Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Ekim 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Ekim 1845 Page 1
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?** THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. *7(1 - Whole No. 41IM. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 27, 1845. Frlr-e Tw? C?nu. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every .lay. Price2 cents par copy?$7 25 per mcii in-payable in advance. ?VK.ELY H CHALD?Every Saturday? Price cent* par copy?11 cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the tuunl price*?always cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch '[ /^All letter* or cwmmuuicatious, by mail, addressed to the establishment. mint be poat paid, or the postage will be de ducted lioin the *ub*cription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ol the Nkw Yore Herald E*tabli*hmkivt, Northwest corner of Fulton a?d * >**an ?t'-?t* PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS ? FOR ALB ANY?Daily. Huudays Excepted? .Through Direct ?At# o clock r. M.from the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty *treet*. Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON, Capt. R. U. Crutteu deu, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday aud Friday evening*, et 6 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt A. Houghton, will leave oil Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, at 6 o'clk A' 4 o'clock P M., Lauding at Intermediate Place*?From the foot "I BaAliiy street? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R H. Furry, will leave ou Monday, v. edueaday, Friday and Sunday afternoon*, iu4 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH A M ERICA, Capt. L- W. Brainard, will leave on Tuaailay, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon*, at 4 o'clock. Pam-ticeri taking either of the above Line* will arrive in Alba i y iu ample time lor the morning train of car* lor the east or wnt The Bo ta are now and substantial, are furnished with ii*w and elegant atate room, and for?peed mid accommo* datloua a * u riv.01 ed on the Hudson. I reisht talt< n at mod rate rate*. All petaora are lorb'd truating any of the Boat* of tbi* line, witho t a wr.tteu order from the Captain* or Agent*, For Passage or Freight apply ou board the Boats, or to Mt-C I'. C. S' HULTy.. at lie Office on ihe Wharf NOTICE? liOUR CHANGED. THE U. S MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY and the Intetin'diate Landing*, on . nd after Wednesday, Oct. 221, will leave'he P ot of UaicU) street for Albany, Daily,at 4 P. M. instead ol Gve, as heretofore o22 **<??, H at* NOTICE STAT EN ISLAND SICSeSL FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On and after Monday, October 29th, only one boat will run on this Kerry, and the trip* will be as follow*:? Leare Si.iten Island. Leave New York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 do 11 do 12 M. \K P.M. 1!% P M. 3)4 do 5 do 6 do __ wlftrc REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISWXE. MORNING LINK at luWlock A. M. BEN FRANKLIN Ne.7, J. B. Summon*, master. TIKE No. 8, J 'Vrm?tr nig, master. EVENING LiriF. at# o'clockT M. SIMON Ki- NTON, W. McClain, master. B EN FRAN h LIN No. 6, W. McClellau, master. Tbe?e boats, forming two daily line*, will ruu regularly, lea VIII. puuctu tlly at the hour, and will take freight and passen gers to and from inteiinedute landing*, at the usn 1 rate*. Freight will be lecrived for these line* at the Mail Wharf Boat, foot ol Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shipper* and pai ? eugrr*. __ STRADER St GORMAN, ) ol lm'rrc ROGERS & SHERLOCK, J Agent*. ~ ~ FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. jMM -*f* THE Splendid Steamboat J AMES MADI ;?L jt?SON. Capt K. J. Copperly, will leave the foot 3C?JBCSSLof Cedar street, every Monday, Weduesday, nun rvatnrilay at 6 o clock, P.M. For freight or passage, apply on tioaol. orto O. F. Waiawright, Agent, ou the wharf. *59 tin*roc -NEW YORK., ALBANY AND TROY LINE. ^FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. i>'?sv;'*vataPfrom the pier at the foot of Coarllandl reel. the P.issentr. "* taking this boat will arrive in time to takeorth Morning Train of Can from Troy west to Buffalo, and n to Sar.iLogn aud Lake George. 'X In- low pressure sleninboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Ma cy, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday nl6o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, every Monday. Wednesday and Kridav afternoon, at 6 o'clock. for Passage ?vr Freight apply on board, or to C. Clark, at the V ^ freight taken on the mo?t re t?oiribfe lerms. Freight mnst bf put iu charge of the Freight Agent, or the company will not br r?tpon?ihle lor loss No frei lit taken after 5 o'clock. STEAMER GrtKAT BRITAIN. IN consequ-ukf of the delay occasioned he Prt I by repairing the Propeller of this Fhip, it is kf?iin>fnecessary to postpone her shIIiok till Tuesday, the 28ih on which day, at 2 ? o'clock, she will positively sail. o2J5irac RICH'D IRVIN, !l? Kront street ? UK KEY WEST AND AI'AI.V I CHICClsA. to sail on the 3tUh Oct. The ,tte<rner FLORIDA, Cspt. Clift, will sail as above. She cau accommodate e limited ? uuinber of rabiu and ileeruge pa-singers iu the looei i iiinlorta manlier, on moderate terms. Tenons in tending to embark for either ? f the above ports, should ein brace this Terr lavorable opportunity, by making iminediaie foot el Bi-ekninn street, or to nppl. cation ou board. ......... .............. ..... _. ... JOSEPH McMURKAY, corner of Pine o23rc and Mouth streets FOR MOB ILK?Packet of the 1st November? ?The splendid last sailing packet ship TALLA11AS ?4EE, Capt. Stoddard, will positively sail as above, liei iti, d>y 1 lie jrrotnniiiilations of this vessel for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be snrpassed. Those wishing to secure Imilbs, should not fail to make early application on boaid, loot of Wall street, or to W. Ik. J. T. TATSCOTT, 75 South street, o2Datc cofti i Maiden lane. NEW 1.1 ME OF LIVERPOOL rACKKTS.? > Regular packet of the 116th Oct her.? 1 he elegant afist sailii s ( ?cket ship OAK KICK. K. O. H. Trask, in .ler, ouilhen 1100 tons, will sail as above. Iter regular day The accommodations lor cabm, second cabin and s'eerage |ui *r g. rs are unsurpassed by any utlier vessel iu port, ai d us a nuui ero her passengers are already engaged, those desirous of securing berths should make early application, to JOSEPH McMURKAY, t>32 Corner of Pine and Souili stretts. New Vork. new l.neok packets for Liverpool s?Packet ol 26th of October.?The splendid fasr sail ling and favorite packet ship OaKKICK, 11.0 ions IhiiIIIsii. '.'apt B.J. II. Trask will sail ou Monday, Oct. 27th, hsr rts ular day. 'J lie ship* of thia line being nil 1000 tons and upwards, per sous aooiu to for ihu old count y will not fail to see the silvsmages to be derived from selecting this line iu prrfe fence to any othfs, aa their great capacity renders them every way uioie comiortable and couveuieut llrtu ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations for, second cabin and ihercge passengers, it is well known, are superior to those of any otlis, li. c of packets I'ersous ?ishing to secure berths, should put I nl to make early application on board, foot of Wail stieet, or to W. (k. J. T TAPPSCOI T, 75 So. th street. FUrl LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Kegular ,Packet of 21st November.?The superior fast sailing .packet ship HOTTINCsUEK, H'50 tons buitlieu, ia Pin?ley.master, will ssil as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable stale rooms and cabin, ajq.j* on board, west side Burling slip, WOODHUlL (ft MINTUKN, or m 17 South stieet. Trice of passage $100. The packet ship Liverp ol, 1150 tons, Capt. John Eldridge, will succeed the Hotiinguer, and sail ou her regular day, 21st Dec WlhRf o*9?nr JiI'tA- FOK GLAttiiU W?K^hUlar I'acket The w?*II ur.lOTWIi own last sai'ing Br. barque ANN HARLEY, Mllfa'lu art Scott, master, 450 ton-, daily expected, wiil 11,. >. ?> tn quick despatch For Ireiglu or p..ssage, having excellent tccon'uindarionx,ap ply to WOODHULL &. MINTUKN. n22mr 07 South str-'et. F UK NEW ORLEANS?New Line?Positively First I'acket, or Freight or Passage Free?The spleii _ll,d and well kuowu hrst class and very fast sailing pai -nisnip HINDOO, will iwsilively clear on Friday and sun vviihoitl fill. She lias Very superior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, having elegant atate rooms. For freight or passage, wnieh will be tvken much lower than by any oilier vestal, please apply on beard, foot 01 Wall stint, Murray's wharf, or in JOHN HEHDMANRCO 61 South street, N. B.? T!ie packet ship Culedouia will succeed llie Hiudoo, and positively sail on Wadiiesdny, 29ill Oct. or |?a?sage free. Appiy as o22mc F Oil L,l VEKPOOL?Kegular Packet of #tn Nov ??The well In wn last sailing packet ship INDE ePENDENCE, Ca|itain Allen, will sail as above, be. . >.i i regular day. Having superior accommodations for ctbin, second cabin and steer Ige I assi iigers, persons wishing to embark should make ioiiimiiIiI applicaliun on boardL loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRaY, full NEW ORLEANS?F irat Kegular Packet ? Wiih Despatch?The first rlass last sailing p .cfcet Iiliip ROSh n'l AN Dlill, I apt. Spencer, wifl sail as above, her regular d ty. I he Hccniniiiudations lor cabin, avcond cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by auy vessel in port, and as a num herd pai.engers areulri vdy engaged, l^rinns desirous of secu ring berths should make immediate application ou board, west Side of Hurling slip, er to olH rrc JOSEPH McMUR" AY, cor l'in? snd South sts. FOK LlVr.KPOOL?New Line? Kegulsr Parget nl the chili Oct.?1The elegant last suiting Packet ?Ship OARRIUK, B.J 11 Trask, master, oil 100 I sail ns above, her regular day. For freight or passage, paying aecoiriuiodatioua nnequnlh-dfor ,f "r r",n ,rti apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to . '"i.Jf" COLUNI k CO.. 54 Mouth street. < rice of passage glOO Packet ship RouelBS, CM. Asa Eldndge, 1200 tons, will sue red li e O-rrirk and nail 2>.ih Nov . her regnlar day s2? AAA. ... * ' KETMFCIK HAVRE?Second Line ? uQMFyihe packet ship ONEIUA, tJnpt. James Fnuck, JMWbwill sail on the 1st of November. For freight or pissnge apply to BOYl) V H1NCKKN al me No. 1 Tonlina Hn Mine. a* Wallst Only RF.UULAK LINe. OK PACkEfs FoH >?XnKW ORLEANS-The splendid and U.t sailmg ?MM''' ket Ship ARK ANSAS, i apt. Bunker will poll," tn ?*l 1 ? ?l ou the Zt>th (Ictoher, her regular dny i'o secure berths. immediate application should be made ou lioird, luut (jf iMmdi'ii Ihi.?\ or In W. It J. T. TAPSt OTT, 75 Sooth street, o22rp corner Maiden lane. ^ UH N r W (lit l.l1. ANcs?i.onuiaiia and New rwysiim' J.'1'* Linu-Positively llist regular packet?To sail |WI" J.1'"i i\\ jilt No?.?Ti e elegant l ist sailing packet (iB.nH.ahis, Mill >t, msRtff, will poiitivelr ?ail m aboic, h*-v rrguJar b<?r In i^nl or ^aasttg#, Imving hiudinmf fumithrd nrrom> mtd uiotift, at |?ly ou bonid nt Orleaiu wharf, foot of Wall ?t , or to E K. COLLINS It CO.. 56 South st. r?? tivelynogn-ds received on board alter Friday evening, list Oct. Agent in New Orleans James E. WoodrulT, who will proinfitly forward all wood* to Inn addrent. Packet slim 0?W F.OO, Johnston, mnsler, will succeed the -"il in 11 Huh Nove tnher, h*'r i rgulnr ?l?y. (fcHrsi't, Mini rriI Huh INoVfinher, ht?r rryulardwy. WUEAT? 4,000 bushels very superior Illinois Wheal?lor snl? by E. k. COLLINS It CO., il%kova 54 South Strvet. FARK PLACE HOUSE. This Establishment has deriug the but Summer been newly furnished throughout. A few families an d a lim ited number of gentlemen may here be very pleai antly iccouunodaled for the winter ou a* favorable term* u at any other houie equally well conducted. JAMES U. KLLIOTT, No. 1 Park Place. N. B.?Kor 3 or 4 Room* without board, at No 11 Park place, apply u above. ?231m?rrc POWER TO LET, >ji WITH ROOMS of rarioui dimenaioua, at "Hedrn F;il berg'a Work*," at the Moms Canal, Inclined Plane, XJil.Newark, N. J. For farther inforrratiou apply to Measrs. Hutehiusou k Remyon, No. 13 Maideu Lane.N. Y or on the prempes, of oil ht'r HEDENBERG it SON. | HOTEl7DEPAR18 JjA ANTIONE VIONF.H, one of the late proprietors of the Perkins' House. Bostou. respectfully informs his XeUUfriends toid the travelling public, that he hu opened the house N'o. 290 Broadway, eutrance on Keade street, railed the Hotel De Paris, where he will be happy- to acconiinodate those who may wish to patronise him, with Board and Lodging, by | the day, week or month, on the most reasonable terms. *3 lm'rrc DUCKING Gl/NS. 5 CASES superior Duck Guna, of the most approved leuglh, form, weight and bore. 1 cases very superior Cocking Guns 6 case* low priced boys'anil larger Guns The above : Guns are now in store and will he sold at extreme low prices, j also, lull stock of Sporting articles, Gun materials, ike. o24 3taw2ui*rc A. W. SI'IES it Co, 218 P. arl^treet, IRON FOR OAST STEEL. NORWAY IRON, of the quality used at Sheffield for the manufacture of Steel for Swords, Razors, Tabl- Knife Blades, and Edge Tools, for sale by <?21 iteo' *r C K. H ABICHT, IK West street. BAR L'LNh':S LOTION. NOTICE TO STRANGERS AND CITIZENS. How is it possible that persons will consent to suffer with puis, when caused fry Rheumatism, Sprains. Hruists, Dis locations, Cuts, Glandular Tumors, Lumbago, lleaJ-clehe, Cramp in the Stomach, tpc.? ONE BOTTLE of the above invaluable Lotion w ill be sufficient to satisfy the most sceptical, that it is the most to be depended upon, ofauy article now before die public, for iha effectual relief and cure of any of the above afflictions, to w hich all are liable, more or less, ia now well es tablished a* a Family Medicine, and should always he in eve ry p-rsou's house, throughout the country; thuy will then have a reinedv at hand, which can be depended upon iu caaea of accidents, 8tc. For sale, wholesale and retail,at the Proprietor's Depot, 323 Broadway, New York, and by our Agents tmoughout the United Slates. Price 71 cent* C. s. BART INF. St CO.. Proprietors, 323 Broadway, New York. Orders for any quantity, addressed as above, will be puue ru illy attended to. ol6 lin'eod re AMERICAN ART UNION, 322 Broadway. NOTICE ?For the greater convenience of the members of this Institution, ai d those desirous of becoming member*, t* e rooms of the Art-Umou will be lighted up every fair eve ning?Sundays excepted?from 7 till 10 o'clock, uutil further notice. Subscribers are again requested to obtaiu their certificates early as as possible,so as to lacilit*te the business ef the Insti tution, siid avoid confusion and disappointment on the ere ot the distribution. "216t*mc R. F FRASF.R, Superinteudant. tiMN'E F1 OUR?200 bbls Illinois Flour, from Albion aud Lacklide Mills, now landing from slop Oswego, and for ?ale by E. K. COLLINS & t.O., oMrc 16 South street. FE, Td and felting"! 3/W\/Y Y ARDS, just received from the b?it manufacto ? UV/U ry in England of variou* widths, for sale by I'ERS-E & BROOKS, 61 and 67 Nassau sr. N.B.?Also keep constantly on baud, 1'olishii.g Cloih, for marble poluhers. o22 Im mo REAMS TISSUE PAPER.? 2C0 Reams White 1500 200 do Pink 200 do Blue 200 do Yellow 200 do Orren 200 do Purple 300 do assort d colors 1100 reams rf the beat qnelity. for sale by o?2 I mine Ph RSSE it BROOKS 61 and 67 Nassau a*. MAitTELLE Ac IIOLDEKMANN, IVo. 37 Mnltlen Lane, J^X ANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hair lvJL Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bauds, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, Daiiguy's celebrated Curled Hair, 15 inches long, and a new style of Eveilastiug Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. Also, a very large assortment of Flowers. Feathers, Head liresses, such as Algeriennea, Oriental, Pompadours, F.gyp tienue Dnchnss, and all kinds of Millenary articles. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. s21 lm*m s ALLF.N DOD WORTH will conimeneearnvateDaiieuig School at his residence, No. 148 Broome street, on Mon day, Oct. 20th. to continue during the season, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 3 P. M. lor Ladies, and at 7 for Oeutlemeu. For terms, kc. apply as above. oil lm*rrc IMPORTANT TO THE WRITING WOULD IJPEHIOR STEEL-PEN BLACK WRITING INK,for ?Kerorda, Mercantile and Professional use, warranted? Ins Ink possesses all the qual'lits required lor n good Writ ing Ink. notable for the Qmll.aud admirably adapted to the St?el Pen?improves by cgc, will not corrode, mould, pr-cini late uoi decay, and its nuchaiigeable tluidity renders it the most pleasant Writing Fluid ever manufactured. I'ulupiu2 or., 4 or, C or. 8 oz, piuts and uuarts, ou draught, or by the lur rel, and carvluily p eked in ?li ppiug order, in such sized pack ages as may he required, without estra charge. From them my testimonials in its favor?and its use by Con gress and most of the State and Public Offices, anil by in? mercantile nnd professional community, for morethan twenty y. art, without a single complaint?the subscriber deems it -ecessary to present only the following, from the will known Writing Mus'er, Isaai k. B.ngg :? " Having used Mr Thnddeus David's Black lukTor a long time t> si, rsclusively, slid liuding it to be uniformly excel lent, I have great pleasure in giving ait opinion to its favor. ISAAC F. BKAUG. 78 Crosby street?Male High School. Jaly8th, I|I5." fur Slue, wholesale anil Retail, on accommodating terms, by Til A DDE UN DAVIDS, Importer and Manufacturer of Sealing Wax, Water*, Inks, Indellible Ink, Acc. &c. ATo. 112 John street, New York. And by all Stationers, Booksellers, Druggists, (kc. in the Untied "hates. u25 3t*rc CvJR SALE, VERY CHEAP?One of Mrs. Carroll'i ce X lebratad Vapor Baths. Can be seen at Mr. BATF.S', 562 Broadway. ot4 lw?ro HARPS. |> EMOVAL of Warerooms to281 Broadway, In Granite I V Cuililiiig, cor Chambers st.?J. F. BROWNE offers for sale, at 281 Broadway, an elegant assortment of double and tin gle action Harps. The rich brilliancy of tone, lightness ol touch, Perfect mechanism and elegant finish of these harps are unequalled. Warranted to bear the teat ol ciitnate, and at Eu ropean prices. The attention of merchants, and the musical world generally, is particularly desired. Hatps repaired. Strings, Instruction Books, kc. J. F. BROWNE tk CO. (From F.rnrd.l London and New York, established 1810. Certainly the finest harps yet produced. Toe first profession al talent wre have prefer these harps to all others.?London dfu ?teal Mirror, Juiu, 1840. Mr. Biowue's harps are by far the most magnificent instru ments we ever saw. Through his perfect knowledge ufthe in strument he has effected in my important improvements in the mechanical department, and in the tone there is an extraordi nary addition of sweetness, purity and power. The pillars are elabi rately and gorgeously ci-rvca and gild-d, while the frames are elegantly shaped and Ituished.?BrnudwayJ nurnal, Sept 27th, 1845 o3 1mD8tW?rrc WP,LDEL> IRON BOILER FLUES, OF ANY DIAMETER, hut not exceeding ICX feet in length; thickness of inetal from It to 14, wire gunge. Tlie-e are the only Tubes used by the English and French government steaineia, and other fast steamboats, and can le procured only from the Patentee. o22 in'ic THOS. I'ROSSER. 6 Liberty st. N. V STRAW BOARDS. eHWI TONS S'l'KAW BOARDS, of a good quality and A/\J\J numbers, for sale by FERSSE k BROOKS, o2l 2w-c 65 and 67 Nassau sffcet. FINE Alt IS. OIL FAINTINUS cleaned, lined and restored, by H. fittNT, 235 Broadway 3 doors above a 17 lm*re the Amrriean Hotel ESSENCE OF COFFEE, \XJ HICH is uow extensively used in the European capitals, 77 isnow for the first titne introduced into the U. Sratrs. lt is made from the best sifted and cleaned coffee, and about one teaspoon full, more or less, according to the tasre, dilute.! with hot wnter or inilk,furnishes a cup of excellent coffee.? The undersigiif-d is convinced that the sagacity of tne public of this country will immediately perceive the numerous co.. trainees it oners to house keepers in general, travellers by land or sea, rpHtaurateurs, Itc.. and indulges in the hope to be rewarded for the great sacrifice the introduction of a uovelty ltwayx demands, by a liberal patronage, to be awarded to him by every person who will make a trial ol his Essence. It is for sale at wholesnle by H. D. Hill, No. 7 Water street and retail by Utinner k Co., 13 Maiden lane, J. (i. < tollstiergir corner Chambers and Centre streets, tV. S. Corwtn.639 Broad way. E. L. b/.ADETZK Y.Sole Manufacturer sin I in* i c in theU Stat-s NOTICE TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS PROPOSALS will be received at any time previons to the 22d day of November next, at the office of the subscriber No. 6 Wall street, in the city of New V oik. for the grubbing, grading, masonry, sii|ierstriirture and bridging of the Beu Mountain Kailrouil, in Pennsylvania, 28 miles in length, extend ing Irom Bear Mountain to Dauphin, on the Pennsylvania (Ja mil, eight mile, above llarrisliurg. I'lans mid specifications are ready for inspection at the undersigned's office. The work to be commenced immediately upon closing of the contracts _r , , J P MANHOW. New Y ork, Sept. 22d, 1845 *23 Itn'r RLE ACHING POWDERS. 1911 CASKS Blearhing Powders, now landing from ship (Jolumbo, and for sale by l'ERSSE fc BROOKS, o!6rr 85 and 67 Nassau street. THE PLUMBE NATIONAL 1MGUERRIAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPH 10 DEPOT, 9/w 1 BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over T?n A-tX X ner's jewelry store, awarded the Medal, four " Firm Premiums 'nnd two" Highest Honors," at the f xhthition at Boston, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for tlie best pictures and appaialus ever exhibited. GENERAL HJRNI8HINO ESTABLISHMENT AND AGeNCY FOR THE SALE OF. VO/GTLAENDER'S A PR AHA TUS. riamba a Premium Cameras, In trurttont, Plates, Cases, lir lor wauled to any desired point, at lower lates than br any nth er ini'niir.eiory ..71 1tn l)*t W'lnc | A ft iK I li Al l' FOR ONE DOLLAR j A F.THOMPSON'S l)tguerri"ii Rooms, No. 285 llroad i TirTy L o*1? """ Granite Buildings and Kcndr ?t LIKENESSES of the various sizes taken by the improve"1 piocess and finished tu the most superior style, with all tie natural colors, operations in nil weather from ? A. M. till 4 T. M. luattnrtions in theArt and Apparatus and Materials supplied To persons wishing a thorough know ledge of the business su perior advantages are here offered. sltl lio'm Jb ? ' ^KHh'ooo lbs. Illinois Kfathen, just rfceiTfd, I sain by *? COLLINS * Co. tt South ?t NEW CITY HALL IN BROOKLYN. We learn from the Brooklyn Ea%lt, that the Com mon Council of Brooklyn have at length determined upon the erection of a City Hull, and that, too, upon u scale of liberality and judiciousness, that will ren der it an omument and a credit to the city. As the prospect of at last having a City Ilall seems to inte rest the Brooklynites, we have employed our urtL-t to make an engraving of the pkn.whi jh seems to he most in f.i vor with the people, and will probably be adopted by the Common Council, and give it above. It is to he built on the site of the one already commenced, at the corner of Fulton and Court streets. The whole exterior, with the exception of the cupola, is to be built in Cennthian style, of white marble from Westchester. The building is 175 feet loug and fK) feet deep. On .lerolemon street the measurement is 50 by 15 feet. The principal front, or park eleva tion, will face the junction of Court and Fulton sts., so that strangers passing up either ot the main ave nues, will get their best impression of it at first. On this park there is to be a circular front of 5!) feet diameter. The height is to be four stories on Jero lemon street, and three stories on the park. The whole heisrht 13 to be 160 feet to tlie top of the cupo la. The basement is to contain the Watch and Police Departments, with all the necessary rooms for officers, deposite rooms, detention rooms, keej> ers' rooms, fuel rooms, fee. The uround floor is to contain all the City and Coiintv Offices, with ample rooms lor each department. The principal lloor is to have a Court Room, and Common Council Room, each 50 by 45 feet, and a Governor's Ro>m70by 45 feet, with ante-rooms, vestibules, and all the ne cessary Committee Rooms, Grand .lury Room, Petit ,r trv Room, &*c. The upper floor contains two large Drill Rooms, lor the Military, with four Armories. These rooms can be thrown into one ot 171 feet by :,9. The basement and ground floor rooms are per fectly fire-proof, enclosed with iron and stone. Ali who cast their eye upon the above engraving, will bo at once struck with the neatness of ap|iear ance, beauty of style and compactness of the struc ture, and the inner arrangements, as will be seen by the above description are of a very superior order. Altogether this will be an ornament to our sister city, of which the Brooklymtes may be proud. Now we wish to see to its going up as quickly as possi ble. New Castle, Dei.., Oct. 18th, 1813. The Social Excitement?Barney , vt. Booth. Our little tows for the last ten days has presented ? lamentable scene. The laws are set at defiance, and a band of reckless men, headed by a respectable citizen, armed with pistols and bowie-knives, nightly parade the streets, threatening the lives and property of respecta ble persons, and even using the most vile epithets to. wards ladies. Every respectable citizen blushes for the State, and our presses have endeavored to conceal this state of aflairs for tho sake oi the honor of the State. The cause of all this proceeds from Barney's marriage with the daughter of our Chief Justico, nnil, 1 believe, that the publication by Mr. Barney, of the proceedings in court under a writ of habeas corpus has been the im mediate cause of the present disgraceful proceedings.? It appears that Mr. Barney, (from his statement,) was in ask for a writ of habeas corpus, to cause Ch'ef iastice Booth to bring his daughter, Barney's wife, into court, where Barney expected fully to establish the le gality of his marriage and his light to his wife,but Judge Milligan, who presided, having declined to entertain any fs<*t other than the fact of the detention by Judgo Booth ol his daughter against her will, left the questiou of the marriage in statu </uo. Barney then published his peti tion for the habeas corpus, an able production front the pen of his counsel, C. J. Ingersoll, Esq , of Philadelphia) te this was appended on allidavit of the priest, who had pet formed the marriage ceromony, and ol Barney's bro ther, which set forth all the particulars of the marriage. Had Mr. Barney ended his publication here, I do not be lieve that any one, even his enemies would have said one word against him, and surely, every one who has read tho proceedings, is convinced that the marriage was en tered into by the young lady with her free and full con sent-and that Barney had in nowise deceived her, as had been at first represented. Mr. Barney, however, not eontent with the legal proceedings, published commen taries upon the answer ol Judge Booth to the writ, in wnich answer, Judge Booth charged Barney's petition with containing untruths and lalso matteis. It seems that this charge stung Barney, coming as it did from our Chief Justice-and Barney, in his commentaries, set forth certain'facts,naming persons acquainted with them, and also published extracts from the lettcis of Miss Booth to him, lor the, purpose of establishing wlnit he had asseited. Many condemn Mr. B. for publishing the letters of a female, and our papers have animadverted severely upon him for publishing " love-letters.'' Mr. B. was wrong in making any commentaries) the records of the proceedings weie sufficient to convince any one ol all Mr. B. could have desired, and the answer of Judge Booth did not deny any one fact asserted by Mr. Barney. 1'he statement made by Judge Booth, that "a marriage eeiemony unknown to the llomish Church had been per formed by u Ilomish Priest," will convey a good idea ol tho defence setup by Judgo Booth. Tho whole affair is without example. A young lady of twenty-two, receives tho addresses of a young man for twelve months under tho eyes ot her parents?corresponds with him with their knowledge?receives presents from him?and rides eight miles to be married to him? and in twenty -six hours af ter, she denies the marriage, and refuses to acknowledge her husband. Her fathor, who ought to be wise, (for he is a Judge,) also denies the marriage in tho very face of the affidavits of tne Priest, (the witness to the mai'riage ce remony,) and then Mr. Barney is censured ami abused by :hem. Stories are put in circulation against him, ami the influence of family and high place is made use of to prejudice his cause, and really the scenes of discord that now prevail ate shocking. A lespectabie citizen, a friend ol the young lady, exasperated by the accounts told him against Barney, has induced a gang of the workmen at the foundry to join him in his nocturnal levelriea. This individual, in a great state of excite ment, parades the sticets at the head of thirty or torty men night!}, swearing vengeance against Barney ?all the Barneys ? that they will murder them all. He gene sully musters Ins band in iront of tho house of the Culled States District Attorney; he threatens him and ins wife, upon whom he heaps every vile name, anil swears ha will fiio his house, and, shame to say, the Sheriff stands hj , complacently looking on, and even when culled on b> Mr. W. Rogers, the United States District Attorney, *o ui rest this infuriated man, the Sheriff relnses to inter fere, and Mr. Rogers has been obliged to go to a neigh boring city, Wilmington, to have this man bound ovei to keep the peace, but tho infection of mob law had spit ad there, and no officer could he found to anest this man. All these scenes occur under the eyes of the Governor, the ? hanccllor, and the Sheriff, but none dare, or none will execute the law*. Mr. Rogers has been oi bge-1 to desert his house, and seek reluge at Ins miner's in the country. Such am the scenes tnat nightly diigiace our town. The contest between Mr. Barney and Judge Booth ought to have been pnvatoly settled, and I am informed that Mr. Barney made every offer to Judge Booth, in fact, Mr. II. in ins last publication, says so. Why this marriage should cause so much trouble. I cannot see. Theic is no fortune on either side?it uppears to have been a love mutch, and surely the lady whs not so young or so lgnoiunt as to got married without knowing it. How tne matter will end, I cannot pretend to my, lor it is the most strange ufl'air 1 huve ever heard of. Ilotii pai ties talk of a divorce. But on what grounds; desei tion or a few months will not sustain Barney's petition,for our laws requite three years desertion grounds the l.nly ran base her petition. The influence of ceitain persons is talked of, but sutely our legislature will not yield to influence and set such a precedent;lhey will net allow, I hope, young nieu or maidens to change iheir minds so suddenly and violate the inost aucied con tract. I tiave been informed that Mr. Harney will make no opposition to a divoico, provided it he asked for on lair grounds) but if it be obtained through misiepresen utioii, I am told he will appeal to the Supreme ( ourt of the United Slates, who decided about tour years ago that i law divorcing a couple in Delaware was unconstitu tional, awd, therefore, null ami void. Mr Harney is a struuger to me, and I have known Judge Booth's family all my lifetime, and 1 always considered Judge Booth one ol the most amiable of mm. What are his reasons for the course he has pursued in this matter I cannot imagine. I have heard it said, that Mr Barney, now dri ven to Hespeiation, intended to publish all the love let ters of this young lady. I hope for himself, lor tho nsme he hears, that he will not suffer any sense of wrong done lum to betray tho confidence once leposed in him by a female. I hope he has mure of the true spirit of man, and from what I have heard ol him, and bis gentlemanly behaviour throughout these trying scenes, 1 do not be have him capable of such an act. I understand that con fidential letters written by Barney to his wife, havo been intercepted and exhibited about town. I I hope for the honor ol those concerned this it not so People talk of awful disclosures about the conduct of these young lovers. Ten thousand rumors are afloat, hut 1 can not vouch lor the truth of any of them. Mora anon. Oyster ing on the Jersey Siiork nl'etYe extent r?Hers nrobablv, have any |Ui*t idea ot the extent in? x\rtTuokMton wo louud the people *11 alive on the hibited by law, hnd just expired. iubilee The ssfssssggsss |rreineOUTctrrCrt?cke"formed over the wled^Ilm1ToTveraje17->u'hy road, until we ftndThooner* lrom many of the eastern ciUe. BU Uking SSSShE fcwswsac's whisr 17,77^^ 7e?r^? fished only at certain seasons ; a third, that tonga ot un lertaking to fish the beds with a grab invented by an SH i-swa'ar-sua,? a,ag jury,notw.Unt.udingm?n, thou""'f\bhull'* '8r?^"'r, a(Tevery week during six months of the year, ine ra pid increase of the oysters may be estimated from ?^iVdS'ef indications of tha oyster, when with'" fiftyfeet ofthe water's edge. But whenyou reach the ?? piled one upon another in strange confusion } nnd at Erb: -??? ?r', ?'r, . *hf>ll wide euoujrli lor him to thurst in a ciaw, 7?^"tVf"ongV, whi?h effe *tually_disengagos from its shell, and tinnaicia it to the stoinachof be crab. The men employed in catching oysteis find it avery ^n^vsss^ssss E?ci?isAig U. W. 'I'lio ?Uto ol rf.l. 7H, course not the most leputable. At the fislung g ? ? saw the most infamous grog shop, kepi whuou {^e,!boWuUwoCUouJr.beheard "more"profane' U???? den. The story in the "??ghborhot>d ia thi?t sei e ^ r?lu of Kin are retailed theie every wee*.. ??- i porch 01 this deplorable hole, our party enjoyed he lux irv of eating oysters not an hour out of the water, aim wnhout stin?? hue, large, fat ^''^.^.^'iZine upou rotundity even now rises up iu liquid pursiness uiuu our memory." Stop tub Vu.LAiN.-The Da^vdU ^orUr - a wretch, ol the name ot John Right, lias ^'isrwWjffSSTi'S young gill, whom this destroyer ha. thu. made the du ^ s m. hn.?.; '?n ? V ar"T ,.1 J Thev are making their way towaids luirg or Richmond, and will, probably, change e r 1 nass through Kranklin county and the Mate or7ori.r" aJolu.a to ti?e South. They r'Pre.ent they w?.i iiiartied in this place, a ataUmftut which i? utterly lalse They are travelling in a two horse barouche, with a cover to it, driven by a hkely mulatto man. Trade of tbr Uppbe Mississippi .-In March 1S44, there was an interesting report from Ui?' v?r lunartment on this subject, winch appears to have at tracted little attention The total pioduce ol the L ppei Mississippi lead mines in 1813 w as, in round numbers, haa??f oounda in 18J7, 3.000,000. In l*?d, the lead shipped lioin ('ialeim and ports above, ?( Kiiiiiids in 1044, 3ii,0d0,000 ; and c.timaled lot 184??i at 41 000,0(10 ot pounds. The pine lumber sent *r ' irnm the mills on the St. ()roix and Chippewu rivets in I 1. rn^bi was 11000,000 feet of plank, boards, mid joist .vi.000square feet ot l.ewu Umber, 3,400,000 4,000,000 ol laths From the mills in *'Vl Tmio U00 Ji m >00 000 icet oi boards, plEnk and joist, , ? M00.000 UthJ. Tho trade o. Oslo... and port.above lor-UM wa^ 4 numbers, txpofU, l?a?, $937,000,coppei ????v ^ $113,000, hides, >1H,000, agricultural producis*4 , , total exports $ I .?lhO.OtKl. The value ol imports ? Tne report trom which the above is exiractoii -? ,mu Congress, 1st .Hession. It contains much ?aiuabln information for those especially Cougress, who -re ...Wrested m the improvement ot toe navigation ol the Upper Mississippi. Kirk in Newark-Charles llinMey'aihat laCtory, ' \'?i 'IA vlfchkuno , whh d??htroyrd by tirr* on Kiidat night aboiit til o'clock. The building (a two Btoiv frame belonging to, and until recently occupied by Vtaior VVm Htevens as a Coach l.ace facto.>,) was ?iihin twenty loet of Orece Church on the tear, and ad m ed one ot Comptoti s stables. The l hurch loce.ved llo injury, but Mr. ? on.pton was damaged about $.100 no Mr. Idinktey 's stock was insured in the Delaware Mutual Insurance Co., of Philadelphia, lor ?imn?about enough to cover the loss. Maloi Stevens wa. insured 011 the building for $300 in the Howard Ins Co ot N Vloss about $800. Police Intelligence. Oct. M.?dimther Sirioui Cant of Slabbing. ?A mm named William Harper, was arrested last evening on a charge of having seriously, if not mortally wounded Mr. lohn George kempf, who keepi a porter house at the corner ol the 3d avenue and U1 at street, under the fol lowing circumstances t?A horse dealer by the name of James Eastwood, on arriving at the house ol Mr. hempf last evening, while on his horse, drove it into the bar room of Mr. K., who ordered him out. Eastwood left , the bar room, but returned in the course ef half an hour, and again entered the bar room on horseback, at the same time stating that where he was his horse shonld he, and was again ordered out by the landlord. Kast wood then went away und made some disposal of his horse, after which he returned to the house of Mr. Kempf in company with a number of persons, who made use of | very abusive language towards Mr.JC., and one of the number named William Harper struck Mr. Kempf on his I breast and knocked him against the counter. The land- '? lord then retired from the barroom, but at the sugges ' tiou of his wife, be went out of a privatu door and pro ceeded to put up the shutters, in order to protect the windows, when Harper again attacked him, striking him a severe blow on his breast and afterwards stabbing him with a sharp instrument, supposed to have been an oys ter knife, inflicting a dreadful gash in the lelt side of the abdomen, out of which several leet of the in testinos pro truded. The professional servicea of Drs. Cooper, Bust ed, and Benedict were immediately obtained?there is, however, but slight hopes of the recover of Mr. Kempf. The farts being made known to Justice Room# this morning, he instantly proceeded to investigate the case, which resulted in the committal of Harper to answer ? The coroner was subsequently called to hold an anti nor It m examination llurglary.? A room occupied by .Mr. Chiistiau Kerk hufl', in premises N >.508 Pearl street, was burglariously entered on Friday night, ami six sack ever coats stolen theielrom. * foundling.?An infant, apparently four or five months old, was left last night on the stoop in front of Mr. K Bmtlett's house, No. 101 Chambers street. It was ta ken to the Alms House and suitably provided for. Grand Larceny.?A iellow named Michael McAvery, was arrested last night aud detained to answer a charge ot stealing $27 from Thomas O'Brien. Strretea with Intent to Rub.?A respectably dressed young man, who gave his name as Thotnas Henry, was last night found secreted in one of the rooms at the Astor House, with tlio supposed intention of robbing the gen tleman who lodged in the room. The accused was hand ed over to the Police and held to answer. Rubbing a female.?A fellow named Hugh Smith was brought up and detained on a charge of stealing $5 from a female named Mary Ann Thompson. .'Ittempt at Suicide. ?A man named Henry Schslts, li ving at No. 62 Willet street, last evening attempted to commit suicide by cutting his throat with some shurp in strument He wus discovered by a Policeman, taken to the Ward Station House, and medical aid obtained. It is expected that his wounds will not prove fatal. Suicide.?A female ot intemperate habits, named Kli7.a Peterson, about 24 years old, was, this morning, found dead in her bed. It it supposed that she committed sui cide by taking laudanum. An empty phial, which had contained that narcotic, was found in her room. The Coroner was called la?t evening to hold an inquest. Varieties. An intelligent farmer in a neighboring town states that about the last of August he visitod his potatoe fields, he having about five acres planted with potatoes, for the purpose ol examining the cond tiou of the crop. He pulled here and there about one hundred hills, and alter examining the potatoes dropped them hack into the hill aud drew up the earth about them. On digging his po tatoes he found the rot had made great ravages, but in every bill he had pulled up early in the season he found the potatoes ell of them perfectly sound. It is his opi nion that if he had dug his potatoes at that time and dried them, ho should have had a fair crop of good pota toes. We give this fact for those interested to think of. One would suppose,from the way thatfimrnigrants from the Old World, and from the eastern States nre pouring into out Territory, at the present speaking, Uiat the people were ufiBid of finding all our lands entered, and every nook and corner filled up There has, it is true, been a vast quantity of land taken up this season, but there are '? lots'' left. There is still room too io our Territory, tor a good many thousands But those who roine first will, of course, be best served.?Mitwaukie Sentinel. The inauguration of the Hon. A. \ . Brown, Gov ernor of Tennessee, took place on the loth inst. The Methodist Church was procured for the occasion, and was well tilled with members ol the Legislature and citizens. T he Rev. Mr. Wheat opened the proceedings with prByor. Gov. Jones delivered a short farewell ad dress upon surrendering the executive power. Mr. Brown then delivered his inaugural address. Workmen nre busily engaged in cutting down the trees and clearing the brushwood from off the small Mount, to give room for the basins which are to supply Mount Holly, Jersey, with water. These basins are to hold 600,000 gallons of water. The fires in the West Jersey Pines last summer cut otf the Cranbetries on hundreds of acres?10 that not a berry lias been seen this season in a spare of fifty miles, where large nnd profitable crops have been gath ered in yeat* past. Voting plants are shooting up again, however. An English watch-maker, named Symington, has invented a clock, the motive power of which is the drop ping of water. It requires no winding up ami hut little attention,and is said to be a very successlul experiment. It is patented. William W. Folwell, jr., of Komulus, put an end to his existence on the 19th inst., by hanging himself.? Some pecuniary dilHcultieN induced the act. He was about .10 years of age und unmarried. In a recent trip up, the Empire wa9 peopled by a thousand or more,and we understand the births onboard during the voyage made five additional berths necessary The hmpire against the world.? Cleveland Herald. Mr. M. Hudson, ot Hartford, has manufactured a single sheet of paper for the Hartford and Danbury Rail mail Company, for which ho received $25. It is to be used in drawing a profile of the road. It is 25 leet In length, and 3 yards wide. I.'ev. Dr. Btiird is delivering his interesting course ot lectures on Europe in Trincetou. Five thousand pigeons are in an own field near Portland, Maine, with their wings clipped, fattening for market: 60,0(H) will be carried to that market during the present season. Cooper's Iron Works, on the Delaware at South Ticnton. went into operation on Thursday with a strong force. The building is 200 by 100 feet in sire, and the furnaces, rolling machines, Stc , are carried by water power. A nail factory is to be attached to tho same es i tahlishment. Abstract ol land sold at the Chicago Land Office, for the month of September: Kendall 2141 acres, Kane I :io8i.Ou Page 2983, McHanry 4802, La Salle 317, Lake 1 1042, !>e Kalti 970, \VillsM>, Look 2181, Boone 120, Gran I dy 619 ? total amount, 2-2,004 acres. Number of pre-emp ' uoris for sume month, 58.? Chicago Democrat, Oct. 2. Yankee Notions.?From the Salem Gazette we learn that since the year 1831, there had been drawn from the Tieasury of Massachusetts, under authority of law, the sum of $4,138,914 34 for the following objects, none of which, it will be seen, come under the head of ordinary government expenses, nor for the special bene fit of any party, but for the benefit of the whole people . Lunatic Asylum $167,606 08 Hospital, Kainsford's Island 19,601 18 Suppoit ol paupers 626,713 88 Asylum for the Blind 106,390 29 Asylum lor Deaf and Dumb 46,770 24 Kye and Ear Infirmary. 10,000 00 1'ensioners 45,008 14 Life Boats 6,9.50 00 Support of Indians 7,090 06 Survey and Map 00,047 04 Survey ol Boston harbor 4,00-1 69 Agricultural Societies and Survey 63,986 70 Bounty on Silk 9,.">87 80 Wheat 22,703 14 " Noxious animals 6 44-2 66 " Militia 240,594 7ft Board of Education '22.295 49 Teachers of Normal Schools 18,1'OU 00 American Institute 3,000 0<l Society of Natural History 2,250 00 District School Libraries 27,674 00 t'ommsn Schools 218,041 81 Grant to Academies 3,000 00 Revising Statutes 100,00<) 00 Add to ttiis the School Kund 744,014 97 Fire in Boston.?About 3 o'clock on Friday morning, a lire broke out in Cambridge street, which destroyed three building* and part of another Nos. 133 to 139 inclusive. The fire originated in the building occupied by Mr. Batchelder, us ? carpenter"! shop, which was entirely destroyed. Loss estimated at $1000, and we a e told there was no insurance. Th< blacksmith shop ot Mr f'hnrles W. bumming* was the next in comse, which was hIso destroyed. Tho loss here was heavy? consisting of from 6000 to $8000 in cus tom work and machinery. The hatter's shop of Messis Bart lctt 4? Harlow was destroyed, and evert thing con nected with it. Loss about $1,400. The stable ot Mr. stone, wood-wharfinger, in the rear, was partially de stroyed, together with a small shanty used tor storage, and a considerable lot ol cord wood. We have heard no estimate of the amount of his loss. Engines from lloxlmry, l .imhrulge, and t.'harlcstown, were curly at the fire, and did good service.?Mail. Emigration.? One hundred and fifty-eight Ger man emigrants arrived here yesterday morning in the good ship Henry, t'aptain Noyes, from Bremen. - Three were bom on the passage Now, whether the-o three last mentioned stranger* msv he looked upon a native, naturalised citizens, or fore igners, we ate not j prepared to say ; but certain it is that they were born | under the cover of the stars an i the stripe*. Knglano j may peilmps claim their paternity, inasmuch ai she de- i tires to he considered " Mistiess of the Mess," hut the hoy s on this side ot the water may dispute it, for the) are the masters. These emigrant* are m t? ' nans but we understand the) will remain heie until joined by ; some three hundred end fifty others lor the same destina tion, yet to come.?*V. O. fvirs, Oct. 16. T?e Si-oar Chop.?A gentleman inform* us that on the Kith mst a very severe Iroat made Ha h|> pearance among the sugar plantations on the coast, and that the planters, in consequence, are anout to coin mence rolling, fearing such another visitation of cold weather as tliey had last year, and Which destroyed so much cane. S. O. Ti-opic, Oct 16. The Convicted Asti-Renters.?I have visited lie lojr-j iila where many of thcue arretted were con - ned, anil the t egular jail, conversing lor a low moments ritb the two men under .sentence of death. Van Steen erg is about 'II yearsohl ; he la ignorant, not being able veil to read with facility ; and although the ion of a rolaue lather, yet nothing immoral has ever before been lieged against him. He ia rather a simple-hearted vpung inn. and undoubtedly has been led into this thing, ai be >ld me, by men older and more intelligent. He aeemed eeply to feel his awful situation, and evinced nothing Ice obduracy. O'Connor u a man -16 years old, finelv irmed. with an open and ? mild countenance, and much f the Emmtll apirit about him. in native ability he ia try much auperior to Van Steenberg ; hi* education in uite limited, but hia native ahrewdnoaa and mental >rce, improved by obaervation, haa led othera to over ate his intelligence. He sxertnd a large influence over He Indiana, and was one of their chief*. He was very nucli atlocted during ear . onveraation and shed tears, le regards himself, however, as the victim of the wiles f others, and declare* that hit gun was undischarged rhile on the ground. 1 append to this a few lines written by O'Connor before lis conviction, and handed to hia friend immediately ifter: ' When i iiok tnrough u.y prison bara and see the yel low leaf. It seem* a* eiiiuiaui of in> fate and till* my heart with grief; But smiling sprint will again, and in the forrst glade, Loveis will meet and teil the tale beneath the lonely shude. aak you when you are at noma enjoying liberty? That when you bow before your God, to cast a thought on me. ) ! 'Jennet, dear, 1 little thought that this would be my lot fear I'll die a shameful death ami be by man forgot, lut should I meet so hard a fate, my loes I do forgive them, Ve'll rise triumphant from the grave we'll meet again in Heaven ! I wish you well in time and better in eternity. Yours, forever, ?. O'C." * Jennet is the name of the young woman to whom he ixpected to be married in a few months. Fatal Accident.?A sad accident befel Mr. Na K)leon Lesieur, a citizen of Portage des Sioux, St. ibarles county, on Thursday week last. In company vith his brother Ldwurd, he went out on a hunting ex :ursion. About three miles beiow Portage they separat ed, and shortly afterwards Kdward heard the report of a pin, but supposing that he had ahot at game, he thought io more of it. and went home, expecting to find his bro herthere. Not appearing for some time, the villngo i us aroused, search made. nr.J about three o'clock iu he morning his dead body was found, lying on the [round, just as he hud fallen from his cart. It appeared hat the horse had run oil, and that, in his efforts to at ip llm, he hail hit the lock of his gun, ami it went off?the lall from which had tuken effect in his left aide, a little lelow the breast. The cart was broken, and the horse not to he tbund. Mr. Lesieur was a man of family, and much esteexed by all who knew him. - ... -JJ . LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY 1 CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWH, Commencing on .Monday, September 16th, lflli. Ltd re hrooKiyi? At o'clock, A. M., Boston Tr.iiu for Greeunort, daily, AunUnya excepted, stopping vt Fnrmingdalr and St. George's Manor. Ht9k A. M , for Farrnicg lale arid iutermediateplacs, daily Sundays eicepted, and on Tuesday#, Thursdays ,md Setnr Java, through t, Oreenpcr; and in'ermcdiste pi 'ces. At 4 P. M., for Farmingdale and intermediate places, dsilv, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to SuffolbStation. Lxave Grernport ? Boston Train, at 1 o'elnep, r. M , or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily. Sundays excepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. At 9 o'clock, A M ; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdava and Fridays. Lint Farmh. glial'? For Brooklyn , at o'clock, A. M , auJ 1 F. M., daily, 8uu uilayj excepteo. Leave Jamaica? For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and 2% P. M., daily, Sun day* excepted. tledlord S Deer Park (9 r' New York 12% Thompson 88 J Rice f .'ourse 18Yi Suttols Station 100 Trotting I ourae !8fc Lake Road Station 1 I8J4 lamaica 37 Medford Station 1 18X jruahville 31V MUleviUe. I 50 ?lyde Park, 17 miles 37k St. George's Manor.... 1 62 llowsville, (during aer- Riverhead 1 $?i^ lien Con*,) J7k JaniestKirt 1 62^ dempstead 71% Mnttetcci 1 08'C 9.r'OCh. 71% Cutchouue 1 63k rrlr Place XI Southold 1 t,2h, Westbury 44 Grernport, Acu'n triin.l 7*. .iieksville 4( Bosteu Tram 2 (y> tniugdale .' '.ages no in readiness on the arrival of Trains ;,t the dterions, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Urates will be in rcadines# at the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 3U miun:-s be "ore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. 7*"Rorkaway Baggage taken in separate Urates. The Steamer Statesman leaves Oreeupert for Sag Harbor ?wire each day on tie- arrival of the Trainsfrom Brooklyn. MAlli LINK KOK BOSTON. ouktfltQ DAILY UVEK THL LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH <f- WORCESTER At I o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall ,reet, South Kerry?Sundays excepted. Way Crates are in readiness to receive baggage for New Condon. Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes :hrough under lock. juI6 tfrc AS?3 -IMfr -aXIiL ^^Srvr CHEAP NIGHT ROUTE TO BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE. ONEol the most agreeable routes to the above places, has been established by the Long Island Railroad Cour any. Pas sengers can be now t ikeu three times a week from to - Depot at Brooklyn, at 5 P.M. passing direct from Oreenport to Pro vidence in the steamer New Haven.and arriving at Proviu. nee m time to t<ke theerrlv train to Boston. Kare iO centi to Pros idence, and Si 75 to Boston oil tfrrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. fkUSs anl? HonkeK PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail roads e.nd Canal?through in 3>g days. The above line is now in fell operation and offen great inducements to persons who wish i pleasant Diode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved mooern style, the jiMia are fitted up iu a superior manner, and every effort is made >y the proprietors to conduce to the Ojmfort and convenience >/ travellers. The scenery ou this route is uurivaJled, and the rreat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wot ?Jiy ofbeiug seen. By tins route passengers avoid all thefaliguen and dangers at endant upon stage travelling, and at the tame time make an cx >cditious trip. The curt leave every moruiugat 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad 'ised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Phi'adel iliia N. K. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at No*. '1 and 15 South Third sts. A- CUMMING8, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17. 1Mb. For information, in the City of New York, apply to t. H. KNlSKLL, Agent lor mvf7 6m*rrc 1). LEECH kCO.VLiue. 7 Westst. N. R CENTRAL RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. DiSTAiSCE Ilk) MILES. 'fills ROAD is open for the transportation of PaMtngen X and Freight. Rates ol Passage ? 00 Rates of !? reight vir ; On weight goods generally 50 cents per hundred. Qu I' easnri mei.t goods 13 cents per cubicfoot. On barrels wet (escept Ulo!a??*s and oil) $1 50 per barrel. On barrels dry (except lime) Hi cents per barrel. Ou iron in pigs or bars, castings for mills and unboxed machinery... HI cents per hundred On hints and pipes of liquor not over 1211 gallons $5 OOperhhd. On hhdi molasses and oil 6 00 " " Go da addressed to I. Winter, Agent, forwarded free ol commission. THOMAS PURSE, all :im 'C Gen I Sup't.Transportation is4d. tkan.- Porta i iuiN. is+> JOHN ALLEN'S CLINTON LINK JOHN ALLKN w ishes to inform his old i.d trien friend . that he u silo it one- more, under a new or. -tx tioti His present In e cousi Is ol twenty lirstel Cju I U ats, fitted up in sut'erior style, lor the comfort "f passenger ? and liesa'ety of freight. Each boat of this line is commit,dnl by her owner, (and lor the public safety, is folly ineurvd,) and pit ce<l i ntlre !V uudt r his management audi coutrol. sins line is co ruec'ed 11 foi inerly, with the Krk; rd Line of '..w B-it?on t'.e Hud son River nad C M. Reed ? Steamboats on the Lakes, and he can With Confidence say to li s friends, that at no time has he ever been placed in a better situation to serv. the public rr.i r* Ifectu lily thai! ? itli ihe presi ut On and would thcrs f ir. respectfully solicit a cnnjomince ol patronage. Hugh Allen 19 So? h street, New Yotk. Robert Mb-n^nay, Albany. John Ally. Exchange street Rochester. Ijvorge Davis, Reed a Wtiari Buffalo. K N Parka fc Co,.CIeveland. I udlow, Bsbdock* Browuless, Toledo. I. A. Vrm.trong, Detroit. ' K.Mel lure \lilv?nkie. Bristol k Porter, Chicago. JOHN ALLKN. Of R Chester, General Agent. 'Zs~ Mi reliant* shipping iu New York, will please mirk Package*,''John Allen t Cliiilon Line," and ship by tcklonl Tow Boat, which leave Pier i, foot Broad street, daily it v ? i clock, 1' M s2fi Iri.'rc G(X)I ) YEAR'S PATENT M ETA LLIC RE'BHER OVER SHOES it, ARRANT! I) not to stiffeu or soften under any degree f TV cold or heat; ail article unequalled lor durability, nr. ? uese or price, for sale iu assorted ? siiitanle lor the city i r country trade, and in small ????""?j.gJL ... GEO. BKKLHKK, auMJm'm _ 19> Brmsdwi ? SA rsafakTlla. 15 Bales Mexican, very flue, for sal- by k K.l Ol.l.lNaki'O. .56 Month *t. ot m

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