Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1845 Page 4
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will nol oppose such an international compact, aiaH rvents lor while the thrown* open the English port" to our wheat, corn, pork and rice, would a fiord an ample and lucrative market to us, our dealers would derive a double profit by receiv ing in exchange British u.anufac.ures jfrelievedoi the prohibitory impositions ol the Btaritl of 12 But independent of considerations ot profit and Ions' every suggestion of humanity is m favor ol SUch reciprocal int?rnational arrangement. Mr Walker will scarcely fail to lay hold of the disastrous state of things in England and Ireland, in his report upon the finances, the tariff and com mercial exchanges, as sustaining and demanding the overthrow of the Tariff ot 42, and the entire remodeling of the system. * Avrovoi ot said report. We are informed that a large number ot clerks lire engaged in transcribing the statistical tables ol tariffs, from 1821 to pared by Jonathan Elliot, Esq . under instructions from the department. for tins first 1' our little indefatigable, never-uring secretary TT?a?onclu?ion of this chapter, we are satisfied that 'he message will be a long one-that . w U be a strong one, but that it will not sm ' ui)iect 0f strong of brimstone and saltpetre ? ? hut not our foreign relations, it will be American, but not ramnant-" will be strong for a revenue tantl on revenue nrinciples, as contradistinguished from the protective It will be strong upon the sub-treasury -enthusiastic about Texas?boastful ot the condi tion of the treasury and the state of the finances unanswerably constitutional as to the constitution ality of appropriations for improvements ot the W"1" em waters?and to the facilitating the se dement ot Oregon, the Executive will be a perfect Hoosier. He till speak like a lather of the miserable Mexi- j oans>, and with paternal magnanimity he wilt re commend a peaceable settlementjof all our difficulties with our pie-bald neighbors, from the impossibility of persuading or kicking them into a fight. We shall bring up a lot ot miscellaneous odds and ends, per n*xt train bound tor Gotham. tf.WASitiNOTON, Nov. 25,1W5. A Dith of The following members ot Congress have arrived since our last report: At Brown's Hotel?James Thompson, Pa.; W. S. Garvin, do.; Chas. S. Ben- . ton, New York; George Fries, Ohio. At Cole man's?Hannibal llarnhn, Me.; Jacob Brinkerhotl, j Ohio; R 1'. Dunlap,Me.; Thomas HaynesBayley, j Virginia. . . i The Pottawatanues had another talk to-day with the U. S. Commissioners, Messrs. Andrews and j Gibson. There is a prospect that they may come : to terms, as the Commissioners offered the chiefs a better tract ot land, to which they may remove them, ! at the last conference, preceding this of to-day. j Our informant, a clerk in the Treasury, was | wrong as to the subscription ot Mr. Peter llagner to the Jackson "statty." It was #25, instead of Let justice be done, though the world should turn ^Dr^McConnell and James H. Birch, Esq., have been experimenting in the canal with a new pro peller. It works well, makes no ripple, and moves the vessel at the rate of five miles an hour very snugly. They pledge us that It wil soon do away ( witn horse power in all the canals of the Lnited States If so, it will be but another ot the triumphs . of steam. , , . ? I Mr Samuel Stettinim. agent at the depot ot this city tor the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company* is among the candidates for Sergeant-ar-Arms of the Senate. Some of his friends expect that he will run like a locomotive. Of the hall dozen can didates, may the best and and most deserving man win, eay we, whoever he may be. In a squad ot individuals at Brown's Hotel, this evening, we were shown five individuals, surround ing a newly arrived member ot Congress; all ol whom were represented to us as candidates tor door-keeper ot the House. We expect that during the winter the white House, in addition to the esteemed lady ot the man sion, and the admired Mrs. J. Knox walker, will be graced with the presence ot Miss Walker and Miss Reecker, both of Tennessee, and re atives of the Executive The tact that this tact will be grati fying to the public, is the ample apology we adduce lor tnis paragraph. . ? A day or two since, a gentleman arrived in tne city, from Key West, Florida, in answer to a sum mons to appear as a witness in the inquiry for the benetit!of Lieut. McLaughlin. We ?nferred that the trial was over a month since. He was in great tre pidation concerning the expenses ot the trip, and could only be appeased by our recommending him to the Secretary of the Navy, with the assurance that lie would settle the mileage. 44 li that's the case, ^ said he, " I'll come again, when they send tor me." A daughter of Col. Gratiot, late of Fort Gibeon, is to be married in a day or two in this city, to a gen tleman from St Louis A brilliant party will be assembled oil the occasion. Monsieur l-T&tuier, on , the Avenue, late one ot the candy-makers to the Court ol St. Louisle Orande, and irow confectioner j to H.B.M. Plenipotentiary, p.iid Envoy Extraordi nary, the Right Hon. Sir Richard Packenham, furnishes the ornaments\ gingerbread and fancy ; nick-nackeries for tb?> occasion. " Ob,"l would like to marry, "if that I could find, Some kind, good-hearted damwl, Ju?t suited to my mind.' Jemmy Maher, the public gardener, suggests that Greenough's statue of Washington be erected on a triumphal arch at the east end ot Pennsylvania Avenue, at the. gate ot the Capitol, and that the proposed statue to Jackson be placed on a similar arch at the west end, at the entrance to the I resi dent's Gardens, so that the British will never dare to enter into the heart of the city again. Not a bad idea. . . . * The night is clear and brilliant outside the oys le'-shops. Inside, the atmosphere is as smoky and turbulent, as Congress a month hence will be on the question of the tariff Washington, Nov. 25,1845. Arrival* of Members?The Struggle for the Speak er's Chair. A large number of members, mostly western men, came tumbling in last night and this morning, quite a number ot whtm are candidates lor the Speakership. This is the subject now chiefly being discussed, and every small squad seems to have a different candidate. The prominent names, thus far, are, Davis, of Indiana, McClelland, Bowlin, Linn Boyd, Ingersoll; Douglass and Holmes, of South Carolina; neither of whom may be elected. If the anti-caucus men hold oat, the whig force may have to decide the question. There is evidently very great jealousy among the ?sections, and the struggle will be hard. There is unanimity, so far, on onepoint?that Virginia sha'n't have it. A caucus has been proposed for Friday evening, by which time a quorum is expected. The excitement will run high by Saturday night. There has been a great scramble for seHts, all ot the best ones having been taken by the old members last year?quite an unusual practice, and entirely out of order. The fault"rests with the officers of the House. The House of Representatives has been newly fitted, with new carpetB, and varnished desks, and many new improvements. The polite Postmaster of the House has got his ammunition all in order; and every thing is in readiness to fire up on Monday. The Cabinet were in council to-day for one hour ?supposed to be discussing quietly the topics of the message, which is nearly cut and dried, but it will be held oi>en for remodelling, on certain points, until Sunday night. The Supreme Court meets on Monday, ludge Catron and family hav* arrived. The Vice Presi dent came last evening The Florida Election.?The Washington Union has advices from Florida, stating that Mr Cabell intends to proceed to Washington and claim his seat in the House, under the certificate whioh he has obtained , and Mr. Rrockenbrough has given Mr C. notice of his determination to contest the claim. The friends of Mr. B. entertain no doubts of their ability to prove that he received a majority of the legal votes cast: and, further, that it was imitossible to convey to the State capital the returns from some of the precincts within the time specified by law. The Misstssijti Election.?The democratic ina lonty on State officers will range from 8,000 to 10,000. I he democratic majority in the State Sen? ate is 12; in the House, 44?on joint ballot, abou^ 68. The wbigsexerted themselves only in the hope that possibly they might be able to elect one or two members of Congress (who are elected on the gen eral ticket system)?to effect which, it is said, ?? swaps " were proposed, and made to some extent! The entire democratic Congre8Blonal ticket is elected, however, by large majorities The "CoNsrrruTioiv."?The intended removal o! this newspajier from Washington to Baltimore was made known to the Democratic Association of Wnshingten, by Mr Heart, one of the publishrrs, on Friday evening last The Association on the same evening passed resolutions (published in the Union on Tuesday last,) very complimentary to editors Harris and Heart, and recommending the f'fwititHtton to the confidence and support of the democracy of Baltimore. ??-?? II1 Baltimore, Nov. 26, 1845. IVtntrr has come?The Liverpool ParkeI Lince \e.?Jl Lady on Fire? Collector Marriott? Thanksgiving Pay ? Murdoch? The Markets, 4-c. Winter in now oil ui in real earnest acd all the usual articles for evading the Mur !s<v? of Jack Frost are brought into requisition 1 tie water arouuil the edges of the wharves i? congealed to some extent, and the gut ter* throughout the city, present a continuous sheet of ic? It is now positively asserted that the luudi lor the Southern line of packots have been fully raised, and that those for the Liverpool line are progressing finely. I also learn that the New Vurk line of Liverpool packots about to be sold, will he bid for on Baltimore account, and bought, provided they do not sell for more than $ 100,000. I.ast evening a young married lady, named Sykes, re siding on Monument street, was nearly burnt to death by her clothes taking lire. She was in the houRo alone, and finding herself uuablo to extinguish them ran into the street. where they were extinguished by some pass ers by. She was burnt Irom head to foot, and little hopes were entertained of her recovery. Collector Mairiott remains pertectly docile under the castigation given him by Judge Belt, through the papers the other day Neither the Judge or the public have heatd from him since. Poor fellow, his " sufterthgs is intolerable." To-morrow is our Thanksgiving day, and tuikeys, pumpkin pies and all the etceteras ol the season, are* in brisk demand. Murdoch takes a benefit to night, appearing as Claude Melnotte and Chatles Surface. I.ast night lio performed the " Stranger" to a crowded house Murdoch has drawn as well as any " Star " cf the season, excepting, perhaps, Anderson, whose houses have never been excelled in this season. He had the spacious Kront St reet Theatre tilled nightly, from pit to dome. The jury in the case of Stirling, one of the " rape gang," have now been out forty-eight hours Without be ing able to agree on a verdict. Tut Markets.?The Flour market still remnins un settled. Small sales of Howard street, good mixed brands, were made yesterday mcrning at $6 50. I hear also of a sale at a fraction less, terms not having trans pired. Otters wens ulso made to tell at $6 37$. Most holders are r.ow asking $0 50, whilst some would be willing to take less. Small sales of City Mills were made yesterday morning at $6 50, which price holders are generally willing to take, without being able to effect sales. The supplies of Wheat are light, and toe market dull Sales of good to prime Maryland red Wheat sold at $1 33 a $1 >15. Holders would doubtless take less at this time. Maryland new white Corn is selling at 72 a 73 cents, and yellow at 74 a 76 cents. Sales of barrels of Whiskey are now being made at 30 cents, and of hogsheads at '29 cents per gallon. The stock is light. Stock and Money Mark i t.?The Stork market has been active since the arrival of the steamer, and trans actions have been made at slightly reduced rates. The feeling is still unsettled?the President's message is looked for with anxiety, and operators seem inclined to await the result. State (i per cents have sold from 7<4 a 77] cash, and on time ; at the close 77] bid, 77>' ask*d ? sterling & per cents 67 a 70; 3's, 43 asfred, no bids. There has been a limited btisitHM? dctie in City ti's?100J a 100 for 1890's. 1'>Kpphia, Nov. '26, 1845. There is nothing Jof importance to communicate to day. The man who fell through the hatchway of a book bindery yesterday morning, was killed instantly A murder trial was to have come off to-day in the (Quar ter Sessions, but it was postponed to Friday. The conrte and public ofHces will all close to-morrow, vrliich is our Thanksgiving day, and from present indications, the day will be extensively kept, t.nd turkies, geese, tish, llesh, and fowl, will stirtor some. Burtcn has changed the price of admission to his dress circlo, so as to be the same as the second tier?an altera tion of no importance, as his former or second arrange ment ol prices was entirely satisfactory. Augusta ap pears at the Walnut tonight in "La Bayadere." At the Arch, Miss Lee is drawing full houses. The new ballet is eminently successful. Tixas securities advanced at a rapid rate to-day, the botes opening at >3 and closing at 24 ?an improvement of 34 on yesterday's quotations. Tho 8 per cents rose 4, closing at 37]; the ten per cents 3, closing at 39. Specu lation in this stock is active, and the prices indicate somo action on the part of Congress, in adm'ling the State of Texas into the Union having teference to a pledge of the public lauds to pay its liabilities Reading Railroad and Harrisbarg Railroad shares and bonds also experienced a decided improvement. The lormer advanced 2 on yestiar day's prices, the latter J. State 5's and Wilmington Railroad exhibited no change U. S Bank and Girard Bank declined?the former J, and the latter Sales of Stock* at Philadelphia. November -26.?Kirs i Board?S-iOOO State 5's, 73J; 8000 do 73]; 15,000 do, b5, 73], 22 shs Reading Railroad, 29 ; 150 do 29J \ 100 do 29] ; 50 do 29J ; 50 do 2PJ ; 100 do, 5 d?. Wj ; 155 Farmers' St Mechanics' Bk, 46 ; 5 do 45} ; 54000 Texas Notes, '23 ; $500 Texas Bonds, 10's, 39 ; $600 Harrishurg RR Bonds, 70$ ; $6,700 State 6's, 8# ; 7 shs Schuylkill Bk, cStp, 9] ; $1500 Texas Notes (10 int1 36. After Sales?5 shs Mechanics' Bk, 'Jo ; $10,000 Read ing RR Bonds, b ft, 72 ; $950 County 6's, 60, (oi l) 96] ; 7 shs U S Bk, 5] ; 1 Pennsylvania Bk, 156] ; $1000 Ttxas Bonds (10) 39 : 100 shs Wilmington RR, b 5, 26] ; $3000 Texas Notes, b 5, '23). Sr-ronn Board?$3000 State o's, s 5, 73J , 2 shs Penn sylvania Bk, 25?3 ; $-200 State 5's, 73J ; looo Texas Notes '24 ; 50 shs U S Bk, 5j ; 8000 Texas Notes, '24 ; 50 shs Susquehantiah Canal, tij ; 100 Wilmington RR, 5 ds, 26]; 50 do 261 ; 150 Girard Bk, 9J , 30 N Bk Kentucky, <>?] Aeter shs Pennsylvania Bk, 258]; 400 Texas Notes, 24 ; 100 shs tVilmingto'n, 26] ; 60 Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk, 46 ; 15,000 State 5's, b fl, 73} ; lOOo Texas Bonds, (8) 37] ; 100 shs Reading RR, 29jj ; 50 do cash, 29^ ; ?0 Harrisburjr RR, 14]; 4000 Reading RR mortgage bonds, 75. Sale* of Stocks at Boston. Bhokfr's Board, Nov. -JS.? M shares Western Rail road, f<9(; n do Norwich and Worcester Railroad, 150 do LoDg Island Railroad, 74} a74j; 10 do Krmnklin Copper < o, $100 paid, $300. Ski oid Boarii ? 1?0 shares Kast Boston Co, 16j; 50 do Reading Railroad, 27 j|. Navai.?The U. S. brie Truxton, Commander Bruce, got oil the Crancy island Hat Sunday after noon at high water, and was towed up to the Navy Yard by the U. 9. steamer Kngineer. The Truxton left Philadelphia on the 3Sth June, 1844, for the Coast of Africa, touching at Madeira on her way. She has heen absent therefore 18 months, and during the whole of this period, with the exception of one recruit ing cruise to windward, she has been actively employed on the Coast, or the I elands adjacent,having visited near ly all the important towns, and trading settlements, from Sierra l.eone to the hquator. The Spitfire, Captain Klowery, whose trial and con demnation at Boston a few months since, excited much interest, was seized by the Truxton, being the only prize yet taken by our squadron on that Coast. The T. has continued her cruising during everv month of the year, and her officer* and crew nave therefore been exposed to the full influence of that fatal climate, but no death has occurred on board; her cruise in this re spect has been remarkably successful. She is, we believe, the only vessel of that squadron, which has met with no loss by disease. The Pensacola Gazette of the 15th inst. says : The U. S. brig Lawrence, Commander Jarvis, arrived at this port on Friday last. The U. S. fhgate Potomac and U. S. steamer Princeton, sailed from this port on Thursday evening last bound to Norfolk, the leaky condition of the frigate rendering it necessary that the Pnnceton should accompany hei to render assistance in case of need.?Norfolk Herald, No vember 24. Inuian Representatives?Colonel Pitchlyn, of the Choctaw nation, is now in Washington, and will remain there during the wiuter, as the representative of his people, for the purpose of settling their business with the Government. The Intelligencer ftates that ' three nations of Indians are now represented there, the Choctaw*, Cherokee* and Pottawatamief; and the pre sence of their ambassadors suggests the apprehension that there must have been some defect in the manage ment of their business heretofore, or that they are pre paring to assume, it may be, a higher rank as member* of the human family, and desiie to place their affair* on ?uch a solid basis as will enable them to do so." A large number of mutilated bank bills are said to be in circulation in Baltimore. It api>ears that rogues there have heen hunly engaged in ma nufacturing seven bills out of >ix, by means of taking a small piece from each. Of course the Banks will refuse to pav those frauds upon themselves, and the public would do well, theiefore, to be cautioui about receiving mutilated notes. anu Railroad.?The grading of this road, between its terminus at or near White Plains and the south line of this county, is goiDg rapidly on, the weather having been remarkably favorable since the grading commenced We understand that several hundred more workmen have been put upon thii line some few days since The prospect of soon having a rail track within five mile* of this place is at present quite flattering.?Putnam Democrat SmoiCAi Operation.?The Ciesanan o|>eration was successfully performed on Sunday morning week, at F redericksburg, Virginia, by Or. Brodie S Merndon, of that place, in presence of Drs Browne, Wallace. Wellford and McOuire The patient is doing well, and in a lair way to recover. (jf>* The steamer Kingston lelt Havre-de-Urnce on Monday, lor Philadelphia, with twenty-four canal boats, laden with produce from the interior of Pennsyl vama. State Stock.?The Commissioner of Loans has given notice to the holdeis of Maryland State stock, that the interest due 1st ol July, 1M2, is ready to be paid by him. CUJIlMKRCIAli. Mew York, Wednesday, Nov. '4?. Ashm.?Transactions were quite brisk in both deserip tions, at $381] a 3 H7j for Pots and (4 31 i for Pearls. Bkkswax. The market is les* active in Southern and prices have receded We noticed a sale of Northern and Western at 30 cents, cash; and Cuba white for ex port at 50c, 4 months. Bat:Ai?Ti'rrs The market is quiet from 75 to $7, inany holder* arc anxious to sell at the former, while others are hardly disposed to sell even at the lattei? prices are fixed generally according to the feelings of the seller, without reference to any stated rule. Sales of Michigan were made at 7ft or a little le" i Georgetown wa* oftered at fo 50; Brandywine, $7. The rereipt* of flour and Wheat are very great, and mmense quantities being stored. Wheat still remains uuii at >1,60; southern, according to quality, aboutfl 30 a *1 3ft; Rye ?5 a Mte. * thi.?iln? r? w*f * *ood ,eelin* ?PP*ront to-day in uy*wh*T* and prices are considered stronger, and about our outside riuota m LiVHOWl CLASSIFICATION. Upl. f Ftor. M?HU t N O InfeVior ? a? ... ? a? Ordinary til a 61 ... 6ja 6) Middli-w. 6ja 6j ... 7 a 7J middling tija i>i ... 7, '7f a h{ * 2* a 9 Good _ Middling fair,7 l'? 7j ... 7 Fair 7ia 71 ... 8, Fully fail 7]a 7j ... 8 Good lair rt a 8} ... ? Fine ? a? ... 10 llors.?The demand for Western ii good?we noticed a sale of first sort Eastern and Western, by retail, at 33 a 35c, cash. Flour Markets. Bukkalo. Nov. 34.?In our market, the eft'ect has been of a similar nature to that produced in New York by the last Kuronean intelligence, and on Saturday evening some 1300 bushels Chicago wheat, in store, were taken at $1 13J, and .'<00 libls Black Rock flour sold at $6 50. This morning the maiket was rather firmer, and a sale of 1000 Mils commou brand Michigan was made at $5 50,and ?J00 bbls lndiuna, shipped some seven days ago at $1 ti freight to Albany, changed hands on terms equivalent to $5 75 here Holders of wheat arc asking $1 13} and (1 15, but we do not learn ol any transactions. Rochkstkk, Nov. 24.?There is not much doing in the market ta-day. Most of the millors are about to stop grinding, and some have already done so. But little Wheat nas been brought in to-day. The highest price wo have heard of being paid is #1 SJ. This price was refused for a quantity. Krom the opening of canal navigation to, aud including the 3Ut instant, theio were shipped, of Hour, by canal, trom Rochester, the amount of five hundred and ninety eight thousand nine hundred twelve barrels. This great ly exceed* the enure shipments of last year, as the fol lowing figures will show. They stand relatively as fol lows :? 1845, Nov. 31, barrels 598,9I 1?44, whole season, do 400,378 1- xcess in '45 198,544 Alkanv, Nov. 35.?Flour ia not so well to-day; the sales made are at a decline on yesterday's prices. Sales ol Genesee afloat have been made at $6 75 a HI}. Ohio and Michigan >ti 09 a 75, and some lots of ordiuary Mi chigan at $6j. We have no sales of wheat to report; hollers ask 143 a 145c. Rye, 83 a 84c. Canal receipts Nov. 34.?Flour, 47,834 barrel*; Wheet, 31,743 bushels. Boston, Nov. ?.?Flortr?There is soma little specu lative inquiry, but we hear of no sales of importance, loot) barrels of Genosee, common brands sold at $8 87, and a smaller parcel sold at $6 04, cash. Tharo aro no sales of Southern. We quote Southern yellow riat Corn at 66, and white h3 a 83c; and Oats ol j>nmo quality 60c. The sales are moderate. New Bedford OH Market. (For the week ending Nov. 34.] The market since our last has been very dull for both descriptions. We have only to report sales of 100 bbls. Sperm Oil at 85c; 40Q bbls X W Coast Whale at 33c, and ill bbls South Sea at 30c, cash. In Whulsbone we hear of no transactions.?[SAi'/i/iing List. Pork Market. Cincinnati, Nov. 18.?The extremely unfavorable weather of the week hus prevented transactions of mo ment. A few sales of light bacon Hogs have been riftde at $3 87J a 3 9?, and several lots of medium and heavy at *4 a m and a small premium. The pens are full, but the cleavers remain iule in great part. The weather is to-day rather more favorable, ana more are cutting, but all of lots or Cld contracts. Brighton Cnttle Market. Nov. 34?At market, 1450 Beef Cattle, 30 yoke Work ing Oxen, 34 Cows and Calves, 3400 Shaep and 600 Swine. Beef Cattle?Sales of extra $5; first quality $4 60; se cond $4j third $3 a 3 35. Working Oxen?Sales were made at $73 a 74, $78 a 81 and $91. Cows and Calves?Sales were made at $15, 18, 31 and $36. I Sheep?Lots taken at 92 a $1 17, $1 37 andl$3 37. Swine?In consequence of a small supply, prices are a shade higher, say 3} and 4 at wholesale, and at retail from 4 to 5 cents. Foreign Markets. Lahvavra, Nov. 4.?The following aro the articles ex ported during the month :?Coffee, 375,356 lbs; Cacao, 369,833 lbs; Indigo, 4,038 lbs; Tobacco, 1,964 lbs; 6,437 Hides ; ll,8f3 Horns; Merchandise, 13 cases; 7 I'laiits. We have had two arrivals from tho United States within a short time; they brought upward* of 1600 bbls of flour, 573 kegs of lard, 100 kegs ot butter, 600 boxes of soap, 160 boxes of codfish, 6 bbls of hams, 50 cases of cheese, 100 bbls of apples, and divers other articles ol American produce. The market is still overstocked, purchaser; scarce, and prices lar below cost. The best flour brings $11 a $11$ currency, and some lard has been sold at 30c; its tendency is, however, downwards. FaaaeitKers Arrived. Liverpool?Packet xhiprleury Clay?JM Lane, Mrj Lnnti mid infant. Mia* Sarah Lane, Miss Jane Ltue, Miss il Line, A Lane, J Line, Wm Lane, O B Graham, Mr Hamilton, Mix C Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Alire Hamilton, Josephine Hamil ton, T Smith, fl D Master, B Armitage?87 in the 'trerage Malaca?Barque / Ring?J?me? Williamson, lady, 2 chil dren and servant, Miss Mary Fro?t, Lieut Win Reyuoldi and lady. Slot kholm? Barque Emprcsi?Mr Wallace, B G Talin, C Kosgleberg.C F Boormmi. Hambcro?Brig Hardy?P Baker, lady and child, O Amoun and lady, J Jsgger. J Dargan?81 in the steerage. Charlesto.h?Ship Sullivan?Miss Emma Ellis, E B Mnl Ianv, M Myer, W H Megar*. H I.Vrraason, H Parriugion, Jim Kntii, I. (I K.dwarda, J R Hare, J J Kolmatamm. i'luaengers Hailed. BaRbadoks, Sic?Brig J L Richirds'in?Com Gen I Bailey, B A, lady, children and servants, Canada: David Belden, AI bert A Martin jr, D Brownell, N Griffen, New York; WB Bishop, New Jersey; A Gerard, Demarara; N Lawrnnce, Boa ton; J Livingston, Columbia. Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Ship Henry Clay?1 pkg W Woodhull?1 do T Dickson?1 J Gilligaii?1 J M Bruce St son?4 Boormau, John ston Si. co?4 L Pearson?2 Gray St co?I J Glidehill ? I M Ran dell? 1 8 Field?9 H H SchetreIiu-3 R St li Haight it co-2 K 1 Thomas?2 Bites it Coatt-s?1 O Ruben?6 A W Parsons?6 J B Kllnnau?I GH Swords?2 J P Drnmmond?1 J Nicholson ?2 Caufield Bros?3 H Andrew?I L J Wveth?3 J P Williaml St cc?2 J A Si R S Luqueer?2 Chester, Clark St co^?2 Dnnn St sou?11 Nevins St co?1 D Haddeu & son?1961 harriron Bre*.\e St Sampson?I pkg II Kelly St co?4 L Gibson Stco?22 J Gihou St co?12 J McCall?1 Ayinar Stco?3 D Oakey?6 J Griswold ? 1 A Aniult? I J C Wilthsns?1 Reiss Bro>ltco?1 Barclay St Livingston?1 Wight, Sturgrs Si Shaw?2 Harnden St co?1 Hall Bros?3S Crook?3242 bars iron O Wilsou St co?19 pkgs Naylor St co?5 Vau Nest St co?II T Hunt St co?22 J Gihon? 9 Richardson St Watson?70 Poultney St Jeukiu-?1 White St hhefli'ld?1 E W Pemberton?76J) bis tin plates 50 tons do 1067 bdls iron 33 cs copper Phelps, Dodge St co?300 tous coal Orin nell, .Vlintiiru S( co?100 tons tiu plate 66 cs 31 casks 355 rolls gal vanic tin platfr to order. Malaija? Barque Ring?2900 boxes 670 hf 750 qr do raisios 200 kegs Stnrges, Cleirmau St co?505 cks 800 bxs 100 III" do rai sins tlarbeck St co?500 bxs 200 lif 200 qr do Dutilh St Coosiuery ?2980 bxs 30o hi 300 ,| r do 29 kegs do 100 bis grapes 220 M lem ons V Stalker?310 do laisim Aguire St < talway?IiSdo almoud Faber St Bierwirth ?600 boxes 100 hf 200 qr do raisins 300 (if bbls grapes inn bxs lemons Lawrence, Murray St lugate?4839 boxes 822 hf 1000 qr do raisins Kitch a co?156 kegs do 10 hf 201 qr do 380 boxes lemons 431 hf 282 qr kegs grapes 62 bales almouds S Pierce?I bbls raisins 1 box 2 hf an 26 hf bbls do 3 kegs grapes Chamberlain St Phelps?I kegs grapes E Latham?1 box Mrs T Denny?600 pots grapes to order. Ham*u*<i? Brig (lardy?3 pkgs E Broack?1 L Goldschmidt ?5Colfin?9 C Ahrenleldt?111 Beck It Kunliardt?1 G Ru beu?2 Boring St Witte?13 G Muller?19 C K A Herricks?10 Schrage, Koop St co?20 Burlage Si Hurter?150 H N Peck?2t lireith nipt St Chum?21 E k ledler?26 T Gruneiithal?413 TB Coddingtoii? 1 Harvard College?3 B il'lvernois?3 Des Arts St Heuser?17 G A St H Wit'e?7 J M Oppenheim?3 O F Gleim ?8 Wiuterhoff, I'ipar St Karck?7 D M Peyser?18 do 722 plates spelter .Manning. Kostrr St co?II pks T Ripeke?6 Kobbe St co ?2177 plates a|ielter and sundry pkgs to order. Domestic Importation*. Charleston?Ship Sullivan?1 box 163 bales cotton JW Phillips?32 H Coit?27 Sackett, Belcher St co?383 do I hhd beeswax Vletor St Duck witr.?84 cks rice Goodhue St co?90 do 1 hf do 1 box Burckmyer it sons?2 bbls 1 pkg I. M Rutherford ?292 hales cotton sundry pkgs to order. MARITIME HERALiX" FORT OF NKW YORK, WOVKMBKR ?T. ?rn rises 7 18 | MOO* rises. 4 19 M surs SETS . . , . . . 4 42 I HKIH WATER 7 10 k Cleared Ship John P Harward. Rend, Liverpool, Dunham Si Dimon. Ship Knickerbocker, (Dutch) lessen, Port uu Prince, E Pa vensudt. Ship Vicksburg, Berry, New Orleans. Wm Nelson. Birque Chatham, Bearse, Genoa, Howes, Godfrey k Co. Brig I asket, Woodbury, Cadiz, lltrbeck St Co. Brig Crotou, Soull rd. Mobile, E U Hurlbut St Co. Brig Linden, Knudson, Charleston, Dunham St Diinon. Brig Konr Brothers, Slater, Philadelphia, Underwood It How land. Schr Iowa, Dayton, Baltimore, Gager It Maillor. Scnr Segmne, Cole B iltimore, Johnson Si Lowden Sclir Wm Wilson, Baker, Philadelphia, Mr Kee, Hand li Co. Ameri' U", Wheeler, Philadelphia, Scnr Ceylon, Crockett, Philadelphia Sclir T?xin, Clark, Eastpor'. Schr Benj Birelow. Baxter, Botton Sloop Ariel, Oaks. Providence. Barge Star, Louthead, PliilailfIrhia. Steamer Irousidm, Morrison, Philadelphia Arrived. Packet ship Hanrr Clay, Nye, from Liverpool, 23d nit. with mdte, to Orinnall. Minturu Si Co Spoke 24tli ult. iu North Channel, ship Adiro daek, lioin Liverpool for New Vork ? Tha II C has bten 3 days West of Nautnckot Shoals Ship Sullivan, Wmte,5 days from < harleston, wilh cotton, to Geo Bulkier Ship Atlss, Homer, 4 days from Bostou, iu ballast, to Sla'e, Gardiner St Howell. Barque A King, Latham, from Malaga, 12th ult and Gibrsl tar IJth. with fiuit, fcc. to hturges, Cleat man St I ,o. Spoke 4th inst. lat 26, Ion 41, ship Wm Wirt, from London for Sivannah same day. Portuguese schr , Irnm U|x>rto lor New inrk; I3tli, lat 29, Ion 63 ship Alpha. 118 days from Otaheite lor Nan tucket, with 2100 bbls oil. Barque Empress, Bennett, from Stockholm, via Elsinear 15th ult. with 381 tons iron to Boormau, Johnston Si Co. 27th ult. experienced a h?avv gala Ironi N, lost sails, stuvr bulwarks, lost one boat and stove the other. 15th inst. lat 12 13, Ion 61, spoke and hoarded Br barque < anion Irom St John, NB. for Cork Portuguese brig Monea, Gwovan, '<0 days from Lisbon, with wine, to Grinnell. Minturn St Co. Brig Hardy, Purriiigtou, 46 das s from Hamburg, with mdsa, to Schmidt St Balchen. Brig North America, Irom Maehiu. Inmber. Schr Margaret, Woglain. Petersburg, mdse, to J Hunter Schr Jay, Allen, Norfolk, wheat, Sclir Two Marys, Gandy, Philadelphia, coal, to Lowthar It Son. S?.hr Adaliue St Rosiua, Norton. Machias, lumber. Schr (ieo Evans, Foster, Machias, Inmber Schr Pearl, Torry, Lubec plaster. S hr Vsudalia, Strout, Harring-ou, lumber Seln Wave, Itolbrook. Thomastou, lim? Schr Metalluc, Simonton, Thomaston, lime Sclir Dusky Sally, Welden, Hingliain, fish. ??low. One barqne, unknown. Mailed. Ship* llilah, and Vicksburg, New Orleans; brigs Wanderer, Halifax; Pactolus, Salem, anil others Hlanallaneoua Record. Packet Silir Roscit s, Eldridge, will sail this morning for Liverpool, having bten detained Letter bags are at the nsual place*. M?Nft Ltii, Smith, htnea 18th ult for Dameiara, pat ui1" St Georges, Bermuda, ou the 30th in distress, having lost her fore topmast, yards. foremist head, and damaged bowsprit, fcc. hi a heavy gale <>f wind ou the 25th, iu lat 36, Ion <7. A Wreck.?A derelict vessel, ladeu wHi pitrh piuelumber, d ilted in agaiust the North head, at the entrance of St Georges harbor, Bermuda^ ou the 2ld ult. w here (he was last going to pieces. Some of the lumber had been takeu ou shore. Notice to Marlnera. VaRiatiojiof th? Needle.?We have been favored with a corrected report of the variatiou aud dip of the ueedle, at Ber muda, taken Willi great care by Captaui Bamett. of 11 M sur veying vessel Thunder. In the old charts but 2 deg of variatiou are giveu, Whereas (Yom the present observations it appears that there are 7 deg 01' West, aud which la very likely to lie the reason why so mauy ships pass the islands without seeing them, and others run ou the reels iu the neighborhood. Varia tion of the Needle at Bermuda, iu October, 1815,7 deg 01' W; Dip ol the Needle, 6i deg 26" 15' W. Foreign Porta. La Giavha, Nov 8? In port, brig Constitution, unc. Port Adelaide, South Australia, May 3?In port, brig F?l co.Moseley, of Lyun. for Auckland, NZ. 4 days. Ptrt Prava, Cape de yerds, Oct 22?Iu port, brig Otlio, Ri der, from Salem, bound down the Coast. St Thomas. Nov 4?In ixirt, barques Cora, Warner, for Ma racaitu), nett day: Beuj Adains, Adams, from Bath, disg; brigs Wtll Price, aud Orleans, for Turks Island, f'W days, to loud for New Orleans; achrWm Allen, for Baltimore, one. Sid barque Wm Kennedy, New Orleans. Sr Johns, NF. Nor 5?Cld brig Margaret. O'Brien, New York. Sr Jons, NB. Nov IT?Air brig Splendid, Philadelphia; sell riiiiitheruer, Fredericksburg. Clu sctir Brothers, Fitzgerald, New York. Trinidad, Cuba, Nov 7?In port, au Am vessel, name and | rig uot stated, Idg for New York, Horn* Porta. Rancor. Nov 21?Cld brig Oraud Turk, Martinique; 22d, Clinton, Havana. Bath, Nov 20?Arr sclir Liberty, Phil idelphia. Cld brigs Marit ske, (uew) Mobile; Carleton. Savannah Sid 22il, sh'ps Rochester, and Vermont, New Orleans; barques Princeton, Havana; Prospect. Cardeuas; Juniata, Savannah: brigs Mary Ami, St Lucia; Globe, Savannah. It is repoitao that aoue of the above went to sea 22d, escept the Vermoutand Mary Ami; and that the remaiiider gut out 24th. Belfast, Nov 23?Arr brig Belle, Colson, New York. Cld 22d, brig Saml Potter, (new) Wilmiugton, NC. Inp.rt 23d, a large tleet of coasters waiting change of weather?wind strong from SW, with rain. Boston, Nov 25?Arr steam sclir Robt Rankin, St John.NB. ( Id barque Bevis, Rio Janeiro; brigs Spartan, Surinam: Porto Rico, Trinidad, PSt (Jen Marion, Galveston; Mary H, Pliila dulphiai <l?ii Bolivar, Calais, to load for West Indies; schr J Cooley It Co, Young. New York. P M?Arr brig Hylis, hittstis, N York. Sld, wind N W tb SW ami 9, good breeze, barques Detroit. Convoy (not yesterday), brigs Llou, Fame, J PalfctV . , ? Ka it Machias, Nov 20?In port, w tg wind, brig Chas Ham mond, Kellar, and schr C L Vose, Kellar, for New York. Eikjartown, Nov 24?Arr schr Ligouia, Thompson, N York f>r Deer Isle?and sld ?5th, with several others bouud E. Arr 23th, schr Sarah Mhiim, New York for Salem. FiiANKroRT, Nov 20? Sld brig Telos, Matanzas. Arr 22d, barque Walter, (new) Hampden. Sld brigs Clara Cole, Gua

daloupe; Alpine, Martinique; schr Bowditch, do Georgetown, SC. Nov 12?Cld brigs Watchman, Barba d es; 19th, John Hill, Rowe, New York; 20th, Ohio, Marti nique. Holmes Hole, Nov24?Arr harifxies Ardennes, Philadelphia for Boston; Aim* Reynolds, Boston for Philadelphia; brigs W M Rogers, and Emma. do for do; sclirs Augusta, Philadelphia for Boston; Paragon, dolor Newburyport; Homer, Kent. New York for Bostou; Delphi, Conk, do lor Weymouth. Shi 25th, 10 a m. all the vessels before reported, leaving in port sell Tar quiii, disg. Lewes, Del. Nov 21?Brigs Kmma, and Wm M Rogers, lor Boston; schra Zone, for do; Maria Causey, for Kali River; Pe inelia. aud Oen Scott, for Brooklyn, weut to sea this morning. Schr C C Zabriskie, Holt, from_ Providence for Cherrystone, was blown off during the pale of 9th inst. and in entering the harbor last night fcr the purpose of procuring supplies, wis dvivon ashore, in a gale from NW. on the Hen ami Chicken's Phoal. where she now reinaiui, but it is thought she will be got olf at high water without sustaining much injury. Mobile, Nov 18?In port, ships Harvard, for Liverpool; Michigan, for Clyde: Hanover, ami Lorena, for Havre; Edwi na, West, for New York; Hudson, Atalauta, Waverly, Nich olas Biddle, Lendes. Cotton Planter, Arabella, France, Jacob Peuuell, Thracisu, Herculean, Fortitude, 8 Cummings, and Helen Augusta, freight; barques Fredonia, and Shannon, for Liverpool; Reform, Lewis, for New York: Hermitage, for Bal timore ;.Hutoa, Weybosset, South rner, Wm k James, H T Bartlett, Thames, Georgia, and Pilgrim, freight; Eliza, (Sp) for Havans; brigs Lorenzo, (Sp) for do; Eurotas, Virginia, Saline, Josephine, and Pocahontas, freight Arr 18th, ship Helen Augusta, Fortluad. Cld brig Mobile, Bostou; schr Au, relia. Aransas Bay. . New Havf.n. Nov 24?Arr brig Industry, St Croix; sclir S R Pavuter, Philadelphia. Sld brig George Loyal. Martiuico. New Lomisn, Nov 27?Arr schrs Myrtle, and Thos Petikin, Albany; sloops Alfr?d, Coisackie; Washington, Kecue, New York. New Orleans, Nov 17?Arr ships Arkansas, Bunker, and Auburn, Durfey, New York; Avalanche, Charleston; schrs St Paul, Matanzas; Jaue, (Br) Nassau, NP; Brazos, Charleston; St Thomas, Havaua. Cld steam ship New York, Galveston; ships Laura, Oxnard, mitl Rajah, Liverpool. Towed to sea 8th inst. ships St Mary and Pacihc; 10th, ship Alhambra; 13th,ships Wa'dron and KliiaS'th. Newport, Nov 23?Arr brigs Emerald,Lubec for Newburg; Delaware, Fall River for Philadelphia: 'Maitua Sagua," Duu can, Thomaston for New York; schrs Onhr re. and Flora, do lor do; Ceylon Camden for do; Isabella, Boston for Fredericks burg; Eveline, Philadelphia for New Bedfoid; Salem, NYork for Boston; E H Ad uns, Nantuckdt for B iltimore. Philadelphia, Nov 25?Arr brig Caracas. La Guayra; schrs Sjiy, Smith; America, Somers. and Mary Brush, Johnson, N ^ ork. Cd ship Alleghany, New Orleans; Bremen baique Philadelphia, Richmond. Portland, Nov 23?Arr barque Ranger, Merrill. New York; brig Lima, Aleiaudria Cld 22d, baique Arrbimedes, (new) New Orleans; brigs Plato, Matanzas; Tallmadge, Cuba; schr Lydia Storer, New Orleans. Sld ship Andrew Scott, and the remaiuder of the coasters. Providence, Nov 24?Arr sloop Hamlet, Tuttle, New York. Sld brigs New England. Matanzas; Foster, Philadelphia; schrs United, Wilmington, NC; Eliza Hand, Baltimore; RRush, Philadelphia; sloops Jarnes Lanpheer, Proof Glass, and Cale donia, New York. Richmond, Nov 21?Arr brig Chattahoochee, Boston; schr Oen Scott. Doughty, New York. Salem, Nov 24? A-rschr Forest Robinson, New York Savannah, Nov 22?Arr schr Imperial, Reed New York.? Cld brigs Bezin C. Reese, (Br) West Indies; Augusta, Sher wood. New York; schr Dover. Havana. Ht Marks about Nov 8?Arr brig Hortense, Kingston, Ja; schr Sarah Jane, Saunders. New York. Cld brigs Billow, Lawrence, and Metamora, Gates, New York via Key West. By Last Night's Southern Mall. Auuiinu.Not 34?An sclir Hamilton, New York. Uai.timohk, Nov 2S?Arr liaroue Lawreuce. Boston; British brigs Wm St Mary, Bermuda; Devonshire, St Thomas; schrs < li is Henry, Calais; Widow Wadman, Bucksport. Cld brigs Arclieiaus, Halifax, Glamorgan, Kingston, Ja; actus Kuiaula, View) Peusacola; Blazer. Apalachicula; Maria, Joliustou, New rork. Norfolk, Not 24?Art brigs Artliur, (Fr) Havre; North Benil. (Suadaloupe; Proteus. (I'rus) New York for France, |>ut in to finish Mb; schrs Industry, Studlev, and Cnrsline, Ferris, New York; E J Munsell, Howe, and < Jil Bla*, Farreu, do, bud uptlipBay; Texas, and Abstract, Proviucetnwn; Governor, and Arcade, Portsmouth; Forester, Duxbtiry. In Hampton Roads, schrs Wave, and Potomac. Richmond lor Beston; Ala lanta, and Notus, Baltimore lor Warehatn P1111.4nKi.p1n*, Nov 26? (From onr Correspondent)?Arr barques Navarre .Cole. Rio Janeiro S? in 29, anu Pernamt'iico Oct 21: Nashua, New ()r leans; brigs Baltimore, and Sun, Bos ton; schrs Sequel, and Animbella, New York; barges Comer, Shark, Grampus, Delaware, and Stag, do; steamer Coneitoja, do. Cld ships Saranak, Liverpool; Ariel. Boston; schrs S-irah Louisa, New London; Kiv al, Belfast, Me; Charles, Calais; ./no Randolph, and Siiy, Providence; Oregon, Newhui yport; BN Fox, Esther Saran, Lady Clinton, Patriot, II W Safford, and Constellation, New York; Vesta, Newport; sloop Mary Brush, Providence; barges Planet, Youug Sailor, and Potuvifle, New York. DR. CONVER8' INVIGORATING CORDIAL FOR GENITAL DEBILITY, 1MPOTENCY, INCONI TINENCK, Oil NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, Str. rriHIS CELEBRATED AND POWERFUL REMEDY X has long b*en used with the most happy effect, in the practice of tne most eminent physicians anil surgeons in the British Empire. France ami Germany. Ind-ed, so remarkable were the cures that the late " Sir Astley " hailed it as the " lurlnnuer of life." The use of this CorJinl will fully; sua til 11 the high encomium. The highest medical authorities in the United States recommend it as superior t-1 any other article for the permanent cure of the above distressing complaints. The proprietor doe* not offer this remedy a? a "c tliolicon,'' hot as a specific for the following deplorable affections?the coiiseiiueuces of early indiscretion, secret habit* of youth, and excessive indulgence of the passions in riper yean?viz ; General physical prostration, nervous debility, torpor of the liver, dyspepsia, loss of muscular energy, weakness of the back and lower extremities, lassitude, nocturnal emissions, iinpotency, or a premature and total decay of Virility ; melau choiy aberrations of mind, confusion of idea*, loss of memo ry, dimness of vision, pain in the head, vertigo, and lunacy; aversion to social intercourse, timidity, self-distrust, mid love of solitude. Huudr'iL of rates of sudden decline or consumption may be traced to these baneful practices. Young men in cities, and particularly in the country, where these solitary habits prevail to aa alarming extent?anil those, too, who sre about to marry, and those whose matrimonial have not been productive of those happy results which should attend the connubial state, will |ierceive that this advertisement treats of au important subject to them. If you would be relieved from these evils and the att- ndant mortification, and b? re stored to manly vigor, delay not to procure this Cordial. The remarks which accompany the medicine are highly important to the married and siugle. Prife $2 per bottle ; S10 halfdozen; or $20 per dozen. Sold wholesale and retail bv J. O. FAY, 130 Fultou street, (Lamp Store,) Sun Building, New York ; and at (late Hart's) Drug Store, Corner of Broadway and ( hambers street, N. Y. ' The Cordial will be forwarded to any part of the city or'country, by addressing J. O. Fay, post-paid, amount en closed. Also for sale by Dr. Wadsworth, J.'j North Main strert, Pro vidence, R.I. 1 and at 18# Washington street, Boston ; No. 4 Broadway-, Albany ; and of Marchlissi, I'tica, N. Y. N. B. Tlie physician may bu consulted personal y, or by letter-post-paid, It 136 Fulton street, New York ; entrance to the ntftcu through the store. n27 lin*r HILL'S INFALLIBLE UNGUENT FOR THE HAIR. Ci AN any tiling be more honest 'I Notice the fact that I ' never publish any certificate commendatory of the above unless it has the residence of the individual giving it append ed, which enables you to satisfy yourselves (by enquiry) that the Ougneut is leafly what it purports to he; and understand V" also that it is warranted in Ml rases, either young or old, if properly applied, to effectually slay alopery or falling off of the hair, restore it to bald parts, eradicate pityriasis, dan druff, scurf, and all exfoliations of the cuticle or scalp; change red or grey hairs to a beaiuilul dark color, make the hair moist, soft, early, kc. I do nereby certify that I have been seriously afflicted with dandruff and falling off of the hair, and made use of several artn |es for the tame without the least benefit, indeed I was tearful of becoming bal'l, final]V, being induced to use Hill's Infallible Ongoent, I am happy to lav the result was most sa tisfactory, for in a short time the dandruff entirely disappear ed, my hair soon commenced growinit, aud is now thicker than it ever was, being also soft, moist and glossy. lean strongly recommend it for the above. Yours, kc , JAMES BLANC ARD, No. 48, Avenue D. !I"7" Recollect, Hill's Infallible Onguent can be obtained only at his principal ofRc*. on 1 lie northwest corner of Pine and Nassau sts., and of the following Agents:?Jarvis' FancyStore, 615 Broadway; Wm H. Carey k Co., 186 Pearl it.; I Graham tt Co., 73 Water st.iWm. A- ? rocker,91 Maiden lane; Mr. Tho mas Sewell, 478 Grand St., New York. A.Spooner St Co., 47 Fulton St.; Mrs. J. Jordan's Fancy Store, 59 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, L. I. ; Mr Eorards, No. 178 Grand street; E. Bau/.ett's Confectionary, in 1st, lietween Grand and South 1st streets. Williamsbnrgh ; D A Herrick, No. 8 Delavan House, Albany, New York; Messrs. Mortimer tc Mowhry, corner of Market and Charles streets, Baltimore, >Id.; Jos. E. Trippe, 291 Broad, corner Market st, Newark, N.J.: N. A. Crary, 140 Merrimar street, Lowell. Mass. it'JO Im'rc A V HE MIC A I. HA I.SAM, Or Hair Invlgorntor. REMEDY for hll diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Mkiiits or thi Chkmk 1 Rii.iuM oh H*m ItvvinoRio*.?It prevent* Baldness. It removes Dandriff nnd Cutaneous Scruff It keep* the Hair in its natural color and prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a fum be lief, that as a beautiful and heslthy restfwative of the Hair it will be found on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E. ITia lon, No. 214 Broadway. Agents?O. Kish k Co., Washington, I). Ayer kl'helan, 78 Broad St.. Columbus. (Horgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build ings, corner of Tenth and Cheanut sts., Philadelphia; H. Mice, corner of Cgnrt and Howanrd; streets, Boston ; C B. Brow er. No. M Fnlton st., Brooklyn, M. S. Fletcher, Marehrm, Ulster Co.. N. Yf; V B. Loch row, No. M Beaver street, Albany; John B. Watson, C harleston Hotel, Soutli Carolina; S. Tonsey, Syracuse, N Y.; Gorton Anderson, Newport, R I.; and No. IT.* Diviaion atreet, opposite Ludlow, N. Y, o2t lm'me. f ARD?386 bbli prime Leaf Lard, firm and white, J??t XJ landed e? barque Genesee for sale by * K COLLINf k CO. \ ott M tMlk I STAATS & BARKER, CLOTHING AND FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway. DIRECTLY OPPOSITE HOWARD'S HOTEL, HAVE jia?t received a large and splendid assortment of WINTER GOODS, which the* will makeup to order in their usual fashionable style *ud finish. Also. READY MADE CLOTHING, Overcoat*?Super French Castor and double milled C loth $15,00 to $35 00 do Tweeds, 4cc., &c 5,00 to $ 16 00 Cloaks? 7,00 to $25,00 Dress and Frock Coats, Vests, Pants, Shirts, Uudershirts, Drawers, Hosiery, Scurfs, Cravats, (Jloves, Suspenders, Sic., lie. N. B.-S ii B. wish to call the attention of travellers and others eipnsed to the weather to a su|>erior article of English double milled Kersey, drab aud blue, very heivy, manufac tured expressly for them. n9 lin*?n THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. THESE celebrated articles fur the iwsitive cure of Rheuma tism, Palsey, Kits, Apoplexy, Headache, aud all nervous complaints, are only to be obtained at 134 Fultou street. Sun Buildings. One thousand certificates ore now being published in the New Vork Suu and Tribune, regarding the remarkable elfjcacy of these articles. To them the reader is respectfully re'erred, or they may be seeu at the oitice. Pamphlets can be had gratis. ul9 lw'm FRENCH CHINA. GERARDIN, 15 Jolui street, has just received oil con r . signmt ut and offers for sale, tt very reasonable prices, a splendid assortment of the following articles :? Rich Kancy Decorated Dinner and Dessert Sets, from $7'' 00 to $950 0# Rich Kaucy Decorated Tea Sets, from... $12 00 to $125 00 " " " Toilet Set " " " Tete-a-tete " " " Vases " " " Mugs aud Cotfers, with mottoes, and Cologne Bottles, he Pliru White Chiua of every description always ou hand and decorated to match any pattern. Dinner, Dessert and Tea Seta, of every description, sold in any i|iiantltr required. GLA9S WARE. On consignment from m.inu!aclurers, and for sn!e, a large as sottmeut of Plain and Rich Cut Glass, of every description, at K. GERARDIN. n22lm*rc IS John street, up stairs. GKEENHOW'S HISTORY OF OREGON. rjptlE HISTORY OK OREGON and California ai d other J. Territories on the North-West Coast of North America; accompanied by a Geographical View and Map of those coun tries, aud a number ol Documents as Proofs and Illustrations of the History, BY ROBERT ORE EN HOW, Translator and Librarian to the Department of State of the United-States; Author of a Memoir, Historical aud Political, ou the Northwest Coast of North America, published iu 1810, by direction of the Senate of the United States. THIRD EDITION, lie vised, Corrected and Enlarged. NEW YORK : D. Appleton & Co., 200 Broadway. PHILADELPHIA: George S. Appleton, 148 Chestnut stre< t. 1845. n<l Iwrc RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, &c. ARE NOW offered lor sale at a great sacrifice, many styles from twenty-live to thirty per cent less than the regular wholesale prises. The subscribers have secured a large lot of Rich French Silk Goods, <$y. Also, several consignments?all of which will be sold if it should be below cost. The season being somewhat advanced, they have conclud-d to embrace the present opportunity to dispose of the balauce of their stock. A large portion of it lias been purchased recently, at the Great Peremptory Auction Sales; therefore, will make a very large reduction from present prices, and do venture to say that their Silk, Shawl anu Cas* mere Stocks, will present the greatest inducement! to purchasers in the way of Dry Goods, that has ever been eff teu iu this city. J.N.bT.H.S kCn d? assure their friends and customers, that they may put full t?-,f,deuce in all and every stateMM made in this advertisement, a. they are prepared and will sub stantiate every \wird of Our stock consists of the iicheu and most costly goods that have be?n imported this season. We would respectfully invite all to call ami eiamine for themselves; asking none to buy ex cept they are perfectly satisfied. 0""Kor further particulars, please read the following: ONLY ONE PRICE! 811.KS?SILKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 25 per cent. Splendid Silks for street dresses, former prices 8s, 9s, 10s per yard, now only 7s and 8s. V wide and heavy 12s silks at $1. ,4 do Paris Silks, for evening dresses; have been solil by the importer this season at $2 |ier yard, now will be sold at $1 per yard; a great sacrifice. One yard wide splendid Cameliou Striped Silks, reduced 50 cents per yard. Ombre Striped Chaugeable Silks, 4s fld per yard. Rich Horizontal Striiied Silks, all reduced. Splendid Brocade Silks, very cheap. Magnificent B.ocade Silks, as rich as any that has ever been in this city?reduced $1 per yard. Wide Satin Striped Black Silks, have been sold this season at 12 and Us per yard?reduced to 9s. Several cases of wide (iro tie Rhines, reduced from 25 to30 per cent. High Lustre Gro de Rhines, 27X inches wide only $1 per yard. ii wide Black Silks, Horizontal Striped 8a 6d. SHAWLS?SHAWLS. A large stock of Shawls, and are to be sold as soon as possi* Lie, consequently they will be offered at the follemring rate*:? Real geuuine Lyons Broche Shawls only S10. Superior Cashmere Shawls all wool, that we have been sel ling at $20 now $14 and (Id. bxtra line Double Centers all wool, that have beeu selling at $35 now $20 Eqtru hue Paris Square Shawls reduced from $50 to S3S. Lyons Broche Loug Shawls, white and drab ground only Paris Lou* Shaw Is. extra size, reduced from $30 to $20. Splendid Paris Long Shawls. reducod $30 per shawl It is just the season Tor ihawls, and the entire stock will be sold atgreat bargains. CASHMEKES, MUSLIN DE LAINES, kc. Between live and six thousand yards of Mouseline de Lanes, Repps, and Cashmeres, just bought at a great reduction from first coat, and will be retailed at 2s per yaru. 20 cases of Cashmere E. Cosse aud Mousselin de Laine, re duced 25per cent. Monsseliu de Laines; Part rule, Lupin k Co. Manufacturers, all wool 3s per yard. Monsselin de Laines of the same make, bright colon, all wool only 3>6d per yard. Monsselin <le Lanes superior fabric, reduced 3s per yard. Cashmere E. Cosre all wool cost "5 cents to import, only 3s Gd. Cashmere E. Cosse, superior quality, price $1 reduced to 6s. We have in?ny styles ofthe above goods not enumerated,and would call particular attention to this opportunity, as we feel well assured that the expectation of all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, kc. A large lot of Paris made Cloaks, just imported and will be sold at great bargains bpleudid Damask Silk Cloaks. Y ery rich Plaid < loaks aud Coat Dresses, the latest styIss imported, aud will be sold for leas than they cau be made for m thi? market Velvet and Silk Mautillns, equally cheap. CLOAKING9, PLAIDS, kc. Splendid lot rich Plaids, reduced 25 per ceut. Extra Kine Paris Cloakings, very cheap. All Wool Paris Cloaking. The importer's price was $1,30 per yard, now will lie sacrificed at 6 shillings per yard. Dark shaded'Stripes, and Extra Wide Meriuoes, kc. LINENS, LINENS, kc. 1-4 Irish Linens, all prices. Every width of Baruesly, Irish and Scotch Sheetings. D.unask Napkins, Damask and Double Damask Table Clothi all sizes and widths, at great bargains. Hiickahuck, birds Eye, Scotch and Irish Towelling. A large assortment of Klaiiuels. Bleached Long Cloths, with a full and general assortment of Family Goods. We have not specified the particular styles and prices of the above goods, but intend to reduce them to such prices as will secure immediate sale. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, kc. A splendid lot of Evening Dresses will be sold at half the usual prices, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. 150 Embroidered Chiinizetta, which will be sold very cheap. 100 Dozen Linen Cambric Hdkfs. at 8s. 9s and 10s per doz. 40 Dozen of Gent's French Linen Cambric Hdkfs, and will be sold exactly 25 [ier cent less thauthsy cost to iipport, which is about 50 per cent less than the regular price. Ve vet Scarfs only 2s. 20 Styles of Ladies' Neck Scarfs?. II will be sold very low. With a great variety of other Fancy Goods. TT* If there are any merchants from other towns and cities in New Vork, they will do well to call. Terms c;ish or ap proved p?l>er. J. N k T. H. 8ELBY k CO., No. 345 Broadway, New Vork. P. 8.?A large lot of Splendid Cashmere E. Cosse of Patrule, Lupin, Seydonx, Seiber kCo., manufacture, just opened,being the richest we have ever exhibited in our store, and wilkbe re tailed fiom 30 to 35 cents per yard leas than they have been sold for by the case in ihis market We invite all to call and see them. n!9 Im'm UNITED STATES HOTEL, Penntylvania Avenue, Washington City, D. C. 'T'HE PROPRIETORS of this new, large and modem built 4 establishment, rea|>ectfully tender their thanks to the pub lic for the liberal support they have given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the efforts of the under* signed to the public accommodation. The honse is situate on the Avenue, on the promenade side, between Third and Four aud a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and the Capitol. It is capable of accommodating three hnudred guests. In all its parts it lias recently undergone a general improvement for the winter's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; indeed in every division of the house the primary consideration has been to adapt it to the comfort of onr patrons The dining hall is one of the most commodious and best light ed, by day and night, iu the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, anil welMisrii lined Briefly, we con fidently challenge the jndgment of a discriminating public in ! all the eseentials required to render a public house a home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, $! iO per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, in consonance with the spirit of the | times. TYLER k BIRCH. The "Exrress" will rdease copy every other day for three weeks, and send bill toT) Ier k Bireh. n25 3meod'rc DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, No 21 Howard stmxt. SIG N A k SIG. FERHKRO have reopened their School, and will commence an entirely new class for Young La dies and Masters on Tuesdays aud Fridays at halfiiast3. n*v? or TUITION, Mondays and Thursdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Tuesdays and Fridays, at half past 3;classes for Young Ladies and Masters. Monday and Thursday evenings, at half past 7; Dancing and Waltzing ( lasses for Gentlemen, on Tuesdays and Fridays, at the same hour. Waltzing, Polka and Mazonka rlas. Fordo La Valt'zaDeux Temps, Polka aud the Mazourka will be taught iu all the classes during the term. Pjjxrat? !?? sons, pr>Tate classes, and boarding schools, punctually attend ed to. Private Soirees will be given as usual. n7 I mend r HARTINE'S LOTION. NOTICE TO STRANGERS AND CITIZENS llntr it it panihlr. that persons will lp with rain, when < auted hy Uhrttmitliem, Spraini, Bruurt, Iht titration*, Cuff, Glitndulnr 'rumen. Lumbago, Ilrna-.1rnr, (.'ramp in the Stornqth, tfe.i . .. . .. . ONE BOTTLE ofthe above invalnableLotion will he sufficient to satisfy the most sceptical, that it it the most to be depended upon, of any article now before ihe public, for the effectual rrlitf and cure of any ofthe above afflictions, to which all are liable, more or less. In fact, it is tiow well es tablished aa a Family Medicine, and should always be in eve ry person's house, throughout the country ; fbey will then have a remedy at hand, which ran he depended upon in case* of accidents, kc. . ... ... _ , _ For sale, wholesale and retail,at the Pi nprietnr'i Depot, 321 Broadway, New York, and by our Agents throughout the United States. Price 7.5 cents C. S. BARTINE k CO., Proprietor., 3J3 Broadway, New York. Orders for any quantity, addressed a* above, Will be punc tually attended to. olfilm'eodrc B] A CARD TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. A LADY ofsuperior talents and acquirements, ia desirous ot having a few more pupils to instruct in Muaic. Her method ol nisiruction will be found to be the moat exi>editious iu pro motiug tliem in the thorough knowledge and theory of the acieuce of any now taught. A line directed to R. M., at the office of thia paper, will b* duly attended to o7 lm*re A NKW COURSE OF LESSONS IN FRENCH, ON THE HOBERTSON1AN 8YSTEM, Y E. DU Bl 1SSO.N, A. M ? An Evening ( laaa ia now 1 being formed, at No. 147 Green street. Houra of attendance 6 to 7 ana 7 to 8 o'cloek. By this ivitem the student ia sooner able to converae with rapidity and eaae, besides acquiring a thorough knowledge of tn? language, with all iu idiomatic pe culiarities, than by any other method. Kurther particulars, terms, he , will be made kuown ou ap plication at Mr. Bookliam's Select School, No. 147 Green, cor ner of Houston street, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. oil 2wrc THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT A MASTER. THE French Language, at ouce the easiest learned and most fashionable acquirement of the day, is tadght by Professor P. Kowalewski ou tlie or i! and most approved system, adapting his lessons to the capacity of his pupils in such a manner as will eusure a knowledge of the language ' a veiy short space of time. He has been honored with pupils fropi the families of the following dBtiuguished gentlemen, to whom he caQ refer:? Hon. Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cushiitg. Ilou. Thos. H. Benton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others. Louis McLane Hon. Secretary Walker, German and French taught. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 310 Broadway. P. KOWALEWSKI. oi lin'r EVENING AMUSEMKNT. T has been a source of general regret that so few opporta ? uities offer, that prove sutriciently attractive to young men, to draw then from the haunts of dissipation aud vice | into which mauy fall, from a want of more rational and m ! Hructive amusement. Au excellent opportunity now offers. which pnssesies many attractions, also combiuing health, plea I sure and information, where geutlftneu may resort, and puss aii agreeable hour, at Disbrow's Riding School, 418 Bowery. Terms for a course of twelve lessons, $9. Subscribers are not required to attend regularly, only as may suit their con venience. The school will he oi**u every eveuing from 7 to 9Ko'clock (Sundays excepted) The School is oi>eii daily for Ladies, from 9 A.M. to S P.M. o31 lm'rc 1 A. DODWORTH'S DANCING SCHOOL. ALLEN DODWORTH would beg leave to inform his friends, that it is his intention to commence a Private Dancng School, at his residence, 448 Broome street, pu Mon day afternoon, Oct. 20th. From his long connexi )n with the Dancing world, and having availed himself of i> structions from the best masters that have visited this couutry?such as Paul Taglioni, and others o! like celebrity?he feels va at he is as well qualified to teach as any iu the city; and his musical education will certaiuly give him a great advantage over inauy at present in the profession. Be that as it may, those who fa vor him with their Patronage can rely upon acquiring a correct and fashionable style of Dancing. TERMS. A Quarter of 24 Lessons, including the Quadrille, Walt*, Gallope and Polka $10 f|> Ten Lessous iu the Waltz or Polka, ' 5 00 Days anil Hours of Tuition. On Mouday and Thursdays, at 3 o'clock, for Ladies and Misses over 12 years of age. On Wednesday aud Saturday, at 3 o'cUck, for Misses and Boys uuder 12 years of age?mid Ou Monday, Wednesday, Thursday aud Saturday, for Gen tlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. A secoud Class will be formed from 9 to 10, for those who cannot attend earlier. Private Lessons given atauy other hours, either at the resi dence of the pupil or at the school. o21 lm*re VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY. MR. G. ROBERTSON has the pleasure of respectftilly announcing to his friends and the public, that his regular classes are uow ojien on Mondays and Thursdays, at his private dwelling, 62 Eighth Avenue, for giving instructions m the I above art. Mr. R. will introduce in his academy til the late I and fashionable dances uow iu use, including the Polka and Mazudka Quadrilles, and various styles of Waltzing. lustruc | tious given in private to pupils and classes, at any fixed hour, at i their residences or at Mr. B s. A morning class will be formed lor ladies. s28 1 m*m CIllCKEHlNG'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, li'JH Broadway. JCHICKER1NO would inform the public, that he has re ? moved his Pianos from the corner ol Broadway and Park 1 Place, to Rooms No 5 and 7 Lafarge Building, 293 Broadway, 6 doors above Heade street, wherehe will keep a general asiort Pj meut at the same prices as at his factory m Boston. The public are invited to call at his rooms and examine the I P"""'"1 'tack. n8 Irn'r I AND FORTES FOR HIRE, at 411 Broadway, up stairs ?DANIEL WALKER, Manufacturer of Piano Fortes, has i constantly ou hand an extensive assortment of elegant Rose 1 wood and Mahogany Piano Fortes, kept exclusively lor hire, including Granu and Cabinets, with six and seveu octaves.? ! A Gold Medal, the largest premium, was awarded to him at the last Fair of the Amer can Institute, for improvements in Piano Fortes. N.B. An Oman with four stops, iu good con dition, suitable for a small church, or private family, for sale i cheap or to loan outiine. Store 411 Broadway, Manufactory 44 West 14th st. uear 6th avenue. nS lm?rrc ' FIME ARIS. OIL PAINTINGS cleaned, liued and restored, by H. BENT, 233 Broadway 3 doors above o!7 Im*rc the Amerieau Hotel. THE PLUMBE NATIONAL DAGUERR1AN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, Q?| BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over Teu At9 m. uey'* jewelrv (tore, awarded th? .Medal, four " First Premiums" uud two " Highest Houori," at the Inhibition at Boston, New York aud Philadelphia, respectively, for thebest pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. riumbe's Premium Cameras, Instructions, Plates, Cases, Sic. forwarded to any desired point, at lower rates than by any oth er manufactory. eg 2niD8tW*mc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FUKNISH1NG ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF VOIGTLAENDER'S APPARATUS. BK81DK8 anew supply of the above Apparatus, the subscri bers have receive best Plates, Chemicals and Polishing i substances, and the newest improvements in the Art. Instruc tionsgiven in the Art. and orders from every part of the coun 1 try promptly attended to, by addressing (post-paid) to W. & F LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchainge. LANGENHEIM it BECKERS, oi lmdltw*rc New York. 201 Broadway. FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES. P. HAAS, DAUUERKE AX ARTIST, 289 Broadway, corner of Reads Street, Lafaroe Building. MR. H. h?s received the Medal at the lute Fair of the Ame rican Institute, for Pictures executed by himself, and uot purchased nor done by hired operators; the public, therefore, can at all times depend upon obtaining the same style of Por traits, from the smallest to the largest sizes, which cannot be surpassed for beauty or accuracy. Instruction ifiven in the Art on reasonable terms. o27 Im*je SEGARS?SEGAK.S?BARGAINS. r|",HE SU'BSCR IBKKS having lately pnrchashed an exten i ?i*e slock of t?egars, by order of Assignees, &c., are now enabled to offer greater bargains than ever, at prices much lower than the cost of manufacture or importation?amongst them are several lots exceediuglr desirable. For sale at tne Wholesale Segar Emporium, 108 Wall street, up stairs. I lis lm'r KENNETH & LAVKRTY ftieaicai Advice. jj \OCTOK LAMKKT if ttill confidentially consulted At his old office, 61 (iold street, between Pulton and Beekman, on all diseases of a delicate nature; his treatment being mild and judicjous, reauires neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hui drduc* from business pursuits, ilecent cases cured in I or 4 Debility, nervous or constitutional, ari sing from a too freqneut indulgence of the passions of indiscreet youth, ana thereby causing nightly emissions, and eventually confirmed impotency, engage tne Ur.'s strictest attention, hlf object being to restore the astern, mentally and bodily, to thai state of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequently existing without the pa tient being the Uast aware, sometimes caused by mal-treatment of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by the neglect of the parties themselves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, with out. pain or iiieouveuience. The Doctor being one of the fewqualified advertising Surgeons in the city, guarantees a perfect cure, or no charg?made. Let ters, post paid, unclosing a fee, immediately attended to, and ma dicme, with advice, sent to any part of the United States. Office 63 Oold street. Opeu from t A. M. to 9 P.M. o21 lm*rrc R B A D T H E F O L L O W IJN U ADVERTISEMENTS or THK OOXiLBOZE OF SXedicine and Pharmacy !K5 NASSAU STREET. MEDICAL ADVICJR PRIV ATE 'DISEASES. rpHE MEMBERS of the New York College of Medicine A and Pharmacy, established for thesuppression of quackery, continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases ol ? private nntu-e, and can confidently promise to )>ersons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure without ii*]i?ry to the constitution ?r confinement from business. Invalids are par ticularly rei Jested to make aimlicntion to the College on ffit first of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time maybe rtius avoided. One of the members of th? College, for many years connected with the principal hospital! in Europe for the cure of those comifUinu, attends for consul tatiou daily from ( A. M. to 7. P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine $5?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVAJLIDB.-PersoM living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonal applications, can have forwarded to them a cheat contaia iiig all medicinef requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of eoa traction and treatment received elsewhere, if any, and ea dosing $6, post paid. It' . CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED. THE TONIC MIXTURE. prepared br the. College ? A Medicineand Pharnsacv of tne citr of New York, is cob fidently recommended for all eases of debility produced by se cret indulgence or eacess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for itnpotence, sterility, or barraaeaa, unless depead ingon inal-formation. . , ,, Single Squles SI each ; cases of half a doiea ; caret all} pecked ana sent to all pvrts of the L nion. VeLPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, f'OK the radieal core of gonoKhiaa, gleet,seminal emissions, and all moeorpurulent, discharges from the urethra These rills, the result of twenty year's experience in the Hospital de Cluirite in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor. Professor Velrj-au, as an infallible remedy for all diseases ol the uretha. The; effect a cure iu a much shorter time thaa any otherremedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing witk , the stomach, or confinement from business. Price SI per bog . RICORD'S ALTERNATIVE MIXTURE. HOR the permanent cure of primary or secondary ayphilia, ulcers, nodes, or any complaint produced by as injudicious nse of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All personsansprcting a venereal Uint reinaiusiig in their sys tem should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no per son can consider himself safe after having the vtoiereal disease, without thoroughly cleanaang the system with this justly oal? braled alterrative. Hold in single bottles at tl each . in cases of half a doxeaal $i; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RILLA, GENTIAN AND SASSAFRAS. PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine aad Pharmacy, established for the suppression ofqnackery. Thi. refined and highly concentrated attract, possessing all the purr fynig qualities and uurative powers of tli<> above herbs is confi dently recommended by the Colleges* infinitely superior toany extract ofSarsaparilla at present before the public, and may >?? relied on as a certain remedy for all diseases vising from an im pure state of the blood, such as scrofula, salt rheum, xingworm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulceratedsore throat, or any disease srolaa from the secondary effects of ayphilia or aa injudicious oacof mercury. Sold in single bottles, at Ttssatsaaa* 1 ia eases of half a dosca battlce, St &# " one doiea M N Csaee forwarded to all parts of the Uaioa. N A vsr? liberal diseoaat to wholesale parchaaavs Jfcwv 'v u lltriUKnw'M m n ?" Q&~ The Concentrated Eatraot of SariiapariUa. Oco Itan tod Sassafras, is also for rale at ITS Pfrtatro ?t?M , oppoaltc Ludlaw (tract,