Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Kasım 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Kasım 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 34H-Wholl No. 41 SO. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 28, 1845. . ?two? THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BKSMETT. Proprietor, C irculation?Forty Thous and. DAILV HERALD?Every day. Pricel cents per copy?.$7 16J*r annum ?payable ia adv-ince. WEELV H^-ft ALU-Every Saturday?Price 63? cents|wi copy?$i Uli cents iter annum?payable id tdv.uice. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?bltvays cv'> i? advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and dtapsto, r7s"AII letters or cummuuicntioua, by mail, addressed u. the establishment. must lie post paid, ar the postage will be ducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the NlW Yon* HKR/II.D EsTABLiaH.HIttfT, LtiNG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. Commencing ou Monday, September litb, 1845. LviVe New York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., iiostoii Train for Greenport, daily, Sundays??xcepted, stopping "t Fnvmiugdale and SI. George's Manor. Leive Brooklyn?At 9i4 A. M ,lor Farming tale and intermedi ate places, d uly Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturlays, through to Greenport and intermediate plnces. " at 4 P. M., for Farmiugdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Leive Greenport?Uoston Train, at 4 o'ciok, P.M., -ir on the arrival of the steamer Iroin Norwich, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at St. f }?????', Manor and Farmingdale. George'i at S o cla i clock, A. VI.; Accommodation Train, on Monday*. Wednesdays and Fridays. Lttave Fariningdale?Knr Brooklyn,at 6% o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M and i}? P. M., daily. >uuilpya excepted.) Fare to Bedford ( cents: t?aat New York lSk: Race Course 18X; Trotting Conrso 18X;, lamaicu 26; drushville 31>%; Hyde Park 17 miles 37W; ;iowsYille, (duriug session Cou*,) 37J?; Hempstead 37>?; Branch 17Hj Oarle Place 44; Wentbury 44; "Wlixville 44; ?anningdale o2>t: Deer Parlt St; Thoinpbou M; Suffolk Station 1 00; Lake Road Station 1 13V; Medford Station I 18V: Millville 1 50; St. George's Manor I KK; Riverhead 1 62),'; lameeport 1 62H; Mattetuck 1 62^; Cnt chogne 1 62X; Houthold I 62Hi Greeuport, Acc'n. train, 1 75; Greenport by Bostun Train i 00. Stages are in readiness ?n the arriyal of Traius at the several stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readineas at the foot of Whitehall Itreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutea be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. rhe Steamer Statesman leaves Greenpert for Sag Harbor twire each day on the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. nOrc JttALL. LiJNiS FOR. BOSTOJfi. DAILY OVER THE LON< ijISLAfJIT ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way Crates are in readiness to receive baggage for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. jn!6 tf rc RAi.fc.IGll AND U ASTON RAILROAD ftgaa axasa^HH FOR SALE. ON MONDAY,the 29th day of December next, by virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity for Wake County, at its Autumn Session, 1816, in a suitortlm Governor, for the use of the State of North Carolina, to fo-eclose a Mortgage, there tofore executed bv the Raleigh aud Gaston Railroad Company, to indemnify the State against certain liabilities for said Com pany, I will sell at puonc Auction, at tne Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Company aforesaid, (se far as the sune is known to me,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gaaton on the North aide of the Roanoake river, in the direct line of public eonv> yauce to Petersburg, City Point, Richmond, Washington City, Baltimore. &c be., together with all Bridges, De|xits, Workshops and Tools, Warehouses, Water Stations, Engines, Cars, &.c. Sic. -Ifeu, the stock of Iron. Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then be on hand, and all other articles own ed ami used by the said Company for keeping up said Railroad, aud trausportati n on th? sain*. From tne nature of the pro perty it will be sold en masse. The purchasers by the term* of th? Decree, and the Act of the Legislature in relation to it, will become, ipso facta,* body corporate, by the nime aud style ol the preseut Company, and will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights and immu nities now possessed by it. for the term of 80 years, which its charter has yet to run. These franchif es and privileges are ol the most advantageous kind to the Company, and inU' be found at large in their charter, contained in the 2d Vol#ine of the Revised Statutes of North Carolina, pajie 299, which is to be seen at the Seat.! of Governmeut, ana in most ol tlie Public Libraries of the Statea ot the Unionj '1 he whole ptuchaae money must bear interest, at the rate of 6 per rent per annum, from thegiiy of sale, and be paid as fol lows. to wit: 826,000 at the enu of six months, and ihe residue in four instalments, at intervals of ten months each?say 1st, 39th Jone, 1846, $26,000. 2d, ^9'h April, 1817, one-fourth of the remainder. 3d, 29th February, 1848, one-fourth of do. 4th, the Wth of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. 6th, th(29th of October, 1849, one-fourth of do. 'flic cost of this Railroad and its appurtenances, completed oulyTive years since, w;is >1 COO,now?one half of which we borrowed; cre?tiug a debt beariug interest, oil failure to pay which, a sale has become necessary. The grading, bridges,' depots, tkr. are executed in an excellent style of workmanship. Cais run daily over it, earning the Mail of the United States, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route.) at a com pensation of $100 per mi'e, Or $8,700 per annum. And, traver sing a fertile r> g.ou of country through eerly its whole length, ita freights for the transportation <>i rroauce and Mer chandize, independently of the receipts from Passengers, afford a considerable addition to the ordinary sources ol profits on railroads. Though not, now, yielding a profit on the large earn expended in us construction, its income has been increasing tor time past, and it is confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount oi capital invented in its purchase. f The sal* will be made without reserve. at the time and place aforesaid, at which those inclined to purchase, are resj ectfuliy invited to attend. The pnrelutu money must be aeeuredby bond with approved CHARLES L. HINTON, Public Treasurer of the State of North Carolina, aud Special Commissioner of the Court of Equity, iu this cau*e. Raleigh, N. C., Octobers, 1815. The following papers will insert the foregoing adver tisement 60 days, and forward their bills for payment, with a pap*Montaihing the same, to the sunscriber: Boston Atlas, Newiork Herald. Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. Statea Gazette, Richmond Enquirer Ind Richmond Whig, (,'harleston Courier. Mobil.' Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. Stand,ara. C. L. H. olJJra ra rtCOPLKS LINK OK 8TKAMBOAT8 FOR ALBAN ?Dmly, Sundays Excepted? .Through Direct ?At 6 o clock P. M. from the pier between Court Inn at and Liberty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave (ID Monday, Wednesday uixl Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O Crutten den, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenlugs, 8(6 o'clock. At 4 o'clock P. M., Landing nt Intermediate Placet?From the foot of B irrliy street? j? Steamboat (COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm H. Peck, will leave on Mouday, Wednesday, Friday and Snuday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Ht'-imboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, leaves on Toeiday, Thursday and Salard.ty afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Passenger! taking either of the above Lines will arrive in y in ample time lor the inorniiiK train of cars lor the east or west. The Bo'.ts are new and substantial, are furnished with new and decant state rooms, and for speed and accommo dation* arc unrivalled on the Hudson. Freight takeu at moderate rates. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this line, without a written orderfrom the Captains or Agents. For Passage or Freight apply on board the Boats, or U) u26 tfr P. C. SCHl. LT/. at the Otlice on the Wharf. REGULAR U. 8. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. OM MOKNI.NO LINE at 10 o'clock A. M. BF.N I* itANKLIN Na. 7, J. B. Summons, y aJLin ?sler PIKK No. H, J Arm .rung, master. EVEN IN J LINK at6 o'clock P M. SIMON KENTON, W. McClain, master. BEN FRANKLIN No. S. W. McClellan, master. These boats, fortnin* two daily lines, will run regularly, lea ving pnnctu illy at the hour, and will lake freight and passen gers to and from intermediate landings, at the usuil rates. freight will tie received for these line* at the Mail Wharf Boat, loot 01 Broadway. Kvery effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas STRADER It GORMAN, ) ol lm*rrc ROPERS fc SHERLOCK, NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On and after Monday, November 10th, the heats on this Fer ry, will leave New Vork and Staten Island as follows until further notice:? Leave Stateii Island. Leave New Vork. A. M. 9 A. M. 10 do H do H M. 1 P.M. 2 PM. I,U do 4>i do j do N. B --All freight at the risk of the owners thereof. nice NOTICE?HOUK CHANGED. THE U. S. MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY ? nod th<f Intermediate Landing?. on and after -W'-lne.dav, Oct. ad will leave the foot of Barclay street for Albany, Daily,at 4 P. M. instead of five, aa heretofore. <>23 ~ NC.W YORK, ALHAN* AND TROY LINE. ^ I | - FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. 1 from the pier at the foot of Courtlaadt ? .street. , the Passengers taking rhi? boat will arrive in time to takeorth Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and u to Saratoga and Lake (ieorge. The low pressure steam beat EMPIRE, Captain R. B Ma rl every Tuesday. Tharsday and Saturday at S o'clock. j'he stenmbaat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. I'eck, every MoWlM". Wednesday anil Friday afternoon, al 6 o'clock. jior Passaae ot freight apply oa hoard, or to C. Clark, at (he off're u* Whavf Hremht taken on the molt reasonable terms. Freight mnst I ,? uot in charge of the Freight Agent, or the company will nnt he responsible for lies No freight taken after 5 o'clock. FOR SAUOERTIES AND CATSKIL.. THF. Splendid Steamboat JAMES MAD1 HON, Capt F. J. Cupperly, will leave the loot _____ of Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, ami natnrday, at ?o'clock, PJW. For freight or passage, apply I hoard, orto O. F. Waiu^ight, Agent, on the wharl. t m * me rrr packktm kIR Havre? second Line ? ^yWThe pecketship BALTIMORE, Capt John Johnson r. will nail on the 1st of December. For freight or Pis sage apply to BOYD It Hli^variii, pusage appiy N0. , Toatiae Ba Idiag, M Wallet. a lire JOHN HCRDMAN b CO.. United States aud Britain nnd Ireland Emigrant Office, 61 South street, New V ork HERDMAN. KEEN VN Si C Liverpool.. Passage to and from Oi eat 0rnai:i ami L eland i vi . Liverpool) by the regular Packet Ships sailing every five dats. The subscribers in clling theatt otion of old countrymen and tl>e public generally to their unequalled arrangements for bringing oat passengers from the old country,, h-g to state thut aftertli ? } mr the husii ess of the Hour* at Liverpool will be conduct-d by 'ts Branch. Those sending for their friends will at oti"e see tlie great linportai ce of t!ii? arrangement, as it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the emigrant. The aliips em ployed mlhi* Lpnearewell kiwwu to be the first and largest clsss, commanded by men ofexperieuce; and ai thcv stil every I 6ve days, ail offer every fac.lily that i-iiii be furnished. With | those Mii|ieriorari'Migeineut?. the *ui?ci ibers look forward for a i oontinualion of thut patronage which hu been to lib*; ? all y ?x tended to then* for to many years pant. In ease auy of thoae I eng iged do noteuibatk, the passage money will be refunded as customary, For farther particular^ ap^ly bj^Utter^p^tpaid, j 61 South street, New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN Ik CO , Liverpool. N. B.? Drafts for anv amount can as usual he furnished, payable "l all tile priucipal bunking: I-nt ituiions throughout ihe United Kingdom, on application as 'hove I ^IfC BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ships BRITAN NIA and CAMBRIA will leave hoaicn lor the above porta, as follows, viz:? The Britannia, J. Hewi't,Commander on the lit Dec. The Cambria, (Ml. K. Judkins, Commander, ou the 16th Nov. Passage to Halifax *>. Passage to Liverpool 1130. For freitjlit or passage, apply to , D BR I OHAM, Jr., Agent, 6 Wall it I No Berth aecnred until paid lor. n23 m ONLY HEOULAK LINK OK PACKETS Fofe NEW ORLEANS?The splendid anil fast sailing packet ship JOHN MINTURN. Captain Stark, will positively aail on Monday, December 1st, her regular day. Hiving superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons about proceeding to New Orleans should not fail to secure berths by immediate applica tion ou board, foot of Wall street, or t? W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. u26 75 Sonth St., corner of Maiden Lane. Uuion Line of Packets for LI VERPOOL? Packet of 1st of December?The splendid, fast sailing and ?favorite uaeketahin SEA. I0W tons burthen, Captain I wards will sail on Monday, December 1, her regular day. The ships of this line beiug all 1000 tons and upwards, per sons nbout to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived Irom selecting this line in pre ference to any their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small Class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage iwssengers, it is well known, are superior to those of any rthei line of |iackets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application, on hoard, footol Peck Slip, or to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, at their General n2Cre Passaire Office. 75 Son th street, corner Maiden lane. LONDON LINK OF PACKETS.?Packet of the 1st of Decern!**?The splendid packet ship PRINCE j ALBERT, Win 8 Bebor, master, will siil as above, her regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAYj Corner of Pine and South streets, New York. The Tacltet Ship ST. JAM * 8, K It Myer, master, will sue ceed the PRINCE ALBERT, and sail on the first of January her regular day. P. 8.?Persons wishing to send for friends, cm have them brought out to this country by the above splendid ship, or any of the line, sailing from London on the 7th, 17th anu Si7th of eacn mouth by applying as above. ul5r?. NEW ORLEANS LINE OF PACKETS-To sail positively on the 2t>th inst and 1st December ? iThe well known fast sailing and favorite packet ship . KaUllHG, Capt Berry, will sail positively ou Wednes day, 26th inst.; and the pectet ship JOHN MINTURN on 1st Drcemhet: also, the well known picket ship LOUISVILLE, on 1st December. The above packets, belonging to the only " regular line" sailing between this port and New Orleans, will sail punctually a* advertised; and have accommodations unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Persons about proceed ing to the above port should inspect the accommodations of these snips. To .ecure berths, applv ou board the ships, or to W. Si J. T. TAPBCOTT, 75 South street. n2^me corn?r Maiden lane. PAl-KET J-OK MARSH LLEfr-QT 1st Dec. The ship CORIOL^NUS, Captdh Ames Haile, will sail ai above. For freight or passage apply to BOYD & HlNCKEN, Agents, 9 Tontine i; Hidings, or to CHAMBERLAIN & PHELPS, 103 Front street. FOK SALE, FRMUMT OR CHARTER.?The iry fast sailing packetship LOUISVILLE, 613 tons, iniTies 1500 bales New Orleans Cotton; was built in this city, with live oak and locust top; newly coppered aud pateut felted. Has handsome accommodations for 21 passen gers. Apply to E. K COLLI N8 fit CO. nWI SB l?outh street, FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Liue-Regulnr , Packet of 21st December.?The superior fast sailing ^packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt Johu Eldridge,UOO ton* burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable Itate rooms aud cabin, apply on board, west side Burling slip, orto WOODHULL & MINTURN, 87 South street Price of passage $100. The packet ship Queen of the West, 1150 tons burthen,Capt I Phillip Woodhouse, aiII succeed the Liverpool, aud anil ou h r r-?il?r day. 21st Jan. n^f FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The Line of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the ships aRoscius, Hiddons. Sheridan and Uarrick. They were l>uiit in mis city by Brown St Hell, with unusual care; lor mo dels, materials (a very large proportion of their fiames being live <rik) and workm anship, they are unsurpassed, if not une analled. Salted on the stocks and re-salted every year (ince Their accommodation* for passengers are very extensive and handsomely furnished. Apply to oJl E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st. PILOTING. O Wk,N i'llK.S< OTT, 1'ilot between the port of N I ? York/n.d nl 1 the Eastern portsto B. stuu,f*ag 11 trbor, | ?New London, Stoniugtmi, Newport,Providence.New Nantucket Mli.i.iU.aiid r II |>(>its as far East as iheKeunt bic Hiver. Orders left hi R. L Shaw s Nautical Sf ire, corner 01 Beekmau and Water at ret t, or to Adaius' Express, Boston, throe days before wanted. N.B.?Takes charge aj Master, if required. Satisfactory re ference. ttc.. &c n!4 2w*me FOR LI VKKPOUL?Regular I'nsket of 6tn Dec ??The splendid packer ship ASHBURTON, Wm aHowland, maiter.will ?ail as above, being her regu lar day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make early application on board, foot of Nlaideu Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Corner of Pine and South streets, N. Y. The new and elegant packet ship Henry Clay, Ezra Nye, mas'er, will succeed the Ashburon, and sail the 6th of Janua ry, her regular day. P. S ?Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have tliein brought out on the most xeasoable terms, by the above ?p'emlid p ickets, by apply ing as above. nl5rc PACKET SHIP 81DDONS, FROM LI vERPOOLTTs discharging under geueral ordtr at Orleans wharf, foot o| Wall street Consignees will please attend to the receipt o their good* immediately. n2i *71 KUHK HILL tfTAHlilB, 24tli * Licet, between 1 "II and Id Avenues, aud nearly opposite Bull'i Head. XaL^n^'uit arrived from the country, and for sale at the tDwvesiaides, 80 Horses, among which are four fast trotting (torses, 2 last pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some line cart uwses, a lew good road and stage horses, aud shippers, si 2m*rn K. H. NOKTHRUP, Proprietor. A bFlENEId selection of PLANTS, r,y CONSISTING of tamilliK, Roses, Daphnes, Aral la, JJWUl.emon and Orau|ie Trees, Violets, and a great many <?Mn.other fine Plants lor sale cheap at the establishment of boll & llauser, F lorists, corner of iOth street and Blooming ilale Koad. Also, Buui|iiets, put up for parties, balls and weddings, tastef lly arranged with frtsh llowers, delivered to any paitof the city free of expense. Orders left at Mr. Cor miers', 197 Walker street, will he punctually attended to. Or ilers to be left in the morning when Bouquets are wanted Cor th? evening. Bouquets made of sweet violet only, if so de | sired. n22 lw*r ? hats fjr SUPERIOR TO ANY EVER BEFORE MADE IN THIS COUNTRY. 'PHK SUBSCRIBERS having lately effected, through their A agent m Paris, the purchase of the entire <iu:utuy of Mile Plush, for which the manufacturers received tile gold medal, 1 at the la'e fairs in that city, are nnw manufacturing Hats, which, upon examination, will convince the most sceptical, are superior to any ever before made in this country. Also received, an assortment of the patent Mechanics'flats, m ide by the best manufacturers in Pari*, being well adapted for travellers, constructed so as to shit up in a small compass, or formed in a hat in as soon time as a person can put on his hat. Dealers and olhera supplied with the different qualities of Hats, at as low prices if not lower than by any other mannfac turers. A. HALL St BON, 202 Ureenwich street, n2l Iw'mc between Barclay and Vesey streets. _ KOH E KTSON 'S r* ph(enix m HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 10.1 Kulton at., between William and Vauau. The success which has attended the efforts of the Proprietor ol tins establishment to introduce into use a superior article at an extremely low price.eucourages him to make increaced et ertions to merit the i>atrona(e of the public. The peculiarity ol his system of conducting business consists in the establish ment ol the most rigid economy in its various departments, as well as in an invariable adherence to "cash on delivery," re lieved from theoppressive essences of the more extravagant craftsmen of Broadway and subjected to uone of those losses which are the certaiu accompaniment of the 'credit principle." i He is enabled to offer the different articles in his line at the following reduced rates:? HATS. FirstQuality Nutria Fur, $3,10 I First Quality Moleskin, $3.00 Skcoud do do do 3,On I Second do do 2,10 CAPS. First Quality Cloth $1,50 Second do do 1,00 Third do do 73 i n< Im?r l? ONE PRICI0.?BROWN lit CO. 17ILhatham square, corner of Mott st. wish to inform the public of rheir recent improvement in the manufacture and finish of their THREE DOLLAR HATS, which retain a beautiful rich lustre, and will compare well with those more costly. The proprietors are eonlideut that they can furnish Hats far superior to any heretofore sold for the same price. A full assortment of Fancy Knrs, also Fur Cloth; Mohair, (Jlazed, Siik and Fancy C ATS, several new patterns, much admired, sold at reduced prices, wholesale and retail. <?29 Im'mc . _ PREMIUM BOOTS. J1, '.NE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50. city made, and for style aud durability tlity ar? equal to those sold in other stores for $5. V iu? r renrh Prrmmm Imperial Drts* Boots ,.,?.r.7,,^' 'hose new in other stores for $6 or $7, at \ OUNO Si J ONE S French Boot and Shoe manufactory, 1 one ol the most fashionable establishments in this city. Onr boots having been Judged in the late Fair at Niblo's, are said to he the best boots lor the price ever sold in this countiy. Also, a superior new style French Dancing Uaiters, and overshoes, constantly on hand. Alt goods warranted to give satisfaction. Boots and Shoes made to order in the shortest notice. Mending done in the store YOUNO It JONES, 4 Ann street. nT la-re near Broadway, New FoVk. I STAATS & BARKER, CLOTHING A N 1) FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE HOWARD'S HOTEL, HAVE jut receivel a large and splendid assortment of WIN i'KH GOODS, which the* will makeup to orifer in ihtir usual hshinnable style mid finish. Alto, RKADY MADE CLOTHING, Overcoats?Super French Cantor and double mifmd C loth $15.00 to $*4 00 do Tweeds, tec., lie 5,00 tot 16 00 Cloak*?... 7,00 to 00 Dress aud Frock Coits, Vt?U, Pints, Shirts, Undershirt*, Drawers, Hosiery, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, Sic, iLC N. B.?S. 8t B. wish to call the attention of travellers mid others exposed to the Weather to a superior article of English double milled Kerrey, drab aud blue, very heivy, manufac tured expressly for tlieui u'j lm*m FRENCH CHINA. 1^ OEH MIDIN, 15 John street, has just received on con r ? sigument aud offers for sale, at verv reasonable prices, a splendid as?ortmeiit of ihe following articles :? Rich Fancy Decorated Dinner and Bessert Sets, from S"i 00 to $!>V) 00 Kich Fancy Decorated Ten Met*. frow... $12 00 to $125 00 " Toilet Sots....... " Tete-a-tete " Vases " " " Mugs aud Coffers, with mottoes, and Cologne Bottles, Sic PI an White China ofevery description always on hand and decorated to match any pattern. Dinner, Dessert aud Tea Sets, of every description, sold in any quaulity required. GLASS WARE. On consignment from manufacturers, and for sale, a large as soitment of Plain and Rich Cut Olass, of every description, at F. GERARDIN, n22 lm*rc U John atreet. up stairs. (JREENHOW'S HISTORY OF OREGON. THE HISTORY OF OBEQON aud California ai 4 other Territories on theNorth-West Coast of North America; accompanied bv a Geographical View and Map of those coun tries, and a number of Documents as Proof, aud Illustrations i of the History, BY ROBERT OREENHOW, ! Translator and L'brarian to the Department of State of the ' United States; Authorof a Memoir, Historical and Political, I on the Northwest Coast of North \tnerica, published iu 1840, by direction ul the finite of the United States. THIRD EDITION, Revised, Corrected and Enlarged. NEW YORK: D. Appletou It Co., 200 Broadway. PHILADELPHIA: George S. Appleton. 148 Chestnnt stre<t. 1845. n21 lwrc RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, icc. ARE NOW offered lor s ile at a great sacrifice, many styles from twenty-live to thirty per cent less than the regular wholesale prices. The subscribers have secured a large lot of Rich French Silk Goods, $*c. Also, several consignments?all of which will be sold ti it should be below cost. The season being somewhat advanced, they have concluded to eu.brace the present opportunity to dispose of the balauce of their stock. A large portion of it lias been purchased recently, st the Great Peremptory Auction Sales; therefore, will make a very large reduction from present prices, and do venture to say th&t their Silk, Shawl and Cashmere Stocks, will present the greatest inducements to purchasers iu the way of Dry Goods, that has ever been off red in this city. J. N. T. H. 8. St Co. do assure their friends and customers, that they may put full coutidence in all and every statement made in this advertisement, as they are prepared and will sub stantiate every vu.rd of it. Our stock consists of the richest and most costly goods that have bei n imported this season. We would respectfully invite all to call and examine lor themselves; asking none to buy en cept they are perfectly satisfied. \L_fhor further particulars, please read the following:?/Ti ONLY ONE PRICE! SILKS-SILKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 25 per cent. Splendid Silks for street dresses, former prices 8s, 9s, 10s per yard, now only 7s and 8s. \ wide and heavy i2? silks at $1. % do Paris Silks, for evening dresses; havebeensold by the importer this season ut $2 per yard, now will be sold at SI per yard; a great sacrifice. One yard wide splendid Camelion Striped Silks, reduced 50 cents per yard. Ombre Striped Changeable Silks, 4s 6d per yard. Rich Horizontal Striped Silks, all reduced. Splendid Brocade Silks, very cheap. Magnificent B. ocade Silks, es rich as any that has ever been in thi? city?reduced SI peryard. Wide Satin Striped Black Silks, have been sold this season at 12 and 14s per yard?reduced to 9s. Several cases of wide Gro de Rhines, reduced from 25 to30 percent. ? - High Lustre Gro de Rhines, 27>* inches wide only $1 per 3? wide BlackSilks, Horizoutal Striped 8s 6d. SHAWLS-SHAWLS. A large stock of Shawls, &ud are to be ?old as ?oon aa possi ble, co. sequt-ntly tliey will be offered at the following rates:? Keal genuine Ly ons Broche Shawls only $10. Sii|>erior Cashmere Shawls all wool, that we have been sel liai .it $20 nnw $14 and 111. , a * .? Extra fine Doable Centers all wool, that have been selling at $95 now $30 Eqtra tine Paris Square Shawls reduced from $50 to $35. Lyons ?roche Loug Shawls, white and drab ground only $14. Paris Long Shawls, extra sire, reduced from $30 to $20. Splendid Paris Loug Shawls, reduced $30 per shawl. It isjtmt (he seasou for ihawls, and the entire stock will be sold at great bargains. CASHMERES, MUSLIN DE LAINES, fcc. Between five and six thousand yards of Mouseliue de Lilies, Repps, and Cashmeres, just bought at a great reduction liom llrsf cost, and will be retailed at 2s per yard. 20 ca?es of Cashuieie E. Cossc and Moutselin de Laine, re duced 25 per cent. Mousselin de Laines; Partrule, Lupin fc Co. Manufacturers, >11 wool 3s per yard. ' V MuUsselin de Lames of the same make, bright colors, all wool only 3s 6d per y aid. Mousselin de Lanes superior fabric, reduced 3s per yard. Casbmeie E. Cosse all wool cost 5 cents to import, ouly 3s Od. Cashmere E. Cosse, superior quality, price $1 reduced to 5s. We have many style* of the above goods not enumerated,and would call particular attention to this opportunity, ns we feel well assured that the expedition of all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, fcc. A Urge lot of Paris made Cloaks, just imported and will be sold at greit bargains Sjilendid Damask Silk Cloak*. Very rich 1'iaiu Cloaks and Coat Dresses, the latest styles imported, and will be sold for less thin they can be made for in tins market Velvet and Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAKINOS, PLAIDS, kc. Splendid lot rich Plaids, reduced 25 per ceut. Extra Fine Paris Cloakiugs, very cheap. All Wool Pirn Cloaking. The importer's price was $1,30 per yard, now will be sacrificed at 6 shillings rer yard. Daik shadeil^Stripes, and Extra Wide Merinots, kc. LINENS, LINENS, kc. 4-4 Irish Linens, all prices. Every width ofBarnerif, Irish and Scotch Sheetings. Datn.isk Napkins, Damask and Double Damakk Table Cloths all and widths, at great bargaius. Ituckabuck, birds Eye. Scotchaud Irish Towe'liug. A large assortment ofFlannels. Bleached Loug Cloths, with a full aud general assortment of Family Goods. We liave uot specified the particular styles and prices of the ibove floods, but intend to reduce them to such prices as will iecure immediate sale. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, kc. A splendid lot of Evening Dresses will be sold at half the usual prices, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. 150 Embroidered Clumizetts, which will be told very cheap. 100 Dozen Linen Cambric Hdkfs. at 8s,9s and 10s per doz. 40 Dozen of Gent's French Linen Cambric Hdkfs, and will be sold exactly 25 per cent less than they cost to iipport, which is about 50 per cent less than the regular price. Vc vet Scarfs only 2s. 20 Styles of Ladies' Neck Scarfs?: II will he soldvery low. With a great variety of other Fancy Goods. (T7" If there are any merchants from other towns and cities in Nsw York, they will do well to rail. Terms c*sh or ap proved paper. J. N. k T. H. SELBY k CO., No. 345 Broadway, New York. P. S.?A largelot of Splendid Cashnere E. Cosse of Patiule, Lupin, Seydoux, Seiber fcCo., manufacture, just opened,being the richest we haveever exhibited in our store, and will be re tailed from 30 to 35 cents per yard less than they have been sold for by the case in .his market We invite all to call aud see them. nl!> lm*m CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Hair Invlgorator. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the rnach of urt. . MeHITS or THK CHKMICL Bll SAM OR H*t? IirvinOBTOB.?It prevents Baldness. It removes Daudrill and Cutaneous Scruff. It keeps the Hair in its natural color aud prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be | lief, that as a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it will be found on trial naequalled. Prepared solely by E. Pna lon, No. 314 Broadway. Agents? O. Fish fc Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer k Phelan, 76 Broad St.. Columbus, Georgia; Tattle, Assembly Build ings, corner of Tenth ana Chesnut sts., Philadelphia; H. Rice, comer of Court and Howanrd;itreete, Boston : C B- Brow ?r, No. 105 Knlton si., Brooklyn; M. S. Fletcher, Marebon, j Ulster Co., N. Y.; V. B. Loc-row, No. 54 Beaver street. 1 Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, Sonfh Carolina; S. Tonsey, Syracuse, NY.j Gorton Anderson, Newport, R. i I.; aod No. 1T3 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N. Y. j o28 lm*inc HILL'S INFALLIBLE ONGUENT FOR THE HAIK.. CAN any thing be more honest 1 Notice the fact that I never publish any certificate commendatory of the above unless it has the residence of the individual giving it append ed, which enables you to satisfy yourselves (By enquiry) that the Onguent is really what it purports to be; and understand ye slso that it is warranted in all cases, either young or old, if properly applied, to effectually stay alopecy or falliug off of the hair, restore it to bald parts, eradicate pityriasis, dan druff, scarf, and all eifoilations of the cuticle or scalp; change red or grey Itairs to a beautiful dark color, make the hair moist, soft, early, kc. I do hereby certify that I have been seriously afflicted with dandruff ana falling off of the hair, and made use of several artu lea for the same without the least benefit; indeed I was tearful of becoming bald; finally, being induced to use Hill's lufallihle Ouguent, 1 am happy to say the result was most sa tisfactory, for in a short time the dandruff entirely disappear ed, my hair soon commenced growing, and is now thicker than it ever was, bring also soft, moist sad glossy, lean strongly recommend it for the above. Yonrs, kc., JAMES BLANCARD, No.41, Avenue D. [p- Kecollect, Hill's Infallible Ouguent can be obtained only at his principal office, on the northwest corner of Pine snd Nassau sts., and of the following Agents:?Jams' KancySmre, 835 Broadway; Wm H. Carey k Co., IM Pearl sr.; 1 Graham kCo., 73 Water st-iWm. A. * rocker,9lMaiden lane; Mr. Tho mas Sewell, 478 < fraud st , New York. A.Spooner fc Co., 57 Fultou St.) Mrs. J. Jordan's Fancy Store, 5# Atlantic street, Brooklyn, L. I. ; Mr Eorards, No. 178 Grand street; E- Banzett's Confectionary, in 1st, between Grand and South 1st streets. Willisinsbnrgh ; I). A Herrick, No. 8 Delavan House. Albany, New York; Messrs. Mortimer fc Mowbry, center of Market and Charles streets, Baltimore, Md.; Jos. E. Trippe, 293 Broad, comer Market st. Newark, N. J.: N. A.Crary, 140 Merrimac street, Lowell, Mass o30 Im'rc " STAINED U LAMS, y ARIOUS sixes and colors, ctgatanOjon hafd^ajdfor sa,e ?30 lm'me M Pearl street, up stain. FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAURANT. SIUNOR PALMO r*-*i tti!ully informs hi* patrous and the l>obli r, tliat n>- ha* Ouuaad a Restaurant, at his well known and popul r I.Ill ?tau:i. >o, lini* l'? Opera House He will serve Breakfaits Dtauert ainl Supper*) in the Frencn American and Italian style, M all hoon,a.i?l in a manner unsurpassed by anv similar e-tabmhuiei tin tlie city Signer l'aliuo trusts uhuiy of liia old friends will kindly reme mber his peculi tr uMh.'-s Ma caterer lor epicures. A dinuer of three dishes at choice. w a tit lull'a bottle ol claret, or ale. por'er. V\ ni ly be bad daily for V'/i ceuu only. Hi* bill of far>- will comprise *11 tl>** choir# il, sties of the season, at the lowest pi ices, and seived iu the best manner. N. B.?Hot and cold Baths supplied hi the above estaMish iuent >\? usual. K PAL.VIO, 1112 Im'r 30 Chambers st JUST OPENED, COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHKSNUT STRH.ET, Between Sixth and Seventh Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEV, MACKENZIE & CO., Prourittur*. ?, .1 AMES BAULKY late of Jones'Hotel. HENRYC.M \' KEN/IS, formerly of Washington House PKTKIt I. FMiGI.'tvQN. >21 !imrc ABBbY HOTEL. rrO LET?TheKuruiture, Fixtures, kc., kc , for sale. The i premises are iu good order and the Hotel in successful o| er- ; I ation. The Proprietor haviiij^made arrangements to ?o South, will sell his interest on reasonable ? Sir. Van Ijensieher would return many tfutuks for the libe ral patronage bestowed u|H>M the Abbey, for the past season, aad would solicit a contnu-tucee of it forth. eusuiER Ml and winter. He is prewired to turuish Dinners and Suppers for in dividuals > r tor |?hi> s on short notice. His^ table and bar arc supplied witti the heat the markets afford. Korthe accommo dation of pirties a room and good music will be ready lor those who may wisti to rnjoy the sime. Blogminodai.e Roan, 102d street, N.Y., Nor. 184S. n#tfr es. VIEWS, withgronnd plans, of the II ((1,1 and Cottages at Roxliurr, near Boston, designed and erected by Wm. li. Lind?for sale it the stores of Saxton and Miles, Wiley k Put nam, M. H. Newman, Hoe L?ckwood k Sou; and other book FRENCH'S HOTEL, NORFOLK, VA. HAVING reached that period of life which renders retire ment agreeuble, loner for sale my interest in the above hotel. Also, the Furniture, stock of Wines, Liquors, and all the ! fixtures ol a well regulated hotel. ^ ' I A portion of the Servants, that have been brought up in the i Hotel, will also be for sale. The term* will be liberal and made known to any one wish ing to purchase. To a man qualified to manage this properly | the whole or one half will oe sold. This hotel was built in 11137, by a joiut stock company, and incorporated by an set of the legislatare, in IU39. It is situated oil two of the principal streets of the city, and . contains about eighty rooms, all w ell and handsomely turuish ed;and the house is one of the best built aud finished hotels ui the State. The largest naval depot in the Uniqu is here, and the increa sing prosperity of the city must make this property most valu able. Tlie hot-1 can now be purchased at a piice making it a profitable investment for a capitalist. nIG Ilt*rc WILLIAM FBENCH. W1 HOTEL DKS DEUX FKERES. Boarding and Rooms on (he European Plan. IIH'.H is more convenient, comfortable and economical than any other plan for travellers, and tin.reliant9 whose business require them to be absent frequently. The quiet and he'illhy location of the hotel, opposite L) nane park, retired from the noise, bustle and confusion of great tho roughfares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steamboat land ings, preseuu the most desirable residence. 108 Duaue ?t, op posite Duaue park. nl4 Im* BROWN rf INDIAN QUE UN HO I EL. 'I^HE PROPRIETOR of this long established Hotel, takes M. occasion, respectfully, to apprise his old friends aud the public generally, that iu a determination to k~tp full pace with llie spirit of enie. ise now prevalent in his liue. he has, within the last few mouths, bad his spacious establishment thoroughly overhauled throughout. That, without regard to paint or ex pense, he has aoded to his splendid accommodations another new Ladies' Ordinary and Ladies' Drawing Room, fronting on Pennsylvania Avenue, bothof which are elegantly executed m fresco. This Drawing Kootn is very magnificently tuinished in every particular iu the most modern style, and has elicited the high admiratiou ot the hundreds who have visited it Ad joining this Drafting Koom, are several new aud delightful chambers, also handsomely furnished,and so arranged that they can be made entirely private from every other part of the house. With these improvements, he confidently believes that his es tablishment cannot be excelled iu any part of the United States, and he respectfully solicits a continuance of that patronage which ha* beeu for no many years extended to " Brown's Iu dtau Queen." JESSE BROWN. Washington City. Nov. II, 1815. nil 8wrc IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. HAVING just received from Europe, with a new assortment of line (told and Silver Watches and Movements, a lot of lnde|iendcnt Seconds, and double time Watche* and Move ments, of an entirely new style and of superior finish, we take this opporiuuity to call the attention of all person* in the watch busiuess to visit our slock, which, iu every respect, will be found adviutagt<ms, both for price and quality DbLAC HAUX k MAIRE, No. 127 Fulton street. New York. P. 8 ?-Kugaged alio ill the watch making business, we con tinue to attend to the repairing of all kinds of watches, and par ticula'ly those of fine and difficult works. nl4 lm*in FIFTEW"hO~NDRED DOLLARS REWARD 'T*HE above Reward of Fift?eu Hundred Dollars will be 1. paid for the recovry of the sum of Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars, stolen from Myron Van Deasen, of the city of Hudson, N. V., on the night of the 4th October last, while on his panage from Hudiou to the city of New York, in the steamboat Couth America ; or a proportional* sum for such part of ?aid money a., -my be recovered and restored to the au! acribers, o.. explication to either of them. The money was cont tineil -i a small carpet bag, which was till-ii from tin berth of eaid Van Deusen, and fouud the next I diy in the wheel h< iif'i ol t'.e boat, cut and rilled of its con i en's. It consisted ol bills of various denominations and of se ! veral bi. h?, as near .u c m be rem. inhered, as follows & 1200 iu :?'? and Id's of the Oueidt Bauk. ; $1000 iu 5's <u.d 10's principally of thu 1'ine Plains and Kiuder ' honk Bank. f I0(H? in bills of various denomii ations, of the Farmers' Bank of Hudson, S100G, or about that sum, of the bills of the .Pheuix Bauk of j Haitlord, and ether Eastern Money $800 in bills of the lludtou River Bauk, nearly all in 60 dollar bills. The balance of the money was iu bills of Western banks of this Slate. New York, Nov. 21st, 1845. AUG. K. MASTERS, 191 Pearl st. GEORGE H. KLl.ERY, 6 William st. THEOPH8. P. HART. 44 Cedar st, Committee for Assignees of Myron Van Deusen. n23 Im'r HASTEN US' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! OTW1THSTANDING the short time during which th% iuvaluable medicine has been before the American public, its specific properties and virtues have unequivocally proved it to be not oaly tin' most relnble but also unfiiling remedy iu all affections prescribed to be within its legitimate c utrol. Unlike many vaunted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrup is uot put fortn as a succedeuum for every ailment, a remedy for every disease; but for its astonishing powers, possessed bi no other medicament withiu the range of the Pharmacopeia, iu allaying irritation or inflammation of the | mucous coatings, and stimulating the bronchii to action; iu I us remarkable virtues as an expectorant and au alterntive, and I above all lor its wonderful property of I ARRESTING THE FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, l And bulking down pulmonary disease when established. All inquirers are referred to numerous recent cases which will be | cheerlully furnished at the office of the agency. The exjieriencr ! I 'f Dr. Hastings, and more recently sis cases of cure (vide Lon i don Lancet) effected by a zealous fellow laborer. Dr. Hockeu, of London, are sufficient of themselves to convince the timor ous or skeptical of the perfect curability by the above remedial agent of that justly dreaded disease, Phtiusis Pulmonale or Tubercular Consumption. Let nonedespair. h'or sale by MOURE It CO., the American Agents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Price $1 a bottle?Six bot tles for $5. nft lm je PROPOSALS will he received until lh? 15th December next, at the Office of the New York and Harlem Rail Road Company, in White Plains, for Timber, for the superstructure ofthe Extension through Westchester County. Specifications and blank proposals will be furnished at the office November 17th, 1846. u!8 2wrc MOHAWK AND HUDSON RAIL ROAD BONDS, DATED IN 1887 AND 1841 NOTICE is hereby given, thu the interest due and payable on the above bonds on the 1st of December, 1845, will be peid at the Mechanics' Bank iu the city of New York, an the presentation nl ihe coupons at said bank, on and after the first ruximo. Signed, E. FOSTER, Jr., Secretary. Aln anv, N ovember 13th, 1845. a!8 lOt* m OrricK or the Jcrricason last ranck Co., N( New York, July 24, 1845.1 'pilE Stockholders of this Company are requested to call at L the office of the Company and signily whether it be their wish to fill up their respective shares,?r to receive a number of shares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the offiee No. 5# W all st. T. W.THORNE.Pres't. Qgo.T. Horn. Sac'y. jyte rrc OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , < No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ' rpHIB COMPANY continue to insure against loss and d*' X mige by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, an ig.unstloss by inland navigation oil vessels and their cargo*. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B R. Robson, M. P., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Meses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison. John P. Moore, John U Lee, Win. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas MorTell, Francis P. Sage, Engene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. < T. Horr. Pecrrtarr. a>rc THOSE ELEGANT RUBBERS?NKW ENTIRELY - J. Mr. N. Hayward, the original discoverer and first inventor of Metalic Insoluble India Rubber, has discovered another im provement in the application, which will puxile the world to find ont, as he has now associated with him a capitalist who will protect his interest. This is the giving to his Metalic Rubber the surface of patent leather, without usiug the crack ing varuish heretofore used. His Shoes, now offered for sale at 85 Maiden lsne, are without exception the most perfect arti cle of the kind the world ever saw. For sale in quantities to suit, by HORACE H. DAY, oil Im'r 85 Maiden lane. "" MDKS. HIDES, HIDES. JOHN HUNN, 228 Eliinbeth street, will pay a premium of teu cen's per hide above ihe highest markrt price, on all 1 hides not having the throat cut, the cattle being stuck in i slsughtering. Also, the higheet market piice for Calf Skint, Wheel' Sliins and Knt n!2 >w? rc ATI HK8!-WaTcHES AND JEWELRY .-Those . . who wish to purchase GoM or Silver Watches, Gold Chaini, Gold Pencils, Keys, Itr., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions ?f the above a' retail n.uch lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as S28 and f25 each. Watch es and Jewelry eschanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time, or the money refunded. O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesaleaiul Retail, 51 Wall street, ? 12 Im'rc up stairs. AME8R Kh.ELERfc.LO , Butter. Cheese snd La5T?? Front street oil ?? w Charleston, (d. C.,) Nov. 22, 1846. Calhoun's Position on the Oregon tyueition?Office Holding Speculator!. By referring to my letter ot the 10th inst. extant in your paper, it will be readily seen how the He raid manage* to keep the lead of ita competitor* ana to reach the goal lirst, whenever enterprise or in telligence are the premiums to be awarded; and yet thin is but u tingle illustration in the calendar,which daily occurs. 1 stated to you live days in advance ot all other papers, that Judge Huger would resign, and that Mr. Calhoun would fill his place, and all the attending tacts are equally authentic and accu rate. These are the s?rt of items which give cha racter and consequence to a public journal, and they are only to be gleaned through reliable correspon dents, such as you h?ve stationed all over the civi lized world. Whatever unction the politicians may take to themselves, as to the course of Mr. Calhoun in re sard to Oregon, depend upon it, he goes to the Se nate armed and ready to resist any measures of an ag^resMve or hostile character, come they through the recommendation ot the President or by bill from tiie House of Representatives. This is a tore gone conclusion?it is a |>ositive and unalterable truth, which no diplomacy, no persuasion and no argument can avert. Our statesman has thorough ly and understandmgly investigated this question, in all its bearings, and his opinions are equally tirni and irrevocable. It may either be amusement or recreation for Father Kitchie, to console himselt and attempt to tickle the palates ot his readers, by assuming that Mr. Calhoun will not and cannot oppose our " un questionable title to the whole of Oregon" as he terms it, by citing random extracts from his speeches? but ho bears the voice of prophecy, more reliable than the Delphic Oracle of old, when he understands that the ?Idimmstration and Mr. Calhoun mutt separate on this it tut, \f it 40 it the line to be claimed,without compromite or surrender. In his official negotiations, this boundary was not demanded, and he surelv cannot consent to a claim now, which he could not defend then. Besides, let me tell the L'nion folks, he did not stand alone in this conviction. Senators from the West and East and North, expressed similar and equtlly positive opinions. If they have changed, as is alleged, we hops, at feast, to learn that tneir conversion will be susceptible of expla. natiou to Mr. Calhoun, with whom they fully sided not twelve months ago, and certainly to be informed as to what new cohesive principle bat wrought the speedy al teration. Mr. Calhoun will, I understand, return to his home stead from the Memphis Convention, and there await the invitation of the Legislature to the seat in the Senate, belore proceeding to Washington, as his presence will not be required there on any of the great measures in which he is to take part, before the opening of the new year. He will reach the seat of government between the 15th and 30th of December. My recent letter exploded like a bomb upon the Cus tom House and the I ollector, and his crew have ever since been in most terrible alarm at tke dread of some new development, and the danger which the last will most surely occasion. Mr. Grayson will not do for the post which he holds. He is emphatically a mere politi cian, who has cantered around every party track. Apart from these considerations, however, one great cause of his decided unpopularity is, thpt he is not a ci ty man. He was brought from Beaufort here, in 1841, at tne generous solicitation of friends and relatives. This compliment to the capacity and character of our mer cantile community, was generally felt at the time, but could not be effectually resented, from the position of things at Washington. Since then, the commercial in terests have united with the whigs; and as Mr. Grayson always professed to be such, until recently, when he attached himself to the Charleston Metcury clique, they of course supported his retention in oflice. But the feel ing of this community, in the main, is hostile to any change of public officers for opinion's sake; and hence no tespectable man refuses his name to a petition solicit ing lenience from the government. Therefore, there is nothing easier than to got strong recommendations, no matter how really objectionable tne incumbent may be. Of late, however, much hostility has shown itself in important quarters, as to the re-appointmeut of Mr. Grayson; and the genuine friends of Air. Palk have taken the matter up, with the purpose of upsetting the pledges which he made,under decided misapprehensions as to the fact* They have found the custom house in secret league with an organized band to harass and annoy the administration, and discovered that it is intended gradu ally to put all the patronage in his gift into thoir hands. Representations to this effect are now in preparation, and will be forwarded to Washington at the opening of the session. We have been greatly imposed upon for a aeries of years by a rotten and insolent aristocracy, who have managed to monopolize all the offices and honors both of the Federal and State governments. Unless a man had the blood of ten generations in him, as our postmaster claims, or the fortune of some puffed-up name, the door to official preferment was closed against his ingress. If, by any accident, a faithful or honest person was chosen 1 from tho less presumptuous, but much more honorable walks of life, a hue ana cry was instantly raised against him, which never ceased until he was ejectod, either through a spirit of religious or political persecution.? Things are, however, changing a little for tho better, and a race of better men are slowly springing up. The present surveyor, who has fattened upon the public spoils, is to be supplanted by a new nomination, and it is supposed the Secretary ot the Treasury will see enough cause for taking the appointments in his own hands, or selecting n collector capable of administering the office with greater honesty and ability. The approaching session of Congress will develope the reasons of Hon. K. Barnwell Khett's visit to Knglahd last summer, and if it don't turn out that he and Cobden had a good understanding as to their respective move ments in the two countr es on the protective policy, all our oracles are astray. Index. From Havana and Mexico.?By the Empresario, Capt. Collins, we have full files ot Havana papers lo the 13th inat. On the tith inst. the royal mail steamer Nledway arrived from Vera ( rui. with $600,000 in specie. The mail steamer Tweed arrived same day trom Jamaica, with <>40 flasks of quicksilver. The same day, too, tho French brig of war Le Mercure arrived from Pensacola. in leaving vera Cruz, the British steamer met tho Span ishfrigate Christina, which lett llavauh on the l&th ult. Uen. < anali/.o, the ex-I'rovisional President of Mexico, has taken passage with his son from Havana for Cadiz, in the Spanish ship Thetis. He purposes travelling through the Peninsula. The Mexican troops stationed in Jalapa, which, according to some estimates, amounted to 4000 men, have been ordered into cantonments at 1'aio do Ovejas, a small place half way between Vera Cruz and the former city. The general in command was ex pected daily in Vera Cruz, when the Medway sailed, in tending to remain there. The Mexican Secretary of the Treasury issued a circular on the 32d October, by direc tion of the President, qualifying gravely and explaining the details of the tariff, as promulgated a lew weeks ago. The diffioulty was occasioned by some important errors in printing the tariff, which was put in circula tion on the 4th ult. We note this matter for the benefit of merchants whom it may concern. The death of an illustrious prelate of the Catholic Church, the Arch bishop of Guatemala ami Bishop of Havana, is announced In the Mario of the 10th inst. We find some specula tions in regard to the sugar crop in the Diario. The writer is of opinion that the amount of the product of the Island has been exaggerated for purposes of specu lation. The writer offers a species ot wager that the crop will fall short of 700,000 boxes. An ordinance is published in the Havana papers, dated the 8th inst., pro viding for refunding the price of the tickets taken in the royal lottery, El Emj>rr<taAo, the drawing having been postponed, owing to the sale of tickets not having pro duced a sum adequate for the purposes for which the lottery was projected.?AT. O. Picayune, Sov. 19. Naval Nkws.?The New Orleans Dtlta of the 19th instant, gives the following naval intelligence : Pr.*s*< oi.A, Nov. 14, 1844.? At last, Anally, and with- j out any doubt, the I'nit id States frigate Potomac, Capt. CJwinn, sailed for Norfolk on Thursday last? there 1 having been so many reports of her being on the eve of sailing that this veritable assurance is deemed requisite. The steamer Trinceton, Commander Kngle, got under way at the same time, to accompany her on the voyage, that she may be at hand in case af accident?not that any such is to be apprehended, but at the same time it i* always best to be prepared, say the wise one* of creation. The brig Lawrence, Commander Jarvis, arrived on Friday, eleven days trom Vera Cruz. The brig made the passage down to that place from Pensacola in seven days, from which fact we may draw the conclusion that she is determined to redeem her character in future. The United States brig Porpoise, Lieutenant Com mauuer William E. Hunt, arrived here on Sunday last. Tho United States ship Saratoga, Commander Shu brick, arrived here on Monday last. Tho sloop of war John Adams, was to have sailed from Vera Cruz on the 9th inst., and on har arrival here we shall have the whole squadron at anchor off the Navy Yard, for two or three months, probably. The Lawrence laid only four day* at Sacrificios, when she was again daspsitched far this place; consequently she brings no new* other than ha* been detailed by rior arrivals j but general appearances seem to corro orate tormer impression*, that the rumor* of war are suspended, and peace, on bright wings, hovers o'er u* ; lor diplomacy, doubtless, will end it, and.then the Paci fic's before us. The United Stat** brig Dolphin, Commander Pope, ha* cailod for the coa*t ofAfrica. Thanksgiving in Boston.?l^umcy Market to-day ? presents a singular and not uninteresting aspect The quantity of geese, turkie*, poultry, fcc., 4cc.? indispensa ble materials for the manuiacture ol a thanksgiving din ner?ia enormous, and defies ail calculation The stalls are loaded with "bipeds without feathers" - which do not belong to the human race, Plato's definition to the Con trary nofwith?t*nding?and wagon* and caits line the outside of the market house, well filled with animals of the same description, which present a tempting appear ance. seeming to cry to the advancing beholder, "Coma, buy me ! come, roast me '. ooma, eat me !" One can hardly imagine how ao much *olid material can b? die posed ot with advantage. But the purchaser* are many, and the price* for a good fat turkey are from 144 to 14 oanta per pound.?lesion Journal, Nov. iM. SUKelUne out The editor of the Liberty Adv'JcaU, of Cadiz, Harrison county, *ay* that in passing through Guernsey county be wai much surprised to nee the Taut amount of tobacco raised by the farmers. Almost every farmer had hii tobacco fields, ami am re at many pail little or no attention to any other branch of agriculture, on the ground that no other would ao abundantly repay labor. The weather at Quebec, on thr 20th inst, still con tinned very mild. During the beginning of the week we have bad unceaaing rain, with fog, and gloomy skies.? The temperature to-day ia rather chill, but there la no clear iky indicating the setting in of hard liost. Lait year our winter's snow fell on the 16th Oct.; the year previous, on the 2-ith. C. M. Reed, of Erie, has purchased the Hathbuu property, at Niagara Fall*, and intends, we understand, to carry out the original design ol Mr R. in the erection of a spacious hotel. It is time that there were other public accommodations at the Falls,for there has already too long existed a monopoly in the hotel business there, for the good of the traveling community. Alexandria Gazette states that about five hundred the inhabitants of the county ol Tazewell, Virginia, are attached to the Mormon faith. An Anti-Texas and slavery meeting of the citizens of Salina, was held in Hyraciue on the 24th inst., when resolutions were passed, with the usual amount of talking and lense It was bat indfflarently attended. A French paper states that the Berlin House of Correction includes among its numerous guests, a wo man who formerly ocoupied a brilliant position in socie ty. This unfortunate one, an ex-songtress of great cele brity, was formerly a prima donna at several of the first theatres ol Italy and Germany, and the belle of the fash ionable watering places, where, with a large fortune, she indulged in a style of luxury that ruined her hus band, (a superior officer belonging to the nobility.) and ended by engulphing herself in the vortex. This wo man, formerly so sought after and caressed, fell a victim to the degrading vice of drunkenness. Found helplessly intoxicated in the streets, without any home, or means of existence, she was picked up by the police, and sent to the House of Correction. The citizens of Adams and some of the adjoining counties in Mississippi, were to meet at Natchez on Mon day last, the 17th, to make suitable arrangement* for the receptien of Mr. Calhoun. The Courier say* that it i* understood he has accepted the invitation of the city council, and that he will visit Natchez on his return from Mem phi*. The New Orleans Delta siates that the money for the payment of the Texan volunteers is on hand, and that when their term of service expires, on the 16th in stant, they will be paid. Yesterday was appointed for Thanksgiving in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Knode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Washington city. The Concordia Intelligencer of the 14th instant, mentions that there had been a frost in that parish suffi cient to kill all the maturing cotton. The Governor of Tennessee has offered a reward of $500, ler the apprehension of James Granville, and Anthony Dinning, charged with committing a foul and atrocious murder upon the body of William B. Nor man, deputy (harilt' of Sumnei on the 10th No vember. i We are informed that the ?States Mail, between this c i should have been delivered | last, has been found. The j ing care ofthe mails, neglei.. U ' There is an inexcusable carelessness among uv. have charge of the mails, which calls for a rigorous scrutiny, and a sure amendment.? Unittd States Gazette. Taesday afternoon, while the men in the employ of Johnson & Geer, proprietors of a turnace in Mechanic street, were removing the cinders from the cupola, the red hot fragments fell into some water which had acci dentally been left in the pit, and caused an explosion that drove the falling cinders and ashes upon the men who were standing near the cupola. Two of them were burned severely ; and a third, Mr. Thomas Duff, wa* ter ribly injured ; his body was literally skinned : and our informant fears that he cannot recover.? Troy Whig. The Pontiac Jacksonuin reckons 3d of the Repre sentatives elect, as lavorable to the sale of the railroad, 16 against it, and 2 doubtful. It places all the whig mem bers among the favorable, no 'aoubtTcorrectly But it will be disappointed in the six locofocos which it claim* in Wayne county. Unless it becomes a party question, they will probably oppose a sale.? Detroit Daily Jidver. A gentleman who has just arrived from Quebec, inform* u* that the burnt districts in that city, present a very busy appearance. The great difficulty ia, the high price of labor?common laborers refusing to work tor ies* tnan eight shillings currency per day, equal to $1 60. A Whig Convention, to nominate a Governor for North Carolina, is to be held in Raleigh, on the 12th of January. It appears by the catalogue of the Vermont Uni versity for October, 1845, that the number ef student* 1* 112, of whom 28 are freshmen; 33 sophomore*; 28junior* and 23 *enior*. A letter from St. Johns, N. F., expresses the be lief that the steamer Hibernia would leave that island :or Liverpool on the 9th inst. Trial at Sra between an American ahd an English Vessel ov War.?Iu a letter from one ot the officer* ot the U. 8. Ship ?? St. .Marys," dated hut cola, Nor. 0, there i* a spirited iketch of an animated '.rial ot speed, between the U. S snip St. Marys, and the Knglish corvette Kurydice Since our arrival on thia station, nothing has been talked ol but the sailing quali ties of an English corvette, called the kurydice, (a double decked vessel,and considered one of the l'asteat In ! the English navy) She had been at Vera Crux soma j lime belore our arrival, and it appears that Commodore | Conner had informed her captain that the day on which | we sailed, he would send the ship to Pensacola, and he would then have an opportunity of trying the sailing . qualities of the two vessels. Singular to talate, Capt. ! Saunders was not informed of this arrangement; con sequently we made no preparations. Capt Elliott came on board the day before we sailed, and mentioned that the Commodore had agreed to let thii ship tail with lliem, and that he had used every exertion to render his ship efficient tor the contest. About 8 o'clock in the morning of the 2Sth ult., the Eurydice got under way, with the land breeze, ^westward) and stood out to sea.? At the Kama time a mgnal was made to tins ship to un moor, and about 10 o'clock orders were sent on hoard to get under way. We were standing out, between the reefs oil'the city, when the breeze tailed us, and were obliged to anchor. The boats of the squadron soon cam* alongside, and we weighed anchor an.) stood out to sea, in tow of the boats. At meridian we got the sea breexe, and stood to the eastward. At 2, the Kurydice boia .V. i E. both ships heading to the eastward. At 1 38, Kury dice tacked, bearing N. j E., at J 15, we tacked to the N. and W ; at 3 30, the Kurydice bore X. N. W. distant about seven miles; at sunset, (4 40, P. M ) she bore North dis iant 4 miles; at H, she bore N. E. j N. At thi( time 1 re | lieved the deck, and commenced taking har bearing* ? every hour. At!?, the Eurydica born N. E.; at 10, she bore K. N. E ; at 10 30, she bore abeam, this ship heading X. N. E. I then kept the ship away two points, and found wa were leaving her very fast. At 10 45, she wac i on the weather quarter, and so near, that the boatswain's call was heard distinctly. I then furled the royals, (the ! captain having ordered me to keep company with her.) | I then reported that if the captain wished to kaap com pany with her, L would have to reduce sails; he sent me word to keep on our course I then set the royals, and hauled up tn N. N.E. j E. and crossed the Eurydica'* bow*. At 11, *he was on our lee quarter, ana at 13, distant about a mil*. At 1, we loat tight of her?(the uight was clear.) Next morning, a (hip, supposed to b? the Kurydice, wa* diacovered on the lee quarter, and at 4 P. .M. she was not in light from ihe mast head. The Kurydice was built by Admiral Elliott, the father of har present commander, and no expense or exertion has been spared to prove her best point* of (ailing. Pottsvillk, Pa.?In the spring of the present year there were but two anthracite furnaces in blast between this place and Philadelphia, Or. Palmer'*, the "Pioneer," on the Itland, and one at Phcenlxville. There are now four in blaat, and another will b? added to the number in one or two weeks. Tney are capable of turn nig out 375 tons of iron per week, or 13,750 ton* per an num. In the course of next seasoa, the following furna ce* will be in operation in the coal region, and on the canal between thi* place and Philadelphia. They are all at thi* time either in blast or in proce** of erection: At Spring Mill 3: Conshehockea 1; Photnixville I, Bird* borough 1; Reading 1, in the coal region 3. These fur nace*, eleven in number, can produce <M0 tons per week, or 30,500 ton* per year Heretofore, three tons of coal have been required for the engine and stack, to produce a ton of iron; but since the new method ol' hoating the blaat at the tunnel-head ha* been introduced, the quan tity of coal uaed has been reduced to about two and a half to amelt a ton ol iron. These furnaces alone will consume seventy-five thousand tons ol coal per anntua. Thi* quantity i* independent of that which will be re quited by the rolling mills, steam forges, and other iron works, erected and in course of erection, which will re quire about filty thousand tons more. In taking the cenau* during the week, ot a portiou of the borough, it wa* diacovered that no less than twenty-three familie* ooou pied a building which wa* erected in the Orchard for a hotel, numbering upward*of one hundred person*. In Morri*'* Addition alao, one houte contain* sixteen fami lie*, *ome of which keep boarder*?and in another (mail houae there are *ix families?making forty-five families in three house*, with a population of two hundred and twenty-seven persons. At at. Clair,about four mile* from PotUville, which last year contained between 10ft and 300 people, during the pre lent season HO new build ing* have been erected, and next season, one firm in tend to build 189 miner*' houses. It i* whispered that an extensive rolling mill will bo erected in connexion with the furnsce near St. Clair.? Minm' Journal. Growth ok Syracuse.?The rapid growth of Sy racuse is trequently the topic of surprised and grati fied observation on the part of transient visitor*, whilst ?tranger* who enme amongst us tor the first time remark with pieaaure ami interest upon the obvious signs o, thuft and improvement which strike their view at every turn. We have indeed a last growing town, aod we ara sometime* ourselves tnken by aurpriie to witneaa the change which a few week*, at almost any seasoo, are sufficient to bring forth. The buiine** ot Syracuse ha* never been so active ai thia fall. All our retailers, me chanics, shipper*, fcc. lie , seemed to be engrosed with thalr several occupation*. Our streeU ara thronged with people from the country, delivering produce, or ntakli g their winter purchase*. ? If *$tem .Vols Journal

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