Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1845 Page 3
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$3,463,3^0 i* include J lor the payment of interest on tlio debt; f>l,613,663 being the interest on tho exter nal debt, and $1,964,;>B7, interest on the internal debt. Tin) revenue is estimated at $12,000,000, which is 5376,37!) less than the estimated expenditures. The 36th article of tbe act says, that the owners of all vessels built in Brazil, exceeding 300 tons, having the captain, pilot, mate, and two-thirds of tho crew Bra zilian, shall be given the sum of ten mill-reis, or $5 for ench tou, as indemnity for tbe duties paid upon the foreign material* necessary for the building of said vessels. By the 48th article, a credit of $100,000 is granted to flie government, to be applied to the importation of use' ful emigrants into the country. It is presumed that during the fiscal year, some reduc tion will be made in the army department, and the ex penses very much reduced. Bra/.il being in the enjoy ment of pcace, it is supposed that the revenue will be much increased; and in the event of an improvement in exchange1), the external dividends to be remitted to Lon don will be much diminished, and a reduction made in the public debt. The annual meeting of the Wilmington and Raleigh (N.C.) Railroad Company was held on the 13th inst.? The receipts of the year ending 1st October, 1516, were as follows Hai.kkiii Railroad. From railroad, $181,484 11 " steamboats 137,000 34 $288,493 46 The oxpenditures were 313,094 30 $76,,199 36 Governor Dudley was re elected President, and con sented to serve. Wo annex an'ofllcial statement, showing the move ment of the Banks of this city for November, compared with August. This table shews a slight expansion in alj the principal departments. In deposits, the increase has been much larger than in the line oi discounts, circula tion or specio. The circulation given, merely includes the registered, as the amount in circulation not register ed, is small, being short of a million of dollars through out tho State. Banks ok the Citv ok New York. Jlugust, 1815. November, 1845. Loans. Specie. I.oani. Specie. Am K*. Bank 2,003,993 347,913 2,375,291 439,48l Bk of Auieri.-a 3,634,449 1,019,426 3,442,279 871,571 Bk of Commerce.... 3,168,57# 737,244 3,488,111 *17,291 Bkof New York... 1,926,696 658,213 2,029,127 721,39!) Bk of State of New York 2 978,451 661,586 1,170,123 5945,273 Butchers ik Drovcra 1,131,927 119,174 1,143.675 100,758 Chemical Bauk #31,537 74,990 914,491 72,429 4 ity Bank 1,157,341 168,546 1,532,859 ? 217,520 Fulton Bank 1,0K7,9#1 141 355 1,039,060 137,392 4)ree?wich 322,673 41,274 286,394 23,567 1.rather Manuf r Bk 1,314,667 139,211 1.334,985 110.236 Manhattan 1,616,093 436,429 1,804,961 354,345 Mechmics 2,524,199 660,251 2,741,775 624 337 Mech's B.uik'p Ass'u 544.345 125.307 .'<611,381 133 382 Mech's Ik Traders... 470 554 46,834 3%.#65 56,107 Merchants Bank... 3,411,447 1,022,166 3,179 873 969,605 Merchant* Ex. Bank 1.482,143 113,430 1,517.344 117,217 National 1,260,340 334,988 1,278,132 271,391 N. Y. Dry Dock ... 383,859 11,746 385,241 12,123 North River 1,117,962 155,298 1,221,943 178,526 I'heoix Bank 1 643,459 276.753 1,959,035 408 928 Seventh Ward 875,604 81,374 810,092 115,027 Tradeiraen' 864.144 99,924 861,919 86 648 Union B?nk 2,020,419 496,579 1 990,910 531,142 Total $-8,075,861 $7,973,001 $39,503,207 $7,996,731 Circu'n. Pep's Circ'n. Hep's. Am KEchnuife Bk.. 181,82# 893,675 211,138 1,271,712 Bkof America... . 207,430 1,287,907 214.970 1,458,852 Bk of Commerce. .. 297,505 1,715 651 217,720 2,181,331 Bkof New York... 323.226 1,733,251 319,826 1,970,830 Bk of State of New Tork 264,502 2,342,347 308,405 2,398,936 Butchers k Drovers. 214,413 602.107 250,671 570,792 Chemical 211,499 596,197 212,266 716,623 City Bonk 197,488 823 067 180,221 953,154 Fulton Bank 220,455 879,219 230,926 745 071 Greenwich 104,103 169,891 122,625 138.694 Leal her Manufs Bk. 258,794 619,028 262,432 699.100 Manhattan 52.126 840,141 51.168 1,(35,215 Mech mica 401,138 1,270,638 432,611 1,418,159 Mech's Banking Ass. 318,481 621,290 318,081 711,765 Mechanics SlTradars 125.947 308 , 20 128,771 291,018 Merchants 318,780 1,859,626 291.720 2,455.039 Merchants Exchange 205,581 591,385 248.450 713,763 Nations' 199,712 798,(W8 185,335 911,136 N. \ . Dry Dock... 58,832 26.021 62 435 23.752 North It iv? r 310.362 675,961 331,618 796,795 1 belli* 3119,260 750,618 361,67 1 996,091 Seveii'h Waid 227 613 362,025 218 299 404,302 Tradesmen' 158,007 493,497 170.065 457,477 i U.iiou 436,632 1.165,503 408,011 1,319,463 $5,747,074 21,123,266 5,832,410 24,644,103 Thesa leading compare as follows:? /.onus Specie. Circui'n. Deposits. \uRU5t 1815 .....$38.A75,86I " ,973,001 5,747,074 21,423,266 November, 1815... 39,503,207 7.996,731 5,832,440 21,614,103 Increase Nov, 1845. $1,427,343 23.733 85,366 3,220,837 Tho circulation and specio appear to havo expe rienced very little change, whilst the discounts have incroajod about three per cent, and the deposit# about fifteen per cent. These comparative sta ements are the best data we have for showing an increased or decreased movement in tbe operations of the banks, but they are at Jpattof little value for that purpose, as they are prepared lo inalto the most favorable exhibit possible, and to dis guise uiiy expausion beyond certain points, if likely to tunke a bad i-ppreesion upon the public mind. The movement of the city and country banks, compared for August and November, shows where tho expansion ivithin the quarter has been. Banks ok thk Statu ok Nrw York. ?.tfiigti st. Norembtr. Loans. Specie. Loans. " City Banks 38,075,#64 7,973,(101 39.503,207 Country Banks... 25,918,831 936,526 29,661,654 $61,024,74 8 8,909,527 69,161,861 Circuityn. Deposits. Circuhin City Banks 5.717,071 21,423,261 5,8*2,410 Country Banks... 11,788 041 6,213,254 11,661,425 Total $17,535 115 $<!8,636,520 $20,493,965 $31,773,991 The country bank", with a circulation, on the 1st of .November, of nearly fifteen millions, had less than nine hundred thousand dollars in specie. From August to November, the loans of the country banks increased fS,715,770; th?i ciiculation $-2,873,484; depesites $016,634, ami the specie decreased $48,716. Old Stock Kx?'linii|(e. M aha* Canton Co bfiO 7t 101 '4 blO WV boo 40 1.30 $1000 N V State 7s, '18 5000 [Vim 5? MICO do 20fl?n Ohio 7? woo III 8pl Bds IOUO do MOO do 5000 Indiana Bil 30 kIis Merchants' Bk Ml Mechanics' Bk 20 Union Ilk Ml do V) Phenii Bank 15# Morriii Canal 100 do 75 do 173 do .'i0 do 2'<0 Farmers' Trust :ii0 do 25 do 50 do .''0 do "># do 1110 Htonington RR 250 do .'?0 do ,'i0 do 50 Harlem HK lifl do 71 150 do do do do do >30 now inn^ 116!, 24>? Mv? 24 23'4 23/1 31 34 ^ 3114 3lV 31 34'a 25 do 100 Kaat Boston 150 L Aland UK 5* do 150 do 50 <Jo 25 Erie Kit 50 do 125 Nor it Wore RR (i do 150 do 50 do 50 do 125 do 25 do 50 do do l>20 1)0 h 10 ? 10 b30 bSO s30 .... 50 Reading RR II* 109 do l>30 42 50 do 1>60 4 2 550 do 67* 100 do 67^i 300 do 8?cond Board. 31 100 Nor b Woro s3 23 U 50 do 25 do . 50 Beading RR blO 44*4 50 do 50 do 50 L Island RR few Stork Kxctiange. S3000 0hio6s,'60 b3 97V 150 Morris Canal 50 shaa Viekshnrg Bk c 8 50 Farmers' Trust btw 50 shas Farmer*' Ln 50 Morris Canal 50 do 50 do 25 ('anton Co 150 Nor St Wore 50 do 83 23'* 23'i 88', US do do KiO do 50 do 50 do 50 do 50 Long Island RR 100 do 25 do iS 34>; 34 >4 34 Q 34 <2 34)2 34 li 75* 75?; 75)4 h5 hjo *13 li.m hio l)4>0 1)10 125 do 25 do 50 do 25 Canton Co 25 Stouingten RR 50 do 25 do 25 Nor & Wore 25 do 50 do 125 do Married. On Tuesday evening Nov 36th, by the Rev. C. C. Pine, Mr. Wili um II. Martin, of Brooklyn, to Mill Mart R. IIaran, of this city. At Ht. John'* Church, by the Rev. Doctor Wainw right, on Thursday tbe 30th instant, Mr. Jame* Wren Fraskr, to Mis* Mary Webb Stuart. (irj~ Charleston paper* please copy. Died. At Matanras, in the Island of Cuba, on the 1st instant, Alfred' Cruder, Kngineer and Contractor of the Cuba Railroads, son of the late Henry N. Cracer, of this city. " Although horn in the I'nited States,'' say* the Matan r.ns Jlurn-a, " he1 wu not a stranger to us, for his vir tues, his skill, talents, and manners were such, that all who knew him could not but love him." The Ojvernor and public authorities united with his fiiends in the tit nn'thL's ??? .* r,losy wa" Pronounced over his Kiavti on the 3d instant. TOITfUK sou I' FDR hXPnTn-ifioN J r;0?UNO of.he American and French Dini?, 8,|onn WNO..M And 16 Na?mn ha* always readv UrMnTn/ tl<lr f"t fr?'1'*1' l'nf "P till hn,? Upwards of ISO different d she* served up dailv for dinn.r from I? M till 5 P. M , -be best of ,h. m*rk,tiv.|| Vnlu of game. fcc. tr? prices which suit every body. Hp hst I t?lv erected s m chine whertou dinnei tor 200 persons ean he in ttfo n> uutf* prepsred Ha* famous buckwheat cake* Fverv arrangement is made for the coniiort ol the * liters ' Hi'* Ha. Ih^'.'.k'Tll ? pmM ')' M "" 9 l' M" <?"?* th* day in \1y sou Henry filiating, ha* erected at a gteat eipens?. a similar establishment In Ho,ton, Maa*., No. 16 Devonshire it. very th inklnl for the enc.ursnemcnt bestowed on me for the last nve Years, and in the ho| c of a continuance. I have the honor to fall mysell your mint obedient lr*tiinra?eiir, "W lm*rc L. <}OSLIN(i. NOTICE. TH/. W fol |he H?lief Of Resi.eet.ble, I Aged Indigent Females, will celebrate their Thirty-He! cond Anniveisary, This Day at 12 o'clock. at the Asylum in Twentieth street, between fteo.nd and Third avenne. ilhe" the anoaal report w ill be read and an annusl addres* delive. ed v "n" ti n "fe respectfully jnviud 10 attend. > u I tie llowery and 1 Inrd avenue stage* mn toTwen tnah Street. ? |(|b DR. t+f.UlUiE LbO-W()LK, ~* HAVING re turned from Kurope, has resumed the practice of hi* profi?*Mon at No. fMJ Miainbf*r<v ttreiit New Viuk, November 19th, IMS. ojn linn, eetl me. POST Of KICK, t N*w Folia, Not 17. 1815. S STEAMEll BRITANNIA.?On Uuuday, the Juili instsot, theie will bv a Special Espress from this Office lo B'uinii, \ ii Long liUnn Railroad, with llic letters for (lie steamer Bri tannia, wlucli will leave Bwiuaoo Monday, Dec. I. This Office will be 0|>en fro in 9 A. M. until |'.j P. M. on Sunday, the JOtli instant, at which time die mail l'ur (lie steain er w ill cloie. The mail on Saturday, 29th instant, by steam boat, will close at hall-past 3. Pontage on all letters mint be prepaid to Boston. Lrttmrn of lulf an ounce ?r under, 5 cents. Each additional halfouffce 5 cents. ??27 3trc ROBBRT H. MORRIS, P. M. ECTUHE IN ST. PETER'S CHURCH. BARt*LA"Y STREET-A Lecture will lie delivered in St Peter's lli^'by'tWVwy N?Vrmb" 3?"" Subject?Are the Holy Scriptures tlie sole rule of Faith and Jud^c controversy f Tne doors of the Church will be opened at C o'clock. The Lecture will commence at 7 o'clock. Ticket* twenty-five ceutj. ' u27 3t*rc #30 ()()() T0 BK LOANED lu ONK O, two I I ' ??,.on improved Real Estate in this city. AW"y 10 VVM. CORP. RegUter's Olfiee, _?t . . Hall of Records, er at n27 U fg KS.' No. 85 Walker st. M. LEVETT, DENTIST, I HE JNTRODUCtR of the insertion of Artificial Teeth 011 J'principle of Atmospheric Preisnre, 260 Broadway, corner of Warren street. We, the undersigned, in consideration of duty to the public, as well as to Mr. Levett, who possesses a remarkable tact (pe culiar to In in > in the application of the principle of atmosphe ric pressuie. having had numerous cases come under our ob ??rvatiou, Jo cheerfully recommend that geutleman to our citizeus. Signed, ISAAC J. GREENWOOD, Dut tor of Dental Surgery. JOHN NE1LSON.M. D., P. 8. TOWNSENf), M. l5 , ul7 lt*rc H McLEAN, m. d. TEETH!TEETH! 11EETH inserted without pain, and warranted good at the natural ones, for biting and mastication. A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on tine gold plates, $50 00 A set of best mineral Teeth, on fine gold plate, lor the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric pressure, 30 00 Single Tooth, from $1 00 to 5 00 Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 60 By Ur JONES, corner of Canal street and Broadway, en l ranee in Canal street dZI lt*rc DR. POWELL. OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Disease* of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o clock, at Ins resideuce, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren ?t. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and succes*. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few m mutes. ART1KICIAL EYES inserted that can scarcely be die tingu'shed from the natural. Offices and residence 261 Broadway?entrance IX Warren "reel. n27 lt?rc OMP I HOLLER'S OKKICE, State of New York.?The " James Bank" ha* fis day filed in this office the ap pointment of Messrs. Taylor &. Smith, No. 62 Wall street, New V ork, as the agents lor the redemption of it* circulating notes, together with a revocation of the appointment of James f. Uertiue as such agent, agreeably to the act eutitlcd " Aa act relating to the redemption of Bank Notes,'' passed May 4, 'SI?- A. C, FLAGG, Comptroller. Comptroller s Office, Albany, Nov. 12, 1815. Eastern hunds and all other kinds of uncurrent bank notes wanted this day, at very low rates, by iiKfi :)fm TAYLOR it SMITH, No. 62 Wall street. WANTED. A SITUATION by a man eompetentof Color Mixing for Calicoes and DeLaines, and has a general knowledge of the business. He has iust arrived from England Persons wishing to engage the applicant, can see samples of his work at No 5 Gold street, Ntw York. n2l lw*r WANTED, CUB8CRIBERS?At CLARKS Ik STEVAN'S Free Agen *-? cy and Temperance Intelligence, 95 Duane street, west of Broadway, where they can have good faithful servants, with out any charge, and also with as little delay as possible,conks, waiters, Sic., of every description and of good moral character. A tirst rate Cook on hand at 95 Duane street n20 lm?rh WANTED, FREE TEMPERANCE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, BROADWAY, (between Broom and Grand streets,) ^ ' Cis where stirvants and assistanti, of every capacity,both male and female, are furnished FREE to employers The characters of all, offering for situatious, will he strictly examined before they leave the office, and none hut the honest, sober, industriousaud capable oues recommended or allowed to engage to employers. Women, men, girls and boys wishing employment of any kind who can prove, satisfactorily, the above character, can ob tain good sltu'-lions?no others need apply. nl9 lni*m LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value lor all kinds of sutierHuons effects they wish to dispose of, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Fttruiture, Sic. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the rity will liud it to their advantage to send lor the tubsc<iber, who pledges himself to give a fair price lor all nrticles offered. N. B.?A line through the Post Office will he promptly at tended to T. LEVENSTYN, o27 lm'mc 466 Broadway, up stairs. TO THE LADIES!! TO THE LADIES !!! * LADIES having any kind of cast off or superfluous Clothing to dispose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen,) oan obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence, No. 69 Duane street, basement MRS. M. 8. COHEN. P. S.?A letter through the Pott Office, or otherwise, will be punctually attended to. nl9 lm*rc t . GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE OF LITERATURE AND ART, For December, 1845. GRAHAM'S ELEGANT ENGRAVINGS. , PARIS FASHIONS. "I 'HE, second of our Paris Fashions is a most elegant plate, A and we are lure that it so far eclipies all others, that it c*lls lor no praise from us. We have made arrangements to have them iu every number ot the volume for 1(116. AMERICAN BATTLE GROUNDS. No. VI. B ATTLE OK EUTA W SPRINGS. ( Phis is one of Sinillie's beautifully engraved pictures.) THE LOVE TOKEN. The universal passion'' is here dressed in a very attractive, thoiuh somewhat homely garb. T?*ms? S3 per annum Single Nos. 25 cents. This number en'ls the Vol. The JANUARY NUMBER, 1846, will be issued about the 16th of December. Persons in tins city or Brooklyn, who wish to take Graham's Magazine, cm have it left at their residences, payable by the number on delivery. Price 25 cents, or $3 per annum?2 copies for $5 in advance. Subscribers who wish their volumes bound, can get it done at a reduced price, at t ie Office, Tribune Building. Subscribers will please leave their names with the exclusive ageut. WM. H. GRAHAM, Tribune Building, Nassau st., opposite the Park. VT7* WANTED?Grakims Magazine lrom January to June, mil,or tne complete Vol. ,841, lor which the subscrip tion price will be paid. u26 2'rr FINE ARTS, 241 k BROADWAY. WE HAVE the honor to inform the public and our friends, that the gigantic work of the History of Egypt, ancient and modem, and the 500,000 figures, animals, hat'les, pyramids, &c., being for sale in our store, wiil be viiible for a few day only. YVe hoi* amateurs wilj not mis* this rare chance, as being the only one in the United States, and said to have coit up wards of $300 Magnificent Gallery of Oil Paintings. "?'? 3t*rc E. A YAS^E & CHAVEAU. KKfcF THE BALL IN MOTION. AS SAM SLICK s?id i" ili" 1 lock. ?Now it Mr. Slick was liring in these davs ol Phrenu-Auimal-MagueiicElectro-Oligvim, when cats fight till there is nothing leli of them but hair, and locoinotires scratch gravel to til*- tune of 15,000 miles per hoar, ai d (lie Pre sident's message sent to Oregon on a chain of lightning, he would naturally come to the conclusion that every lire man ought to harp a Cli ck that would be sure to keep the ball in motion. Such may be found at SMITII Ik BROTHERS, 32 S. Charles street, n25 2tis"rc Baltimore. FANCY BOXKS FUR JKINBONS. HAVIN(? just received a <plendid assortment of Fancy Box?s from I'aris, the dealers in same articles are invited to call ami examine the'articles. which are offered at lower pri ces than they ever were imported for. BRUN LA ROSIERE tc COURT, n25 Im'rh IIC William street. J. It. BELL, TAXIDERMIST, t)UQ BROADWAY, corner of Reade street, up stairs, has constantly on hand a variety of Cases, Shades, Sic. for parlor or mantel ornaments. Also, a large collection of Mutinied Birds Bird Skins, Sic., for sale or exchanged. Pet Bird*. Sic., mounted in a very superior manner, to order ? Public or private collections supplied at the shortest notice. u22 lm*r MUFFS, MUFFS AND FURS. WK. would advise those ladies who have not supplied them selves with Stuffs, to call at \VM. COOPER'S FnrStores, and look at his extensive assortment of Fancy Kurs.and we will assure them that ttiey will find his Muffs not alone superior but cheaper tii"ii any other store in the city. IVm. Cooper'* Fur Manufactories, liatGt Bowery 5 doors above Walker street?and 95 Maiden Lane, near Gold street. N. B.?All Furs bought nt his stores warranted to be what thev are represented nl4 Im'r CHEAP SOAP WORKS. DErOT NO. a COURTLANDT STREET, Under the National Hotel. JOHSON'8 Walnut Oil Shaving Soap. do Snperior Almond Soap. do Toilet Soap All very highly scenud. and at prices lower than any other houie. All kinds ol Perfumery for Barbers, Storekeepem, Families, Jtc. Sold by C. VAN 8CHOONHOVEN, n9 lm*r No. S Conrtlandt street. DR. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS. BROAD WAV?EXTRACT? I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieutenant 381 .Mcintosh, to state that he was invalided home in conieuueuce nf total deafness and and discharges from the ear?that while hi New Vork, on his way home, lie placed himself under the pro fessional care of Drs. Castle 1'. Edwards, Aurists. Under their skilful treatment he recovered his hearing, and has returned to his military duty. Signed. H. MeNEVIN, Surgeon to H B. M. forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC. DROPS?A sure cure cure for incipient deaf ness, pains in and discharge* from the ears, bur.zings, ringings or singing sounds, collections of hard wax, or vitiated secre tions of these organs. nlS lin'inc DENTISTRY. DR. 11. O BIjANKMAN, Dentist, 116 Chambers street, N. Vork, late of Virginia, offers his professional service* :i the public. Persons w ho are desirous nl having operati i.s upon so ornamental anil useful an iipi'endags as the teeth pio p*rly attended to, are rrgiiMted to call at his office, where re fetenees of the highest respectability can be had. Terms in ? derate, and nil operations warranted n2fl I2t'i PA RTI iZs! 'PlIE SUBSCRIBER most ie?|vclfnlly intimates to the -l fashionable public of New > oik, thai he has established himself in the ornamental confer! imarv business. 11 is e?je tience of many years in this branch, gained in the grea est ea piralsof Europe and the United States, hit superiority of wmk nianship, and as artist, enables him to furnish parties and wed dings w ith Tyramids, Temides of any description, lee Cream of all varieties, Charlotte <le Russ? Jellies, and all other arti cles belonging to the same profess on. of superior ?i\le. and rheaper than any whe.c else Hirnlace of manufactory is not iii i,ne of the great thoroughfares, nut those ladi* ? who sic pleased to gire their ord rs, inav rely on beiug served without disappointment, to their aatisfactim. Dinners and suppers attended to, and experienced waiters provided. L. LEVrOLDT, nl.1 atawlm'rc No 121 Spring street - ? DUCKING GUNS. r* CASES superior Duck Ouns, of the molt approved length form, weight and bore. 5 Cases rery superior Cocking (Juii* # caaea low priced boys' auu larger Ooni The abore VP1 *7i?ow V be sola at extreme low prices, i 'lock of Sporting articles. Oun materials, Ike. oX 3tswlm*re A. W. SI'IKS k Co. am Pearl street potatoes: 1(M) BaJpp!wli8 Lnh- K'rV,l-r,-|*c"d for families BiTTrrn ,oU 10 "n,t BUTTKR?130 rack*fffft Dairy Hurler. for n?U by _ , ^ ? T. ARM8TH6NO. Agent, I nJJ lw.od r 1*1 Brt*d rtreei ?? ? AUCTION MAXtlCII. E. H LUDLOW. Agcliogcrr. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.-E. H LUULOWkCO. will se'l at auction uii Thursday, Nov. 27th, at 11 o'clock, " Mr Frost's warerooui, No 7H Bro?dws>. op|>osite the New York Hotel, furniture removed for couveuiruce of sale, cou sisling of mahu<| tuy Freuch wardrobes, French bedtteads, so fas, extension table, two very Urge library hook c?s?s, locking glasses, wash stands, cloth Mauds, matting, Stc. Also, 1 superior rosewood Piano Forte. made by Chickerinf, of Boston?all of which can be examined the morniug ?f n27 lt*r R. H. TIMPSON, Auctioneer. V RNITL'KK, CUTLERY, FANCY (JOOD8. CROCK ERY. Home Furnishing Articles, ko lie.?JOHNSON V Tl MPSON will aril THIS L)AY, at 10 o'clock, at the sales room No. 66 Vesey atreet, near Greenwich atreet, viz?in part of mahogany sofas, chairs ; French and other bedsteads, break fast tables, bureaus, 'limn* tables, enclosed washstands, toilet and wash do : dinner, breakfast and tea sets, plated ware, fancy work boxes, ladies' aud gentlemen's dressing cases; table knives aud torks, in sets and in dozens: shovels and tongs, and stan dards; seta of tea trays; hall and solar lamps: cut glass lamps, sets dish covers?together with an extensive assortment of house furnishing articles mid lancy goods, particularly worthy tlie attention of families, Sic, he. n27 lt*r LOST OR STRAYED, From the Bird Store of A. Grieves, 5 John Street, ON TUESDAY, about 3 o'clock, a small liver colored spot ted DOti, Spanish, about five months old, willi spotted leg-, aud oue ear also spotted A suitable reward will be given by the undersigned, who Ins just imported a ger.itili* breed of the celebrated "Charles's," and offers for sale the rarest collec tion ol Birds, ('ages, and Bird Seeds in this or any other coun try. 11*7 3t* re ARCHY GRIEVES, S John street. LOST, ON SATURDAY Evening, between the Apollo and Yarick street, through ?'anal stree., a Gold Bracelet with three Topaz Stones The tinder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 25 South William street, upstairs. ii37 2t*rc FURNISHED I'ARLOIl and Bed Room adjoining, to let, in Leonard street, near the Carlton and Athauirum Hotels, and Socety Library. Thedwelliug is not a boarding or lodg ing house. Cleanliness aud care may be depeuded ou. Terms moderate Suitable for one or two gentlemen. u27 lt*r TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. I WARRANT them all to be ai represented, or the money refunded. MY KAU LUSTRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE. This universally approved and admired article, free from ar dent spirits, pungent essential oil, aud other destructive mate ri'Is. cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of the flowers.? Hair washed with this Extract soon becomes pleasingly soft and luxuriant iu its growth : aud it will positively bring m new hair on balu heads by iu use, and hair that has been made harsh, and is turning grey or falling oat, by the use of spirit or other improper preparations, will soon be restored to its natural co lor and brilliancy bv a few applications ol the Kan Lustra!. It is a preservative against baldness, and an infallible cure iu all affections of the skill on the held, as dandruff? and for pre venting the falling off of the hair and turniug grey. It is the simple produce and iinmed ate extract of some plants salutary tor tlie hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis aua < apillarv lubes of the corr sive action of the Perspintioii, and ol the dry and dead particles that it dei>osiU. This preparation purifies the hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softness, aud au agreeable and vivifying perlume. EVIDENCE. Nature is an iuexiiaustible mine, iu which experience and study will always find room to excavate ; it is that source, alone, which produces all that man calls invention, and which he would 11 better, perhaps, to name adaptations. For sale, wholesale aud retail by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer aud Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by myagents J. B.^Jaequetnad. No. 411 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. IP and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. comer of Cedar and William streets. Premiums wasawarded at the Franklin Institute. Gentlemen of new yoric?My celebrated AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND SHAVINO CREAMS, defy a comparison iu America or Europe No per son will use auy other after using this Emollient Paste. It i? the best, the very best. (Jive it only a single trial. 1 do not ask any more to convince you. 1 warrant it. For sale wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S Perfumery and Chemical Store, 46 4outh Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv agents:?J. B. Ja<|uemnd, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault. Lalayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151, Broadway; A. Willaril, S. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin lustitute. rPOTHE BEAUTIFIER8 OFTHECOMPLEXION?8ur 1 prising Efficacy!?MY EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND NYMPH SOAP, composed of an eastern botauical discovery ol surprising efficacy for rendering the skin soft and fair, as well as imparting a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. As a creator aud conservator of that most distinguishing charm of female loveliness, a transparent fair skiu, JULES HAUEL'S Nymph Soap, or Eau Divine de Venus, may be said to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the most part of Oriental balsamic plants, to the utter exclusiou of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ex tremely bland, purifying and soothing action on the skin ; and by ontlie pores and minute secretory vessels, expuls all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to iullamma tion, aud, by this method alone, effectually dissipates all red ness, tan. pimples, freckles, sunburn, and other uusightly cuta neous visitatious, so inimical) to female loveliness. Its use will chauge the most bilious complexion into oue of ra diant whiteness ; while on the neck, hands and arms, it be stows a delicacy aud fairness which its continued use will hap pily protect, with every apiiearance of youthful charm to the most advanced periods of life. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JULES HAULE, Practical Chemist aud Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philaoelphja. and by mv agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, No.415 Broadway; F, A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar. Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W. corner ol Cedar and William streets. Premium was awarded at the Franklin lustitute. A CHEMICAL RESULT?A WONDER '.-MY CELE BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to enaMe iirramm to dye instantaneously their bur, without the least incouveiiience. Kor chKiiftiug red or grey hair, whiskers, eyebrow*, kc. to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil consequences neetl not be feared from its use?it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dye, in an indellible manner, the various ^'nidations of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and h- s justified the liberal patronage md unlimited confidence of the public If black is required, ask for box marked N; if brown, box marked B Beware of counterfeits.?Ask for "Jules Hauel's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if you wantth- genuine article. frorsale, wholesale aud retail, by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street. Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacmiemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artiult, l.aUvetie Baznar, N'os. 149 aud 151 Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. TORY POVVDER has been found highly beneficial and of (treat use to ladies who have been afflicted with supertluous hair, principally when its frowth has been confined to the up per lip aud side of the face, giving a masculine turn to the whole features. When used with proper care, and according to the directions, it will be found to oe a great addition to the toilet,as the use o( any sharp instrument is entirely avoided, aud the hair is removed in live or ten minutes after its applica tion. This composition is infallible, and warranted to remove su perllous hair. After numerous trials I have received certifi cates of success which cannot be coutested. For sale, wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S DEPOT, IS South Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W corner of Cedar and Williamj streets. Prem.ums awarded at the Franklin Institute. A TTENTION!?ALL WHO DK.9IRK PEARLY WHITE -tt- TEETH?My unrivalled ROSE TOOTH TASTE is universally sought after for the pearly whiteness it gives to the Teeth, without the slightest injury. For sale, wholesale aud retail, at JULES HAUEL'S. Practical Chemist aud Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F A. Artault, Ljiayette Bazaar, Nos. II!) and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. corner of Cedir and William streets. I'rtmiums awarded at the franklin Institute. ul6 lm'rc THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINE GAL VANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTER. CERTIFICATE NO. 13 ?'The snojoined certificate, select ed from a number, is from a gentleman of unexcept ionable stauding and respectability, now resident in the city of Brook lyn, is a strong mid unequivocal proof of the invaluable cha racter of this remedial agent; other evidences of an indisputa ble nature can be furnished at the office ol the priucipal agent, No. 65 Chambers street;? The undersigned having for some years suffered much from pain in the hip, occasioned by a fall, ntteuded with rheumatic affection, does not hesitate to give tills public testimonial to the utility and gieat intrinsic value of St. Jean's Metalline Strengthening fluster, and .oassert his unqualified approbation of the invaluable properties incorporated in it Having at times suffered so severely as scarcely to be able to raise my limb, aud rendered almost a cripple, I w?s induced to try this remedy, and was surprised to fiud in a very short time alter application of the plaster, an almost instantaneous cessa tion of pain, and ray limb so much relieved that 1 raised it. and walk'd with much greater ease thau for two years previous. I am thoroughly convinced of its singular efficacy and abili ty to effect a sp??dy cure iu similar rases, and therefore re commend it with confidence to my friends. Signed, LOSF.E VAN NOSTRAND. New York, Nov. I, 1815. . Secured by Letters Patent, and for sale b f the im|<orter. No. 2 William street, at the Priucipal Office, No. 65 Chambers St., and by resectable druggists generally nlJ Jweod'rc^ ALBION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. LONDON AND NEW YORK. Instituted in IN>6. Capital One million Sterling, or ?5,000,000. THIS Company has beeu in successful operation for FOR ?l TY yean, and PAYS in CASH to those insured oa the participating scale, EIGHTY per cent of ALL the profits every TURK E years at compouud iuteiest. All eligible risks have the great advantage of being confirmed at once, participating from the date of their policies in the first division of profits. Era m filet of Rates for insuronce of $100. Age next I For one I For seven I For whole life I For whole life birthday year. years. without profits with profits. 25 I 98 | 1 OJ | 1 91 I 2 17 30 j ?1 06 I I :j | 2 19 2 41 1 18 I 1 25 2 55 2 40 I I 31 | 1 41 I 3 09 I 3 39 liiMirmce *t nil ages from 10 to 74 years, inclusive, from $500 to $15 003 on a siugle life. Medical Examiners. J. W. Francis, Esq.. M. D.. No I Bond street. J. C. Beales, r'.sq , M. D., No. 543 Broadway. Travelling limits very liberal. Prospectus ? ith rates, an nuities, fcc., ami every information, can be obtained by sppli. canon to the agents. JOSEPH FOWLER,}., w.? R. 8. BUCHANAN. \ VM uuv njsnisn , street, nl Stawlm're GEOLOGY?NATURAL HISTORY. WILEY k PUTNAM, Ifll Hronilwny, | I AVE ON "ALE?ELEMENTS OF OEOLOOY. pre '? pared for the use of .Schools and Colleges by W. S. W. Hiisehenher^i r, M. D., U. S. Naiy,&c , illustrated by 300en giavlugs?l'riee .'i0 cents. Also, Rusrheubergei's Knar Books of Natural History, con sidered by distn guished scientific meu, in every section of the United States, to bo the best series of clemei tary works ever offered to the public. Orders promptly supplied a* shot#, and by the publishers, (JRIUO ?c ELLIOT, "31 6weoirrc No. 9 X'orth Kounh street, 1'hiladel) hi.i NEW FRENCH "METHOD. < ). BERTIAU bus just published and offers lor sale, the first course of his new practical anil theoretical Method for teaching aud learning the French Language. A Key to the exercises will also be ready for sale in a few days, and the second aud last work being in type will follow shortly. This work, entirely on a new plan, is the fruit of twenty years ex perience of its author in teaching. F. (J Berteau will give instructions after his method three lime* a week, on Monday*, Wednesday! and Kndavs, from 7 till 8 o i.lo' k in the criming, in his bookstore, 31 *? Broadway, to a* toon m a class can b? formed. o'i'i Jteod is ic F AMUMMKNTS. GRAND VOCAI. AND INSTRUMENTAL CONOERT. M CHRISTIAN HUBER (I1 irst Violoncellist and mem ? l>?r of the Cuoservator) uf Pan.,) has tbe houoi to ?u xcuucr that his first Conceit in America, will take plsre on FRIDAY tVtNINU, the 28ih of Nov., at the APOLLO SALOON He w ill be assn ted by Mr*. VALENTINE MOTT, Jr., M. UlBERT. Mr. JOHN A KYLE. and Mademolicllt HUiJElt, wlio will preside at til* PiauoForte. PROGRAMME. PART I. ' I. Oveitare ... ... 2. Sung?Mrs. Valentine Mott, Jr., Seaman's Keeling, written aid composed on the Atlantic, by C. Huber 3. Impromptu for Violoncello, with oblignto Flute >c cuwpaiiimeut by Mr. J. A. Kyle, -Halu a L' Auiei ique," cinnpoaed by C. Huber 1. Barcarole?M. (Jibert F. Shubert , ? PAilT ?? l.l ivertnie 2. Recitative aud Am?Mrs. Valentine Mott, Jr., from MaritecchieCapuletti Bellini J. (irand Air and Variations for tlm V ioloncello, com posed and executed by .C. Huber I. Ballad?M. (Jibert?Marguerite at lier spinning wheel F Shubert 5. 1' oitnu i ou the Cachucha, comi>osed aud executed by C. Huber ricKeU One Dollar each. To be hail at the p-iucipal Music at ''oor ou the evening of the Concert. '1 lie Concert to commence at t o'clock. u26 3tis rh GERMAN OPERA COMPANY, PALMO'S OPKRA HOUSE, Chambers Street. SJIONOR PALMO, and the Manager of the Oermau Opera ' Company, have the honor to inform the patrons of the ] Opera, that they will open, early iu December, with the O.r ' BUM (irand Opera of DER FREISCHUTZ, j Bv Carl Maui* Vok Wehck, I Which will be performed in the very elegant style as at Vien | na, Berlin, Muuich, Sen., from the original score, w itliout omis sion or alteration, mid with new and splendid scenery. machi nery , dresses, 8tc. The following talented artists will appear: MAD AME OTTO, Prima Doiiua. FRAULEIN K0USIN8K'. Comtnrimaria. HERR W. BOUCHER, Primo Teuore, from the Royal Opera. Berlin. Drumstadt, Maunheim, Sic. HERR K. MEYER, Priino Basso. IIMOt RIKSK, Secondo Tenore. I HERR SAUER, Secondo Basso. II Kit II SCHNEFF, Basso Bntfo, and a full Orchestra of THIKTY-FOUR Musicians. 8IO. RAPETTI. Leader of the Orchestra. MON8. ETIENNE, ? HERR A. W. HERO, J Chorus misters. Director ol the Opera HERR F. MEVER. Stage Manager HERR RIE8E. rt ? Several other artists of distinction are engaged, who wilt appear in futnre Operas. The Opera will be supported by Forty Chorus Singers. Season Tickets for 21 Representations (21 Half do do 12 do 12 Private Boxes for 8 jwrsons 10 do do A do A do do 4 do 6 First Tier and Parquette 1 Second Tier M ets. rty Books open for subscription and to secure seat*, every day, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. nJltfrc A CARD. MR. BURKE (known some years since, as the "celebrated Master Burke," and recently a pupil of De Beiiot,the great violinist.) respectfully informs his friends and the citi zens of New York generally, that he designs giving his first Concert in this city, since Ins return from Europe, on Friday Evening, December Jth, 1816, at the Apollo Rooms in Broad way; ou which occasion Mr. Borke will be assisted by several distinguished artists. Particulars in future advertisements. u27 3tis*rc PARR THEATRE. MR. ROBERTS respectfully announces that his BENE- : KIT, and last ap|iearauce, will take place on Friday eve ning, the 28th instant; ou which occasion will be presented the "School for Scandal, iu which Mr. H. Placide will sustain 1 his highly popular character of Sir Peter Teazle; Lady Teazle liy Mrs. Bland. After which a new Farce, adapted from the French, entitled "The West Point Cadet," with other enter tainments. The Box Book is now open. nZG 3tis*rc 'THE AMERICAN GYMNASIUM, 190 anil l?l Crosby Street, HA^ BKKN COMPLETED and 1* now open toreiercise. This iiutitut ioiii? by for the most eiteusive and complete mw?;KVx:^ men:?Valentine MoU, M. D.; J. C- Cheesman, ai. v , - Kearney Rogers, M. D j ^ - HATFIELD. Proprietor. HENRY L. TWIGGS, Director. i New York, Nov. 26th. m5- 11 GYMNASIUM, No. 29 ANN STKKti T lsS2^3^asfe.rtfu? cat manner. Sparring taught as usua . Hamilton, teacher W. F. has untie on arrangement with Sir. Hamilton, of the American and French Broad Sword alsci the Small Sword and Musket Zeroise. Term* moderate. n27 ?w rl. ? NOVEL SPORT. A FOX CHASE. w? raK5?g.S-Sg 1 Jo"^*vH|,\'*r',l'Iirice wlli be given for good animals. u21 Iw ltWf : - rnML< UTORE AND HOUSK 78 Veaey street, near e of Esenweine &? Williamson. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?The home No 94 J? rolemou .treet, will be let at a low price till the 1st of .May next. Possession given immediately. Apply at" 'earl street, up stain. ? HARLEM RIVER HO I EL. u TO LET?From now until the lirst of May "?"?TV") the privilege of one or more years lesse, witt' piwrt of tne JOiEf. roimre ftr sale. The house is well furnished, and. full operation; and, situated ^ "l thU Uland the river and the termination of the Railroad on this Island, makes it a ureal place of business through the year. ' which will be moderate, enquire of ^'^' '"{J^i^hreTeuri^' mises, from 8 to 9 m the n.oruing, or from 3 to S iu the evem k n2l Iwis'rc . HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, a*43 Choatnut Street, PHILADELPHIA., . BATHS init introduced?Warm and Cold?iu fine apart twnu, for both Udies and gentlemen;and .he ?iixation and fitting np ol every department of the WaaWngt n House, complete. MANNAHATA HALL, CHATHAM c^UARE. M. informalthe"i?idihmmm HSmda^ud'Se public? that they i^^r^tre^u.'1 i lion,.presentedby J Hedricks, Esq., which change their coUr | almost hourly. A great curiosity. ? " " BOARD IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY, r | < WO OR THREE single ^en.le^^or a^ettlema. and 1 his wife, can be accommodated with board "d plejuaat, well furnished rooms, by applying immediately at No. ? V SHV squue Iroin the Astor House. This is probaoiy the most agreeable and delightful portiou ol thecity. Terms moderate ? " BOARDING. , , j A FEW Gentlemen with their families, or single K?PV'"1*,n only, ean be accommodated with pleasant roonis with board, , during the w.nter, at No. 17 Broadway, a few door, below . XTI,i,yFrench and Spanish languages ye both constantly | spoken in the house, thus affording ?e of the bea^O^rtnni ties to such gentlemen aa may wish to pefect themselves in tne said languages. For further particnlara, pleaae enquire as abo . n 14 2Wrc - FOR, SALE a raRF CHANCKJAND GREAT BARGAIN.?'The A Stock and Futures of a Lunch and Coffee ^""Sow'dSiJg in one of the greatest thoroughfares #f ihe cit), now'doing .cash business of from eight hundred to n#r month will he sold cheap for cash, a* tnt present occu uant cannot attend to it. Satisfactory reasons for selling out, ??dall particulars concerning Re place, wdl b^Wn ?n aPP|, cation to ^ 96 Vesey st"it. ii2? 3t"rh opposite Washington Market. "" NATIONAL HOTEL, | Washington City DC. rpHE PROPRIETOR of thisfineHoteUoraerlT^ownu JL Gadsbv's, bnt now generally called Coleman s Motel, oe , sires to return his thanks to his friends Md'the ?TeUing jjor | tion of the community generally, for the r^TO? wnicn iney h ive bestowed upon him since he opened his establishment, and t? assure them'tlut he will?*'?. n? JSHSPuI? already re house worthy ol she patronage of which he has already r* "'The 'honse^havlng^been, during the rammer thoroughly painted and refitted, is now in first rate order fori ol travellers or residents; and the proprietor T soh cts a contiuuance of past favors (' ougress be W?shin?ton. or residents dunug the sesswn 01 uiaren, or ''Washington 4' itT. Sept ember. IMS. aS ImdfcWisjgh kc- f?fjjfVTteSfftA0* "VI*23?Broad Wjsy ? " ... - American Hotel. nlo lmis r ?? ??? ???? =5^?i-mun link OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Regular I'aeket of 1st BHtand favorite packet ship KALAMAZOO; oapt. .vie rf!5!T!?!l! sail positively as above h.r regnl" day . IImvnicr very superior accommodations lor caoui? ec csbin anS .,e^?e linger., >^ the old country , will do well to sclect thI"1 .hiwra .t pier 5, ?eenre berths, application should he m APHCOT^ ^5 ;""? 74 South street, corner Maiden jw. ONLY REOl'L VR LlNE OF PACKETS f OR lion on board, foot of Wall ,lr^y'jJjJ't. TAPSCOTT, 2j 7S South si., comer ol Maiden Lane "Union Line ol PaektS.for UV^ftL^kyiJ I mon Line ol laeiei>io? r ?-??? ? anj of isr of Pec ember?The iplendid. Irwt Mtliw and HflyK.i'tvorite rscket ship SKA. 1001! tons onrtheii* Captain will sail on Monday, De'cember I, her regular /ay. The ships of this line being all I"0" tons and .n..s about to embark for the old eom try. will not see Ihi sdvantages lo be derived train selecting this line in pre Ierence lo?uv their great capacity renders them every Lav more comfortable and convenient than ships ol a small rlaas snd their accommodations lor cabin, aecond cabin and steer'sge passengers, it is well known, are snpe.ior to those of an\* OtSier hne of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early applnation, on board, Tootol Peck j T TAPSCOTT, at their General ntfirr Passage Office, T1) Wonth street, corner Maiden 'ITT?? PbBaCKET SHIP ROSCILW, FOR LIVERPOOL-Ps"?nf gers by this ship will rleiue he on board at Oriea> * W foot of Wall Street, to morrow (Ihnniday) """"" infant, at U o'clock, at which lime the ship * , u o'clock Uiler B?g> will cioac al the usual plaCM at HH o cloc amuikmkhtm. FAIUl THKAIHK, Thursday KTtnlnf, November 47th, Will he iwrformed, TIME WORKS WONDERS. GoMlluiuib Mr Placidt: Sir Oliver Norman Mr Barry Florentine Mr? Abbott After which, Double Crocovienne, by the two Mil* Vallee'f. To conclude with, THE AGREEABLE SURPRISE. Lingo Mr Placid* Price ol AJmmion?Boies, $1: Pit, iO ceiu ; WBllery, 15 eenw. Doom own ti 6>J o'clock, uJ tk? Cartaia willrif precisely at 7 o'clock. H? IWKHV TIIEATHb. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Thursday Kvenlng, November 27th, The performance to commence with JONATHAN DOUBIKIN8, Jonathan Doubikins Mr Hill Natty Urk>|iur Mr Hadiway After which, CUT AND COME ACiAIN. Return Stroug Mr Hill Followed by ROBIN HOOD. Robin Hood Mr J R Scott To conclude with VALENTINE AND ORSON. Sir Valentine MrBlancliard Orion . Mr Cony T^"Lower Boies 50 cents; Secood and Third Tiera, 13 ctt.; Pit and Gallery, II>j cents. Doom will open ?t half n*?r 6 the curtain rise at 7 pAhJio's oFkka IIOUMK. Thursday, November !<7th. OtJ-OPEN FOR ONE WEEK-Af} Admission Twenty-Fine Cents Only. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS Meura. (iERMON. STAN WOOD HARRINGTON, PELHAM h WHITE, Respectfully announce to the Lndiei and Gentlemen ol New York, that they have arrauged Tor the above house. For a Ftw Evenings, and will commence a Serin of Concerts on Mouday Evening, Nov. 24th. on which occasion w II be opened a Budget of New Songs, Gleet, Choruses, Refriius, Ditties, Burlesque Lec ture*, Sic. Kor particular! tee programme*. Doom open at 7?Concert at IX o'clock. n21 tlr CHKIH UT MTRK KT T11KATHJfc? PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Busts* Lr.str.ic akd Mapa?ib Thursday K veiling, November KTtli, Will he preaenr-dthe comedy of TOWN AND COUNTRY ?Reuben Glenroy. Mr Geo Jamieson; Cosey. Mr Burtou; Hawbuck, Mr Owens; Trwt, MrThaver; Plastic, MrSluiw; Rosalie S .inert, Mils Fisher; Mrs Glenroy. Mrs McLean. To conclude with the farce of THE IRISH LION?Tom More, Mr Brougham. Captain Diion, Mr Bowers; Mrs Filtgig. Miss Nelson AitCU bilu.k.1 1'llKAl'Kh.. PHILADELPHIA. AcTimi MAitanrit Mb. Scott. Hiau Makawicb Ma. H. t. sit'isi Thursday KvciiIiik, November 47th, The brilliant triumph of MISS MARY ANN LEE, in the eminently successful new ballet of JOL1E FILLE DE (.AND, (the Pretty Girl of Ghent.) from its snperior attraction, will lie repeated every night; crowds leaving the theatre nightly unable to procure seats. First appearance of Barney Williams, in PADDY O'RAF FERTV. ALHAMRA, No. 659 Broadway, (between Spring and Prince.) GRAND ARRA7OF TALENT! Thursday RvenliiK, Nov. 47th, THE GUINEA SERENADERS, MISS MARY ST. CLAIR, the wonderful English Sybil; Mons. PHILLIPPE; and DR. VALENTINE, who will, on this occasion, deliver his celebrated Fourth of July Oration. Admission 25 cent*. NOTICE?An entertainment every Saturday at 3 P. M. n27 lt*rc UOWKKY emeus. JOHN TRYON LESSEE AND MANAGER. LAST WEEK OK N A HOWES & CO 8 TROUPE OF equestrians: Beautiful effects in tlie Circle ! Clown Dan Rice Horsemanship by Master Walter Aymar, Messrs Smith, Perry, Bacon. Mrs Nixon Performance always over before 11. On Saturday afternoon there will be an extra performance. Splendid Novelties for next week ! n2' lt*rh \T EN DELSSOHN'S MAGNIFICENT ORATORIO -1-vA OF ST. paul, will be |>erformed ?t the Tabernacle on THURSDAY Eveuing, Nov. 27th, inst-. under the direction of MR. george LODER. Mr. H. C. TIMM will preside at the organ. i The solo parts will be sustained by the following eminent resident talent :? Principal Soprano?Mrs. E. LODER. " Contralto?Mrs. VALENTINE MOTT. Jr., her firs: appearance in Oratorio. Tenore?Mr robt. GEO. TAIOE, his first ap pearance in Oratorio. " Bass..?Mr WM. 8. ROGERS, his first appearance in Oratorio. The Choruses will be sustained by about Oue Hundred and Fifty Ladies and Gentlemen, selected with particular reference | to their musical ijualifications. | The Orchestra will be unusually fnll and effective, and great pains have been taken to render it one of the best perfor 1 inancea of the season. Ticket* Fifty Cents each?May be had at the music store of Firth St Hall; Firth, Hall 8c Pond: Atwill; Riley k Co; Jollie: 1 Mehafrnhurg k Luis; Hover; Millet; Godone; at the stores < I Sax tun Miles; O. r . Neslnt; at the door ol the Tabernai l? on the evening of the iierfoimances ; and of _n25 3tis*rh H. MKIGOB. 4IG Broadway. CONCERTS, SOIREES, &c. MR. AND MRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalists,) are prepared to receive engagements for Concerts, Soirees, tec., during the forthcoming season. Mrs. C. also acts as Pianist, and can be engaged lor private Cotillion Parties. Further particular* on application to MRS. NEWTON. Teacher of the Tiano Forte n7 lm*r aud Singing, 40IK Grand street. SIXTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE WASHING TON RIFLEMEN THIS COMPANY will give its Sixth Annual Ball at the Coliseum, No. 4J0 Broadway, on Monday evening, De cember 1st, miv The Committee ill making the arrangements, have engaged lor th* occasion Dodworth's unrivalled Band, aud will endeavor to make this Ball the most splendid affair of the season. Tickets can be obtained of the undersigned, Committee of Arrangements. Capt. O. 8chwarzwaddan, Serg. H Margraf, 5 Park Row. 9 and 11 East Broadway. Serg. 8. N. Eitel, Peck Slip. Lt. C. Pfirrmann, 70 Chrys- Mr. P. Goith. tie street. Mr. T. W. Warth, JO Chatham Ensigu E. Vitt, 27 Aveuue street. C. n27 5t*rc SECOND ANNUAL BALL. THE SCOTTISH GUARD BALL will tike place at Nl BLO'S, TUESDAY Evening. Dec.2d.?Dodworth's cele brated coruet band will be iu attendance. Tickets may be pro cured of the Committkk?Capt. A. C. Castle, 381 Broadway; Lieut. Mc Leod No. 1 Conrtlandt street; Lieut. McLeay, 116 Bleecker street; Serg't Thomas; Serg't Haig, 100 Mercer street; Serg't William Wallace; Qr. Master Linen, 174 Fulton street; P. M. Clirehugh, 69 Lispeintrd street; John Forrest, 120 Centre street; Alexander Dairy'mpie, 39312 Broadway. The floor will be under the direction of Mr. George Ro bertson. W. G. CUNNINGHAM, r27 lt*rh Secretary N. Y. 8. G.,339 Broadway. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL OF THE EMPIRE CLUB, TO be given on FRIDAY EVENING, November 28th, 1846, at Tammany Hall. COMMITTEE OF arrangements: Jarnes Connor, R T Compton, J. C. Stoueall, Alex Wells, Sherman Brownell, J C Potter, Isaac V Fowler, David Scaulin, Edward Nichols, Mann* Keller, Henry (Jhanfrau, Michael Phillips, Josepn A Dlvver, J C Alb^rtson, John McCleester, WmJ ? ord, Joseph Cornell, 33 George MrKinley Thomas Whelan Thomas Burns, Jamea G Smith, Thomas McGmre, John Emmans, Thomas Blackburn Thomas McGivney, Patrick Closey, Edward Sanford, Levi D Slamm, Albert Walsh, (J W Anderson, Bernard Rice, Stephen Bath, Samuel Long, George Gordon, Richard 8. Hanlin, Thomas Conner, E C Josephs, J M Rne, M FO'Dell, Themas McSpadden, Walter Heyer, Wm Baird, Henry C Atwood, Wm Minor, Malacni Kail on, Abram Hatfield, y.maimel B Hart, FLOOR COMMITTEE: James Connor, John Hiker, Jr. Em?nuel B Hart, Augustus Purdy, Edward Gallagher, R B Connolly. Minus Kelley, Morton frairchild, Peter Crawford. l>avid Scanlin. ISAIAH HYNDERS, Chairman. EDWARD GALLAGHER, THOMAS M'GIVNEY, J Secretaries. Q-Tickets Oue Dollar. n26 6tn*rc CHK1STMAS HOLIDAYS. GRAND BAZAAR AT THE PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM. I^HE large Saloon and Galleries of the Philadelphia Muse um will be handsomely decorated and fitted up, for the puipose of holding therein daring the Christmas Holidays, a Grand Bazaar f..r the sale and eihibitiou of useful and fancy articles. ... ,. , The Saloon will be divided into compartments, which will be let to Storekeepers, Tradesmen, and others, who feel dis posed to have amiliary establishments for the sale of Diy Goods, Fancy Goods, Books, Music, Stationery, Confectiona ry .Toys, Itc. kc. The Ba/.aar will be contiuuallv enlivened by a full and effi cient band of music, whilst other and varied entertainments will, from time to time be introduced; in fact nothing shall be wanting to render it what it is designed to be, emphatically the "Lioii of the Holidays." Noue will be admitted as deal ers but such as will vie with others in the variety and display of their goods. The Bazaar will open on Monday,Dec. 22d, and continue day and evening until New Years' Ni-ht. Person* desirons of procuring stands will please make ?!? plication between the hours of two and five o'cloek, P- M., at theoflire of the Museum, where a plan ofthe arrangement may be seen, and any farther information obtained. New York dealers desirous of competing with their neigh bors of Philadelphia can hare an opportunity to do so by ma king application as above. This undertaking, so novel in its character, and in the largest and most splendid room in the Union for such a purpose, cannot fail to be rrofltable to all who embark In it. Application most be made at an early F*""'' lu rnrier to ensure an apartment .*>r a stand n2l 2w gtir. DANCING ACADEMY SHAKSrEARE HOTEL. CORNER OF DUANE AND WILLIAM STKKETS. \1R f?. RO BERTH ON respectfully informs his friends lYl and the public, that he his o|*ned classes at the above rooms fot giving instructions in the various modes of dancing. CToKou-Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 3 to ?.P. >T. !MlIdi?"andmsters under 14I: and from 6 to ? P. M. for gen tlemen A private class for ladies from 6 to I P_M. Assem blies will take place semi-monthly-scholars free , season ticket* $3 The abo?e room# have been newly painted and refitted in a mni( elegant stjle ; and \lr R. insures Parenta mid rnardians thai every effort will he used to add to the com fort of pnpila while at school. Those wishing to anbacribe will please call as above. Mr. R. will give his first Grand Ball of the sesson on Mon day, TickeU $1, for a gentleman and his ladies; to be had at the Clan Rooms, <>r at Mr. R.'s, HO Canal street. Il?3 IW*M W'OON ROOT?4 Bags Yellow Tccoon Root, for sale by I BOYD k HINoAe.V, . oil )tr No. t Tontine Bnildmgi.. ' LATEST INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAILS. Important from Washington. [Corr?ipou<lo?c* of the New YoMi Htruld | Washington, Nov. 25, lKij The Cototeiiliof the I'l esidenV* Mr'tngr?Itnpot I ant Intelligence?Tfi' Fk* rmv.rlit i / Mr. Polk, Mr. Culhoun, $?<. . In my letter to you oi the 21st inat., I mentioned the long interview which the British Minister had with Mr. Walker, on Friday last, on the subject of his report ipon the urit!; but I find, by some mismanagement, your devil has printed it Mr. Bu chanan. I wish this to be corrected, so as that the saddle may be put upon the right horse. I also alluded to the report which some fools put in circulation here, that the President will leave the subject of Oregon entirely to the action of Congress* and my want of faith in the truth of" such ignii fa tuiu information. I have now the pleasure of in forming you, upon the most unquestionable authori ty, that the message is finished, and the leading article which it embraces is that upon our " clear and unquestionable" claim to the whole of that ter ritory. It is written in so forcible, lucid, and fear less a style, that it must command the admiration of the whole nation?nay, even those who are now opposed to farther agitation on that subject. Indeed, it would be preposterous in the President to shrink from such a position at this time, after having al ready committed himself and the country to it in his inaugural address. What the issue may be upon it in both houses of Congress, it would puzzle a Chinese conjurer so long Defore hand to foretell; but if there be any sincerity in the movements of majorities, upon leading national questions, when they know that majorities of an opposite character, in a co-ordinate branch of the same legislature, could nullify them, the overwhelming force of the democratic party, i{i the Senate and Mouse of Rep resentatives, at this session, will " toe the mark," and carry triumphantly through both those bodies a bill (similar to that which i<assed the House last session) for giving the British government twelve months' notice, according to the terms of the agreement of joint occupation, to annul it. When Mr. Calhoun avowed his views in the Uni ted States Senate, upon the propriety of allowing the Oregon territory to fill up gradually through emi gration, lie spoke only as the rejiresentative, in part, of a single sovereign State of this confederacy ; but, ongoing into the State Department, his position re garding it became totally changed: and, consequent ly, instead of echoing the views of an isolated mem ber of the Union, he becamc the representative of all the States, and insisted upon the right of the United States to the whole of Oregon?though will ing, as I have before informed you, to compromise the difficulty along the 52d parallel to the sea, and around Vancouver's island. In this proposition, there was neither a sacrifice of territory, nor honor, nor principle ; because it would secure to us all that in valuable of that distant region, and satisfy the most sensitive of those who are ever alive to the smallest matter that would lessen the honor of our country. If he come again into the Senate, as it is thought he will, he may fall into the views of the President and his party, on the ne cessity of at once terminating the difficulties by which it has been so long surrounded, by voting to Sive the British government notice to quit. Al lough I would not assign a Belfish motive to Mr. Calhoun for a change of sentiment upon so moment ous a question, for any consideration his country could bestow upon him ; yet, as a prominent candi date for the Presidency, an opposite line of conduct to that laid down in the forthcoming message of the President?sustained as it is by the the i>eople, would sound the death in ell of his lofty aspirations lor that olHce for ever. He won't do it. DlPpercenTen m^he Union of Saturday evening, a most^curious article about Mr. Walker's letter on aunexation, puffing and pushing the Se?etary tor ward as the leading champion on that subject. Can it be possible that Mr. Ritchie is playing the syco phant to a mere picayune in the party, or is it some other who has access to the comi>o8ition room, and, in the old gentleman's absence, thrusts into the foreman's fingers such nauseating nonsense as that in the article referred tol It must surely be the lat ter means that has been useJ to effect this for Kve Mr. Ritchie himself would not countenance for one moment, such ecregious fony. Puring the incipient stages of that negociation, under Judge Unstiur I had ample opportunities of knowingits ^ ssrs1 sag made great professions of friendship for him, t some sinister puri-oses. It w"about lore the business became generally, blown, inai "cunning little lsanc" came out with his lonu; winded, and would-be jwitriotic letter upon Texas, thus forestalling public opinion on that subject for his especial favor, instead of guiding it mjatdi rection to which it alone properly belonged and will forever belong?the Ty er administration. Now, s?r Mr. liitchfe?or ratLr the writer of the article ?fori don't believe Mr. R.teh.e ever wrote it knows that other men, as well as Mr. Walker, wrote " Texas letters" at that time. There were tien Cass, Mr. Dallas, Mr. Polk and a great many others ; and it is wonderfully strange, indeed,Jthat all the glory of so simple an operationasthatof writing a letter upon a question which the then ex isting administration had nearly matured shoiddbe nublished in the Union tor effect, (query for what . ) and the credit given to one out of so many who fi gured at the same time, upon the same avenue. Echo answers again, for what 1 Nous vnro?. Notwithstanding the disclaimer of Gen. Touson, asserting that the Texas troops have been paid, ex cept one company, (Lieutenant Bragg s ) it is said they had not received their pay at the the letter complaining of it was. written, general Touson no doubt, is correct in saying that suffi cient funds were sent to Texas in time to pay the iroops there ; but the question is, have the paymas ters done U,' or have they not rather served these funds in their own hands to speculate upon, and .'iven the poor soldiers orders upon certain settling establishments there, which have been cashed for about one-half, or perhaps only one-fourth of the amount due them f These mifitary financiers are as well acquainted with the bears of an army, as the w ine-bibbers behind the counter at bandy Hill; and like Rector, or Ricther, during the administration ot General Jackson, feather their own nests with the profits squeezed out of the pressing necessities of the soldier, under the operation of the financier s money screw. General Touson is, 1 am satisfied, nnocenf of everything of this kind that mav have lmppened in Texas, but the whole truth wilf come ? Theresa rather a sharp contest going on now about who shall be door-keeper to the House. Near a dozen candidates are spoken ok, among whom are Robb. Robinson, and Mulley. 1 do not think either of these will get lt- Thfrfu 18 ?ne,i ,rS2 Alabama not yet publicly named, that stands the best chance The West has had her officers there last sesLmn and badly she requited the confidence ?n McNultvf Connecticut, or rather the r ? Jess^" of the United States Journal, La,81' h"SS-d'The South and South West now cLlm8theiMurn 'to a part of the spoils, and will get ft Dr K oi Indiana, it is generally thought will be Speaker. He is the most prominent ol all the candidates for that place, at this time. Washington, Nov. 25,1845. Cabinet Council?Foreign Affairs? The forthrom\n& Annual Message, Sfc. The " seven wise men of Greece" are now in the star chamber of the Executive mansion, resolving the component parts of the Executive prescription to Congress, especially in regard to our foreign rela - tions?our important concerns with England, with Mexico, with the West Indies, with South Ameri ca, and with the Pacific islands lying between the Columbia river of the Northwest coast and Canton, the great entrepot of the Central Flowery King d?Tht President .ill be disc reel, though he Cluinot reuLde, .,?? the "regon ,twuo? t reiroga i {wfgt wiU con<ent lo the llte'?.'rrfhme, u 1'teler.bto lolhe ^wes^n Ireland, will open asufficiently profitable P?**i * iu.. teeming granaries ot the west,without iT^Uy oi^ is an ill wind that blows nohSdv anv good," and this transatlantic monsoon, ,hn,^h mircharged with the miasma ot famine, i?sti and llhnois, as to leadrovisions, rail ?XtUAr?dKSSiphede,,,,. TherCl comm'smon SSTtfliid."'?'ti be'station a special commission^ ' ?a |lke commission in fC'haV ATngllsh Covernnient, for the purpose behalf of the- reclI,rocal commercial treaty, of entering into a I ? R ^ may be ,aV( d whereby '''VAstarvat.on, by ss cheap a supply from the Ji""0". COUntry as possible, and for an of bread from this c J t M on import in favor abatement ot certain. "npog"?" J ?lng. Th? L tiirtft ^veonle *d"eehe' ?.,??' ??" ?" 1,,,rh I!T?i we know ; but it i? not at alt impr.,.. ;sr;,i.rSe a,.....

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