Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1845 Page 3
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probable. It is in the power of the British ministry to Or...* good out of Jevil; it ii in the power of thii goveir ment anil that to bring the two countries into a clo?< r and more advantageous commercial connection than e ?er yet experienced. By mutual concessions and a liberal reduction of the restriction, upon the commerce between U>o two nations, the products and manufactures of each would And larger markets in each other, than ever yet realized, hugland wants markets for her manufactures, and the U nited States wants markets for her breadstuff's; the interests of the masses do not conflict, and it is, therefore, for the best interests of each country that the freest commercial relations compatible with the pur poses for which our revenue laws are required, should exi?t between the United States and Great Britain. Vs e annex a table, showing the aggregate amount of 1mm, the circulation, deposits and specie of each bank ?in the State, according to the official reports for Novem ber, depositod with the Comptroller. It appears that there has been*nn|increase in all these departments,com pared with the aggregates for August. The old circula tion is steadily decreasing, and its place supplied by re gistered issues. We have given below the aggregates for three periods, compared with November, 1818. From November, 18.13, to November, 1845, the increase in dis counts amounted to f 15,897,731; at this rate of increase, the loans, in less than two years more, will exceed any previous amount. In January, 1837, the loans were about ten millions more than on the 1st of November 1845; the specie on hand, $3,>37,626 less ; the deposited $090,812 less, and the circulation, $3,832,?31 more. Janu ary, 1837, was the most inflated period of the whole bank expansion, and the course the banks of the present day are pursuing, will soon lead to results similar to those realized in 1838. SrATMIWT OK the Bank. OK THE SrATg OK NkW YoBX e* thl r irst Dav ok Nov., 1846. 3 H !c I ?-5 . '?"2 Bunk,. g| Sptcit, 11 31 * $ si ?Agricultural Bk. 12,650 1,140 ? 37 Nfl i <iss i1Alb'yK?it&kk" 61,254 4,869 2501152 3n'Vi Alb. r.xc Bk .. . 478,768 6,821 ? 81,961 108 260 Am. txc.Bk. ..2,375,?1 439,484 ? 211,138 1,271,712 * Amenta Bk... . 2,622 600 - 57,322 2 102 Atlantic Bank... 912,291 26,377 3,791 224 58! 308 559 ?B.illston SpBk.. 96,575 2,705 73 411 i?'m Bk of Albany... 334,294 20,832 31126 81766 lw'svt ?Bk of Albion... 19,211 3,473 - jj'S,, HkofAmer.c?...3,142,279 871,571 26,583 214,970 1 468 862 ?Bkof Attica... 112,313 4.192 - *3 536 21958 ?B^k "fU(>iit'ral ,628 11,076 14405 17B,0til 57,814 New Vo*k 120,883 3.993 ? 75 ino tn 7nn ?i?b'rVen(,,"f0",210,921 7,5 10.7m 142,332 2? 1^2 5,?Comrnerce.3,488,114 847,291 ? 247 72n 2 13'Vll ?Bkoftor.ling... 06,919 i;^72 _ ^012 ?Bk of Dansville. 68,707 3,6;9 ? 87*582 32*4"3 Bkofter ? 7M ???"? H0.917 2?:ji5 r?i i-? 1 743,869 lb,/41 2T' 691 "iV.* 6,315 4,911 192,j80 40,114 Bk of kinder!,*.. 72,283 2,423 ? 31 1"5 Bk ofL-}?S".Kbi, 1,. 283,120 6,760 6,879 146 121 28 17 ?Bkof Lowvilie.. 108,9J6 J, 107 - W233 51662 Bkof Monroe. 573,127 5,893 7,87 1 2io:971 M305 ?B.inkofXewBol 243,0ti7 12,858 ,9'Me 73,729 V 5,000 971 ? 19 818 ? {liiVi' ^()r^;"2.?29,H7 721,399 82,951 319,826 1 970.830 lib r " ''i7,037 6,966 33,220 107,890 41457 lit ?l nl ?'' ' ' ^8'135 6l0;i5 3,609 196,877 40,027 HL f n ff ' i' 276,408 12,479 1,374 174 321 28 353 BkofPouthkeep'e. 231,498 13,416 5,083 112 772 62 306 k of Rochester.. 309,682 6,016 - 2 2 96 63 160 L ?XJl?me ^9,228 6,477 3,223 1 0 806 39 281 Bk oi Halma 220,813 6917 1 441 iciS! *?L? * Bk of S. Creek 1o5 273 6,374 ,5^ Bk of,the State of ,'"1 .meW.- J?rk' ? 3,17?,123 696,273 7,716 308,105 2 398 936 * P1"'1 H>t?cus?.. 2(8,386 4,283 - 117 181 116 239 Rl cTi"'V 853,767 10,200 22.963 120,010 105*8rj ?Srtfe;.,;::: "gig S:SI z 'K IIS ?BkofWatertw'n 11,910 4,099 ? 48717 I24?a ?Bk of Waterville 67,514 5,554 - 79 874 20*^0 * Banlcof Whites- '73,88i 10,371 5,247 U2''mi 35,928 if1??.?????iV- 9'.? 2.H3 - 67,576 31,099 ?Blk Kiver Bk.. .08,692 3,623 ? 41013 34 983 Brooklyn Bank... 115,620 9,812 2,063 35,628 108 686 Broome Co. Bk... 197,565 8,802 4,028 110,057 22,i<85 Uutchcrs' &, Dro* ' ..'"""'Bink 1 143,675 100,758 6,832 260,671 578.792 < anal Bk Albany. 606,745 18,535 4,131 196,980 77,365 * Canal Hank of Locknort 208,280 8,299 ? 145 211 191 ifi-i Catsklll Bank.... 166,621 4,996 11,711 86>90 22"lI2 Cay.iRa Co. Bk.. 409,691 8,843 6,066 216,736 106,192 !:fI!., , "/-'" ' ' 5,947 5>83,i "7,279 15,937 (-/haHt.iiinue Coun- ' ty Bank .... 185,860 6,095 5,409 131,273 16 952 ?Chemical Bk.. . 911,493 72,429 ? 242 266 716 623 hem g Canal Bk 312,627 5,933 3,241 195,611 60,769 Commeraai Bkof 2'7*"? 'i'183 180,221 O^154 *(^mmerc'li{k of 448,044 20,348 8 042 ^,852 .(t!S-Bk 3841230 M3? - 187,000 99,835 ol Troy 181,236 1,336 ? v> 15r 'Jtt 'tin ?Drov"?" Bk' of 186 2,618 ~ *7,247 41,745 Cattarauijus Co. 59,{M7 4,035 - lofl.coo 9,873 (use* Co. Bauk.. 214,948 3,992 7,900 138,%2 <5 #96 *Kxchangu Uk of ' Buffalo... ..... 3,127 15,766 ? 14 000 3 636 'Oo. of (ieueiee.. 33,593 2,621 ? 4744s j'-Mn IB00' fli'X2 3'019 ~ 56^019 29',788 Farmers' Bank of Amsterdam..... 69,253 2,463 - 53.002 28,054 'Do. Bkof Hudson. 125,609 5,867 ? 83 615 fi? son M1'1 rtriers' &Dro- 621,805 9'03'< 85,139 196,981 llo',899 vers' Bank of Krie County.. . 10,900 ? ? 10 971 100 ?Do at joiners... 78,876 6,184 ? 53J 30 20,218 Farmers* it Mann imfacturers' Bk. 463,012 21,343 5,123 234,228 108,666 *!? arm's'& Mech s ' .n,kr.0fi0u"e"eu' * 19,612 2,084 ~ 32 237 ?.683 ?Do OKaeiiburuh.. ? ? ? _ ?Do. ltocheiter... 1,700 2,675 ? 63 900 ? ?Fort Plain Bk... 52,524 1,960 ? 74'03s 1072', ?Fulton Bk...... 1,039,060 137,392 ? 230,926 745,071 ?Oenesee Co. Bk.. 68,536 4,265 ? 47782 12991 Greenwich Bk... 286,394 23,567 4,808 122,625 138 691 Herkimer Co Bk.. 360,677 9,525 4,747 188 581 22*087 Highland.Bk..... 379,604 10,651 4,937 189.528 77 ^2 Hudson River Bk.. 246,600 6,679 7,047 145,867 68 88'? ?J.m)e? Bank... . 16,977 ? - <8,439 ? Jefferson Co. Bk.. 360,091 11,561 9,547 127,552 78 017 Kingston Bank... 312.60-1 7,657 1,413 187,734 21*758 Leather Manf Bk. .1,331,985 110,216 12,403 262,132 699*100 Lewis Co. Bilk. . . 136,787 3,420 2,564 94,663 '996 Livingston Co. Bk. 227,374 1,613 6,891 134,138 32 718 'Lockport Bank & Trust Company. . 125,644 1,184 ? 95,112 6 188 *Long Island Bk. . . 653,360 25,963 ? 101 921 12l'.l4r? -Lut'rWrwht's Bk I9.',4l5 3.257 - 48^ 75,723 MnrilKOiil Co. Bk. . l!!8.929 3,346 5,208 142,421 24 701 Manhattan Com'y. .1,801,961 361,345 51,16(1 ? 1 035 245 Mechanics' Bk...2,7<1,TO 624,337 .56,941 432,614 1,418,' 159 Mecli Hanking As sociation 668,384 133,382 ? 318 083 71 1 76', Mechs & Farm's Bk 805,925 31,449 23,874 187'.75l 410*565 MeclisSt I rad's'Bk 396,865 56,107 11,492 128,771 291,018 Merchants' Bk 3,179,873 969,605 52,499 291,720 2,155 039 'Merchants' Bk of 9 ' Do.'ofErie"(Jo:. 12,3X7 1,490 ? a.'ooo 8,433 Mroo?hk4?e.i.a 99.221 4,740 - 99,929 34,0,8 .Merchants" Ex. Bk.l,517,344 117,247 6,359 248,160 713,763 MftCho?ft2UF'* 6.930 - - 39,600 45,364 *1^frPu<tiii!rar'coBk 60,726 1,477 - 68.408 - Mrrch'?SlM#chBk 566.109 9,797 1,381 187,745 85,140 ?Middletown Bk., 55,459 1,481 ? 60,583 22,616 Mohawk Bank... 223,565 7,462 - 69,434 67.203 ?Mohawk Val'yBk 51,389 3,672 ? 89,621 21.988 MontBom'y Co.Bk 161,214 3,366 4,771 127.252 14,911 National Bunk... 1,278,132 271,391 10,776 185,335 911,136 York Dry Dock Compa'y.. 385,Ml 12,123 4,106 62,435 23,752 N Y State Bank.. 731,620 23,333 30,505 196,473 162,766 *N Y. Stock Bk.. 18,388 1,180 ? 73,576 911 ?North River Bk. .1,221,943 178,526 ? 334,618 796,795 Oydenthurgh Bk. . 130,919 6,403 5,320 140,814 39,797 1 Bun"L,t ^ ?' 489.288 12,259 ? 108,154 168,357 Oneida' Bank.... 540,482 16,371 3,676 266,914 213,575 Onondaga Co. Bk. 320,655 10 854 7,212 165,591 78,059 Ontario Bank.... *2,620 3,913 4,689 134,949 41,586 Ontario I5r"h Bk.. 432.363 3.230 ? 2J5.471 37,5*1 Ot?eioCo. Batik. 223,9? 7,762 4,699 142,985 21,823 ?Palmyra Bauk. ?? 14,666 105 13,568 8,818 ?Patclllu Bank... 266,559 6,400 - 63,012 B2.13I Phenil Bunk. .. 1,959.035 408 928 7,953 361,671 990,094 ?Pine Plaint Bk.. 69,1199 3,205 ? 86,688 21,550 * Powell Bank... 137,27 1 4,569 - 104.456 96,62'' ?Prattiville Bk.... 156.846 2,524 - 99,560 21,892 Rochea'r City Bk 565.259 7,319 1.615 298.311 104,026 Sackett'a Hat r Bk 3)8,948 5,48.1 3,544 194.247 61,997 Saratoga Co. Bk.. 206.931 4.8M 5,257 101,97 8 38.160 Scheie* tady lik.. 251.212 6,9?3 - 87,224 73,031 Sen, ca Co Bk... 336.954 5,305 1.579 193 381 51.476 Seventh Waid Bk 840,092 115,027 6 S6I 218,299 404,302 Steuben Co. Hk.. 310,171 5,864 5,117 161,021 51,953 ?Suffolk Co. Bk.. 20,426 2,236 ? 67,460 19,524 Tannera' Bauk. .. 2?8,216 4,589 4,791 140,548 6,319 Tonmkiil'a Co Ek 375,181 7,895 3,462 207,002 .'*,499 Trade men'? Bk.. 861,919 86,648 11,397 170,065 457,477 Trev City Bank. . 645,373 8,Ml 3,938 192,299 114,434 V later Co. Bank.. 191,598 5,762 3,434 72,848 28,576 ?UnadillaBank... 49,998 550 ? 49,998 ? Union Bank 1,990.910 551,142 27,682 408,011 1,319,463 ? Warren Co Bk.. 67.321 291 - 77,000 - ' W.mlon'n Co Bk 49,150 2.511 - 59,448 9,077 Wetlchea'rCo Bk 286,497 8,814 5,018 180,586 46,325 ? White'a Bank of Buffalo 136,495 4,411 ? 26,8*5 61,084 'White Plains Bk 46,140 3,800 ? 48,752 ? ^Bank'" * 21,367 2,040 ? 21,820 3,363 Yates Co. Bank.. 214,603 2,608 5,786 138,200 1,810 i69 164,861 8,881,545 881,404 20,493,965 31,773.991 August. 1845. 64,024,748 8,909,527 929 295 17,*35.115 27,636.590 Nor'lier, 1843 5t 267,130 11,502.789 5,227,930 11,935,171 27,389,160 January, 1837 79,313,188 6,557,020 24.198,000 ? 30,883,179 ? Kree Bank*. The banks of thia Stole have already exhibited evi. dence of an expansion, and a* thia thing grow* by what it feed* on, it ia likely to increaae in extent and in strength. An inflation of credit! lead* to an increaae in domain!* upen the hanka for diaaounta, and the bank* huving commenced the movement, by an inoreaied i?8tie of thnir own promise* to pay, are compelled to discount the additional promise* to pay made by the commercial clauses. Commercial affairs generally are in a very healthy and prosperous condition; price* for all our principal (taple* are remunerative, and the producing claaie* are becom ing rapidly rich. So far us we are able to judge from the look* of the itirface of thing*, in a commercial point of view, every element ia in a aound state and fettled upon h solid basis, but there are germ* of diieaie lurking in the political and commercial syttema, which, if not era dicated, will sooner or later become developed, and de stroy the body. Tho most dangerou* and imidiou* die etstf'that |i* likely to dorango and deitroy the present healthy condition of commercial affair*, la tho expansion of tho circulating medium and a depreciation of the value of the currency. The currency ia the life blood of com merce) and tho moment thi* element become* diaeaaed, all the ramiflcatlena of trad* become deranged, end en epidemic in all branches of buaioaaa immediately pre vail*. Thia disease ik contagious, and spreads from city to city in a manner aimilar to all diseases of like charac; tar, and generally'spreads over the commerciul world, prostrating everything in ita course Old Stock Kiclt*ii((. $IOOOU86?, ? 112 325 ah. Heading KR 10000 U 8 it. '#1 coup 103)i 450 do b30 17 6750 Ohio 6?, '60 J00 iJo /-? 6000 Illinois ?pc| ?60 39 100 do ?? 6000 Ind Bond* 40 300 4j0 , 5000 Pennis .30 7-Jii 50 do f, 10000 Reading R Bd< 70 150 ,)? 10000 d.) h60 71 60 L Iiland RR ?... J .ha. NVBk s6m 121 50 do )Z ' 20 Merchants' Bk 1U 200 do i 2!>?* 70 Phenix Bk 89W 50 do b?S ? 25 Natioual Bk 10H. 50 dn *iS 100 III St.,. Bank 1& 50 $ . '*> ]]* !Sc?4"a. & Sp d" , ''6? ?? 25 do 85* 10 Farmers Trust 33*, 25 do ..0 ^ 2 i? , *8 ? jo ?Oh,ot?cTrust ""lag 175 fc *?? 50 N A Trust |2V 50 Harlem RR "ij 'S^r -g&S ? Nevond Board. i|j Keadicg KR s30 57 25 Morris Canal 2 4? ?*> S7 50 Nor k Wor bJO 86 .2' 10 "C" W J" do ?3 iu '*? , do 57X 50 do .in ?? 50 Loot Isl BR <3 74 50 do U20 8S? do ,20 74 50 Farmers' Trust 33*| New Mtook Uxchann. ^??5? Ohio6's, '60, b3 97>i 25 slias Farmers'Trust 33': 7? 1 M ? r 1 100 Work Wor 630 lb 75 shas Morris Canal c 23W 50 do .. nt> 2? d? c 25 do c 85 " J5 do c J)l? 25 do c 84?i 25 _ do 2^1 50 do 50 Canton Co sCO 44 25 do e ?: 50 do c 44>i 2J do b3 85Ji 22 do c ? 50 Long Isl RR 73* ??} 4? c 44K 50 do h3U 74 25 do b60 44J* 50 Stonington RR 25 do b30 45 ' Married, On Tuesday, Nov. 25th, by the Rev. Mr. Bigley Mr Und K"' 01 thi> city- t0 Mis? J?n?, offing-' Died. At Saratoga on Sunday, 23d instant, Dr. William Carv a respected milliliter of the Society of Frieiid? aged 74 yoara an.l 1 day. ' MORSE'S NEW YORK AND OFFING LiKCTRO-RIAGNetic telegraph. 1 ffffinl," I?ir!i^"e Mhav,n.e the first part of the Ornnu Llectro-Magnetic lelegr'phic Liue from New 5?.r? .h.Vi'v w<'?ternmo?t Point of Coney Island, bet leave t > ?.r..wl .n?,.K^y "V0*; 10 '?'nV1?y ?'? ?"<! m the vicinity of th ! II if, ,u,lfahl? ,sl1 <!nJ news boat. for the purpose of board inn ill vessels arriving from foreign or coastwise porti : also lilt boats, to board all vessels 111 distress, ami to reporLimmediate Jy a" important intelligence to he obtained from them at,h lelegraph Office in this city, where it will be placed 011 1 Bulletin torthe inspection or subscribers. The advantages t> he derived by subscriber, to the Telegraphic Bui e if. a, . horeign News Room might be illuarat-u by refcm.'g to The use m^ of the recent important iiitelligeure brought bv the (Jreat Britain and Great Western, when boarded by speculators at a distance from the place of their destination it must appear obvious also to others interested in various branches of business, that , this mode of instantaneous^ com ,,f,iK? V,0n ?'.mt*",K,nce '? w?h them not so much a matti-r nfchoiceasof necessity, for, without availing themselves of it, th?y must necessarily be behind others iu that which ii essential to the success of their business. It is, therefore our intention to place our subscribers iu possession of all foreign news in advance of every other means. sasysaasr1"?' To Insurance Companies, in the risks and negbtiations for property!'1"'18 ea,he,t information from vessels and other To Brokers, in being constantly advised of the produce an.1 exchange markets in Foreign Ports, wilhcut which lorelliL'fiici1 they cannot act advisedly either for themselves or others To Bankers, ill the receipt of the earliest possible info'rmn 8t?Uck Xrke^ &c"^0''ng va'iations in the Money auil hsTo Masters of Vraasels coming on our coast, it secures an im mediate announcement to thefr owner, or con,igieei ?d in stress of weather the means lor the mo.t speedy relief. ' lo Pilots, must be apparent the advantages of kiiowiW miicisr?tce Sr<! apl'r04 "ff our coaM' bearings, dis To Editor., requiring from the nature of their vocation aii.l diyia"iieTe ? lm|'or,a"t ""ell'Kence with the greatest To Government, in having the facilities ol communicating w ith ves.el. of war and the revenue on their approach near our harbor, it may be er vital importance, and often save a v?t ex going out of Port. a? l?UrV TtqU,T"i ,l"' coming i? and And to the Police, in securing.uch information as shall anti cipate the accomplishment of fraud, and the escape ofcr" . , h r, ? b'p?.n,e drpl>'.,,Uert,,t'd w the news to be obtained from tins 1 airgraph, and more e.pecia ly from this, than from any other in tnc united State*. | In addition to the line now completed, the Proprietors Rk" run immediately an additional Tele"aphi line to Fire Island inlet," some fifty miles beyond the present terminus, when the same complete mean, for obtaining all th? information above . proposed will be e.tablished, and from whence like news w to be initantaneoutly communicated to their Office and Bulletin in this city. The still greater adva>? ug?. to be derived trom tin. by our subscribers must be obvi fr m'theWbor ?BCe' " distant point is often days' sail But.another and highly important advantage proposed by the Proprietors to their Subscriber, ? the connection estnblnihed bj 1 hem with the Bo ton and Offing Telegraphic Line now ueaily completed, hv which ail the important news arrivfng c"f the coa.t there, either by steam or sail vessel, will be instantly communicsted by a private vocabulary, when the liue now un der coi'Structio" betweeu this city and Bo.tou 1. completed to their Office and placed on their Bulletin in thi. city, .imiilt - neoin'y with its announcement in Ba.ton; thns onr Subscribers eoii.l advantage, with the mo.t lavore.l iu Boston After ve..el. have left this port, also,intelligence arrivingfrom all part, ol the coun-ry may be transmitted and delivefed board ofoutw.rd-bound vessel,.when suty or eighty milf. dis toUal[rn,Tere.eted W must be of the greatest fmportanre This Profiosition is made by the Proprietors of the Telegraph with the conviction that the Merchants and iutere-ud will come lorward at once, aud sustxm the eoterpriae and se cure to themselves its usefnlnesi, thus makint it what it really should be. a public utility. Thf. Once of the Proprietor. 11ia.tabli.hed in Dorr's Granite Building, rear of the Merchanta Exchange, wherethe Bulle tins will hecoiivuuieiitly pi ced far the use! for THEM OWLV. The term, of subscription are Twelve Dol lar, per annum, or One Dollar per mouth, which admits Sub scrioers to the Office aDd Bulletins. 1 P a" c?n"n""";*tions .ent over this line not em braced in the new. furnished our Sub.crib?r?,a tanfTof charges W1,i-bf h,ed- COLT & ROBINSON nJ6 Itin I [FALSEHOOD AND CALUMNY.?The undersigned hat ing been infamou*ly mid villainously belied by person* who are engaged in manufacturing an article which thev call Mineral Water, by stating that the subscriber, during the last summer, *u engaged in Albany and elsewhere iu lecturing on Temperance mid traducing the character* of respectable ho tel keepers in this city; deeming it a dut; doe to those indivi duals, to tiuth, and to m>-*elfto state explicitly that the asser tion is false, and founded only en that disgustful and despica ble principle, kmvy?(excited hy my having received th? 8ilvi-r Medal lor the best Mineral Water with Syrups from the Ame rican Institute l<*t mouth)?concocted by mean, dastardly ras cals, who I chall-nge to come forth in their proper uames and substantiate their most disgraceful, villainous and lying asser tions. A. W. R\PP, 95 Third avenue. N B.?My great desire to excel in the manufacture of Mine ral Waters with Syrup, and to supply my numerous customers with a superior article, alone prevented my waiting on them frequently, and which I hope will be accepted as a sufficient a|>ology for my teeminir neglect. A. W. K. TO HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTHERS. Seeing un advertisement in several of the city papers, signed hy A. W. Rapp, 95Third avenue, in which persons engaged in the manufacture of Mineral Water, are traduced as " Mean, dastardly rascal*," 8ic , Sie. We, as one of those manufactur ers of au articlc. which we, as also the judges at the American Institute, not only c til. but know it to be Mineral Water, feel called upon to vindicate ourselves and slate a few facts. In 18)3, we were among the (irat to commence the manufacture and introduction of Mineral Water in this city : the same year we received from the American Institute a diploma?Ju 1811 from the same institufon a silver medal, for trie best Mineral Water, in opposition to A. W Rspp and others. In 1815, their last fur, we did uot offer any for co/r petition, withdrawing f om the field for the reason, that we had received two testimo nials from that institution, and also willicg that others ihouhl have he benefit in common with ourselves. Ina swer to the charge, that he, (A. W. R.,) lectured in Albany last summer, on tetniMTince, (if aaid charge is intended for us,) we most positively deny that we have uttered anything of the kind. To the charge that he, (A. W R.,) had traduced the character of respectable Hotel Keepers because they sold liquor, we did assert the above and do so now. We further more assert that he gives or hires the third story of his premi ses, 95 Third aveuue, to the Mount Vernon Division of the Sons of Temperance as a place of meeting?was last summer a member of said Society, and that he signed a petition to the legislature last winter Io deprive hotel keepers ortheir licences for the proof read the affidavits below ; and yet this Adam W Rapp, ot 95 Third avenue, has the audacity to ask support of the very men he traduces?a class of <.ur citizens who are en gaged in a legal business, by which they earn a livelihood for lliemselvts and families and whose characters for honesty and truth willcompare with thit of Adam W. Rapp, or any other man. We have no envy or jealousy of A W. Happ, or any othei man iu the business, relying upuu our exertions, the supt liority of our articles and a geuereus public for support. We have no desire for a newspaper controversy, and are deter mined, for the mighty principle of truth and right, not t'i submit tamely to scurrilous and unwarrantable attacks from any one. City and County of New York, ss:? 8. Mar L. >. shall having been duly sworn, deposeth 1 hat he has heard A. W. Kapp, of95 3rd avenue, say, that i man who sells liquor is a thief, a liar, and a vagabond . that he did not believe any honest man Wi utd be engaged in the business, and would not believe him under oath. Alsi. that hi presence 11 this deponent, he sigued a petition to the legislature at Albany. a*t wiutei, asking tnem to discontinue the granting of licenses I or the sale of liquor in this city. f EBKNEZAR 8. MARt-HALL. Sworn before me this 'wenty-fifth day of November, ISH'i. OEO. W STEVhNS, Commissioner of Deeds City and County of New York, as:?'Thomas Burke having been duly sworn, deporeth That lie has heard A. W. Happ, of95 Third Avenue, say, " h- would not employ a man who dealt in liquor,nor have him about his place." TAOMAS BURKE. Sworn before me this 25th day of November, 1845, GEO. W. STEVENS Commissioner of Deeds. THOMAS W NEW TON. ?c CO.. Mineral Water Manufacturers and Bottler* of Porte., Ale and Cider, n2fi It'm *10 Broadway, New York MINERAL WATER. THE undersigned having seen an advertisement in the pa pers, headed Falsehood and ( aliimny, and signed A W Rapp.95 Third avenue, claiming th>' premium from the Ame rican Institute, at their list fair, lor the best Mineral water, with syrups, deem it a duty, in justice to their numerous cus tomers, the public, and themselves, to state that the statement there put forth by Mr. A. W. Rapp, is by no means correct, as may be seen by the records of the American Institute, as abo published in the N. Y. Tribune, of Oct V7, 1815. ERASER k CO , 48 Centre street, for the belt bottled Soda Water, a superior article A. W KAPP 95 Third Avenu>, for the second best Soda W.ter. Po far as the language used by Mr. A. W Rapp, of having been infamously and villainously belied, hy persons who are engaged in manufacturing an article which they call Mineral Water, wnhave nothing to say; or who he means by those as sertions, we are at a loss to understand; hut the article we man ufactore^we, and the American Institute, call Mineral Water, for which, in reference above. th#y have been pleased toaward us, as a premium, a silver medal; and he, Mr. A W Happ, with all hi* foreign information anil retirement,to excel others, and the instruction* by a rrlebrated manufacturer in Pliibulel pnia, n?* succeeded, after three successive years, two of which in opposition to ourselves and other*, in obtaining n premium for the *econd heat of mi article which he calls Mineral Water. a J ts^: MuKM8ER * CO., Kim Premium Sod* Water Manufacturer*, and Bottler, of Phil a Mflphw Porter, Ale and ChamiMgu? I'icier, i It'm ? Ctntr* ?tre*t, New York. AUCTION BALKS. W. W SHIRLEY, Auctiwiter. B\ II. E. WILLARD?Nf* aud Secoud hand Furnitur*. Pianofortes, fcc?THIS DAY, Wednesday, No* 26th. at '0)2 o'clock, at th? sales room No. 151 Broadway?Catalogue Sale of Furniture from a faini.y?Carpets, Hair carpels, b?d *'eads, bedding, Sic., a short lime in use. Alao?to pay ad ranrea?a collection of city made Cabinet Fumitur*; tolas, chain, rocker*, bureau*, table*, d-?ks, See. Also, 2Salaoiauder iron sale*, case* of stuffed bud*, sol ir I Jin| *, girandole*, paint ing*. lie u26 lfm LARUE SALE OF RICH AND KLEOANT FANCY GOODS AND HOUSE FURNISHING ARTICLES JACOB S PLATT'8 sale of rich and elegant Girandole*, Solar Lamps, valuable Plated Ware, J*|>aii?ry, ( hina Din ner and Tea Set*. Polished Steel Fire Sets, Clucks. Viw, and other useful ami elegiait Staple and Fancy Goods, will take placa THIS DAY, (Wada#a4ay, Nov.ttth,) at lu o'clock, rt the large sales room No. 445 Broadway. Catalogues are now ready. Fur further particular*, see Journal of Commerce. u261t*m 1^ ELLOW CITIZENS, are you ready to come aud ratify r the nomination lor officers uf the Parent Americ u Equi table Society, in the City of New York, to aid the sufferers in Ireland and elsewhere. For President?The Hon. Win. F. Havetneyer. l*t Vice Presidents?The Hon. the Alderman of eicli ward. 2d Vice Presidents?The Hon. the Assistant Alderman of each ward, with such other officers as may be found e*?eutial to rarry out the plan of extending relief to ths real sufferer* in Ireland aud this city, when lound necessary. Come one, come all, tint art willing to aid in a good cause, and prevent uudue speculation in the staff oflife. To the Park'. To the Park! THIS AKTERNOON at four o'clock, and adopt such measure* a* you may thiuk p'oper. n26 lt*in JAMES ROBERTSON, and other*. f * 0 MP 1 ROLLER'S OFFICE, State ul New York.?The VV '? James hank" has t' is day filed in thi* office the ap pointment of Messrs. Taylor Si Smith, No. G2 Wall street. New V ork. as the agents for the redemption of its circulating notes, toeethi r ? itli a I*\ ocation of the appointment of James T- Bertiue as such agent, agreeably to the act entitled " Aa act relating to the tedemption of Bank Notes," passed May 4, 1W?. A. C. FLAGO, Comptroller. Comptroller's Office, Alb*uy, Nov. 12, 1815. Eastern Funds aud all other kinds of uncurrent bank notes Wanted this day, at very low rate*, by n2t; 3t*in TAYLOR St SMITH. No.62 Wall ureet. CVVUTION TO LADIES. ? Beware of " Pickpockeis" ' when riding in an omnibus. On Monday aftenioou, the 2lth instant, li lady had her purse abstracted from her pocket by one of those light-fingered gentry, containing thirty-lit dollars in bank bills, aud from two to three dollars in silver, while riding iu one of the Knickerbocker omnibuses, from Macdougal aud BI*cker street to Broadway mid l'?rk Place. The proprietor* of the different line* should place a notice iu every stage, cautioning ladies to tfke sjiecial care of their pocketbooks aud purses, which would place them on their guard against those pickers. n26 lt'rc FOR SALE. A RARE CHANCE AND GREAT BARGAIN iu the Stock and Fixtures of a Lunch and Coffee Saloon, situated iu one of the greatest thoroughfares ?f the city, and uow doing a cash business of from eight hundred to nine hundred dollars per month, and will be sold cheap for cash, as the preseut occu pant cannot attend to it. Satisfactory reasons for selling out, and all particulars concerning the place, will be given on appli cation to ISAAC QUACKENBL'SH, 98 Ve*ey street, i)26 3l*/h < pposite Washington Market. MDOGS FOR SALE.?King Charles' Spaniels aud Scotch Tarriers, just imported from Loudon. Apply on board the St. James, loot ol Bet km an street.^ u26 ltm tTO LET IN BROOKLYN-The home No 91 Je roleinon stree' will be let :>t a low price till the 1st of May next. Possession given immediately. Apply at 83 ureet. up stairs. u26 It'rc FOUM), A LARGE BUNDLE OF KEYS, on Monday. Nov. 24th, in Courtlaudt street, near the Jersey City Ferry. The looser, by a proper description, may receive them at this office, on paying the expenses ol advertising. nTilt*rc wanted; BY A FRENCH GIRL, 14 year* old, a situation to tike care of children and to do light work iu the house. Apply at No. 73 Chambers street. nZ'i It* in A YOUN'G WOMAN, of reipectabl* connexion*, l* desi roils to obtain a situation to cook, wash, iron, and do gene ral housework. Good reference*can be given Address C.D., No. 1(6 Orcha/d *treet. u26 lt'm m WANTED. A SITUATION by a man ?ompetentof Color Mixing for Calicoes and DeLaiues, and hasa general knowledge of the business. He has just arrived from F.ngla.:d Persons wishing to engage the applicant, can see samples of his work at No 5 Gold street. N?w York. u2t Iw'r WANTED, UBSCRIBERS?At CL ARKS St STEVAN'S Free Agen cy and Temperance Intelligence, 95 Duaue street, west of Broadway, where they can have good faithful servant*, with out any charge, and also with as little delay as possible,cooks, waiters, Sic., of every description aud of good moral characttr. A lirst rate Cook on hand at 95 Duaue street. n20 Im'rh WANTED, FREE TEMPERANCE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, A^f O BROADWAY, (between Broom and Grand streets,) rr I Ois wliera servants and assistant*, of every capacity,both male and female, are furnished FREE to employers. Thi characters of all, offering for situations, will be atrictly examined before they leave the office, and uoiie but the honest, sober, industrious aud capable ones recommended or allowed to engage to employers. Women, men, girls aud boy* wishing employment of any kind who can prove, satisfactorily, the above character, can ob tain good situations?no others need apply. n!9 lm'm LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED, G1 ENTLEMF.N and Families can obtain the full value lor f all kinds of su|ierlluons effects they wish to dispute of, ! such as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire I Arms, Furniture, Sic. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the | city will find it to their advantage to send lor the subscriber, < who pledge* himself to give a f-ir price lor all articles offered. I N B.?A line through the Po*t Office will be promptly at tended to T. LEVENSTYN, o27 Im'mc 466 Broadway, up itair*. TO THE LADIES!! TO THE LADIES ! !! LADIES having any kind of cast off or superfluous Clothing to dispose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen,) oau obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence, No. 69 Duane street, basement MRS. M. S. COHEN. P. S.?A letter through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be puuctually attended to. ul9 lm*rc GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE OF LITERATURE AND ART, Fur December, 1845. s W' GRAHAM'S ELEGANT ENGRAVINGS. PARIS FASHIONS. THE second of our Paris Fashions is a most elcgaut plate, *ud we are sure that it 10 far eclipses all other*, that it cilia lor no praise from tin. We have made arrangements to hare them n< every number of the volume for 1846. AMERICAN BATTLE GROUNDS. No. VI. BATTLE OK EUTa *V SPRINGS. (This is one of Smillie's beautifully engraved pictures.) THE LOVE TOKEN. "The univerial passion'' i> here dressud m a very attractive, though somewhat homely garb. T#ina?$3 per anuum Single No*. 25 rents. 'I his number euds the Vol. The JANUARY NUMBER, 1816, will be issued about the Ifttli of December. Persoua in 1 ilia city or Brooklyn, who wish to take Graham's Magazine, c id have it left at their residences, payable by the nnmueron delivery. Price 25 cents, or 53 per anuum?2 copies for $5 in advance. Subscribers who wish their volumes bound, can get it done at a reduced price, at t e Officv, Tribune Building. Subscribers will please leave their names with the exclnsive agent, WM. H. GRAHAM. Tribune Building, Nassau at., opposite the Park. (?7*" WANTED?Grahim's Magazine lrom January to June, 1*41,or the complete Vol. i8ll, lor which the subscrip tion price will be paid. n2t> 2<rc KINK AK.TS, 2-Ili BROADWAY. 'E HAVE the honor to inform the public and our friends, that the gigantic work of the History of Egypt, ancient and modern, unl the 300.000 figures, animals, hat'les, pyramids, kc., being for sale in our store, will he visible for a few day ouly. We hope amateuri will not misa this rare chince, as beirg the only one in the United States, and said to have cost up wards of $300. Magnificent Gallery of Oil Paintiugs. n26 3t?rc E. AV AS^E lit CHAVEAU. T. BROWN STONE SEAL ENGRAVEN, Si.'iS Broadway, opposite the Park. COATS OF ARMS, (.'rests,Cyphers, Die ,engraved on stcne or brass; Diamonds, Amethysts, Topazes, Sic. bought in tli< rough or cut to any form. Signet Rings, Kevs, Pencil Cases, Ladies Seals, &c , engraved with Arms, Names, or any device. Coats of Arms found and painted from S2 and up wards, and forwarded to any part of the United States or Cans da. Arms copied or quartered ii> any m inner Books of Herald ry kept with upwards of lMI.Oi'O names. n26 Ifrc TEETH! TEETH! TEETH inserted without pain, and warranted good as the natural ones, for biting and mastication. A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on line gold plates, $50 CO A set of best mineral Teeth, on fine gold plate, for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 30 00 Single Tooth, from $1 00 to 3 00 Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 50 Ey Ur JONES, corner of Canal street and Broadway, en t anre in Canal street n2f, It'rh M, LEVETT, DENTIST, 'I'HE IN IKODUCER of the insertion of Artificial Teeth A on the principle of Atmospheric Pressure,260 Broadway, corner of Warren street Dear Sir:? It is botlia matter of duty and pleasure to state that the set of Artificial Teeth, on the principle of atmospheric pressure, which you made for a lady hi iny family. Ins succeeded in every respect, in apixsrance, comfort and utility, and has given entire satisfaction. I am, dear sir, your ob't servt.. M.M.NOAH. MR. LEVETT, Dentist. n27 It'in DR. POWELL, OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, nt his residence, 261 Broadway, corner ol Warren St. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract anil Opacities, effectually removed. AMAU ROSIS treated with great attention and success. Inveterate cases of STRABIHMUH, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted that can scarcely be dis tinguished from the natural. Offices and residence 261 Broadway?entrance 1W Warren street. n2G lt*rc KTkFtHE BALL IN MOTION. ASSAM SLICK s.i.l to the t lock.?Now if Mr. Slick was living in these days ol I'hreno-Animal-Magnetic Eleetro-Oligyim, wt.en cats finht till there IS nothing left of them but hair, and locomotives scratch gravel to the tuneof 15,000 miles per hour, ai d the Pre sident's message tent to Oregon on a chain of lightning, he would natnraily come to the c.incnsion that every live inan ought to have a Clock that would be sure to keep trie ball in motion. Such may be found at SMITH 8i BROTHERS, 32 8. Charles street, n25 2fis*rc Baltimore, FA.NOY HOXIvS FOR HON BONIS. HAVING just received a plendid assortment of Fancy Bo* a from Pans, the dealers in same articles are invited to call and eiamme the articles, which are offered at lower pri ces than they ever were imported for. BRUN LA HOSIERE & COURT, n2.*i lin'rli 116 William street. J. <r. BELL, TAXI D E R MIST, OUQ BROADWAY, corner ol lleade street, up stairs, liss constantly on hand a variety of Cases, Shades, inc. for parlor or mantel ornaments. Also, a large collection of Mounted Birds. Bird Skins, Str , for sale or exchanged. Pet Birds, Ike., mounted in a very superior manner, to order.? Public or private collections supplied at the shortest notice. n22 lm"r MUfiFS, MUFFS AND FURS. WE would advise those ladies who have not supplied them selves with Muffs, to call at WM COOPER'S KurStores. and look at his intensive assortment of Kaucy Furs,and we will assure tlicni tlmt tney will find his Muffs not aloue superior but cheaper then any other store in the city. H'm Cooper'* Fur Manufai torict. Is nt 61 Bowery, 5 doors above Walker atreet?and 95 Maiden Lane, near Gold street. N. B.?All Furs bought at his stores warranted to b* whal Ihty are represented. nl4 AMVIERIKKTS. O1 FAKE WELL CONCERT. LE BULL has the huoor of announcing iu accordance with the request of a committee of Ladies and Gentlemen of this city, his FAREWELL CONCERT, And Positively hit Last Appearance in America, at the TABE1CVACL.K, Oh WEDNESDAY EVENING, Not 2Cth. .1.1.ted by Mil* NORTltALL mid Mr. DUFF1ELD. Vocalists, and a full and effective Orchestra under the direction of Mr. C.C HILL Mr. H. TIMM will preside at the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME. PART 1. 1. Grsud Overture... I'ull Orchestra 2 Concerto iu E Minor, Allegro Affetuoso, Adagio Sosteuuto and Rondo Marcato, composed aud per formed by Olr Bull 3. Ballad?"The Captive Greek Girl," by Hobbs. ... Mi? Northall 4. "Niagara," Pastorale Fantasia, composed and per ioimedby Ole Bull PART II. 1. Du*tt lor Soprano Voice and Violin, composed by Ole Bull, and performed by Mi?? Northall 2 Irish Ballad?"North McShane," bv Horn Mr Dulfitld 3. ?' iruival of Venice, composed by Pagiiiiui, and per formed by Ole Bull 4. Recitative aud Air?"Fortune frowns,'' from the Gp.ra of the "Maid of Judah," by Rossini... Mm Northall 5 "The Memory of Washington," a Farewell to Ame ric 1, composed and performed by . Ole Bull Tickets One Dollar. To be had at the principal Music Stores, Astor House, aud at the dooO. Do l s open at 7. Concert to aommeuce at 8 o'clock. nZii ltrc GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CON (J E K.T . M CHRISTIAN HL'BER (First Violoucellist and mem ? ber of the Conservatory of Paris,) has the honor to an 11 uuce that his first Concert in America, will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, the 2fltJi of Nov., ai the AI'OLLO S ALOON. He will be assisted by Mrs. VALENTINE MOTT, Jr., M. GI BhRT, Mr. JOHN A KYLE, and Mademoiselle HUBER, who will preside ?t the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME. PART I. 1 Overture 2. Sung?Mrs. Valentine Mott, Jr., Seaman's Feeling, written a-id composed on the Atlantic, by C Huber 3. Impromptu for Violoucello, with oblignto Mute ?c couipauiuieiit by Mr. J. A. Kyle, "Salect a L' Amerique," composed by .. C. Huber 4 Barcarole?M. Gibert F. Shubert PART II. 1. Overture 2. Recitative and Aria?Mrs. Valentine Mott, Jr., from Maulecchi e Cspuletti Bellini 3. Grand Air and Variations for the Violoncello, com posed aud eieruted by C. Huber 4. Ballad?M. Gibert?Marguerite at her spinning wheel F. Shubert 5. Fantasia on the Cachucha, composed aud executed by C. Huber Tickets One Dollar each. To be had at the principal Mu?c Stores aud at the door on the evening of the Concert. The Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. n26 3tis rh PARK THKATRE. MR. ROBERTS respectfully announces that his BENE FIT. and last appearance, will take place on Friday eve ning, the 28th instantj oil which occasion will be presented the "School for Scandal, in which Mr. H. PlaciHe will sustain his highly popular character of Sir Peter Tea7.le; Ladv Teaxle by Mrs. Blauu. After which a uew Karce, adapted from the Kreneh, entitled "The West Poiut Cadet," with other enter tainments. The Box Bonk is now open. n26 3ti**rc PROMENADE CO,nv,ER1>, A L/Y MUSARD. FIRST CONCKRT WILL TAKE PLACE ON Stituttlay, '4'Jtli November, AT NIBLO'S SALOON. HP HE MEMBERS of the New York Musical Association 1- respectfully beg leave to announce to their friends and the public, tlieir intention to give a aeries of Instrumental Concerts during the winter season, consisting of Overtures, Pot I'ourris, Waltzes, (Quadrilles, etc., etc., by Strauss, Laiiuer, Labilzky, Musard, Julien,Guug'l aud other celebrated composers. Such musical eutertainnienU having created tn- greatest ei citemeut iu the musical circles o. Europe, the said association, ut the request ol numerous Irieuds oi music, have procured all the new est and best comiiusitioiis of modern times, which are now iu rfhearsal by a full and effective Orchestra of THIRTY-THREE PERFORMERS. In order to secure themselves from any loss which might oc cur from the large uumber of performers, aud ihe heavy ex penses necessary, it has been thought advisable to issue sub scription lists to the various Music Stores, iu order that those who desire to atteud the performance, inay subscribe, aud guarantee to the prejectors a certain number of ticket*. PRICE OF TICKETS OF ADMISSION, THREE DOL LARS, FOR SIX CONCERTS, To be paid ou the delivery of tickets for the first concert; extra tickets for subscribers can be obtained by applying to theCoin mittee. for 50 cents each; at the door 011 the evening of the con certs, 75 cents each. Committee of Airangements: J. F. WOLTER, 116 West I GEORGEjSCHNElDER, 59 Broadway. ! Crosby st. Members of the Orchestra: G. F. Bristow, Milon, A. Reiff, J. Helfenritter, C. Herzog, 8. Kuaebel, A. Hell wig, H. Schneider, J. Kehl, H. Otto, J. Lenhard, J. Leis, C. Saner, E. Wiese, J.F.Wolter, A.Tvte, F. Stier, C. Schutx, L. Wiegers, ' F. Wiese, H. Konig, *. Grebuer, G. Goeller, G. Senia, A. Poppenberg, O. Schneider, H. Timm, A. Gerloff, o. Fullrraff, J. Rebhan. O^Subscriptiou list opeu at the principal Music Stores, nil eodto29n r GREAT PACING MATCH. UNION COURSE. L I IjIRlDAY, Nov. 28th, at 2 P. M., match for S400, mil* heats, best 3 iu 5, to go as they please. John Case names the Albany mare Fanny Elssler. Charles Ellis names r. g Burster, from Illinois. Admission to all parts of the track 50 cents Cars will leave the South Ferry, Brooklyn, at 1 % P. M., and return immediately after the race. Fare each way 25 cents. Monday, Dec. 1st, purse $200, two mile heats, iu harness, free for all trotting horses. Entries to close Wednesday eveuing, the2i>th,by8 o'clock, at Greeu k Losee'i. Thrte or more to make a race. n252t*r 1 NOVEL SPORT. A FOX CHASE. WANTED TO HIRE?Some Twenty or Thirty good Fox Humid* Alto, will he purchased, some Ten or Twenty good lively Foxes: for a Chase to come off in thu neighbor hood, ahout the beginning of the ensuing month. Apply at i Jones's Hotel, Park Mow. (Ty-A liberal price will be given for good animals. i,2l lw ltWf HARLElVI K1VER HO I EL. TO LET?From now until the first of May next, with I the privilege of one or more years lease, with part of the furniture for sale. The house is well furnished, ami now in full operation, and, situated as it is. on the banks of < the river and the termination of the Railroad on this island, I mxkes it a great place of business through the year. Fur terms, [ which will he moderate, enquire of the proprietor ou the pre- ; miaea, from 8 to 9 in the n.orning, or from 3 to 5 in the evening. n21 lwia*rc HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine apart- i menu, for both ladies and geutlemen; and the entire'orga mzation and fitting up of every department of the Washington House, complete. u26 2tit*m MANNAHATA HALL, CHATHAM SQUARE. ]\T I). GREEN AND ALBERT LOSEE respectfully ? inform their numerous friends and the public, that they rime recently repaii !? d and fitted up their establishment in tip top order. On the ? .ills may be s?? n rare Paintings by some of the old matteri; ?Im> .everal beautiful ones of that noble ani mal, the Trotting II ..e. The Bar is at all times stocked with the best Wines, Liquors and Segart the market affords. N. B.?Just received from South America, two living Came l'ons, presented Dy J. Hedricks, Esq., which change their coler tlinost hourly. A great curiosity. ni6 2tis*m BOARD IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY. WO OR THREE single geuilem<-u, or a gentleman and his wife, can be accommodated with board and pleasant, well furnished rooms, by applying immediately!at No. J2 W sey street,onesqu ire from the Astor House. This it probably I the most agreeable and delightful portion of thecity. Trrms moderate n25 3tje i BOARDING. A FEW Gentlemen with their families, or single gentlemen only, can be accommodated with pleasant room* with board, during the winter, at No. 17 Broadway, a few doors below Trinity Church. Tli French and Spanish languages are both constantly spoken in the house, tnus affording one of the hest opportuni ties ti. such geutlemen an may wish to pefect themselves in the said languages. For further particulars, please enquire as above. nl4 2w*rc NATIONAL HOTEL, WMktMtM City 1) C. > p HE PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, formerly known at J. Gailtby't. but now generally called Coleman's Hotel, de sirea to return his thanks to his frieuds and the travelling por tion of the community generally, for the favors which they h.ive bestowed upon him since he opened his establishment, and t? issnre them that he will spare no exertions to render hu house worthy ol she patronage of which he has already re ceived to liberal ,i share. The house having been, daring the tummtr. thoroughly painted and refitted, it now 10 tint rate order for the reception of travelleri or retideuts; and the proprietor respectfully to)? <1tt a continuance of put favors ou the part of vmtors to Washington, or residents during the session of Congres*, be ing contidenrthat they will always find comfortable Todgiugt. the best on the uble that the market tfTordt, anil attentive and polite waitert. N 8. COLEMAN. Washington City, September. 1145. iS JmdltWitjgb INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION FOR ALBANY. Having Connection with no other Boat FARE 50 CENTS BERTH8 ti CENTS. The steamboat W \ VE, < apt. Vanderhilt, ?will leave th<- pier et the foot of Kolnnson ?street, This Afternoou, Wednesday, at five O'clock. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the boat. O*" The public intist perceive that the steamers claiming to be Opposition Boats, are shamming, since their prices risewith those of the Monopoly Lines. II patroin/.ed, the Wave will keep down the prices till the close of ua< igation. n86 lt"m ONLY REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR NEW ORLEANS?Tile splendid and fast sailing market ship JOHN MINTURN, Captain Stark, will positively tail on Monday, December lit, her regular day. Hiving superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passenger*, persons about proceeding to New Orleans thoalu not fail to atrnre berths by immediate applies lion on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. n2f> 75 South st., corner of Maideu Lane Union Line of Packets for LIVERPOOL?Picket of 1st of December?The splendid, fast tailing and ilavorite racket ship SKA, IMS tOQl burthen, Captain '"ilwariU, will sail on Monday, December 1, her regular day. The tliipt of thit line being all 1000 tons aud upwards, per tont about to embark for the old country, will not fail to tee the advantages to he derived from selecting this line in pre- ' ferenee to auv their great cafwcity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than thipt of a small class, and thi'ir accnmmodationi for cabin, tecond cabin and steerage passengers, it is well known, are supenor to those of any other line of pnekett. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fnil to make early application, on hoard, footol Peck Slip, or to W Hi J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General uXire Passage Office, 7"> Sonih street, corner Maiden lane ACKET SHIP ROBCIUS, FOR LIVERPOOL ?Ptsteu- I gers by this ship will please be on hoard at Orleans whtrf, 1 foot of Wall ttreet, to-morrow (Thurtdty) morning, 27th ! instant, st 13 o'clock, at which time the ship will tail. l etter Blg? will rlosnt the utual placet at UK o'clock. 'ltt | AMV8KMKNTS. rAKK THKATHK, Wtdlicldmy Krcnlng, November 46th, Will He performed, THE RIVALS. Sir Anthony Absolute Mr Placid* C.ptnn Absolut* Mr Blind Lydia Languish Mrs Bland After which, Pas de Savoyard, by the two Mils Vallee'a. To conclude with, THE DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM. Mr Dulcimer Pipes Mr Placid* Mri Deputy Lomsx Mra Vernon Price ot Admission?Boies, SI ; Pit, M cents ; (Hilary, IS cents. Doors open at 6>* o'clock, s*d the Curtail will rise precisely at 7 o'clock. BOWKKV TIlUATtUD. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. \Vcdii<-?(la)r Krenlng, November '/40th, The performance to commence with SfcTH SLOPE. Seth Slope Mr Hill After which, ? ... WALLACE. Sir Win. Wallace Mr J R Scott Kirkpatrick Mr Daveuport Lady Hflen Marr Mrs Phillips To conclude with 1 HE IDIOT OK THE SHANNON. Patrick Mr Blanchard Andy Mr Cony rrr Lower Boxes W cents; N-cond and Third Tiers, ii eta.; Pit and Oallery, 12X cents. Doors will open at half past 8 the curtaia will rise at 7. PALMO'S OPKH4 tlOlSK. Wednesday, November 40tht OC^-OPEN FOR ONE WEEK-?0 Admission Twenty-Five Cents Only. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SEItENADERS Messrs. OEKMON, STAN WOOD HARRINOTON, PELHAM k WHITE, Respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New Vork, that they have arranged for the above house, For a Few Evenings, aud will commence a Series of Concerts on Monday Evening, Nov 21th, on which occasion will be opened a Budget of New Songs, Oleei, Choruses, Refrains, Ditties, Burlesque Lec tures, kc. For particulars see programmes. Doors open at7?-Concert at 1)4 o'clock. n21 tlr CHKIICT STIIKKT THKATHK. PHILADELPHIA. W. K.Bvkton LiciiKi muMiiitii, SECOND NIGHT OK THE NEW COMEDY OK EVA; OR, THE PAGE. Wednesday Kvmlng, November '46th, ' ' " lorf, ! liss N?l Will be presented the comedy ofEVA?Ceunt Liudorf, Mr Fredericks; Guilderschuff, Mr Brougham; Eva, Mi son; Laily Ida, Mrs McLean. To conclude wi li the comedy of SWEETHEARTS AND WIVES?Billy Lackaday, Ml Burtou; Eugenia, Miss Fisher. MiUtt aiUAfci I'tiJCA'A'JtCfe? PHILADELPHIA ArTiMn Manarkh Mr. Scott. Uta*C .'>1 * M*. tl. ?,. tlftMl Third appearance of MlsTs MARY ANN LEE. Wctlnrid*y levelling, November 40th, The new ballet of JOLIK K1LIE DE OAUA. (or the Pretty Girl of Ghent.) received ou ea< h evening with the most deafening applause, creating a sensation scarcely known in theatrical annals. Miss Lee will be assisted by Me srs W Wood, Mr G Smith, Mr Burke, Madam Dunn, and every individual attached to ths popular Arch Street Company. AliHAllUA, No. 559 Broalway, (between Spring anil l'rinct.) GRAND ARRAY OF TALENT! Wednesday Evening, Nov. 40th, THE GUINEA SERENADERS, MISS MARY ST. CLAIR, the wonderful English Sybil; Mons PHILLIPPE; and Dk. VALENTINE, who will, ou this occasion, deliver his celebrated Fourth of July Oration. Admission 25 cents. NOTICE?Ati entertainment every Saturday at 3 P. M. n26 I fin MENDELSSOHN'S MAGNIFICENT ORATOKIO OK ST. PAUL) will be ]>erfornied ?t the Tabernacle ou THURSDAY Evening, Nov. 27th, inst . tinder the direction of MR. GEORGE LODER. Mr. H. C TI.VIM will preside at the organ. The solo parts ? ill be sustained by the following eminent resident talent Principal Soprano?Mrs. E. LODER. " Contralto?Mrs. VALENTINE MOTT. Jr., her first appearance in Oratorio. Tenore-Mr ROBT. GEO. I'AIGE, hu firit ap pearance in Oratorio. " Basso?Mr WM. S. ROGERS, his first appearauce iu Oratorio. The Choruses will be sustained by about One Hundred and Fifty Ladies and Gentlemen, selected with particular reference to their musical qualifications. The Orchestra will be unusually full and effective, and great pains have been taken to reuder it one of the best perfor mances of the season. Tickets Kif:y Cents each?Mav be had at the music store of Kirth fci Hall; Firth, Hall k Pond; Atwill; Riley k Co; Jollie^ Schafenburg k Luis; Hoyer; Millet: Godone; at the stores of Saxton k Allies; G. K. Nesbit; at the d?or ol the Tabernacle on the evening ol the |>erformancea ; and of n2S 3tim*rh H. MEIGGS, 4t6 Broadway. CONCERTS, SOIREES, ?tec. MR. AND MRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalisti,) are prepared to receive engagements for Concerts, Soirees, kc.. during the forthcoming season. Mrs. C. also acts as Pianist, and can be engaged lor private Cotillion Parties. Kurther particulars on application to MRS. NEWTON, Teacher of the I'iano Forte n7 lm*r and Singing, 401^ Grand street. GKKMANOPKKA COMPANY, PALMU'S OFLRA HOUSE, Chambers Street. SIGNOR PALMO, and the Manager of the German Opera Company, hare the honor to inform the patrons ol the I Opera, that tney will open, eaily in December, with the G? r I man Grand Opera of DER FREISCHUTZ, Bv Carl Maria Vow Wkhkr, Winch will be performed in the very elf cant style ai at Vien na, Berlin, Munich, Sic., from the original score, without omis sion or alteration, and with new and splendid scenery, machi nery, dresses, &c. The following talented artists will appear: MADAME OTTO. Prima Donna, FH-AULEIN KORS1NSKI. Comprimaria. HERR W. BOUCHER, Prnno Tenore, from the Royal Opera. Berlin Drumstadt, Maunheim, itc. HERR F. MEYER, Primo Batso. HERR RIESE,Secondo Tenore. HERIt SANER. Secondo Basso, and a full Orchestra cf THIRTY FOUR Musician*. S1G. RAPETTI. Leader of the Orcheitra. | Chorus matters. Director of the Opera HERR F. MEYER. | Stage Manager HERR RIESE. [T7' Several other artists of distinction are engaged, who will appear lu future Operas. The Opera will be supported by Forty Chorus Singers. Season Tickets for 21 Representations $21 Half do do 12 do 12 Private Boxes for 8 persons 10 do do 6 do 8 do do 4 do 6 First Tier and PaiQUette I Second Tier 50 cts. KIT^Books open for subscription and to secure teats, every day, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. n2ltfrc THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL. or THE EMPIRE CLUB, T<0 be given on FRIDAY EVENING, November SSth, J- 1845, at Tammany Hall. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS: James Connor, R T Compton, J.C. Stoneall, Ale* Wells, Sherman Brownell, J C Potter, Isaac V Fowler, David Scanlin, Edward Nichols, Man us Kelley, Henry Chaufrau, Michael Phillips, Josepn A Dlvver, J C Albertsou, John McCleester, WmJ Ford, Joseph Cornell, I George McKinley Thomas Whelan Thomas Burns, J.tmes G Smith, Thomas McGuire, John Emmaus, Thomas Blackburn Thomas McGivney, Patrick Closey, EdwardSanl'ord, Levi D Slamm, Albert Walsh, G W Anderson, Bernard Rice, Stephen Bath, Samuel Lone, Oeorge Gordon, Richard S. Hanlin, Thomas Conner, E C Josephs, J M Rue, M FO'Dell, Thamas McSpadden, Walter Heyer, Wm Baird, Henry C Atwood, Wm Minor, Malacni Fallon, Abraiy Hatfield, Emanuel B Hart, FLOOR COMMITTEE: James Connor, John Riker, Jr. Emauuel B Hart, ? Augustus Purdy, Edward Gallagher, R B Connolly, Manus Kelley. Morton Kairchild, Peter Crawford, IMvid Scanliu. ISAIAH RYNDF.RS. Chairman. EDWARD GALLAGHER, THOMAS M'GIVNEY, i ?ecret*ries. Sy Tickets One Dollnr. ali Stis'rc CHRISTMAS HOLLDA IfS. GRAND BAZAAR AT~~THE PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM. THE large Saloon and Galleries of the Philadelphia Muse um will be handsomely decorated and fitted up, for the purpose of holding therein during the Christmas Holidays, a Grand Bazaar for the sale and eihibitiou of useful and fancy articles. ... | The Saloon will be divided into compartments, which will be lei to Storekeepers, Trad?smen, and others, who feel dis posed to have suiiliary establishments for the sale of Diy Goods, Fancy Goods, Books, Music, Stationery, Conlectiona ry, Toys, kc. h.c. i'lie Bazaar will be continually enlivened by a full and effi cient I) mil of inasic, whilst other and varied entertainments will, from time to time be introduced; in fact nothing shall be wanting to render it what it is designed to be, emphatically the "Lion of the Holidays."' None will be admitted as deal- ? ers but such as will vie with others in the variety and display ; of their goods. The Bazaar will open on Monday,Dec. 22J, and continue day { and eveniog un'il New Years' Ni lit. Persons desirous of procuring stands will please mike a|* plication between the hours of two and five o'clock, P. M., ar the office of the Museum, where a plan of the arrangement may be seen, anil any further information obtained. New Y ork dealers desirous of competing with their neigh bors of Philadelphia i an have an opportunity to do to by ma king application as above. This undertaking, to novel in its character, and in the largest and most splendid room in the Union for such a purpose, cannot fail to be profitable to all who embark In it. Application must be made at an earl y period in roder to ensure an apartment or a stand nil 2w not " DANCING ACADEMY. 8HAK8PEARE HOTEL, CORNER OF DUANE AND WILLIAM STREET?. ... MR. CJ. ROBERTkON reapectluUy informs hit tneudt and the public, that he has opened Hastes at the abov. rooms for giving instructions in the various modes of dancing Dayi of ttiitiou?W*dne?<U>'? Haturdayi, from 3 to 0 P. M j lor Indict, aud masters under 14 ; and from 8 to 8 P. M. foi' ??"? tlemen. A private clasa for. ladle* from ? to ? P.M. Attem bliet will take place semi-monthly-scholars free ; season tickets Ss 1 lie above roomt have beeu newly painted and refitted Tn a Most elegant style ; and Mr R. insures Parents and guardians that every effort will be used to sdd to the com fori of pupils while at school. Thote wishing tn subscribe will please rail as above. Mr. K. will give his first Grand Ball of the season on Mon | day, Pec. 15. Tickets $1, for a gentleman and his ladiet; to be had nt the Class Rooms, or at Mr.R.'t, 110 Canal street. n23 lin'm , KCOON FOOT?4 Bagt Yellow Pecoon Root, for sale by BOYD It HINCKEN. i u2I 3tr No. 9 Tontine Buildings ? LATEST INTELLIGENCE BT TIE MAILS. Washington. [Correipondenc* of th* New York Harald] Washington, Nov. 24, 1846. The Officers of the two House*?Hou> they are to be Managed?The Union Semre?A R'tre Lot #/ Candidates >tnd Expc< tanl.i. The preliminary hotel dirquisitions relative to the Speaker of the House, dec., are sig nificant. They fostered, at least, a full com plement of candidates for the offices of the two houses of CongresH. The score and a half of members in town, may be seen in groups ol twos and threes, at the hotels, discussing, in an ominous under tone, matters which all the expectants expect appertain to the offices of their expectations. But it will be absolutely impossible that all the candi dates, or one half, or a fourth, aye, that even a fifth of them, will get any thing at nil, at all. For the House, the current of opinion runs steadily in favor of Dr. Davis, as the administration candidate for Speaker. There are twenty other candidates named?among them, such staunch and able men as Hopkins and Dromgoole, and Hunter, of Va , and such promising ana popular men as Bowlin, ol Missouri, Linn Boyd, and Tibbatts, of Ky.; McDowell, of Ohio; Rathbun, ?f N. Y., and a host of others, all on the democratic side. Th? whigs will, perhaps, cast their minority upon Davis, of Ky., in deference to " Harry of the West." On tne subject of the printing, the Union is tri umphant, or, in the language of Jackson, the "Union mus*. and shall be preserved." Howl That's the question. Well, we will tell you how. The Constitution has been compromised off to Bal timore?so that that impediment is out of the way in the Senate. Mr. Harris, joint editor, will do well among the Argentines of South America, and he will make a capital Charge. We hope Mr. Heart, his associate, will have a prosperous time ia Balti more, with the organ that is to be; but it is an ex periment. And now we hear, it,is proposed that Messrs. Fisk and Dow, of the United States Journal, be compromised out of the way of the Union in the House, by Mr. Dow's consenting to siccept again the influential post of door-keeper, M r. Fisk to have such droppings as may perchance tall in his way. If Mr Dow has consented to this arrange ment, he will be the organic candidate for door keeper, as Davis for Speaker, and Ritchie for the printing. And with the consummation i f all these arrangements, the Union will get both houses, har mony will be restored, and we shall go on swim mingly. There will be some resistance?some kicking in the traces by the old Globe men; but they will not be obstinate, we expect, nor perverse, nor dangerous. In the Senate, Col. Roberts, of Michigan, will be prominent among the opponents of Mr. Dickens for Secretary. The rule wt rotation strictly applied, Mr. D. would be ruled out without an election?for he has been in a long time?but this is the secret of strength, ft will take a very strong man to head him, and good management at that, for all these things have to be managed. For Sergeant-at-arms, prominent among the numerous candidates are Mr. Beali, Mr. Riell of New York, and Mr. E. !F. Nut tall, of Kentucky. Mr. Nuttall arrived here a few days ago, with Mr. Thomasson, the representative (whig) from ihe Louisville district, and they are both quartered at the United States. Mr. Nuttall was the democratic candidate opposed to Mr. T. in the late Kentucky Congressional election. They stumped it through the districts and through the campaign together, and were firmer personal friends in the. end than at the beginning. Nuttall declares that he never met with more of a gentleman than Thomasson, and Thomassan roundly asserts that his"greatest grief" is, that so good a fellow as Nuttall should ue a roundhead locofoco. For Clerk of the House, it is still accredited that Mr. WelJer, of Ohio, will oppose Mr. French; and rumor says several other ex-members of Congress are on the qui vive. The capacity, the experience, and the tried fidelity of Mr. French, are strong con siderations in his favor. King Caucus will hesitate to " go it blind" again, upon a new man, by way of experiment, when the incumbent is so entirely reli able, efficient, and accomplished. More per next mail, on other topics. Washington, Nov. 24, 1843. The members of Congress come in slowly, not more than thirty having arrived up to thisday. Gov. Cass reached here yesterday. He is said to be de cidedly in favor of McClelland, of Michigan, tor the Speakership. Mr. McClelland, it is thought, will be a formidable competitor with Dr. Davis, of Indiana, and is about as well, if not better, qoalified for the Chair than any candidate of the party yet named. It is supposed he will start with a large portion of the New York delegation, besides the north-west interest. Mr. McClelland was former ly Speaker of the Legislature of Michigan, and has been two years in Congress. He is originally from Pennsylvania. Judge Douglajs, of Illinois, is also spoken of by some of his friends. The current seems to be running against a caucus. The Penn sylvania delegation have positively refused to at tend any caucus for the Speaker. Mr. Ingersoll's friends, it is said, will run him in any event, for a short time. In a few days more, we shall have ad ditional developments. The Constitution newspa per is about being removed to Baltimore. So the ground will be left to Ritchie and Dow to contend for the House printing, though no one can doubt the result. Washington, Nov. 24> 1846. Further Particulars?Arrivals. Dow, of the U. S. Journal, declares that he will run for the printing of the House, in conjunction with Fisk, at all hazards. So that the place ofdoor keeper is open to the thirteen candidates busily elec tioneering for the post. Col. Niven, of New York, whilom a member of the State Legislature, we believe,.is a candidate for sergeant-at-arms of the Senate. We will bet a hat on Riell against the field. A Mr. G. Sturgis, from Georgia, is in town. We rather suspect he is the same gentleman who came so near beating McNulty, in caucus, for clerk of tha last Congress. If he be the same gentleman, will he not try his hand again 1 As the boys say, he won't do any thing else. The following personages, all members of Con gress, with one or two exceptions specified, have come in since our report of last evening. By to morrow night, a regular big wave of the returning tide. Arrived at Biows's Hotel?Hon. L. B. Chase, Ten nessee; Hon. Moses Norris, Jr., New Hampshire; Hon . Joseph H. Anderson, New York: Hon. J. M. Hoot, Ohio; Hou. A. Trumbo, Kentucky; Hon. David 8. Keid, N. Carolina; Hon. W. L. Yancey, Alabama; Hon. Lewis C. Levin, Philadelphia; Hon. K. Broadhead, Pennsylvania; Hon. David Tod, Onio, (late Dem. candidate for Gover nor;) Hon. M. Birchard, Ohio; Hon. F. A. Cunningham, Ohio; Hon. John B. Weller, Ohio; Hon. Judge Douglas, Illinois; Hon. Robert Dale Owen, Indiana. Coleman's?J. F. Collin* and ladv, Gov. Pratt, of Md. United States Hotel?Hon. John 8. Phelps, N. Y.; Hon. John 8. Chipman and lady, Mich.; Hon. Caleb B . Smith, Ind .; Hon. K. W. McGauhev, Indiana; Hon. A. A. Hammond, do.; Hon. Daniel B. Tilden, Ohio. Gadsbv's Hotel?Hon. Henry 8t. John, Ohio: Hon. J 8. Semple, (Senate,) 111 ; Hon. Albert Smith, N. Y., and Hen. Geo. M. Dallas, Yice President of the United State*. We have not been up to Fuller's. The House, from its convenience to the Departments, and its distance from the Capitol, is more the hotel of the Army and the Navy, than the quarters of membera of Congress. Baltimore, Nov. 24, 1845. The Baltimore Conttitution?Custom Hoxut Affaire?Race by Jackeon, the American Dter?TK* Rape Trials? Billy Wood'i Farewell?Murdoch?The Market!, 4-e The rumor I mentioned a few day* aince, with regard to the IFa thing ton Conttitulion being metamorphosed into the Baltimore Conttitution turns out to be correct. Mr. Polk has mada hi* p?ace with the South. Harris, one of it* editor*, goes out as Consul to Bueno* Ayre* ; and Mr. Heart is to leave the capital with his paper, for certain considerations in the shape of government pat ronage. With energy and perseverance, the Comti/ii lion will do well here, provided the democracy desiru a good, substantial and ably edited paper. The Custom Houso difficulty between Judge Belt and Collector Marriott remains in statu quo, so far as the pub lic is advised. V'esterday afternoon a race against time came ofl' over the canton Course, and quite a crowd of spectator* were present to witness the race. At the appointed time a man entered, who turned out to be Jackson, the Amen can Deer, who went the ten and a-half miles, whirh he had engaged to run within the hour, in two and a-halt minutes less than the time specified. A trotting match was also made against time?Mr. K.dward Woods, of Pennsylvania, driving hi* gray mare "Queen" Alteon mile*, in a (ulkey, in 54 minutea and 22J second* The trial of Stirling, one of the "rape gang," had pro grassed *0 far a* to bo given to the jury last night. The verdict will probably be rendered this morning Lawyer O'Neil, one of the counaal for the defence, satmfactoiiiy to himself, proved every witness for the prosecution to be perjured liara ; and I understand that there is about twenty cow-hides in soak for him The licence of ttie law, under the full swing given it by Judge Bricn, is get ting past endurance, of which lull advantage is taken by our young whipper snapper lawyer*. A good cow hid ing for that which the law will not reach, cannot be call ed Lynch law ^ Old " Billy Wood's" farewell benefit, on the occjmou of leavina forever the Baltimore stage. drew Jort^ an overwhelming and fashionable audience. The " f'./or Gentleman" wuperformed admirably throughout, an I Mr Wood's valedictory address wa* received with gruat enthusiasm. . . .Mr. Murdoch makes his fourth appearance to hi 'V in "Tha Stranger." On Saturday night ha appear; ! ??

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