for cash. o4 Imrrc R U1 NOTICE NION BENEVOLENT ITALIAN SOCIETY.-All I ? the mem here of thia Society, and all the Italians desirous ! to become members of it, are hereby notified, that in pursnai ce i of the Constitution, a general meeting will be held for the ! ?lection of iu officers for the ensuing year, on Svnday next, the I 12th inst. at 7 P M, at No. 5 Barclay st. By order, r6 6tis?jc CHA8. FERRERO, Secy. | ENGLISH HARDWarIS?Agent's Prices DEALERSwill consult th ir interest by is king up-stairi prices. The snbscriber represent* suvrral English manu facture a, and can supply mo chants from first htnds, also at first prices?Pocket and Table Cutlery of all patterns; Files ol every description; Sews, Tools, lite, with a general assort ment of staple Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware, at low . JOHN A. NEWBOULD. uu eut rc 5i John street, up tuirs. ' DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BJ^OIOTLAENDER'S APPARA TVS. E8IDK8 a new supply of the above Apparatus, the subacri* bsrt haverec. ived best Plates, Ch-inical. and Polishiug substances, and the newest improvements in the Art. Ins?ruc tions given in the Art. snd orders from every part of the coun try promptly attended to, by addressing (post-paid) to w. It .F LANOF.NHF.IM, t iitnt-v,,,. Philadelphia Exchange. ..... LANGENHEIM It BACKERS. o5 lmdltw'rc New York, HI Broadway. MEDICAL NCTICE THE MEDICINE ol the late Dr. George W Chapman ear 1 be had (only genuine) of the proprietor, 93 Canal st, until further notice. o4 I Wire A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR A F.THOMPSON'S Daguerri'u Rooms. No. 285 Broad il. way, between the Granite Buildings and Keade st. LIKENE8SES of the various sixes taken by theimpr Inrorud process and Anithed in the most superior style, with all thr natural colors. Operations in all weather from 8 A. M. till 4 T. M. ^ Instructions in the Art and Apparatus and Materials supplied ghkuowlei' To persons wishing a thoroughkiiowledge of the business su perior advantages are here offered. aid lm*m OOAL. I AM now delivering beat Peach Orchard and Hed As A screened and free of cartage fro ? I e yard at the foil (?* usual the lowest in the city,) namely. Broke1 arid Stove at |6 25; large nut 24 75; small nnl $4 per ton 45 cents off if taken from the boats. ( oal Yard cn,asm and Greenwich streets. PETFR CLINT sit In'rt TcTDEALERS IN JKWKLERY. THE UNDERSIGNED, being Manufacturers, and nfine assortment of Jewslery and Diamond ^ ?olicit a call from dealers and merchants deallngintt* articles. Any ?**?" pattern or atyle of jewelery or f mond work made to or *rj,$AW fc aRKOWSMITH .1* Im-me Ne 1 Dey street, one door from Broad N B^-Twelre or fifteen good chaiu makers can fi ploymeul assbOfe. CHEAP AND FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. W. H. DEGROOT & CO., No. 104 Kulton 8treat, WOULD respectfaliy informtheir Customers and tha Pub lic tnat tinv are prepared to furnish every article ia their line at the following low price*, which are at least 10 percent ?owrr tn*n hi De Had at any other establishment la una city Overcoats of but mateiial, made and trimmed in the laleat style. from (3 SO to $10: Cloaks. of French aad English Cloths, from $? to $15. Fine B.ack. Blur JOIive _ aad Brown Dre-? and Frock Coau. from $? to $10. Panta of every ahade and color, and lest quality, from $1 50t o $7. Alao.aa endless aaanrtmeut of Veata of excellent m.t-rial and made ap in the brat luaaner, from $1 to $S. Likewise, aa exten-ive Variety of Cloth., Catsime-es, aad Veatiug., alwaya on hand, which will be made to suit the moat fastidiona tame. A lull aait will be funnelled iu 14 hour, for trom $15 to $30. Beat of Cattert and Workmen employed. The plain man. aa well aa the moat particular, can be suited at NOT 1M FULTON 8TKKCT. 08 I in m _____________ FALL GARMENTS. WM. MATTHIE8SEN, 117 Fulton et.-A choice stock of Cloths. Tweeds, Caasimerea and Vestinfs are now open from which selections can be made at very moderate pri open cea. for cash only. The cntters of this establishment are equal to any in the city for their taste and skill iu getting up gariu cuts, and cus tomers cau depend on satisfaction, punctuality and despatch. Those furnishing their own materials, can have them made up on the above terms. (T7~ OUTFITTING.?Every article necessary to complete a wardrobe, at WM. MATTH1E88EN. 117 Fulton street. sl7 ltn*m next door to Herald office. FALL FASHIONS. THE SUBSCRIBERS have just received an invoice of very rich Scarfs, Cravats and Linen Hdkfa, richly bordered.? Their assortment of ready made Linen, and gentlemen's under garments is now complete and well worthy the attcution ol citizens and strangers. ' Their Patent Elastic Brace is highly recommended by the faculty for all persons who are suffering from debility, or ain in the chest, or have acquired the habit of stooping. For sale wholesale and r-tail, at the old establishment of Pursells It Agate. 137 Broadway, corner of Park place. slO lm*m TO TAILORS. THOSE who desire to attaiu a correct knowledge of Fash ionable Cutting, in all its various branches, would do w;ell fn (ihfnin Hrinntnptu' C.nmnLfn Wnrlr rats the anhinpt wKirh to obtain Stinemets' Complete Work on the subject, which can be obtained of the autior only, at 113 Broadway. Price, from $1 to $10 per book. ol lm'mc TO MERCHANT TAILORS.?A young man who has had some experience as a cutter, wishes to procure a situation in that capacity in some respectable establishment. Good city references will be given. Address G. A. P. through the Post Office. o< Jt*rc GREAT FAIR, NOW OPEN AT NIBLO'S THIS will be decidedly the best Fair ever held in our city. The Address by Professor Manes will come off iu the Sa loon This Evening. Delegates to the National Convention for Thursday next are coming in.' Address at Dr. Dewey's Church and Performance by Sacred Music Sociery. The Ploughing and Spading matches will come off on Tuesday next, near the Rail road and 119th street. of Itm A CARD. TO PARENTS AND GWARDIANS. A LADY of superior talents and acquirements, is desirous of having a few more pupils to instruct in Music. Her method of instruction will be found to be the most expeditious iu pro moting them in the thorough knowledge and theory of the science of any now taught. A line directed to R. M., at the office of this paper, will ba duly attended to. o7 Im'rc HL.U FUK.T, SHtKKV AJND BRANDY. VERY OLD and superior'Port Wine, in wood and glass. Very old Pale Brown Sherries, in wood and glass, do lo do Brandy, m half pipes and demij. do do do Holland Oju and scotch Whiskey. For sale by GILBERT DAVIS. oT Stjarc 15 William , corner 01 Pine. National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society of London. KMrOWKRKD ST ACT OP PARLIAMENT. THE following are among the advantages held out by this Institution: The Loan Fund, from which the assured are entitled to draw two thirds of their payments. The payment of premiums annually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly. A large sum to be permanently invested in the United States in the names of three ol the Local Directors as Trustees, as a guarantee fund. Travelling leave extensive and liberal; and extra premiums on the most moderate scale. Conditions of policy less onerous to the assured than in most Life lusurance Offices. United States Local Board op Directors. JACOB HARVY. Esquire, Chairman,) JOHN J. PALMER, Esq. I JONATHAN GOODHUE, Esq. JAMES BOORMAN, Esq. GEORGE BARCLAY, Esq. 8AM'L 8. ROWLAND, Esq. GORHAM A WORTH, Esq. SAMUEL M. FOX, Esq. CLEMENT C. BIDDLE. Esq. SEAR8 C. WALKER, Esq. LOUIS A. isODEY. Esq*"1' GEORGE 1.. GRAHAM. Esq. New York. Philadelphia. Physiciana lo the Society, (Medical Examiner a.) J. KEARNEY RODOERS, M. D., 110 Bleecker st. Rf lev L' unmcv m r? cl li:_ ? J. _ _ _ ALEX: e: H08ACK, M. D., 101 Franklin st. E. ARNOULT, M. D., *7 Broadway. Bankera. The Merchants' Bank of New York. Solicitor. WM. VAN HOOK, Esq. 39 Wall st. General Agent for the United Staler, and Britiah North ?American Colonies. J. LEANDER STARR, resident In New York. Office 74 WALL 8treet, N. Y. Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report of the Society's rates, also blank forms, and the iullest information, may be ob tained ui>on application io the subsciiber. J LEANDER STARR, General Agent. jy 24 3taw in 3m"rrc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital 1400,000 Dollars. OFFICE 41 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. THIS COMPANY continues to Insure against loss or da mage by Fire on their usual favorable terms. All claims firesei.trd to this company for losses by the late disastrous lire laving been paid, they now And their capital nearly entire. B W. DE LAMATER, P-esident. sS lmis rrc E. C. FINN, Secretary. THE EAST IUVEIl MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE No. <1 (late 49) Wall street, continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses.and other buildings. Also, on Household Furniture, Merchan dize, Re., as heretofore. DIRECTORS., John Brouwer, Wake man Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, John Moorhead, Stanton Beebe, Joseph Kernocman, Daniel Ayres, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. 8. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, Nathaniel L. Griswoldjr. Thomas Nesmith, Russell Stubbins, Robert Boorman,' George Coggesha^l, ~ "Kit, Abel A. Low, 8tephen Holi. George Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. ?GOLD S. SILLIMAN, Secretary. Robert J. Dillon. Couuseland Attorney. al lm*m OFFICE OF THE CROTON INSURANCE CO No. 3D Wall Street, Adjoining Mechanics'Bank, in the City of New York THIS COMPANY lose by the recent Are$35,000. Their assets over and above all claims against them exceed $150,000. They coutinue to insure Marine and Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUSTEES. James Harper, William B Cozxens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James Phalen, Theodore A Meyer, 8 A Lawrence, Cyrus Chenery, Edwin K Tremain, Lawrence Hill, 8 M Crandall, W II Townseud, John Breaste, Robert.Lane, James Cruikshank, John T Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J H Suydam. Charles L Vose, John B Lasala, Zadock Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, James Cook, Lonng Andrews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, George Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahan, Asa 8 Crosby, George Palen, John J Herrick, William Bnrgoyne, Abraham Vnn Nest, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary Capt Samuel Candler, Marine Insp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au3m OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , ( No. 59 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ? THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss andd mage by Are on goods, wares and merchandise, and al againstloss by inlandnavigatiou on vessels and their cargoes ^ ? DIRECTORS. Thomas W .Thorn#, El is ha Riggs, Thomas T. Wqodrnff, Anson Baker. B. R. Hobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses lueker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, JohrH. Lee,. Wm. K. Thorn. Caleb C.Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Fra?ei? P-Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. ? ? THOMAS W. THORNE, PresiduL Oxoang T. Horc, Secretary. si re ?hares equal to the present value of tfieir atoek. The Stockholders residing out of the eity ere requested to sne atocunoiaere residing out or the eity ere requests, convey their intention by poet, to the office No. 54 Wall at. ss -n u . T. W. THORNE, Pres't. Geo. T. Hun. Bec'y. jyfe rrc C. COLES, the original Manufacturer of MOROCCO CASES, U AVINO returned to New York, after a temporary sb A A senre, now intends carrying on the same business, with facilities for pleating hia cum luoreaaed facilities for pleasiog his caatonera, io addition to hie well established experience of twenty-fix years in this if; i therefore invites the attention of merchanla and dealers to his stock of Morocco Goods, namely Dreaaing Cages, Writing and Travelling Drake, Portfttlioa, Miniature arul Jewel Catea, ami all at'-er si tides in his line, which he will warrant cannot be excelled aa respects either workmaaahip, durability, or cheapness. Tlios giving the advertiser a call, will And that he is prepar ed toetrcairlhe lanrrst or tmnll^M orders with rqoil ability, wholesale or retail prices in the New York ne very mweii wnoicsaie or retail prices in the New inra rkeL Country dealers will do well to step in at 147 Broad It, corner of Murray street, [up stairs,] where they will And public's old and thankful and obedient servant. at the very lowest wl market. way, coiPHIHnWP HV MR the public's old and thankful and obedient servant, C. COLES. N. B?No connection with any other establishment in New York. Goods manufactured to order with expedition and punctuality. o5 lw'm atlHks '.?Watches and jewelky.-tijow who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watchee, Gold Chain's, Gold Pencils, Keys, lie., will And it greatly to their ad vantage to call ou the subscriber, who ie selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city- Gold Watchea as low at $30 and $35 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watchea warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. O. C. aLLFN, Importer ofWatches and Jewelry, W hoieanle and Retail. 30 Wall street. ?10 Im'm npsuire I I MEXICAN SCRIP FOR SAL?7 ABOUT $35,000 in Mexican Berip. bearing 3 per cent intei per annum, and t ayahle in 17 quarterly instalments, for by tlu? pre?ei#t holder, who u about to remove to K a rope. irce.ved until the 35th October, proximo, addrei to E. P., 393 Br. sdway. Capitalists will And this a proAtable and seenre investmeu s?* if ere NOTICE. VI E88R8. CLARKE IkSTKVAN soliret the patronage ol ivl the public to their Temperance Intelligence Office, MH Dnane street, where they can have servants of the Aut class, white and colored, Protestants and others, of all descriptions, of good moral character. Messrs. Clarke kStevan return their since e thanks lor the kind patronage they have so liberally received, and continue to serve the public at 95H Duauestreet, one door west of.Broadway. g!3 lm'r k AUCTION NOTICES. A.C.TUTTLE, Auctioneer. IMPORTANT ASSIGN EES' SALE of Rosewood, Mabo- ! 1 luy, B nek Welnut and Oak New Cabinet FURNITURE. ?JA< OB 8. PLAIT will sell on Thursday, the9th October, at 10 o'clock, by order of Assignees, under the direction of J no E. Van Antw rp, at the ware rooms, No. 445 Broadway, the I entire stock of an ritensire manufacturer, comprising erery S'ticle uauslly kept iu an establishment of this kind, aud all of the richest, most lashioaable and substantial styles, presenting a farorable opportunity fur st.angers and ciliieus to supply ! themselves. Catalogues are now randy, and the articles can be eiamined till 'lie hour of sale. o> 2l* ro DUTCH BULBOUS ROOTS, at Auction. A. LEVY will sell, on Thursday moruing, at 11 o'elock, at No.293 Broadway, several rases fine Dutch Bulbous Roots just re ceived from the celebrated florists Van Warereu It Hon, at Hillegotn, near Haarlem, in Holland, whose plants gave universal satisfaction last year, consisting of every variety, j too numerous to detail. Ladies are invited to attend. Also, some fine plants. ol 2t*m OIL PAINTINGS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell on Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock, at . No. 293 Broadway, a valuable collection ofOil Paintings, ancient and modern, part of which is the selectiou ofau artist leaviug the country. Now ready for examination. o7 2t*r UNION COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING. THURSDAY, October 9th, at hilf-past 2 o'clock?Purse $200, $54 to go to second best horse?two mile heats in harness. Geo Spicer enters b g Americus W Wlieelan br in Duchess . P Huut bg Moscow H Woodruff b g Ripton Also, a Match for $200, mile heats in 250 I ba. wagons, be tween 8 Hoagland's gr. g. Bell Hanger and S. Cross' ch. g. Empire oH 2t*m CAMBRIDGE TROTTING COURSE, BOSTON. MONDAY, October 20th, Match for $1000, two mile heats, in harness. H. Woodruff names b.g. Ripton. James Whelpley names b. g Boston October 21st?Purse $100, free foral' horses except Lady Suf folk, mile heats, best 2 in 5. under the saddle. 22d?Purse $1", free for horses that never won a purse over $50, mi'e heats, best I in5, in harness. 23d?Purs* $109, free for all horses except Lady Suffolk, mile hea'a, heat 3 in 5, in harness. 27th?Purse $200, free for all horses except Lady Suffolk.mile hei-ts, best 3 in 5, in harress $50 to second best horse, h Entries for the above rursas to be made on or before Monday evening. October 13th, by 9 o'clock, at the Cambridge Course, and at Green and Losers. Cnatham Square, New York Two or more iu each to make a race. 08 2t*rc BEACON COURSE-TROTTINCt. WEDNESDAY, Oct 8, at JK o'clock, P M,preeisely pune $300?mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harness. D Bryant enters gr in Lady Suffolk W. Wheeler br m Duchess Same Day, purse $40, mile heats, best three in five in harness : H Jones enters brm Lady Washington Thos McKeon bg Peter Smith C Bertiue b g Trouble W Clintok bg Tom Moore Oct. 13th ?purse $230, mile heats, best three in five. D Bryant enters gr m Lady Suffolk H Woodruff bg Riptou P Hunt b g Moscow Should th- weather be lowering, as yesterday, but not stor". my. at 12 o'clock the trots will come off 08 lt*m | PEOPLES' LINE Ok STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AIM * DAILY?Sundays Excepted?1Turough Di >reet, at 6 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between _ .Courtis idt and Libcrtv streets. New Steamboat HENDB1CK HUDSON, Captain R. O. Crutumuek. will rave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eve nings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, ?rill Isave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 6 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot of Barclay street >? ?Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furey, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afhr noons at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cfegit. L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 6 o'clock Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time for the Morning Train ot Cats for the east or west. The Beats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Setiuitt. at the office on the wharf. o> a free- FOR NEW ORLKANA?Louisiana and New ! wJWWYork Line?positively first and only regular Packet, ; mmmmrn to sail Saturday, 1 Ith inst?The elegant fast sailing packet ship TENNESSEE, Pray, master, will positively sail > as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board at Orleans wharf fo't of Wall st , or to E K. COLLINS fc CO.. 56 South st. Positively no goods received on board aftei Friday evening, 10th iust. Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Packet ship Louisville. Hunt, master, will succeed the Ten nessee and sail flat inst. her regular day. Ike ot UNION LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL?Packet of the 9th October?The splendid iwell known and favorite packet ship TAROLlNTA, _.apt. Smith, will sail on Thursday, the 9tn October, her re gular day. The accommodation* of this ship for esbin, second cabin and ateerage passengers cannot be surpassed: her between decks are fitted ujp with particular attention to the comfort and con venience of passenger*, and need only be seen to command a decided preference over any other. The price of passage being low and the number limited early application should be mad* on board, foot of Dover st, or to W. A J. T, TAP8COTT, ot m 75 South street, cor Maiden Lane. "THE ALBATA SILVER WARE," \f ANUFACTURED by Wm. Chandless, 452 Hudson at, IvJL cannot be d-tected from Sterling Silver, for the longer thia Ware ii used the whiter it becomes. W. C., also manufactures Sterling Silver Spoons, Forks and Jewelry, cheap and is preiwred to buy Old Gold and Silver, German do, Pearls and Diamouds, to any amount. Be tnre to look eut for the Sign Plate, 452 Hudson street, between Barrow and Morton its. Wm. Chandless, established 1833, late of Clarkson at. *26 lm*rc CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Ilialr Invlgorator. A REMEDY for all diseases inciAentM to the Hair and its restorative,-in all case* where Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Merits or the Chkmicl Balsam or Hair Ikvioortor.?It frevents Baldness. It removes Dandriff and Cutaneous ScrufT. t keep* the Hair in its natural color and prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be lief. that as a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it will be found on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E. Pha lon, No. 214 Broadway. Agents?O. Fish k Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer k Phelan, I 76 Broad St.. Columbus. Georgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build ing*, corner of Tenth and Cheanut its., Philadelphia; H. Rice, corner of Court and Howanrd; street*, Boston : C B.'Brow er. No. 105 F'ulton St.. Brooklyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Marebon, Ulster Co., N. Y.; V. B. Loch row, No. 54 Beaver street, Albany. *28 Im'mc BWigs and Scalps. ATCHELORTsiMew Invented Wigs and Scalps, are ex citing the astonishment, curiosity and admiration of cou uoitseurs. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances are now done away with. These beautiful specimens of the art nf Wig making, can only be proenrnd at Wm. Batchelor's, No 2 Wallatreet, near Broadway. Removed I rom 165 Broadway. o3lm*mc IMITATION PRECIOUS STONES; -eal Garnet andTur kois, for sale by E. F. KOKTUM. 214 William street, New York. OSTRICH FEATHERS, foTsale by E. F. KORTIJM, *26 lm*r 214 William street JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET, Between Sixth and Seventh Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE k CO. JAME8 B AGLET, late of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C. MackEN/|E,formerly of Washington House PETER L. FERGUSON. s242mrc G. B. CLARKE, FASHIONABLE TAILOR AND DRAPER, Ki'lton, 132 William Strcct, Opposite the new Row of Building*, Gl VES the following reasons for the gieat success he has hi therto met with :? 1st.?All goods are bought at the lowest cash prices and peid for at once. 2d?An exclusive and rigid system of selling for cash only. 3d?Many year* experience in business. 4th?Being satisfied with small profits. * ': A discerning public, therefore, can at once perceive that itt their inteiest to patronise thia establishment. G. B C would refer to n large and respectable connexion both iu this city and in Brooklyn, in proof of the style and fi nish of hit garment*. Splendid French 4'loth Drees Coats mtde ta measure from $1410 $28 An assortment of Office Coats and all otherarti ?'js of gentle men'' do ss, at equally reasonable prices sJ Im'rc A PURDIE, FRINGE, GIMP, CORD AND TASbEL MANUFACTURER, No. 10i> William Street, lip Stair*. INTIMATE'S 'hat he hat ea hand, and it daily bringing for ward. a splendid assortment of the above articles, to which he invites atteution. Orders promptly executed. Pncet low. *11 Im'rc THE ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING FOR 1MB JUST PUBLISHED, BY McGOWAN <fc TREAUWELL, No. AN Da relay Street. WHS ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING, FOR 1846-Edited A by Paschal Donaldson?Embellish with elegant Engra vings on Steel, from Original Designs by Casilver and Mor ton, and beautiftilly bound in Morocco and Gilt. The usual discount allowed to Booksellers. *11 lm*r FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLUlVtiks Aftf) FEATHERS. HF.NRY k KAHN, Importers, 53 Nassau at, np stairs, near Maiden lane, have received per late arrivals, a complete as sortment of Aitificial Flowers and materials for the same. Also, several cases of Marabont, Ostrich, Willow and Fan cy Fcaihera. The above goods bare all been selected at Paris by Mr Hsl ry himself, and are offered at the moat reasonable prices. *6 lm'rrr ' FINE ARTS! OIL PAINTINGS Uleaued, Lined and Restored, bv H. BEN?. *18 lm'ra I No. 782 BrodJwop. AMUSEMENTS. PAKJC THKATKK. THIRD NIGHT OF MR. AND MRS. CHARLES KEAN. Wednesday K waning, October 8th, The performance will commence with the Comedy of AS YOU LIKE IT. JiqiM .Mr Charles Keau Rosalind .Mr* Charles Keen The Banished Duke Mr Bland > rrderick Fleming C*1U... Mrs Abbott La Venrciau, by the two Miss Valises. To c hi. lude with FORTUNIO. r ortuoio Mrs Skerrett Baron Duuover Mr De Wal '?n Emperor Matapa Fisher Thursday Will be performed the Tragedy of ROMEO AND JULIET: Romeo Mr Charles Kean _ . Juliet Mrs Charles Kean "nee ol Admission?Boies, $1; Pit, 30 ceuu , nailery. 23 cents. Doors open at 634 o'clock, sad the Curtain will rise precisely at 7 o'clock. IT/" A limited number of Season Tickets may be obtained at the Boi O?ee. SOWKRV THEATtUb. ITT"The public smmrsspectfully informed, that Messrs. Cony and Blawkard, kne celebrated Pautomimisu from Loudon, are engaged at this Theatre. They will make their appearance this evening, intro ducing their Astonishing Trained Dogs in their performances, that have excited llie greatest wouderand astouishment through out Europe. Wednesday Evening, October Htli, Will be performed, the drama of ROOK WOOD. DickTurpin Mr Milner Luke Bradley Davenport Jerry Jumper Had .way Barbara Mrs Madison Alter which. THE IDIOT OF THE SHANNON. Patrick Mr. Blanchard Andy. Mr Couy Caulh Learv Mrs Sergeant Shelali Godfrey Mrs Maaison Previous to which t e RAILROAD STATION. Mr Sampson Sours Mr Hadaway Mrs Win Smith Mrs Stickney Tv* Lower Boies 30cents; Second and Third Tiers, 23 CIS.; Pit aud Gallery, 12)4 ceuu. Doors will open at half past 6 the curtaie will use at 7. CASTLE UAHDEIk. BURLESQUE OPERA SINGERS. rfy-Admlnalon !45 Centa._/>y Propnetors Mean*. Keneh It Heiaer. Wcdneit'lay Evening, October Stb, The Entertainment will commence with A MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT. After which. {IT'Intermission of Half an Hour for Promenade and Refresh menu. The range of splendid Cos mo ramus will be onen for inspection. To conclude with the Burlesque Opera of THE VIRGINIAN GIRL. Lucy Long, alias Lucy Neal Madam* Depo Cynthia Sue signer La Schreeuher Porgiea Aunt Debby Signora Since you DarmetU J umbo Jum Signer Triangleoa Spruce 1'ink Signor Tomatoes Old Dad Neil Siguor de big Aplea BouqueU constantly for sale at the Garden, n r Doors open at naif-past 8 o'clock. Performance tocom menee at 8 o'clock. NIBLO'S QARDEA. MR. H. PLACIDE, MRS. MOWATT AND MR. CRISP. BENEFIT OF THE AUTHOR OK THE NEW AMERICAN COMEDY. Wednesday Evening, October Nth, The performances will commence with the Overture to La Gazza Ladra. To be succeeded by the comedy of CHANGE MAKES CHANGE. Madeline Mrs Mowatt Fauny Kitzhugh Miss Mathews Lionheart Mr H Placid, Mrs Lionheart Mr* Hautonville Vanquish Mr Crisp An Intermission of half an hour between the 3d and 4th acu. Doors oven al half past 8 and the p-rformance tc commence at 7 o'clock. (jO-Tickets Fifty Cents.'QQ Private Boies $3 each. __ ' Aa efficient Police will always be in attendance to main tain good order and keep all improper persons out. A limited number of Season Tickets will be disponed of PALDIO'li Ul'EKA HOUSE. Wednesday Evening, October 8th, POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF THE SERENADERS. Memn. OERMON, STAN WOOD. HARRINGTON, PELHAM and WHITE, OPEN EVERY NIGHT. Admission 25 Cents only. For particulars see programme. \ry Doors open at 7)4?Concert to commence at 8. Boies and seau secured daily at the office, from 10 A. M. till P.M. PROGRAMME. PART 1. Cazneau's Quick Step Full Baud Opening Chorus Company Song?Alabama's Sunny Shore White Quartette?When de Moon it on de Lake, (Music by S. C. Massetr,) Company Soug?The Old Jaw Bone Harrington Chorus?The Colored Fancy Ball, (from Leonora). .Company Song?Picayune Bnllrr Germon PART II. Quick Step? Love Not Full Band Glee?Merry ia the Minstrel'*Life Company Soug?The Dandy Broadway Swell Harrington Song?I dreamt I dwelt in Kitchen Halls Germon Song?You'll Remember Me White Glee?The Old Virginny State Company Quartette?LeCk be Gay. ? . Company PAilT ill'.* Rail Road Oberture. Full Band Song?Da idy Jim Gerujsm Soug?Cyuthe Sue ... ----- Sony?Uncle Gabriel Harrington Song?The Banks of the Mississippi Germon Duert?Accordion and Bones C can wood and Celham Finale?Lucy Long Company CHKUNbT STREET THEATRE PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Buarow Liatun and Manaoeu Wednesday Evening, October 8th, The performance wi (commence with MON AMI PENOT. After which, L'AMBASSADRIOE, In which M'lle. Calve will appear. On Thursday? LA JUIVE. BOWERY CIRCUS. Boies 23 cents ; Pit 12)4 tents Chi'dren to Boxes half price. HORSF.MANSHIP EXTRAORDINARY. SPLENDID CAVALCADES-BRILLIANT FETES SPRITE OK THE SILVER SHOWER. NEGRO MINSTRELS. Masfr Niion as the Greek Boy. SPORT8 OF THE RING. EXERCISES OF THE GYMNASIUM. , , VAULTING, TUMBLING, lie. The whole to conclude with a laughable equestrian burlesque in which the nrwly imported BRAZILIAN APES, DON CARLOS AND DON PEDRO, Will ride the TWIN PONIES OK SHETLAND, In iaitation of the French Riders. 08 lw*rc LECTURES ON LANGUAGE AND BELLES LETTERS. ON Wednesday, the 8th inst., at 7)4 o'clock, P.M., Professor Wright will deliver, before the "Mercantile Library As sociation." at Clinton Hall, the first of a series of practical and popular Lectures on the structure of the English Language, its Idioms, Style and Composition In these Lectures (12 in >o.) he will unfold certain prevalent out uninspected forms of phraseology by which, even in courts of justice, the most pal pable perjuries may be. aud perhaps are, daily perpetrated, without liability to detection unless by those conversant with Prof. W.'s theory. Tickets for the course $2 each; to be had at the deik of the Library, or at 203 Broadway. Single tickets 13 carta each, at the door of the Lecture Room. Gentlemen of the press are invited, and will show their cards. Membei* free. "1 consider Wright s Engl. of the "Mer. Lib. As." ? T_ _ ? Gram, the best and most philosophical work on the English language."? Francii I.. Hawks. D. D. N B.?Prirate instructions at 71 Hudson street. BEETHOVEN'S MOUNT OF OLIVES AND THE SEVEN SLEEPERS. During the Week of THE AMERICAN MUSICAL CONVENTION. THE SUBLIME ORATORIO of The Mount of Olives, by the immortal Beethoven, and The Sevan Sleepers, by Dr Lewee, will be performed at the TABERNACLE, on Thursday Evening, the 9th Oct. next, under the direction of Mr. GEORGE LODKR, Commencing at 7 o'clock precisely, and closing at about 10. The Chorus and Orchestra will be full and effective, and the solo parts well sustained by resident talent. Mr. fl. C. Timm will preside at Ih* Organ. Tickets Fifty Cents each?may be obtained it the music stores of Firth It Hall, No. 1 Franklin square; h irth, Hall k Pond, 239 Broadway; Atwilj, 201 Broadway ; Saxtim It Miles, 203 Broadway; K.Riley, 297 Broadway; Seharfenberg * Lois, 3r,| Broadway; at the stores of Coleman. 139 Broadway, Q. r Nesbitt. cor. Wall and Water, and at the door of the I abema ele on the evening of the pwformaiice. , , , ?f^B.?Subecr!bers who desire* jheir tokeU for jMjkkovc ?.^?nWi" " &JIEIO!G^mBro^wir o7 It*re GRAND ORATORIO OF DAVID. THE New York Sacred Music Society wilt perlorm the shove celebrated Oratorio, at the close of the American Musical Convention, on Fridav evening. 10th inst., at the Ts hrruscle, undtr the direction of Mr. U. C. HILL. Mr. EDWARD HODGES, Man. Doe. will preside at the Organ. The principal solo parts will be sustaiaud by the fol lowing distinguished vocalists:? MISS J. L. NORTHALL, .MR. FRAZER. MI88 WINDMULLER. MR. S^GUIN. Messrs. F. H. Nash, R. Dunning, R. Andrews, and D. B. Bell. The chorus of Shepherds. Warriors, and Levi tee, and male and female attendants, will be sustained by a largely increased number of vocal and instrumental performers, aud the entire Oratorio will be performed with a power and effect unequalled in this country Performance to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Tickets 38 cents each: for tale at theprincipal Music Stores: Sastou It Miles', Broadway; Geo. F. Nesbitt, corner of Wall and Water streets: J. B. Perkins, No. I Wall street: J. A Sparks, No 181 Fulton street; and at the door of the Taberna Non-performing members can procure their tickets on appli cation of Mr. George Whitlock, No. 88 Canal st. o7 Itr NOW EXHIBITING, (for a short time only) at the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard atreet, De Knypar's celebrated statue (in marble) " LA SORT1 E DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This requisite and refin ed work, which haa been pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chef d autre of modem ait, and which has attracted crowds of admirers to. Europe, haa been bronght to this country at great cost and risk, and is now confidently opened for the ins pection of the lover* of thie sub lime aud beautiful ait. Open from ? A. M. antil 10 P. M. Admittance 23 cent*. ? Season Tickets 30 cents. s30 rrc E.V1P?1M bales extra water rot, s very superior article, fog sale by ?. I COLLINS* CO. M South St. ' latest intelligence. Ml t-AMf KVUNiNU'N WAll.i Wa*U?f^P< [Correspondence ol the Herald.] Washington, Oct. 6,1&48 Foreign Mail Projwiuili?The Cape Horn Route, and the Routt via the Rocky Mountain* to the Mouth of the Columbia Considered?Mr. Holmei, of South Carolina?Independent Attitude of South Carolina and her Politicians?Policy of Atw York, Irc.lrc. The Postmaster General haa issued proposals for foreign mail transportation, in conformity with the law of Congress of March last. And first cornea the question, why haa the Postmaster General suf fered seven months to elapse before the issue of these proposals 1 Has he been deliberating all this time "whether the public interest will be promoted'* by this proposed foreign mail transportation, and just hit upon the conclusion that it will! Or, is he on nosed to the new expense upon the Department 1 Or is his object to ascertain ^ oTti transportation as proposed, and to report tnereon to Congress, from such returns as may m?m<i in before the first Monday in December next. We are strongly induced to adopt this latter conjecture "themost reasonable in the premises, leaving it to the oiscre tion of Congress whether that portion of the Actof March last, authorizing this foreign mail lion, shall be repealed or {JJg whether any contracts shall accordingly be mafl? under it or not. We are apprehensive that in the face of the great importance of these foreign mail lines, that the fear of their enormoiu cost will ? alarm the next Congress as to lead to the repeal ot the law. There is one consideration, however, which will be in favor of the probable adoption of this new Post Office experiment, to wit: the amount of patronage itconlere upon the Department in the discretionary power touching the stipulation to I carry sua agent of the Post Office Department with the mails " From six to a dozen mail agencies at 1 sea at S2G00 a year and found, will be likely to ! bve ime weight with members of Congress, 1 among whom public offices, great and small, are in such regular demand. Indeed, members of Con gress and ex-members are fairly monopolizing the enormous patronage of the generalgoverarnent A ! chapter ui>on this subject might be compiled from I the history of so short a period as the seven rnoiitfi existence of the present administration, which would astound the people, and lead themi serujusly to debate the question whether Congress was de signed as a law-making body, or as a ^ office seekers, and intriguers for the presidency and the " spoils." But this is not the place for such an '*Among the proposals of the Postmaster General we call your attention to No. 6: 6. From New York, by Havana, to Chagres. in Colombia, and back; with joint or ?!****? oflern to extend the transportation to Panama, and up the Pacific, to the mouth of the Columbia, and thence to the principal port in the Sandwich Islands; or from Charleston to the same and back, j qIs the mail to be carried across the lsthmus qf Panama; and, if so, by what arrengement V-oriait to circumnavigate the continent of South America, via Cape Horn or the Straits ot Magellan, at the dia cretionof the Postmaster General, as the nearest route to the mouth of the Columbia . Admitting [he general utility of this lite conuecuoo wTJ the navy, would not its necessity be in a great mea sure superceded by a domestic line frombort Inde pendence through the Rocky mouth of the Columbia, in connection with a line ot military posts 1 We doubt not, should the Presi dent fail in recommending this great continental post route to Congress, that a resolution will be of fered in the Senate instructing the post-office com ; mittee to inquire into "P"1"??? SaSStAm bility of such a route, and to report thereon at an earlv day. But you have the proposals before you . and their importance if carried out, you cannot fail '? ifstriken us from the simple remark the offier day, that we "intercepted Mr. Holmes of ^u?h Caro^na, on the Avenue, pulling toward the White House, 1 that some unfavorable inference might be drawn from it, from the jealousy of the clique, oppoeedto the South Carolinians, and billing and i the favors ol the administration, and ^ran?^1DA^ l^ 1 each other in true Mexican style, for the "pendancy over the administration and the dominMt partjr. i Now, if there is one faction, or fraction. among the present discordant elements of the untemned de mocracy," whose position before the admimstreuon it is ^ratifying to contemplate, it is that ot the sputa Carolina lactutn, or IraciiSn. Tbaytoy.^gl and are exhibiting an independence of Executive favors, and Executive power, really, all thmgs con sidered, most worthy of admiration. Their I their projects may be contracted metaphysical and ?c"oo3; but Jot are unflinching at le.*" ?? hey of South Carolina. The highestoffices in the i gift of Col. Polk have been incompetent to the abate Sent of "jot or tittle," of the State Right or nulli fication creed, it you will, of the indomitable state i of South Carolina. They have asked no compro I mise?they have scorned all overtures to a conce?" ! tdon of their principles. The Empire State, on the I other hand, overruled at the Baltimore has submitted to be further overruled u? d?e Gabmet appointments, and in the selection of the Collector and Postmaster of New York. It remains tobeseen whether the Van Buren-Wnght party, or Mr. Walk er's Executive patronage party, will control the voice of the democracy of the State in the P?|'^ j Administration, and in the choice of thesuOTMsiom ! The ascendancy of New York has been snaiten down-her Albany despotism forced to capitulate to the Baltimore combination against her, and " is pro bable that, hereafter, even her domesup PoliticaJ in trigues will be controlled more by influences at I Washington than the heretofore inexorable pronunr \ ciamento, of the Albany junto. Brieffv. the only independent State in the Union at this juncture is South Carolina?independent of the administration, its power and its Peonage, de fying the one and scorning the other ; watching, with all vigilance, however, any rupture m the fines, so as, at the signal, to throw her whole dispose force into the breach, and carry the day. We shnU discuss these general topics more deliberately in some succeeding chapters. Washington, Oct. 6,1846. Another Miraculous Escape?Mr. Paine of Massa chusetts and the Mysterious Assassin Once More. Mr. H. M. Paine, of Oxford, Mass., who has been four times shot at, once in this city last spring, when he was attacked by two assassins, and rob bed of #2,600, and three times in or near Oxford, , Mass., by some mysterious and persevering assas sin, has again, it would appear, had aaother narrow ' escape this evening, the narrowest of all, from the ? circumstancial evidence in the case. Mr. Paine is at present boarding at the U. S. Ho > tel in this city. He came on some ten days since, i partly to see safely delivered at the National Obser vatory, a globe made at his factory in Oxford, Mass. for astronomical observations, the determination of latitudes and longitudes,&c., a very ingenious piece of mathematical mechanism by the way, and partly to right himself before the people of Washington, in reference to the evidence of the repeated attempts at his life, by the exhibition of the weunds or scars upon his jierson. The examination was according ly had a few nights since at the United States Ho tel, at which about a dozen gentlemen were present, and all a|>peared to be entirely satisfied that Mr. Paine's complaints were founded upon conclusive testimony?the marks on his legs, his breast and his | forehead. According to the statement of our landlords Messrs. Tyler and Birch, (tor the writer was absent from the house at the time,) at about a quarter past nine this evening Mr. Paine was standing in the portico of the hotel, which is but a step above the level of the side-walk, and was in conversation with two gentlemen, one in close proximity, upon each side of him. Mr. Tyler was also within the portico at the lime, about ten feet distant from Mr. Paine and his friends At about twenty feet distant several hacks were standing on the Avenue, opposite to the portico. All at once, with a sudden start, Mr. Paine threw up his hands and caught his hat, which appea*ed to be driven back wara from his head against the granite column, in front of which he was standings one of the column* within the portico supporting the main body of the building. He immediately retired within the hotel, and on examining his hat. called Mr. Tyler, who found it perforated on both sides in a direct line, a* if a bullet had passed through it immediately over the head of the wearer, the ball ranging as if fired from a position in front lower than that occupied by Mr. P. Mr. Birch went to the spot where Mr. P. had been standing, and found a large battered slug, wrapped in tape, at the foot of the granite pillar, ana a distinct indentation in the pillar corresponding to the range of the shot. A number of persons at once set out in various directions in the darkness, in hopes of arresting the retreat of the assaassin, but of the various individuals in the street nothing could be detected of criminal intent. It is supposed that Mr. P. was fiivd at by Homo Ksrson with an air gun, from behind one of the acks, the drivers being in the habit, while Waiting lor customers, of leaving their boxes, and standing about in clusters upon tnr pavement, to the annoy ance of all passengers. No report was heard, as far as we can learn. ... l. . We know not what to make of the ease, nor what possible motive Mr. P. can have for deception in this matter. He is a man of evident intelligence and great niechanisal genius?a man of money, and

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