Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1845 Page 4
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jut ion in anyiubseqnent exh'bition .They all. Hare ? high admiration of the genht* of ?'Harry efthe W. ???" f'"' they itrentiunily deny that hi? notion. "? ? **n" ,r*.',r the henetU r,f a-t..,-... i?+..,rr .Ou Ilia rarv they think that a UrUTsuch ?? bo would recemmend, alUe.ra. It is to hi. N'atttSlTBaiili on ' l?l?f -T.?*?**? would .oon destroy our ni.uuiacturs.. an-1 ?? " h" ' * tndore,tender *H**WFrtA ?be mHCfn^rr-"J -v.t?m <ii i iiwat Afhain. Tho withdraw.! of the mgr.*. > ? i-nd .kill ol such men bo? coiwequently mode a gap in mc ex 11 bition <fl ttifr r*"r ?n,J uolr?? the manager, hoi. nftei pursue a diflbrent course .nd not tho Institute a vehicle lor propegstinf di.puled notion. * political rwononiy thev can never be reclaimed. 1 hat the man. ... _? -a, ! nanscarcely hope.lor a. the election oi Ts4<anpn>Hche?. I fesi their puliuaal piedilactiont will main get the better of them and tempt them to commit the error which ha. operated ?o for the le.t two year.. The engagement of the DolcT 0|>era troupe conclude.) Saturday night On Friday night Mil. I . g n took . bene tit. She i. a tolerable stock actress hut the attempt to n ake a star el her has signally faile-l D < ha> been ojien .inee Wednesday, and it ha. monopolue ' the bu.iuei. of the theatie. almo.t entirely 'I'he \rch ii the only home which bns been vwite.l by tolerable audience. Even tlii. home h*. fallen off coo and it. visitor. can be traced to the uiore exciting and | phj .ioal cxhibi'ion. of the ring. The Keen, commence a" engagement this evening at the Chesnut, with ?ne "Lady oi Lyons.' ?Dd they a ill doubtle?? draw crowd ed hou-es I ihink they will be supported by tbe best ol the Arch Stree' company, r. that of the Che.nut i? no' extraordinary Send Birrctt. Mr and Mr* Thayer. Mi mid .Vlre Binko and .Mie? Fi.her to the latter, and it will ba an excellent company. Beweti' pei.onale. Beau teant thii evening. Bali! Oreat pieparaiiori. are being made for the coming ses sion of the legislature It is contemplated taking the powerof-electing juror.from the county commis.ioner. nn i shcrifl' and making it necessary to take them from a li>t nf all the t.xnblei of the city'and county, and to draw their names irom rise wheel' in open court in pre .ei'ce nl all the judge. Thi. will prevent partlxati pa lei. luch a? those to w hicb t ativei.m committed the jus tice of th* city nnd reunty for tho laat year, lu addi tion to tin. there will he some police and judicial reform, introduced Nor ha. tho schemes of our speculator and barker, dectea ed. There is already Dtfoie the p ople propoaitiorit for ino'ea-lng the bunking capital "? th ? State ?tven millions ot dollart. hut I doubt very much w hether any of tt.?;u will he incce.-ful, Of one thing I am certain If any of our county delegation farm the.a hanking schemes, or any one of th-m. theie juridi cal fate i. scaled 'or ?ll time to come There a de termi'iation manifested tu do r.U that can he done in do wn;,-ot leg-slation to i ito-erve the credit of the Sta'c and y et w ith all this and the dl.poiitio.' o! the Executive to meet tlic iutoie.t iiuucttiully, State five, nre much de pressed in the stock market. Hole of Stool. ? nt Philadelphia First Board?Oct 27 ? 3*0 share. Wilmington RR 18}: F1000 Ciubond. PSi; 500 -hare. Uiroid 91; 03 Lehigh 33 BvTwitr.-t Board..?3 renna. Bank 2'b; 25 Oirard Bank 0}: 1000 Rendirg RR bond, (ca.hi tktj; 100 Reading RR shares (cash) !G|. ?0 Wilmington RR 1S^. SrcuttD B"aru ?2000 State 5 . 5 ds 73}; 5000 do do 75j|; 2000 do rw 75}; 200 do do 7ftT Akt.a Board. ?ftO Girard Bank bo3 9$; 2000 Chesp Si Del Canal Loun 0 so3 B2J 7,. ? , BofTo.f, Oct. 27. 1S45. ,'r "Wonhp-Rct. Dr. Jutiton?The State EUetion - ^"'cant-OU Bull?Xnn- Rctitlanlt? Work ingtneti?Horace Searer, <f-c. Our city seems d..tiued, at least for the present year to experience considerable trouble in selecting the men who are to " rule over her." It was not until alter re peated trials, and the voters had got wearied out by the contest, that a Mayor was eleoted Inst winter. The na liveAmericans finally succeeded in placing Mr. Thomas ?\ Davis in that office, and secured a majority of the Board of Aldermen, the whigs retaining a majority in ? he Common Council, and also in convention of both thooffice ,,ert?n Wl'? C3:i le*aU>- Die duties of vention'o*h?ot'h baches T' V* a con" R^h.rdnL'lTthr t3k^n lesal a,ivice in 'he premises Mr merlv a ilferni"' 8 (?*!? er ot some eminence and merly a member of Congress, " letter for letter en l . ornrna for comma" notoriety, has been appealed to bv and the Council voted thereupon that it'was?S pose What rtahe h/.d ,0 *? int? <=?'"ion mean SXe ponded *1 ""iU"ln* tile "W salrct/on fs sus.' ?.2.n.V>f t.he Pri"c'I,al "ons in the city for the last fort ri.ght has been the Rev pr. Judson. Baptist Mi?ioim?v at Burmah, and one of the pioneers in the work of Chris i tianizing heathen countries. As he will nrohahlw ? .??' V?,rknnn'1 Wi" '"?? c h in teres t es pecia R v among the Bipbst brethren, a very brief sketch of bis 1 career may not be uninfecting of his ) Mr Judson it a of Maiden, Massachusetts and i , ' ie son of,tl'? congregational minister in that place ^Ute of ^l THame a nbr>:i,t' 3nd Pre*ched m the i tvini wi- ?1' r. so? graduated at Brown Universi binary at "dorer,^ "whlhf of Th9ol?*isal Se" i gical studies he determined upon devoting himMff?to missionary labors, and there being then no misatonarv society in this country, he wrote to the Loudon Mission ?ry Society*, stating his wishes, and received m nnmt \\r lI)f fe,y' hifn t0 come t0 England. In 1810 to ?k i-S0U *',dother? presented the subject of Visions' to the (jeneral Assembly 01 .Massachusetts avowimr their readiness to devote themselves to the work Tbe ?onse qu.nre was the formation of the Society now cMled The American Board ol < ommissionars for Foreign Missions. > By this Board .Mr. Judson ?-r.. .0.,. ,?sA ,B>" this Board .Mr. Judson was sent toting" land to obtain assistance ; was taken by a privateer earned into Bayonne, France, and put into a dungeon 1 ut was soon released, and proceeded to England He returned to America, after having been absent nearly- 1 year, laden with information ?j _ _ nearly a year laden with information and\ncourag ng adTiSe InMbniary IM2, Mr. Judson and hi, wife emb^ked for Calcutta under the direction of the American Board ?? passage he changed his views on the subject ot ftsiptjpm, and tti8 con?p(|ijeniv wi* thai ?? with the American Boar^w.^^oneS^hrmnc;' been supported by the Baptist denomination tSI'l'.nY f1''!If''' ' Idfa oo^f ?t the.cilytol llangoon, in Burmah, in July' 1SI8, nearly a third ol a century ago. I Mr and Mrs. Judson both possessed the marked iniits of New Enelan l-der?s??n ?tron51> courage, confidence of succf.s and a tonlchv of erp",e' acter which ensure success elements ol char Ol tho labors, tiials and suffering, encountered hv '> w hich ?1?'.? follow "f""1! Un.l1ot ,he mo,T|enlou> result ! ^S.VJa%enot%ldo"t7ptrtlnUe,? '?IloW lho*< thTm? nhr,Vm.n ,,U.,,llC iu torna m??">re, appreciat, : J ; Ur Ju ,,ou M regarded e?,.ec.aJly by the Ban ! re.trnm * ? *??J D",n' fhe 1 ,one"r "> 'heir fo- ' h! wh -?"frys 0fw,?!;0'"' ?'?' the devotej follower 01 hi ?> who went about doing good ".sower 01 In l-.'l Irs. Jui.oti.He l her memoir, have been extensively cnvdilate,I and read as lh.-v des.rf.H.f 1 for she was truly e noble woman * to he. Mr Judson wa, again married, and it rvas for the im ptuvemsnt of ih. health 0, hlll that he t.mlertook his oresajt visit to America. .She died, however on the , s*t?ge. ~nd was buried at St. Helena ' Cm IB the.r uui ?T 1 . ?'f?yer?, talked about ? ????.. te'"s^rjl.'w.re1^e1tera?,b?he'^rne" iy ?!*?% tri t olti i.a Horc Vtier^n. (he u now t <L\Z ' *:*ry *:eti ^ " ?? ri'en out s a M th. na? wT.J .'C W0.r,h'P iu seme par I j i|? kl"! house Will~ ro'tolry, as he 1 *n?i?Ui ?- . ut * lll0rt I'mtt in the fait her in toe l,.r 1 (J, labor, ,tl11 2-. ? jt.ject I edict that the vote will i ?,nt ou ,he ... had Bo demoost^tTon.^f!'?a"0n*- We either of the petto . The natives s./m J f"*!1" from M " ?'? ?? K"? them the balance ol M?r i ?. U?> a,... ,/u,, tfc,?# p.rt,., run Jj,tinct ticket, for 'hi, city, without any amaleamat.on r . '* '?*- w'e shall .U,,d!7r.ttv tm.rt ^ in tiie next <lon#mi ? to. . usually, sends an entire whig delegation .'v **,a,rr,br-?i^.um .. .omS if U rr is ,, th? ? . ,"~i ~Ii. im iumei](nen '? ?fug majority m tlia Uouaa. A faiJuro pi'ssarJi?5S'*^<i?s: eeeshy ta* jh'Jon "ax'v has re I to. put, .a.rv^.Ti.! ? c<T'",n>r 01 Poetical ? agnears to be * .11 I " ,or two f ot Litis 1 "ih eu fai conducted, but has made r^t'ur"^ "nd fBlni ? a,?.i l.,n) sheet in t,.,? < lv if '* *l,0Ut to issue a .? IP .. .V..,g . 1 n.v.reet,.ti* <?' Boston, l"'*1 ' g line 'I he "Cor >I> #011 Lm* dijiiivti fa\ |j||, jM#. . rn , W "Aey say Mar.m, ,1^*,, to M * ' ??< ommodate those ?h? wo?i,t ' , " ticket, at r; ' N h.-i Cits have rectnTly h.U ??. u' d?11" here, the prim i|?i feature Si* u?T" e.ta j, exclusion ol Staler Aht>. Fol.o J*', h ? ""Heivt's 1.'? u> " >.?eae. Artapt others x o.iit ! "?? e.miler state of mind JU,l?e ?.,? V.", fwHI uliJ*,7.'!!if'''"""s Hsu pally tonuf taaaf meet prominent of whom " _" iter, i *u Horace Soever. a practical ptkrftr, ?n<) editor of th* an ii.airl papar. formerly edited by Abnor Kn?. laivl Mr Vtnr it a young man of much ability, not ao pi?i a i|?aiirr aa a writer I believe him t? h* a ?! n-aiB fnenJ of the walking men ; b* ia oua of ' rvalue* every lay what it ? ? to toil Ilia rell yu ?? ot>miont bewever aro vary unpopular in this good ol.l puritamral cits , and hi* influanca in othar manor* ul n ui a Jin. niafca . b; hia tunning counter to the genera currant of thulagiral belie I ??*?l t'mmrt af la^alry, *a?? DaraaTtaaaT, ) WaaMia>.Tan,October 36, 144J. > Cay' K- la*(Ui*?i Drfmtr ooou *? tha reading of Lieut McLaughlin'* da a at cnnclu te>l tester,ley, the court aaa cleared. th rl-..ed -loots IB secrat session, uutii o'clock f M . w hen m aljotnneJ till thle morning, at 9' h . .oiai'lienco with my promise. I herewith aau.l a enpy of bit aiMreea, which will no doubt be looked t.?r with considerable interest. It wa* written. I iindateland, in a few hour*, and Irom the thort time he was caliaJ 'i|.on to (if*f*r* it in I am requested to tay by Lieut Mtl .that th?ra att? ba tome iriaccu.aclev in it which ui his euaiety to haaa M rttdr,at he di.t 'at the appointed time, ba mat have overlooked l nit mommy t a court mat, but tat with rloieJ Joora th? who.a lay de ibaiatiny tipan tha atidauca Their tension will i-ert-?,-s bo |ivon on Monday,but will nor be knots n l-#f>i* tha meeting of t engross In tna weautima. the pub,to can draw thair own cohcIik onf upon tha evidence In justice to all partial, I hav# no opinion In the matter save tha fact, lhat prior to tba organization of the Rurean ol VaJirino and durgery. when this aitair took place, there wat no accountability , ml tliuiolorv. If the e wat waste in tba public stores, oi extra* egatic* e>ad in purchatat. ar public monev .,(>? propriated to private purposes the fault lays w ith the j government, who theul I have placed tba pro|?*r otieck* I ami gust')* u;<on ti e p'lblie Oihevr w ho may hat a l ean j Unit yniltt it yultt at eii these *#? ?? at I niutt al u Ic. very briefly ta the ?prculatio"t which | tha friend' ot both partiet tethi? ahair i.tva indulyeJ in, with >*,|i<ct to tha i?JJrat* ol Lieut McLaugkliu Hit 'ricnilt ?av?and that are tary t umaiotit hara " it it a 'it .'t conclusive production ' nrJ art cocfldent that no i,my w ill or can be hr-myht syaiurt him. and that.there i fore, he will be taooerabh acquitted of tha charge* pie i"? rr ' again,t him in 'ha piacapt.w ,ila no tha contrarv, h? trie' .It <>f liaut Toutill . who aia likewise equally iUu etoiit) const iarad tnet the *JJre?* it the most sua ?c pti'de ol attack that coul I nata been concocta.l. and, trring itt tfvanty up > i ?on,a of thv principal* in the ? fftir. ate In, lily plet-eJ that it it no woria I.iout Tan -ill howetei it ?,H?ken ol at a most etinirahle officer. anJ very aauable man. by all parties anJ there seems to "a. on the purt ot ton* ol Lmut McLaughlin'* friend* a feeling nf legii-t that *nv thing (lioiild have arisen be tween the two, though tneiu i? a great Jeil of l,-?lo*?y and acrimony exhibited towards Lieut, 'i'ansiil on ac count of his having anaen from an bumble private ot murines to the ym le he now holds ? a l.ieuteniut in the Marine corps?from hi* own individual merit*. In tlia latter place, be is regarded a* having no superior, and a brave young man If such ca**a like this of Lieut Taniill were mora frequent, it tvould be better tor our country in a two fold leepect?in time of war there would ba fewer resig nation* in the army or navy ttiau have occurred in time* past, and more men who would take pride in serving their country ; at the same time there would lie less green horns in the service, than there *r* now in muuy instances, who have been appointed without knowing the tirst rudiments in military tactic*. The following is the addran of Lieut McLaughlin, to ferrod to in the tirst part of my letter : Mr Presidrnt and Genttrmrn of the Court : The nature and character of the evidence before you, render it wholly unnecessary that 1 should go into any extended jor general analysis of it. There ate some por tions of it, however, w hich it may be proper for me to remark upon, and others which demand liommemore than a mere passing notice. lu the tirst ciass of these may be enumerated the large amount of luxuries purchased for the Hospital of the lorida Squadron- the alleged abuse ol these, by mi.? iv mi: application to the legitimate uses ol the sick the failure on the part ol the respondent to thii inquiry to stop the rations of the sick in hia capacity of Purser ; and the mo tives which influenced him in not sending one of the small vessels of the squadron to Charleston for these hospital supplies. First then, you have before you the testimony of all the medical oflicers of that squadron within reach,|tolthe necessity of these purchases. One of them, Doctor Gor don, purchased in Havana, a large portion ol the sweet meats charged for,(seeolf vouchNo.67,p. II,printed hiiis) ami has testified helore you with the bills of the hospital in his hand, that he knew of no unnecessary purchases for the sick having been made So testified Doctor tVoodworth, so Doctor Jeffries; and the evidenco of Dr. Dn Barry, that all the urticles purchased might well be us?d tor the kick, corroborates most fully, not only their testimony, but their prolessioual opinion of the necessity for these purchases. Kach of these gentlemen, and al most every officer examined before you, has deposed that lie knew of no waste or misapplication of the stores, and surely, if such had been the case, some one among them must have been cognizant of it. That one or two oflicers may have dined at the hospital mess, I can readi ly conceive The medical officer, as was hia place, pre sided over this mess, and I cannot suppose that from tiiis circumstance, lie should have felt it necessary to de prive himself of the pleasure of having a friend, too, at iii< table ; but that he used the hospital supplies for the entertainment of his guasts, you have his most positive denial in his affidavit before Congress, which is on your record. By a very extraordinary coincidence.the only tw? witnesses who are positive as to the abuse of the hospi tal stores, are Lieut. Tanvill and Ex-Lieut. Maguire of Marines, yet they both depose that Lieut. McLaughlin did not know of the existence of the abuse, and that he would not have permitted its continuance if he had known it. Why then, il their purpose was to correct an abuse which they conscientiously believed to exist, and honestly desired to correct, why did tliey not re port it to Lieutenant McLaughlin, when, they say, they knew he would have forbidden it? Doctor Has tings' aifidavit will lurnish the Court with the causes why fthe rations ol the sick were not passed to the credit of tho Hospital. The sick drew parts of their rations, and therefore could not receive a credit for the whole, and as tho Coutt is aware, coiiid not be credited in money for the parts which remained undrawn. Tho testimony of \ r. Hall, the clerk in charge of th# orovi sions on Indian Key, has informed the Court that the ra tions ot the sick were stopped when they went into the hospital ; that they were not credited cither to the go vernment or Lieut. McLaughlin, but that they remained unexpended in the government store-house, subject tois -ne ; and further, that ail the provisions issued to the hospital were accounted for on the returns as issues to Hospital. It is clear, then, that from this ti amaction the government has sustained no loss, and that no possible benefit could have accrued from it to Lieut. McLaughlin. The hospital stifl'ered though, noin having been deprived of a credit for the undrawn portions of the sick rations, which was its due from the government. This may be cor rc -ted w hen the regulations shall bo so amended as to per mit it. Much has been soi-1 about the number of the sick of i he Fio. Ida squadron; and disregarding all facts io the case, it lias been represented at as many various number* is there have been person* to speculato upon it. The number given by Ass't Surgeon Hastings, in hi* deposi tion before Congress, i* the true number,(subject only to h* error one is liable to make in counting over so many name*.) taken fiom his Hospital Journal and prescrip tion books. Gieat as this number is, it show* a gratify ing diminution in the relative number of cases tieated by mm, and of those treated by Assistant Surgeon Hopkin ,on Whilst Assistant Surgeon Hopkiuson was in charge of the Hospital from July to October, '41, the force was it rest, withdrawn from the Everglades and swamps, upon a heulthy island. JO miles removed from the main land. Tho strength of the command during this period was 133, oflicers, seamen and marines, distributed through the Wave, riierix, Otsego and Key, as appears upon tha pa>-rolls In this command of 132 men, Doctor II irtou. Irom a critical examination of Assistant Surgeon lIopkinsoD's reports, has deposed before y ou, that there wete 87 cases of disease treated monthly ; according to ni* acceptation of the term case. Whilst Doctor Hast ing- *. ,i ? the Hospital .Surgeon from October'41 to July 42 me loree was incessantly employed in the Ever glades and Swamp* During the 184 <iay* following the *th October, 1:41, it was in the Everglades 162 day*.? We may readily infer, then, that a greater amount ol disease existed during this period, than whilst Doctor Hopkiuson was in charge of the Hospital Tho strength ol the command at this time wa* over bOO men, and the uily number of cases treated, aa deposed to by Doctor Hastings, wa* hut an average of 76. According to the average in Doc tar Hopkiuson'* time, the number of cases thus treated by Doctor Hastiogs would have been 120, and 4-10 cases per day. The guesses, surmises, calcula tions nod speculations, then, that the number of cases sworn to have heen treated by Doctor Hastings was too great, have not even probability to support them. Tak ing the number of cases treated as ascertained from Drs. Hopkiuson and Hastings, and the whole amount expend ed for the Medical Department of the Florida Squadron, i* the grot* expenditure for the sick, tben. upon the testimony ot tlie Chief of tho Bureau of Medi cine and Surgery, and Doctor Woodworth, which is before you, the cost of the sick of the Florida Squadron, per man, per day, is on ari average six cent* less than the cost of the sick in the Teniacola Hospital, for the first two quarters ol the present year ; and it the riett expenses of tne sick in Florida aro considered only, it is little more than half as much as the cost at the Hospital in I'eusa'-ola. N'otwithstading this, however, it may be said that this cost might diave lieon -till reduced, by -.ending one oi tbe vessel* of the squadron to Charleston fur these medical supplies. It is an error to suppose this. To have sent a vessel to Charleston for these supplies w ould have withdrawn a portion of my fuico for at least one month, that the vessel would have heen absent; the wages of the crew during this period, with the wear and tear ol the vessel, would have amounted to threefold the additional cost upon these article, procured through Mr l enter, it would further have lost me the services of these men, from the active duties of the command, during the period of their absence, and would have been in di rect violation of my instructions from the government, not to detach, except in cases ot " absoluto necessity." j There was no absolute necessity lor this 1; is with feel I mgs of humiliation and pain, that I approach the only re maining point of testimony given hetore this Court, which | I propose to notice. It ha* ueen deposed before you, that I onthefhh of November, 1838, whilst the Wave was un I ln ?S<ew ^l0r'1 harbor, bound for Florida, I offer ed the witness Government money?which wa* refused by the witness, with kind admonitions to me against the n*e of another s funds?and in witness' letter to the Hon. I Mr. Heding, of the Mouse of Representatives, which is on your record, after having stated that this transaction and interview with me was as "vivid to hi* mind," a* ril it had occurred ?' yesterday"?the witness specifies this money as having been in " ounces and silver to th* amount of four or five hundred dollars, which i begged him to arcept, telling him it was all I had,and that it was ship'* money, but that I could replace it out of my .. ... my f20,000 which I had, or was about to settle on my sis ter*. ' How this evidence accords with tiiat oi Lieut, i ontee and Mr. Marshall, the Court can determine On the 9th day of November, 183H, when this transaction is said to have taken place, the evidence ia before you, that the Wave had heen more than three months iriFiorida; and that no such coin aa an ounce wa* in the ahip when she sailed. Mr.Mariliall has aworn moat poaitivelyto this. Ilo drew all the money iroin the bank, kept the hank ac count and csah book of the ship, and swears that no such nieriey w.n aboard By an oath equally solemn, I do p ise heiore my Ood and my country, that Mr. Marihall'i ? i""t inn is true- that there was no auoh money in th< .... , money in th* its t.rt ?*fL no ,uch co"??r?ation, in any of ?"? part*, overtook place between that witness and ay mK. ukiltH allegod. The evidence is equally full on the part of Lieut Cortee end Mr. Marshall, that the mo ney seat back to Mr. Jeaes eras after the departure of the witness from the ship, and then to meet an outstand ing check which I did not discover had remained unpaid until after the witness had left the ship. Mow then could 1 have told the witness of this circumstance wheu he waa in the ship, the transaction ndt having yet taken place, and I without any possible knowledge that it would take place. The witness has strangely jumbled ui a joke and story heurd long afterwards with circumstancas which he may baliave had existence. But suppoeo for one moment that the witness* statement was a fact, what does it amount to I To this - that in a confidential inter view I had in a spirit of disinterested generosity and friendship, ofi'ered to relieve hiin of hie pecuniary em barrassments to the amouut ot all 1 had, uud that this all was money belonging to the shipjthe amount,aa he states, was between four and five hundred dollars. Thin sum would have been exactly three mouths' advance pay, to which I was entitled by allowance from the government on going abroad. Where would have been the harm of this I 1'iu) witne s is his own enemy, not mine, when ho builds a criminal charge upon such a foundation?when he accuses of cume tor the very act which should have been repaid with hia gratitude, the individual who prof fered him aid in his hour of embarrassment, and that aid to the amount ot all that the individual possessed. No ; the w itness wrongs himself, not me, when he makes ? uch a charge, and in charity 1 say it. It is a depth oi degradation which even he would have re volted at. had his judgment been lett to act uninfluenced by the bitter malignity of his heart. In conclusion; may it please the court, the testimony balore you is so clear and toll upon all othor points embraced in the inquiry, that i ?hau leave the case with you as it stands, upon its met its. and merely add here to gratify a curiosity which has wondered over my imaginary wealth and invested me sluiost with a Midas' touch, that independent of my nay, the entire amount of my profit* in Kiorida, from my !'u'iiei(hip,wus ubout $8,000, as nearly as 1 can ascertain it ; slid, that I shall be extremely happy at this moment to realise everything 1 own on earth, in the sum of $15,000 With gratelul feelings to the Court, before w hum, amidst all my trials i esteem it a great good for tune to have been permitted to appear, for its courteous an 1 uuiforinly assiduous attention, during the whole of this most tedious and protracted invesligation, 1 submit my case, w ith every reliance, that in its hands my houor, character aud fame will be us carefully guarded as its own Respectfully submitted by 1$ gned.) JOHN T. McL\uUriLIK. Lieutenant Washington City, Friday, October .'!, 1845. VOiUlllUKClAL . New York, Monday, Oct, 37. Aihi.s?A lew soles of pots were made at $3 87j; pearls, $4 191. Cottus '1 he maiket was very quiet to-day, and the sites reported do not amount to 600 bales. Prices ex hibit no change. Livfbfool Classifications. Upl. 4- Flor. tf. O. 4- Mob. luferior, 0 a 0 . . . 0 a 0 Ordinary 6} a 7 ... 7 a 7j Middling 71 a 73 . . . 7} a 7j Good middling 7$ a 71 . . . 8 a 8j Middling fair 8 a 8j . . , 8J a 8j Fair 81 a 8] . . . 9 a 91 Fully fair. 8J a 8} .,, 9] a 9j Good fair 9 a 9j ... 10 a 10 j Fine 0 a 0 ...11 all Floi*a?Not much doing to-day in the market. Prices were at our last quotations?Genesee and Michigan at fO 60. Cattlk Mvrxf.t? At market, 1,850 beef cattle, 40 cows and calves, and 4,000 sheep aud lambs. Prices?Beef cattle were in poor request, anil at the close a good many left over. Fair to best retailing may be placed at $4 a 5 50 to 0 75, with some extra at $0. Cows and Calves?All sold at $18 a 30. Sheet) and Lambs?Sales at 75 cents a $2 '45 for the lat ter, ami $1 a 3 60 for sheep. Left over, 600 head. flay is brisk at 94 cents a $1 per cwt, chiefly the lat ter rate. flour Markets^ Pittsburgh, Oct. 24.?Flour?We observed yesterday that the market cloied firm on Wednesda) , and would tie governed by the intelligence brought by the Hiber nia, then due. This came to hand at expected, together with reports from both New York and Philadelphia, of a totally dissimilar character; in the former prices declin ed l'ijc.nnd in the latter they became morettrm, some refusing the rate ($5 M)) current previous to the arrival. At the first bMish the market was rather taken aback, but speedily re. overed, and buyers took hold freely. In the course of the morning, nearly all ottered, comprising something over 400 bbls. were taken at$4 25 a 4 37J, mostly at $4 26 a 4 31J ?in the aftornoon, about 200 bbls. more, within the same range, but mostly at $4 31^a $4 371 Cincinnati, Oct. 22.?Flour continued brisk yester day, with a still further advance, about 8.000 bbls. sell ing in lots of 1,600 and UDuer, at $3 66 a 3 85. The trans actions reported to us were as follows, the small lots be ing generally taken clear, and the large ones having the inspection guaranteed, viz : - 8U0 bbls old from store, at $3 37; 109 and 210 libls. common brand at $362; 60,60, 100 and 121 bbls. at $3 66; 30, 100, 1,000 and 1,019 bbls. at $3 75; 760 and .1,000 bbls. at $3 85; and 1,228 in one lot, and about 1,84)0 in another, at prices not made public. ' Rochester, Oct. 24.?We have no material change to notice in the market to-day. Millers pay 91 to 92c for j wheat, both from boat and in the street. Large quanti ties of flour are being sent forward, the boats going loaded to their utter cost capacity. Freights vary ac cording to circumstances,some millers contracting near ly 6 cents less than others. Contracts through'to New York have been made at 080; to Albany at 62J to 6ac. Hour barrels are held at oOc, but we hear ot no very large quantity being sold at that price. Millers are wil ling to pay out 45C. The Oswego millers have been driving a pretty stiff business, for a day or two past, at the mouth of the river, in buying wheat, lor which they have paid $1 a bushel. Aliiany, Oct. 25.?Flour is quiet to day. There is but little disposition in dealers to operate. A range of $5 37J a 5 50 will cover all done in (ienesee and Yvestern. There are several loads of wheat afloat; sales at 115 a 116c. Barley?Sales of four rowed at 60 a 601c; a load of prime two rowed sold at 69c. Northern corn, 1,000 bushels at 67c; oats 4lo; rye 73c. Receipts by canal, yesterday?Flour, 13,733 bbls; wheat, 10,600 bushels; corn, 942 do; barley, 15,326 do. Foreign Market*! Pok to Carkllo, Oct 3.?Our market is at present bare ol codec, with the exception of the inferior qualities, which obtain from 7 a 7Jc per lb. of the old crop?none of the new having come in. Since the date of my last letter wo have heard of the arrival into town of 130 ce roons of indigo, of which 39 ceroons have been sold at 71 rials for F. per *b. Ox and cow hides in active de mand at a!)-; and for the United States almost exclu sively. Cotton Blc per lb; none in the city lor sale to day, several hundred bales ol this article, which remain ed on hand some days since, as previously advised, have been sold and shipped for Kuruiie ?i. o. England, Ham burg. kc. Cocoa, $12 a 24 per laiiegu of 110 lbs?in de mand tor Spain. PsiMoigen Arrived! Km Janeiro?Barque Kathleen?J W Dowuie, J B Thomp son. maritime herald. PORT OP NEW YORK, OCTOBER 28. 4t*N RISKS . . .. issiS 47 I HAON RISEt. ..... .... 3 52 SUNSETS ... . ,..,5 iSlHIOH WATER ... ... 7 7 Cleared Steam ship (Ireat Britain, ( Br) Hosken, Liverpool, R Irvin. Ship (Lrrick, Tr ,?k, Liverpool, K K Collins It Co. Ship Si tiemge, Ferris, Liverpool, D Ogdei. Snip Arkansas, Hunker. New Orleans, Win Nelson. llirqur Avo'a, Davit, Turks Iiland Nesrnith It Walsh. Barque British t^ueen, (Br) Card, Windsor, N8 Barque Rose Brandish, Spencer. New Orleans, F D Hurlbut Barque Fziwieta. Leech, Salem. Mass. Bi ik Jo?ephme, Howes,, Cook k Smith. Brig Allan King, Mauson, Malaga. II rite Fugene, Drinkwater. Africa, Nesmith k Walsh. IlriK nrnoine, McOuire, British (loiana. Brne k Vose. Knit Jo?eph Ham,( Br) lloln es, Wiudsor, N8. T Winnieti. Brie Billow. ( Br) Coalfleer, Windsor, NS. Brig H rah Brown, Norton. Mobile BriK Kmeline. Sassier, St Marks, K. D Hnrlhnt k t o. Brig AukusU, Sherwood, Savannah, Sturg. s k f.'learman. III lit 4 re rgiana. Bedell Norfolk. Sclir Alarie, Purnell. Wilmington, NC. N L Mel ready. Kchr Manchester. Smack, Richmond, Allen k f*aison. Schr Bravr, , Biltimore. Schr Peru, Parker, Boston. Hclir Richmond (-ashman, New Bedford. Sloop Umpire, Smith, New Haven Barge Philadelphia. f)e H?rr. Philadelphia Barge Uramput, O'Neill, Philadelphia. Arrived. Barque Kathleen. BlifTen. from Rio Jandro, 7th alt. with K.'>9 b gs coffee to Meson k Thompson Barque J P-ittoojr, (ol Philadelphia) Thomas, 12 days from Charleston, w ith cotton and r re. to , rd. r Brig Frances Ann, (Jreen, ? days Imm Rio (Jrande, wi?h mdae, to B Richards. Brig United Slates. York, 1(1 days from Baltimore, with coal, to K Irv in Brig Francis, Cobb. 1# deye from Baltimore, with coal, in R Irvin. Schr New Zealand, Poland, 5 days from Lubcf, wnh plaster bound to Philadelphia?out in for a ha'bor. 8. hr Time. Croatia V irgima. stood Sloop Willard, Dennis, Provid-nce, indie ??slow. One barqut, one brig, unknown. Hailed. Ships Liberty, Liverpool; i.mni Bremen, Hindoo, New Orleans; barques Smyrna, Cadis; Minna Be met. Miles Hamburg, sua others. From MW Spit?Ships lown. llsvre Adelaide, llavsna. Miscellaneous Record! Packet Ship OarRicr, Trssk. fur Liverpool, haeiug been detained, will sail to day at noon. Schr AoawaM, Lsne, IB days from Havana for ikit port, put into Charleston 21th in?t, iu distress, baaing ripeneured very boisteroas weather daring the passage, split tails, Bsmaged rigging, lie. Schr Henkt Chase, hence at Charleston, was board?d off Hatteraa 22d iust. by a heavy sea, which earned away ttaneh eous, rail and plankahear ou the larboard tide, and stove boar and galley. Ship Victoria,! Br) timber laden, from (Quebec foi Bni'ol, put into .Miremichi on the 7th iast. iu distress, having been run down in the River flt Lawrence, end received considerable da ""x? h* Uranus, from Buckspor' for Biltimore. hefore retort ed ashore at Cape Pogr, was got off night of 21 n iust. without much damage, and arrived at Fdgartown. Ship 4*hii.o. at Boston from f'slrutra, encountered a very severe gale, commencing five diva aft i leaving Sand Hauls June 2J, And ending Zltli; had m <iu apenrer and fore trom it st'VsHil blown away, lost boat stove bulwarks and nmbooie loal wood and live stock off drrk. Ci.EARancES at Boston.?Tl en- were filly-one clearances at the Boston Custom House on Saturday True is beliesed to lie the greatest number ever cleared at thnt port during one day Despatch?The ship Martha, ( apt Snow, was cleared > es terdsy al (bis port fortjork and a market, wuh a cargo of 204 . hales cotton. The Martha left Boatan on the 21 at Sept. arrived here on the 7rh inat. commrneid loading on the Vth. and cleared again with a full cargo on the 17th, an interval of only 2r; days hiving elapsed (rorn the time she lef) Boatnn.- { N. 41. Pica yune, Oct 19. Lai Ni'tip.t.? At Newcastle, Me. 17th intt by Teague k Hall, s beautiful barque of JMrnns. owned hy die builders, and rou sirucieg under the direction of Capt Aldan Oifford, of Bourn, At Bingnr, Kith inst hy Master Isaac Dunning, a beautiful barqu,- of about 229 tons, r?||ed the Caimeliu. owned by Eme ry k Sta sou, aud to ba commanded by Capt Nalbau Hopkins, late of harqna Bebooia: llth, by Timothy Croahy, the (hie thlr Afghan, of 329 ton, to be commanded by Capt Jeaae Dyer, of Brawar. ? . Aaval. Her. Kneh W. Taylor hoe beea detached IVom the Nary Yard at New York, and pot on for lough. Rev. Charles 8 Stewart has beea dtaaehed-friwauhe receiving ship at New York, and pot ou leive of absence. Rev. Joseph Stock bridge has been ordered to the New York Navy Yard. Rev George lours has been ' drredto the Naval School at Annapolis as Professor of Hisiory and Belle Lettrrs, and to do the doty of Chaplain. The U S frigate Congress. Commodore R F Stockton, for the North West Coast, was to have sailed from Norfolk on Saturday last?positive instructions from the Department hav ing been received by her Commander. She will take Mr Ten Kyck.tlie I' S Commissioner to the Sandwich Islauda, with his family and Miss Johusou. The I' 8 frigate Columbia, Commodore Rousseau, has been ordered to be ready for se* ou Saturday neat. Commodore R will relieve Commodore Turner iu thr command of the squail rou on the Braril station, and the arrival out of the Columbia will lu-rtnit the U 8 Irigate Raritau torvturu home We under stand that it i? a part or Commodore Rousseau's duty to explore the Parana River, and to open negotiations with the (iovern meiit ol Paraguay. The exploration of the Amazon River, la also mentioned ai a portion of the duty given him in charge. TheU S brig Polphiu is uow lying at Norfolk, iu order for ?en and waiting for a crew. Her destination is to the Coast of Africa, to relieve a vessel of the squadron uow on that station. The U 8 brig Perry is prrpariug for sea at the Brookivu Nary Yard Herd situation is, it is ?;i d, toseOTey tKj montii ol the Columbia River. Whalemen. Old at New Bedford 25h mat ships Inez, and O Mitchell, for NW ?'oast. In Gardner'! Bvv, (Sag Harbor) Oct 25. b iqne Bayard, from Greenpoit for N W Coast, detuned by head wuiJs. At liio Janeiro 7th ult. ship Conduce, Boils, m quarantine, birque Oscar, Ludlaiu. Spoken. Ship Emblem, Dyer. 3 days from Portland for New Orleans, Oct 19, lit 37 12. Ion 68 50. Dutch ship ' De Y Stroom Setering,' 58 days Iroio Amster dam lor Bat ivia. Sept I lat 21 17 8. Ion 19 10 W. Barque Conntd, (Br) from St Tlnmiaa for Montreal, Oct 19, Ut 34 50, loll 73-bv the K th.s port. Barque Globe, from Rio Janeiro for Philadelphia, Oct 13, 50 miles South of Cape Henlopeu?by the vnme Barque Mary H' pner, from I 'ronstatlt. aud io days from Elsi ncre, tor Boston, Oct 23, lat 42 40, lull <1 35. Barque Phoenix. from Kichiuoud. Oct 23. lat 32 50, Ion 71 5. Barque Ida, ofnud fur Bu*lon, from Baltimore, Oc' 22 Brig Electro, of Newcastle, Me. for Sag Harbor, Oct 14, i50 milea South of the Highl Uida. | A brig supposed to be the John Ruder*,(en error) waapaaaed Oct 15?by p lot boat Ph ntom. Schr Win Henry, 4 iluya from Thomastou fur Norfulk, Oct 19 or 20, lat37 4 5. Ion 72 30. Schr Lucy, from Portland for Charleston, Oct 20, C ape Menry W about 50 uii'es.

A steamer bound to Eurotie, Oct 14, lit 21, Ion 70. b'oi'elgu Porta. Bahacua, Oct U?No American vessel in pott. Halifax. Oct 18?A'r?t3 a M, stent! ship Cambria. Judkina, 38 hours from loiton. and aid at 10 a m. with 2U .dditioiial pas se igers. fur Liverpool; 19th, sclirs Caroline, Philadelphia; Ar litta, Baltimore. Havana, Oct 11?In port, Rapid, Ward, for New York, 19th; Ontario, and Jubilee, frt or chlr; Thames, ami Coloasiis, do; brigs Hope Howes, from New Orleans, arr lOili; Tuskar Lo veil, (or Hamburg, Idg; Gazelle, frt or chtr; Confidence, and Rival, diss; Euronia, unc. Matanzas. Oct 8?An-Tahmaroo, Sinclair, Havana; brig Plato, Wate'houae, Port hunt; 8th. brig Abeona, Clark, Carde nas. Cld hriga Levant. Cardenas; Gov Hopkins, Bristol. Montreal, Oct 24?Arr brigs Zealous, London; Laurina, Liverpool. Ponto Cabeli.o, 0<t 4?No American in port. Quebec, Oct 18?Arr Milton, and Young Queen, Liverpool, Penelope. Newcastle; Oilinour,Hull: Euxiue, Br atol; Anne Keunie, "Wat.-rford; Chieftain, Beaumaris; Annie, Belfast; 19th, Laurel, Liverpool: Rnbt McWilliam, Aberdeen; Robert Burns, Greenock; Mary Sharp, Glasgow; Lochlibo, Plymouth; Kingston, Dublin; Richmond, Milfurd; 20th, Peklu, Hull; Sa rah Mill <ge,Ga|wav; Marquis of WellesUy, Dublin Cld 18th. Faithful, Ipswich; 20th. Ocean. Lytham; Hainsnii, Irviue; Are thnsa, Dublin; Agnes (It Anne.Oreenock; Trafalgar, Mary port; Cousins, Newport; 22d. Britannia, Liverpool; Whim, Lynn; Sir flenry Pottinger Belfast; F.ldon, Newport; Eleanor, Dub lin; Theron, Stocktou; Marchioness of Abercom,Londonderry; Albion, Cnrk; Bowes, Workington; 23d, Caledonia, Glasgow; Nautilus, Rwaosea. Rio Janeiro, Sept 7? In port, ships Louisiana, Pewhiirtt, 48 days from Richmond; Rosc.oe, Kicker, for New Orleana, unc; barques Helen M Fiedler, Willis, for New Yotk; '/. D, Baaaett, from do, unc; Anita, Lowell,froin Boston for New Orleans; Mazeppa, Brown, from Lisbon; Globe, Ealiog, from and for Philadelphia (since spoken); Qllincy, Savage, from Boston; brigs Cervantes. Taylor, from Kio Grande; Beulali, Merrill, from Portlaud; Drinoc.rat, Howes from Rio Oriude. supposed for Boston; schrs Enterprise, Nicholson, from Buenos Ayies; Pauline. Yarrington, from Cape de Verds for Boston. Rio Grande, no date?Sid barque Odd Fellow, Hamburg^ In port, barques Geo Henry, Garcia, from Cadiz, for Rio Ja neiro 10 days; Cuha, Blanchard,and Sophronia, Bassett. from Lisbon, tlisg; Rosina. Doty, Cape de Verds for New York, 10 days; brigs Ohio, Davis. Cadiz for Rio Janeiro; ('umberland, Hadley, Colonia for Montevideo; Roarer, Auchinclosa, for sale; Cnhansey, Sherman, from New York, j ist arr; Sea Bird, Burr, (from Cadiz via Rio Janeiro) off the Bar. Houi* Porta. Augusta, Oct 20?Arr schr Otter, Duncan, New York. Banuor. Oct 21?Arr schr Cinderella, Baltimore. Boston, Oct 26?Arr barque Peytona. Malaga; brigs Alyano, Philadelphia; Maria L Hill, New York, Sld, wind WSW to S light, ships Burlington, American: barques Manchester, Juq Odliu, Gulcare; brigs Sarah Jane, Virgin, J H Stephens, Benj Franklin, Wm Pitt; and Irom the Roads, where they anchored 25rh, ships Bombay, Radius, E Bruce, Konohasaet; barques El fort Adeline & Rosina, Baring Brothers; brigs Messenger, Evelina, Ells, ami others. Also, destinations unknown, brigs Com Hull, Lafayette, Splendid, Burmali, and America. No thing went to sea25th. Bristol, Oct 23?Sid schr Middlesex, Albany. Charleston, Oct 24?Arr xhip Anion, Barkman, Niork: barque Diamaut,(Bre) Ballaer, Bremen via do; schrs Agawam, Lai e, Havana for New York; Henry Chase, lledden, New York; Mary George, Thomastou. Below, ships Georgians, 1 Behrn, New York; Birmingham, Bath; and a ship and barque j U' known. Cld ship France. New Orleans. Arr 23d. brig George. Bulkley, New York: schr Maria Causey, Stubbs, do. I Edoartown. Oct 25?The vessels which left port yesterday, put back last evening, with mauy others, iu all nearly 30 sail bound East. Wind NE. Fall River, Oct 23?Sid schr Constitution, Philadelphia. Gardiner, Oct 21?Sid brig Stephen Yonug Key West. Gloucester, Oct 21?Arr schr Elizabeth, Small, Salem for New York Key West, Oct 5?Arr brig Mctamora, and sld 7ih for St Marks. Lewes, Del. Oct 21?Brigs Rebecca, for Kingston, Jam; Venus, for St Jago; Geo Vv Oiflonl, 8t Barts; I'mta, Charles ton; Wm M Rogers, ami Chas Heath, Boston; Telos, Wick ford; schrs Sarah Ann, Tampion: Snge, Despatch, Chief, aud Liberty, Providence; Neptune, Bingham; Silvia Higbee, Nan tucket; Pilot, Richmond, and Albert Vinal. for Boston, went to sea early this morning Ten sail of srhrs now at the anchurage outward bound?will probably get to sea this efteruoon.? Wind N. Neu Bedford, Oct 25?Arr schr Jane, Philadelphia; sloops Erie, Albany; Helen, and Corinthian. New York. New Haven, Oct 26?Arr schr M Van Buren, Albany; xl'ps Meridian, do; President, New York. Sld barques Magnolia, and Trinidad, Barhadoes; Philena, New York; brig Baltic, Wilmi gton; srlir Perseverance, New York; sloops Lady Fen wick, Warren. Two Brothers, and Arion,do. New Orleans, Oct 19?Arr ships Mauteo, Liverpool; St Mary,Foster} Waldron, Cheever, and Orleans, Sears. New York; brig L Millaihiun, Portsmouth, NH. Below,coming up, ships ('h ue, from H'vre: Ann, of Portsmouth; schr Lour Star, fmm Galveston. CM 13th, steam ship New \ ork. Oalvest"n; ships Jud.ih Touro, Cork and a inkl; Vicksborg, Berry, New York Towed down and to sea 11th a 15th, ships Augusta, aud T H Peskins; barque Robt Morris, brig Rover; towed to aea 16th. ships Ashburton, Louisa, Sal ana, Alleghany. Norfolk, Oct 24?Arr brig Archelaus, hence for Halifax retained on account ol hiving sprang a Ink, and with lost of part of cargo thr >wn overboard?the residue is probably dam aged; schrs Relief. Baracoa: Brilliant, Boston. Philadelphia, Oct 26?Arr harqne Venezne'a, Porto Cabel lo; brig Antares, Boston-, schrs Elvira, Roberts, and Orator, Scott, New Y rk; George, do; Sirah Louisa, New London; J Brick, and Hume, Providence; Brookheven. Newport} barge Dolphin and steamer Black Diamoud, New York. Cld15th, schrs Mary 8t Eliza, New Haven; Flash. Providence; Niagara, Fa'l River; En nice Rote, Hartford; W O Cooper, Flushing; Sirah Churchman, E Rogers. Vesta,Texas, aud Aim Elizabeth, Now 1 ork. Plymouth, Oct 24?Sld schrs Mayflower, Attskapas; Oil man, and Charles, New York. . Portland, Oct 24?Cld ship Moscow, Charleston; brig Ho gin, Wilmington, NC. Richmond, Oct 26?Arr schrs Win Mowry.and Narraginset. Boston: Thos Ireland, ami Nassau, New York; Yantic, Fall River; King, Taunton. Sld schr Oalens, Jersey City. Brig Annawnn dropped dnwu to City Point to load for Boston Salem, Oct 23?Arr schr Detroit, Boston, to load for Al bany. Savannah. Oct 23?Sld ship Howard, Liverpool. ThoMaston, Oct 21?Sld brig Saliue, Mobile. W slthall, Oct 25?Arr barque John Carver, Boston, to load for Rio. Wtsuasset, Oct 21?Sld brig Ottawa, Charleston. By La?t Ni'/fit's southern Mill!. Aui.xarvDfii a, Oct 25?Arr brig Peruvian, Lubec;23tl, Br ach Olive Brunch, Bermuda. Sid brig* Eveline, Kingston, Jam; An* Caroline. Boaton Bai-TiMonr:, Oct 26?Bid ?hip? Alexander, H-vre; Franconta, New O lenn*; ?chr Jo? Tu tier, Providence. Cld25ili, *chr? Direct, Brigga. and Ellicott. Cole, New Yor?. ?Norfolk. Oct 24 Arr barque < nlisto, Harden, New York. Phii.adklphia, Oct 27?Arr barque (.lobe Rio Janeiro; Win Davi?, New Bedford. Pianet, Eaatport; Octavia, Providence;-teamer Iron*idc*. NewYork. Below, brg* Mary H, Creed. Splendid; achra Julia Ann, Elizabeth, Thaddena, Henry; 2 hrigi and 3?rhr* unknown. Wn wiaoToix, NC. Oct 16-Arr brig. Mary Jane.Thomaa ton, Delia. Kalea, New York; 17th, Lycoming, Warren; 18th, Too* Cooke, do; 20th, barque Martha, Boaton; brig Taaao, Newport. bpugen, Barqne Empire, of and from Portland for Porto Rico, Oct 14, lat 15 21. Ion (3 .V). , , . ? Barque Archibald Oracie, from Barbadora for Alexandria, Oct 20, lat M 11, Ion 74 40. Enrelf^i Ports* Pruvaamttco, Sept 26?In port, brig Caroline, fm Richmond, jaat arrived. Hio J.vgino, Hepl II?Sid barqne Helen M F iedler, New Vorb luliort, barqnea Kunomui, from New York, jnat arr: ' fanfare!, from Baltimore, huc; brigCervantea, fordo, idg?and other* aa before. DANCING ACADEMY. Ilreadway, Corner of Urand Street. MH (J ROHEllTSON ha* the honor of reapectfnlly in farmiuf lit. frieuda and ih? Pal.lie that hi? rlaaaea for gi fiaf iwtrnctlon* in *11 the different ?tyli ? of th- above sen on ;'ieni land the Mazurka ml Polka Quadrille*,I will open , , WrdnttiUy, Sept. 17th, at tlie large Saloon attached to the Broadway llonaii Day* of Tuition, Wrduetdaya end Satur day. ? Ladiet Claaaet at 1 P. M ; Oentlemen, S P. M A Pri vate < I*.a for l.adiea will lie formed from 6 to 7 for La Polka Hid Waltring Instruction* given to Pupil* and Private Claa* at their reaidanre*. or at Mr. K 'a, 62 Eighth Aveune, or 110 Canal .treat, Mr Hobt<ta"a would *l*o inform the public that hit np lowu Academy will ronimenre ou Monday. September 22d, at 61 Eighth Avenne, where all the different briuichet wilt be ? anaht all Im'ri RKOMC HILL STABLES, Jtth .treat, between Sri aud Id Ivrunea, ai d nearly oppxnit* Bull'* Head. Ja*t erriveil from th* country, and for *nle at th |e* M Hone*, among who h are four trotting i?r*?a. I feat pacing do , **vtra) twin farm hornet, torn* flue cart nine*, a fiaw good road and Mage horaea, and ahippera. allm'rrr It H NORTHRUP, Proprietor. ROBERTSON'S PH'ENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Ktflton Htrwet, between William autl Maaaai. rm THE Htice e*? which haa attend) d the effort* of I A d^wthe I'foprietot of thia f "PiMiinrreot. to introduce Jmm into u*n a ? nperior article at an extremely low price, encoura ge. bim to Make oicraaaed exertion* t* merit toe patron ,g- of ?ue Public, Tb# peculiarity of hi*ly.iein of n nniicting b*. aineaa CMaiata ib 'f.w eatablnhnirnl of ifo ami rigid economy in it* ration* department*, a. ?r|| .a in an niv.riahle adlw nrace to Caak on delivery," relieved tmm th* oppre**ive n ivn.r* o th* more *1 rav . rant of Broadway, mid tablet ted to none i.f it..,.* l-i.aea whirl, *>e the certain aecom imminent of the "eredit principle." He i* enabled tn oflrr the different article* m hi* line at the following reduced rate* ,? _ _ * "ATS. Fir.t Quality N utria F ur |) y, i Sri ond do do do , j mi Kirat do Mole.kin " inn Second da do a vi laps. Firat (duality < loth it Vi ?eiond tio do . fliird do do ' all lin'm * TWf) MDNDRED TONS .V T K A Jv H o ANUS ?too -'??"?Rt&vthfeur." a) and ft ****** at**** AT THE WEST END. WILLIAM A.SMETS, TUT Broadway, under the If. Y. Hotel, corner or Waverly Place, HAS the honor to inform the Ladies that he has jut re ceived by the late arrival* from Havre a splendid assort BMt?t FRENCH FALL GOODS, that Kara been iplccted with particular care at ram for thia Store only, which he begs leave to call the attention of the La diestoesamme AND SOIREE DRESSES Einb'd. Muslin Dresses. Point de D'Augleterrt dresses Rich thread lace do with flounces, " Brussels thrrad do Extra rich thread flounces, Einb'd. witli thread do " " scarls, " rulle do do " bertns, Rich whit* satin, do " thrrad lace veils, Point ds Brussel do " sleeves and caps. RICH SILKS, All in Pattern Dresses. Silks?Broche Venetian. Silks?Black extra " Arceueiel richly shad'd Pekin Camayeus, " Glace Ombre, " Horizontal* Stripes, " Reps Royaie. " Pekin t.hiuois, " Ombre ' adrille, " Cardoliue Perse, " White Watered, extra " Hcrmma Kiche, " Algei ieu Nuame. Paris embroideries. .nT -i. ich Pellermes, Emb Muslin Points, uo ilo Chemisettes, do do Fichus, do do Dollars, do do Conexous, do do Bertha, Trimmed with V?l*u P utt's, Rich e" b. Pocket ildkf*L__ HpieudjdMauiejjlas VERY RICH SHAWLS AND CLOAKS. Thibet Shawls and Cloaks, New stuff for Cloaks, Tartar do do Cashmere Clonks, Magadou do do Pnuted Caahmere d'ecosse. Plaid do do MimIiii de Lames. RICH CASHMERES KOll DRESSES Einb'd Cashmere d'ecoeae in dress patterns. Also, a very large assortment French Jewelry, Re'ieules,, Riboous, Perfumeries, and avujiety of Fancy Articles not to lie found in any other part, than at the West end. ? 12 lm'rli TINCTURE AND LOTION OF IN VIGOR A'lTON. 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For the couvemuucrol persons living at a distance, th* Tincture aud Lotion are also preparedin powder*, which are eon illy effective, aud are sent by mail, folded in letter form, Willi full direction for preparation and use, at double letter postage. Price three dollars for a letter package, containing other foi two powders, one for the Tiucture and theotber for the Lotion; or live dollars for s double iwckagr. All orders must be liost piud. sud dtriotrd to DE LALNEY k GRAY, New York city. o!6 lm*r THIRD EDITION private'treatise, B Y DR. RALPH. ON certain delicate diseases, m which the best aud most convenient means ol cure are si Hi d lu the plaiuest possi ble raanutr (the prescriptions used in the authur sowu practice being given without reserve k giving also a clear and faithful description of several iunocent disorders frequently mistaken for venereal, which afford a wide field for the extortions and deception* of a well known boasting cl in of people.. 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Htiort sight-d persous, and such as h .re heeu operated upon fur cataruct,can also be suited. e inserts like-ape uew glasses of superior iiuality in old frames, and solicits tiie patronage ol all iu want of !ua article*. Please call it M. WI8F-, Optician, a!3 Im'rc 437 Broadway. FOR THE PILES. DR. UPHAM'S ELECTUARY. \ N rem-dy is a c? rtaiu cure for die Piles, eithez in 2a. terual or external, bleeding or blind. Sold at the office ol tiie original proprietor, A L'phun, M.I)., a regulir educated physician of twenty yenta experience, confined to an office prac tice, where Piles and other chronic diseases lire successfully treated. Medic il office 196 Bowery, four doors nbove Spriug ?treet. Office honrg irom 7 A M. to 9 P.M. Advice grsti*. *70 ImdkW'm GOODY EAR'S PATENT SHIRRED SUSPENDERS QIWl DOZEN Shirred Sust'endert, m umCictureil uudeitlie Ov/vf above patent. Kortafeby UKU. iMttiihR, anSt 2m*in 1(10 tiros te-? ABERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS. ONE box of these invaluable Pills are worth all ilir (jus.k medicines advertised lor ceitaiu delicate diseases. Let toe unfortunate rest assured that there is no exagae'tlion in n**rrt ink' these Pills to be a speedy ?nd radical cure for Gonorrhoea, Oleets, lirita'inu of the Kidneys, fcr. They were for sevenl years prescribed by the celebrated Abernethy in all the stages . of the above diseases. Iu the first stage our box is usually sul ficieut to effect a cure in a few days, lu long protracted rhro' c stages, obstinate gleeis, kc. they are dually certain, hxvin cured hundreds who had taken other medicines tor tnoutnr, winch tended more to destroy the constitution than to cure 'he disease. They never leave the parts subject to the troubles, ina weakuets which so frequently occur after using other tnrtit cine*. Tliry have no unpleasant lute or smell, and any fair taking them might freipieut the inost refined society withou. having their rnisfortuues suspected. For talc at Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Catharine street, and II" Maiden lane, rrice SI Per box. at Im'mc TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVK'S I1YGEAN RENOVATOR. IN all those case* where mauly vigor i* impaired, where the mental aud physical powers are prostrated by an unrestrained indulgence ol the tensions, particularly by those solitary and destructive habit* of early youth, inducing noctural emission* and debility, the Hygean Renovator will he f und an infallible retordy. It restores the organs of reproduction in both svios to a lieatihy action, and removes iinpoteucy, by infusing new energy into the system. In many instances the eff ect is instan taneous. It never fails to cure chronic gleets aud whites, and remove ?terilty, by restoring a healthy uterine *? tion. Refer ' euces can be given toinany physicians who have prescribed the Kenovator with success in those atfecrinn*, s* also in Dyipep lia, weakuessof the back and loins,ami affections of the urinary org.ins. Sold only at the ' Importing Agent," 204>( Fulton St., New York Price $2 per bottle of 16 ounces, aud lorwarded to nil parts of the Union. N. B.?Copious directions accompany eicli bottle. oli Im'rrc OK. ABBOTT may be conaulted confidentially at bit office 16 Duane street, where persons afflicted with delicate dis eases, old syphilitic ulcers, diseases of the bladder, urethra, and prostate gland, are invited to call. Several years expe l rience in the best hospitals in Europe, besides sixteen years practice in the city of New York, entirely devoted to the treat meat of delicate diseases, enable him to warrant a speedy and I radical cure in the worst cases, without the use of mercury.? Dr. A. feels confident that he has performed more cures, re lieved more suffering humanity from the nbove disenars than any other physician ill New York. Beware of imposition, and do not mistake?16. A medicine may lie had to prevent the above diseases in all their varieties. Attendance from 7 A. M. till 10 P. M. Charges reasonable. N. B. Dr. Abbott is the only regslaradvertisingp hysician in Dnane street, except old Dr Cooper. s4 lm'rc DOCTOR CORBITT, Member of the University of New York, alio member of the Medical Society, has removed his office from 16 Duane street to 3 Oliver street, near Chatham Sonare; may be consulted confidentially on all diseases of a delicate nature. Strangers are informed that the Doctor has exclusively confined his practice from being general to the treat i truut of certain classes of diseases, (now over thirteen years in | th- city of New York,) which engages his entire attention.? The Mfeals of medicine de not record greater success than is to be ('mill in his practice. The Doctor cautions the unfortunate ag libit the use of mercury, as it lias its thousands of victims. Recent cases are removed in three or four days from the ays tern. Those protracted and malt-rested csaes that have been under the treatmee* "hysicians less esperieneed, will he . sure to find prompt relief by calling on Dr. C. A practice ot many years has established the Doctor's reputation for skill and re*|s liability. Htrirtu ret engage the Doctors profound sttrn tion. A m* dicine may lie had to prevent ? certain disease in any of its forms. Open from7 A. M. to 10 P. M. an26 Irnon'm. I A. PUR DIE. FRINGE, GIMP, CORI) AND TAShEL MANUFACTURER, No. lOfl WlUImn Mreel. Up Ntixlra. INTIMATED 'bat he has en hand, and is daily hringingfor ward, a apletidid tiflortmeittof the above article*,to wntcn ha tnvitea attention. Ordffa promptly eiecuted. rnce? low ? II lm#re JKBA^ THIS. A LL CASE* in the Burgieal and Medieal filedical Advice. I)LAMItHT is Mill confidentially consulted at hta ? 1/ old effios, 43 Gold street, between Fallon and Bookmen, on all diwuai of a delicate im?; his treatment haing mild and Judicious, raauire* neither mercury, restraint is diet, or hin drauc* from business pursuits. Recent case* cured in lord 5'kBILITY, NERVOUB OR CONSTITUTIONAL, an alog from ? too frequent indulgence of the passions of indiscreet youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and eventually confirmed impoteucy, engage the Dr.'s *tricte*t atteunon, hi* object bring to restore the system, inrei tally and bodily, to thai state ot vigur nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequrutly existing without the pa tient being the least aware, sometimes caused by in&1-treatment of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometime* by tlie neglect of the parties themselves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, with outnaiu or iucouvsn truce. The Doctor being oue ofths few qualified advertising Surgeons in the city, guarantees a perfect cuie, or no charge made. Let UTS, post paid, enclosing a fee, immediately attended to, and ma dicine, with advice, sent to auv part of the United States, Office 63 Gold street. Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P.M. oil lm*rrc Medical Aid. DR. GREGORY, f"6 Gold ?trot, in cousulud, as usual, io nil of ii private nut-ire. It is well known thai he cures rrc?"t c-u*? in a few days, wit ?out restrmit in diet or pursuit. His method of preparing remedies is *uch that it causes neither iiicunT'oieiice or bad breath, and therefore, is the purixrl not |i to exp>>*nre Term, low . oil lm*r Medical Aid. DR' COOK, 66 Gold s'reet, is a regular Medical end Surgi cal Doctor; h ,s B id more thru 36 y.ars . xperirnce in the treatment and euro of private diseases in ull thuir varieties ami stages. ?,rith one exception Dr.Cook h .a cured more pa tients tean anv auv other Physiciau now practising in this city. D>-. C. is a uative born citigru of the Umt-d St. les nnd is a memlier of the Medical Society Terms for advice .ud medi cine Si. ai.d a cure guaranteed Letters by mail enclosing Uie fee will receive particular and prompt attention. oil lm*r Medical Cai d DOCTOR FAWCETT, consulting surgeon of 196 Fulton street, New bora author of a late publication, em bracing the following subjects, viz:?Mainmonv, Inipotency and Sterility, auntouiicaily, physiologically, ru<4 medic. Ily ?x plained, with a comprehensive exposition of tlie nature aud modern treatment ol Syphilis, Secondary Symj tort,*, Gouorr hma,, Gleet, Stricture* Seminal Weakness, Whites, Noc turnal Emissions, and all .tie consequences nrising from self p The Doctor has devoted lus nthaition forth.-la. I lit teen years in this city, to the treatment of the above mentioned diseases; ami tr In III - extensive practice mid long experience in investigate , .iie Puthology of the various structure* of the generative organs, he guaranteoK, iu .11 ca>rs that he u ider takes, a perinunent and r-dicalcure. His diplomasfrom Lon don, Edinburg aud Philadelphi.; also, his hoiioary degree fioiu the State of Louisiana, are suspeuded in large frames in his ot tice 196 Kultou street Persons at a distance, enclosing SI. can have a copy of his jate work, accompanied with one which embraces nil diseases incidental to females' All letters pre-paid, and addressed to Dr. H. F'awcott 196 Ful tou street, will receive due atteuUoi.. oil lm*rc Medical Card. DOCTOR MORRISON, %TORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 304 k Kultou street.? i. Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted confidentially on all private diseases, which hs euros without mercury, or re straint in diet or pursnit. Recent cases, particularly Gonor rhoea," he cures iu 3 to 6 days. STRICTURES OF THE URETHRA are cored by Dr. i M. ou unproved principles, without pain or inconvenience to thepati.'ut. As the symptoms of Stricture are analagous with those of other affections ol tne urinary apparatus, none but ex perienced Surgeons should be allowed to make the necessary ex amination, as those affected with twlarged prostate glands, may suffer much injury from awkward practitioners. NERVOUS AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.? This affection, aud tiie tram of evils resulting Ironi a secret de structive habit iu youth, inductug nocturnal emissions and ulti mate impoteucy, are radically cured by Dr. M., on pat.loiogical principles, by restoring the system to a healthy toue andrein l stating its original rigor. A perfect care guarantied, or no , charge. N. B.?Dr. M holds no communion with medical pretender*, who claim to De Surgeons, as he is, perhaps, the only qualified advertising Surgeon in the city. See his diplomas in his office, 204h, Fulton street. Letters post paid and containing a fee will insure medicine a id advice to any part of the Union. Office 204k Fulton street, near Greenwich, New York. Opea from 7 A. M. to 10 P. -M., daily. .16 Im'r ON GtvtliAlN liVlTURTANT MALADIES. I -pHE AUTHOR of the "PRIVATE TREATISE," DR. X RALPH, begs to state that he is at home as much as pos sible, (except Sunday) in order to he consulted upon any of ' the peculiar disorders referred to in this little volume, prr ' tonally or by post, at his residence, 88 Greenwich street, New I Vork; and especially, to observe that the subject of his 1 consultations is not coithned to thesecoinplatutsulsue?but em 1 braces the whole ol those which in any way relate to the urinary orgaus, as gravel, a difficulty iu passing water peculiar to advancing age, etc. iie deems it proper also here to preten to the public the following most interesting remarks on STRICTURE AND ITS bUUb. I This being very little understood, although the uioet frequent and important consequence of diseases?in a former advertise ; oieut much pains was taken to eiplain its nature?the disease* which were mistaken for it?it? consequences and its cure?also the fact that stricture frequently exists in those who are not ill ] the leust aware of it. Those, however, occupying too much i space, the following remarks will be coufiued to certain circum i stances which will enable oue to judge whether he has this com j plaint or not, and its proper means of cure. Among other things it was remarked, that it waa by no means j necessary that the stream of urine should be obstructed or even much diminished, iu a case of stricture; this, indeed, occurs in I had and long established casea, butatricture may exist forinoute.u and even years without producing any striking change iu. ? respect. Neither is it necessary there should bepaiu, or any thingdirectiug the attention to the seat of this disease. Tain, certainly is now and then complained of, but it ii only when inflammation happens to be superadded; and, with regard i to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observed to fall upon the miuu and nei vous systi in, either than the port it self. There are, how-ver, three circumstances which must pe culiarly la-long to stricture, and, esyiecially when they meet to gether,should never be lost sight of, hut lead til immediate means of cure. Many other symptoms might he mentioned, hut most I of these belong to other maladies as well, or Delate to Stricture | in its more advanced and settled form, while the following three belong to stricture in its early stage, aud when it it so easily and certainly removed. The first of these relates to THE MANNER OF URINATING.?It has been already said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded ;whnt is to be observed is the peculiar way iu which it liuishff, if it should happen, after trie clothea are readjusted, that a drop or two should steal away, so as to wet a lilt.1% this, trifling as it may teem, wou Id afford a strong suspicion. Not that this drop er two rau proceed from uo other cause whatever; but, certainly, no stricture can exist w ithout it. The next is THE TIMEA FORMER GONORRHOEA MAYHAVE REMAINED UNCURED ? A Gononrhmu, though not the only, is by far the most freqnent cause of Stricture. It is not its severity, so much as the length uf time its gliety stay,- may have remained, that is to be considered. Neither is it possible in every case to state how long this may continue w ithont producing Stricture, for one person is naturally inure disposed to Stric ture this another. If however, it should nave continued from six to right weeks, this leugth of time at least would strengthen vnv oilier ?iin .cuius circumstance The third is THE EFFECT A STRICTURE HAS UPON THE ? MlN D.?Nothing it more certain than th? effect of Stric ture is to depress Uie spirits and to 1-sseu mental energy. Not thixuhix is complained of in the same degree by every uidividu U, Wit it is so common,in one degree or other,that tbewriter rare ly sees a can. of Stricture in which the patient doei not observe inat he is not so active, or capable of business as loruwly. This also is a y rious rffect;lhougn iiltle understood, but it is nnques j lionably true. Indeed, whoever considers the natural connection of mind ar.d sexuai orgaus, willraaily imagine that, ax there is a medium by which the mind so powerfully acts upon these or gaus io. through the same medium thespxual orgaus re-act upon the mind. This, however, is better explained tu "The Private Treatise" of the author, a little volume which is sent to many parts of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, I ue acti vity of mind invariably returns. With respect to the cure of Stricture?this, it is gratifyingto state, is gen-iilly accomplished in very little time, and without Gin or incouvenieuce. Nothing can exceed the improvement of te years iu the 'reatmeut of this complaint. Indeed, in the hanus of proper u,d experienced persons, the curs of Stricture is uow accomplished in at many days as feiuierly it demanded months. Many leraons consult the writer who come ou buri n-is to f hus city lor a short time only, but return perfectly cui-d, ? though it leu unen asonre* ot trouble and iuixi-ty toi 7ears. To ;h iae n I io cannot leave their homes, the writer furnish"* his own peenlisr mews of rare, tonthe- with his "Private Treatise," | winch nas an interesting cnaptv -, giving every information on the subject, and wrilten in the plaim-a' meaner ; and which, being enclosed in a little mahogany chest, can be sifely sent to any distance. < Iu consequence of ti e number ol pretenders and books o I quackery whmh infestthis city, he deems it proper to make I hie following statement, as a satisfactory ground ol confident a to strangers. B-sides his rank ii Graduate of Edinburgh, &c. Sic., he h is published three editions ol a work expressly on these complaints. Also, he has letters from the most eminent physi cians in Eurojie to the most eminent in America?as Sir Ajtley Cooper, ol London, to Dr. Motl, of New York; Dr. Physic, of Philadelphia, aud others, and is permitted to refer to almost -very Physician of eminence in this city Address Dr. Ralph, a* Greenwich aire-! ?9lm?rc R K A D T tl E K O L L O W I JN (> ADVERTISE MKUT3 or THE aoxsX.:i*zt or Jlodictna and Pftarmacy .V) NASSAU STREET. M E t) 10 A L ADVICE PRIV ATE' I) IS] "A 3 Eg. - * I'Hi MEMBERS of ikf New Vork ColUmof Meiitin* A a-.d I'.'unoaey, established for (heauppruaaiou ofquarker;, to direct their particular attention lodtll dueanei of ? pnv >tr nature, and can eouli.lrully promise to persona requiring medicnl>'iit, a safe mid permanent curr without injury to th -constitution urronluirtnent from business. Iruilidt .ire par ucularly re .eau-otu make npulicauuu to tbr Colli?** onto* <lr*t appears..-.c of those dite ,s*a, ns a van amount uf suffering old lime way b? time avoided One of tiia members ol' thu College, lor toeuy years coouected mt/i the principal hospitals in Knropr for the rnra ?f nw comp.cuU, atlaudi for cuaaud imton dmly from I! A. M. to 7. IV M Tamil?Adric* and Medicine a tut* k'ltranleeu. IMrOBTANT TO COlNTHY INVAUlYA?Turnam livtug in thu country, and finding it itii onve.iu in to rr.ikr |?*r Mninl ?i plication*. ran hart 'or wauled Ui them a rhunt contain in:; all roedi-inel requisite to periurm a radical cure, ty atatikt thair r.Me explicitly, togrther with all ayiniitoma, time at eoa> '.ruction and u.-atinent ret*i,ed eUeubeiu, U any, and a? el lainnfA, pott paid. CONSTITUTIONAL, i'fclHLilTY CURED. 'i'HK TONIC MIXTURE. pr*i>arrd by thu fjdleuu V A M*die in* and Pha/msar of the cilv olNan > orb, a# eon Admit ly rt?comriicnd?ffl l*>r *11 rases of debility piodoced by t* erat indulgence or rneraa ijf any kind It U an invaluable remedy for impoteucu, eturility, or barreunese. nnlaaa depend j u.ion malformation. . ... .tingle boulea $1 each ; ew* of half a doten W; earadnlly pickedindwnt 10 %Il?' Uuiqp. VELPEAU'S 5FEcIFlC PILLS, M.'UH ti.e radical ear* of fonorrheM.gleet.eemtael emi'tioaa. 1? aad all mocorponilent, diirhsrgea Ir.ia iheurelhi/, The*# rilla, the reenltof twenty year** experience in tli* Ho*t ital d* C iiarite in I'aria.are praiiounceil by thrir celebrated inventor, ftofeeaor Velpenu, as an infallible remedy for all dieecaei the uretha. They effect a cure in a much ehorter tune thai any other remedy, without tmntiug the breath, disagreeing with theatomach. or confinement from bniioraa. Price tl perbof RICORD'S ALTERNATIVE MIXTURE. L^OR the permanent core of primary or secondary arplulin, r venereal alcera, nodes, or any complaint produced by an injudicious oar of mercury, or unakiitnl medical treatment. All peraoiiaanspecting a venereal,taint remaiiMun in their eye tern slmmd naetMt powerful purifier without delay, aa no per ?on a-nii coiiaider himself safe after having the disease, wtthout thorouglily clenntingthe eyitean withthil juallyoele brnv?d alterrative. .... ... Sold in Single bottle* at tl each ? in onset ol hnir n dozeu a? $S; carefully packed and sent to nil purta of iheUniou. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK SARSAPA RILLA, GENTIAN AND SA8SAKKAH. f>RKPARK.D hv the Now V orb College of Medicine aad I Pharmacy, established for the suppression of nnacken . Thi refined and highly concentrated extract, p ?aai aaiig ail the pnri fviiiK qwnlitw* and cnrntiya power* of above nerbais confi* di utly recoininemJcd hy the ColUte ??* mrtinfely ?ui?f?riortoanT extract ofHarsapinlia at present before the public, and rrmy ba I relied on aa a certain remedy for all diieaick iriaiiiK from an ivn mire state of the blood, anch as acrofuln, aalt rheum, rinRworrn, | blotches or pftnplea, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, uodea, | enuneouaeruptions, nIceTitedsore throat, or any disease arisme from the secondary effects ofayphilia or aa injndieioua uteof mercury. | Sold in eiugle bottles, at TS suntreM - m casus of half a doieu bettlue, fl 50 one doteu ft to ?I1 Pert* of the Uaiau. k?nl djauoyut|o wholeealegr^Mtn^