Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1845 Page 3
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POSTSCRIPT The Anti-Rent Trials Ended in Delhi. Mfc.NTKNf It CI OF THE FRI80FKRH. Laflieiitable t'oiisequenee of Crime. Mre are indebted to Mr. S. Grown, (Mail Agent,) who arrived in the otearner South America, at hall past two o'clock thia morning, for a slip from the of fice of the Delaware Express, containing the follow ing highly interesting information, under date of Delhi, Saturday Evening, Oct. 11. Edward O'Connor Convicted of Murder?-Kan Steenherg [ to be and O'Connor Sentenced to be Hung?Four Prisoners iri't to the State Prison for Life, and Thirteen for a Term of Fears?Adjournment of the Oyer and Ter miner. Tiie trial of Cdwanl O'Connor, alias Powbattan, for tha niurdar of Undar Sheriff Oamnn N. Steele, hat been brought to a clote, after a tilting of five day*. Mr. Uoidoncommenced summing up yesterday morning in behalf of the prisoner, and spoke till half past 4, P.M., occupying about seven hours; and it is not for the want ol a (aithiul discharge of his duty, in making an earnest and able appeal to the jury, that his client is not now at liberty. Mr. Van Brntm, the Attorney General, followed on the part of the prosecution. The station he occupies, his reputation, rank, being a stranger, &c. naturally ex cited more interest in the summing up on the part of the people than would have been felt had the duty de volved upon tome member of our own bar; his address' which occupied about 4$ hours, was listened to with the most profound attention by a la^ge auditory, amongst ladie which we noticed many ladies. Mr. Van Buren made a most ingenious and forcible address to the jury; and the views he presented of the case, his arguments touching the several questions of law and points involved in the whole matter, were so clear and acute as to render the fact of the prisoner's guilt irresistible iu the mind of eye ry individual present And what gave muck force to his address was the apparent desire on his part not to go a step beyond his sworn and imperative duty. Judge I'msrs charged the Jury in his usual clear and distinct manner, and decidedly against the prisoner. Ti.ecase was given totheJery at a quarter past eleven ~ adjourned to 7 o'clock this o'clock, when the Court morning. Upon the assembling of the Court at the appointed hour, the prisoner was placed at the bar, and the usual question being pat, the loremau answered " we find the prisoner at the bar guilty of Murder." The jury being polled, each responded that such was hia verdict. Ti.o Court then adjourned till 10 o'clock. 10 O'clock.?The Court assembled to perform the me lancholy duty of passing sentence. The Court-room wae crowded to excess. The prisoners were variously affect ed by the pronouncing of sentence upon them. Van Sternberg, Brisbane and several others were deeply moved, while O'Connor, Squires, Karle, and some others appeared kaidaneil to their late. SENTENCE OS' JOHN VAN STEENBERO. Judge Parser?John Van steenherg y >u have been fuunii guilty of the murder of Osman N. Steele; have you buy thing to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon you 7 1'aisoxRR?1 am innocent; I don't think 1 ought to be punished. Judge Pa iirer?You have been tried by a Jury of your country, and one of almost your own selecting; you have been defended by able counsel and have been pronounced guilty. The coutt entertained no doubt of your guilt. You was one ol the two hundred disguised men who were present at the Earle sale, and wno had combined to take the life of an esteemed citizen and a faithful pub lic officer. And there is much reason to believo that you fired on that occasion, and perhaps the fatal shot. You have thus taken the life of a fellow being; and the court entertaining not the slighest legal doubt of your guilt, there is no reason why sentence should not be pro nounced upon you. Y'ou have but a short time to live. It is not necessary now to admonish you in relation to your awful situation. There are others whose province it will be to advise wiin you, and who will see that you have every oppor tunity and means furnished you to prepare for your final eud. It is the judgment of the Court that you be taken from hence to the (dace from whence you came, and that on Saturday, the 29th day of November next you be taken to the place of execution, and hung until you are dead. Prisonku?(much agitated)?may I speak?Mr. Gor don, I want to? Judge Parrf.r?I you have any communication to make, you can make it to your counsel. The Sheriff will remove the prisoner. SENTENCE OFEDW/gD O'CONNOR. Edward O'Connor, you have been found guilty of mur der. What have you to say why seutence of the law should not now bo pronounced against you 7 Prisoner.?I say I am not guilty of thncrime. Junes: Parser -Upon that subject the Court enter tain no doubt. No doubt can exist that you was at the Earle sale ; that you was one ol the 200 men armed and disguised on that occasion; and even if you did not fire, till of which there is at least n question, still you was there and psiiieipated in the outrage; there can therefore be no question ef your guilt. The duty I em now called upon to perform, is a most painful one I have known you and your family for man) \ eats. Your a young man of more intelligence than Yen feenburg ; you aro young and possessed of abilities; end toil have respectable connections; you ate, tun! store, less excusable These advantages which yott possessed, should have disposed you to respect the ia* a It is. therefore, a painful duty to pass sentence upon you. 7ol are to bo cut ofl'iu early life,from friends, fioin kindred, arid from the world, for thus taking the Stan 1 of open resistance against the laws of yourcoun ti y \ mi have but u few days to live. It is your duty to improve the time and prepare for death; an nwtul change awaits you; and we trust you will take advan tage oi the means in your power to prepare for that change. '1 he judgment of the Court is, that you be faken hence to the pl-re from whence you came, and that on Satur day the 29th day of November neit, you be taken to the place of execution, and there, between the hours of 10 o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, you be hung until you are dead. Priioner?(looking round upon the audience at the sheriff lemoved him,) Remember, my friends, I die an innocent man. ikntehce or dan if i. w. sqrisvs. Daniel W. Squiieit, you hare plead guilty to man slaughter in the 1st degree. What have you to lay why the seuteuee of the law ahould not be pronounce upon you 7 Prisoner.?1 don't know that I hare anything to say. JvDtiK Parkkr.?Idon'tiee how you can have. You weie indicted for murder; and it is the merciful dispo sition of the prosecution which has induced the accept ance of your plea. There is hut little doubtthat your exertions have contributed in a great degree to the murder of Steele. Ycu were u mover and originator oftlm rebellion that has resulted so fatally; and though not legally guilty of the murder, you are morally so; ' dated laws ami the violated laws require that you should lie pun ithed with severity You have, too, contributed largely to swell the number of those engaged in the Insurrec tion, by inducing many others to participate in it. You are to be cut off from society ; you will hence' forth be civilly dead ; society will no more be disturbed by y our machinations' The sentence of tho Court ia, that you be confined in the State Prison in Clinton County for the term of your natural life. sentence or moses eaei.e. Moses Eerie, you have plead yuilty to manslaughter in the first degree What have you to say, Icc.l Prisoner?] hojte your honor will consider me ; and do me all the good you can, and 1 hope the God of Heaven will reward you for it. I hope you will try and get me pardoned, that 1 may return to my companion. Judge Pareeh? It is certainiy a painful duty to pass sentence upon eman of your years. You were indict ed for murder, and you owe it to the technicality of the law that you have not been found guilty of that crime. It was the course taken by you that lead to the death of Steele. You placed your property in the hands of a dis guised hand n men, which led to the resistance of the sale, and finally to the murder of the under Sheriff?end public justice demands that your punishment be severe. We must sentence you to the State Prison for life. You will thereiore be cut oil'from your friends, and from society?and the public will hereafter be secured from the piesence of one who is guilty of so high a crime, and who has been the cause of consequences so laineri table. The judgment ef the Court ia that you be confined in the Sti te prison in Clinton county for the term of your natural lile OTHER SENTENCES. We have not time nor roum to give in our Extra the remr.rks of Judge Father in ail the cases oi sentence; hut will publish them in our regular paper of Wednes day next The following are the remainder of the sen tence* : ? Zera Preston, had plead guilty to Manslaughter in the lit degiue State prison for life. Joi n I'hsnix. aged 31; John Burtch, aged 33; John Leihan, 44; William Reside, 34: Isaac L. Burhans, 33? all | lead guiltv to Manslaughter in the first degree, h sogtenrca to the State pi ison for 7 y eara. Calvin Madison, plead guilty to manslaughter in the lit drgiee; State Puson 10 y ears. y. William BiUbsne. had plead guilty to manslaughter in the 3d degree State Pitson 7 years. Daniel Noithrop, plead guilty to manslaughter in the lttdegiee. State Prison for lile. (The Coutt intimated that should his conduct warrant it, the Court would in ten ei e ior Ins pardon in two or three years ) t I at as T. MeCumher plead guilty to manslaughter |n the 3d degree. State Prison 7 years. Willism Josrelyn plead guilty to manslaughter in the 4th degree. 8 Bte prison two years. Hubert Scott, indicted lor murder, also for conspiracy, hen g armed and disguised, kr. Proceedings supended on the former and fined $400 on the latter, (to which he b?d plead gurl y ) juhn Davis stands In the same position. Proceedings m-pemle i on the fermer, and fined *100 on the latter lisrius Travis, Augustus Kettle, Edwin Mason, Bar bour Stafford, Henry L Russell, Zadoc Pratt Northrop, John Wriitson. jr., James ( lay tun, Smith Sanlord, and /louxo Sanlord. all young men, mostly under 31 years <>l age, had plead guilty to Manslaughter in the 4th de gree. Sentence suspended, end the prisoners allowed to go at large. Ilrnry D Wickham, plead guilty to Manslaughter in the 4 h degree. Sentence suspended ; end gave bail to a|,,?ir at next Oy ar and Terminer. yiesen ft. ScorT plead guilty to conspiracy, being armed and hi guieed Sentence suspended. Tlie Court then adjourned sine die. Oled. On the 1 Kh Instant, Klixa 8araw, wife of Robert Rait, In the 3drd year of her age. Th? friends and relatives of the family are respectful ly invi'ed to atieint her funeral on Monday afternoon, at ?j O'clock Bum liar late residence, I HI Chambers street. On Honda' morning, 1 Jih instant, Matthew C. Dale, aged 31 y eara and 1 months. Ilia relatives and friends, also those of the family, are ia-peotiutly invited to attend the funeral, from the resi dence of ln? tether, (vlatthew Daly) 331 Grand street, hia afternoon, at half-past 3 o'clock. On the 33rd August, Jons Joei Mno, oeok of the pchoousr Eagle, while going into the port oI Bararoa tin the IHth September, in Baraooa, Ouvxa Johnson, pi Brooklyn I-1> male olMkoener Kef la, TfH/a day^>nlIrP?RwANiC FEaqt about, 01 BOUT three weeks afo,s female arrived in the citynf New X*. Vork in the Barque < harLatOfi, Irom urem-n, aud, on arrival, gave her trnuk( whii h was painted green) to a c irtmsn who touik the same to a Dutch grocery store, at the corner of some street about a mile from the place where the female land ed. The owner, in cjus>quence of being an entire strangrr.has not since beeu able to discover the place whtr* th? property was left,and a liberal reward will be paid for the recovery of die same on spp'ic >tion to Mr. Phillip Schmidt, No. 104 Washing tou street. Brooklyn. o!3 It'r HULLING OFF PREVIOUS TO LEAVIaG THE PREMISES A LARGE STOCK Of DRY GOODS-at BILLING 8 well-knowu J heap Store, 41) Pearl street near Outhan,? The entire stock is ' ow selling off, aud at such prices as must suiprite even the greatest bargain huntrrs, consisting of Silks, Shawls, Cashmere, De Laines, Blankets Klanuels very I w. Linen, a large lot of Prints, bleached and unbleached Muslins, Hohierv, Gloves, Lace, and in fact every article connected with a large and well assorted stock of Dry Goods. Do uot for get the name and number? BILMNc*. o'S 2w*mc 445 Pear! ne*r Chatham WE,'he undersigned, have this day entered into copartuer shjp under the name and style of E. J. Stimson h Co , ?. L. J. STIMSOV - York, October 13th istj D- P ^UBBELL*. ? ol3 3t?m MADEIRA WINE. THE 8UB8CRIB-R8 have just received by the Aguia. from Madeira, a small supply of old aud new Grape Juice, which they can confidently recommend aa ben g of the choicest quality that has been imported during the last tweiity_year?. during the last twenty year MARCH ?t BENSON, 5 New street. TO FOREIGNERS. FAMILIES, &c. N ENGLISH LADY, speaking the best language with the purest pronunciation, is desirous of giving le-sons in reading, poetry, composition, tic Terms remarkably low Apply to S. T., 223 Broome street; or enquire particulars in the basement. o!3 3t*r PrtcKfe/T SHIP HOSCI US. from Liverpool?'Consignees by this ship will please have their permits on board, at Oi leans wharf foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods uot p-rinitted iu live days, must be seu. to public store. oI3m PACKET SHIP GENESEE from New Orleans, is dis". charring at Orleans wharf, foot cf Wall atreet. Con signees will please attend to the receipt of their goods imme diately. o!3m ROOMS TO LET. WANTED?One or two gentlemen to occupy neatly furnished rooma in the house of a private family near Broadw.'y, in White street. The rooms will be rented to fether or single, wi.h or without breakfast and tea. Eequire at Jo. 37 White atreet. ol3 lt*mc TO LET. PARLOR aoitable for one or two gentlemen. Apply at 156 Woo tor atreet o9 6t*rc AN IMPORTANT DESIDERATUM. DR. A. C. CASTLE, 381 Broadway, invites the attention of those Indies and gen'lem-11 wearing Artificial Teeth, to his new .Vlarinor itaiu Teeth. After several years of patient ex >erimental to I, he hts succeeded in making from beautiful combinations, incorruptible Artificial Teeth, perfectly true to naiure, posrciaiog 'II the vivid life-like transparency of the lisiug iiourd Teeth, incoutr i-distiucuon to the dead opaque ap.'eannce of artificial teethgenerall' worn. Dr. Cu le informs his patrons that no difference iu price will be made for these let th, over his usual moderate charge* for the other kind. o!3 lt'm SPANISH LANGUAGE. B OLIVER, successor to JUILO SO' ER, gives lessons, ? both private and in classes, ill the above language. Those wishing to learu the same, will please apply at No. 13 Mnrray street. oI2 1w*m FOURTEEN DOLLARS REWARD. FOR the return of my po ket book and coutenta, or the holder may keep the money and return, bv any means lie may see proper, the pipeis consisting of several uotesof hand payable to me, the payment of which is stopped, together with other paneis, thst can be or no use but to the owner. Direct them to me ><t Newa>k. ? r inf irm me where I can find them: by so doing the\ will have the tha ks of the owner and the mo ney the book contains. JOSEPH LAW. Newark NewJerey October 12th, 1815. o!2 lw*m WANTED. AT NO. 9 RUTGER'S PLACE. (Monroe *rr*et,) a cook and chaiobrrmaid None hu' Am ricau or Welsh women, with unquestionable recumineudatinus. need apply. "11 !r?m SITUATION WANTED. AYOUN'O Woman of most re.pecuble character, wishes to procure a snuali n 'o do general house work, or sa cbambrrm I'd iu a prlv ite family nrrot-keca e of children, aa ?lie is of the m.) t amiable disposition. The app has a re ference of tli ee and a half years from ihe family with whomshe last lived. Please app.y at No 90 Crosby at eet, iu the rear. o!3 lt*m w ANTE ?Two good Tin Plate and Shteilron Worker* at 195 O eeuwich a'reet. o'S 2t*m INFORMATION WANTED OF Catherine Crearan. who left Bro .klyn about four years ago for New Orleans. It Wat confidently a'ated by two respectable person* that Catherine Ciearan die I in New Or leans, aud aa t le writer of this article is very deeply interest ed in the truth or lalsehood of such report, the New Orleans paperswill li ive the kind ess to copy it. ol!2*rc INFORMATION WANTED BY the POINSET HEIRS, of the gentleman who placed an udvertis-ment in this papt-r, it is supposed, above two years sinee ( be' ween September 1, '41 and March '43) enquir ing for the heirs of the family of the POINSETS, origin illy frem France, where a I irge property was waiting 10 be claim ed by the legal heirs of that lamil > . If tnia should meet 'lie eye of the adver isit, or-iiv other gentleman having a knowledge of the matier, lie will co -fer a kindness on the writer of this by leaving a note at this oliice, or at 9 William stieet, addressed T. B. A reward of Ten Dollars will be given to any |>er?on who shall rroduce the adveiti emeu'. ol I 3i*rrc WAN 1 ED, A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or West, to act aa Agen's for the sale of new and |>opular Publications. $300 over and above their expenses will be insured to cbem in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year S?me meo now in our employ will, uo donbt. made over $1000 per vear clear of II expense. Each will have his district It will he necessary for them to havens least ft urn $25 to $50 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at KR <? NCH'S Publishmg Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs. All Utters must be post paid, ol in t LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full vaJne ftm all kinds ofsuperflouseffects they wish to dispose ot.snch as Ladies and Gentlemen* Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Fur niture, &c. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the city will And it to their advantage to senator the Subscriber, who pledg es himself to give a fair price for all articles offered. N. B?A line through the Post Office will be.Promptly tended to. T. LEVENSTY all lin*rc 466 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED. FAMILIES can always be supplied with faithful, competent and well recommended help of all capacitiei, both for city , and country, at the well established Agency office for domes tic!. 224 Grand street, near the Bowery, where every means is used to procure the best help I. T. WATTS. N. B ? Hood and faithful domestics can have excellent places , at this office. s9 Im'rc MUSIC. A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction oi young Indies on the Piano. She teaches on the Logman system, which has never beeu introduced as yet into this coun try: it has been greatly approved of in Europe, as being the shortest and easiest method of bringing on the pupil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, shall he attended to. s26 lm*rc THERE CAN RE NO TEACHING WITHOUT A MASTER. THE French Language, at once the easiest learned and most fashionable acuuirement of the day, is taught by Professor P. Kowalewski on the oral and most approved system, adapting his lessons to the capacity of his pupils in such a manner as will ensure a knowledge of the language in a veiy ?MR?pace of time He has been honored with pupils from the families of the following distinguished gentlemen, to whom lie can refer Hon. Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cashing. Hon. Thos. H. Benton, Hou. Levi Woodbury, and others. derma-; and French taught. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 310 Broadway P. KOWALEWSKI. o* lin'r NATIONAL HOTEL, Washington City D C. THE PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, lormerly known as Oaf shy's, hut now generally called Coleman's Hotel, de sires to return his thanks to his friends and the travel)iuk por tion of the cummuuity generally, for the favors which they have bestowed upon him since he opened liis establishment, and to assure llieui that he will spare no exertions to render his house worthy of the patronage of which he has already re ceived so liberal a share. The house haviug been, during the summer, thoroughly painted and refitc-d. is uow iu first rate order for the reception of travellers or residents; and the proprietor respectfully soli eta a continuance of past favors on the part ol visitors to Washington, or resid nt* during the session of Cougress, be ing conndei-ithat they will always find comfortable lodgings, the best on the table that the market alio ills, and attentive and polite waitrra. * 8 COLEMAN. Washington City, September 1843. .5 3md8tWisjgh T HOSE ELEO \NT RUBBERS-NEW ENTIRELY ? ? Mr. N. Hayward. the original observer and iuveutor of Metalic In.oluhlr India V.ubber, has discovered another im provement in the api liraiiou, which will puzz.e the world to fin-i out, as he has ow associated with him a capitalist who will p ntect h a inte eat 1 his is the giving to his Metalic Rubber -he sin face of patent leutlier, without Using the crack ing vsrmah heretof r- ii-ed His Shoes, now off red for sale at 23 Maiden lane, are w-thont exception the moat perfect arti cle of the kind the world ever saw. For *ale in quantities to suit, by HORACE H. DAY, olllm'r 23 Maiden I-lie. CANARIES GREAT A TI RACTIONS ! t! AT aRCHEY'S, No. 5 slohn afreets A GRIEVE havi g purchased the entire stock of the old s e.t snd most cch hr ted lu-portrr snil Breeder of Cana ries in the Unili d Stales, is now |>rri>n>rd to offer, with the S ock that lie had mi hand, the largest and most choice collec tion yet submit ed for the approaching se ison. Tins lale pur chase of ARCHEV 'S at* too well known by Bud Fanciers to ? eed eminent, l aving hern p rrh srd and imported without regird to cost, from ine most ctlehra ed parts of the world ; and are now rff ltd at a moderate price, at No. 3 John at. N B.?'I he urual var-ety ol Birds, Cases, Bird Seeds, fcc fcc. on I and, id pi d lor the home and foreign markets. oil 3t*rrc GREAT FAIR, NOW OPEN AT NIBLO'S THIS will he decidedly the best Fair ev- r held in our city. The Ad-tress by i .ofessor .Vlai-ei will come ort in the Sa loon This Evening. Delegates to the National Convention for Thursday next are coming in. Address at Dr Dewey's Church and Performance hy Sacred Music fucie'j.The Ploughing and Mpadiug matches willcome off on Tuesday uexi, near ihe Rail road and IftLh street ol 2tm A CARD. TO PARENls AND GUARDIANS. A LADY of*uppriort<l?mu and Acquirements, is dp*iron* of having a law m .rppupils to instruct in Mu?ic. Her method of instruction will he found to lie the most expeditious in pro moting tneia in the thorough knowledge And theory of the science 01 any now taught. A line directed to H. M., at the office of this pn>er, will he duly attcrmcd to. 07 im?ir TO DEALERS IM JKWhLhRY. THK UNDKR8IUNED, being M.iuufictuiers, and having a hue assortment of Jewelery sml Diamond Work on hand, solicit a cap froin dealers nod merchants denims in ih- lhove articles. Any given pattern or sty le of jeweiery or line dia mond work made to order, at 9HAW Ik ARKOW8M1TH8, sit lm*mc No. I De> street, one door Irom ttroauwny. N. B.?Twelve or fifteru good chain makers can find em ployment as above. HIHF ? I till Bslas Missouri Water Rot Hemp, a very superior ar SArCf lid#, well cleaned and diessrd; also, Iff halt, rtlfi Haokltd Daw Rot Hemp, fur sale by olm fc-* ROLLINS * CO,, * South* AUCTION NOTICES. DUTCH BULBOUS HOOTS AT AUCTION. Vi K v v w.II .-II on Turaday morning, at 11 o cl^ca, . 893 Broadway slew cases Dutch Bulbous Cetve.l fritn the house of Van Waveren k Sons,JfU?ne?? Hllleg-.n,. e.r Harlem, in HuMaiid, consisting ofeverj ol F. vrir Hoot*, and *re of the*" me claa, ** ,"1f,^,J"tn7To son. which ioot* were more splendid than any othem ee?t to tins counrrv ? DESCRIPTION OF THE SIPHONIC PROPELLOR, INVENTED BY JOSEPHUS ECHOLS, OF COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. NOW EXHIBITING AT THE FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE. . A SMALL Cistern <>r Trough, lake* water from a c*n*l just above * lockjand between such lock and the one next be low It. c .nducu the water slo g the side of the canal at ail ele vation equ-1 to the head or tall at the lock above. Che cistern is so I .caied that s boat in iiaain^ on that side of the canal would be within three or four bet of tins supports of the els tern. A similar ar aiigement is trade betweeu all the otlier lucks on the canal. Tile latere thus elevated furnishes the wa-er p-iwar To ih .t side of the bo it nearest the cisteru is at t'.ched an up igli'tube which, a little above the lower end, IS b'anclied; bra cli being so carved as to discharge water ho rizontally in the directum of the stern of the boat; the other is curved iu the same mauuer, but so as to discharge water hori zontally iii the direction of ihebow. The la'ter remains closed by agate or valve, ezcept when it becomes necessary to run tne boat stem foremost t is tneu opened and the gate or vstveoi the other branch is shut The upper part ol the tube a terbe ing ezteuiled up to a point, on , two, three, or lour feei higher than the cistern curve i over into it, foriniug a siphou. ?"??ter mending down perpend eularly to within a short distance ol the bottom of ihe cistern, (or so fsr as to ensure its being at sn times cove ed wiili water,) it is here again curved, aud i ex tended forward ill a hor.z nit. 1 direct on and parallel to the sides of the cistern. Behind ihe portion of the tube last de scribed, is attached a luoy, whose diameter at the point ol at tachment is just equal to th?t ol the tube; its depth equal to about three times itsdiaineter. the diameter becoming less gra dually until the iidis terminate iu an edge at the dot .neeOl four or live 'ert from .he tube One of lass capacity with he edge forward, may b-attached in (rout, filling the angle ol the tube, but not ezteudnig beyond lis mouth. Thesei buoys.are not absolutely necessary. At the highest part ol the tu e a .null tlrxible fir tube is inserted, whteh is connectedwith a small eshattst pump, Which may be worked by hand, lot hat side of the boat nearest the cistern, are uttached i wo projecting arms oue near the bow, the other near the steirn..both ezlj- id nig horizontally and at right angles with the boat, reaching nearly to the supports of the cistern. In the eud of each " a'riction roller, whose axle IS vertical Th"# roller? may made hollow and light, and usually about three feet tuleng'" and about fift en tuches iu dumeter A strip of scan ling to pinned on to the supports ol the cistern extending from lock t lock, at such a height th it usually it would be oualeV-l wit the middle portion of the rollers. The boat is Put t i motion in the following manner :?By means of the small exhaust pump then r is eutirely withdrawn, and water takes its pla e. ihe valve in Ihe b.auch first described is opened, the water rushes out at that point, uud by its reaction urges the boat fot ward, while the stphomc portiou of the tube, with Its mouth passing along iu and under the water in the cisteru, keeps U|> the .u|> p y. The buuv bef-re mentioned, by sustaining and P****iug upward the overhanging portion ol the tube, not only keeps the boat ??righted," but uielines it to run near the cistern, the rol lers come in contact wiili the r rip before mentioned, and by rolling on it prevent friction. 1 hus the boat is propel .ed with out the necessity of a st ersman, at a speed proportioned to the elevation or the water iu the . istern above that in the canal, and to the size of tlielube. Aspeed of more than twentytnt es an hour may be attained tfgreat .peed be made the leidt g object Midway the ut>right portion of the tube the upper portiou is connected with the Tower p rtien, by passing into itwater tight or nearly so, lapping several feet; so tWihe upper portiou c n be raised or towered, so that the tube en be lengthened or shortened o suit the various elevations of the cts'eru; "jjd *? thit it can be raised until the mouth of it is higher than the cis teru, enah'ing the boat to make sufficient distance betweeu it and the cistern to admit of the free passage ol ianother bo?t go ing in either direction. An upright post is firmly attache'i to the host by the si'le of the lube. In or at the top of this post is fixed a horizontal axle, with tumble gudgeons and bearings. Firmly fixed on this axle are two rollers, one small the other large. One nod of a chain is fastened in the groove of the small roller, and the other end to the tube, just above the tennina tion of the upright portion of it. One end or another chain is fastened in the groove of the large roller, and passes around tt several times. The other end is fastened to a weight which nearly counterbalances the moveable portion of th-tube when it is tilled with water. By having the necessary difference be tween the diameters of the two rollers, the cottnterbslaiictug weight need not he more than one-tenth or one-twentiethMPart as heavy at the last mentioned portion ol the tube when filled " Instead^of the counter balancing weight, the chain may pass down and be fastened to a windlass, by turning which the movable portion ofthe tube may be raised or lowered. Bv either arrangement, the services of oue person would be suffi cient. Whe i tt become* n?ceg*?ry to raise the tube as ins cribed, to allow another boat to pais, the valva in the lower end is first ciosed.nnd then another vlive at the mouth. W here the distance the points of supply is too great to admit of a ainal ciat-rn fumishi g a suffice-, t supply of water, a 1-r ger quantity tnay be c nducted along between two embank ments, as is the case with ordinary canals; with this difference, th it the sp c he wee.i th m need not be prepared as lor boats, but for ihe free of water on y. W ithtn the distance of a mile from each "tlwr. il ne e? ary. may b? fo tned small cross aque ucts, thr ugh which the cistern can receive water from tne mam busy (b. tweeii the embankments.) , It will be l.ettei on some canals, and in p rtiona or others, to auopt annth r arrangement. which,."? well as the one already described, is n vv being exhibited m a woikn g model at the Fair ofthe / meric n Insntuie, at Niblo's. In the arrangement ref rr d to, the sh >rt leg of h- siphon instead of the . ng one is attached to the boat, and the supply is taken from the water on which ihe boat rides, and is dt-ch reed below ; being earned j by a branched siphou over each ?iiie of the can il. It t? not ne cessery 'hat it ?h? ul?< be ao branched, and, therefore, in order ( to prepare au ordiuaty canal for i hi a arrangement it it neceaaa ryonl> to cure ehsnnr I, several (?vy five, eight, or twelve) feel deep, by the side of. and al ng the canal, from lock to lock having the ?i''e n-are*t the caual nearly vertical and pro perly uppor ed. The siphou receives water through the but j mill of tlita boat, in the bow, and Co uuctlug it over the aide ol the can tl, and then down nearly lo bottom of the channel, dta , h--g it there iu a horizontal direction, opposite to that in whicktl ebnat i moving.. The water thus discharged maybe C nducted into the canal again immediately below- the next (and lower) 1 ck. In this arrangement, the vertical and hori zontal port tens ofthe tune are united by a joint which admits of the r roier hemg drawn up by machinery to that at u-.-.dv ile crilied. so that the boat can be moved out of the way ol another boat, going in either direction. ?r In wiili g < ut the foregoing description the writer In* sac rificed verylhi- g else to the desire to make himself easily and c early nm eistond. 1 he well-iniormed reader will discover that some Ilnugs are left to his inference, for the PurPMeof avoid I g g . aier prolixity. o13H RALf-luH AND GASTON RAILROAD j CfMga iht fSSEzSEElZzrcKZjKSE ~ FOR SALE. ON MONDAY,'he 29th day of December next, by virtue of a Iiecree of the Court of Equity for Wake County, at its Au'umn Session, 1813. in a suit of the Governor, for the use of t' e State of North Carolina, to foreclose a Mortgage there totore executed bvthe Raleigh and Gasmn to.l road Company, LU iiideiniii'y the Stale agaiust certatu liabilities for said Com- - oanv I will sell at public Auction, at the Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh and O -stou Railroad Company aforesaid, (so far as the same is known to me,) consisting of87 miles ol R?'l ro." reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gs*ton on the North side of the Hoannake river, in the direct hue of public p..nv. vance to Petersburg, City Point, Richtnoud, Washington r ?r Baltimore" He He , together with all Bridget Depots, Workshops and T ols. Warehouses, Water Stations, Kngines, Car. He He Also, the stock of Iron Lumber, and k.rc Wood which may then be on hand, and all other articles own ed and used by the said Company for keeping up said Railroad, aud transportation on tlx same. From the nature of the pro ''*T^c purchase rs.' by " he ternit ofthe Decree, and the Act of the Leitit.ature in relation to it, will become, i/?so facto, ? body corporate, by the n <tne and style ol the present Company, ui d will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights aud immu nities now potjessed by it, for tke term of 80 years, which its charter hw y 't to run. TW franchbe. and privileges are of the most advantageous kind to the Company, and may be at ffi"g? in th. tr charter, conwit.ed in the *1 Volume of the Kevtsed Statutes of North Carolina, page ?9, which is to be seen at the Seats of Oovernmeut, and in most ol the Public I ihrarie* of the Statei ot the Union. , - The whole tiurchase money must bear interest, at the rate of 6 per cent per annnm, from ihe day of sale, and be paid is fo' lows to w it: SZVIKIO at the end of six month*, and ihe residue in four instalment., at intervals of ten mouths each?say 1st, 29tli June, 1846, $26,800 . , I 2d, Mlh April, 1817, o. e-fourth of the remainder. Id 2nth February 1818, one-fourth of do. tth the 29th of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. Mh tne 29th of Oct dier, 1849, one-fourth of do- f The ? ost of this Railroad and i'a appurtenances,| only five years since, was Sl.WW.OOtl-one half of which was hnrrowcil * creatiuK a (If bt bearmK intere?t, on lailuro to \ a> wSasilehw lTeeome necessary. The grad.i.g. lir.d". | detioia he. are executed in an excellent style ol workmaiohip. CaVru,"daily over P, carrying the Mail of the United Mates, (it being a part ol" the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a cotn i'lMtio'n of $100 per mt>, Or $8,700 per .?? M traver sing * fertile region of country through yearly ,l* J*"!"1* length, its freights lor the transportation of Produce and^Mer oil,indue, Independently ofthe recetpu from a considerable addition to the ordinary '?.Winl^ rsilr-iidt. Though not, now, yielding a profit on A.1??J?WJ e!iK*ndf d in itn coiwiraction, it? income has been increastDK i some time past, and it i* confidently believed that tt Won d produce a rr aeon able return upon a more moderate amount of capital infcitcd in it! purchaae. ? 1 m The Bale Hill be made wnhout reaeree, at the time S plice aforesaid,at which those inclined to purchase, are respectful.y "?n' e^mVcf'ase money must be iecured by bond with approved ",r,'t,e, CHARLES L. HINTON, Public Treasurer of the Siate of North < aroltna, and Special Commissioner of the Couit Ol Equityt 1 in this Cause. Kaleigh, N. C., October 6, 1843. . , II "J" The following papers will insert the foregoing adver tisement 6? rlays. and forward their bills for pay men t, with ' imp'f containing the same, lo the .suuscrilier.Bostou Atiss, New York Herald, Baltimore Patriot. Philadelphia U. Statee <}srrtie, Kichmoud Enqutrersnd Richmond Whig,' h,rJ,'At'r" Courier Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune and N.C. Standard C- M ol3 2m SS UlorMJLiUnUiN. rjiHE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between X the subscribers, in the city ol New York, under the tirn. of Andrew* V King, end in tire city of New Orleans under il e lit mnl 61 Co., was dissolved by mutual consent on tile 22 I d.iy of Almost, nil lino. A. J. Kink liavinK purchased the interest of II. M. Andrews in the firms of Andrews & King mid Knot X Co., lie will conduct business hereafter on his own account. (Signed,) H. M ANDREWS A. J. KINO. New York, Sept. Uth, 1843. oil 3t?rrc HOARD. ELEGANTLY Furnished Rooms, with board, may b? ob tained III a French family, whera there is every opp I'tune ty offered for learmn < and speaking that language, at No. >64 Uromlwiy, near Niblo's. One lame front parlor, suitable for a gentleman end lis wife, or for a aele. t Club or Society. Terms moderat . oil 3t*ir TO LKlF WITH HOARD AFRO' T Pari ,r Itoom, Hed-room and Pantry attach ed. on the second floor. Also, several apartments plea santly situ ten for families or single gentlemen, where a turn - ed nun. tier only will be acc mm,.dated This is a dea.rahl brcatiou for tliose doing business in the lower part of the city during the winter. Apply at 82 Frankfort street, near Pearl. Terms moderate. References eiehanged. ot gt* IX NEW CUM TAIN GOODS. SOLOMON Si HART, Nu. 44ii ItronilwHy. HAVE just received per peket ship Zurich, and are new openi. g in store, live c .aes of rich new t urtam Materi als and Trimmings, which they nvne their friends snd f usto mers to call and eg mine, and from which they can make se lections ol entire it- w goods and new paiterna Clnr assort nent of ( Uitstn Malernils are now complete, em bracing tile la gest and most varied stock in the city, and con s sting hi pait of rich Brocades, Satin linmasks, Del.antes, Ta pes,ry, Lain|MS, Tabaret s, French Chintzes, with rich trim mings lo cm i espond. such as If.mpa, Oalnona, I tSsi Is, Cords, I onii ? ? id i ins lo m it-'h, emhiacing evi-rv article iicces>ary for fit b \\ , i ii* and Bed liiitains, and which will be sold at a small a. vain ? from the actual cost of importation, and In > cr tb in ran I e at any other establishment in the United .-aulas. SOLOMON tk HART, Decorative Upholsterers and Importers, ol tteodis'ic 243 Broadway. MEDICAL NOTICE. THE MKDICINF. ol the late Dr. George W Chapman rap be had (ugly genuine) of the proprietor, 131 'sua! si. until lurUmr notice ai lw*rra AMUSEMENTS. I'AliMO's OPEUA HOLKK. FAREWELL CONCERT. Monday and Tuesday,October 13th and Ulht CHANGE OF FACES aud CHA SUE OF PE R FOR MA SCE. FIRST APPEARANCE OF MESSRS Or.KMON, HTANWOOD, HARRINGTON, PELHAM AND WHITE, 11 THE BOSTON BUTERPEANS. On which occasion ihey will introduce ui entire Change of their Performance, coutiuing of Songs, Glees, aud Quartettes, fcc... lie , wi li PIANO FOR 1'E accornpauiemeuts. The following pieces will be introduced "Hai Sailing Mora." "Low Waved the Summer Wood," "Merrily oe the Wind," "The Old Arm Chair," "The White Iqaill," ' To Uiece We Give Our *hioing Blades," "My JSoyhood'i H?nir." and "The Iriih Schoolmaster." The whole to conclude with a variety of KTHIOPEAN MELODIES IN CHARACTER. Admimiim '25 Cents only. For particular! see programme. FT^" Door* open at 7X? Concert to commence at ?. It.,see aud seals secured daily at the otficr, from 10 A. M. till P.M. The Tiaao used on this occasion, obtained from the store of Messrs. Firth. Hall 8t Pond. ~ NIBLO'S. B E N E F 1 T O F MESSHS. CHIPPENDALE & JOHN SKFTON. MRS. CRISP'S FIRST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA Monday, October lift la. LONDON ASSURANCE. Grace Hathaway Mrs. Mowatt Lad" Oay Spanker Mra. Crisp Sir Harcourt Court); Mr. H Placde Dazzle Mr. Crisp OOLDEN FARMER. Golden Farmer Mr. Chippendale Harry Hammer Mr T. I'l-cide Je my Twi cher Mr. John Sefton oil 2t*rc DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY. AT BROOKLYN (late Military) GARDEN.?Mr. D.J. LUCAS ia ha py io announce to tin frie da?the Ladies aud Gentleman of Brooklyn?that he has m-da amusements with the proprietor, Mr. J W. Van Pelt, for hia rooms 1 he School will commence on Thursday. 16th instant, and will he held on Thursdays and Saturday! from 4 to 6 P M., for l-adies, Miases and Masteia under 12 years of a e; and from 7 to 10 for irentlemen, unt'l the new and splendid room whbh ia now building ia completed, which will he about the 1st of,Not em ber, after which the days of school w ill be rhauged to Tu-adns and Fridays. For further particulars apply at Mr. L.'s residence, No. 9 Prince street, or at the rooui oh the above days. N. B ?Mr. L.'a Schools at Lexington Hall, Williams burgh a e held on every Weduesduy.Tor Ladi s. from i to t o'clock P. M.; aud fiom 6 to 8 o'clock, P. M , for Oeutlemeu. o!3 lt*r THE ANGLU AMERICAN SHOOTING CLUB. rpHF. SHOOTING MATCH_ announced to come off To 1. Morrow, (Monday.) near Fort Green. Brooklyn, is post poned uuiil further notice. HENRY RUSSELL, o12 2(*.C N( BRO ( KLY STAR CRICKET CLUB. OTICE is hereby given that a special meeting of the mem _ bera of th-above Club, will be held at the house of Mr. 11 ury Russell Sportsman's Hall, Adam strert, Brook1} n, on Tu-aaay evening next, at 8 o'clock, preciaely. The punctual attendance of every member is particularly requested. Oct. IP, 1846. JAS WILDER, President. ol2 3t*rc BEACON COURSE. TROTTING. MOND AY, (This Diy,) October 13th, at2K P. M.?Match for SI' 0. mile heats, best three iu live, under the saddle, c rryinga ke'eh. between the paciug horses Black Joke and Sir Arc y. Immediately after?A Pure of $230, mile heats, heat 3 in 5, iu harness. D. Tryant enters.... grin Lady Suffolk. P. H'nit ,,, b g Moscow Same Day?A Pur e o $10 mile heats to wagous best 3 iu5. For entries see Vlo- d v's Herald. A Purse of $3n will he given, free for all ho-ses that never won a pur-e over $10 ?t lirrieof entrance closing, to go under saddle, mile 1 e "a, best th ee in five Also, Purse $23, free 'or all ho ?es ili't never trot'edfora purse. mile hunts. Both to come off on Wednesday next Pin trance t I e m nle at Oreeu & Losee's, on Mondey evening j.e?t. a' 9 'clink P "".? S'i-uld the storm continue until 10 o'cloak, the race will he p.i tp ???d u-itii Tuesday. The in i c be'we n Henry Clay and Newbnrgh. for $300, come*. AT ver hi roome ,, We 'nesdae n It o[3 lt'uic ; C'A'iV7HEVIU.E COURSE, L. I. TROTTING. TTie Large tt Trotting Ft eld this Seoion for Three Mile Iteati PURSE S ICO, 3 in lie heats, in harness, will come off on Tuesday, October 14th, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. and closed with five entries. Tooinas H iwland enters hlk m Mariauni W Ban ham enters hrm Nell Gwynn H Van Lew bg Hend ick HuHou C Gorton. br m Betsey Baker A Conklin bg Peter Smith Admission to Member's Hand.Sl: Public Stand, 30 cents. JOEL UONKLIN, Proprietor, GentrrArille, Oct. 12, 1845. N. B.?Stages will leave Green & Loteea', 188 Chatham ' Squ ire, at 12)i o'clock, for the conveyance of patten* era to and 1 from the rourtc?fare fifty cents each way. o!2 3t* m DOGS! DOGS!! j MGENTLEMENgwho are deairona of owning a good warranted Dog, to answer any purpose required of ?hem, are requested to apply at the bar. 35 Fulton at., corner of Cliff, from 12 to 2 P. M . aa the Advertiser ia pre pared to supply tliern with Newfoundland , Fancy Spaniels, Terriers, Bull Terriera, Ratters, Watch Dogs, Ac. Th-most satisfactory references given if required oil I38t'5*r PEOPLES' LINE Oh STEAM BOA PS KUtt DAILY?Sundays Excepted?'Through Dt- I rent, at 6 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between .Conrtla idt and Libertv streets. New Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON, Captain R. O. ? CruttenOen. will leave ou Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Eve nings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, nil! leave ou Tuesday, Thursday end Biturday Eveniugs. at 6 e'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate piece*, from the foot if Barclay etreet i-.Steamhoat SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W. Braiuard, will leave on Monday, Wedueaday, Friday and flnndsy Aft-r noons ?t 5 o'clock. 8teambont NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furey, i will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 j o'clock Passengers taking either of the above Lines will amve in Alba- ! ay in ample time for the Morning Train ol Can for the east or ?est. The Butts are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and aceoramodations are us ivailed on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate ratea. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Lias, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Aran lis, -I the offire on the wliart. ol3 NEW LI v E FOR NEW ORLE \NS?Pecuet .of the 15th of October?The first rlasa ?hip LON ? H' IN. ( ant. Baker, will be despatched as above, anil otters . moat d> sirable Conveyance for cabin, aecoud cabin and steerage paaaengera , , Eor freight or passage, at loweat rates, apply on board the aliip, at Murray'a v? narf, foot of Wall at, or to olt m JOHN HERD VI AN lit CO 61 South st. THE only Regular Line of Packets for NEW ,ORLEANS?Packet of t e 16 li October?The ?milendid and feat sailing packet ship SILAS lliM.Mr.S, t'apt C C Barry, will positively sail ou i hursday, October 16th, her regular day. Persona about proceeding to New Orleans, will find it much to their adrantagt to select tins line in preference to transient ships as their punctuality in sailing may at all times be depend ed on, mid the ptice of {> stage is very reasonable, for winch, and to secure births, immediate application should be made on boaid foot of Maideu Lane, or to W. & J. T, TAP8COTT, 0 pin 75 South at. corner of v1aid?n Lane. KoR Li VE'< POOL? l'"e new and apleud d p oket ship RAPPAHANNOCK, Captain Drum i nond, burthen 1100 tons and upward*, will positively >all ihi .-Miurday, the I8lh instant, her regular day. Thisele gaut vessel off.-rs a moat desirable opportunity for those about to embark forthe old country; having superior accommodations to a yshipuow up for the above nort? there ia two laigeand commodious houses on deck, well ventilated and airy. Also, sever.I private state rooms lor families, sll of which will be mke . at second cabin and steer ge rates. Those wishing to secure he tns ibonld not fail to examine this fsvorable ship's ,c O'l'tnniiation. before engiging elsewhere. For passage in M'lr d cabin and steerage at the lowest rates. Please apply ou noard, pier No. J Nortn river or to JOHN HERDMAN It CO , 61 8 uth street near Wall street. N P Passage can also be seenrrd b>- the above ship from L verpool, or by any of our line, ou the most reasonable terms, lor weekly opp r'nnuy and drafts foi any amount furoished, pa able at all th - principal towna in Great Britain and Ireland. oil in ,tf*c FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and N*w Yo k Line?regular Packet, to ami Tuesday, 21st (kgUNwwinftt?Ti.e elegant fast sailing packet ship 8H A? S. PEAHfc, Rose, master, will positively sail as ah tr, her regular day. ? or freight or passage, having elegant furnished packet ac commodations, apply on hoaid at Oileaua wharf fort of Wall St.Of in E K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South st. Positively no go ds received on bo <rd after Monday evening, 20th out. Asem in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly f. ward all goods to his address. Pa-Wet ah 11 Louisville, Hunt, master, will succeed the 911 ko ' re d sal 1st Nov.. her rsgulai day, o!3 J A AlES A SWAlS 4* C<J.. Lhmptr* and I 352 Broadway, Carlton Houte, 1 WiH LD rrajvcttully inliirm their customers aad the pub lic, tint ihy now have ou hand and are constantly re- 1 ceivinirasaperiO' took of fall and winter goods, which will be made up in the latest faahion and at the lowest prices, for eash. . 01 I mere TTTT'Kl'tlirlSTa, COUNTRY MhRcllANTd, | AND DKALKRH IN PFRFVMERY IS UESERAL. EUGENE ROlTN~F.L. Msnufscrorer of Perfumery respect fullr siiiiouiic-s lliat he is now exhibiting at the "Fair of the American lnstitut-" (held at Nitiln'a) a splendid assort mrnt ol fine Toilet Soaps. Shsvoig Creams, Extracts, and 1 o logncs, la well as many i ther articles in his liue, which he of fersforsile texceedingly low prices, lie has been exhibit ing for several successive je rs articles of his manufacture at the exhibitions of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, and has always been award.d by ihetn the highest premiums, inas much as they are superior, and sought after by all who have once use ! them. Th? superlative good quality of hit Shaving ' ream it well known,that It L equal to ihr best French, (and ky good Judges pronounced Letter, owing to itsfrethuess.) it , certain, and lhat it ran he afforded at a much cheaper rate than any imiairied All w ho are desirous of purchasing will readi ly judge. A> the kind of good* exhibited, and tlie prices asked for same will, without doubt, lie satisfactory, orders are solicited, which will be promptly attended to at the Fair of the American Institute, by E. R0UB8KL, Manufacture r of Perfumery, o63weod? re No. Ill < liesuut street. Philadelphia. fifiV *"? "TnstiijflVOTJSsi'a,"' AMUSEMENTS. PAHK TIUfiATlUfi? SEVENTH NIOHT OK a wt MR. AND MRS. CHARLES KEAN. Monday Evening, October 13th, The pertorr>*nee will cmrnfii'-f with Ci ic Plif of ROMEO AND JULIET. , ? Romeo. Mr ('hi rln Kean Juliet Mr? Cha rlea Kean i'as Htyrien by the two Mi?* Vellace. To c >u lode with FORTUNIO. korrnuio Mr* Skerrett Baron Duxover Mr Do W I >o Emperor Matapa Fisher Trice of Admission?Boxes, SI; fit, 50 cevta , ??allery, 25 cents. Doors open at 6>i o'clock, and the Curtain willrise precisely j at 7 o'clock t I IX/- A limited number of Season Tickets may be obtained at the Box Office. 1IOVVERV THEATiM.. CT^Tlie public HSeeeapectfully informed, that Mturt. Cony and Blanc hard, the celebrated PantomimisU from London, are engaged at thiai Theatre. They will make their appearance thia evening, intra* ducing tliair Astomrhiiiit Trained Dogs in their performance, that have excited the greatest wonder and asloiiuhinentllirou jb ont Europe. Monday Evening, October 13th, Will be performed, the drama of PUTNAM. Gel Washington Mr Vache Major Spatkliiig Davenport Oneact-n J R 8cotl Kate Putnam MrsSergeaul After which, THE FOREST OF bONDY. (.'apt Aubri Mr Blanchard Lieut Laudry Cony Afte' which SCAN MAO. Tom Candle Mr Hadaway Lower Uuaea Kiceuu; Secuud and Third Tier*, 25 cts.; Fittnd llallery, I2H ceoti Doors will ooer. ?t h?lf past 6 the enrfain will rile at 7. NIBLO'S UAttDEN. MR. II PLACIDE, MRS. MOWAT'l' AND M K . CRISP. BENEFIT OF MESSRS. CHIPPENDALE AND JOHN SEFTON. Monday Evening, October 13th, The performances will commence with the Overture to Tan credl. To be succeeded by LONDON ASSURANCE. Orac? Harkaway, Mr? Mowatt I ' ady GnyHpanker. Mrs Crisp Sir H Courtly, II Placid" Max Hark? way, Chippendale Dazzle, Crisp | Dolly Spanker, John Selton To conclude with THE OOLDEN FARMER Golden Farmer, (iliippendaJe I Harry Hammer, T Placide Jemmy Twitcher. John Sel'tou | Henry Herbert, Gallagher ?? ? ?i half past G and the p-t.V, ma;/';* tc I inueace at 7 o'clock. M-TicktU Fifty C'mfj.-f.Y; iry Private Boxea $6 each. (J/-An efficient Poi.ce will always be in "trend *.*cotc main tain good order and keep all improier persona oat. A In liled nninher f "eason Tickets will be di?"cwed of PAIaMO'b OPERA HOUSE. o MR. TEMPLETON, F the Theatres Royal. Drury Lane and Coveut Garden will have the honor of making his FIRST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA, In one of his popular MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS Entitled THE ROSE, THISTLE AND SHAMROCK. On Wednesday, Octoher i5ih, ims. Piano Forte Mr. Austin Phillips, Among the Songs connected with the ciitertaiumeut will be the following:? Song?"8ALLY IN OUR ALLEY." Song-" TELL HER I LOVE HER." Hunting Song?" OLD TOWLER." lu the co 'rse of the evening, the f ivorite Song of "I LOVE HER. HOW 1 lOVE HER. As originally sung by Mr. Tetnpleton in the grand Opera of "Gnstavus.'' Song ?"MEETING OK THE WATERS." Song?" WE MAY ROAM THRO' THIS WORLD." Song-" THE MIN-TREL BOY." Song-" JOHN ANDERSON, MY JO." Soot- A MAN'S A MAN FOR A' THAT." Song?"THERE LIVES A YOUNG LASSIE." Song?" THE LAIRD O COCKPEN." Door* open at 7. To commence at 8 o'clock, and terminate at 10. Ticket* and Programmes may be had at the Mnaic Stores, and at the doora T ck eta Kilty Cents Books of the words, price 11)4 cent* each, to be had at the doors. On Friday evening Mr. Templeton will present his Grand Festival Entertainment, as given by him at Ayr, on August .... .- /- .e ? ,4fP th- 6rh, 1314, iu commemoration of the Great National Poet, Burns oi3 3tm UOWUKV CIRCUS. Boxes 25 cents ; Pit 12)4 cents. Chi'dren to Boxes half price. ROCKWELL AND STONE'S AND WELCH AND MANN'S TROUPE. Crowded Houses since the arrival of MESSRS HOBBS AND J WHITTAKER. HORSEMANSHIP EXTRAORDINARY. SPLENDID CAVALCADES-BRILLIANT FETES. SPORTS OF THE RING. EXERCISES OF THE GYMNASIUM. VAULTING, TUMBLING, kc. ol3 ltm CHESISHT S'l'UEK'l' lm&lttki PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bonro-v Lesskk awo Mstvsoxn Miss DEL' Y, Mr GARDINER and Mr. BROUOH, Monday s-.vcnin*,, Uciobet 1,'ilh The performance wi I commence with LA SO SNAMBU I,A? Amina, Miss Delcj; Count Rodulpho, Mr Brought Elvino, Gardiner. Alter which, MR. k. MRS. WHITE?Msj Pepper, Beruett; Mr White, Owens; Mis White, Mrs Smith. On Tuesday?Miss Logan, from the Western Theatres, will make her drat appearance, in Julia, iu the Hunchback. Wedueaday?Second night of the Oyera. ARCH STKKK'T THKATRE. PHILADELPHIA. STsea- MsitsuKn Ma H. K. Stevens Monday Evening, October 13th, The Perfo mance to commence with JANE SHORE?Du mont, J H Scott; Hasting*, Fredericks; Jane Shore, Miss A Fisher; Alicia, Mra Green. After which, MR TD RH'F. will appear in Jumbo Jnm. To conclude with THE DUMB GIRL OF GEN<?A-Strajv pado Mr W F Wood; The numb Oir1, Mia Wilkinson. INTROUUUTl)RV CONCEAT. THE CHENEY FAMILY, from Vermont, will give their Introductory Conceit on MONDAY EVENING, October 13, 1845, At tlie NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY, when they will sing a variety of Glees. Quartettes and Sengs, selected from the best American, English and Germ 11 compositions. They will also introduce several new pieces composed and arranged expressly for them PROGRAMME. PART 1. National Glee?Columbia Melody by J Brahatn Arranged for the Cheney Family by G Loder. Serenade?Sleep On Arranged by Herrmann Old Song?The Beggar Girl. Trio? W itches'Glee King Song?The In. h Mother's Lament J Barton Quartette?Bnrialof Sir Joh Moore Arranged for the Cnene> Family bjr G Loder. PART Glee? Lntzew'a Wild Hunt ....Von Weber Trio?Canadi n Boat Song ...Words and .Mnaic by T. Moore Song?The Irish Emigrant's Lament Woids by Mra Price BUikwood?Mnaic by Dempster. Qoaitette?D?y slowly Dec I lun.g Weber Arrang d lor the Cheney b amity by G Loder. 8"ng?Eve'? Lamentation King Quartette?Come Dwell With Me Melody by A Lee Arranged for the Cheney Familv ny G Loder Quartette?Good Night By the Cheney Family Tickets 50 cents each?To lie had at Waxtoo St Miles', 205 Broadway; George F. Nembitt'a, comer of Wall and Water ata ; at the principal Mu?ir Stores, and at the Door. Concert to commence ?t half-past 7 o'clock olOU'rc TITIAN'S VENUS. bl^HIS much admired Painting, after a most successful visit X to Boston, has 1 eturn-d to tins city for exhibition at room No 7, Lafarge Building. 263 Broadway. Open from 9 A M. till 10 P. M. Admission 25 cents?Season Ticket* 50 cents. olOlw*mc NOW K XIII BITING, (for a short time only) at the Hooma of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard atreet, De Kuyper's celebrated statue (in marble) entiileu "LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This eiquisue and refined work, which has been pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chef d'auvre of modern art. and which hat attracted crowds of admirers in Europe, has been brought to this country at great cost and risk, and it now confidently opened for the inspection of the lovers of this sub lime and heaulilul art. Open from 9 A. M. until 10 T. M. Admittance 25 cents.? Spat >n Tickets 50 rents. s30 rre PHILH A K MUN1C S>UC 1E T Y. THE Commi ter of Management of the New York Philhar monic Society heg leave to inform the public that a sub scription list for the Concerts of the ensuing aeasnn is now open at the store of Messrs. Scharlembrrg k Luis, 36f Broad An many complaints have been made of the want of room, the committee have been induced to remove the Concerts to Palmo'a Opera House, Chambers street. Terms of subscription (10 per annum, payable on delivery of the tickets for the first Concert, entitling the subseriberto three admissions to each of the four Concerts.^ with the privi lege of purchasing two extra tickets for each Concert, at Si 50 per ticket Bv order JAMES L. ENSIGN, Sec'y. o7 6teodi?*ic GOTHIC HAI.L, ADAMS STREET, BROOKLYN, FOR T IV O SIGHTS ONLY, WEDNESDAY k THURSDAY, Oct. 15th and 16th. Admmion 25 Centt. THE ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS, Messrs. GERMAN, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON, FELnAM and WHITE, Respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Brook lyn that they propose giving two of their INIMITABLE ENTERTAINMb NTS On the shove Evenings, consisting of SONGS, GLEES CHORUSES, kc. kc. Vfu ic from the most popular Operas accompanied with the Accordion,Banjo, Tambo and Castiueta For isiitirulars see Programmes. ?r? front seats reserved for ladies. fe~?r, )?>or* open at 7H~Concert at B o'clock. An ffllci'itt Police in *u*ndare* t? prpinTg atrict ornrr. DR HOLLICK'S LECTURES. FOR GENTLE ME N O NL Y. ON th* Origin of Life, or Philosophy and Pi ynolngy of REPRODUCTION in Plants and Animals,the Causes and Cure of LICENTIOUSNESS, kc.. illustrated by his 16 life-like Models of the Male and Female Systems, and infant beings at every stage, kc., on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, October 14, 15 and 16, St Franklin Hall, Chatham Square. Doors open at 7?Lecture to commence at 7Q. Single Lec tu e 50 cents. Tickets for the course $1. Each Lecture com plete by itself. For Ladies ?nly, at 2 P. M , same days. oil 4trc 1 ?""?? fffifiESK 1-4 American Institute (h i , f Toilet Soars, Bh ? w.'.i'VriT.u: tsaxr-' - Al.l.r.N DuD WORTH will commence a Private Ilanoing School at his reaideuce, No. 448 Broome street, on Mon day, Oct. 20*h. to contiuue during thv season, every Monday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 3 I'. M lor Ladies, and at 7 for Gentlemen. For terms, lie. apply as above, oil Jl?*fT9 * LATEST INTELLIGENCE, MX bAJII WMhln^on. [CviTMpoD'ience of the TleraM ] Washington, Out 11, 1840. For the list twenty-four hours it has been rain* ing as if to rnuke up tor utl the deficiencies of the summer. It still continues unabated. The great est immediate advantage from this inundation will probably be a navigable rise in the Ohio; for, accor ding to the theory of Professor Espy, these rains have extended beyond the Alleghenies Their ef fect here, however, at this juncture, is rather a dis advantage in the suspension of the work upon the numerous buildings now in progress of erection in the Federal city. We expect this nor'-easter to hold up in a day or two, and then we anticipate a spell ?f Indian summer?that most gorgeously beau tiful of all seasons?that most Elysian climate upon the face of the earth. Yesterday we gave a list of certain conspicuous Albany politicians lately arrived in Washington. Most of them, if not all, are bidders upon propo sals for the erection of a naval depot at Memphis^ Tennessee. There was an understanding and a combination among them, in opposition to tne pro bable one when they Hrst came on; but there has since been a misunderstanding and a dissolution among them, as we are pained to relate, and Conse quent jealousies, incompatible with the harmony of the gang. Each man ib now thrown upon his inde pendent propositions, and each being acquainted in advance with the proposals of every other member ol the clique, there is fair ground to presume that some of them will effect their object. One gentle man, however, more shrewd than the rest, went to the Chief Clerk (a day or two since) of the Bureau having cognizance of naval contracts, and asked if it were not admissible to put in a blank bid, cover ing all possibilities of competition. The motion being ruled out of court, the gentleman ia to-day busily engaged in cyphering out a specific chapter of proposals, which he expects will undermine all competition and secure him a fair profit into the bargain Notwithstanding, we will bet upon the successful ones against the field; and we will go to the extent of a hat with any gentleman disposed to accept the challenge; and this in the teeth of Wet more's official dinner last Sunday. You will have observed that Blair & Hives have issued a prospectus for a Congressional Globe, of sixteen pages per week, and that Ritchie ?Xr Heisa determined to underbid the great ejected of the Ex ecutive organ, have issued proposals for a Congrta lional Union, of twice sixteen pages per week, upon nearly the same terms. This affords you the fairest and most conclusive testimony ot the harmony exist ing at present between these rival firms, and their respective friends in Congress and throughout the country. Messrs. Blair & Hives appear to be inappeasable. To conciliate them for their expulsion, ths adminis tration has kindly promoted to office from the late Globe establishment, hall a dozen of its reporters and printers And what ia the return to these evi dences ot a desire for peace on the part of the ad ministration?what is the return trom the excom municated editors 1 An advertisement to the public boldly proposing to run down the Union, and drive father Ritchie back to the tripod ol the Richmond Enquirer. Is not this conduct uncharitable?most uncharita ble on the part of Blair and Rives 1 After having acquired from the party princely fortunes, thus to op S>se the chances ol redemption offered to Father itchie, who has grown poor in the service through which they have become men of capital?to say the least of it, >s it not uncharitable 1 But it arises from one ot those anomalies of human nature, that the more it acquires ihe keener becomes its avaricious apjietite. The struggle for the printing of the House will be very interesting to all concerned, aod to the uninterested and uninitiated very amusing and cu rious. The Court of Inquiry in the case of Lieutenant McLaughlin, has yet a host of witnesses to examine. Doubtless the Judge Advocate, Mr. Pnilip Barton Key, would he willing to the task of examiningdou ble the number. Naval Court or inquiry. Navy DEfARTMEXT, > Washixgtox, October 10, 1848. 5 Charles Aaprkwh was called and sworn. By the Judae Advocate?I was attached to the Flori da squadron; I went out as a private of marines; I til there about ten months when I was made a corporal, and in five months after that I was made a sergeant; I arrived there on the loth Aug , ls3?, and came away on the 10th July, 1841; I we- twice tick in the hospital at Indian Key; I was in the hospital five days at the first time, and fourteen or hlteen days the second lime; there were about twenty patients nt,tnis time perhaps mvie; not over thirty though; there were, dum-g the time I was in tho hospital, about a dozen beds on bedsteads; they were in the room where 1 was; in the other room there were some hammocks iaid on the floor with mattresses under them; the men had their own beds, or a part of them had; there were about ten or twelve beds on the floor, perhaps more; as to my own bed, I had no linen sheets or pillow-cases on it; I had my own bed ciotbee; I ilont know whether any one else bad such sheets or pillow cases:! cannot say whether anyone of the mattresses were made of hair; at the hospital I saw a man named Sergeant Dorris, who was allowed a bottle of porter; he was tho only man there, whom I ever saw get anything like that,I never saw any one in the hospital get enyluxuriee, such as sweetmeats and wines;-! would bare observed these things, I think, if they had occurred, as there were sick men all around me. [Here Lieut. M'Laughlix, in an appeal to the Presi dent of the Court, objected to the putting of this last question, on the ground that when a similar queatioa was put by him to another witness, the Judge Aavooate objected to it; but the Court overruled it ] The largest of the canoes carried nine men, but there were not over six or seven of these in use; the majority of the canoes carried five or six men; when I first saw the canoes that arrived at Itdian Key it was about a month alter they had been brought there; some of them were in very good order, but they all had to be worked on, and to have some repairs before they could go on tho expedition; some of them were split open at ihe bottom for two or three yards; 1 think they were split open by the sun; the most of them were split open; upon their arrival on the island 1 helped to unload them, end some of them were split then; the condition of the last cargoos I saw, which was about a month after their arrival, was bad; they were piled up under a shed and not uaed while I was there; I suppose there was about one hundred in this lot; of the whole number of canoes at Indian Key there were, I suppose,in general use, about thirty; there were about thirty canoes used upon our expedition; 1 taw some of the army canoes; they were rether better fitted out than ours. By Lieat. McLauohlix.? 1 was sick in the hospital on Indian Key, in September or October, 1841, both times; 1 went in the expedition of the everglades in October, 1841, with Lieutenant McLaughlin; I joined the schooner Flirt in or about the last of December, 1841, somewhere near Christmas; I don't think all the mariners were on the expedition at one time; they were not; there were at one time, upwards of ninety mariners altogether on the Key, and out of their uumher about seventy or eighty were on an expedition; of those that were left behind, c n this occasion, there were some carpenters belonging to the mariners working one house, and others siclt in the hospital; on some oftbe expeditions there were only twenty, or thirty, or forty mariners; there were not so many mariners there on the last occasion as there were on the first; some came out afterwards; i was sick in the hospital erected by Lieut. McLaughlin; there were two rooms occupied by the sick during the time that I was there; this is the hospital I described the beds being in; there was hut one surgeon who attended me both times during my sickness; it was, I think, either Dr. Hastings or Dr. Hopkinson, I don't know which; the carpenters were working on a house at a corner ol the island; it was occupied, I think, afterwards, as a clerk's office; I went ashore alter it was fixed and signed my account* there; they had been working on the hospital before 1 went on tho expedition to the everglade*. A. O. Dattox was hate re-called, and asked several questions, which were of no material importance. By request of Lieutenant McLauohlix, Wm. Peak was here called and sworn. By Lieut. McLauqhu*? I was attached to the Florida expedition, and acted a* captain's clerk; tba vessel that twos in was the schooner Wave, Lieut. Herndon, who waa the captain; I was in the expedition between ele ven and twelve months, from Sep'omhor, 1841, to Aiiy. 1843; I have no reason to believe that Lieut. McLaughlin ever attempted to defraud the government, or use any collusion whereby to effect that object; I never paid away any Patriot or Mexican doubloons; I paid nothing but Spanish doubloons) all my weakly return, of proyl siont expended were handed in to Lieut. McLaughlin, and were accurate and true; I was on Indian Key about one month; 1 messed in the quarters that were furnish od to the officers there, end the provisions were furnish ed by myself; I never knew of hospiul stores havlnc been used by any others than the sick; if there had, I think I should have known it; I never saw any wasted, kc in the care of the public property on Indian Key. By the Juno* Advocate?I never saw any Patriot or Mexican dollars paid by any one connected with the iiuadron; Mr. < ?eorge Center occupied a house which ,e said he built himself, out of his own means; I have >10 further evidence other than his own word for It, that he built it at his own expense. I hare trequently been in and about thoh spital?that la, the offlcera' part of it; I never dined with tne surgeons; I have never examin ed the canoes, any more than to measure the length and >readth of some of them; 1 saw one vessel arrive at Indian Key with canoes; the most of them were in good irder, and some ol them were considerably split, I be lieve there were some canoee piled up under a shed vhich were not used; there may have been twenty or thirty so piled up; soma ol them hed, to the best or my belief, been in service?not ell. By the Court?Lieutenant McLaughlin did not, to *as too sick to require eny <other delicacy than tea er- 1 sew others of the sick get delicacies, I have aeog reserved mast, given to the nick. I l eva also seen (ruit r Ten to them end porter, wine, and otbef liquors. Bv I ieut McLauohlih horns ol the canoes is end to feet long; and one of them I particular M .-Srhi breadth, to be four fret and one inch. indVhet would ell average, I suppose, Irom vide 1 took pains, (having some curiosity to know .) to nsasnre somo'ol the bug.?, of these; 1 th.nk five or six of?,h."mltwas hare called and s worn. By tb* Ji Bue AavocaTS?I waa passed midshipman 1

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