Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1845 Page 3
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MOW B? JHARKBT. Thuradajr, Nov. 6?6 P. Bl. There was another imall panic to-day, and the aalai, at the decline, wer a large. Vicksburg cloned firm at yesterday'* price*) Morii* Canal fell oil' 1 j per ct; Ohio tj?d, J, Farmera' L< ,an, j; btonington, j; Heading, J; Can" ton, 3; Loug Ulai id,i) Norwich and Worcester went up 11 per cent; Indi ana, 1. mailing LxoJ tango closod firm at 8] a 9 per ct pre mium. The de ruatid, this morning has been very good, but the rate* b ave fallen off, since yeiday, about i per cent Tho reccipf * of the Western Hailroad Coinpuny, for the week en jjUg tho 1st instant, this year and last, have been as ann excd ;? Writkkn Raii.road. Week endii ,ig Nov. 1st 1844. 1845. Incttase. Paasmarni $5,538 5,917 409 Kreiaht.Sie 10,485 13,404 2,999 TotS 1 $16,023 19,431 3,408 A v try large portion of the increase is derived from freight. The increase in the reoeipt* for passengers for the &1 love week, is something unusual. The specula- ^ tions foing on in some of the staple agricultural pro ducts, has caused much activity among Western for warder *, and the supplies coming to maiket give lull employ tnent to all our works of internal improvement. Amorf? the important questions of the day, thero is not one in which the philanthropist and patriot feejs a Jeeper interest than in ail early resumption of pa',men1 by the'teiioquent States. it is therefore gratifying to notlde every step that is taken by tlie authorities of those States, tows rd tho accomplishment of an object so es sential to tlie/r own credit and prosperity, and so desira- . hie for the permanent establishment and, continuance op our republics! i institutions. We 3'ivo b< en much gratified to jfeara that Michigan lras made a c/onimeucement in the great work, and tliu* her Legi?l8Mlre will in all probability make provision at their noxt meeting, lor au 'pnmediate payment of inte rest upon the titate debt, 'mdiana will probably be in duced to follow the exar^pje Qf Illinois, and by making some provisions for h?,r creditors, uiay be equally suc cessful in obtaining the means necessary to complete her 1 unfinished p'lblic woiks, which, in granting facilities to , her tarmers for reaching a market, must afford a goad revenue to i the State, and confer incalculable benefits upon lier lad ustrious population. In Illinois "much ha* been accomplished already by the indomi'.able energy of some of public men, and if we judge from the information we have just received Iromthat Stats, her citizens are now satisfied that ",n public as well as in private affairs, "honesty is the f,est policy." The work upon her great canal has b<en resumed. Those who doubted'as to the coursg w'^jch might be pursued by the creditors et the State, af'.er the late action of the Legisla ture, are satisfied that h^fbest interests have been subser ved. The tax impose .i k,y thein has thus far been collected without a BRUrxtUr, ? ?j t[,e popu^r voice is now raised for an extra meeting of the legislature, which the Gover. aor nas determined to call, for the purpose of apportion ing the State under the late census, as well as to pre sent to them such further measures as may be necessary for the redemption of the credit of Illinois. It is estimated that under thia census, there will be an : increase of about 200,000 inhabitants, or about 35 per cent, since 1840, oim half of which has occurred within the last 18 mor,'tbg. \ groat portion of this increase con sists ot emi'^rantg who have brought with thorn means aufficicjKj j0 e8tai)ijsh thjmselvcs as agriculturalists, and must add much to tho real wealth of the State, in the cultivation of its prolific soil. Maryland will be influenced by the example of Penn sylvania, and those Stales left in so small a minority, will be compelled at last to yield to the voice of thti na tion, in favor of an early resumption of the payment of interest unon their indehlednaca It is freely admitted that the circumstances which have led to the present embarrassed condition of the finances of many of the States of this Union, were pecu liar to the nge of wild speculation, from which we have just emerged, and that wisdom would have dictated a different course. Indeed there have been times, when the most sanguine might have entertained a reasonable doubt whether the delinquent Western States would ever be able to meet their accumulated obligations; but their great natural resources, which have so long slumbered in the silence of forests and piairies, am now freely developed by the hand of industry, furnishing our own markets with the necessaries of life, and au abun dant surplus for the markets of the world. The present increased demand for provisions, and es pecially for wheat and Hour, and the great rise that has taken place in it* market value, must, for a time at least, neke these States a granary to supply the wants of starving millions, and thus enrich their people and public treasuries. It i< cftiniatod thnt Illinois alone will furnish a surplus it *. if .(1,000 bushels of wheat this season. An advance ?tn only 10 cents |>er bushel, would more than pay the ?vhole interest, and it has already advanced more thau twenty. The iucrease in the growth of wool upon tire prairies is very great ; one house alone, at Chicago, has shipped the past season over ?>00,OW) lbs. Indeed, with such increasing prosperity as is exhibited In Maryland, Michigan. Indiar.*, Illinois, and throughout the Union, wo seo no teas ground to doubt but that in a lew years the delinquent Slates will have re. deemed their credit,by . turning the regular pay merits ol i iterest upon their ini'rhtedness, and that their own in leiest, as well us pi/je lor our own republican institu tions, together wi' A ? determination to hand down to our children, unsullied by ti.efoul spirit of repudiation, will nervo them t<* the accomplishment of this desirable object The ur jformity in the movements of the Virginia banks d'j)ing the past year, is not equalled by the batiks of any t>lher Mate in the Union. 1,'hc annexed statement of'.ae Exchange Bank of Vitgiuia and branches, for the '4st of March and 30th October, 1344 and lS4o, shows an ??extreme variation in the aggregate movement of only about one hundred thousand dollots : - EicHAXur Bax* or Viroixia isii Branch as 1844. 1811. Mar 31. Oct 30 Loans tu ind.vid's. tic..$2,112,614 2,Ml.9.49 Ml,371 -7,986 ViritniiA State stork .. 250 045 249,041 Exchange Bank stock.. 12,985 27,427 Ltu* from othtr Bankt. Iu account 288 751 207,439 In notes .if Va Bank... 187,739 111,974 In notes of o'/her banks 71,714 111,107 Heal estate tu bunking houses, kc 1*4,818 92.467 Specie 324,160 330,276 Resulting balance of tranaar (ions in tran situ, bgmk & branches '? 18,704 $3,393,388 3 491,383 f-i ohlitici C'l/ital st' Ck $1,728,342 1,726,342 ' Vculation 617,416 759,914 1 Ale tu other banks in account 75,152 87,958 Deposits 813,27 3 7 87,324 Excess of Assets 130,320 134,816 1815 1815. Mier. 31. Oct. 31. 2,.593,083 2,486,203 5.823 31,<66 245,045 243,045 27,426 19,435 129 813 125 709 115,765 89,8(8! 95,418 49,5I?> 92 391 91.998 276,809 274.136 17,406 31,287 3,398,985 3,357,691 1,726,300 1,726,300 668,927 711,352 89,596 50 991 779,693 732,545 131,168 136,502 3,398,985 3,357,691 lows - . ., 1842. 1843. 1841. 1815. Loans! $2 661.732 2 344.210 2,112 614 2,426 203 Specie 223 913 20,280 324,160 274,136 Circulation 614,291 422 228 647,416 711,352 Deposits 524,181 582,720 813,273 732,545 The movement now is nhout.what it was eighteen months since. Compared with March, 184?, the discounts are $238,029 lean, and all the other departments a little expanded. The circulation and specie have increased in about tlie samo ratio, maintaining a proper relative posi tion. As a whole, the statements of tho mother bank and branches exhibits a very flattering condition. Thr fluctuations in the operations of theso institutions from tunc to time, have been so very slight, that very little change must have been produced in the business depend ing ripen tboso bunks for facilities. The report of eTery bank in Virginia, shews the aggre gate banking movement of that State, during the past three years, has been limitod anil regular. Banks having capitals of two and three millions of dollars, have not, in several instances, increased their operations from year to year over one hundred thousand dollars. i-aSMves Bank of Viroixia and Bbaxuifi. 1844 1844. 1845. 1845. ?April 1. Oct. 1. .tlvril 1. O. I I Debt outstanding $1,516,6 9 4,554,581 4,719,25# 4,838,56.5 Sterling lulls 7,586 11.29t 19,735 14,046 Storks 1411,87 118,310 138,633 141,571 Loan xp the Com. of Virginia 2(1,600 3o,?oO ? ? Specie .............. 8(11,875 718,535 672,621 686,170 Motes and rbecks of o'her banks 179,632 219,113 147,627 191,145 Real estate 218.963 221,257 231,18 ) 2211,79, $5,987,982 5,915,168 5,926,452 6,088,291 ( I stock 2,663,180 2 669 100 2,672,560 2,675,600 Nolemi circulation... 2,669,1.39 2,045.211 1,040.056 2.062,231 Individual deposits .. . 901,980 910,752 930,816 992,510 li-laiice dee to oilier banks 51.363 ? 160,715 19,..43 4'outingen' fund 225,436 215,387 226.773 219,658 Profit" of thr institution 62,535 66.538 66,368 70,3(8. In tratisi'n between pa rent li.nik fit branches 7,926 27,850 17,222 49,479 $5,987,982 5,935,168 5,926,452 6,688,291 Tho loading feature* compare a* follow* ?'Iprit, '44. Orf.'n. Jtprilfti. Oct Mi I.o iris $4 516,699 4,551,581 4,71.1,250 4,8'856 Hp, rif 801,875 718,515 672,621 6(0,17n i l l uUtion 2,069,6 9 2,045,241 1,840,056 8,01.2,211 1),posits 901,980 910,752 930,816 992.580 There would bo very few of tho speculations thet ii.ivt spread to rapidly over tho country, if tho bunks throughout tho country would only maintain a move himnt as uniform as the Banks of Virginia have for the pest three or four years Tho ooaaoroial operations of the citiei in whioh the** bank* are located, hare not been checked or restricted in the leaat, for the want of sufllcient facilities, but on the contrary have increa<ed to a healthy extent. A steady increase in the banking movements of the State banks, an increase that would not only he permanent but gradual, and upon a sound basis, would bo beneficial, and would be advantageous to the commercial community rather than otherwise It is thu sudden fluctuations of credits that do so much harm, that derange commercial affairs by inflating prices one month, and cause a contraction the next. Old Stw ? Kxrliniiire. $1(1500 Ohio 7'? 100,'d 2,0 sh ? Kir Treat 2032 3000(1 do s60 100 50 do 3 33, IW0 Ohio ?'a'SO 10 Morris Canal ? 4 , 35ft) do 60 97 100 do ?3t) y. lMHIl do ,60 901-, 150 do SottU MM do ,30 96V 100 do 2000 do TO 9?>' 5<) do ,30 St' 2000 Indiana bond > 37X 50 do 22'* Mi,o Peuu\.?5's a30 71* 50 do ''?) 22? 100 u ? Jo 70l 50 do ?4 3001 Head 11, a It It bomb 67.1' 100 do ,15 22'a ,L?> 50 Nor h. Wor 12m 75 50 shaaM.nT.anai.Bk INI* .00 do 'So 81 50 1 neuix Bank 88X 100 do .Jj .. ,?9 50 do SO Pliedix Bank 8814 100 do 82 22 s ""Sjig bo N Amer Trust ?60 10 200 ,'f, 2 / ^ Ob'oL'fak. Tr .60 97), 100 Reading KK 52* 10 Cauton Co 45 105 do b30 62* 7! 1! , 44<4 500 do Uo 52'* ?in,,' j" l;3? 44-l? 500 do ,60 52'a ,. V 'JO U 50 WiJni'uRH btO 40 5" tt'a H0 do ,30 40 s? 4? bt# 14 ^ 5"* J" "60 40 100 Sii . 11 li0 L""? 1,1 RH ?1Zul 7U '?{ do bTO 41 200 do Tl JS Jo 1,30 41* 100 do 60d 73 ma l- n , 41 ? 50 do 73* 100 Cast Boston Co 15 375 do *35! 1 01. 11 150 'fo bw 73* 3j0 Harlem RR ,60 65* 50 do ,30 72V ,50 . Jo ?*? 50 do 7 is 3 0 trie RR 1 50 do sow 73% ?'o J" 33X 50 Stupington RR 1,10 33'! "'O do ,15 33* 350 ,l<* 1,60 !?( ?* J? 33* 300 do ,60 33 -0 do ,10 33100 do 33* 160 do b60 34!-, Seou l Board. 25 ,ha, Cauton Co 1,30 41 50 ,haa Hronington RR 33(4 ? do b3U4l 750 do ,?w 33 4 25 (jo 43V 250 do 331,' % vi w, , "f? 3#0 Long bland RR 73 50 Morn, Canal ,uw 2Jjj 50 do blO 73V 75 Nor & Wor 81 5 do 72 5i(fW KtoeU Kxt'liance. $JWi ?hi? 130 9750 ,haa Canton Co 15 ??0 ,h,s Hud 11 In, Co s90 39 25 do e 44 25 Vickjburg Bank .60 7 25 do b3 44V .??'? r d? m 0 *K 75 do c 44V 108 Farmers Trust 33* 50 d , c 44? 25 Mod is Carat .3!:!^ 25 do c 44 V 50 Canton Co 310 45V 25 do ,3 44 |J? , 4SS 50 bong Island RR bnw 73V 2' Jo C 45* 50 do ,3 73V Married, On the ftth instant, by tlie Rev. Mr. Myers, Mr. Ji i.u s AVahemstsiit to Miss Acgusta Lisiss. On Monday, Nov. 3d, at the Church ol the Holy k'.van Relists, by the Rev. Benjamin Evans, John Phillips to Martha, eldest daughter of Charles Garrett, Ksq., both ol this city. At St. George's Church, on the Gth instant, by Rev. Dr. Tyng, Charles W. Ampi.rgjh, ol Russia, to Ass How ard, daughter of James Knight, of this city. ? n tho Ath instant, in the Chrystie street Methodist Church, by the Rev. William Stillwell, Mr. Patkrson Jollev to Miss Clementine Gordon Johnx*n, daughter of Capt. Josiah Johnson, all of this city. Died, On Thursday morning, Gth instant, alter a short but se vere illness. John Clark, in the ftttth year of his age The relatives and friends of the family, and in particu lar those of his son, Bernard, and nephews, Owen and Patrick Clark, are respectfully invited to attend the fu neral this afternojn, Friday, at half-past 3 o'clock, froui his late residence, No. 36 Sheriff street, without further invitation. On Wednesday afternoon, 5th instant, of consump tion, Alfred, eldest son of John Firth, aged years 1 month and ',26 days. i'he funeral will tako place on Saturday, the Gth inst. Conveyances will be in readiness on the Williamsburgh side of the Grand and Houston street ferries, at 1 o'clock, I'. M. The relatives aud friends of the family are re quested to attend without further invitation. lit At TompkiDSville, Staten Island, on Wodnesday, the ftth instant, Kkbf.cca, relict of tho late Capt. John Sea man. The relatives and friends of the family, ami those ol her sons-in-law, the Rev. Thomas Mallaby and Dr Geer, are respectfully invited to attend her funerul to-day, Fti day, at l'J M., Irom St. Paul's Church, in that village.? The steamboat Sylph leaves Whitehall at II A. M. IM FAMOUS AUDACITY OF THIEVES. rjAHIK NATIONAL POLICK GAZETTE, published at No 27 Ceutrestreet, New York will, ou Saturday Nov. Bth contain among other interest ing origins! articles Tin- Lives of James and Charley Webb?the latter the most ingenious forger and burglar th it ever visited the United States ?Iiis life is full of startling iucident aud infamy. 1 List of .wealthy thieves and pickpockets residing in New York. Most interesting criminal correspondence, containing the re cent movements of pickpockets. Supposed manner of the murder of Mary C. Rogers by Abor tionists., Surprising exposition of the BaltimuYe mystery, with de velohm ents in relati ;ti. Sclileissinger and his mistress, and their recent escape from justice. Strange manner of detecting the robber of Mr. Davidson of Kingston, Ulster county, and recovery of the $i,400. Recent arrest of the iio'orious pickpocket George Potter at Pittsburgh, and hts subsequent escape. Also, the arrest of George Howell the "kiiucs,'' and Dave Ktpp the burglar Arrests of Pol icy dealers, and further expositions of their practices. Chinese notions ou Police aud mode of recovering stolen goods. War among th- "Doxseys," consisting of a scuffle between the wives of the thieves George Potter,Bob Pinkerton nnd Jack Gibson Arrival of Charl?y Roper, Billy Cox, and the trial of the Barge Rnliheis Smitn, Parkinson, Collard and Cupid. Among the select d articles will be found a continuation ol the R?publication of the celebrated NbWOATE CALKN DAH comprising the interesting c ses ofMichael and Ustha rine Van Bergheu and Gerard Draneliiies for the murder ol Oliver Nun is?and also the extraordinary robberies and execu tion of Jerry Aver-havv. Farther particulars of the recent murder of Maria Bickford iu Boston. Repoit of a horrible rape case in Baltimore?alao, a full weekly recoid of murders, robberies, forgeries, rapes,seduc tions, die. kc. BURuKSS St STRINUF.R, General Agents for the Union. 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'1 hey ate used in connection with the Mag netic Fluid, lull directioua accompany each?for a-ile he the single one, or in any quantity, at the only agency in New York, No. I'J4 Fulton atreet, Bun BuiI'Mng. n7 3t*rh " GRKAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICKS PERRr)AX PEXS QUALITY IMPROVED. JAM EH PERKY k CO., have the plaaaure to announce t!,at in couaeqiieuce of increased facility in th* manufac'U'e of their IVns, they have reduced the pi icea to the level of all other I'eua in the mmket, at the aamvtime their auperiority iu quali ty is maintained. J. P. Ik Co embrace this nyportuui y to return thanks to their numerous friends lor the decided preference given to the Pi i : \ i in T lis fin s many yours,and caution the public agaiu.-t the s| iirnius iinicstions which arc frequently imposed upon them for the genuine Perrytan Pens ? genuine Perryi S."d by till St turners and dealers iu Metallic Pens, and by THEODORE hlPKE, Agent for James Perry Ik Co., London. 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POWELL, OCULIST AK ? * VF Tl \/vv; UIU JL ^ND OPERATIVE SURGEON, atrtuds to Dlic i.cs of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vii ton, from !) to 4 o clock, at his residence, 261 Broadway, corner ol Wntri n st Ophthalmia, N'oppage of the Trar Passage, Gatsiact nnd Opacities, effectually temoved. AN1AUROS1S treated with gie I .ttcntion and success Inveterate easea of STRABISMI S, or Squinting, cored in a few minutes. . ARTIFICIAL F.YK8 inserted that can scarcely |,e dis tinguished from the natural. Offices and residence 26! Broadway?entrance !.S Warren street. 1,7 " sulll EE MUSICA I.E. Vf R8. VALENTINK MOT I'. 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C asserts confi dent y tint one trial of his establishment will iudute can tinned patronage Gentlemen who are in want of supenor garments, at the a i trY i nr.apt st ha t rs, will do well to call on CHARLES COX, Agent for the Original Cash Tailoring Establishment, No.9 Wall street, corner New street, (Sigu of the Golden Fleece.) N. B?Making and Trimming rcspertfully sulicit'd and promptly atteuded to, at prices commensurate with the above. Ladies' Habits, gtc lib 3Cr ABHLY HOTEL. 'I^O LET?The Furniture, Futures, bo- , Stc , for sale. The A premises are in good order and the Hotel in successful oper ation. 1 be Proprietor having made arrangements to go South will sell his interest ou reasonable'te ins Mr. Van UcnsselHer would return many thanks for the libe ral patronage bestowed upon the Abbey, for the past season, and would solicit a continu.o.cee of it lortli MMICgMuM Winter. 11 is prepared to furnish Dinners and Suppers for ill dividuals or for parlies on abort notice. His table and liaraie supplied with the best the markets afford. For the accommo dation of parties a room aud good music will be ready for those who may wish to enjoy the same. Bi.oomiSi.uai s Road, 1U2i1 street, N.Y., Nov. 1BI5. nh tir A CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Hnlr Invl|(oratur, REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, iu a'J cases where Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Ms KITS OS" THK ChEMJCI. Bai AAM OH HaIK lMVItiORTOR.?It prevents Baldness It removes D uidi ill' and Cutaneous Scrulf. It keeps the Hair in its natural color and prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firtn be lief, a beautiful aud healthy restorative of the llair it w ill be found on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E 1 ba ton, No. 214 Broadway. Agents?O. Fish it Co., Washington, D. C.: Ayer St Phelan, 7G Broad St.. Columbus, Georgia; likmle, Assembly Uui'd lugs, corner of Teuth and Chesnut its., Philadelphia; It. Hicc, corner of Court aud Howviurd; streets, Boston ; C B. Brow er^ No. 105 Fulton st., Brooklyn; M. S. Fletclnr, Marebon, Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South Carolii 8. Tutisey, Syracuse, N Y. s28 liii'im I W. THORNE it CO., Produce and Flour Merchant, 18 *' ? Broad street. o3l cc DR. SALMON'S REMEDY LH)K disorders ol the tiioinacli, Liver anil Kiduevs, accom " pauied with indigestion, loss of appetite, headache, bilious attacks, giddiness, palpitation, languor, low spirits, loss of strength, paius in the hack, side, and lower part of the chest, habitual costiveuess, worms, and other disiressingsymptoini THIS CELEBRATED MEDICINE has tnet with extra ordinary success n private practice;, aud it prized so highly by all who have taken it, that the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to th> public generally He assures any sufferer from the above complaints, that it is, as it professes to be, a perfect cure, iurigoiating the system .restoring appetite, health, color and strength, even to llie most debilitated. THIS REMEDY CONTAINS NO MERCURY, nor any preparation of it, and does not prevent the closest attention to business. T .ie most satisfactory references given if required. n6 Im'mc DR. WM. H MILNOR, I9J Broadway, cor of John sr , Sole Agent for N Y DUAL. 1AM now delivering best I'eaeh Orchard and Red Ash Coal screened and free el cartage fro-e >i e yard at the following prices, (as usnal the lowest iu the city,) uamely. Broken, Egg and cttuve at $5 25; large nut $4 75; small nut $4 per ton, with 25 cents off if taken from the floats. Coal Yard corner of King ... . raer ol Ring i and Greenwich ureeu. PETER CLINTON. ?] I 11 A R P ? . jn KMOVAL ol vVarerooins to 281 Broadway, in Granite IE Building, cor Chambers st.?J. F'. BROWNE offersfoi sale, at 281 Broadway, an elegant assortment of double and ain , gle action liar),-.. The rich brilliancy of tone, lightness ol ' touch, perfect mechanism aud elegant huirh of these uarpi are unequalled. Warranted to bear the test of climate, and at Eu ; ro|ieau prices. The attention of merchants, and the musical world generally, is particularly desired Harps repaired. Strings, Instruction Books, &c. J.K BROWNE kCO. I From Erard,) London and New York, established 1810. Certainly the finest harps yet produced. The tirst profession al talent we have prefer tnese harps to all others.?London iVu sical Mirror, June, 1840. >lr. Btowue's harps are by far the most maguilicent instru ments we ever saw. Through his jierfect know ledge ofthe in strument he has effected many important improvements iu the mechanical department, and iu rhe tone there is an extraordi nary addition of sweetness, purity and power The pill .rs are elaborately and gorgeously r rvea and gild'd, while the frames are elegantly shaped and finished.?BroarlwayJ ournaI, Sr/it 27th, 1845. o3 lmDit.VV,,rrc ADMINISTRATRIX SALE. j ,THE. v-ry valuable Country Re*ideuce of the lite Franc is Kaiu, de? eased. at Bronx,West Chester 1 ouuty, ?#4toh.wit' he sld at public auction ou the premises, on the 8th day of Novembe r next, at uooti. Tiii* i ro|*?rty contpiises about 80 acres of the most valuable i land in We?t ( hester County ; lit the highest 1 late of improve I ment, and is siuaied on the Gr? at Boaton Turnpike Road, about 16 miles froin the city of New Y'? rk, and within % of a mile of a depot, ou the Hai fern Railroad, rendering the comiru | ui< ation easy and greeabl* at all st- sons oI the y ear. The Mausiou House is built in the modern expensive, aud finished manner in a cominauuiug location and tvery way adapted lor a Country residence. The foundation and base ment are entirely ot white marble. Egyptian and Italian m?r mat teU thn ughout. All the walls are hard-finished. The Stables are well airanged and the Con ervator:, Ice House, Gardener's Mouse> Farm House, Coach House.Barns and otner out buiidiug* convenient, substantial and in excellent coudi* tion. The fruit, cherries jieichea, pears, plam?,apricots, j, 8cc., of the fi est qualities aud in great abundance. A very exteusive apple orchard, comprising e?ery variety The Howe garden and ground* adjacent io thr mansion, are exten ? ive anil tastefully hud out. The following is a description of ; the pn inises:? "All tnat certain messuage and piece or parcel rf land and 1 tenements situate, lying aud being in the town of East Chester und Mate ot New t oik, and bounded as follows: beginning at the south wot corner of said land,at t lie corner o' the ro-?d U ad ing to Lancaster Underbill's, known by P nfieid K -ad being the stage White Plains road, from thence rui ning northerly by and with White Plains road until it comes to land oft/has Moi* gan, thence running northerly bv aid Morg an's land as the fence now tand* until it comes to the laud of John Towusend, thence along saidc urse by the land of said T?.wnsei.d as the fence now stands until it comes to the road known by the Pon field Road as aforesaid, thence running south-westerly by and with saiu road until it comes to the af nesaul corner, the place of begititiiig: coniaiui g twenty-eight acres, he the same more or less. ' Also, ail that piece or parcel of land premises, situate, lying and being in the town of East Chester aforesaid, in the (.'ouuty and Mate aforesaid, and is bounded as follows: beginning by the corner of the Ponfield llobd by the Post road thn leads to White Plains, at the gate on the within described promises, from thence running westerly bv and with the land ot Thomas Lawrence as the fence now stands until it comes to the east corner of the land of Israel Hunt to a white oak tree marked with three hacks as a b? und tree thence running n< rtherlv by and with the laud of said Israel Hunt tl.e fence now stands, until it comes to the northeast corner of the I md of the said Is rael Hunt, thence running westerly by and w ith the land of the sud Israel Hunt a straight lire as the fence now stands, until it comes to the undivided land the property of the late Jonathan Fii.kut-y, deceased, thence running northerly by and wi h the land ofth* said Pinkney, deceased,until itcoines to the Ponfield roatl, thence running easterly and thence southerly the whole i the said f'o distance bymid with the said Ponfield road to the aforesaid gate, the place of beginning; containing, by estimation, fifty acres, be the seme more or less. Terms very favorable. For particulars, application may be made to Samuel E. Lyons Esq., at White Pla?ns; to I C IV I.iplaiuo, Esq , No. 7 New street, New York; or to the sub scriber, Twenty Fourth street, New Yor'< HENRIETTA K \IN, Administratrix.

Dated September 3*>th, i8r>. n< Atiam AMERICAN EAGLE CARRIAGE REPO SITORY, PRIVATE. SALES STABLES AND HIRING SCHOOL, CORNER Op (Itilntle ?iia?l Delnnciy Hinets, \ch' York. r| MIE iiuden igued having leased the above premises, is ore A pared to receive from manufacturers nil articles in their lire, such as Carriages ot all descriptions, Saddlery and Har ness, Sleigh Robes, &c., on sale or on storage, at ai reasonable rates as any other establishment in the city. The Carriage and Harness departments a e septra*c from the Stables, and capacious, light and airy, and will be under the care ot expe rienced hands Ttie Stable* are roomy and well ventilated, consisting ol 88 S ills, and an Arena for exercise ol 8.) by 65 feet dimensions, not equalled by any establishment in the City. The grooms mv w? II trained and ?xpe enced, and a Vetennary Surgeon of k . wu celebiity always at hand for the care of such Hor*es as may rtquhe l?m assistance. Gentlemen hiving Horses to dispose of, or wishing to pur chase, will oe dealt with on honorable terms, and Horses and Carnages receive the bent ot attention. The Riding School will be opened m a style of elegance and comfort that must ensure a trial of such lauies and gentlemen as require the exercise or wish t-? attnn tlie art The Ladies draw ma and dressing rooms will i.e neatly furnished, and un der the.superintendence of one of the best. Hiding Masters in the country. Gentlemen not admitted doting Ladies hours. A Card will be published giving notice of tiine of commence ment, programme of arrangement, and terms, tblii The public are invited to call and examine the premises ? The ( ara from the ? ity H ill leaies you at the comer of Bow ery and Relaticey, a few doors from tht establishment, u It I ?n (lKOIl(iK EHLE, Proprietor. SWORD EXERCISE TAUGHT IN TWELVE EASV LESSONS. VI R HAMILTON having entered into an arrangement ? I with Nlr. Fuller for the use of hii Gymnasium, No. 29 Ann street, third floor, he will commence teaching fh<* French and Amervau Hn adtword alio the Infantry .Smallsword and Mu k t V \ icise. vlr. H. his been a teacher of the above for 8 fr 'i. ; and will not deviate from the method as at pre ent taught at West Point Academy. S B ? Private L ;ssona taught in any part of the city 0.11 lUt*r AUCTION NOTICES. BF J. HtUKMAN, AucIiohni. rFO-MORROW, Saturday, Nov. 8, at 10 o'clock, at the X tale* room.. 48 Fulton street Brooklyn a general assort ment of Household Furni'iire, consisting uf3 mahogany sofas, 2 book casen, office desk, inahog.ii, toilet and work tallies, diessibg tabl", maple and mahogany bedsteads, c.aie -est chain, 2rirk>-r?, beds and pilUasei, astral, in ut I and ball lamps, 'rnckrry. glass and Chiua, 10 stoves ot' various kinds, in good rder. ? Um led and other patents, (par'nr and b*|!) two drums, ami - quantity ofgood Ku-s a pipe, and Kitchen Furniture. Biookiyn. Not. 7th. 1815. i?M "t DUTUi ULLBOLa KUUiS AMI l'AKLOR PLANTS AT ALTTION. LEW will sell o.i Friday morning, *' 1. u' lo<k, at 293 ft oulwiy, i rises Dutch Bulbous .note jast A d from PI m ds in. in H'Hand, consisting of every variety, u up to s lit 'bis ,n ,r kr*, and -ire of choices', sorts. Ito, 24(1 Double 0 hlu Rod , of fiue?t T?rifti*?S JO Tiger Lilhts. 100 VlilabarN yht Shade; Ml Oladiolu Paitticeuei Plants, uch is unelot*. Carre Ja mii.s, Orange Trees, Artem-apis, 11 'J v Ruse Bushes, aad Giant Asparagus Roots, ell in true TO LET?For a Book Siore, the small store lit Ful ton street, Brooklyn. Apply on the premises, nb tt'rb TO LET?The ihree story brick House, No. 136 Church street, with niue rooms. The said is to be .painted front aud rear, new door and new stone stoop.? quire of F. Health, No. 23 C hainber street, fr< m 12 to 2 o'clock) or No. ltd Green street, morning aud eveuiug. |7 lwis'r PREMIUM lit JO IS .. FINE FRENCH ROOTS for $3 50,city mudr, and I r m style and durabilitv, they are equal to those sold in oilier jl stores for SI Fine F'e e n Premium imperial D e? Boots for $1 Ml, eeua tothoseu w mother stores for >6 or $7, at VOUNU St JO >iE'8 Fre .ch Boot and S'toe tnsiiufactory, our ofthe most fashionable establi-hmenls in tin city, "ur hoots having been judged in 'lie late Fair at Niblo's, are s .id to lie lie best boots lor trie- price ever sold in this country. Also, a superior new sti la French Dinting Oalteis, Hid overshoes, connantly ou hand. All go d, warranted to give snisfiction. Boots rod Shoes made to order in the shortest no n e Mending done in the store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 Vnn street, i 7 lm*rc hear Broadway, New York i UNION COURSE, L I?TROTTING | r|V'E Pioprietorj of the Union Course have, in the kindest X manner, offered the undersigned the use of the track for Oiiedivf r his be lefit. He proposes the following sport:? : Purse Jfb, mile beats, best three in five I" h irnrss, free for j trotting horses that never won a purse ove $:00 Entries to I close at Messrs. Green ?t Losers', Satuiday evening, Nov 8th, by 9 o'clock, three or more to tnake a race, to come nflf about I the 12th nistaut. N. II SIMONS, u7 'Urh Secretary of the Union Course. UNION COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING, fpHISi DAY, Fill DA Y.Nov. 7, at 2H P-M., match for $SU0, X mile bents under the saddle P Hunt names hg Moscow. H Wo druff names hr g Hector Immediately after Purse $30, mile heats, best 3 in 5 in har ness. J D McMaim enters gr g Harry 11 Woodruff enters blk g Newburgfi W Wheelau enters ch g Henry Clay 11 Woodruff? W Wheelau i Admission to all parts of the Track Jn cents n5 3t"rc CRICKET CHALLENGE. THE UNDERSIGNED, mummed members of the New York Cricket Club, do hereby challenge the married gen tlemen by w hom they were defeated ou Saturday last, to play a friendly game ol'Cricket, on the 8tli instant, on their ground at Hoboken, N. J. Mr. Cnppaige, Mr. Barnett, Mr, Lynch, Mr. Holtnan, Mr. Horton, Mr. Kavaunagh, Mr. Mott, Sen., Mr. Rauuey, Me. Mott, Jun , Mr. Deacon, Mr. Bennett, n7 lt*r M G CONCERTS. SnIREES, Arc. R. AND MRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalists.) are prepared to receive engagements for Concerts, Soirees, i*r .. during the forthcoming season. Mrs. C. a'soacts as Pianist, andean lie engaged for private Cotillion Parlies. Further iwrtii ulars oil application to ?MRS NEWTON, Teacher of tire Pia o Forte n7 Im'r and Singing. 4"IU Grand street. THE CHENEY FAMILY, FROM VERMONT, f HATEFUL forthe generous approbation with which their Jf efforts to please the New York public have beeu reward ed, will give their THIRD CONCERT, On Friday Keening Nov. 7th 1845, AT NIBl.O'S SAIOON, when they will sing some of ifie most popular of their own cnm ositions, and alao several n-w jiieces composed and ar ranged expressly for them; together with such selections as h ve n ready received the highest marks of public favor I Tickets Fifty I ents each, for sale at 8 xtou St Mih ?' 205 . Broadway; George F. Nesbitt's, corner of Wall and Water ! streets, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7?Concert to commence at 8 o'clock n7 lt*rc NJHLO'S. GRAND SCIENTIFIC ILLUSION. ALEXANDER, T 11 E U E II M A N M A G J C IA ,V, MOST respectfully announces to the Ladies and Gentle men of New Y'nrk that lie will ouen a series ol his high ly entertaining soirees in this city, at Nildo's, TIiIh and every Kvenluir tliln week. Dtiripgthat time lie w ill give a series of experiments in Clre inistry, Pueuinatiiis, Optics, Natural Philosophy aud Magic. Seats can be secured by applying at the Box Office from 10 to ninlfrom 2 io4 o'clock. Tick is fifty Ce?ta. Don's open at 7?P. rformance commences at 7>? o'clock. I u3 fif'inc DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, No 21 Howard street. QIO'NAfcSIO. FKHBERO have reopeued their School, O and will commence an entirely new class for Young La dies and Masters on 'Tuesdays aud Fridays at half past 3. days or TI ITIO!*. Mondays and Thursdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, anil Tuesdays and F'ldays, tt t.alf oast 3; classes for Young Ladies ai.d Masters Monday and Tnuisday evenings, at half past 7; Dancing and Waltzing Classes for Gentlemen, mi 'Tuesdays aud Fridays, at'he same hour. Waltzing. Polka ind Mazovrba elas. For de la Y ult'z a Deux'I emps, Polka, aud the Mazourka, will be taught in all the classes during the tcrin. Private les son.-, pr'Vat>- classes, and hoarding schools, punctually attend ed to. Private lessonswill be given as usual. u7 line.d*r MARCHE MAROCA1NE, BY LEOPOLD DE MEYER. 'FHIS Edition has been revised and corrected by the cotu X poser hirn elf. Published, and for sale by SCHARKKNBURG it LUIS, u.'?3tis"rc 361 Broadway. ? EGA RS? S EGA R s>?11A KGA INS. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS having lately purchish'd an exteu X si e stock of tiegars, by order ol Assignees, kc , are now enabled* to offer greater bargain# than ever, etpriqgs orach |.<wei llnu th" c> st of manufacture or inr irortatioii?tmongst belli le several Iota exetrdioglv desirable. For sale at the Wholesale Segar Emporium, 108 i\ all stre.t upstairs Hi lin*r KENNeTH k LAVEBTY. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! Notwithstanding the short time dunug which this invaluable medicine has been before the American public. Its specific pro, erties and virtue# have unequivocally proved it to be not only the most relisbie but alao unfailing remedy in all alfec ions prescribed to be wiluin its legitimate c ntrol. Unlike many vauultd articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrup is not put forth as a succedeuuin for every airmeut, a remedy for every disease; but for its aatoulihing power*, laissessed by uo other med.cainent within tie rai ge of the Phaiinac'ipacia, iu allaying ir nation or inflammation of tlie mucous coatings, and stimulating the broiiilin to action; in its remarkable i ntuesat au expectorant and au alterative, and above all lor its wondeiful property of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, And b eakuig down oulmonary disease when establislied. All inquirers are referred to numerous rec?nt cases which will be Ctieer ully furnished at the office of the agency. The exjienence f Dr. Hastings, and more recently six case* of cine (vine Lou d ;ii Lancet) effected by a zealous I el low laborer, Dr. Hockru, of Loudon, are siirtirieut of themselves to convince the timor ous or skeptical i f the perfect curability by the above leinedial agentoftkat justly dreaded disease, phthisis I'ulinon ills or Tubercular l unsnnipti.ui. Let none despair. f or sale by MOORE It <;(>., the Ainericail Agents, 41 Ann street, and J. Elliott, IJ3 DIVISION STREET, op posite Lndiow, New Y ork. Price $1 n bottle?Si* bot tles for $5. nfilmje A PATENT PAPIER MAGH1E TRAYS. NEW ARTICLE, in elegant patterns, is now offered at prices much lower than formerly. Also, a superior assort ment of I \ ory Table Knives and Forks, ill ilozeus and sets ofil pieces, made equal to those for the London trade: Brown It r lathe s Braces and Bits, kc., mid a general stock ofTanle and Pocket ( utlrry. Saws, Razors, kc. f he above arc direct from tlie manufacturer*, and ire offerid at low prices, BARTON BROTHERS, n6 M WF <!t*re 18 Piatt street. THE NAVY. WILKY &. PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, have for sale, "Hints ?u the lie-organization of the Navy," and an ei.i'nana tion of i' Reply to Hints on the re organization of the Navy." Twon-arh pr? .ted p?mi.!ileU o!5 e??il.';w*rc NOTH K iO I) KB TORS OK THK KIlt.M OK WAL RKIDUK, RoBBINS ?g McKNIGHT.?The firm of Wtlhrulge, Bobbins 6c McKnight, lately transacting business at No. 28 Liberty street, having made an assignment of all ? >ods, chattels, effects nud credits to the undersigned, all per sons tudehied to the said firm are hereby notified to make p.iy ment of their said indebtedness to the undersigned ; ami such persons are hereby warned not to make any inch payments to any of the persona composing the I ?t- firm of W albridge, Rob Inns St MeKnight. Near York, October 30th. 1815. K \V. I'KMbKkTON St KG. 100 John at. Persons indebted to said lirm are respectfully requested to furni.h me with a statement of their accounts with stid firm i?l6 is*rrc K. W. P. WILLIAM NLWLLL, ( Late at 11 Spruce strei" ) STEREOTYPER ANl> PRINTER, Tribune llulltllni:?, N V8SAU STREET, OPPOSITE THE PARK, HJkS sti entire new assortment of T'pe, ?nd every facility for Stereotyping and Printing, on the ino?t layorahle tWHUI. if lw*m hL \('K BALL OK OLU LINE OH LIVEK POOL PACKETS?for Liverpool, only regular I ___ipacket of the I61I1 November. . lie new, magnificent and celebrated fait iniliuK favorite packet ship MUM.I 5, burthen 1150 tons, Captain W. C*. I HackstalT, will poacively ?ail on Monday, the 17th of Nov. It la well km-wii that the accommodation, ol the ridelia, , are fitted out iu a very superior manner, w ith every convent- | ence that can add to the comfort of thoto embarking Persons proceeding to the old country, or sending for their | friends, wirl find it their interest to select ?hi* conveyance. | Hot passage. m cabin, second cnbiu and tt>ernue,and to se cure the best berths, early application should be made ou board, loot of lleekman at, or to the subscribe*. ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik. CO. . ? , iU H'ultou street, next door to the H'ulton Bank Xij^ LIVERPOOL LINK OF PACKETS. Packet of kHUfW the iltli Nov The splendid new picket skip WA~ SSSutm TKRLO0, W II. Allen, in later, will a.til as above, het regular tl i Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and s'eeragr passengers, persons intend ing to enihnik, sliould iinmrtli ite application 011 bonid. foot of Maiden linn, or to JOSEPH SicMl'RKAY, irncr of Pine and South tercets. w packet ship ItllN K. SKIDDY, ('.apt. VVm >kid Jj, will .ncceed the \V sterluo and sol on the llih Dec !' s .Persons desirous of aeudng for their friends, cau have iIih'ii brought out in either of the above splendid vessels, j on moderate tarns, by applying as shave nTrc * 1 amusements. vakk THKATW'.. Fourth night of MD'LLE AUGUST A'deugagemeut Friday Kvenli?K. N?v? mbrr 7lh. Will be performed,^** C """7 ?' Lord Rckeluud. L*dv Contest Mrs Blana Alter which. _ LA BAYADERE, ?/,,i0l, Mud'tlle Augtiita The Uoknown ? ? Mr S Pearson hollowed bv ,, PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT. Hectic ;?;????/ *Vlr ^ To conclude with, AGramlSpuiuh Dance La Roudeja. bv Md'selle Augusta as sUud toy the Corps de Ballet. Price of Admission?Boxes, $1; I'll, W cent*; Wailery. 25 cents. , ,, ... Doors open .it 6>? o'clock,vad the Cert-* a willnse precisnl> it 7 o'clock ?? ttOWfiuV riiicA'f'ibr. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Kil'lny LIve.iln.t, \uvciubti 7tll, The performance to commence with ERNEST MALTHA VERS. Richard Uarvil J R Scott Erne.t Maltraiers Davnupoit Sir Win Maltravers Vache Lady Florence Surtherland Octavi.i Mi si E Sell Alter which the IDIOT OF THE SAHNNON JV|.|, U Blauchard Andy . Cony Ikey HswU ? ? H away Cauth Leary ... . MrsSutheiland Toe ?nclude with the BLACK EV ED SCSAN William Davenport Gualt am. 11 tda susa.,::: M'.ri.ii.p. Dolly Mis Sergeant J>" Luwei Doles >' cents. Second end 1'hirU l CU Pit and Gallery, I2>i cents ,, Doors will open at hall past 6. the cnrlon w.t. rue a- T. alhanra, No. 559 Broadway, (between Spring and Prince ) Last Alk'h' Hut on-I Of the Engagement of I'alino's Ethiopian Opera Company. T'lslii (FrleUy) E veiiIn?,]Nov. 7th, Will be presented ttie grand Unrlesoue (in 2 acts) entitled shin-de-h-.el-a. taken from 'lie beautiful Opera of CINDERELLA! with all the orig list " usic. To conclude with the celebrated operatic trave^ti? and Ballet d'Action of BUY-l-DAUE' Or, the Revolt I the Wool-heads' founded on Auber's popular Opera of la-bayaueke Iii th* piece will be introduced liuileiques on the Shawl ami Trial Danceit. Attractive novelties will be presented the ensuing week. Performance to continence at 73a o'clock- Admission 25cts. 116 3t*r j BOWERY CIRCUS. BOXES25 cents?riT 12^?CHILDREN HALF PRICE. BEAUTIFUL ACT OF FEMALE EQUESTRIANISM, BY MKS. COLE, (Daughter of the celebrated Cook, of London.) Universally co ceded to be the first rider in this country, both | for elegance of style and boldness of eiecutiou. Besides twelve oiher acts and scenes in the circle, by tins i fiuest troupe in America. 1X7* The Minstrels have a new budget Every Evening. Dan Rice, Clowu. I n3 lw'in 1 CUES NUT STREET THEATRE' PHILADELPHIA. W E. B'JUtois Lksike sivii Menses* ! LAST NIGHT OF THE RE-ENGAGEMENT | OF Mr. ANT) Mrs. C. KEAN' Friday Evening, November 7th, Will be presented THE STRANGER?Mrs Haller, Mrs C ; Kean; The Sttauger, Mr C Kean; Baron steiufort, Mr J E To conclude wi'h the FOLLIES OF A Nl UHT?Duchess, 1 Mrs C Kean; Duke de Chartres, Mr C Kean ; Pierre t'alliot, Mr Burton. ARCftl blREKl I'liKA I KK. PHILADELPHIA. Stash- Msnshek Mr. H K. Srrevas ? Seeoud Night of the Engagement of MISS NELSON AND MR BKOt'OHAM. FIFTH NIGHT tlF MR. oiLSBEE. Friday Evening, \ovni?l?er 7th. Will be presented AGNES DK VERE?Alfred de Vere, Mr i Fredericks; Agnes de Vere, MrsBnrke. Dancing by Misters Wood and Miss Catline. I Alter winch the IRISH I.ION-Tom Moore, Mr Brougham; Mrs Fizgig, Miss Nelson , ? , ,, I Alter which THE HARD SUBJECT-Abel Hartshorn, Mr Silsbee. _ LEOPOLD DE MEYER, j Pianist, by diploma, to the Emperors of Austria and , Russia, I HONORARY Member of tlie Imperial Conservatoire of i Vicuna, and of the Philharmonic Society of St. I eter* I burg, will have the honor ot giving his FIRST GRAND CONCERT, Friday Evening, Ihe 7tU Nov., AT THE TABERNACDE. On which occasion he will te assisted by MADaME adler, Member of the Royal Academy of Milan, Italy, her first ap- - pearauce in America, and SIMNOR PHILLIP MAYER. PROGRAMME. ' 1?Duet from Don Giovanni, Mozart . . Madame Adler and Sigaor Phillip Mayer 2?Russian Airs, second set, composed and e* cuted for the lirist time, by ........ ? -Leopold de Meyer 3?Aria from Nonna,'Casta diva Belliui ?. . .Madame Adler 4?Introduction and Brilliant Variatious oil tlieCar nival de Venice, b, i'agaiiini,arranged ami ere cuted for the first time by Leopold de Meyer PART II. 1?Grand Ana from Lncia di Lammerrnmoor, Don iz*tti, by... ? ? ? .....eigr Phillip Mat er 2?Overture to William Tell, Rossini, arranged and executed. lire, tune, by............. Leopold de Meyer 3?Recitative and Grand Aria,from Masauiello, Adler 4?Oraiid Mwche'MarocsiuV <by de'xire') composed and executed by , Leopold de Meje fT/*Concert to begin at eight o cIock precisely r'THKKTSSl?To he hid it the prircii*! Mu?icStore?, and on the evening of the C oncert at trie Tabernacle. n(i 2rr MISS BRAMSON'S CONCERT. \f IBS JOSEPHINE BHAMSON. L.g. J 10 years) assisted ITi by her sister, MISS H ARK I S.T BRAMSOM, (aged 7 years), respectfully informs her friends and the public, that she will give her FAREWELL CONCERT, AT Libia's Saloon, On Tufsilny, November I'th, 1845. On which occasion she will be assisted by the lollowiug tal ented artists:? ?MISS WIND MULL Kit MONS. LOLIs GIBER'T, (V fl_ ? MR AUSTIN PHILLIPS, and AM UR( HLSTRA conn rising the lirsi t lent ol the city, un der the direction ol MR. UKOHCir, LODER. Tiano Forte (from T. A. Chambers, Jfci Hroadway,) MR.HENRYC TIMM. (ST-TICKETS ONE DOLLAR,-fiO ' hildren under twelre y.ars of age J<l cents PROGRAMME. Overture in D. Full Orchestra Kalliwnda Aria?Miss Wiudmuller, ' Das Alpenhorn,' (Como Obligato) . ... Proch Grand hautasia?Miss Bramsou, 'Le Marche D' Otello,' with full orchestra .-- - Hen Ball.-d?I'll watch for thee,' Mr Austin Phillips, arranged by... . Phillips Duetto?Piano Forte, Miss Biaimoii and Miss Har riet Brainsou. French Arias?MonsOilbert, 'Les Heriondcllrs' Felieien David et 'Le Boll Cure' JU Puget PART*II. Overture?Der Freytchntz... . . Weber Cavatiua?.Miss Wiudmuller,(from the Opera I Ca puletti)'Se Ronies,'. . . ... ... Mercadsutc Air FranSatse?'Pe it Fletir des Bois,' Mons Gi bert.. . ...... ... . Masiui Dneito? By Miss Jane II Bramsou.. Ballad -'Calin was the night,'Mr Austin Phillips, A. Phillips Concerto, Piano Forte?Miss Bramsou, with full orchestra ... To coin in nee at 8 o'clock. Certificates presented to Miss Josephine Bramsou, by thirty one eminent professors of music :? "We Inve had tlie pleasure of hearing Miss Josephine Bram sou at a private party, and must confess tlmt * e never heard a child of ten years ol ge play on the Piano Forte with all the rapidity, the precision, the steady line-keeping, and the taste of an adult professor; she throw- more lorce aiso into the volumes of her lours, than we could base supposed lierpliv i cal trreiiglh could accomplish We teel confident she is des the greatest pianist thus lar known. Professors of New York?Picro Msroi.celli, Michele Rapetti, George Loder, A P Hiiurich, J A Kyle, Austin Phillips, Jul ius Metz, U C Hill, G \lr Thos Jones. Professors of Philadelphia?s Khrlich, B t' Cross, J I) Con met, Kdw B irton, Joseph I'lichl, CJarvie, F Dorigo, A Keinhirt, i F Uudolph. II F Stolte, Vincent Smith Augustus Cami I Proslrssors of Baltimore? Samuel Carusi, II V Allen, P l'i Iri, -V Metr.. l'mlessors ol Hartford-W J Bibcock, H W Greatoreg, V C Taylor, Jas , B irnei Jos .Mruds, Carl Lorenr n8 6i*r j FESTIVAL CONCERT. UC. HILL has the pleasure to announce that he will give | ? a Fe tival Convert on MONDAV EVENING, 10th November, ^ BROADWAY TABERNACLE. On which occasion lie will lie assisted by the Members of the Philharmonic and New V ork S icted Music Societies, and oth < r d siinguished musical ability of this city, w ho have vomu , leered their services; the whole formiLg nu array of Vocal <ud Iiis11 umental talent uever before presented at a Conceit in America A complete Programme and the Performers' ea will be presented a few days previous to the Coucert. The talent already engaged will fu 11 y meet the expectations of the public On this occasion the folluwing Overtures will be performed: i Guillaunie Tell Rossini The "Ruler of the Spirits." (first tune) Wpl er , And for the first tune in this country, the follow iug Operatic Choruses, by an a(ln|uate number of |ierfornirrs. The "Prayer"?Moses iu Egypt Rossini "The Stars are brightly Beaming"? Preciosa Weber The Tramp Churns ana Solos Bishop "Vivele Roi" .Balfe The Finale ef the First Act of Euryanthe.. . ? eber Consisting of a full Solo and Unartette, with Chorus of War riors and Villagers. (First time in America.) The Orchestra wilicouaist of ifcO voices, and nearly 100 in * Mr". Marks, Leader of the Orchestra.* By permission of Wm. Mitchells K?q. , Mr.Timm will preside at the Tmno rofte. The whole under the direction ol Mr. u. t. Mill Coucert to commence at 8 o'clock. OVERCOATS, CLOAKS, At: VL*flOK and splendid supply of fashionable Oiiii-oats and f buks, from K to $15, at 8TAAT8 Ik BARKER 8 lib lwis'rc Clothing Warehouse, No. 179 Broadway. LAiu,. ?\ LAlsl Wnihlr^ian. [Com?r"mlppf? of *he v v ? 't n.^-alaj Washing ro.., Nov. 5, 1846. Firopea.i Despatches? The Oregon Question?The Cabinet?The Coming Congress?The Po tuicuta rniea and Col Denton?Pennsylvania Avenue. Despatches Iiurn Europe (jicr Caledonia,) wer received at the State Department, or rather by the Executive, thufmorning. Mr. Buchanan waa im mediately sent for, and has had a consultation with the President accordingly. The papers were sup posed to relate to the Oregon question, and may per haps have some influence in qualifying the recom mendations in the annual message to Congress, as far as issue between the two Governments is con cerned. The good or evil destiny?the onward progress ? or the retarded inarch of this country in enterprise, general prosperity,and steadyexpansi on,depends upon the wisdom or the folly of the coming Congress.? Never before in the history of the Government, has the National Legislature had such momentous issues committed to its action. Trade, business, the cur rency, internal improvements, Texas, Mexico, Ore sou, and last, though not least, England, will all b> committed to the discretion of >he two Houses of the Federal Assembly of this Union, convening on ih'- first Monday in December next. Ttie two continents of Europe and America are looking with almost equal interest to the action of the American Congress at ihe ensuing session. The Pottawathinie Indians this morning waited upon Col. Benton, at his residence. They were ac companied by Col. Elliott, who has been the U. S. agent in their behalf for some years past. Some of the members of Col. Benton's family were present at the interview ; among them the accomplished lady of Lieut. J. C. Fremont, now somewhere among the mountains of Oregon on another explo ring tour. Mrs F. had her hub-boy with her. The Indians related with delight some of the gallant deeds of Lieut. Fremont, and how, on one occasion he was saved from being assassinated by certain Pawnees. We have had three days abatement of the dust of Pennsylvania Avenue, and the ladies have taken full advantage of the lucid interval; but unless it rains, we shall by to-morrow evening have, the nuisance in full operation again. The six inches of tine sand covered over the new pavement seems to have been done with the express design of kicking up, and keepin up, the dust on this abominable Avenue. ? Strangers may come along. We believe there is not a case of the small pox remaining without the hospital. Washington, Nov. 5, 1846. Union Female Benevolent Society?Interesting Meet ? tug Lust Night?Gen. M'Calla?Judge Shields- - The Rev. Mr. Sprole, Sfc. 8fc. There was an interesting annual meeting of the Union Female (Presbyterian) Benevolent Society, at Mr. Sprole'a Church, on Four-and-a-half street, last night. From lite report read by Dr. Lowrie, it appears that within the last year the benevolent ladies attach ed to this truly christian society, have administered, (in Htiia.ll doses, to be sure, but still in tne nick of time,) relief in wood, food, raiment, and other ne , cessaries, to upwards of two hundred destitute fa milies in the city of Washington. A number of heart rending cases were cited, which must have terminated in crime or starvation, but for the provi dential visits of the angels of mercy of this so ciety. General M'Calla, of Ky., Second Auditor, tid dressed the meeting on the benefits of such socie ties us this, oa the obligation of sustaining them; contrasting, as he proceeded,the general and almost universal abundunce of the necessaries iu our fa vored land, as contrasted with the huge and unma nageable mass of poverty, rags, and destitution among the seething monarchies of king-ridden Europe. Judge Shields followed in an appropri ate and spirit stirring appeal; and said, that he was glad to find in the city of Washington, such evidences as this so ciety afforded of the moral and Christian character of the people. He rejoiced at it tor the sake of the city, and of its standing us the capital of the whole Union. He was grateful for the privilege of uniting in this meeting to the furtherance of its objects. He would cheerfully contribute what time aud money lie could spare in aid of such benevo lent enterprises, as it hud been his pleasure to hear read before the meeting. The siieech of each of these gentlemen was based upon a resolution, which at tne close of their re marks respectively, was unanimously adopted. The Rev. Mr. Sprole, pastor of the church in which the meeting was held, next followed in one of the most powerful and eloquent spontaneous " harangues" in behalf of ihe purposes of the society, and in elucidation of the providential dispensations and other causes of destitution, that it has ever been our good fortune to hear. Seventy odd dollars were collected at the close of the meeting?pretty fair for the small number in at tendance. Colonel Benton, (who was present with his family,) General M'Calla, Judge Shields, and almost every individual in the church contributing something. The house, the congregation, the proceedings, however, were all, taken in the lump, " us cold as charity." Washington Cut, November, (>, 1845. Opinions among; a Few?Nous V'errons. Wliether Mr. Buchanan is to continue the Presi dent, and Secretary of State, also, we shall soon see. There is a mighty roaring from Pennsylvania respecting the exclusive appointment of Buchanan's Iriends to ollice. In the late appointments of Pur ser Steele and Consul Loughead, we plainly observe the linger of the premier. It the President is going to take a stand, he must do it now ; and if he does, it must be the fall of Buchanan?they cannot both rule?and one must; it is now time for President Polk to govern, as well us appoint, und he must not consider the statue of his Secretary, but his intel lect. If he would avoid the quicksands and patch work of a similar administration to that of John Tyler, lie must be the President, dt facto, or as Col. Benton's motto has it, " faclis non verbis"?facts and not words ; acts and not protessions?" no as pirant tor the next presidency shall have a seat in my cabinet"?this, President Polk stated at Nash ville, and repeated ut Cincinnati, and now it is not quite too late to carry out his then determination. We sympathise with the President in his severe af flictions, by the disease known now-a-days as Neu ralgia?for with the dissentions in the cabinet, he is not likely to get better in health, and the tune may come when this administration will be similar to that ot John Tyler, in another very important particular. 1 do not wish to be personal, but 1 as sure you the opponents of the-Secretary of State begin to denounce hirn as a tyrant, and insist U(>on it, that there is a general disposition with the Presi dent, and the other members ot the cabinet to uet rid of him, and it possible, in a peaceable manner: a slide to the United States Supreme bench all deem the most advisable; and if his riddance can be attained by coaxing him on to it, it will be resorted to. All the cliques will combine to have Buchanan ousted, except that of Col. Benton, but his hatred of Calhoun will make him hold on to "old Buck " .Secretary Buchanan is endeavoring to have an ex citement got up in old Pennsylvania in tavor of the tariff of 1842, but it will not do. The Keystone 8tate, 1 understand, is not now quite so hot a tariif State as many suppose. Father Ritchie is certainly alarmed about the printing, and, in consequence, tie allowed Mr. lieiss, his partner, the other day, to call upon the editors ot the United States Journal in tavor of a compromise This you may depend upon ; and it old Virginia does lose the "dear" printing, it will be entirely owing to the partiality ot Mr. Buchanan in appointing his own friends to of fice all over the Union. Mr. President Polk will, no doubt, soon find out that he caught a 'lartar in Mr. R , as his friends did in the eleciion of Mr Turney as a U. S. Senator from Tennessee. Mr. a se cond Cameron. Bai.timork, Nov. 0, 184a .i ft) did in tin Rope Cast?Collision and loss of l.ife The Devil among the Printers? Markets, fi:., 4-,-. The Jury in the cue of Roberts, charged with com mitting a ispe on Margaretta F.hrman, rendered their verdict this morning at 10 o'clock, after an absence Of fourteen hours, finding the prisoner not guilty of the main oflence, but guilty of an assault with intent to com mit a rape. Mow they could have come to such a ver diet, with the ovoi whelming evidence, corroborated by partial confessions of the prisoner* at the time ot their di rest, is a matter of general surprise, and after the cri deuce haa been thoroughly read by those who wore not present, the surprise will be still greater. The fact is, since the famous compromise verdict in the case of Stewart, aome nine or ten years since, trial by jury in thia city lias been a perfect f,irt s, as all that is lie, es ^ry, is to ret one or two personal Iriends on the jury, who keen them out a lay or two after th#y have been w?rne dow n l.y a week's ' uoflneme it, and then propo .? a c ;m nromise 'o setile tbo mutter. A compromise <e pi < itcct ,i t nnpromlse oi truth and no t >