Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW Y O R K H E It A L D. v^.NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 9, 1345. ' THE NEW YORK HERALD-, JAMES GOMMW mufrProprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. STEAMBOATS for sale, AT Public Auction, without rvstriati- n or reserve, at the Merchant'* Exchange at 1Z o'clock, on Thursday November 20th, (if not previously di-posed Ml. Terms in Me easy. THE Nk W JERSEY is about 275 feet in length, in width, aud?)4 feet hold; has two boilers, with blower, and blower engines, -uitahle for burning wood or coal, one beam engine, the cylinder of w Inch is 48 iuches in tli imeter, and 10 feet stroke, is furnished with berths andsrate rooms, and has a complete inventory as a night host. The N. J. is well adapted for carrying ud is of light draught. THE U TL A is 200 fee' in leug h, 25 feet wide, and 9 feet hold; hn.i one boiler on deck, with Mower ai d Mower engine; oue beam engine the cylinder of which is 43 inches and in feet troke; is farm-lieu with berths and state rooms uud with nil necessary bed-ling, furniture, 6tc , complete for a night boat. THE GAZELLE ia ISO feet in length. 22feet wide, and 8)4 leet hold, w ith -lie boiler below, and one cross head .ugine. THE DIAMOND is about 220 feet 111 leng'h, aud draws but I tie water; has a horizontal engine, auu 2 locomotive bo'lers For further particulars enquire at No. 59 Courtlnnd street, upstairs. iHtoJOic PEOPLES LINE OF STEAMBOATS .Through Direct ?At 6 o clock P. M.frotn the pier betw eu Oourllaudi and Liberty streets Siea-i boat K N ICKKitliOl KKK, Cant A. Honghton, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday aud Friday evenings, ut 8 o'clock HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. H O Crutten den, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings, .at 6 o'clo> k. At 4 o'clock P M., Landing at Intermediate Places?From the foot of Barclay street is team boat NORTH AMERICA, Cant. R H. Furry, will avi',1 leave on Mouday, W ednesduy, Friday aud Snuilay after noons, ut 4 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt L. W. Braiuard, leave oil Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Pa?s?ngers taking either of the above 1 ines will arrive in Albany in ample time lor the morning train of cars lor the east or west The Bo ts are new aud suh?tautial, are furnished With new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommo dations a e unrivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at mod. rate rates. All persons ere lorbid trusting any of the Boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents, For Passage or Frejyhtstnuy Oil board the Boats, or to P. C. SCHIIL'I Z, at'he Office on the Wharf DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 2 cents p?? otipy?$7 25per annum -iwyable in advance. WEM.Y H ERA L D? Every Saturday? Price 6)4 cents per copy?AI 1cents per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash is advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch f 7s* All letters or co in utu meat ions, by mail, addressed to (he establishment. inust be post |isid, or H e postage will be - ducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ol the Nrw Yong Hersi.ii Establishment, Northw.?t corner of Enlron ned I'.ima fevers I ' -"?a?sp?S???a? ? FOR ALB VN V?Daily. Hundiys Ex. cptcd? t ?At 6 o clock r. NOTICE? HUUK CHANGED. THE U. 8 MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY and the Intermediate Landings, on and after Wciluesdav, Oct. 221. will leave the foot of Buicla. street for Albany, Daily,at 4 P. M. iustead of five, as heretofore. o22 JK.ikUUL.Alt U. S. iVIail, LINES BETWhbili CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. M MORNING LINK at 10 o'clock A. M. BKN FRANKLIN Nu. 7, J.B.Summoui, uDliUUr. i'iKK No. tt. J ?Vrm*tr<?uK, master. EVENING LINE at6 o'clock P M. SIMON K. NTON, W. McClain, master. 15EN h'RANKLIN No.6. W. McClellan, master. Tin ?e boais, forming two daily lines, will run regularly, lea vin. punctu lly at the bour, and will take freight and passeu gers to anil from intermediate landings, at the usu 1 rates. Freight w.ll be icceived fur these linos at the Mail Wharf Best, foot ot Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas ?eugers. ol ltn'rrc STRADER It GORMAN, ) . ltOOEKS It SHERLOCK, jAgenU. cy, every fnes'l-?? Thursday and Saturday at b o'clock. Pha steamboat COL' MillA,Captain Wm. H.Pei FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. art THE Splendid Steamboat J AMES MADI fctvv : jii i43*^0N, Ca|it F. J. Copperly, will leave the foot 3CaBJSKhh9cL>of Cedar arreet, every Monday, Wednesday, and .-.atiir.lay at 6 o clock, P M. For freight or passage, apply ou hoa.d, orto O. V. Waiuwright, Agent, on the wharf. s39 tin* tnc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, -??sr.-. +iA FOK ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. fay<*m 1-4? from the pier at the foot ol Courtlandt .7???.. ; _ the Passvuge s taking this boat will arrive in time to talieorth Moriii1 a Train of (Jar from Troy west to Buffalo, and n to S.r* ogk and Lake George in- low pressure sMauiDoat EMPIRE, Captain R B Ma feck., every Moot! ., Wednesday and Fridav afternoon, at 6 o'clock. !? >r u" c "?'sightapply board, or to C. Clark, sttlic O(T-.-e Sh .Tt Ereixht tskeu on the mist r"taouable terms. Freight must be pot in chaige of the Freight Agent, or the company will not be responsible for loss No frei ht t .ken allei 5 o'clock. OKAFTa UN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends inauy pirt of England. 'Ireland, Scotland or Wales, tan be supplied 'with drifts payable at sight, without dis count, tor any amount, from ?l upwards, at the following places, viz: In EN?LANt>? The Natioual and Provincial Bank of Eng land; .Messrs. J. Barned 8t Co . Exchange and Discount Bona, Liverpool; Messrs. J awes Bait Ik Sen, London, and brandies hmughJDt England and Wales. Jn I:iki and.?The N.?tioual Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Dank and branches throughout Ireland. In Si.oti.anli?The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, aud branches throughout Scotland. , ... , The St.-amship Cambria, sails from Bostou on the 16th Au gust, oy winch all drafts can he forwarded Lee. Apply to W. it J. T TAPSCO JT. , re 7<i South si. cor. Maiden lane _ Li; Y?.ik Line?Positively First Hegulur I scket?Tusail iWiins 1 T elavai't- fast sailing packet ship Hi .YEGG, Johnston, master, will laisitively suila* above, oer itgularday. . Fn- f,-eight or passage, having haudsome furnished accom modation apply Oil Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall St., orto E. K. COLLlNd it CO,, 56 South at. Posit.vely no goods received 0., boaid alter Monday evening, 1 tli iust. , - , A gout in N- w Orleans James E.Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all goods to hit address. Packet ship /me E Williams, Parker, master, will succeed the Oswego and snl 21st mst., her regulnr nay. i.6r (I *LY REGULAR LIN r. OK PACK K'lM IUK hiiW^VNE W ORLEANS?The splendid and fust sailing jutikMhininki t ship M K I'OK A, Captain McLaueu, w ill po sitive ?.>.I on Mi'i,(liy, November Huh; a,-d the splendid and f.? s uliug packet ship OS WEOO, Captain Joiu.son, will po siiively s ill ttii Tuesday. November llta, their regular dava. Per-oil* about proceeding to New Orleans, will find it much to their adv ullage 11 select this line in preference to transient ships, s ihnr punctuality 111 sailing may bedrpeadrd on. aud the price -f p stage u very reasonable, for which, and to se cure h.'iths, curly application should b made on uoaid loot of Wall street, or to W. St J, T 'I Al'sCOT I', nhr 75 8outli st. cnrnerol' .vlaideu Lane. W \ VI LII I t) i IUR I EK-A Snip ln.ui 410 to 50# tona burthen,for New Orleans, which w ill haic nuinediate d.spulch. Apply to J. HERUftlAN lit CO. CI South st. N-w Line of Far hets kOR LIVERPOOL?Pa. ket V.? P4V f the 2lai Noveinlie,? The splendid, fast sailing and ^|||||||Cast'ivoiil? i acket ship HOTTINQUeK. iliuo tons bur io... |i(,iulri Bursley, will sail ou Kriday, November 2i.t, hei tegular day. The ships of Ihi* line being all 1000 tons aud upwards, per sons nl. out to embark for t lie oil com try, will not lull to see thr dvantages o be uertved Iruui selecting tins line in pre lrit to and other,as their great capacity renders them every way more eomf, rwtile a. d couteoieiit iliuu ships of a small ci ss, and llieir acconimodutious lor cabin, second cabiu and steerage pusseiigers, it is well known, are superior to of nny , t ,er i me of packets. Peisons wishing to secure berths si oubl not fail to make early application, un board, lootol Hurling Slip, or to \V. V J. T. TAP9COTT, at their General litre Passage Ollicc, 75 So ill street, cunnr Maiden lane. n; e nil MA I.e., k'Kr.lUuT UK LHAK1 EK ?The , very last sailing packet ship LOIJISVILLE, 513 tons, -carries 1500 bales New Orleans Cotton; was built in this cii ?, with live oak aud locust top; newly and patent felted, lias liaudsoine accommodations for 24 passen gers. Appiy to E. K COLLINS & CO. rllO .',6 Month street, kOR NEW ORLEANS?New York and New Orleans Line?kirst Packet With Llespatih?Tlie iliist class last sailing p icket ship J AM k 8 H. 8HEF ? .vi.ii, lied mail. muster, will pesitively sail as above. The accomtiiouanons lor cabin, stcuitd cabin aud steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any vessel in port. Persons in truding to etnhaik should make nnmediate application on luianl, Puie street w hail', or to <i2K rrc .IOmKI'H McMLKRAV. eor Pine and Sonlh sts. "tetX/L. KOR SALE?The hatk LUC 1)'OHLEANS,"bar Wp4*?Vihe" per register 310 tons, and ItiOO bbls; she JglyUI^ v.,s litiilt at Hn-tow, Maine, of white oak.tulBSI; w .* . . ? ceiled, Ci ppered ami thoroughly overhauled about 18 since; is double decked, length III feet, breadth 27 feet, in I ?ei a decks 5 feiI 8 n clies, hold 12 feet 6 inches. Apply to Capt. lloodless, 0.1 board, at Judd's wharf, ER.erto BOY 0 it H1NCKEN, 8 Tontine Buildings, Oil)IWre 88 Wall street W ar bull a il.1, 1(11 I.GME A i ti.M EUN.?The b~Kya|V Line of Liveri ool Packets, coin isling of the slnis t, Mnhlniis. bheridni and OarricK. They were i cii v by Bn wn & i ell, Willi unutnnl care; lor mo il Is in |. rials (n very large proportion ol ilieir liamet being live s-ills) anrl workmanship, ihcy are unsurpassed, il not unr i|u iljed. Malted on the stocks and re-salud eveiy year since, 'i hen accoinm' llutioin for passengers are Vety eitensive and handsomely lnrnished. Apply to oSI K. K. COLLINS 8e CO , 56 South at. Air*: LON DON LINKOF PM KETS.?Regular Picket V,1 ' loll "? fj,f-f'i' first class last satin g acker Slip H ELLINU1 ON, I aptaiu Chadwtck, w .ii * i. a* .hove, her regular day. Tl e aeroiTiinodaiiiina lor i abut, Second Cabin, and Steerage pnsseiigera in this very superior vessel, are too well known to tequtr. comment. Peisons intending to embark should inalia nriim ill*'- application on liiinid, bn t III Maiden I,me. or to JIHEI'H McYICUHaY, Corner ol Pine and Mouth strev Is, New York The new ami splendid Packet Ship PRINl K ALBERT, < iptsiii Mehor, will succeed the Wellington, aud sail ou the first Decern her. <>30. c t 11. v 1,7v EKI'OUL?'1 he New Line?heutng .Packet of 21st a ovrinher ?The superior last sailing jpneket ship HOTTINOUEK, ll>50 tons buithru, lia pin. ley,master, will tail as abot e. her regul ar day hoi Ireigiil oi paa*.'gs, h iving splendid, large aud comlortable ?tale looms .old cabin, apply on board, west side Burling slip, orio WOODHULL fc .MINI liR.N, 87 Honth street. Price of passage 8HW The iuiekut shit Liverpool, 1150 tons, Capt. John Kldndge, will .uieeid tl.' Ilotiinguer, and tail nn rrgulai day. 21st D'C* f 1? Q/Vmc KOR GLASGi. W?Regular Packet 'Hie well ski >>an last Sti'mg Hi barque ANN BARLEY, lltii ert MCott, iriasier, 450 ton., daily ripened, will li.esv Willi i|uirk despatch. k ,.r irright or p tinge. Iisviug eicellriil accninevodations.ap. ply to WOODHULL Ik MINTURN, o32mc 87 South street. LEOPOLD DE MEYER, THE GREAT PIANIST. In our popor of iho Will Hit., we ??ve n I,net ,kutclr ,.l tin. t.leoled wli.fH cereer m Europe ?nd Ann. We now re.uuio procured at considerable expense, that our readers inay more lully understand the reception he has generally in t with amid the most a ? people ol the old world. ^ UL LEOPOLD DE MEYER. ?BBOTTS>~ """** . , . . i Alter a ntit 111 < i!! "t1 '?11 il hi ! I "l.ip t >a i f? j 'i : \:i:id lie i'< n >1 < r ol Tmk' v. where he was equally well received and apprecijB M. LEOPOLD DE] MEYER" PERFORMING BEFORE THlfvtJilKISH SULTAN. tl 'i*38tiSg&&L -diiiml ?MW ??' w MP rfe|.v -Sa-iCjrpr-W ?" f ? >4"---ft.-J-?.. I ? '' -i-mft " - ? y is* ..(it--;'si PP^TrlK^ ,We take leave to introduce the following anec dote from the Augebmg Gazette, Aug. 184-1, Leopold de Meyer spent the summer of last year at Constantinople, lie had the pleasure of per forming before the " Sultan of the Turkeys.'' The Universal Oaxette of Augsburg has pleasantly recorded this interesting fact.?" The celebrated pianist, Leopold de Meyer," says that universal journal, "had the honor of producing Mmttlf in tho presence of S. H. the Sultan, under whose sublime nose he was placed on the Ifstti of this month (August, 1S43) The Chevalier de Schwar zhuber, dragoman to the Austrian internuncio, accompa nied him for that purpose, on the morning of tho said day, to the residence of Ilifaat I'acha, by whom he was to be introduced to the 8ultan. When lie ar rived at the hour appointed, at the country-house of Ilifaat Pacha, the minister of foieign affairs had them conducted by one of his tcholadon to the place of Ilciler boi. The great hall of ceremony, which, from its size and vaulted ceiling, is eminently suited to musical per formances, was assigned to l)e Meyer de Leopold, who accordingly placed his piano thore. After he hud put every thing in readiness, he was shown into a pavilion situate outside of the seraglio (Judicious precaution ? the known gallantry of l)e Meyer being considered) ? whete he was requested to wait until tho prepusteiously sublime Sultan should order him into his infinitely impossible presence?which terrific event occulted about two ot the clock in the post-noon, De Meyer and Sell warshuber were received in the most condescending manner at the entrance ot the before-mentioned hall, by no less a personage than Riza Pacha, who, alter a lurui liar chat ol quarter of an hour, retired into the inner anai t monts to announce to the greatgrandfather of the fixed ?tars, that all was leady. In a lew minutes his Sublim ity entered, followed by Riza Pacha and sundry eunuchs ?while from the opposite door entered (fearful to re CARICATURE OF M. late !) the thiee secretaries of the cabinet. Tbo Sultan thea disposed himself, netherwire, on an urm-t'liair which wui pjaht lor him oa a semi circular platlorm, turned the sea, nnd raited a loot higher than the Hour. llizu Pacha stood at the auldime sides, w hile the other persons present Itej>t rt spnctfuliy aloof. At length the Grand .Marshal signified to De .Meyer tnat it was the desire of the too-groat-tu-be lightly-mentioned, that he should place himself at thi clavichord, and play cunning lautasies Whereupon lie Meyer de Leopold extemporized a brilliant prelude, and glided impercepti bly into his >lnnii Bo In) a fantasy, at tne termination of which the horrible Sultan expressed by a stare, thai ho was not displeased ; and ultimately deigning to remem ber that lie was net dumb, and taut the language of sublime looks was not universal, condescended to indi cate a wish that De Meyer, the expert pianist, would liddle for him the Turkish tunes which hc_(De .'.'oyer, the expert pianist) hud ui ranged lor tho piano, ami oi which the ( hevalier de 8chwarzhuber lia.i made mention in the converaation he had exulted in witn Rnal'aeha. Whuieupou Do Mayor brought down abrace'ol tho most favorite airs (harei) ol the sultan, which he had hunted up since his hi rival in Constantinople, with the unl ol tbo Mantra di Camptlla of his Haughtiness,(Doni/ettiDey ? brother of the lemarkuble composer whose works have , swamped tho civilized world of late years)--and dressed them in such a manner as marvellously suited tnc palate ol the tremendous uncatneeble who sat before him.? 'i'iiese airs De Meyer has transported to the pmnolortr, iu-n-not-tD-be-c rough-wondered-at manner giving tnc ef fect of u complete orchestra, without adding, modifying, or transmuting one iota 01 the national character of the tunes. The u-iltan listened with intense interest, and grimly grinned his satisfaction. He not only conversed luriously with lti/.a Pacha, but he absolutely asked Do Hchwar/hubor howanil when De Mey er had bagged those LEOPOLD DE MEYER, BY PATANI aire (hares), and if ho, Do Sohwarzhuber, had evortasted tliem betoio. After expressing his decided contentment, the Sultan ordered a selfacting barrel-organ which hap pened to bo iu the room, to play several Turkish an<i other airs?which the organ did, much to the delight of L)e .Meyer. U'liorcupon the last-named asked permission to play u cavalry march lately composed by bint The I'aitichnk listened to tills vith hungry curiosity, aud ask ed many questions of the artist, and especially at what age lie had commenced the study of music. The Sultan demanded yet another piece. Lie .Meyer responded bv his l.ucia di Lavtmermoor, the most brilliant of all brill iant iantasies, which appeared, more than all, to oapti vate " llim of the Turkeys." lie rose from his seat, ap- | preached the cluvichord, curiously and constantly ex- | s mined the pianist with an air of much benevolence? : following eagerly the roulades, skips, crossings and other cunning devices with which the fantasy abounds. De j Meyer navutg ended the Sultan said other pleasantries to \ him, and jocosely observed that he played better than ! Donizetti, wnich, doubtless, th8t marstro would allow.? 1 To all of winch Do Meyer responded with profuse ac knowledgments ot tno honor which had been accorded him Whereupon Rixa Pacha approached him, and pre sented him, on the pint ol S. 11 , with a gold snull-box, rfaruuhed with brilliants, as a souvenir?pronouncing the word in Turkish, according to the wish of the Sul tan, who himself uttered the word several times, with emphasis, " Trwzlmdk, lYwslmdk, Trwzlmdk De Schwaiztiuber also got a gold box from the same quarter; utter which His Sublimity left the hail. Kiza Pacha once more expressed the high satisfaction which the Sultan had received from the playing of the young virtuoso, and added these words :?" ,M. Leopold de Mey er is decidedly a great artist, and we all know, here, how to appreciate talent " A, AFTER DANTAN. Performing the Iuarche Marocaine, After his visit to Turkey, lie proceeded to Austria; Hul>s? q?cnt!y went to tie lleltfi in Ni; <??';!I//,'/''toelescrihe M. I?e Meyer'* powers e andculiari success was ui. bounded In the Capital pi the bitter, n'i he ts ri let jy .? > J . ltityin^ In* popularity and greatness thuull peprsises ties, and burleaque casta in plaster and lithographic i ariaatnrcs were st i n 11 v nr sinp, in r*. / ,,, i.,.,i lV t|ftr talent oil thus--and " \> ?only o? expended by the entire pres.. It is in such waggish nt ?- ? the wits ol the trend o \ ' ' jw' hev condescend to let lly the he treli highest note7 Witness their casts ot Rossini,, and Berlin*. It is only at such q tarry in - U,y * their wit. In Paris M. Leopold de Meyer performed torty-lour concert*, amid th<* most unboundt * Whit* Wonr* mr W>mi in !????*? -Them li now itnnog the >vinnr'ago ?'?r f?M Atkinaou, * white woman impoMil to ho a hoot wmati year* oil), who know* naiblng of h? hprent aga who has conformed to all th* m i < it-.' ? ? f In limn Sho mi rerngniiad hy John H*oay. Km , Wow jiving al Prairie do Chain, and woo al-w though! ?.? ?? ? io her wrinkled and rare worn ? oontonanoo too * i. I ?- I lineamenta of an old fuend -Philip Ixldndgo la MMWor to an inquiry. Mr H write* a lo *? " Philip brtldn tg? ia the noma of th# *t< ?*??? ><t the three children una ol ?l, ? . ? ,i wbito woman now w ith too Won .a >? f ., ,, , , own recollection* of the faatu ? >f ti an 'a king reeemhlauco of 11.?? won an ar bor hoing nno nf ni? child e i lie- apparent ?( the fact of her having no rarotle ? - ea < ? anew or the cane of hie h lid ran who ere tehee wh?i vary young They wore restored en i water* * Mounngahela rirer, in \ ugi , > tie - eutt ? it a Mr. L) lived in Washington c.tanty P#a?#ylv*w*a for a dhioIhi of year* ; h# then ami* *ie t to t .? ?. e ana, eome thirty yaar? ago. whom ho dead Mm etui dren, I *uppo?e. are some of thorn *tiil living in the I ol Indiana Mr DaMnlce wan n inUn ati Irioiid father, and fieing a in in <>t marked t atomv ? a dietinct recollection <?' itn paraanai that of hie family. The ttrot time I u? tni. woman I wa? itruck with hoi ratemliUiico to thn Uol ln Iga ly. I had intende I to lmr* written to ? ?.me of 'he ? but havo neglected it. Tho outline of the I latery of the capture at joe m#n tinned, i* jome'.liinr as follawa. if nor recti lectio* af the I story la not at fault fial I: idgo waa rotarning to t,i? home. from u ihort abaanca, hut ju*t in hiim to mo mt dwelling in fl.uncs, and h,? wito aud children 111 to- i> t of being hurried otr by the hostile lud, . - II# w ? ai 1 inmt upon them lietore he va? wate of In* lei gei en ' I hie wile motioned him to dec tor mi 1 le lieimi ? nt. e I the little field that surrounded ln> Iwell'ag. aid a high lanco interpoaed between him and the lon-st s.-i Indian* MfMg toward him to terure him, but liotng a ! very athletic man, he leaped ti.- feu <? lip# , t: a 1 outstripped all his pursuers Hut ha WW rvn altera 1 lonely and disconsolate man and tfiei.t mu h ? I t.,? i It* r life in endeavor* to regain Inn lott lirndy bi i ?<,' pose lie viaiteil, alter the peace. most ol the Ind in tritiei in the Mississippi valley, ulmi Cermda, and to ??oert* the trutn of lome report in tflliUaei hope t ?? in.'< 1 Scotland. Oalridga recovere I some portion n: m, , ly, aud wo beliave, aicertain I where other* die I ' it of one or two of Ida childrc no never had any I g? It is highly probable, tint' me per-image abort reb-rtv i to a* being with tb Winnebago Indian<. waa one" them. Ourkind-h* lied friend, Mr. H., convened w i*U , her of her situatiiu, and tried to wean her from her j i. sent mode of li .. At fir st a dliferent ambition ?#eiue I to lighten up hor ej o and the w nul I olten viait hi* family clad in a cleaner blanket an,1 with more gouly mocca sins than was her wont before ; but aha Informed hun. Anally, that she knew of no other kindred oi people by the tiea of attachment except thole with whom ahe ha ! always sojourned, and she. wished to lie down with them in her final test. She if remarkable among the Imnu'. t for her temperance and lor her disregard ol many of thi ,t supernatural rites.? Oaltna ,i<tv. Important Decision in the Law op Patents Circuit Court ok the United States kor the Northern Distkict o? New Voik, October Term, 184.) ?Present, Justices Nelson and Colliding. Gibson ? h. Richards.?This was uu action on the case lor an in fringement of the plainUfT* rights in the Woodworth planing machine. The patent u as granted to W ilh<-in Wood worth on the 47th of December, 18J-*. for fouitecn years from thut date, and on the ltith >lay of November, 1844, the patent was extended to Wm. W. Woodwoith as adininiitrator of Wm Woodworth, for seven years from and after the expiration of the first tenn. On the 8th day of July last, Wni. W. Woodworth made u surren der of the letters patent, in orderThat anew patent niigt.t be issued upon an amended and more perfect specifica tion On the same day a renewal was made, based upon the amended specification and explanatory drawing- til ed. The plaintiff* in this suit claimed as assignee of an exclusive right for the territory within which the tres pass was alleged to have been committe I, by an assign ment made prior to the surrender and renewal. The question argued before the Court, arose on demurrer to the plaintitf 's declaration. It was contended that a sur render of a patent could not be legally made alter the expiration of the term of the original grant, to wit: the first fourteen years. The Court held that a surrender ef the origual letters patent rendered void nil assign ments under that patent, so far as regarded those who hail assented to such surrender that the new patent be ing issued to the administrator, vested in him ihc legal title, and therefore it was necessary that the plaintiff should have a new assignment before he could nninlain an action at law for an invasion of the patent. Wilson vs. Rousseau and Kaston ?In this cause, concerning the renewal of the patent lor WuoJ worth's planing machine, sevetal important questions were discussed, among which were, the light oi the ad ministrator to take out un extended patent under the law of 1816, and the question whether the benefit of the ex tended patent acciued to the administrator, for the be nefit of the heirs of the deceased, or to the assignees of the original patent On those and otiier points, the court certified a difference of opinion, and they go up to the supreme Court of the United Slates. More of the Freshet in Maine ?We have re' ceived a letter wriiteu by a gentleman nt Augusta, giving further particulars of o mora cheering character ?Ve give some extract s. The letter is dated Wednesday, 10 o'clock, A. M. " Wo have now upon tis the large-t freshet ever known hut once, by the oldest person living open the Kennebec. If we had been one day later witu our pier, ail would have been swept i be duin rides out the freshet to all appearances perfectly easy, wtieic above us on tne river, bridges and mills aie earned u v uy but I regret to say that the part of tnn new raw mni frame, raised last m^nt and floated off A psit of tin timber we have Etived on the spot, and p.,il i% in ti e booms below , and eon be recovered. i his loss is re garded as trivial, and can he lestofed for a led iliu . r uolhirs. and n the dam tides out tins ireshet, u,.pi?pa ? a- we were, it i- woitli f .'i(),l)OU more Man beietoi.uv >?. mated. T his it tlio current opinion u o ge>,er?l lein.ih of spectators on the spot. We may juli.av uioie tiuu hie but 1 feel ptetty sale, and me Uu-net is at tu neis. . '? Five I', vl.?All app ars safe Tne daiu to every ap pearance litis lalleu thiee inches 1 sent a man down the liver to look up the balance ot the null liame, and tic has just letuined aud has loan I a greater part ol it The tiesbel lias dune much damage in otiier quartets At Galdiuer, the goods in some ol the stuies were dam aged by tne oveinow of the water. A mill dam who carried oil at Freeport, and a piece of tlie dam at Siacca lappa ; and by the breaking ot the boom ut Congni, Westhrook, lots ot timber weie freed lrom their morn ings and car.ied off" Tne Hath Teitgruph of the 6th instant says : we huve had since Sunday noon a tieiuendous stuim ut ruin, winch nas made a gieatcr rise ol water, tuan has been known on the river, since IsSi. Great damage was louud at Gardiner, Hallo well and Augusta 'Tne hum still stands at Augusta at the last accounts, thougu some of the mills in progress oi erection, were swept away. The steamboats tell here for Boston, yesterday. Supreme Court, Nov. 5?Present Chief Justice Brouaon, Juatices Beurdaley and Jewell. Tne court announced that no arguments would be heard this term, alter to-morrow, and mat the calendar will not be called below No. 1110. Shannon and Ward vs. Simmons. Judgment ulliimed. Bonnet anil Bennett vs. Glynn Now trial granted?cost to abide the event. Kiddo uds Sloan. New trial denied. No. 14.1 ?Rogers uds. Lo Hay Do t huuiiiont et ul. Mr. < . T. Iviiklaml was heard toi tne delendant ; Mr. J. A. Spencer lor the pluuiutl New tnal granted-costlo uhide the event. No. 117 ?Petty bouc ads. Terry. Mr. Martindaie was head tor the de lendant ; Mr. llill the plaintiff. Mr. Y'erplank in reply, Nov. 6, 184 ). Present ( tutu Justice Brom-ou, Ju-tices Ueardslcy and Jewell. o. 169.-- John Biooks, Jr , ads. The People. Mr 1'. W. tcker was heard lor ttie plain till ; Mr. White was bean or the delendant. Mr. T uck er in reply. No. 119.? Pec vs. Suyaum. Mr. N. HiU, jr., was heard lor the de em, xt ; Air. J. A. Spencer wa neurd lor the pluiiititf. Air. ill in reply. No. 383 ? Picket vs. the People. Mr. K. '. Smith w as heard for the plaintiff in error ; Mr. 11. G>r . lor the delendant in error. No. 174 -Barile'.t ads. Ho.. iikiss. Mr. J A. Spen cer was heard for the defendant; Mr- N'. Hill, jr..was heard for the pluintilf. Storm at Cleveland, O.?They luti u snow storm at Cleveland on the 5th inst., wind Iroin the N. W , with rain, ami sixty or sevauty vessels were driven into that port. The t. aledouia attempted to enter the harbor, but misseJ and went ashoie outside the oast pier, she let go un anchor but it drugged. The steam boat Ben franklin, lrom Buffalo, in making the bnibor, was thrown out ot her course uy u heavy sea, which lilted her upon the pier. Her wheel-house and guards were badly injured, and her false side stove in. Hei captain muneged to woik the vessel into port without damage to her cargo. It w ill take several nays to lepmi the vessel. A man jumped ovet hoard lrom the Franklin when she stiuck and was luckily Washed upon the ptet and suv ed. Melancholy Loss ok Life.?A slip front the ol lice ot the Charlestowu, Vtt. Free Pixst, luritishes the loilowing account ot a i/riou* uccr.ieiu which oc curied near mat place on 1 liuisuuy evening last On Thursday evening, .Mr Henry Brown, (the agent of the Wihcn sler llailiond at iturpei s Feity.) his sun Mil.lam, and Mr. Ileury Gasker, togetliar wTtti several others, were engaged in pushing an noil car, laden will. ;ohI. ami whilst so engaged a portion el the trussel-woik it the budge immediately above the road that leads ovci lie Bhoiiandoah river, gavo way, ptucipimliug alien (aged, with the car, a d tiuiying them hem- .a me coal Our into uant states that .?lr. Brown wm taken horn ruder the litis much injured, aud hi recovery pio lOUiiced dot tluI ; his sou William h coipse, aud Ml lasher, tinil oilier individual, whoso name we have rot icained, als dead. Tim Copper ever is ngain increasing in the north-west. The Teen Buy JtepiMican, uicniioiis that aueeiai exploiu , p mo? nave visited tue ugiou o! [the AieuoiMiliee liver, returning ?illi specimens ami tacts, which i? said to establish that copper an.i silvei ' ore abounds in tiiut ration and ill ? v-or north, ol i e.juai .(utility with an) 01 tue Luke superior mines. Oi.d Colony Railroad ?The directors oi tli Old Colony Railroad propose to celebrate the open ing <il tiiut rouil to .la) , L>y p,using over it with some of their liieinls, leaving South Hostou for I'iy month, ut 10 O'clock, *n.I returning in the at erno >,i. l'ne railroad bridge oeor tua channel to mo south core, und tuo pas senger depot 111 Aloauy street, are not yet completed d tue oar? will ru i o, tin prevent iro a sadi i hoiton, Uotttin * .Vee d r mim lil? llgmrr 00 ?. >i i?. ? .. dot-to Ho carder Tall MM# Mad AMorwsee B >?; IP' v r Potior mi. tiq Umtrset Ittorro, TViof /w <*r?od itti Mil-be II. Indicted for Mt traai ? |or*va Btowu on ibt 1Mb ?( Be**eMbert lo-t ? 'i I# in bos poth;?ii) in Otlnfl otreo*. ? ?? plbt-ed on Iml fnr Bio < done# . to*>?.?? y oa tbo poll Of Mm p no Ml beibf .'oomoj t*db mm to o.tebUoh ibo gait i tho priooner, obo oo< oi'^nt'o J b' too bfjt r , i ?? Nop Jtooo mhooi wot Ikon rted no on mm - f i o r?,o oa I ftli only in veor. oil named boo vpkii ? ?e pereiWa feeido Ot 'vo tit hrvteon'K ? noot on too lot *opt ?hor loot On tbo port of Ibo pr- o? . t? (>ti 1 ??t.bod tbot on tbo bolbro Mot.' it .{loom ootNof bor from-ho ?toop ol tbo boo?o bkoto obo -v-l#J, lor tbo libfM porpo?o of f? ' ? i - to.' a .. m bo unflm.Sod bouoe that * K i . ..?i. - of ""-??on to tbo PlctiMtf arid on go /???m i i .of oitn ana of rooobto to bi> (oliriM. bo oreOMol io?b bor lo o rlooot where ho tbtow 't Ml botvol . ' r-nw.ttod tbo ooobbh upon bor por too rbooooo Wbnot, tof . 'onpool tor tbo prtoooor, bt tbio otofo of tbo prorob tMf! root MM Oeotervtal tbot tbo otofot out lo fo boioro tbo jtrt on tbo f roood tbbt ?otif ot too MtbtMot iMlobrliti inoomcti oo Ibo or Or do loto'blf rootahad" tMBboob oooitloH which ?? ???'. ? o> no ? .t ore,. inf to oil practice, bn4 ?obb4 to ooooo o.i ..>'?? oaibortMM on thso putooot. <1 MMM. tbot Ifii oi< lomtti J to b J?ry. bb I tbbp dbw r, i. o tr?r . b. ? ' M owlu ouljr bo for ??b'toi bod i.o * ooi to "oouti rtpo. or raviob tlio ootoot ?,< (neeitvt. The Uift. t vttjrn. t Ob tbo other end. -0 .teedod tbbt tbo indtC ifcOi i boo tooU trooioil. Ibo Wbtdb 'VI* l-btis bbd leieui?b*ly " oemg .a'etrtiotod lor the word forrmlp," which implied tbo -bM* bMonf Tbo ? oort itbci tod 'not tbo ebjo.''ioo imood I jr Mr Wonwr oot ool Ibbohtb lne triol. orcei tingly, pro ror to I 1.0 f irl tbon ? toted tbot oo tbo orroo.on of tbo oooobit obo oo'ioooorod to fot ewey fiotn the prioonor * ho * oo ou ? ? got nut oho ? no UMUIa to offer* bor eerepe In tioi croo* OboiMibO'wxi obo t?i*i|r I tbot tbo i.J not UU bit toot bor of or not bod lioMpuod lot oororol woobo ?n.rororjo oo obo woe otboaod an>l ofroij to rtiMbtu cat* tbo rirtouMMoi to bor 1 bo n.iHboi of too f irl aiw another lootoio. tootittod bo to ilio mat.bor in tobt< b tbo noirnfo ?bo tioug ht *o lif bt I i I oat oral ri" uto.'O". o?n. t,* tod n itb It, but tbo do Ui- ? oio dot ino.1 unfit fur puidnatton The pby?M n.ut who t.. 1 ! rob oo onlted on tho mb tort, etpteoood ooino doubt* bbotbor any violence bad (>#??11 rnoiMltto i tij tbo pf IOO nor 'i oo trotiniob) on tbo part of tiio prooorution woo tiruufht to a rl ,oo at 4 o'i i?- k f M to hart tUo < ourt ?djuiirbod liU blondoy aorruaf noot Sk>te!*< it or LHutm ?Ttt* ruuoiy ot Aufftiot li rib turn ilir bcnr of drrp eMitmirM, nb occoum ol an nultof?? comaittod >,po ? dotaiuolooo lootoio in tbo liaif tihoitouo ! of Mtaunton Two nof roo? war* arroatod a. mo oi-toro, mil loot ooob ttiorr trial loob plara Itofote tl.o ' ounty < ourt 1 ha nofro fton tbo pn potty of Mr?. MrDebtU, woo Biot luouf bt to tbo I-or, and pleaded not guilt) Tbo bup -lo Ihm >ot oo). " To tho ol most positive | ro t of l..o tinfoitunotr footalo aototbo Montity ol ibo pruoi.t nao o<11.4 a cboiu of rucuin ittncrr, oo itru:i|t to us o. oo tinbcd logotbai oo mron trovtrtit'lo, tliht *. a pioadinfortooo 1 tbo proti if indflttrato of tlio court ioHoi b moment a contullo'.ii i. ) prououiicod ouutonr.', ?.( toaib upon fto piiaooar Ibo t ourt wot utiatiiibutio r.o botitanry oa otroof oo eluding, oo welt proton * oo tho villony of tbu nogio. Tt.o trial occupied Uin ? do)a The negro fooorgo. rbo property of Mi. Iluiber waa nomt ?'fought to li.i- 'oi bud, alto, plaaJod not ft tity Tbo uuieitunato ooouu tetliflod putiiisoly lo hit i Joutit) , ??hS iron, bu po. u lur form, could not ho ? ell im.teben I bt and otboi strong oud ititpiciouo ciri-umtiom r. r.biot. 1 oil dvuM ol bin guilt, an.) the t ouit with tt|uol unbiumit) pro uouueod tciitoucu ?1 donlh. Tiik Socurv lM.ttiwi?The whale ohip Thrct lirotiicra, o! Nauiocbet, h?a ortivcd at Martha'* Vioaymd, lutt lioin 'labiti, Jul) I < bpthin .liUboll repot it that the tiutiTo? ? eio otill tu the mountbtn. In hopm of getting ooma ot.itUuce Hum tno Brilub I be hroncli fngbto Cranio, and tbo liritub ttaamci ?a.ooian Jer, were at Tahiti It u ntil I. tberolere. ?p, ear that tb? arinugeuieut botwecu the Uniitb auatram b gavori meiitt, for the rettoratiou ol toe i.lond to tho govern n eiit ol tdueen f'otnure, had ol reached Ibero Ik, ... .dir. JVatf. tf Vat I -lit a. If i-t esturiHteit that the <|u >tntitv id aiik noed u t',ng.iiid alone amounto to mora than lout nuiiiont ol pouinio weight, Ijr the production ol wlurb tbo lalni' ot 10111 lv?n tuououlid Dlllllviia of thi rilk iuov ' ?ir IH,.| vd, bud whusb livo ond lio aoutitll) tu euppl) the poo pie ol a ontall portion ot the vaitn wiUi mo luxuit of earing then piodllCto. 11 btUiuitbOd at thlo Uct, bow much tinne wo might be by takiihf ? ouivc) ot sua y? puUlion ol I.uiua ol Tlknre, 01 -I eitco and .r-o wo: W .1 I ,ge! Wnot inui t tie tbo hum, . ol th ??# n.ooi Whichthut oupply luaiikuid bt lutgt ori'h mo oi.b In.) woat f The cenaua of Illinois na Ur . ? return* have bec.i received .ui wt a very to phi iu, .<?? tu [ .?pulat"?n laid. The Incre , e iu tnal wtate w ,!l . e-.r IMiu In Sva )eara Juogiug Horn trie ret' iuo olreouy made, illiuuu now cautoib* ovot iuu.fb" inhabit into 1 lie returns Iroiu lb- fin, oi Lhn.t Oftt - obow thut ovcr#ou,00U ocre. ol tfosa, :,me.t ,a . i.av* noon ow>.. ,ii llliooik wiihm tno la.l aiohtoeu moult,., uod Iho bur Oabllit) i< that h n.ttcM grooivr amount l.oo beta VvlJ lo a. tual .rltieio by b .u iioiUvut ibialnoMen. recently ol fiir btealiiboikl oi ,m uu lue i en .e.oee uver, bvo n ilc. alo?# I'auucok the m a to ?n bill-d under tlio loll, wing ci.cuai.toi.ri. I n? Dobt. alt*; tuning laao d the w a Ur, oi, . pad I no uio'.o got U,. to ire w bat woo lao ms or ami anuln-r ,K.r.o.. woo pelting up, w'bvu the boat i{ ? i otorrof and i u -bed Into I,.- ?a?r. lag the li atO i.a.'kaj d, and i>leaking In. no. a. o >1 mjuftug n ' . -.iiip,, , j.i ru) lltOKl) i tic tiouudnry Due, willed hue turn ruu in-:<s?-r-n Alkiiu?Hf auil V?i)l l>Ut little. Itwfttlit, tl;? vlj DM. A Wl| Singular split g ?<! hlltl ha? l>e?*ii ? nuud llUIUi( lllll twnrtf, klNWt M milM In, ill. ?l Male*. Vllte A lie I? ?? a i <1 it) a. will oU fault it. i.i..iim Iri, reaching it* bottom ai.u Loin nuuo *?t*i llwt* ? ihroogu out the year, at the It v 01 swine "24 1**1 cubic Irel | al minute, wtlu a I .ill i/l Lout il to li tret a illiiu null a una Yesterday there were one Umuaaiid lour handled an A sixty-eight aciee of land said ai in? lauluftl e 10 thii city. .Nor in ttui ti vtr) extra amount 1 ur land 111 tats region l? being taken <viin great rapidity, t.? h I.) ot.l nculcis Who V* lilt to uuUlgu llieir f>l wt:ila??a and t.y tuo emigrants who tiavo conic hero 111 gieet uuait ei* tins i UllkUU.? Chicago Utmot rat, Aor. 1>. A meeting ol the citizens ol tieorgHowp ! heM ) esteiday, to consider the propriety ul j an .inning Congress to survey top liar, to an additional iignt i house, ami to take such step* as limy tw deemed au? | tile to call public attention to the Georgetown an I All ' Saint* KailrotiJ.? Charirtioti lnuritr, \or >. Hon. John Quiucy Adams was ?t the How ard | Atlionauim, Boston, 011 Thuisday evening, and set me 1 much interested iu the peilormancea the ?' lot Scandal." A Boston paper stub's that Postmasters within tlie " thirty miles circuit,'' tuluie to trouliie theaiseive? vs ith \ the ileliveiy ol papers, because they gel no pay lot .en veritig them ! According to the statements made in the New Ur leans papers, there are two rival companies there, .'mi 1 ding lor the contract to cairy the coast mans, tin in in 1 law ot the lust Congress Col >l.?o is it to" b . of . , j company, tun! .Major A. J. UoueUoa at t ie heal ol tin J other. The Emperor of China has issued un edict iu which he say she does not wish to exclude the I hrlMien religion I loin his doiuiuious, hut means to pinush ?* ill. rigor those who make that religou a cIohIc under ?iu. h cilines are commuted. He docs not prohibit the build I ing of 1 hiistian cnuichcs at any ol the hva ports open | to European traders, hut cautious Christian* against troducing their vices among hi* people. Dr. Durbin, iu his "Observations in the East, ' just piiblulied, mentions that in some pails ot Egypt. to avoid the conscription* of Mehemit Alt, the wotuau have been in tho iiatiit lor years tiack, ot maiming their chii (iren so us to uulil thoin tot military service, t he do stroying of one eye was a common operation but the Pacha ha* taken an effectual way to put an ant to tin* cruelty, by lorming two regiment* ot oue-eyed aulJiats The evil i* said to bo already much diminished ?P,U( Miss D L. Dix, u lady well known lor her phiiau tliropic ell'orts in tho state* of New Vorkaud Pauuayl vania, has arnved in Baltimore. .Miss D ha* levnio.r and successfully engaged in the laudable object ol iu proving the condition ot piisoneri iu the reuileohain and Jail*, of the iut ,ate* ol Almshouses, \*}imu?, a., and her present purpose 1* to vuit the institution* ol lik. character in thut oliy. A new potuto digger was recently exhibited in operation at salem, VVe*t Jersey It tnrew out upon tha mound, with two horses, at the late of live or ?n aor*.. per day, and as last 11* thirty hanas could pick up ami carry them away. Tho soil produced 100 bushels ol potatoes per acre by the u*e of compost m.tck. Mr. John Evans, u termer oi I'ahuqu.irry town ship, inloiins us thut 111 gatheiing Ins buck* neat crop, lie lound a Mhglo st?lk which produced live thou.and t*v o hundioil and seventy-live giuiu* '. ? IVartm Jo hi Cambridge Untvermiiy has been the i-ccuc of r< cent not occasioned by the dismissal ol it mem < r ol the .jnior class, who would not expose his companions in . lroiic. It is suid that he wit* borne olf in an op?n lisrouc In with lour white horues, and attended by lour outrider*. Who wcro members ol his class. The turpentine distillled in Wilmington, N. C , last year rs estimated al ihRI.OOn barrel*, woiUi *100,000 t he taw mateiisl snipped, 7A OUd barrel*, rained at I (it.000 Tar shipped, db,000 barrels, worth *01.1,000. ? Litaiititan Limit tr. Lieneral Gideon Fooler, oi Delivers1, M<>ss.. died onSutuiday burning last, sire advanced age el' On tseneiul Ko*terCommanded the minute men ol Denver*, who, 011 the ilHh ol April, went to Lexington 10 meat the Euglish troops. Several oi hi* hiavu smdieia were killed 011 thut day. He ??? not,la old gentleman, s true patriot, anil a vvIngot I77.i. Iu Bellu>t, .viama, Le muel Diiliiigiia.n, SO, and in Norlbpo.t, Isaac Jackson, H9, involutional) soidiei*. On Saturday last, at t leve land, Ahiuiiaui iiicko*, one ol tuo earlie.i ?miiei* ol rlie Lake country. . Jackson, tlio pugdiat, died teceiitly in London, ngr il 77 He was the tvaciiar of By rod, and a gieat num her ol eroiumt men, and wa* 10 aiaunei* uuaasuaiuig.and tn iiuti iiu(iioiiiiui cooit*l?ie<i * lit ? lor ui Uio uubaiity.

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