Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Mo. ?70?Whole No. 4151. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 30, 1845. Price Two Cent*. THE NEW _Y()RK_HEUALD. JAMES WIBflS BBMETfTProprietor. Clrculation---Forty Thousand. DAJLV HEIR ALU?Every day. Price 2 ceuts \m copy-$T *5pei annum ? payable in advtuce. IVKf LV HERALD?Every Saturday?Prico 6J?ceuli|*r ' RT^ '",U I"'??-">>m~pky*l<l* m IT1 3 EMJUNT8 at the uaual prices?always caah in adva< ce PHI NT1 NO of all kimli executed with boautv and despatch QV-JUI letters or communications, by mail, addreu?d to* tlia establishment. most be posl paid, or tv e postage will be da ducted hum the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ol the New Voiix Hkrai.u Eutablcshmx.-it, Northwest coroar of Fultou aid iiun stre. t? STEAM BETWEEN NEW \OKK AND LIVERPOOL. THE Great Western Steam Ship Compa ny's Steam Ships The GREAT WESTERN. 1700 tens, 150 horse power, B. It. Mathews, Esq., ^Commander. The GHE \T BRITAIN, 3.500 tons, 1000 horse power. Lieutenant James Hoslteu, It. N.. Commauder?aie intended to istl ss follows:? GREAT WESTERN. From Liverpool. | Frotn New York. Saturday October 11. | Thursday Not. 6 GREAT BRITAIN pro in Liverpool. I From New York Saturday Sept f7. | Saturday Oct. 25. Fare per Great Western, $100. nud $5 Stewards' Fees. Fare per Britain, from $80 to $I2\(and $5 Steward's fee,) at icqiding to the sine aud position of the State Rooms For fiuight or passage, or other information, apply to RICHARl) IRV1N, au7 8aw4m?rc 98 Froutstreet. FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA I KEY WF.ST, NEW ORLEANS AND |OALVESTON, (Texas.!- The elegant new steamship GALVESTON, of 600 tons ? burthen. John T. Wright, commander, will sail for the shove ports on the 1st November. This steamship is built expressly for a tea vessel, and is pronounced to be as atrong as any vessel ever built in rhis country?has a powerful engine and boiler, which were put in Iter by T F. Secor (It Co. end no expense spared to make everything perfect, and of great strength. Iler accommodations for passengers are not surpass ed, having large and airy rtate rooms, e'egantly fined up. The above otiers s favorable opportunity lor passengers going South. mil viewing the above places. This steam-r takea sufficient fuel for the whole trip, and will stop at each place only time to land her passengers. For freight or passage apjily to f'apt. Wright on board, at T. F. Secor Ik Co's Fouudry, toot of 9th street, E. R. O20 2w*m FOR KEY WE8T AND AFALA I CHICOlA. to sail on the 30th Oct.?The Istearaer FLORIDA, Capt. Clift, will sail as shove. She eau accommodate e limited ? uumber of cabin and steerage pa'sengers in the most cumlorta manner, on moderate terms. Persons in tending to embark for either of the above ports, should em brace tliis very favorable opportunity, by making immediat e application on hoard, foot of Berk man street, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, corner of Pine o23ac and South streets. NOTICE?HOUR CHANGED. THE U. 8. MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY and tlie Intermediate Landings, ou and after Wednesday, Oct. 221. will leave the foot of Barslay stieet for Albany, Daily,at 4 P. M. instead of five, aa ofore heretofore. o22 ISkJUCK. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On and after Monday, October 28th, only one beat will run onthis Ferry, aud the trips will be as follows:? Leave Staten Island. Leave New York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 do II do 12 _M_._ | f.M. 2'x P M. 3>x do 5 do 6 do el6rc FOR ALB AN V?Daily. Sundays Excepted? .Through Direct.?At 6 o clock P. M.from the pier between Courllmidi and Liberty streets. Sieaiulijat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday aud briday evenings, st 8 ,? Suamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G Crutten ilea, will leave ou Tnesday, Thursday and Saturday eveuiugs, [at 0 o'clm k. At 4 o'clock P M., Landing at Intermediate Places?From (he foot of Barclay street? I Stn-mboet SOUTH A dERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave on Mouday, V/ erlnesday, Friday and Souday after uoous, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Fnrry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Paiscnters taking either of the above l ines will arrive in Albtii y in ample time tor the morning train of cars tor the rast or wvst The Bo Is are new and substantial, are furnished wit'i new and elegant state rooms, and for speed aud accommo dations are U'.rivtiled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are torb d trusting any of the Bonta of this liue, ",BL. p" ---? '"a neder from the Captains or Ageuts, . assign or f reighi apply on hoard the Boats, or to REGDLAu'iJr^m CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORNING LINE at 10o'clock A.M. BEN FRANKLIN Ne. 7, J. B. Summons, LIKE No. 8, J Armstrong, master. EVENING LINE at8 o'clock P M. SIMON KENTON, W. MeCluin, mister. BEN FRANKLIN No.6, W.McClellau. majter. These boats, forming two daily lines, will rnn regularly, lea ving puiictu lly at the hour, and will take freight and passen gers to and from uiteimediate I Hidings, at the uiu J rates. Freight w.II be leceivod for these linos at tha Mali Wharf Boat, toot ol Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas sengers. 8TRADER 8t GORMAN, > A?ntM uiuik'ii'ii. HPts' (Ageou. ol lm-rrc ROGERS tt SHERLOCK, FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADI ?SON, Capt F. J. C pperly, will leave thvfoot ,of C. dar s'reet, every Monday, Wednesday, and natunlay at 6 o clock, P.M. For freight or passage, apply en board, orto O. F. Waiuwright, Agent, en the wharf. s59 Ini ? lire dggua-l ?OThMMMMMK* * NeW, AJL.HA-NY A-N1J TK.OY LLNL. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIREC T ?from the pier at the foot ol Courtlaudi ??treet. the P.iss?ur- ? taking thi* boat will arrive m time to takeorth Moron g Traiu of Car- from Troy west to Buffalo, and u to Saratoga and Lake George The low preasuroate.imbuat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Ma CT, every I newtsv Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The ?teamb?at COLUMBIA, Captatu Wni. H. Peck, every Monday, Wednesday aud Ftrdav afternoon, at 6 o'clock. for I'ussng" <>r * mghr. apply oa board, or to C. Clark, atthe OlTie*- on vtis Whsrf Freight taken on the molt reasonable terma. Freight must he put in charge of tie Freight Ageur. or the company will uot be responsible lor lota No frei, lit takeu after 5 o'clock. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular Packet of Slat Norember.?The superior fast tailing ,packet ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tons burthen. 1a iiun.ley,master, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable stale rooms aud cabin, a: WUUDMULL ?l_ 87 South street. rppD on hoard, west tide Burling slip, orto WOODHULL <k MINTURN, Trice of passage $100 Tho packet ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, Capt. John Eldridge, will succeed the Iiotiinguer, aud sail on her regular day, 21st December o'l'mc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE Oh LIVER POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, only regular aPacket of the 1st November. j'ho new, magnificent and celebrated fast sailing favorite iwcliet ship MONTEZUMA, burthen 1000 tons, Cant. A. } Lowlier, will potnively tail on Saturday, the 1st of Nov. It is well know n that the accommodations of the Montezu ma are luted out in a very superior manner, wiih ever conveni ence that can add to the comfort of those embarking. Persons proceeding to ihe old country, or sending for their friends, will fiud it their interrst to select this conveyance. For passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, and to to care the best berttis,early application should be made on board, loot of ileekniau st, or to ine subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS it CO. o2fl re 15 Fulton street, ueit door to the Fulton Bank. ^ FOR LI VKKPOOL?Regular Picket of 8th Nov. ] ??Tire well kn-wn fast sailing packet ship INDE ?PEN HENCE, Captain Allen, will ssil as above, I ban a Iter regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and | steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application ou hoard, loot ul Maiden lane, or ' to JOSEPH McMUHRAV. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line ? .The packs! ship ONEIDA, Capt. James Fuuck, ewill sail on the 1st of November. For freight oi passage apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, n) nM No 0 Tontine Hnlduii MB Wallat FOR GLASGOW? Regular Packet The wril -known last sai'iug Br. barque ANN HAKLF.Y. |K(| nrt Scott, inaiter, 450 tons, daily expected, will uiou wiih quirk dee patch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations,ap ply to WOODHULL k MINTURN, ntZme 87 South street. OivLV REGULAR LINK OF PACKETS FOR .NEW ORLEANS?Packets of the 30th October anil at he 1st November?'The splendid packet slop AU BURN. Capt. Durey, will positively sail on Thursday, October Jjkh, rnd the fast sailing packet ship GENESEE, Captain Miuot, w ill positively sail ou Saturday, November 1st ihei' regular days. Psr>nns wi lung to secure bertha, either in cabin or steerage, should make early spplicati board, foot of Wall street, orto W. k J. T. T APSCOTT, 75 Sonth street, ollrc corner Maiden lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS?r?ew York and New .Orleans L me?hint Packet With Despatch?The aural class fast sailing packet ship JAMES II. SHEI' V vuD, II,*dm ta, master, will positively sail as above. The accommodat,ons lor cabin, ?eronil cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any vessel in port. Persona in truding to embark shouldl make immediate application on hoard, rinestreet wharf, or to o28 rrc JOSE I II McMUHKAY, cor Pine and South ata. I FOR MOBILE?New Line?The splendid imckd , shin TALI.EHA8HEE, will positively sail on the 1st i ul" November, Iwr regular day. She has superior ac , ,i,modal ions for cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passengers, ,11 rf which Will he taken at very low rites, by applying on ho.ird, tit Murray's Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to (,2-rc J- HEKDMAN k Co.,61 Houth street. Ur> ,? sll, lr Bay ?he aceommodationr of this vessel for cabin, sreond cabin suns'eerairc pass* tigers cannot he surpassed. Those wishing - , ,,-ruro beiih', should not fail to in ike early application on h ?,il loot of Wall street, or to boaiU, w k j T tAPflcOTT, 75 Houth street. ottrtic cortiy Maiden Inn*. I* OH HA VAN aN AH I'wlut of Thnndnjr (ift sAJfV30th-Tlir packet ship LELlA, Captain Thatcher, JdMlKw*'i!l positively sari aa above, her regain day. Persona w,ailing to secure berths either m cabin or cteeragc, should make eally application on Wd, x^'tAPSC-'ot'i' ' 10 088 re Beuth street, corner of Maiden lane FOIl MOBILE?Packet of the 1st v ox-ember? The spl-mlid last ceiling packet ship TALLAHAS HP K, Oapt.Stoddard, will positively sailasahovr, FOR sale, THEBlood-d StilliHU Young Alexander.? IVdi ?gree?i Alexander was tired by the import* I .Horse AUxmder. who wu imparled into this cqun try ? 1818 Alexander wu K it by Smolensk), out of Wire, by Ki-nwn*; Grand Dam Folly by Hazard, GieatGraud Daui,Ral ly by T.umpeter. Young Alexander', dam an sued by Hr Kichard, grand dam by Sir Alfred. Sir Iticbard wu got by Urty Highlander, grand sire Joliue's celebrated horse Expedition who wu aired by the old imported Expedition. Young Alexander ia a fine B iy. blank le.;i, inane anil tail; six years old and I6>i ban da nigh, a fast trarisUsr. souud and per fect in erery p rt Any peraou wishing to purchue the above Horae will please rail on S.iudata fit Brothers, No. 1 Chatham square?Lamp Store. , , N.B.?The Horae, il' not told previous to the 4th November, _ sent in the country. "IE* -*'*r 1-11 * FUR SALE, ?f| __ A FINE 80RHEL HORSE, seven yearx old, jLS^akiiid in harne a. an e'egant saddle horae, and war ' ^ ? ""'"I ?"???"! Enquire at _ , oZ8 it*ic BOOTH'S Stables, 156 Croahv at. FOR SALE, en PRICE $125, a p.D of stylish brown Homes, 15>? 1 s* ])^i.--.t? high, warrautad sound, kiud, six and seven ' 1 n-.e. old _ . . ... ? Al.o. to rent till 1st ol May, a large Stable with six stalls, near Broadway and Fouith street?$100. Address L. S. H.. til a office. 3t*m ~~*n FOR S ALE A spau of very handsome black TsE^Horses. just from the country, in this State; gentle d2t22L'? siiiglnud double harneas, ?nd sound. Will be solo Oil moderate terms, if applied for soon, at 61 South street up stairs. "26 lw*r HUSfi. Ill CI. Si'ABCfi.S, 24 th street, between Id and 3d Aveuuea, mid nearly opposite Bull's Head. Just arrived from the country, and for sale at the above Stables, 80 Horses, among which are four fast trotting horses, 2 fast pacing do., several pairs farm horses, tome Cue cart uirses, a few good road ami stage horses, and shippers. s3 2mVrc H. H. NOKTHKUP, Proprietor. National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society of London. EMPOWERED MY ACT OF PA11.I1MKNT. THE following are among the advantages held ont by this Institution: The Loan Fund, from which the assured are entitled to draw two thirds of their payments. Tne p iv-ment of premiums annually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly. , A large sum to be permanently invested in the United States in the names of three ol the Local Directors as Trustees, as a guarantee fund. Travelling leave extensive and liberal; and extra premiums Oil tlie most moderate scale. Conditions of policy less ouerous tx> the assured than in most Life Insurance Offices. Uni iru Staves Local Boahd of Directors. JACOB HAKVY. Esquire, Chairman,] JOHN J. PALMER. Esq JONATHAN GOODHUE, Esq. JAMES BOOKMAN. Esq. Ww York GEORGE BARCLAY, Esq. >eW *or*' SAM'l. S. HOWL AND, Esq. GOKHAM A WORTH, Esq. SAMUEL M. FOX, Esq. CLEMENT C. B1DDLE. Esq. SEARS C. WALKER, Esq. Philadelphia LOUIS A. UODEY, Esq. I nilaUeJpnia. GEORGE 1.. GRAHAM, Esq. J Physicians to the Society, (Medical Examiners.) J. KEARNEY RODOERS, M D., 110 Bleecker it. ALEX. K. HOSACK, M. D., 101 Franklin it. E. ARNOULT, M. D., 367 Broadway. Hankers. The Merchants' Bank of New York. Solicitor. WM. VAN HOOK, Esq. 30 Wall st. General Agent for the United States, and British North American Colonies. J. LEANDER STARR, resident In New York. Office 74 WALL Street, N. Y. Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report of the Society's rates, also blank forms, and the fullest information, may be ob tained upon application to the subscriber. J LEANDER STARR, General Agent. jy 24 Haw in 3m*rre OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , I No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. > THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da- | ciage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and j against loss by inland au(* '',e'r caJ8?e'' Thomas W. Thorne, ElishaRiggs, Thomas T. Wqorfrtiff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomsou Price, Joseph Alien, Moses Tucker, James E-Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H.Lee, Wu. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, J ohn C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Presidwt. Oforcb T. Hoff. S-cr-rirv. s5 rc THE EAST RJVEK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE No. 61 (late 49) Wall street, continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses,and other buildings. Also, on Household Furniture, Merclian d,Ie.?tc..asheretoforebiREcToRg John Bronwer. Wakemau Bniritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, John Moorhead, Stanton Beebe, ' Joseph Kernoclian, Daniel Ayres, H<mry W. Hills, Charles N. 8. Rowland, Yntanti'NfeMtttu, IUrtlk?tvaY4oJAHV?",d <r. Robert Boormaa, George Coggesliall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, George Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. David Tiiomion, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD 8. SILLIMAN, Secretary. Robert J. Dilloiv. Counieland Attorney. a2 Im'm OFFICE OF THE CROTON INSURANCE CO No. 39 Wall Street, Adjoining Mechanics'Bank, intheCityof New York. THIS COSIPANY lose by the recent fire $35,000. Their assets over and nbove all cla iiris against them exceed $150,000. They continue to insnre^VUrin^aaa Fire Risks, at fair rstes. James Harper, William B Cozzens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould. James Fhaleu, Theodore A Meyer, S A Lawrence, Cyrus Chenery, Edwin K Tremain, Lawrence Hill, 8 M Crandall, W H Townsend, John Brcaste, Robert Lane,. James Crniksh&nk, John T Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J HSuydam. Charles L Vose, John B Lasals, Zadock Pratt, Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, James Cook, Luring Andrews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, George Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahan, Asa 8 Crosby, George Palen, John J Herrick. William Burgoyne, Abraham Van Nest, _ _ SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary. Cant Smnael Candler, Marine Insp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. an2m ? Office or the Jepfkbiois Iissuraisck Co., J New York, July 24,1845.1 rHK Stockholders of this Company are requested to call at the office of the Company amTsignify whether it be their wish to fill up their respective shares,or to receive a number of shares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the citv are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 \\ all st. T. W. THORNE. Pres't. Gm.T. HoFE.Sec'y. jyP rrc t/UALl. 1AM now delivering bmt Peach Orchard and Red A>h Coal screened and free el cartage fro n ii.e yard at the following price*, (a* nsnal the loweat iu the city,) namely. Broken, Kg* and Stove at $3 23; large nnt $4 73; amall nnt $4 per ton, with (3 cents off if taken from the boau. Coal Yard comer of King ^ 3nf and Greenwich street*. PETER CLINTON. ? It 1m*?e A CARL). TO PARENTS AND GBARDIANS. \ LADY ofsuperiortslents and acquirements, is deiirous of .fa. having a few more pupils to instruct in Music. Her method of instruction will he (ootid to be the most expeditious in pro moting them in the thorough knowledge and theory of the science ot any now taught. A line directed to R. M., at the office of this paper, will be duly attended to. o7 lm'rc WELDED IRON BOILER FLUES, OK ANY DIAMETKR, hut not exceeding 16>{ feet in length; thickness of metal from II to 14, wire gunge. These are the only Tubes used by the Kuglish and French government steaineis, and other fast steamboats, and can be procured only from the Patentee. '?22 Im'rc THOS. PKOSSER, 6 Liberty st. N. Y. TO DEALERS IN JEWELERY. THE UNDERSIGNED, being Manufacturers, and having a tine assortment of Jewrlery and Diamond Work on hand, solicit a call from dealers and merchants dealing in the above articles. Auy given pattern or style of jewelery or fine dia uioud work made to order, at SHAW It ARROWSMITH'S, *10 Im'mc Na. 1 Dey street, one door Irom Broadway. N. B.?1Twelve or fifteen good chain makers can find em ployment as sbove. ATCHE8!-WATCHES AND JEWELRY .-Those Wi who wish to imrchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold ' -hams, 4Jold Pencils, Keys, ke., will find it greatly to their ad v intage to call on the snbaeriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than auy other honse in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 aud $23 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. O. C. ALLEN, I mporter of Watches and Jewelry, ? holeaaln and Retail, 30 Wallatreet. s20 I m*m up stain "THE ALBATA SILVER WARE," MANUFACTURED by Wm. Chiuidle**. 432 Hudson xt., cannot be detected froin Sterling Silver, for the longer this Ware is nsed the whiter it becomes. W. C.,also manufactures Sterling Silver Spoons, Forks and Jewelry, cheap and is prepared to buy Old Gold and Silver, German do, Pearls and Diamonds, to any amount. He sure to look ont for the Sign Plate, 432 Hudson street, between Bnrrow and Morton sis. Wm. Chandless, established 1833, late of Clarksou at. ?aoitn'rc TO BUILDERS. Proposals for buicdino freeman's hall. in the city of Brooklyn, on the cor-er of Columbia and Amily streets?of brick, four stories high, 30 feet liy AO (ac cording to plan and specifications ill the h.uuls of the Archi tect, Asa 8\ehbiiis, on the corner of Atlaniieand Henry iu ) ceivd until the 3|at inat. at 4 o'clock P. M. Pro ? will he rrcei'. . posala to lie sealed np, mil directed to the undersignrd, and left with ihe Architect. The lioaid of Trustees will open said Proposals on that day, at 7 o'c ak P. M. at the office of the Architect. Proposals tnay he made for the Carpenter and Ma son work togrtliA or separate . By order of th? Directors. lw ' THOMAS LESLIE. Secretary. MAKTELLE Ac HOLDEKMANN, M. No. 117 ninltlrii Lane, A*?und Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, roupm, Bands, Curls, Seams, Bandeau flair, L)anguy* celt hrated Curled Hair. 15 inches long, audi a ik w style of Lrei luting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. Also, a very larae assortment of Flowers, Feathers, Head im-sses, such as Alfemnnes Oriental, Pompadour*, Krvn liernif. 1 >11 < hull, and all kinds of Millenary articles N. 11.?Th* trade supplied on reasonable term* Ml lm#m LESSON8 IN DANCING, WALTZING, dec. M AL). ACHI LLEreipeetlolly announces to her frirudsand ? - patrons, and t? the public in irtneraj. that tier regular ciaaa will commence on Saturday, October 11th at her Saloon, Mo. 41 Walkerslreet. DAYS OF TUITION. For youug Ludiea and youug Maatera under 10 yeajra of age, on every Wednesday and Saturday, from 3 to 0 o'clock?and at i lor young Gentlemen. Eveuiug Class lor Gvutlemeu, every Taeaday and Thunday at 8 o'clock. For Ladica and (lentlrnieu desirous of forming by theia ?elvea pr.Vate Quadrille Classes, Polka or M txuika QuaJrillra, on any daya auu hour moat convenient to both parties For individual aud private lemons iu Dancing, Waltzing, Polka or Mazurka, for Ludiea tuid Geutlcmeu, atauy fired honra desired. Madame A. continues to give her professional aerviceaat young ladles' boarding schools and private families. Soiree Ualls,exclusively for her pupils, accompanied by their parents or guardians, as usual. Doing in correspondence with several of the principal pro fessors iu Paris, Madame A. receives from them all the uowl ties of Hie day, admitted in the fnshiuuable society, and die will uiake it a duty to ad'.pt the in in her classes or private Its sons. according to her natron's desires. ?I7 lm*re DANCING ACADEMY. Broadway, Corner of Grand Street, MR G. ROBERTSON has the houor of respectfully in forming his friends and tin- Public that Ids classes for gi ving instructions in all the different styles of th- abnve ac< one plunmeut (and the Maznrka . ml Polka Quadrilles,) will open on Wednesday, Stpl. 17th, ut tj\y large Saloon attached to th Broadway House. Days of Tuition, Wednesdays cud Mature days?Ladies Classes at 3 P. M ; Ueutleuieu, 8 P. M A Pri vate Class for Ladies will be formed from 6 to 7 for La Polks aud Waltzing. Instructions given to Pupils and Private Class es at their residences, or at Mr. R.'a, 63 Eighth Avenue, or 110 Caual street. Mr. Robertson would also inferra the public that his up towu Academy will commence on Monday, September 32d, at 63 Eighth Avenue, where all the different branches will be taught. *13 lm*re VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY. MR. G. ROBERTSON has the pleasure of re.pectfully announcing to his friends and the public, that Ins regular classes lire now u|ieu on Moudays and Thursdays, at his privatr dwelling, t>2_Higlj|Ui Avenue, for giving instructions in th? above art. Mr. R. will introduce iu hit academy ell the late aud fashionable dances now iu use, iucludiug the Polka and Mazurka Quadrilles, and various styles of \V altziug. Instruc tions given in privatr to puiula aud classes, at any tixud hour, at their residvueesorat Mr. fi t. A morning class will be lormed lor ladies. s28lm*m A. DUD WORTH'S DANCING SCHOOL. A LLEN DODWORTH would beg l-ave to inform his fx friends, that it is his intention to commence s Private Dancing School, at his residence, 448 Broome street, ou Mou d ty afternoon. Oct. 20th. From his long connexion with the Dancing world, and having availed himself ol instructions from tiie lie.t masters that nave visited this country?such as Paul Tuglinui, and others o.' like celebrity?he feels that lie is as well qualified to teach as suiy in the city; and his musical education will certainly give him a great advantage uver many at present iu the profession. Be that as it may, those who la vor liim with their patronage can rely upon acquiring a correct aud fashionable style of Daiieirur TERMS. A Quarter of 34 Lessons, iucludiug the Quadrille, Waltz. Gvllope and Polka 810 10 Ten Lessons in the Waltzor Polka, 5 00 Dayv arid Hours of TVitiou. Ou Mouday aud Thursdays, at 3 o'clock, for Ladies and Misses over 13 years of age. Ou Wednesday aud Saturday, at 3 o'clock, for Misses and Bmi under 13 years of age?and Ou Monday, Wednesday, Thursday aud Saturday, for Gen tlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. A second Class will be formed from 9 to 10, for those who cannot attend earlier. Private Lessons given at any other hours, either at the resi dence of the pupil or at the school. o31 lm*re HARPS. HAJRP&i 85 Anthony St., St Doorx from Broatlway. JAMES HAN LEY, the only Pupil of Sebaatiau Erard, ol Loudon and Paris, calls public attention to his stock of Im proved Pateut Double aud Single Action Harps, including hit celebrated 6K oc. Grand Gothic Instruments with Metallic Vi bratiug Bastes, Otc. Sic. James Hauley lias been honored with the testimonials of the President nf the United States, the American Ministers u> the Courtsof Loudon and Paris, Professors Bochsa, Alvara, Chat terton, Horn, aud numerous others from private individuals ol distuiguislird music'I talent. Er* Unserve, Hi Anthony street, 3 doors from Broadway. F~ HARPS REPAIRED. Strings, lac. s!3 lin'rc THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT A MASTER. THE French Language, at once the easiest learned and most fashionable acouirement of the day, u taught by Professor P. 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[Fiom Boston Journal, Oct. 28] Coronor Pratt, this morning, at 9 o'clock, held an in vestigation in the room of the traverse jury of the Muni cipal Court, relative to the murder of Mrs. Bickford. His jury,consisting of Artemas Simonds, Daniel Merrill, Jo seph Moriarty, Thomas Hollis, Charles Brown and Win. Whitwell, together with several witnesses and a number of citizens, were present. Before commencing the in vestigation, Coroner Pratt stated that there was no rea son why the facts in the case should not be given in full, as the transaction had already purtaken greatly of publi city: by this couisn, the evidence, if correctly reported he thought might more speedily and successfully further the ends of justice. J. Lawrence, occupant ol the house where the murder took place, Mrs Bertheria Lawrence, his wife, Miss Priscilla Blood, alias Helen Wood, an In mate of the bouse: William Patterson, who was stopping at the house on the night of the muruor, Sarah E. Law rence, and Joel F. Lawrence, children of the occupant, and Capt. Theodore P Bowker, of Engine No 6, were severally sworn at witnesses, and their testimony cor roborated the above details, with the following addition al particulars The house is situated on a lane in the rear of number 7ti Charles street, known at different times by different names, but generally as Cedar lane, and has been occupied by Mr. Lawrence and family for the last twenty-five years, with the exception ot two years. It was not known by tbo witnesses whether the deceased was u married woman or not, though all con nected with the family had been told she was, but did not live with her husband. -She had been a member of Mr. Lawrence's family furabout eightdays, stating upon her reception that she wished to make preparations for a visit to her friends to the eastward. The deceased was known both by the names of Miss Bickford anil Miss Johnson, and hud received lotters from the |>ost office with both these directions. She had lieon heard to say that one Albert hail written a saucy letter to her, and wanted to know where she was, pioinising not to in jure licr if an interview was granted, hut rather would givj her money if she required it, at the samo time threat ening if a meeting was not granted, "she would regret it." It further appeared in evidence that a man named Albert J. Tirrell, otherwise known as De Wolf, and called such by the doceased, had visited Mrs. Bicklord at the house five or.six times during Mrs. B.'s residence there. On Tuesday evening last, about seven o'clock, she met Mr. T., agreeably to a previous arrangement, in Beacon street, and the latter attended her home, and passed the night at the house; since then ho had been there daily and nightly with ono exception. On Wednesday Inst, Miss Blood, one of the witnesses, was called to the de ceased's room, and introduced to n gentleman by the name of Tirroll, and had twice afterwards seen the same man pass out of the house at about 7 o'clock in tbe morning, while the lamily were at broakfast, On Sun day ufternoon, according to the testimony ol all the members of the family, Mr. Tirrell, about three o'clock, again visitel the house, and remained with Mrs. B. till about six, or dark; he was then dressed in blue striped pants, dark brown dress coat, and dark spotted vest, his heud dress not being recollected. The vest was pre sented to the witnesses and recognized. Mrs. Lawruncc was called up stairs at this interview by the deceased, and was requested to state to Mr. Tirrell what she had been informed about his being watched by certain individuals, with a view to his ar rest for some misdemeanor; she did so, end named her informmt. The parties at that time ap peared to be on good terms ; they were talking pleasant ly, and chatting with each other. Afterwards angry words were heard, tint from indications, they did not last long, and a reconciliation soon took place. The deceas ed, nt tea, stated there was no dispute between thorn, re marking she liked to get mad, because it was so pleasant to mako up. The same evening, about 8 o'clock, he again visited tho house, and was seen passing into Mrs. B 'h room, though somewhat altered in his apparel, hav ing on a blue or black sack, with hat, and a walking stick, or light cane; he was a tall man, with a light step, apparently about 26 years of age. About!) o'clock, the deceased called for water, as she said, for Albert, and conveisation wus heard in the room, though not in dis pute. The tnmily retired about 9 o'clock, and nothing lurther was heatd till the next morning. About fire o'clock, a scream partially awakened several of the household, but from whence proceeding it was not known : soon aftor, a heavy fall took place, which fully aroused the inmates, when Mrs. Lawrence opened the door of her room, and beard a noise which appeared as though a man was descending rapidly the stairs, slipping several steps at tho top, u?d jarring the banisters in nis "1tne " descent. He reached the lower entry, turned the lock ol the outer door, and passed into the passageway leading TlVm the house, where a stifled noise was heard from hjm, as if giving an alarm of lire. The entry was filled with smoke, and upon entering tho deceased's room, the tiqd opened, htvC tfie smoke allowed to escape, when the fire wa9 speedily smothered by the as sistance of several individuals from the street; and the dead body, with the throat cut from ear to ear, l'ouad upon the floor, her night clothes burned all over, and mii open razor, clotted with blood, lying on the floor, be tween the body and tho bed. Several article* of male apparel, comprising the vest above alluded to, a neck cloth, and a pair ol drawers with a sock in one of the legs, the latter much discolored with blood, were strewn Hreund the room. Upon first entering the room, it was supposed by Mr Lawrence tho deceased had fled in the excitement of the moment, and it was not until the smoke had been allowed to escape, that the body was discovered. The witnesses agreed generally in theii statements, which were given much in detail, but the foregoing embraces the principal facts. The jury meet again nt 3 o'clock this alternoon. The jury of inquest wus as follows: ?Artemas Si monds, foreman; Dr. Joseph Moriarty, Thomas Hollis, William Whitwell, Danief Merrill and Charles Brown Joel Lawxzsce called? I live in Cedar lane, or Pinck ney avenue; there is no sign up; I have lived there about twenty-five years; I direct folks by saying to them that I live reur of 76 Charles street; I am between P; , Pinck ney and Mount Vernon streots; my house was formerly owned by Benjamin Joy; 1 knew Maria Bickford; have her about the city for a year or more: she has known her about the city for a year or more; she has been at my house lor a year and a half past three or four times; she has been out of tho city, and she told e she had beon at New Bedford; I dont ki me she had beon at New Bedford; I don't know for cer tain about her being married, but have seen him that was called her husband; she last came to my house alone a week from Friday noon last, and wanted to stay she said she was about to go and see her friends down east; she asked me if 1 was willing she should stay a lew days; shedidstav; she brought or sent her trunk some tnieo or lour days before, after she bad arrived from New Bedford; after she came to my place, she remained ever since; she was at home mostly nights; she was not absent evenings, or more than once; I know Albert J. Tirrell. or A. De Wolf; have seen him come to my house through the yard; Maria called bim De Wolf; during the time she was here, Tirrell, or De Wolf came to my house about four or five times , he may have come too, whon I was absent several times; never saw him come but once in the evening; He generally went into her room; I occupy tbe house; he came last Sunday nfternooD about four o'clock, while persons were going to meeting; ho stayed till about half past five; 1 did not see him when he went out; he was messed, i imnit, wun striped punts and a spotted vest, tike the ono on the jury's table; I think this (the one shown) the one; I think his coat was a dark one, with wide skirts; don't recollect the cravat; can't tell about a hat, hut think he had one; he stayed two or three nights in all with her; dont know when he generally went away; he caineto my houso the last time about o'clock last Sunday evening; I saw him go up the stairs, and saw him at her door; he then went into the room; I did not seo him again that night; he had a cane in his hand; can't say particularly about the hat, hut think he wore one; I went to bod about nine o'clock in the eve ning; there was another man in the house; I slept that night under Mrs. Dickford's room, one floordown; my wile did not sleep with me that night, on account of her being sick; the first thing that partly wakened me was a lall, like the jump of a cat, or a horse stepping; 1 noxt heard a fall upon the stairs, and then a noise mostly in the yard or outsido the door; I found the door opened when I got up; I then noticed tho bed clothes on fire, and my wiie threw them out into the yard; no one had come when I first got up; Mr. Bowker was the first man thatcame into the house; we next went upstairs, aud found the house full of sinoke; others then came; we went into Mrs. Bickford's room; my wife had gone in first; I slept two rooms below and my wife one room below; we think the door was opened when we went in, there was a light in the room, which wax on fire; water was thrown in, and the fire put out; the firo was disco vered also in the closet of her room, where her clothes aud some of our articles were; the clothes were burnt up; a music stool, trunk UDd some bed quilts were also there; the bed and mattrass were considerably burnt; the bed clothes on tho bed had been taken by Tirrell, or some one, and putin the entry; these were pretty much burnt up; the bed stead was also some burnt; there was no fire kept in that room that night; that tire could not have spread from tho lamp to all tho places that were burnt, unless by some hand; I saw the centre ot the straw bod under the mattrass (of hair) and there were a ; comb and some matches there; after a little while I saw the body; she was lying 011 her hack or right aide; her throat was cut from ear to ear; she had only her night clothes and those were a good deal burnt; her head was burnt, she was near the fire place; I laid the sheet on her; she eould not have got on fire from the bed; (a bloody razor shown) this was the razor that lay between her and the bed; thearm.not the hand, touched the razor; the arm crooked up; razor was taken up; 1 never saw it before; it does not belong to my house; the case lay at the back sideot the bed; saw no other weapons; (socks shown,) these do not belong to me; they are not mine; one was found in the room, and 0110 in another room; (drawen shown,) these are not mine; they were burnt some; one sock was 111 the drawers; the drawers were rolled up,as though they had been dosignod to wipe up something; tho body has heon buried by the soxton, under the Coro ner's directions; 1 once carried, first of last week,a note from her to him, at No. 9 Kim street, addressed to De Wolf; I think Mrs. Bickford has gone by the name of Maria Johnson. Tho following is the copy of a letter addressed to De Wolf, or Tirrell, at No 9 V.lm street, by some one. It is signed by one Cassimer. The letter is written in a neat fcma'.n hand, but the spelling is rather poor. The letter was found in the room. (l.XTTKa.) October Dr *a Fkikxo i? ? Excuse the liberty 1 take in writing you?but 1 eent think the causa of your not calling to lee me I suppose you have your reasons. I wish you to call to-day, lor 1 want to see you very much. If 1 have offended you in any way, I am verry ?orry, and hope you will forgive me. - j Do call aud explain to me the cause of your staying . away so long. Maav Ann Cassimcb. It appeared from some evidence introduced niter wards that this person, Cassimer, was not Maria Bicktord. Not withstanding the evidence below of I'riscilla Blood, we uie inclined, from circumstances that have come to our knowledge, to believe, that this name "Cassimer" may also be oue of Maria's aliases. It appears by Mrs Law rence's testimony, that Tirrell, or DeWoli, went occa sionally by the name of Cassimer, and also Maria. [Krom Boston Timas, Oct. 09 ] At this stage the jury retired, and returned in half an hour. The witnesses in the case were then called, and hound over to the November term of the Bupreme Court, being the second Tuesday in November. The witnesses will also appear before the grand jury on Monday next. The verdict ofii qu I w is then re. d: " That Maria Bickford, alias Maiia A. Bickfoid. came to her death on the morning of October 07th, 194.1, by wounds inflicted by one Albert J. Tirreil, otherwise called Albert J Do Wolf, with a razor, cutting her throat in a manner to cause instant death; and the jurors alore .uid, on their oaths, do say, that the said Albert J Tir rell, otherwise called Albert J Do IVolf, of his malice aforethought, the said Maria Bickford, otherwise called Maria A Bicktord, did kill und murder against tbe peace of this Commonwealth and the laws of the same." We have learned the following facta, which will be found of iuterest as connected with the late tragical oc currence in this city: dui Kor some weeks during the last summer, Tirrell and Mrs. Bickford hoarded together ns man and wife, at the Hanover Street House. To avoid suspicion, they took their meals at a private table, and their illegal associa tion was not discovered oy the landlord till his suspi cions were excited by information furnished him hy persons from Weymouth, who were acquainted with Tirrell, and knew that he had u family at that place.? Tirrell, finding that be was exposed, at once moved his quarters, and was soon after arrested on a charge of adultery. While stopping at the above named house, they fre quently quarrelled, it is said, ami on one occasion, Maria had a 'alnable silk dress literally torn from her. Her husband, Mr. Bickford, was residing in the city at the time, and often called to see her, and appeared much uttacheil to her ; and although aware of her relations to Tirrell, was in the habit of performing, at her request many errands. The father of Tirrell died about a year since, leaving property to the amount of about f36,000 Much of it wub in real estate, which was disposed of from time to time, at a great sacritice, in order to realize available means, so far ns Albert's portion was concerned. There were other children. The father of this same Tirrell, Mr. Leoqgrd Tirrell, was a representative for seme twelve years to the Gene ral Court from the town of Weymouth. Albert had ex pended considerable money upon.Mrs. Bicktord, had written letters to her, perhaps criminating himself in somo way, which she was inclinedlto dispose of contrary to his wishes, and which fact, among other things, led to the angry words or quart el noticed in the evidence given before the inquest, which will be found in another place. Nothing had transpired up to 9 o'clock last night as to Tirrell's arrest, though the olticers have been informed that he had been seen recently among his relations at Weymouth, and since the officers were last there. [Krom Boston l'ost, Oct. 29.] There were unfounded rumors in circulation yester day, that Tirrell was seen in Weymouth on Monday, while officers Merrifield and Coolidge were there. They called at the residence of his wife, and were there told that Tirrell arrived there in the morning with Thompson, who was with them, but had not been seen after ten o'clock. They searched the house for him from top to bottom, every facility having been afforded to them by the unhappy family. They gathered, that Tirrell hail represented that he was again pursued on account of the suspended indictment for his having lived with Maria Bickford ; and probably his friends gave him assistance to enable him to keep out of the way, until further ne gotiations to save him from that prosecution could be opened. Anti-Rent Fugitives.?YeBterday Mr. Lev-alley, with one ot the constables of Troy township, de termined to beat the bush, as he had watched it till he was satisfied that he should find game. The scene ol operation was a wild and lonely mountain in the south western part of Bradford county. Scndder, the murder er of Steele, wns the main object of pursuit. Suffice it to say that while they were searching tho woods they unexpectedly found Klmer, one of the Delaware chiefs He was sitting upon a log quite alone. The sheriff came i him and pronounced li up to him aud pronounced nim a prisoner. Upon this he darted away and began to cry "murder!" at the top ol his voice. This soon brought to his assistance some 13 persons, like him fugitives from Delaware, armed with guns, pistols, pitchforks anr< spears. In short, the pris oner was rescued, and the lives of the officers put in the greatest jeopardy Resistance would have been the aeight of folly, as there wore but two, and only one ot ihem armed, to contend with sixteen, alt armed and dei parate, and they were on a wild mountain, miles from my settlement. Tho officers remained on the mountain ?rme time, nnd in the meanwhile Llmer mounted a log uid briefly addressed his fellow fugitives. He told them that this was their last resort; that they had been hunte.! from place to place like deer; that the bloodhounds ol tho law had even scented out their retreat in tho moun tain fastnesses of Pennsylvania; that if they returned to Delaware, they wore already doomed to a shameful death; that if they remained where they were, even should worst come to worst, they could but lose then lives. And in conclusion and in the name of the fugi lives, he dared the public authorities to do their best !? lie said that they had become desperate; that they were determined to remain where they were, and abide the result; that they numbered 36 at least, aud could not be captured by a lorce of 100 men After remaining some time, the officers left their prisoners and returned to Towanda, glad to escape with their lives.?Towandu Letter, Oct. 8. Suicide and Attempt at Murder.?On Monday night, about 11 o'clock, a horrible occurrence took place at the corner of South and Swanion streets A man named Joseph Pope, keeping a tavern there, had been intoxicated tor a considerable time, and alter threatening to kill his wife and a child about four years of age,made an attack upon her with a shoemaker's awl, and sacritied her head and arms with it in many places. The suppo sition is that he thought be had killed her, and rushing trom the cellar kitchen, where this part of the altair oc. curred, he mounted to the roof of the building, and clambering over the railing on the South street side, was precipitated, either by design or accident, to the pave ment beneath?a distance ol four stories. He was seen by a boy looking out of a window in the neighborhoou .it the time, to climb over the railing, but he was undoi the impression that he fell while in the act. The wretch ed man expired almost immediately. The wife, in the meantime, rushed out of the cellar door 011 Nwauson street, frantic from the effect of her wounds, and the fear that her children would be murdered. She was taken care ef by the neighbors, and medical aid brought to her relief. She is wounded over the eye, on her lelt tern ,1c. in several other places on her head and arms, and one stab hetwoen her shoulders, besides receiving va rious bruises. The blade of the awl being very short, prevented the stabs from being serious in their conse quences, and there is at present no reason to fear a fatal termination. She has tour children, and has olten before suffered trom the brutality of her husband during bis trequent fits of intoxication.?Phil. Times, Oct. 39. Synod of Pennsylvania.?This body metal Lew istown, Delaware, on Tuesday evening last. The steamboat Cobansey was chartered for the trip, and a large number of the members, including the Rev. Messrs Barnes, Parker, Thompson, Brainard, Kly, Ike., embark ed on Tuesday. The wind blew a gale when they reach ed the Capes, so that tha boat was obliged to lie at the breakwator over night. As there were 110 berths, the provisions and water growing short,some danger ol drag ging the anchor, and the night cold, there was a good deal of discomfort in the position. But by eleven on Wednesday morning, the wind so lulled that the passen gers were carried in a whale boat to a schooner, and by that reached Lewistown at 3 P. M. The Rev. Thomas Uroinurd preached the Synod sermon on Wednesday evening, and was chosen moderator for the next year ? tireat harmony characterized all the proceedings. The third Presbytory ol Philadelphia, having become too large, was divided. Strong resolutions w ere adopted in favor of Delaware College, which is under the patron age of the Synod. The memlters spoke in high terms ol the hospitality of Lewistown. They reached here on Friday evening. ? Phila Chron. Oct. 39. HiriHLY Censurable and Unjust.?The Feliciana 1I'/ug culls our attention to n communication in the Soutnern Reformer, revealing instances of criminal ve nality upou the part of slave owners in some portions ol Mississippi, which ontail lasting infamy upon all con cerned. The writer censures in severe terms,those who have been guilty of running off thei' slaves to Louisia na, alter their crimes have rendered them amenable to capital punishment under the criminal code 01 Missis sippi. He instances five cases in which the slave has been " run," after having attempted to take the life ol hie mas ter or mistress. Some prompt action should be taken to protect^our community trom these repeated acts of heart less venality. The present statutes should be revised and enforced, or others better calculated to suppress the evil should be enacted.?N. O. Pic. Oct. 31. Robbery of the Express.?Circumstances have come to the knowledge ol those interested, which leave no doubt that the moneytaken from Livingston and Well's express on Thursday night, is in this city, to gether witn the villains who committed the robbery.? Thoy and their booty are in concealment; and as a re ward of one thousand dollars has been otforod, wo can not doubt that the energy, vigilance, and effort thus stimulated to action, will be speedily successful in the recovery of the money. The key of the car from which the expi ess truuk was stolen was found this morning in Kish street, near Brown's mill race, a lew rods trom the car house. The water was this stternooii drawn from the race in the expectation of finding the trunk, but the search was not successful.?Rochester American, Oct. 37. Death of E. S. Thomas.?This gentleman, well known to many, died 111 Cincinnati 011 the 22d inst He waaof the lainily of Isaiah Thomas, of Worcester, Massachusetts, llo removed to Charleston, 8. C., and there conducted an extensive bookselling business. Il? published anil conducted the Char lei ton Courier for a number ol years. Subsequently he removed to Cincin nati, and established the Sheening Tost, which tor four or five j esrs bo con noted here since that he has pub lished lu? " Reminiscences, in two volumes, quite an en tertaining book. ? Cincinnati Chron. Intemperance and Issanity in Canada.?We met an article some tune tince which made some start ling development* in relation to the amount of spirituous liquor* consumed in the Canadian province, and the ef fect which *uch consumption had upon the intellects of the p> pulation. The article i* mostly compiled troin an elaborate treatise on the subject which appear* in toe Medical Journal, and is from the pen of Dr. Hall He as cribe* the greater proportion of insane person* in Canada over every other country in point of population, to the great prevalence of intemperance. The per centage of ineano to the population of the two Pro vine ?, In cemparison with that of other oountriei, is as follows : England 1 In 733 Hcotland do HI France do 1000 Ireland do 3417 Belgium do 1014 Holland do 1044 Italy do 4373 Spain do 7170 United State*. do 800 Lower Canada do 473 j Upper Canada do #00 In the State of New York, one in 887, while in Lower I Canada, it is one in 463?nearly double in point of popu | la'ion. The following figures, taken from official documents, will show the immense import* of liquors into the pro vince and the increase of recei|Q| ef one year over the other. Liouort Imported. 1B42. 1843. Galls, brandy, winss, he., 1,080 003 1,981,003 Whiskey mado in Canada, 900,167 1,238,330 3,680,166 3,160,333 Thi* quantity will allow five gallons to each inhabi tant of the Province, male and female, over 16 years ef age, per yesr. In no country In the world csn such a table of consumption bo made out, the allowance for each inhabitant of Great Britain being onlv eight tenths of a gallon per year. The article to which wa refer, continues :?" Insanity is generally believed to be here ditary. and is certainly known to run in some families in the United States. There is an island in the British channel, containing some 39,000 population, and it is sel dom any go off the island to marry, and in one sense of the word they have become one family On thia island, there is scarcely a family name which ha* not its insane members. To some degiee, the exces* of insanity in Lower Canada is to be accounted for, as but very few of the French marry out of French families; but still intem perance is the most prolific source." Life Insurance.?A striking instance of sudden death while in the prime of manhood, and of the great importance of the Life Insurance, will be found in the following letter from Providence, under data ef the 23d inst., which we copy from last evening's Tran ter ipt In your excellent Journal funder date 21st inst.) I notice that mention is made of the death of a gentleman resident here^who had insured his life for $10,000. The peculiar facts of this case are of striking interest, and their publicity will doubtless awaken more general attendance than heretofore to the supreme importance of life insurance, which I am rejoiced to see you aid with the able influence of your extensively circulated paper, and thus confer on mankind a real and most important benefit, worthy the efforts of a publioljournaliet in this enlightened age. I therefore beg to acquaint your readers that the case referred to is that of Amory (hapin, F.sq , a gentleman long resident among us?of the highest respectability and standing?and President of the North American BaDk. While on a visit to New York in August last, be be - came acquainted with Mr. Starr, the General Agent of the National Loan Fund Insurance Company of London, and was so struck with the peculiar features of that institution, that he effected an insurance on his own life with them in the sum ol $10,000. He was then in perfect health, and passed kis medical examination most satis factorily. This was on the 21st August. Early in September (being returned to Providence) he contracted a cold, and was seized with illness which for some time seemed to yield to the skill of his attentive physicians ; but in the wise councils of Heaven it was ordained otherwise; and, in the prime of life, being only 41 year* of age?in the midst of a large circle of valued friend*?leaving an affectionate wne and children?he died on the 4th October. Another feature of this case is, that he died of an attack ol " erratic gout," which he had never been viaited with previous to his last latal illness. One more remark, and I will no longer intrude on your pages. To secure to his family this wise provision of $10,000, the late Mr. Chapin expended of his menne $372 only. Each reader's mind will supply its own com mentary. Yours respectfully, A Fsir.Ni> to Lira Issues.set Mormondom.?A circular has been addressed by the '' Council of Twelve" to the Mormons through out the Unite! States, relative to the contemplated re moval from Nauvoo to some point west of tne Rooky Mountains. It is urged on the saints to sell their pre l>erty for horses, niiki, Sic,?such articles a* Will be -eivicout.lo on the journey, and in their distant bomea. William Smith, "the Patriarch," has also issued a " pre .-tarnation" to the saints scattered throughout the United States, warning them against the tyranny, corruption and licentiousness of Bngham Young and his associ ates, and counselling them to remain where they ere. until a general conference can he held. He claim* the right to speak tor the prophet's family, and aoouses Young of usurpation, and the commission of great crimes, in order to control the church and fleeeo th* faithful. He denounces the contemplated removal to the Pacific as a scheme which will benefit Young and his associates, but tuin those who lollow them. He if now in thi* city, and says he left Nauvoo for fear of loaing hie life through the agency of Brigham Young, whoee power there is absolute, and who has a band of doape ladues at his service, ready to assassinate him, or any other person whom he may order to be destroyed. Ho does not object to the withdrawal of Young and hie co adjutors, to whom he imputes the offences which have been committed, and which have excited popular indig nation.? St. Lautt Reporter. Oct. 21. Supreme Court, Oct. 25.?Present, Chief Justice Broimon, Justices Beti'rdsley and Jewett. No. 7. Hiram Hathhun, sheriff, fitc. ads. John C. Filkin. Mr. Gaorga Rathbun coucluded for defendant. Mr. N. Hill was hoard in reply. No. 8. R. Van Dyke adi. Wm Pis roe, a im , lie. Mr. Miller was heard for the defendant. Mr. Van Vleek was heard tor the plaintiff Mr. Miller in re ply. No 10. Amos Adams, sheriff, (kc. ads. Cbauncey I'oxter, et al. New trial granted by default No. IS.? Alonzo Tot lor ads. George B. Chase et al. Mr. George Rathbun was heard for the plaintiffs. Mr. M. T. Rey nolds was heard for the defendant. Mr. Rathbun in re ply. No. 14. The Chenango County Mutual Insurance Co ads Harry Jennings. Mr. Wright was heard for de fendants. Mr. D. B. Noxon was heard for the plaintiff.? Rachttter Dem. Supreme Court. Rochester, Oct. 27.?Pesent? Chief Justice Hronson, Justices Beardsley and Jew ett. No. 13 and 16?The Commercial Bank of Buffhlo ts Krastus Sparrow et. al. Mr. Millard Fillmore was heard tor the plaintiffs. Mr. Talcott was heard for the defen dants.?Mr Fillmore in reply. No. 23? Guy C. Irvine impi'd. he. ads. Otis Alvord et al. Mr. Hazeltou was heard lor the defendants. Mr. Mar; vin was heard for the plaintiff. Robbery at Monroe, Michigan?We learn by a gentleman direct from Monroe, Michigan, that on Wednesday morning last, between the hours of 12 and 4. tr.o railroad depot at that place was entered and robbed of what cash, scrip, Stc. could be found therein. The fol lowing is the list of loss, as furnished us by our inform ant, to wit: Canal Bank bills, Albany $SA6 Lehigh Co. Bank 30 Coin 46 State Scrip 1,106 $1,638 All the cash was the property of the railroad company, ind the scrip belonged to the State of Michigan.?Bvffa to Pilot. Manslaughter.?On Wednesday night last, & man by the name of James Mehan, from Troy, New York, fell into a vault ten feet deep, in Pittsburg, and was instantly killed, as his head was somewhat cut and his neck dislocated. The coroner's jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter against the two contractors who had left the vault in that exposed condition.?Phila. U. S. Gazette. New Hampshire ?The Manchester American intimates that Mr. Carroll, of the New Hampshire Patriot, will be appointed by the Governor of N. Hamp shire to fill the vacancy in the Senatorial delegation from that State, until the meeting of the State Legisla ture in June. Member of Congress ?Dr. John B. McFarland. member elect to the House of Representatives, died at his residence in Nashville. Tennessee, on Friday weak Health of the Governor of Canada,?Lord Metcalfe's health was improving on th# 27th inst OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK GAS LIGHT CO Octohsr 13th, 1146. TNHE PRESIDENT and Directors have this day declared a dividend of four and one half per cent on the capital stoclt of this company, for the si* months ending 1st August last, payable to the stockholders on and after Saturday, the lat Nov The transfer book will ha closed from the 2Jth instant to thai date By order, C. L. EVERlTf, Secretary. nltto Nl re NOTICE TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS PROPOSALS will be received at any time previous to the 22d day of November next, at the office of the subscriber. No. fi Wall street, lu the city of New York, for the grabbing, it railing, masonry, superstructure and bridging of the Bear Mountain Itailroad, in Pennsylvania, 28 milesiu length, extend nig from Bear Mountain to Dauphin, on the Pennsylvania Ca u?I, eight mile* above Harrubnrg. Plans and speci'icaSionaare ready for inspection at the uudrrsigiied'soffice. 'Bie work to be commenced immediately upon closing of the contracts. IP MAN ROW. New York, Sept. 22d, 1843 lm*f THE LARGEST AND MOST MAGNIFICENT CONCERT, BALL, AND LECTURE ROOM. IN BROOKLYN. THE subscriber wonld resperitully inform anch persons as are desirons of engaging rooms during the ensiling winter, for the purpose of Ball., Concerts, Lectures and Public Meet nigs, that theroia now erecting on the premises . f Brooklyn Garden, a large and commodious bin ding to he deeotea exclu sively- to such purpose?to be eompletrd by the 26th October, [Its ; and the nudersingned will endeavor to rsmder it the hvst and most convenient ol any room in Otis city. I"t Ball Knstni will have a spring floor, constructed on the m ?t appovea " J- W. VAN PELT.

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