Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1845 Page 3
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ttt? Colored II jrao, whereon to erect a new bu Utftn' i* " the accommodation of coiurad puupoav, on c .r-tai ' dition* a|*cifttd. After aomc discussion th* "\T" A r0D" inferred to the appropriate committee. *iuj,ect Vii Cait. Fremont's Expedition.?1 viously Hiaten that, in the expeditu "e 'laVe" ( rfptuiti Kieraont ia now ?ngaged, the ,n upon winch rivoig at the Rocky Mountain*, to d> fdau wa?, on ar South, which, after making the inv stacb a party to the wts to return to the States by the 1 Jitigatlona directed, or tne Ued River, while Captain t vay of the Arkansas i>ui sue hia adventurou* path of?' /Temont would himself iasin spoken of in hia report Jiscovery into the Great placed under the command of' ? This detachment was Vitzpatrick as bis guide. W uieut. Abert. with the able have been received from Lif * understand that letters son, 22d October, reportinp jut. Abert, dated at Fort Gib party, oil sale, after hav ? his arrival there with his which he received from ?0g accomplished the orders l/nian, -Vot. IS. .Captain Fremont. ? fVaahington Naviga' Placn. Tit Jon of the Ohio River. Pittsburg. . .No se. Slate of Rioer Wheeling . ,,N .?. 13. . .... , feet in the channel. l.ouisville... ov II..,' 7 feet and rising. Cincinnati,. Not. U.......6 feet 3 inches in channel ?? ..Nov. 12, tij fegt on flats and bars Amo ? - none tl A( the Scientific Discoveries there la mica) .si ten proved to be more beneficial than Pinion's Che troii -.rf"" luvigorator. Hundreds of persona who hive been trv eled for years with dandruff and scurf can testify to this T ?? Tho inventor at first feaied it could not lie brought into ?*nfral use, in cousniurnce of the numerous articles brought "I* the public for the tame purpose, which are totally worthiest. rle ieared that the people had been imposed upon mu ollsi, that they would not try a new article?but experience !" w We.rusa lum bet'er, for there never w u a new article which ? if met with greater acccesa than the Chemical Hair Iuvipi JJtor. Buy it only of E. Phalou, 2U Broadway, Art st in if sir. To Young Uachelors ?Many Young ilache lori enjoy competence, and eveu luxury, iu their well furtiish ea r ouuj st ll. a loneliueaa pervades there that can only be Jiff1, ii , J?ct*..He cauuot hut wiali and resolve that this ahull lie supplied. He is compelled to wait; but while he waits, bow pleasiuK to him is the anticipaiiuu ol beholding hia loved one. the linage rising often before his mind, but again tl.r i'i""'.. "tut offers Ins aid to fix this impression. In tlie coUection aoy exhibittug at Clinton llall may be found hands '.nd forms, indicative of gay and pensive emotions and in sufficient, variety to suit the tasteaof the nlnl HlV.'nifl , ?T r? n a bemtiful group, called the Eve h,.br o fl'.'. V:, 'i1"1?'0* composition, and well colored; a incts Julia; Rosabella; aud other aub them B?ulfrV.!??I to their ??<? examine ?X 7 A??u Levy, on Thursday and 8a ? !IR,|,f rIl,,Wi1,rn? OiiKuent for Preserving Hair.?It la utterly to ever when half! unit* health and via or, much !w restore it. .Ti a1?e...J ?* the above apeoiflc is used. It is warranted fa ling off oft' 0",K ?r adult, if properly applied, to stay the eri v hnir. tr ne Hair. rentore it on bald pirtt, change red or * a beautiful dark color, eradicate pityriasis, and all moat aitti ?? of the cuticle or scalp, and as a toilet article is and sin ^ctory, giving the hair a peculiar, soft, moist, curly Prir My ?PW?Mce. a*.C|P*' Office, No. 13 Nassau street. For certificates aud JZ. scioe see advertisement in another part of the paper. MONEY MARKET) ? , Monday, Nov. lr?0 P. M. nn,j ?V'era tendonc>r of quotations to-day is upward s. Bank '-Cunt a""ers L?an, 1; Morris Canal, J; U srivania 6's i- Im ? '^len,? blading R. R., i, penn. Km T^t udZTJi?; r; Md^kiburg ci-d Norwich and Worcester'* T,he , ,?1 * P6r Cent; were very large. '" hoards going on in tha >rice of that stovir n T y to advance the market -ecisio , "alTl'e ^ Th?10 ? tw" caching very Ua lv tb ' inV?lve nu amou"< !??- decisions irLL,, !" '?n' ?fdo11"'- One of utterX"! dr0?^;Be ffTS 0"oe^d{ T;-Ur j uarter Neady tv ? T * t0/n?,her and a he Chancellor?lr on tu?. " T dec,'i"n8 W?'? made bT tockholders of th? n?, t < ' in faVOr "f 4l?" fere immedia g,,7y after LI*?., 0"apar-T- hut now point8 ecision will ??r ^ade. \o one ,Upon the8? Points the a'this case ? mUr k ? -i doubts but that the result ^will ,^veaT"ttfth1e,Mt'and 'hat the com. rust refer nd , f ?tam the assets included in the gainst V 7? payment ?f other demands .ensely Z Whi?h the stock will he im rust, s .jj. . ? ' e decision in relation to this eld " nder th rCSt' The am?Unt "Securities '7 ? of tiara" tn,8t8' " Bb?Ut a"d a ba" ?" *\?lOrnrtmD0i' hM arrived a4 St. Louis on his of witu t,,e ? cessary for the sale of ti ? P ? ? arran?emen4s ne ?-i-S. *"? d r, ?"?*?<? ?" p?reh.? ?r ihl, t'hl, purchasing the bond, for that p?rp0.e. tZ ZZ " has been principally paid, i/the U* paying the current expenses of the State wj' J printed, as far as it will go, to the payment ,,*/ ? #PpP?" on the state debt. A large private b , interest street ha, been appointed ager f.7 uouse in f tynients. There ha. bean an advene. ... mHkinf! the par cent, in the market value of tha I ?"e and tt half within the past few days, and at pre <U ?f thU State, the 'lost investment in the whole J' 80114 i>ricMth*y ?r? The annexed table exhibits th- Wgtock? ed and dyed calicoes exported ? <pl#ntj4'r ^P^ain, print Jan. 1st to Sept. 20th, 1844 a- frora (ireat BriUin from countrtes to which expor f 1**5' distinguishing the inunts to all tho markets /T1 and the "??r?gate ship the relative position '0ldd' Thia table show. Great Rritain. in th '(l? 4rad? each country, with States consume ** H*ic,e8- 14 appears that the United compared with 8 rpr>' limited quantity of these goods' calmoes fro ' ?ther c"?n"i*s. Of the export, of plain me"tJ '? 7? BriUi" in ,844, t0 fcpt- 20' 'he ship thanto "Ch ? . ?U en other markets, were greater an in 1844' The increase fbas, however' been 1" ad to plain calicoes, having, i? these manufactures been equal to sixty-seven per eent. Plsix, I'rix ren axd Dvf.d v GrKAT Britain 10 THV lixiTvn u" EsrORTRP FROM TO Skft 2#. isn aisd JWJ. " Statk'> ?'?h Jax. ]," Covntrieit* which D . exported. Ptain Calicoe,. n,rA '??? 1845. I84|t British N. America.. 14,935!255 Snr'1' Br. Weif Indifti. ... 6,751441 g wi'St 96,105,741 Madras fc Calcutta. .76.W0.164 75,476 028 on? IV ,'} W Bombay ?0,n ?65 33,115 "Js 7 l3 wt ^7 Ceylon 2,959 523 3 iQi '.A- 7,442,791 6,465.03-1 New South Wales.. 1,160,096 f86o'238 ',954,679 V so Diciuao's Land 418,947 457 OW 2-358, J52 South Australia.... 316,IfO m3sT} ??.90l Swan River l6i5J7 ??.863 330,660 New Zeslsad 46.748 37 yd 11480 Mauritius.. 1,921,863 3,0? M9 2 .H'lH ? ",<69 4. npe of Good Hope ?*>.??? 2,547,450 J,769.191 And Algoa Bay... 1.150 795 i ^ ?m ... Sf Helens... 17*,684 '"??sf W !'H? '.539.20', Guernsey 8t Jersey.. _ 16,036 i9i!!,.,n Msltslt loniMlsl's'.'j.SjM ]]'vlfl3 Belgium.,, ...... aoilsM 9,473,758 18,111662 Gerin?nv\ including '- J,848 1,460 328 1,024 ,41 Hanae Towns. ... 14 615 lis ?. Denmark 665 968 'SI'H.1 *4,163,770 22 436 728 Sweden kNorway!: 5*^ ^ 227,'905 ' ^,"0 Buss is 589 * JW.J63 363,447 " Spsin '?8 627,838 169.115 7i^. Portugal 1# f'fW *43,298 ^00 Naples and Sicily... - 12.112,344 7 "'S A?H. including "2,3'6#< >'??-'? 1,360,112 t,Ui'SX 6,983,016 2Jat-m 3>?'8,490 Leeliorn. JOA "S is? '?ss -ass jVj"/*'-'States 6,681,244 10 828 779 9 1 240 720 gt>'.' 760,684 "JX? 10,065.694 p . Domingo 1.299.476 1 780*096 f'iff'wi i619** -fliba 2 063 Wt ?> !??.?? ^e406 805 2,817 050 Thomaa. " 1105174 sofil'-Jrl *?15l,914 5,722,133 23? cLa;p,^:V-;1S SS "mm T?rJ.%ndkPtte;, ,o;',?.'77 inc. Svrs k Smyr M "? M' U.n?"PO,e'and M-W?5W 4.916.813 2,?2o;606 rhillipine'ii'lMds.'..'l.lm'SS ?4 w'ml 7,32'40< I0 M3.s06 Madagascar k Bour- ,'S"' W,R <.013,284 530,405 602!s42 bon.... S' kern an. 12'100 1*9,767 _ Po,8iC.,peC t:?. Gambia.'.'.'.'.'.:"/.' 27J?!^ 107,798 1,139,454 789 194 A/.?re? * 44,500 15 300 fifl'fin T*-neri/fip ^ Caoa'ry' ?!?'?? W.472 422,238 305 227 < nf.t of Africa0^: U7',S" ??.TI7 ZM.'g? %% cinoinr Algier* I 1R. ?' pliin mUcm. It.? o?.i .J "h* ?l? fourth of the aggregate exports of these ma^nf ??' from Great Britain goes to , hina, one fiAh ( alcutta, and one-twontieth to Bras,I l..vw3^ twentieths, or one-half to hn ti is' BT ?nly t< other msrketa. The inrreaae in th V' " am0n? finy o ?ncrea?e tn the exporta to Chlnn * ' 'n in" increase in the total e,M to all the marketa of the world ti,. _ . ?*|?ortati in.hli trade is in the shlpmeuta'to Bombay" h'.vlng fab from ?0-371,056 yards to 3/l,llo,4|g yerrta The tr? i .11 <hese manufacture., between Great Britain .id (J many, including the ll??,0 Town., l,a. within .h year,declined, as will ho soenon reference ? Ik P in the above table. ? ?*po Tho aggregate value eft the imports into .k . Rtetf., (hi. y0ar, 10 f*r, is at least ?n mjlJj J* tit/ ai tho bishii Vcturs* uicludod in Uia table, ieaperted thi* year, there hae been a fulling of of a large per cent in the importation of cotton manufacture* (except calicoe*) from (iroat Britain, a* will be *een in the an nexed table:? Cotto? Ann Woollen Manurac'TUBes or Gbeat Bai T A IN hlroDTlD TO the Uniteu Statei KHOM Jan. 1 to Sept 20, 1844 and IMS. lilt. 1115. JneV. Dtc't. Cotton twist Is yam, lbs to,613 CI,(83 21,030 ? TliivmJ uid sewi.Tg, lb*.. 433,7*7 317,412 ? 156.37) Cambric*, inu*l'?, lawn* aadliu.n*, yards 417,617 ,7)7,336 339,730 ? Other |>laiii cotton goods, yard* 3W.CU 206,t3t - 61,378 Lace, gauze, lie, yard*.., 4,729,637 ),997,370 1,287,513 _ Counterpanes aud quill ings, No 7,t9l 20,910 13,449 _ Cottou hosiery, caps It gloves, dozens .. .. . 70,969 64,159 ? It 810 Cotton shawl* It hamlk'a plain It printed, dor... 06,641 79,917 ? 6 691 Plain calicoes, yards ... 6,604,244 10,820,779 4,144,535 ? Printed and dyed cali cos., yard*......... 9,418,445 10,065.691 617.259 - Titpri, bobiiiuf, fee, do*. 1,834 398 ? 14*; Cotton and I men cloth, yard*.... 183,915 132,444 ? 51,471 Cotl'iii goods, uneuunu rated. . .....? 25.633 21,444 - 4,189 Linens, Brit'h It Irish, ? 15,336 12,169 ? 3,067 it1.? d". yards. 17,211,625 17,589,290 377,665 ? Woollen and worsted Wtarns, lb... 96,472 341,518 215,046 - I oollcni and cottons, ^ mised ? 543,117 120.957 ? 111,060 , Kerseymeres ? 16,140 13,683 ? 2,457 Lou? St short cloths...? 12,179 6,626 ? 5,553 Stulls, woollen It worst . ?d ? 1,055,229 619,782 ? 405,447 ! Hsavy w >ollens ? 35,262 30,306 ? 4,956 Shawls, wool eil ? 31,580 34,574 3,991 ? Flannels and blanket i"V* ? 189,391 103,810 ? 85,581 Hosiery, woollen and worsted ? 63,961 51,812 ? 12,149 Woollens, cneuumera _ted ? 29,083 31,293 2,210 ? Total of woollens ? 2,023,945 1,359,013 ? 666,102 Thia ihow* that with the exception of plain, printed and dyed calicoe*, cambric*, laces and worsted goods, there has been a considerable decline in the shipment of manufactured goods from Great Britain to this country. The importation of cotton manufactures into this country from Great Britain, is now principally composed of the liner qualities of goods, and such as we have hardly commenced the manufacture ol within our own limits. Wo are rapidly progressing in the manufacture of cali coes, printed and dyed, but it will be some time before we shall be able to supply the domestic demand, and j must therefore he extensive importers for some timu to come. Mo fur as the manufactures of this description of goods have progressed, they are equal to any importod, and successfully compete with the foreign article whe A_ I ever they come in contact. The first table givon r^,ove gives us an idea of the importance of the marke'^ of j country forthe manufactures ol Great Britai'^ gn(j tj,ows that however great may be the position w?'occupy in producing tho raw material, the po*it^0n W0 occupy B, consumors of the fabrics of that C0UlltrjP( of v limited value, and exerts veiy litu, intluenco ? the aggregate consumption. Old Block '.MO N Y State T'?,$ J? , 5000 do 5'., ' # \?0j .2 5" ?J 7000 Peun 5's M '22 2<& iiOOO Ohio 6? bW 75,, 125 N A Trust is'4 2 V8", 9T?< 250 d0 bW 14 SS&r ^V6's 101 A 50 do h30 II .i09?' !"'seisSplBds 38)4 15 Ohio Life k Trust 99V 15 Bk s '1,, 50 1, Island 11 It l?0 75V '.n I : tSAaU;of 'NV ^ 125 do 7.6? S'.SBsnk 5$ 100 do .10 75" . ' no 4V 50 do 6111 72 *40 .. .do 55a 50 do 75W 125 Vicksbnrg Bank 9V 50 do b60 752 1011 do 9V 150 do b60 75V SO do bl5 9)5 75 do T5V J? <j? 3 50 ilousstonic K R 31 ,0?... db 85 s 50 do 30 V 75 Erie < onsol d, opg 69., 50 do b30 31 17 East Boston Co 16k II do 30V 58 do !? 25 do 302 2.. do l6xs 50 Norwich fc Wor RR 82V 200 Lanton (.0 45k 50 do b30 82 i. 200 do b30 45)* 50 do JgrJ 1W do 4)v 40 do hlO 82v JO do s3fl 45'. 50 do 1,30 Oil' 58 do *60 4iv 100 do S3j (mj 150 do b30 45V 50 do sgO *2'' 100 Farmers'Trust 341? '50 do .60 82 2 200 do b68 3450 do 1,20 83V 200 do soo 34 50 do 83V 100 do 341^ 25 q0 8J$ 109 3'Js 4q Reading RR jti\ j' ."I9 ?4 i ?00 do b30 56V: ? , 0 ? ? b20 200 do bOO 56V 150 Harlem RR 68 100 j0 w, 299 'J? 69 100 do 56 V 2J ' 0 69V 50 do *25 56 .J9 "J0 hlO 69V 50 do s30 56 2n._ d0 W, 200 Wilmington RR s4m 50 125 "tom^gton RR 42'i JOfl do blm 52 , * do 4 2 300 do b60 52 199 do 42V 200 do b4nr 53 " do bnw 42 V Second Board. . llOOOStsle 7's '49 107 ; SO Nor & AVorc R R 81 50 shs Harlem K R G9V 25 do *3 83V l"fl Farmers' Loan 34>? 50 do b30 84 50 do 34j? 25 do 83V 50 do b30 34?. 250 Ruadlug R R b30 56S 100 Housatonic ltR 30J. 50 do *3 56V i j0 Canton Co 4.5'V 50 L Island R R 74V ! 50 do SCO 45fa 50 do b!5 74V 75 Nor k Wore RR 84 New Stock Rxclikhge. 50 alias II 8 B oik )V 40 shs Harlem R R b20 70 40 do h) IV 150 L Island R R *10 75V 50 do b3 5V 25 Reading RR *10 5CV 50.r , do 5V 50Nork Wor RR 83\ 58 Vick'buTgh Bk c 9 25 do ?tw 83V 3* do c 8V 50 do blO 81 bO do c 8T4 50 do blO 83 75 r armcrs' Trust c 34 50 do c 0) 200 do bl5 3454 25 do stW 81 50 Canton Co c 45V 50 do *10 83 100 Morris Canal *60 23V 23 do 83V SO do .3 >| 25 do b3 83'a 35 do C 24 50 do c 03V married. Ou Sunday evening the 16th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Martindnlo, Mr. Josr.rii Kishkk, of this city, to Miss Sa rah K Rei ve, of RJverhead, Long Island. Died. On the 17th instant, Mrs. Brioiiet Keenan, wife of Mi chael Koenan, aged 48 years. The friend* of tho family and those of her sons, Ed ward and Charles Harvey, are respectfully requested to ntteml heir funeral in Kent Avenue, East Brooklyn, this day, at 34 o'clock. At a MEETING OP" THE CONSTABLES of the city aud cornitv of New 5 ork, held at the Crystal No.2!2 Grand Iireet, Mr. MAURICE O'KEEFFE. of thei 41 wa? celled to the Chair, and NATHANIEL H GREEN of the 11th ward, wax appointe-. Secretary. i On motion, a Committee of Fire, vij: JAMES HOSTIN, JOHEPH HORN, THOMAS DRNLAP, EMANUEL JOSEPH, JOHN M. RUE. ... ! were appointed to draft rasolutiona.eipieaaive of the viewa of the meeting, who reported the following resolution, which ; waa adopted?That thia met reapectfully request the co opeiation of the Jmticea and Clerka of the Marine and Ward ! Court* to aaaiat u? in our effort* to remove from the above j named Courts, all peraons who represent themselves to be of- ( tic r>, thereby protecting the iutereata of Couitable anl public in general. The me-ting then adjourned until Thuraday evening,the 20th inatant at7 o'clock, P. M., at tli ? above named place. Signed? Robert Green, lat ward, Huah McOnire, do do Alfred Roach 2nd do Win. G. mi tier, do do Al"iauder Batea, 3d ward, Etnanuel Joseph, 4th ward, Samntl W. Hubard, 5th ward, William Buckley, do do .loaeph Moon. Oth ward, Thoma* Dunlap, 8th ward, Eliaa L>. Brow*r,7th do" Peter Wearervelt, 9th do Horatio N. I'arkrr, 10th do Robert Armstrong, do do John M. Rue, 13th do JoaephHorn, Hth do Nathaniel Finch, 14th do Jamea Hoatiu, 15th do C. H. Tomkina, 17th do MAURICE O'KEEFFE, of the 4th Ward, Chairman. NATHANIEL II. GREEN, llth ward, Secretiry. ii 18 Sfje NOTICE I IF M A. CLOUCHET call* on Ed*. Beeh Ik Kunhardt,(9 Weatatreet, he will hear aomethinir to hia advantage. Any peraon knowing the residence of said Mr. A. Clouthet, j will confer a favor by giving notice aa above. nil lyv'rc PROPOSALS will he received until the 15th Decemlier next, at the Office of the New York aud Harlem Kail Road I Company, in White riaiua. for Timber for the superstructure | ofthe Extension through Westcli-?ler County. Specification* ; and blank propoaala will he furnished at the office November 17th. 1845. ill 3 2wrc_ MOHAWK AND HUDSON RAIL ROAD BONDS, DATED IN 1887 AND IH?. m NOTICE it heieby given, th it the intereat due and payable on the above bonda on the Lt of December, 1845, will be pt id at the Mechanic*' Bank in toe city of New York, on the presentation of'he cnupona at aaid hank, on atdafter the lirst I proximo. Signed E. FOSTER, Jr.. Secretary. Alhvnv, November 13 Ii. 1815 nIR >0t* m AT A MEETING of the In 'eneiidani Membera ofthe e.ui pire Club, held at Mhnroe llafl, on Monday Evening Nov. I7tn, 1845, for the panose of making suitable arrangement* for the Second Annual Ball of the Empire Club, the following re- I solutions were passed:? Reaolved?That we feel it our duty to state to the Deinocra- > cy. the cause why thia meeting liaa been called, which ts to crush the one man power that lias an long existed (to its detri ment) in the Empire Club. We would have shown our obi*r tiona to it ere tlra had we not beeu fearful nf naeffect npo i ihe 1 election. Resolved?That we are opposed to all hnsineas that la trans- I acted by the Empire Club, unless a pnhlic meeting is called, aud public notice of such meeting mvde. Reaolved?That we lraru with regret that onr daring to ask 1 lor the Empire Club to lis governed hi the same manner that ! other Associations are, ha* brought upon ua. by a choice few, I the name of whiga, icc.?hut yet with pride we stale, onr prill- ' riplea have never beeu in the ma k t. Our resolution maker i being absent, we are forced to wiii> ? ur?e'vea JOHN H AUSTIN, Vice Preaideuti OEO. B. WOOLDRIDOE, i JOHN T. REEVES, ^cretams GERMAN HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. r|MIH SOCIETY in ends to celebrata their Second Anni I. veraary Dinner, on Wednesday, the 19th of November, at the Minerva Rooma, 40T, Broadway. Gentlemen holding tick et* and intending to he present, arc politi ly requested to he hi attendance by ? o'clock, A. M. rsiru.,.*,,., HENRY KAYSEH, President. GUSTAVUS BERN H ARD, Secretary. ,nl8 Jti.'r THKNfcXT REGULAR MT-TeTI Nil ofthe Society of , _ ,, nr*. Horticulture, "f Westchester county, wol he ?e|d at the f'onrt House, tu the village of Bedford, on Wednesday, Nov 19th, at 12 o'clork M precisely. Rusiiiess of importance will h, brought before the Society, a..d an ad ureaa may be expected rirallm|n/on.livt!sL"^e?! imRrr>ving and advancing the ag attend 'be county, are respectfully invited to railroad and atagea go direct to Bedford n!7 3t'rc. Arcnoi SAX.KS. PLANTS. DAHLIA ROOTS Ic BULBS AT AUCTION. AUW will sell 'Phi. Morning, at II o'clock, at 293 ? Broadway, a collection of excellent Urieu-Loiwe and : other Plants. 'J hey consist in part of Caraelias, Cape, Y ellow ; ami Night Blooming Jasmins; Jus'iuu F'uchias; Lavender i Koariiiarya; Hoiaa, Ac, Dahlia Roots, Tuhc Roser, Tiger Lilies, Madeira Viuea, Asparagus Hoota, Willi the Uaual va riery of Dutch Bulbous Kuois. Aim, a variety of Hardy Plants for gardens. nl? lt*r GERMAN OPERA. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Some German Ladies and ( Singers, capable of deserving the Chorus | Parts of German Operas. Ladies and gentlemen dnir us to lie engaged.xie requested to call on SignorC. IVgliaai, at Palmo's, I every day train 12 o'clock A. M to-2 o'clock I' M. nit Ivrrc JOHN J. V\~WESTEKV KLT, Auctioneer. BY WILLET St WE8TEBVELT. Store N^o. 15 Spruce street. THIS DAY, Tuetdmy, at 10>f o'clock, *? the auction room? Catalog at* ?ale?Bv order of the adiniuutrator?The entire stock of a Furnishing, Hardware stud Kaucy Store, consisting in Ifrt of 30 sets, 50 |?s each. Table Cutlery; HO do* Knives mud Fork*; 30 seta fine Tea Tray a groved backs; 50 do* Pen and i Pocket Knives; 80 do* German Silver Spoon", 120 do* G S 1 tumbles; 50,000 Needles; 2000 pair gold and jet Earrings; 60 do* Kingerriiigs; pla'ed Cake Baskets; Castors ?ud Butter i ool jn; Inkstands; Wafers; Sterl Pens; Piu Cushions; Ac tordious; German Flutes; Brushes; Pad Lacks; Bad Irons; Candle sticks, Stc. AUo, 1 flue gold detached lever Watch, warranted, uiti L*in L. _ A. C, TUTTLK, Auctioneer. A HUE SALE OK RICH FANCY GOOD8 PLATED Ware. Rich Ormolu, tBrouze and Glaas Girandoles and ^Solar Lapips, Japanery. Cat Glass, F.euch China Papier Ma ctiy Goods, Rich and Elegmt Chinese Fancy Articles, See. &c, ?Jacob b. Fl ttt will commence the sales of several extsusive invoices of f'ch and fancy goods and useful house furnishing i articles, ou lhursdsy. No\. 20th, at 10 o'clock, at the large | room No. 445 u roadway, between Howard and Grand stn-tU? consisting ol luavy pUted Castors with cut bottles, rich silver mounted Cake Baskets^ Beef Steak Dishes with c >vers, Table and Chamber Candlesticks, do Branches, plated Tea and Cof ra,t5I heiry silver mounted Waiters,from 8 to 28 inches, lea and Coffee Urns; Liquor Frames, cut Silts with pi ted stands, Sugar Bowls with do, Toast Racks, Stc. 8tc. J puieTy?Amongst which are rich Octsgoii, Gothic Victo ria. Sandwich and Convex Tea Trays aud Wait ers, of every Brr*d *"d t Mke BMkV?,'Card Plates, i o'l "IP" and rich Ortno.u, Bronre and cut prUms " various, ncw patterns willi heavy r'c''- Cut Glass. Ormolu ar.d Bronxe r n,V?lT' ' r "Tn> -?d patterns, all n. perfect order, hi?fftPrn...Vjl.I'lVa o! heavy Cut Tumblers. Wiues, Go 8*hV Jtc it ' Lemonades, Decauten, Water Bultlea, pure while and richly decorated Tea, cy art'eTe* Service., splendid Vases, figures, auilKau. u A'*? ,;l*ol v Cutlcry iu .eu, Dixou A Sous. BriUuui. Ware. fc>; Te i Kettle, and Ornaments, I'apier Mache goods,Meel p .aw Sets, kc See. Also, an invoice of rich and elegant Chinese Kiney Good., | the whole of recent importation* and in perfect ordei Catalogue, and good, ready for examiualiou the day pre vious. Term, cash in city funds. nil 3t*m i , AT (JTl'U PTLE, Auctioneer. Damaged hahdwark?Jacob s. Piatt will .?? tm. Day at 10 o'clock, at 23 Piatt street, 225 caaes and lot* of Good, damaged at tire late fire in Cedar atreet, for account of underwriter., vix'?Razors, Wade St Butcher and other mark.; Pocket and Table Cutlery, Strap., Brushes, Whip., Bead., Soap, kc. Also, at II o'clock, a fine aa.ortment ol'Tahle Cutlery,Pock et do. Ka/ora, Hair Brushea, I'adlocka, Gimhlets. Table aud Tea Spoons, Butcher Knives, Carvera, Razor Straps, kc. to ' close a concern. ; Also, Dixon k Sons Britauuia Ware, Potter's Balaucci, kc. The whole will be sold without reserve. I Catalogues are now re.dy. 11I8 It'rc TOYS AND FANCY GOODS, CHEAP. JUST RECEIVED from Auction, 20 cases, comprising a great variety, some of which are very fine and new styles; Ladies Furnished Work Boxes, Flutes, Flower Vases, Ac cordions, Perfumery, Fancy Glass and Paper Boxes and Writ ing Desks. Also, 300 doxe.n Pocket Knives, Scissors aud Kaxors at 15 cent, to $2 per doxen, comprising a great variety, which will he louud.cbeaper than elsew here in litis city. 2.11 Pearl strtet, i up stairs. nlB lt*r DOCTOR E. W. VONDERSMTH'S MEDICAL OFFICE, FOR THE TREATMENT OF PULMONIC AND OTHER DISEASES, NO. 36 BARCLAY STREET, New York-Weekly Re port of ( ases successfully treated. 15 Consumption, 7 Bleediug of Lungs, 5 Cough, 3 Bronchitis, 10 Liver Complaint. 20 Examination of the chest to detect diseased lungs, 4 Palpitation of the Heart, I Ulceration of the Trachea, 10 Paiu of the chest and back, S Dyspepsia, 3 Constitutional Debility, 2 Loss of Appetite, 3 Jaundice, 5 Sore Throat and Sore Mouth, 1 Bleediug of Nose, 3 Fever aud Ague, 6 Costiveuess, 2 Headache. 01* Office hours from nine in the morning to three o'clock in the afternoon, aud from six to nine o'clock ill the evening. n 18 3teod is*r DR. POWELL. OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hit residence, 261 Broadway, corner ol Warren at. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract and ' 0|>acitiea, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and lucceas. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured iu ' a few miuutes. ARTIFICIAL EYES iuaerted that cau scarcely be dis ; anguished from the natural. Offices aud residence 261 Broadway?entrance l)b Warren ! street. n!8 lt*r 6 TEETH!TEETH! TEETH imrrtrd without |uiu, and warranted Kood a* the uatural ours, lor biting aud mastication. A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on tine gold plates, $60 00 A set of best mineral Teeth, on hue gold plate, .. for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 33 00 Single Tooth, from $1 00 to 5 00 Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 74 to 1 60 Byur JONES, corner of Canal street and Broadway, en trance in Canal street nl8 lt*r HOVER'S FIRST PREMIUM WRITING INK. ritHK attention of the public is respectfully called to the fol X lowing certificate, which will show who has received the FIRST PREMIUM for Writing Inks at the late Fair of the American Institute:? New York, November 10, 1646. George K. NrsntTT, Kan.: Desr bir?In reply to yours, enquiring who has received the Knst Premium for Inks, I send you a copy from the OfTn ial Lists, viz: To Joseph E. Hover, Philadelphia, for the BK8T a|>erimeu of Writing luk, Diploma. George F. Nesbitt, corner ol Wall and Water streets. Agent. (Signed) Yours, JOHIN W. CHAMBERS, Clerk, in addition to the above, a pamphlet is published, containing over 600 certificates of Heads of Depart" ents at VVashiugton, Ch> mists, Ike., all agreeing that Hover's Inks are superior to any other ever used by the persons subscribing. l'he Inks are on sale by all the stationers in the city, and can be I'uruishedat manufacturer's prices, wholesale or retail, by his Agent, GEORGE F. NESBITT, Stationer, ii 18 4trc Corner of Wall and Water streets. NESBITT'S DIARY FOR ix#i. Price Twenty-Five Cent). CONTAINING an Almanac, a Yearly Calendar, and a blank spare lor memorandums for each day in the year, ap proprlately headed?for sale by GEORGE F. NESBITT, Stationer and Trinter, nl8 3trc Corner of Wnll and Water sta. THE "BYRON," BY DINNEFORD, 476 Pearl street, near Chatham. FK1END8 CALL. u!7 3tis?m FRENCH'S HOTEL, NORFOLK, VA. HAVING reached that period of life which renders retire ment agreeable, I offer for sale my interest in the above hotel. Also, the Furniture, stock of Wines, Liquors, and all the fiituresol a well regulated hntel. A portion of the Servants, that have been brought up in the Hotel, will also be for sale. The tenns will he liberal and m ule known to auy one wish ing to purchase. To a mail qualified to manage this property ihe whole or one half will be sold. Tins hotel was built in 18.17, by a joint stock company, and incorporated by an act of the legislature, in 1839. It issituaiedon two of the principal streeta of the city , and coiitama about eighty rooms, all well and handsomely luruish ed.Hiid the house is one of the best built and liuisbea hotels in the isute. The largest naval depot is the Union is here, and the increa sing prosperity of the city innst make this property most valit side. The hot-1 can now be purchased st a price making it a profitable investment for a capitalist. nIB llt'rc WILLIAM FRENCH ; HOTtL DEfcJ DEUX FKKRES. Boarding and Rooms on the European Plan. : WHICH is more convenient, comfortable aud economical than any other plan for travellers, and merchants whose business reqm-r them to be absent frequently. The quiet and healthy location of tin- hotel, opposite Duane park, retired from the noise, bustle and confusion of great tho roughfares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steamboat land ings, presents the most desirable residence. 168 Duaue st, op posite Duaue park. h!4 Im* BROWN'S INDIAN QUEEN HOTEL. PROPRIETOR of this long established Hotel, takes A occasion, respectfully, to apprise his old friends and the public generally, that iq a determination to k?*ep full pace with the spirit < fen tense now prevalent iu Irs line lie has, within the last tow months, had his spacious estatdishmeot thoroughly overhauled throughout. That, without regard to pains or ex pense, he ha* added to his spleudid accommodations another new Ladie*' Ordinary and Ladies' Drawing Room, fronting 011 Pennsylvania Avenue, both of which are elegantly etecuted in jresco. This Draw ma Room la very magnilicentlv furnished in every particular in the most modem style, ami has elicited the high admiration ol the hundreds who nave visited it. Ad joining this l/rawing Room, are several new and delightful chambers, also handsomely furnished,and so arranged that they can be made entirely private front every other part of the house With these iinpro^ejmeiits, he confidently believes that his es tablishment cauuot be excelled in any part of the United Htatcs, md he respectfully solicits a continuance of that patronage which has been for so many years extended to "Brown's In dian Queen." JKBBK BROWN Washington City. Nov. II, Uhy nil 2wrc SARAOEN'S HKAF), 1* Dey Street, IVew York. I Odk.Pli SMITH, late of Worcester, England, begs leave ?I to inform h ? friends and the public, that he lias fitt-d up his house in the most neat aud comfortable style He has at all times on hand the choicest of Wines, Liquors and Begars: also, * glass of genuine sparkling Ale Iu addition to his usual fare he intends serving up mates of Tripe in the true old country ityle, together with all other kinds of refreshments usually to L?j found in an English Chop House, which he trusts will be gratifying to his friends in general. Rooms neatly fitted up lor private parties?Lodgiugs?and no house better supplied with old country or American news palNWS. __ nH IWr hoarding. 4 KEW Oentlamen wi?h iheir families, or single gentlemen iXonly, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms with board, during the w liter, at No. Jl Broadway, a few doors below t th.ity t hurch. Tli trench aud SimhisIi languages are both constantly tpoken i t the house, thus affording one of the best opportune "** V *'lc" Rviillrmvii m in.j- wi.h to pvfrcc thrmsvlvva m thr ?aid langn ucva r or lurthvr|wrtie il*r?, i-li-n.e rnnuiri- a. above. nl4 8w*rc OVER<-OA I S, ( I.O.IKS, lie?A laryr aaaortmi Rt Mena" ?nil Youth. Braver Milled ('loth mid Mot Overro.H, ? loaks, kr , for .*le ready^mada, a,our usual mnder.Ur 1 TIC'S. WM T. JENNINGS k CO. 131 Broadway. ii 16 Imia r \ ?, rir in II.Te l TRANSLATIONS. CIFNERAL TRANSLATING OFFICE, 81 Chamber. ,'rrct.- I nii.lationa from thp Fr.n.-h, Spani.h, t1 l nrtiiviiras* ??i?l Italian, made with corrnctnpaa and dm ii 16 lw'rc . Gvrman, I corrector.# and denpatch. F W SSVft ft ? ?? w A South it. AMUSEMENTS. SAMSON. rj'HL Splendid Oratorio of SAMMON. oueol tkegraateat 1 rotnpoii ions of the immortal I laud. I, w ill be perloiuied bV U'e NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY, for the lint time, ?u FRIDAY EVENING,Mat instant, at the Tabernacle, uuder the Direeliou -f Mr U. C. HILL. Organist (eugagrd expressly for tliia oceaaioiO ^ HAYTER Periont Rrprtirnted. M=; ka'lier of Sairi*ou..."!! 1 ftr F^N-h Ptincipal Sopranos ol the Boetou H. *n ! H( Harapha, of Oath .'Ml' Edw- Bhej nrr<l Hiatirit appearance in Oratorio Mesit-inrrr M'- " a: i,e" Chorua of Israel ites : ( i.oroa of By nti war da of 200 Performing Membera, with the aid ol a large and powerful Orchestra. Performance to cnrnineiic- >t half-peat T o clock. Books of the wuraa will be tarnished tree of charge^ TiekeU Fifty Cenu each-For aaleatthe priucipal.Mua.e Store-; Saxtou St Mile a, Broadway; I' U Nesbitt, corce'o< .Vail and Water streets; J. P. Perkins, No. I Wall street , J. J? Fla .diow, No. 231. Bowery, and nt the door of the I aoeruacie. nil! 4trc _ SAINT PAUL. " ^ AN EXTRA REHEARSAL of this msgnihceul Oratorio will take place at the Colteeuiu. tins eveuiug. The regular R-liearaal on Thuraday evenllg, lu the lowrraa loon of the Coliseum. . . The Lad tea and Gentlemen of the Association are respect lully reque-ted to be present. _, N . B ?The Tickets will be given out on Thursday evening ^ H. MEIGGS, H18 3fje _ 448 Broadway. LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. HATS FOR ^3,50. f? ON and after Wednead ly, November 19lh, the subson ic* her will be prepared to furniali Hats at the above price, superior to any ever before offered to he public. ' MILLS, 178 Broadway , as IB Iwls'rc Howard a Hotel A GOOD CHANCE. ? ? RETAIL GROCERY STORE TO LET, and Stock for sale. The old established Grocery Stora, corner ol HH I Avenue and Seventh street, opposite I ompkuia >uT-t, la offered to let and the stock, tc., for sale. I. he store is one of the oldest, and acknowledged to be one of the best in this city. The stock is small, well assoited, and pur chased at the lowest price* for cash. To any person wishing to eutcr the grocery business, such an opportunity seldom oturs, as the Store lias a large set of customers, who will coutinue. Thr terms will be very liberal. Apply on the Jirerntasan^CMr nt 221 Tenth str. et "1B " rC WAN LED, BY A VERY respectable young woman, a situation as chambermaid or cook; will wash and r,r.?' duce the best of city references. Please eall at 22o ^ wotou '? in the rear. -? WANTED, , , A SITU ATION by a middle aged woman; is a good cook, washer and ir.mar, and capable of general housework Apply at No. 1 Anthony comer ol Hudsou at. hih at m WANTED, ~ , FOR A SOUTHERN THEATRE, a Musician capable of leading an Orchestra, one Double Bass and oue Second Violin. To good musicians on excellent salary secuied and en gagement for the winter. Also, a good Tenor hinger Ad ?res?, post paid, J. F. Kelly, New Yo-k Arena mid Dramatic Mirror Ollice, 2fi Centre street, immediately. " rc WANTED, A SITUATION by s Protestaut young woman,as chamber maid. or would do the general housework of a small private family. Can give the best of city references. Please call at No. 538 Greenwich street, in the basement, from 9 to 4 o clock. nl8 lt*rc ? : - A RESPECTABLE young womau wishes to.obtain a situa t ion as ciiok or laundress" The best of ?t'?f?ctonr refer ences can lie given from her last employer. Please to call at ?12 First. Avenue, in the basement. "" "? rc WANTED. BY a YOUNG MAN ofII, from the country, a situation as Coaclnnan, or Groom, or where lie could make litm selt useful. Inquire at No. 251 Seveuth street, lh' b"** meiit. 1117 . " WANTED. TV , A SITUATION by a respectable young Girl who lias lived in the country with the best families?can cock, wash, or do chamber work-can produce unquestioiiahle rrtereMe. A no e addressed to 122Leouard street, in the basement, wi I be attended to _ul7 31 r? BOYS WANTED at 162 Varick atreet, in a Bowling Sa loon. n17 3rrc? LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. ,,, , , (1 F.NTLEMF.N aud Families can obtain the full value lor T all kinds of effects they , wish to of. such as Ladies aud Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Furniture, See. Gentlemen leaving or returning Ilo the city will liud it to their advantage to send for the subsc-tber, who pledges himself to give a f-ir price lor all articles offered. N B ? A line through the Post y f 4'I1<1?'(J tO 1 1 I'w V ejIN 51 I Aw | , "irf lm'mc 4Cti Broadway, up stairs. WANTED. ~~ ~~ A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or West, to act as Agents ftir the sale of new aud popular Publication. *300 over an!above their expenses will be ?"r?3 to thiam in writing, with ail opportunity of clearing *1000 per year.Some men uowTn our employ wifl. no do nit, m-i.VoverSlOOO Per vear dear of ?lleip?n?e. lukch will ha\? nil district it will le necessary for thtm to haveft Ileast from *25 tci *5# I a good fittingeut. Apply at F RENCH S Publish ng Hall. 293 Broadway, up stairs. All letters must be poat paid. o4 im'r /ESCULAPIAN SANATIVE: OR, _ UNIVERSAL RESTORER OF HEALTH. 'is HE PROPRIETOR of this Sanative begs respectfully to 1 inform the inhabitants of this city and the public that he is now i repared to lurmsh them with this invaluable remedy. presenting this great remedy to the public, the proprietor deems it only necessay to state thathe alone> isae quaiuted with llie art ot preparing it, and Irom long and practi ca> acquaiuUnce with the ingredients of which it is composed, and their ample and sauitive effecU in preserving aud res'onng health, he is fully enabled to assure t em, that this medicine is one possessing medicinal probities far auy thing he?W^eTffer5? for the relief of soft.ring humanity .or lor the res<oraltou ol health; indeed, so potentate IW Powers for good over the l.umau frame that it requires a dose plish IU effects, that many might feel disposed, from that ctr cu instance, to rank it among the many useless nostrum!lof the day. But the day ofauperitition and ignorance ha* passed by, and the highly cultivated mind of man has discovered that the curative virtue and quality ol auy of the medicinal plants and herta. does not so much depend upon quantity as u|>oii the quality fairly extracted and fully understood Aftioughthis a mauve is thus almost all powerful in health, ?uid ar resting diseased action, yet so Perfectly safe aud certain is it in its adiniuistratiou, that it can be taken at all t'mes ^luuder auy ciicuinstauces. '1'he proprietor, theielore, under the fullest tssuraiice that this sanative will accomplish ail that he states, unhesiUtiogly recommends it as a geueral remedy for disease, (believing as lie does that dueasa is but one and the same thing although presented in different forms,) but esi*cialiy for tk followmg, viz:?Asthma, Coughs, Coldi, consumption, Broil china, Dyspepsia, Live: Compiaint lu all its forins,Indigestion, Lostiveuess, Headache, Palpitation and other diseases of the Heart, want ol at.pettte, Hypochondria and otlierdiseases of^the Nerves. Palsy, Gout, Gravel, and all affection ol the Kidueys, and Scrofula 111 ail its various lorins. Dose live drops for an adult person?youuger persons in proportion. F ull directions with each bottle Sold wholesale and retail by the Agent, 310 Hudson street. New York,aud the pr ncipal druggists through out the city and country. pl3 lm r ? ~ COALS. I HAVE at my Yard, 256 Elisabeth street, and comer Ham meisly aud Bedford. Peach Orchard Red Ash Coal, at low prices, viz:?*5 50 for liroken, *5 75 for egg and stove, large Lut,*5 25 ; Lehign, egg and stove, *5 75 per ton, re-.creeued and del levered. AUo, Liverpool. BIoftburRn, *c? Orders received at the Yard. iai OB WEEKS ol6 Ir PIANO K0HTK8 FOR HIKE, at 411 Broadway, up aUlri. ?DANIEL WALKER, Manufacturer of Piano Fortes, has constantly on hand an extensive assortment of elegant Hose wooJ and Mahogany Piano Kortes, kept exclusively for hire, iiirludiug Grand and Cabinets, with six aud seven octaves.? A Gold Medal, the largest premium, was awarded to him at the last Fair of the Ainer can Institute, for improvements in Pi mo Fortes. N.B.Au Organ with four stops, iu good con dition, suitable tor a small church, or private family, for sale cheap or to loan outline. Store 411 Broadway, Manufactory 44 West 14th st. near Sth avenue. n6 lm*rrc NEW ARRANGEMENT KORCATSKILL AND OAK HILL ? The substantial steamboat WAVE, Captain Vunderbill, will, on and after Wednesday, the l!?:ti instant, commence running as a freight aud passage boat, bv New Fork Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri day a, at 1 o'clock, I'. M., leaving Catskill Sunday a, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Freight taken at reduced prices. Fare SO cents. Berths 2i cents. n 17 3t?rc PkroTLWuNE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AN V?Daily. Sundays Excepted - .Through Direct.?At 6 o clock P. M. from the pier between Courtlauat and Liberty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cant A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDKIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O Crutten den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock. At 4 o'clock P. M., Lauding at Intermediate Places?FTom the foot of Barclay street Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, ('apt. L. W. Brainard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday after noons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. F'urry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. T.issengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Uban i <n ample time tor the morning train of cars lor the east or west The Bo?ts are uew and substantial, are furnished with new aud elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommo dations a e unrivalled on tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are lorbid trusting any of the Boats of this hue, without a written order from the Captains or Agents, F'or Passage or F'reight apply ou board the Boats, or to nl7 P. C. SCHULT/. st ilie Office on the Wharf. STEAMBOATS MAOARA awn TROY still continue to leave in the mornings. Sun days excrptrd. n 16 3tm O > LV REGULAR"LINE OF'PACK FITS FOR NEW ORLEANS?The splendid and fast sailing [ .packet ship WAB ASM.< aptain Hathaway, will po sitively sail on Thursday, November 2ntli, and the splendid, last sailing racket khip JAVFI E. WILLIAMS, Parker, mas ter, will aiil on Friday, 21st iust. Pi rsousabout proceeding to New Orleans, will find it much to their advantage to select this line in preference to transient ships, as their punctuality III sailing may he depended on, and the price of pissagc is very reasonable, for which, and to se cure berths, early application ahould he made on board foot of Maiden lane, or to W. k J.T TAPSCOTT, n!8rc 73 South St.. corner of Maiden Lane. mr F OK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiaua and New .<<JwjVVork Line?Positively fust aud only regular packet? MmKmmTo sail Friday, 21st mat.?Tne eiegaut fast sailing packet ship JANE E. WILLIAMS, Parker, master, will p? ? silivelv sail as above, her regular day. F'or freight or passage, having handsome furnished tccom modalioua, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf, foot o4" Wall St., or to E K. COLLINS It CO.. 36 South st. Positively uo goods received on board after Thursday even ing, 2uth iust .Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Packet ship LOUI0VILLE, Hunt, master, will succeed the Jane Fi. Willi uns, and sail 1st of December, tier regular day. nil m New Line of Packets FOR LI VKRPOOI.?Packet of the 21st November?The splendid, fast sailing and [favorite packet ship HOTTIN41C ER, lOfio ions bur Mini, I. aptain Ira Burslry, will sail ou Friday, November 21st. Iirr regular day. The ships of this line being all IbM tous aud upw ards, per sons about to emh.irk for the old country, will not fail to see ihe advantages so be derived Irom selecting this line in pre ference lo and their great rapacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small elass, and their accommodations I'or cabin, second cabin and steeiage passengers, it is well known, are anpenciT to those of any other line of packria. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application, ou hoard, lootol Burling Blip, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, at their Oeueral n4re Passage Office. 73 Snath street, corner Maideu lane. PACKET 81.JT HIDDON8, iVom Liverpool.?Consignees by this ship will please hare their permits ou hotrd, st Orleans wharf, foot of Will atreet, Immediately. All good* not permitted in five dan, will be sent to pnblio store, nmm AMUSEMKNTS. f AHA T11EA AH Hi. SECOND OPERA NIGHT! Tuesday Kreiilnf. November 18th, Will be performed the Olie'aof LUCY OF LAMMERMOOR. Edgar Raveuswood Mr. F. Gardner Col. Henry Ashtou .Mr. Brough Lury Ashtou Miss Delcy La the two Miaa Vallee's. To conclude with, A PECULIAR POSITION. _ Major I.ascari Mr Bland Ch - uipiguon Baaa Countess tie Novara Mrs Abbott Price of Admission?Buses, $1 ; Pit, 50 ceuu ; Gallery, j 25 cents. Doors oreo at ?X o'clock, sad iheCerUia will rise precisely st 7 o'clock. | HOWKRV THKATRti. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Tuts lay Kysnlng, November 18th, The performance to commence with . KINO LEAR. Kins Lear Mr.J U.Scott EdK?r.-. Mr. Clarke Cordelia ... Mrs Philips. Followed by the WANDERING MINSTREL. Jem Bags Mr. Mitchell Julia ...... ..MissMTBsII To conclude witli SCAN MAO. Tom Caudle Mrliadaway 0T7~Lower Botes 50 cents; becocd and Third Tiers, 25 cts.; {'it and Gallery, 12>4 cents. Doors will open at half past 6 'he enrtaie will rise at 7. ALMAiUR\, " No. 55D Broadway, (between Spring and Prime.) EXTRAORDINARY COMBINATION OF TALENT. Tuesday Evening, Nov. 18th, The manager of the Alhamra has the liooor to announce to tli public lliat he has engaged MISS MARY ST. CL\lR, the Celebrated English Sybil, and Mous PHILL1PPE!! the F.straordinary and Highly Talented French Magician ! They have performed in the principal cities of Europe,where they have acquired the reputation ol being the most accom plished and finished professors of "Necromancy" and "Leger demain" that have ever appeared in that section of the world. dr. Valentine, will introduce some of hit most hum.irons delineations of co mic and eccentric charai t r. Trie services of Mons CHRISTIAN, the TYROLEAN WARBLER, hare also been secured for this weeY only. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performance to commence at 7>? o' clock. Admission 2o cts. n17 3t*r N1BLU'*. GRAND SCIENTIFIC ILLUSION ! HERR ALEXANDER, THE GERMAN MAGICIAN, extremely grateful lor the IMMENSE SUCCESS he has invariably experienced, begs to announce that, in couse- | queuce of the nightly STILL INCREASING CROWDS, he ispleasiugly tuduced to remain lor SIX NIOHXS LONOER, commencing Monday, Nov. 17tli, tuid finally closing on Saturdiy, Nov 22d. During that tin e, lie will give a series of experiments in Chemistry, Pneumatics, Optics, Natural Philosophy aud Magic. 1 icketa 50 cents Doors open at 7?Performance to commence atIX o'clock. nl6 Iwm , GRAND UNION CIRCUS. Greenwich Theatre,Corner of Varick and Charlton streets. ' OPEN EVERY EVENING, And every?Saturday an Afternoon Performance For Families aud Juveniles. THE GREAT MADAME MAC ARTIE, Who Challenges the World Mr.Moseley, the most graceful rider in this counti v II i Franklin, the only Double Somerset! man in the v ? equalled as a Slack Rope I'erfo It i dee 're. ' Gul leu, Alex. Rackwull. J and F tker, A tuer, Sweet, Miller acd others, ar< . ihe company ? The public by this time need not tie- iranet- tin; t the Green ti Theatre the performances v ut t cr equalled iii the Ui. i d States or Euro|ie. Doors open at half-past o, i . foimance to comm ence at 7 o'clock Private Boxes >5?Dress Circh 50 cents?Upper Circles. 25 cents?Pit 12>s cents. nil lw'r CHK8SUT 8TRKKT TUKAT: PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Buktow Li.nri svi ' Knghth Opera Company BENEFIT OK MB. SEGUl.V Tueadny Evening, November lbi Will be prosented the Opera ofNOR VIA?Claudiau Air b ra cer; (Jroresa, Mr Beguin; Norma, Mrs Segiu; Albert,Miss Cosd. To eonclude with the favori-e Farce of the TWO QUEENS ?Magnus Lobb, Mr Owens; George Keller, J EShaw; Margaret, Mrs McLean; Ceris'ine, Mrs Wilkinson. Aitctl si'luiiiw'l' I'HKAi'tUS-i | : w.ll L* TOuff DK NKSI.K-C.r.B,mta. A/i;V,1;KS'?,Tu1oT'SVnTffi%^NNON-A?l, u.. Mr Burke; Barbara riiickdust, ??!"? lkj>er. ? MUSIC FOlt THE MILLION ! TWO UdAND VOOAL CONCERTS! Will be given at KrasRLH* Hai.i., (Chatham Square,) afSspi^rS rU? o?;-h;;. LINO each '. J. K. Murray, D.nd Murray. F. A*^H,CK8f rr..ident. J. SMITH, Seeretary. nil lwi?*mc CONCERTS. SOIREES, fcc. *VH AND MRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalist.,) are M w?d&receive engagement. for Concert.. Soiree,, SSS?^kW?? be cU,ag.dlorpriv.U Cotilliou Parlies. Kurther particular, on application to Ootilliou R? NEWTON, Teacher of the Piano Forte n7 lm'r a"'' a'nl,'"g-Orand street. PHILHARMONIC SOCIET Y. ~~ 4 ft. CotlCCTt. 0n88u^Hbe?A?^b?oVen|nr.rnd.a? to .ub.cribe whotare not eat'co'n.euieuce.'at*^?'ore o?"e.^. Scharfeube^ril Lui, ; 36n?nU?7c>'" BV JAMES L. ENSIGN. Secretary. CAFE TORTON1. " THE PROPRETORS have great pieaiure >" , msssOA rsggSS2 ?55 | ?^ lieade street .ud Broadway. i TABERNACLE. MR. TEMPLETON ^&D?AOPEVE&rVNo\n.Xber*tlRh9, V-'ar. of glTPH. .?????"??" FROM EN ALE CONCERTS, a LA MUSARD. fc'IRST CONCERT WILL TAKE PLACE ON ^ Saturday, 4?tl? November, AT NIBLO'S saloon. mc viRh'MM nf the New York Mu.ica 1 Aitociutipn fTMIE MLMBKR. aunonnce to theirfriend. aud the iHBffiR! In order to .ecure thctnaelve. from any lo.. which might oc ent from the large numke, of SS?42ra^^}?8? uol To be raid on, the deljvw of ticket. W-W- 3ie evening of the con cert., 75 cent. each. Committee ?fAtrangeiHent?: 1. f WOLTEB, II. >V.,.|<IU'I<UKWfHNt.l . . Mm^.oTZo^k.M: OkBn.toW, H,r*o? ?? Knaebel, v'-fsndir* itt1, II. Otto, a- Wi-M J. F Wolter, ?&""? K Stier* C.gehnta, A.Tjte, ty;Pi<. H. Konig, L. Wiener.. J- w?eae^ u ^ A IWeuberg O sXteidft. H Tina, A. roppeuperg, Kullirraff. ?'. Hebhau. r?sSptiou li.t opru at tf.e principal Store.. nil eodto?n r pi iiMBK NATIONAL DAGUERR1AN r A1 LERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, 251 ,Be^vAewwAitor::^;.OT,rh?.f ^."dSr^^i forwarded to any dr.ired poiut, it lower '"?^"j^piwLc . r mannfactorr ? " VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY | MR. O. ROBERTSON haa ^e ple-nre ^re.peetfunv announcing to hi. fritftd. and f ^if novate I rla.Br. are now o,rn on Monday, ^d ?urj*l? thf dwelling. 62 Eighth Avenue, lor K'* ? i?_v nii ,u? lata abt've ??t . MrR. will introduce.,. Polk, and anil laaiuonable dance, now ,n 0f Waltzing. luUruc Mazurka Quadrille#, and Ta(|?"* . 7|Mie? Ht any died hour, ?l tiona gl> en in private to pupil. im n ,-U?? will be formed their residence, or at Mr. B .? A morn a ?j8im*m lor ladle. F1STOL GALLERY AND SPARRING SCHOOL. ? in ma< in having returned front the South, announce. r? ? iw will devot, h,. time in giving la.tmctiou. .a the noble art ?Km.modgmti Open daring^ ^ oil lm*r? oiv imm pZATg.WW.WIJt W LATEST INTELLIGENCE BY THE NAILS. Washington. [Correspondence of the New York Herald.] Washington, Nov. 15ih, 1845, > ' 11 o'clock P.M. y In my sermon liii i morning, 1 hud time only to unfold one head of my discourse < ? tire deeply in teresting question? How to get an office from Mr Poikl 1 showed how to fail?and now I come to the second part? HOW TO SUCCEED. In these matters I judge not from experience, but from observation, which Seneca calls " the expe rience of others." I once heard good old Lorenzo Dow prelace a sermon on hell (it's a bad place, Mr. Bennett, so you had better make up your mind to, tec. tec ) by these words?" My hearers, I am veryBorry I can't, in this discourse, speak from ex perience; but I can, lor all that, give you a pretty good idea of its torments, for I was once so near there that I know a good deal about the road, and as a good many of my neighbors have gone there, I have pretty correct notions on the subject." If you want an office, and must have one, and can't get along without it, and will have it, why really it becomes a serious business. But let me expostulate with you a little, good friend. If you are a free American citizen, and can make a living any other way in the worla, I beseech you not to lean on the State for your support. In ancient times it was considered the duty of a free citizen to support the State, and although this idea lias gone pretty much out of vogue in our times, yet if you have one spark ot ho nest, upright, noble and independent feel ing, work with your honest hands and gain your honest bread, rather than go and,beg for office ; for I tell you, my dear fellow, that you will find it a very disagreeable job before you have done with it. One or two things are true?there are very lew offices under our government that will pay a man for tak ing them, if he discharges his duty fathfully and ad ministers his trust with honor and integrity. If, then, you are after a speculation?if you wish to make money, it is more than certain that, being gifted with the necessary capabilities for such offices, you can make more money by any other pursuit, unless you abuse your official trust in some manner. II your motives are money, then, and you are uu honest man, you will do better to choose something else. Hut it your motives be to win honor, to gain the applause and the congratulations of your fellow men?if you seek some post where an official su nd ing will aid you in the accomplishment of some plan that will enaole you to throw glory over your coun try, by guarding her honor,'enriching its literature, or augmenting its fund ol intelligence?why then your motive is noble, and any noble man will give you credit for a lofty and praiseworthy feeling? your exertions will awaken the sympathies of all good men, and your success will call forth their con gratulations. Taking it for granted, then, that such are. your motives, that you may look every honora ble man in the face and say, this is my object?sir, I can tell you how you will succeed, if success be pos sible. And I si?ak with confidence, for I have seen the course ot the President and the cabinet we noiv li .ve, till I can predict with a tolerable degree of ac curacy the final result of an application. 1. Be sure that your qualifications, your educa tion, your habits, your character, your former pur suits, all lit you in a special manner to fill the post you seek, with honor to the country and to the ad ministration. It you want a foreign mission, don't make a lool yoursell by going abroad when you don't know the language ot the court you are to be sent to. 1 have heard many men speak on this point from ad e.\j?erience. Hardly one ol our ministers or 'targes can speak French when they go to their posts, v have occasion to feel, pretty soon after reach lieir.destmation, that they have made a mistake -why, what must a man do when he can't talk T? He uppears in a foreign court a good deal more awkward than these Pattawattamie Indians here in Washington, for they can talk some English, and when they wish they can use an interpreter, and this you can't do in the saloons of a Prince. There you must do your own talking or be laughed at.? And, remember, a part of your official duty is to talk with kings and princes, and ministers and courtiers, and represent the intelligence of your country, and create good impressions among strangers ana high personages of your nation. You are sent to repre sent your nation, and if you can neither go to court nor give dinners nor soirees, nor attend them, simply because you cannot talk, be sure that before you have learned how, you will have taken a level from which you will afterwards rise with difficulty, if you rise at all. The great object of your mission will be lost, let me tell you, and you may be sure of it, un less you understand and can talk French well. 1 speak of this more particularly, because it is a point so little thought ot by applicants for such stations. We have now in Europe several diplomatic represen tatives, who, although they have been abroad, some of them lor years, cannot utter a sentence in French without making themselves ridiculous, and hardly one there knew a word ot that language before he reached his destination. When they arrive and find out their embarrassment, they either shut them selves up, or run off travelling. The latter is the commoner course taken, and thus it happened that during Mr. Tyler's administration not halt our re presentatives abroad were at their (>osts. Fine state of things we had under that captain,both at home and abroad. But some of these evils are now being cur ed, and ere long the cure will be complete. z?Bemu sure, first of all, that you are qualified, well qualified lor your |>ost, get f rom highly respect able quarters, testimonials to this efiect, and go to Washington, and lay them before the President in person?call at his house some day at twelve?you are sure to get one hearing?enter the room with your hat in your hand?make your business known immediately to the President?tell him frankly and freely, like an honest, independent American, what you want?put your papers in his hand?let him un derstand that he will net be troubled again about the application?if you are and have been a friend of the Administration, say so clearly and unhesitating ly, and tell him that you will try in the place you seek to do honor to him and the country, and then thank him for his courtesy in receiving you and Hearing your application, and leave him without any delay?don't, tor mercy sake, sit down and bore the good man?don't sit down at all?don't stay more than two minutes and a half, or at most, even in an extreme case, more than two minutes and forty or lorty-five seconds?and, for mercy's sake, don't re new your application to him in person, nor in any way except tnrougn your irienas. 3?Don't try to draw or extract from the Presi dent any promise or pledge. He wiiJ not give it to you, even if he intends to give you the office. He nas seen the folly of this in other presidents. 1 do not believe that there is an honest man who can come forward and show his face, and say that Mr. Polk has made him a promise, or pledge, of this kind, or under these or similar circumstances?or that he has made any pledge to any man which he did not reeeem. An honest man can take no other course?if his pledge is worth having, he will be careful how he gives it?for like an honest man who gives his note, he expects 10 redeem it on the day it becomes due. 4. Don't talk about your application to any body but your own immediate friends (and the less you say about it to them the better, without your inti mate friends are more worthy of that title than 1 have found mine.) Don't repeat the conversation of the President?and for gracious sake, don't say to any body any thing that leads them to suppose that his words, his look, or his manner, kindled the slightest hope in your breast. 5. If you have a friend in the cabinet that will in terest himself in your behalf, go to him and tell him what you have done, and ask him to help you?and don't bore him either?he can't und won ; bear it, not near half as well as the President, for several reasons. First, there is not a man in his cabinet, perhaps, except. Gov. Marcy, who can do, or who will do as much business or work us many hours a day as himself . 2d?No one of them feels the res ponsibility of general appointments?the heads ol depariments muke their own appointments in the.'r own departments?the President does not inteitere in those ap|M)intments ever?he has in a very lew instances recommended persons?netiiing more, lie leaves his cabinet tree, as be will be left free himaelf. So, in regard to all appointments in Cus tom Houses?never go to Washington for any ?j? pointment ef this kind; for you will oe surely told? ?'Sir, you must apply to the Collector of the port?he chooses his own officers." Ilely on this, whatever Collectors tell you. The Collector of Baltimore, I think it was, got rid of a troublesome customer me other day by sending him to Washington Here lie was told that the Collector would do as he thought best. The fellow went back,where he was toid ilia' such and such orders had been received from hen . quarters?which was all a 1 . Mr. Polk is treated in this way by more than one Collector and Post master ?and such meii had better look out, or they will find out that saltpetre can explode in Custom Houses and Post-otlices, as well as in stores! A meaner thing could hardly be hatched than such uu attempt?to attack the reputation ot a President in .-.uch a way ! Why, they would make him out a kind ol a hen-huzzy, busying himself in all the little wire pulling and management of every town in the coun i.ry. a man who will take no better care ot ?< Pr< ndeut than this ought to he turned out, and he * ill stand a pretty good chance of getting his desertu it he is found out. ?,6. As "soon as, your hot mess tn Washington n done, go"home ? or somewhere else. Don't stay in Washington unless you tiave business there, andge" through with that as soon as you can. And when you are once seated in the car or steamboat. Hurt your back i? turned on Washington, say nothing more ind think nothing more about yojtr upt lca lion Be -ure of this that, if the President t? per suadt d from vonr.jiapers (and he will read them, u

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