Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1845 Page 3
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?wi 34 M do buw 7#W bso 31k -m .iu biu 76*; buw 34>J 125 ill) 7))S b60 76 V I 60 76*11 Old Mmm atehsnc*. ?^rU*4iu5kood* ** JIH ? ??>?? ?ut Boiton Co UK 1000 FeiuiaFa c90 74 V 50 ijo UK 1000 J, b? TjtJ jo i? J,!7* ^ nu *! ^3 49 do b6,n icon Ohio S'i, I860 97,0 50 da bCm I0K do 'ny? 10 Harlem RR 68 4000 do -W 97 2. u do b30 67V 20000 Kentucky 8'a 101 k 20# do 67R 1000 Indiana bonda 18 loo do 6744 *00 do 3758 SO Lour lalaud RK 75k 30 ,hii Mech 'inca' Bk Uu 1C0 do *4in 71 Hi Bank of State N V 95 *64, do s4in 70 25 Mauhattau Bauk 100k 100 do 75X 50 ??(?!,? k Tm NO 66 100 do blO 76 2'? Morria Canal Wl( 50 do bCO 76 ?J0 ? do 24 250 do bW 76 J# tanners Tiu?t -60 341* 50 do a 10 76 10 do *60 34 50 do buw 100 do loo do 4 10' Canon Co -to 4?'i __ 10 do blO 47>a 51 do ?? .?_ M do b90 48 29 do blO 76J* HO do ?30 47 50 Mohawk RR 5t)n 200 do s60 46 2(10 Stoumatoii RR 34 "5 do 47)4 150 Nor fcWot RR 81 25 do blO 474a 25 do b30 81 50 do 47?' 50 do b30 HO 34 20Q do blO 47), 150 do ?.:?J 50 do b30 47V# 300 do 80*2 75 do 47V 50 do alO 80 100 do 1)30 47V 25 do auw 80*8 50 do blO 47U 150 Reading RR 53 So LritRR 34 V 3f0 do 53V 110 do 34k 250 do b60 53k 50 oo 34* *(*?'01141 Boardi 150 aha No)kWorRR al5 8o 150 shai Canton Co uw 47V ?' do #30 79 50 do nw 47V 74 Ho 3IV 50 do 47V r- i- 8I.^ 380 do ^UW 48 150 Canton Co 47*4 25 do aS 48 N?w Sti* ? Kirhaii^e, S3I8HI Ohio 6'i, I860 c 07V So ahas Lone Ial RR b30 76 ?5 ahw bar fruit b3 34*. 5 do b60 76 50 Canto - Co bso 415? 50 do 7522 10 do b30 47k 100 do bnw 76 200 do bfO 47)6 .10 do b3fl 76 k 85 do 1,3 47)8 5" do blO 76 50 F.aat BoatonCo blO 15V 25 Krie l<R nir 24u ,do DU blO 16k 50 Nor 4c Wor c 8l2 50 Harlem RR a I 67 158 do 81 100 do 67 V 50 do si 81 5? d) b6fl 67)4 25 dp 1,15 81k Olcil, On Saturday morning, Nov. 1st, after a lingering ill ness, Mr. Kinoch Sopkh, in the tilth year of his age. His friends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon, 2nd '.nst., at II o'clock, from his late residence in North Third, between First aud Second streets, Williainaburgh, L. I. On Friday, 31st ult. IUchael Hazelto.v, 1:: the bid y parol her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are re quested to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 33 Washington street, this afternoon, at half-past 3 o'clock. THE mR KF.nilTFR SAMUEL OSGOOD ROBES, for a'"l cn'ored embroidered muslin ?tiles. ,u t ble f"r *itv ti?dl' ?1 ,tl,e '???? .?nd o.her new Swiss Book Musi ?? i[p tc" v*}\0' ^oroiMitei, Collars, n2 S'eoil'm ^ * TOWcQ*li Cedar ,.re;t. L *>Chfeh,?| fr'j*'1 State. Mission pi*- of eh*14 Ceutr .I Ploweir Kmniri ?? ^ ure* ?>?? the pen ber at h.lfp??t7 o'clock, M Ll.T r11"'111 Novum to b- had at the door. ?"",le T,ck?s jt) cents each, Number' t'"'tl 1'ec,ure wi" h* delivered on Wednesday, 5tl. ? u2 2t'rr light guakdT ? Armory, Layafetfe Hall. > J^gT^'lEGAL, Act if otf sf*.?''Comm^*|;t. LOST. ' ? L tret, a lighfsi'l'lf fUltSif'conta'o Jim ?B, '"ll3 UlM,Dfwich "fV belonging to a poor woman Tk a j I! ,."m ?f " " ~r-OL''> '? aainc it at 303 Orewrwic h freer' *2*tm?f ? 11 dkaft STOLEN A St 2M??rn,wiabylt-harT^, ?i'i' ?''*0,irt!r'!f ? Draft for Jone in , Thompson Jrofrb 1,l,.'"<J''?tou. of Ch-rle-t >u. o i D-, . eat '^i^itn.r/bl'iir^J'f " 'h' 6"^ ?f ,"2U.mrkP0Ck"- JOHI?Bfe0VAN.7?r:"" kFopening I goldsmith Ato academy. r,?. JWftlSr.KSW. fzssx&sw - asfcraas P E NM A NSHIP r"i ?:zUist.%['zz.'zirsa?- ! w! Acamr. Oolti.miOi'. ?? u.m* of p,um,?. 4B^SssrJSwyj.tfb* "?i?, l kcV'Ukd ?rf? 'I' 7 (.!???? txti seen." ^Linienjol f fumaiuhip that "'lour?;,.1-0'1, Lawrence, of Boston : poiui of tw ecut?wi rot;:' KTuVL'dVh ?in seen, i lie Ufvv beauties of tn? Ivii. if- "*ve ever >'et I reeeuteil to tiie public cannot lint foil "e A,t you ,mTe Ironuge ' ' "cu,QU?t '?ot commend your.y.tein to pa- I "Th. (V0"' lb,1,NeY kork Comier and Etmuirar tn-u it i.,,e'uitrVlly ro .MUe'ed"^ v"*A?/?'U"uto m,"k?>J ' Wi II claiu, to be ul its In sif." ' Oofd.m.;h may very '? m.oji ?. ,Kfom 'he New World. ...t lotr of'tlti al't*" "? r'Vtl th" COUUtry " ? "e,,ms?. " i ? , . . u2 2tu mc i JL)R. POWELL, OCULIST A. tit! KvtfsjtfT'V!"i ^CttOtUN, attends to Lii?e.?-a of ? cluck i hi^Mideici i"i'n a'""15 "f from 9 to 4 j Old. rJ..?X S is . ("he'te Pauer ?r ' i OlM'iiir,, , flrcmtlfy temtved Catuact and hit^^aof1STRABl^V.'.' ltte"'i0U a?d snc"?? a lU minute. 1 *AB1-MLS, or -Nmuiti.*, cored in tiugo ?l!ed'fromtlie'nH?5al'.U,erted ,hat Ca? ,C"C'ly be d?" i iu?r!C" ","1 r""d''"Cu 261 ?r?adway?entrance I* Warren i l>2 It'll! f \ (>i vfwSI1 U-^ I'" LN ES. ? ? 107 Cedar street. ' BH CAD WAV I'ATMS, Wo. OUO Hrondway. rriHlt'lL-tE|W ???KS. A?^VIi NIBWt's GARIIKN ) I i.?a, i.. ? i i1*1" ?l u r<,"ov^d throaf.ionc, and is vv /? Ti /r onF ^mmot'a'iot. ol Haclivrs. 1 ? p\ 1 ap^r, Sulphur, Shower, and vtritms .Med ea n Iai'-m* r4 r v "k.NHV DUHtLL AKTf!lWN ANDi !,yKS1NU CLASSES-in-the , T I Ljte.atuie.for Lsdi.a and gentle- 1 sxmtf sir-?I tve'ry"vV?0' eaday^'ud'satutd "y* cl*aa*? at 7 P.M on' j A.ViEhlCAN EAGLE CARKIAGE JtEPO SlTuKY, PRIVATE SALES STABLES AND RIDING SCHOOL OUKhKR OP r?V|l,,plU,!Cn,Wl,Uelw"c,y "?*???.??* York. I , r'it r ' "" '*Tl"a '?"?? <1 the a OVe premises is pee I, . ?i to recetTe trom mannla. tu.ers ?| article. (u tKli, . sucli I S C iriieKe. Ol all descriptions, 'addleri and IU - v ?&.e c At. atasw-'s'Itrs'* ??%:?'&? ?>' ?? s :r, S?H a -^SsrM A-j?. Lv-.IJ.ttfAiSMAII!-"'' Gent einenhaviigH todispo.eof, or w'sbing to nur r vs.:" SKtaui" trr^,,? "ll,, ? r 11,.v tn , , XF.ce to the a.t The Laoi? ! tr"?"e ?*"ldT;' ro?? * w,ll,nr ""tly <?r.'isheil, a,.d u... the co* !ry. of i".e of the best II ding Masters ; Gri llemnn not sd'nit'ed d Iiiiig Ladies In nr.. \ l ?,n wi I be puli .lied givi K o ice oft me of coinmenre ineut pro.r mine o .air Bemeni.and lenns. Tli t aVl.o*r|e?,e V! v h"u4 ''*?d " m" "? 'he ? .... ,. (| i| | ' * 44f,,'vp y?'H ?l ihe corii? i ol Sow* . it<... " ,'ey? ,lj \ ??' hlishmonr. ? C G _() ID.h EHLE, Pro, ric or GUIJNTING ROOM F< iR THE - TUDY OF IKACIltal, BU<?|(K F.t l\<; 11 VI C \! . >? j" Cr Dak STHe.ET, Ii D.) I hie Eut y U.m.Ii " ?_A",h,ir of i he? Sciei cj of ai ni< Entry Bookkeepi aTrpnufd"'^I I'lied, and the Art of and nre'd, 'hat V epi'an p-'V-tfe'lby ''ir"" Msr^b "y i"for,D" this imp.,. taut branch, is trnli .V ..L".,r-, Marsh, 111 lea hint ibis n; p., taut branch, i-strul, ? c ?n. V. eh' ?f h-"? u. k.. ther th ,n a ctn.o'f L?mu.!. f Practice in keep., g To be pr cti.'Hlly useful ?m.,rT ,,? , "" 'helh.m /. ledge ol Bookkei pu.g p. ri n iire.1 il... 1 *' Partu nlar know. ?<H>y lertuyt. 1 1 11 l'^*'?bly h? impait I he |#?u|>il ix f it.lifully inifrurti' I ni <1 w?ii a ? llifv.rloui pt!mHo,lis ro"..cied wnh l Afe*Vci1,,'ll 111 ?,l H k., in ..pen og, ' tl , Id L," 1 . Partnership in* out r,l.l l.aouic.s, 11, ...., Hh. e . t ImnU Mr I.,miliar from aritial ii . ?,.l. .11 .V . I *r.? ? I nil B 1 s. t- a.iil if. e 'j *M 'he books e,n. Reeom. a r I , ,,r/eVr io ?[fH f * City- w'" by ih. and w llree.ive, e (ieate ?o ifat rCt'0 """ ?" ,n0",,,? r,;.|.e tares with let.,., ub a.ned at Hie Rooms from ? A.M. 11 3i*h me ILL ill! TEE 1 H ! ffiELIIl iii*Miru w itiiou' p' 1 ?. ,1 1 I , ... a! r. or b?| ,c and m wiJ .HoT. U"*i * "" A !'I| p| -'i ' " ' l"",t "'"eral Tee'b on A ,h ol b t .?e. -I Tie b. on line ?n|,| p',t? ?*' ^ 1 ? o | ? Jin, to b. worn by . tino.i lie.ic a 'V '1 1 f. 2" no Price 11 T. ctl. v. ni, Gold, from *' ? !? ? - Broafr.*' , niit.t'rc DUCKING GUN8. " dCASr.S .u per lor l).,ck Guns, of the most approved I, ??h tor 111, Wf ?Kht And hori? 1 1 "?ir,? p*,es ftry nuperior Cocking Ouiii iu-r-i low priced boys'and Isrver Gnus The above 1 Gun. ar now ni store and will be .old at eitreme low priest i rtl.o, lull .lock ol Sporting articles, (inn materials ie I 024 3Uw2m rc A. W. 8PIE8 i Co, 212 Pt?r| 'street WANTED TO PURCHASE. A FARM or i eotiw- Vwi. wlfta ?? Iom? ? mi?? of l?od *t> tached, or onimwrntreU luid, 10 ihotiewitv of New York, Hut to co?t nbovr |6M? and in pnrfoct order. A ?ituition on a rivrr or bny would bn prefdrr d to any other. Offer#, couUia iil ,'*act particular#, price ecd condition, are to be loft at the M-mltl Office, directed to Wm 8cii?*l. o31 3fr WANTED?A situation aafN.lor Miser for Cotton, Wool ten o, Oe Lsiues by a parson capable til Color Mising. Blue Dying. Madder Dying, mid lies ? perfect knowledge of' bUim audSpirit Work. The last situation h* iu 1 filled did :? bus lie..! avrisguig IJ.OCO piee-? per week. Any person wish ing to engage the spplicmt may see samples of In* work, and receive every necessary information at 5 Oold si. N B ?All 1? tiers directed tu No 5 Oold street, will receive immediate attention ^ o30 Iv#*mc wanted, AN ERRAND BOY? who his some know ledge of a printing office would be pre'eirad. Apply at fourth smry, Hcr .hl Buildings. .24 tfr WAN J ED. A FEW ACTIVE Y OU.NO MEN to go South or West, to act as Agents for the sale of new aud popular I'uhlical icu*. $300 over and above their espeuses will be insured to them in writing, Willi an opportunity of clearing $1000 tier year. Some men now iu our employ will, uo doubt, made over $1000 per tear ele ir of <11 eipeuse. Each will have his district it will e uecessary for them to hare at least fioin S25 to $30 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing HalL 283 Broadway, up atairs. All letters must be post paid. of im r A CARD. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. A LADY of superior talents and acquirements, is desirous of hsving a lew m <re pupils to instruct iu Music. Her method of Distinction will be louud to be the most espeditious in pro moting them in the thorough kuow ledge and theory of the science oi any now taught. A line directed to R.M., at the office of this paper, will be duty ei;?uu?d to. o7 lm*rc _____ JCHIf KERIN'O w uld inform the public that lie tins re ? moved his Pis os from the corner ; f Broadway and ''ark place to rooms Nos 5 and 7 Enlarge buildings, 293 Broadway, ail doora above Keed at, whe.e he will keep a general assort ment st tiie same price at at liii factory in Boston nl lw'r TAXES, 1*15 Ojhceof Receiver of Taxes, New City Hall, Park. $kTOTlcF. is hereby given, that the Tax Books of the pre 11 sent year are uow open at this office, aud iliut I am ready to receive the tases charged upon them. All persons paying their taxes orevious t > the l,t of January are entitled to a reduction on the amount equal to into eat a'the rate of s* veil |ier cent per aiiuum, calculated from the day ol' payment uunl the first of February. JOHNS i E WART, Receiver of fages. Office hours from 8 A M to 2 P M. Persons sending a lull de?< ription of their property to this office, will have their hill sen) to them, or 'hey can at any time he had by application at theoffice. ul Iwrc A S EIGNE ITE AND OTARD bit ANDY NOW LANDING.?100 half pipes, 2110 quarter casks, 200 eighth casks of the old and genuine braud aud of veiy su perior quality, high proof and llavor, landing at Pier HER., irom the br g Matilda, just arrived from R clielle, aud for sale by 8. T. NICOLL St CO . 07 and 6'J Front streets. Also, 20 half pipes, 20 quarter casks, pale and colored Otard, Dupuy & Co. brandy of varioua vintages and of choice quality, ui 3t*iusinc NATUR aTTZ AT i ON. PERSONS desirous ol* uhtaiuiiig du. Lcte copies of lost pa llets, of tie Marine Court, must apply for them before Tuesdat nest, as uo copie- will be issued on tli t day. Court open daily (except Sundays) from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. o3l tf r NEW YORKRlDING-SCHOOL^ soi. O.) A 67 Watt Street. (Fronting Canal St., between Hudson and Greenwich Streets ) MR. J. H. MER1A.H takes this upiHiituuity of returning his most grateful acknowledgements to those who Imve >0 haudsornely patrouired h.m from the first moment he was idu itihed with the New Yi.rk Riding school, and pledges himself to endeavor by tli; mo t unremitting attention, to merit a C0i tiuuai ce of their kindness. He would lespect lully infoi in his Irieuds aud the public that he will re-open his Evening Classes, in connection wiih his Day School, for tui tion ami exeici-e riding on Monday evening, the 3d of Novetn ber. Application to be made at the office, or school room. TERMS. DAY r CHOOL. One Quarter of 16 Lesaons $13 00 Single Lesaou I 00 Road Lesson 3 UO EVEN1>G SCHOOL. One Quarter ol 20 Lessons $10 00 Single Lesson 73 nt 1 w+tc JAMES CODDINuTON, Pio. rietor. BRISTOWS SUPERIOR AND ELEGANT COMMERCIAL SYSTEM WRITING. AcnitrinyISO Broadway.opposite sJolrn Di rect. MR BKISTOiV, Finishing Wriii .g .vtaster, in announcing his return to New York and ihe Re-O, ein.g of his Aca d. iny, Room No 6, at 109 Broadway, to resume teaching Ins admirable system of Penmanship, mustrespectlully inform* the Lsdi-a and Gentlemen of this city and Brooklyn, of his having made a great rediictio. in his terms, in oider to render the vast benefit of Ins instructions with' i the reach of every one. No complaint (morally speaking) is raoie geueral ilian tliat of a bad hami ! This is inucn to be deplored, siuce tie remedy is now constantly at hand, alike SIMPLE, SPEEDY and CHEAP! Mr. Bristow promises and guarantees to Lsdiei and Gentle men, of evkuy age and capacity, to couvart the very wo'st writing into a beautiful, free, Rowing, expeditious ai d pleasing atyle of penmanship, executed in an elegant off-hand manner, no matter how illegible or cramped the hand may be, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS. Extra lessons will be given (free of charge) if required Even tiie venerable matron feels delighted in going through this process, to revive the study of the vernal morn of life. ??*iMr. U can be seen froin 9 to 1 A. M. or from 3 to 8 P. M. IIy*" Private lessons given. SHOR P HAND taught by Mr. B. For sale, a work ou Short Hand. N B.?Book Keeping by Double and Single Entry tanght practically. Visiters in New York can take a course of Writing in three days. sag tnieod're CHARLESTON. SOUTH CAROLINA." CAROLINA HOTEL., BROAD STKEET. T*|3HE SUBSCRIBER deems n hutpr per to inform his o Jl friends ndcustomers, and the tr .veiling public generally, ill .t he still c utinurs to cater for thei comf rt and accomm.v dariou, aud would be happy to receive their fivors. The Carolina Hot< 1 is uow be ter prepared for therereptiou of travellers, especially families, than at any former period, and the closest and most psrt.cul tr stteiitinn will he paid '.0 all who mi*- favor h nt with their patronage. Omnibus es will be in attend nice at the various thor ngli fares to ? onvey pass nge s to his houae, ai.d ready at all times to take them tneuce to therailrjad, st-arnpacke's. see. ANUU3 STEWART. [V>"" Dinner and jirirate parties attended to aa usual. 029 ltaw4w*r MAR I'lXM b'a LU11UN. NOTICE TO STRANGERS AND CITIZENS How is it possible that persons will consent to suffer with pain, tchen caused hy Ilheumatisin, Sprains. Vrnisrt, Dis locations, Cuts, Glandular Tumors, Lumbago, Head-Jlelie, Cramp in the Stomach, d'c.? ONE BOTTLK of the above invaluable Lotion will be sufficient tu satisfy the most sceptical,, that it is the most to he depended upon, of any article now before ilic public, for (he effectual relit J and curt of any uf ilie above afniclious, to which all are liable, more or less. is now well es tablished :.s h Family Medicine, and should alw ays be in eve ry p- rson's house, throughout the country; tliey will then h ve a remedy at hand, which can be depended upon in cases of accidents, See. For sale, wholesale and retail,at the Proprietor's Depot, 323 Broadway, New York, and by our Agents throughout the Uuited Suites. Price 7"> cents G. S. BAKTINE & CO., Proprietors, 323 Broadway, N-w York. Orders for any quantity, addressed as above, will be punc tu 11 y attended lo. 0I6 Irn'eod rc FRENCH LANGUAGE. MONS. FOIGNET, one of the principals of the achoo known to the public as the firm of Foiguet and Taylor's Cla>au al Kreucn aud Knglish School, nod under whose charge is (he Freuc > L)e|airtinent. takes Lhis opportunity to inform Ins former pupils and >he public in general, th >t ne will re-open his Eve nig t lass at ins school room, No. 739 Broadway, on Monday, October 20>h. Mons K. having some leisure hours, will likewise consecrate them to afew private pupils. For terms enquire at liis resi dence. No. 217 Green St., 6 Amity, or at the school. ot Itswlm'rc. A CARD. SIGNOR RAPETTI having dedicated himself exclusively to the instruction of Music, respectfully informs his friends and the public^ he will, duriug the mouth of October, com mence a class for the VIOLIN at his room, No 385 Broadway. Terms moderate. Those who are desirous of becoming pupils, will please apply to Sigunr GoUoue, 403 Broadway, aud at Chambers 8t Juliie, 385 Broadway. Siguor Kapctti will coutinre, as usual, giving lessous ou the Piano and Italian Siniriin? ?n?f|tn*ve SI ATE MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE CU.ol Worc.s ter, Mass. President-Hon. John Davis, of Worcester. Vice Presidents?lion. Isaac Davis, Worcester. Stephen Salisbury, Esq do. Treasurer?William Dickenson, Esq. do. Secret ir;?C. Harris, E-sq. do. This insiitiuion is now i repared to receive applications f>.r iusurn ee on lives from $100 to $5000 at rates of premium less tha., tho.e now rh-r.ed by other companies. It has a guaran tee capital if $100,000, for which, 7 per cent, interest only is paid. All the profits are divided imougst tne assured,offering grealer inducements tliau any other company. Application for assurance uiay be made to E. D. SAAl'UN, (Agent of the Company iu this city,) 44 Wall street. A. SioitKV Doake, M. D., Medical Examiner, 32 Warren street o7 Imeod'r BRODERIES ET NOUVEAUTES DE PARIS PETER ROBERTS, No. 873 llruaduay, IMPORTER, JOBBEI1 AND RETAILER, INVITES the attention of the Ladies to his splendid stock ol Embr idrriei mid Lace Goods recently received, compris ing the newest and most desirable styles of tlie presen sensnu at prices which will iriaintain ihr reputatiou his store has long held as " the cheapest in the citi." 75 lots due Eon n Cambric lidkfs, from auction. 1 case clear linen Lawn do, riviere borders, from $1 to $f,Vi each, r- mnrk.ibly eh'-ap. 1 case clear Linen Lawn ildbfs, tape borders, from $7,50 to $9 per dor.. I rase clear Linen Lawn Hdkfa, fancy borders. 1 do do do, col'd and black printed borders. 1 do do do, embroidered, from $2,75 to $15 each Embroidered under Mdkfs, high neck. Do do, wiui collars. Do do, various styles, from $1 ? iwarili. Rich Embroidered Muslin ami Applique Usee i ape Upwards of 3itl Emnroidered Evening Dresses ttiviere, Polka, Cwoit-ilHMs eqsmisli Flounce, wc.lie.: from 87,50 Colored lewroslet <1 ?fsgnndie F lounce, from $8 to $12, usu illy xo'd trom 5!\ to FfP. A few very net. Thread Lare Capes sod Uerlhos, very low Thread, Chantnly, Brussels mid other Veils and derm Veils 5 ear on* of splendid black Brussels Laces. WINTER HOSIERV, comprising Si'k, Lambs' Wool end Merino Vests, of all sixes: .\l|wcc?. Cashmere, Lambs' Wool aud Merino rlnae sod half Hose, Merino >nd Cashmere (Jb ves, Plaid aud Fancy Woolh u Bor.s, for children, which are offered from 10 to 15 per cent lower than the regular cetail prices %'t. Im'rh MKN. HARPER'S) CELEBRATED COUGH REMEDY. rpilIS VALUABLE MEDICINE it particularly reform B mended s? being the most rffectusl cure l?r Asllnns. Whooping Cough. Colds . f i very drsciiption, Bronchitis, and all Vflcctiontoi the Lungs. It is constantly prescribed hv our most eminent physicians, and hu stood the ti si of thirty yrnrs, andovei 8n on.i bottles ?r-n 'W COusutned annuoily For s.ilr at It, 2a, and Is per bottle, by ?? , WEEKS h ANDERSON, \V I,.,!,.ale Agenti, 63 Bowery, comer W alker street I \lwa; s on band, Hooper's F'i m de Pills, genuine ; Daily'* | I in F.xlr lor; Bristol's Saranparilla ; Fresn Swedish Leer it ?72 Im' in BUURiF. IC C II OUl.KA.Ns7fr.i n UgUo~-< ..iii-ivii- I ec 1 by tins V esse I will plea e send their i ermilt on bi nrd, at Judd ? whs I. r n*i ICv.f, or tuihe office of BOYD fit HI \CKEN, Tontine Building, I'21m _ 88 Wall, corner Water street. MEXICAN SCRIP FOR SALE. | A BOUT $35,0:0 in Mexican Sciip, hearing 8 per cent interest per annum, and I ayable in 17 i|U ? rterly instalments, lor sale hy the present holder, who is ahnut to remove to Kurupe. OfTers received until ihe 25th October, proximo, addressed to K. P., 292 Broadway. Capitalists will find this a profitable aud secure iuvestinunt. ?Mtfrra I'snLAllKLPIIlA HOTK,f<S. COLUMBIA HOUbE, ChMtout between OUi and TtbitrHt*. PHILADELPHIA. a'HK SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform thedy friendi and tbe travelling public,they have taken the above house, (for meity known as the Marshall House,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements in its interior, having spared no expense to render it oue of the most pleasant and lashiouable li iUSi s iu the city. The parlors are numerous, the chumbers large a..J well arranged, ine furniture entirely new. Its locv tiou is iu the most central part of the city, nrsr to all the plaree of public amusement, and convenient to the depots ol the Southern, Weste.-uana Northern roates. The trbles will be supplied with ell the delicacies of the see son. The Wines ere oftne choicest brands, >md have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by the irpersoual intention t.d experience in the business, to <ite satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. BAULKY, MACKENZIE fc CO. James Eagle>, (late of Jones' Hotel.) Hear/ C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington House ) Peter L. Ferguson. July 1st. IMS jys tm*uc ?t. 2 ! JUST OPENED. ~' COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET. Between Slxtii anal Hventh Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAULKY, MACKENZIE k CO. Provrittort, JAMES BAULKY, Inn of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C. MACKENZIE, formerly of Washington House PE TER L. FERGUSON. s242mrc WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 0 Gold utreet, near Maiden Lane, [ f OL'NTR Y MERCHANTS will fiud this a desirable House, being coiiyeuieiii to the business port of the city. This establishment is fitted up with entirely uew furniture. Good and substantial dinuer, 18* cents, todgiugs 2b cents. For con venience and comfort this house is equal many hotel in the city, and at half the price Permanent boarders can be accommodated or. very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the seajon served up, at soou as they arrive iu market, at half the price of other houses Elegant private pulort. for the referee cues, or private dinuert or sup per parties. The very beat of liqnors. jab lm*rc NATIONAL HOTEL, Washington City D. C. 'pH? PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, lormerly known us A Oadtby'a, but now generally called Colemau's Hotel, de sires to returu his tiuuiks to Ins friends and the travclliui. por tiou of the cuiuinuuity generally, for the favors which they have bestowed upou him since lie opened his establishment, and to assure thein 'tut he willspare no exertions to reuder his house worthy ol ihe patronage of which be has already re ceived so liberal a share. The houae having been, during the summer, thoroughly painted and refitted, la now in first rate order for the reception of travellers or residents; and the proprietor respectfully soli cits a coutiuuauce of past favors on the part of visitors to Washington, or residents during the sessiou of Congress, be ing confident that they will always fiud comfortable lodgings, tlie best on the table that the market affoids, and attentive and polite waiters. S 8 COLEMAN. Washiugtou City, September, 184b. sb SindkWis igb LONDON AMERICAN FAMILY BOARDING HOUSE, No 5 Foley Place, Regent street. LADIES, Gentlemen, and Families, visiting Loidou,can be accommodated with board and residence, c unbilled with every comfort, a good table and select society, on mode rate terns. This establishment is constantly visited by Atnericsu Fami lies and G'ntlem-u arriving iu Lmidon, and is honored by the especi I pat onage of the Americau Legation; "Iso by many distinguished American umilies in the United Slates,to whom perinisti n has been given to refer MISS PHILLIPS btgs to state that Cards of Particulars, as to terms, anil by whom he is recommended, may be ootained at ihe office of this paper. o24 Hw'rc 'I'HE Proprietors of the New York ooffee Saloon, 217 Ful X ton reet. would respectfully iufur u hiscuitomers and the public generally, that iu lUturelie will s ei ve up in ad ditiou to the usual bill of fare, Alamode Beef at 6d per plate; Fried Oysteis and Poultry of all kinds at ,U per p>at?. ;vll those who will favor liirn win- their liatrouage, will find every thing served up in style not to lie surpassed by any iu the citv- ' "29 iw re iVlltS DAKKULL'h MEDICATED, VAPOR Ac SULPHUR BATHS, 184 Fulton street.Opponlte St. Paul's Church \ | Rs. CARROLL bugs lo remind her patrous of the etfica if J cv of lac Vapor Bains iu curing colds, rheumatism,chills and fev r, etc. Sulphur Baths require half an hour's notice P?r ,e Vapor Baths sent to an y part of the city or vicinity. nil Im re EAGLE BAIHE, 5*8 Pearl Street. ETWEEN Centre and Elm streets.?Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, equil to any iu the city, I2X cents ench Good clean single beds, VlVt cents each. Meals 12)? cts. each fio.trd and lodging, $2.60 per week. Newspapers from London, Liverpool, Canada and all the priucitml cities iii the United States, on file jvm* FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOT YPES. P HAAS, DACUER RE AN ARTIST, 2lJ9 Broadway, coknki: of Rkade Street, Laparge Building. R. H. Irs received the Med .I at the 1-te Fair of the Ame ricau Institute, f r Pictures exctu t-d by bimscK, and not purchased nor done by hired operators; the public, the eforr, cau at all tinn-s depend upou obtaining tbe same style ol Por traits, from the sma lest to tli? largest sizes, which caunot be lurptssed for b-a ty or accuracy. Instruction given in the Art on reasonable terras. o27 I in* e IMPROVEMENT in daguerreotype. BY a Mathematically Correct Mirror the subscribers are now Producing Portraits without it-ie/siug the image, showing the parting ofhiir, watch chains, linger rings, kc precisely as they ere worn; but what is more import ut their portraits cannot fail to be in every respect correct likenesses, whereas, in Hie usual mode of D.igauerreotyping it is imiiomi blc lo obtain a perfectly correct portrait of any one, they being reversed. . . N B?Our pictures, taken with this instrument, were award ed a Silver M.tld by the Americ-u Instilu e, at its late lair. LANGmNHKlM k BECKERS, 201 Broadway. The only agents iu the United Mates for Voigtlaiudet In struments, a^te ^LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia,and LANGEiNHEIM k BECKERS, New Ycrk. o29 lw'rc B M' OKKlCiL OK THE NEW VOKK OA& LlbHl e j October 13th, 1845. THE PRESIDENT and Directors have this day declared a dividend oi' four and one half Per cent on the capital stock ofthu company, for the six mouths ending 1st August last, payable to the stockholders ou and alter Saturday, the 1st Nov next. The trausfer hook will be closed from the 25th instant to that date. By orderi C. L. EVE1UTJL\ Secretary. m4toNlre ___ NOTICE TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS PROPOSALS will lx received at any time |>revioua to the 22d day of November next, at the office of the subscriber, No. 6 Wall street, 111 the city of New York. for the grubbing, grading, maioury, superstructure and bridging ul the Bear Mountain Railroad, in Pennsylvania, 28 mile, in length, extend ing irom Bear Mountain to Dauphin, on the Pennsylvania Ca nal, eight miles above Harrisburg. Plans and specifications are ready lor inspection at the undersigued's office. 'Mieworklo be commenced immediately upon closing ol tb? contracts. If MAN ROW. New York, Sept. 22d, 1845 *23 lm*r TO BUILDERS. PnorOSALS FOR BUIdDINU freeman's hall. iu tbe city of Brooklyn, on ilie corner of Columbia aud Auiiry streets?of brick, four stories high, 50 I'tet by 8(1 (ac cording lo plan and specific tions iu the bauds ol the Archi tect. Asa S. eh nun. ou tne corner of Atlantic and Henry at?.) ?will be rtceiv-d until the 31.t inst. at 4 oh lock P. M. l'ro posils tube sealed up, aud directed to the uudersigurd, and left with the Architeci. The lloaid of Tiustees will open said Proposals on that day, at 7 o'clock P. M. at the office of the Architect. Proposals may be made for the Carpenter aud Ma sou work together or separate By order of the Directors, oZSIw'r THOMAS LESLIE. Secretary. JVT MARTELLE te HOLDEKMANN, No. 37 Maiden Lane, ANUKACTURER8 and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Tonnes, Bauds, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, Daugny's cel. brated Curled Hair, 15 inches long, sun a new style of Evei lasting Carls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. Also, u very large assortment of Flowers. Feathers, Head Dresses, such as Algcriennes, oriental, Pompadours, Egyp tiemie. Duthuss, and all Hinds of Millenary articles. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. s2l tm*m INDIA RUBBER GOODS. GOODYEAR'S PATENT. WARRANTED NOT TO STIFFEN OR SOFTEN UN DER ANY Dt-GREE OF COLD OR I1EAT. A GENERAL assortment of goods made under tne abovt patent, including Machine Belling, Carriage and other Cloths, every width aud iliickness; floats, Capes Ponchos Pints.uid Overhauls; Calls, Hats aud Souwe.ters; Boots and Shoos; Mechanic's Aprons, Ladies Aprons, Travelling Bags Seamen's Bags, Letter Bags. Ship Backets, Fire Buckets Water Hose,Life Preservers, Air Mattrasses, Cushions, T r paulinr for covering deck freight,Portable Shower Baths,Bath ing Mats, &c.,&c. Fersale, wholesale and retail, by GEO. B EEC HER, au28 2m*m 100 Broadway. 'pHOSE ELEGANT RUBBERS-NEW ENTIRELY ? Mr. N. Hay ward, the original discoverer and first inventor of M. talic Insoluble India Rubber, has discovered another im provement iu the application, which will puttie the world t<. find oat, as lie hat now associated with him a capitalist who will protect his interest This is the giving to his Metaiic Rubber he surface of patent leather, without usiug the crack ing Vtrinth heretofore Used. His Shoes, now off red for salt at 25 Maiden lane, are without exception the most perfect arti cle of the kind the world ever saw. F'or sale in ou entities to suit, by HORACE JI. DAY, nil lm*r 25 Maide. 1 me. MlJAiluN PRECIOUS STONEia; cal pod iur kois, lor sale by E F'. KOrtTUM, 211 William street, New Vork. OSTRICH FEATHERS, for sale by E. F KORTUM, s26 1m*r 214 W illpun street. "THE A LB ATA SILVER WARE," MANUFACTURED by Win. Chandlesi. 452 Hudson it cauip-t be d tected from Sterling silver, for trie 1 ,ku 1 ST...... l.u- ...L-:. n L J. _l_. longer this Ware is need the whiter it becomes W. C.,alsi manufactures Stirling Silver Spoons, F'mksand Jewelry, cheat and is prepared to buy Old Gold ami Silver, German do, Penrh and Diamonds, to any amount. Be tine to look out lor tin i Sign Plate 152 Hudson street, between Barrow and Morton sts i Win. t.handles., established 1833, lato of Clarkson el. sjfi Im'rc w ATcHr.# .?WATCHES AND JEWELRY .?'1 host I who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gob Chaius, Gold Pencils, Keys, fcc., srritl find it greatly to their ad Villi 1 age to call on the subscriber, who is selling all description! j of the above at retail much lower than any other hi me in th? city. Gold Watches ns low <s $20 aud $25 each. Watches aim 1 Jewrlry exchsngrd or bought. All Watches warranted to ken good time or the money refunded. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches gad Jew 'try, w holeiale and Retail, 30 Wsilstreet, s20 1 m"m np stairs WhLlitiD IKON IK) I L E It F L UES. OK a\lNY DI \MKTKR, but nut r-vcwtliuf 16>? frvt in i IriiKtb; thickntsa of mrtnl from II to 14, wire i?*i ? The t are the only Tube* utcd bv the F.ngluh ami Friiu h ffoveruuient *, a ml other fiut ?t*4mboats, Ami cmi lc procured only from the r teutcf. "22 m'tc THOS. ritOSSRlt r Liberty ?t. N V TO DEALERS IN JEWELERY. 'pHE UNDERSIGNED, being Maiuifacturers, and ham , 1 aline assortment of Jewelery and Diauioml Work on hand solicit a Cull from dealers and merchants dealing in iheabovi articles. Any given pattern of style of jeweU-ry or fine dm inoud work made to order, at SHAW V ARROWSMITH*S, ?It Im'lno No I l)e> street onednoi l,om Bioadaav N. B ? twelve or fifteen good chain usakeis cau ftud em nlovmenl as above. MONK" LENT?MONEY LENT. I" HE Highest prices advanced, in Urge ami ?mall mhos, on ' Jrwi lry, Diamonds gold and Silver. Watches, I'laie, Wear- I mg Appirel. and every description of prrson ,1 i roi ertv JOHN M. DA VIES, Licensed Paw.ll inker, >28 Im'rc 231 Willi-in-I icel Dusi-r stiei t. 1 HERS?MM Ihs Wc.ii-rii Lire Gee.e Feathers, la i " very fine order, lor t*le by E. K COLI.IN8 k ( O AUCTION NOTICES. BEACON COURSE. r RACING. MONDAY next, Nov. 1J or fiist fair day, at 2% o'clock P M . h ill coin* oir (lie Huril e Race. IS mi e hesU, for a I urn of 4150, %'jO to second Let horse, five hurdler to a hmt, i lee' hi|?h. caici wtilMjj Entries to close at Jones', Paik Row, Thursil y evening. October 30th. Mr J tl'Couuor enter* >g Quebec Buffer, from Quebec. Drue, Blue Jacket. ?ftlr. F Oneu. outers b g BUck DooglM from Montreal Dree., Jacket Blu- and Orange. Mr O o. 11 shorn cuUrs c g Americas, from New York. Dress, Crigi*"tt lacket. Mr. Oscv Sweatland eaters g g Snip, New York. Dress, Red Jacket. Mr. Win. Foz enters bg Hops, from New Jersey. Dress, Bine Jacket. The distances ia this race will be Slh of amile. o31 ft*rc ROSE WILD MAUuc.9, 24 Ul street, betweeu 2d and 3d Avenues, and nearly op posit Bull's Head. .Just arrived from the country, aud for sale at th? above stables, 80 Horses, among which are four fast trotting horses, 2 fast pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some fine cart tosses, a few good road and stage horses, and shippers. s32m*nrc R. H NORTHRUP, Prop M prinor. to let; FIIK.VI8HKD ROOMS, with or without board, at 561 tfrnadway. Alio, ? lar^e ha loon, eligibly situated ' ajl aitiit, or will be let To any Club or Society who i w <ut ol a I may or in w ?ut ol a large rooui. The prices will be moderate. The KreiiehiiialwRyH spokeu. i.g 3i*m A FOR RENT-A large aud commodious House ou the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, liet ween 3d and llh .tree's, aud one door west of Jackson Hall. It con t luaiiveiity rooms, with a fa, hi .uable granite front, and his been occupied by Mr. Isaac Beers I' r the last eight ye?rs, as the American Hotel. Apply one door we.t, at the Book and v.sw a as... ISVISU aawswt. ' SJ||'I * veil*: vsvrW ? Will. Hi HID U'PJk dllU Periodical Store of Measra. Shur-z It Wilde, or to the pro prietor. ol'J Zweodre JOHN 8INON. FAKK PLACE HOUSE. Thia Establishment lias during the past Hummer been uewly furnished throughout. A few families and a lim ited number of gentlemen may here be rery pleas autl, coinmodnied for the winter on as favorable terms aa at any oilier house equally well conducted. JAMES O. ELLIOTT, No. 1 Pa-k Place. N.B.?For 3 or 4 Rooms without board, at No II Park place, apply as above. s2llin*rrc jysgg J A VES VIRTUE, Gardener aud Florist, corner of BKjQ|Broailway Bud 22d st, formerly corner of 15th st. aud 5th etiue. has on hand, Aluulhus, and all kinds of orna ment il Trees, suitable for streets or pleasure g ounds. Also, a greet variety of the choicest Shrubs, ilerbacioua Plants, he., beat adapted for city gardens. Grecuhor se Plants,lie., lit great variety. A quantity of superb kruif Bearing Vines. Gardens laid out and kept by the season. All kinds of Garden Work done on the most reasonable terms. All oider* left at the comer ol Broadway and 22d st, cr at the store of Means. 1 hosburu Ik Co.. 15 Johu st, will be ruuciu illy attended to n29 6t" d*ic r* THE KA'LL VTYLE OP GENTLEMEN'S Hats are i^su _ now ready lor die season, 11345, which for lightness aud su periorityot rolor eaanot be surpassed, which is a very important part of the HAT. rutaiuiiig the color till it is worn out. Any article sold in MU? establishment ia never misrepresented, but ?old for what it la. Also, the tall style of Boy's aud Chil dren's Caps, of various patterns. Gentlemen can have their hats made to aitl V, in any shape or style they wish. N. B-?A full assortment ol Ladies'Fur*. C. KNOX, 110 Fultou street, 027 Im'eour between William anil Naaaan streets. A ONE PRICE?BROWN It CO. l78Challiam square, corner of Mott st. wish to inform the public ol their recent itnproreiiiMtt in the manufacture and finish of their -r-yreg r - ? ? - THREE DOLLAR HATS, which retain a be utiful rich lustre, and will Mmpatc well with those more cosily. The P'oprietors are confident that ihey can furnish Hats far superior to any heretofore sold for the same price. A full asaortment of Fancy Furs, also Fur Clolli; Mohair, Glazed, Si k and Fancy CAPS, several new patterns, much admiiad, sold at reduced prices, wholesale and r.lail. i 29 lm*inc TO THE LADIES. _|ta*TV MlUi, M. BAKER, Milliner, 209 Bleecker QLilAtreet, having beeu, by the Cinnrniu, e olthe lme rWd) F iir, deel ireu entitled to the Medal "for the best ?Ik Bonne s on a grea ly improved plan," solicits a call iiom those Ladies who are willm; to believe that stylish, well finished bonm ts m de in Bleecker sirret are not lesa desiri.Mo than ih'ise sold in Broadway, for being 30 percent cheaper. <?312 *r LOOK AT THIS ^ IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the best quality |g st the estreiue low price ol $5 00. The beat of French jffCalf Uo'its Hindu to older S3, and a great-assortment of fine Calf Uoota S3 and Si; finest calf Shoos 51 50 to $2 25 also arrest assortment "f p.,tent leather Bouts, SliOua and G liters. Lady's will find iu tins store t be greatest assortment of Goiters to be found in the city ;,also Buskins, Slips, Tie*, India Rub bers, Pru id'a blips, white and black satin, Ike., Ike. Likew. e Boys Calf Boots aud Shoes, Mis ;et aud Childreu do, all kinds aud cr lors, our owu manufacture; also tin best of Freuch ' ioods.and warranted the beat aud cheap as the cheapest at 367 Broadway- corner Fianklin street, ol lm*rrc M CAH1LL. BOOTS AND SHOES AT RETAIL. A laage and splendid assortment of city made Boots and Shoes, of the most approved styles and woikmanslup, for sale twenty-five per cent cheaper thau at any other store iu _ New York Just received, a few cases of fine Frem h Calf Dress Boots Gentlemen so disposed, can furnish their understanding with an elegant pair of Boots, at prices varying from three to five dollars, a 17 lm*rc FRENCH 8t EVERETT, 73 Mnidenlane. l! A? J FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR #3 50,CITY MADE ?For style aud durability they are equal to those sold iu other stores for $5 ; five French hope rial dress Boots made to order for SJ 50, equal to those made in other stores for SG and (7, mid warranted to give satisfaction, at YOUNG Ik JONES' Freuch Imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one ol the moat lUahlouuble Boot and Shoe establish menu in this city. Gentlemen thai are iu want of a pair of dress Boots, will find a saviug of fifty per cent by getting them of us. Mending also done in the store. WM. M. YOUNG Ik H. B. JONES, >17 lin*mc No. f Ann st., near Broadway, New York. MOBILE. AND NEW OULEANg LINE OK PACKETS, NOVEMBER 5 rOR MOBILE?The anpeiior fait sailing packet Ptll LL1 PS, Capt. i'ratt, will char as ship MARV _iiliure? lias unequalled aciominodstioua lor a limited I uuiiioei ul second c tbiu passengers. in u new house on deck. | And the well known favorite packet ship SHARON, ? apt. ' Mt rrimau, will positively sail on Wednesday nest, weather fieriniiting, or p usage l'ree?has unequalled accommodations or ctbin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply on i board, foot of Murray's wharf, or to u2:h"ui L. A. TEN EYCK, 67 South at. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New .York Line?Regular Packet?To sail 'I uesdiy, Nov. ? (Hh?Xne elegant, fast suiting packet ship OSWE OU, Juioiston, master, will positively sail as above, her tegu lar day kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall at, or to E. K. COLLINS be CO., 66 South at. Positively no goods receivtd on board after Monday evening, 9th inst., Ageut in New Orleans James E.Woodruff,w ho will prompt ly forward all goods to his address. Packet ship June E Williams, Parker, master, will succeed the Oswego and ssil Wih met., pgr regular tity. ul KOR SAVANNAH?Packet of the 3d Novein ,her?The packet brig MADlaUN will positively sail ? in Mond y, Nov- 3d. _u.,r wishing to secure berths should make early applica tion on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to W. Ik J. T.TAP8COTT, nl Die 76 South street, corner of Maiden lane. NEW SLOOP FOR SALE. THE whole (or half to a person wh > can procure sa tisfactory cimdoymeLt for said sloop) of the lastsail sing sloop E. CLaRix, built iu New York, by John i.laik, shipwright, and launched in July last, 21 tons burthen, and n raw tug when loaded four feet, carries 36 tons dead weight, well found in every particnlar. Apply to JOHN CLARKE, nl 3t*r Shipwright, 302 Front street. FOR SALE, KKElOnT OR CHARTER?The KKCXVvrry last sailing packet ship LOlllSVlLLE, 613 tons, JMSHfacarries 1600 bales New Orleans Chiton; was built in un. oil), with live oak and locust top; newly coppered and puteut felted. Has handsome accommodations for U passen gers. Apply to E. K COLLIN8 U. CO. r30 it Sooth street, FOR SALE?The baik I.UC D'UKLeANS, bur ? the., per legisier 310 tons, aud carries 4t>00 bbls; she vas liuilt at Un,tow, M ine of white o>k,inl83l; ? ? ceiled, Coppered and thoroughly overhauled shout 18 monthssince; is d uble decked, lru*th 111 feet, hresdlh 27 feel, between decks 6 feet 6 i ches. hold 12 feet 6 inches. Apply to Capt. Hoodies*, o.i hoard, at Judd's wlurf, E R. or to BOYD & HINCKEN, m Toutiu? Buildings, O30 Iwrc 88 Wall steert OPF1UE Ut JLFFLKfiJUN LNoOiiAiNcE (Jo , t No. 60 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ? ' I4HIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da 1. mage by Gre on goods, wares and merchandise, tuid ?gainst loss b join land navigation ou vessels and their cargoes. .. DIRECTORS. Thomas W.1 home, Klisha lliggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Ausou Baker, B. R. Robsou, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Motos Tucker, James E. Holmes, Johu R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thoru, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogurt, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Presid-nt. Ilnniirv T Tfoew. S*e<-?tsev. n6 re i'JiL EAST RIVER MUTUAL INSURANCE CUMPANY. OFFICE No. 61 (late 4!l) Wall street, continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses,and other buildings. Also, on Household Furniture, Merclian dile, Ste., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. Johu Brouwcr, Wakenian Burritt, James Mc Bride, Philip Embury, John Moorhead, Stanton Betbe, Joseph Kernocluin, Daniel Ayres, Hseiry W. fiilIs, Charles N. 8. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, N. thauiel L. Untwold.jr. Thuinas Nesmitn, Russell Stubbms, Robert Uoorinan, Oeorge Coggesoail, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, Oeorge I'onieroy, Joseph Oaillurd, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWEK, President. OOI.D 8. SI L LI MAN, Secretary. KodkutJ Dii.lon, Connie land Attorney. "2 lin'm JiTOTHECMH IKS' lljtl.L, M C~iTll.iH.lSE ST. ESTABLISHED 1840. ALL MEDICINES in this Establishment warranted genu ine. No boys or inexperienced young men sre ever al lowed to wait on customers. The Gi est Hweedish Leeches for sale or applied by an experienced person. WM WATSON, Chemist and Pharmaceutist, from A. Garden's, tTfl tm"r T>1 tlx lord street. London. LvUOO Y EAR'S PATENT ME LA Lid C RUDDER OVER SHOES. 11; ARRANTED not to stiffen or soften nndcr any degree -f V? coM or linat; an article unequalled lor durabiIity, neat ness or price, lor rale in assorted esses, suitable for the city or cnuutiy trade, eud in small quantities, by GEO. BE EC HER, null lui'm 100 Broadway. ~ MACHIN E BELTI Nl+. GOODY 1 AR'S PATENT METALLIC RUBBER MA CHINK BELTI SO. VN ARTICLE of grevt strength and durability, Can tw mIm|> cd to all kinds ,>f in ichiuery for which leather is aseti. nuts itout tine thiol less, and it superior to it in m >ny respects It is unaffected by beat or cold, Huu when adjusted to machine ry doe* not require alteration as is the case with leather Kot tale by GEO. BE EC HER, 100 Broadway. Belts of giveuleiigths and thickness made to order, sn'll tm*m EMBROIDERING BRAID. ONE vise astorieu Silk Soutache or Embroidering Brud. ja.t received ;>er racket ship Have, and offereil fog sals by O. VARET, IJ William st. o3l lw'm? ?AMUSEMENTS. fAKH 'J'iJK/iTlilk. A NEw"cOMEDY. tionday KvcnlnKt Sovcmber M, Will ba performed, 1st t uir. tbe saw romedy, at now piayed st the Hay market Theatre in 2 arts. ,ot tted ibe SHERIFF OF THE COUNTV. ?It Hollylodge, Mr Bass CaH Oswald... Dye ft Mrt Hollylodgc Mrs Varuon After wlncn, fat Stytien ' By me two Muxt Vallaa To conclude with, CHARLES iHESlCOND King Chailet ibe second Mr. Dyott 1 ant Coup, / ... Bos . Tutidiy, lire celebrated Danaeute .M'tile AUOL 8TA, Hi La Bayadere Price oi Attmiaaion?Boxaa, $1 ; fit, SO cenu ; Gallery, 2S ceuta. Boors open at SJJ o'clock, cad the Cttrtaia willrita pracitely at T o'clocx __________ SOWEKY THUATlllli. Mondajr Eyanliif, November 3d. Th e performance to commence w itb the national drama of the cradle of Liberty. Mike Mainsail .... Mr. J.R. Scott Alter which, THE BRIGAND MONK. Luigi Carrara, Mr. Cony Louis Chatalet, Blanc hard <T_s Lower Boxea So cents; Second and Third Tiers, to eta.; fit and Gallery, 12)4 ceuta. Doors will open at half past 6. the carta in trill rise at T. PALMO'S OPERA HOTSK. EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION. For Five flights Only, Monday, November 3d, 4th, nth, 0th <ti 7th. GRAND COMBINATION OK TALENT. MYSTERIOUS SOIREE* IN THE TEMPLE OF EN CHANT.vlE.NT. _ Firat appearance in New York of MISS M iRY ST CLAIR, the celeb'atrd English S bil; assisted by MONsIELK PH1LL1PP, Tha French N crom ncer, in their iciiei of unsurpassed no veltits, I luaions aud Vetamorpboses. > ugagewrut at great ex|iet of MISS LOUISA FOREST, Tlie talented American Danatnce, from the Southern Thea tres, and of 8ENOK. CAKHERO, Doors open at 7. Performance to commence at 7)?. 1'he unrivalled Delineator of the Anoi.ut 8cu Rednced Prices 126 cents.) See the small bills. nl 3t*rc a EHA ??? It A. No. 599 Broadway, (between Spring and Prinee.) Positively the Last Week I Of the Engagement of Palmo's Ethiopian Opera Company. MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Evenings, Nov. 3d, 1th and 6ih, will be per'ormed, (by {articular desire,) the popular operatic burl -que, entitled. HO,Vi- v.M-UULL-oLE: Founded on the c-lehrated opera La Souiiatnbula. To conclude with the medley tra? eslie of the VIROINI v.N GIRL ; In which will be iulruducrd the gems ol Balfe'a Bnliciniau Girl. Also,a laughable burlesque C^TOLKA And a nolo ou the Coral odour Performance to commence at 7)4 o'clock. Admis?ion 26 era. On Thursday next will be produced a barletqueon LA BAY ADERE. u2 lr*rc OHBSNBT STREET THEATRK _ PHILADELPHIA. W. E.Bubton Lessf.e akd Manages LAST NIGHT OK THL ENGAGEMENT OF Mr. AND Mrs. C. KEAN' Monday Kvenlng, November 3d, Will be presented the Comedy c.f LOVE. The Countess, Mrs. G. Kean ; Huou, Mr. C. Kmn; Duke. Mr. J. Scott. Alter which, tbe new KareolTrlE TWO IdUEENS. Mag nus Lobb, Mr. Oweua; Margaret, Mrs. McLean; Christine, Mrs Wilkinson. ARCU BTHJEMT THEAiliE, PHILADELPHIA. Btaos Msnaoen Mr. H. E. System FIRST NIGHT 1 IF MR. 8ILSBEE. Monday Kvenlun November 3d, Will be presented, SAM SLICK. Sum "lick, Mr Silsbee; Walter, Mr. Fredericks; Blanche, Mrs. Burke; Conscience, Mrs. 1 liaye . After which, NATURE AND PHILOSOPHY. Colon, Mrs. l'hayvr. To couc udtt with OBI. or THREE FINGER'D JACK. Three biugar'd Jack, Mr. Wood; Quaahee, Mr. Burke; Rosa Mis. Burke. OPJBiklNte of the N ATIONAL UNION CIRCUS (Late Richmond Hill) now Kichmoud Theatre, Corner of Varick and Chart ton st*. The doors will opeu at half p .rat 6, perlorinauce commence at 7 Admission?Dress Circle, 60 cents; 2d aud 3d Circles, 26 ceuts; i'lt, 12)4 cants; Private Boxes, $6 Equestrian Director, H. Needhain?Clowus, Alex. Rockwell and Dan Gardner On WEDNESDAY EV'NG, Oct. 29, the perforata, ces will commence w ith a Grand Cavalcade?after w hich. Horsrm ii ship by Master Rivers?Grand Trainpolining and Horseman slnp bv Hiram Franklin?Equestrian Exercises by Mad Gulleu -the Brigand ? luef, by J Wbittaker?aud a Great Variety of Siugiugby the Miuatrela, Gymnastic Exercises. Re. Sic. The whole to conclude with the Farce of the GERMAN FAR MER. o29 lw*mc FESTIVAL CONCERT. UC. HILL has the pleasure to announce that he will give ? a F# tival Coiirert ou MONDAY EVENING, 10th November. At the BROADWAY TABERNACLE. On which occasion he will be assisted b ? Die Members of the Philharmonic and New York Sucied .viuaic Societies, and oth er d stiiigutvhed musical ability of ibis City, who have ' lin-ed their services; the whole turning an armr of Vocal and talent uever before presented at a Cuuceit in ; America. A complete Programme and the Performers' names will be l>rra uletl a few days previous to the Concert. , The taleut already eugiged will fully meet the expectations of tbe public Ou thu occasion the following Overturea will be performed: Uuillaume Tell .....Rossini The "Ruler of the Spirits,"(firat time) Weber And for tbe fust time in this country, the lollowing Operatic Choruses, by au ad. quale number of performers. The "Prayer"?Moses in Egypt Roaaiui "Tbe Stars are brigntly Beaming"?Preciosa Weber The Tramp Chorus and Solos Bishop "Vivele Roi'' B.tlle The Finale of the First Act of Euryantlie Weber Couaisting of a fud Solo and Quartette, with Chorus of War riors aud Villagers. (First time in America ) The Orcneatra will consist of 2)0 voices, aud nearly 100 in struments. Mr. H. Maiks, leader of the Orchestra. By permission of Win. Mitchell, Esq. Mr. Timm will preside at the Piano Forte The whole under the directiou of Mr. U. C. Hill. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. 0 r"Tic*et? One Dollar e ch?For sale at the Music Stores, and at Saxton St Miles', 206 Brondw y; Leavitt it Trow's, 191 Broadway; Appleiou kt Co's, 100 Broadway; Nesnjtt'a, corner Wa'l and Water its.; J. P. Perkins', No. 1 Wall St.; J. A. Sparks. Ibl Fulton st ; H. Meigs, 41b Broadway; Geo. Whi ? locx, 88 Canal s'.; and at the door ou the evening of perform ance. olftonlO r NJJ5L.W O. GRAND SCIENTIFIC ILLUSION. HERR ALEXANDER, THE GERMAN MAGICIAN, MOST respectfully announces to the Ladies and Gentle men of New Vorkuta, he will opvu a series of his high ly entertaining soirees in this city, at Niblo's, Ou MONDAY, the 3d of November, 1J45. During that t.nie lie will give a series of experiments in Che mistry, Pneumatic's, Optics, Natural Philosophy and Magic. Tickets Kilty Cents. Doo s open at 7?Performance commences at 7^ o'clock, oil 4t*mc X] U W EXHIBITING. (for a short time only) at tlieKooms 1 ' of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, De Knyper's celebrated statne (m marble) entiileu "LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This exquisite and refined work, which has been pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chef d'auvrt of modem art, and which has attracted crowds ot admirers pi Europe, has beeu brought to this country at great cost and risk, and is now coulideully opened for the inspection of Uie lovers of this sub lime and beautiful art. Open from 9 A. M. until 10 P. M. Admittance 23 cents.? 8eas 'U Tic kets 30 cents. sKi rre THE l~1H.GESTANL> MOST MAGNIFICENT CONCERT, BALL, AND LECTURE ROOM, IN BROOKLYN. 'I1 HE subscriber would respectlully inform such persons as A are desirous of engaging rooms uuring the ensuing winter, for the purpose of Balis, Concerts, Lectures and Public Meet ings, that there is now erecting ou the premises of Brooklyn Garden, a large and commodious bui ding to be devoted exclu sively to such purpose?to be completed by the 23th October, !Hl3 , and the u.idrrsiugurd will eudeavor to render it the best and most convenient ot any room iu tint city. The Ball Room will have a spring floor, constructed ou the most approved plsua. Terms moderate. o2l 2w* J W. VAN PEL'r DANC1NG ACA i EM i . 74 Lko!s*bd Sthicp.t, West Side of Broadway. M'LLE. PAULINE DESJARDJN8 has the honor of in forming the public that the has opened her classes, and if now ready to receive pupils. M'lle. P. D. gives instruction in all the different branches ot dancing. At her Academy will be ) taught all the newest and moat faaliiouable Dances now iu use in Paris Among them the new Polka Quadrille, Gallo- j pades, the Waltz Polka, and all styles of Waltzes. Among j Fancy Dances the Polaeca,Mazurka, L'achucha, Cracovienrie. 6tc. Mile P D. will give her pellicular attention to Ladies' Boarding Schools. Cotillion Parties will be formed for Iter pa- | pils exclusively. Persons who are desironrs of becoming pupils, will please apply to M lie P I)., as above <? Im're SOUENUK'-S RULMt'MU .sVRUl'. ! CI01 GlIS AND COLDS generally ar- the forerunner* of j / Coniuuiptioa. 'i lie only remedy now knowu, that will ! Positively cure the oir iitnpuon in its incipient orwell se ted ] stage, n Scheok's Pulni.mic Syrup. It rem ves all dise r?ed in.,iter from the system, which, it le't to remain impedes the ' lung - in their I'nnct on, and an incurabv consumption wul foilow Behenk's Pulmonic Syrup Ins recently succeeded in firing (in tins city) some of the worst rises of eooiouiptinn, ofpeisous of too highest -landing, a nference to whom will cheerfully be given, on iippln ation at the office. After wli t lias lieeii done by this tnedicitte, none shonld doubt or despair; others ha.e been eured by Bchenck's Pulmonic Syrup, w hose i isas appe ired to be b.'voud the resell of snv remedy, aud you ! consumptive may a so be cured b> a result to this invalu?n!e medicine, ss by this me his consumption m ty be arrest rd of its tenor, and the .itllicted restored to pe feet health. Ouly prm ci|ul oirice lor tne sale of ttie Genuine Pulmonic 8yrnp, No I 4 Courtlaudt street, where ptmph.ets. desriiptive of cootamp- [ tion in all it* forms aud stages, may be had gratuitously, nl 3t"mc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY CaplUl !IU>,(WO IKollare. OFFICE 41 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN '1^ HIS < OMP.VNY continues to Imnre sgsiust loss or da 1- mage by Kir* on their usual favorable terms. All claims pwsvi.ted to this company losses bv the laic disastrous lire having been paid, they now hud their caniul nearly entire B W DE LaMATEB, President, salmis rre m. V, WlMS. Secretory. LI, K.N DO DM ORTH Will eornmence a Private Danciug Sell, ml this residence, No. 418 Bro. me street, on Mon day.Oct DHih. li. continue during the season. every Monday, Wednesday, thur.ds,. Slid SaiUrdav. at i t M. lor ladies, and at 7 for (Wlrmen. I-or terms, kc. apply s* aOove. 1 W si . B' - TIldHNb it CO., Produce aud Flour Men bant, D3 JtMK.S K. KKELER R CO., Butter, Chre*e and Laid, 109 F oi.t stieet. 0>t ?C ~ BA( IN ! BA1 IN ! ! A I 'ONH'I ETK assoitmeut ol Bags for Corn, Wheal Flour, Feed, Met I kc kc., kept constantly on hand aud for vile iu lots to luit puich iters. Bags nude to order for the S, If,hem aud Weileru ma ki ta, bv A. F. G&ARAM, 82 Waters! o313t*t umi Old Slip. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. Hk i.*wt JAVlk.MUItt'l VAIU Washington. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Washi.notov, Oct. 81, ISifi. Vivt la bagatelle?" Dt hoc mu/ti multa, etnnts alv yuid,nemot Kith"?Father Ritchie and tilt leitttr writer t. " There is a quarrel not yet fettled, between the citi zens end some of Cariaicatchi's people, which he* al ready produce I iome blow *. 1 keep iry )?eo|ile quite Deutral ; but have ordered them to be on their guard."? Byron's Letter*. " We lay before our readers," in this morning's paper, certain extracts eeiiatim from the Union, beginning with its second number, in May last. They will give something of an idea of the intolera ble sufferings that Father Ritchie has endured trom that omnipresent class of the disciples of Mephisto philes, distinguished by the great Bagbyaa "the pestiferous letter-writers," and by Father Ritchie himself, as the "hireling scribblers." But to be gin: ? CHAPTER I. Father Ritchie ha* been long enough in Washington to know that it it like Jithen* in the day of Demosthenes. " lt'e a very ingenious invention."?Judge Mason i opinion oj a Bee-hive. ? We have already been long enough in Washington to know, that it is pretty much like Athens In the day. of Damosthei ei, where, as the orator said, the controll ing question was,' What is the news T And where thle extravagant cuiiosity was productive of still more a**"*' vagant reports in the metropolis. The atmoephere itself seems loaded with rumors. These ero caught up by the greedy letter-writers, who show a good deal of inge nuity in circulating them at a distance."? Union, May 2, 1844. CHAPTER II. Father Ritchie denite the rumor of an Extra Stieion, and a certain fable. "Some ofthe newspaper, and letter writers have al luded to an extra session of Congress. As such annunciations are only calculated, he.-we deem it best, at once, to contradict the rumor."- Union, May b. ?A letter from Washington eey^-A pertpfth. Globe contract has not yet appeared in print, fcc. Uaji foble.?\t it ridiculous to suppose that euch anar raugemeut could form any part of the COirtract The thiifg is almost too trifling even to be contradicted.? Union, May 7. CHAPTER III. Father Ritchie make* no war on the Letter writer*. " He was a very peaceable sort of a mau except when you stirred him up, and then he was hell. ?Ben Mar ington We would much rather have their good word thfn their abuse. We would rather have their good wishes than provoke their resentment Many of them are men of ingenuity. who make all the use they can of all the materials which are afloat in the city, but the misfortune ia, they make too much uee of them, ko.,fto the extent of half a column ] ? Union, May JR. chapter rv. Father Ritchie slops ' that colt" " And every one cried etop that colt As loud as they could oawl." [John Otlfin revised. " Wife, oan you let me have our new bn^Q^gtory ? My name is legion, for we ar. "Some idle gossip was circulating in oa* (' stranger as we ere within the gates of the cdy.may we nots till begin to call them our streets1) that thaw was a c.a""| Congress!* " wT&i?ht 5 wr duty'to investigate the fact, and found this 1 our 'legion' of friends (the letter writers) may ee,'htavtsn the rumor, to circulate it to the four winds of heaven, we have thought it best to 'stop that colt at once. Union, May 30. CHAPTER V. For SI read!. " UrMOVALS BY THK WhOLEIAI-B.?A priTitfl letter from Washington say? there w? re a? many ?? thirty seven removes from the various offices WmbligUm. on Saturday and Monday. ?New York Herald of satur da*\jX#ss exaggeration. For 37 read 7. And this is about rte whole amount, as we underetand. Union, "'"[This "gross exaggeration" haying been traced to the Norfolk Herald, some sparring toUowed b? tween the New York Herald editor and thei ormn, in which Futhor Ritchie at last knocked under.] CHAPTER VI. Father Ritchie ha* a strong disposition to "hang hi* name 1 on the gibbet." i ?? And that voube taken thence to the place ol execu U. ?>? '"TJUSS; J And may God have mercy upon your eoul. ?Sentence "'??The public may form some opinion of tha '"cklew character of many ol the letter wntere from this citT, from the foUowJg dashing .pcimen the Baltimore Patriot. it really teems to t? the wnwr is indifferent what be say s, provided he hes iom^hlng te say. We have a strong disposition to hang his name on the gibbet as a warniug lor others.' ?tmon, June 3d. CHAPTER VII. Father Ritchie charges the letter writer for th* Express as being an svet-dropper. " Bancroft you are a humbug."? bather Ritchie. "When the sea is a blue color it is deep water, aau when green it ia shaflow."-.Vuturoi Philosophy. "I shan't breathe it to a living soul."?The old Tea '""{"was an intellectual effort, (Bancroft's oiatlon,) which still excites our wonder. ?">/?"*{> ly eves-dropper would seriously hold us up a. charging thn orator with being a 'humbug.' ? Union, July 6. CHAPTER VIII. Father Ritchie turne undertaker, and charge* the New Y'ork Herald correspondent with e want of rvjlnsmcra. "The fact it, if a man is genteel, and hat on bfood suit ot harness, he can ring in any where.-Ueou Hicfc "* "A Washington correspondent ofthe Nt wF?r k Herald flulv 31 speaks of a rumor heareabout m this city, (?e 49tn parallel compromise ) We undertake to affirm that uo such a raugemeut hat been effected. "The same letter asserts that we are opposed to the new postage law, from narrow and antiquated viewe,un wortCof men if the present age.' We undertake to say that the statement is as desituie oi truth as his lan guage ia of refinement."? Union, July B. CHAPTER IX. Father Ritchie it a little excited. "How now, what's the matter, my old friend Urumio, and my good lnend Fetruchio Shakepeare "The Washington correspondent of the last Hew Fork Herald presents so many whispers and legends, which are so flagrantly and shamelessly false upon their very face, as to make them unworthy of serions contradiction. [Extract relating to the stockholders in the Union. * * i ? ? ? The scribblers who originate these ridiculous tales had better go upon the streets ot Washington and work lor their honest bread, instead of prostituting thelr talents in the fabrication of sucn monstrous fables.? Union, July 11. CHAPTER X. Father Ritchie makee a *uggestion. "We respectfully submit to the Charleston Mercury, whether suck 'bald, disjointed chat,' as Its Washington correspondent of the Uth July furnishes, is worthy of its columns, he."?Union, July 14. CHATTER XI. Father Ritchie charges the Hew fork Herald with being a IVhig paper. " I tell you, stranger, I'm a screamer, half horse, half alligator, with a sprinkle of the steamboat."?Himrtd Wudfire. Father Ritchie asks for the authority of your cor respond' nt as to (he 12 year rule ot rotation, and then says: " The readers of the New York Herald and some other whig papers will soon learn to ap preciate the credit which is due to their reports trotn Washington." CHAPTER XII. father Ritchie again cautions the Charleston Mercury, and hauls up a Hew Fork paper. " I prithee take thy fingers from my throat." " How this world is given to lying."? Shake. " Wo would again respectfully advise the Charleston Mercury to caution its Washington correspondent against little misrepresentations or hasty mistakes."?Union, July 19. " There seems to be no end to the ftblee put forth by the whig press and its correspondents. For example, a correspondent ot a New York paper says that '.Mr. Bu chanan will certainly resign,' " Sic.? Ibid. [Hence, up to September 15, the organ seems to have had an interval of comparative repose from the scribblers at Washington, many of them being off to the Springs. In the paper ot the 15ih, t>\e organ seta three or four letter-writers straight on the subject of the tatill, and the movements ol Gen. Gaines. 1 chapter xin. More Fables. " There is another fable, almost too ridieulous for contradiction. It ia that Mr. Walker, of tha Treasury, was the author of the Kans latter. * ' * ' Such is the precious stall' which the 'Mercury' consents to dole out lor the information of the enlightened ciUr.ena of South Carolina."?Union, 8ept IS. CHAPTER XIII. The "Kane Letter" again?Father Ritchie rampant " You are thought here to be the moat senseieaa and flt man for the constable of the watch; therefore, beer you the lantern : this it your charge : you shall comprehend all vagrem men ; To* am to bid any man stand in the prince's name."?Dagherry. Swr 27.?Father Ritchie devotes a long Anathe ma, equal to the curse of Obadiah, against the let ter-wnter for the Vharlcston Mtfurty. abounding n such tropes and me'aphors as these.- "Swiss scrib bler"?"Bennett'* Herald"?" hireling carre?pon dent"?"J. W Webb's whig Cou'ier"?"stain our coluiiius"?"not Mi op to argue"?"false in all its I tarts"?"ba?cly fal-e?"gross iuisrepre*eutatioua" ?"Cyril V. Grey"?? Bbghnhiiinu"?"three or tour years"?"never been uaiur?li/.ed"??"h strag gling Englishman"?"hired wuter ol latwrs"? "kennels ot the city," CHAPTER XIV. Father Ihuhie. itizes the nccaoton* M Nemo vi? puuifttur pro coJeni delicto.* No man should b* punished twic# for tltu same crime. " And it was thought best to take it a* quietly as poaai. bin.''- Ihr. Johnson. In noticing the oard ol W J. Brown, iu urawer

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