Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1845 Page 3
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SMlnMon of the Ohio Hirer. t'Ucmi. Tim'? Stati of Ririr. P ittsburg. .. Oct 23 41 feat in chan'l Wheeiing,. ..Oct. 10 13 feet In channel. Louisville,. ..Oct. 31 7 feet and falling. Cincinnati Oct. '11 13 Hon flat* and bare. Dr. Nwaync'e Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry is ?n irv?lutbl? rem--dy in ('oiuumptiiin, Coughs, Coldt, Asthma. Bronchitis, Liwr Complaiiit, Spitting Blued, end ell >avi of the Lungs end Breast It tins cured its thousands up m thousands m this city alone, vSleu all other remedie. h.d f tiled. A I resh aupidy hie just arrived, tod for isle by lb W. H., corner of Broadway asid John street; H. A. Sands, church dispensary. 138 Bowery corner Spring street; C. ll.Waruer.2ui Bleecker street, corner Mi iii-lta ; II.inland, Keese 8c Co., Maiden line, New York; John B. l)odu,771 Broadway, ci-iier Ninth at-eet; Lewis Ic Laine, 327 Greenwich street; John C Hart. 348 Orand, corner Norfolk street; Horce Kverett, 90 Hudson,corner Leonard street; Wm. Bailey, corner Fulton and Sands streets, Brooklyn. MONEY MARKET. Monday, Oct. 47?0 P. M. (Quotations for stocks are rapidly advancing Wo do not see liow an explosion or explosions among the shorts can be prevented. Stonington went up to-day 1} per cent ; Norwich and Worcester, j ; East Boston, } ; Rea ding Railroad, } ; Morris Canal, j ; Pennsylvania b's, | ; Long island, 2} ; Canton, 1 ; Harlem, 1 ; Erie Railroad, end Ohio 6'a, closed firm at Saturday 's prices The transactions were very extensive, end in some instances sales on time, in favor of the buyer were at uu advance of two per cent, on those made en time in favor of the seller. The Washington Mutual Insurance Company have de clared a dividend el fifteen per cent, payable on the 3d of November. The Piinceton, (N.J.) Bank a dividend of thraa per cent for the last six months. The demand for foreign Exchange has not been so ac tive as anticipated. The market is liberally supplied with sterling bills,and the quotations for bills on London have fallen ofl' sufficient to prevent an exportation of spe cie to uny extent. We quote bills on London at 9} a 9} per cent premium. On Paris 6f 26} a 6f 25; Amster dam, 39} a 19}; Hamburg, 33} a S3}; Bremen, 78} a 78}, Compared with last year, the rates are as annexed : London. Paru. ..imst. Hamb. Brim. Oct, 31, 1844, 10 ?1034 3 80 aJ 21>? 40 a? 33* 78 Oct. V. .813, 9)i?a 9* 5 ?W2> S9*a39X 33* 78* The decline in quotations for sterling bills commenced with the teceipt of intelligence from Great Britain in re lation to the harvests, and the speculations now going on in our stock market, can be in a great degree attri buted to the relief the falling off in rates for foreign ex change has given the banks. When steiling exchange rules above ten per cent and but a fraction below a spe cie point, the banks were learlulthata large exportation of specie might take place and governed their operations accordingly. The banks are busily engaged preparing to make up their quarterly reports on the 1st proximo, and judging ftora the large dividends mado by severe 1 of these iustitutions, there must have been within the last quarter quite an expansion in their movements. The deposits on hand are very large, and it is from that source that tha banks derive a very large portion of their profits. We annex the current quotations for State and other stocks, in this market, compared with those ruling at two previous periods:? Prices or Stocks in thk Niw York Market. Redeem- 1815. 1845. 1W5 ., Riu- a,'lr? Sevl? ?- ?ct? W- Oct. 87. United States6 1862 lll^n ? ? a _ 11 i>^a ? '' 4 1853 163)4 tl0354 103 a ? 10254 a ? New York, 7 1818-49 ? a? 105 a ? 10454a ? 6 1858-51-60 ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? " 6 1881-62-67 IIP a ? ? a ? 108 a ? 5)4 1860-61-65 10a)ial01X 100 a ? 100 *100)4 ?' S '845 - a - 99)4* - 99)4al00 " 5 1840-7-8-9 ? a ? 90& ? _ ? _ S 5 1850-1-3 99)4?100 ? a ? ? a ? " 5 1855-58 99)4*100 ? a ? 101 a ? 5 1859-60-61 ? alOO 101)44 ? 101 al01>4 " 4)4 1819-58 ? a? ? a? ? a ? Ohio, 6 1850 96V 96K 9654a ? 96 a 96)4 6 1856-60 97 a 97)4 97V 97* 97), a - 5 1850-56 ? a? ? a- a ? ? 7 1856 ? a ? 100 alOl 104)4al05 Kentucky, 6 - a ? 101)4al0l54 101>4al01? 5 ? 86a? 87a? ? a ? Illinois, 6 1B70 17)4* 37>4 37>4a 3754 37 a 37>? Indiana, 5 25 years 35 a 35)5 37 a 37*5 38 a ? Arkansas, 6 Alabama, N York City,7 1857 7 1852 6 ? a? ? a? ? a ? 5 ? a ? 72 a 75 73 a 75 Pennsylvania,5 ? 70?4a 77 76)4a - 7554a ? Tennessee, 6 ? 98)*al00 100 a ? ? a ? "" ' ? a? ? a? ? a ? 5 1 850 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? " 5 1858-79 ? a? ? a? ? a ? BkCoin'e N. Y., full 95)4 a 95)4 96 a ? 96!*a 96 " scrip 9514a ? 95J4* 9? 96j4a ? N. Y. Life las. He Trust Co. 112 a? 113 all4 114 a ? farmers' Loan & Trust Co. 34>4a it 34 a 34V 33 a 33 a Ohio Life Ins. Ik Trust Co. 95 d 9654 97 a 97V 97 a ? . Bsnk of U. 3. in Peiiu'a, 554a 6 Sj^a 554 55?a 55a Syracuse St ktica Km d road., ? a? ? a? ? a ? Auburn 8cS\recuse Railr'a ? a? ? a ? ? a ? Valium V It..rl,?ster K. K. 103)4al(16 103 al(M 103 a ? lie id inr ltailioaJ, 53 a 51)4 36 * 36)4 33l?a 53)4 lYieea for tho good, dividoud paying State and other s'fpks in this maikot have been very uniform, but price* for some of the fancy stocks havo varied conside" rulijy since our last report The speculations now going ijfi iu docks, affects the fancies more than the real, as there is a greater margin for an improvement or a de cline in the former than in tho latter. The advance in quotations for Indiaua 5's, is beyond our comprehension^ The improvement within the past two months reached five per cent und appears to be permanent, as very few sales are made at the advance, and holders are firm. The Auditor Geneial of Pennsylvania, has given no tice that thirty-five thousand dollars of the notes issued by the Banks of that State, under the provisions of the Act of the 4th of May, 1841, were cancelled by the State 'I'ruusurer on the 30th ultimo, and destroyed by the Au' ditur General on the 18th inat. The said notes were originally issued by the following Banks, viz Erie B .nk, $4,700 ; Kxcliange Bank, Pittsburg, 3,200 ; Bank of Lewistown, 3,000; Manufacturers'and Mechanics Bu;.k, Philadelphia, 3,000 ; Miners' Hank, I'ottsville, 2,000; Bank of Penu Township, 1,800 ; Bank of Middletown, 1,760 ; Cnriisle Bank, 1,600; Harrisburg Bank, 1,600; Bank of Chainhersburg, 1,600 , Farmers' Bank, Lancae ler, 1,800 ; Northampton Bank, 1,300 ; Lancaster Bunk, 1,200 ; Bank of Northumberland, 900 ; Mouoogahela Bank. Brownsville, 800 : Moyamensing Bank, 700 ; Far mers' Bank of Readiug, 700 ; Lancaster County Bank, 700 ; Towanda Bank, 700 ; York Bank, 600 ; Columbia BiiJge and Banking Company, 600 ; Bank of Susque hanna County, 400 ; Bank of Gattysburg, 800 ; Lebanon Bank, 100. Total, $86,000. The Message of Governor Jones of Tennessee to the Legislature ot that State, upon the Finances Of the Commonwealth, makes a very favorable statement. It appears that the total indebtedness of thatState on the 1st instant, amounted to $3,370,416 66, as follows : Pl'HI.IC DfST OP TENNESSEE, OCT. 1, 1846. Bonds issued in payment of the State stock In Union Bank $600,000 Bonds issued for capital in the Bank ot Ten nessee 1,000.000 Bonds issued for Internal Improvement purpo ses, hearing 6j percent, interest 263,166 Bon Is for Internal Improvement purposes bear ding 6 per cent interest 1,860,260 $8,623,416 Ueduot Bonds cancelled during pre ?eut year $68,000 | Ueduct River Bonds cancelled. . .. 200,000 263,006 To al State Indebtedness, Oct. 1.1846 $3,370,411 This shows an increase in the iadebtedness of the Stati since October 1848, of $110,000, which hae been in th< bond* issued for internal improvements. The total amount of subscriptions for works of internal improve mem on the part of the State up to October 1848, wai $3,026,166, of which, bonds had been issued up to thai time amounting to $1,760,416, leaving an amount of sub ecriptiou for which bonds had not been issued, o $1,266,760 Of this $660,000 for the Cincinnati. Louis villa and Charleston Railroad, has been cancelled or account of the works being abandoned. The debt of the State iu October 1843 and in 1846 compare as annexed ; Debt or Tennessee. Oct. 1843. Oct. 1845 For stork in the Uninu Bank 500 000 500,(88 Bunds Inr B.nk of Tennessee 1,000,000 1,000,001 Initm I Improvements, set of 1875, 554 percent 263,166 263,UK Intern d Impiovementt, set of 1837 , 5 pare nt 1,497,250 l,607,2M Total im'i of bonds issued and tinpnid,$3,2f0,416 $3 370,4I( The resources of the State to meet this indebtedness are confined principally to the investments in the Bank of Tennessee, Union Bank, end Planters' Bank. By ep plying the assets ot the Bank of Tennessee, with ths ether means of the State, to the liquidation of the Stats debts, almost the entire amount might be paid. Reiocrcks or the Stste. Means ia the Bank of Tenneesee after paying all its liabilities Stock in the Union Bank, estimated to be worth. . Stork in the 1'lanteri' Bank, estimated to be worth $2,821,11 362,8' 139,6. Total means of the State, Oct. 1846 $3,833 6 Totel indebtedness of the Slate, Oct. 1846.. 3,37(M T.vcess of liabilities over assets $46, This bale lire would exist against the State, if its me wi re Invested in the bonds at their nominal or par val but if the 1 oinls were purchased at their market val the resource* of the Slate would be more than sufflc.i to meet its entire indebtedness The State is lisble tor $170,178 annuel Interest, which $2 i.OOO accrues on the bonds issued to the Uo, Bsnk. $60,000 on bonds issued to the Bank of Tenness and 178 on bonds issued under internal improvem act. but it is |*td by the banks, as foUewo, vt*;?1 1 Back of Tennessee 1 pajra >140,>79, anil tha Union Bank tha balanca. That U, tha Bank of Tanneaiae U relied upon by tba Stata to pay tha whola interest, ex' capt on tha bonds iisuad to tha Union Bank, and >3,400 of tha interaat on tha P*r cent improvement bonds. In addition to this, tha Bank of Tannassae is required to pay $180,060 lor the rivers of hast and West Tennessee and $118,000 for appropriations to schools and acodomies, : Tha Oovernor, In his massage, dwells upon the import ance of adopting soma measures to prevent any increase in the public indebtedness, lie remarks that although the debt is at present small, tba credit of the State is so good, and tha demand from public works for aid so great, that unless soma checks are placed upon legislative action, there is danger of the public debt being enlarged. Ten ; nessea contains no repudiators. The people of that i State are scarcely aware that they owe anything. If it | was doubly as large us it now is, it would cause no anxi : ety.butit is highly necessary that the legislatures ol ? each ami every State should bind themselves, by some : act, to arrest any in:rease of their public indebtedness. The time is rapidly approaching, when the excitement ! of speculation will endanger public as well as private interests, and it is highly necessary that, while we are cool, and can deliberate calmly .provision should be made for the period of delirium that is at hand. Old Stock Uxehange. >1100 Ohio i's, '60 97* *0 shas Harlem RR 65 10(10 do b3 97k JO Wilmington RR 35* 1500 Ohio6's, 'JO 96k 100 Erie MR IMS i 20010 do '56 96s 50 do b30 MS ; 1J000 III. spcl bds b 12m 39 250 Nor and Wor l>60 76 5000 Poun J's 75* 2J do 77 w 5000 do ?30 75* 124 do 77* 85 ths M Cau Co s3 24 '* 50 do b60 78 25 do 24* 50 do b60 76 50 do b3 215s 40 do b30 78 250 do l>3 24* 2110 do sl2in 72k 100 do 2-1* 50 Stouingtnn RR ?60 34 25 City Bk, NO 67 50 do s30 34* 50 Vicksburg Bk 8* 50 do 95 25 Canton Co b3 44* 100 do h3 35 2r do 44* 100 do blO 35* 125 do ?60 44 25 do b30 35 25 do 44* 50 do *30 35 225 do 44* 150 Reading 1,3 53* 50 do 44* 50 do 1,30 53* 250 do b30 45 200 do b60 5<* 250 E Boston Co 15 50 do >3 53* 25 Mohawk slO 56* 50 do >90 52* 50 do b6in 58 100 do 53* 50 Harlem RR ?90 65 200 Long Island s30 74 50 uo blO 64* 100 do a3 74* . 100 do b30 65 100 do 4 m 70 S4n.-oiid Board. >40000 State 7's, '49 10'*' 250 ahas Morris C anal 24* 50 .has Stoiiington blO 95* 50 Canton Co 1,30 45 50 do 35 * 50 do *A0 44* 50 do 35 * 50 do 1,30 44* 25 do 35* 50 Farmers'Tr 1,30 3-* 50 Moiris Canal *63 24* 150 Nor-ud Wore 77* 150 d 1 24* 50 do b6? 77* New Stock Kxchange. >1000 Ind. > bds, JOy s6tn 36 l.JOshus L IsluidRR 1,30 73* 50 shas Morris Canal 21* 200 do 74 176 On 24* 100 do buw 74* 25 do b20 24 * 25 do b20 74* 2 ? do >3 24* 25 do blO 74* 7o do b20 24* 50 Nor and Wore buw 77* ! 150 do 24* 75 do 77* 10O do s30 24 * 50 do buw 77* I 25 do 24* 50 do b30 75 25 do b30 14 * 50 Hud and B bl2m 14 56 Vicksburg Bk 8* Died, On Monday morning, 27th inst. Julia, wife of William P. Fitzgerald, aged 31 years. The friendi of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4J o'clock, from her late residence, 26 Monroe streot. On Monday morning, 27th inst. Mr. Joseph Hinks, aged 65. His friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 9 watt street, this alternoon at 3 o'clock. On Monday, 27th inst. Maruaiiet, infant 'daughter of Thomas B. Thomas 15. and Margaret S. Forstor, aged 17 days. At the Sailors' Snug Harbor, Staten Island, on the 15th inst ReiiKHT Williams, a native of Anglesca, North Wales, in the 71st year of his age. Weekly Report of Dentin. In the city and county ot New Fork, from the 20th day of Oct. to tne 26ih day of Oft, 1845. 32 Men; 3 SWomeu ; 46 Boys; 46 Oirls?Total 159. DISEASES. Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, 3; Burned or scalded, 4; Cancer, I; Casualties, 1; Cholera infantum, 5; Colic, 1ft Consumption,20, Convulsions, 10; Croup, 7; Cyanosis, 2; Debility, 5; Diarr hea.i, 2; Dropsy, 6; Dropsy III the bead,7; Drowned, 2; Dysen tery,?; Erysipelas,?; Eruption, 1; Fever, 2; Fever billions, 1; Fever, puerperal, 2; Fever, remittent, 2; Fever, scarlet, 2; Fever typhoid, 2; Heart, disease of. 1; Hooping cough, 6; In flammation, 1; Inflammation of brain, 4; Inflammation of bowels, 5; inflammation of lungs, 10; Inflammation of stomach 1; Inflammation of throat, 3; Inflammation of liver, 3; Jaun dice, 1: Marasmus, 5; Old age, 5; Ossification, 1; Pals)-,2; Premature birth, 1: Rheumatism, 1; Rupture, 1: Scrofula, 3; Small pox, 5; Teething, 1. Unknown, 1; Worms, 1. Age?Under 1 year, 39; 1 to 2 years, 22; 7 .o 5, 19; 5 to 10, It: 10 to20, 7; 20to 30, 18; 30to40. 11; 40 to 50, 9 : 50to60. 6; 60 to 70, 5; 70 to80, 5; 80 to90, C; 100 and upwards, 1; unknown, 3. Colored persons 7. CORNELIUS B. ARCHER, City inspector. City Inspector's office, Oct. 27,1845. DR. POWELL, OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all imperfections of Vuiou, from 9 to 4 o clock, at his residence, 261 Broadway, corner ol Warren st. Ophihalima, S opnage of the Tear 1'asune, Cataract aud Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention aud success. Inveterate Cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. ARTIFICIAL EYES iuserted that can scarcely be dis tinguished from the natural. Offices and residence 261 Broadway?entrance 1X Warren street. o28 lt*r TO BUTCHERS. THE Subscriber will nay on a d after Monday, 27th inst , and until the 1st of January, 1846, the following prices for hides,viz; four cents for all w ighing over 60 lbs., aud four and a half rents for all of 60 lbs. aud under cash, city money on delivery at his hide house, 228 Elizabeth street, between Honstou aud Prince streets Also the highest market i rice for fat and sheep skins. JOHN HUNN o26 lw*rc PROPERTY*N~BROAD STREET FOR SALE DIKfY feet front on said street, well situated for stores. Ap 1? ply to GEO, L. PRIDE, 41 Wall st. W ho has the following sums to loan :? Six sums of $10,000 each at 6 per ceut. One sum of $1000 at 7 percent. One sum of $2600 at 7 per ceut. o2C 3trc TO TAVERN KEEPERS. WANTED?By a Young Man, (English) a place as Bar- > man, Oystermau, or Waiter, together or separate, aud will make himself generally useful; no objection to the coun try. Good city reference. Address B. P. C. at this office. i)26 It'm RICHARD OAKLEY, YOUK Brother Thoir.aa has returned from England, and is 1 waiting for you at Wilkesbarre. It is important to your interest that von go to see him immediately, as ne cannot wait Should any f'ieudof the said Richard Oakley be able to give informatiou Concerning him, thsy will confer a great favor by i writing by mail to William Williu, at Wilkesbarre. Pennsyl vania. o26 3t*gbz I MR. GOODYEAR WOULD respectfully call the atteotiou of the public to the following statemeut of his Solicitor in regard to certain proceedings in the Court of Equity Cm cuit Court of United Stoles for Southern District of New York ?In fruity.? C. Goodyear vs. //. ]{ Vau.?'This bill was sworn to and filed August 12th, 1846,of which the de fendant had due notice; but the defendant has not as yet put in any answer i In August 26th, a notice of motion for injunction w is given to he heard on the hrst Monday of September Oil Tuesday, the 30th of September, the defendant filed his affidavit against the motion, claiming the right to read other affidavits in reply to such affidav ts the plaintiff sh-mld Me. But the Court in formed defendant that lie was at liberty to Me what affidavits he pleased, and ought hare time, if he wished, but that the plaintiff would haven right to reply. Upon this intimation from the Court, the defendant request ed, aud (he Court granted him ten d tys within which to file his affidav.ti with liberty to the plaintiff to replv. The 4.ourt closed on Friday next aft-r the expiration of the ten days so allowed to defendant, so that the plaintiff had not ?ufficient time to procure affidavits in reply, as the witnesses i resided at a distance, and in different States; aud as theCourt i was about to adjourn, they di-mtised the motion forinjuuc- 1 tion without a hearing, with liberty to plaintiff to renew the same, which would allow the plaintiff time to procure the ne cessary affidavits?costs to abide the event. Accordingly the motion wilt be reuewed again on the first day of the nest term, (the 4th Monday of November next ) It will (has be seen how erroneous is the statement made in many of the city paptrs, that Mr. Goodyeir's case has been decided against hi in. These facta are statid at the requeit of Mr. Goodyear, and those acting under his patents. 086 8t*rc WM JUDSON Solicitor for Complainant. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital -400,04)0 Dollars. OFFICE 41 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN THIS COMPANY continues to Insure against loss or da mage by Fire on their nsnal favorable terms. All claims Rresented to this company for losses by the late disastrous lire aving been paid, thsy now find their capital nearly entire. B W. I)E LAMATER, Preside tit. s6 Imis rrc E. C. FINN, Secretary. SPANISH LANGUAGE" ROFK8SOR A.J. MORALES Respectfully informs tbe public, that he is Lrming his classes, to trarh the ahnsr language, anil requests an early indication that they may le closed. Terms .hours, lie , may he known by applying at his residence, 407 Broome rtreet. Professor M, lias the honor ol referring to the Principals of Washington Institute, the Aca demy ol the Sacred heart, ( Astoria ) and Mr. I . Cnndi's Ari demy, where he is teaching with great success; and respect fully refe-s to the following from the President of 8t. John's College, (Foruham,) in which he lias been Professor for the last two years. 1 hereby certify, that Mr. A. J. Morales has been engaged a< Professor of the Spanish language in 8t. John's ? nllete, lor the last two years. He has afforded the highest satifartiou, by attention todu'y?by his proficiency, ami by the general im provement ol his pnpils. (Signed,) JOHN HARLEY, Pres l. 8t. John's ' ollege, Sept. 12, 1846. oli 3w?r LONDON AMERICAN FAMILY BOARDING HOUSE, No i> Foley Plate, Regent street LADIES, Oentleineu.nml Families, visiting Lin don, can be accommodated with board and rtsidenrt , r nihined with i very comfort, a good table nod sel-ct society, on mode rate terms. This establishment is constantly visited by Amrncan Fami lies and (J-ntlem'ii arriving in London, and is I y the esiwciil pat -on age of the American Legation; > Iso by many distinguished American families in the United Stales.f" whom permissii n has been given to refer MISS PHILLIPS logs to state that (.'arils of Parlicolais. at to terms, and by whom - he is recommended, may he obtained at Ihe office of thia paper. n24 3w'rc_ TO BUILDERS. PROPOSALS FOB BUILDING FREEMAN'S HALL. in the city of Brooklyn, on ihe c;t er of Columbia and Aini y streets?nf b'iclt, four storiea high, Ml feet by ROtac carding to plan ami specific .tioua in the hands ol the Archi tect, Asa B.ebbint, on the corner of All tunc and Henry sta.) -will be rrceir-i until the 31st inst. at 4 o'rloek P. M. Pro posala to be sealed np^aud directed to the undersignrd. and left with the Architect. Ihe Boa-d of Trnsiccs will open taiil Proposals on that day, at 7 o'clock P. M. st the office of the Architect. Proposals msr he made for the Carpenter and Ma ?oil work together or separate Bv order of the Directors, ?>? Iw'r THOMAS LfcSLIE, Secretary P WANTED. AHE8PECTABI.E Young Woman wantaa situation, aithor ai chambermaid, or to a??ut in washing and ironing and taking cara of children. Thu bestofcity references may ba had by applying at 73 Mulberry atreat, iu tha rear. N B ? Would have no objection to traTel with a lady. o2S 2l?r WANTED, A SITUATION by au American girl, at chambermaid or child's nunc. The beat efc.ty relrreuce. Enquire No. 98 A in oa street oM 2t*rc | WANTED, AN ERRAND BOY?Oue who ha* aome knowledge of a printing office would be preferred. Apply at fourth atary, Herald HuiTdingv. ' 2D tfr WANTED, \ SITUATION by two yo tug persons, one to do chamber 1 \. work and plain eewiug, the ottier to do washing, in a atnall family. The beat of reference given. Please call at 81 lleek- 1 man street, fourth tlooifronl room. oil 3t*in wanted" ~ BY a respectable young woman, a situation as chambermaid, cook, or to do the general house work ofa small family The best of city references can be giveu. Apply to <9 Christo pher street, front room, lirst floor. i>28 3t'rc WANTED. A YOUNG WOOM A,N, of good character and good address, either Krewch or (ierman, capable of making and arranging ladies'dresses, and attending to the other branches of a ladies toilet. To a person properly qualified in these respects, ihe most liberal wiges will be given. Apply, either personally or by letter, addressed to A. 42.. Herald office. olitUrc WANTED. A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or Wear. to /x uct as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publie.atioiu. (3U0 over ami above their es|>ensea will be insured to them in writing, with an oppoiiuuitv of clearing S100U per year, bnne men uuw in our employ will, no doubt, made over $1000 per year cleir of ell eipease. Each will have Ins district It will be uecessary for them to have a from $29 to $90 to obtain j a good fmiugout. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hal- 293 Broadway, up stairs. All letters must be post paid. o4 nn'r 7|7HE ADVERTISER, a young man aged twentv-four A years, who has served an apprenticeship ol four years to the retail drug and apothecary business, and attended two toil courses i f Lectures at one of the Medical Colleges at Pnilailel phia, is desirous of obtiiiiuig a situation iu a drug store The , most sati factory refer uces can b? offered as to chaiact*' and capacity. Addre a J. J., Herald Office o28 3t*r CONFECTIONARY AND TOY STOKE. II^OR SALE, the Sl< ck and Lease of a Confectionary and Toy Store, worth about $*98, in a good location. Address H. R , this office. oJ7 !l*r TO~STEiiEUTYPEffSr" A FINISHER of Stereotype Plates is wanted to go to a ! neighboring city. To ? good hand the highest wages will ' be paid, mid Ills situutpiu will be permaueut .Apply to ? >28 3ire R. hOL k CO , 31 Gold street "to medical students. SUPPLEMENT to tha Medical News tor November, gratis ?LEA k BLANCHARD, Philadelphia, have just is- 1 sued a Supplement to the " Medical News and Library for November, 1819, containing medical intelligence, advertise ments of colleges, notices of medical books, kc kc. To be had gratis at Messrs. Wiley k Putnam's, No. 161 Broadway. o28 3t"rc MONEY LEWI'?MONEY LENT. \ ' j" H H. Highest prices advanced, in Urge and small sums, on | " Jewelry, Diamonds, gold and Silver Watches, Plate, Wear lug Apparel, and every description of |>ersoiial property. JOHN ,M. DAVIES, Liceused Pawnbroker, o28 Im'rc 232 William street near Duane street. PACKET SHIP OARRICK. FOR LIVE*POOL-Pas- ; seiigers by this ship will please be on bo&td, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, ou Tueid iy moming, 28th inst , at \ 12 o'clock, at which time the shin will sail. Letter Bags will close at the usual places at UK o clock- o?8 NIBLV8-THE FAIR. IT is but just that we should lay before the public iu general the re wards that are due totne Misses Dugans,2l8>? Bowery, for the beststyleof millinery that they have lately exhibited at the great Ainericau luslitu'e,aud for which they have taken the first premium Silver Medal from all the other Ladies ol our f;reat metropolis who hsd the honor to vie with thein in their lire of business, and to their other accomplishmeutsthey have added the laurels of victory, to the great surprise aud astonish ment of their competitors; thus they have singularized them selves by their assiduity, ingenuity and iudustry. Them are qualities that these young ladles are well known to possess and wr recognize them as ornaments to our society,pride to themselves, and an hoimr t > their patents, to their ftieuds, to the piace of their nativity, to our great metropolis, in which they reside at present, very models for the other youug ladies of our grea' city to copy after. For such we have at all times the dee|>est inteiest, and we shall take the greatest pleasure in awarding them in a like maimer. o28 lt*m POST OFFICE, ~r New V oik, Oct. 27, 1849 A CTEAMKR GREAT BRITAIN FROM NeW YoRK, L Iters will be received at this office for the above steamer latfll^f M. on Tuesday, the 28th inst. I he freight On ail Letters per 'he shove Steamer,by an arrangement with her con signees, will be 29 cents for letters weighing half an ounce or less, and 29 cents for each additional halfonnce. o27 2trc KQBT. H. MORRIS, P. M. '|H> IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF k FANCY ARTICLES?The advertiser, the proprietor of an eligibly situated Fancy and Stationery Store on the promenade side ol Chesunt street, Philadelphia, would be Willing to receive ou commission any description of Fancy Articles that would correspond with his business. The most satisfactory references in New York aud Philadelphia given. Agencies and commission business attend-d to on reasonable terms. Communications, post i aid, and addressed " ENTKfl I'RISK," Philadelphia, will be attended to. o28 3t rc ROCKLAND QUARRY. TO IRON AND GLASS MANUFACTURERS. JAMES THOM respectfully informs the public tint he has opened the Quarry formerly belonging to Mr. Richard Coe, in Clarkstown. Rockland Co., where iron and glass manufac turers can be furnished with stone for building their lurnaces o the very best quality. The stone is vr ell known to the pub lic in the above line beiug used from the same quarry upwnrds of seventy years. Likewise, stone furnished in the rough, or in a finished state of liner quality, and more equal color than any other now in use; and iwenly per cent cheaper than any other stone used in the ci'y of New York. Architects and builders can have ani opportunity of introducing enure stoue fiuuts and ornamenting them with this stone at a cheaper rate, being easy out, and hardens by exposure, and proof against tire or frost. Any individual can have an opportunity cf seeing the same kind of stone built in farm houses in the vicinity of the quarry, and now in a sound state, after being exposed to the weather over uinetv Ye >rs. Orders received at tlie qu >rrv, or at Mr. William Young's stone yard,comer of Barrow ano Wash ington streets, New York. Oct.29 3w*rc REPEAL?REPEAL. UNION, HARMONY, CONCILIATION. X MEETING of all persous favorable to union and harmo - V ny ill the repeal rauks will be held at Carroll Hall, cor ner ol Smith and Bergen streets, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, 28th iIIst., at 7>i o'clock in the evening. The meeting will be ad dressed by si veral geullemeu from New York. o2t 2l*rc LOST?From the Slaughter House, corner of West and Le ery streets, on Friday night, 24th nut , two Cattle, color and marks not recollected, they being two out of a large drove Whoever wi'l return the saint- to the above place shall he libe rally rewarded. o27 2t*inc ?}i\ DOLLARS REWARD.?LOST?A Double Gun <6vr barrels 32 inches long, No. 12 calibre, engraved D Fish The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked, t.y re, turning the Guu to D. FISH, 139 Fultou street, up stairs. o21 lw*rc TEETH!TEETH! TEETH inserted without pain, and warranted good as the natural ones, lor lilting and mastication. A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on line gold plates, $50 00 A set of best mineral Teeth, ou fine gold plate, for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 30 00 Single Trmth, on gold plate, from $1 00 to 5 00 1'lnggiug Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 JO By Or JONES, " " corner of Canal street and Broadway, en trance in Canal street- o27 2ti?*r THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING VY1THOUT A MASTER. rpiIE French Language, at once the easiest learned and most X fashionable acquirement of the day, is taught by Professor F. Kowalewtki on the oral and most approved system, adapting bis lessons to the capacity of his pupils in such a manuer as will ensure s knowledge of the language in a veiy short space of time Hehas been honored with pupils from the families of the following distinguished gentlemen, to whom he can refer Hon Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cashing. Hon. Thus. H. Benton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others. Louis McLane Hon. Secretary Walker, Oorma . and French taught. Terms moderate Apply at No. 310 Broadway. P. KOWALEWSK1. o8 1 m*r PISTOL GALLERY AND SPARRING SCHOOL. J HUDSON having returned from the South, announces ? to his old friends and pupils, that he will be " found at home"athis new iguidence, 231 Broadway, second floor,where he will devote hia flrne in giving instructions iu the noble art of Self-Defence. Terms modeiate. Open during the day and in the evening. o!9 lm*r? TITIAN'S VENUS. - J1 HIS much admired Feinting, after a most successful visit X to Boston, has teturmd to this city fur exhibition at toora No 7, I nfarge Building. 263 Broadway. Open fri in 9 A M. till 10 P. M. Admission 25 cents?Season Tickets 50 cents. o!03w*mc A' A. DOUWORTH'S DANCING SCHOOL. LLEN DODWORTH would beg have to inform his friends, that it is Ins inteniiou to commence a Private Dancing School, at his residence, 418 Broiune street, on Mon d iy afternoon. Oct. 20th. From his long connexion with the Doming world, and having availed himself ol instructions from the beit masters that have visited this country?such at Paul Tuglionj, and others o! like celebrity?he feels that he is as well qualified to teach as any in the city; and his musical education will certainly give bin- a gr, at advantage over many at present id the profession. Be that salt may, thoee who la vor him with ihsir patronage can rely upon acquiring a correct and fashionable style of Dancing. TERMS. A Quarter of 24 Lessoi s, including the Quadrille, WtltZ, Gillopeand Polka $10 '0 Ten Lessons in the Waltr.or Polka, '?> 0" Duys and /fours of Tuition. On Monday and Thursdays, at .1 o'clock, for Ladies and M isses over 12 years of sge. On Wednesday and Saturday, at 3o'cleck, for Missis and Boys under 12 pears of agi?and On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday ic d Sattirdar, for Gen tlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. A lecond Class will be formed from 9 to 20, for those who cannot attend earlier. Private Lessons>given at any other hum, either at the resi dence of the pupil or at the school oil Im'rc VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY. VI K. G. ROBERTSON has the pleasure of respectfully is I announcing to Ins friends Hiid the public, lhat his regular c'asses are now iqieii on Mondays and Thursdays, al his private dwelling, 62 Eighth Avenue, lor giving instructions in the above art. Mr. 11. will introduce in his academy aH the laie oid fashionable dances now in use, including the Polks and Mazurka Quadrilles, and various styles of W altxing. Instruc tions given in private to pupils and classes, at any lissd hour, at Mr. B s. A morning class will he formed [heir residences or at' i idiH MRS CARROLL'S MEDICATED, VAPOR Ac SULPHUR BATHS, IN* Kaltoii Mrs-et,i)f>|MMlt?i It. Pn?il'?CUnrch XI R.V CAl< i'OLL hsgs to remind her patrons of the elflca lev of lisc Vapor Baths in curing colds, rheumatism, chills old lev r.tse. Sulphnr Baths require half an hour's notice. P .r e Vapor Baths sent to aoy part ol the city or vicinity. ?11 lm rc iV EA OLE DAT H S, IWH Peorl Street. ETWEKN Centre and Elm streets.?Warm, Cold snd Shower Balhs, equal lo any in the city, I2>M cents each. I food clean single beds, I2)g cents each. Meals 12,h, cts. each Board and lodging, $2.50 per week. Newspapers from London, Liverpool, Canada and all tb? pr ncipnl rilies in the United males, on file jym* ^FKICEOF THTTn KW YORK OAR LIGHT Cft. " October 13th, 1045 HE PRESI DENT ami Directors have this day declared a dii ulend of four and one half per cent on the capital stock ofihm company, for the ?ii months ending 1st August last, payable lo the stockholders on and after Saturday, the 1st Nov uexl. The trausfer book will he closed from the 25th instant to that date. By order, C. L. EVERITT, Secretary oUlo Nlrc AUCTION NOTICES. W. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer SALE OK BKAUTIFl'L STUFFED BIRDS?By H. E. Willard?ThisDay, Tueidiy, October 28th. *t 10 o'clock. ?I the isles room No. 151 Broadw ly.une to two hundred Buds, a gre-i Variety, preserved ia the heat manner by Win. Gal broth. and couefst of single birds, in sod out of cases. ALo. assorted birds in esses. Sale is absolute on every lot |.ut up snil bid upon; and packed to send ?ny disisuce at " small ea[iense. e28 it'r DUTCH BULBOUS ROOTS AT AUCTION. A LEW will sell ou Tuesday miming at 11 o'clock, at ? No. 293 Broadway, 3 esses of Dutch Bulbous Roots, re ceiv. d from Van Wsvereti kS"U, Florists, ueu: Hasrleui, in Holland,c ii?ntiog of every variety of the choicest downing roots, and are of the same class as sold the last year, and which g ve such uaivers I satisfaction "2? 2t'r NOTICE.?H. L. VAN WYCK, Auctioneer, will sell at public auctiou, entitled todebenture, in front of the nublic store, 109 Washington street, ou Tuesday, 2*h of October, at 11 o'clock, A. M., hy order of C. VV. Lawrence, Collector ol the Port. 1 ^miKirted m Brighrance, 2 Eight do do ^ from llochellc. Also, 12 pi|ies Gia, imported in tlie Catharine Jackson. Rot terdam. oli 2wrc BATTLE OF WHITE PLAINS. THE New York and Harlem Rail Road Coinpa n V w 111 run an extra train of cars frem the City JuSHcea-D >11 at9o'clock, A. M., for the conveyance of the , W W?.Military Couip.uie* and visitors to celebrate the Little ol White rlaioa on the Battle Ground. Auorition w iil b- delivered by J. W. Tompkins, Esq., of White Plaius. 027 2t*r ,5a: FOR SALE. , A FINE SORREL HORSE, seven rears old, kind in harne a an elegaut saddle horse, aud war rant id sound. Ennuir* at '28 3t*ic BOOTH'S St ibles, 156 Crosby >t. FOR SALE, *f\ - -m BRICK $325, a psii of stylish brown Horses, 15L y'.swL^hands high, warranted sound, kiud, six aud seven ' K ' near. ?|d Al o. to rent till 1st ol May, a large Stable with six itdls, neir Broadway and Fouith street?$100. Addiess L. S II.. th s office. o2g 3t'm FOR S \LE A spin of very haudsome bl.irk Horses, just from the conntry, iu this State: gentle in singl ud double harmss, and sound. Will lo solu on luoderate terms, if a| plied for soon, at 61 South street upstairs. o25 iwr DOGS?DOGS GENTLEMEN desirous of owning a warranted good Dog, will please apply at 55 Fult -n, corner of Fulton end Cliff s'reets, from 12 to 2 B. M. hull blooded Newfoundlands, s nail fmcy Sp-u'els, Ball Terrier-, Ratters, Watch and Sporting Dogs, of any breed, furnished, thst m-y ha required. N B ?The h it references given,if required o25 StSsMkT'rc CENTREVILLE COURMb-TKOTTING WEDNESDAY, Octcdier 29th. 2 P. M.-Purse $2.5, mile heats, hest three iu five, iu harness. W. Whelau enters ch. g. Henry Clay C. Beitine enters ch. g. Empire Boy M. U. Q br. g. Gilbert H. Jones br. in Lady Washington To go to a ? ke let mi wagon, th* others in harness Immediately after, Purse of $25?Mile Heats?beat 3 in 5. under the saddle. J D. McMtun enters Kr-g. Harry C. Corson enters br. tn. Betsy Bakei C. Beitine enters b. g. Colonel Admission to stands and track, 50 cents. JOEL CONKLIN, o28 2t\je Proprietor. PHILADELPHIA HUNTING PARK COURSE. TROTTING. TJ3 UESDAY, Oct.28th?furse $200?Two Mile Heats, under the saddle George Young enters sorrel gelding Trenton George 8piccr sorrel gelding Sir William Sntne Day?Parte, $150?$50 to the second best?Mile Heats; ] the best three in live, in hanies . Free for horses that never trotted for money. Entries to be made on the evening previ ous. Wednesday, Oct. 29th?Purse $300?Three Mile Heats, in j harness David Bryant enters grey mare Lady SufTolk | George Spicer enters bay gelding Americus ! Same Day?Purse $'50?$50 to the second best?Two Mile i Heats, under the saddle. Free for horses that uevei trotted for j money. Entries to he made on the evening previous. The first comes off at 1 o'clock each day. o24 6t*rc TRENTON RACES. THE FALL MEETING will coinmeace over the Eagle Course, on Wednesday, October 29th. First Day?Sweepstakes for 3 ye?r olds?Mile Heats, sub. $100 each?Closed with three subscribers. Same Day?A Purse of 8100?Mile Heats. Second Day?\ I'urse of $*50?Two Mile Heats?the second best to receive $50. Same Day?A false of $100?Mile Heat*. Third Day?A Purse of $100?three Mile Heats?$100 to the second best. Same Day?A Purse of $150 ?Two Mile Heats Should there be a prospect of any cimpetiti?u for a lour *1UK M " " mile Race, a liberal FOUR MILE PURSE will be offertd, of which due uotice will be given. The Races, each day, to commence at one o'clock. For further particulars, see " New York Spirit of the | Times " WM. SNOWDEN, Secretary. I Trenton, (N. J.) Oct. 22, 1815. o23 8t*rc PEOPLES LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANV?Daily. Sundays Esrepted? Through Direct.?At 6 o clock P. M.from the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Caj.t A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. jsSleaiTiliont HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Crutten acn, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock. t?At t o'clock P .M., Landing at Intermediate Places?From the foot <'f Barclay street ? .Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. AV. Rraiuard, will leave on Monday, VI ednesday, Frid ly and Sunday after noons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt R H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. _ Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Albany in ample time lor the mornir.g train of cars lor the east or west. The Bo ts are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant atate rooms, and for speed and accommo dations are unrivalled on the Hudsou. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are lorbul trusting any of the Boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For Passage or Freight^ a^djMiu board the Boats, or to " o28rc P. C. SCHULTZ, at 'he Office on the Wharf. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OH LIFER POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, only regular packet of I he 1st November. e new, magnificent and celebrated fast sailing favorite MONTEZUMA, burthen 1080 tona, Cant. A. packet ahip _ , _ B Lowber, will positively sail on Saturday, the 1st of Nov. It is well known that the accommodations of the Montezu ma are fitted nu' in a very superior manner, with ever conveni ence that can add ro the comfort of those embarking. Persons proceeding to tlie old country, or sending for their friends, will find it tneir interest t? select ihis conveysnce. For passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, and to se cure the best berths,early application should be made ou board, footof Beckman st, or to ihe subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. o28 rc 35 Fulton street, neat door to the Fulton Bank. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Liue?Positively first regular packet?To sail SRuMBfas Sain dvv. 1st Nov.?The elegant last sailing packet barque GENESEE, Min it, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, font of Wall st , orto E K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received ou board after H riday evening, 31st Oct. Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will i promptly forward all goods to his address. Packet shin OSWEGO, Johnston, master, will succeed the Genesee, ana sail 10th November, her regolarday. o28 FOR SAVANNAH?Packet of the 27th October T'? splendid well known, fast sailing packet brig ? il AUGUSTA. Captain 8herwood, will jiositively sai iT^, her regular day. The accommodaiions in this vessel for cabin secoud cabiu and steerage passengers cannot he surpassed. Those wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early application on beard, foot of Maiden lane, orto W. tk J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 South street. o25r corner Maiden line ONLY REGULAR LIN E OF PACKETS FOR NEW ORLEANS?Packets of the 30th October and ithe 1st November?The splendid packet ship AU BURN, '" nit. Durey, will positively nil on Thursday, October 30th, sod lire fast sailing packet ship GENESEE. Captain Minot, will poaitively sail on Saturday, November 1st their regular days. Persons withing to secure berths, either in cabin or steerage, should make early application on board, footof Wall afreet, or to Y\'. He J. T TAPSCOTT, 75 South street, o28re corner Maiden lane. FOB NEW OHLEA.NS-.New York and New Orleans Line?Hirst Packet With Despatch?The jfirst clue fast sailing packet ship JAMES H. SHEP I'AltD, Redman, master, will positively sail as above. The accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are ip surpassed by any a easel in port. Persons in tending to embark shouldt make immediate application on board. Pine street wharf, or to o28 rrc JOSEPH McMURRAY, cor Fine and South st*. FOR NEW ORLEANS.?The very fast sailing iwrket ship Caledonia, Capt. Mauicott, win positively el* r his day and sail to-morrow, .at 12 lock She bss splendid aerommi.datiuns for cabin and -leerage passengers ner betwe n decks being very lofty and airy. For pa-sage, which will be less than by anf other ship, now np, apply on board foot of Pine street or to ottic J. HF.HDMAN > Co.,81 Sou'h street. FOR MOBILE?New Line?The splendid iwoket ship TALLEHA88EE, will positively sail on the 1st _____ of November, her regular day. She has superior ac comminutions for e.aliin. second cabin and steerage passengers, all of which will lie taken at very low rates, by .applying on board, at Murray's Wharf, foot of Wall street, orto o2'rc J. HEADMAN Co.,SI Southstreet FOR SAVANNAH?Packet of Thursday, Oct. 30th?The packet ship OELIA, Captain Thatcher, iwill positively sail as above,her regular day. Persons wishing to secure berths either in cabin ot steerage, should m?ke early application on board, foot of Maiden Iniir, or to W. St J. T.TAPStOTP. oJB rc 75 South street, corner of Maiden lane. INDIA RUBBKR GOODS. U O O D Y E A R' S I' A T E N T WARRANTED NOT TO STIFFEN OH SOFTEN UN DER ANY DEGREE OH COLD OR HEAT. A GEN ERA I. assortment of goods made under the above patent, including Machine Belting, Carriage and other Cb'ths, every widrli and thickness; Coats, Capes, Ponchos. Caps, Hats and Sou westers; Boots and Pants ind Ovi rliauls; Caps, Hats and Souwesters; Boots and Shoes; Mechanic's Aprons, Ladies Aprons, Travelling Bags, Seamen's Bags, Letter Bngi, Ship Buckets, Fire Duckets, Water Hose, Life Preservers, Air Mattrssses, Cushions. T* pnulins for covering deck freight .Portable Shower Buhs.balh ins Mats, Rc ,lti Fni .ale,wholesale and retail, by GEO. BEECHEH, sn28 2m*m too Broadway. MASS ? WARD having been bunt out, buy* ramovetflo L/ Store Ne. ? Broad Street, oa the coraer of Stoas street AMUSEMENTS. PARK THK &TEUE. LEOPOLD~DE MEYER, THE GREATEST PIANIST OF MODERN DAYB Hi. Fourth Appearance iu Auirici. Tuesday KthiIiir, October lilUi, Will be performed BOO IS AT THE SWAN: Emily Trevor, Ami Kale Horn I Sully Smith, Mri Dyott After v-hich. LEOPOLD DE MEYER, Imperial and Royal Pianis*. by Diplomi to the Emperors of Auitria a nd Russia. will perforin?lit, Fantasie on the celebrated Opera L' ELI8IRE D' AMOHl! Composed and Executed be Himself El Jaleo de Xcrea by the Two Miaaea Vales After which, LEOPOLu DE MEVER Will appear in?2d. Hia Grand Man he Thrioinphale D'Isly To e <n. lude with ? ? , THE BOARDINO SCHOOL Mrs Urodeu?| Vernon James Mr Fisher Major Mar.deu . .: ...;.......;.;HP,ar,oo Misa Biggs Mr. Dyott Price of Admission-Boxes, $1 ; Pit, 50 emu , ihdlery, 25 cents. Doora opeaat 6K <Eeior>. ae j the?'--ta- will riae pteciael? at 7 o'olcck (TP* A limited numhtr of Beaton Tiekeu m.y be obtained at the Box Office. BOW KKV THUATIU; Tnesday Kveiilint, Octnbrr iikth. Will be performed, the drama of BOLD THUNDERBOLT. Mike M irtin Mr Clarke Jack Thunderbolt . Milker Closefist Vache Nvrah .Mrs Phillii* Tabitha Tei'y Stickuey Miss Poppinjay Madison After which. NAPOLEON. Napoleon,,, ??<???, .., .??????.. At rJ R Scott St. Leon Air B1 mi hard Corporal Canteen . ... Cosy Theresa MraMadiaon Gabriel Mi?a E Bell Hero, the Deserter's Do*, by the Dog Hector To eo?clud with THE DUMB hi LI.E. Vivian Mr Clarke O'Smirk Vache Eliza Mrs Phillips " y Lower Boies SO cents; Second and Third Tiers, 25 cu . Pit and Gallery, 12}-$ cents. Doors will open at half past 6. the curtail will rue at 7 CHKSNUT STREKT TIIK VI'RA PHILADELPHIA. W E Boh roe Ltitir .anMiasnu Fl'tt Night of engagement of MR. AND MRS. C. KEAN, Tueiiny Kvenlng. October IdHttk, Will be presented HAMLET? Haml-t, Mr C Kean Osric, Mr Shaw; Polouius, .Mr Burton; Ghent, Mr J M Scott, Ophelia, MrsC Kean; Queen, Mr. McLean To conclude with the tarce of 23 JOHN STREET?Mr Tho mas Tompkins, Mr G Barrett. ARCH S'I'KEE'l THKATKK. PHILADELPHIA. Stack Msmgkh Mr. H. ?. Stkvsms Benefit of (he Independence Library Gompany. Tuesday Kvenlng, October 48th, Wil' be presented B^LLAMIRA?Manfred!, Mr 8 Johnson; Moiitalto, Mr Fredericks; Amu rath, Mr l hompson. Singing aud Dancing. To conclude with the FLYING DUTCHM AN-Vanderdeck eu, Mr. Wood; Peppercoal, Mr Thayer; Lestelle, Miss Coad. BOWERY CIRCUS. Boxes 25 cents?Pit 121. cent.?Children half price. First Night of the engagement of the famous Troupe of N. A. HOWES A CO., in conuection with the r- gular Company. Master Walter Ayinsr?Mr. W. J. Smith?Dan It ce,Clown; Jns Nixon, Ring .Master?E.Perry?C. Howes?Mast Nixon ?Mrs Cole?Mr. W.Cole. , Doors open a' 8?Performance to commence at 7 o'clock. o28 lt*rc OPENING of the NATIONAL UNION CIRCUS (Late Riclimond Hill) now Richmond Theatre, Comer of Variek and Charlton tie. The doors will open at half past 6, perlormauce commence at 7. Admission?Dress Circle, !,0 cents; 2d and 3d Circles, 25 cenu; Pit, I2X cents; Private Boxes, $5. Equestrian Director Mr H. Needham Clowns Alex. Rockwell and Dan Gardner On TUESDAY EVENING, Ort. 28. the performances will commence with a Grand Cavalcade?after which. Horsrm n sliip by Master Rivers?Grand Traaipoliniug and Horseman ship bv Hiram Franklin?Equestrian Exercises by Mad Gullen ?the Brigand Chief, by J Whittaker?aud a Great Variety of Singiug by the Miustrels, Gymnastic Exercises. Ac. Ac. Die whole to conclude with the Farce of the GERMAN FAR MER. o27 lw*mc PALMO'S UPErtA HOUSE. LAST NIGHT BUT ONE. On Wednesday V veiling, October !>9th, MR. TEMPLETON Will give a Night with BURNS AND SIR WALTER SCOTT. PART FIRST-SIR"WALTER 8COTT. Song?"Jock of Hazeldean." Recitative?"And said I, that my limbs were old." Air?"In Peace, Love tunes the Shepherd's Reed " Recitative and Air?' The Laat Words of Marmion." Song?"The Heath this night must be my bed." Song?"There was a.Marecha! of France." PART SECOND?BURNS. Soug?"There was a Lad was bora in Kyle." Song?"Corn Rigzs are Bunuie." Boxg?"Farewell tin u fair day." Soug?' Ruttlin', Roarin'Willie." So ig?"Green grow the rashes, o." Box Office open from 10 till 4 o'clock, where places may be secured as usual. Private Boxes $5 each. Doors will open at 7. To commence at 8 o'clock, and termi nate at 10. Tickets and Programmes may be had at the Music Stores, and at the doors. Tiekeu Fifty Cenu. Books of the words, price 12X cenu each, to be had at the doors. On Friday, Last Night. _ o28 2tr A UH AMR A, No. 559 Broadway, (between Spring and Prince.) OPERATIC BURLESQUE TRIUMPHANT. PALMO'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA COMPANY Is nightly greeted with shouts of laughter by numerous and fashionable andienccs. THIS (TUESDAY)"EVENING, Oct. 28th, Will be presented the grand Ethiopian Opera, (in three parts) i entitled BLACK DIABOLO, Or De Inn oh Terrapins being a travestie on the celebrated Opera of ERA DIAVOLO. with all the original music. It will be preceded by A GRAND VOCAL CONCERT. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Peformauce to commence at 7)j, Admission 25 cents. o27 3t*inc O1 OLE BULL'S FAREWELL TO AMERICA. LE BUl.L, in returning his heartfelt thanks lor the many gratifying testimonials receirrd by him from the Ameri ciui people. has thr honor to announce that his Last Appearance on this Continent will take place at THE TABERNACLE, On Thnridny next, October 30th, on which occasion he will give a CONCERT, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE Widows'' and Orphans' Asylum Fund of the Masonic Fraternity of the State of New York On which occasion he will be assisted by MRS E. LODER. MISS E. DELUDE. MR. Dl'FFIELD, Aud an ORCHESTRA npon the most extensive scale, under the direction of MR. GEORGE LODER TICKETS ONE, DOLLAR, to be obtained at the usual places, or of .lames Herring, (f and Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, at the Howard House, , o26 tf rc * SPLENDID FESTIVAL CONCERT. 13HE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure of announcing to the Indies -nd gentlemen of the city of New York, that he in tends to give a splendid Vocal aud Instrumental Concert on Monday Evening, the loth of November, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on which occasion he will be as sisted bv all the most distinguished professional ability of this city, combined wiih the members of the Philharmonic and New York Sacred .Music Societies. U. C. HILL. CARD?U. C. Hill respectfully solicits all those of his mu sical friends, ladies or gentlemen, who may be competent 10 to take part in the periormancs, either vocal or instrumental, ol the above Concert, to meet I'orrehearsal at the Coliseum, AM Broadway, ou Wednesday Evenings,at 7 o'clock, precisely. all toNlO re NOW EXHIBITING, (for a short timeonly) at the Rooms 1 of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway aud Leonard street, De Kuyper's celebrated statue (in marble) . entitled ? LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This exquisite mid refilled w ork, which has Wen pronounced by ill who have seeu it to be the cn$f d'auvre of modern art, and which has attracted crowds ol admirers in Europe, has 1 been brought to this country at great cost and risk, and is now ' confidently opened for the inspection of the lovers of this sub- j lime and beautiful art. Open from <1 A. M. until 10 P. M. Admittance 25 cents.? : Season Tickets 50 cents. s30 rrc DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY. MR. J. PARKER and his Daughter wish to announce to their friends and the public that their school in the new rooms attached to the North American Hotel, entrance iu Bay ard street, will open on H ednesday, the Pith inst. Day* of Tuition?Wednesdays and Satardaya. from 3 to 5, for young Ladies, Boys half-part ft; from S to 10 for Gentle Mr P. assures the pub'ic that he has spared no expanse to procure all the uew aud fashionable danres, as danced at pre sent in Europe, and brought out by Miss Ellin The opening public will t ike place ou Tuesday, the 1th of ' be i Noseinher,and be repeated eveiy other Tuesday evening du ring the season. The first public in Uleecker street will take place on Tuesday, the i h of November, at the Northern Ex change o27 3t"r LESSONS IN DANCING, WALTZING, &c. M AD. AUH1LLE respecUnlly announces to her friends and patrons, and to the public in general, that her regular clasa will commence on Saturday, October 11th at her Saloon, No. G Walker street. DAYS OFTUITION. For younp Ladies and young Masters under 10 years of age, on every Wednesday and Saturday, from 3 to 5 o'clock?and at 5 for young Gentlemen Evening Claas lor Gentlemen, every Tgesday and Thuraday at 8 o'clock. For Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of forming by them selves private Quadrille ('lasses, Polka or Marurka Quadrilles, on any days and hour most convenient to both parties. For individusl anil private lessons iu Dancing, WaJtxing, Polka or Maxurka for Ladies and Gentlemen, si any fixed hours desired. ? . Madame A. continues to give her professional services at lung ladies' hoarding schools and private . , Soiree Balls,exclusively (or her pupils, accompanied by their parents or guardians, aa usual. ,?? Being in correspondence with severaI "ftthe Pr.ln*,r"' P'*?" lessors III Paris, Madame A. receives from them all the novel ties of the day'admitted in the lashlonable society,, and she will make il a Auty fo adopt fhrtn in her classes or private les sons. .ee..?l.wg to her patron's desires. s!7 lm ? MOCKING BIRDS, Ac. A in 11 \ iilUEVE,5 John sire, t.hai ing purchased the most rhoire and largest stock of Mocking Birds i | ( HHP - - -. _ . ever yet offer- ? ed in one lot, consisting of one hundred and eight, all raised from the n?sf, associated with and hrosight up in the same | room, in full plumage and song, would respectfully solicit a j call from the ewrimis, at 5 John street o27'Jt?rc ) LATEST 1NTELLIG] [L lfflipi><liei ef the MenM i ffiMimi ' fV 25, UM6 The Chcrokat* ? TX* PotUwmtmmi*~A tarn-Warn ? The Gorernnwnl /'r/fujfi - A' HI .VwM*? AtrftU IJ> a uf tkt ft vftomd SmuM Tmrtf There "u iiirreatiag ?Hil| tl Pldbf^ teat evening, between the Cberuhee# ia than etty, and the Pottawatomie delegatus* jwet arrived M? Rom *u tkm apoAeamaa rf Ah* Chm4(Mi Hatf Umy, and Pierre Le Cletc, fcr I'MMviumit iator preter, in he hail of the Utter tribe. The drift ol their n?eeht? wu apwa the Ututtafi of ? tent jwct uf mutual alliance and protectum The MO* of prate waa paswed all round, and at the raaclanoa of the noettnf the Kowmmmi mnM m a nnh around tiie ('heroheea, *hakutg hand# aid The (*ber?>heea mere dreaerd lihe white were the interpreter and educated Potto watamiea. three ia number?the other nnea were ia their I* dian war Jreaswa, featfcera, beUa, ntonoaotna, Aim, medaU, bead*, and |*ial They ere terriMe mm >4 int; htm, and cannot tail to inttweaa 'he namitia ted pa k fhorn w th the idea of the wnr-whna|^ A* tiling cahiaa, ahriek Ag wwa*i, glittering halves, and reeking scalp* Hut they come on no ?nrh m seion The inter preter nayn that u ia their deaiee to bury the hatrhei at the toot ol the tree of peace, and to ear of ite Iruit under the protection ol their prret lather at the bin White Ifou**, (hat haa all them big looking ulaaeea id it Tii?-y are aware the) will nave to he removed from itieir present Unda in Iowa; hut they don't want to be art back in (lie pea in** where there is no timber to build a lodge, and n< game to aeaaon their roaaung eara; where aoi even th? snakes and Am *MMW x- \n i ihat ? wbai they have come to aee their Great Father about John lie- ) happy in hn addrra* m Am if.mi ? - l? ? ? ;t habits of 111*- of tic white# He rofartad to Am pros|ienty oi th- < herofiMn a# compared wuh the decline of other tribea. to ahow that thia waa tb* only Bale plan lor trie Indiana?m ndnyt ihe habite of the white man lie also suggested anaaai enna lit of ail the western Indiana, and aaid that Am Government wan dispneed to do nil that we* gtM-d for the red man Half Day said the talk of < u?v Rosa waa good?good?like it much?aad that lie would tin tilt of it, and tell his people all about it, and try and keep peace nmongrhe tribea Mr Crawford, his right hand man, aaya he will think hard tor them, and look oxer Their claims, a it tie belonged to the tribe, and what can be done hi jUBtice by the Great Father, he knows w ill be done A statement of the receipt* and diahurarmenta ef the Federal Treasury for the tiacal year ending June 80th, 1S45, from the AirIM Yoik J-mrnal of Cam merce, ia going the round* of the imier* We think the writer must have confounded the current with the past fiscal year ia some |*xrtione of his e* timate, aa the extraordinary expenses set down for the army and navy could not all have accrued up to the 30th June last. We alull look into the mattei in our next, now in preparation, in connection with the probable expenses of the ensuing year, and aa to the amount of revenues which will be demanded as the basis upon which the promised modification of the tariff is to be founded Suffice it for the present that the regular anil extraordinary expenses of the Government, for the current fiscal year, including twenty-three million* of appropriations M all kinds at the last session; the antici|mted three millions draft upon the Treasury for the support of the Post Office department, embracing the ps)inert ol postages upon Government matter heretofore frank ed; tne redemption of some six millions of Trea sury notes of the twelve million loan; and the ex traordinary expenses, amounting to several mil.ions, of the bloodlet-s war with Mexico, since the adjourn ment of Congress, will leave but a small balance of the $36,000,000 in the Treasury, estimating the ag gregate receipts for the current year aa equal to those of the lest. This gives one an swful idea of the proposed revenue tariff, upon which idea we shalfen'large in our next letter. Baltimosc, Oct. 37, 1844. Emigrantt for Siberia?Arriral of th* Spitfire?Arreet of a Suppoeed Slave Stealer?Son* of Temperance? Theatrical*?Market*, <f-c. The ihip " Roanoke" will sail thia morning for Nor folk to take on board nearly two hundred emigrant* for Cape Palmes, all libei ated slave*, under tho charge of the Maryland Colonization Society. The schooner " Spitfire" arrived here yesterday from Boston, laden with sub-marine armors, diving bells, Ire. This vessel is the slarer sent home from the coast of Africa, and if I remember rightly, she is a Baltimore built clipper. She iutends to bring her apparatus to bear en the brig Canton, which was sunk in Chesapeake Bay some time since by coming in contact with the steamer Georgia, off Poplar Island. A contract ha* baan made with the owner of the vessel for the purpose. A man calling himself Joseph A. Incis, hailing from Salem, Massachusetts, supposed to be the newly appoint ed successor of the Rev. Mr. Torrey, as agent of tho Northern branch of the "underground railroad"for car rying off slaves, was arrested in this city on Saturday. He bad taken passage in the cars for Philadelphia, hav ing with htm a- negro named John Junifor, who ha re presented to be his slave, having paid his passage and Siven the necessary bonds at the depot. It seems that te two tied just come on from Washington, and intended to contin e direct to Philadelphia. On ami alter hie ar rest he made a variety ol statements, first that he had bought the negro in Richmond, then that he was free, and that his mother lived in Salem, and had employed him to go on to Virginia and bring him to her, as be could not come unaccompanied by tome white person. After all this he finally asserted that he had never saw or knew any thing of the negro, until b* met him in Washington. In short, he convinced all present that be had an anxious desire to secure the honor of a martrydom to the Penitentiary. They were both com mitted for further examination. The Sons of Temperance in Baltimore, are not only swallowing up the whiskey drinkers, but are enlisting in their ranks all classes of the community. They will soon outnumber the Odd Fellows. The Front street Theatre has been closed for a few nights, Mr. Burton having, I learn, declined to bring the Delcy Opera Troupe to Baltimore, on account of their want ol success in Philadelphia. The Holiday Street is to be re-opened by Marshall next week, with an excellent stock company, but no stars. The Markets.?There is nothing worthy of note do ing in the flour market, all classes of dealers by common consent, waiting for the arrival of the expected news by the Great Western. rHILADKLI-HIA, Oct. 27, I84.V There is nothing of importance on the carpet to-day. The only feature in the Stock market is the decline ol Pennsylvania Fives and the advance of Wilmington Rail road, and Girard Bank Stocks. It completely reverses our notions of fair and healthy trade, and shows that stock gambling is prevalent. The weatner is mild and clear, giving out a warmth most extraordinary at this time of the year. 1 annex the quotations of to-day. As far as I can ascertain, mechanics are in full employ, and their productions, as can be seen at the Franklin In stitute exhibition, show a degree of advancement highly honorable to their taste, skill, and industty. Speaking of the Franklin Institute exhibition, reminds me of some thoughts which must irresistibly strike the calm observer as he passes through the rooms imwhich the specimens of American skill are arranged. One cannot avoid remarking the small number of articles exhibited, as compared with other year*, and the want of interest mamlested. Instead of the bustle and activity which has heretofore characterized these displays, the variety of striking and novel objects which were wont to meet the view on every side, and the extent, beauty, and in genuity of the machinery .which has heretofore been in operation, every thing is dnll and spiritless; there is a sameness running through the whole affair; the eye looks in vain for that novelty which the progress of the arts entitle us to expect?the machinery is scant and of ordinary character, and there is a commonplace aspect throughout, which fatigue* end disappoints the beholder Not that the obiects which are exhibited are not of a sn perior description and reflect honor upon their manufar turers, but it is evident thot comparatively few have thought it worth while to send their productions to the Institute, and the reanlt is. that the variety which if# lights, and the buitle and profusion of elegant object* of intereit which competition bring* to view is entirely lost. The question forces itself upon the mind, whet f* the cause ot this evident falling o(t .' To my mind it ap pears that the cause is two told First, discontent in re gard to awarding medals and certificates, and secondly, the insano and wicked attempt which was made last year to make the exhibition subserve the purposes of party. The first cause i* irremedaible so long aa th. practice of awarding medal* and certilcates continue* From the nature ol things it is impossible that a com mittee should decide rightly in all casee, aven when no improper bias is permitted to influence the minds ot its members; it is also asserted, with what truth I will not pretend to aay, that awaids are often obtained by la vor; and even if every thing were fairly conducted end the decisions of the committee were always faultless, -till the unsuccessful would be diisatisfled, and enlist hosts of supporters for their claims,who would, of course, he enemies to the Institute. Besides, the disappointed, being always more numerous than the successful, would not again send their productions to the exhibitions, which would gradually bo confined to a few, and would thus,in >i few years, dwindle down into insignificance The only icmedy for this is, to abolish the practice of awarding premiums and leave tho merits ot each article to he judg od by the public. As to the evil of converting the Institute into an elec tioneering engine, I fear that it is to be remedied by it* ''estruction only. The disposition to do so has receivod a check this year by the refusal of the members of the party against whom it was used to participate in the ar i angement*. Bv far the beat mechanic* of this city aie temociats.and whan (or the last two years they observe I ike bust and piotnre of Henryt'lay stationed prominently as th* presiding genius of tho place, accompameJ ? mottoes and sentences indicating the necessity f?r a I I srllf, they became disgusted snd retired from all pai

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