Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1845 Page 1
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THE N E W YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. !4QM?Whole No. 413 0. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 19, 1845. Price Two Cent*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Everyday. Price 2 cents per copy?$7 26 i>er Annum -payable iu advance. VVKKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6*4 cents j*r copy?21 12^ cents per annum? payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash iu advance. POINTING ofall kinds executed with beauty and despatch ! / All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment. must be post psid, or t^e postage will be de ducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor 01 the New York Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and n a?sru streets. RALKJGH AND GASTON RAILROAD BSBlffig FOR SALE ON MOND AY,the 29th day of December next, by virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity for Wake County, at its Autumn Session, IB 15, iu a suit of th* Governor, for the use of the State of North Carolina, to free lose a Mortgage there tofore executed b v th" Raleigh and (List in Railroad Company, to itideuoiify t)?e State against certain liabilities for said Coni*, I will ?e|| sit public Auction, at the Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the holiest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh and G .ston Railroad Company aforesaid. (so far as the same is knowu to me,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gastou on the North side of th" Roanoake river, in the direct line of public onv yance to Petersburg, City Point, Richmond. Washington City. Baltimore 61c Uc . together with all Bridges. Depots, Workshops and T *ols. Warehouses, Water Stations, Engines, Cars Ike Uc. Also, the stock of Iron. Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then be oil hand, and all other articles own ed and used by the said Company for keeping up said R ilroad, and trnusportati 11 on the sains. From the nature of the pro perty it will be sold e/l masse. Tne purchasers by the terms of flie Decree, and the Act of the Legislature 111 relation to it, will become, ipso J'acto, a body corporate, by the 11 one and style ol the present Company, and will acquire ail th" franchise, privileges, rights and immu nities now possessed by it, for the term of 80 years, which it? charter has yet to run. These franchises and privileges are of the most advantageous kind to the Company, and may be found at large iu their charter, contained in the 2d Volume of the Revised Statutes of North Carolina, page 2119, which is to be seen at the Seats of Government, anu 111 most ol the Public Libraries of the States ol the Union. The whole purchase money must beJULintcivst, at the rate of 6 per cent per annual, from the day of sme, and be paid as fol lows, to wit: $26,000 at the end of six months, and the residue iu four instalments, at intervals of ten mouths each?say 1st, 29th June. 1816, $26,000 2d, 29th April, 1817, one-fourth of the remainder. ~rr?l 3d, 29th February, 1818, one-fourth of dot fth, the 29th of December, 1818, one-fdHrth of do. 6th, the 29th of October, 1819, one-lourtn of do. The cost of this Railroad and its appurtenances, completed only live years since, was $1,600,000?one half of which we borrowed; creating a debt bearing interest, on lailure to pay which, a sale has become necessary. The grading, bridges,* depots, Ike. arc executed in an excellent style of workmanship. Ca s run daily over it, carrying the Mail of the United States, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com pensation of $100 per ini'e, or $8,700 per annum. And, traver sing a fertile region of country through nearly its whole length, its freights for the trauspvirta'ion of Produce and Mer chaiidi/.", independently of the receipts from Passengers, afiord a considerable addition to the ordinary sources ol profits on railroads Though not, nojr, yielding a profit 011 the 1 trge sum expended in its construction, its income has been increasing lor some time past, and it is confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount of . ?; it I invested in Us purchase. Toe sale w ill he made without reserve, at the tunc and place af res iid, at which th <se it.clined to purchase, are respectfully invited to attend. The purchase money must bo secured by bond with approved sureties. . . CHARLES I.. HINTON, Public T renin r?r of till! State of North Carolina, and Social Commisr inter of the Court ol Equity, iu this cause. Raleigh, N. C., October 6, 1815. . IT?* The following papers will insert the foregoing auver (ih) incut <10 days, end forward their bill, for payment, with a pap r cout ttniiiK the -sine, to the "unscrilier: Bostou Atlas, New York Herald, Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. States (i.i/.etie, Richmond Enquirer and Richmond VVhiK, Charleston Courier, Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. St C. L. H. LONG lril(AJSlJ RAlLKUAl) COMPANY. CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Uomineucing on Monday, September 15th, 1815. Leant Hryokltm? At 8>, o'clock, A. >1., Boston Train for Greenport, daily, BnnUaya excepted, stopping at Farmiugdale and St. George's Manor. At 9X A. M , for Farming 'ale and intermediate places, daily Sunday? excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days, through to Greenport and intermediate places. At I P. M., for Fartningdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, aiid on Saturdays to Suffolk Station. Leave Greenport ? Boston Train, at 1 o'cloc.e, P. M , or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily. Sunday* excepted, stopping at St (Irotfs's Manor and Farmiugdale. \f 9 o'clock, A. M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lrnre Famtingdale? For Brooklyn, at 6% o'clock, A. M., and I P. M., daily. Sun oday* .-leepi-o. , Lrnre Jumiiii a? For or e.slyn, at 8 o'clock, A, M. and iU P. M., daily, Sun day* evp..p|CU> Oedloni . . . 8 l)eer Park 68 East New York ... ... 12)? Thompson 88 | Race Course ... 18 b, Suffolk Statiou 1 00 Trotting Court* 18'^ Lake Road Station 1 18V lamaica 25 Medford Station... ...1 18X Srnshville 31 'a Millrvillc 1 50 Hyde Park, 17 miles . W, St. George's Manor. ... 1 62 tllowsville, (during sea Kiverhead 1 62)? sion f'ourt.) 37X, Jamesport ...I62>? Hempstead 37H Mattetuck. 1 62. 8rauch 17>? Cutchogue 1 62 Carle Place 41 Sonthold I 62 ?Vesthury 11 Greenport, Acc'n. train. I 75 ' iicksvilfe 41 Boston Train 2 00 Farmiugdale ti2H Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Urates will he in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 miuutes l>e f >re tii- hour of starting from the Brooklyn side, j.-- Kockaway Baggage taken in separate Urates. The Steamer Statesman leaves Greenport for Sag Harbor twii e each day on tlie arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn, sll rc CENTRAL RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. LUST A NCE 1$) MILES rjMllS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengers 8 and Freight. Rates of Passture 8 00 Rates of Freight viz ; Ou ? eight goods generally 50 cents per hnndrcd. u measurement goods 13 cents per cubic foot. ii barrels wet (except molasses and oil) _ SI 50 per barrel. On barrels dry (except lime) 80 cents per barrel. On iron in pigs or bars, castings for mills and unboxed m.chinery... 10 cents per hundred. On lihds and pi|ies of liquor not over 120 gallons $5 00 per hhd. On hhds molasses and oil 6 00 Goods addressed to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free of THOM/ commission. THOMAS PURSE, sll 3m rc Oen'l Sup't.Transportation. MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. DAILY OVER THE LONO ISLAMI iIaIL ROAD, VIA SEW LONDON, NORWICH * WORCESTER. At 6 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall reet, South Farry?Sundays excepted. aain Way (Hates are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggsge for Boston goes through under lock. ju 16 li re TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS Vkkss !'1?TNT;eU pauket line, h rom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via tile Pennsylvania Kail roadsaiid Canal?through in 3)? day's. The shove line is now in fill! operation and offers great inducements to persons who wish a pleasant mode of learelling to the west. The cars are built iu the most approved modern style, the noats are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience "" I trav client. The scenery on thia route ia unrivalled, and the real chain or ?'ennsylvauia internal improvements is well wot by ol being, seen. By tins r .lite |>asseiigert areid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon h'age travelling, and at the sntne time makean ex peditious trip. The cars leave every inorningat 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. K. cornel of Uhesunt and Fourth streets, and at Not. 13 and 15 South Third sts. A. UUMMING8, Agent. Philadelphia, Ma) 17, 1M5. 6"nr information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISELL. Agent for .nvlTcm'rn I) LEECH k CO.'sLine 7 West st. N R. 1846." TRANSPORTATION. 1845. ifclllN ALLEN'S UlLl NTON LI NE. JOHN ALLEN vslndws to inform his old and tried friends. , that he IS afloat once 1V0P, under a new organization. His i present line const ts riMiVnty lirst class Canal Boats, fitted op in superior style, lor tHLf imfort of psssengrrs and i he safety of . freight. Each limit of llutoliue is commanded by her owner, I (andlor the public salel^Ls lulls insured,) and placed entire- i l v under his management Md control. This line is connected ' ns fonnerly, with the Eckford Line of Tow Boats on the Hud- i son River, and C. M. Reed's Steamboat* ou the Lakes, and he enn with confidence say to hi* friends, that at no time has lie | ever hern placed in a better sitnaM x to serve the public more effectually than with ihe present organizat on,and would there- ( fere respectfully solicit a continuance of patronage. All KNT8 Hugh Allen 19 Botl'h street, New York. Hubert Allenvt4uay, Albany. John Allen, Eacliange street. Rochester. George Davit, Heed * Whan Buffalo, K N. Parks it Uo..Cleveland l.tidlow, Bahcockk Browuless, Toledo J. A. Armstrong, Detroit. J. E. Met Jure. Milwankie. Bristol k Porter, Chicago. JOHN ALLEN, Of Rochester, General Agent. irT*M?rchants ship-,ting in New York, will please mark Faskafss, '"John Allen's UJiuton Ljne,'^and ship wf^ Eekford Packages, Jonu Allen's t,Union blue, ano snip vj rasmn Tow Boat, which le(tyc rier 1, foot Broad street, daily, at5 clock, P. M. ** lnl rc PAUKI/Yb FOR HAVRE?Hecond Line ? my The pac'sat ship ONEIDA, Cspt Jainst Funcfc, JRwr ot mo Mkl Ttntiitik WkiiMWlllR IBAD H.WtKhvuafli OF AN 22A fi EXPLORING EXP1BIRON Tfl TUC SNAKE INDIANS TO THE i n iMfi? 5 ? ?= a u n AND TO Oregon'North California 1. chimney Rock. I.^Revil's Uate. rcjfp} 7.|Puss of the Standing'Rock. IP. Hill of <'olumnar Basalt on the Columbia River, a. Kort Laramie. a. Wind River Mountain*. H. American Fall* of Lewis' Fork. II. Pyramid Lake. __ 3. Hot Spring Gate. tj. I'ike'a Peak. 9. Outlet of Subterranean Rivor. 12. Pass in the Sierra Nevada of California Chimney Rock, on the Valley of the North Fork. Fort Laramie, near the River Flatte. Capt. Fremont1! Kxplortng Kxpeilltlon to the Itocky Mountain!. We herewith present to our readers, a map of the route ot this enterprising traveller, accompanied by two engravings, of spots oi interest. It is our in tention, from time to time, to give the whole series of views by which the gallant Captain's able report is illustrated. There have been got up?as the com mon saying is, " at enormous expense," and hope they will be appreciated by our readers, as they can not fail but aflord them a vast amount of information of this almost unknown beautiful country. The map embraces the whole of the route from the mouth of the Missouri river in an almost north western direction, along the Nebraski or Platte river the North Fork of the Platte river, through the new ly discovered South Pass at the foot of the Wind River Mountains, along the Nintah river to Red Fork in a south-eastern direction; thence to the Great Salt Lake and the Utah Lake ; from thence to the Fork of the Columbia river; from thence to For1 Baisee on the Rio Baisee ; across the Blue Moun tains, proceeding to Fort Walawalah ; along the Co lunibia river to Cai>e Disappointment on the Pacific Ocean. The next engraving is a view of Chimney Rock. It ia situated in the valley of the North Fork. In the language of the narrator?" It looks at a dis tance of some thirty miles like what it is called? the long chimney of a Steam Factory or a Shot Tower in Baltimore. The annexed drawing renders any further description unnecessary." The land at this spot consists ol marl and earthy limestone. Travellers who visited this rock some years since placed its height at upwards ol 500 feet, but it is ra pidlv diminishing. The third engraving presents a view of Fort Lara mie, situated 011 the mouth of the river of the same name above Chimney Rock, it is a quadrangular structure, built of clay, after the lashiou of the Mexi cans, who are generally employed in building them The walls are about fifteen feet high, surmounted with a wooden palisade, and form a portion of ranges ol houses, which entirely surround a yard of about one hundred and thirty feet square. Every appart ment has its door and window?all, of course, open ing on the inside. There are two entrances oppo site each other, and midway the wall, one of which is a large and public entrance ; the other smaller and more private?a sort ol postern gale. < )ver the great entrance is a square tower with loopholes, and, like the rest of the work, built of earth. At two of the angles, and diagonally opposite each other, are large square bastions, so arranged as to sweep the tour faces of the walls. '1 his post belongs to the American Fur Company, and, at the time ol our visit, was in charge ol Mr. Boudou. Two of the company's clerks, Messrs. Gdptn and Kellogg, were with nim, and he had in the fort about sixteen men. As usual, these had found wives among the Indian squaws; and, with the usuul accompaniment ol children, the place had quite a populous appearance. It is hardly necessary to say. that the object of the establishment is trade with the neighboring tribes, who, iu the course of the year, generally make two or three visits to the lort. in addition to this, traders, with a small out tit, are constantly kept amongst them. The articles ot trade consist, on the one side, almost entirely of butfalo robes ; and, on the other, of blankets, cali coes, guns, powder, and lead, with such cheaporna meuts as glass beads, looking-glasses, rings, vermi lion lor painting, tobacco, and principally, and in spite of the nohibition, of spirits, brought into the country in the lortn of alcohol, and diluted with wa ter before sold. While mentioning tins fact, it is but justice to the American Far Company to state, that, throughout the country, I have always found them strenuously opposed to the introduction ol spi rituous liquors. But, in the present state of things, when ihe country is supplied with alcohol, when a keg of it will purchase from an Indian every thing lie^ possesses?lus furs, his lodge, his horses, and even his wife and children?and when any vagabond who lus money enough to purchase a mule can go into a village and trade against them successfully, without withdrawing entirely from the trade, it is impossible lor them to discontinue its use. In their opposition to this practice, the company is sustained, not only by their obligation to the laws of the country and the Welfare of the Indians, but clearly, also, on grounds of policy ; for, with heavy and exiiensive outfits, they contend at manifestly great disadvantage against the numerous independent and unlicensed traders, who enter the country from various ave nues, from the United States and from Mexico, hav ing no other stock in trade than some kegs of hquor, which they sell al the modest price of thirty-six dol lars per gallon The difference between the regular trader and [he courrur drs hois, (as the French call the itinerant or peddling traders,) with resjiect to the sale of spirits, is here, as it always has been, fix ed and permanent, and growing out of the nature of their trade. The regular trader looks ahead, and has an interest in the preservation of the Indians, and in the regular pursuit of their business, and the pre servation of their arms, horses, and every thing ne cessary to their future and permanent success in hunting: the courrur dcs bois has no permanent in terest, and gets what lie can, and for what he can, front every Indian he meets even at the risk of dis fabling him from doing any thing more at hunting. CHEAP NIGHT ROUTE TO BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE. ONE of the inost agreeable routes to the above places, has been established by the Long Island Railroad Com? any. Pas sengers can be now tiken three times a week from tn ? Depot at Brooklyn, at 5 P.M. passing direct from tireenport to Pro vidence in the steamer New Haven,and arriving at Providence in time to take the early train to Boston, fare 50 cents to Providence, and Si 75 to Boston oil tfrrc jNO'I'W ft. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET On and after Monday, October 28th, only one boat will run on this Kerry, and the trips will be as follows:? Leave Stateu Island. Leave New fork. 8 A. M. 8 A. M. . 10 do 11 do . 12 M. 1 y, P.M. 2*P M. 3H do i do G do ?16rc REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. aMM OlI MORNINO LINK at 10 o'clock A. M. BKN KRANKLIN Ne.T, J. It. Summons, master. PIKE No. 8, J Armstrong, master. KVKNINO LLN K at6 o'c lock P M. SIMON KENTON, W. McClam, master. BKN KRANKLIN No. 6, VV. McCleJIan, master. These boats.forming two daily lines, will run regularly, lea ving punctually at the Lour, and will take freight and passen gers to and from intermediate I Hidings, at the usu. I rates. freight will be received for these line* at the Mail Wharf Boat, mot Ol Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas sengers. STRADER it OORMAN, ) . ol lm?rre ROGERSkSHERLOCK, ^A*"lt,? PEOPLES' LINK OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALII K M \ DAILY?Sundays Kicepted?Tlirough Di rect, at 6 o'clock I'. .\1 , from (he 1 icr betweea ConrtU idt and Liberty streets. K Steamboat HENDRK K HUDSON, (amain K.<!. den, will leare on Monday, Wednesday und Friday Kvr uings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat KNlCKERflOCKKR, Can,em A IlnugJiion, will Unye on Tueaday, Thnraday and Saturday G o'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M. land ink at intermediate placet, from the foot of Barclay street ..Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, I,apt. L. W. Brainard, will leare on Monday, W-dneaday Friday and Sunday Afu r nootia at J o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERIC A, Captain 11. H. Kurey, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoon", o S o'clock Passengers taking eilher ol the abow Lim s will arr;y, in .lb ? ay iu ample tune lor the Morutng Train o< C vs for the east ?r weal. The Bsatiarenrw and anbatantial, ti ? furnished with ue>- .id elegant stale rooms, and (or apeed and accommodations ,-r'?.? iyalled on the Hndaon. Freight taken at moderate lates. All persons are forbid muting a?| oI the Boats ?i >n'i without a written order from the I 'apt ,n* nt Agci.u Kor passage or freight, apply on i, trd i> ? b??.? ? to i . S.-Jimlx, al tlie office on the v/liall _ nil MOKNMICt LINL Ai I Di.UILa, FOR ALBANY, HU'Y and one e landings, from the Steamboat f'ier at t>. ,o i ,i Barclnystreet. tirvaktast and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at I o'clock. A. M., Tneailapt I'hni-.., is and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany u 7 o i !< < Ir A. M. Monday, Wedueaday and Friday. The low-preaanrr steamboat THOk , < apian A tiornam, n Tnradaya, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A Degrool, on Mae day, Wedueaday and Friday, at 7 o'r I >-c it For passage or freight, apply on board, oi to h . ft flail, a-die Office on the wharf. Notice?All goods, freight, baggage,batik bills, ipecie, or any other kind of property taken, ship|rd, or put on hoard thia boat, must be at the risk of the owuers of snch goods, freight, b.ig gage, hc^ jellrc FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTEK-For Liver MRMPWpool or Briatol?The well known Britiih baruue BSabblX HFOUR J Wakemaii. master, will be ready lo receire freight m a few unye lire ye, For pamcnltu, apply to W, k J.T. TAPSCQTT, 74 South it. eor, Maiden Lane ?? ,i^i w for saugerties and oatskil. THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADI ?SON, Capt K. J. Copperly, will leave the loot .of Cedar street, every .Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at 6 o clock, P.M. For freight 01 passage, apply on board, orto O. K. Wainwnght, Agent, on the wharf. *29 tm*mc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. i&L for ALB AN V AND T110V DIRECT, ir-^irr ^r"'" '',e l>K'r at l',e 'oot ?' Coortlandt J9^aaJKidK.*treet. the i'asivuirers taking thi* boat will arrive in tiine to takeorth Morning Train of (. art from Troy west to Buffalo, and n to Saratoga and Lake George The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain H. B. Ma cy, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday al 6 o'clock. The steamboat COLOMBIA, Cnpt.iin Win. H. l'eck, rvery Monday, Wednesday and Frtdav afternoon, at fi o'clock rot I'aseag-- or Freight apply oa board, or to C. Clark, ?t the office on to* what' Freight taken on the oioit reasonable terms. Freight must he put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the company will uot be responsible for loss. No freight taken after 5 o'clock. *21*1 STEAMSHIP NEW YOU K, forChar/e ton, Key West and New Orleans? Passen gers by this staainer will please be on board, at 10 o clock This Morning, at Pier 7 N R.? 'Letter hags will close at 9% o'clock, at the W. Sc. J. T. TAP8COTT, 75 South at., cor. Maiden Lane. STEAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. THE Great Western Steam Ship Compa ny's Steain Ships. t The GREAT WESTERN, 1700 tons, 150 horse power, B R. Mathews, Esq., ?Commander. The UKE.VT BRITAIN, 3,500 tons, 1000 horse power. Lieutenaut J nines ilosken, R. N., Commander?are intended to sail as follows;? GREAT WESTERN. From Liverpool. | From New York. Saturday October 11. | Thursday Nov. 6 GREAT BRITAIN From Liverpool. | From New York. ?Saturday Sept. 27. | Saturday Oct. 24. Kan- per Great Western, $HI0, and t* Stewards' Fees. Fare per Great Britain, from #8(1 to SI2>>, (and #5 Steward a fee,) according to the ske auil position of the Suite Rooms (?or freight or passage, or other information, apply to RICHARD RVJN, ao7 3aw4m?rc 92 Frontstreet. BOSTON STEAM hlltS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. TH1C Royal Mail Steam Shi pa ( AM BRIA nuil I1IUEHN1A will learo tins, loafor the above |>orl?, >t> follows, Tit ? Cambria,C. H. E. Judkins, Esq., Commander Oct. 16. IWJ Hiberoia, Ale*. Ryrie, Esq., Commander Nor. I, IMS. Passaged Liver|>ool $130. Passage to Halifax 30 For freight or passage, apid j to vi ? I>. BKIUHA.M, Jr , Agent,6 Wail si No Berth secured until paid for. o!t rc DRAFTS ON UHKAT BRITAIN \.M> IRELAND?Persons within* to remit ino ury to their friends in any part of Engl old. Ireland, Ncotlaud or Wales, Can be supplied ^^^^^^^^^?with drafts payahla at light, witlioul di? onnt, for ?uy aniounl, from J.I upwards, at the followlua places, Tit: It Etiilatd?The Natioual and ProTiueial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned k Co , Kichange and Discount UnnK, Liverpool; .Messrs, James Bui t St Sen, London, and branches throitiihoiit England and Wales. It litr.i.ATti.?The Notional Bank of Irehoid, and I'rosiu i I 't ink and branches thronghont Ireland. It Hootlatd?The Eastern Bank of Scotland. National Bank of Scotland, Oreeuock Banking Company, ou branches throughout Scotland. The steamahip Cambria, aalls from Boalon on the 16th An a list, by which all draftacau he lorwarded Iree. Apply to W. ft J. T. TAI'Si Ul 1. Jy 19 rc 76 Sonth st. cor. .Mnideu lane Adfct FOH NEW ORLEANS?First ReguUr Packet kKJPVW W'ith Despatch?The first class fast sailing P icket 4MMk<hip ROSE STAN I) I all, Capt. Spencer, will sailaa above, her regular day. The sccominodatioiis lorcahin, second cabin and steerage passengers are nuanrpaaaed by any Teasal in |>ort, and aa a nasi Iter of passengers are already engaged, |>eraoiis desirous of seen > nig berths should make immediate application on board, west ?ids of Burling slip, or to oil rro JOSEPH McMl'RKAY, cor P?m and Sonth it* MARSMLLES LINE'OF PACKETS. m m m i nr uuacrmeutiuuru ouni will be itHiu?rlvd?pfticiituironi lieuce on the 1st, and from Marseille* llit' loth of each inoutii during the year, a* follow*:? . _ Krorn Ship*. (captains. b rom N.Y. Marseil's NEBRASKA (new), J K Brown, Oct 1 Dec 10 I'K'CF, de JOINVILLE, W W Lawrence, Nov 1 ? Jan 10 MAKCELLA, P Ingham, Dec I Feb 10 NEW SHIP, N W Eveleigh, Jan I Mar 10 GASTON, S.epheu Coulter, Feb I Apr 10 They are all fast failing, coppered and ropia-r fastened ves sels, and commanded, or to be commanded, by men of experi ence. Their accommodation* for passengers are all that need lie desired in point nt comfort and convenience, having excellent state room accommodation*. Punctuality in the days of sail ing fioin both port* may be relied oil Good* addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of oth er charges tliau those actually paid. For freight or passage apply lo ERLA1N CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietor*, No. 10J Front street, or to BOYD It H1NCKEN, Agent*. 9 Toutine Buildings, cor. Wall and Wafer *ts. m. m ... Km. nEW OR.Le.ANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. It is iutended to dispatch a ship Irom this port on the 1st, 6th, lllh, 16th, 21st aud 26th ol each mouth, cninmeiiciiig 1st Octo ber mid continuing until May, wlieu regular days will he np pumted for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay s and and disappoint menu will be prevented during ihe summer The " " montlia. The following slops will commence this arrange ? Ship Clifton, Captain lugerioll. Ship 1 eiiuesse,... ( 'apt on Pray. Ship Shakspe.tre. . I aptaiu I or net I. Slop Louisville . .Captain Hunt. * Slop Genesee ... Captain Miuol. Slop Oswego ... Captain Wood, Ship Damascus.. Captain Bliss. Slop Sartelle ... Captain Taylor, These slops weie all built expressly for packet*, are ol light draft of water, h*ve recently Men newly coppered and pal in ?s| Ieudid order, w ith aecouimodat iott* for passengers un. I]nailed lor comfort; lliey are comni nided by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. I'hey will at all I lines he towed up and down the Mississippi by steal* boats. Neither (lie captains or owners of these ships w ill be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stotes. silt er or plated ware, or lor any letters, parcels or packages sent by or put ou board ol tliem. unless irgular hills of lading lire t.ken for the same, at llie Value thereon expressed. E. h. t OLLINM at CO., Mi South st. or JA8. E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly foiwntd all goods to Ins address. The ships of this fine uie w.urameu lo sail punctually as ad veriised, and great care will he taken to have the goods cor rectly measured. s24rc saa new liNr. of Packets for livc.k MoJXV''GOL.?Packet of 21st October.?The splendid, last jahMMv- niiiig and favorne packei ship ROCHESTER, 10## tons uui icii, (.apt. John Bnitoii. will sail oil Tuesday, Wet. 21st, her regular day. Persons wishing to secure bertha should not lailtomakr early application on board, toot ol Burling slip, or to W. U J. T. TAi SCOTT, At their General Passage Oilier, 71 South street, olB ic ( aimer of Maiden lane. cAA- REGULAR LINr. uF PA< Kr.TH FOR HA aJflMpWVAsNNAH.?The splendid and last taping packet j||ibi>rir < LINTON, l apt Andrt ws, w ill positively sail ou naiiiiday, Oct. lBtn. her regular dty To secure berths, early a. plication should be made immediately ou board, loot ol Maiden Lane, or to \V. Ik J. T. TAPHI OT'i'. 7J South tt , FOR HALE, FRf.lGllT OK CHARTER ?The JpwjfWvcry last sailing packet ship LOUIHV ILLE, 6IJ tons, jmrnmaw arries LOU hales New Oiieaiia ( otioii; was limit in tin* til*. With live oak ami locuit lop, newly coppered and oateat lelted. lis* handsome accommodations lor 21 pass, a* gers. Apply to K. K ? OLLlNH U ( <). FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Kesni r ?ffWPWPaek, t of 21st Octohcr.? The superior fast sailing J^QBmsi'K'het ship ROCHESTER, Bun tons burthen, joiiu duiioii master, will sail asahove, ner regular day. Forlreight or passage, having splendid, large and conilortablr ?tate rooms aud cabin, apply on hoard, west aide Burling slip, WOODHULL It MINTUKN, f South street. Price of passage $10# The packet ship Hottingtier, IO'iO tons. ( apt. Ir* Burslry will succeed the Rochester, and sail on bar regular day, 21st November. ?$8r? KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New sYork Line?Positively first and only Regular Packet, eto sail Tuesday, 21st lust?The elegant fast sailing packet ship SHAK8PEAKE, Rose, master, will positively sail .ts above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations tine.iuilled for spleudor or comfort, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf foot ol Wall st,, or to E K.COLLINS INS * CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received on hoard after Monday evening, 20th mat. Ageut in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Packet barque Ueneaee, Minot, master, will succeed the Sh ikspeare. and sail 1st Nov., her regulai day. oil THE ONLV HEOULAK LINE OK PACKETS ,FOK NEW ORLEANS.?The splendid and fast ^Bas.tiliug packet ship VLBERS. ( apt Merrick, will ,lively >iil on Mouday. Oct. 20,h, and the favorite and fast sailing packet ship -II AhSPEARE. Captain Rose, will posi tively sail on Tuesday, Oct. 21st, their regular days. To secare berths, immediate npplicaiiou should be made on board, foot ot Wall street, or to W. it I T. TAP8COTT, 75 South street, 018 re Corner Maiden Lane. KOR MOBILE?New Line?The splendid Packet ship (JAEELLE, Captain Treadwell, who goes to the city with freight and passengers, will have im mediate Oesi>atch for the above port. Kor fr-ignt or passage, m either cabin, second cabin, or steer .to, all ol which will ha (akeu at much le3s than the usual rates, ky applying to JOHN HERUMAN St CO.. FOR LIVERPOOL?The new and splendid -picket ship RAPPAHANNOCK, Captain Drum atnond, burthen 1100 tons and upw irdi, will positively sail on .-laturday, the 18th instant, her regular day. This ele gant teasel offers a moat desirable opportunity for those about toembark for the old country; having superior accommodations to any ship now up for the ?hove port?there is two large and commodious houses on deck, well ventilated and airy. Also, .everal private state rooms ior families, nil of which will he taken at second cabin and steerage rates. Those wishing to secure heiths should not fail to rinmine this favorite slops accommoaatioii, before engaging elsewhere, for passage la second calnn and steerage at the lowest rates, Please apply on board, pier No. 3 North river, or to . jOhn HERDMAN It CO, 61 South Street near Wall street. N.B. Passage can also he secured hr the above ship Irom Liverpool, orT>> any of our line, on the most reasonable t? rms, for weekly opp'maity and drain fill M,v amount turuislied, intyalde .it all tht? principal town* in iJtttil XJntaiu and > HKRD>UN's"OLJJ ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT passage omen, ?i soyxH street. I'lSSAUE '??>"' Great Britniu anil Ireland, via. ? Liverpool, cau alwayi he arranged at the lowest rale. - ? mAi furnished lor any amount, payable at all tTeprmcipal Ba,,kt in England, Ireland, Scotlmid and Wales, on application to J- HlllUMAflj jjrr SI South atreet. KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ol the Jbtli Oct.?The elegant fast tailing Packet Ship It AURIC K, B.J. II. Traak, matter, of 1100 toi... win taifaa above, hei regular day. .'?or freight or passage, having accommodation! uneq nailed lor splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot d Wall street, or to E K. COLLLN9 ?t t O., 3d South ttreet Price of passage *100. Packet ship Kotciut, ( apt. Asa Kldndge, 1200 tons, will tuc ceed the Oarrick anil tail Kill Nov .her regular day alt HOUSK TO LET?On the corner of Bowery and 13th ttreet, I the lirtt Boor being ttorei). Coutaras niae wmm..rooms and lour pantries, closet . Ike Croton water nivngnt into each atorv. and lor convenience, proipect, health, | etc., cau scarcely o? e.pulled in tins city. Rem SiM. It it vt iy well calculated to accommodate two tniall genteel fami lies I'leaae call before 10 or after 3 o'clock, on the pre mites, i Store to let as above, 19 by 23 feet, a lirtt rale sflMd for hard v ire, dry goods, paint or plumbing bushiest. P. 8.?An Oyster Saloon to let as above, ol* 2t*rc H. A. KNAPP. L'OWKK TO LL.T, WITH ROOMS of rariout dimentious, at "Hedeu ban's W oiks," at the Morris (.'anal, Inclined Plana, .CiiBiNi wark, N. J. Kor further information apply to Mesari. Hutchinson Ik. Remyon, No. 33 Maiden l.ane.N. V. or on the premises, of ol.3 2w?r HEDENBERU IkjSON. HOTEL DEPARIS ANTIONE VIONEH, one of the late proprietors of the Perkins' House. Boston, reipectfully infortnt his .g^^friciidt and the travelling public, that he hat open, ,t the house No. 290 Broadway, entrance on Hrade street, called the Hotel De Paria, where he will ba happy to accommodate those who may with to patronise htm, with Board and Lodging, by he day, week or month, on the most reasonable terms. ?3 Inrrrc 1'IllL.AUKL.i'llI A HOTELS. I COLUMBIA HOUSE, Cheat nut Street, between Bth and Tthitmt*. PHILADELPHIA. 'I"111E SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform th<% friends and * the travelling public,they here taken the above Lome, (for inerly known as the Marshall e,) end, here in id. extensive alterations end iiiiproremriiti in it* interior, having spared no expeuse to render it one of the most pleasant aud fashionable Ik iish in the city- The imrlor* are numerous, the chamber* lartre end well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Ita loca tion u in the moat ceutral put of the city, near to ell the piece* "I public amusement, anil convenient to the depot* of the 81 uthara. Weal em end Northern route*. Hir table. will be supplied with ell the delicacies of the ?ea aou. 1 he W111*. ate of to# choicest brand*, and havs b?? 4 carefully selected. The proprietors hop !, >? their personal attention a d expenenee ii (hi he nries*, to give satisfaction to these who may favor thr i with their petronaee ti UiLEY, .OAi 'KK.NZIh A CO Limes H?i;!ey. (Inteof Jones' Hotel.) Henry C. M&ckeiisie, (formerly of the Y/ashington House ) Peter L. Kt-rguso... inly 1st. Wi. ;y1 tm*ec JIJST OPENED C O L U M IMA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET. Rrlween Slxtti and seventh Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAULKY, MACKENZIE lit CO. Proprietors. J \MKS BAULJtlY, late of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C. MACK KNZIE,formerly of Washington House PETER L. FERGUSON. <242inrc HARTW ELL'S .'<? a s u / x a r ox ho u s e . id Jit Clientvilst Hti?t, HOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT 10 THE. MASONIC HALL, I'll IL AO ELFH I A h um. just introduced?Warm and Cold?in tin. .fait mrnt*?tor both ladiessno gentlemen. a IB Im'rh WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, ?"> Cold street, near Maiden Lane. CAOUNTRY MERCHANTS will find thi?ade?irableHou*r. J bring convenient to the business pert of the city. This establishment 1* fitted uo with entirely new furniture. Wood and substantial dinner, lKJt cents, lodgings 25 cents. Kor con venience and comfort thu home is equal to any hotel 10 the city, and at half the price Permanent boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacie* of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant private parlors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup perjpmrties. The very best of liquors. ju5 tm*rc NATIONAL HOTEL, Washington City D. C. HE PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, formerly known as A Oadtby's, hot now generally called Coleman's Hotel, de sires to return Ins tnanks to his friends and the travelling por tion of the coinmnuity generally, for the favors which they hare bestowed upon him aiuce he opened his establishment, and te assure them uut he willtpare no exertions to render his house worthy ol ;*ie patronage of which be has already re ceived 10 liberal a ..hare. The home having been, daring the summer, thoroughly painted and refitted, is now in first rate order for the reception of travellers or residents; and the proprietor respectfully *oh c ts a coutinu nice of past favort 011 the psrt of visitors to Washington, or residmts durii g the session of Cougresa, be* it x confidei tthst they will always find comfortable lodgings, the beA on the lab, ?-'hat the mar Lit ,? Ifi, d? mid ailei-ti. e and polite waiters. 8 8 COLKMAN, Washington < ity, Septt mber, IP4S. .5 Smd&Witjgh NOTICE' ~ A RARE chance to make money with a small capital. Tbs /V present propr etor of a Bar-room and three Bw ling A I Vys. in the central of Broadw y, and doing a gooa busi ness. wi.lies to sell out. Eor liiither particular* apply to 321J% B'o ,l?av National Coffee House o!4 3i*r THE NAVY. \l,r ILKY Si PUTNAItjI Broadway, have fur sale, "Hints vf on the lte-orgmizaiion of the Navy," and au cxamana C M >11 of a ' Keply to Hints on the re organization of the Navy." iVo neatly pn tul iwraphlets. oli eod6w*rr Crt( EAT AMERICAN' MASTODON, OR MAMMOTH Missourian cS lloct. Koch. The skele ton of this gigantic animal, lately found in Oram;* county, is now exhibition for a few days ?t the Miuerva booms, 4(tS Broadway- Nothing lus excited in > eari ao great cariosity ss tlies- immeure remains. They form the moat perfect as well as the largest skeleton ever exhibited. Admittance 21 rents, children half price. oMJfr PACKtT amp KOSCIU& from Liverpool?Coosiguees hy this ship will please nave their permits on boird, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not ivrmitted in live days, innst be sen. to public store. ol.'lm PACKET Ml IP (iKtNtSGiC from New Orleans, is dis charging at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Con signees wilt please attend to the receipt of their goods imme ilialely. o!3m PACKET SHir OSWEGO, from New Orleans, is dia charging at Hector street wharf,N. K. Consignees will pier i-attend ii the receipt ol their goods immediately oMrc KOSE HILL STABLES, 14th street, between k2d and 3d Avenues, and nearly opposite Bull's Head. -Just arrived frotn the country, and for sale at the re stables, 80 Horses, among which are four fast trotting hones, 2 fast pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some line cart torses, a few good road and stage horses, and shippers. s3 2tnkrrc R. H. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, between William and Nassau. !? THE Success which has attended the efforts of ("? J^fcthe Proprietor of this Establisnment. to introduce Jpb mt(> use a superior article at an extremely low price, encoura ge' h>? tomake increased exertions to merit trie patronage of the Public, The peculiarity of his system of conducting bu siness consists in tli* establishment of the most rigid economy in its rarioas departments, as well as in an invariable adhe rence to "Cash on delivery," relieved Irom the oppressive ex penses o the more extravagant craftsmen of Broadway, and subjected to none of those losses which are the certain accom paniment of the "credit principle." He is enabled to offer the different articles in his line at the following reduced rates ;? HAT8. First Quality Nutria Fur $3 JO Second do do do 3 00 First do Moleskin 3 00 Second do do 2 10 CAPS. First Quality Cloth .91 10 Second do do 1 00 Third do do 73 si 3 lm'm FALL FASHION 1846. WM. BANTA, No. 94 Canal Street, Corker of Wooster Street, and No, 130 Chatham Street, OFFERS to his friends and the public a large assort mrnt of Hats of the newest style at the following low prices, vix Short Napped Silk Hats $2 10 Fine Moleskin Silk Hats 3 00 Superior " " " 3 10 Notria Fnr '? 3 00 First Quality Nutria Fur Hat I 00 Also, a choice variety of Childreus' Caps, Boys Fur and Silk Hats, Gentlemen's Travelling and DreaaCaps, he. Ac. ? 10 lm#r MILL'S FALL STYLE WELLINGTON HATS ft NOW READY, at the well known establishment, 171 Broadway, Howard Hotel,at the following prices : First quality Nutria $4 50 2d do do |i0 First do Moleskins 4 Ml 2u do do 4 00 2d do do 3 00 J. D. Totteu and R. J. Tiffany wonld be pleased to see their riends as above. * s5 lm'rh J J LOOK AT THIS. IMPORTED FRENCH BOOT8 of the best quality at the extreme low price of $5 00. The best of French Calf Boots made to otder$5, and a great assortment of fine ( '.til'Boots S3 and $4; fin est calf Shoes Si SO to $2 24; also ii great assortment of patent leather Boots, Shoes and Gaiters. Lady's will lind in this store the greatest assortment of Waiters to be found in the city ; also Buskins, Slips, Ties, India Rub iiers. Prunella Slips, white and blat-k satin, etc., kc. Likew ise Boys Calf Boots and Shoes. Misses and Children do. all kinds and cclors, our own manufacture; also the best ol French Woods,and warranted the best and cheap as the cheapest ,t 367 Broadway corner Franklin street. ol Im'rrc M. C AH ILL. BOOTS AND SHOES AT RETAIL. A large and splendid assortment of city made Boots and ?Shoes, of the most approved styles and workmanship, for ?sale twenty fire per cent cheaper than at any other store in New York Just received, a few cases of fae French i iff Dress Boots. Wentlemen so disposed, can furnish their understandingwith an elegant pair of Boots, at prices varying 'rora three to five dollars. ? 17 iin*rc FRENCH * EVERETT, 71 Maiden lane. FINE FRENC H BOOTS FOR S3 50, CITY MADE ?For style and durability they are equal to those sold in other stores for ti ; five French Bnperial dress Boots made to order for S4 M), equal to those made in other rtores for S6 and $7, and warranted to give satisfaction, at YOUNG sc JONES' French Imperial Boot and Shoe Manu Picturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe establishments in this city. Wentlemen rliat are in want of a pair of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per cent by yetting them of us. Mending also done in the store. WM. >1. YOUNG fc H. B. JONES, sl7 Im'me No. 4 Annst., near Broadway, New York. 10~ COUNTRY MERCHANTS-BOOTS AND SHOES. JK. JOHNSON (late Wilsonk Johnson) has on hand,in store 142 Chatham street, directly^flBV opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted stocks of Boon and Shoes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, > all. Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boota and Shoes, ,-eg'd and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; Laidies Waiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, kc.. of every description. A greater variety of CEuarens Shoes than any other store ia this nty. Wentlemen's line Waiters, twenty different kinds. Gents iluckskui Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's, and Seamen's Boots. Store o|ien till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country met i limits an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. ?J lm'mc FAKK PLAGE HOUSE. jjgli This Establishment lias daring the past Summer been [???? newly famished throughout. A few families snd a Inn (ted number of gentlemen may here be very pleas ntly ccommodaled for the winter on as favorable terms as at ny other house equally well conducted. _ . JAMES G. ELLIOTT, No. I Perk Place N. B.?For 3 or 4 Rooma without board, at No. 11 Park ; I tee, apply as above. >23 Im'rrc TO LET, M A SUIT of Furnished Apartments, consisting ef a rTj? I'arlor and Bedrooms, wilh bsthing room attached The rooms can accommodate four or nve gentlemen, and re w ithin five minutes walk of the City Hall. Address A. at this office ?? Iw're fr PUNISHED HmJaE.WAN ABU, MA SMALL and neatly famished House, or part ol a large one with useof kitchen, is wsnted lor a gentlemsn auJhis wife and two daughters, from about iMl Noveni id who would be satisfied with a reasonable rent, n'Mobtsiu

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