Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1845, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1845 Page 5
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1>r!ig<i u'ipiit a settlement R?rr good citizen opposed to the ur? of tho Oregon question lor political ; purposes, and anxious Tor the esta blishment of our internal und external com. roercial affair* upon ? sound and permanont basis, baa a very deep interest in the settlement of this and all other matters endangering our peaceful relations with Oreat Britain and every other nation. We annex a comparative table, giving the quotation* tor stocks in this market, for each day of the week just closed, and for the last day of the proviou* week, for the purpose of showing the variation in prices from day to day. Some of the fancy railroad stocks have advanced within the week several per ceut, and the principal steok of this description used for speculation, has reached a point, beyond which it will be difficult to carry it. U''OT&TIOM rua the Principal Stocks i?i thic N*w Yorb sir^AW 'TVy. If'cJ. Th'y*Yy Sat '-one Mand 74hi 7?J 76 76 76>, 76* Mohawk... ? ? 58 59 ? 69 59 59 59 Harlem 67 ? 67X 67J4 67* 67)4 Canton 43? 44>J 44.^ 44 44>? 44 tl'^ Ksriners' Loan 93* unci Wor 85V* 85 88>? 9l>i 90 9l>4 91>. Ohio Sixes 97), 111 inois Sixes 391* Indiana ? ? <0 40?? 40 ? 40 Kentucky Sixes ? Peiin'a. ives ? Stouingtou ? Krir Railroad,conso,a.. 70)4 Vicksburg ? U. 9. Bank - Reading JUl 55Si 55^ Morris Canal 22)* 23>* East Boston ? ? N. Am. Trust ? ? A comparison of the closing quotations yesterday, with those current at the close of those of the previous week, shows an improvement in Long Island of 3 per cent; Mo hawk 1 per cent; Harleui Canton ) ; Farmers' Loan 1; Norwich and Worcester 6J ; Ohio ti's j ; Illinois 6's j ; Stoninfrton 3i; Erie 3, Heading Railroad 4}; Morris Canal 1}. The operations in Heading Railroad have been large at the advance. This stock has improved within the past two weeks about five per cent, in anticipation of the report about being made of its affairs, by the Boston Committee appointed for that puspose. The Nashua and Lowell Railroad Company have de clared a semi-annual dividend of five per cent, payable on the 1st of December. The work upon the Harlem Railroad extension is now in rapid progress through the county of Westchester uad the company are about to put under contract imme diately an additional section of thirty mile*, extending through Putnam into the rich valley in the interior of Duchess. This will bring the road to a point 83 miles from the city of New York, leaving but from 45 to 60 miles to unite with the Albany and West Stockbridge Railroad. A party of engineer* is now engaged in Co lumbia county, locating this portion of the route. The annual report of the Auditor of the State of Ohio for 1845, shows an increase in the value of the tax able property of the State, since 1844, of $8,017,803, an amount equal to one-third of the public debt. Txxablk PaorcMTv of Ohio, 1839, 1844, acd IMS. 1839. 1(44. 1*45. No. of acres t> xed 19,004,442 23,Ml,102 29,216,286 Value of lands, including houses, &c $52,822,672 >85,5*4,496 $85,916,169 Value of towo lots, includ ing buildings $20,257,794 $21,617,690 $22,269,575 Number of hones. 334,119 974,028 387,200 Value of do $13,364,(16 $14,959,920 $15,488,000 Number or cattle 532,859 713,433 723,353 Value of do $1,265,678 $5,707,351 $5,786,824 Mei chants' capital and mo ney at interest $10,059,932 $7,550,005 $19,556,507 No. of pleasure Carriages.4,711 14,997 ? Value of do. do. ... $395,298 $783,938 $1,055,742 'J otal amouut of taxable pro pel ty $111,224,197 $196,142,666 $144,160,469 Delinquencies 69,498 152,307 ? Total amount of Tales... . $1,770,161 $2,440,663 ? The extracts made from the report published in the official paper of that State, doe* not give the total amount of taxes assessed, received, or delinquent, and we shall be compelled to await the meeting of the Legislature for a lull report. There has been an Increase in the num ber of acres taxed in 1845, of 158,084, and in value <391,713; the value of town lots, including building*, incrcaxed $651,879; horses, $523,080; cattle, $79,473; in creaso in merchants' capital and money at interest, lit),000,603; in value of pleasure carriage*, $373,604. The receipts from the canals of Ohio thi* year, com pared with last, have been u follow* Public Works op Ohio?Cakai. Rfxkipts. To Novtmbtr 15. 1843. 1144. 1845. Amount of tolls on the Ohie and Misini canals $374,043 $113,271 $326,519 Ou the Miami Extension 7,245 12,053 32.M7 On Wab sh and Erin 32 473 49,269 73,807 Ou Hockinr :) 919 4,926 4,520 On Wnlhonding 610 1,918 1,181 On MntkiiiEum improvement.... W 7 4 28,941 28.461 Turnpike dividends W.710 29,456 27,165 Sfate lots 923 ? ? Al'umee and Western Reserve ro -d 2 814 5,817 6,613 Tot.l $173,554 $544,959 $500,376 There appear* to have been a falling off in the revenue from the Ohio and Miami Canal* in 1845, compared with 1814, rf $86,763;from the Walhonding Canal $734; Turn" pike dividend* $3,391, and an increase in tolls from the Miimi Extension of $10,954; Wabash and Erie, $34,638 ; Hocking $91 ; Muskingum Improvement $330 ; and the .Maumcfl und Western Reserve Road $796. showing an <U?!<regatu deficiency of $44,574, thi* year comparod with la>-t. Tho principal cause of this falling off in the reve nue this year, was tho severe drought, in most pirt* of the State, before the harvest. The deficiency, a* large a* it is, is much less than anticipated. Thi* deficiency will have no effect upon the finances of the State, as the in creased value of taxable property has been sufficient to onible the State to meet promptly all its engagements. As an evidence oi the rapid increase in the wealth and resources of the people and State of Ohio, we annex a table showing the value of the property, from year to year, since 1831 : ? ta ]... 1813... mi... 1815... 18 r, Taiabi.v I'ri'pkktv in Ohio. 574,211.1132 1839 $111,224,197 .... 78.819,526 1840 112,837,861 75,593,302 1841 128,353 8 .T 93.743.tU0 1842 13),343.835 85,812.182 1841 136,142,666 118 106,953,018 1815 144,160,469 Thin show* an iacreaso of nearly one hundred per cenluncc 1*32. Since 1839, the increase In tho value of tnxoble property hai been about eight millions of dol lar < more than the present public debt. ? >id Stock Kichnnce, $4900 Pennsyl'a 5s 73X 2T0 shs Canton Co 44V UOOO do b60 74>4 25 do hlO 44 U. I.'000 do 74 50 5008 do iHim 71 }i 100 50"0 . do lilO 74 14000 Indiana Bond* 40 ICOiO Heading K Bdi b60 73 50 aha Mercnania Bk 111 10 Bk Rttl NY 20 B 111k Com, full ?0 do acrip Jo do 150 do 100 do 25 Eaat Boaton Co 475 do 50 (Jo 70 Erie KR 50 do 200 do 7# do 50 do >00 L. laland RR 240 Reading RR ?5 lliinou Bank HlO X O Canal 57 U 8 Fire Ina IjO N A Truit jno Farm era' Tr 250 do 325 do 50 do 50 do 100 do 25 Morria Canal 50 do 225 do 50 Mohawk RR 50 do 25Stonington RR 75 do 1000 Harlem RR 50 do 100 do 150 Nor t Wore RR 50 do 50 do 1 iu a w 100 aha Farmers' Ln Li" do b30 125 Stoninjrton RR 50 N Am Trust *5 <l0 100 Nor St Wore RR l>3 75 do S3 SO; 25 do b3 90} 25 do s] 90. New NtocU Kictunge, 50 Canton Co 250 Reading RR 25 do nw 60S $1000 Alabama 5s 25 shs Morris Canal 25 50 Canton Co 100 Harlem RR shas East Boaton e 17 25 do c 17V 50 L Island RR bl 76W 50 do blO 76? ?5 do s3 50 do snw 76 JO do b3 76K SO do 76? 35 Nor & Wore RR c 92jJ oS 67 50 do S60 90 Died. On Sunday evening, No*. 30, Joh* RoacaTs, ion of ,1. D. R. M,ry Jnn Tutman, aged one year, two month ^ fcnrt nineteen day*. V,ineral from 27 Rutgers street, thii afternoon at three Vclock. The friends of the lamily are respectfully In vited to attend AtBrook'yn, on Sunday the 80th inat., Oid^oi* Kim bkbi.v Wabiho, nged 34 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at four o'clock, from the residence of his father, Henry Waring, in Fullon near Johnson street Brooklyn. On Randall'* Island, Maer, daughter of Dennis and r.llen McCarthy. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this afternoon, at half-past two o'clock, from 118th street, East River. On Sunday, 30th inst, after a short illness, James Hicekv, in the 40th learof his age. Hi* friends and relatives, and toose of his brothers, John Hicker and Joseph P.Flynn, are earnestly request rd to attend his funeral on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock, from his late residence, corner of 30th street * and 3d avenue. At his residence in Sharon, Schoharie county, on the morning of the 2flth inst, the Hen. Wm. BrriHin, aged 78. Ho was a relict of the revolution, having in the last ? rt of tho war, when quite a boy, served as clerk to t!; > hero, Col. Marinua Willett, to whom he was much I . leared. in Schoharie, on the 24tli inat., Jarvr W.Titaoor, E*q., in tho 70th year of his age. Judge Throop was one of olde*t Inhabitant* of Schehane, having been a resi d nt of tho village for the last tifty years. He was County Treasurer nearly twenty-Ave years, and Postmaster for the same length ef time. He has also been Justine of tho Pcace and Judge of the County Court, and was ntthe time of his death President of the Washingtonian 1 ounty Temperance Society, in which cause he took a ieep interest. EMPIRES. ATTENTION' rrm; ind^e vftc vr0 v L!m??Fh?' *rT" , l critic I- m' ir? I'liTi, 'Lin ili? truly Demo Monday EveningOme i .Tl if"."' V Half, Tills, port of ih? ?? nair-pait 7 o clock, to hear tiw* r?*. By ordrr of -J? % ^??'t'riilge, > u Vice Pre.,den-. Jolia T. Reeves. ' { 8 cr?tarle?. _ _ .Tmsi bAV isTTiUu.^'bi) *" "'m J^}rteenth Number of Alexander fi.t A ? TDE VO TIONA L F AM nvu,ofJ^tr " HIS NUMBER i, ??? reedy TV.'. * BlBLf provei a. it and it ,' 'videndy im pe.f.rt of th- kind e "r piMiVrd' r?''eL*. t0 b" th/n," PM?nt number i?'Uo??ph ti l l 1,5 i,; n ? kugrayjog for (),? fN CONSKQUKNOF?PT"?*'**' VJKTLTBt_2g John st. 1 the public tr? ?P|.ri?ed? h?e.h',C,i,"nenej' of d"* Which WM r? t.ienl,* ? th? Lecture of Mr Connilrv' Dunne and City H*/| I'lari i Andrew'. Chorcli, corner of >??K. Dec. 7th "*" 'lice' " Poatpoued to next Sunday Vre NOT'CK TO KK a vilv? dl lt*m . CERNED -Thw win (1 ALL "THKlfT^OX ?dV^-80c'"Vh.ld iuTh. B.n^,V!h"l ?ftl,e ^'''nirn', *'"! Carhnniif sfr*et* on \fn?i Barbel, icorntr of Ch*rrv ?n*e on Monday, December Ut"o ?Sfr '^nested to attend, to di i,J ,d beforc meeting ,lu,lne" of "mjwtanee k atea &,'ita.?f???ecii! i TM JEETH !TEETHT hue gold pilSS. be,t Teeth on ????? si?f. ?*" Pressnre, worn by atmospheric Sing!# Tooth, from ? JO 00 By W^onfs W>th Q?'^ ?om 75 t? ? 2 and Broadway.en^ DR. POWELL, ocuft^r aN,?e ? To'v.r ?SN. ^eVd.Vo^sx 0 n* hi* fesidence 2KI Hm?5 M Vision, from 9 to 4 Ophthalmia, ?gV.'?? ol' Wa "ei ?4 r""><'v?.J Pa"**(e- Cuaract and Inveterate cmm^^J^b ^St;gM?nt,2" V^'ncce... ?fow minute.. ?a?ihjwU8, or "amuting, cared m "VU'sbHfrom U^|^'u8ra|io,frt,'d ,h,t "" ?wcely be dia >t?Cfo'md rMid"n? *? Broadway?entrance IK Warren A.s te.?ldt??Ient "nt,itie? Bttiif'11""11 br?WD Mteaj-'-n-.-P-li- clipped, French, Oerman Jennet .kin*, black and mottled. KBf, v*iy .uperior. l-'teh. Imitation Lym, dyed. SqmrrM tm| Boaa, dyed and natural. S'one quality. ?*'?n ?k,u". real Dutch ?n (-Jtau(1 Wolf Wliite Coney plate.. Alio, Mnff^n?n,urCa?nae?yd?^ur,J'nntt jmd, RaC?ion. % w''".'f1 brown and black Bear -Muff., a.'weli^ ii30 lw*m F> MARTENS, _ ^*0' 169 W?tt*r street -iiy .s:": charm of fem-ile lon-lineaa a In?*f di.Hngni.hing HAUEL'S Nymph Soa? or irli N ' f"',' *kln. JULKti .??Id to exert an almo.t m^rical |>ower <?o Jn i"?'' P"y be part of oriental balsamic plant, rnrk. ^?m',0?ed1 for the most mineral admixture it is , l\lh n,'e.r "elusion of a,I tremely bland. p?rirVi?lod s^ ?*d,c,MUy for >U ei by ac ine on the r>ores ami minnt ?Ction on the skin : 4.ud impurities from the surface allay. "--."P.*81**1'' ?W? all tion,, by thii method .? 79e^10 inflamma ne.s, tan. pimples frecLu. .nnh,.^'!CLU,,llvLdl*?,')at'' red n??n. ri.itation., so inimical to'fe^il01! fD,'?ht)Y cnta" will change the rant E to femalelorehue... It. uae diant wh.tJne.. ; whuI oii th? ?..TPi"lj>n ,ni# oae of ra sMws a delicacy and fiirness whirh .'f. * and, *rm*. il be Pily protect, with every anr?r??. .,f?eid t" WI" hsl> mostadvauced periods of 1?K1^ of youthful charm to tlw For sale, whole.ale and retail, by . .JULES HAULE, perfnmer, and by mv agent.'?J B t.f - th 1J",?d Phil?le|phia. -Prem.nm wa. awarded at the Krankl.n Instituta nif, im*rc niviBn^ LfI-ORGE Lli(J-WOLK southern,cabalm other disf.ises hrom obstrnrr!!! ^ Con.umptlon, and thl. testimony, and .-al o?,end3^S'0f' Now rMd containing a treatise on Cm,UbK ^^ .'i5 * p,D,l,l,l't sworn ce;ti6cat?., ?u<h as foliow,-- ' ' aad ""meron. ?id^p'che" '5LllT ,U""' ? the pus for 8 years. I employed the h*at il'fi l ai,d thicand allopathic. They rronouorVd h^'i S i * *lolp??P? de>i?aired of effecrine a rurl I -f ? ^un'? "Iceiated aud Without .ffec, ' KaV"taA.??d|j2r,|?rV ':r"ul mcTd,cin" Balm. She has taken two"' .*}?} tr|ed your 8outhern confidently recommend it to all similarfy aff^ctad V C?red- ' City and Coun!l"f NewVork'i? ,^?^??oadway. out iVe!y!,8heAI?*!m 11 *0,d by d"J"1?,u genera l"ly thJoui'h the aNIMATI^rAPERIENT. ALTERATIVE & wdsg&gt- ^%j?s?,?rri I'Urifier. removing morhid inartJI , ? **fe and efficient Promoting digestion and imn^ii.!^m theslom*ch a"d bowels, farther i "formation,'." Pt0 ,y,,eln' gratis at the Depot, ?Sg B^dwav wK,? JK if'U? be ,lld ton .tree? '' a"d ' b?^yh.';;et^e,c,nheutame n More Agenu wanted thronghont the United State. andCa A leheral discount .o dealer.. nJ? lm.r BLOTTING PAPER. k)an REAMS BLOTTING PAPER, of a superior quality, ?U\J for sale by PERSSE k BROOKS, uM Imme 65 and 67 Nimu street. MANGANESE. I CASES Superior Black Oxide of Manganese, just re lw ceived and lor sale by PERSSE k BROOKS, nl9 Imme 65 and67 Nassiu meet BINDER'S BOARDS. 1 A TONS BIN DER'S BOARDS, of a superior article,just 1U received and for iale by PERSSE It BROOKS, nZJ kmc 6) and 67 Nassau street. Vt^KCuATS.CLOAKS, lie.?A lurgt assortment Meus' and Vouths' Beaver Milled Cloth aud Pilot Overco.ts, Cloaks, kc , for tale ready made, at oar usual moderate prices WM. T. JENNINGS k CO. 231 Broadway. ii16 lmii* r American Hotel TO THE LADIES!! TO THE LADIES !!! LADIES having any kind of cast off or superfluous Clothing to dispose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen,) oau obtain a f.ur cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence, No. 69 Duaue street, basement MRS. M. S. COHEN. P. S.- A letter through the Post Office, or otherwise, will he punctually attended fo. n 19 lm*rc STRAW BOARDS. inn TONS STRAW BOARDS, of a superior artiele 1.UU just received and for sale by PERSSE k BROOKS, n29 Imme 65 and 67 Nassau street MUFFS! MUFFS! MUFFS! ' |' H K UVDERSIONED invite the attention of purchaseis 1 to their stock, which comprises a comple e assortment of every variety, at very reduced prices, by the quantity or single ' oue. Also, ISA dozen Natural and Lust?red Jennet Skins, Coney Plates, kc. TUEDWELL k FROST. I n39 lm*r 263Pearl street. United States Hotel Building. PROPOSALS will he received until th? 15th DeCrmber next, at the Office of the Now York and Harlem Rail Road Company, in YVhue Dams, for Timber, for the superstructure of the Extension through Westchester County. Specifications ; and blank proposals will be furnished at the office November 17th. 1845. ulB 2wrc MOHAWK AND HUDSON RAIL ROAD BONDS, I DATED IN 1887 AND 184-2. NOTICE is hereby given, th't the interest due and payable on the above bonds on the 1st of December, IM5, will be p><id at the Mechanics'B ink m the city of New Voric, on the resentation of'he coupons at said hai.k, on at d after the first roximo. Signed, E. FOSTER, Jr., Secretary. Al t> anv, Noveinhe r 13th, 1H5 nil iOt*m , PAl'EfcT PAPIER MACH1E TKAYS. i ANEW ARTICLE, inelegant patterns, is now offered at prices much lower than lormerly. Also, a sn|? r ior assort ment of Ivory Table Knives and Forks, in dozens aud sets of 51 pieces, made equal to those for the Londou trade: Blown It Vlathers Braces and Bits, (lie., and a general stock ofTaDleaud Pocket Cutlery, Saws, Raxnrs, Icc. The above are direct from ttie manufacturers, and are offered at low prices. BARTON BROTHERS, nil MWFtt*r? ID PUit Street. DR. CASTLE ANiTedWARDS, AUU1STS~ OU1 BROAD WAY-EXTRACT wOl I cheerfully comply with the req'.est of Lieutenant Mcintosh, to state that he was ioi alided home in consequence of total dealness and and discharges from the ear?that while m New York, on his way home, he placed himself under the pro fessional care of Drs. Castle Ik Edwards, Aurista. Under their skilful treatment he recovered his heariug, and has relumed to his military duty (tigned. H McNEVIN, Surgeon to H H. M. Forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS?A sure cur cure for i"cipient deaf ness, pains in and discharges from the ears, bnzzings, ringings or singing sounds, collect oni of hard w.ix, or vitiated secre tions of these organs. n!5 Ini'mr 200 MANGANESE. BARRELS of the best Black Oxide of Manganese, for sale by PF.RSHE k BROOKS, iXrh M and 67 Nssmn sireef LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNlTbRE WANTED. fiENTLEMKN and Families can obtain the full value lor all kinds of superfluous effects they wish to dispose of, such aa Ladies and Oentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Anns, furniture, kc. Gentlemen leaviug or returning to the city will find it to their advantage to send lor the "ubsc iber, who plmlites himself to give a fair price lor sll articles offered. N p.?A line through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to T. LEVENSTYN, o27 Itn'mr 406 Broadway, np stairs ALLEN DOD WORTH will commence a Private Itaucing School at his residence, No. Ill Broome street, ou Mon day Oct. JOth. to continue during the season, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 3 P. M. lor Ladies, and at 7 for Gentlemen. For term*, kc apply a* above ollla'rre HORN'S BOWLING SALOON AND RESTAURANT, 83 2 BROADWAY. TH1H new end elegantly filled up establisksieut will upra oil tin* (Mnud*)) evening, at 7 o'clock, >t which time llie suliaciil>< r would be pleased to micat his friends and the pati lie generally. JA8. HORN, Jr. dl lt'ui lata of tftO Broadway. SAKACEN'8 HEAD, No. 12 Dty Street, New York. JOSEPH SMITH, late of Worcester, England, begs leave to inform hia friends and the mblic, that lie ha* fit'ed up ? ilia houie in the moat neat and comfortable atyle. fie haa at all tunea on hand the choicest of Wines, Liquors and Segars: alao London Browu SiouT, Scorch Ale and a geunineglass of Home Brewed. In addition to hia usual fare, he intends serving up plates of Tripe ? I the true Old Country atyle; together with all other kinds of refreshments usually to befound iu an Eng lish Chop House, which ha trusts will be gratifying to his fiiendsiu general. Rooms neatly fitted up for private parties; Lodgings, and no house better supplied with Old Country or Americau News papers. n2S lw*r BOARDING. A FEW Gentlemen wiih their families, or single gentlemen only, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms with board, during the w.uter, at No. 37 Broadway, a few doors below Trinity Church. Th French and Spanish languages are both constantly spoken iu the house, thus affording one of the best opportuni ties to such gentlemen aa may wish to pefect themselves in the said languages. For further particulars, plenae enquire as above. uM 2w*rc TURTLE SOUP FOR EXPORTATION. GOSLING, of the American and French Dining Silonn, Nos. 64 audtC Nassau street, has always rqidy Green Tur tle Soap for Captain* and families, put up iu tin boxes. Upwards of ICO different d shes served up daily for dinner from 12 M. till 5 P. M ; the best of the market); all k nds of game, kc.. for prices which suit everybody. He his I tely eiecled a mxrhine whereon dinuei lor 200 persons can be hi two minutes prepared. Has famous buck wheat cakes. Every arrangement is made for the comlort ol the V siter*. lllaSi loou is open from C A. M. till 9 P. M., (except the first day iu the week till 3 P. M.) My sou, Henty Gosling, has erected at a great eipena*,a aimilar eat-ihliahineut in Boston, Mass.. No. IS Devonshire at. Very thankful for the encouragement bestowed on me for the last live years, aud in (he hope ol a couticu nee, I have the honor to call myself your most obedieul rest lura'eur, 1127 Im'rc L. GOSLING. UNITliD STATES HOTEL,, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City, D. C. '"PHE PROPRIETORS of this new, large ind modern built establishment, respectfully tender their thai.ka tothe pub lic for the liberal supprrt they have given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the efforts of the under signed to the public accommodation. The house issituite?u the Avenue, on the promenade side, between Third and Four ami a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and the Capitol. It is capable of accommodating three hundred guests. Iu nil its putts it lias recently mudergone ai/en-rat improvement for the winter's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments been elegantly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; iir'eril in every divisiou of the houie the primary consideration has been to adapt it to the comfort of our patrons. The dining hall is one of the most commodious aud best light ed, by day and night, in the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, and well disciplined. Briedy, we con fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating poblic in all the esteutials required to reuder a public house a home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, SI 50 per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair ducount, in consonance with the spirit of the times. TYLER & BIRCH. The "Expresa" will idease copy every other day for three weeks, and send bill to Tt ler & Birch. o2J 3m eod'rc CLINTON HOTEL. THE PROPRIETORS of thisHeuse are now prepared to make arrangements with families or single gentlemen to Board for th - winter. n2fi 2weod*rc HODGES It WALKER. CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA CAROLINA HOTfcL, BROAD STREET. rf^HE SUBSCRIBER deems it but proper to inform his o, JL friends and customers, and the travelling public generally iliht he still continues to caterfor their comfort and accommo dation, aud would be happy to receive their favors. The Carolina Hotel is uow be ter prepared for the reception of travellers, espei ially families, than at any former period, and the closest and most particular attention will be paid to all who mty favor him with their patronage. Omnilmsies will be in attendance at the various thor-ugh fares to ?onvey pass-ngers to his house, and ready at all times to take them thence to the railroad, steampackets, kc. ANGUS STEWART. UT1" Dinner and private parties attended to as usual. o29 ltaw4w?r . FltENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAURANT. SIGNOR PALMO respectfully iuforms his patrons and the public, that he has opened a Restaurant, at his well known mid popular old stand, adjoins the Opera House He will serve Breakfasts. Dinners aud Suppers, in the French. American aud Italian style, at all houra, and in a manner unsurpassed by any similar establishment in the city-, SignorPalino trusts that many of his old friends will kindly remember his peculiar abilities as a caterer lor epicures. A dinner of three dishes at choice, with half a bottle of claret or ale. porter, See. may be had daily for 37% cents only. His bill of fare will comprise all the cnoice dishes of the seasou, at the lowest prices, and served in the best manner. N. B.?Hot and cold Baths supplied at the above eatabliah ment ns usual. F. PALMO, n!2 lm*r 39Chambers at. JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESNUT STREET. Between Sixth and Seventh Street*, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE k CO., Proprietors? " JAMES BAGLEY. late of Jones' Hotel. HENRYC.MACKENZIE, formerly of WashingtonHouse PETER L. FERGUSON. s24 2mrc . ABBEY HOTKL. '"TO LET?TheFurniture, Fixtures, kc., kc., for sale. The J- premises are ingood order and the Iiutel in successful oper ation. The Proprietor liaviiig)uiade arrangements to go Sooth, will sell his interest on reasonable teitns Mr. Van Kensst-laer would return many thanks for the libe ral patronage bestowed upon the Abbey, for (he past season, and would solicit a continu&ncee of it forth, enauicg fall and winter. He ia prepared to furnish Dinners and Suppers for in dividuals or lor pnrties on short uotica? His table and bar are supplied with the best the markets afford. For the accommo dation of parties a room and good music will be ready for those who may wish to enjoy the same. Hi.iominohalf. Road, 102d street, N.Y., Nov. 1845. nfttfr Highland Cottages. VIEWS, witltgroniid plaus, of the H'glilaud Cottages at Roxbnry, near Boston, deeigned and erected by W m B. Land?for sale at the stores of Saxton and Miles, Wiley & Put nam, M. H. Newman.Roe Leckwood St Son; and other book stores in New York. Ptiil?delphi? and Boston. nt 7w*r HOTtL DES DEUX FRERES. Boarding and Rooms on the European Plan. WHICH in more couveuient, comfortable and economical than any other plan for travellers, and merchant* whose business r?q life them to be absent frequently. The qmet and healthy locution of the hotel, opposite Duane park, retired from the noise, bustle and coufusion of great tho roughfares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steamboat land ings, present* the moat desirable residence. 16B Duane it, 0|> posite Uuane park. nil lin* ~ BROWN'S INDIAN QCJfcE.N HO I EL. THE PROPRIETOR of this louy established Hotel, takes occasion, respectfully, to apprise his old fiiends and the public generally, that in a determination to k?ep lull pace with the spirit of enteiise now prevalent in his line, he has. within the last few months, had his spacious establishment thoroughly overhauled throughout. That, without regard to puns or ex pense, he has added to his splendid accommodations another new Ladies' Ordiuary and Ladies' Drawing Room, fronting oj Pennsylvania Avenue, bothof which are elegantly executed m fresco This Drawing Room is very magnificent!? lurnished in every particular in tne most modern style, and lias elicited the high admiration ot the hundreds who have visited it. Ad joining this Drawing Boom, are several new and delightful chambers, also handsomely furnished.aud so arranged that they can be made entirely private from every other part of the house. With these improvements, he confidently believes that his es tablishment cannot be excelled in any part of tlio Ignited States, aud he respectfully solicit* a continuance of that patronage which lias been for so many years extended to "Brown's Jii dian Queen." JES3K BROWN. Washington City. Nov. 11, 18IS. nil 2wrc NATIONAL HOTEL, IVashinzton City I) C. pHE PROPRIETOR of this fine Hotel, formerly known aa X Gadsby'a. but now generally called Coleman's Hotel, de sires to return his thanks to his friends and the travelling por tiou of the community generally, for the favors which uiey h ive bestowed upou him since he opened hi* establishment, and te assure them that he willspare uo exertions to render hii house worthy ol the patronage of which he ha* already re reived so liberal a share. The house having been, daring the summer, thoroughly painted and refitted, is now in first rate order for the reception of travellers or resident*; and the proprietor respectfully soli cits a continuance of pa*t favor* on the part of visitors to Washington, or reaidents during the *e*sion of Congress, be lug coulideut that they will al ways fiud comfortable lodging*, the best on the table that the market affords, end attentive and polite waiters. rt. 9 COLEMAN. Washington City, September, 1R43. sS ImddtWisjab PACKET SHIP SARTELLE, from New Orleans, is dis charging at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Consig nees will please attend to the receipt of their goeds immedi ateiy u28 IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. HAVING just received from Europe, with anew assortment of fine Gold and Silver Watches *nd Movement*, * lot of Independent Second*, and double time Watches and Move ments, of an entirely new style and of fuperior finish, we take this opportunity to cull the attention of all persons in the watch business to visit our stock, which, in every respect, will be fouud advantageous, both for price and quality DELACHAUX k MAI RE, No. 127 Kulton street. New York. 1. 8.?Engaged also in the watch making bimness, we con tinue to attend to the repairitw of all kinds of watches, and par titula'ly those of fine and difficult works. nil lm?m WATCHE8!-WATCHES ~AND ~J E WELRY.?Those who wish to pnrchaae Gold or Silrer Watchii, Oold Chain*, Oold Pencils. Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tionsof the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Oold Watches as low as $2# *ud $2ieach. Watch es aud Jewelry eichanged or bought All watches war/anted to keep good time, or the money refunded. G. C. ALLEN .Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale ami Retail, il Wall street, n!2 lm'rc np stairs. .1FOTHECARIES' HstLL. 30 CATHERINE ST. ESTABLISHED 1IM0. ALL MEDICINES in this Establiihment warranted genu ine. No boy* or inexperienced young meu are ever al lowed to wait on customers. The finest Sweedish Leeches for sale orapplied by an experienced person m WM WATSON. Chemist and Diarmnceutist. from A. Gsrden1*, *3?) Im'r 172 Oxford *tr?et. London. MACHINE HELIINU. ~~ GOOD YEAR'S PATENT METALLIC RUBBER MACHINE BELTING. AN ARTICLE of great strength and durability, can hr adapted to all kind* ol machinery for which leather i* used; cost* about one third le*a, and ia superior to it in many respecta. It i* unaffected by heat or cold, and when adjnated to machine ry does not reqnire alteration as is the case with leather Koi ?ale by GEO. BEEC HER, ?> i. r i u ....... 100 Broadway. Belt* of given lengths and thtakneas made to order. a n 21 2m*m SOLAR LAMPS, CHANDELiTTrs7 GIRANDOLES' TEA TRAYS, lie. 'J'HE SUBSCRIBER haajust opened a splendid assortment m. of SolarLamps of rarious patterns; Suspending and Bracket Solars; Chandeliers with from ene to five lights; Gilt and Bronzed Girandoles, of entire new patterns, trimmed with Kufflish prisms of the finest lastre. iu sets and pairs. Also, an assortment of Japanned Tea Trays, of Gothic and oval pnttema, wl.ich he offers for sale at wholesale and retail, upon tl>* moat reasonable terms. ? i. p .. JOHN W. MORGAN, ** ? tir * i 5'ton street one door east of Brostdway. If. B. Wanted at the abore establishment, a ifoocl jonm^y man lam,) maker. nf 1 Im*mc AUKAHAM KASTOR, I M POK I ER Ml Broadway, has received by late arrivals.the , U*"!!? Il 'l,',g<!' *ud Lace Gimps, Trimmings for Cloak, and Mantilla*, very rich Thread Lace (Japes, low neck Capes and Thread Lace Bertha, Veil* and Sleeve*. Thread Lace Collar* and Cuff*, and a gieat variety of black Silk Lac** and Thread Lacea, Fancy Article*. Icc., which he offer* for sale at wholasala and retail. n4 \m*tc # 'rAHVIKHBNTI. COMFLIMENTAKV concert. Wy lK? undersigned. ?nd others.bemg de.irous to testUV to Mr A d! PATTERSON. editor of the Anglo Ameri c m of ihi. city, our sense of his warm and perseve,,,,, seal in ?he c ...e of ruusie and t?.? Hue?*?? Jfe"ft dor ol li i iudiruimit when coMMlil on the same, do hereby re/pitfulfr o*r frijud* of th. prof.?.o., .o^r^of music, and others. to attend a iiieotinf , i t .. 4yi Bioad i>AY fcVE>INO at 1 o clock. at th? Coliseum, ?o oroaa " r t-kiugsuoh stej>s ?? nuy be deemed oar wisn J. L'H!ns'6N. I * SW&MrJ'SJW iwsv I 1) O E'llENNE. KDWARD HODGES, L. B. WYMAN.Pres. 8. M. S. A. REIFF. J. A. KYLE, .. H. OTTO. dl 11 m l/Al rw ? b.llllV ?* ' " * ? wiy, fur th? parpuie of t*kliig ?**<>? for carrying owr *!?"?? Ju* U, t* HILL, MR. BROUOH re?|>ectfully announces to Ins frieuds?uJ the public, that his B Wit. and last .w.??nu'C'but one, will take place at the I'.iri Theatre. on Wf^esdjy ufit, U?c . 3d, wlieu will be i.-rfornird ilie ^'onto old Ibnglish O^a "j LOVE IN A VILLAGE, iu which Mim Delcy, Mr. l*rd* tier ?ud Mr. Brou*h will appear. After which a iMWHtlprtlle Comedy, in which * ycuug American Lady will raske li?r apiw.uauce on any stage. 3tU*m Box Book now opeu. " private theatricals. A NUMBER of young men h*viug usociated f >r the pur pose of giviug a representation ol a aeries of plays, and establishing a peimaueut - Dramatic toioSu either ladles or geutleineu of similar tsste and reeling, to Join them. Terms, which art- moderate, made kuown upou sppnca til", to "a D . H "office of If.ipress or Herald." n? ?' r " COiNCERi, VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL. MISS J. L. NOR 1 HALL has the houor to announce tint her Kirst Concert in this city will tike place at the A. ol lo Rooms Broadway, ou Wednesday Evejung next. Dec. Ja, l*i.( on which occasion she will be assisted by the following distinguished artists:? MRS. E LODER. ? _ SlONOR Dk BEON18, His first appearance this saasou. MR. J. A. KYLfc, MR. H. MARKS, By permission of Mr Mitchell, and MR. H. C. T1MM. Who will preside at the Piano forte. ir^TTickets One Dollar-To be had at the pnucipal Music | Stores, and at the door ou the evening ol the Conceit Concert to commeuce at 8 o'clock. " J ' 1 CONCERTS, SOIREES, -See. Mr. AND MRS. COLLINS, (the Popular vocalists,) are prepared to receive engagements for Concerts, Soirees, lie., during the forthcoming season. Mrs. C. also acts us Pianist, and can be engaged lor private Cotilliou Parties. Further particulars on application to MRS. NEWTON, Teacher of thePiano Forte n7 im?r and Smgiug. 4<HK Grand street. GRAND CHRISTMAS BALL. rp HE FIRST OR AND EXCLUSIVE FANCY DRESS 1 BALL of the Minerva Society, will be the .M uerva Hooms, No. 406 Broadway. ou THLR9DAY (Christ ^The'cmnmf'tee iu announcing this, (the only ball'to be *'*9? by the above Society this season,) would inform their friends and those who atteuded their balls '??'J**r' 'jj*' lo .Tl vThe made such arrangements as enables themto ensurstoallw n? may favor them with their company, a most agreeable evening s e'1Mr!*Wal!ace,s unrivalled Quadrille Band has beeii engaged for the occasion. dl 2taw td2i TufcTh rc i THE NEW YORK HIGHLAND GUARD BALL \1TILL take place at NIBLO'd SALOONonFRlDAY W Evening. Dec. 19, 184V Tickets may be obnined of Captain Craig, 514 Pearl street; Lieut. A. **agl'SOn, 7t2 B oa way; Lieut. Henry Pars.-iis.6i2 Broadway, and of any ol the following members <.r the Committee -Lieut, h .C large, Br.isdwav. Mr. Robert Orr, 13 Kast Eleventh street Mr. J. 11. Irish, 175 Bowerv; O. S. Bridgewood, 21 Sixth street, Mr. J.B. Livingston, G6 East Broadway; or at Niblo s Saloon^ Jtif.r THE ANNUAL BALL ~~ OF THE SCOTTISH GUARD will be given at NIB LO'S, TUESDAY Evening, Dec 2d^^0fw0^u,c,';!f* brated comet baud will be iu attendance. Tickets may be pro 1 CUC0MMITTB?--Capt. A. C. Castle, 3?l Broadway; Lieut. Mc Leod No. 1 Courtlandt street; Lieut. McLeay.lH street' Ur Master Linen, 174 tulton street; P.- ' WLiileMrd .treetVfcw't Thomas; Serg't Hais, 100 Mercer street; Serg't William Wallace, 27th street; Mr. Forrest, 1M Centre street; Alexander Dalrymple, 393>i Broadway. | Mr. O. Robertson will suoenntwd t>g fl?J51NOHAM, c30 3lis*inc SecreUry N Y. 8. G..33H Broadway. i SIXTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE WA&H1NG TON RIFLEMEN. THIS COMPANY will give its Sixth Annual Ball at the Coliseum, No. 440 Broadway, oil Monday evening, De j '"'"'he Committee iu making the *r?n?eln.r'i"i wilTendeavoJ lor the occasion Dodworth's unrivalled Band uid will endeavor to make this Ball the most splendid affair of the f Tickers can be obtained ol the undersigned, Committee ol j &TTrhwarzwaelder, Serg H MwrY^Park llow. ! 9 and 11 East Broadway. 8er?. 8-N. E'tel, Peck Slip. ! Lt- tie sfree?10"'70 ? n"' Mr. T. W Warth, ? Chatham } Ensign E. Vitt, V Avenue street. n17 5t*rc ! RARE SPORTS on the BEACON COURSE. A FOX CHA^E will come off ou the above Course n 1 A Thursdiy, Dec. 4ih, weather permitting, otherwise ou the fair day. A number of Foxes will be lr'?fffion\J$t commencing at 12 of . ..on. Also at 3 o'clock a fine Wolf w^l I be let loose for a chase One or more fine Deer will be in in | field, to conclude the sports of the day. ,i,it w. uld like Auv persou having one or more Greyhounds, tint w< ^uioi n?e toenter them for the Deer chase will ?rVk befoie Tuesday evening at 9 o'clock, at Jones Hotel, 31 rara 1 ^Admittance to Club Stand 50 cents; to Pavilion 25 cents; to 1 Field fctand 12K cents. . , Ho,_i 3| par _Cash will be paid for live 1-oxes at Jones Hotel, Ji^.r Ron THOMAS HOLMt-S THE PERSON who purchased a bill on Harnden fc Co. L Liverpool, in favor of the above person, ^ov. 29, for cue Tiail'r er * "V?H ARNUKN'rco. No 6 Wall st. WANTED IMMEDI ATELY, a certauiI cure for this bar rastiuK covgh, and lnllueoia?go to Dr. W. H. Milner corner of Broadway and John street. and gJt . botUe of Dr 8wayne's Syrup of Wild Cherry : we have tr?ed K. aid are prep ued to say, that in nine cases out of ten a single cur.. Try it. , ? ?I] dSvlAN WANTED?A first rate hand, accustomed to the Broadway trade, and well acquainted with laces "Sal'"'"' 8tC' APP&?ER ROBERTS, 873 Broadway. WANTED, ~ , t5UBSCRIBERS?At CLARKSk. STEVAN'S Free A?eiif 0 cv and Teniperaucc Intelligence, 96 Uuane ltrert, west of Broadway where they can have good faithful servants, with out auv charge, and also with as little del?y as possible,cooks * aiters kc otrvrf description and of good moral chaiacur on hand at 95 Duane street. iM l?'rh WANTED, FREE TEMPERANCE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, 478j,;?f.'Zt,'- iirss n mined b.fore they leave the office, and none but ^ sober, industrious and capable ones recommended or allowed I '"womeVm^^rH^dboys wishing employment of any 1 kind who can prove, satisfactorily, th* above charlct^'?b' t>\j'i good siftions?no others need apply. n19 llp m JAMES A. SWAIN, CASH TAILOR, 3 5 ? Broadway, n<9 Im'rc CARLTON HOUSE. TDK AGE FOR. CORN, GRAIN ANu FLOUR. CTi'HAOE for fifcy thousand bushels Corn or Grain, and twenty thousand barrels Flour, can be had in the Brick Storei five minutes' walk from Mouth Kerry, Brooklyn, on very moderate term* There ia a good pier adjoining these premise!, aud sufficient depth of water lor the largest cUss ships. Apply to CHADBORN dc CO., on the premises. u2l lm*r FAIVCY BOXES FOR BONBONS. HAVING just received a pleudid assortment of Fancy Box*s from t'aris, the dealers in same articlea are invited to call aud examine th?artieles. which are offered at lower pri ces than they ever were imported for. BRUN LA ROSIERE It COURT, ntt lm'rh III, William strpet. THE PLUMBE NATIONAL DAGUERR1AN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, I i)(1 BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over Ten- : X nev's jewelry store, awarded the Medal, lour " First | Premiums" nnd two " Highest Honors," at the Kxhibition at I Boston, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for the best pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. Plumbe's Premium Cameras, Instructions, Plates, Cases, fcc ; forwarded to any desired point, at lower rates than by any oth- I er manufactory. oM2mD?W*mc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF VOIG TLAENDEWS A PPA RA TUS. BES1D K8 anew supply of the above Apparatus, the subscri bers have received best Plates, Chrmicals and Polishing ; substances, and the newest improvements in the Art. lustrnc- j tiousgiven in the Art. and orders from every part of the conn- ' try promptly attended to, by addressiug (post-paid) to W. fc FLANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange. LANGENHEIM fc BECKERS, iii lnnlfc.w?re New York. 301 Broadway. FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES. . P. HAAS, DAG UERKE AN ARTIST, 2H9 Broadway, cornkr op Rrade Street, Lafarcjk Building. MR. H. h's received the Medal at the late Fair of the Ame rican Institute, for Pictures executed by himself, and not purchased nor done by hired operators; the public, therefore, can at all times depend upon obtaining the saoie style ol Por traits, from the ima lest to the largest sizes, which cannot be surpassed for beauty or accuracy. Instruction given in the Art ou reasonable terms. <?27 )m*;e SlfcGA RS?SEG ARS?B A RG A1N S. r|,!IE SUBSCRIBERS having lately pnrchashrd an exten X site stock of Hegars, by order of Assignees, let-., are now enabled to oiler greater bargains than ever, at prices mneh lowerthan the cost of manufacture or importation?amongst tliemare several lots exceedinglv desirable. For sale at the Wholesale Segar Emporium, 1M Wall street^uji stairs. nglv c MWa nSlmV KENNETH k LAVERTY HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE !! Notwithstanding the short time during which tlit invaluable medinaa has bean before the American public, ita specific properties aud virtues have unequivocally I proved it to be not only the most reliable but also unfailing remedy in all affections prescribed to be withia ita legitimate c ntrol. Unlike many vaunted articles advertised, the Naph- , th* Syrup ia not put forth as a aaccedeuum for every ailment, a remedy for every disease; but for its aatomahing powers, possessed by no other medicament within the range of the I Pharmacopeia, in allaying irritation or inflammation of the 1 mucous coatings, and stimulating the bronchii to action; in > its remarkable virtues aa an expectorant and an alterative, and ' above all lor ita wonderful property of ARRESTING the FORMATION ok TUBERCLE, I Aud breaking down pulmonary disease when established. All 1 inquirers are referred to numerous recent eaaes which will be ' Cheerfully furnished at the office of the agency. The experience 1 of l>r. Hasting*, and more reeaatly six cases of cure (vide Lou- i don Lancet) effected by a xealons fellow laborer. Dr. Hucken, of London, are sufficient of themselves to convince the timor- , oiis or skeptical of the |?rfect curability by the above remedial agent of tkat justly dreaded disease, Phthisia Pulmonalia or ! Tubercular Consumption. Let none despair. Kor sale by MOORE It CO., tha American Agents, 41 Ann atraat, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, NawYork. Prica $1 a bottle Six r>ot UatforfS. nftlmje W THORN L k CO., Produce and Floar Merchant, III j ? Broad street oil ae 1 AMVSBHKirrS. It THU&TtlS. nomUjr Kvanillic. Dfwuibtr 1, Will be performed. DER FRE0CRUTZ. _ Rudolph Mr F. Oardnei (Caspar Mr Brough Oltorii Mr 8 on Agatha Mih Delcy Aunt Miu Mom After which. Pa* de Savoyard, by the two Mm Valises. To conclude with, . HIS LAST LEGS. 0 Callsghan Mr O Barren Mrs Montague Mra Vernon rrice of Aduisiiou?Box**, f 1; Pit, 30 mu ; tHllory, 16 cents. Doors open at 6X o'clock, tad theCartsia will rise precisely at 7 o'clock. BOWKUV THKATrth. A- W. JACKSON... M tNAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Monftaf IfiTmlnj, Dreembar 1, The performaue* to commence with .. . love's sacrifice. Matthew Ellmore Mr J K Scott HLo Mr C Hill Margaret Ellmnre Mra S>mw 111 rinme de Vermont Mrs Philliin* To cowlude with NO BONU NO SUPPER. Crop Mr C Hill Margarelta Mra Madison Z7~Lower tioies 50 cent*; A-rnod i>nd Third X'lera, ?S cW.; Pit and Gallery, !2>? ceuU. Doors will ?<>?n *r h?lf pull th*rort?i? 'ill rise at T. tMhMO'S OPKKA HUtMK. Monday, Dec?mb?r 1st. POSITIVELY THE LAS r WEEK OF J HE SERE NADERS, Maaara. GKRMON, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON, FELHAM fc WHITE. Admission l\uenty-Fivt Cents. Boxes ai.rl Seats cau be secured at the Box Office daily, from 10 A. M. till S f. M Doora open at7?Concert at 7)< o'clock. n30 lwrc "OPE NlNG " or TNI GRAND GERUAN OPERA, PALMO'S OPhRA HOUSE, Chambers Street. rpHE MANAGER of the GERMAN OPERA h's the A honor to announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York patronising classic Music, that he lutends 11 give a seriea ot German Opeias iu a style, perfect la every department, as they are produced at the great theatres of Germany. The Operas advertised will be given according to their original acorea. The aceuery, dress?,, properties and machinery, will be most perfectly adapted lo the time aud locality in which the plot of the Opera takei place. The manager has engaged for the production of German Operas, the fallowing talented arris's:? MADAME ANTOINETTE OTTO. Prima Donna. FRAULEIN MATH'LDE KOR8IN8KY. Comprimaria. HERR VV. BOUCHER, P. imo Tenore, from the Grand Opera Berlin. Dirmstadt, Mauheim, Sic. HERR F. MEYER, Primo Baaso. HERR RUD.RIESE, Secoudo Tenore. HERR C SAUER, Secoudo Basso. HERR 8CHEFF, Comico Basso. 81G. R A PETTI. Conductor of the Orcheitra. MONS. ETIENNE, ) HERR A. W. HERO, ) Chorus maaters. Director of the Opera HERR F. MEYER. Stage Manager HERR R. RIESE. Prompter HERR M BKEr.. Full Orchestra composed by THIRTY-*IX Musicians, com prising the best talent of the city. A most powerful Chorus has been selected, and will be composed of Forty Ladies and Gentlemen. The first season of the German Opera will open on MONDAY, December 8th?Wb DNESDAY, 10th?and SATURDAY, 13th-with DER FREISCHUTZ. Grand Romautic Opera in 3 ?cts. by Carl Maria Von Weber. PRINCIPAL PERSONAGES : Ottokar, a Bohemian Prince Herr R. Riese Kuno.head Ranger Herr C. Sauer Agathe, his Daughter .Made A. Otto | Aachen, herCousin Franlein M. Komiisky Caspar, first Ranger Herr F Meyer I Mai. second Rai der Herr W Boucner i Samiel, the Wild Hunter Harr F. Schwan I Heremit Herr Lutz Kilian. a rich Farmer Herr K. Scuesf First Bridesmaid. Mme. Soffeiiheig j Maigarete, a G rl of the lun Frauleiu Muller The Ghost of Max's Mother Fraulein Bohlmann The Ghost of Agatha. . . Frauleiu Warner I Chorus of Hunters, Musicians, Peasants, Bridesmaids, etc. , The scene of action is in B >hemia. during the time of the Thiity Years War. The Swiss Family, by Weigl?Don Giovanni and the | Magic Flute, by Moza.i -ami severnl other Operas of the high l est musical merit are in active i reparation, in which several j other distinguished artists will make their appearance. I (T7" Seats may be secured every day from 10 o'clock, A M, ; till 4 o'clock, P. M., at the box office. The subscription book is also open, and the Patrons of the Opera are retpectfnlly in v ted to houor the Manager of the German Opera by their names Prices of Admission First Tier and Panjuette. $1 Second Tier SO eta. Doora open at7 o'clock?performance to commenc at 8 o'cl'k precisely. n30 ALIlAttiU, ~ No. 559 Broadway, (between Sprtng and Prime.) INCREASED ATTRACTION ! The mansgar of the Alhamm has the honor to announce the engagement of PALMO'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA COMPANY ! Monday Evening, Dec. 1st, Will be performed the Operatic Kurlesque, entitled BLACK DIABOI.O ! ! Or, The Inn oh Terrapin-a. Taken from the beautiful Opera of KRA DIAVOLO'. with all the or ginal Music'. To be preceded by a GRAND VOCAL CONCERT P. Performance to commence at 7>jJ Admission 35 cents. A new Burlesque Opera will be produced on Thursday next (Thanksgiving). dlStis'm BOWERY CIRCUS. JOHN TRYON LE88EE AND MANAGER. JOHN GOSSIN'S First Appearance this Season. MH. G. W SERGEANT In his great scene of Shakspearean Characters on Horseback ! Mr. W NICHOLS and a hoat of other new facea, being the first night of the new Troupe dl lt*m CHKSNUT *TBKET TllEATRK. PHILADELPHIA VV K. B'.'aTosi LxrsKC sno J)Awt?ss FIRST APPEARANCE OF MR. VANDENHOFF. Monday Evening, December 1, Will be performed, VENICE PRESERVED?Pierre, Mr Vaudeiihoflj Jaffier, MrJamiesou; Piruli, Mr Fredericks; Bedamar, Mr E Shaw; Renault, Mr Thayer; Belvidera, Miss A Fisher After which, the farce of LOVE. LAW AND PHYSIC-Ln bin Lag, Mr Burton; Flexible, Mr Thayer; Andrew, Mr Oweus; Dr Camphor, Mr Eberle; Mrs Hilary, Mrs Mc Lean. ARCH STKtKBT THKATKU. PH iL ADELPHI A. Acting Manaoer Mr. Scott. mAit .Vl!li?n M* H. b. BlkTtXl Monday Evening* December 1, Kirit night of the Romantic Bullet of LA FLEUR DE CHAMPS. With new Scenery, Dresses. Appointments. Duces andMnsic. La I1 leur <1* Champs?Miss Lee. Barney Williams as Looney McTwolter. To eonclud? with the MAID OF FRANKFORT?David Stolberg, Mr Scott; Sarah. Mis Barke. OARD. ARCH STREET THEATRE, Philadelphia.-Mi?s MA RY ANN LEE has the honor to announce her Benefit, which will take place on Wednesday Evening, the 3d Dec., when a great variety will be offered. dl 4t*rc ua CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. GRAND BAZAAR AT~~THE PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM. id Galleries of l nm will be handsomely decorated and fitted up, for the 11H E large Saloon and Galleries of the Philadelphia Muse nm will be handsomely decorated and fitted np, for the pnipose of holding therein daring the L^ristmas Holidays, a Grand Bazaar for the sale and eihibitMt of useful and fancy articles. The Saloon will be divided into compartments, which will be let to Storekeepers, Tradesmen, ana others, who feel dis posed to have auxiliary establishments for the sale of Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Books, Music, Stationery, Confectiona ry, Toys, kc. Sic. i'he Bazaar will be continually enlivened by a full and effi cient hind of music, whilst other and varied entertainments will, from time to time be introduced; in fact nothing shall be wanting to render it what it is designed to be, emphatically the "Lion of the Holidays.1' None will be admitted as deal ers but sueh aa will vie with others in the variety and display of their goods. The Bazaar will open on Monday,Dec. 23d, and continue day and evening until New Years' Ni-ht. Persons desirous of procuring stands will please make ap plication between the hours ol two and five o'clock, P. M., at the office of the Museum, where a plan of the arrangement may be seen, and any further information obtained. New York dealers desirous of competing with their neigh bors of Philadelphia cau have au opportunity to Uo so by ma king application as above. This undertaking, so novel in its character, and in the largest and most splendid room in the Union for such a purpose, cannot tail to be profitable to all who embark In it. Application must be made at an early period in roder to ensure an apartment nr a stand. nil 2w gbz GYMNASIUM, No. 29 ANN STREET. WM. FULLER respectfully informs the Gentlemen of New York and vicinity, that his Gymnasium is now open for the reception of pupils. W. F. respectfully calls the atteution of the faculty, parents and guardiaus, towards thia establishment, v hich he assures will be conducted in the strict est manner. Sparring taught as umal. W. F. has made an arrangement with Mr. Hamilton, teacher of the Ame'ican and French Broad 8wotd, alio the Small Sword and Musket Exercise. Terms moderate. n27 2w,rh FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD HE above Reward of Fifteen Hundred Dollars will be paid lor the recorry of the sum of Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars, stolen from Myron Van Deusen, of the city of Hudson, N. Y , on the night of the 4th October last, while on hia passage from Hudion to the city of New York, in the steamboat south America ; or a proportionst? sum for such part of said money as may be recovered and restored to the subscribers, on application to either of them. The money was contained in a small carpet bag, which waa taken from the berth ol'said Vm Deusen, and fonnd the next d*r in the wheel-house of the boat, cut sad rifled of iu con tents. It consisted of bills of various denominations and of se veral bai ks, aa near as can be remembered, as follows :? (1200 in i's and 10'* of the Oneida Bank. $1000 m rt and ll's principally of the Pine Plains and Kinder hook Bank. ? 1000 in bill* of various denominations, of the Farmers' Bank of Hudson. ?1000, or about that sum, of the bills of the Phenii Bank of Hartford, and ether Eastern Mouey. SS00 in bill* of the Hudson River Bank, nearly all in N dollar bills. The balance of the taoney was in bills of Western banks of this Stat*. New York, Nov. list, IMS. AUG. E. MASTERS, 111 Pearl st. GEORGE H. ELLERY, ( William st. THEOPHS. P. HART, 44 Cedar st, Committee for Assignees of Myron Vsn Deusen. u23 lm*r T 1 EN'I'ION!?ALL WHO Dl-.SIRfc PEARLY WHITE TEETH?My unrivalled ROSE TOOTH PASTE is universally sought after for the Marly whiteness itgive* to the 1 Teeth, without the slightest, injury. For sale, wholetMe and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S Practical Chemist and Perfumer. . _*# South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agmt*:?J. B. Jacnuemod, No. 41a Broadway; F.A. Artault. Lalayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 131 Broadway, A. I Willard, 8. W. corn*r of Cedar and William streets. Premium* *wu4ed at th* Frank 1 in Institute. nM Im'rc 1 Colda, ( LATEST INTBLUflEME BY THE )Mn>\ CO- The Southern Mail again failed last ni^ht- - There is now two minis due through Irom New Or leans, and one from the neat'of government "J 1 'w _ DR. t' vVA WYE'S COMPOI'ND SVIH P OF" V.' ' *"? fllERRY r, n^;' (;!l ;.T :ucme:>'\ . un ' A;' iN f> U M P'riON, ofp ?'ooJ. Bronchuu. Di/Tculry of ow'thin, A" Pain in the Side aud breast. o'^r* r"i* i" Croul> "nd *" D'?" u of th ? Liv.r, and Lungs, Broken (voustifutiuu, tec sfJr teef 'ft:: .tet-0-! ?/"- -""-t ??"*?' physicians iu th- Imdhs placed beyond the raach of criticism It require, no tnlX?,ES J V . "Vbl^h'ujf column, of forged certificate,? but it i* 522 r .Li "i! Public kunw white it can be obtained and .1 -1r i COUVInCL? 'u *reat efficacy iu caring tho?.e above named, which hare biffled tlie skill nw 2uJ .'il*0!1 li00er* f?r Vn heretol'oie CHrikv^AVNE^'8 COMPOUND 8YKUP OF WILD wlnM^ *"* the , P'apa ration from that valuable i?* Wliifh ?? ?er introduced to the public, and ample pro f in ?ms "Caf?di,e.",CCH'\S,iilhe C?""y\ bei?? fl?o3"d wiK'BVl w?ch e,,..ihd Mil,u.r*' Lof *i,d 'herrr, not on. of hiia luam^ iL * regular physician. although they h v ?ncv to thS? '?I"""1" ?f> reiPrc,*ble Physicians ro give cur their guard Lrf Tf" Therefore the public should be on them 5?r thi f T' * worthless mixture palmed upon prepired by dRwjv^'v preparation, ?hich la only g^^f^-sfsaw&rsi'iw:; Fulton and 8 nd streeu Brooklvn Jll' VpF, ?*'tlev' cSrurf ssgasse rriSffiv ?\??? tet&sxa I ?fuid?dANT lhem *U 10 be " rePr"""*d, 0' the mrnev TklmJ^s.'tUSTRAt, HAIR RE8TORATIVE This universally approved and admired article f-wfrnm r dent (pints, pungent essential oil. ,ud other d?ti um,e n ^ hr,l?k. #*2* the hair ", renders it beiutiflsll** utr:r,r 'v,he dt,,ca"' '"**?<* 0t the nair washed with this Extract soon becomes pleasimlv 4,.ft 5?fch?f.mthe''i'VS thue dsndruff?and fo' niv If !fV ,ng off ?f th* hsir turning grey. ' ie *,mlll<> Produce and immed ate extract of some 1 ants salutary for tne hair, endowed with properties so hisrbli SrfhU'J?? " It disengages the Epidermis ant/capillary tubes dl.dnfyi"'r'.?c,,<>DJ0? the Perspiration, and o"thV7ry Sd hlfr .P^tlC,e* that u deP?siti. I fiis preparation puribei "he v . EVIDENCE. studVwmnali.T.*fi!5lt,ble m""' "> which tipenence and .Uu,l ImaJS' bud /??m 10 ?*ca?aC? ; it is that sourer hewonl!l ^Jlfr^nc'"!. ' ca"* '"ention, anil which vr^li d u?erS Perly?P?. mine adaptations. for sale, wholesale and retail by JULES HAL'EL, Perfumer and Chemist. *? rremiums waa awarded at the Franklin Inatitute. c!6 Im-rc ^ KAKriNffiJ LOT1UW. NOTICE TO STRANGERS AND CITIZENS v"nX?ar.%^ Lumb<??' Ok BOTTLE of the above invaluable Lotion will be V-' sufficient to satisfy the most sceptical, that it is the most ih? (T<P.el"Je /?PP"' article now before thejiublic for 'i'f""1 '<<''/ ??J ?f-"iy of the above a/tf,ct,OM to which all are liable, more or leas, lu fact, it is now well es "b''"5j*d * family Medicinr, aud should always be in eve ry |>erson s house, throughout thu country; they will then ted^ic'kand-wh,ch can a' wW cm" Koi-sale, wholesale and retail, at the Proprietor', Dtvct 3tt ^SSlSiSr^A^ 0,ir ?-isS,S C. 8. BAHTINE It CO.. Proprietors. tu^;^tertoqa"titr'addr"?'2d3 z.,,* . OJ6 lm rod rc THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINF GAI - ^^TI??^EoNg^P1NGP"*STEaA1' I vn 1in5 "r11 re,'*iCtabl''t''' nc,w resident in the city of Brooh lirr'.r nfVk0"* au r?itK,niToca' proof of the invaluable cha racter of this remedin agent; other evidences of an indisputd No TJh8^ ^eUt':- 8t ,ht ?ffiCe ,he The undersigned having for stme years snflferrd much from iTrlrti'nn H^Lll'' 0CC,""?"*'(J h>" fa"' attended with rheumatic the nrilo?2^l 1'!,,ta,e to public testimonial to the utility aud g>eat intrinsic value o/ St. Jean's Meta'liiu. Strengthening Hla.,.'1 an J ;o assert his un<|ualifieU approhatitn of the invaluable properties incorpt rated V. it Having at times suffered so severely as scarcely to be able m tr!- thS^ "" ."""dered altnost a crirple, I wes induced to tr> this remedy, and was surprised to fina in a very shoit rim. tion'oVS ,IOIi of 'l" P'a?"r. ?n almost instantaneou? crssa tion ol pain, and my limb so much relieved that 1 raised it and Um tho'^rf11 Kr"l"'?Vhau foItvfo years previous tv^ tS^fe ? f :,|y couvmced of its singular efficacy and abili commend it*wi^conCfiAnce tT^VS New To? 1,1MJ. L09h: VAN NOSTRAND. i u?finred bjr Letter" Patent, and for sale by the importer N? llr??Kat the Principal Office, No. 6J Chair's ss and by resectable diagguu generally nl3 2? eod 'r" ' T?TORyVowDER hT/hRTVcuHRr:MY~DKPILA STholi feuurer When to the directions, it will b? fnnn<i rn >L ^ ' ?od According and the hair is removed in five or ten minute. X its appl.c.: TJ1'* composition is infallible, and warranted to remove ??? perflou, hair. After numerous trials Ihave recSiv^dcartS: cates of success which cannot he contested. For sale, wholesale and retail at ? JULES HAUEL'8 DEPOT, and bv mv r R *f Soatb X.h'L? Mr*eL Philadelphia Artan^t T !R5fI;T? J??l"S,nod, No. 413 Broadway; F. A. Wm^eJ a Wette BarAV-. No? '? and 131 Broidway; A Willard, 8. W corner of Cedar and Williams streets ' Prem ums awarded at the Franklin Institute. nil lm*re ~Z ALBION LIJ-E INSURANCE COMPANY LONDON AND NEW YORK. _ Instituted in 1805. nn^i^r ?"e ?"u'on ???rlln?, or ?3,000,000. T TY years and PA vV 'VVsn ?P?ntioa for FOR Examples of Rates for insurance of $100. A*e, u,eIt > or one For seven I For whole life I For whole life birthday year years. without profits with ??ofili r? ' , *? i oj I i 94 I j it 30 I 1 06 33 1 IS 4? I 1 II It} j 2 19 j * 4| I 23 2 33 I N ? ? I J 00 J j 39 toteSS'.'ste^0- 1010 years, inclusive, from 1300 . ? . Medical Examiners. J. W Francis Esq M. D., No 1 Bond street. T-.-Pr*1"?' L,q'' ? ?.v No. 3? Broadway. ? limits very liberal. Prospectus with rate, an catiou*to theagentjerV mion' ?an be obtained by app?,. JOSEPH FOWLER, > _ w ? R. 8. BUCHANAN! S27 Wlil ?"*?? n4 Stawlm'rc Office of thi Jefferson Ikiviukci Co., < New York, July 34, IMA. \ THE Stockholder! of this Company are requested to call at the office of the Company and signify whether it be their wiah to fill np their respective shares,or to receive a numhei of aharea equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing oat of the city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall at. T. W. THORNE, Pres't. Qeo.T. Hofu.Boc't. jyiS itc OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , 1 No. SO Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ? THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and <1 mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, an against loss by inland ne^gWraon^gjMeliWM' t'"'r cargoes. Thomas W. Thome, Ellsha Riggf, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davisoa, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tan is, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Began, John C. Memtt, Robert Smith. THOMA8 W. THORNE, Presides Or.oim? T. Horn. Secretary. it rc DUCKING GUNS. 5 CASES superior Dnck Guns, of the most approved leugtli form, weight and bore. 5 cases very superior Cocking Ouna 0 cases low priced boys'and larger Huns. The abo\e Una are now in atore ana will be sold at extreme low price*, Also, full atock of Sporting articles, Gun materials, he. o24 3tawlm?rc A. W 8PIK8 It Co. 1H P^arl ntr?et GREAT REDUCTION IN THK PRICES OK THI PERRY IAN PENS QUALITY IMPROVED. JAMES PERRY It CO., have the pleasure to announce that in consequence of increased facility in the manufacture of their Pens, they have reduced the prices to the level of all other Pens in the market, at the same time their superiority in quali ty is maintained. J. P. It Co. embrace this oyvortunity to return thanks to their numerous friends for the decided preference given to the Prrryian Pens for so many years,and caution the public again, t the spurious imitations which are frequently imposed ui nu them for the genuine Perryian Pens. Sold by all Stationers and dealers in Metallic Pens, and by THEODORE KIPKE, Agent for James Perry It Co., London No. i Liberty street and No. 74K Maiden Lan? n7 lmeod'rc CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Hair Invlmralor. A REMEDY for fell diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not hevond the reaeh of art. MgniTs or the Chemicl Bai.saMoa Hal* liwi?oi?ron.? It prevents Baldneas. It removes Dandriff sod ( nuue-iut Scroff. It keeps the Hair in iu natural color and preveul* it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a lirn l>? lief, that as a beautiful .iud heslthy re?torative of the Unit it will be found on trial nneqnelled Prepared solely by Tha lon, No. 114 Broadway. _ .. . .... Agents?O. Pish k Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer h I hr' n, 76 Broad St.. Columbus. Georgia; Tuttle, Assembl/ BtnIJ iugs, corner of Tenth and Chesnutete., Philadelphia; H. R re, corner of Court and Howanrd; streets, Boston j C B. Br .*? er, No. 106 Kulton St.. Brooklyu, M. 8. Fletcher, Marehr n, tfilter Co.. N. v.; V. B. Loc-row No. M Beaver street. Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South Carolina; S. Touiey, Syracuse, N Y.; O >rton Ander?on, Newport, H. I.; ?di| No. 173 Division street, opposite Ludlo.v, ? V o'.'l lui'in'

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