Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Kasım 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Kasım 1845 Page 1
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THE1NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 2, 1845. ? THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDOFMNMETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HER ALD?Every day. Price a cents pe* copy?$7 84 j?r?nn?m -payable in adr-nce. WELLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6>$ tenia per copy?2 J1JU rents per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pncua?always cash in advance. PIIINTINO of all kinds esecnted with beauty and despatch (E/"A1I letters or cotninnmcatioua, by mail, addressed to the establishment must be post psid, or r> e postage will be de ducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ol the NgW YoHI HeRSLH EsTsai.IJHMK.NT, Northwest corner of b'nllon and ?*sau streets KALLJGH AND GASTON RAILROAD for salt:. ON MOND AY.the 29th day of Decemlier next, by virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity "<>r Wake Comity, at its Autumn Session, 1844, in a suit of tli? Governor, for the use of the State of Now Carolina, to fn eclnse a Mortgage there tofore executed bvthe Raleigh and Gaston Railroad t omnany, 10 indemnify the State against certaiu liabilities for ssid lum panv, I will sell at puuuc Auction, at the t 'ourt House door in the city of Raleigh, to the hghesl bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh anil Gaston Railroad Company aforesaid. (so far as the same is known to inr,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gaston on the Norihsideof til- Roanohka river, in the direct line of public eqnv yance to Petersburg, City Point,Richmond, Washington City. Baltimore See Itc , together with all Bridges, Depots, Workshops and T ols. Warehouses, Water Stations, Engines. Cars, t-.c 8tc. Also, the stock of Iron. Lumber, am) Eire Wood, winch may then be on hand, and all other articles own ed and used by the said Company for keeping op said Railroad, and transportnti <n on the same. From the nature of the pro perty it will be sold en masse. The purchasers by the terms of rhe Decree, snd the Act of the Legit.ature in relation to it, will become, ipso facto, sx body corporate, by the mine and style ol the present Company, and will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights and immu nities now possessed by it, for the termot 80 years, which its charter has yet to run. These fiaiichoes and privileges are of trie moat advantageous kind to the Com|siny, and may be found at latge in their charter, contained in the 2d Volume of the Revised Statutes of North Caroliua, page 209, which is to be seen at the Seats of Government, and in most ol the Public Libraries of the States ol the Uniou. '1 be whole purchase uioury must beer interest, at the rate of t> per cent per annum, from the day of sale, and be paid as fol lows, to wit: $26,000 at the end of six mouths, and the residue in four instalments, at intervals of trn months esch?say 1st, 29th J me. 101R, $26,000 2d, 29ih *pril, 1847, oi e-fourthof the remainder. 3d, 29th February 18411, one-fourth of do. 4th, the 29th of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. h 5th. the 29th of October, 1849, one-1 our IV of do. * The cost of this Railroad and its appurtenances, completed only five years since, was $1,600,000?one half of which we borrowed; creating a debt bearing interest, oil failure to pay which, a sale has become necessary. The grading, bridges, depots, &c. are executed in an excellent style of workmanship Ca s run daily over i\ carrying the Mail of the United States, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com pensation of $100 per mi'e, Or $8,700 |*r annum. And, traver sing a fertile region of country through nearly its whole length, its freights for the transports* ion of Produce and Mer chandise, independently of the receipts from Passengers, afford a considerable addition lo the ordinary sources ol profits on railroads Though not, now, yielding a profit on the large sum ei|H<ui)ed in its construction, its income has been increasing for none time past, and it is confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount of capital invested ill its purchase. The sale will he made without reserve, at the time and place aforesaid, at which those inclined to purchase, are respectfully invited lo attend. The purchase money must be secured by bond with approved sureties. . CHARLES L. HINTON, * Public Treasurer of the Slate of North Carolina, and Special Commissioter of the Court of Equity, r nrm in this cause. I Raleigh, N. C., October 6. 18*5. The following papers will insert the foregoing adver tisement 60 dajW, and f rward their bills for payment, with a pap r com lining tile -sine, to the sunscriber: Boston Atlas, New York Herald, Baltimore.Patriot, Philadelphia U. States Gizette, Richmond Enquirer Aid Richmond Whig, Charleston Courier. Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, anil N.C Standard. C. L. H. oil 1m m LUNG ISLAND RA1LRUAD GOiMFANY. IIMllA C'HA NG K OF HO URS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing on Monday, September bill, 18b. Xence Hruomyn? At ?>i o'clock, A. M., Boston Train for Greenport, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping it Farmingdale and St. George s Manor. At 94? A. M , for Farming Lie and intermediateplaoes, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days, through to Greenport aud intermediate places. At 4 P. Ml, for Farmingdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to Suffolk Station. Leave Qreenport ? Boston Train. at 1 o'clock, P. M., or on tbe arrival of'th steamer from Norwich, daily. Sundays excepted, stopping ai St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. At 9 o i-lock, A. M.;. Accommodation Train, on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave farmingdale? For Brooklyn, at 6% o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Sun relays excepted. Leave Jamaica? For tirooslyu, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and 8)4 P. M., daily, Sun days excepted. Bedford... 8 Deer Park 68 East New York 12V Thompson.. 88 Race Course I8J4 Suffolk Station ?. 1 00 Trotting Course 1844 Lake Road Station 1 184 Jamaica 26 Medford Station 1 184 Brushville 31V Milleville 1 60 Hyde Pork, 17 miles 37>2 St. George's Manor.... I 62 "Mowsville, (during sea- Riverhead 1 62V, sion Cou?,) 374{ Jamesport 1 62>i Hempstead 37V Mattetuck 1 624 Branch ... 37)? Cutchogue 1 62H Carle Place 44 Southold ... ... 1 62E Wettbitry 44 Greenport, Accn. train 1 75 Hicksvilfe 44 Boston Train 2 00 Farmingdale.......... 62K , Stagts are 111 readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts ofthr Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn tide, i?--" Rockaway Baggage taken in separate Crnles. The 8te?mer Statesman leavea Greenport for Sag H irbor twi. e each day ou the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn, sll rc MAIL. LINE FOR BOSTON. DAILY OVER THE LUNG ISLAND RAIL ROAD, VIA NEUr LONDON, NORWICH 4- WORCESTER. At 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehai: _,Teet, 8outh Kerry?Sundays excepted. Way (/rates are in readiness to receive baggage for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goei through under lock. julG tf rc mmS6k CHEAP NIGHT ROUTE TO BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE. ONE of the most agreeable routes to the above places, has been established by the Long fsleud Hail ond Com' any. Tus ?eogera can be now t 'ken three rimes a week from ti. * Depm at U ooklvn, at 5 I'.M. pissing direct from Ureenport to Fro v den.e in the a'enmer New Haven,and arriving at Froviu.lice in time to t ke th>- early train to Boston. Kafe SO cent, to Pn vidence. and $1 75 to Boston oil tfrrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. KAPHEsTaNu l'lONEElT PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail roads and Canal?through in 3H days. The above line is now ii full operation mid offers great inducements to persons who wis! ? pie is uit mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, thi boats arc fitted up in a superior manner,and every effort is mad. by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and conveniene. of travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and t'.o great cliain of Peuusylvania internal improvements is well woi thy of being seen By this r.ute passengers avaid all the fatigues and dangers at tend on upon stage travelling, and atthe same time make an ei ppditious trip. The cars leave every morningat 7 o'clock. Passengers are an vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadet phia N. E. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at No? 11 and 15 South Third sti. A. CUMMINOS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISKLL. Agent for mvl7 hin*rrc D. LEECH Ik CO 'a Line. 7 Weitst. N H CENTRAL RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. ijistajsoF: i?> miles PTM1IS KOAUis open for the transportation of Passeugerr & mid Freight Hates of Passage. 8 00 It 'les of Freight vi/. i On weight goods generally .VI cents per hundred 8B measurement goods 13 cents per cubic foot a barrels wei (except molasses and ml).... ?' 50 per barrel. On barrels dry (ere eft lime).. ... uq erllta ,,er barrel. On iron hi pigs or bars, en-tings for mills and unboxed m ichiuery... 40 cents per hundred. On bods <nd pi|ies of liiiuornot over 120 gallons $5 00 per hhd. On hlnli inolnsses and ml 6 00 " " Oo. ds addressed to F. Winter, '(gent, forwarded free ol commission. THO.vlAs PUKSE, si I tin c (fen I Hnp't. Trsnspoiiarion. u?i,v ?; '1 O HA FTP ON OH FAT BRITAIN AN 1 ?e KflWn IHKLAN D?Persons wishing to remit mo k V.iMSLiBiwk oey to their friends 111 any part of hnglaud Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can he (applied drnlls payable at sight, without dis fount, for any amount, from ? I upwards, at the following places. ?i?: In Efii.avp-;The National and Provincial Bank of Eug land) Meters. J. Barned Ik Co . Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. lames Unit #t Hen, London,and branches liruufhont England and Wales. In |RKt-AiXp.?The National Bunk of Irelaud, and Proviu fi | Bank and branches Oirnughonl Ireland. |n oTi.sNii?The Eastern Bank of (Scotland, National Umik of Scotland, (trcunock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scot land. I lie steamship Cambria, sails from Boston on the hltli Au rust, by which all drafts can he forwarded free. Apply to w- k J T. TAPtCUi r, Jylfl re 76 South St. eor. Maiden lane. HACKLED Hi.MP?156 bains heckled dew rot hemp, pre pared with greet cere and free from slivers and tow, lor IflfbjT E-K. COLLIN BE CO 56 South fL 1HI3 TRANSPORTATION. lSt?. JOHN ALLEN'S >CL1 NTON LINE. JOHN ALLEN wishes to inform his old and tried friends, chat he it sftoat once more, under u new organ izttion. fin present line coini ts oftweiitv lint class Canal B >au, fitted up in superior style, lor the comfort of passengers and he safety of freight. Each boat of this line is coutuiaudrd by her owner, laud for the public safety, is billy insured,) and placed entire ly under his management and control. This line it connected at formerly, with the Eckford Line of Tow Boats on the Hud sou Kivrr, and C .VI. Reed's Steamboats ?u the Lakes, and he can with conlideuce say to his frieuds, that at uo time has lie erer been placed in a better situation to serve the public more effectually tbau with ihe present orgauizal on,and would there f. ir respectfully solicit a continuance of patronage. AGENTS Hugh Allen 19 South street. New York Robert Allen.Quay, Albany. John Allen, Exchange street Rochester George Dsvis, Reed's Wtiari Buffalo. E N. Parks it Co., Cleveland. I udlow, B ibcock it Urowuless, Toledo J. A. Armstrong, Detroit. J. K. McClure. Milwaukie. Ilriatnl Si Porter, Chicago. JOHN ALLEN, Of Rochester, General Agent. ?f7*Mitel.auta (hipping in New Voik. will please mark Packages, "John Alh-u's Lliutou Line," aud ship by Eckford Tow Bout, w hich leave Pier 4, foot Broad street, daily, at 9 o'clock, P M. s8t> Im'rc AroTIC&_HOlJil CHANGED. THE U- 8 MAIL LINE ID ft ALBANY and the Intsriu-diate Landings, on and after AViduesd(tct 29), will leave the foot of' Barclay street for Albany, Daily, at 4 P. M. instead of five, as heretofore. n22 _____ STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET On and after Monday, October 20th, ouly one beat wBI run outhis Ferry, and tha trips will baas follows:? Leave Stnten Island. Leave New Vork. 8 A.M. 9 A. M. 10 do 11 do 12 M. 1K P.M. 2)s P M. 34 do 5 do 6 do elGrc PEOPLES LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AN V?Daily. Sundays Excepted? Through Direct.?At 6 o clock r. M. from the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G Crntteu l den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, 1 at 6 o'clock. At 4 o'clock P M., Lauding at Intermediate Placet?From I the foot of Barclay street Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave oil Mouday, Wednesday, Friday and Sauday after- . uoons, at I o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 ' 0 clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Albany in ample time lor the moruing train of cars for the east or west The Bo ts are new and substantial, are furnished with new and t legant state rooms, and for speed anil accommo- i dations a>e unrivalled on the Hudsou. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are lorbid trusting any of the Boats of this line, without a written order from Ihe Captains or Agents, For Passage or Fieiglit apply ou board the Boots, or to o28rc P. C. SCHULT X, at 'he Office on the Wharf. REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORNING LINE at 10 o'clock A. M. BEN FRANKLIN No. 7, J. B. Summons, .master. PIKE No. 8, J Armstrong, master. EVENING LINE at6 o'clock P M. SIMON KENTON, W. McClain, master. BEN FRANKLIN No.G. W.McClellau, master. These boats,funning two daily lines, will run regularly, lea ving punctu illy at the hour, and will take freight and passen gers to aud from uitennediate landings, at the usu I rates. Freight w.II be received for these lines at the Mail Wharf Boat, foot ot Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate ahippers and pas sengers. 8TRADEU ?t GORMAN. ) ol lm?rrc ROGERS & SHERLOCK. \ A*enU> FOR SA.UGERTILS AND CATSKIL. _ a&tsrf yjq THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES M ADI ? jaSON. Capt F. J. Cupperly, will leave the foot mt aw ~T4F . r Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, uid Saturday at 6 o'clock, P.M. For freight or passage, apply ou board, or to O. F. Waiuwright, Agent, on the wharf. s!9 Im'mc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LJN t FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. jjd*from the pier at tlie foot of Courtlandi Passengers taking this boat will arrive in time to takeorth Morning Train of Cart from Troy west to Buffalo, aud n to Saratoga and Lake George. The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain K. B. Ma ry, every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat COLUM UIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, every dttiday, Wednesday and Friday alternoou, at G o'clock. 8or Passage or a'reightapnly on board. or to C. Clark, atlE ..fficc on t ?- wharf Freight taken on the moit re isonable terms. Freight must :>? put i.i charge of Ihe Freight Agaul, or thecompany will not be responsible lor loss No freicht taken after 5 o'clock. STEAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL THE Great Western Steam Ship Compa \ uy't Steam Ships. Ifc. The GREAT WESTERN, 1700 tons (50 horse power, B. R. Mathews, Esq. 'Commander. The GREAT BRITAIN. 3,500 tons, 1000 horse power Lieutenant James Hoskcn, R. N., Commander?are intended *o sail as follows:? GREAT WKSTERN. v , Kroin Liverpool. | From New York. Saturday October 11. | Thursday Nov. 6 GREAT BRITAIN. From Liverpool. I From New York. Saturday Sept. 27. I Saturday Oct. 25 Fare per Great Western, $100. and 95 Stewards' Fees. Fare per Great Britain, froin $80 to $123, (and $5 Steward's lev.) according 'o the sine aud position of the State Rooms. For freight or passage, or other i'a\ au7 2aw4m*rc 98 Frontstreet. BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ships HIBER NIA and CALEDONIA will leave Hot Konfor the above porta, as follows, viz flibcrnia, Ale*. Ryrie, Esq., Commander, Nov. 1,184ft Caledi.nia, E. G. Lott, Commander Nov. 16, 1846 Passage to Liverpool (120. Passage to Halifax 30. For freight or passage, apply to D BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, 6 Well ?t. No Berth secured until pa d for. oSO rc FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS AND LVE8TON, (Texas.) The elegaut new steamship GALVESTON, of 600 tons burthen. John T. Wright, commander, wi sail lor the above ports on the 1st November. This steamship is built expressly for a sea vessel, and is pronounced to be a? strong as any vessel ever built in this country?has a powerful eugine and boiler, which were put in tier by 1'. F. Secor St Co and IIO expense spared to make everything perfect, and of great strength. Her accommodations for passengers are not surpass ed, having large and airy state rooms, elegantly fitted up. The above oilers a favorable opportunity lor passengers going South, and viewiug the above places. This steam-r takes sufficient fuel for the whole trip, and will stop at each place only time to laud her passengers. h or freight or passage apply to Capt. Wright on board, at T F Hecor St Go's Foundry, foot of 9th street, E. R. o20 2 iv* in FOR KEY WEST AND APALA CHICOt.A, to sail on the 30th Oct. The steamer FLORIDA, Capt. Clift, will sail ssabove. She call accommodate e limited number uf cabin and steerage parsengers iu the moi,eouiiorta manlier, on moderate terms. Tenons in tending to embark for either of the above ports, should em brace this very favorable opportunity, by making immediate ipplication on board, foot of ileekman street, or to JOSEPH McMURKAY,"corner of I'ine o23iC aud South streets FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Pasket of 6tn Nov ?The well kn iwn fast sailing picket ship 1NDE iPENDENCE, Captain Allen, will aail as above, ben g ner regular day. Having superior accommodations Air cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, ?i CO JOSEPH McMURKAY, FOR GLASGOW?Regular Packet The we|! | known last sai'ing Br. barque ANN HAKLEY, _jl(o ?rt Scott, mailer, 460 ton*, daily expected, will IO CS s, ,111 quick despatch. For Ireiglic or passage, having excellent accommodations,ap ply to WOODHDLL fc MINTURN, o22nie 87 Smith street. ! LO NDON LI NE OF PACKETS.?Kegulsr Packet JixJSFVol the 10th of November?The first class fast sailing flHMIEBPackei Sh p WELLINGTON, Captain Chndwick, w >11 s ii, as above, her regular day. The accommodations for Caliiu, Second Cabin, and SieersRe passengers in this very superior vessel, aie too well known to equity Comment. Persons iutending to embark should make iiniiiediateapphcatioii on board, fool of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Corner of Tine and South streets, New York. The new and spleudid Packet Sliip PRINCE ALBERT, 'sptaiu Sebnr, will succeed the Wellington, aud sail on the lust Deremher. n3(hc FOR NEW ORLEANS?With immediate Des patch? I he splendid and very fast sailing iMcket ship i Wnr.iiw will iiositivrly sail as above, our lias v,ry superior accommodations lor second csbin uid steerage passengers, Willi state rooms m steerage rates. For tralauce ol height or passage, which will he taken inuch low er tlmu by auy other vessel, please apply ou hoard, foot oi W II xtiei t, or to o"(i rc JOHN HEHDMANfcCO 6! South street. FOR NEW ORLEANS?New York autTNew Orleans Lini?hirst Packet With De?|muh?The itirst clnss hut tailing p ickci ship J AMES H. SHEI ? Redman, laorter, will positively sail as above, ilawkll The accoimuodafflhis lor cabin, second cabin und steerage passengers are Uuxurpasied by any vessel in port. Persons in lending to embark shoulJj make immediate application on board, Pine street wharf, or to o2it rrc JOSEPH McMUHRAY, cor Pine and South its. FOR LIVERrOOL?New Line? Regular J*nckei IfWWof [he 26th Nov.?The elegant lost sailing Packet MlSlbsShii. Rosen S, A. Eldridge, master, of llCHi tous am sail as above, her regular day. ror freight or paaaage, having accommodations unequalledfot ?plrndor or eomlort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, loot d Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS fc CO., 5? South street Price of passage gioo. I he eleg at last sailing packet ship Siddons, E. B. Cobb, master, ol I Iimi tons, will succeed the Roscius and sail 26th Dec., her regular day o30 J. HKHDMAN'S OLD KKTABLftlllKD EMH J R A NT PASSAGE OFFICE, in SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Grrat Britain and In land, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest rale. j-tiid Droits liirinsheil lor any amount, payable at all the principal Banks m England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application to J. HERDMAN, II South sweet. W( CHEAP AND FASHIONAELE CLOTHING. I W. H. DEGROOT Si CO.,! No. (OH Kulton Street, "OULD respectfally inform their Customers and the Pub lic tout the/ are prepared to furniib every article iu their line at the follow lug low prices, which are at feast 30 percent 1 lower than can be had at auv other establishment iu thia city. i Overcoats of heat material, made aiad trimmed in the latest style, from S3 SO to $20; Cloaks, of French and f iiglish Cloths,from $6 to $26. bine Black Blue, Olive and Brown , Ureas and Frock Coats, froin $0 to $10. Pants of eveiy shade and color, and heat quality, from SI SOto $7. Al* >, an endless assortment of Vests of excellent mit-rial and ma le up in the 1 best manner, from $1 to $6. likewise, an exten ive variety of Cloths, Caxaime'ee, and Vealini(s, always on hand, which will be made to suit the most fastidious taste. A lull suit will be furnished iu 24 hours for from $16 to $30. Best of Cutters and Workmeu employed. The plain man. as well as the most . particular, can,he suited at NO. 132 FULTON STREET. 08 Imm LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. (~1 ENTLEMEN aLd Kami lies ran obtain the lull value for i JT all kinds of supeillu i Herts they wi li to dispose of, such as Ladies airl Gei tl-men's W.aridg Appsrel, Kite Arms, Furniture, &<?. (ient.eineu leaving or returning to the city will Had it to their sdv >ut go to rend for the subscriber, j who pledges himst It to give a fur price for all articles offered < N It ?A line til ugh the Post Office w ill be p oinotly at tended to. T.I EVEN'S IVN, of7 in,' in, 40, Broadway, upstair* FALL GARMENTS. fM. MATTH1ES8KN, 127 Kulton at? A choice stock of Cloiha, Tweeds, Cmaiinrres and Vesting* are now open from winch selections c >u be made at very in. derate pri ces, for cash only. Tlie cutters ot ibis establishment are equal to any in the city lor tlieir taste and skill iu getting tip garu.1ants, and cut tornei can depend on satisfuCtiou, punctuality and despatch. Those turuishing their own materials, ran havrllst-m made up on the ah ve terms. Sy- OUTKITTING.?Every artirle necessary to comply? a wardrobe, at WM. MATTHIES8EN. 127 Kulton street,* tl7 lrn*m next door to Herald office. vv TO TAILORS. HOSE who desire to attain a correct knowledge of Fash A iouable Catting, in all ita various branchea, would do we') to obtain Stineinets' Complete Work on the subject, which can be obtained of the autior only, at 113 Broadway. Price, from $< to $10 per book o2 lmrinc COAL,. 1AM now delivering best Peach Orchard and Red Ash Coal screened and free ot cartage fro n ifce yard at the following prices, (at usual the lowest iu the city,) namely. Broken, Egg and Stove at $6 26; large nut $4 76; small unt $1 per iou, witii 26 cents off if taken from the boats. Coal Yard comer of King utd Greenwich streets. I'ETEK CLINTON. all lm*? SWORD EXERCISE TAUGHT IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS. MR HAMILTON having eutered into an arrangement with Mr. Fuller for the use of his Gymnasium, No. 29 Auu street, third floor, lie will commence teaching the French and American Broadsword alto th" Infantry Smallsword and Musket (< X'reise. Mr. H. lias been a teacher of the above for 8 years; and will not deviate from the method as at present taught at West Point Academy. N. B.?Private Lessons taught iu any part of the city. nil lot*r ! EVENING AMUSEMENT. IT lias been a source of general regret that so few opportu nities offer, that prove sufficiently attractive to young men, to draw tliem from the haui.ti of dissipation and vice j into which many fall, f oul a want of mure rational gad In 1 flruc.tive ainnseurent. Au excellent op|iottunily now off rs. which possesses many attractions, also combiuirg health, plea sure aud information, where geutlemen may reaort, and pass an agreeable hour, at Disbrow's Riding School. I 8 Bowery. Terms for a course of tw-lve lessons, $9. Subscribers are not required to attend regularly, only as mav suit ilieir con venience. The school will lie open every ei euing from 7 to 9>i o'clock (Sundays excepted) The School is oiatn daily for Ladies, from 9 A.M. to 3 P,M. o3l lm'rc TO THE PUBLIC. GOOD YE AlI VS. DAY-ONCE MORE. 1 HAVE a short answer to make to the loug statement over H. H. Day's name. I affirm that the assertion that the suit is closed aud dismissed from Court, is untrue. The suit is still pending, and, u- less further put off by Day, will beb rought I to a hearing next term ou its merits?a hearing which lias not '? been bad for want of time. 1 have examined theoiiginal minutes of the Court, and hare a copy of the order in the above cause, which fully sustains what 1 before stated, and stale again?that the merits of said cause remain to be 11 led as soon as the same csu be beard upon amotion to be renewed at the pleasure of the complainant. This ia not the place to try the cause, although Day has been aiming at this by bis advertisements and handbills fur a year past. As the quest on between Goodyear aud Day will soon come before the Court, and probably before a jury for iuvesti is improper tn put before the public such statements as Day is constantly making. 'J bey are aalculatvd, if lint ill tended, to Prevent a fair trial, and encouiatge others to pirate upon Good/ear's rights. The public may forin some estimate of Day's auxiety to drive this case to a hearing, by the fact that, although the cle ft- d :ut had notice of he filing of this bill or or about tlie 16th uf August last, he did not eveu enter his appearance therein until the lltli October ins'. 1 further state that, at the expiratiou of uearly a month's time permitted to Day to Put in affidavits iu auswer to the mutton I'ur injunction, Day asked for and obtained ten days further I'm that purpose, and this aleue prevented the plaintiff Irnm bi ing ing the motion to a hearing before the adjournment of court.? Aud for the purpose of s>tti..g this m.ti? r.,? ? how lug now iniicTi reliance is to he Placed upon Day s contra diction of my burner statements, and wliethn it wax to Good year or Day that the ten days were allow etl to file affidavits, and the cause thereby delayed, 1 subjoin a cr py of the original order in the above cause:? Caption of the order, dated Sent. 28, 1816. Present, the Hon. Judges JNelsou and Bet s. Charles Goodyear is. Horace H. Day ?Ordered, that the de fend lnt (Horace if. Day) have ten days from this date, within which to file all the affidavits he intends to use ou the hearing of the motion for the injunction in this case. A true copy from the rniuutes. ALE.VR. GARDINER, Clerk. The numerous other misslatements over Duy'suame, 1 do uot iu tins place stop to mention. WILLIAM JUD90N, Solicitor for complainant Goodyear. Tothk Public.?Uoodyear vs. Day.? We at last hayt Day's confessiou tliat his statement that CJoodyear's suit lgamst Day had beeu closed ai:vl dismissed from the Courtis u ntrue. Day also now admits, so far as can be ascertained from his ronfhsed statements, that the motion for injunction has not been heard and decided u|>on its merits. But tile object of a part of Day's last communication setnis I to nave been to show that the motion fir injunction wan ac tually made. This in one sense is true. But in tne sense lira! insisted upon by Day?towit, that the motion had been r card upon its merits, is untrue, as itated by me lu answer to Day > loriuer statements, hi language which has afforded oc .asuli for the inut shallow quibbling. Day still asserts " that he did not desire or cause ihe to be put off, and that lie was rend, for trial when the wras first called up." This is as falsi as his other statements. Day, by his own admission, had from the 24th of August till he 2tith of September, to put iu affidavits in opposition to th. motion ; and when the motion w..s on tne latter day broughi up, Day desired to go to hearing upon his own affidavit, 11 suit ing that he had a right to rend afhd.ivits in reply to the aflida vitsof complaint. But, after an intimation from the Court that tlip co nplainani would hare the right to reply, Day requested and obtained trom the Court ten further days to put in affidavits, thustakiug mote than forty days te put iu his.alliduviis, and leaving the com plainant out a week to go into different States to proem* afft davits iu reply. It will be seen by reference to the minutes of the Court pub lished by Day, that the whole time asked for by complainant previous to the expiration of the ten vays extruued time wn? from Friday till Monday, to examiue the aliidavit 11 defendant. It will, therefore, be perceived, that 1 am fully sustained in all tny former stateuitBils, and that it was Day and not Uoodyear that delayed and put off the cause and prevented the hearing o the motion before the adjournment of the Court. The public who h ire read Day's statements will no doubt agree with htm. "that it has been hard for bun to tight," but they will probably attribute that to the cause in which lie is eugaged, not to the numbers against which he couteuds. The public, I sinals. convinced, have seen quite enough in this controversy to sat isfy them that 110reliance can be placed upon Day 's statements in the newspapers. 1 ought not, pernaps, to dismiss this matter without a cau tion toDay not to rely too much u|>oii Uuodyear's past for bearance, in hit future statements m the newspapers, lest hi provoke a feeling of indignation that may perhaps go beyoud a mere public exposure WILLIAM J-DSU.N, o3l*4t r (folic iter for complainant Uoodyear. UNITED STATU.8 COUKT?tlorace H. Day ads. Chas. Uoodyear?Equity Suit?ludia Kubber Case. For answer to tin advertisement over the name of William Judsou, solicitor rompl uuairt, the defend,nt refers the reader to facts, as published under his own name, exhibiting the truth in the matter, in the Tribune of Tuesday, Oct. itllli, and Ex pre,* of Monday, 27.h, aud Weuneadiy, 29th, whereintppears both sides of,the question, also the circumstances under which Uoodyear was defeated : and those who waut to know the tes timony iu the case are referred to the affidavits oil lile iu the Uuiteil Slates Court, which will also clearly show that the |<a tentee is not the inventor?but who is I Together with quite a lull and amusing history of India Kuhber improvements. For the edification of the legal profession, I suppose my counsel will not olijcct to my adding that the "answer" is not yet due. HOKAtK H DAk , Soliciting for himself. o'W lw*m MR. GUOil Y t A It WOULD respecllully call tne attention of the public to th? following statrmrut of his Solicitor ill tegarU to Certau. proceedings in the Conit of Equity :? Circuit Court of United Slates for Southern District oj Sew Fork ?In tjjuily.?C (rood year vs. H. II Day? Th.? bill was sworuto and tiled August 12th, 1814,of which the de fendant had due uuticr; but the defendant b is not as yet put u. any answer Oil August 26th, a uotice of motion for injunction was given to be beard on the lirst Monday of September On Tuesday, the 30th of September, the defendant tiled his affidavit against the motion, claiming the right to read other affidavit* to reply to such artidav Is the pi nutiII shsuld lile. But the Court in formed defendant that he was at liberty to tile what alhJavili he |>leasrd, and might have time, if he wished, hut that the plainti 0 would have a right to reply. Upon this intimation |Vom the < curt, the defeudsnt request ad, aud the Court granted him t?i days within w hich to the his affidavits with liberty to the plaintiff to leply. T-lie Court closed on Friday utxt afk*r the expiration of the ten days so allowed to defend int, so that the pIsiUtllThad net iuffirienl time to procure affidavits lu reply, as the witnesses resided at a distance, and in different States; aud as the! ourt was about to adjourn, u,ey dismissed the motion fin injunc tion without a hearing, Willi liberty to plaint.IT to renew th? same, Which would allow the ldainiiff time to procure the ne cessary affidavit*?costs to abide the event. Accordingly the motion will he renewed again on the lirst day of the next term, (the 4th Mouday of November uext ) It will thus he seen how erroneous is th* ststemeut made in many of the city papers, that Mr. Cioodye .r's case has hern decided against him. 1 hese facts are stated at the request at Mr.?ioodyear, and those acting under his patents n26 8t*rc WM JUD8UN Solicitor for Complainant. AIAM'H CfoVlhiN i ~ EBSIIS. J. & H. FRANK LAND nud TIIOS. HARRIS beg to recommend to the attention of all persons inter csusd in bniIdilies, their much approved Mastic, which is tht i?i??nt durableMid beautiful composition ever yet imputed it)' | covering the exterior 01 dwelling hounds or public buildings, in I urut ?tiou of marble or stout*; uo lime- or w iter enters into the Composition of tin* inastic, which consists of boiled linseed oil, j ol a thick cousisvucp, whim, with the oxides and carbonate ol lead, and other ingredients, forms a cement irniwrviou* to | water, hard as ? stone, aud of great durability. Specimens nny given ou application to Mr. i. HAS. H. MUUN1AIN, Architect, 17 Wall street, N. hoik ?23 lm*r THE NAVY! WILEY It PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, have for sale, "Hints on the Re organization of the Navy," aud an examaoa tiou of a ' Reply to Hints ou the re organisation of the Navy.'* Two neatly |>rul?d pamphlets. oli eodtiw'ic M' COLUMNAR, BASA LT ON THE COLUMBIA RIVER. .. -- __ _. .. , . i~- - ...-1 y*1*- efiaOK; If* ' 3 Captain Fremont's Kxplorlng IGvpedltlon to tUe Koclcy fountains. On October 27th, the travellers reached Ney Perc6, which is at) ?*tt 101) miles from the South I'a?S and about the same distance tram the Missouri river, at tli ? mouth of the Kansas. Tlte above is a sketch of a rock in this neighborhood, on the lelt bank of the Columbia. It shows the m inner in which the basaltic rock, which constitutes the geological formition/if the Columbia Valley, n >w pre sents itself. , . ' j 't .? ^ :? i - \ r PYRAMID LAKE. ."'V*" i Y . ... On the 14th January, the enterprising traveller sPates, "we encamped on the shore, opposite a very reinarkuble rock in the lake, wltich had attracted our attention for many miles. Jt rose, according to our estimate, dot) feet above the water ; and from the point we viewed it, presented u pretty exact out line ot the great pyramid of Cheops. The accompanying drawing presents it as we saw it. Like other rocks along the shore, it seems to be incrusted with calcarom cement. This striking feature suggested a name for die lake; and I called it Pyramid Lake ; and though i' in iy be deemed by some a tauciful re semblance, I can undertake to say that the future traveller will find a much more striking resem blance between this rock and the pyramids of Egypt than there is between them and the object from which they take their name. The elevation of this iake above the sea is 4,85)0 feet, being nearly 700 feet higher than the Great Salt Lake, from which it lies nearly west, and distant about eight degrees of longitude. The position and elevation of this lake make it an object of geographical interest. It is the nearest lake to the western rim, as the Great Salt Lake is to the east* in run, of the Great Basin which lies between the base of the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada ; and the extent and character of which, its whole circumference and contents, it is so desirable ;o know." Foreign Theatricals. The new Manchester Tlieatre was opened on the 29th Sept. The Manchester pipers speak of the event as one that will long he remembered in the dramatic annals of the town. The receipts could not have been much short of Jj'MO. The leceipts on the se cond night were neatly ?100. The "Court Ball in 17-10" is described to be (be most splendid ballet spectacle ever seen out of London. Verdi's NuburlioJonoso isnot to be produced as announced, because some obscure scribblers f or the theatres ot the Boulevard Saint Martin, having a melodrama on the subject, long since torgot en, have modestly put :orth a claim to a share in the profits of the representations. The new bullei ol "The Marble Maiden" was pro duced at Drury-l&ne Theatre on the 1st met. and ex cited a prodigious sensation. Uuuielatre was the' principal dancer. A new opera, composed by Howard Glover, has been accepted by the manager ot the PruiCi ss'nThe atre. M'lle. .Nan will matte her appearai.ce in the principal character. An opera by Halfe, under the title of "Die ver lidymonkuider," lias been several times performed at the principal theatre ut Hamburg, and appears ukely to become a favorite. Camii.uo chvoiu?l'he subject of our sketch was oorn at Genoa, ttie birtu-place likewise ol Paganim, on tlie titli ol June, 1317. We may mention us a ic uiarkabte circumstance, that on the evening ol Hie night on winch lie was born, his mother, notwith standing tier delicate situation, was induced to goto a conceit given by Paganim at Hie Teairo tSauio Au gustino in Genoa?wnen the per lorn tance ol the great Maestro produced such an etiect on her imtiu and nerves as to precipitate her accouchement, ajid the youug Wuvori came into the world a little betoie ins tune, llardly had he reached tne age ot eighteen months, when lis gave evidence almost miraculous of that innate mental direction that urged him oil in ills peculiar path to subsequent lame. Atler an ear nest entreaty, his fattier, who w.isaii opulent citizen ot Genoa, purchased hun a child 's lulule. He began at three years ot age to apply himself, morning noon and night, to practising on this instrument, and, without uny assistance or instruction, he was able, in a short time, to play many airs he had heard Ins elder sisters execute oil the guitar. The repoit ol this spread all over Genoa, unil the boy was called prodigioso. lie was invited everywhere. The high est miLUhty in the city had turn at thelrtoir&tt. Lven the Iving and Queen I >uwager, when iney heard such rumors ol the child, invited lum frequently to the palace, and showered presents on htm. in Ills sixth year, a new phase took place in his lortunes. Tagamet urn veil at his native city, lie neard on every side miraculous accounts ot the young divert. The lather was one ot his friends, lie wrote to htm next day, requesting htm to bring the child with lum thai tie might hear lum. When he neard hun play, lie counselled the lather to have the joy immediately instructed. " Leave the child to ?ay teaching tor a short tune," said i'ugaiiini, " and 1 will truiy tell you wheuier ins tune would or would aot be thrown awuy in studying uiusic and the vio un." In short, such advances did he make in ins practice uud studies under i'sgauini, mat in iwo mouths he piuyed a concerto in puolic, written ex pressly lor hun by Ins great mister, togetner with six short sonatas. All these pieces, composed lor nun and written with Pagan,m's own hand, he has pretetvetl With love and respect, and carries every where wun lum. Alter tne departure ol Pagnnini for Germany, he studied under Gosia, the music ol the Italian school, and afterwards with >1. Ueilepione, with whom, in 1827, when between 10 and 11 years ot age, lie pro ceeded to Paris and London. At Paris, lie played twice at the Conservatoire, where he obtauird tre mendous success, lie played lor tne first tune in London, lor Madame Pas la's beneiit, ut Iter .Majes ty's theatre ; and subsequently giivt two concerts on ins own account, as lie liad previously done at the Trench capital, at winch his success was unparallel ed. M Gt'hepiane, who vvus hrst violin at tue The* atie Carlo Felice, at Genoa, and master ot the Con servatoire ot the same city, was taken ill; and tfivon, lo preserve his post and uls salary, replaced lum si tue theatre and Conservatoire, giving M. Heilepiane me entire beneiii ol Ins services. Attei to years,llalle-. plane died, and Hie young arust still held the two pla ces,lor the use ol hts master's widow, during Uie Space ot ,ui eiuue year, uuui a situation was procured wmch enabled tier lo live without extruneous assis tance. chvori, though still ,i mere youth, was retained in the directorship ot the theatre as well as the Conser vator!. The violin upon which he piayeil, mauutac lured by Audree Guaruenous, though ilie best he could procure ill his multitudinous lesearcnes, did uot reach Ins idea ot a irue instrument. Possessed ol a most sensitive ear, nothing short ot peflecti bility could satisfy Ins choice in u violin. Paganim, he knew, was possessoi ot several such as lusheuit could desire ; but liow-U> procure one was the dif ficulty. He spoke to his lather and induced httn by urgent entreaties to write to Paganini, ottering htm liny sum he named for one of his best instruments P.iganini's answer was alike a proof ot his own generosity and his liking and opinion ol the young artist. " 1 will not sell you tire violin, but 1 will presentitto you in compliment to your high talents." J'nis is tlie* same instrument upon which Sivori now plays in public. Sivori travelled to Nice on pur;>ose to receive Ihe violin from Pagamni's own hands This was in the year liffO, shortly belore the death ot the great master, and though he was then in a very delicate state, he euireated .Sivori to play to hint, and his last words to luni were?" You will be the only survivor ot my manner. Go to Paris?stuay j there?there all great artists beget their great repu-| t at ions. Goto Paris. Alter Paris you require no more." The disturbed state of the French capital prevent ed his then visiting it; but after a tour ol eighteen months?in which he recetvetl the highest testimo nials o! ability?tie played at Paris, and was there presented with the luedaloi the Society ot Music, tit v or I next visited Belgium. Public crowns, ine duln, &u , were showered 011 htm whereverhe play- ! ed Arrived in London three salons imCK.Ue gave his first concert at her Masjesty? ihsatre with the j sani'-Hiaguinct ut success uut had previously, and ; has since, ui.nited ms course, ami placed luiii on the very putuacic ot pubhotavor. Bivort played at Jul- 1 lien's concert, last week, at the Zoological Gardens 1 in this town, lie leaves Loudon in October. Kb gag omenta uwails htm at Hamburg, Bremen, Han over, Stockholm, and Copenhagen, iXse. He intends [ passing (ue winter at die last named capital, and re- I turns to London in the spring, being ins lourtli sea son amongst us. in the following autumn lie pur- 1 ports making a tour to America, and we have little doubt the same success that has followed htm every where in Europe, awaits his visit to the new world. Jenny Lino.?One day Meyerbeer, in his musi cal wanderings, lound himself lit the Stockholm opera, lie sees a young gracefully formed lady, rather above the middle height, with beautitul light hair, and most talking eyes, who is pointed out to him as a " promising" vocalist. Beauty she can not be said to possess, for the nose is too prominent; j but she lias an indescribable Charm in the quiet naturalness of her action. Meyerbeer listens; the voice is deliciously fresh, and even in quality. But. j hark ! she ascends the seal.-. What Upper notes ) are those?what bell-like clearness ! Tnat roulade I again?what marvellous flexibility! There ts my prima donna !" exclaims the great composer ol thi '? Huguenots" aloud, to the discomfiture of the surrounding auditors, who were breathless nut to lose a note ot the Stockholm syren. Yes, that was, indeed, the long sought for treasure, and Meyer beer had the glory ot engaging lor the grand opera at Berlin, the now famed Jenny Lund. M'lle. Pi.cssy.?Our re uders are already aware that this, our charnuug fairdeserter, on abandoning the banks ot the rieiiie lor uie Neva, was accompa nied by a gentleman on whom she had bestowed her hand?M. Arnoutd, lavorably known in the world ot literature. It will be seen that they have not only readied the Russian territory, hut huve al leady experienced a specimen ot nortuern hospitali ty the very reverse ui ugreeable to tt pair of lover-, on their first matrimonial excursion, fhg story?n perfect little romance?is told us follows:?Oath, travellers arriving at the Russian frontier, where, a: ; till the world is uware, u .- met surveillance is exer- | cised, the autfioruies demanded their business. | " U'e are going to St. Pelersburgh," was the reply "Whew are your passports !" tvl'dlle. i'lessy pre- t duced her engageineB', duly signed and sealed by Guedeonotf, wim tlie approbation ol t le Emperor ' Nicholas. "Ad right; you may proceed," said the I official; and, turning to M A mould, inquired, < "And you, sir!" "1 am this Ir'.y'e husband. ! " Tnat is Sot sufficient," coldly returned the officer. " Besides which, here is my passport, signed by the 1 Russian ambassador in London." " A passport | granted in a ioretgn country is perfectly satistactory, at least when there is no order to the contrary, but 1 that, uiilortuuately, occurs in me presi... . use, lor 1 : have it communication from tit. 1'etersburgh, in | which you are an interested pariy." "1!?that's , strange." "It is, nevertheless, the fact. I have here a formal order, which prevents your entering the Russian empire." "Prevents me entering Rus sia ! Me ! fray may 1 ask what reason is given i tor this step'!" "Reason! Singular question tbat. > Do you imagine the government ot our glouou* ! sovereign has uny explanation to give pou 1 in our j country, sir, we bow lu silence to ait imperial order, i and your asking the question proves that you wuuiu be quite out ol your element'ili i! usoia. However, i it you are curious on the mutter, ask your own con j science?relleci ? little. As a literary Man, hate ' you uever made any tml-aprt>put remarks on at??o- ' lute governments ! Have your writings always sup ported wholesome doctrines 1 Has your name never figured in the ranks ot opposition scribes 1 Mind, these remark* are mere conjectures on my part, lor the order contains nothing in the shape ot explana tion I have no lurther observation to make, and must now request you to take farewell of the lady, and withdraw us soon as possible." " Farewell !" ex claimed M'lle. Plessy, I* do you imagine I will abandon my husband 1 My duty is to follow him, and if he is not permitted to enter the country, rely upon it I shall not I will not go on to St. Peters burgh " " Excuse me, madum," said the official, in his blandest tone, " excuse me, but you have put your foot on the Russian territory, and yuu must remain " " Wnat exclaimed the lady, indig nantly, "do you mean that you will detain me by force V " Most assuredly, madam," replied the inexorable m m in office, " for not only have we the means, but also the rglit to do so. Have you not signed an eitrr.ig'-m-'nr which is binding on you ' You are ttie proiierty ol liussia tor ten years ?votir engagement must be fulfilled.'* It was in v.itn that the young wept, entreated, and threatened by turns?It r the tirst time, perhaps, in her fife, li> r powers were exerted in vain 5 the bar barous Muscovite was proof against nil, and per sisted in the strict execution of bis orders. The b-re .vej, desponding, 1. 1 luriotts wife was, ben gre mal %r6, resented in her travelling carriage, and started oil iua uaiioprn rottU tor tit Petertburgh, whilst the unfortunate husband was conducted under nr. escort... n Certain distance from the fron tier, with iin admotiiti -n tli-t it he agimi to re-enter the territories of the Empire, he might probably make a ion-er jonruey than would be agreeable?to the deserts ot Siberia Foivi^'i Literature. The following new works hare recently been publish ed , Bakewell's (Mrs. J.) Conversation Cards on Intellec tual and Moral Subjects, 3s 6d in case. Blancowe's (Hev. E ) Plain Sermons, Addressed to a Country Congregation, 12mo. 7a Sd cl. Cudworth's Intellectual System of the Universe, trans lated by John Harrison, 3 vols. 8vo. ?2 3s. cl. Diokson's (Dr. 8.) Principles of tho Chrono-Thermai System ot Medicine, with ttie Fallacies of the Faculty, 4th edition, with Notes and Introduction, by Dr. Turner, of New York, royal 8vo. 2s 0.1. swd. Fountain's (F.) Harvest Surveyors' Best Assistant, 18ino. Is 6d. cl. Fox and the Gaese, now edition, 4 col. plates, square, Is 6d. cl. Goldsmith's History of F.ngland, with Continuation to 184.4 by J. Dymock, 13mo. 3s tid. roan lettered. Hand-Book of Horsemanship, by Hershbergar, imp. 32rns. Is swd. Heidelberg, and the Way Thither, by Nil, fc. 8vo. 6S. cl. Johnson's Gtcuk Epigrams, new edit. lJtno. 3s 6.1. cl. f.adies'Hand-Book ot Knitting and Netting, Second Se ties, tith edit imp. 33mo. 1*. swd. Fee's (J.) .Manual for Ship Masters, 13mo. 5s. cl. Morgan's Memoirs of Eliaa, 12mo. 3s tid. cl. Moor's Greek Gram mar, by Tate, new edition, 12mo. ?Js 6d. bd. Naturalists' Library, People's Edition, Vol. 2, 12mo. Is tid. cl. Kobeitson (Dr.; ou the Nature and Treatment of Gout, ?vo. 10s fid. cl. Royal Alphabet, new edition, 44 plates, square, plain, 2s tid j col. 4s. cl. Scones from the History ol the <. hristian Church, 13nio. 2s. sheep. Smith'* (Rev. James) Common Scenos Improved, 3 parts in 1 vol. ISmo. Is GJ. sivd. Thornton's History of British India, Vol. 6, 810.16s. cl; ti vols. Svo. ?4 16s. cl. Thomson's Seasons and Castle of Indolence, 4 illustra tions, by Harvey, imp. 32mo. (Clarke's Cabinet Series) Is til. cf. Williams (Dr. T.) on Procuring Sleep in Insanity, post 8vo 4s. cl. Selectie e Veteri Testamento Historic, new edition, 12mo. 4s. cl. gilt. Varieties* The posts for the Magnetic Telegraph between this city and New York are being put up in Bridgeport. Some delay has been occasioned in trying to negotiate with railroad companies for permission to run the wires by the ride of the track, which was unsuccessful. Con sequently, between this city and Haitford.the wires will probably run on the turnpike.?A'etc Haven Register. A young gentleman, William Gibbs, a native of Kngland, who has for some months past, been travelling in this country with the hope of regaining his health, died very suddenly on Thursday morning, after getting out of the Western cars in this city. We learn that he was buried from Stanwix Hall ?.llkany Jltlas. The Albany (Geo > Patriot ol the 22d nit., saya the academy in Bainbridga, Decatur county, was struck by lightning, which killed a son of Mr. .John Harrell ? The whole school was stunned by the shock. The elec tric fluid passed ovor a little girl, setting fire to her clothes, and tearing the shoes from her feet, without V>?r snv isersnnal inivirv. Mr S. H. Mills, of Verplank's Point, and former ly of this city, attempted to destroy his life ou Sunday I last,by stabbing himself u ilh a dirk krnle in the stomach j and side. Hi? physician entertains hope of his recovery, although one ol the wounds 111 the stomach is said to he very severe. ft in .-mid that Ex-Governor Paine, of Vermont, I has sent orders to Mouth America for a number of Al pacas, with the view of naturalizing them, it possible, in that State. Mr. Hezekiah Rich, formerly of Wellileet, was killed on Thursday evening, by falling through the scut tle at Messrs. Hunne well's druggist store on < omniar cial wharf, Boston The Bonton Common Council oiler a reward of a thousand dollars for the apprehension of Albert.!. Tirrell, charged with the murder of Maria Bickloru. Rich veins of copper and silver have been dia-' covered on the Meuemonie river, by a party from Green Bay. Wm. E. Haviland, indicted in lirazoria county. Texas, for the murder of Daniel B. Spenter, was ac quitted at the last term of the District Court. A Visit to the Tomb.?James Bickiord, husband ol tne late Maria A Bickiord who arrived from Bangor on Thursday, visited her tomb yesterday, and possessed mmseil ol a lock ol her hair, lie was ac com pained by John Augustus.?bunion Rust, Nor. 1. It> hgliius Intelligence. The K^v. Andrew Sy me, D D., ol Petersburg, Va., died on the Jfith tilt , in Ins 9id year. Doctor, or, as he was more generally known by all, Paison Svine was bom in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in September of the year 17o4. Between the years 1790 and IHOU, he came to the town of Petersburg, where he resided till the day of his death. The Detroit Journal of last Monday says?We regret to hear that Bishop McCoskry is about to leave our city, lora season at least, to discharge the Kpiscopal functions in the diocese of New York, in consequence of the sus pension of Bishop Ouderdonk. Chaxuks.?The Rev. Henry DeKoven has accepted a call to be the assistant minister in Christ church, of this city. The Rev. Mr. Scull has removed, as chaplain, to Fort Washntan, Indian terriiory. Rev. T. B. Fairchdd has resigned the charge of St. James' church, Wooster, Ohio, and accepted a call to the rectorship of Trinity church, Lawrencehurg, la. The Kev. Samuel lla/.lehurst has accepted tue charge of St. James's church, Downingtown, Ph The Kohbeky.?The authorities are still at fault in regard to the Express robbery. Messrs. Living ston and Wells are both at Rochester, hut nothing has transpired to elucidato the a/fair. A stranger was ar rested in I uca, ou .Monday, while waiting to take the cars, ou suspicion of being concerned in the robbery. His person and trunk were searched, hut nothing was loin. 1 to warrant tho suspicion, or bis detention. A party of persons, including two femalos, attracted the notice of the Cleveland police. The Herald, of Tuesday evening, says that one of tho men arrested is named Charles Millard, formerly ol Rochester, aud the other Hiram McGary, alias Joy. Millard had a lot of counter test papor, a *10 note on tho Onondaga County Bank in lus possession, Mcuary a *10 hill of Oswego Bank. The two others gave their names as George Month and Wm. Andeison. The latter had *90 in his possession; auicng the bills one ol *10 ou the Commercial Bank ol Roches ter, I *10 s on Mechanics' and Farmers' bank ot Albany, 4 *6 s on Commercial Bank of Rochester, 1 *4 Bank ol Tioy , I *a Bank ol Sytacuse, and 1 *f> Onondaga Bank. Smith had *JS; among the notes, H *-J bills on t'nadilhi Bank.?Buffmte .idvtiliter, Oct. 30. Vkhmo.nt LwjibCA-rURK.?In joint meeting of the two nouses on Tuesday, the 23ili, Alilo L. Dennett was uiccled an Assistant Judge ol the Supreme Court, in place of F.iekjfi Foiled, who declined the appoint ment. Silue il. Jeuuison, Aiiuii Wardnur aud Win. San born, diieptors of die Stale Prison; Hiram llariow, Su peruideut ot do ; Itev 'J'hoinus kinder, Chaplain ot do.; Hon. David keiiogg, commissioner ol the insane Asy lum. In the House the same day, the bill to incorpo rate the Vermont snd Canada railroad was amended re lative to the transpoitation ol the mails, and passed. The lull to extend the chui id of the Bank ol Miditlehury waa passed. The vote rejecting the bill to extend the char ter ol the Farmeis' bank at Orwell, was reconsidered, and the bill passed. Roiuiekikn at Bkiuuton.?There were several robberi a at Brighton on Monday. Mr. Howard, of New Bedfoid.had his pocket book taken from his cost pocket,while going to dtuuer, in a crowd. It contained inoie than *3uti and some valuable papers. In the even ing, a hotse and buggy were stolen front the shed et the Utuoii Hotel On Tuesday evening, n horse end wagon w ere stolen Irom the Came Fair Hotel, and during the night the giocety store ot Chailes VV'urieii was enteied wnha loise key , and a lew cents taken. The same etote was ui,tend tnrougu a window last spiing and a small amount lit ciiange taken. A number ol counterfeit bids and hai dulleis wete ottered duiing tboday ou Monduy, some ol which wete passed Mevuialol the bills wtis ol the Globe Bank, Winch is a naud.? boston Traveller. Population of Detroit.?The Mtrshitl his com pleted the eetisuH of 1 'droit, and the population talis but little shori ol 13,000. In IH40, the imputation of the city wh--hilM. Within the last year, the increase, we understand, h is been much great* r than any precaj ding year.

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