Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1845, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1845 Page 5
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engaged, from hII that we know, in a profit?bj(? bum uses; ? man of character. and of steady babite, un< of a moat gentlemanly disposition VV? oanonij eon elude that there ia a myatary about ihssestngu lar assaults, which we hope will be speed ty solved to the satisfaction of the public, and the honor and safety of Mr. Paine. He ia at present in his room, under great distress of mind, from the reflections of personal danger and public incredulity connected with these singular and most mysterious occurred ces. Naval Court of Inquiry. WiMmnToa, Oct. 8, 184-5. Ex*minati?n of Surfron General T.awon concluded ? The medical otKrera of the army, in their secret report! to the Surgeon General, do not report their cases of in disposition hy the number of days of each case in the hospital, but they designate every and each distinct case of disease, whether the inen were of Ion* or short dura tion In the armv Had the Surgeons of tne army in Flo rida multiplied their cases of indisposition hy the num ber of days that each patient w as in the hospital, they would hsve given, (for many of the men were two. four or six months in the hospital.) instead of 17.482 cases, as reported to the Secretary of the Navy, perhaps over 1U0, 000 cases, at the average number oI their sick rcpoit. Under this method of computing the expense of each rase ot indisposition, the expense of each case would have been reduced from 70 cents arid over (the amount marie to the Secretary of the Navy) to 3, 4 or ft cents for cases of indisposition, or for a sick man per day in the hospital. The vrtlue of these supplies on hand in the ar my was not included in the $12,229 06, tor the reason that I was required to state simply the expenditures be twron the first of duly, 1841, and the 30th of June, 1842, and it is questionable whether it ought to be added to the expense of that year, for in each year he must have something on hand in advance of the current expenses of tbo next year. As a general rule, and I will aid, an almost universal rule, the medical supply table of the army, embraces every thing essen tial to a sick man, but there will no doubt ba case* where other articles of medicine may be deemed impor tant, and even essential. The surgeons sometimes call for, and obtain, articles not enumerated in the supply table; but they do it upon their own responsibility, and have to assign good reasons tor exceeding the navy reg ulations Ue is empowered to get nothing of which the regulations do not authorize him. There were surgical instruments, medicines, hospital stores, Sic., on hand, to whst extent or value 1 cannot say. The expenditures made in New York formed a large portion of the sup plies. Da lUniis, Chief of the Bureau of Medicines and Sur gery of the Navy Department, was examined, end also Dr. Woodwoeth, relative to certain tahles, (sc., the par ticulars or details of which we could not get. Major L. G Capers, late Indian Disbursing Agent, sworn?At present I am residing at St Augustine, Flo rida, i liav>- resided there nnt quite five years; I was at tached to the general head quarters of the U. S Army in Florida, as disbursing and emigrating sgent to the Indian department; I have seen some ot the canoes used by Lieutenant M 'Langhlin in Fioiida; the average of those 1 saw,?some forty or fifty of them,?were from twenty five to thirty feet in length, and about four feet in width; such boats there, I should think, would bring, when new, something like from $160 to $180; I have never seen any sold in Florida; I have seen them sold elsewhere; the diiily wages for carpenters or mechanics in Florida, were from 80 cents te $2 60 per day, in proportion to their capacity; I saw similar canoes in Charleston, S. C.j I have seen such canoes sold there for $170; they were finished pretty much as Captain M'Laughlin's were; they were bewn out, painted, oarlocks and seats wero put iu them, and made comfortable for use, but not extravagant. Dr. Du Barre, Surgeon of tne U. S. Army, examined in continuation?I have examined all the articles used by Lieutenant McLaughlin for the cure and comfort of the sick, and I have found them all necessary for that purpose. As to the prices, I cannot say they were un necessarily high. In regard to the quantities, I cannot answer, not having seen the number of cases daily pre scribed for To a certain extent, prior tj the organiza tion of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, the Sur geons made iheir own purchases, without being held ac countable for them, an I the supplies remaining on hand were turned over to the Naval Storekeeper*, and they got no re eipts for them. It was not usual with me to stop the rations of the sick prior to the organization of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Whilst at Key West, there were eignt or nine buildings put up at pub lic expense,for tha tnen commander of the squadron,such as hi- own dwelling, the barracks, marine quarters, hos pital magazine, See From Norember, 1823, to June, I8.'4. ibe number of sick in the vessels there were about ft.'O.-rfidt). itie'e were about 150 be-i les, which belonged to the squedron The average number of sick on shore was ab.-u1 ino. and the two sloops ot war and the larger slurs cairied theirown sick. 1) Caldwell Millett sworn?I entered as captain's clerk some time in September, 1341, to Commander McLaughlin, (in Florida,) and continued as such to the end of the cruize I am now a student in the General Theological Seminary of New York city. The number of vessels in the squ nit on was seven. There was no waste of stores or money by Lieutenant McLaugh lin. to my knowledge. There was no collusion to my knowledge. Commander McLaughlin did take steps to make his want of supplies known to the proper offi cers of the government. To the best of my know ledge, he did not make any unnecessary purchases, or pay prices for provisions, &o., unnecessarily high, or for other supplies purchased by him for the men under his command From impressions formed at the time 1 saw the accounts; the cost for erect ing the buildings in Florida was not unnecessarily high, nor were the buildings erected for unnecessary pur poses; the canoes wero repaired by the carpenters on t- ? _? aa ' ' the Key, and the zinc, hardware ana paint were used; I have dined with the officers of the squadron at the hospi tal of the sick but seldom ; 1 do not recollect wines or liquors being used; the officers that were not sick did not draw their rations. Baltimore, Oct. 6,1S45. St(iriling Developments?Elections?Gen. Marrioti ?Southern Packet Line?News from Europe, fyc. A few days ago I informed you of the discovery I had made of the existence of an association, having for its intention some extensive operation upon our foreign relations. I have, since then, attained other knowledge, which induces me to believe that its ob ject in to extend and increase our Union by means of the gradual annexation of the neighboring coun. tries and islands, and to bring us into a close and in timate confederation with the South American States. You must have noticed the recent establish ment, at the seat of government, cf a Spanish news jiaper, issuing from the office of Messrs. Harris tc Heart, of the Constitution. Would any 6ane man, I ask, believe for a mo ment thst such a paper could be supported by the our Union alone 1 Would Messrs. Spanish in our Harris & Heart engage in an enterprise which ap imrently promises so little success, when they them selves must be convinced by experience of the ob stacles to the establishment of a press, though backed by the power and influence of the Calhoun clique ? No, sir, the editors are too old birds to be caught with chatf. The Politico, Periodico y Lite rario depends upon another and a surer sup port than the doubtful patronave of the French and Spanish population resident amongst ns.? The golden stream will flow into the pockets of the editors and of their co-laborers from other sources than the advertising column and subscription list. Yes, an association, tha thas been spreading in secresy, even of existence, over the land, is now, with coffers brimming with gold, arming itself with the mighty weajions of the press, the lever on whicn government and public senti ment vibrates, as the vane quivers on the lofty spire ; and now, for the first time, is the voice of alarm heard through the columns of the Herald, calling the attention of the American people to this vast ana secret organization. Far abroad on these two continents, wherever the French and Spanish languages are spoken, willthel Politico Periodico y Literario, reduced to a nomina price, appear?the apostle of those principles and views, which it may suit the purposes of the Asso ciation to promulgate?while, perhaps, another paper, issuing from the same office, may indoctri nate the citizens of the United States with fit and suitable principles. Can an association with such ample means at its command, be under the com mand of others than eminent men 1 The affirma tive is monstrous?the annexation of Texas was brought about in secresy, and almost consummated before it was dreamed of by the public at large. And will we now view the scheme proposed by this Association, more chimerical tlian the incipiency of the Texian plot, which has just been consummated. And, perhaps,that step was but the initiative to other objects, and we may soon look for another move on our political chessboard? and of its success may judge by Texian Annexa tion. And who has been the fountain spring of this secret union 1 Let the hand of the dial go, and the index marked with the mystic Cabala of association, may point to the thirty-one columned building, where the " great amenaor" of Annexa tion resolutions deals out his fiscal mandates. Our elections are over, and the Annexe-De mocratic party have triumphed : ihey have elected four members of Congress, which is a clear gain. The Keatis took their departure and benefit in " Tne Stranger" and " The Honey-Moon," on Fri day nuht, before a house brimmed from pit to dome. Mrs. Burks is now acting at the Front street as the " Female Horse-Thief. Business is very brisk; our merchants are doing a very good fall business. We are only " biding our time" to snatch the lake and copper trade from Boston. A few weeks ago, several of our merchants met ....... uuuurciu ricnei L>ine, ior me purpose of regular intercourse between this port and Wil mington and Mobile principally; two propositions were before the meeting : one to charter only the vessels, the other to acquire full ownership. They adjourned without any action, to meet again this week. 1 bid ihem " Hod speed." Oen. Marriott still holds bis own?the papers of this morning announce the appointment ofthree new inspectors, an evidence of our increasing pros perity. Our elections for Common Councillors comes off Wednesday?very little interest. The news from Europe has dampened somewhat the speculations in grain and breadsiutls, though otherwise it is considered quite favorable Appoint.* x:rr* by the Prksioknt ? Jaines E. Saunders, Collector of the Customs at Mobile, Ala bama, in the place o! Celher H. Minge, removed. Jaines (} Lyon, as Marshal of the United States tor ills southern district of Alabama, in the place of WiUidin Armistcad, removed. Baltimore, Oct. 7, 1845 Rainy Weather? Corporation Election*?Copper Smelting Operation*?The Barrty Marriage Ca*e?Market*, fo. For a day or two poet we have had cloudy and rainy weather, almost in sufficient quantum for a second edition of the equinoctial gale, accompanied by a whistling ot the wind sufficient to sing to sleep the snukes and terrapins lor their winter's nap. At the time 1 write, the rain is commencing ugain, and all nature overhead looks dismal and gloomy To-morrow, we are to have another election tor members of City Council, and as the Whig party is knocked into a cocked hat by Nativeism, the unter ritied l)t mocracy can put the allairs of the city into their breeches' pock?*t for the year to come. It is to be Imped, therefore, that they will nominate good and s?bstanti<il men instead of quack doctors, dis appointed office-seekers, and other suckers, who think more of the two dollars per day than of the interest ot the city. The Baltimore and Cuba Smelting and Cornier Mining Company, are -<r<<irressing rapidly with their works. They hat ? o H themselves on Whet stone's Point, ner h i McHenry, and one ot their furnaces has so 1 i p pressed as to warrant the belief, that in the se often days they will be enabled to commence their smelting ojierations?a vessel load ot copper ore having already arrived for that purpose. As the business extends, the works will be enlarged by the erection ot additional build ings on the spacious lot wluch the company have se- j cured. The company is sanguine in the belief, that copper can be made here twenw-live or , thirty per cent cheaper than it can be in England. The result will soon show how far the calculation is ( correct. 1 perceive that Wm. Chase Barney, has received an open and public quietus from the lady whom he claims to be his wife, of all desire or intention on her part to acknowledge him as her husband. The real facts ot this case, would make an interesting i basis on which to write a novel?and, indeed, were it not that it was told to me in confidence, 1 could unfold a tale with regard to the matter, that would | astonish the friends of the parties. That she loved, adored, yea, worshipped him, a few days before her marriage, I know to be a fact Whether he was worthy of such love?" further more this deponent sayeth not." The Markets.?There was a full supply ot Beeves at market yesterday. The demand was good and sales 1 to a large extent were made at prices fully sustaining last week's rates. The offerings at the scales comprised 1160 head, of which 60 remain over unsold; 306 head were purchased tor the Philadelphia market, and all ot the balance, amounting to 736 head,found purchasers, at j prices ranging from $1,60 to $2,50 per 100 lbs. on the | hoof, equal to $2,50 a $4,76 net. The average rate of I : sales is about $2,10}. [ There were sales on Saturday of 760 bbls of Howard i street Flour, in two pareels, of good mixed brands, from I stores, at $4,60. Yesterday some holders demanded an , advance, but there is not much inquiry, and no sales have been made with the exception of a few small par- I eels at $4,56j. Market rather unsettled. The receipt | price is $4,37}. There was a sale of City Mills Flour, early this morn- , ing, at $4,50. and subsequently there was a sale at $4,02}, and some millers ask higher. The rain of Saturday 1 night has not at all replenished the streams, and owing I | to the very limited quantity making in consequence of | the lowuess of the water, an advance of 12}c. per bbl. would without doubt have taken place this week, irre : spective ot the English advices. I No change in Whiskey. Sales of hhds at 24c., and of j 1 bbls, at 25c Sales of Stocks at Baltimore. 1 Oct 6? $1000 Maryland 6's, 78 ; $1000 Baltimore 6's. 1890. 101} , 10 shares Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad, 61 ; Masy land 6's closed at 78} for sale, 77} bid; Baltimore 6's, 1890, at 101} for sole, 101} bid. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7, 1845 Another dull day as to local news. The native , American newspaper changes hauds to-day, equivu | 1-ntto giving up the ghost. The Native Eagle is | expected to follow suit in less than a week. It may probably keep above water till the election, and then with a host of others, will probably disappear for ever With all these signs of dissolution about them, some of the natives are blind and silly enough to dream of permanent success. The election of Mary 1 land has, I think, severed the tie between them and the whigs, which nothing but a prospect of total de feat in both city and county, for the latter, will ever unite again. As I believe the whigs will carry the city, unless too many vote for the native candidate, the contingency alluded to cannot occur. In no event do I think the natives can carry the city. They will poll the weakest vote of any other party, and if the whigs coquette with them in the least, the democrats will get their Mayor and Council, and a |>art, if uot their whole Legislative ticket. A tew weeks ago the democrats were in danger in the county. Now, however, the tables appear turned, and it will require I a solid vote of the whigs to maintain their ascend i ancy in the city. 1 look upon nativism as upon its I last legs. I ffl'fne stock market was dull to-day, and prices de i clined. Wilmington Railroad is down to 18}, be ing a decline of 1} since Saturday ; State Fives have fallen ort 4 ; Reading Railroad }; and Girard Bank > J. Texas bonds maintain themselves firmly. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. , First Board, Oct. 7.?250 share* Wilmington IUt, 19; 57 do 19; 25 Louisville Bank, 79; 700 Oiranl, 9j; 78 Head i ing Kit. 2*}; so Mechanics' Bank, 26}; 16 Union Bank, ' Tenn, 57; $1700 State 6's, 77; 6000 do 77; 6000 do 77; ; 6000 do 77; 6000 do 77; 247 60 Lehigh, int. 33}; 32 do 32, i ; 3000 Heading bond*, 65 Bf.twken UoAir ' 0 T "high 6's, 48}; 4 shares N. ! ' Bank, Kentucky, *'?) S Bank, 6J; 6# Wilmington ItK, bo6d, 18}; 1 0 'o !? ' Second Board ? ' amden and Amboy, 113; 100 , Girard Bank, bo5, 9 1 ,o 9}; 25 Heading Rll, ho5d, 25}; 60 Lehigh N'avq, .ton, boi, 15; 450 Wilmington Rlt I so5d,19}. After Boards?300 shares Wilmington RR, bo5d, 18}; 10 Pennsylvania Bank, 259}; $2060 Lehigh 6's, 48}; 3000 State 6's, 77; 1400 Texas loper cents, 30. Hales ol' Stocks at Boston. Brokers' Board, Oct. 6.?1 share State Bank, 01; 12 do 60}; 26 Norwich and Worcester RR, 74}; 60 <lo 74}; 24do74f; 345 Wilmington RR. 20; 200 do 20}; 100 I do*20}; 100 do, so&d, 20} ; 3oO do, so5d, 20} ; 50 do, solOd, 20}; 50 do, io30d, 19}; 100 do, solOd, 20; 35 Merchants' Bank, new stock, 105; 150 Reading RR, ao3d, 25}; 100 do, boGOd, 26; 90 Long Island RK, 70}; 50 do 7Uj; 50 Western RR, 96}; $7u00 Reading RR bonds, '47, 85. CUDHIKHVIAL. Tuesday, October 7. Ashes- P >ts have been in good demand, and free sales at $4; while pearls have declined, with moderate salea at $4 19 Breadstuff*?Since receipts of late news from Ku* rope, which had a tendency to advance the rates in flour previously current, sales to some extent were made on Saturday last, at $4} a 7s 6d, generally for export to Eu rope; since which, the transaction* have been more mo derate, principally for home use, at $4}. There is said to be orders here for flour; but some difficulty in ar ranging for freights, prevents them being tilled at the present rates, wnich are now uniform at $4 7s. 8d. for Geuesee, and $4 6s. 6d. for Ohio aud Michigan. But little wheat arriving; some parcels of southern, offer ing before the news, sold after, at 95 a 100. Rys is in very good demand, and but little offering. Buyers are anxious to purchase, but in the absence of supplies, there are no transactions ; they freely offer 69 cents, and no doubt but 70 cents could be obtained on the spot. Corn arrives sparingly; no parcels offering to-day , sales yesterday, of southern, at 68 cents; Jersey, 6u ?62} ? the latter lor a choice lot; oats, 40 a 41c; canal barley, ! 60c; beans, I Is to 12* per bushel; peas, 6t a 7s. Cotton? The sales are reported at 1,600 bales, at | firm and full rates. There is hardly as much vigor in the maiket as befote the steamer; but the amount ol salei is still reported as large. We continue our previ ous quotations Liverfool Classifications. Upl. tf Flor. N. 0. tr Mob. I Inferior 0 a 0 ... 0 a 0 Ordinary 6} a 61 . . . 6} a 7 Middling 7 a 7} . . . 7} a 7} I Good middling 71 a 7} . . . 7} a 8 Middling fair 7| a 8 ,,, m] a 8} Fair 8} a 8} . . . 8} a 9 Fully fair 8} a 81 . . . 9} a 9} Good fair 9 a 9} ... 10 a 10} ' Fin* 0 a V ...11 all} Provisions?Ohio pork continual in limitod dema d, I and sales are not readily made. Wa quote mess at $13}, prime at $10} a 11. Beef, old, continues quit* nominal, and holders anxious to sell; soma receipts ol new, but iio sales as y et to make a price. Tallow is in demand at 7 jc, for export; lard, steady, at former rata*; hams, no cnange. Butter arrives more freely, with a fair demauu [ ?western dairy, 16 a 17 cenu, store, 12} a 14; Orange 1 county, paila, IB a 22 cent*. -1? I 'I ?wmg 1 I'ssstngen Arrived. Cnableston?Brig Moses?Mrs J Dancer and 3 children?1 in thv tUeragf. Paaaengeri Hailed* Livaaroot?Packet ship Patrick Heory-J W Bradley ; B/ide?t?W Vau Wort and lady, M Csa.on, F Duub Mead. I) Patterson, J Cocker and l*dy. W Mead jr. H Cc J Cocker, C McCall.l B White, hev M Brady, G M ( H Huntinnford, W Hswley, and B Surr, all of New Yc | N Pstrullo. ol rhiladtlphia. Savannah?Ship Hi Lswreuce?Mrs Carter, F Roams | lady, Missee J Dickson, Mary Dickson ai.d servant, H H I M Williams, M Darling. D Desmond, Mrs Snow, ' M Know, Masters J and K A Bnow?23 in yhe steerage. Domestic Importations. Chableston?Brig Moses?97 bales cotton C Bnrrkmver k. sons?239 Vietor A Duckwita?28,000 leet lumber J A Potter rn hides 1164 skills Lillie k Pierton. MARITIME HERALD. fOll'I OK NEW YURK. OCTOBER H. k ems t 31 I moon sets 11 13 e flE SETS... ? ? . till HIQH wstsa 13 51*1 Cleared. H'.iip Ri-brew. Cstt, London, Buck It Peters. Snip Robert Parker, Persons. New Orleans, Gsger tk Mailler, Ship larqam, Moody, Mobile, L RicUsrdsou k Co, Bsryue Sir Isaac Newton, (Hunk) Wiaaholtt, Hamburg, Schmidt It Balchen. Barque Amelia MiUholland, Dixetr, Rio Grand#, Williams It Sheldon. Brtg Hayti. Cutts. Port an Prioee, A C Roesiwe It Co. _ Brig l uilew, (Br) Card. Wiodaor, N8. i Brig 8am<ou, turk, 8t Marks. E D Hnrlbnt It Co. Schr Heroine, Hungerford. Philadelphia, N L McCruafiy. 4 Sloop Proof Glass, Blydenburg, Prondence. Bargn Comet. Cox, Philadelphia. Steamer Black Diamoud, Cox, Philadelphia. Arrived. Ship Emily, Davis, from Philadelphia, 36 hoars from the Capes, in ballast, to Aymar It Co. . Prussian barque Kortuna, Clswsoo, 13 days from Hamburg, in built.t ami 09 passrngers. to Schmidt 8t Balchrn. Passed 10th ult. let 18 17, Ion 34 17, Br barque Lawrence, of Liverpool, steer iug East. , _ Brrmeu barque Louise, Wilvolfer. 43 days from Brrmeu, with mdse, to J C Mullrr; 130 tous Oelrichs It Kruger?130 pas "Btrque Cendor. Mayo,SO daya from Newcaatle, E. with coal, to 11 Havilaud; tous du to order. Spoke Stb iust. ship tieo It Susan. 38 hours fin Niiedford, bound on a whaling voyage Brig Montillt. Powers, 20diy?frum Xihara, Cuba, witnsu far, Ite. to J C Hill Spoke 30th ult. 1st 34 40 N, Ion 79, sctir 'alma, hence for Havana. Brie Vanlisit in. Hunt. 18 days from Key West, with cotton, K D ilurlhut It (Jo?3 passengers Left brig RudolphOrouiug, for NVork. 7 days Br g Moses. Bulkley, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Geo Bulkley. Bug Henry Cole, from Wickfnrd, Mass. in ballast British schr Actress. McDonald. 30 days from Pictou.via II lifix. with 70 tons griudstones to Soule Whitney h Co. Schr Rexulus, Rodick, 6 days from Wilmingtou, NC. with uavil at res, to J Ogdeu. Schr Henry Clay, I bance, Cherryfie'd, corn. Schr J B l/, Sparrow, Virginia, potatoea. 8chr Auyu ius St John, Smith, Virginia. Schr Exchange, Johnson, Virginia. Schr Deborah Ann Somrra. Virginia. Sclir Exchange. Smith, Suffolk, shingles. Schr 1 Coole v at Co, Eldridga, Boston, mdse, to J Atkins. Schr Elisabeth, Baker. Boston, mdse. Schr Aogeretta, Crowd I, Dennis, fish. Schr Eunice Cobb, Crowell, Deuuis, fish. Below. One brig, unknown. WindNE. JBQac?llaiieo?u Keeord. P*?kkt Ship DitCh?..e d'Ohleapc., Rich?rd.on,for Havre will sail to-morrow. (Thursday) at M o'clock. ??ft"^heHaWflnTt*kA toJ Lirernool, reported ">lyVw.iU .fIirwiSiv!jV. W"J8?t1ofr without damage, and in the harbor werg .ved at half mAt'liar* Tj r,ou' Te*. el? .pact to the memory of C^pt. 8p?!ar |aTr o71hi /u?V,aSUt ol ,re" it i. said are trifling Last|>ori -!9th, for repairs, which ?,0?dr'cbbMriT?d ? "?.*.;:tc.,1.ra.'sa -"SFt "ri~ r^:& K;"""; :M;Sf him, giving these particular* *" beuu received from had a large mainmast and very large cross trees?h??d r inast out of water about two leet-eero .miTl .T ? d "f ml,l,, throat halliard hlock was aooarentlv I ? iIU toVma,t_ upper peak halliard block was irou .UapTed-s^hn. lT"~ ? ^'NA?of Portland, from Marie] 21at ulr fnr Rrt.? cleared hence on the ShulT '0r' Th" '*?er vessel raE5s??^^*??a ... ., . WliaJemeii. JuZf^X y C?W' "d "om New Bedford *h in.t. inst a d ancho^dm'/l"/Boa"?' ,W frorn Nantucket Jth 4th in*?* tath"wood- f"r Atlantic Ocean, eld at New Bedford .poteth'^'l^'^Tn Bed'?'d' ? whale., was fmmed'ately. F,irh"eB f?' 1 ... ?. , Spoken. .lt9hh^tCoffr&?oeJ,Cklrd'ff0m NeW Y?* f?' Hamburg, cfp^Zomo" 0d,in' fr?a Cie"fu"M ** Boston, 19th ult. off ,. ... foreign Porta. No.?? ?dSJ?s 1#-'0 port' b"1<" Imogeae, for Rio SVoXB'^f?v',Bert3-Ia port' bar"D< Gambia, [Br] for fo.O(iTuLB?yi0B^W-S,dnDfu? S-". fro- Malaga Humatr'.9i'l'av sillIf/"V2' b?;"loeJ?pe,for Portland, Idg. Idg; b,rf|ue CyntV?Mo0rUi:m,0do ' ^ SoO,0?' f?r Euro"?' xrHH,rS 10th for a ^D&oUXl7Jt Bi"'' "r 9th'"d ald 1 Home Horta. sa&si&sn' ahsar sanJMtfaiSiS ritei ?NCVo7kArr b"" Ta,lmad*?. M?anaa.; schr Ame w7(irMtjrA'h,ChnViflorh0ouId'NV?rli. YBC0?;4^or^dtt;,feU- Af""' ? b<* I folk-Oueeii'pon^r 'If F Si'v' P''l'l'*r ? Thomaston for Nor wueen romare. do for N I ofk. Cld aclir Phel,* lb l' ^i%Nr?w yo'k- P M?N otlI,ng sa11e d?w.nd N E^ !trrnig whera' their 5J r '"u 'I0*" ?'?rte<1. but anchored below* te.mLklphi: WKh lh?" rWmed >"'e"frV- Arr 9th, ?g?SKSS?&afij?r ?' schrTunknowo'. ?"~At anchor ne r Cape Poge, a brig and a ssfiassas^ssns ?wh"i 4i in,he?V 7t r ?? Grecian, Philadelphia for Boston i f West Indies. Annawau.ApaUchicola. Sid New Ki.gland. ] for 8t John; a^'/^oileMe1," *^b*^^o*k^c^w Riral| I PMnfllBtoKi Pa. arrived here last night, in distress leakv kr I.H'ie . ' ?u contact 2d iiigr at 2 ?i m lur ao in.s Vj ' ? ?* bfen 1 S=r?z::rSS!i cIuaL?7os0fp^mIr ruL" !'??"'*? Thomaston. Cormiek. New V ork .chr K V lir, ?! 4|i^rr brl" Tybee, Mc sprung m.d Other damage- 1.1 li ' n"'J"'vans, with foremx.t ?chr N M Hall. New London' * P Cit'l4,',ua. Boston; sisatis" a-?h" fe.foSrts'afai.faa-i ty Ldni Xifht's Southern iMaii. and sevtral'schr.' VVd^Thrs'lt"(,1'^F ''?-,'t"beth, fm Barbadoes, ton. Haw"h"nf?.?V oho. VVariv VV'' bridgeport. u"">. Ve.wy, Nk ork; Diamoud, Lam M?V*V.Mx?.,eh?llit"B,,L^i* A!1ri?l>. Norfolk, and cld for nvV" 41,d Por,? Cab?'1^ fhr^l,rjod^?ViS; NoaJmT'oe^i An .chr Bo'fiv.,, Nantneket. BoVto".' f NVlffl?' J()B,BE'{ AND'KtaTlER '** ISSSrira^ 11'!'.* 1* L,Prn Cambric Hdkf., from auction $3Wh.L;r.rU?ched.r,T,ere borde"' fro? tti1"" L*W" HdkA' horder., from $7.90 to 1 do* cl#-H,?L,nM Uw2?Hdkrl Pancy border*. I do do do' lit! *", hj,ck P'mted borders, aaeh. do' *">broidered, Irom M,7S to $19 Ktnoroidered under Hdkf., high neck, i," d,?. with collars. it M"? wiin col inn, usually sold Irom $:Vlo??T h'00"". r'om $< to $19, Thread,*'f|,J,',', ' if*?* Cace Lspes .nd Berthes. eery low. ? car on, ?ffPlw^dM * "d comprising Hilk i w'n,TKR HOSIERY, ' Alpnrca L*sI,mere" Laml!?'W""|d WV*!i0 V"f,j of ?" *i*e*: How,, and tlsshme? ?h'm M'rin*.' Ao.# and hall te;tes#SS^^irlr U jUS**w&graat ^ljn^f?!th*cfk'?d l'rw "" kr,n". SI sal. py t V"?.1'**, JWP ?liver? and tow, lor ?. K. LOLLlNBIt oo. M South it. HHH.AOKLPHU HUTKLI. I COLUMBIA HOUSE, lOhMtsnl ltrM(.b0twM? ?U* and TtkitrnU, I PHILADELPHIA. * TH HE SfBSCKIB ICRS respectfully inform their friends sad ? the travelling public,they have taken the above home (fox I marly known a* the Marshall House,) and have made extensive I a]uvatiom and improvements in its interior, hnvian snared nol expense to reuder it oue of tiw most pleasant and fashionable! houses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers * the m ' large and well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion isiu the most central part of the city, near to all the places of public amusemnut, and convenient te the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. The tables will be supplied with all the delicacies of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope bytheirjmrsonal attention a .id experience ~?ifaeti< in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. BAULKY, MACKENZIE k CO. James Bag ley, (late of Jones' Hotel.} Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the1 i Washington House.) Ferguson. July 1st. IW. jyS Jm?ec WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Gold street, near Maiden Lane. (t OUNTllY MERC HANTS will find this a desirable House, J being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is fitted up with eutirely new furniture. Good iud substantial dinner, 18* cents, lodgings 25 ceuts Foreon veuieiire and comfort this noose is equal to any hotel in the city, and at half tiie price. Permanent boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other honaea Elegant private parlors, for the referee cases, or privsts dinners or sup per. parties. The very best of 1 moors. ju5 Jm*rc . NATIONAL HOTEL, Watiung'on City I). C. PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, (ormerlyknownas A Uadsby's, bat now generally called Coleman's Hotel, de vil n to return his thanks to his friends and'he travelling nor tiou of the community generally, for the favors which they have bestowed upon him siuce he opened his establishment, and te assure them that he will spare uo exertions to render his house worthy of the patronage of which he has already re ceived so liberal a share. The house haviug been, during the summer, thoroughly painted and refitted, is now in first rate order for thereceptiou of travellers or residents; and the proprietor respectfully soli cits a continuance of past favors on the part of visitors to Washington, or residents daring the session of Congress, be ing coundeutthat they will always find comfortable lodgings, the best nu the table that the market affords, and attentive and polite waiters. t> 9 COI-KMAN. Washington City, September, 1845. s5 ]ind&Wis jgb MRS CARROLL'S MEDICATED, VAPOR & SULPHUR BATHS, 184 Fulton Street,Opposite St. Paul'aChurch MRS. C Ait riOLL begs to remind her patrons of the effica cy of Lr.c Vapor Baths iu curing^colds, rheumatism,chills audfev r.Stc. Sulphur Baths requiffe half an hour's notice. Porto i ,e Vapor Baths seut to any part of the city or vicinity, all Im re EAOLE BATHS, 5118 Pearl Street. Board and lodging, per week. Newspapers from Loudoii, Liverpool, Canada and'all the principal cities iu the United Slates, on file. jvm* F THK MISSES PALACHK ? BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL OR YouLadies ol the Jewish Faith, 97 Thompson it., Instruction it given in the Heb'ew Language, free of any charge, according to the Portuguese and German pronuncia tim . All other languages and the accomplishments taught on the u>ual te mi. The best masters arc employed, and every facility afforded for the improvement of the pupils iu the vm ons branches of study, ~ The Misses P&lache having been for some time established, relvwith confidence ou the success of their system. *16 lm*rc IVlUiVlXlL.* lUimttl FUR, AUUUSX or THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE No. 75 Chamber* Street. CASES IUCCKlirULI.Y TREATED. 3 Dyspepsia. 4 Palpitation el the Heart. 1 P tin in the chut 3 Dizziness in Head. 2 liilUminuli'iu ei et. 5 Siniuml weakness. 1 Opacity of th cornea. ( 8-cuuuury venereal. 6 Uon-rrhcea or clap. 1 Tic Duloreua. 5 Diseases of the akin, 3 Acute rheumatism. 6 Pebil.ty and loss of appe tite. 1 Bad breath. 3 Suppression of menses. 2 Iiinammation ef stouiach and vomiting. 1 Pleurisy. 2 Sore throat. 2 Luge Sores and tumors on the tongue, 7 Sourness and wind on sto mach. 2 Gravel. I Bleeding from the lungs. 5 Diver complaint. 1 Scrolula. 1 Kever and cough. 9 Ex iininations of the chest to detect disease. 4 Iiici ntiueuce of urine. 2 Difficulty in making water. 2 Determination of blood to the head. 4 Venereal warts. 2 Bilious head-ache. 5 Costiveuess. 1 Case of piles. 2 Dysentery. 1 Duease of the kidneys. 1 L rgr sore on the side. 2 epilepsy under treatment. 4 latest in'I worms. 3 Cases of midwifery. 2 Still born. 1 Case of Deafuess cured by an operation. 3 Cutaneous affection of the head. 1 Sore esrs. 2 Falling of the womb. 10 Primary affectiou of the lungs, 3 Night sweats. 2 Cholic. 1 Vaccination. ?UROICAI. OPERATIONS AND CURES. 1 Laige femoral abscess un der trearme't 1 Fracture of the arm. 6 Irritation about the neck of the bladder. 2 Injuries. 3 Buboei. 1 Hemorrhoidal tumor remo ved 4 Scalding in ureihra. 2 Ulcer on legs. 3 Operationfor squinting. 1 D'seased Testicle removed. 1 Polypus removed. 1 Hare lip. 8 Strictures in urethra. 4 Swelled Testicles. 1 Hydrocele, or water in the scrotum, from which 1 drew one quart. 2 Uvulas removed. 1 Large wart on tongue, cu >ed with Nit. Acid. 1 Bid injury of the liind.cxu ted by a Burr saw, attend ed to. N. B.?This institution is not connected with any other u this city. H. EOSTW1CK. M. D. o5 2w?rc Attending Snrgeou and Physician. MEDICAL D1SPENSAR*. DOCTOR COBBITT, 19 Duane street, a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and Member of the Medical Society of New York, may he consulted iu the treat ment of a certain delicate disease. His long experience and close attention to this class of complaints?his pleasant, safe and < xpeditious mode of treatrn. nt? his eitraordinary success during a lougand extended practice for thirteeu years iu this city?and sbove all, his legitimate medical qualifications, arc a few of the gronudxou which he rests his cl tirns. Dr. Cobbitl't mode of treatment issale, effectual and expedi tious, not requiring either the use of mercury or restraint in di et or exercise. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with scarcely any pain. Constitutional Debility.?Those individuals who have in dulged iu a certain loathsome aud secret habit can positively !><? restored to hea th aud society Mild cases removed in two to lour days. No charge made unless cured. Remember, 19 Dnaiie street, one door from Chatham st. o5 tin?m Pl'UhSt.DUU respectfully informs his friends and the ? public, that lie has removed from No. 17 Park Row, to 153 Fulton street, two doors Fast of Broadway, where he will be moil happy to receive all his numerous friends aad acqu&in lanes* NewYnrk.9lrdARTnst.ll a 9ttm"me NOTICE TO RAH.ROAD CONTRACTORS. ! OKOPOSALSwill be received at any time previoua to th* ? 22d day of November next, at the office of the subscuber, i No. 6 Wall street, in the city of New York, for the grubbing, Kidding, masonry, superstructure and bridging of the Bear Mountain Railroad, in Pennsylvania, 28 miles in length, extend ing from Bear Mountain to Danphin, on the Pennsylvania Ca nn7, eight miles above Harriibnrg. Plans and s|>ecincations are ready for inspection at the undersigned's olhce. The work to be commenced immediately upon closing of the contract* J P MANROW. New York, Sept. 23d, 1845 <23 Im'r J1TOTHECARIKS' H.iLI.. 30 CVfTilJlHlSE ST. ESTABLISHED 1840. ALL MEDICINES in this establishment warranted genu ine. No boys or inexpsrieuced youug men are ever al lowed to wait on customers. The finest Sweedish Leeches for 1 sale orapplied by an experienced person. VVM WATSON Chemist and Pharmaceutist, from A. Hardent, I s30 lin'r T72 Oxford street, London. j DEAFNESS. DR8. CASTLES lit EDWARDS, Aurists, No. 381 Broad way, attend to the cure of deafness and every disease and af | I'ertion incidental to the ear. Their treatment is basad ou the rational principles ofacieuce and practical knowledge, eutirely I free from any theoretical dogmas i Acoustic Oil for sale, a sure cure for Ear Ache, pains or 1 ringing sounds, collections of hard wax, discharges or vitiated i secretions of this organ, incipient deafuess, swellings, be. 1 s4 lm'rh j ALORECx, OR falling off of the Hair and Pityriasis, or Dandruff, Scurf, be., are positively cured by the use of Hill's Infallible Onguent. which is an old a -d well tried specific lor all diseases | of the hair or scalp of the head. It is a certain preventive of grey or red hair, or if they do exist, a thorough use of the On guent will change the color ; it will make the hair llexible, in clined to curl, keep it moist longer, and give it a glostier ap pearance than any other preparation now in use, ill which as sertion 1 am fully sustained by the nilmerous certificate in my possession, a few of which are annexed. Sold wholesale and retail, No. 13 Nassau street. New York, May 21, 1842. To Mr. Win. Hill. Deer Sir,?A abort time since my hair became dry, exceed ingly birth, and finally commenced falling out, which increased to such an alnrmmg extent that it became quite thin, and wbai remained nppeared jierfectly lifeless ; indeed I waa fearful ol loons all of it. At last, (Lough your persuasion, I was in duced to try y ,ur Infallible Ongueut, which I am happy to say cn a short time caused my hair to entirely cease falling off, as tames moist, sou and glossy nature, end I may add that differ ent membi re of my family (especially the female portion) have used the Ooguent lor like i urpntet with like success. Yours respectfully, ASA GARDNER, Proprietor of City Hotel. . _ , ., . . New Yore. May 8. 1844. I docarofe that 1 hare been serioualy afflicted with dandruff and falling off of my hair for in >re than live years, and linve made nae of several articles said to be sure remedies for the tame, and found no benefit arising from them, bnt quite the re verse : finally, tt the request of Mr. Hill ] was induced to try Ins Infallible Onguent, and the result has beeu highly satisfac tory in removing the caudruff, staying the hair, and causing it to grow, aud I would recommend any on* afflicted with the above to make use of the Ouguent, bring perfectly satisfied they will reap great ben-fit from the tame. ? , S A. POWERS, Manchester, Ontario County, N. Y. I __ New York, Oetober, 1844. I Mr, Wm. Hill: I Sir,?Having had the misfortune to lose the greater port of i my hair by a gradual falling off daring a tour of over four Sooths ont West. I was induced by the suggestion of my iends, who had been similarly afflicted, to try your Infallible Onguent, aud to my great joy it has completely restored my hair to more than its original growth ; it also makes the hair moist, soft, and gives it a beautifnl dressy appearance. Respectfully, J. R. SANDERSON, 150 Pearl street. Recollect Hill's Infallible Ouguent can be obtained only at hia principal nrtu-e, on the Northwest corner of Pine and Nassau streets, and at th* following agents, New York :? ?Wm H. Caret Ic t o., lib Pearl street: I. Graham It Co., 73 Water street; Mr. Thomas Newel, 478 Orand street. Brooklyn, C Steane, Chemist, 184 kniton street ; Mrs. J7 Jordan's Kane Store, 59 ^'Imlie street Williamshurgh, E. B insett't Con fectionary, in 1st, between Orand and South 1st streets. Albany. D A Herrieh, No. 8 Deinvan Hons*. Baltimore. Md., Messrs. Mojtimer ? Mowb 17, coruer ol Market and Charles street*. A REMEDY FOR SECRET DISEASES. A BERNETIl V*H PILLHare the most safr, speedy and suc XA.oesslul remedy ever discovered lor the cure of gonorrhoea, g eeta, irritation of the kidneys, weakness and other disease* ol the urethra and organs of generation. Aberoethy's Pills are purely vegetali e, and lor years have been used with a brillian cy of success that has fur tapersederl all other preparations in the cure ol the diseases for which they arr recommended.? Price 91 per box. kor sale at Apothecaries' Hall. 38 Ca tliarine street, and 127 Maid.n Lane ?4 Im'rh ET4WINK?250h It 1 Heine Herring's (till Net, comprising* A conapl-te assortment,from iXtoWlb, manufactured ex pressly for this market, for tela iu Iota to suit purehaaeia, by I ?!? ? E-flK COLLIN* k CO. M *ott?h ti. DR. 4fi6 (i?ujuiwm -win i/vv? -w.>>..?v< AIT"M. BIRD, T William street, was almost blind for sixteen /" months, with aeu bales covering thn sight, in now p? feetly restored. Charles Barry, lu* of the Hamilton Litnrnry and Theologi cal Institute, U yean nearly blind from amaurosis, baa been perfectly cared. Miss Corcoran, M Mulberry street, totally blind of one eye far one year, a Urge ulcer covered the eight, was cured in a few weeks. Miss Craasous, 192 Oreen street, nearly blind from autauro eisiher sight is now perfect. vja, the undersigned, hawng witnessed astonishing cures performed by Dr. J. FRANCIS, believe bis preparations for diseases of the eye to be one of the greatest blessing* that could be afforded to the afflicted, and we Highly recommend him as a safe and skilful Oculist. Iter. Duncan Dunbar, Rev. O. Benedict, Rev. 8. H. Cone, Rev. J. Peck, s . . ?nd,?de. R C. Prim, Rev. E. W heelock. Artificial Eyes i sertrd which cannot he distinguished from the natural without giving the least paiu. Numerous certifi cate^ to be seen at the office . ^ Advice gratis, git en to the poor. Mondays, Wednes days and Saturdays, from I until 10. A. M. Oil Applioatiou by mail [pout paid) stating Ow disease, his mediciue will be seut to auy part of the Uuion, with directions or its use. s9 lin*rc CONSUMPTIVES, DOUBT NO LONGER' BUT read the following and reflect.?Another Wonderful Core:? Philadelphia, April 1, ifMS. 1 ht-.-?hy certify that during tiie riots in Southwark of July last, owing to esposure and fatigue in the |ierfortnance of milt taty duty, my health recaived a severe shock. In the latter part of August, all the symptoms of PULMONARY CONSUMP TIONappearrd. At thisjnncture I called in iny first physician, who attended me some weeks without benefit, and told me dis tinctly that he considered my disease beyoud the reach of hu man aid. 1 now employed another physician, who at once recommended THOMnON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA. 1 used twelve bottles, and I testify that in common with thousands of others, who have been cured by this medicine, that to it alone 1 owe my rcstora tiou to health. JAMES ANDREWS, No. 217 Catharine at. 1 was called to attend to the above case, in the secondary stage of the disease. 1 found the patieut laborius under com plex disease of the lungs and liver; ulceration of the latter had taken place, and by percussion 1 discovered au abscess had formed in the right lung The case being apparently hopeless and beyond the reach of the usual treatment, 1 resolved at once on using Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tur and Wood Nap tha, the virtues of which I had previously tested, scarcely ex pecting it would 'each n caae so desperate. The result is, A CURE THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY, henceforth dis pelling all doubts respecting the elDcacy of this excellent medi cine, in diseases of the lnugs and liver. M. CHAMBERS, M. D. Philadelphia, April 1, IM5. Principal office, North-East corner of Fifth and Spruce sts. Philadelphia. Bold wholesale and retail by A. B. SANDS St CO. Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers st. Sold also at 79 Fulton st. and 77 Eaat Broadway. Price 60 cents. s9 lm*mc AT THE WEST EMlI WILLIAM~A. SMETS, 7X7 Broadway, under the N.Y. Hotel, corner of Waverly Place, HAS the honor to inform the Ladies that he has just re ceived by the late arrivals from Havre a splendid assort ment of FRENCH FALL GOODS, that have beeu selected with particular care at Paris for this Store only, which he begs leave to call the attention of the La dies to examine WEDDING AND SOIREE DRESSES Emb'd. Muslin Dresses. Point de D'Augleterre dresses Rich thread'lnce do " with Bounces, " Brnssels thread do Extra ricb thread Bounces, Emb'd. with thread do " " scat ft, " mile do do " " berths, Rich white satin, do " thread lace veils, Point de Brusael do " sleeves and caps. RICH 8ILK8, All in Pattern Ureases. Silks?Broche Verecien, Silks?Black extra " Arcenciel richly shad'd " Pekin Camayena, " Glace "mbre, " Horirontale Stripes, " Reps Roynle. " Pekin lAiiuoia, " Ombre ' ndrille, " Cardoliue Terse, " White Watered, extra " Hermiua Riche, * " Algerien Nuanie. Paris embroideries. Extra rich Pcllerinea, Emb Muslin Points, do do Chemisettes, do do Fichus, do do ColUrs, do do Couexont, do do Berths, Trimmed with Valen Cuffs, Rich a" b. Pocket Hdkf's. .Splendid Msutellas. VERY RICH SHAWLS AND CLOAKS. Thibet Shawls and Cloaks, New stuff for Clocks, Tartar do do Cashmere Cloaks, viagadon do do Printed Cashmere d'eaoase, Plaid do do Muslin de Laiues. RICH CASHMERES FOR DRESSES. Emb'd Cashmere d'ecosse in dress patterns. Also, a very large assortment French Jewelrv, Reticules, Sashes, Riboo's. Perfumeries, ami a v.riety of Fancy Articles not to be found in any other part, than at tiie West-end. *12 lm*rh c-CHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP HPHE greatest medicine in the world, for the care ol Colds, I Coughs, Consumption, and all Broncheal, Pulmonary, Pleuritic aud Dyspeptic Affections. Of all the remedies now known, there is but one that can he relied on for the cure of that " terror of the human race," Consnmptiou?that remedy is Scheuck's Pulmonic Syrup. It has succeeded in cases where every thing else has failed, and it will generally suc ceed in taring every case of Consumption, where the follow ing things are attended to, viz ??A fair trial perseverance, and a strict conformity to the directions. It may not be amiss to state ihe re.asou of the great success of the Pulmonic Syrup? it is the most powerful purifier of the system known?it ope rates by assisting nature to expel the disease from the lungs, stomach, and liver, where there is hectic, fever, nigh'sweats, constipation, all usual symptoms of Consumption. The use of the Syrup removes the fever, steps tke night sweats, and regu lates the action of the bowels, making them healthy and natu ral ; it soothes and ripens the disease of lite lungs,and then ex pels it iu the form of expectorated matter, and it is truly asiou isnmg what quantities of cotiuption are expectorated by the patients generally, who have tikeu the Pulmonic Syrup. and this continues until all disease of the lungs is removed, and the patient finds to his joy that he is restored to health. The genuine Pulmonic Syrup can be had at the proprietor's ofTice, No. t Cour'laud ?tre-t, a few doors welt of Broadway Please notice that P. 8. BEEKMAN is no longer agent for the genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. s23 lm? r UN CERTAIN IMl'UKTANT MALADIES. 'HHE AUTHOR of the "PRIVATE TREATISE," DR. X RALPH, bega to stele that he is at home aa much as pos sible, (except Sunday) iu order to he consulted upon any ol olun he peculiar disorders referred to in this little volume, per sonally or by post, at his residence, 80 Greenwich street, New York: and especially, to observe that the subject of his consultations is not confined to these Complaintsalene?but tm oracea the whole of those which in any way relate to the urinary organs, as gravel, a difficulty iu passing water peculiar to advanciug age, lie. He deems it proper also here to presen to the public the follow ing most interesting remarks on STRICTURE AND ITS CUKE. Thisbeiug very little understood, although the moat frequent and important consequence of diseases?iu a former advertise ment mack pains was taken to sxplaiu its nature ? the disaaaes which were mistakenfor it?its consequences aud ita cure?also the fact that stricture f requently exists in those who are not in the least awarr of it. Those, however, occupying too much space, the following remarks will be confined to certain circum stances which will enable one to judge whether he haathis com plaint or uot, and its proper means of cure. Among other things it was remarked, that it was by no means necessary that the stream of uriue should be obstructed or even much diminished, iu a esse of stricture; this, indeed, occurs in bad and long established cases, butstricture may exist for months and even years without producing any striking change iu this respect. Neither is it necessary there should be pain, or any thing directing the attention to the scat of this disease. Pain, certainly is now and then complained of, but it is only when inflammation happens to be superadded; and, with regard to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observed to fall upon the mind and nervous system, rather than the port it self. There are, however, three circumstances which most pe culiarly belong to stricture, and, especially when they meet to ll, but lea" " gether,should never be lost sight of, but lead to immediate means of core. Many other symptoms might be mentioued, bnt most of these belong to other maladies as well, or selate to Stricture iu its more advanced and settled form, while the following three beloug to stricture in its enrly stage, and when it ia so easily and certainly removed. The first of these relates to THE MANNER OK URINATING.?It has been already said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded;what it to be observed is the peculiar way in which it finishes, if it should happen, after the clothes lire readjusted, that a drop or two should steal away,to as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may ie?m, would afford a strong suspicion. Not (feat this drop or two can proceed from no other cause whatever; but, certainly, uo stricture can exist without it. The uexx is THE TIME A FORMER UONORRHlKA MAY HAVE REMAINED UNCURED ?A Gonorrheas, though not the only, it by far the most frequent cause of Stricture. It is not its severity,so much as the length of time its gleety stage may have remained, that is to be considered. Neither is it jiossible in ei possible in every case to state how long this may continue without producing Stricture, for one person is naturally more disposed to Stric ture this another. If, however, it should have continued from six to right weeks, this length of time at least would strengthen anv other suspicions circumstance The third is __ THE EFFECT A STRICTURE HAS UPON THE MIND.?Nothing is more certain than the effect of Stric ture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy. Not that this is complained of in the same degree by every individu al, bat it is so common,in one degree or other,that thewriter rare ly sees a case of Stricture in which the patient does not observe that he is not so active, or capable of business as formerly. This also is a serious effect; though little understood, but it is unques tiouably true. Indeed, whoever considers the natural connection of mind and sexual organs, will easily imagine that, as there is s medium by which the iniud so powerfully acts upon these or gans to. through the tame medium the sexual orgaus re-act upon the mind. This, however,is better explained in "The Private Treatise" of the author, a little volome which isaentto many parts of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, I as acti vity of mind invariably returns. With respect to the cure of Stricture?this, it is grattfyingto state, is generally accomplished iu very little time, and without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement ol late years in the treatment of this complaint. Indeed, in the hands of proper and experienced persons, ttis cure of Stricture is now accomplished in as many days aa nrmerly it demanded months. Many persons consult the writer who come on busi ness to thia city lor a short time only, hut return perfectly cured, though it has Men a source of trouble and anxiety lor years. To those who eannot leave their homes, the writer famishes his own peculiar means of cure, together with his "Private Treatise," which has an interesting chapter, giving every information on the subject, and written in the plainest manner; and which, being enclosed in a little mahogany chest, can be safely sent to any distance. In cnnseqnence of the nnmber ot pretenders and books ol quackery which inlest this city, he deeme it proper to make the following statement, as a satisfactory ground of confidence to strangers. Besides his rsnk as Graduate of Edinburgh, lie lie., he has published three editions ol a work expressly on these complaints. Also, he has letters from the most eminent physi cians in Europe to the moet eminent iu America?ae Hir An Icq Cooper, of London, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. Physic, of Pniladel phia, and others, and u permitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this city. Address Dr. Ralph. II Greenwich street. >0 lm*rc JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, No.S Division street, es tablished A. D. 103V by the present proprietor, for the suc cessful treatment of a disease of a secret nature, end fur the ?ale of DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP. This medicine is the only remedy on earth that can safely be relied on to thoroughly cure this horrid disease without injuiy to the constitution, sua without diet or hindrance from business, even when aii else have failed. A comprehensive treatise accompanies,each vial, (with full directions) which is warranted to effectual > cure in all cases, no matter hew long standing, or Ml* ideeply'* the system, with less trouble to the patten15> J? * ". I*? ?pace of time, than any other medicine In the *OH'i pay will he taken. Price it per vial. " '"lni mc ALEXANDER'S TRlOUHAFMe.. A NEW AND IN VALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a I. A quid Dye, which instantaneously change* the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hai nrskte The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application end instantaneous effect?*11 other dyes reoniring from ten to twelve honrs to produce eny change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single ''litrullUi thn " Philadelphia Dally Sun."?Ai.rxsrsoxn'i TntcoasrHE.?The effect of the above on the heir is truly *# tnnishing. It wea tried yesterday in our office, and the change from grav to black was issantaneons. For stle by Rnshton It Co, druggists, 110 Broadway ! 10 As tor Hoase and Ott Broadway; corner of 14th street; Aspin wall, 00 William street; Johnson, Moot* A Taylor, 01 Maiden lane ; J. W. Wright Ik Co. ! Cedar street; and of the principal druggists throughout the United Htates, or of solengeuta. K It G. A. WRIGHT, SlSonth Fourth street, lnTm Philadelphia. | practice ot? physic mid surgery iiJutlp%ty )'**** l6.lhe suecaluXl ttei?S2?ir^ r' they hare fc^jf s rar- "if ???*? ?? *A?Sifc,p?"^ "as;* 12 I eck Slip iiid b? convinced. Hii chart?*** ?wi H ? Lf? aid nil cmm*m iireutwnnUfd. mosfreniouabW ' ? " ? ? ? >?? lm?rc _ Medical Can*. I) VP^P" JfAVVCKTT, of 196 Kulton street New York iTr'lil ' ph>'"ol,,Ki?,>lly.?udroedic.lly eipl.-iiued, with'?co?T k?t?r fL51,'14 (? * u*'*re ""d modem treatment oi ??) plulis, Secondary Symrton*, UouorrhoM, Gleet, -Stricturea pon'u^olf n,",*l0,l?'an 1111 "* eonaeiiuaucca arising from self? nn ih k" Doctor Kwcett continues hi* private consultations ^,te.fboVrine"Uo.UBd diseases, ?t >>i? long estuhluhed officii 196 hultoii street, where the moat aggravated forma ol IIaffee mem ?with,.m",er?"re wi" yield '? hi. mode of treat emyE,i,, ik' ,u d,etor ??????. ??d without mer I I'.niilVted triil! ^ procreatire energies become torpid or U wiff h.'ihl!i raceaaire iiiilulRence, er from masrurhatioo (Meata diatan*^? re??ore the parts to health and vigor. P?. AUIerre^^ : uUclo,in* ?'> ca" '??*? ? copy of the work. wite'lte'1 Wlddirecl*d?rrc,iu* JDGetucai aavice. uays. - " vuiwi u ?or? NERV0U8 OR CONSTITUTION* I mri yotfth?Md\l^,pH<iUnV1ndul,{*K?r ot U" l,a??ion. of indiscreet TrfeST"?^-? '? tieut beintr the U?'tawi^*Inm h^' y without the pa of uninitiated nieilical ?_jJS ? canard by mail-treatment of the |-?iea thlm^li^Tm^o thi;ll0m^^r,,,by ^'"Blect out pain or inconvenient. 7 "'??ff?ott>ally cured, with tera, post pa id, enclo.iux afcli^ JT.'ti?I ,no eh?ip,made. Let ^ 'olfice'fii'o'td 'Ce' 4ent^? ?JLf?0*tiie7uSted States""1 "" Sonm*S>1<t,t"" 0l*a from ? A M ? ??V Medical Card. ~~~ DOCTOR MORRISON NSE?, $1VKK "WPIt^SARY. i.Uto'n t&ofm...^he/V,nr'0,"? of ^"cture are ai?l.eou7 with perienced 8ur?^Kd "" ssSS^-'-TiS's ttatnnz iu' nrLf Vl?ri?B *y*tetn to a healthy toue and rein charge. b vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or no who cuiintl,' i!2 Jlolt,s U0 communion with medical pretender*, &?KriF? "EgS tewji steKK* ? from7 AJVlfto"o P? STd'ail?" ^ork.^pe. r n ^riylAriiS.HALL "ALL'S CORDIAL ItENOVATnu D?Q?0f lh#? ",0?o?lel)rau'dPhyii. through the contineut of Euroiw, and in every- inataut whem auf^ l?r^lS?it0 dlrI*ctj'"s' h'ls produced the moat haiipy re ?w Miae lrnm C. |S y ^IIV?twl'<} the cure of auch compluiuta *'fT / a disorganization of the generative organs Its quick and wonderful action snch tliat coldm-at <?r inihecilitv cannot r.mam in,the ayatem that is under its influence for h^T an hour It will afford decided reli.f to tfmae who hi ciiStiuvm '?lltUY habiU- have ralleu U'toa.uteof in^"yoimc men wYj*?'?,|.br?u?h' onby a secret habit-indulged JUUvAU1| t;URB'Tl'i'. Member of the Un.veraitv o'l New nPh?..,?l. rifJH J: ? *'j en eugage? hu entire attf tiou ? a ne annals of medicine do not record greater siiccass rhan i. ?#? S^JS^-fel-saSsteEs ?ure to find i>roui|.t relief lycaiiini'on nTr e" aed Wil1 l,Bi -j&tsrs^'LWisravir' - of a delicat'e ' apf^11 ?f "<?"?' ^2SS?!d?!h2rduSSS Ltik^^Snd hw fcr^'K.^r" ^ a S'ieb^ e*tenaive practice .n private d'uiul HF* e"J?Ved t'ie moat New York. He can cur. i> ? ? , any medical man in diease, aud mild cases remov? 1 .^^vatcd cases of this a:,""r.^yvr oter the door, as there is a dw?iSw ? ' lf* w'^ t'le mortwr imiHi.e upon the creduloua, in tlte'bfSck'1 ^r.c.aJcnl,t?ld,to ?n.fe^ ,,h7"Cla" Wb? ?dT ?rt' ? e? i nth i?atr " th# I\o^m??,^iJvAND SURGICAL OFFICE " ji'sFvS -t' certain class of delicate diLi.. Tkh . th-e tr?<?'mc"t oft one atand for eleVen v..~! -fa 1 he ,Uoctor ?? eatabliahed in ly treared 12 non r during that time lias auccaaslul. complaint*. 'The lir reontati ionrTCUrLa'ii,"d ?tber delicate enred caaea that have emM fn, ! ? 4 lu.thoa? ?ld half ter how long you maJ have 7ll^4 ,4sfr? ?nlu,?t- No mat the body, or fu the thro .t wricture, Ulcen upon of the legs I will and itl* ? n<>"e- P*""* "> tlie head and booes Constitutional Weakueaa, ronrntim".' c'ifll?l"s. C?W wCUiTab,e* brought on by a secret habit indulged ^"lual Weakjeaa, mi unfortuuate victim of th.. uuu?ur?l vic. salutary treatment. Dvax*i??i^^^ aivic? lias eiperienced my of the back, confusion o? inteUec7 forverlkli H4 ar'd amafl the heart. aver?ion to*ociety are onif^^S-^4* p"'i."ta?lon of Plaint, ^ie warranU a cure m^ve^e. ymrtom,,u0' th,a =om aud recent ca*es cured in two "if u0 c^ar*e- Mild educated Physician" nil Hnrown ?r" Joho^u ?? "Wuljrlf ? ?H lmos'r PUR THE PILES DR. UPHAM'S ELECTUARY. pnal rem-dv is A pprtmn nil was fn. J n i . , i, either in .he office of regular educated Am., r. , o XjUEjKjI UAKY. N internal rem*dv is a certain ciye for the Piles , ternal or external, bleeding or blind Sold at the ?ie ongmal propnetor, A Uph.m, JVj'd.. a regular phy ticiau oltweuty years exoerienre cm,A., a, tice, where Pile, and othsr c^r"'""duea... ?V'a" P?,0" treaieih Medical office 196 Bowery fo^? die- "uccessfully ,trrit- 0fl"lce hours Irom 7 A.M. to 9 1' M a oT' 8Prui6 -.1 ___i?lmd?W> w ""rT'site iris:'" 56 South street. it E A L IHfc FOLLOWiNU ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE OOUECtB 0 OF fflodicine and Pharmacy 96 NASSAU STREET. MEDICAL ADVICE PRlVATE'l)lSEA8ES I'illC MEMBERS of the New York College of Medicm* I end Pharmacy, established fortheauppreaaion of quackery, continue to direct their particular attention tcMill diseases of s private untnr^aud can coufuleutiy promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are par ticularly re vested to make apulieation to the College on tlie of those diseases, ns a vast amount of suffering todtirao maybe thus avoided. Oue of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospitals iu Kurope for the cure of those complaints, attends for consul laiion daily from t A. M. to 7.1*. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine $5?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS?Persons living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonal applications, can have forwarded to them it rhest contain ir.g all medicinef requisite to perform a radical cure, by staling their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of com traction and treatment rete.ived elsawlieiw, if any, and e? closing $5, post paid. __ CONSTITUl'IuNAL UEbllATY CURED. THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared bv the College 1 1 Medicinesnd Pharmaoy of the citv of New York, is eon tiilently recommended for all cases of debi ity prodoced by s# cret indulgsneeor eacets of any kind. It in an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depend mgon mal-fannatioo. Single bottles $1 each ; eases of halt a dozen $i; carefully p.elfgaiid aent to *11 Parts of the Union. VELPEAU'S Si'EClMC PILLS, POR the radical cure of gonorrheas, gleet,semiual emissions, and all uocorpurulent, dischargee from the urethra These rills, the result of twenty year's raperieocu in the Hospital da Charite in Paris, nrs pronounced by their celebrated inventor. Professor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy for nil diseases of ths uretha. They effect a enre in a much shorter time thai any other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, er confinement from business. Price tl per bog RICORD'S ALTERRAT1VE MIXTURE. r)R the permanent eure of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, or any complaint produced by an injudicious use of merenry, or nnakiiful medical treatment. All persona suspecting a venereal taint remaining in their sys> '.em ahouid naethia powerful purifier without delay, as no pet inu can consider himself safe after having the venereal disease, wiihont thoroughly eleansingthe system with this justly oele '>ruled alterrative. Mold iu single bottles at $1 each . in rases of half adoesaar 15; carefully packed and sent ronll perls ol' the Union. (X)NUENTRAThD EAT ft ALT OF SAKS A PA KILL A, GENTIAN AND 8AS3AFRAS PREPARED by the New Vork College of Medicine an? Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentratedeitratt, p messing all tne puri fy ira qualities and curative powers of the shove nerbs if confi dently recommended by the College at infinitely superior toany es tract ofHaraaparilla at present before the public, and may bs relied on aa a certain remedy for all diseases arising from an im Bire state of the blood, such as scrofnla, salt rhenm, ringworm, otches or pimples, nlceia, pain in the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arums from the secondary effecu ofsyphilis or aa injudicious nsenf mercury. Sold iu single bottles, at Tbceatrgag fa Caacs ofhalf a dozen battles, tl 90 " " one doses " |A 00 Cases forwarded to all parts af the Ikion. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers 1 dfcwra W 8. RICH A H W8t?N. M. D., sit.

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