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October 30, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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takan, bocaue# tliero ra nono to takai Mtd 10 tho bur glar took himsolf off with uopartllalod hast*. Ooo Fellow*.?Mr. Murdoch, tha tragedian, delivered a Lecture bafora tha Odd Fellowe of Montague Lodge, In Coutt street, on TuesdMr evening, at-which ha had a very respectable auditory Police Item*.?Michael Caiay want into Mr. Curti* Meirit'shat store, puced a cup, and walked oil'with it, forgetting to par for it. On lining pursued and brought back, he offered to fork out, but was brought to the po lice umt fined $3 Not being able to pay it, ha waa com mitted in default. Patrick McGiath Indicted a veryuncou uigul abniiilt upon hit wtfe, at tha loot of Sands street, but diechaiged on payment of costs, and giving bail fot good behavior. Eabi iio'.'akk in Kint.i Count*.?Tho rumored "con vulsion" on Long Inland on Sunday evening Jaat, tuini out to huvo been, at the belt, but a very feeble attempt at an earthquake. We " rather guess" that mora people were unnecessarily alarmed than they had good aud suf flcieut cauae for. To the Km iok or thi: Herald : Hih- A communication in your paper of yesterday ligned " South street," relative to one of the Insurance Companies, ia untrue in all its parts. Its author is pro bly ? he parson who insured his vessel ten days after she had been lost on our coast,when he'had had ample time to have heard of her loss, and yet informed our officers that she was sain at the wharf Whoever he may be, how ever, it i* intended that he shall not escape prosecution for his vilo slander. Hespectiully, A TRUSTEE. Movements of Travellers. The arrivals yesterday were steady and numerous every whete, and exhibited little or no diminution in the spirit of "moving," even at this advanced period of tho season. The following are a summary?at the American S K. Talbot, Maine: T. H. Benedict, Tar rytown; Ed. Anderson, Georgia; J. Heylin, Philadelphia; Jn Smith, do; W. Merritt, Boston; Henry Rogers, Eng. land; 3. P. Allison, Tennessee; J. Brown, J. Neif, Phila delphia. Astor?G. H. Smith, West Point; C. T. Costaihoper, Rio de Janeiro ; H. Hammond, Conn.; Dr. Boylston, Princeton; Bp. Brownell, Hartlord; C .G. and T B. Pe terson Philadelphia: J-Henry, A. Welsh, Princeton; R. Hait, Baltimore; G. B Corhait, Geo.; C Hodges, Hud son; Mr. Eustmon, Boston: Messrs. Edward and Fletcher Webster, Boston; Anson Dexter,do ; A. Smith, Batavia; J Neiss, Watertown H Liborions, Boston; H. D. Bird, Va.; W. Whiting. Phila ; H Goodwin, salem. ('ITT?F. Orineller, Ohio; Lieut. Colonel Long, Louii ville, Kentucky; \V. Ilvaine, New Jersey; H D Rogers, Philadelphia; Rev J McLean, NewJersey; George Dix on. Dedham, Mass.; II Hasbrouck.Rondout; Odelt Gre gory . Owego; Alfred Tyler. Norwich, Green Harvill Norris, do John Watson, Frankfort; W Whitehead, Southampton; Morrison & Lambeth, Philadelphia, J. Stone, do. Khanrmn?Victor Almond,St.Albans;H. C. Selsby, Se neca Falls: A. Brainaril, Massachusetts; W. S. Lock wood, Norwalk; H Lephan, Peekskill; George Bement, Albany; H. F Rice, Mortreat; R. L. Stone, Troy; N. Clarke, New Bedford; A. J. Tucker, Bath; C. B. Blair, Michigan; J. P. Chambers, Ohio; H. Moss, New Berlin; F. Moss, New Burliugton; J. It. Vincent, Stonington. Glork.?P. W. Wishart, Phila.; T. A. Simmena, Bos ton; C Treadwell, Union Springs; Tiffony and Schro Held, Boston. Howard? Coleman Adams, W. King, Newburgh; B. Boylan, Clnn.; A. Hill, Fall River; It A. Bennington, 00,s R Bow en. Boston; Y. P. Yaw, Bnfi'alo; General II. Mallory, Vermont; J. M. Dontgani, Montreal; Mr. < u villier, Montreal; J. H Kugley, Bedford; K J. Martin, Louisville; Colonel Fisher and J. C. C. Fisher, Gran vil e; J. C. Holder, Boston; J. P. Bull, Pittsburgh; J. Hulbert, Boston; J. Bennett, Vermont. Navigation of the Ohio lllver. Placet. f\me. State of River. Pittsburg. . .Oct 24 3} feet inchan'l. Wheeling,. ..Oct. 18 13 feet in channel. Louisville,. ..Oct. 23 B feet 'J in. and falling. Cincinnati Oct. 24, 114 feet on flats and bars. Pliwtoll's Famous Hair Iiivlgorator. " Neglect ilie hsiraud you neg'ec' th- head, A d gr.eve top late when youthful carls sre fled, use 111 time the Balin?the roots sustain, Oucv more the hair will flourish bright again." Ill nine cases out nf ten the hair like the teeth, is lost through neglsct I'll don's Chemical Hair Balm in the first place removes all the daudiiff or cutauenus scurf, aud then operates directly on ihe roots. As a hair restorer ami renova te it never had an equal. Prepared and sold by E. i'halou, 211 Broadway, opposile St. Paul's Church. For Agents see advertisement. Portable Shnvlng Cases.?The Subscribers having perfected and finished a variety of the above, offer the same as the most complete yet invented, suitable to the w.'i ts ol the travelling public, containing all that is uecessarv tor the toilet, with the addition of the Metallic Tablet Strop, for sliarpeuuig and keeping Razors in the most perfect order. G. SAUNDERS St SON, 177 Broadway. JtlO.MICY MARKET. Wednesday, Oct. 40?6 P.M. Quotation* for stocks fell oft' a fraction to-day at tba first hoaid, but rallied again at the second. Norwich and Worcester declined 1 per cent; Long Island lj ; Stocing ton 1; Erie I; Morris Canal J; Canton j; North American Trust j. Vicksburg closod at yesterday's prices. The improvement at the second board was confined to Nor wich and Worcester, Long Island and Canton. The tales were very large at both boards. This reaction must have been anticipated, upon a market rising so ra pidly as this has . within the past week, and was, w thout doubt, produced for the purposo of getting con tracts. It was supposed that a regular break down was at hund, and many operators were for a time very much alarmed. The panic, however, quickly subsided, and we hava no doubt the market will be much benefited by tho inuver?Mtp?c., ? t .. tionc for the stocks most used for speculation in this market, for several periods within the past eighteen months, for tho purpose of showing the great Auctua. tions within that time, and the wide margin still remain, ing for an advance, before previous prices are realized. It will be seen that the three principal railroad stocks? llarlem, Long Island and btoningtou?are now selling a1 from fifteen to twenty per cent below prices ruling fif teen months since. Quotations for Fancv Stocks i* this Marks.t. May l, June Dec 13, Mar.tV, May Slug. Oct. 1H14. 1, 14. 14441 184i. SI. 43. 81. 29. L. Island,.. 74'4 8)1 7S}< Tb.V, 71J4 bOX 7J Harlem... 71!* 84^ 64M 70 71 39 06 4,'an too 41 64tf 433n 4I.Si 42 43 I-si ? I.osr, 33 32 S(i,Q 38'a 34 SL'? 34 N-r>?.< h &. Wore ... 71'< 72 88 69& 72K 66 76 RtODIuCton, S7>? 34 40 4V4 28)^ 3lX The quotations current on the 1st of June 1844, were the highest ever reached by most uf the stocks named, and were tho highest reached during the enormous cpe selation that commenced the provious March und termi nated on the 12th of June tho same year, when a decline of 10 to 15 per cent was experienced in one day. The lowest point touched by these stocks within the pas' eighteen mouths was on the 31st of August, as will be seen in the above table The movement is now onward; prices may from time to time waver and recede e little' but the speculative fever ha* become too great to be easily destroyed. The indications for a long period of speculation in some descriptions of merchandise and in stocks, are at present unusually A t . The country generally, never was in a more prosperous condition; every depart, ment of business appears to he established upon a solid basis, every one is actively employed, the currency is lu a sound healthy state, the product* of the soil com' mand remunerating prices, and the masses appear to be ta the enjoyment el all those things necessary to improve their condition. There has not been a }>eriod within the past fifteen years (since 1830) when the future appeared ?o filled with the elements necessary to advance all busi' Bess operations. We are about entering upon an era in oommeroial tflairs, that will be filled with events as inte. resting ami as important in their results, as any that have b->en experienced. There has been within the past fifteen years a very great increase in real capital in this country, and when this capital becomes invested in a manner so thai it wtil increase as rapidly as investments did in 1836 and 1930, we may look for an expansion ex tending several times any former one. There was a gieat scarcity of private capital during the last specula tive peiiod. The hanks nlmoet monopolised the business of making loans, and when their resources were ex hausted, the bubbles began to explode. We have now gieuter facilities for extending any speculation that may ai is*,than we ever had before The bankingeapital of our lirge cities is at this moment larger than it ever before lias been, and the course these institutions are pursuing, tends directly to an expansion of credits, by extending their discounts, and to a rapid increase in all legitimate business operations, and speculative movements, by the additional facilities afforded to those engaged in tbem - There has been throughout the country, within the pa*! year, an increase in hank loans of nearly forty millions, *n increase In the issue of paper money, of mors than fivs millions oi dollars. The expansion ga thers strength as it progresses, and a few years will l"fllc* to bi ing about tha lively times of 1835 aod 1836 The infernal Improvement mania that has already aomiaenced will take a different course this time, to what it did last ; then it wet centered upon the construe, tion ofcansls, now It is confined almost exclusively to Ttilroads, and there will be about as great a similarity between the movement* of tha two periods as there is hatween the improvements aimed at. New road* will not only be built, hut the loads now in active operation, mid those progressing toward* completion, will become immensely productive. The business of the country with in the next five years will,without doubt, be at least dou bled, and the tratHc. upon railroads consequently increa. i(,,| in s corresponding proportion. Thoro is not a rail road in the country in active operation but that will' within tho period above named, become regular, perma n .u dividend-payIhg stocks, and of all others tha roads d veiling fioni this city must, in the natural course of I i, I'O more productive than those otherwise located. T h quotations for all our railroad stocks rule much I,alow tli#ir actual value as investments, and it it in soma instsoces nothing but the feeling in the public mind cre ated by tha past mismanagement of tha lines, that heaps lawn tha market price. This prejudice, the** old racol , lMtiotu, have nothing to do with tho actual value of tho (toelu, and fhould htro no unfhvorabla Influence upon tho proiont management Tho Harlem Railroad Com pany hai a board of directori equal to any other in the country, and under the present management the road ia being rapidly extended northward, aud will ultimately not only reaoh Albany,but will connect with the eaatern roada, at several points. Tho Long Island Railroad ne ver was in a more prosperous condition. The recelpta of the company have this year been a large peroentovei last, and the road la In excellent order. It will always be the most expeditious route to Boston, and as such will command a very large amount of travel. The Norwich 8c Worcester Railroad Company, amidst all the opposi tion, notwithstanding the great reduction in the price o' passage, have been in the receipt of a larger gross in. come this year than last; it is possible the nett income may, at the close of the year, be a triflo less than last, hut a road that can sustain itself, this has beon with the most determined opposition, must have groat local advantages and must be immensely produc tive in the abseuce of competition. Of these three rail roads,only one (tne Norwich Is Worcester) has declared a dividend, and that at present prices is a six per cent stock ; the nett earnings of the Long Island are sufficient to permit the declaration of a dividend in January, but it is possible the surplus may be appropriated to the pay ment ol' an instalment of the debt, which is in fact much better for tke stockholders than a small dividend. The nett receipts of the llailem Railroad this year will be sufficient to pay a dividend of nearly four per cent on the present cost of the road, tic., but tho surplus will be re tained for the payment of the interest upon the new loan of $500,000, made to pay for the extension to Somers ? When this extension is completed, the road will be flfty miles in length, ten of which will be a double track, and will terminate at one of the largest towns in the interior of the Eastern part of the State, und extend into the rich est agricultural portion of the river counties. With the additional resources this oxteusion will give, th? receipts of the company must be veryjmuch increased, without adding anything of consequence to the running expenses Old Stuck Sxchang*. $7000 N Y State 5'a, '58 10J 50 shas Canton Co blO 45k 650 N Y Citj 5's, "38 98 23 do . 4J 3000 Kentucky 8 s 101M 100 do b30 45k XOOUO Perm 5'? 75k Mo do b20 45>J 15000 do 75k 50 do b30 45 k 1000 Illinois special 37 75 do 4V ; RR I 1 ? 7000 heading Kit l)da 08k 100 do 4Jl? 10 shas Manhattan Bit 100 100 (lo *60 44 ~ 1"0 Bk Com. ?c ip 97 50 East Boston Co 14 K 10 do full 97 250 do blO 14k 2nd Morris Canal 24J^ 275 Nor sud Wore 76 24 Jj 25 do 24k 50 do 76 k 150 do 1)60 25 50 do blO 76 k 200 do 24k 50 do s30 74 25 Ohio Life St Tr 97 50 do 76k 23 do b60 97k 100 do s20 15 50 N Am Trust s60 11 25 do 7S1; ,1,, T. o, n, I l.i j . ? a 100 Farmers' Tr siiw 34 25 L Island RR 733. 200 do b30 34 275 do 73 200 do 34 50 do b60 73 50 do slO 34 150 do *10 72k 50 do 1)3 46 500 W ilminglon RR itiU S6 150 do bfirt 46k 50 Morris Canal slO 24> 50 do b3 S3k 25 N Y aud Erie 33*', 50 do S3 33k 35 do s3 33 k 'aft *lra ? 'JOl' OA .1 ? I.? ...? * 5? ? _ c 33g 25 do b3 33 50 do c 45 k 25 do 72 k 100 do 45k 25 Nor aud Wore s3 7f>k 50 do >3 45k 50 da 13 76 25 do 1)30 45k 25 do b3 76 25 do >10 43k 100 do s'.O 33k 25 do 72k 100 do S3k 200 Harlem RR 50 ., . do 33k 200 do b?0 100 Erie RR S3.k 100 do b30 66 50 do 33 100 Stoniiiglon 34k 250 do 3ik 350 do yi' Second Board. 50 shas Canton Co 46 ! 75 shas Nor and Wor s3 76k r w w-w- ?nwavvw ? ????ma SlO 2i jtn 50 Nor and Wore *20 76 ~ 50 do 21'? 25 do 77 25 do s60 Sup 24k 25 do slO 77 25 do s6Q5ui' 21'. 25 do slO 77 50 do b60 21'., 50 do bl5 77 50 L Island RR bis 73 150 do b!5 77 50 Harlem RR ,90 65 50 do boo 77 50 Erie RR b30 33k 50 do s3 76k 50 d) 33k 50 do s3 76k New Stock Uichange, 25 shas Vicksbmg Bk b30 8 k 25 alias Morris Canal 24k 25 Farmers'Tr b3 33^ 58 KBostq Co *60 l?k 25 Canton Co b" 45k '5 do 33 25 do Ii33 46 50 Long Island 73k 25 do s3 45 50 do bnw 73 25 do slO 45k 50 do bnw 72k 25 do b60 46 25 do 76 k 25 do slO 45k 25 do c 76 Married. On Wednesday, 2flth inst. at the Brick Church, by the Rev. Dr. Bpring, Mr. John* Wilmaiith, to Misa Csito line Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Peter Bonnett, Esq. ail ol this city. On Tuesday, 27th inst. in Christ's Church, Springfield, Mass. by the Rov. H. W. Lee, Mr. Henry A. Hatch, of Hartford, Conn, to Miss Maria Howe, of Springfield. Died. On Tuesday morning, 28th inst. after a lingering ill ness, Mr. John M. Okrvaisk, aged 70 years and 18 days. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully request ed to attend his funeral, this afternoon, 30th instant, at 3 o'clock, from his lute residence, 30 Green street, without further invitation. On Wednesday morning, 20th inst. after a lingering ins nitrous bui, aciiu?4UcSoiccb aio I captLuuti) iTlTlten to attend his funeral, this alternoon, 30th iust., at two o'clock, from his late residence, 184 Franklin street,with out further invitation. REWARD. LOST, on the 28th instant, a pur of Oold Spectacles, in a vlorocco Case,with the name of F.Pearsall written on the ui.ide. VVhorver will return the above to Ns. 3 Waverly dice, will rec-ive the above leward. o 0 3i*rc FIVE DjLLAKS reward. LOST, ou Moud ay eveuu g. ir one of the 27th street ears, or at Paimo's Tueatie. a double ebouy Opera Glass, in a mo rocco case- Apply at 37 John st, second sloiy. o30 .t*rc THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST?Ou Tuesday, 28tli instant, between I ii imbei street and St. Paul's Church. B.o.idway, a Hi inond Cluster llr ceh t, with fi..e gold hinge pailcru chain b ind The above reward will lie. raid ou leaving it at Robert Rail's Jcwelery store, 262 Broadway. o'?9 3t*inc U.MTED s'1'ATt.S COURT?Horace H. Day ads. Chas. Goodyear?Eiinity Suit?India Rubber Case. For aus?er to tu? advertisement over the name of William Jodson, solicitor ? ompl <iuant, the defend ut refers the reader to fa ta as i>ublislieil under his own name, exhibiting the iruth iu the matter, in the Triuuiie of Tuesday. Oct. (8th, mid Fx pre s of e onday, 27 Is. and Weunesd 29:h, wherein ap-ears h th sides of| he i|U> sticiu, also the circumstances under wh eh Goodye r wnsd- feated : and those who wai t to know the tes timony in tile case are referred to the affidavits ou file in ihe Unit id Stales Court, which will also clearly show that the pa tentee is not the inventor?hat wno is 7 Together with quite H fu I a id amusing history of India Kubb?r improvements. For the edification of the legal profession, I suppose my counsel will not abject to my adding that the "answer" it not yet due. HuKacK H DA2 , Soliciting for himself old lw*m UNIVERSITY UK THE STATE OF NEW YORK. COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. r P11 College will be opened for the sessiou of 1813-'16 on A Monday, 3d November, nt half-past7 1'. M. An Introductory Address on the Tr gress of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences*' wi'l be delivered by Alexander H Stevens, M. D , the President of the College. The Medical Profeasiou and the public generally are respect fully inv.ttd to attend. On Tuesday, 4(h November, at 9 A. M., the .egular courses will be commenced, as follows :? On Theory and Practice of Meiliciue, Joseph M Smith,M. D. . On Materia Medics and Medical Jurisprudence, John 11 Beck, M.D. On Chemistry and Botany, Johu Torry, M. D. On Auatmny and Physiology. Rohan Watts, Jr., M. D. Oil Principles and Practic- ol Surgery, Willnrd Parker, M.D. i On Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Chand ler K. Oilman, M. D. Demonstrator of Anaroiny. Gustavus A. Sabine, M. D. GURDON BUCK. Jr., M D., Registrar, College oi Physicians and Surgeons, 67 Cr*sby st., 1845. olO JtTliSsitk.M ATR A PI LA L OR Y, OR LIQUID HAIR DYE, FOR CHANGING l llE COLOR uF THE HAIR I TO ANY REQUIRED MIAUL OF BLACK OR BROWN, IN A FEW MINUTES, By a simple and cast/ tprorrss, without staining Ihe skin, or in any way injuring the hair. BY J. LAIRD, 92 CHATHAM STREET. THE great advantages posses.ed by this Hair Dye over j those hitherto in use, will he at oure apparent. It produ ces a perfectly namml > olor in n compiratiTelv short spare of time and much of the trouble and Ronoyanre attending the use of all forms r dyes are entirely obviate' in this. For produ cing the lighter shades of brown, the Atrapilstorv may lie a .id io be ihe oulv preparation thn ugh which a satisfactory mult ran he relied on: and in mtditiou to the rnlor having so close a rese nib lance to that nt nature aa completely to defy detec tion, the nsv of the dye will be fonnil in no respect n jnrious to the hair, which, after the operation, will retain its accus tomed softness, elasticity and gloss. J. LAIRD, 92 Chatham sr., o30 Im'm New York. HILL'slNFALLlBLK UNGUENT FOR THE HAIK. CAN any thing be mote honest I Notice the fact th it 1 never publish any certificate commendatory of the above unless it has th* residence of the individual giving it append ed, which enables you to satisfy yourselves (by enquiry) that 'heOngnentis leallywhatit purports to he; snd under..ami ye also r|i it it is warranted in ill cases, cither ynunenr old, if properly appl'td, to effectually s'sy alopecy or falling off . f the ha^r, restore it io hatu pvrw er d c?le pityriasis, dand ruff, scurf, and all eifi ilations of the cuticle or scalp; change red or grey hairs to a he.mtilul da.k color, make the hair moist, soft, curly. Ac. I do hervhv certify that I have been eerionsly afflicted with daiid.uff and falling off of the hair, and made nse of ?> r ral articles for the same withnn*. the least benefit; indeed I wis tearful "f becoming bald; finally, heing induced to rise Hill's Infallible Ongnent, I am happy to sav the result was most sa tisfactory, for in a shoR time the dandruff entirely dia ppeai ed, my hair soon commenced growing, aud it now thicker than it ever was, being also soft, moist and glossy. I cat, strongly recommend it for the above. Y'ours, Ac., JAMF.8 BLANCARD, No. 48, Avenue D (TV Recollect, Hill's Infallible Ongnent ran be obtained only at his principsl office, on the northwest corner < f Pine and Nassau sts., aud at the follow log Agents, New Yo*k rxassaii sis., and at the lollow ing Agents, I>ew i o'? .? Wni H. Carey St Co , IB6 Pcsrl sr.; 1 Graham 8tCo., 73 W ater at.: Mr Thomas Sew. II, 478 Grand St. Brooklyn; A. Hpno .er It (To., 57 Fultnu st ; Mrs. J. lo.dan's Fancy 8lnrr, f.? Atlantic street; M illiamshnrgh, E. Hanr.ett's Confections rv, in 1st, between Grand snd Kouth 1st ?U; Albany, D A. Htrrick, No 8 Uclavnu Houip; Biltiinor*>. Md , Mtwr? Mw timei A Mnwnry, comer of Murve' null Charlts streets, New nik Im E Tnppe, 291 Broad, Corner of jVIarkc*i at. n96 Im'ffl Highland Cottages. V.EW8, with ground plane, of the I lighten.; < Hoibury, nevr Boston, design*.I and erected by Wm B Lang?for sale nt the stores of Haxton Ik Miles, Wiley Ik Tnt nam, M. II. Ntwmu, Roe Lockwood A Son, and other book store#. o29 Jtis're .'ttages at wanted, _ A SITUATION, Vy ? yooof pownil from Chambermaid or Hoat*m*id. Hh? can miki dre??~i, it d?v?r at yaoeral ueedle-wor't and tha doing up ol due liueo. Haa tie objection to trava' or go to tha aouutry with a small fumily. Apply for Louiaa Ragot, M Grand aaaat. o30**.C TO JEWELLER* ANTED?A lew good Journeymen J?w?llerato$oon v? to Boston, win re coustsut emi loymeut will bu $>**|B N'oue but good baud* need apply. Apply Immediately *t No. 6 Barclay st n'lll ft*mc A NT EL)-A situation uC, lor Mncr for Cotton, Wool len or De Lime* by e per?ou eapahlu of Color Miitug, Blue Dying, Madder Dying, end ha* a perfect kuowledg* of iteam and Spirit Wink. The last situation h* fulfilled did ? bu* ue*s averaging IV.OOO piec * per week. Any person wish ma to eiiMaae the applicant may ?ee itmplee of In* work, and leceive every uect>?ary iulorutttiou at 5 Gold at. N B ?All I'tte.a directed to No J Gold street, will receivo I immediate attention o30 Iw'nge | WANTED. ONE Uufurniahed Bedioom, suitable for two geutlemea. on or ueir Broadway, between the Aslor Houae and Herd St. ! Ad ireaa C. 8., at thin ofli ??? i,29 3i*inc WANTED, A PURCHASER for tha Stock and Fixtures of a Bar and Oyster Saloou, situated m oue of the greatest tliorongh fare* iu the city; aud doing a firat-rate business, he reason lor disposing of it is the proprietor i* going to Europe, in quriice of ill health. Term* Moderate. Enquire at the har of tha Koaciut, No. 16 Park Hew. o29 3l*inc WANTED. A GENTLEM AN wi?he? a situation iu n wholesale groce ry or commission house, who has a knowledge of si< ye irt experience in busineas.aud i* extensively acquainted with business men 111 the country, and can influence trade. K - lerauce giveu if required. Addrsss W. 8, T., Una office. of9 2t'rc | , WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant femde. a situation ss nnuse-kerper, having much axpeilencetn that liue; or roold render esseutial service wheie u lady iu delicate Health re quired it Most sati-fielory rrlereuce* cau be giveu Aline addressed O the uffi e ol tins piper will be punctually atti mil d to Address A. M C. o2'J 3t*r ~ TO ARTISTS. WANTED?An Artist 11 teach ornaments) draw ing to an eV' ill g class, three evenings in one week. Oue win. ha* li id some esnerieure iu teaching would be pieferrcd. Addiess VV A. D , Herald Office oI9 3t'WC ? WANTED, AN ERRAND BOY?One who Ins some knowledge of a printing office would be pre'errtd. Apply at fourth story, Herald Buildings. > 28 tlr WANTED, A8ITU \TION by two young pertous, oue to do chamber work and pi tin sewing, the utner to do washing, iu a smdl lamily. The heat of reference given Ploase call at 81 Berk man stmwt. lourth flooi front room. o2i 3t*m WANTED^ ~ " BY a respectable young woman, a situation as chambermaid, cook, or to do the general house work ofa nnil family '1 he heal of city references can be given. Apply to 19 Christo pher street, front 00m, tirs' floor. _ o28 3t*rc_ WANTED. A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or West, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. $300 over and above their ex|wnses will be insured to tliein iu writing, with an opportunity of clearing $10011 per year. Some men uow ill our employ will, no donbt, made over $1000 per year clear of all expense. Each will have his district It will he necessary for them to haven* least from $25 to $50 to obtain a good fitting nut. Apply at FK FNCH'S Publishing HulL 293 Broadway, up stairs. All letters must be pott paid. TOST OK PICE, i , 4 New VorH, Oct. :W. )8ll. V STEAMER HIBERNIA"FROM BOSTON-the Mail for the above 3 earner will be closed at this Office nu the 31st init., at P. M. Postage on all letters must be prvpiipt to Boston. Leiten of half an ounco or under, 5 cents; and each additional half ounce 5 cents o30 Stis r ROBT. H. MORRIS.P. M. FOUNTAIN HEAL), No. 8 Murray Street. SINGING and Recitations every Saturday evening, com mem ing at 8 o'clock and closi g at half-past II. Refreshments of the best t]uality served at moderate charree, by I'. B. WART. o30 3tis*in EMIGRANT'S GUIDE THROUGH TEXAS. fJ^HIS DAV is )iub1 islird and for s.le by II S. TANNER, A 231 Broadway, The Travellers aud Emigrant's Guide through Texas?consisting of a general description ? I the couu try, its towns, villages, curiosities, laud titles, modes of con veyance, laud sud water routes, with tables of Uislauces in all directions, 'l'ne whole illu.trated by a M ip or Teg u, showing its connection with Mexico, the Uuiled Slates, California sua Oregon. 1'rice 23 cents. o30 ll*r A CARD. rl',HE undersigned in behalf of Kire Engine Company No. 1. A of Wi'liamslmrgh ( Wa.hington Guards, Capt Winai t,) return their thanks to Capt. Wolf, of the l'lanters Hotel, 8u ten Island, for his untiring exertious to please, as also for the sumptuous fare provided for them at their Annual Taiget Ex cursion, October 28th, 1811, and recommend their Brother F iremen, and n'liera, when they wish to be well served. to give linn a call; and also to Capt. Vnuderbelt, of the steamboat Wave, for his gentlemanly Co duct on llir same occasion. DANIEL D WIN A NT, Captain. ANDREW MAKSHALL, Foreman. WM. V. HANaON, Ass't. do JOB GREEN, WM. GAVLOR, JOHN B. TUTTLE. Head Quarters, Willumshurgh, O-1. 28 .8 j. o30 lt'rc DR. POWELL, OCULIST A.vD OPERATIVE BUBGEuN, attends to Unease* of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o clock, at his residence, 2ol Broadway, c irner ol VVarreu st. Ophthalmia, 8 opoage of the Tear Passage, Cat tract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success, luvetrrate c ises of Si'RABls.MUS, or Squinting, cured in a lew minutes. AR'llslrlAL EVES inserted that can scarcely b? dis tingu shed from the natural. Offices aud residence 261 Broadway?entrance 1>s Warren street. o29 lt*ih 'I^HE Proprietors of the New York coffee Saloon, 217 Kul A ton reel, would respectfully inform his cuitomers and ,he public generally, that in mtnre he will s eive up tu ad Juiou to the usual bill of fare, Alaruude Beef at 6d pel plnte; ever! ihlnV stt, r'u'Itp III sly fe fol to V suipu.seJ by any IU tl.e city. 1W rc ANTIQUE SCHOOL OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. I'HE Fublio are iuvned to visit the collection of Statuary of theau'ique School of the Nation <1 Academy of Design, corner ol Broadway and Lcouard strret, on Tnuisday, Friday a..d Saturday next, lroin iO A. M. tu 9 P M. Admission free. . by order of Lhe Council, JNO. O. CHAPMAN, o29 4tu*rc Secretary. improvement in DAGUERREOTYPE. BV n Malheinalically Correct Mirror the subscribers are now Producing Portraits without reversing the image, showing the putting of hair, ? atch chain., finger lings, Ac precise.y as they are worn ; but what is more import ut their (antrails cannot fail to lie in every re.peel correct likeuesses, whereas, in tne usual inude of Dagauei reotyping it is impossi ble to obtain a perlecll y correct portrait of any one, they being reversed. N B?Onr pictures, taken with this iustrumeut, were award ed a Silver Medal by the American Institute, at its late fair. LA.NUeNHEIM A BECKERS, 301 Broadway. The only agents iu the Mates for Voigtlaiiides In struments, are W. A F. LANOENHEIM. Philadelphia, and LANuENHEI.V) A BECKERS, New Vcrk. o29lw*tC TEETH!TEETH! riNEETH insetieu witnoul pain, a. u wurianieu good as the A uatuidl ones, lOr bili?( and masiic itiou. A complete double set ol best mineral leeth on hue gold pl.tes, tSO 00 A set of beat mineral Teeth, ou fiue gold plate, lor the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 30 00 Single Tooth, from $1 00 to 1 00 1'iugging Teeth with Gold, from 71 to 1 Hi By Dr JONES, corner ol Caual street and Broadway, en trance in Canal street. oW ltis'rh TO MEOIGAL 8TUDENT& SUPTLFiMFANT to the Medical News lor November, gratis ? LEA A BLANt HARD, Philadelphia, have just is sued a Supplnnrut to the " Medical News and Library loi November, 1841, containing medical intelligence, advertise ments of collages, notices of medical books, Ac Ac. To be h d gratis at Messrs. Wiley A Putnam's, No. ltil Broadway. o2? 3Prc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. Capitol 400,000 Dollar*. OFFICE 41 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. rpHI8 COMPANY continues to Insure against loss or da A mngc by Fire on their usual favorable terms. All claims presented to this company for losses by the late disastrous tire Having been paid, they now find their capital nearly entire B W. DE LAMATEU, President. _$6 lmis rrc Fj. C. F'INN, Secretary. MR. GOODYEAR WOULD respectfully cull the attention of the public to the following statement of his Solicitor in leganl to certain proceedings in the Court of Equity :? Circuit Court of United States for Southern District of New York ?In Equity.?C. Goody,or vs. II. H Day ?Th ? lull was sworn to and filed August 12th, 1841,of which lhe de fendant had due notice; hut the defendant has not as yet put iu any answer Uii August 2fith, a notice of motion for irjunction was given to he heard on the tirat Monday of September On Tuesday, the :<nth of September, lhe defendnnl lilecl Ins affidiTii ipM the motion, claiming the right to read other affidavits in reply to such atfidav Is the plaintiff sh-uld file. But the Court in formed defendant that lie was at liberty to file what allid.ivits he pleaa'd, and might have lime, if lie wished, but that the plaintiff would have a right to reply. Upon this intimation from the Court, the defendant request ed, and the Court granted him ten d iya within which to fiic his affidavits with liberty to the plaintiff to rep!v. The I ourt rioted on Friday next afk-i the expiration of llir ten days so alio wed to defendant, so that the plaiutid had net sufficient time to procure affidavits in icply, as thewiinessr. resided at a distance, and iu different Slates; and es the Conn w is ahout to adjourn, they di-tnissed the motion for injunc tion w ithont a hearing, with lihertyMo plaintiff to renew tin nine, Which would allow the iiliiu.flff time to procure the lie cessary nllidivio? coals to abide the eveut. Accordingly the motion will he reuewed again ou the first day of the next term, (the Ilk Monday of November next.) It will thus be teen how erroueuut is the statement made in manv of the city papers, tlint Mr. Goodveir's ca?e has been decided against him. 1 bene facts are sutid at the request ol Mr. Uoodyear, and those acting under his patents. o26 8t*rc WM JUDSGN. Solicitor for Comldaiusnt. 'I'llfc. ADVERTISER, a young man aged tweutv-foni 1 ye..n, who has servedau apprenticeshipot four years tolln retail drug and apoihecary business, aud attended two full couises < f Lectures at one of the Medical Colleges at Philadel phia, is desirous ofoht uning a situation in a drug-tore. The most sati factory r?ier nce? Can h- offeied as to characte'and capacity. Addro a J J . Herald Office. ofR 3t*r NATIONAL HUT Eg, HE PROPRIETOR Gadsby'a, hut uow Washington City D. C. I ol this fine Hotel, formerly konwu generally called Coleman's Hotel, c T A <in<nii| i, 1-ui uow geuernuv caiieu i.oieinan's ttmri, c site* to return hit tnanks to his (Viands and the traveling in tionofthe coinmniiity generally, for the favors whiehtn have Pot owed U|mn him since he opened his ettablishmei and to iisaate them that he will spare no exertions to render I lionse worthy ol the patronage of which he has already i crived so lihetal a share. The lionse having been, daring the summer, thoroagl painted sud refined, is now in first rate order for therecspti of travellers or residents; and the proprietor reapertfnllv so

C'ta a continuance of past favors on the part ot visitors Washington, or retid-ut* during the session ol < oiigteu, I ug confident that tliey will always find comfortable Totlgini the be>.t on llic table that the market affords, and sitriirisc a polite waiters. 8 q COLEMAN W ( ilV, September, 1841. *1 3milA\Visj*t TO ST E R EOTYPERS. FINISHLR of Hfer?orype Pl?rr? ih wanted to go I \ v; nare? |R wnntrd to go n neighboni g etty. To n Rood hnnd the high ?r w?|m |m?1, and his situation will tie prrouuttit Apply to o2B 3tlC R. HOE it t'O., 31 llnld Mre nOR SALE, VERY cJlEAI'-Une ot Mr., Carroll, ce r IchraUd Vapor Baths. Can he seen hi Mr BATES', Mi Irosdwsv oM Iw*re AUCTION NOTICES. AUCTION NOTICE. 'ALE OP HANDSOME FURNIT' HE?This Dsy.t lo " a'i lock, at lha house No !J| Wast I6t'i stiett, near liti _ ,? , nearlth Avenue, including beautiful Bud. rl.n!., Faulting! h ind some Brussels a?d o'htr, Oil Cloth, Hall ana U s? ment h u nituec, Kitchen uteustis. Bedroom Furniture. and Housekeeping articles generally, ail ill eicellsut urder. o301 r*i*i THOd BELL, uct'r. WE WOULD DIRECT the attei.tiou of t >? public >oi large s le of Lots ou the Sixth avenue, and on i#tn, 40 h, and 30'h sts. to be made at the Merchant.'Exchange, by An thony J. Blreckrr. This Day at IX o'clock, ualtri aa otder of Com tut Court of Cheucry Likewue of two Houses and Lots on toe So avenue, near 22<l street. Lithographic maps cau be obtained of tb# auctioneer. ojQ Itmc GENTRtVlLLE COURSE. PURSE >25, mile heats, beat il in 3, to skeleton wagons, Tree for all trot era that never won i I mi- over $1110, to romp off on Friday, Uetobet Slat; to cloae the 9 o'clock P.M., ht Oreeu St Louse's, thrae or more to make a r tee. JUEL CONKLlN, Pro|nietor. Centreville, Oct. 30,1845. olO irm HAHLEM PAKK?TKOrTING. FSRIDAYj (Jcober 3'at, at 2X P M., Purse 530, mile heata, beat Sin 5. under the saddle for hrr?e? th >t never wou a purse Entries to close at Green St Loaeea', Thursday evening by 9 o'clock. Three or more to make a r* a. o30 it*m BEACON COURSE. RACING. MONDAY, Not. S<1 at ok o'clock P. M., will comu off the Hurd e Race, Uj mi'e heats for a parse of $350, 550 to se cond best horse, five hurdles to a hear, 4 feel Inch, ketch neighta. Entries to close at Jones', railt Row, Thursday evening, October 30th. Mr enters., .sg Queheck Buffer, from Queherk iiit Black Douglas from Moi Mr. E Ova ens enters li g Black Douglaa from Montreal Oscar Sweatland enters g g Snip Win. Fox enters bg Hop*, from New Jersey Other entries can lie made ou or before the day of the race at Mr. Jones', Park How bv paying post entrance. oSOJt'r TRENTON RACES. I^HE FALL MEETING?will cominonce over the Eagle Course, on Wednesday, October 2?tli. First Day?Sweepstakes for 3 year olds?Mile Heata, aub. $100 each?Closed with three subscribers. Same Day?A Purae of 510ft?Mile Heats. Second Day?A Purse of $250?Two Mile Heata?the aecoud best to receive $50. Same Day?A Purse of $100?Mile Heats. Third Day?A Purse of $400?three Mile Heats?$100 to the second best. Same Day?A Pu-se of $'50?Two Mile Heata Should there he n prospect of any competition for a lour mile Race, a liberal FOUR MILE PURSE will he offered, of which due notice will he given. The Races, each day. to commence at one o'clock. For further particular!, se- " New Vork Spirit of the Times" WM. SNOWDEN, Secretary Trentou, (N. J.) Oct. 92, 1845 o23 8i*rc BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL THE Royal Mail Steam Ships H1BER NIA and CALEDONIA will leave Bos tonfor the above ports, as follows, via ?? Hibernia, Alex. Hyrie, Esq , Commander, Nov. 1, 1845. | Caledonia, E. U Lott, Commander Nov. 16, 1845. Passage to Liverpool $!2b. Passage to Halifax 20. | For freight or passage, apply to D. BRiOHAM, Jr., Agent, 6 Wall st. | No Berth secured until pa d for. o"0 re ? FOR SALE, FKr.IOnT OK CHARTER.?The very last sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, 513 tons, carries 1500 bales New Orleans Cotton; was built tins city, with live oak and locust top; newly coppered and fr1- J *" ' " patent felted. Has handsome acrommod itions for 24 passen gers. Apply to E. K COLLINB &. CO. o30 f6 South street. H OK NEW ORLCANtS? Louisiana .old tS - York Line?Positively first regular packet?To sail mHb Situ day, 1st Nov.?The elegant last sailing pnexrt barque GENESEE, Miu it, m; . master, will positively sail es ab ve, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board at Oilcans wharf, foot of Wall St., or to E K. COLLINS it CO., 56 South at. Positively no goods received ou board after F rnlay evening, 31st Oct.. Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward ail goods to Ills address. .F.d.cW.rt ?SNKSpfciil lor aim Nov.?The elegant fast sailing Packet JHUkKsShip RoSCll S, A. F.ldrulge, master, of 1100 'ton tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or paesage, having accommodations uneqnalledfor splendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foet ol Wall street, or to _ E K. COLLINS It CO., 58 South street. Price of passage $100.. The elegnit last sailing packet ship Siddous, E. B. Cobb, master, of 1 lot) tons, will succeed the Hoiciua and sail 26th Dec., her regular day o30 LONDON LINE OF PACKETS.?Regular Packet ?of li e K.'th of November?The first class last sailing jPacker Ship YVELLlNGiON, Captain Chadwick, w in ? i. as above, her regular day. The accommodations Ibr Catnu, Second Cabin, and Steerage passengers in this very superior vessel, ate too well known to require comment. I'eraous intending to embark should make iininediateapplicatioii on board, fool of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRaY, Corner of Pine and South streets, New York. The new and splendid Packet Ship PRINCE ALBERT, Captain Sebor, will aucceed the Wellington, and anil on the first December. o30rc hOK NEW ORLEANS?With immediate Des patch? i he splendid and very fait sailing packet slop i Warsaw will positively sail as above, one lias v?ry superior accommodations lor second cabin and sleeve passengers, with state rooms at ste-rag, rates. For balance of treight or passage, which will be t rkeu much low er than by any other vessel, please apply on board, foot ol W II atiret, or to o30 rc JOHN HEHDMANItCO 61 South struet. h OR LI v eRPOOL?Pat ket i f the 1st November ?The splendid, well known, fast sailing > acket ship )H IO, Captain Lyon will positively sail on the 1st ..v.v.u?rr, her regular day. The accommodation! ol this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those wishing to -ecure berths si ould not full to make early application, on board, loot .d Pike street, or to W. St J. T. TAPP8COAT, 75So"th street. o3l> mc corner Maiden lane. FOR SALE?The baik uUf D'OHLCANB, bur tlieu per rerislet 310 tons, aud carries 480(1 bbls; she i ?as huill at Uri.tow, .M-me. of white oak, in 1831; w ceiled, coppered and thorough!) overhauled alinut IV months since; is double decked, leuxth 111 feet, breadth 27 feet, between decks i feet 6 i clies, hold 12 feet 6 Indies. Apply to Capl. Hoodless, on board, at Judd's wharf, Kit, or to BOYD ?t HINt KEN. V Tontine Buildings, o30 lwrc 88 Wall street LONDON AMERICAN FAMILY BOARDING HOUSE, No 5 Foley Place, Recent rtreet. LADIES, Gentlemen, and Families, visiting Lordon, can be accommodated with board and residence, c unbilled with every comlort, a good table *nd sehet society, on mode rate tern a. This establishment is constantly visited by American Fami lies and Gntlemrn arriving in Leudou, and is honored by the -spec i I pat on age of the Ame'icau Legation', slso by many diiiiintuished Amrric.n 'amilies in the United States,to whom liermiasi n has been given to refer MISS PHILLIPS h? gs to state that Cards of Particnlars, a? to terms, and by whom 'lie is recommended, may be obtained at the office of this paper. o24 3w*rc WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, ft Gold street, near Maiden Lane. p OUNTRY MERC HANTS will find this a desirable House, being convenient to the business part of the city. This jitablisbmrut it fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good vol substantial dinner ,1854 cents, lodgings 26 cents. For cou nts hous vrnirnreund comfort this house isequaitnany hotel in the city, aud at half the price Permanent boarder* can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other hontes Elegant private p triors. fof the referee cases, or private dinners or sup aer parties. The very best of liqnors. Jut tm'rc BRUDER1ES ET NOU VEACJTES DE I'AHIS PETER ROBERTS, No. 373 Broadway, IMPORTER, JOBBER AND RETAILER, ' INVITES the attention of the Ladies to his splendid stork ol Embr Goods recently received, compris pg the newest and most desirable styles of the present season, u prices winch will uoiiiitaiii the reputation his store has Iocs nelil us " the cheapest in the city." 76 lots fine Linen Cambric l ldkfs, from auction. I case clear Linen Lawn do, riviere borders, from $1 to S.l'a each, remarkably cheap. 1 case clear Linen Lawn Hdkfs, tape borders, from $7,60 to ja-r dor.. 1 rie clear Linen Lawu Hdkls. fancy borders. I do do do, col d mid black printed borders. I do do do. embroidered, from $2,76 to $16 each. Em inidered under Hdkfs, high neck. Do do, with collars. Do do. various styles, from fl wwards. Rich Embroidered Muslin and Applique Lare ( span. Upwards ol no Embroidered Evening Dresses , . Riviere, Polka, Coronation cimnnsii Flounce, Ike Ice , from $2,60 Colored laijH"kt 0 Orgamlie k tenure, from $8 to $12, usually sold trom f "4 to $20. A few very neh Thread Lace Capes and Berthes, very low. IdemiVe * Thread, Cnautnly, Brussels sud other Veils and demiveils. 5 cartons of splendid black Brussels Laces. WINTER HOSIERY, comprising Bilk, Lambs' Wool and Merino Vests, of all sixes; \ljwcc.i, Cashmere, Lambs' Wool and Merino Hose and hail float, Merino and Cashmere Glove*, Plaid and Fancy Woollen 4cra, for children, which are offered from 10 to 16 per reut lowi r than the regular ictail prices. s21 Im'rh _ ~ FALL GARMENTS. yy? M. MATTHIESSEN, 127 Fnltnn St.?A choice stock vv of Clotha, Tweeds, Csssimeres and Vesting! are no*, open from ?Inch selections can be mode at very moderate pu ces, for cash only. II,, enters of this estsblishmrut are equal to any in the ci'y for tin ir taste and skill 10 getting up garments, and cus tomer can depei J on satisfaction, punctuality and despatch, rhose .ninishing their own materials, can nave them made up on the il> v terms r-y- OUTFITTING.?Efbry article necessary tooomplets e wardrobe, at^^ M ATTHIESHF.N. 127 Fulton street, a!7 lm'm ue*t soot to Herald office. STRAW BOARDS. libit Tons Straw Boards of the best qnality sud numbe lllU For sale by BROOKS, No. 86 and 67 Naaaau street AMUSEMENTS. FA1U& THKATHKi LEOPOLD DE METER, THE GREATEST PIANIST OF MODERN DA71. Ho. List Ayy'Vaiance but Uu?. Thursday Kvcnlitg, October 90Lb, Will !?? performed kRLF CHARLES II. Ktng Char'e* the td Mr Dyott Capt. r.o|i|i Baas Lady C.aia ??? Mra Abbott Aftar which. ,LEOPOLu DK MEYER I i Crocuvuuue b> ih? two Vallleca. Afte ?Inch. LEOPOLD DE MEYER, To c m lude with PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT. Hactic Bui 01o*er. Fisher Mr* Carney Mrs Vernon rnce ol Admission?Boxes, St ; fit, Jo cents , Gallery, 25 cout*.. Doora 'I-fa at 6)4 o'clock, aid the Carl'.in willrise precisely at T o clock. IT?"' A limited number of Season Ticket! may be obtained at Hit) Boi Office. BOWERY TilEATitE, Tintrutin jr EvtnliiK, October JOth, Will be performed, the drama of NICK OF THE WOODS. Nicltol the Woods MrJRScott Kali>h Stackpole ' Davenport Edith Forester Yin Phillips Alter which, NAPOLEON. Napoleon Mr J II Scott St. Lean Mr BI Jichsrd Corporal Canteen ? ... Cony Theresa Mr? Madison Oabriel Miat E Bell Hero, the Deseur's Doe. by (he Dog Hector To CO' clud with BOLD THUNDERBOLT. Mike Martin Mr Clarke Jack Thunderbolt .Miloer Closeflst Vache Norah Mr? Phillips Tabitha Te<>y Stickney Mist Popp.ujay Madison HT*Lower Doars go cents. Second and Third iters, *5 eta.; Pit and Gallery, 12)4 cent!. Doora will opeu at half I'ast 6 the cn-taia will riie at 7. CHK8NUT STUKKT THEATRE' PHILADELPHIA. W K. Br ay or Limii! tat) Hiaiacs MR. AND MRS. C. KEAN, Will ap,?eir. ThursT?jr Kaeniajf, (hitober 30th, Will oa performed Slierid n Knowle!' Plav of LOVE?The Countria, >1ri C Keaii;Tee Empress, Mra M'Lcan. i.non. Mr C Kean;8ir Hupert, Mr E Shaw After which th" Farce of THE TWO QUEENS?Magnos Rollei, Mr Owena; < ?e >rj;c Roller, .Vlr E Shaw; Margaret Mrs M'Leao; Christine, Mra Wilkmsou. AM.C1I S i REE 1' 1'HEA i'itEh PHILADELPHIA Stash Minion Ma. H. E. Start:** Thursday Evening, October 30tli, Will be performed ALEXANDER THE GREAT?Aleiau iler the Gre t, Mr S Johnston; Clytun, Mr Thompson; Stall ra, Mil* A Fuller; Kcxana, Mrs Burke. Daneiug. Ike. To coucluda with JACK SHKPPAHD?lack Shcppsid, Mrs Burke: Ulueskin, Mr Stevens; ,Mr Uu'ke; Jouatnan Wild, Mr 8 Johnston; Wiuii'fred Wood. Mri Myers. HDWKKY CIRCUS. Boxes 23 cents?Pit 12)4 cents?Childreu half price Ptrformanrt over lie fort 11. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS OF THE TWO CIRCUS COMPANIES Now Playing at the A inphilheatre. HORSEMANSHIP By Mrs. Cole and Mri Nixon?Master Walter Aymar and Mas ter W. Nixon?Mr. E. Perry? W. J. Smith. Clown Dan It ce Change of Performance every evening, by the largest troupe In the country. See bills. Doors open at 6? Performance commences at 7 o'clock. o30 3t*m OFKNINg or the N sTIONAL. UNION CIRCUS (Late Richmond Hill) now Richmond Theatre, Corner of Varick and Charlton xtx The doors will open at lialT p *t 6, perlormance commence at 7 Admission ?Dress Circle, t.O cent*; 2d and 3d Circles, 2J cents; Pit, 12)a cents; Private B xcs, S > Equestrian Director, H. Needhaui?Clowns. Alex Rockwell and Dan Gardner On WEDNESDAY EV'NG, Get. 23. the perforina. ces will commence w ith a Grand Cavalcade?after which. Horsrm u ship by Master Rivers?Grand Trampollniiif and Horseman ship bv Hiram Franklin?Eouestriau Exercises by Mad Gulien ?llie Brigand ' hint', bv J Whitwker? ind a Great Variety of Singing by the Minstrels, Gyinna* ic Exercise*, Sir Ac. The whole to conclude w ith the Faroe of the GERMAN FAR MER. o29 I w*inc AbllA us HA. No. 559 Broadway, {between Spring and Prince.) THURSDAY EVENING, Oct. 30th, Will be performed the Otierst'e Med'ey Burlesque (in one act) eot'tled IT?* THE VIRGINIAN GIRL, in which will be intrcducd the i cms ef Balfe's celebrated Opera of TRE BOHEMIAN GIRL. Alse a very laughable Burlesque POLKA, aud the celebrn'eei SOLO ON THE COMBADOOR. Previous to which will be given A GRAND VOCAL CONCERT. Patmo's F.thiooiau Ope a Comianyhave the honor to announce to their friends and the t'lihli that they will lake a BENEFIT next Saturday, November 1st, on which occasion they will P~rf' rin TWO ENTIRE OPERAS. Doors open at 7 o'clock. I'eforuiauce to commence at 7)4. Admission 25 cents. o30 2tar UI.C. ? V^JU. CONCERT AT THE TABERNACLE On Thursday, October 80. Part lit. Overture?Zsmpa, Full Orchestra Herold Aria?Mill De Luce, Fae ut Portern, from theStn bit Miter Rossini Larro I'osato e Rondo Carricioio?computed ?t>d performed by Ole Bull Iriih Bulled?Norah .McShnne?Mr Duflicld Horn Grand Aril?Mr? E Loder Mercaslante The .Memory of Washington?composed md per formed by Ole Bull Part 2d. Overture?Gustave, Full Orchestra Auber Losl Recited Aria Mrs E Loder Adagio Religioso, or a Mother's Prayer?composed and performed by Ole Bull Bon?Kilty Veers Ago?A song <f the Western Pi oneers, adapted to The Days when we Went OipseyuiK Mr Dnffield Duetto?Gioruo d'orrore, from Semirumide, Mrs E E Loder aud Miss De Luce Rossini Pohcca Ouerriera?composed and performed by... Ole Bull Conductor Mr George Loder Piano Forte,.. "" MrTitnm Tlie Piano Forte from the Manufactory of Mr James Pleas'in To commence at 8 o'clock. [L^Ticaeu One Dollar?To be obtained at the Music Stores and at the Tabernacle on the night of performance. o30 tt'rc SPLENDID FESTIVAL CONCERT. THE SUBSCRIBER haa the pleaaure of announcing to the ladies nd gentlemen uf the city of New Vork, tint he in tends to give a splendid Vocal aud Instrumental Concert on Monday Evening, the lOth of November, at the Broadway Tabernacle, ou which Occasion he will be as sisted bv all the most distinguished professional ability of this city, combined with the members of the Philhaimouic aud New YorkSucred Music Societies. U. C. HILL. CARD?U. C Hill respectfully solicits ail those of his mu sical friends, ladies or gentlemeu, who may be eomiieteut to to take part in the perlormuncs, either vocal or instrumental, ol the above Concert, to meet lor rehearsal at the Coliseum, 440 Broadway, on Wrdnesday Evenings, at 7 o'clock, precisely. 018 toN ID rc N( OW EXHIBITING, (for a short time only) at the Rooms _ of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, De Kuyper'i celebrated statue (in marble) entitleu "LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) Ill is exquisite and refilled work, which has keen pronounced by all who have seen it to he the chtf d aui rt of modern art, and which has attracted crowds of admirers in Enrope, has been brought to ihis country at great cost and risk, aud is now confidently opened for the inspection of the loTers of this sub lime and beautiful art. Open from 9 A. M. nntil 10 P. M. Admittance 33 cents.? Season Tickers.'Ml cents. sSO rrc TITIAN'S VENUS. THIS much admired Painting, after a most successful visit to Boston, has return, d to this city for exhibition at room No 7, Lafarge Building,361 Broadway. Open from 9 AM. tiTl 10 P. M. Admission 24 cents?Season Tickets 90 cents. o10)w*me DANCING ACAlEMY. 74 Lxovaan Itiiet, West Side of Broadway. TV/I LLE. PAULINE DE8JARDIN8 hss the honor of in Ivi forming the public that she has iwened her classes, and is now ready to receive pupils. M'lle. P. D. gives instruction in all the different branches of dancing. Al her Academy will be laugh' .ill the newest and most fashionable Dances now in use in Tans Among tliem the new Polks Quadrille, Gallo pades the Walts Polks, and all styles ofWalttes Among Fancy Dances the Polacca, Masurka. Cacliucha, Cracovienne, fcc M'lle P I), will give her particular attention to Ladies Boarding Schools. Cotillion Parties will be foiuted for her | u pils eicrimrely. .. .. ., . t'er.ons who are desirours ot h-coming pupils, will please applv to M He P. D.. as shove *" '"'"re \ LLEN DOUWOMTH Will commence a Prnate Da,icmg School st his residence, No. Its Broome street, on Mon day. Oct continue during the season, every Monday, Wedursday.fhiirsdsy, and SaiurdsT, al 3 1. >1, fat Ladles, and at 7 lor Gentlemen. For terms, fcc. apply as above. GIGANTIC MASTODON. mHK EXHIBITION of this mormons Skeleton wi't he J, ,f.opened si th? Minerva Hocms. 40li Brmilway, on Wed nesday morning next. October 29 h, for T liree Days only. The bones composing this skeleton we e disc v red in s marl pit iti N-whnrgh Orange co. N. V , last Angu-l, snd xhihitthe most magnificent specimen ?f this extinct race of animals ever exhibited. Th- lei.gthiaW Get height 12, and weighs more ?h ,ii 2000 lbs. The animal, wli-n alive, w ts as large as three rlej,hauls, and weghed more than 70 0 0 lbs. The Exhibition will close on Fridiy alternoon. Admittance29 cenU?children half price. L cture?On Wednesday and Thnrxdiy evenings, at half past 7o'clock, a lecture will be delivered in connection with the above exhibition on the Extinct Races of Animals with the history sud hibits of t^e Mastodon, as derived from Indian tra dition and its anatomical structure, by Dr. A J. Prime, of Ncwhnrgh. o29 3t*rh CHEAP AN li PASlllONAHLP. <JLU1HIN?> W. H. DEGROOT St CO., No. I OA Kutton Mreel, WOULD respectfall y lnfoim their Customers and the Pub lic that they are prep ,red to furnish evert article in I heir line ?t ilie following low prices, which ire at least 30 per cent lower 'hni] rail be had at any otliri establishment in this city. Overcoats Of best matrnal, made and trimmed in the latest atyle from $3 40 to $20, Cloaks, of French and b owlish Cloths, fr, m $6 to $29. Fine Black Ulu-,,Olive and Br wn Dreasand Fnirk Coats from $1 to $lfi Pants of eveiyahade and e?l,>r, and tieat quality, from $1 40 to $7. Ala a, an endless assortment of Vests of excellent mst rial and made up in the best manner, from $1 to $9. Likewise, an extrn tve variety ?f Cloths, t asaimeres, aud Vestings, always on hand, wlneb wil] be made to suit the most fastidious taste. A lull^suit will ?si be furnished in 24 hours for from $14 to $30. Bast of Cutters ami Workmen employed. TIm plain man, as well as the most particular, can bs suited at NO, 103 FIJI,TON BTRfFTT o8 inn LATEST INTELLIGENCE. ?v LAvr jcvunjk*'* mmu Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald j Waisbwoto:*, Col 25,18-45. The To iff? !Vtct ? ti'y of a lit itction?Difficulty to id Act<mj>lithnnni?'iTl* iron of Pennsylvania? Bud Protpett fur Hit prtunt Congrett?Mr. Cat* houn coming buck?A chance for Pennsylvania for the nomination of '43 on the Log-Rolling Sys tem?Hot work anticipated in the Senate?'/he South determined on the Extinction of the Law qf'42. It in said of the eccentric "John Randolph of Roanoke," that on one occasion, amid the profound silence of the House, suddenly starting to his feet, and shaking his long bony linger at the Speaker, he exclaimed?"Mr. Speaker! Mr. S|>eaker, I have found the philosopher's stone?I have got it, sir, and I'll tell you what it is. It is, sir, pay as you go, sir; pay as you go." And the philosopher was right.? "Pay as you go," at all events, is the only line of po licy of the Government. It has ever acted ujron thia principle. And in the contemplated reduction of the Tariff, the first consideration is to meet this stringent requisition of "pay as yon go." And the very first question suggested in view of an abate ment of the more extortionate impositions of the law of '42, is what amount of revenue is necessary in order to enable the administration to "pay as it goes." Let us see. There will probably be a balance in the Treasury from the 1st oi July last of #9,000,000 above all cur rent expenditures, including lhe redemption of about s^ven millions of Treasury n'otes. The receipts from all sources amounted to near thirty millions the past year, a balance of nearly eight millions remaining over from the previous year in addition. Assuming then, that the receipts from the tariff and other sources will be the same for the year ending Ju'y next that they were during the last, we skull have an aggregate to go upon of $38,000,000 The fol low lug are the appropriations specific und estimated for the same period. Civil Liit. Congress pay and mileage of both homes. , .$600,000 00 House clerks 32 010 3C Senate do . . .?? 4 '00 00 Stationery, fuel, pririting.fcc. Senate 80,000 00 " _ " " House. 100,(j00 00 Hooks for House ' 87,764 00 Total short session $780,263 80 Library of Congress 11,100 00 President, Vice President and White House. . 48 000 00 State Department 47,743 00 Treasury Department 847,030 00 War Department 108,038 00 Navy Department 80,018 00 Public grounds buildings, Penn'a avenue. , . 48.878 60 Surveyors and their clerks 01,010 00 Mint 158 8(H) 00 Territorial governments 81,179 60 Judiciary 812,600 00 M scellaneous 870 661 67 Light house establishment 314 8u8 06 Survey of public lands 180 030 00 Foreign Intercourse 247,748 00 Contingencies 392 870 60 Total $8,647,334 78 Civil lift $8 617.334 7S West Point Academy 130,979 00 Fortifications 734 733 04 Army bill 3 753 769 30 Indian Depaitment 1.500 000 00 Navy bill 8,394 460 68 Ilevolutionuiy pensions 2,33>000 00 Claims, See say ?00 000 00 Post Office 4,500.000 00 $22,487,283 63 Add increase of Army and Navy expenses on account ot our relations with Mexi co, from .March, 1846, to July, 1(146, sav 3 000,000 00 The Texas annexation 300 000 00 Post Office deficit 2.300 000 00 Treasury Notes 4,000 000 00 French indemnities 3,u00,0u0 00 $39,4*7,282 84 Thia will be, or something near it, the amount re quired by July next from the Treasury in order "to pay as we go," by which process of calculation, not u cent will be left in the Treasury, assuming that the receipts up to July next, will be the same from the revenues that they were during the past fiscal year. But they will be Jess, by perhaps, six or eight millions, it the piospect is lair lor an abatement of the law ol '42 to the revenue standard, as importers wilt await the advantages of such reduction with a fair supply of goods on hand. Such deficit, however, might be inaue up the next year Irom increased im portations, but the receipts would be less for the next ensuing year. But admitting the question that ihe present tariff is the best that could be devised for the collection of a large revenue, is ttie amount ac cruing Irom its operation necessary to the regular expenses ot the government, , setting ihtm nt Mr. i.W liftnteaf (flirty 'millions ?nor can we discover that home compelition and home protection are producing any marked reduc tion ot the annual receipts. A reduction of the revenues is therefore impera tive, if we prevent excesses and wasteiul extrava gance from creeping into trie government, and check the already tremendous power of the execu tive patronage. Ann it is not, therefore, at all neces sary to draft a new law with the view of producing an equal aggregate ot receipts to the prese. t. Bui how is the tariff of '42 to be reduced 1 Some of its most glaring impositions (impositions in every sense) are upon iron andiron manufactures. We see no other way than to sacriiice Pennsylvania, accord ing to the plan of Mr. Walker. Ihe South, New Hampshire, and the great West, may be relied upon. And in the casting ot Pennsylvania, like Jonah irom the ship, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Dallas and Charles Jured, will be comfortably gotten out of the way of the succession. There can be no essential reduction of the tariff' without an abatement of the bounties on Pennsylva nia iron of all sorts j and Messrs. Sturgeon, Came ron, Dallas, tor the ensuing Congress, dare not sur render the Iractioii otone per cent. Apprehending, in consequence, as we do, that the present Congress will not materially reduce the ta riff, it will have to come beiore the people of the West and the South at the next Congressional elec tions, on the questions of the exorbitant taxes upon coarse shirtings, calico dresses and plain silks, trace chains and bar iron. Meantime, let the Pennsylvania delegation in the Senate stand last, and if they should, during the present Congress surrender to the question ot the Tariff, there is no occasion that they should do it, unless under the. explicit understanding (hat Mr. Bu chanan shall be the Baltimore Democratic No minee tor 1848. But such is our faith in Pennsylva nia, and her inflexibility to her own interests, that we believe she will fight it out upon the tariff, at the hazard ot excommunication from the party. We are to have Mr. Calhoun back again, ana his pre sence in the senate will at once indicate the antici pated struggle, and the determination of the South to achieve the revenue standard upon revenue prin ciples, regardless of even incidental protection. We shall have hot work on the tariff". Washington, Oct. 28, 1845. Hewitt's oratorio of "Jephtha" was repeated to a full and fashionable audience at Carusi's saloon last night. Mr. Pierre Le Clerc (with the assent of Mr. Elliott, U. S. sub-agent for the tribe), having accepted an invitation in behalf of the Pottawati mies, and Mr. Taylor, one of the intelligent Chero" kees, having also signified that several ot his peo ple, also at Fuller's, would be glad to accompany us, we had the especial gratification of escorting some fifteen fine men of both tribes to the concert. Several of these men are halt breeds, educated and intelligent. Mr. Taylor, of the Cherokees, is, in deed, aa old campaigner to Washington, having first visited the city in 1816. He speaks English correctly and fluently?knows many of our most distinguished citizens, and understands a great deal of the Federal Government and the adimnis trillion, independent of our relations with the va rious tribes of Indians under the (Jovernment's pa ternal protection. Pierre Le Clerc, ihe Poitawa (unip interpreter (with a cross ol the Frenchman), is also a shrewd and observant i-ersonage^ He speaks English, French. Pottswatimie, and Chero kpp, almost equally well. W. Holliday and M. B. B ?aubien.hall oreedsof the same tribe, are scarcely inferior in good practical sense; and in the ease uid grace of their manners would do ered t to the. Court ot Louis Pmllippe. At half-past seven, in Indian tile, excepting your deponent and Mr. Tay lor, who led the way side by side, the Pottawati inies and their Cherokee inends came down the a\enue to the saloon, and, entering, we were ush ered up the aisle (amid a congregation of such brig t faces as was bewildering) to the platform at the head of the saloon, and alongside the choir Her . at length, this deputation ot the real " na lives" was seated. Old Grandfather Wali-bon *eh, with his bonnet adorned with black tea ihers, and two raven wings protruding from the back of his neck, and a good warm thick drab overcoat, occupying the most conspicu ous position, looking down upon the multitude ot pale facet* before him, aw il Hie whole uecne before him Was a dead blar.k. N>?r bun was Wali-ine me, or White Pigeon, with his graceful turban ; ?nd on his oiher side was Le quah kin-ne; and on ihe seat below was Half Day. the orator; the residue of the deputation seatedaltogrther? the whole, with "the Doctor," (your humble servant) occupying ex clusively the western side of the platform When the compsny were seated, and the coining

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