Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 474 Whole No. 4154. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 23, 1845. Price Two Cents. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES COBDUOENNETT, PropriHor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HER \LD-F.very d?y. Price I cents p-r copy? $7 cants per 25 per annum payable in advance WKF LY H e.H 4 L D?Every Saturday?Price ?* eopv?$1 12*4 par a "iium?payable m advance. ADVERTISEMENTS ?t the ususl prices?always cash in advance. Pit INTIN'O of all kinds executed with heaatv and dtapateh rr^ All letters or cammumcat out, '>y mail, addreaaed to tlie eseahlithmant niu<t It* post psid, or t ? postage will be d* duetnd from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the New Yoaa Hi rai b E'Tsblishmjs.xt, Niwthweai corner of Fulton aid er?-u ' M' PEOPLE 8 LIVE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALB \NY?Daily, Huudavs Fgreptod - I'llronich Direct.?At# o clock P. M.from the pier lierw, e I r.iur'.Undt and Liberty it reels Stuambiat 11ENDKICK HUDSON, Capt. R G L'rutten den, will I use ou Aloud,y, Wednesday and Kridiy evenings, Si?|C ?b it KNICKERBOCKER, Cept A. Hovghtnn, will le.ive on Tne?day. 1 liuraday and Suturday r veilings at ( n'clk 4 o'clock I' M., Lauding at lutermedi iic Plac a? Fri in liiefoot ' I Barclay street ? Meamboat .NOK'ill AMERICA, Capt n H. Furry, will lease on Mouday, V eduetday, Frid iy and S inday afteruooua, at t o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH A' ERICA. Cupt L- W. Braioard, will Ir.iTc on Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 0 clock. Pa<Miixera taking either of the above I inei will arrive in All,a y in ample time tor ih<* moitiiiig irain of cvra I rthe -ait or west Thn Bo ts are new and > uSstantial, are furnished win new and elugant slate moms, and for apeed and accomnio d it ion s a e uriv died on the Hudaou. h reii lit takm at mod'r <te ratal. All reta ins are lorb d trusting any of the Boats of this lias, witliu t a wr iter order from the Ceptaine or AireLte, For Pass ae or Feighr apply on board the Bunt'. or to oil'-' r I'. C. S1 IH I .'I'7.. at he Office "n 'he Wharf. NOTICE? HOUR CHAWED THE U. S MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY Sand the lutetuo diate Lancing', on and alter .Wednesday, Oct 23-*, will leave the foot of Duel i, street for Albany, Daily,at t P.M. instead of fire, as I em./..,. o22 yoj'jc/s. STATKN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT OK WHITEHALL STREET On and after Monday. October Mth.only one boat will run on this Ferry, and ihe trips will beaa lollowa:? Leave Stateii Island. Leave New York. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. Ifl do 11 do 12 M. If,' P. M. *V? P M. 3H do a do e do elgrc REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORNING LINE ?t 10 o'clock A. M. BEN FRANKLIN N*. 7, J. B. huininous, .master. PIKE No. 8, J Armstrong, master. F.Vf NINO LINK at# o'clock P M. SIMON KF NTON, W. McClain, master. 11EN FRANKLIN No. 6, W. McClcllan, master. These boats,formula two daily lines, will ruu regularly, lea ?iu:' punctu lly ut the hour, and will take frentht and passen gers to and from intermediate landiugs, at the usu I rates. FreiKbt w ll be ii'Ceivad for these liuee at the Mail Whaif B.iat, Pint ol Broadway. Ev. ry t ffort w ill be used to accommodate shippers and pas sengers. 8TRADER & GORMAN, ) ollm?rrc ROOERSkSHERLOCK, $**""?? FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. jM|s^ ja THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADI (jr.,. | J*?"v Capt F. J. Ct.pperly, will leave the loot SG^SKadELof Cedar s'reet, every Mi iidsy, Wednesday, at 6 o clock, P M. Far freight or nossaye, apply ?n bovd, or to O. F. Wainwiight, Agent, on the wharf. a'!9 list* mc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY L)No .ifeJKtu ffu FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. Ckt the pier at the foot of Courll.andt afcSm3E.or.ei. the Psssence s taking this boat will arrive lo time to tabeorib Moron.g Train of Car* from Troy west to Buffalo, nud u to 8 iratogu and l.ake George 11.- low pressurestei-inboat EMPIRE, Captain R B Ma ey. eveiy Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. Ths steamboat COLUMBIA, Captaiu Win. H. Peck, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, ?l 6 o'clock For P?as*v- or F-eight apply os board, or to C. Clark, at live office n wharf Freiilit lakeu ou the mut n'iann-.ble terms. Freight must he put in charge of tli> Freight Agent or the company will nut he responsible lor loss No freight fkeu alter Jo'clock. NEW LI ME OF LIVERPOOL I'ACKE I'S. .Regulai packet of the 2lith her.?11 e elegant -l ? ?! ... ili g packet ship OAR RICK R. O. H. I'risk, buster, bu.thc:i 1100 tons, will sail as above, her regular d.y The accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and aterrage pas seta--ra are unsurpassed by any ether vessel in (ort. and as a number o her p.i:senger. ?re already engaged. those de.irons ol recunng berths should make early application, to JOSEPH McVlUKRAY, o?2 Corner of Puie ar.d rtouih streets, New Votk. OnLY REGULAR LIN OKPACKETS FOR ? NEW ORLEANS?The splendid and fast s.i nig JSMBhsu,! Vet shin A IlK VNS \ S. < apt. Bunker will pusi livelj a ifon the 36ch October, bet tegular day To secure berths, immediate application should be madeou board, foot of Maiden lane, of to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 758outhstreet, o22rc can sr Maiden lane. NE W LIN E OF P ACKEl'? FOR Ll VElt PGGL ?Packet ill 26th of October.?The splendid fast sail ng and favorite packet ship GaHRICK. II 0 tons Capt B J.H.Trask will sail ou Monday, Oct 27Ji, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tona and upwards, per sons nr.our to emtmk for ,h* old count y will not fail to see the advantages iuW derived ftooi s< lei-liug this line in | refe lencr to an) other, as lb, ir a est capacity renders tnem rver) way inoie otnnlortabl- nad convenient ih*u ship? of a ?mall'r Class, and thnr rccoinniudationa for cabin, s cund cabin and aberage passengers, it in well kiuvvn, are supeiiur to those ol any "t.'ivr line ol puokrta Persona * isnm* to secure berUii should not lail to make early ap.dicaiiou on boaid, loot ol Wall atiee', or to vv. &. J. T. TArrsCQ i T, 75 Soslh street. ' a-fm- btill NI.W ORLLAi*!*? Dsiuwsuaa ,.ud New Yo.k Line?'1 o sail Sntu.dav. 1st Nov.?Ti e c.egaut JMUfalast sailing packet barque GEN ESEE, Miuot, iuos tsu. will in sitiveiv anil as sti ve, regular day Fur freight or passage, having handsome lurnished ac-om miid.ittons, a ply on boara ut Oileaiis wharf lo. t of Wail at., 0,rP E K, COLLINS 8t CO., 56 South au Positively uo goods received ou board after Friday ewuiug, Agent iu New Orleans James E. Woodrull, wh > will promptly I'mw^l^all goods to his address. o'.'.'m FGH Lit V mKPUOts?Ttie New Ciue^-Uegular ? Packet of 21st November.?The aup'tnor fast s ilmg -.rli-t ship UOTTINGUEK, lliao lou. bu.llteu, lis uundey,master, will sail as above, her regular day. f 01 freight or passage, having spleudid, large luid cointr.rlable state rooms and cabin, apply on board, west side Burling slip, state room, an , {^JODHUL^ fc >nN rUKN, (7 Houtn ati eet. Thelmckei sfup Liverp ol, 115# tons, Capt. John Eldridge, w,l| succeed the tloliingurr, and sail on her regular day, Dec -m"er o-Vmr bUK OLAIsGliW?Regular Packet The Well ? knoMu last sai'iug Br. barqu* ANN HARLEY, ,do art hcott, mtsier, 450 tun , daily expected, will , .|uu k despatch. For '.l ight or passage, having excellent neenmmorlatior.a np ply;., WOODHULL k M1NTURN, n22inr 87 Suuih slreet t BLACK BAlXTlK ODD LIN h. UP LI V r.K ? POOL PACItlCTS?For Liverpool, only regular _e Mcket of tlse 1st Novoinber.. ?ew nsaguiticent last sailing favorite packet ship MUNI LZUMA. burthen KKO tuna, Capt. A. U Low her, will poal ively tail ou Saturday, the 1st ol Noveuiber. 1. ll is weli.kunwu that the acconuiioduiious ul the Mouteruina are tittcd out in a very superior manner, with every conve nience th it cannot but edu lo lie comlort of tnoac eiubarkiug. Persona proceeding to Hie old country or aeud.i.g for their friends, will bud it to their interest to select this conveyance. por lussage, in cabin, second cauiu and sleciagt, and to ?e curi tlie best bertiia,early application should be made on board, Inoiul oeekiuau si, ur to .lie subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHER* k CO. oM re 35 Fulton street, next deor to the Fulton Bank. FUR NKW oklKansv-"n ew Line?Posiiivsgy ? First Packet, or Freight or Passage Free? 1 he eplwt 11 il and w- fl known hrst class anil very fast sailn g ... ip HINDOO, will pesuively clear on f rioay ai d sail av nil out 111. , . Mie lias Very superior accommodations for cabin, 3d cabin and stealage passeugers, having elegant* stale rooms. For freight or passage, winch will be tvkeii much lower ihau by an) oilier Vessel, please apply on board, fcot ol Wall sunt, Jsl unay s vv harf, or in JOHN HERDMAN k CO #1 S. nthstreet, N. B.? The packet ship Caledonia will succeed tlie Hiadoo, and positively suit on W'adaesday, rbtii Out, or pats, ge free Ai pi) as an. ve. o24mc FOR I,I Vfc.rvPOOL? f be new and ?pie?u d spukit ship RAPPAHANNOCK, t-npuin Drum J mm,I, burthen Inkl tons and upwards, will pi sun,I) r'rid.iv, tin- 25'li luslint, tier rvgulsi day. This ele gant Vessel oil. rs a most deniable opportunity lor those about to rtnbsrk foi the old eouutryi having superior accomraodatio,.s to s. y ship now up lor tlie above |airt. For passage in cabin, second calou or steerage,at the lowest rates, please appl, on board, pier No 3 Nnrtb river, or lo JOHN lir.HDMAN k CO., n9flrc #1 8 uth slreet near Wall stieet. FOR LIYEHFOuL?Regular F ? iTITT I i>in Nov i lie well kn wn fast sail lug packet ship INDE jMBh"E(sDENCF? ( apt nil Allen, will sail as aouve, he. g mi regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and stealage |sss.*engerg, prisons wisliiug to rxiihm k should make iuiaie.ji.Lie applical.ou on tn a FUH MOBILE?N.W Unie ?Tile splenuid PuCket Miffv!!y *f"P GA/ELLF., Captain Treadwell, wno kk-s lo Jfhikllkn the city Willi fn igbl mill passengers, veils ImVt- iui nn uia e for the above |mrt. For Ireight or passage, ir, ellhi-r cabin, second cabin, or %'?er agei all ol which will Us taken at much less than the usual rates, by applying to JOHN HER DM AN Is CO.. J&T F11K N Fl W ORLEAN8?First Kegul vr Packet? JFW M itli Despatch?The lint class last sailing p icket ?ba iup Kushi a l ANDIoH,! apt. Bpeucer, will sail as ?, in i regular d y. The aUUi'Uuisodat.oua for cobin, ascend cabin ami steerage passengers are u sii paaaed by auy ve.sel in iojii, and as a nuin per. I pisaei gets iiealready engaged, |e rsons deauous ol aeca ring b l bs slioul I make nnuu ili..ic sppliCjtiiru on board, west lib-1,1 Uurlb g slip,. r to ol# rre JllatPH JVlcMUR" AY. eor Pine and South eta. 'UM U*EUfUUL?New Line?RegulaioTacitet the ittli Gel. ?The eleg oil lost sailing*Pnr.ket __jShiji GARJtiUK, B.J 11.'frisk, master, ol llun I i, m.i il as abuve, ber regular On) Fur freight or passage, having accommodations nueipiailrdlor iplwidm or coinlon, apply on board, at Orleans whorl, foot ui Vv all atreet, or to E K. COLLINS k CO.. 5# South street Price of imaaoge $nw. j'ni ki t ship ll ncius, Copt. Asa r.ldridge, 1200 tona, will sue need theWarrieh and anil 38th Nov . her regular day. s2l PACKETS FOR HAY HE?-Second Linn.-? The isicket ship ONF.lDA, Cnpt. Jsmsa F'unck, will sail on ihe 1st of November I'm freight or E^ga applyM BOVD k llINt KF.N, , u3 mc No. ? Tontint Bu Imng, k# Wallat I boarii. fool ol Maidw lane, or JOSEPH McMUIUt A) . CHEAP AND FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. W. H. DEGROOT St CO., No. 104 Kaltun Street, WOULD r*s|>?ctfally inform their Customers and the Pub lic tnst they are piepirril to furnish erery artirle iu thew line at the following low prices. which arc at feast JO per cent lower than *_an be had it any other establishment iu this city. Overcoats of be?t ma'-ial. made and trimmed in the In est style from H SO to $2(1; do As of Krei ch and Hnglish ' loth*, from $6 p> $25. b.ue Black Blue, Olive and ff>?n Dress and k reck Co-its from $8 to $16. Pants of evCiy shade and ei.lor. and heit qnali'y, from SI 50to $7. Alio,an endleai assortment of Vests wf eicellvt m t ri .1 and made up iu lb* but main ar from SI to $5. eftea ive variety of Cloth*, Caaiiine et, ar.d Vesting". always on hand, which will he made t > suit tlw moat faa'.idious teste A lull au twill be fun iihetl iu tt hour , for 'rom $IS to $10. Beat ..f Cutters and Workmen employed. The plain man. aa well a* the most particular, can be suited at NO. 102 FULTON STREET. o$ lm m FALL GARMENTS. yy M-. MATTHIE88BN, 137 Fulton at.?A ehoiae atock . . of Cloihs, Tweeds. Caaaiinrrea and Veerings are uow opvu from which selection* cau be made at vary m .derate j?ii ces. for ca*h only. The cutters of this establishment are equal to any iu the city for their taste and skill iu getting up garments, and cus tomer can depend on satisfaction, punctuality aud despatch. Thoseiurmshing their own materials, can nave them mtde up ou the aU'iv terms. OUTHTTINO ?Every article necessary toeompleta a waidrobn. at WM. M ATTHIES8 EN. 127 Fulton street, *17 ltn*m nezt door to Herald office. FALL F AS n IONS. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS have just rec ? red an iuvoice of very A rich Scarfs, Cravats ana Linen HdkIs, 'ichly bordered? Their assortment 01 ready mad; Linen, and gentlemen's under garments is now complete and well worthy the attention of citizens and strangers Their Patent Elastic Brace is highly recommended oy lie faculty for all person* who are sulf. rrng from debility, or am in the chest, or have acquired rhe habit of stooping. For sale intent ol Pi wholesale and r tail, at the old establishment of Purn-lls Ik Agate 237 Broadway, cercsr of Park place. ?10 Ini'm Tu TAILORS. THOSF. who desire to attain a correct km wledge of hun iouable Cutting, iu all its various branches, would do we'l to obtaiu Sttar-me'a' Complete Work ou the sti'ject, which can be obtained of the aut.ior only, ut 113 Broadway, Trice, from M to $18 per book. o2Jm"iae G. B. CLARKE, FASHIONABLE TAILOR AND DRAPER, Nkab Fulton, 132 Will*am Sthckt, Opposite the new Row of Buildings, ?7 IVES the following reatous for the great success he bi ff therto met with :? 1st.?All goodsare bought at the lowest cash prices and paid for at once. 2d?Au esclusive and rigid system of selling for cash only. Sd?Many yea. s experience in business 4th?Being satisfied with small profits. A discerning public, therefore, can at oncepereeire that it their interest to patronise this establishment. O. B C. would refer to a large and respectable eounurion both in this city and iu Brooklyn, in proof of the style and 0 msh of his garments Splendid French Cloth Dress Coats made to measure from $14 to $20. Aii assortment of Office Coats and all otlierartir? .s of guttle ineu's dress, at equally reasonable priear ?H Im'rr JAMES A SWAIN q- Co. Drapert and Tailors, 352 Broadway, Carlton Haute, WOULD respectfully inform their customers and tin* puo lie, that thry uow have ,n hand and are constantly re ceiving a superior atock of fall and winter good i. which will w made u;> iu the latest fashion and at the lowest prices, for cash, os Imrrp BRuDERlES ET NOUVEACJTES DE PARIS PETER ROBEllTS, No. 373 Broadway, . I vlPOKTEIt, JOBBEU AND RETAILER, I NVITE8 the atteutiou of the Ladies to his splendid stock ol A Embroideries aud Luce Goods recently received, compris ing the newest aud most desirable styles of the preseu* season <t prices which will maintain the reputation his store has long held as " the dieapest in the city." 75 lots fine Linen Csmbric Hit his, from auction. 1 case clear Linen Lawn do, riviere borders, from $1 to $Jt* yach, r? inaikably cheap. twu Ildkfs, 1 case clear Liueu Lawn Ildkfs, tape borders, from $7,50 to $9 per doz. 1 rase clear Linen Lawn Hdkfa. fancy borders. 1 do do do, col d and black printed borjers. 1 do do do, embroidered, from $2,75 to $15 such. Embroidered under Hdkfs, high neck. Do do, with collars. Do do. various styles, from $1 upwards. Rich Embroidered Muslin and Applique Lace Capes. , Upwards ol 3C6 EinDroidered Evvoiug inHiviere. Polki, CorouataOL. en stilish Flounce, fie. tc,, from $2.50 Colored ibhniwcr.d OagMidie flounce, from $8 to $12, usn lly sold I rom M* to $C0. Th A few very tich Thread Lace Capet and Brrthea, v-ry low Thread, Chautiiiy. Brussels mid other Veils and ueuii \ eili 5 car ous ol'spleiidid black Brussels Laces. WINTER HOSIERY, comprising 8ilk, Lambs' Wool --lid Merino Vests, of all sizes; \l|*acca. Cashmere. Limbs' Wool and Merino Hose end hi I Hose, Merino and Cashmere Gloves, Plaid and Fancy Woollen Socs, for children, which are offered from 10 to 15 per cent lower than the regular letail prices. *2 Im'rh TG DEALERS IN JEWELERY. l^HE UNDERSIGNED, being Manufacturers, and hnring 1 aline assortment of Jvwelery and Diamond Work ou Land solicit a call from dealers and merchants dealing in tlieabove irticles. Any given pattern or style of jewelery or fine dia ?noud work made to order, at SHAW fc ARROWSMITH'S, sl9 Im'mc Na. I Dey street, one door irom Broadway. N. B ?Twelve or fifteen good chaiu makers enn linil cui nlov men! as above. XX.' ATCHE8 I?WATCHE8 AND JEWELHh .?i bos. vT who wish to i nrchase 4Jold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, (fold Pencils, Keys, die., will fiud it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all description* of the above at retail much lower than any oilier house ii the city. Gold Watches as low as $28 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. -All Watches warranted tu ksei good time or the money refunded. G. C. ALLh'N JmporterofWatchesand Jewelry, M holesilnand Retail. 30 Wajlatree' >20 lm"m npat in "THE ALBATA rilLVER WARE," Vf ANUFACTURED by Win Chan.lleaa, 452 Hudson St. -el euuu'it be d t-ctrd from Sp iling Silver for llir louger this Ware is used the whiter it becomes. Vv. C.. slsi manufactures sterling Silver Spooi s, Forks and Jewelry, clip q and la pr*|>nri-d to nuy Old Gold and Silver, German do, I norl and Diamond*, to any amount. Be sore to lock nut for th* "(igu Plate 452 Hnd-on stn-ei between Barlow and Morton sla. Wm. Ch.qirilee*, established 1833, late of Clarkson at. *26 Im'rr A, SELLING OFF PREVIOUS TU LEAVl.\G II1E PREMISES. A LARGE 8TO< K O* 1>RV GOODS?at BILLING h well-known ? heap 8mre, 44i Pearl stteet near Ch ,tli on? Tlie enure stuck is ? ow ?. Hint; off, and at such prices as inus surprise even the greatest bagain liuntrra, eoutii'nig of Silk-, ?shawls, Caahmere, De Cain**, Blankets Klnnnrls ?rrjr I w. Linen, a large lot of I'riut*. bleached and unbleached Muslin*. Hosiery, Glovot, Lacr, and in (act every article connected with a large and well assorted stock of Dry Goods. Do uot for ge' the name and number? BILIlNw. ? olJ /w*me 445 Pear! ne-r Cha'lisin FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLO I FEUSA XD FEATHERS. LOWITZ li BECKER 34 John at, have received bv tin last Havre Packets,l.ouis Philip, St Nicholas arid Dutkrasi ?{'Orleans, a full aasori ineut of the newest and most fuhio .able stylus of French Flowers and Feathers, winch they offer for sale at reasonable prices. sti im'rli LOW1TZ ?t BECKER. 34 John <t InUIh RUBBER UUuD.3. G GOD Y E A R'S PATE X T . WARRANTED NOT TO STIFFEN OR SOFTEN UN DKK ANY DEGREE OF i.OLD OR HEAT. GENERAL assortment of goods made under the above patent, including Machine Belting, Carriage and otliei Cloths, every width and thickness; Coats, Capes. Poncho* Par.La and Overhauls; Caps, Hats and Souwesters; Boon and Shoes; Mechanic's Aprons, L.idiet Aprons, 'Travelling Hags, St-mien's Bags, Letter Bigs, Ship Buckets, Fin- But kets. Water Hose, Life Preservers, Air Mattrasves, Cushions. Tar paulins for cove rug deck freight,Portable Show, r Baths, Bath ing Mats, lie , lie. Forsale, wholesale and retail, by GEO. BKECHER, an28 2m*m 100 Broadway. HOSE ELEGANT RUBBERS?NEW ENTuTkLY^ J. Mr. N. llay ward, the original discoverer and first inventor of Melalic Insoluble India Lubber. litis discovered anolln i im provement i,i the sp| lication, whicli will puixie the world to find out, as he Ins mw associated with him a capitalist who will protect Ins inte ett This it tlie giving to his Me she Rubber'he surface of patent leather, without using the crack ing Varuish heretof #m Used. Ills Shoes, now off red for sale at 45 Maiden lane, are without exception the most perfect arti cle of (be kind the world ever saw. For salt- in riuantit es to sun. by HORACE H. DAY, oil lm'r 25 Maiden Ime. ESSENCE UF GUP FEE, WHICH is uow extensively used in tlie European capitals, isrow for the first time introduced into the U.Stat It is made from the Irest sifted and cleaned coffee, and about one teaspoon full, more or less, according to the taste, rl'luted with hoi water or milk,furnishes imp of excellent coll'ee ? The undersigned is convinced that llie sagacity of the |ublic of tins country * ill immediately perceive the numerous eon teui-iicen it offers to Wiuse keepers in general, trave le>s by Inud or sea,'estnurateura, (kr . ai d indulges in the hope lo he rewarded for the great sacrifice the introduction of s urrelty alwny ? demands, oy a libeial patron 'gr, which cannot tail to he aw .rded to him by ever/ person who will make atrial nl Ins Essence. It i* for sale at wholas.ile by H. D. Hill, No. 7 Water street, and retail by llnuaer *t t o., 13 Maideu lane, J. G. Gottsheiger, corner Chambers and (auirre stre- ts. VV . 8. Corwia.tiSV l iu.ul way. E. L. SaA DETZK Y .Hole Manufacturer sit lm*re in the 11. Him- s. ISol U K TO HAHMifAU COA 1HACTORS PKOfOiALSwill bf recrived it imy rime prrvious ti?lhr (Uy of November nrxt, at th? office of the subsci ibt-r No. tt Wall street, in the city of New koik. for the grub ?iiijj, grading, munury, siipi rstnirture and bridging ol the Bear Mountain hsilroad, in I enusylvania, 28 miles m length, e.lend ing from Bear .Mountain to Dauphin, on the I'euusylvaiii i Ca nal. eight miles above llarrisbntg. Plan* and specifications are ready f?ir inspection at the undersigned's office. TlieWirkto be comuieiiced immediately upon closing uf the contract* J p man row. New York, Wept. 22d, 1*45 .23 I t,?r DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OK voidTLAENUEKS APPARATUS ESI DEB a new supply of the above Api-erato. ih- subseri brrs have rrcr ivtd Iwsl Pistes, L iu luteals and Polishing subtcaures, and the neweil unpiovriiiuuts in ihe Art. Rs ruc tions giver, III tlie Art. Slid orders frnin eve y part uf the coun try piumi tly uUeudiil to, by addressing (post-paid) to W. Ik .FLANGENHEIM, * Philadrlplna Exch? ge. LAN44ENIIEIM Si BECKERS. "4 Imi'fcw'rc New \ orli 2lil Hro-.dv. -y. A PORTKAi'J H'li ONE HOLLAR \ F THOMPSON'S Dnguerrnn Rooms. No 285 Broad * ? Wrty. bets, een the Gt snl'e tin tiding, i. il Ituide si LIK ENr SBr.B of the various a tea taken by the unproved proems and liuished iu the must superior style, withell the iiatural colors. Operations in til wpsther from I A. M. till 4 P. M luslrtictions in the Art and Apparatus and Ma'eriala >U| piled. To persons wuhing a thorough knowledge of the business in perni1 advnli'agis arr hers offered -if In >111 GOODY EAR'S PATENT SHIRRED SUSPENDERS, UiWI DOZEN Shirred Busiienderx, manufactured iiuiRi the Dvv above pataat. torsaleby GEO. BeECHEK, ??? IN Broad*** B Unitarian Con vent fun. This Convention assembled yesterdav morning pursuant to notice, at the Chnrch of the Messiah, lor the transaction of busmen? The following gentle men are the officers ot the Society: President? Dr. Paikrnun. Vice Pre.idcnU Dr. Dewey* Mr. Burnap, Hon. Ste phen Pairhanka. r Secretarial?Itev.C. Rohbins, C. T Brooks Business Committee-He v. Dr Putuam, Kev. Mr. La throp, ltev. Mr. Osgood, Beth Low; Esq Gee A C'ro cb?r, fc,?q. ^ ? .k1?* C?u?nti?n was call*d to order by Dr. Parkmtn. - hn...**iA tlwt the ?"?*had come when the buuri M of the> Convention ehould commeuce ; that the Convention had metfor the pinposo of discussing matter* connected witbthe piotpeiitv of the Church, and if it ii <1 1C1?rn,m0n occa.lo,,. to .eck the blowing of At- ! mighty t.od, it f a rely u meet to do to ou the present oo ??"?! he would t U jref ira. tu^<dit tue propriety of eiSedwHh "prayer* nt'on commenced and 1 .m%Mo?b.r Alo ,g: rWOO,Ur' M&" ' tllen adJr?"0d ftiTSSKSioVi-i a ;^3t'rSS?K5S!! f*?*? Institute, w;i- ad .y ttle Secretary, 1111I a commit ! r U.p thit the Convoation re- 1 gretted they coi ..j i? grail themselves of it Ult1' uggested that it would ho advi- 1 Itrit V? "Ve" ,'n to kr|ow tlie number of dele 5.?f #nj^nCe' ai ,,on nlo'-ion, a com mi-tee of three was appointed to assist the Secretanea ir> obtaining the uatnes of the delegates. .Jk1?8 BuaiueM ommittee handed to the President a pre amble and a tenet of retolutiona, to be acted upon by the Convention and on motion, it was decided that each ieso lution tiiouid be decided upon separately. The first was : Resolved, that these autumnal Conven tlone he regula rly continued, ami that the co-opeiation of all our Cuurchet he invited in sending delegates. It wat moved and carried that the iirst nart ot the raso down to the word "continue,"he acted upon first, and the revolution being put was carried * f1r?"V cal,1discussion here eiisuod in regard to the word Church, contained in the resolution: a great hf u"!m 'f" objecting to that term, when the term iTotnerhood and 11 congregation" wer# offered asa eubstituto, and in the words'? liK Christians'were proposed, which was objected to, as Lniversalists and other denominations were culled iilio ral hristians, while all that wore wanted were Unita rians. A Mkmukh rose to stop this unprofitable ditcuri on, and moved that tho whole matter be laid on tho table For the motion there were 37; against it, 26 Notice was then given that the subject woul l be brought up lor discussion at some future time when it was proposed a nd moved that the vote of the Contention be reconsidered, and the motion being carried, another rafai-rfntth ",u,,e by the ltev Mr. Pierpoint, and carried, tee wh? ??ltre,ol!lti.?ina back t?lho Business Commit, will a Proliably substitute sorno in turn which ? lews 01 1,111,", "'embers. tien^hnt'Jl'Cornrni"ee.ha,1<ied iu aome other resoltt new ehnUh . n "pointed (or the consecration of the wete made ?i , Trf* a?"1* at han,t-U,? resolutions Ur ?r.. ?n ? 2 . of '"e da>'lor tl'is dav, and the ilov Mr. Bewail of bcituato, delivered a prayer and the Con vention ai.jou.ned to 9 o'clock this monuugsothut Lev might in the meantime attend ' i r- THt: CO.VSF.CItATfON ajssi ssssst?*1 """"? ?? <?*" ?? ritl- ?h? we ia tho handsomest in this hi r.'? , nil- ?? Broadway. huilt of brown lioertono, nronniow. d'CK y ?/ arcl,ilecture, and the church Th? Infi i rBfc aSLfnr ?' CroabY afreet in the rear. i.,JA i c tho church is exceedingly hnnd.ome, -ent; the noble Gothic arches and pillars. >a1 hl?.ueU!LaPPi e.?a-noM' the orS',n' (which forevtor 1 cnuty and simplicity, and for distinctness and power of tone ts perhaps unrivalled,) the stained glass, the mas siveness ol the carved work around tl.e nailery, uli form h?hto tl,e ?>'"? a"d inspiring tue beholder with a religious and reverential awe. ?r n eI?? ,2a commenced l.y the ltev. F. A. Farley, finn ?f y?E.' dellverin8 ?" introductory prayer. A por tion of the Scriptures was then read by the ltev W II sungf*8' ? l>h,,n(le,i'hia- And the lollowing hymn was The perfect world hy Adam trod, Was the fiist temple?built by God ; His fiat laid the corner-stone, And heaved its pillars, one by one. He hung its stnrry roof on high? The broad illimitable sky ; He spread its r.avomeut, green and bright And curtained it with morning light. V III. 'ru inou,1^a'n? their places stood ? I he sea, the sky, and " all was good And, when its first pure praises lanjr, The' morning stars together sang ' IV. Lord ! 'tis not ours to make the sea And earth and sky a heiise for thee ; But in tbv sight onr olfermg stands, An humbler temple, ' made wiih hands.' The Hev. James Kendall, l> D., of Plymouth. Mass., then delivered the consecrating piayer, when the fol lowing hymn of dedication, composed for the occasion by H. L. Tuckeiman, Ks.j , was sung : I. Hallow the altaf-that we rear, F.ternni Father, to thy name, Around it now iu love and fear, We come to light Devotion's flame. II. Here may the voice that stilled the wave, Forgave the sinlul blest the child. And won the Icred-ones from the grave, Still breathe its accents Ann and mild. Ill Here may the bonds of error fall, No creed or rite ohscuie thy truth; Here, conscious of thy love for uli, May faith renew hei guileless youth. IV. And may thy rervant's high appeal Here reconcile all inward suite, And to the careless hourt reveal The deep significance ol hie ! V. Here mav the soul with passion fraught, I Its daily armor laid aside, Feel in the glow of holy thought, To endless destinies allied ! , VI. Here may repentant anguish kneol, And know the peace inst angels share; Here may allliciion'* battled zeal Grow calm beneath the wings of prayer, j VII. Here may Earth's pilgrims oft forget The paths their bleeding fjet have trod, And learn to struggle onward yet, Cheered by tho Fatherhood of God ! The Rev. ii. W. Billows, the pastor of the New * hurch, then preached the consecration sermon, which wu* vory eloquent and appropriate to the occasion, and during itsi dolivery was listened to with the greatest attention by the audiouce, which was ns large a. wc have ever seen on an occasion like the present The Kev. Samukl Osoooo, of Providence, delivered the concluding prayer, and after another anthem was aung, benediction waa pronouneed, und the exercises weie concluded; and the members of tiie Convei tiou adjourned to the Apollo Saloon lo partake of a collation which was liberally provided by the Unitaiia..* ol this city for their brethren from a distance to paitako of. Ibis beautiful church, which is an ornament to our city, wo understand wu? erected by the friends ef the Unitarians of the east, lor the purpose ef affording laci si v r, P'opitgaUon of their laith in the City ol New York. Haitist Convention.?ft ia announced in the New o'k iwpera that the General Convention ol the Hap tut Church will be held in that city on the third Wednes day of November. This is a mistake. There is no ?ucb liod) as the Convention of the Baptist Church. The g ve nmeat of that denomination is purely congiegs ' ,,a .overt church is independent in its organization, and acknowledges ne appellate authority. The Triennial Convention of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions will be held in New \ ork on the third Wednesday oi Novem '/ . '1 * "pooiMl meeting, convened for the purpose of aking sucli alterations in tho consutiilion ol the Con i cation a* ore rendered necessary by the division in the Board, caused by the ^Production of the slavery .pies An for '? "taking to raise the sum ot >40,U0J to i ,.UCe. i -I ! !!, Board One lady of Providence has subscribed J7fiO, and two other subscription* have been made in litis city, one ol fl.10 and another of $.00.? I rovidtnce J not mil, Oct. *J1. Anoiuku Southern Statk ?The Jack?, (fVttl .ntrm? iJ'dt u new Mule be u ,n ,T ;.f! n{',0kea ?il 81 Tennesseo, the no.them por U p,i ,|J. ,'Pldi a,jd that portion ol Kentucky lying l onnessee river. The between tZ i'1'4" rivfla. would make a State ioiiri??.Pi-i?il? nun?bers now twenty Ziln !i J m u1 '? Without tho addition of any Jiver, not in?h i *fa,aadPP'- It comprises thiitoun r v? r ? hh-h T. J!S 1 ""ua,'o. Ohio and Mississippi loima I lor the i I'spor says, nature seems to have ioimed lor the boundary ljno ol Ul0 S|,tf J!!?"?', ^'v,R> "^c ?Smce the great fell of . Irr rife ' I,** Income ('ctobcrieh ^l?u. ?* llJUgV'd a" that Jack Frost will a heial J \0r \WO ?'"? had. too. swollen to MiUstsnsH ^ hi elarmed those persons who ale not elvirn,I iL' pr K |: r',h?11 " O.ould bo OC, a..o.i H ; " r Bullelit ve .11 fu.ther anxiety in H i i i'iroin p/,,, ,. . K""n""?> ??turned milks, mev veiltura . l Ht a"> flttaniity u| steae.hoai. that w i,Hive, u? h 1 . th's iline to next sununer. Gur 7oTZt y W'U' bu"1?'aa-'W.?rf Journal, liJlr.'t'fT AT T,,5 SoiJTH -The heavy r.i.n latd week iiiutle a conaiderabie lieah.-i in the unuer !a P?!n ,"|SU,e,'"UU hM 'lo"* ?ettatderahle dumago to iho corn and cotton crops on tho low land All the .trainer, plying on the Pee Dee Were eneld"l ,o wcend to ( heiaw, and the pole lioats are ell on the way uu Home hands who eri.yed here on Thursday night in ? n??n Jm"'. , n"'1'?'' u? *'?"? the river rose in 01 j IIari romi, Oct 18, 1845. AVu> York and Hartford Railroad - Farminfton and Nrv< JI aim Canal Railroad and iti Water Power?New Iron Works ? Water Power at Wind tor Locke, fc., drt Yankee Hill ha* juat pi van ua aume of hit peculiarly favorite imitation* of Yankee and Iriah geniuses, with touches of kia own idea*. He liad a perfect jam of a house, and will do well, "to call again." The applause with which his performance* wero received was un bounded. The New York and Hartford Railroad, via Danburjr project, ia neither asleep nor dead. Thfl engineer* are faat perfecting their report, which will now he ready in abont three week*. .Statistic* ef the freighting and pa* senger business on the line of the road are in rapid coura* of collection, which, judging from thoae already re* ceived, will astonish all from their vaatneia. k Our Newhaven neighbor* are railing a coniiderable du*t and n .i?e about building a railroad on the bank of the Farmingtun t'auul to Col'.insville?estimated ex pense $000.00). They talk of turning the bunk* of the canal into water privileges? 0 to lOfeel tall?and build the road on tho path But where arc they to get their water, and what heavy manufacturing establishment* will they propel with six 'vet fall 1 The water that now supplies their canal from Farmlngton down i* taken by mere sufTiance from the Tariff mlie manufactories. And for seveial weeks this suniuior the canal was dry. And from the great crop of liny annually cut on the tow oath of this canal I apprehend that iti stockholders, as well a* the public, will keep ihoir lingers out of the fire. But tho Newhavruors probably intend to make a show of raising the wind in the manner that their Speaker.iloarJ man, *o eloquently und dispassionately portrayed before our late Legislature, of the bunting, hooking, poking and >ars of "fall scratching opeiations of the bulls and bears i__ street, whilst suouking aguuut the New York and Hart ford Railroad charter. A'eus perron*. Windsor Loess, six miles north of this city, is now growing with great rapidity, it is here that house and Brooks' large paper manufactory, running nine engines, w hich mukos paper lor too .Vew York Herald, tho pa per mills of Mr. Hollr-tor, und the paper null* of Mr Dexter are in full operation. The Messrs. llaydeus hero manufacture silk. Slate and Brown nave here just erected ami put iu operation one of the largest class machine shops, where neatly one hundred inou flud constant employment. Tho Mo. six ( onverse are tiniahiug several tons of castings daily in their new foun 'ry. A new rifle factory, on an extensive scale, has just been erected, and will soon be in full operation ? The saw null here is drirtdg a stitf business, night and day. But the monitor new rolling mill and iron woikt of the Messrs. Ripley it Co .of this city, arc the most attractive and heavy concern in this section. They have been built siuce last June. The main building is 80 feet square. There are four furnaces for bituiiuuons coal, ami two turnaces for anthracite coal; two of which will he used for puddling, two for scraping, and two for heat ing. About fifty persons will here be employed, and will turn out (tuily some 15 tons of iron, iu various shapes. Tho most approved machinery is hore introdu ced for heavy scraping, bolting, bar rolls, tine hoops, smalt rounds, squares, scrolls, and all sizes of shapes, plates and rods Three large puirs of shear*?a slitting machine?and a monitor iron lnthe for turning rolls and dialling, can here be seou. The improved French tur bine water wheel is used, and receives Ihe water under ?21 feet head; the machinery propelled by it weighs nearly DO tons. The power from the canal is so sti-mly, uniform and powerful, that when the machinery is ull at < work, no visible diminution of speed is produced, every ' ibitig going on like clock woik. These works have all been erected under the personal superintendence cf Philip Ripley, Esq.. of this city, who is woith more to tho interest-and prosperity ol our city aad Slate. than ouo hundred men wli j live hero by loaning their money on bond and mortgage in New York State, because thine they get 7 per cent., instead of investing here iu manu facturing, mechanical or mercantile business iu the elis or vicinity?men who devote their leisure in petty an'd contemptible intrigues for |H>litical preferments. 1 re peat, ono such public spirited man like Mr. Ripley, will outweigh ICO of these bonded-out-of-the-State-money lendeis.because be is producing and adding to the wealth of the city and State, and is furnishing labor to sotno 30 beads of families?consequently furnishing means of support for some 150 to 200 persons?besides giving our vessels, towbonts and railroads an immense amount of freight?nil of which makes a ready and certain market for the farmer's produce, and decreases taxation, by thus swelling the amount taxable. Who would not in ther be such a man, than to be possessed of all the effem inacy, intrigue, laziness and rnmi of these bonded mo ney lenders. 1 have a chapter unreserve for these gen try. The water power above referred to, is the greati-i-t in New Kuglaiul?commanding, as it can by their chmter, the enliiu water in Connecticut rivor. It is six mile* in length, and its eutire length gives a fall of 20 to 35 feet For about two months in the spring of the year, vessels coming up tho liver can unload tt eir cargoes into the factories ou the bank of this canal; and during the re maining part of the navigable season, lighter* receive and dischaigo freight for this place, at Hartford. At all seasons, the entire length of the canal is accessible by three to lout daily trains of curs, along the western bank of which ther run. A depot is bete. Ha l the wise and liberal policy of Thilip Ripley, Esq. who lias the past two years been President of this Canal Cor poration, at his election, been adopted, at this pre sent time, two large cotton factories, each with .00, 000 spindle*, would now have been in operation ou its bauks. But the same niggardly and overbear ing policy which has for twenty years past d iven away tue Cbicopee Kails Corporation and several other manufacturing establishments, from this inexhaustible and unequalled water power, has driven the?e two rot tun lactones elsewhere I Although .Mr. K. does not yet receive froin the hoard that carle hlanche which he do serves in leasing thouwater privileges, still with tho old illiberuf policy, in a measure, hanging like a null-spim about Ins neck, hu is woiking w under* at the lookc. lie ides these sundry new manufacturing establishment*, there are now some twenty dwellings being erected.? But in Hartford, 1 regret to say, ten times that number are ompty. Some of the Hartford and New Haven pn|>cis have started ustoiy that the gout-dispelling?4-cuats-a-Mi'e? flat rail oil the Hartford and New Haven road is to 1 e re laid with a T rail ! It is all gammon ! It has been ma nufactured Iroin the fact thai a lew rods of rails below Haitlordliavo bceu re-laid with the T rail, and the Hit ones usod tor a side track for dirt curls, o-i winch to get dirt w hich is Used iu tilling up the sides of the road near the depot hei e The II. and N. H nnd 8. Railroad Corporation have wisely commenced the erection ol a machine shop build ing in this city, to which some thirty or forty ban .* ore to tie removed fiotn New Haven. and employed hy the company in this city. Here is the plaoe lor their nuichi ncry lepaiis, being neaily mid-way between the ex tremo ends ol their Our New Haven fiiends giutn hie, but it can't be helped - it u lor the " good of the pub lic," and " for the inteieats of the company." Besides, as sauce for the goose is sauce fur the gander, so thus New Haveners get paid for their desperate exertions to have the Spriugtield road unite some two miles West ot Hartford; euteiiug Hartford bj a horse branch, instead of running the cars into our city, aud for their lung and re peated trials to remove the otHccs aud direction ot the company to New Ilaven ! .The ternperance.foli* have carried nearly two hundred out of the two-hundred and fifteen towns in this Stave, at the rocent Commissioners'election?the liberals have elected iu less tliuu thirty towns. Now, temperance { gentlemen, you who have breu so clamorous tor a torn perauce law -you who weie so loud in vocileratiug your tliiemts that you would form a temperance political party next spring?prior to the passage ot this law, if it was not passed?I say, now let us st-eyou shut up the hotels, taverns, grog-shops, Re., if you can and dare. The law has given you*the power to do it, and now let us see y ou excicise that power?ao dodging?no skulking?ami no sneaking, if you please. Howl's Hone, Martha's Vixktard, Oct. 31, 1844. The I'ieit of the Monstsr?Curious Circumstances, 4< Thinking, pjrhaps, that some circumstances coi uected with tho lato visit (tf necessity) made by tbs wonderful ship, ths (ireat Britain, disturbing the quie waters of this little bay, may bo of interest, even at thi late hour, I liavo presumed to relate nn occurrence which uutil now, has oreated no surpriso or thought iccarding it. The exciting topics of our country's weal or woe Jose much of their force aud interest by the lapse u time in reaching us, unless perchance a Herald Anrs it way, (us usual) tar in the ran of other nows. Now it happened thus, that on the night that this sam great steamer sought a rcAigo here, forsooth, one oftli "Natives" paddled his "canoe" to shore, landi.-g a New Bedlord before day, (some thirty mile*) from there taking the early train of cars lor Boston But w hy suci huste, is not for me to say, unless it was to deliver a Boston, before tho possibility of receiving it by uthe means, a ll'ilmer and Smith's Times, w itli other dvru meiits, sent by the gallant Captain to some person o persons there Now whether this xa no " native" was hired and pah to make this speedy journey, or whether h.s doing st could ho a benefit in any way to l.ngli-h siajcu'ators nut knowing I cannot tell. Neither did ibe luct, . hid I have known lor some time, suggest the tin light which have arisen mice healing ill tue devolopmt lit* o: other circumstances connected w ith thi* steamer stop ping here, before she reached her destination. 1'iesuming you cm make more of this circumstance than I, if it he worth the study, 1 semi it you lor w lial >1 is worth. - Piioorkss op CiNcr.iNATi.?Of the whole num ber of dwellings in the Flint w ard there were at the close of 1842 ? Slone. Brick. Frame. Total. 1 Built in 1843 " 1844 1 " 1815 1 40.1 223 4127 22 4 2(i 71 II) 82 34 75 111) 5341 312 845 Total 8 The public buildings aie. two engine houses, nil ob seivutory, two hanks, theatre, the seminary ><rics rf> Aiitre Itumr, a district school house, and the Post Office, with nine churclies, to wit: -Cluiit ? hi rch. on Fourth street, Wesley Chapel, on Fifth street; Welsh Chapels, on Harrison ami l.awience streets, Disciples < huic-n.on Sycamore; Jews' ttynagogne, on Uioadway; the Pltgiim's Church, un Lock street; and Bethel und 'l ine W'esleyan Churches-colored. Of these, the church at the coiner ul Lock and Fifth streets, and an engine house at the cor ner ol Ludlow aud Synimes, have been put up the cur rent year. Court liitflllaf"** . Ot.iMii. Sessions, Oct li ? Before the Recorder Ttil madge ; and termeii Stone.ill a il Ciiurlick. L. Paterson. Kst| District Attorney. Ttiul Jor Urand Levesny.?Mary Wood, alia. Mo1' Hodges was called to ttial on an indictment for grand larcenv' in stealing $30 from Mr Alexander D Crook , of Kingston, Ulster comity, on the night of the 3I*t of July lait while i" her company at a house in Anthony street. The robbery is uliedged to have been committed accord ding to the touch game, or a '? Hoag system For the defence, it wss shown that the accused was not home during the whole of the even! g and therefo.e zsranl I no have picked np and teiknu the oompluiuaiit to the houte SfoUd to. a<5 afterward. robbed turn The Jury rendered a verd let of not guil.y. | lh?L?Stt Grand u" saK?f2S iSter :ks-?: ,C tLT V" ? ??????. in the act and on being taken to the station houae, the sentence ' him to ho imprisoned in the state prison for tne term of ft j e ?r?. timndJurv l>i$ckarged.?The Grand Jury came into couit and divflvere J a number of bills of ?rt|lictme''t hv th?m also the following Profontmant, at the name ?ime stating ?hat they had completed the business before them They wer?therefore, discharged, witn the usual thanks of tfio coutt. PkKSKXTMBXT. The Grand Inquest for the October term at 1*4,??. make the following presentment: The prison colled toe Tombs was found in as good order, for cleanliness, kc . as the plan of the building seems to admit of; so also was the debtors'prison in Kldndge street. Iha Ainu House at Bellevue was carefully examined throuf.ii all "a wards, kc and found clean and comforUbU a lo d a nulet homo for the destitute and decnpid. Ti e ju ry observed sere, ai hnle looking persons, who onenqui rv said tliev bad been there two or three venrs; the do im'tv keeper sanl if they were discharge J they would soon be returned, as they would resort to their fo:mer bad habits, and intemperance; the jury doubt it this is a valid reason lor their detention there in idleness. H e statistics show that there was ^ 8h? o"w horn males 610 females, 140 boys, and lit girtt; 81J ot w noro are natives o" the United States, and 61?of foreign coun tries There is a few among them who told the jury I that they belonged to neighboring States, fn<l wi'hl''J^ ! be ditchaiged and sent home, as they bad rfends and i could gain their own livelihood. Why should tliey not ' be sent iiome? The great number ol persons w bo r "sort to this place for, warrants the Grand Jury 1 to notice it ,M in their opinio., it calls for^ reform.or a more ii<rid investigation pnorto udmittance. The ma tron informed the jury that the births avenged over two a day and that she had been present at over six thou sand births, and that a very large proportion of these were cases of bastardy, and in some, a repetiti -n. Next in turn was the Penitentiary and tbo Hotp-aU, and work shops attached, on Blackwell s lslu,.d Tho prisonjwas iouud clean and in M good the 1 iiremises will allow. But it is u miserable atUir, en I tirelr unfit for the purpose, aud is a disgrace to the city ' and its,it being a common woo.lonenc. ioure ha.'lv arranged and worse ventilated, and M Illy bp pointed aud badly supplied There are now 130 leuialo patients in this place, all iu a bad state of health, who> re quire constant attendance, and if it be admitted that theso aro received, what avails it when they lay in uw? within , few feet of each other and twenty or th.rlyjn one roem, snch us above alluded to It wu* also aicor taine^hat there was a very gt oat deficiency in th" ue cearary bed and other clofhing. there not being si .eats enough to change the beds. The Jury found 300 fe males, all capable ot working, but n?thlnJLt?dJ' even innk to pick into oakum, as hitheito rho Grand Jurv would ask what is U.e great causo of .oblige a mimb^r of persons being here'* And they think the an Ihwer will be "idleness, the mother of vice, hero the Julv think that employment is essentially necessa. y o even a remote hope of the beginning ol reform in such persint. and the Jury trusts it does lrot ^I'JJ" ?a" j ?? prerogatives of the city government when they I nag these tilings to its notice aud urge a remedy. The rhil dren at the Long island Farms were generally in good health, clean and comfortable. Tho schools were un derstood to be in good condition, under the care and management of the trustees of tho Public School hoc"j,l>'' and where the Jury hope they may be removed to their new hoineon iUndali Island (desti flyed hv fire last night) which the Jury proceeded to exa mine, and have much satisfaction in 7**^* u' same; the location cannot be surpassed for beauty ana the spacious buildings are comtnendahb : the atteiuou ot the fury having been called to the apartments intended ?er the Hospital of the establishment by Dr. Stews. -. (?? being on the ground Boor) the Jury en'.rely coincide with him in bisopjnion.tlmt the arrangem? ..t is no. ju dicious, and the Jury would earnestly recomn.eiul i at t senara'o building bo elected lor a hospital, and in tho meantime ouoofthe upper halU be used for the Pu: ,o*. unless tbu urm house can be bad. and found to ai,n. er The jury would call to miud as an argument lor tllii, ii t tl.e great calamity that enme over the children some ye.ila since- the opthalmia, which not oidy co.t 1 rge expenditures to arrest it, but before that was d<Ji ( being tbe work of years) very many lost their sight and are blind andhun ireds were maiked and yet labo un der its ertects. No exertions to arrest the disease pre vailed until Iresh subjects were kept separate from t .ose affected by it. The jury also visited and ax amine., tho Interment ground in the immediate vicinity, and of"*1"'? nroxumty to the children's new home, to ascertain the 'ruth of lenorts that had reached the jury as to the r me. Phe location ??'d the manner of conducting tne M.tei ir.ents afe both found to be very objectionable, ami are well calculated to facilitate the o|wrations of reaurrec. ?ionists us they who fuiuish subject* are called. 1 lie jury icel it incumbent upon the... to speak oiit it dw approhation of the whole nianugement ol this matte. At death the subject ia sent do? li to Bellevue, and tkenco to the place oil interment by a man Hone bout to the keeper, h. be is denominated. The lry found that the oodies are placed in two ?J1?1'?1'' t and piled uii seven tier high, up.I when i ouveoteut t ier are.nume covered over about e.ghtren inches .V-e,, rhejury saw thirteen colBus, most ol them entiiel.- ex posed, and the stench arising the.efrom was very . ilun iive even on a cold brisk windy day T he lad i .. ei i .lance informed the jury that some boards were usually laid over tl.em at night Tho grand rriquest.... hone that this disgusting practice will be discontinue.I, aud a regulation more congenial with our namt a'1 instituted The Lunatic A.ylnm situated ?t ?'*Jl P?r | end of Blackwell's island, was also visited, and the jutj have zreat satisfaction in finding that so much has been done for ltd * portion of our fellow. ; cve^dep.itment { was in eood order, t"ough it was manifest that the io n ; berot I?,mate, is bey ond tbe efflclent capac ty of the house, the.e being 3>7 ; ot whom 144 are whue males, ! and JOti white lemales, 10 colored ramies and 1, co lored females . -i?!? of whom "J, f^>ri,I1f"7 gThe re tries and 13S natives ot the United S.ates. T,'? r?" udent physician informed the jury that a majority of these cases were the result of The Grand Jury would earnestly urge the building of Hie south wing According t;, the origTn.lidan which from the crowded state ol the asylum, is loudly called lor It lemains lor the Jury to ask the attention ol the authorities to the medical department of all these -cpa rato establishments, which aro now undor one. lh< te nons tor the month ol June last, exhibit the lollow .og, In: Inpatient, in all. viz: 454 atBellevueHosi.tal. no at the Alms House, 35 m the smallpoxroomsUoi^ males in the Hospital, and 4.4 iu the Lv...a c A,,lu ,n For this large number in the several hospitals, son. rtis tance from each other, and to be teached by water,there i. provided only one regular physician, asnstedby from five to eight students of some two years studyall r ne rallv very young, and. as is reasonablo toMncluce.or hnt little experience, in c?ntr"1 Wl indv vbi'inr Hospital i* understood to have three sen orda y vi . ng physicians and eight or nine students in daily at ten. I anco for about 30 patient.; The Jury wouldrecom,.,cnJ a f?i>araU physician and surgeon ? assittauts for oa? ? ol tho several establishment!; and ulso an apothecary . physicians each to be responsible for hi. own' charge^ to fie called in consultation when requisite the stu c nts or assistant* to he under the control ot ench ?enii . to insure prompt attendance on patient*. To show the need ot this alteration, the Jury learned, a lew day* siren, a man in a crazy tit cut In* own threat. Trie print ipal physician not heme present, the student or a?ahtaut, having no silk at liana. permitted the man to lav w> Iter- 1 tog in his blood, and next day he was found by r)r. blew- j ait, and he was obliged to scad up to the as) 1 im, about u mile, to get the silk to sew tho wound. I'hc I man died soon utter In tho dehtois'prison were found I some severe cases, one ol which the Jurv think they are called on to *)>eak of. A man by the name of , Michart Conner has been confined there for ahoo' fifty , days, because he is poor and unable to pay a hill of law yer and court Cost* of %il, chaiged against him by a de- | fault to appear and prosecute a suit lie had been in- need to commence against a man lor tho breukirig of his w rial in a scuttle Mrs attorney having abandoned his n?i o and a dolenee being cnt.-ied, this man is entirely resti tute, and is supnoited by ttie Alms IIouso. The jiiler stated he had called uu the attorney, and also on th' (>er sou who keeps Itim conAned, and found that malignity was the governing principle. W thoie no relief in 'uch J Th rases f The man not having the mean* to employ ? law yer, should not somo mean* bo ample yed to prote< t the j helpless from such oppression 1 So it seem* to the jury. The Grand Inquest have not overlooked the special charge mode to them in obedience to statute, in reg. rj to I lotteries. They called on the Chiol ol roller em ly in | the tetm to furnish them, if he could, such witner. iiit w ouid enable the jury to bring in some one or me to in- ! diriment* against the keeper* ol the lotteiy or polic. olh- . ces, so many ot w hich are known to exist in this city under the gaiti of money chargers; but the juryiegret to say, theie ha* been no testimony brought before tiicm to enable them to do so; and it is evident, if the police or citizen* do not biing thin matter befoic grand Jut u??, 'hese sink* of vice will continue to filch the poor and ignniant ot their last shilling, heg tting a train of evita on their victims, that lamia them in the penitentiary or a poor this a te house. I ho tirand Inquest wilt rl.ise this a uady lengthy pie-nntineiit. by adding that it has no! cs aped their notice, that nearly all of our wholesome city ordi nances have, or ate becoming, u dead letter. They tvenld not attempt to particularise, but trust the Htvnal j tiblic officer* charged with the duly of crxrj ing them into el lect, will begin and peraeveie in their duty, Grand Jury ltoom. October, 1M6. 7Y?'ef for Urand Larceny.?Alexander M. Bloom was then put on his tiial ou an indictment charging him with stealing two hereof gold u tilth $M 60 lrom Jul -'ii Ka vje, watch caso makei, of No. 46 Ann street, ou ti.e 6th ol Augu't lait. Tne Jury rendered a verdict of BOt guilty ^ Trial for fl?Tg/<irv.--l'atrirk Lnne W is next put on tri al I'or burglary in (lie lit degree, in having on the 8th of September last, broken inlo the dwelling ol Silas M. Stil well. E?<1 . on the 3 I Avenue, and stolen pioperty conri-iing principally of clothing uoith <-10 It will show n lit evidaace that tne ax used effected Ins entranco by I ranking some hoard* from a window; hut it whs not ?how n by tne prosecution that the offence w as commit ied in the night tunc ot tli .t of ' r Stilts-ell's family resided in the building at the* time, but thu' a perion named O-borno slept in the building fie the purpose of protecting the > roperty. The jury found the pii-oner guilty of burglar) in the 3d degr?" only, and the Court sentenced him to he nnpiiionod in the State piivoa lor the tutm of 8 year* ? t'uii i*r Trial for Bigamy. - A Got man mmed Rudolph Koch waithon put OB trial for bigamy in having on ttia I7tti of Vigust luti, intermerried wi'h a lenalo named ?Joephine Heun, alio Qei man, hit former wife, Mmgaret Mukrs, to whom he Wan mariied on the I9tli August, 18-14, being still alive In consequence of a technical de fect in the indictment, the accused wan acquitted on thil charge but held to answer others of n similar chaiacter. .Hntthrr Trroi for B'g-inty ? An elderly man named Robert ? arpsnter was next ti ied for inter marry ing with a > oung girl named Ann Chcrseborougti, on the 7th of Sept. last, having u former wue.aUo a vuung gill whoia maiden name w ?> Matilda Fischer, living ut the time, and whom he had bean married to about live months on ly For tho defence it was contended that the old man Wa? of unsound mind. The juty rendered a verdict of Builty, but recommended him to the mercy ot the t.ourt. * was accordingly sontenced to lie imprisoned in the Slate prison fur the term ol two years. Huiglary ?Joseph Dessenes wua next put upon his Irial for brooking into the stoie of George H (let.held.of I'eck Slip, on the night ol the 20th of September last, and steeling some clothing The jury found him guilty of burglary in the thiio degree, arc! the court sentenced him to 2 yenre imprisonment at Sing Ming vlnalhrr flea of Quiliy ?-Win fiurtch, indicted for ob taining about $300 worth of cloths, lie., lrom Mesirs. Hallock it ( o., of Tearl street, on the oh of September last, entered a pica of guilty. The plea was recotded, afui the accused remanded for sentence. The Court then adjourned uutil to morrow morning. Common Plea*. Before Judge I'lshoeffer. Oct. 22.? Thomas Eglrslun and Joseph Huttell, is. Cor nelius Fork and John itunson.?This wus an action on ? note, to recover a sum of $600, for which sum the note was drawn It appeared that the note was mode payable j to the order of a party named It. YV. Bean, and was dat ' ed lath October, 1844. Before the note came to mituri ' ty, ho parted with it to a party named Sedgewick, as i collateral security tor a sum of $200 which tie received, j stipulating, us was alleged, that the note was not to he I used in business. The note was subsequently passed by | Sedgewick into the hands of the plaintiffs, who now seek to recover from the makers. The defence set up was i that the note was misapplied, and also that no considera | tion was given. The' defence further alleged itsury. I Verdict lor plaintiff, $214, including interest lor the sum of $200 lent on the note, with 6 cents costs, i iJJ John Kelly, vs, Launcelot Howard.?This was an action of trespass, to recover damages for assault and battery. ; It appeared that pending some law proceedings, in ! which the parties wero engaged in Chancery, a man named llughes was appointed u receiver, and proroedei to the North River Brewery, to get a quantity of hear I which belonged to plaintiff. On being refused permis sion to take the beer, he returned, telling Kelly about it Kelly returned, with u nephew ot ins, named McGlo 1 herty, who w is struck by defendant, in a squa' bie that J ensued; and Kelly having interfere I, came in lor a share I of the spoils, both his eyes being changed brow n, blue, | to black; and his facealso being hadlv beaten. 'The de j fence set up wu i that pi-intilf gave too lir-t blow, and that defendant had noted in self-defence. The jury will ! render a sealed verdict this foren .11. Before Judge Daly. I Harvey Dayton ci. Dr. aJ. Shot well.?This was an sc i tiou on a note for ^>110, given by plaiutitT for a horse I which was purchased from him by defendant's brother, j The defence setup was. that there was no consideration given, the note being given by defendant lor the aocom ? modation of his brother. It was further set up in defence | that the horse was unsound, and drod from a disease j which it had contracted before it was sold, it being war , ranted The plaintiff rejoins that no warrantee was given, defendant purchasing at tiis own risk. Verdict torplaintilf $114 HI damages and six cents cost. A. Hout vs. Allen Miner.?This was un action under the lien law, which was commenced in the year 1'SO ? It was brought to lecover $66 lor work done by plaintiff fur his father, who had a contract to hoildahuu e for defendant in Henry street. The case has already been twice tried. It appeared that the contract piice waa $660.', and the time specified tor finishing the contract was in April, 1939. A fire having oconired on the pre mises about the middle of the said mouih, damaged the building. The plaintiff claims that ut the tune of the tire the building was neaily completed, and that a sum of j $300 would have finished It according to contiact. It I was further shown that defendant, iu making out his claim against the insurance company, put in an estimate j for $7000, and (hat $3*00 was paid by deiendatit on the contract. The ebicl point at issue was in relation io the > amount for work to plaintifl at lue limo the building took i fire. Adjourned over. Circuit Court. Before Judge Edmonds. Oct. 3"J.?Field-is vs Paddock?An action on a note for $.*00, which was drawn by .Mr. Ely vioorc, and duted in November, 1841, and was endorsed by iiefendant The defence put in was. that there was in. consideration, and usury on the part of the plaintiff, the note being endorsed for tbe accommodation of .Mr. Mooie Verdict for plainnff, damages $063 39, and six cents costs. Superior Court. Before Ju 'go Y'anUerpoel. Oct. 32.?Arunslhul vs Livingston, el on. ?In this case alreaJy noticed, verdict this forenoon. Before Judge Oakley. Extkiel vs. Crotan Fits Company?This case, already noticed, stands further adjourned. fourt Caleiitlai ?l itis Dny. Circuit Court.?Nos 14. 31, 32, 44, 44, 46 to 49. Common Plssi, Tart I ?No*. 4.3 177, .>9, 01, 63.63,07, 00, 71, 73. fart 2?Nos. 20, 24, 30, 34, 174, lie, 40 44. 44 48. Si resioR Court.?Nos. 67, 66, IS, 98, 11, 31, 60, 67,80, 88.7 189,72,69,96, 78, 86, 44, 97, 6a. 106, 188,73, 104, so, 36. 47. 60, 18, 41,74,8, 77,33,26,40, 133, 3, 119, 4, '48, 61,100. Two t ourts. Court for tub Correction of Lrrors ?Alba ny, l'ueeday, Uci. 21 ?Pit-Dent, Lt. Gov Gardiner and twenty llitee Seuatois. No 10 James Bin khead et .U, plaintiffin eiror, v.. YY'm. Biown, ot ai, defendant in error. Mi. O. Wood was hoard lor defendant in error: Mr D Webster v.-as heard in reply. Decision postponed until December. A large audience listened, with great interest, to-day, to a caloi, lucid and poweriui argument upon a Case in volving important principles of commercial law. which was opened by George Wood, aud closed by Douie Webster. Roguery Defeated?On the 16th instant, some needy personage wrote to Mr. Chapman, ol New Yoik, the manut.'Cturer of razor htrops aud other taucy articles, in the name ot ilolman St Evert, of this city, ordering cri iain goods to be sont on return ol steamboat, by Adams' Express. The letter was received and the order was duly honored, on the 17t!i, but the cierk of Mr. Chapman, in foi warding the goods, sent them by the tegular mode of transportation, through the 1 leopa tra steamboat and Norwich and Worcester railroads, be cause the goods would arrive here on Sunday, and there would tie no advantage in time, and some uifleience of expense in transportation if torwardod by express. The rogue was thus lolled. Ilolman 6r Ertrs received their bill ol lading through the post office, and perceiving the roguery, seemed the gooUs at the depot, and hcl 1 them to the older of Mr. < haptnan. The letter ordering the goods was wtitteu in a coarse, nucleikly hand, and was apparently the production ol some youthiul tyro in swindling. Similar attempts, emanating heie,wero made lust week to detraud two other firms in New York, in which tbe name of a dry goods house in Milk street was used. A lot of goods were ordered lroin Mr. Day, the well knowu manufacturer of I mini rubber articles, to be sent by railroad. They were torwarded by Adams'Ex press, and delivered at the store?the w eio saveJ, aud the rogue had hut his labor for bin paint. The i.ame ot the same firm was used in an order upon anotherNew Y ork house, fetr a large amuuut ot broadcloths, cassi uicret, fcc. , but the New Y ork firm having no correspon dcnce with the Boston house, an! thinking the o.der somewhat unusual under the circumstance- wiotu l ack to inquire into the ca.e, and w ere surprised to learu that no such order bad been sent. The plane ol the iIItended swindler we. e not equal to his iiituiitioua.?Itoston Con ner, Get. 24. Buenos Av.iE.v?We have been lavorvd with ths perusalof t private letter, received in thin city, from Buenos Ajres, under date ol August I2tlk, wim a gives a different account ol the -.fate ol alt iirs in lira itivor La Plata, from tnar which we published on Satui.lay. The letter says that a French man-of-war auived that morn i>.g lroin Montevideo, the orticers oi which reported "mut arrangement* had been made w ith Ontie, the be sieging General, and that thcic would lie peaee instead ol war, in the livti '1 he letter adds, ttiai in the event of peace, there would be an important change in the cur leiicy. The Rosabella, which may bo expected to ar rive at Sulom iu a day or two, will either Confirm or Con tradiet this news. Robbery and Detection of Robbers.?A Ger man girl, named RoDuurid Yuuk?-r, uinl two men, named .laines Blind and Jehn HchOpp, Germans, weie uirested at u hotel in Lacuna couri, i n the charge of having robbed Jurob Zipp ot New Y ork, ol $349 The gul w as a servant in tne house, end the men Were her acquaintances, allot whom ale representeda< being but a very stioi'l time iu the cuuiili). Nuaily the Whole of the money was tound upon bin an i Brand, ami has beers handed over to the owner. They wen- ill committed by the Mover to aw uit tho rrqui-i ion ot t >o nuthoritiee ot the State of Nt? roik 'i he robbery was |.eip. tia tod on hunda>, on MondH> tnt-y arnved lis iin* City, and yester..ay they weit longed iu prison.- I'hi.aJtlphia I hrois. Oil. 22, t Buckwheat.?The Poitghltttpttt Journal sava that.cuuiiaiy to the apprtlu ..sions towhic . t ie inugnt ol the sea on had piveii lue, the Buckwheat . iop in Dutches, Ulster, and Orange countries is uncommonly good. Simi ax information re given u<.in etke q nteu

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