Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1845 Page 3
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fret of the managers in the oolonia* hiring includod in r*'urn 6everal old debt*, which, until thii time ware not supposed to ba bad. Tha report of the bad and doubtful debt*, up to tha Slat December, 1844, compared with that ol tha tlx month* ending 31st June, 1844, shows the following ttata of affairs [ncretiac of (ioubtlul debt*. u 6 '"-reuse of bad debt* 200 6 8 Increase in doubtful caih XI,718 b 3 credit* and account*.. . , 639 is u Uadd?-.~ 87110 8 1,411 7 4 Balance of bad debt* and X3,137 13 6 oubtl "d one*, according Deduct' 84,176 13 8 Ueduct the profit* reserved i?? l,'? balf year eniing 30th 1844........ 10,120 7 6 ?'73,03.t 0 0 Balar no acoording to the preient account. .?78,183 19 ti m director* regret much that in consequence of the sta .e of affair*, a* shown by thii report, that they are 0 Jiged to recommend anew to the atoekholder* the ue c aiaity of abitaining from the Uking of a dividend, and lhat they conaent to the allowing tha balance of profit fatter deducting ?1000 for the proportion of half yearly expenses) which will amount to ?9,778 13 3, to be ap plied to the account of bad and doubtful debt*, which will then be reduced to .?68,408 8 10. ihe director* would nave bean highly flattered if in tho pieseut report they could have furnished an increa*. ec amount of profit*, a* compared with those of the six mouth* previous, bu t the sudden conclusion of the bar" vett in the colonies,, at a most extraordinarily early sea ?on, in consequer cf a vary unfavorable .eason, and a* a natural conr .tquence, the shortness of the crop, had he effect of cc .nsiderably diminishing the operations o * nk' a"d curtailing proportionably it* profits 0 somct ]eig than those of the previous six mouths. Vow"ver,i ji comparing the total amount of profits du ring 1844 fwith those of the previous year, they have ex ceeded lhem b ?3 ^ We annex a statement showing the import and export '8l t of Venezuela, for the year ending June 30, 1843. r em the official reports it appears that there has been a. Urge increase in the import trade in 1844 and "45, compared with 1843 and *44. The whole value of the imports for the fiscal years 1843 and *44 amounts to $137,828,74, and for 1844 and '43 to $390,496,89 showing an increase of $132,666,96 in 1844 and '46, or an increase of nearly 82 per cent. The comparison of the number of tons that have entered and left the Orinoco river during the past year, among which the national tonnago alone has amounted to 2364, whilst in the fiscal year 1843 and '44 it amounted to only 3381, or 17 tons more, and the foreign tonnage that arrived during that year amounted to 1064, while the number du ring the year just closed only amounted to 976j, or 82j tons loss, shows a favorable condition of the trade ef the republic under all the circumstances. Without regard to the decreased number of tons which have entered the Orinoco during the year 1844 and '46, wo soe that tho value of goods imported during the year amounted to $290 495 69, while for the previous year it only amounted to $137.828 74, showing an increase in 1844 and *43 of $132,666 83 1.-The export* of 1844 and '45 amounted to $490.696 41, and of 1843 and '44 to $604,119 88, showing a balance in favor of 1843 and '44 of $113,423 45. Tho foreign trade of the past two year* will therefore exhibit the following comparison: Commerce ok Venezuela. 1 . ~ Excess of ? 01? 1 10.. Imporh. Exports exports. S i ""1 !\i *157,828 71 *604,ll'J 86 446,291 12 1814 Slid 1815 290,485 69 490,696 41 200,200 72 Increase 1845 $132,<66 95 ? Z Decrease 1845 ? $113,423 45 $246,000 40 It must be remembered that in 1843 und '44 there were no export duties, which has had, no doubt, a very unfa* vorable influence upon the export trade of 1844 and' 45. V r??M for the Year End ing June 30, 1845, Di?tinoui*hino the Flag and Des tination *e Vessel* in which Merchandise wa? Shif Value of exports. ,, , , i" , .. ,? .J\ national, foreign Jjrsttna n. Aatio I. for'n. vessels. vessels. Total. Ir?>'d?d 97 7 40,883 68 783 00 $11,666 68 Demerara 18 10 6,052 50 6,119 00 12 171 50 1 abago 8 ? 3,208 00 ? 3,208 00 OrvuiN.U 6 _ 2,639 00 _ 2 039 00 Bar had* ]g 2| ],>82s (K) 14 ^ m 7S, M.rtlinca. ... 19 5 13,583 10 7,000 32 20 583 42 8. V iceiife.. 7 ? 1,626 00 ? | r,26 00 Sta. Lucia.... 3 - 1.012 50 _ port 50 Berl.ico ? 1 ? 1400 qq j (|fl flai.t. ma. ... S 1 55,700 68 8,200 00 63,910 68 New York... 7 3 113,769 57 62,111 10 175.880 67 ? 1 ~ 78,792 00 28,792 00 Hamburg. ... ? 5 ? 73 399 46 73,399 46 Urmm^n 1 ? ? 75,309 50 25,309 50 firemen. 1 _ 12,090 00 J. ? 12 090 80 Margarita. ..._J __ 181 00 Sii 187 5 3 262,604 03 228,092 38 $490,096 41 There were employed in the export trade of Venezue la, for tho j ear ending June 30, 1846, national tonnage, 1 0,302 06, foreign tonnago 5,014 33. Of this there were logaged in the export trade from that republic to this pott, national tonnage, 1,033 03, foreign or American tonnage, 480 60. The annexed statement give* the value of the impor tation of merchandise and produce into the republic of Venezuela, for the year ending June 30, 1846, distin guishing the places from whence received, and the flag engaged in the import carrying trade. Imputations into Venezuela for the Year Ending June 30, 1845. .... _ .. vessels. . _ Tonnage. Value of If hrrefm. halt I. Fori- n. Matton'l. Foreign. Imports. T/'uldad 79 2 1,142 27 41 46 51,409 74 Demerara.... 5 ? 467 49 ? 280 00 .J.ab'?S ? - 87 12 _ 191 45 Granada 1 ? 31 IK ? -190 ni) Berbice 1 ? 49 74 _ |03 (0 Martinica. ... 6 5 531 77 "* 732 76 4,869 05 San torn A*..... 5 3 501 2<? 400 60 53,909 21 &o.OF.k - ? 447,9 ?? - - I - 193 28 12,670 . .B.rf,n*" ' I 193 35 233 22 29 061 7 Hamburg. ... ? 2 ? 35435 ^ VS, , fciW ' 193 35 17<? 42',938 1 BlrblM,a 1 ~ 130 92 30 ( 97 18 <.?74 93 2,610 03 $290,495 ( The trade between New York and Veneiuela appeal to bs against us. The exports to New York, accordin, to the above statements, amounting to 176,880 57, an the imports from, to 68,8*0 36. The principal articles 0 export from Venezuela to the United States, are coffee cocoa, hides, and sarsapariUa. Old Stock Eichang*. ??22?iY TOOshs Canton Co 10000 U ?? 5?. 53 coup 103 100 do 5000 Ohio 7? 104 % 125 do 4200 Ohio 6s, SO 97% 130 Harlem R R 5000 Prut. 5s *6ft 75V 250 do 2000 Reading R R Bds 67% 50 d? iS?Vllun"'!l9pl .l 3S* 25 Nor It Wor R R, 40 sha Manhattan Bk 100 225 On 20 North Riser Bank 102 25 do 31 Bk Com, scrip 97 250 do 50 do 30 do r IB Atlantic, Brooklyn 96tj 200 R*"'do" " " g^SlS^tet 67 ^LUUdnodRR 700 Farmers' Truit 33V 75 do do bM 50 do 500 do 170 do do 50 do 'io 200 Morris Canal 90d 23 75 wIS 77'v 100 Stopfnirton K R 100 do .60 22% 10 Etl.HR * .2 d? ??* I?? 'ST .H do JO <Jo 22* stU) a* b0 Paterson R R b(Jm 92 $q j0 H<h50j|(| Board. ??? 50 thas Nor It Wor 25 do 50 do 50 do 125 do 50 do n 73> 75 Paterson RR dS b"w 7itf 50 d? do 73,? 75 do a" 735* 50 Reading R R dp 73L 50 Canton Co 130 do 25 do 50 d 125 50 do j;1 ?nw 73V 50 Erie RR *' do u New Stock Kxchssnige. aflisUSBank b90 5V *5"lis Harlem K R J barmen< Trust *10 33S 50 L Island K R a53 Mwma Canal ?60 22S 50 do 73 do ti 13 22% 50 do 73 do 21% 50 do 75 do 22? 50 do 73 do .3 22V 50 Erie R R 75 do t.20 22 V .50 Not k Wore 50 do b3 22V 123 do b30 43 b60 43 *60 h b90 64>s *60 64 74 73% ?30 73 blM 73% 73% stO 33 33 70 b60 70 69% ?30 69 b60 69% 69% 31% 34 34% b30 34 V ? 13 34 blO 34% 74 ? 13 73% 74 91 91% 91% boo 33% 41 ?60 42% a60 34% ?60 34 ?90 61 1.3 69% 3d 69 69% 4d 60% 69% b3 73% 73% Rlarrlert. On the ."2nd initant, in the Christie itreet Methodnt < hurch, hy the Rev. Wm. Still well, Mr. W?t. 11. John stois to Ml<* Mssv Louisa Furnas, ell of thie city. On Tuesday the list instant, by the Rev. Wm. McKen <t?II Bangs, F.nwssn V. V. Caboili. to Mr*. Ma*ia 8 Smiiii, yomige?t (laughter of the late Captain John 1). ferry, all of this city. Ou Wednesday, the Md Indent, by the Rev. Henry Chase, Mr. Wm. Nobi.s to Mra. Mabt Amis &coriri.D, both of this city. I)t?d, On the morning of the 33rd instant, after a lingering illness, Mr. Oonraar Piktcm, in the 83d year of his age His friends and those of his sons, Philip, Abraham and Joshua, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 24 o'clock, from his late residence No. HO Kssex street, near Broome street. On Wednesday night, Joins Coisstaistiisk, aged 4P years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the tuneral Irom his late residence, No. IH3 Ful ton sticet, on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, without fur ther invitation. HIM KINii (illNM fit f'Aflr 8 superior Duck Oans, of the most approved length, ?J lorin, weiaht and bote. J cssei eery saperior Cocking Oans 6 ca>e< low priri-d bovt' ana larger Oans. The above Onus arc now in store and will be sold st extreme low prices, ,1 lao, lull stock of Sporting articles, (fun materials, Ac. ?>2? JtawHin'rc A. W. 8PIL8 A Co, III P?arl street tM)R HALF,, VKRV CHKAP? One of Mrs. Carroll's ce 1 lelirated Vapor Baths. Can be seen at Mr. B.ATK8', *2 Broadway. "24 lw*rc ?*r i Wirt.., TO DRUGGISTS. W ANTEIM cwt. of Sour Qua. or Gum Hon, to iua m I ,, menu fact ura of marbled paper. Addrrss K.8 lie I fala OB|ce, statiag when it way ba found, and price o21 lt*mc . -*? wnere u may pa luuuo, aoq price oat It'inc 1LT ANTED. by a respectable young Woman?A situation , aa Chambermaid or Waiter ia a respectable family; heat tafertncea given. Please apply at 32>{ Catharine atreel <>?? l(*rh W ANTKD.-Wautod situations by two young peraona. uu, .to do Chamber work and Plaiu Sewing, the other to do Waiting, ill a auiall pnvate family. Good citv reference can be given. rleaae to enquire at II Beekwau street, fourthatorv front room. oct2J 2t*m wXnteilM WANTED. A YOUNG WOOMAN, ofgood character rod good addreaa fy. "T>ar Franeh or German, capable of makiuf and srTaajring ladna diraaca, and attending to the other branches ofaUu"? toller To a person properly qu?|,fied in these respect, the inoat liberal wages will be given Aunl v .Oi.-. / ii' by l-tter, addressed to A. <* Herald offm. WANTED. FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or Weat, to act an Aleuts ?or the ide of new mid l'opular Publications. $300 over and above their expeuaes will be maured to them iu writing, with an opiKirtunity of clearing $1000 per year. Some inen now in our employ will, uo doubt, made over $1000 per year clear of all eipeuae. Each will have hia district It will be uecessary for them to have at least from $26 to $60 to obtain a good fitting aut. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall. 293 Broadway, up stairs. All letters must be poet paid ot trn'r LOST?Fl iTV DOLLARS REWARD?Last, in going from Charlea to the corner of Cedar and Broadway, ami returuiug?supposed to have been loai iu one of KippkBtnwn's oui'iibuiaei, a rocket Book, cuulammg two hundred aud sixty odd dollars?four tift v dollars on Mariue Bank of Baltimore, the residue city aud Slate U oik billa of a small deuoraiuati >u. Enqnire uorthaaat corner of Charles and Greenwich streets. o24 2l*r RLFU9K. LEE IVE DOLLARS HOWARD. LOST, on Monday, a Gold Finger lliug with a Garnet Sroue and the initials ol R. S P. The fiuder will receive th- above by leaving the tame at the office of this paper, o22 3tr DOLLARS REWARD.?LOST-A" Double Oun, ?U barrels 32 inches long, No. 12 calibre, eiigrav-d D h ith The above reward will be paid, aud no queationa aaked. by re turning the Gun to D. FISH, 139 Fulton (treat, up staira. o2l I w*rc DR. POWELL, OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Disecst's ol the Eye and Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his rcsideuce, 261 Broadway, corner ol Warren street. t>pthnlinia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, and Opacities, ef fectually removed. Amaurosis treated with great atteutiou and success. Inveterate cases of Strabismus, or Squinting, cured in a few miuiite friunl'lie nltnrfl*'n*"ted Cil" *n,rc,"1r he distinguished Offices and residence 261 Broadway?entrance l? Warren *t,fet i?24 It'rc L TEETH!TEETH! MEETH Who would be without Teeth, when they cau sTirri'.Tt , Wlt,10ut tha slightest possible pa/ n ? ten11 *' 'hepurposes ol natural ones, by calling on It, Dentist, at his olfiee, corner of Canal street and , Broadway, entrance in Canal .treat. The folk wing is a list I oi prices i? j A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on fine gold plates, ^ [ A set of best mineral Teeth, on line gold plate, for the upper jaw, to be woru by atmospheric i pressure, ^ M Single Tooth, on gold plate, from $2 60 to 6 nil Pivot Tooth, from 76 to I an Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 76 t0 i v> 1 Extracting Teeth, ? 1 is c otber operations in the tame proportion. Remember, comer of Canal street and Broadway, entrance on taual street. 02l ARTIFICIAL TEETH. M? , ...r?JFIom.?en. Duff Greeu.) VETT I write attlie request of a frieud for whom you made a set of Artificial Teeth, to lay that they have given entire satisfaction, and that your principle of .^tnios such'.. yTfr,rIBd' ' I' * duty to you and to such as may stand in need of your professional services, to re : command them to employ you. Vour obedient servant, | To M LEVETT, Dentist*""13 DUFF OREEN ; 260 Broadway, corner Warren at. o24 lt?mc the plumbe national daguerkian ! SInZPHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT! '2,1 I BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over Ten p ? neJ' Jewelry store, awarded the Medal,four ? First Iierniums mid two Highest Honors," at the Exhibition nt Boston, New York and I luladeliihia, respectively, for the best ! Pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. i GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OE VOIGTLAENDEWS APPARATUS. Plum he's Premium Cameras, Instructions, Plates, Cases. Jcc. forwarded to any desired point, at lower rates thao by any otb t manufactory. o23 2mD&W>mc POST OFFICE, \ 1M ? e e l Vork? 0ct' 22l ,W5- I au? 0,"?"0' ?f. the change of hour of the mail line for Albany leaving New York,juu aud alter ibis day uutil fur ther notice, mails for all offices between this and Albany lying on the Hudson River, will be closed st 3 o'clock P. M, A1 mails for office, beyond Albany aud including that o . ce will be closed at 3>? o'clock, P. M. "?*? 3fr ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. M. MOCKING BIRDS, <fcc. A GRIEVE, 6 John street, having purchased the most ? choice and largest stock ol Mocking Birds ever yet offer ed ill one lot, consisting of one hundred and eight, all raised Irotn the nest, associated with and brought up in the same room, in fall plumage and song, would reipectfully solicit a call from the curious, at 6 John street. , 23 3t*rc ??? *RON FOR cast steel. ~~ ORWAY IRON, of the quality used at Sheffield for the .manufacture of Steel for Swords, Razors, Table Knife ?Liisdci, and Edge I oola, for sale by <?2I 6leo..*r C. E. H ABICHT, 86 West street. THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT TA MASTER. HE French Language, at once the easiest learned and most fashionable acquirement of the day, is taught by Profess-,r Kowalewski on the oral and most approved system, adapting his lessons to the CHpacity of hit papils in tuch a maimer m will ensure a knowledge of the language iu a very short space ?I-.iln,er .. eb.?t" "OfO'ed with pupils from the families refer*?0 distinguished gentlemeu, to whom he can IWS'' Hon- 9aleb Cushing. Hon. Thos. li. Benton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others Louia McLaue Hon. Secretary Walker, .Oennau and Freaeh taught. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 310 Broadway. P. KOWALEWSKI 00 1 mr SPANISH LANGUAGE. PROFESSOII A. J. MORALES Respectfnlly informs the , Public, that he is f rmmg his classes, to teach the above language, aud reouesta an early pplication that they may be cloaed. Terms .hours, &c , may be known, by applying at his residence. 407 Broome street. Professor M. has the honor ol referring to the Principals nf Washington Institute, the Aca demy oune Sacred Heari, (Astoria ) and Mr. I . Canda's Aci demy, where lie is teaching with great success; and respect luly refers to the following from the President of St. Johu's Gollege, (r oruham,) in which he has been Professor for the last two years. 1 hereby certify, that Mr. A. J. Morales ha. been engaged at Professor of the Spanish language in St. John's I ollege, for the last two years. He h is afforded the highest satifartion, by attention to duty?by his proficiency, and by the general im provement ol his puptla. b. r u(iS',*n?.<)') ? JOHN HARLEY, Prea't. St. John i Lollege, Sept. 12, 1846. pit 3w*r DANCING ACADEMY. 74 Lroisari) Sthekt, Weat Side of Broadwuy. ML1.E. PAULINE DESJAKDINS has the honor of in lortntng the public that alie has opened her classes, and is now ready to receive pupils M'lle. P. D. gives instruction iu all the different branches ol dancing. At her Academy will be taught all the newest aud most fashionable Dances now in use ,nj .f Ja??"tthem the new Polka Quadrille, Gallo pades, the Waltz Tolka, and all styles of Waltzea. Among Po. acc*" M?curka, Uaclmcha, Uracovienue, fcc. .Mile. P. D. will give her particular attention to Ladies' Boarding Schools. Cotillion Parties will be formed for her pu pils exclusively. Persons who ara desironrs of becoming pupils, will please apply to Mile P. D., as above. .9 lm*rc MLh!i?,S^5?1^L>ANC1NG' WALTZING, *c." -1 At.HI LLE respectlnlly aunouueeato her friends and patrous, and to the public in general, that her regular class 4J Wal'ker street"" tUrday' ?ct"b*r Saloon, No. DAYS OF TUITION. P or young Ladies and young Masters under 10 years of age, on every Wednesday and Saturday, from 3 to 5 o'clock-umf a 5 for young Gentlemen. w???uu ? at $ o'clock'8** l0F (J*ntIem*n' '""y Tuesday and Thnradny Hor Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of forming by them selves pr.vste Quadrille time., Polka or Mazntka Quadrilles, oui an> ?mv? and hour most convenient to both pirties p?iK !"viT U l ai!ld PriIat? l""ona in Dancing, Waltzing, desired 'y'alurkn''?r Ladies and Gentlemen, atany fixed hours .Madame A. continues to give her professional services at young ladles boarding schools and private families. Soiree Balls,exclusively forher pupils, accompanied by their parents or guardians, as usual. Being in correspondence with several of the principal pro lessors in I aris, Madame A. receives from them all the novel '?? l,l#. Vviu the fashionable society, aud she will make it a duty to adopt thetn in her classes or private let accordiuK to her patrou's desires. ?17 lm*rc A. DODWORTH'S DANCING SCHOOL. A LLEN DODWORTH would beg Itave to iulorm his 7.* '"ends, that it is his intention to commeuce a Private Uancing School, at his residence, 44S Broome street, on Moti day efternoon, Oct. 20th. From his long connexion with the uancing world, and having availed himself of instructions p?Tt i ma"]'r! tbat n\ve visited tins country?such as rsul Isglioni, and others o? like celebrity?he feels that he is q i. ,0.'?acb *? any in tlw city; and his musical ?t T' 1 ?'rtA!"ly *,Te tlm ? Rr'at ?dva"fa?' over many at iweseut inithe profession. Be that as it may, those who la Lid IfMSSbftK?D?nci,ra rr'V ""0n iC'1Uiri,"t * C?rreCl a ? . TERMS. /?n,rt,r of24 Ltweons, iucludiug the Quadrille, Wsltz, Oallope and Polka $10 10 Ten Lessons in the Wsltzor Polka 5 00 l>aYJ o?d //nun of luthon. On Monday and Thursdays, at 3 o'clock, for Ladtcs aud M tsses over 12 years of age. at 3o'cUrk'forMi- a"d tl.m.^?7"oy'&p'M*y,Thu,,,lay R"d8ulur<),r' for ?e? ca^n'^a^ndea^lier!11 b' f?rme<1 f'om 9^r those who d.neJt.V *J*aaoll,.fiv?n "tauy other hoars, either at the resi deuce of the pupil or St the school. o2l Itn'rc A rieh'I N i u i'ih? ,nr,nb"? ?rfb? New York Yacht ItThoJ.? L.? j? at """r Club House, Elvstsn Fo lds Hohoken.ou Saturday, the 26th of Oct. at 2Yi o'clock P M b* ? By or"ar ot Commodore. "2X 3lfC JNO C. JAY, Secretary." WELDED IRON ~~ B 01L E R FLUES 0*i ^i^ D'AMETER, hut not eiceetling |6Q feet in To thickness of metal from II to 14, wire gnsge The?e are the only Tube, used bv the English *Cil French government steamers, and other fast steamCosls. and cm t e procured only from the Patentee 'm're THOS. PHOSHKR. 6 Liberty at N V STRAW BOARDS. 200 ?r,.8ii!^krAKi,s PERSSE ?t BROOKS. i21 'we 6Y and 67 ?tr. e I'NIVKKMTY UK NEW YORK. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE. I HE Introductory Lectures for the session 1815-6, will cotn nienc. on Monday, 27th of October, and will be delivered lie University Medical College in the following order ;? nargery. Professor Mott. Monday, 27th Oct., 7 P. M ivnln^y'i 5""r P?ttl?on, Tueidrti, 28th Oct., 7 P. M. Oct. 7 P M Professor Revere, Wednesday, 28 Tm,radiv?wl,0?i^np*,iS,d Mat"'?M.4ica, Proferaor P.ine, Bidfort' f'M j1}?! c^'Tp0^Wom'u a"d Children, Prof. The^mfMiiMhiVd flaturdar. Nov. 1.7 P M. By order^f tllfe??cn7n r inVllrd to a"end' ? . John w. Draper secv Oct. 20, l$4A. U"'T*r,,f^ Medical College, 669 Broadway. o22tnJeodis*rc LONDON AMERICAN FAMILY BOARDING HOUSE, No 5 Foley Place, Regent street. LADIES, Gentlemen, uid Families, visiting Lordon, cut b? accommodated with board and residence, cumbiued with every comfort, a good labia and select aociaty, on muda rata tern s. This eats bliahrneut ia conatautly visited by American Fami tin and G-nlletnrn arriving in London, and ia houorcd by tha ?l?ci I t>u ouage of the Am?>icau Legation; *lso by many distinguished American families in tha United States,to whom prrmissi u baa been given to refer VIS* PHILLIPS Org* to atate that Carda of Particular*, a* to tcrma. and by wnom b* ia racommeudad, may be obtained it ibe "ffirepf thia paper. o24 iw*rc famy GOODS, cutleky and clocks. fU)R HALL, at (iraat Barg ins? Rich Tea Traya, in acta of 3 and 4 each, at 7) canta to S3 Ml per act; ailvrr plated Can llraticka, at (1 Ml to $3 per pair; Knives ai d Koiks, various atvlea, at Ml eta. 61,75 to $1. Alio, a lot partially damaged, at ?75t ctr. Alao, hue Pocket Cutlery, iu dozans and in carda. at SI to 2 50 per dozen. Alao, 3 rich lour column Clocks, for aale at $8, $12 and $ 6 each, iu good order, and worth double the money. Will be aeut to auction if not (old iu a few daya. Apply at 231 (up ataira) Pearl atreet. o2l lt*r 200 MANGANESE. BAHllKLS of the beat Black Onde of M.mgauese, for aale by PERSSK k BROOKS, o*trh b5 and 67 Nassau aireet. National Loan Fiaiift Life Assurance Society of London, I,__ _ tMrowanzo ?* act ok rarliamknt* 'HE, following are among the adrantngea held ont by thia Inatitution : Tlw Loan Fund, from which the aaaured are entitled to draw two thirda of their payment*. The pxyineut of premium* annually, half yearly, i|uarterly or monthly. A large aum to be permanently invested in the United States in the names of three ol the Local Director* a* Trustee*, a* a guarantee fund. Travelling leave extensive and liberal; and extra premium* ou the most moderate scale. Conditions of policy less onerous to the aaaured than in moat Life Insurance Offices. ,. ,U?!.TFD Statkii Local Boahd ok Dihictoiii. ?JACOB HARVY, Esquire, Chairman,') JOHN J. PALMER,Esq JONATHAN GOODHUE, Esq. JAMES BOOKMAN, Esq. GEORGE BARCLAY, Esq. 8AM'L S. ROWLAND, Esq. GORHAM A WORTH, Esq. 8AMUEL M. FOX, Esq. CLEMENT C. B1DDLE. Esq. SEARS C. WALKER, kiaq. LOUIS A. ?tODEY, riso. GEORGE In GRAHAM, Eso. Physicians to the Society, (Medical Examiners.) J. KEARNEY RODGERS, M D., 110 Bleecker st. ALEX. E. IIOSAUK. M. D., 101 Eranklinst. E. ARNOULT, M. !)., 367 Broadway. Hankers. The Merchant*' Bank of New York Solicitor. WM VAN HOOK, Eso. HI Wall at. General Agent for the United States, and Biittsh North American Colonies. J. LEANDER STARR, rraident In New York. Office 74 WALL Street, N. Y. New York. Philadelphia. Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report of the Society'a rates, also blank forms, and the lullest information, may be ob tained upou application to the subscriber. J LEANDER STARR, General Agent. jy 24 3taw in 301*00 THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital 300,000 Dollars. OFFICE 41 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. THIS COMPANY coutiuues to Insure against loss or da mage by Eire on their usual favorable terms. All claims K reseated to thia company for losses by tha late disastrous fire aving been paid, they now find their capital nearly eutire. B. W. DE LAMATER, President. t6 1misrrc E. C. FINN, Secretary. tHFeast river mutual insurance COMPANY. QFFICE No. 61 (late 49) Wall street, coutiuues to insure ? against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses,and other Duildings. Also, on Household Furniture, Mercnan dize, &c., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. John Brouwer, Wakem&n Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, Johu Moorhead, Stanton Bet-be, Joseph, Daniel Ayrea, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. S. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, Nathaniel L. Uriswoliljr. Thomas Nesmith, Russell Stubbini, Robert Boormau, George Coggeshall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, George Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD S. SILLIMAN, Secretary. RouKnT J. DiLi.ort, Counseland Attorney. *2 lm*m OFFICE OF THE CKOTOJN INSURANCE CO No. 35 Wall Street, Adjoining Mechanics'Bank, in the City of New York THIS COMPANY lose by the recent lire >33,000. Their ussets over and above all claims against tliem exceed >130,000 They continue to insure Marine and Kire Risks, at fair rates TRUSTERS. James Harper, William B Coxzens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James Phalen, Theodore A Meyer, SAJ^wrencr, Cyrus Chenery, Edwin K Tremain, Lawrence Hill, 8 M Craudall, W H Townsend, John Breaste, Robert Lane, James Cruiluhank, John T Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J H Snydam. Charles L Vose, John B Lasala, Zadock Pratt, Hamuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, James Cook, Loring Andrews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, George Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahan, Asa 8 Crosby, George Palen, John J Derrick. William Burgoyne, Abraham V an Nest, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. M. t ^ JOSEPH B. NONE8, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary. Cain Samuel Candler, Marine Insp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. ati2m OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , 4 No. 30 Wall street, opposite the Exchange > fl^HIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da R mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and all againstloss by inland navigation on vessels and their cargoes. directors. Thomas W. 1 hornt Elisha Rings, Thomas T. Wopififff, Anson Baker, U. R. llobsou, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomsou Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, JohaTf. Lee, Win. K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Tresideot. ilssasi T. llorx. Secretary. a3 sc Orrieg or the Jefferson Insurance Co New York, July 34,1343. I 'ft THE Stockholders of this Company are requested to call at the office of the Company and signily whether it be their wish to fill op their respective shares.or to receive a number of shares equal to the present valne of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are reguested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 30 Wall st. ? _ .. ? T. W. THORNE, Pres't. Ueo.T. Horv.Sec y. jy2S rrc THE NAVY. WILEY Jt PUTNAM, 1CI Broadway, have for sale, "Hints on the Re-organization of the Navy," and an exa-naua tion of a' Reply to Hints on the re organization ofthe Navy." Two neatly printed pamphlets. o!3 eodSw'rc BRISTOW'S SUPERIOR AND ELEGANT COMMERCIAL 8Y8TEM WRITING. AcademylSO Ilronilway,opposite John street. MR. BRI8TO W, Finishing Writing Master, in announcing his retnrn to New York, and the lte-Oceiii , r ,, riiiug aiuici, iu auiiuuueiug his retnrn to New York, and the He-Opening of his Aca demy, Room No. 6, at 189 Broadway, to resjjjne teaching his admirable systvm of Penmanship, mostrespectlully informs the Ladies and Gentlemeu of this city and Brooklyn, of his having made a <iiieat reduction in his terms, in older to render the v,1Jf of his instructions within the reach of every one. No coinplaint (morally speaking) is more general ihan that of " :n to be der" a nto hand ! This is much to he deplored, since the remedy is now constantly at hand, alike SIMPLE, SPEEDY and CHEAP! Mr. Bristow promises snd guarantees to Ladies and Gentle men ?f eve.hy age and capacity, to conrnrt the very worst writing tuto a beautiful, free, Bowing, expeditious ai d pleasing style of penmanship, executed in an elegant off-hand inauuer, no matter how illegible or cramped the band may be, IN twelve: easy LESSONS. Extra lessons will be given (free of charge) if required feels del ig'hted ill going through Even the venerable matron feels this process, to revive the study of the vernal mom of life. ?**Mr. B. can be seen from9 to 1 A. M. or from 3 to 8 P. M. IL/*' Private lessons given. SHORT HAND taught by Mr. B. For sale, a work en Short Hand. N B?Book-Keeping by DeuHe and Single Entry taught practically. Visiters in New York can take a course of Writing in three d?T?. *33 lmeod'rs FRENCH LANGUAGE V/J ON8.|FOIGNETt one of the principals of theschoo A, known to the public as the firm of Foignet and Taylor's Ciasaieal French and English School, and under whose cnargs is the p rrnch Department, takes this opportunity to inform Ins loriner pupils and the public in general, that he will re-open his Evening I lass at his schoolroom. No. 739 Broadway, on Monday, October 20th. Mons. F. having some leisure hours, will likewise consecrate tliem to a few private papils. For terms enquire at his resi dence. No. 217 Green St., 6 Amity, or at the school. o5 ltawlm'rc. M, VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY. R. O. ROBERTSON has the pleasure of respectfully announcing to his friends and the pnhlic, that his regular classes arc now o|iei] on Mondays and Thursdays, al his private dwelling, 62 Eighth Avenue, for giving instructions in the iV 1"' .V? !*? w'" introduce iu Ins academy ell the lale and lashionahle dances now in use, including the Polka and Mazurka Quadrilles, and various styles of \\ altxing. Instruc tions given in private to pupils and classes, at any lixsd hour, at their residences or at Mr. B's. A morning class will be formed lor ladles. dllm'm _ ^ DANCING ACADEMY. MOroadway .Corner of Grand Street. R G..ROBERTSON has the honor of respectfully in forming hia friends and the Public that his classes lor gi ving instructions in all the different styles of the above ?c< m plishment (and the Mazurka oid Polka Quadrilles,) will open on Wednesday, Sept. 17lh, at the large H.iloon attached to tlic Broadway House. Days of Tuition, Wednesdays and Satnr d\y,7;rM,i?a Llasses at 3 P. M.: Gentlemen, I P.M A I'ri v"'e ii}71?' f,,r Ladies will be formed from 8 ta 7 for La Pnlka and waltzing. Instructions given to Papils and Private Class ex at their residences, or at Mr. R.'a, 62 Eighth Avenue, or 110 Canal street. Mr. Kobertson would also inform the public that hia up Academy will commeuce on Monday, September 22d, st 62 Eighth Avenue, where all the different branches will be '"nght s 13 lm*re S .^ck ^ RAPKTTI having dedicated himsall exclusively J0 'he instruction of Mnsic, respectfnlly luforms his friends and the public, he will, during the month of October, com mence a class for the VIOLIN st his room, No. 38i Broadway. 1 erins m?der4e. Those who are desirous of becoming papils, will please apply to Signor Undone, 103 Broadway, ana at Chambers 8t Jolne, 383 Broadway. Signor Rapetti will eontinre, as usual, giving lessons on the Piano and Italian Singing. s24 eod)m*rc in 11 ,T1*!K,V1'!,*,'> I' nr. u ? S..U HORDING AND DAY SCHOOL vl'ik <*'ei Faith, 97 Thompson it., . J"' " ?'1"" *iveu in the Hebrew Language, Iree of any m'V a?i .V .* ,0 ,he fortuguese and German prnnnncia , . .... i ' languages and the accomplishments tanglil on r e.1 w VJ C L !'*' fxsters are emplojed, and every ous hrInchrsr'nV ,^aVy "npr"Tem"'1 "f lhe pal'iU in ,h# forsome lime established rely with ronfldence on the anccesa of their system. .16 Im'rr E " '? ? ?? ?" ""'atbh ?u iiiyir lymein. no im rc APf1'? AND GENTLEMEN visiting the Esirofthr . American Institute (held at Niblo's)are sespectftally invi ted to eismme carefully the quality of the Toilet Soaps, Sha ving Creams, Extracts, Colognes. fcc. 8tc , exhibited by E. ? wfexu; ttr ? crb do jw'jte*1 AUCTION NOTICES. A. C. TUTTLL, Auc loneer. HPOVP. FANCY GOODS.?J AC OB 8. PL ATT will Mil, A Thi? D?t al 10 o'clock, at th* aacrioo room.23 PUtt stroat, corner of Gold street, 40 cmm Toy?, m original packages,auit able lor country or city retail trade. Alao, an aaaortmeut of French and German Fancy Goods, Toy Furniture. Fancy Caaea, Work Beats. Engraving*, Fans, Drossiug Caaea, Acordioua, Spectacles, Backgammon Board-*. Beads, Thermometera, lakatauda, Thimble*, Watch Keys, etc. Alao, an inveic* of French Soap Alao, Tooth Brashes^ fehiviug, lie. Also, mi invoice of Cutlery, on caida. Also, an invoice of Bohemian Glass Vasea and Mugs Catalog ea are now re?dy. oil lt*rh BEN J AM IN MOONLY, Auctioneer. RUCTION NOTICE -Harness. IWks, Whip., Ite.? B. ? MOONEY will .ell, Thi. Day at 10 o'clock, at 241 Bow cry, the cutire atock of a Harness and Saddlery St->rc, consist ing iu part of superior dauble and aingle Barouche, Gig nod Ham Cart Harness. Alao, a variety of Truuka, Valiaes, Whips, fcc. the wholeto be sold without reserve o24 lt*r * VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS. at| Auction A LEVY will sell, on Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, at ? 293 Broadway, a valuable collection ol Ancient and Mo dern Paintings, many of which are of high character, and sel dom offered at public auctiou. Thi. collection ha* not been before exhibited in till, country. The .ale will he po.itiTr. Amatuer*, Ate. arc invited to call and examine theui ot3 Jt' re NOTICK.-H. L VAN WVCK, Auctioneer, will aell at public auctiou, entitled todebunture.iu front of the public ?tore, 109 WaahiDKlou street, ou Tuesday, 28th of October, at II o'clock, A. M., by order of C. W. Lawrence, Collector ol the Port. 1 ^Imported iu Brig Erance, 2 Eight do do $ from Bochelle. AJao. 12 pipes Gin, imported m the Catliariue Jackson. Rot terdam. oli 2wrc TO LET, liom the 1st of November until the 1st of 'May, with a guarantee from the landlord for the sue .credtng year, at same rate of rent?The long established and well kuowu Liquor Store and House 34 Orange street, oc cupied for many years hv Joseph Keeler. Th" fixtures, as well as the stock, can also lie obtained ou the moat reasonable terms. o23 3tis'mc TO LET?The neat Cottage uext to ill it ou rhe north ' west corner of 7ih avenue and 18th street. Apply with ain, or at 82 Laight street. o23 3t'mc PHILADELPHIA HUNTING PARK COURSE. TROTTING. fJ*UE8DAY, Oct.28tli?I'urse $200?Two Mile Heats, under the saddle. George Voung enters sorrel gelding Trenton George Spicer sorrel gelding Sir William Same Day?Purse. $150~$50 to ihe second neat?Mile Hants; the best three ill five, in harneai. Kree for horses that never trotted for money. Entries to be made ou the evening previ ous. Wednesday, Oct. 29lh?Purse $300?Three Mile Heata, iu harness. David Bryant entert grev inare Lady Suffolk George Spicer enters bay gelding Americus Same Day?Purse $'50?$'.0 io the second best?Two Mile Heats, under the saddle. Kree for horses that never trotted lor money. Kutries to he made on the evening previous. The first cornea off at 1 o'clock each day. o24 6t*rc TRENTON RACES. fl^HE FALL MEETING will commence o*er the Eagle Jl Course, on Wednesday. October 29th. First Day?Sweepstakes for J year oldi?Mile Heats, sub. $100 each?Closed with three subscribers. Hum* n*v?A Purse of $100?Mile HeaU. Secoud Day?A Purse of $250-Two Mile HeaU?the second best to receive $50. ... ? H one I)a>?A Purse of $100?Mde Heats. .. Third Dav?A Purse of $100?three Mile HeaU?$100 to tllBame?Day?A Purse of $150-Two Mile HeaU. Should there be a prospect of any competition for a lou mile Race, a liberal FOUR MILE PURSE will be offered, ol which due notice will be given. The Rices, each day to commence at oue " clock. For further particulars. see New York Spirit of tra Times" WM. SNOWDKN, Secretnry Trenton. (N.J.) Oct. 22, 1815. 8t'rc FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana_fuid New York Line?To sail Saturday, 1st Nov.?The elegaut BUUMbsfast sailiuft packet barque GENESEE, Miuot, mas | ^on.%PPly on boudK atc0^w.mH;^oC^Un., | Positirely no goods receiyed on board after Friday evening, ^Packet ship OSWEGO, Johnston,master, will succeed the Genesee, and sail 10th November, her regular day. Agent in New Orleans J?n?? * Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. "24 m FOR MOBILE?Packet of the 1st ^,0^"her w|?|WThe splendid fast failing packet ship TALLAHAS SfflfcShE, Capt. Stoddard, will positively sail as above, 1,TbekaUccommodationiof tliia vessel for "bin, and steerage passengers eaunot be surpassed. 1 hose wisniiig to secure bertha, should not fail to make early application on board, foot oH'^"{pgyoTT, 75 South street, o23mc corner Maiden lane. AMERICAN ART UNION, 322 Broadway. NOTICE?For the greater convenience of the members ol this Institution, and those desirous of becoming members, t ie rooms of the Art-Union will be lighted up every fair eve ning?Sundays excepted?from 7 till 10 o cluck, uutil further ""Subscribers are again requested to obtain their certificates early as as as to facilitate the business of the lnsU tution, and avoid confusion and disappointment on the eve 01 11 o236CmSt,0n' R- V FRA8ER, Superintendent. NATIONAL HOTEL* 7~~ Washington City D.C. r pHE PROPRIETOR of this line Hotel, formerly known as A Gadsby s, but uow generally called Coleman ? Hotel, de sires to retnrn his tnaoks to his friend* and th''ravelling por tion of the community generally, for the favors which tney have bestowed upon him sine* ne opened his establishment, and te assure them mat he will spare no elertiousto wider his house worthy ol she patronage of which he has already re ceived so liberal a share. , . . The house having been, during the summer, thoroughly painted aud refitted, is now in first rate order for the reception or travellers or residents; and the proprietor respectfully soli cits a continuance of pint favors on the part of visitors to Washington, or residents duriug the session of Congress, be ing conMentlhat they will always fi?d comforc?We U?i"*'i the best on the uble that the market affords, eud attentive and mdiu wa ters S 8 COLEMAN. Washington Clity, September, 184fi. s5 3md8tWujgb I" lKfcMONT'8 NARRATIVE of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842. and to Oregon and Nor h California in the years 1813 and 1(44, reprinted from the official copy. The undersigned having purchased the ex clusive sale from the publisher, is prepared to furnish all or ders. The work may be had wholesale and retail, price b ifty Cents, of Taylor, No. 2 Astor House. W. H. Graham, No. 160 Nassau street. Burgess, Stringer it Co. , , J. B. KELLER, Publisher and Dealer in Cheap Literature, No. 226 Baltimore street, oit 3t*rc Baltimore. Md. FINE FLOUR?200 bbls Illinois Flour, from Albion and Lacklide Mills, uow >"^^ frc?SLtTN?sTT6"d ?' "oHrc 56 South street. HARDWARE AT AGENTS PRICES. THE subscrilier (Agent for several manufacturers in Eng land) is enabled to supply dealers from first hands, also bst Pricks Purchasers will consult their own interest Cutlerv I Chains 5 casks assorted 1, 2 and 3 blade | 25 baskets Vices, fine Cotter KS sssuriru i, ? - *" i ? - Files? A'eomiilete Jassortment '.00 dozen patent Knob Locks AlsofFrying Palis, Bed Screws, Candlesticks, Bolts.8poons, Pad. Closet and Trunk Locks, Currr?Combs. il Trunk Locks, Lurrr tomui. wc. ?*$.. JOHN A. NtWBOULD, 55 John street, o20 3tMWkFis*rc up stairs. FELTS AND FELTING. .1 rk/t/t YARDS, just received from the best mauulacto el.UUU ry in England, of various widths, for sale by ' PERSSE U BROOKS. 65 and 67 Nassaust. N.B-Alio keep constantly on hand, Pol,,h,0K^1.?'h marbls polishers. im me , Vna REAMS TISSUE PAPER XOv/vr 200 Reams White 200 do Pink 200 do Blue 200 do Yellow 200 do Green 200 do Purple 300 do nssoitrd colors 1500 reams of the best aiiality, for sale by o22 lame Pa llSSE fc BROOKS 65 and 67 Nassau it. MARTELLE te HOLDERMANN, No. Maiden Lane, ANUKACTURERSand Importer! of Ornamental Hair iv* Work, Wigs, Toupees. Bands, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, Danguy's cel.brated Curled Hair. 15 inches loi|gL?nd ? new style of Eveiluting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. M Also,'.VSSteti assortment of Flowers. Feathers, Head Dresses, such as Algeriennes, Oriental, Pompadours, Egyp tiemie. Dnchnss, and all kinds of Millenary articles. N. B.?Ths trade supplied ou reasonabls terms. ?21 lm-m o " FINE ARIS. 1L PAINTINGS cleaned, lined and restored^by^ 235 Broadway 3 doors above ,17 Im?re the American Hotel ALLEN DODWORTH will roinmesre a Privste Dancini School at his residence, No. 44* Broome street, on Mon day, Oct. 20th, to continue during the season, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. at 3 1. M. for Ladies, and at 7 for Gentlemen. For terms, h.c. apply as above, oil lm*rre COALS. 1HAVE at my Yard, 256 Elizabeth street, and corner Ham mer,!y and Bedford. Peach Orchard Red Ash Uosl. at l prices, viz ;?$5 50 for Woken. $5 75 for egg and stove, large lit,$5 25 ; Lehigh, egg and stove, $5 75 per ton, re-screened and Jelievered. Also, Liverpool. Blosaburgh, Sic. I?*'vedattheYard JACOB WF.F.Kg. " ENGLISH HAIR SKATING. ' oW 3tMwii.Fit*rc 55 John street. UP stairs. PISTOL GALLERY AND SPARRING SCHOOL. J HUDSON having returned from the South, announces . to his old frienda and pupil", that he will be found at home" at his new residence, Broad way, second floor, where lie will devote his time in giving instructions in the noble art ?fTe'rm?'moderate. Open during the day and in the evening. ol? lm*rc MEXICAN SCRIP FOR SALE. ABOUT $35,000 iu Mexican Scrip,bearing8 i>er cent interest per annum, and payable in 17 quarterly instalments, Tor sale I,vlha present holder, who is about to remove to Europe. Offers received unlit the 25th October, proximo, addressed o E. P., 202 Broadway. .... Capital iits will find thia a profitable and secure investment. ,26 tf rre **?? il Frv3 - J~4 ASSir WARD having bsaa burnt out, hava removed to VJ Stora Ifa. ?? Srond aBaat, on tha corner of 8*caa itr?? AMUSEMENTS. PAUJC rriXJEATHK. leopoldTe meyer, THE GREATEST PIANIST OF MODERN DAYS. His Third Appearance in America. MRS BLAND, m Ksiherine and Petruchio. Friday levelling, October 441b, "ne nertnrmvnce will commence wi'h _ . IvATHERlNE AND PETRUCHIO. EXlS10 Mr Barry K*lh,rme ? - - ? ? ?, - - Mr. Bland After which. . LEOPOLD DE MEYER, mpenal andi Royal PiauUt, by Diplomi, to the Emperon of Austria and Ruatia. will perforin?Uf, rautame ou the celebrated Opera L'El.ISIRE D'AMOHE: El Jaleo ,U v T^51"'1 *"d karcuted by Himaalf. J"1'0 du X, r" ; -by the Two Miaae. Vale. ? After winch, LEOPOLU de mV:yer ? ill in?2d, Hit Grand RUSSIAN AIRS. Lenimld nlPaa* a"d Exeru'ed by Himself. Leopold U. Meyer will Perform on Er.rd'a Patent Seven Octave Grand Piano Fortes, conclude with Virian K BELLE. I Kin.:::: Robert. 2i c'e'nu 'Adi?on-B""?'. 21P.i; -a.' eeita^J?iatUary! ! a.ten"W,'(1"tM'd 'be Curtail rretuely at'i^Bo,,,<Tmce.dnDBlbM0fS"J"n Tlek^ may be obtaiued SOWKHI THKATRE. MR. DAVENPORT'S BENEFIT. Friday Kvenlnx, October '44th, Will be performed, the drama of u v TRACY'S BLACK1 RANGERS. f apt Herbert Tracy Mr Clarke Jeff Heth... Davenport Marian Waltham. .. ... Mr, Phillip, After which, dth act of the l MERCHANT OF VENICE. Shy lock Mr J R. Scott Gratiauo Mr Davenport ??t?* Mr, Madison Nanssa Sergeant Altar which, _? ? a ? THE BLOODHOUNDS. Dick of the Kerry Mr Cony rrfT'T;' v. V .Mr Blaachard 1 he Bloodhounds. by Mr Cony and Blanchard'a celebrated Dogs, Hector and Brit in. Alter which, ,, , , IN EVERY BODV'H MESS Heaekiah Fokeahnut Mr Davenport Laura... E . p.' jiaZTf B"ye?4?teiitai Second and Third Tiers, ? eu .; Pit and Gallery, 12^ cenu. Doora will open at half pail 8. the curiam will riae at 7. PALMO'g OPERA liSiiiE; On Friday, October 44th, 1843, MR. TEMPLETON Will give liii Popular Kurertainmeut, rntitled MARY", QUEEN OF SCOTS, With the Mnaic of her Timet aid that of her Ancestor, THE KINGS OF SCOTLAND Piano Forte... .(Piano Forte from Chambers, 386 Broadway) Mr. Austin Philfina PART FIRST. ?niiiip.. Song?" Away, Winter, Away." Song?" Will ye gang to toe Ewe-Bughts, Marion.'"' Song?" Oh'. Golden Lyre." Song??" Farewell to thee, thou Pleasant Shore." Song?" There was a Jolly Beggar." In the course of the evening, the favorite Song of . I LOVE HER, HOW I LOVE HER.'" as originally sung by Mr. Templeton in the Grand Opera of " Gustavus." PART SECOND. Song?" Cauld Blaws the Wind." Song?" The Lass of Patie's Mill." Song-" Glenkiudie was a Harper Gude.,' Song?" Lament of Qaeen Mary." Song?" Put off. put off, and Row with Speed." Song?" Biuce'a Address to his Army." Finale?" Where shall I Rest." Bos Office open from 10 till 4 o'clock, where places may be secured as usual. Private Boxes $5 earh. Doora open at 7. To commence at 0 o'clock, and terminate at 10. Tickets and Programmes may ba had at the Music Stores, and at the doora. Ticket! Fifty Cenu. Bookaofthe wordi, price 12K cenu each, to be had at the doora. MONDAY?A Favorite Entertainment. o23 2tmc ciiKs.vut strkeYthkatuE ? PHILADELPHIA. W. E.Bi'Rtow Leiire atvo Miiaora BENEFIT OF MISS LOGAN. Friday Evening, October '44th, Will be performed, THERESE?Carwin, Mr S. Johnson; Fontaine. -Mr Stevens; Mariette, Miss Logan. After which, THE SWISS COTTAGE?Lissette, Mrs W. H. Smith. Tocouclude with THE LADV AND THE DEVIL?Wild love, Mr Altemus; Clatidian, Mr Ditun; Zephyrina, Miaa Logan. AltCti Fl'UEET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. ! Brass MaixaotK M*. H. E. St wax, Last Night but One of Mrs. A. C. Mowatt. BENEFIT OF MR. CRISP. Friday Kvenlng, October 44th, Will be repeated and acted, the sticceaaful American comedy ! of CHANGE MAKES CHANGE?Vanquiah, Mr Crisp; I Mr Lionheart, Mr G Barrett; Nathan Bunker, Mr Burke; ! Driftwood, Mr Owens; Msdaline, Mrs C. A. Mowatt; Mrs Lionheart. Mrs Burke; Fanny Fitzhueh, Miss A. Fisher. Untieing by Masters Wood and Miss Carline. 1 1 o conclude with THE STR a NGER?The Stranger, Mr Crisp; Sirs Holler, Mrs A. C. Mowa't. BOWERY CIRCUS. BENEFIT of AU. WaTERBURY. Friday Evnilng, October 44th, BRILLIANT DISPLAY OF HORSEMANSHIP. y?w5.- Mr Pentland Ring Master.......... Mr De Camp ?7.P? "??"'? "Plcndid Equipage ever prevented to the rublic will be displayed thia evening. ALL THE EQUESTRIAN TALENT ie the UnitedI States is now concentrated in the Bowery Circua. N. A HOW E 8 splendid troupe is engaged, and will appear next week. Performances always over before II o'clock. Boxes 26 cenu? Pit UK-Children half price. o24 ALHAHRA. No. 559 Broadway, (between Spring and Prince.) ?A, ..FASHIONABLE AUDIENCES. TALMO'S ETHIOPIAN^OPERA COMPANY. Friday Evening, October 44. Will be presented the favorite Bnrlesqne Opera, in two parta, entitled /v u a, SHIN-DE-HEEL-A, Or the Virginia hairy and Gum Elutic Sliprer, taken from the favorite Opera of . ? . CINDERELLA, with all the original music. Previous to which will be given, A GRAND VOCAL CONCERT. Uoors open at 7 o'clock. Pefurmane to commence at 7t?, Admission 25 cents. o24 lt*r ~T~ LECTURE ON CHINA. M ^,mry^ ' ^ctobfr' ?' the New York Society Li T STANISLAS HERNISZ, Late Attache and Interjireter to the ..a. L u.s mission to China, willI deliver the first of a course of aix Lectures on the People of the ' Central Flowery Empire"?tlieii Language aud Lite rature?their ( lassical and Poi ular Writings?their Works of Fiction, Novels, Sic. Extracts will he read frem a very popu lar Chinese novel, entitled Se Tin Kwei Ching Tung, Tsuan Chuan. Doora open at 7 o'clock P. M.?The Lecture will commence at eight. Single Ticket 20 cenu, to be had at the door. I he second Lecture will take place on Wednesday, ?th la*f oil It'mc LAST WEEK OF THE EXHIBITION OF THE MASTODON, At 406 Broadway. THE exhibition of this enormous animal will close after A thiiweek. Let no one lose the opportunity of seeing thi greatest wonder of the aga Thousand hare already risited it, with the greatest admiration. Open till 10 o'clock in the eve ning. Admittance 25 cents?Children half price. o23 Jtis'rc GOTH 10 HALL. ~~ . Adams street, Brooklyn. SPLENDID EXHIBITION OF DISSOLVING VIEWS O- ? ASTRONOMICAL LECTURE, Itc. N WEDNESDAY, Oct. 22, and the two following eve ning!. will be delivrred, an Astronomical Lecture, illua tr,in. w beautiful working diagrams, 8tc. !-i?i i" ?i^'ch.' tw"'y-four Dissolving Views, painted by child, of Loudon. Natural History, a la Phantasmagoria. Portraits and Comic Sketchea. Amongst the Portraits is a correct painting of the which will be seen the figure of Fame slowly descending from the clouds, and crowning the hero with a wreath of laurel. Chinese Revolvii g Ligh's. with Temples, Fountain!, kc. ..A c,,rious exhibition called Monkevauua, or the effects of Multiplication. wTA^..'2. conclude wi;h tlie moat brilliant DRUM li LIGHT ever exhibited iu this country. Boors open at 7?Lecture to commence at half-pait 7. Pickets V> cents?Children half price. A professor of mu sic wll preside at the Piano. o20 5t*re SPLENDID FESTIVAL CONCERT. THE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of anuomicing to the ladies-nd seutlemen of the city of New York, that he in tends to give a splendid Vocal aud Instrumental Concert on Alondny Evening, the loth of November, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on which occasion he will be as sisted bv all the most distinguished professional ability of this rity.rcomlnned wnh tlie members of the Philharmonic and New York Sacred Music Societies. U. C. HILL. CARD?U C. Hill respectfully solicits all thoae of his mu sical friends. I diea or gentlemen, who may be competent to to take part in the performance, either vocal or instrumental, of the above Concert, to meet forrehearsal at the Colisaum, 460 Broadway, on Monday and Wednesday Evenings, at 7 o'clock, P. M precisely olltoNlOrc OLE BULL'S FAREWELL TO AMERICA. OLE BULL, in retnrnmg his heartfelt thanks lor the many gratifying testimonials received by him from the Ameri can people, has the honor to announce that his ImsI Affirmance on this Continent will take place in the preeent month, on which occasion he will give a CONCERT, wr /OR. THE BENEFIT OF THE , , 'Ftflow* and Orvhans" Asylum Fund of the Masonic Fraternity of the State of New York, lhi? will positively be hit l*at appearance in thia country, as he sails for Europe on the 1st of November, rull Particulars in future advertisements. o23 3lii"mc IV OW EXHIBITING, (for a short time only) at the Rooms ?' 'he National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, De Knyper's celebrated statue (in marble) rntitleu "LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) I his I'lqnisite and relini-d work, which has been pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chtf d'auert of modern art, and which haa attracted crowds of admirers m Europe, haa been brought to this country at great cost and risk, and is now confidently opened for the inspection of the lovers of this sub lime and heantiftil art. _ ... Open from 9 A. M until in P- M. Admittance 25 cents.? Season Tickers Ml cents. sJO rrc TITIAN'S VENUS. ' '?tills much admired Panning, after a most successful visit L to Boston, lias returned to this city for exhibition at room No 7, l.aftrge Building, 283 Broadway. Open from 9 A- M. till 10 P. M. Admission 26 cents? Season Tickets 60 cents olO 3w*me WOOL? 20,con Iba. blood Fleece, washed and unwashed for talc by E K. COLLINS It Co. 68 South at ??????mmmmamm?? LATEST INTELLIGENCE BY LAST BVKHIDO'1 DIA11U, Wuhlngton. [Canaapaadaasa of tits Horald.j Washington, Oct. 22, 184ft Although the rumor of last evening respecting the contemplated withdrawal from the cabinet ofMenra. Buchanan, Marcy and Bancroft, has not assumed a palpable bodily form, yet it is generally conceded among the politicians of the party, aB well as from the circumstances of conflicting interests, cliques and claims surrounding the administration, that a "blow up" is inevitable, and that Mr. Buchanan will go, must go, and can't stay. Why, sir, the quid nunci have alreudyarranged the filling of the vacancy to be occasioned from the expected resignation of the Secretary of State, as follows . Hon. John Y. Mason, Attorney General, to be Se cretary of State. Hon. Seth Barton, Solicitor of the Treasury, to be Attorney General. Judge A. B. Meek, of Alabama, official Clerk of the Solicitor, to be Solicitor, and Major Niven of New York, to fie the official clerk in the premises. This would be operating, de facto, according to the doctrine of rotation. This is one of several arrangements spoken of.? Our own impression is, that, excepting, perhaps, the Postmaster General and Secretary of tne Trea sury, the whole cabinet will undergo a reorganiza tion before the winter is over. The hotels, particularly the United States, Cole man's, Brown's, and Fuller's, are being thoroughly overhauled and fixed up in order, for the coming Congress. In addition to these, Mr. Gadsby's new hotel will also be found to be an elegent and taatety establishment. Few sojourners in the city as yet. i Mr. E. W. Robinson and family, from Mo., are . here. He comes to take an office, and deserves one, for he has been a faithful editor for the party I for nearly fifteen years. The editors, we are glaa ' to find, are not forgotten by Col. Polk. He knows who's who, as well as what's what. The last bell rings, or we were just about launch ing of! into a methodical essay on the Speakership, by way of improvement upon our first general dis quisition. Further news by next mail. Naval Court of Inquiry. Nat* D*partm*nt, ( Washihotow, October 31, 1846. \ Sergeant Johh O'Dowkell, of the U. i. Marine Corps, wan the first witness called and sworn thisi morning. By the Jrc.K Advocate.?I wee in the Florida squad ron from November, 1839, to July, 184'^I went outM corporal, and was promoted to a sergeant,J WM twice in the hospital at Indian Key, the last time about ! the latter part of November, 1841, the first*im? October, 1840, when I came oil an expedition. During the time I was there, ^received nothing but my ; my bed aad bedding I found myself n??J ! giVen me ; the only thing I received wee two smell | onion, once, which the doctor told ? ten de'vi I got no liquors or luxuries; l uaa in the hoipitaT ton days 1 the first time, and three the last time; I have seen porter I given to certain persons that were i rallv riven to the sick, it was given to those 1 imagine. that tie doctor ordered it to be given to: I never "aw but ! two persons get it, and they were in their beds, I never saw any other liquor, and I never saw any extras, ex cept some mutton soup, given; not to knowledge lid I ever see any linen sheeU or linen pillow cases upon ! the beds; I have been through the hospital tliere might have been such sheets however,1 Dever had iinv I could not say how many sick were in the hospital, the iasttdmel waf there, 1 think ther.w.rebetw.en forty and fifty; the sweetmeats, 18tc., ivers on the Key at the time I was last sick, and 1 saw them, when l was 1 last sick Dr. llopkinson had gone to Dh"]*^0?. ?d the supplies had arrived at Indian Key; I saw t^esweeP 1 meats in a store room of the doctor's; I did not see any X. ware used in the hospital lor the sick ; 1sewevery person take their own tin pan, that was what they used lor the provisions; I purchased ham, battelr, ; mackerel salmon, an<f clothing, kc, of Mr. Center, this was when I was not in the hospital; I paid Lieut, mo Laughlin for these articles; I paid him by signing my account on the purser's hooks; I know that Mr. Cen e charged them to me; I had an account open at Mr. Can ter sfin the first place, permission was given to deal at Mr. Center's store; we oould purchase anything tha: ? in the store, which was to be charged to our ?cco'int, we never had any thing to do with 'he biUsun^l we signed them on the purser's books. That is the wav i settled my bills. We never received any money, 1 did not receive my rations regularly; part ? ' f0r ??l other ceived beef end bread in lieu of my raUonsfor allother parts of rations we received molasses;we werevery Lard run for provisions; this was some wherein Juneor July, 1840. whilst 1 was on Tea-table Key ?1r I could not purchase any thing on ,crfd' ? in the first place there was a central P?,tW? auv person except officers passing to Hicks store, with out permission; Sir. Hicks would not tru.t u. M we h.d no means of paying him; we had not permission to deal with Mr. Hicks, the order was publicly given to the ma rines to deal with Mr. Center; at all times wshadper missiouto .leal with MrCenter; we were Pointed from dealing with Mr. Hicks; Lieut. S oan jgave the order ver bally to the marines generally, that they could dew with Mrlente. on credit fat one time .non-commissioned officers had permission to purchase Uquor. the men hsd not generally permission; the non-commissioned offlcera were not at all times permitted to buy liquor without 'Tv^ra^-I never received money on account of my pay on the Key ; 1 never ?ceVTed ??a??/hlb"t twice wnile under the command of Lieut. McLaughlin, I never applied to Lieut. McLaughlin for pay. Br Lieut. McLauc.hi.ih.?I never appBea for parmta sion of Lieut. McLaughlin to deal with Mr. Hicks, I ha ^TrmTcouaT.-We could only deal where we had permission to do so by our commanding officer; we couia not deal with Mr. Hicks. , hi Bv Lieut. McLavghiis.?There was no order prohi biting us to deal with Mr. Hicks, except the sentinel, whom we could not pass without permission, who was '"[The'court then, at this stage, proceeded to the consi deration ef the documentary evidence.] . . . None of the witnesses have, as yet, been examined with respect to the punishments inflicted upon the pri vates by Lieut. McLaughlin. A number ?f '?P??*"t witnesses have also to be examined, and affair, from the slow manner in which it drags its slow lengthuongi will continue at lesst two weeks longer. The journal, with its appendages, will be quite a voluminous work, and will cost the government lor printing, fcc.,.notless than $16,000, a douceur for lather Ritchie, if he geU it. Baltimose, Oct. 23,1846. Jock Frost commencing Operations?d Defalcation among our City Fathers-The Keans with rather Slim Houses? Markets, fc. Jack Frost has taken the helm this morning in good earnest, and has curdled the water in the gutters as well as the blood in the veins, by way of giving a "touch of his quality" for future contemplation. Ice to a consider able thickness is showing its smooth face from every ex posed position in which water was leftJlast??*?"{.'*?. The news by the Hibernia has not had the effect here that it had in New York, of bringing the flour and grain maiket down from its former high position. Although holders appear willing to submit to a slight decline 1 buyers could be found; but there being no buyers they J.HerimSn, of New York the well known emigrant agent, is here looking^.r Charles Soran, Esq., one ol our newly elected CityLoun cilmen, who he charges with being a defaulter in his M counts with him to the amount of about $1000. Charity was one of theTyler office-holders at the pu**?rJ.???,*;l and having been turned out by Collector ^Ja,Ti?t)Lin'|'"d of going to work, joined the intriguers in their*5 get the Collector removed, in hopes ?(>.bi?1?P"j!SStble d?, ipssss'&'s Mnslye. He nnaiiy h city Kather, turned his attention to that, and the way Herdman-s money flew m reckoning has come, But of course the free and ind.nen .lent voter, of Baltimore city would notthinkof efecC ing a man to the Council who was not r?,,e'"d.?/rt' r * rn*l estate which I believe is required by the charter. If he is qualified, therefore, for his high-?????n'?[ couirse Mr. Her.lman can make his roonoy out of him,-if n , cannot. I see he has cautioned the public against j sy ing any more money to Soran. ?i?ht to The Keans had decidedly a slim house last ft # witness the performance of "Money, tho g ThB reit peared in his inimitable chnracter ofGrave ^ lloroinf, of the play, with the exception of the ho (he f#Br o{ was hackled through in a ?1,er?biVany from attend witnessing which,doubtless P?,Tf2!?bJ3i,? and for their ing. They appear to night ini Macne ^ T,u(Uyille tienefit to-morrow night, ?Pi*" Nioht." comedy entitled ',Th? -v,?t" enqui'ry which prevailed The flour subsided on Tuesday in the market for "?^ar' f , o; the late advices fr#iv in consequenceofho ^ P gjJ#| ijnc, ?c#pt a lew England, rhsrshave nee^ ^ wM #A#d y?lelVty small parcel.i a $ . others were willing to sell a*. g.,ir ~ .lias"0"1 u ~""" o" wo' hhU cilr nilla Son, on Too* day Afternoon after the arrival of the Eestern mail, at AVift Yesterday the market was at a perfect pause; par ceis may be had at $6,26, but there ere ao purcheeer. end no inquiries. ^ ... . , . Rye flour is worth $4 per bbl. for 1st. . Tne grain market is also unsettled, both holders and buyers being unwilling to operate. Salts off Stocks at Baltimore. Oct. 22.?Maryland ?'s closed at '91 for.b d it let at 791; Baltimore 6'., 1990, at 10 j "j* ',1? < ,b^; latge sales at lOlh Baltimore and Ohio RH at 62 lor ta.e (dividend ofl",) 61J bid. PHII.ADKt.rHIA, Oct 23, 194* There is nothing of importance stirring to-day. Th. - W.L0. M..0 .... U ? .... .1: W?Ch.

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