Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., \o. .Ml-Whole !Vo. *183. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 1, 1845. Price Two Cent*. THE NEW YORK HERALD JMES COM B&iNNKTT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. ! DAILY HER \LD?Every day. trice t cauts par oupy?$7 25 lier annum?payable iu advance WBKLY H>1RALD?Every Saturday?Price 6X cants per Copy?SI 11U cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at A' ususl price*?always ca?h >? advance. PRINTING of all kinds execnted with beanty and deapatu. 0T7"All latteri or communications, by mail, addressed u> t!i<* establishment. muit be post paid, or the postage will be ducted from tbc subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the Nrw Yon* Hi rai-o F.*t4bu*hmknt, VorthwMt mnvmer aI W'nltAa m?4 v fun LONG island railroad company. ww w m? *9BEL CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Commencing on Monday, September 15til, 1W5. Leave New Vork? At 7 o'clock, A. M., Boston Train for Greeuport, d*?lf, Sunday* excepted, stopping at Karmiugdalc and St. George's Manor. Leive Brooklyn?At 9S? A. M .tor Harming lale and intermedi ate placea, dally Sunday! excepted, and on Tuesday*, Thursdays and S?tur1iiys, tlirough to Green port and intermediate placea. " at 4 P. M., for Farmiugdale aud intermediate place*, daily, Sunday* excepted. Leave Greeuport? Boiton Train, at 4 o'cio. k, P. M_, or on the arrival of the <learner from Norwich, daily, Sunday* excepted, stopping at St. George'* Manor aud Karmingdale. " at 9 o clock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, ou Monday*. Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave Farinmgdale?Kor Brooklyn, at o'clock, A. M., and I P. M., daily, Suudays excepted. Leave Jamaica?Kor Brooklyn, at J o'clock, A. M and 2){ P. M.ilailv nunilny* excepted. Fare to Bedford I cent*: East New York 1JK: rtaee Course I8X; Trotting Court* IIVlamaics 25; Brusnville S1K: Hyde Park 17 ifii|ea37)*; lowsville, (during session Court,) S7S; Hempstead J?K; Iruich VHj '>arle Place 44; Westbury 44; I'icksville 44; *'t/miiigdali' OH: Deer Park ?9; Thompaon M; Suffolk Station 1 00: L ike Road Sration 1 18%; MeJford Station 1 IIV; Millvtlle 1 5C; St. George'* Manor 1 ?K; Riverhead 1 6J4; laineaport 1 <2H; Mattetuck 1 MX; Cut ehogue I (?H; Aouthold I UK; Greenport, Acc'n. train, 1 75; Greenport bv Boston Train I 0#. Stages are in readme** ou the arrival of Traiu* at the several Stat ion*, to take passenger* at very low Fare*, to all part* of the Island Baggage Crate* will be in readme** at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the aeveral Train*, 30 mintues be fore the hour of *tartmg from the Brooklyn aide. The Steamer Statesman leave* Greenpert for Sac Harbor | twite each day on the arrival of the Traiu* from Brooklyn. n6rc | MAIL LINE FOR BOSTOJ*. DAILY OVER THE LONGISLAND ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH <*? WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way Crate* are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. jul6 tfrc RALhlGH AND GASTON RAILROAD auaga frsfiwi *2111 FOR SALE. ON MONDAY,the 29th day of December next, by virtue of a decree of tha Court of Equity for Wake County, at iu Aurumu Session, 1845, in a auit of the Governor, for the uae of the State of North Carolina, to foreclose a Mortgage, there tofore executed by the Kaleigh and Gaston Railroad Company, to indemnify the State againit certain liabilities for *aid Com pany, 1 w ill sell at panne Auction, at tne Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh aud Gaston Railroad Company aforesaid, (so far as the same is knowu to me,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gaston on the North *ide of the Roanoake river, in the direct liue of public conv vanceto Petersburg, City Point,,Richmond. Washington City. Baltimore, be lie., together with all Bridges, Depot*, Workshop* and T' ols, Warehouses, Water Stations, Engine*, Car*, Slc lie. Afeo, the (tock of Iron. Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then be on haud.audall other article* own ed and used by the said Company for keeping up *aid Railroad, and tramportati. n on the same. From the nature of the pro perly it will be *old en raulit. Tne purchasers by the terms of the Decree, and the Act of the Legis.ature in relation to it, will become, ipso facte, a ] body corporate, hv the mint and style ol the present Compauy, | and will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights and unmu ? nities uow possessed by it, for the term of 80 years, which its I charter has yet to run. These fr&nchi'es and privileges are ol < the most adrantngeens kind to the Company, ?nd mu be found 1 at laige in tluir charter, contJiiued iu the 2d Volume of the 1 Revised Statute* of North Carolina, naje 299, which I* to be \ seen at the Seat* of Government, and in molt oi the Public Libraries of the States ol the Union. '1 he whole purchase money must hear interest, at the rate of 6 per ceut per annum, from ihag)ay of sale, aud be paid as fol lows. to wit: $25,0ou at '.he enu of six months, aud ihe residue in four instalment", at intervals of teu mouth* each?say 1st, 29th June, 1816, $25,0(10 2d,29iti April, I8i7, ore-fourth of the remainder. J<l,2Jth February, 1818, one-fourth of do. 4th, the 34ili of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. 5th, tne29th of Oct iber, 1843, one-lourih of do. The cost of this Railroad and i's appurtenances, completed only fire years since, was $1,600,000? one half of which we borrowed; creatiug a debt bearing interest, ou tailure to pay which, a sale has become necessary. The grndiug, bridges, depots, Sic. are executed in an excellent style of workmanship. Ca * run daily ov'.'r it, carrying the Mail of the United States, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a eom jxusation of $100 per nu'e, or $8,700 |ier annum And, traver sing a fertile r>g.on of conntry through ? ??rly it* whole length, its freights for the frans|H>rtaiion ol l'rouuce and Mer chandise, independently of the receipt* from Paisenaers, afford a considerable additiou to the ordinary source* of profit* on railroads. Though not, now, yielding a profit on the large sum ex|>euded in it* construction, its income ha* been incre asing for some time p*?t, and it i* confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more mod?rate amount ol capital invested in its purchase. t The ?ale will be made without re^rve. at the time and place aforesaid, at which those inclined to purchase, are respectfully iiiviteilto attend, The purchase money must be secured by bond with approved | ,U",tl" CHARLES L. HINTON, fuhlic Treasurer of the State of North Carolina, qvu Special Commiuioner uf the Court of Eqnity, iu thi* cauae. Raleigh. N C., October 6, 1845. 2T7" The following |viper? will insert the foregoing adver tisement GO day*, aud forward their bills for payment, with a j pap 'acont lining the same, to the subscriber: Boston Atla*, | New York Herald, Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. States G?7.ett?, Kichinoud Enquirerahd Richmond Whig, Charlestop Courier. Mobile Adveitiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. ; Blandard. C. L. H. ol3 2m m CENTRAL RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. aasga -gsiE>-aa?iQll - ** THIS ROAD is open Tor the transportation of Passenger* and Freight. Hate* ot 1'assnge. I 00 Rates of Freight, vi* ; On weight goods generally 50 cent* per hundred. Qn measurement goods 13 cent* per cubic foot. On barrels wet (eicept molasses and oil) $1 SO per barrel. ()u barrels dry (eierp/ lime) 80 ceuta per barrel. On iron in p'gs or ban, castings for mills and unboxed machinery... 40 cent* per hundred. Ou hinia and piiiea of liquor not over 120 Rations $5 00 per hhd. On hlids molasses and oil.., 0 00 " " Ooods addressed to K. Winter, Agent, forwarded free o commission. THOMAS PURSE, s 11 3m ?e Ow'l. 8?p*t. Transportation. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. I'Rh* ANh MoNKfcTi PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh Tin the Penniylraniu Rail roads and Cmul?through in 3S day*. The above line ia now in full operation and offers great inducements to persons whe wish ft pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are bnilt in the moat approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce f 0 the eriinfort and convenience 01 travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and the S.i at cliain of Pennsylvania internal improvement! is well wot iv- of being seen. By tins r?ote passengers aveid all the fatigues and danger* at tendant upon stage Cruel ting, andatthe same time make an ex peditious trip. The cars leave every mommgat 7 o'clock. roaaekgers ire ad vised to engage their plnce* at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner of Cheanut and Fourth streets, and at No*. 13 and 13 South 'lliird sis. A. CUMAHNOS, Agent. Philadelphia. May IT, IMA. ... . For information, in the city of New Vork, apply to B. H. KNlSELL, Agent lor mv!7 *m*rrc D. LEECH k CO's Line. T West st. IV M. PEOPLE'S LINE 0* STEAMBOATS ?KOR ALBANY?Daily. Sundays Eieepted? ,-Through Direct.?At ( o clock P. M. from the pier between Courtlnndt and Liberty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cant A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at t o'clock. Mtaimboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. <i. Crntten den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, dt 6 o'clock. At 4 o'clock r. M., Lauding at Intermediate Placee?From the feot of Barclay street? i-* fsteaifiboat COLUM BI A, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, W ednesday, Friday and Sunday alternooni, at 4 " Mtp.^mhoat SOUTH AMERICA, Cat* L. W. Brainard leave s on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive ia Albany in ample tune lor the morning tram of cars tor the east or west. The Bust* are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommo dations are unrivalled on the Hudaoa. Kreiglit taken at moderate rates. All peisons are lorhid trusting any of the Boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents, For Pnsssge or Freight apply on board the Boats, or to riJ6tlV P. C. SCHIfLTZ, at'he Office on the Wharf. ? JWOIiUjt!. ? STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. Ouand after Monday, November 10th, the heats on this Fer ry, will leave New York and Staten Island ae follow* until further notice:? 1,1 ave St?ten Island. Leave New York. A. M. ? A. M. 10 do 11 do It M. I P. M. 1 P M. do N.B.-AlYUht at the riak of the owners'"thereof air* REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORN I NU Lf N E at 10 o'clock A. M. ^ KANKLIN N?. 7, J. B. Summon*, r _ . -muster Kfc. No. 8. J \rrn tmuii, master EVEN1N > LiN*' at6 o'clock P M 8IMON KKNTON, W. McCI ii??m?t?r BEN FRANKLIN No.G. W.McCMIaa,bum, ? 1 lies* boat*, running two daily line*, will run regnlarly, lea ving punctually at the hour, aud will take freight and pasaen gers to ami from intermediate bindings, at lh<* u?u ? 1 rate*. Freight will be received for these line* at th* Mail Whuf Boat, foot ol Broadway. Every effort will be u*ed to accommodate shipper* and pa* (enter*. ol lm'rrc HTHADKK It GORMAN, ? ^ ROGERS It SHERLOCK, j Agents. NOTICE?HOUR CHANGED. ** THE U. S. MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY the Intermediate Landing!, on and after jKmmjKSmf Wrdne*dav, Oct. 23 *. will leave the foot of B irclnv street for Albany, I)aily,at 4 P. M. inatead of fire, a* heretofore. oil NEW YOR.K, ALUANY AN1) TROY LINE. kOK ALBANY AND TROT DIRECT from the pier at the fqot of Courtiandt streer. the Passengers taking thi* boat will arrive in time to takaorth Morning Traiu of Cars from Troy treat to Buffalo, and n to Saratoga and Lake George. The low preaaure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Ma ny, every Tuaeds v. Thursday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peek, every Vlotiil ty, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, stS o'clock. for Pnijaire or freight apply on bo^rd, or to C. Clark, stihe >lfiee o? the wharf Freight taken ou the moit reasonable terms. Freight mast Be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the company will not be responsible for los*. No freight taken after 5 o'clock. FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. on board, or to O. F. Waiuv^ight, igent.'on the wharf. ** lin*me (OK LI VERPOOL.?Th splendid packet ship MA* FLOWER, Captain , of 1000 tons ?hurtKen will positively sail on Monday, the l*t locember, her regular day. She ha* two splendid large and com mo liout houses ou deck. loi second cabin passenge r which will be taken at steerage lates. For passage in cabin, or the above places, please apply on board, at Judd's Wharf, foot of Catherine Maiket. or to JOHN HKRDMAN it CO. n3) 61 Couth st., near Wall st. FOR LONDON?The splendid packet ship ISAAC ALLKRTON, Capt. Torry, will positively sail on iHonday, 1st December. Can acommodate a few second cabin passengers in a house on deck, at steerage rate*. For passage iu cabin or the above place, apply ou board, foot of Dover street, or to J. HERDMAN St CO., n3llrc 61 South St., near Wall *U_ BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF-LIVER POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, ouly regular ipacket of the 1st December. The new, magnificent and celebrated fast soling favorite packet ship EUHOrE, burthen i960 tons, Ciyitain E. G. Furber, will positively sail on Monday, the 1st of Dec. It is well ku.iwn that the accommodations of the Fidelia, are fitted out in a very superior manner, with every conveni ence that can add to the comfort of those embarking. Persons proceeding to the old country, or sending for their friends, wiH find it their interest to select this conveyance. Kor passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, and to se cure the best berths,early application should be made ou board, foot of lieekman st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS &CO. n29mc V> Fulton street, nest door to the Fulton Ba. k. arfAr (OH NKW OKLfc.AINh? Louisiana ana ?M?-w ifJXVVo'k Line?regular packet?To sail Saturday, 13.h VrnmUm?The elegant last sailing packet *hip S A RTELLE Taylor, bp-? ?? ? -- ?- - - ? Taylor, master, will poiitively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall St., or to E K. COLLINS it CO.. 66 South st. Positively no good* received on board after Friday evening, 12th Dec. Packet ship LOUISVILLE. Hunt, master, will succeed the Sartelle, and sail 23d of December, her regular day. n29r FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet of the 26th Dec.?The elegant fast sailing Packet HhipSIDDONS, E.B.Cobb, master, of 1100 ton*, above, her regular day. For freight or paisage, having accommodations unequalledfot ?plrudor or eonubrt, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot . it Wall street, or to E K. OOLL1N8 ?t CO., 56 South street Price of passage S100. Tne elegant last sailing packet ship Sheridan, G. B. Cornish, master, of 1160 tons, will succeed the Siddons and sail 36th Jan.. her regular day. n39 UNION LINK OF L1VEHPOOL PACKETS Regular Packet of 1st December?'1 he fast sailing tuid favorite packet ship KALAMAZOO, Capt. Mc Cetrau, will sail positively as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for caiiiu, second cabin and sterrage passengers, persons about proceeding ty the old country, will io well to select th's fin* cnnvevauce. To secure berths, application shonld be made on board, at pier 5. N R., or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, ng? r 75 South street, corner Maiden lane. ONLY HKGULAK LlNh OF PACKETS FuR NEW ORJ.K ANS?1 he splendid and fast sailing H'ncket ship JOH.N MINTURN. Captain Stark, will poaitiveiy sail cu Monday, December 1st, her regular day. Having Miii? r>or accommodations for cabin, second c*bin, a id steerage passengers, peisous about proceeding to New Orients should not lail to strure berths by iuiinediate applica tion ou board, foot of Wall fireet, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. n2K 75 South st., corner of Maiden Lnne. Union Line ol' Packets for LlfilRPOOL?Packet of 1st of December?The splendid, fast sailing ami (favorite racket ship St A, IW*i tons burthen, Captain warils will sail on Monday, December 1, her regular day. The ships of this hue being all 1000 tou? and uiiwards, per sons about to embark for tlie old cou.itry, will not fail to see lite advantages >o be derived Irwin selecting this line in pre ference to any their great capacity renders them even way more comfortable and couveuieut than ships of a smal! cluss, and their accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, it i* well kuowu, are superior to those ol auy other line of packets. Persons ?ishing to secure berths ?hould not fail to make early application, on board, foot ol Peck Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General i^re Passage Office. 7.*i Somh streei. corner Maiden lane. LONDON LINE OF PACKETS.-Packet of the 1st of December?The splendid packet ship PR1NCL ALBERT, Wm S Sebor, master, will siil as above, ier regular day. Haviug superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin anu tU'eruge passengers, persons wishing to embark should mak. immediate application on tioaru, foot of Maiden laue, oi tn the subscriber, JOSFl'H Mc.MURRaY. Corner of Pine and South streets, New York. The Packet Ship ST. JAM fc S, F R Myer, master, will sue ceed the PRINCE ALBERT, and sail ou die first of Jannary her regul ir day. P. S.?Persons wishing to scud for friends, can have them brought out to this country by the above spleudid ship, or an} of the liue. sailing from London on the 7th, 17th onu 37th ol eacn month by applying as above. nlSri NEW ORLEANS~LINOF "PACKETS-To sail po*itively on the 2jth inst and l?t December ? Jwnilfa l he well knowu last sailing and favorite packet ship V I'.ivootlRU, C?pt Berry, will sail positively on Wtdues dny. 26ih inst.; and the packet ship JOHN MINTURN on 1st December: also, the well known packet ship LOUISVILLE, On 1st December. The above packets, belonging to ihe only "regular line" sailing betw en this port and New Orleans, will sail punctually as adveitised; and have accommodations unsurpassed for cjbin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Persons about proceed ing to the above port should inspect the accommodations ol these snips. To ecure berths, apply ou board the ships, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 7J South itreet. n2'inc comer Maiden lane PACKET FOR M ARShl LLk.8?Of lit Uec. Tlie ahip CORIOLaNUS, Captafh Taine* Haile, iwill tail a* above. For freight or pa*a*g4 apply to boyd k H1NCKEN, Agent*, 9 Tontine Binding*. or to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, 103 Kront atreet. KOR sale, RRK.IOHT OH CHARTER.?The very tut aailiug packet ahip louisville, 513 ton*, .cfriea 1500 balea New Orleana Cotton; waa bnilt in Hua city, with live oak and loenat top; newly coppered and : pntent felted. Haa handaome accommixl.ttiona for >4 paaaeu- i ger*. Apply to E. K COLL1NB h CO. (i30 36 Booth atreet, KOR liverpool?The New Line?Heplal ! .Packet of 2lat December.?The mperior fan **ilmg | ipacket ahip LIVERPOOL, Capt John hldridge.llOO tow uuitlien, will aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or iwaange, having aplcndid, large and comfortable itato rooma and cabin, apl'U ou board, weal aide Burling alip, or to WOODHClL k MINTCRN, 17 Sooth atreet Price of paaaage $1M. The picket ahip (tueen of the tVeat, I ISO toot burthen,Capt Thillip Woodhnuae, (till tuceet-d the Liverpool, and aail on h-T rerular day. 2lai J iu. n"r' KOR 8ALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The .Line of Liverpool Tack eta, conaiiting of the ahipa iKoacina, Kidilona. Sheridan and Oarrick. They were built iu una city by Brown It Bell, with uuuaual ear*; for mo dela, material* (a very large proportion nl their fume* being lire oak) and workman*h,p, they are nnaurpaued, if not une qualled. Halted ou the dock* and re-**ltrd every year *ince. Their accommodation* for |M*?euger? are very eiteniive and hai<d*ouiely farnuhed. Apply to o31 E. K. COLLINS It CO., S? South *t. KOR LI VERPOOL?Regular Packet of 4th Dec ?The auleudid packet ahip a8hburton, Win iHowlaud, master,will aail a* above, being her regn r My. Having very aupenoraccommodation* for cabin, aecond ca bin and aceerage paaaenger*, peraon* wiahing to embark should make early application on board, foot ol Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, Corner of Pine and Month atreela, N. Y. The new and elegant packet ahip Henry Clay, LimNye, maaier, will aucceed the Aahbunon, andaail the 6th ofJanua ry, her regular day. P. 8 ? Feracma wiahing to aend for their friend*, can have them brought out on the mo*t reaaoable term*, by the above iplendid packets, by applying aa above. nlirc XJIg- PACKETS KOR HAVRE?Second Line.? ?SV^VThe packet ahip B A.T1MORE. Capt John Johnaon JMttfajr. will ml on the l*t of December. Kor freight or fwaaage apply to BOVD It H1NCKEN. nl4rr No ? Tontine Hn Ming. ?? Wnllat. /gentlemen OK NEW YORK My celebrated vjr ambrosial rose and almond shaving CREAMS, defy a comparison iu America or Europe No per aon will uae any other after uaing thia Emollient I'aate. It la the beat, the very beat, (iive it only a aingle trial. I do not ?ak any more to com ince yon. I warrant it. Kor aale whoieaule and retail, at JULKSHAUEL8 m Perfumery and Chemical Store^ 41 South Third atreet, Philadelphia, 8<)Al" WUHK.\ DEPOT NO. II courtlandt STREET, ? nnxiiM'o vu V"dri???S,Rational Hotel. I OHSON 8 Walnut OilBhiTioi Boar. ? do Superior Almond Soar do Toilet Soap All very highly acented, and at price* lower than any ether home. All kind* pi Perfumery for Barber*, Storekeeper*, hnmilioa tor KnM hv Kamilie*, lie Bold by C. van ichoonhoven, n* '?*' No. S Crmrtlandt (treet UK. JOHN WILLIAMS, Veterinary Surgeon 1 *re?p<ctluliy announces lo hi* numerous friends aud -t>? public, that he lias returned liia profe*siou st the sign of I lie Hold Horse, So. Ill Chrystie b'.ieet, where he hai 1 successfully |irac(iced upon that ooble animal, the Horie. u28 3t*rc ? hath ~m Jrfk SUPERIOR TO ANY iJL EVER BEFORE MADE IN THIS COUNTRY." I^HE 81.B^ICRIBERS having lately effected, through their ; ageut in Paris the purcha.e of the entire <iu utity of -ilk Plush, for wluch the manufacturers received the (fold medil, i at the late fairs in that city, are now minufictu ink Hau, which, upon el imination, will convince the moat sceptical, are superior to auy ever before made in this country. Also received, nn assortment of the |<atent Mechanics' Hats, made by the best manufacturers in Paris, beiug well adapted for Uiftljen, cnnslructert to as to shut up iu a small compass, or formed in a hat in assooutimeas a twrson can put on his hat. Dealers and others supplied with the different qualities of Hati, at as low prices if not lower than by auy other mtumfac turers. A. HALL k SON, 801 Greenwich street. "" lw 111 f between Barclay and Veaey streets. ^ROUtiM'SON'S ? ? PHOiNlX 11 HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, jJL I tun it., between V\ llllum and Kouan. The success which has attended the effort! of the Proprietor ol this establishment to introduce into use a superior article at an eitreuiely low price.eucourages him to make increased ex ertions to merit the patronage of the public. The peculiarity of his system of conducting business consuls in the establish- j meut of the most rigid economy in its various dupartinuuts, ,ia I well as m an invariable adlierenee to "cash ou delivery,'* re lieved from the oppressive eipences of the more extravagant craftsmen el Broadway and subjected to none of those losses which are the certain accompaniment of the ''credit principle " lie laenao'ed to offer the different articles iu hi* line at the followiug reduced rates:? ~ .. HATS. JiratQuality NntriaKnr, $3,50 I First Quality Moleskin, $3,00 Second do do do 3,00 Second do do J,50 CAPS. F irst Quality Cloth $1,50 Second do do 1 ?0 Third do <k> 75 I n4 lm*r | fj| ONE PRICE.?BROWN k CO. 171 Chatham square, corner of Mott at. wish to inform the public of their recent improvement in the manufacture and finish of their 1 THRJCE DOLLAR HATS, which reum a be-.utirul rich lustre, and will compare well with those more costly. The proprietors are coulideutthat they can furnish Hats far superior to any heretofore aold for the same price. A full assortment of I Fancy Furs, also F'ur Cloth; Mohair, Glazed, Suit and Fancy CATS, several new petterus, much admired, sold at reduced ' prices, wholesale and rttail. o29 lm'mc ft THE FALL d'f YLK, OF GENTLEMEN'S Hats are J^nnw ready for the season, 1845,which for lightuesa aud au periorityol color cannot be surpassed, which is a very important part of the HAT, retaining the color till it ia worn out. Any article aold in thu establishment is never misrepresented, but , sold for what it is. Also, the lall style of Boy's and Chil dreu'a Caps, of various patterns. Gentlemen can have their : hats made to order, iu auy shape or style they wish. N. B.?A full assortment of Ladies' Furs. C. KNOX, 110 Fulton street, oTI lna'eod r between William and stree's. I - LOUK AT THIS. J IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the bfst quality at theextraordinary low price of $5 00 Double Sole, the best article 5 50 Cork Sole do C 50 ch Calf Boots, made to order 5 oo French Call Shoes 2 00 Gent. Half Boots 2 25 Dancing i'umps, the nicest kind I 25 Dancing Gaiters, with Patent Leather Tips 1 75 And a Keneral asiortmeut of ludia Rubbers and all kinds of Over Shoes, from the smallest to the largest; al*o a great aa ?oitmeut of Boy*' Boots and Shoes; Misses aud Children's do. Ladies in this store will find the greatest assortment of Gaiters, Buckins, Slips, Ties, Quilted 8hoes, Moccasins, Clogs, Toilet Slips, white and black Satin and white Kid Slips; India Rub bers of all the different qualities, sorts aud sizes, from the smallest to the largest, aud but one price asked, at 307 Broad way, corner of Franklin street. "28 lm'r M. CAH1LL. JfREMIUM BOOTS. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $t 50,city made, and for style and durability, they are equal to those aold iu other stores for $5. Fiue French Premium Imperial Dress Boots W for $4 50, equal to those now iu other stores for $6 or $7, VOUNG St JONE'S French Boot aud Shoe manufactory, one ofthe moat fashionable establishments iu ihis city. Our ooots having been judged in the late F'air at Niblo's, are said to be the best boots for the price ever sold iu this couutry. Also, a superior new style French Daucing Gaiters, and overshoes, constantly ou hand. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Boots and Shoes made to order in the shortest notice Mending done iu the store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 Ann street, u7 lm*rc near Broadway, New York. GEOLOGV? NATURXl7HISTORY" WILEY k PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, Have on sale-element s of geology, pre. ptred for the use of Schools and Colleges by W. 8. W. 1 Ruscheuberger, M. D., U. S. Navy, ke., illustrated by 300 en i * ravings?Price 50 cents. j Also, Rutchenberger's Kiret Books of Natural History con sidered by distil gnisned scientific men, iu every section ofthe United States, to be the best series of elementary works ever | offered to the public. Order* promptly supplied as above, and by the publisuers, GRIGO k ELLIOT, n2l 6weod*rc No. 9 North Fonrih street. 1'hiUde'phia. Mil LLMICE, Professor ot Design and I'aiuting, pupil of the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts of Paris, lately arri ved in this city, is ready to tear h his art to private pupils, aud lo take cliarue ol classes of design at youug ladies' or young gentlemen's bonding schools. He is .he lureutor of a new >' t > I - iu drawiug, and will be pleased to exhibit some of his works to persous who will do him the favor of calling at 564 Broadway, up Hairs. iit8'ic rHhKK CAN BE MO TEACHING- WITHOUT A MASTER. THE French Language, at once the easiest learned and most fashionable acquirement of the day, is taught by Professor , P. Kowalewski ou the oral and most approved system, adapting I his letaous to the capacity of his pupils in tach a manner as I will ensure a knowledge of the language in a very tliort .pace 1 of time. He has been honored with pupils from the families > ?f the following distinguished gentlemen, to whom he cau i refer :? Hon. Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cnshing. Hon. Thos. H. Benton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others. Louis McLane Hon. Secretary Walker, German and French taught- Terms moderate Apply it No. 310 Broadway. P. KOWALEVV8K1. 08 lm'r R A?OARL> ! TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. \ LADY of superior talents aud acquirements, is desirous ol IVhaving hlew mori pupils to instruct iu Music. Her method . of instruction will be lound to be the most expeditious in pro moting them iu the thorough knowledge and theory of the < ?cieuce ot any now taught. A line directed to R.M., at tke office of this paper, will be ? ?lulv attended to. o7 lm*rr EVENING AMUSEMENT. JT has been a source of geueral regret that so few opportu- j nities offer, that prove sufficiently attractive to young - nen, to draw tliera from the haunts of dissipation aud vice I into which many fall, frotn a want of more rational and in- ; -tructive amusement. An excellent opportunity now off ra. which possesses many attractions, also combining health, plea- ! sure and information, where geutlemeu may resort, and pass unagreeable hour, at Disbrow's Kidiug School. 4(8 Bowery. Terms lor a course of twelve lessons, $9. Subscribers are i not required to attend regularly, Obly as may suit ilieir con- I venience. The school will be opeu every evening from 7 to ; 9>* o'clock (Sundays eicepted) The School is open daily for Ladies, from 9 A.M. to 3 F,M. o31 lm*rc PARTIES. THE SUBSCRIBER moat reapectfully intimate* to the fukionable public of New York, that he hai established himself iu the ornamental confectionary buuneaj. Hii expe rience of many yeara in this branch, gained in the greatest ca piialaor turoi** and the United States, hii superiority of work manship, and ai artiat, enables him to fnrnian parties and wed dings with Pyramids, Temples of any description, ice Cream of all varieties, Charlotte de Rasse Jellies, aud all other arti cles belonging to the same profession, of superior style, and cheaper than any where else. His place of manufactory is not iu one of the great thoroughfares, but those ladies who are pleased to give their ordrrs, mav rely on being served without disappointment, to their satisl'acticn. Dinners and suppers attended to, and experienced waiters provided. L. LEYPULDT, n!3 atawlm'rc No 121 Spring street ? DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, No. 21 Howard street. SIO'NA fc 8IO. FERRERO have reopened their School, and will commence an entirely new cI <ss for Young La dies and Masters on Tuesdays and Fridays at half past 3 DAYI or TUITION. Monday* and Thursdays, Weduesdays and Saturday*, and Tuesdays aud Fridays, at half past 3; classes for V oung Ladies and Masters. Monday aud Thuisday evenings, ai hsll past 7; Dancing and Waltxing (.'lasses for Uentlemen, cu 1'uesdays and Fridays, at the same hoar. Waltzing, Polka snd Maxovrk* clas. For do La V alt'z h Deux 1 rmps. Polka sad the Maxourka will be taught in all the clasaes during the term. Private les sons, pr.vate claues, and boarding schools, punctually attend ed to. Private Soirees will be given as usual. nT lme-d*r A. DUD WORTH'S DANCING SCHOOL. ALLEN DODWORTH would beg Irave to intorm his friends, tliat it is his intention to commtuce a Private Daucing Sehool. at hi* residence, 44( Bmoma street, on Mon dty afternoon. Oct. *Ot.h. From his long connen .n with the Dancing world, aud having availed himself ol I structioua from the be?t masters that Tiave visited this country ?such as Paul Toglioni, aud others o! like celebrity?he leel* ?>*t he is as well qualified to teach as any in the city; and his musical education will certainly give him a great advantage over many at present iu the profession. Be that as it may, those who la vor him with tlwir Patronage can rely upon acquiring a correct and fashionable style of Dancing. ? . TERMS. A Quarter of 34 Leiaoni, including the Quadrille, Waltz, G.?llope and Polka til* f0 Ten Lessons in the Waltz or Polka ' i #0 Way* and llourt oj Tuition. On Monday and Thursdays, at S o'clock, for Ladiea and Miaae* over 12 year* of age. On Wednesday and Snturday, at 3 o'cleck, for Misses aud Boys under 12 yeara of age?aud On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, for Gen tlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. A second Class will be formed from ? to I*, for those who cannot attend earlier. Private Lesaon* given at any other hour*, either at the re*i dence of the pupil or at the school. o21 Iin're DANCING. MISS E. ELLIS, direct from Europe, begs to annouuee to her Pnpils that she haa recommenced giving instruc tion in *11 the iaakionable Ball Room Daaciog.atuer residence, 44 Barclay street. She will remain in New York all the win ter. She teaclie* all Queen Vic:oria* Dance*. Collimus' Valse. Maxourka Cotillion, La Polka, aud Court Minuett. Schools and Families attended. n!l Iw'rc DANCING ACADEMY. BHAKSPEARE HOTEL, COHN&R OF DUANE AND - _ WILLIAM STREETS. ]VI R. p. ROBERTSON respectfully informa hi* fiiends 1*1 and the public, that he h?s opened clashes at the above rooms for giving instruction* in the varioua mode* ol dancing. Day* of tuition?Weduesdays and Saturdays, from 3 to ( P. M. , lor ladies, aud masters under 14 j and from 6 to 8 P. .M. for gen- , (I emeu. A private claaa lor ladies from ? to I P M. Assem blies will take place semi-monthly?scholars free ; season , ticket* (3: 'I he above room* have been newly painted and 1 r? fitted in a most elegant style ; and Mr. R. lasur-w parent*- I and guardian* that every effort will be used to *dd to the com | fort of pupil* while at ichool. Thoee wishing to subscribe will plesse rail aa above. Mr. R. will give hia firat < Jrand Ball of the season on Mou daj , Dec. It, Tickets |l, for a gentleman and hia ladiea; to b* . had at the C1a*s Room*, or at Mr. R.'a, II* Cunt atreet ntS lm*m lU*Tf ohd, Not. 28, 1845. Thankigiiing ? Gov. Baldwin Dtclinei a Ht-nnmlnation Yesterday we bad Thanksgiving in Connecticut, and ? rainy one it wai too. The day before, our city presented an extremely lively scene, especially Main and Stat* street*. Our friends from the country brought in their usual Thanksgiving supuly ef poultry. Chickens ranged from 9 to 13 cents, according to quality, turkeya from 10 to 14 cents, ditto. But yesterday, our city was still a* death?stores doied, all business suspended, nearly one quarter of our inhabitant* gone home to see their mamas and p?pas. The past two days our railroads and stages, and steamboats, have been crowded with passengers on their way to find Thauksgiving?for hare, no one can keep it, unless they are ut their parents', if their parents are living Many balls, parties, Sic., took place in this city and vicinity last nignt. Governor Baldwin has addressed a latter to the w hig State Central Committee, declining standing in nomina tion as their candidate for Governor another term. This is wisdom in him. IIo now goes out with a high stand ing in his party. for till undoubtedly remember that the nomination, in 1813, was lorced npon him, in order to get abolition votes?uoue of whi<'h did ha get, notwith standing his able and su?ces*ful labors for the Amistad captives?and he was defeated, in 1U41 he was barely elected by the l.tgrnluture ; and in H4ft, he was elected by some ?JOOOtnujority by the people. Whatever may be ?aid or thought of hi* course in many respect*, he can now go out with flying color* ; and the time may come, years hence, when bis name will be of immense strength to the whig*, as ho now retires with such an expression of public confidence. Out if any of his friends, through want of political foresight, ahould be so indiscreet as to attempt to foist hiin upon the approaching whig conven tion, it will certainly crush the whig party next spring, and also crush him forever, and ulaae the democratic party in power for many yean. Tne fault with the whig party is, t*<at they run their everlasting big men until they become wind-bioken, foundered and heavy But, when the oonvention meets on the 14th ef January, iiiiu ti?rr#m ? Stafford, (Conn.), Nov ti, 1946. j location?Heauty of Fall- Granite - Manufactories- ! Countiy Girls, versus City Girls?Mineral Springs? Hoti I? Schoolmaster abroad here as well as in New York, j Were you ever in thi? town, lying 'i# mile* north-east fromthecity oflUrtfordl If you have not been here, you can form but alight view* of the rugged. barren, and wild beauty of its lituutiou. It is from hence that Haitfonl, j Springfield, and the town* and villages "all along ?hore,'' , are supplied with charcoal by " Staflord Stage* !" Sev eral never failing stream* (although some were very Tow the im?t iummer.) rise and rusl. headlong through ravines and over rocky bed*, uniting their monotonous music with that of the bird*, and the factory '?ell?, and female belles. These stream* present admirable fa ilt ties lor manufacturing purpoie*, a portion of which are | ""bu?, of all season* of the year, the fall is the time to , see the countrv, and especially to see tU? beauties o this section. "What plea?ure i* there in roaming around under the burning *un, sweating out of your Frame all the energy that <iod ha* imparled within you I (live me the fall of the year?the regular Indian summer that glorious season of all seasons -and especially the six or eight weeks Indian summer that Heaven ha* smiled un'on us this fall: give me, 1 *ay, *uch a season in which to iambic?when the pure air of Heaven 1* cool, bracing and refreshing to one'* soul and body-when you can witness the splendid paintings by Jack Frost on the forest foliage, such a* the genius of man can net or imi tate on this mundane sphere. Let u* dwell a moment on the appearance of our Now hngland forests aftora few frosts. Go with me to them. You will find the up right piue* green-as green a* was the young I atroon when seducfd by B. F. Butler lrom demanding speci. on $500 of VV. & W. Bank note*, by Butler s injiUtion " to drink wine'with him" fortwo or three hour* before the Bank closed! The birches present every *had?lof color imaginable?end all on the *ame tree-from the irreen leaf to the feared and yellow leat. The majestic oak, who*e leave* ar? *c"9<j'y to"c^ by the froit* that wither other*, u . fit emblem of Uw letter* of Jame* Gordon Bennett, published en contigxutt with Butler'*, Hoyt's, Van Buren's, et id omnt gtnus. The chestnut tree* are dropping their PrJcJf,7"*e?"r"d fruit as liberally a* Hoyt dropped, about #lection time*, the mint* from the cu*tom-hou*e. The walnut tree*. also shuffle off their thick *huck?, under the oponing i influence* of Jack Fro*t, a* liberally a* John Van Buren ! opened hi* mouth for oath* upon the fall <* ?*??>"i-?>r of Jesse when lie did not purchase for him ju*t before a rise. 'The hazel-nut bush, in imitation of the che*tnut and walnut treos, arc al*o dropping from old clo s like covering their *maU fruit, a* has M- M. Noah dropped trom one peg to another, inthe old clo* line and in political parties-throwing in the ? naners that have dropped, with cracked ahelU, from ni? I offe? ? oovoring. The hemlocks you will find covered I with green, a* were the United States whcnlher men in authority appointed Sam Swartwout to pocket tony 1 two tons of solid silver of their money," bewde* hi* sale, i rv and, when brought to the fiery ordeal, one was a* I .L'ppish as the other The maple, with its 1 m.s of . thousand colored hue*, ia cartaialy ,1*ht; Then there are the blackberry and raspberry bushes, as I leafless and pricky as W. L. Marcy, thankful lor public odices. But, badinage aside, view the mountain lorest I groups of oak, walnut, chestnut, maple, pine, hemlock, i and other trees and shrubs, all *?wiwr I the variety oi hu?* presented by the foliage a Una Me sou of the year, is beyond the power of the pen orpenoi ol man to describe. It is gorgeous in reality. It must be seen to have its soul-inspinng ._d There i? aranite here wiiliout end. Tl?e facto net ana dwellings are built of granite. Almost every bould?r in the fields is granite-the rocks are almost all of the same mateiial. Near the centre of the 'ownisa dia mond ledge, where the lads and lasses ro*ort for a ram bio-(and tor kisses)?and to procure diamond* with . which thoy cut on the glas* of their home-window* the ; name of their bitn-aime. And at thie season ol the year, it requires no great stretch of imagination to make this ( place a faiiy palace, when the healthy, rosy c;heiske.l iind beautiful girl* liom the lactone* are here-in the midst ol diamonds, and the diamond ledge surrounded by fields upon fields of grauite, with all descriptions ol trees ay patently growing out ot solid rocks, (but in tact growing in tne fissures, where little vegetable mat ter L been gathered)?and the uinumerable anrt bright hues ol the loliage ol those trees, minus the sonasters, whose missiug music is supplied by the . daughters ot fcve, und you have as perfect a lairy palace as you can find on this earth. . ; l ho manuiactorie. in this town are increasing rapidly. | In 1H40, there waa only two or three factories, with^76,- , 000 capital. Now, there are b woollen and cotton facto ries with a capital of $300,000. The firmers here now ?ell at their doors every kind of produce they cen raise, lor more than twice the sum that they could gat for it in Hartford, ten yeara ago. For lnatance, they nere get 20 a 44 cent* per lb. ca?h, for buttor?16 to 40 Cts. for egg* ?corn $1 per bushel, and all other artkjlea and receive their pay in cash. B?>for* ifolT dmv tSVo of the*e factories, tney would ?P?nd a whole da;jingo to Hartford, and get only 10 to 14 eta. per lb for butter 6 to 8 eta. doz. lor egga?and all other produceiuthe same proportion-and had to take " store pey," at taat Look also at the benefits to the females Now, although they have to work 13 houra daily, still it is net so many honra, nor half a. hard work, a* when they work at howliold urtniri?thev alto enjoy excellent health?their tatiu a e very light?they are I *et of rosy cheeked robu.t and healthy girl*, ju*t such as make good mothers. \ ou cannot find amongst the whole of them one of your pale, novel-reading, city-pampered nwsser They^earalrom that would *top these factories?ahut them up-nandsend the industrious and worthy girls and men home merely to earn just enough, on their stony and barren hills, to Pr?nethisttoVn?is situated ono sulphur and one iron spring, which, before the day that the ?PrjnK, *?r? d''T covered amid the sands of Saratoga, were frequented by all the gentry from New York and New tngland^ This ihp old hotel reicistor, to be tound at the Mineral Springs IfotoltasUfie? Before the white man settled in this re g.on, the red tribe., far and near, brought ?he?r ?iC* to tucse swings, and here thay were healed, tor some lew . pais past the Spring Hotel has been in disrepute ; but the past season has been an excellent one for its present the pan sbmwu house it will be the wo,thy host Whilst he keeps the house .t will be the resort ol thousands. During tne past season, it was con tinually filled. It is situated at the junction ol the_*wo strcHBts that unite opposite the house, and there form the bead of the Willimantic river A few rods to the north ,' t i, a large gran.te cotton factory, and to the west, a large saunet factory j and wnichever direc tion you riue from the house, you wiU A?1 '?c.t?^er 1 he hills resound with the busy hum made by them.? More repairs are needed around the premises, which, 1 understand, are to be completed belere the i?e*t? One word more about the house : you will aiway* Onda great variety on the table, and the meaU, tc., cooked and pa*try made, in your Aator House *ty'*' 7?" jon'v believe it, ask several of your New V ork families, who spent some weeks here the past summer To close thi. epistle, I must give J^V.ftnTn'Veer nan on a back road iu tlua town, via? VVashin and Beer did here." But even this, 1 thought not so bad, consider in* where it waa, as a sign in New York, wh ch I re cently read in Broadway, ol '? Veuus now KaibiUng the "h" omitted. the cburoh oocupi.d u hoWtn* ? fair, ?arrt,. c.ll.d to mow ordorly ssa'Assan'a vtf. strip of cloth. The blow injured the man so much that, when ho got home, it being in the evening, he was inca m? nt Twiatinr what had nappened, but manileated evi ;!!nt .vmplSnr^t), wffi his wife attributed^to a freak of loolery ; when .he caught up the tonga and dealt him a .evere blow upon the already wounded head, re marking that" .he would cure him ot hi* foolery by beat n.g sense into hi* head ' Thi. unfortunate atroke of the u,ngs finished the work. The poor fellow died in the cour.e ofa day or two. Young Jenkins and the wife of the deceaied have been arrested, and, after an examina tion before a ju.Uoe of the peace, the ^0*J^.ln're committed to jail, but the woman obtained bail -i-" casUr (O.) Oee The Abolition Riot on tfee AV*"*.'rtlc|e My attention has recently been called o an ?irtglj published in a Massachusetts paper, which conta n. an extract from a letter written by oae ot ttte Hutchinson familv," in relation to the diBturbance on board the English steamer Cainbria, on her re turn trip u> England, in August last The Hutchin sons were passengers), and any 8tatement published bv them must be recognised as correct untilcontr* dieted and then, of course, a difference ot opinion must exist in the minds ot those who may read th flo Mtotemeau, oue o! which I proj?ose to give, and which can be substantiated by a reterence to the pas "w'/w," S?"oVonhS,'Cd.y, .he 16th of \?m>. which ought to, excite the ^ against the Commander, (? .. * the minds ot one will be sufficient to condemn him intoe ^ everv American. It is a custom QKn ,y p h ?ve ever crossed in these steamers,) for the C | tain to give the day be to re arrival into port, a chara p7?ii &r; i ???..?^r^w.yTbi?. p?c have often crossed, and as it has always ue i tisf d 1 conclude it is as much ot an established rul , Sit lifer the Captain to say grace at lhet^,leone moment, and curse, some poor ateward or sartor n>?t The dav before our arrival in Liverpool, in party was given, as usual Among the num^r w o enjoyed thia ?? ?Wt ?"n.o?; bv'S r^STof?'MrBnfW hi. <hre. bti. ther^ perliape a halt do.en Englishmen, and proba bWthe^iegro himself, asked the Captain ifhewoold allow Mr Douglass to make some remarks on the ?veri.'w'S'oo'K KiSo'i. H.W.. like or wish to hear him can go below. l*"""" 13 ? want of respect, i?aTd to Americans facts there can be no doubt. Douglass commenced bv referring to philanthropic England, and the 1 exampfesh? had shown us by freeing tor .taje* - ! 11-then nrooosed to read someot the stave laws ! ,|ie ditterent States, and commenced with Georgia. He had proceeded but a few moments whena gen leman a citizen of Connecticut, interrupted hun, arid^aai'd '' It was enough to be compelled to hear him as a'mouth-piece of the Captain, insult Ameri Sa with hia remarks; bit if he had any Statelaws to read, to read them, and not attempt t<0 0 I anv ot his abolition tracts as the laws of Georgia or 21 other State. He had lived many years in Geor I gia, and was well acquainted withher, laws, and ! knew he was not reading any ot them. J he sultina reply was-" He was not aware before that I fhiJ^was anv American blackguards on board, | & He &?d said enough, and there was not an I American oa board that ship who would have sub I mittedtoa turther insult from negro, captain, ' Sew The S|K, who w?> in tta 1 "?r!' 3*jrafcar*? J? mander of t Mr y^i^g permission to ! ?.*?abte o plead the excuse that he did not know her" was any objection among the passengers to 1 sKSrisk ?nd without questioning lus privileges as sensitive, OUKht to consult the feelings ot his nXTei a goocf portion of whom were Ameri ranT His reply to me was what 1 did not expect. I will refrain From mentioning it, believing enough h ?h be en said to show the feelings entertained by n lo^ri rhiirlpfl H E. Judkins towards Americans. Your correspondent returned to America in the -...mir and under the same person's corn ed fie more than once told someot his paBsen > . Douglass, a fugitive Amenoau CadtwHe horrotH ol America. !iav?rv Is there to be a movement by the aboli ance'ort Da^^VonnelfandTh^^ns^t/iurth^he^r SSSiiu? wandering abolmo.^^ado, ^PS?lfl'ieoollect, Mr. Ilutchioeon relerred lo ? rndem?lromljewfc^^h?'o^.^t?^ ^Kd&^whS'wircon.'; .or ?he manner in which it was passed over. Foreign Kx tract* Pakis Academy op Sciences, Oct. 13.?M. Arago brought forward three communications trom Mr. Bain, viz.: a modification ot trie telegraph ; the con struction of clocks to be kept in movement by elec tricity; and a log lor registering the speed ot vessels at sea, with or without an electrical apparatus con nected with the ship's compass. Mr. Bain's log is a modific ilion of Massey's log, which is ot great bulk, and liable to injury trom tnc action ot the sea. Mr. Bain's log is a simple rotator with an internal mechanism, which is acted upon by the revolutions of the instrument, and a dial plate, showing the rate ot speed ot the vessel. For instance, when the log in passing through the water has made a certain number ot revolutions, the index marks a quarter oi a mile, and goes on in the same way up to 100 miles when the index recommences. The log is kept constantly in the water, except when the captaul wishes to uscertain the distance that has been ac complished, and then it is drawn up, and the dial at the end ol the tube being examined will show how many miles the ship has gene. This instrument has been submitted to the English Government, whicn has given orders lor a trial ot it. Tne electric apj>a ratus consists ot a wire connected with the compass. The electric tluid communicated by the sea, winch . in this case becomes the natural battery, is trans mitted to the compass, und marks uot only the rate ot sailing, but every part ol the ship's course. In the compass is placed a card printed with lines. At every quarter ot a mile, a pen or pencil marks Uie course or direction ot me ship upon the paper. The captain may thus ascertain, by looking at the com pass, how the ship is steered and the rate at <vhich she is passing through the water. When this paper is tilled, it is removed, and another substituted, and thus a perfect registry is obtained. The journals of the continent mention the death, at Carte aauo, in the neighborhood ot Bologna, ot Madame Colbrand Rossiui, wite ol the illustrious composer. The French papers announce the death ot the astronomer, Count Cassini, Member of the Academy ot Sciences, and formerly Director ot trie Royal Observatory ot Fans, at the great age ol ninety-seven years. The Journal dt? l)tbait men tions M. Etienne Foulain, one ot the guardians ot the Bibliotheqtte Magasitm, has just closed his mo dest and laborious career. The Queen has been pleased to beston a pension , of ?200 a year on Lady Shee, wite of Sir Martin i Archer Shee, "in consideration ot her husband's eminence as an artist, aud of Ins services as presi- < dent of the Koyal Academy, during a period ol ' fourteen years." We may add that tue yearly pen sion ot ?1,840 granted by the crown to the repre- , sentatives of the celebrated t-drnund Burks termt- i nated with the lite of the 1st* Karl Spencer. , It has been tor some time reported that a new ' work, entitled "The Harmony ot the Visible Crea- ] lion," was pre|*ring by the aathor ot " The Vesti- , | ges of Creation." It is now iu the Press, and attri- i buied publicly to the honorable member for Helston, i Sir Kichard Vyvyan. The Maynille Eagle states that the two pork !; house* in tbat aity ar? pieparsd to ilaughtsr and pari. Iron 000 to 1U00 hogs sach par day. I c""irw aa? increases, mod many curium and interesting <L thui presented to the .tudent whirl! * '5? would probably Merer haveanoPMrt.ui,T oV?'*6 ? ^ explained and commented upon *o lacidlvanH ??tter ?ra by the eminent profes.or who ,"va.?h.? clinical lecture*. ' these The clan before which the ca*e* are de.cribed I. * very large one indeed; in fact, the medical denartJ.m K r!H of Vorkhaa established SJtoSr a high reputation throughout the United SuUi Md there are student* from ererv State in the Union atten? M6 le?KUre' N>w Yor*' at '??*?>. hU Uk.n ii" PhiUA^i the emporium of medical education, which Philadelphia ha? in years gone by arrogated to bariAlf but all thi. 1* *ome * hat foreign to IhT^bjwt we h.TB' ow on hand, and which i* the cliniqite of yeiterdav tTrna.C.? flf the moat prominent of the oaae* with a mere .ketch of the procodin**-5?ir? c^Xd'tttu.^"- ' f?r alt"?*,b?r. '^"ey V* A^*! Tt**i^o'mmoiU^cilUd.^n it?"fbrehead the parent* had had hot"iSdU. | *^2MS*S Ca*e #?Boy under treatment for aicitaa??????>. i_ j proved?continued treatment. "c"?-much 1m . ?"?? 8~?'r! 8?#<1 la~' ?ch troubled with headache JTX?WTaie?'9" Bt ?tomach ?may depend onMriJd j ef life theie doe* not aeem to be any thing aerioua ubout morning'. tW? Ua *??<" ?{ ^xir p?ro every (-aaeS? Boy, hip-joint diieaae?limb contracted Or fiSftjV ^ lntn>t,uced behind "?? joint, and iodine ic~!,ei_Ml0!,?*nBKed ?>-fall laat April, hurting the i, * u e wai uo,bin* fractured, there i? pain ( aie H Bov ?li*ht the j0i,,t ?rder'd, knee-can* 'i'.?" 00'"">"diL Anrifw-Aa !"aU V4t Lad had W. ankle brui.ed in ti.I hn?ri t i W ?day" nlter the accident he went to he ho*pital-inci?ion. were made in the part whirl? now'a r fiW eryaipeatou. inflammation There ia now a callous ulcer in the place. Ordered to u.e vel rlr^.TL"' *"? t0 u,e oiled ,i"1' and a bandage to retain aaingin aitu?waah every morning with aoap itida ' 1 8 0n ?eB*table rather than on animal food If thi. '".V.'. must b? "tabli.hed near the part. WBi a c*?ild on which he operated two week* nose th? in>' auaatamosis on the point of its nose?the aneurism was much smaller than it was before b? 0P?^?,,0{,' though the part, had been much inflamed | Oathe whole the re.ult wa. very .atiafactory. ,nnamed o^VAi ^"A.boy Wltb P,ori?s" of Ave year* ataadinr root tea ? *U ''roP* twice daily-al.o dock I.('"S .1,u>?A chilJ with an ulcer on the lower jaw? ihft!! * 1? ,de5ayed teoth The Doctor recommended the removal ol the teeth. </miueuaea ???' &i r '/"th?Man about ao, with a carunemato a* affec hirt i l fU*.' which waa ulcerated on one ride, and th? u.Ik ? hardening throughoat, and enlargement of nion ?ho?1^^w y *laijdr T1le doctor gave a* hi* opi nion that thi. wa* a very serious ca.e, but as it wu in Cafe ^another Praot/t??W. he made uo pieacription. ,l.i?i h i ol#?<1 fen,ale?sore over sternum, pro duced by the nse of escharotica, applied by come doctor ulr??#r0,? H' ?n tbBt bone' Thero wa* a slough in the the nBrt11! 5*.^SC.tor orde,ed a poultice to be applied to the part, and told her to come again. .17,h?Voung girl with enlarged ton*il?, which ( w w,0Ul? ?'>erata on next week. < a*e 18th?Wa* of a female with an adipoie tumor on tend?MaT?h ,tb?.Do?tor removed. There wa* much to wh?t f. ^'1 tumor; in fact, an unuiual amount VL atuw u,uaU7 fe?t in those tumor*. ' h?i!- KUr U\ whjch the rCliniqua i* n.naliy fini.hed ?nj ?i? r" 8,r~dy Pa"ed- the cla*. now ieparatJd' ha? j,n,n? patient* that were in waiting will hare to attend again on Saturday next. ,, , , MlieellaneoB*. mknl.^ ? ^ last, a man named Zachariah Smith. w^rirh! 'f ln tJl? ?mployment of widow Harrington ! a/arn> ,n Oreenbuah, wa* found dead in the Ta*0n h01"? of hi* employer. A lea ther (trap, without a noose, wa* found laatened round , hi. neck and buckled to the b?am of at^sTuTw h <eam>. 1?. unharpy man had to go on hi* . C0.Uld ?rtect t,,? I'orrid purpo.e An in que.t wa* held, and a verdict rendered that the deceaaed The body of a man waa found on Tueadav ?? ttS&aZS:"z?> ^ si" Aifea .? ? receipt lor hi* pa.aage on the canal Hi* ???.. V ,a?X?oaJd ,earn liom his pape^ wa. Ma^ could oi^it nothing"aati.faet " l0"g inv",tiK*tio''. but death. The rerdic?o?tie jury w^? " *5 came to hi. death by blows in/irtmA tZ . deceaaed "tZ"' aT? 'SS^SX.' r??... sncriil of Boston, rcccived ? it*tts*r r. FitUe?o/mTccmfiif''^' *b|!e t0 ldeatlf>"th? murderer.*?But up,"> .i? 11 .J hoti US?*' OrttJ?" *!*" d?)'? zz;s F,,h" *?'1 -??' gKiSSS age. He wa* miasiug lor several day*. ,/^e Minoim Convention met on th? n.L dent. 'The twrfl?,d.iU.d|:^^tWa<1?,?ct?d and other preliminary bu.inew eiecUng offlcers, Mormon Affairs.?The fVartaw Signal of the 20th ult, is devoted to matters relation to the Mor mon*. A daring robbery is charged to have been com mitted, lome duys previous, at the house of B. C. Bride, nineteen miles east of W arsaw. Three person* entered it, took possession of a large trunk, containing clothing, and twenty dollars in money, and the papers of Mr. Bride. They entered the house about two o'clock at night?were discovered as they were lsaving?(oliowed towards the Mormon settlement on Bear Creek, where the trunk and paper* were found, minus the cash and clothing. The thieve* escaped. Several other theft* are notieed. The circumstances of a foul murder, committed about ten miles southeast of Warsaw, on the person of a Mor mon named Ourtee, are also stated. About 11 o'clock ou Saturday last, a stack of straw, near the house of a man named Samuel Hancock, was set on fire. The inmate* of the house, among whom wa* the deceased, ran out to extinguish the Haines, when they were tired upon by some person or persons in the vicinity of the stack, and Durlee was instantly killed. Major Warren is said te have arrested three persons on suspicion, but the nature ot the evidence against them is not stated. Durfee, it i* ?aid by the Signet, was not u prominent Mormon, not particularly odiou* to the aati-Mormons. The Mormon* say that there were twelve gun* ftred - another story is, that six were discharged, and that two were snapped at Sol. Hancock. The Signal, while intimating that there was some mystery about the roMoia for the murder, de nounce* it, and aeeka to relieve the anti-Mormon* from the odium of it. A meeting of citizen* of Warsaw took place on Monday evening for the purpeee of expressing iheir disapprobation of thi*, and other recent *ct* of vio lence, and thi* wa* done by resolution* then pessed. - They pledge themselves to aid in bringing t<ie guilty persona to punishment, and tendered their services to Major Warren for this purpose. On the night of the l-Jth, some persons went to the house of | Mormon named Kice, who was suspected of having murdered a man named Dsubenheyer?of which we gave an account at the time?took him out and set lire to the premise*. Everything wa* consumed. This ?ot is also denounced. ..... The Mormons have disposed of nearly all the laoda to whioh they -ave any title in the south part of Hancock county. This is the cese in the vicinity of Fountain Ureen. Around La Harpe but lew sale* have bean made, and thi* is the case in the neighborhood of Nauvoo. They are said to ask unreasonably high prices for it? but of thi* both *ides may be permitted to judge. Trial, for Murder on Ship-board.?Henry Ma cy, a Portuguese by birth, waa tried at Providence on Friday last, lor the murder of a colored aeaman named Jame* Gould, on Doard the barqu* Rhoderick Dhu, while in the harbor of Capo Corsi CaeUe, in January last, lie was in charge of the deck, when he saw Gould attempt ing, as he thought, to run away with the boat. He called up the mate from the cabin, and told him ot it, whereupon the mate immediately ordered (Sou Id on board After lomc delay he came over the ta/Trail, and immedietely t>eiug a much mors powerful men than the prisoner iprung at him and struck him a heavy blow. It waa dark, lud under apprehenaion ot worse consequences, the pri ?oner stabbed G >uid with the sheath knife that be ordi narUy wore. Ol these stabs Gould died. Upon this state at'tacts, the jury brought in a verdict of, but recommending the luweet possible penalty. The sen tence was six mouths imprisonment, and ten dollars Bn*- __________ Court for the Correction of Hrrors.?Albany, Nov. 29, 1845.?Present, Lieut. Gov. Gardiner, Chancellor Walworth, and 96 Senators. No 17. Theoi?\ of New York va. J. Bailey, Jr. aud ai. Mr. P A. Cue trey wes heard for pleintuf in error

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