Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1845 Page 3
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Fortabl# Rhivtiu Caaee?The Snbecrlbere ? * * P*"e?'ed and fliishrd ? vsrlety of the abort, offer the V vt iot.i rr<H suitable to the wants ? : ? TV !? ?,"1b',r. eonuiuiug ,|| ,hat it ueeessery for the toilet, with til?? nUditiuu of the Metallic Tabltt Strop, for *li.iri euuig aud keei'in* isiors iu f? ? mot' perfect order' VDE R.S & SON, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard'sHotel. Philadelphia Agent ft>r tt>? Herald, Zlabrr jk CO., s Ledger Building, Thiid street who re< *ive m'scri D?r? and have ample eopiei for iM? dailv at I o'clock. ti21 Ini "*r?" I .. . 1 -LL ? J T.lSJBiglJJLL1 I..1 KA>1?kUuu of tli? Onlo lllvtr, Piflcr. T vu Statt vf fter-r. Httsbiitf. , .Dec. 3 3 It. 2 in. acant lu ciiuao?l WhP'.li''e...Deo. 4 River closed. Lo?i <vill*. ..Nov. 28. 4 feet It) inchoo lnchaiin?l Cw< mnnfi.. ..Dec. 2 43 Inclieaoii data mid burs' MOSEY MARKET. Monday, Drc< 8?8 P? M. There was a ]>ort"ect panic n Wall atreet to-day, and the Lulls looked blue enough. The war fevur runs high, anil, according to the predictions on 'change, theie must be ^ rupture with Oreat Britain in less than sixty days. Long Island fell off 1 per cent, Canton 4, Nor wich and Worcester J, Vicksburg J, Harlem 1 }, Stoning ton j, r.iie J, Tennsylvani-i O's, 1 J, Motris Canal 1, Head ing Railroad 2, Ohio 6 s J, I United Statin 6'? a. Kentucky O's closed /inn at Saturday's prices. At the second Board a further decliue took place in somo of the lincy stocks on tte list. Tho quotations ruling at tho second board, compared with those current at the first, uhow a falling off of h per cent, on Norwich and Worce-ter? Reading I}. There were umuy tales at both Boards, seller*' option, which show thut many operators aoticipnto another decline. We have not seen a duller day in Wall street for many months, and the general impression is that prices hare not approached within many per cent of the lowest point. The falling oil'in the quotations for fancy stocks is an every day affair ; but uhon government securities, and good divi doud-pa) ing State stooks declino two and three por cent. In ouo day, it is very strong that there is some thing more than ordinary at woik. The tffjet ol this day's paaio in the stock market will be felt lor many days. Immense quantities of stocks have boon hypothecated with the banks lor loans at a low rate of interest, suy from four to six per cent. Tho dtteline to day has reduced the margin on some of the railroad stocks three and four per cent., wkich will in duce the banks to draw in their loans and raise the rate of interest This will tighteu the money market, reduce the discount lines of the banks, and check stock speculations very materially. Al though the brokers of Wall street will, without doubt, be restricted iu their operations, the commercial clauses generally will be benefited by tho contraction of the bank movement. The Planters' Bank of Georgia has declared a dividend of four per cent for the last six months, or eight per cent per annum. The directors of the Marine and Fire Insurance Bank of Savannah, have declared ? dividend of four per cent on the profits of the last six months, being at the rate of tight percent per annum The Stato Treasurer of Pennsylvania has addressed an. other circular to the County Commissioners and Treasu rers, urging the unmedatj payment of tux arrearages. From this circular, we learn that the balance in the Treasury, at the close of tuo fiscal year ending with the 30th of November, was $384,886 (18. Of this $98,. 268 30 are unavailable, leaving a balance in available funds of $3ill 617 78. The February interest is estimated ?t near $900,000. To meet this, there are in outstanding taxes, subject te collection for the year 184*, $616,000; outstanding taxes lor previous years, $267,000-making the outstanding tax due tho Treasury, $873,000. We annex the United States Treasurer's weekly state ment, showing the amounts at his credit in the various depositories and the mint, by returns received at the close of each of tho past th ree months. This table shows the amount on deposit in cueh bank, fcc., at the date given, and not tho amount subject to draft : ? Monthly Statkmkmt ok the TacitrftKH ok th k Unitkd States. Sept. 30. Oct. 27. Dec. 1. . tint on Jlmton .Hmton ...... , deposit deposit. deposit. Mecinniciand Traders' Dank, Portsmouth. N. H. 731 7J| 761 Hank of Burlington, 1,600 2,200 3 <?y7 Merchants' Bai k. Boston 1,12] .44^ 1,104,936 1,118,939 City Bank, Ne v Haven, 25,?5.5 25 915 ? Arcade Bank, Providence. 31,802 29,Win 39,150 Fanners' and Mechanics' Hart ford. Couiieciiciit, iC.'i66 23,213 23,7(16 Mechanics' and Farmers' III, Albany, 93,i;^ ft; 89.701 Ali??!y City Bank. Albany, 99.965 119.967 Bank of Commerce. N. } . 7112,t>l2 631,997 620,899 Bank of America, N. V. 1,626,031 60'1 3.9 626,349 American I'.xc. Bank, N. V. 329,780 4.5<l.3?5 446,9U Merchants'Bank. N. 1. 890,128 .'i8l,l?8 541,60S North River |laiik, N. Y. 435,809 613,143 2'i3,0u] H.i' ni'the Mate of N. V. 45s, >31 :.0M?ii 6(11,314 M.-oli .in ..* i>. k, N. V. 571,r,6! 717.187 WO,211 B uk of Commerce, 1'iiilad., 325,219 273,.'.54 213 MV Bk ol" T'.' in.<see. Nashville, <.R53 4,852 1,852 S'lrrmm's I ,:tr-meu Company, Cleveland. Ohio, 16,478 27,479 26 O^J Branch Bk of Cape Fear, N. C. 7.360 7,#>0 6,(40 i funnel? ill Bank,Albany, 100.000 100.(100 100,000 I'!. '. (leljihia Bank. I'liilad. 186.i3? 248 ut9 2iX'.750 Kxchantce Bank, Pittsburg, 177,W)7 165 1<>S 162,091 Brt.i'kl) Bulk, Bro.klju, 70.C04I 70,000 70 U0 Bink ol Washington, Wash 'UL-ton, J2.630 31 235 18,MS B .Ilk of the Metropolis 105,.'|9I 87,938 36,071 B ink of Potomac. Alexandria, 17,731 I8,li? io.iuJ Karmeis'Bkof Virginia, Rich mond, 52,01*1 52.17J to 175 Exc. Bk of Virrima, Norfolk, 71.460 71,803 73 / 01 S W.RH. Brink,Charleston, 111 390 1)8 130 271,036 Plane r*'ilk (.>? *?vaiin h. 47,363 47 439 .51.069 Bank of Mobile, Mobile, Ala. 40,372 99.188 61 603 Bi^ fl4iik of Ala. Hllutsville, 3,3.58 3,358 4.218 Bmkol Irfiuisiana. N. O. 2*12.706 398,561 590 865 Union 'Ivil; ol Tennessee, N ishville, 33,078 53 9(11 Ji,6?'. I.nuifville b.ivinps Ins. I.'ville, 83,725 8>,"10 ti.4i>2 The O. L. and 'I r Bk. Cm., 10l.2:ti 17 531 10;!,181 Clinton B ink,Coinmtus, 15,5(5 15,5.6 211,757 Bank of Norwalk. N> rwslk, 13 13 13 Bank of Misaouri, 8t. Louis, 223,HO 275,231 285 081 Michigjui Int. Co. Detroit 121,801 111,655 157,95 Mi-1 of Philadelphia. 624 !hA 619,762 764,76J Branch Mint of Charlotte,N.C. 32.0(10 32,000 32,000 Rr Minlsr Dahlouega, Oi., 30,000 So,000 30.000 Br. Mint N. Orleans, l,.i. 113.238 153,233 153,238 Corcoraus and UigK?, Wash i.jKtoii, 484,707 4'7,140 472,298 O. Lee it Cn'a Bank Buffalo, 50,000 Jo.noo Bmkol Middlelowi, Pa. 4.'.,lHi0 45 ?KK> 45,000 Chesa|i*ske B ulk, Baltimore, 181.553 2IW.805 116. nitnoticBank, Washi'iKtOii, 52,185 52,'(i'5 45,4'.KI Bank of Virginia, 100.IM 9?,ll' 101,551 H'nk ol I'.ne. Pa. 90.5XJ 79,711 7?,7I3 Bank of Wooster, 46.IHI0 30( 00 M 000 ? :0,00j.t)3"j 9,?'i?.BU 9.II7.M7 Transfers have been made, amounting to $815,00ft, of which *300,000 weri transferred from the banks of this City to the'Dank of Mobile and the Bank of Louisiana, N?w Oi leans The deposit* in the Clinton Batik ol Co lumbtu, Ohio, within the month of November, increaied from to $!14,7A7?a movement involved in a great deal of myetery. The expenditures ef the general government exceed the receipts, and the probability of there being any surplus of any amount a year or two hence, if so very limited, that its disposal becomei a mattor of merely momentary im portance The agitation of the tariff during the early pait o' the prenent session of Congress, and the possibili ty of iti b?iuf modified and reduced, is to great that im portation! under tho present tariff will naturally be very amail, and the revenue from cuitoma consequently di mi ti?ha 1 Ttie preiont session of Congiess will, with out doubt, continue until Juno or July. The tar ff will butt der consideration in the lower House, and in tho Committee of Ways and Means, until nearly the close of the saiiioii, when a bill will he presented from the com mittee, and its fate decided very soon after. Thn most important measures before the country?thoie upon winch depend so many interests?ore usually left to the l?<t tew works of the ro<sion, and then taken up, huftiod through, and sent into the world half made up, and so full of defects that a modification or repeal is demanded almost immediately alter they are eofoiced. . The ma jurity of tht> party in both houses of Congress opposed to the high protective features of the pre* nt tariff act, is laige enough to make any alterations it may wish, and the probability that somo important changes will be made is io grrut. that those engaged in our ioreign trade wdl i ii port no more foreign manufactures, paying a high duty under the present uct, than just sufficient to supply the piesent demand This will materially reduce our Imports, while the external demand for our breadstuff's and our cotton will he such as to Increase our ex ports, particularly to Uroat^Britain, a large per teen. From these thinga, ifo conclude that ex change on London will, for tha next year, mla very low, and that tha movement of apacia will be to wards u? rather than from us. So far ai these elements of trade and commerce can regulate our affairs, thay must continue highly prosperous. There are other thlag* that will, If Judiciously managed, add to, rather than decrease, tha prosperity that now exists in eve ry breneb of business. We allude to the re establish, sier.t of the Sub-Treasury by the general government There never was a more favorable time for the estab jWiiw.tnt of so important and necessary an act, for the regulation of the government finances, than the present. Tho Statu bnnLi have not yet produced an over expen s in, hut they will very soon leach that point, unless i i-oUed by some restrictive measure ol the government e Sub Treasury will act as that check, and it becomes, '. orefere, more important that it should be adopted ns s o i n? po/ttihle. The importation of specie thet is like ly to fnllow a reduced importation and an increased ex. p irtstum O! merohanJIse, will g ive the government eve ry fno lity for the establiihment of the speeie system, In regulating its receipt* aod expenditure*. The establishment of similar system* fur the refiili. Mod of tiiw finance* of the Stales, would extend the ten eflta of the plan, and we should in ? f?w year* bar* ? more valuable ourranoy than wa avar have had within tha history of tha government. Tha removal of tha da posits of tha General and Stata Governments from tha bank*, woulJ prevent any of tha sudden expansions that ?o frequently derange batinaaa,and draw tha commercial dunes into speculations, and our trading in all tha sta ple articles of trade. 80 loug as there is a surplus reve nue belonging to the General and Ststa Governments, deposited with the banks, they will extend their opera tions upon it. The directors of the*o institutions watch very cloiely the movement!) ol tho Governments, and in. form themselves thoroughly as possible of the probable expenditures, so that they can govern themselves accord ingly. They are,therefore abl# to tell whan to expand and whan to curtnil their operation!. The Government de pomts in the banks of this city ujJ State, on the lit of December, 1315, amoun ed to $3 914 178, and t'ie deposits of tho Stato, to the credit of the treasu rer of the State and commissioners of tha canal funl, amounted to $2,212,393, making an aggregate of $ti, 126,671, au amount equal to two-thirds of all tho specie in the bauks of the State. Tho establishment of a government sub-treasury, and a rail lor the deposits in specie, would drain tha bank* of this city of more than half the spocie in their vaults. The large amount of State and government deposits in the banks oi the Stato, and tho probability of a sub-treasury bill being parsed by Congress this sersion, will keep these institutions in check, and prevent au expansion so rapid as would otherwise be experienced. Whatever tends to check the expansion of tho ojxirutions of the banks is benotlcial to the commercial classes, and it is at this time par ticularly fortunate that wo are in a position to feel the financial revulaioos in Europe much lass than we should, if otherwise situated. Heretofore, commercial revu ? sions in England hava usually produced as much embar rinsinent in this couatry as where they originated; but now our affairs are in such a sound, healthy state, that we fear very little danger from that source. The diffi culties likely to grow out of our foreign relations are of the grcitost importance, and what may be the result of tha position takon by tho President in his late message, or oi any action of Congress regarding the questions in dispute, is at present impossible to predict. Old btocik JBiehana*. $5)00 U S fl ?, '63 opg 109 35 ?hi X A Trust 12 25)100 do do coup Jy 1 110 10 Port tin h Dry Dock 11 1)0 N Y City 5 s, *70 '4 50 East Botton Co 1 lL'-mo Kentucky 6's 1"2 50 Canton Co 3f> > toon Ohio 0 >, to 97 50 do TiO iOuO do do f 10 54 do 3H^ I50(|0 Indiana Bonds 3l>fc 750 do 3t>>4 mono IVnn 5"? ?*0 71V. 2) to b30 10 500(1 do 71W 100 do bco S9U 5090 do bawlc 72 jJ 25 Nor St Wor RR 90 5000 do slO 71 51 do 10000 do '71 75 do 89 11 sht Bank 8t N Y 90^ 50 Reading ItB litw 55 100 Vicksburg Bk 1>60 100 do blO 15 300 do *10 7>J 150 do b30 55 50 do >60 7>i 100 do *10 .5OS [00 Morris Canal b60 2 i>? 200 do 55 2!5 do 21* 100 do *30 55 ?50 do ?1 500 do >10 55M 25 do b30 21 50 do 55jS 100 do 21 >? 150 l.Olilf Is UR 25 do b30 21* 50 Stun RR blO 40>a 50 do 2I^J 150 do <10 50 Farmers' Tr stw 31 100 do s30 40 400 do 31 50 do s'lO 40 30 do 3U? 95 Erie RR 50 do b30 SIM 100 do 50 do blO 3I.H 100 do ?lb 70^ ISeuonct lJo'ir:J. $13000 Penna 5"* 71 50 Raiding s00 54 3000 111 Spcl Bonds 37 50 do stia 51 50 hlis Farmers Trust 31)4 10 do ?w 15 23 Nor&. Wur 88 '4 25 Canton 38 V( 100 do ?8,'3 25 do 38' 25 do 83>i 100 do 38?. 25 do (SO 86* 50 do 38% ',0 Morris Canal 50 do :i8?4 2i0 do 2l>? 50 do *15 384* 50 do 21"' 10 do raj;, 50 no 21W 50 do SSM 25 do 21 % 100 do *30 38>i ?>i do 21\ 100 Famie's' Loan 31 50 do 31',, 170 Vicksturg 7.1* 50 Stonington b 10 40lOA Long lal t(i0 09 50 do bbO 40J? 50 do *30 69 100 Wilmiugton 4b 10 do 09 !Vt)*F Stock KxuhsuKia. 50 >hs U S Bank s3 I's 2V) shs Canton Co rash 40>_, 50 Morris Canal ctli 2HS 200 do 4U ';0 do slO 21100 Firm* Trust sCO 31 100 do 21 'j 50 Lout: I* RR 70.^ do ?tw 21'a 50 StonKK *10 40 :,a do 2131; 75 do s:w 31.^ ;o do *3 2w 25 do -no :i9'4 25 do 2l? 100 do *75 38* 70 v: 71? Died. On the 6th instant, Hr.:?av, infant son of Henry P. and Mary Blackmail, nped one year and four monthr On Moaday afternoon, Dec. 8 th, of consumption, ManOtics Cmr, aged 33 yenrs. The friends of t'.ie family, and the niemher;! of Wa'h? ington I.oilne No 12, I. O. of O. F., and the Ordor geni'tally, ure rrKpectfully invited to attend his fun?ral on Wedncs.luy aiternoon, Dec 10th, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, 2-26 Stanton street. Weekly Uepon or Uratlu, In the city and county ot Mew Vork. front the 1st day of Pec. to 'ne 7 h day of Dec 184.V 39 Meu;35 Women . 47 Boy*; 30 (iiris?Total 157. DISEASES Abntets, 1 ; AiMjdesy. 9} i- B!*?diac fr-u? ihc lui.m. I; Burned oracalued, I; Cancer, 1; Cholera Infantum. 1 ; Cou?uinptiou, 30; Convulsions, 18: Croup, 5; Cyanosis, t; Debility, 4; Oel riuin tremens. 3; Ditrrhiei. 1; Dropsy, 7 ; Oropsv "i the head. 13; Diowned, 1; Epilepsy. I; Krysipe l i-,l; EtfuHi .n.l; Fev?r i nerpefol, I; Feter. re "iitent, i; ri ver, yphoid 2; HVver, typlint. 1; hi ver 1 trvous. 1; H?.irt, disease ol. 4; Intjiminitioo. 1; lutlnnim:itinii of boweln, 3. lull inni.inon of chest 2; l .ll .innalio i ol'kidueys. I; Inflam 11..110U ol lungs, 10, loti unrrMiioii < f throi', I: lutlamin .lion oflner. 2 : \lara?iniiK, 7 : Mortification, 1: Old ege, I; Psl sv. 2, Prem tare binh I; sicrolliila, 1; Small pox, 9; Sprue. 1, Scnirrns of throat, I; Tetauus, I. Aire?Under 1 year, 43. 110 i yenrs, 11; 2 .0 5, 51; 5 to 10, 3: 10 to 20. ">; 20to 10. 25; <0 to 40. 17; 4 1 ro50, 12; 'i0 to 60, 10; 60to7H. f,; 70 to 80, ?; 80 to 90, 1; 90 t ) 100, 1. Colored persons S. CORNF.LllTg E. ARCHER, Citv Inspector. City Inspector'* offire, De^' 8, 1815. I. O. OF O. F rpHK MEMBERS OK WASHINGTON LODGE, No. J. 12 1. O. of O. K-i are requested i? inert at their Loiiire Kkoii', National Hill, on WkDNK-sDAV AKl'hRNuoN, Dec in h, for the purio<? of piyiiigthe laat tribute *f leaped to our l ife Brother .MANtiLfcH CRUK. The Order in general are re-i>ecttully invited to attend. Seymour j. strong, n. g. J. Milto* Smith, Sec. d9 vt*r THE SAVAGE, LTNTUTOKED AS HE IS, will ustinctively seek cot / lleilx and I'luiu to euro disaase. without diving into the depth*of the eurih t'> dig up da'eteiious minerals. Upon the in' h'? surfice these v r in plauts suited to our want*. J he BALSAMIC hELIX'H, pri-pared by the R v. Mr Down*. hihI winch cured th_?t eminently apoitolio preacher, is twide of Herbs only. In Consumption, Liver Com.Jam Hid Coni'ln, Spitting of Blood, &c., it is a certain and unfailing rernety. its eifei ts are gunr-wteed in it? meriis. Sold at KVh.RKTT'S City Drug Store, No. 96 Hudson, cor ner of Leonard street, and by Mr. MOsS, corner of Grand and C-nnon sts. d9 lt*r DRTpOWELL, OCULIST AND OPERATIVE SUKOKON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, it liis residence, *>1 Broadway, corner ol Warren it i >i othalinia, ftMMI of the Tear Passage, uWHt M Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with grmt attention aud snrcess. luveterate c ises of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. AHTlflClAL EYES iuserted that scarcely be dis tinguished from the natural. Oflic.!S and residence 261 Broad way?entrance IX VVarten street. d> ItT "mTlevett, dentist, THE INTRODUCER of the insertion of Artilirial Teeth 1 on the principle of Atmosrlieiic Pressure, 260 Broadway, conn r nf Warren street. We, the undersigned, in ronsiileratiou of duty to the public, as wi ll as to Mr. Levett, who possesm-s a remarkable tict (lie culiarto liitn> in the application of the p.inciple of atmosphe ric presume, having h'd numerous caiei coino under our nb servstion, do ch.-erlullv rcciinrnr-d thai gentleman to ou' citizens. Signed?ISAAI. -I GHKENWOOL), Di c'or oi Denial Snrgery JOHN NKILSO.N, M. D? P. S. TOWN BKM) M. D , H McLEAN, v) I). d'i Ifr PACKET BARQUE ANN HAKLEY.from ULAS OW. ?Consignees will please seuil their p-rmits ou hoard, foot of Pine street, E it., or to WOODHULL St MINTL'RN. 87 Sontli strce t. All goods not permitted in five ilivt must bn sent t ? public ; store. d* tie . N< iTICE.?All peisons aie torbul harboring or fastiiu my of the ciew of ihe British harrj-.e ANN HARLKY. from I ONsgow, as no debt* of their contra- ting will be pud either by the oil tain or consignees. WOODHULL k MtNTURN. 'It rrc 87 S nth itree*. ? aOO Rhf\V ARUI MISSING. SUSPICION OK FOUL FIAY! A RTHUR MMKKKLL, of the fmn cf Morivll U fI? m -*s. moiirt. maniifai'turt ii of 1<Iink l <uiki, No 60 )? hi) ?tree Parted with a fiiend at tile ?. on'-r ol Chatham and Pearl jtr-t'-, oil Thursday evening, Dt cetnber 41 h. ) instant,) at haif-psst ten o clock, for his re.ileii'e. No. 5 Rullivsn street?with t: e in : tenti n ol goiuii through Pearl street, up Broadway down Canal to HulliTati street?since which lime nothing has been heard tn>m him He i? about 25 or 26 > ears of age, about five feel eight inches in height, very straight, ind wis dresieil, the line in bl.t k pantaloons, plaij vest, black I'rork eo it, a> d 4aik i verco it with velvet co|) ir boots aud India rn fibers, and rariying an umbrella. He h d in his p nesiioo, st the t mo, about 30 60 .Uillars iu bills partly current?Hold pen, silver casa, Levi Brown m k>-r?and a silver toothpick , Complexion dai k, bl.'ck tiair and' ye*. ano no whiskers. Ou one lii.ger was a plain gold riug marked on the inside, "From A. M. to L M M." lie was a man of the most correct aud domestic habits, strictly temi crate, ami in whose family and business countr. tious e* sted ihe u most harmony No cause but foul plsy could nave produced his absence. The above reward wi I he paid lot his recovery, or any Infor mation concerning him ihat will le id to it, bv bis partner or family, at No 3 Sulliv&o street IOHN C. HAMMOND. Decmber 7th, 1845. dt 3ns m CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC] ALL PEH90N8 iiideb'rd to tlie ttbacriber, heret fore } tran^fictn g bnatnt-BS uuder the namu and at> )e of .1. >>. liriBtu. ? fit Co., are bertby eaiiMoird from paviog p. iticiiAfin y?)Jti w?y f??r goodft, w mercliuidit?, ?oW in ihn ii? mt t>l J >1 tlrii gue*? a? he his no further authority tihmtv* r C<?ltent or receive any moiiev, or to dij.'oae of nitv wipr, v ?rt a. merrh^ndirtj bvi nuinu to ine or tikeu from the ?to?e or cellar No 7 .New atrrft, ocmpi^d by J. M. Briu^ues i ^ \ or g any one fro'" removing* bar andlixtui?<i , ' ln?*aaul |>r?-mi *a, uud the a*id hictiard ea? no Authority V1M'S eor t.. ?ny coniracr. oV the name of N ?lf " ?">n>th.sydate. i ' w,c#wber lih, I?I5. 'f J. M. HKINGULS F E f H PLA8TF.H?A few ions of Krc rli PI i-t*r for ?0\D V HINCKIlN, "8 ] "l(: > Tomtit ouildi, g No gM Wail at. l?ig? assornneut ivieus and Touihs Beaver Milled Cloth aud Pilot Overcoat*, ci nki, be lor stlerwdr tnjiljj ?'<'?' usual moderate pnc?? r , T Jh-NNLNOS k CO Ml Broadway. M4 IBM X Anerioan Hotel. AUCTION IALEI. ASSIGNEES' SALE OK COOKING STOVES AT AUCTION. BY MlNTDJtN b CO. TOMORROW ( WEDNE-DAY) at 11 o' No. M i Water s'r?*t? Cookiit 8tor?k-10t ssperior Cooking Mwh. Offering i I g oil op,? .rtuoiiy 10 the trafli' and fimilies wishing >?> ? ui-. plytheiim-lvs. iM> Ifr FINE r.N' <KAV INU.-\ k.\, AT AL'u I'lU.V , A LEV? will *eliat hit rooms, No 2'Ji B.oxiiway, ouWed ? 1. u**day i rruinji, at o'clock, nil the Engravings, Work. of Arf Mi iiiturn mid t|<ui? u r Frinies. one I) ? gne reut)'|ie <?!?ctllu? . Willi it* I.Stn kr., with 11W1.1T ui uiIht ftp 1 cli*? tuned to ammt, bi lougink; tu the < -tile of Mr C. Weinedel d>ceased?vith another luvoi.e '.I* F.ue Line t. ? ?ravings, irom lb* old umtem, well ? orth the attention ol col lectors. Also,a few good modern Paintings. Nqik ?Tii? Poutings Uft Uuttlii, belonging to Mr. Weine i! t, will 1 <? ai>l<1 nt p<imte title, it a much leu price than they cio be I'btai' td ill Europe. d'J 2t*mc luard wanted, E^OR < w illow |..dv. with mie child, tu Inn five minute*' i w.ilk ol ihe ( it Ilall Terms not to esceeil four dollar* a week. Addiea* C. H., at thii office. d'i'JtMl lost; OPPOSITE Tanney'a jewelry ?tore, ill Broadway, a black bom 'uzi e I UR3E, Inn 0 wilt) mIU? containing It hive l>..IUr Bill* of Ih bank of Aineric t. The lind-r will be liber ally rewarded b > leaving it at the iksk of the American Hotel d* "int'iii 1 .|| || | WAN lEU on good ptmonal security, where (JIljUUv ihepripe tv i i invested in a llinv ug business. 1 lie loauer mo elways i ive an opportunity to nee that his mo tley i.< sale, by inspecting the boolts of the butiiit-ss where hit mui ey is invested. Aadre ? A. Z., Htirald Ultice. stating where an inters lew can be had. di Stis*rh WANTED, A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to go South or We*t, to act an Agents foi thesde of uewr -md popular Publications. SJfti uvt r and above fieir eipeus"* will l>e innured to tli-m in wilting, with anoppor'onitv of cteafing$l,Oi0 |ier year. Some mm now in our employ will, uo dnu'it, in tkw over $1,1100 per yeareleirof "II expense. Ivich will li ive h"? district. It will lie utcensirj fir them to havi I! Ir*tt liom %2!i to $60 to ohiain a good (ittirg ut. Apply at FR> NCH'S Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs, sign of the Flag. All letter* umut ? e post paid d6 Iiii'ic WANTED, SUBHCRIBERS?At C LARKS is. STEVAN'8 Free Agen cy and Temper tuce In'edigeuce, 95 t'uane street, west of Broadway, where they cm have good faithful servants, with out viy charge^ aud aUo will) as little delay as possible couks, waiters, Itc., ol every description and of good moral charaet* r. A first rate Cook on hand at 9^ Duaun street n20 Ini^ih WANTED, HIKE TEMPERANCE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, 'ITS BltOADWA V, (between Broom and Graud streeta.) I Ois ? here servants and assistants, of every capacity,both uinlti ami fema'e.are lurnisiied krki: toeuployen The chiracter* of all, offering for situations, will be strictly ei uniued before tliey leave the office, aud none hut the noueHt. sober, industrious and capable ones recommended or allowed to engage to employer*. Women, men, girls and boys wishing employment of any kind who can prove, satisfactorily, the above character, can ob tani I'ood njiM tions?no others need apply. nl9 |in*m i it,Nl't.EviKN Ul< NfcW YUKK Mv celebrated AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND 8HA\ ING CREAMS, defy a comparison in America or Europe No per sou will use any other alter using this Emollient l'aste. It i? the best, the very best. Give it ouly n single trial. I do not ask any more to ront nice you. 1 w aiiant it. For sale wholesale and retail, at JULF.S HAUEL'8 Perfumery aud Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv ngeuts:?J. B. Jaiinemud, No. 416 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 aud 151 Broadway; A. Willanl, S. Vv. corner of Cedar and William streets. PretniutiiM awarded at ? he Frnnkliu Institute. o:film*rr AGENTS Ft Hi TH K CH KMTCAirHAIR INVIGORATUR. REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its restorative iu alt cases where luldueas is not beyond the reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway. Sluteund Country *1gentl.?0. Fish & Co., Washington, I). C.; Aver U I'h I in, 7t> Broad street, Columbui, (ia.; rut tie, corner ol Tenth and ( hetuut streets, I hiladrlphia; II ltice corner of Court and Howard street*. Boston ; V. II Lin'krow, 51 Beaver street, Albioiy; C. li. Brower, No. 105 Fulton street, li ooUlyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Marebon, Ulster ? 'o , N. Y.; S. Tousey, Syracuse, N. Y.; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel. S. <- ; Gorton Anderson, Newport, It. I.; J. C. Duboice. New P ,ltz Landing, Ulster Co.; A. (g <} BtO'.res, Druggists. Hudson, N. Y. City ,'lgentr?173 Uivision street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.; J. it I. Codding'on, Apothecary, No. J03 Hudson street, corii'V ol Spring, N. Y ; Everard's Fancy Store, No. 1*8 Grand ?tree'; A. B. Hinds St Co., 27J Broadway; Dr. Carroll & Co. No. 3 Murray street. d! Im*ec HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! OTWITHSTANDING the short time during which this invaluable medicine has been before the American public, its specific properties and virtue* hav* unequivocally jiroved it to be not only thu most reliable but also unfailing remedy in nil affections presented to be withiu its legitimate e mtrol. Unlike many vaunted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrap is not pat forth as a succedenum lor every ailment, a remedy for every disease; hut for its ostouishiug powers, possessed by no other iiiedicament within the range of the Pharmacopeia, in allaying imtation or Hitlammatiou of the inncous coatings, and stimulating the hromhii to action; in i its remarkable vii'ues aa an expectorant and an .??iterative, and above all lor its wonderful property of ARRESTING TitF. FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, And breaking dow u pulmonary disease when established. All inquire s <re r"frrred to num. r hi* recint cases which will be ! chesrlully furnished at the ollice of the agency. The e*|ierieuce of Dr. Hastings, and more recently si* casta of cure t ride Lon d >u Lancet) effected,by a zealous fellow laborer, Dr. llockcn, of London, are *uOicieiit of themselreti to convince the timor ous or skeptical o! the |K-rfect curability by the above remedial agi ut o! tU tt justlv drended disease, Phthisis Pulmonaiis or Tubercular Consn mption. Let none despair, For aalu by MOORE k CO., tbo American Agents, 411 Ann street, aud Elliott.. 1311 DIVISION STREET, op posi'.H Ludlow, New York. Price >1 a bottle?Six Dot ilex for J>5. no lm jo DR. GEORGE LkO-WOLF, HAVING r. ill; Sdfn Kttiop*,baa re*umcd the peaMieo ol his profes>ion at >o. 98 t'hambers street. N'pw Vork, November 19 h, IB4^ nSfl ImiiV'il mc UNITED MAUis iviAlL LINE, AT FIVE . O'CLOCK. pFOR ALBANY ai.d the Iniermi-diare 1 Landings, or far is the ce will permit.?There ? is gooil sleighing f oio any point on t e llud A N( Stm to Alotti.y, and b will te in re&dtite?? to car.y pa i* to tiifir HfSduailou, at the arrivil of the Iio.l. Th# celebrattd ice htv mboat li'I I?"A, Capiain L. ^*r B^aiiai d, leaves the atfAtniiOdt phwr between Cou tlandr and Liberty street* THIS OaV ut FIVF. O tLOCK P. M.? Tuesday, Decemb-i Oth. 1815. Kor OT ^rp Klit* <*l'i> y on board, or to V. C. SchuUz, at the oifice Cu t e whirl. The COLl'MblA will leave, a? above, to-morrow, ?t 5 P. Me dO rre PAUKk/iS KOH rtAVW,- Secouo I.iiir ? ,T)*ep?ck?t ship U l'ICA, Captaiu F. Hew itt, will ^oil oo the In nf January. TuTTFciiht or P'ssaire, *"r'??<? BOYD !* HINI'KEN 3 Tontine BniMing. <12 mr No Hit Wall. C"V. Water ?>?? \ CHKvllCAL Rfc.HULT A WONDER !? V1V l.'KLK A BRATED VEOKi'ABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to enable pernors cn dye instantaneously their hair, without (.lie least inconvenience. For chanuing red or grev hair, whiskeis, eyebrows. See to a brown, black or cfiestnut color. The slightest nil tWWMlMM IWd M> biUiTgd from its mr?it is alti.gettier harnilmi. Th's composition ii the only one snnct'Oned by the science of chemistry, to ilye, in an mdellible manner, the various gr.dntions of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and h ? j s'llied the liberal patronage nn unlimiteil conlideucu of the public. Ifbl icti is reiju red, ask for box marked N ; il brown, bo* marked B Hewire of count-rfeits.?Ask for "Jules Hand's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if you w-nttjje genuine article. Forsale, wholesale and retni, t>y JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46South Third street Philadelphia. r.nil by my agents:?J. B. /acouemod, No. <15 Broadway; K. A. Aitiuit, I ilsyetie Banar, Vos. HO and 151 Broadway; A. Willaro, S. W corner of and Wiliiain streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. n 16 lui'rc ' 'Jke ChfnjHsi and mnnt Sjiltndui I'ictorial Paper nf the Day. HE WET'S EXCELSIOR, NEW YOUK ILLUSTRATED TIMES I Publisher... .H. W. Hewn. Artist... ,T. H. Mattesou. Editor. ...C. F. Hoffman. THE EXCELS)OK, A A PERIODICAL MISCELLANY l of original aud selected matter, w ill lie published onec u fort night, at the ofBfe, No. 2 Astor House, ?t IJ'-j cents per c- py, i or SI per annum, in advance. Each number of th? Escelsior will cousist of Sijtcen Folio P?ge?, : elegantly printed, with the bi st new type, on tine |isper, and Embellished with Engravings, prepired expressly fur this work; aud liirllier enriched with a choice piece of Illuminated Music and graphic ILLUSTRATIONS OF PASSING EVENTS, I besides original and selected j Architectural Designs, I alikcrfan ornaments! and n useful character; which architec tural designs, accompanying letter-press articles upon ih s important branch of art, wlil form a prominent and sterling i feature of the work. Iii its reading department, betides Reviews. Tsles, Sketches, J- sssys, and I teneial Correspondence, the Eicelsior will keep up a steady record of the more iinpnr'ant events ofilied,y, with editorisl comments upon such of them as seem to rlum paricular attentun. Ai d, hor-owing iu uamc and spirit from the aspiring motto and characteristic eirti lems of the "Empire s Hi t!i Egceleior?Vrhile faithfully illustrating the ? and Hints thiout h which we are now pan ing?will eve aim onward und higher, as an American Journal of Taste and Opinion TO PERIODICAL AGENTS I' order to obtain the fist and best imp essiotrs of this work, |?rii>dical agents generally will I'orwaid their oitl'is to the publ slier or his agents, Wm. Taylor, W. II Oralnttn, Burgess, Mringer St Co., mi this city, nt as early s day as pos sible The Holiday number of he Excelsior, and New Vork Illustrated I imri, will he a lair spicinm ol those which are tolollow; and the publisher, confident t ? :i t the at) le and spirit of the Kinbellishinents w ill not be surpassed b? any of the fes tival publications of the npproachiug season, at ten times its price, offers it na ? Holiday Pr>sent. at ISH> cents. Persons st u dist me by enclosing one d illar, flee ol postsge, will be fitr uisl ?"1 Willi ten copies All letters or c?inuiuniC?ti"ns (by mail) addressed to this establishment, muat be post-paid. New \ ork, November 2S, 1WS d#9ni?,r j A T.EN I ION!.AI L WHO D' SIR^frE ARLV WHlTK -tV TEETH?My unrivalled ROSfc TOO ill PASTE is : nni?ersally sought after for the pe?rly whiteness it gives to the Teeth, without the slightest injury. For sale, wholesale and retail, ai JULES HAUEL'8. Practical Chemist and rerfumai, <?>8outn Third street, Philadelphia and by my Hgenis:?J. B. Jscquem d. No OJ Broadway; F A I AftanIt. Lii syette Bazaar Nlos N9 snd lil Broadway; A. I Wiilard. S \V corner ol Ced ir ind Willia o streets. Premium* aw-nned st the n ranklin Insuiut* nlft lm'rc ! NEW FRENCH RESTAURANT fc COFFEE HOUSE, M ...n.AI. 717 BROADWAY. l.fSIEURS? BUNEL U LE COMTt!., beg to announce to the public in genersl, snd to dtstinished families in pu'icnl r. Ilist they have 0|en, d ani-legant French Kestaurant i ami I < nee House, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, where Breakfasts, Umiiers and rtnp>iers mny be had atari? convenient hour: aud III a st) le ft'at Cannot fail to satisfy the most delicate palate. 1 here will iilways be found n rich supply ol fine pastry and cmilectionery,j.Dies, ice rreams, CI,a.Intt??-i?sses, ke i i i|Uisitr Licaors and the most ch ice Wiin s Ordeis received Irotn ?amil us for Bieikinsts, D line is and Suppers, or separate , dishes, lames sonilied w<ih every kmd ol Pastry, Jellies, i ' 'ill* r':o. sties - nil lie ( reimi. (it IiiiNc LAWRENCK. MVER8 It ?JO . 3J Stoue street, have ost ' receiviid per snips > peivier and Sei, the undnm?ntioned Brandies:? Ott'd, Dnpuy Sr Co. in half pipes, pala and dark vintages, j 1840 to lw41 Bon emort ft Barker do do do do. , J.J.Dupuy, do do do do Whicnthty ofTi?r for ttlr. Th? taint i* uodfr cmtom hon?t look *?<! ?ntitlfd to ?)? b?ntt>r?, df, 2m*r ? | H TTTOHN ?. It CO., Prodnee sad Flour Alerchaut.lli : ?I ? Brotd a|wil ae I AWOramKNTfl. MONSIEUR CHRISTIAN HUBER, FfRIT Violoncellist wd Member of the Confterva'ory of I Puis, Iiu lh? hoaor to aiinoouee that his second and last CONCERT bare u. tUo* " 1 Decern l?sr sth, ai PALMO'b Opera House. He wll be essi.ted by _ _ _ \N i Ol.NETT 2 0TT0. Mr. VALENTINE MOTT. Jr. Mile HCBt.R, . _ ili.RU WM BOUCHlR, Primo Tenoreof the Ueim^i Oiwis, Mocs-cur t JIBE til, aud il*.ETU.Na"k.. wnu wik prosideat tlie Fiano. PROGRAMME* PART I n * 1 \if from "D'm P&tquiOr' ? Mr Gibero..........Donizetti 2. i-rcit t ?? null "Belly He Ce?udtle'-?Ma il* ne otto Douizrtti 3 lmi>romp?u fur Violoncello?' galut a I'Amt'rique"? compo yd *u'l executed by , ' Hulier 1. (^avHi i ?? from" La Hui tt~ de P.riiri"? Herr &>ucli?r. Auber V Fan! isla ou the Cachucha?composed and executed by ?... Huber C. Grtvid Due te, from! lie Opera Jessoudi?Madiunt: Ot O a-d Hei r Boucher .. Spolir PART,H. I. Romance and I hiMonnt'i" b* bon care"?Ml*. (i belt Lnuiii rujfet t. 8.i ig?"fiuait ?ii"s Krnliug"? Mrs. Val?u ine Molt. jr., wirh obligate Kluu* accompaniment?coviposed on iho Atlantic, by... C. Huber 3 Duello l.'o certante, lor 1'innu and Violoncello, ou a favorite theme from ISi'snui's Opera ' Ceuereut" $ la"?Mademoiselle and (;. Ruber C. Huber 4. Sceua anil Kiminza?' Cecomie in liela Vesta"? Ma J im? Otto Bellini i. Nation*! Sou*?Herr Boucher?"Tlie Stairy Ban iter'?words front tha romance of 'Greyslaer,' by (J. Hoftmau, Esq., composed by C. Huber . '1 lit STARRY BANNER. Ruse the heart, raise ihe hmd, Swear ve lor the glorious ciune, Sweai by isture's holy laws To drf ud your Fstlit rl ud'. h . tlie glory you inherit, By the need that Patriots dare, By youi Country ? Ere-dom>wear it. By your Com try, this day -wear: llal-t THK HKAI'.T, H AI i; Till: llano, F i.ig abroad ihe Starry B mner, Ever live Our Country's Honor, Ever bl join Our Native Land ! Rai?e the heut. rare the hand, Let the Et-tli aud Heaven lie ir. While tha Sicr'd Oat'i we swear. Swear In uphold our Eathirland. Wave, tliou lolly eusign tfloriuut, Floatii t foremost in ihe held '. While thine Eagle hovels o'er us. None shall tremble, none ahull yield ! Rink i iik iikart, haisk the hamd. flinv a!ir iail thehtairy iianner, Ever livn Our Country s Honor. Ever bloom Our Native Laud !'.'. 6. Caprise, nu an An encnu Air. by C. Huber Heals imv be lecuied every day from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M , at the Box Oftire, the principal Music stores, and the eveniiiK ?f - the Concert at the doors. I V Tickets One Dollar. Doors open at t>V Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. d"i It r i M?MDELH80HN'8 MAGNIFICENT ORATORIO OF ST PAUL, VLrILL be perfonned at toe Taberuacle, on THURSDAY ? v EVh.Nl NO, lJec. Illh, under the direction of Mr. UEOHOK LODER. Mr. II. C. 'i'lMM will preside at theOrgau. Tlje solo |wrts will be sustained by the followiug emiueut resident icleui: Principal Soprano?Mrs. K. LflDER; Contr.ili-I? Mrs. VALh.NTlNE MOTT, Jr., Iier second appearance in Oratorio; " Tenore?Mr. HOB'T GEO. PAIGE, his second ap pe?rance in Oratorio; " U..smi?Mr. WM.S. ROGERS, his iccond iu Oratorio. The Chorusses will be sustained liy about One Hundred and Kilty l.adiei and Gentlemen, selected with paiticular reference to'heir musical qualifications. TheOrchestrn wilt be unusually lull and effective, and great pains have leen taLeu torendur it one orihe best peilorin&uctrs of the season. TickeuJO cents each?May be had at the usual places, and at the door of the Tabernacle on the evening of the per formances. N. B.?A full rehearsal on Wednesday evening next. dil 3i*r SKLtxrr MUMCAL ENTliHTAlNMtNT. '"11HE APOLLO VOCALISTS have th* honor of announc 1 inj; to the public that they will live their first Musical En tertainment, consisting of a choice si-lection ol'I'.iv rite (iLEES, 'J RIOS, DI ETS, sin OS Uc . 1 ON TJIIS (TUE8DAV) KVENINO. DecemberUtli, 1#I5, AT THE RUTGKRS' INSTIIUTE, iu Madidon street, between Clinton and Montgomery. PKOKESSOR A. All HOT will preside at the riano Korle Doors open at tiX o'clock?Euieruiumeuts t? commeuce at 7>?. Cards of Admittance( twenty-five ceu.t.?lo be obtained ai I tbe dour i.l 'lie liH'.nuie. d9 lt*r COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. PUBLIC is respe-lfully informed that a ('ONCER! A OK VOCAL AN J INal'hUM ENTAL MUoIC, npon a scale of Kreat magnitude, will he given AT THE TABERNACLE, ON THURSDAY EVENING, Dec. I8ih, i as a Tesiimony ol Retpect to the unwearied zeal aud candid judgmeutof MR. A D. PATTERSON. Editor of the Anglo American, r ull particulars will be duly announced. 'I icke's $l? to be obtained at ihe usual place*, or of the fol 'owme Kei.ilr men, members of ihe Committee : ? A. Bai. lay, Esq.. II. B. M. | Win. Srhatl'enberg, Esip , Coinul, and ex rre?ident of A. Hielf, Eiq. ' I lie ht (ieoige's Society of | H. O. Ott", t.tq. New Yoik. I O. H MiKerheiger, E?q. v\'. P. I'u hbrrisoii, Erq . Pre- Dr. V. Mot , Jr. fideiit of ihe 8t (iroige's I T. S. Cham eis, Esq. Society. I />. Htodart Esq. | Tnomas Unoii, ex-President Alfred Waller, Ktq. . "f do. I Charles Vjse, Etq. Josep i Fow ler, e rq , do. Ho. | Edward Paysou, Esq. Henry Jessop, Esq., 1st Vice " ? ? i'l tsid' lit ol du. Beptimms l'rooks, Esq., 2d rrraUcnt of bo R tb're B ne, Esq.,Tieisnrer " do. HenivOweii, Esq., Secretaiy ol do. Henry D xmi, Esq. vl Mottinm, Esq. Tlioin's K Green, E.?q. Jo n K Bi'^rtbiir.v, Esq. John Siiawforth, Eiq K. R. F'rjzer K?q Fredj ick West, rjq. T. h. Cumniings, Esq., N. A. J R H aner. b-sq. Dr M. Le'ef. i!9 31T ThkS rrc Josojph Rhoiles, I- q. K. S. Stentou, Esq. MUSIC COMMITTEE. U. C. Hill, Esq , f'resideiit of the rhillnrmouic Socuty. lieorue Loder. Esq., VicePre sideni of do J. L. t'.n ign, Secretary of do. Allan Uod worth, Esq., Trea surer of dv Thomas Goodwin, F.tq., Li brarian of do. H. C. Timm, lit Assistiut Of ficer of do. A. Boucher, Esq.. 2d do. do. Ed ward H' dge.i, \lu? I). Luther B. Wyinan, Esq. THISTLE BALL. ?"J''HE M AXAOF.I'S ol the THISTLE BENEVOLENT " AH-CK IAIION re-pectfully anuuU'ice 'hit tlii-ir first BALL lor ihi. se iton, will takej luce on THURSDAY Eve n'ug D. cemtie l!th, at C.u,?le onrden?the proceeds to We ap plied, as funneily, to chmtaule puipcsei, without distinction of count y or c.retd The order. f <1 iicinj according to programme. Director of the floor Mr. O Robertson. Leader i f the ' 'rchestra Mr. W ^Wallace. B?g-Piper Mr. McKeir-cher. Au efficient police will be ill attendance to preserve decorum Doors open at 7. Dicing will commence precisely at 8 o'clock, 'i he termination ol the ball w ill lie known by the hand playing "(iude Nigbt, an' joy be wi'yea'." An arrangement has been made that italics w II run through Htilsou street. Broadway, the B.w>-ry, and East Biuauwuy, 10 aud from the O rd. n, iin'il 11 o'clock, at the usual charges. Carnages will net down their company, ccmii k into the Bat tery, hy the Urreiiwn.-h street Rate, a d going oat by ihegute opposite Penl sir. et, taking up iu reversed order. To prevent coi.funou, it is rt qu. kted that partiei will dilinis* their carri iges on airiviug at. ilie Garden, and on returning take ttiefiraton the sttiinJ The Inspector of Hacks will be present rigidly to euforce the Police regul \tious. Thus-who intend to lie it the Ball had better early supply tli?m?elvei with Tickets, a? lio more will be iuaed than are bo ?in encilim. Tickets one dollar, to admit a gentleman and two ladies.may be liai of Meifr*. Stotlsrt St Dunham, 261 Broadway; Peicr Miluc, 17 Centre strett; the Bar of Cnstir Warden, aud of either of the tjanagrrs Chicks not transferal le. A. CAMKRON, Secretary, HO Leonard st. N. B. All member* entitled to a Ticket, are requested to make eirly applicitioti to the Secretaiy, as no member'! tick ets will be issued oil the evening of the lUll. ilfi 6ti?*rc HALLS, PARTIES, A:r. Rirh, Fashionable, and Staple Article*. THK subscriber* ate daily receiving, and continually nil l ding to their eitensive assortment ol rich Scarfi, Cravat!, Gloves, Suspenders, tic. Their assortment of all articles ap pertaining tu the wardrobe of the fashionable gentleman, will lie found Inr more eiteniive than tint of any other establish ment in this citv, and Well worthy the attention of st'angen and residents. The subscribers long and intimate know ledge of every department of their business, the senior partner h^v ing for the last twenty \ears been actively engaged in the ssfne line of business in this city, is a guarantee lhat all arti cles selected and manufactured by us, may be d? n?itiled on, not only for the superiority of their finish, b t in the durability of tt? ir workmanship.? I*.n11 *iiInr attention is devoted to the Heady Made Ln en De part meiit?.ill garments mautifnclureJ at our Ks'abli'hment. are cut after the most approved French method, tastilv ami faithfully made and fashioned to suit the form of the wearer. Gentlemen sending their xrders hy mail, may de| end oil having their goods of the liest quality, and at fail aud moderate prices, sent w ith punctuality (by Express) to env part of the country, aud all, favouring us with a cull, nnv deiwid on being suitril at rheold Establishment of PAMtiliLR k AGATE. ?If. Iin*rc 217 Broadway, Co ner of Park Place. A. DODWORTU'S DANCING SCHOOL. \ LLKN [lODWORTH would beg leave to inform hia ?? friends, that it is his inteuiion to commence a Private Dai.c iik School, at his resideuce, 448 Bruome street, on Mau ri <y alKruoon. Oct. )0th. From his long connexi m with the Dancing world, and having availed himself of i structiuiis frr in the be t master* that have visited this country ?such as Ttul Taglioni, Slid otheis o! like celebrity?he feels t at he is as well quslihed to teach as any in the city; anil his ir<usical edurutioii will certainly give him a gr> at ndvantuse over many at present in the profession. Be that as it may, those who la vir him with their patronage can rely upon Requiring a correct aud fashionable style of D?ncitig. TERMS. A Quarter of 24 Lessons, including the UuadrUle, Wait*, Gal lope aud Polka $10 Ten Lessons in the Waltr.or Polka, 1 ?l Days and Hotiri of Tuition. On Monday and Thursdays, at 3 o'clock, for Ladiei and Mioses over 12 years of age. On Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'cleck, for Misses and Boy* under 12 years of age?and On Monday, Wednesday, Thnrsday aud Satnrdnr, for Gen tlemen, at 7 o'clock P. M. A second Class will be formed from 9 to 10, for those who cannot .attend earlier. Private Lessons given at any other hours, either at the resi dence of the pnpil or at the school. o2l Im'rc BEACON COURSE. Sport* <*/ the Olden Time Revived!! THE FOX CHASE which was to come off on Thnnday, December <ih, is postponed until MONDAY, L'ecem l?r the ftti>, when will come off a grand FOX CHASE, en-nni. ncini !t 12o'clock and continnn a until sundown, lief ilemen fond of this innocent sport may rest aasured thst it will be I. that is prowmd. A number ol hue Foxes, as well m some of th ' best pa> k< of hounds in the cooutrv are all ready for the snort Also a wolf anl iwo fine Deer will be s'ar.ed during the aftenioon Admission-Club Stioi'l JO cente; Pavilion IS ccnts. Field Htsml I2!|| dii j 'rh Notice. WHEREAS, my wile Usibara has left mv bed and boerd without euv inst cause or provocation, I herebv forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as T will l>?v so debts of her contacting \it?r thi? iwe. JOHN BRAirtk ManhetuuviiU, Dee Ith. IMV *) M*r AMUSBMKNTS. A* AUK. TIlKATUki MR. AND MRS~CHARLES KEAN. Tnudajr KTudnffi Dtcembtr 9, Will be I'trramril. THi*. tfTRANGER The Stringer Mr. Clwles ICeeti Baron Sti?fo't Djotl ' ouut Wiutmisen. Bland rein Fisher M.?. Hsl!c* Mrs Ch&tlrs Ktan Alter whcli. El J?]fo de A'crts by tlm two Miss Vallee's. Jo conclude Vlli 'i THE TURNPIKE GATE. Crack... Mr Dm Joe S'.ai<<lTd?t F. her Maty.. Mi?? Kate Horn "rice ut .MIuiihuju? boiss, $1 ; fii, >" vcuu ??li?ry, 25 cents. Doon oper. at 6)? o'Uocc, r*i theC>r?ia precisely H to clock. ?tOWKKY T'lKAi' ?K. A. W. JACKSON... M ANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. MRS SUA IV AS ION. I'lMNtlay KvciiIiik, Utcciubtr 9, The lerfornianr- to commence with ION, The Foundling of Argos. Ion,. Mm. Show Adimatn* Mr. J K Scott I'noiit n Clarke C testation ... ... Davenport After which, A Comic Song by Mr. Hadawsy 'I n conclude wi'h NICK OF THE iVOODS. Tha Jibbenniuos?y Mr.J R.Scott Ro*-iug Rilpu* Davenport Telle Doe Mis. Sengt-*nl f/ u?r liniriMceuu: Saeund and i'liiro ?"it ami Gallery, cent*. H<Of? Will II ' h?lf PH't 6 tti" rnn -.11 f <> '< ' UmOHIIlIT STU.KICT THIt.S ritB. PHILADELPHIA. W. E.BtiHro?i Lksssk *?r> ;'.Ivra?*^ Tuevlajr H?hiIh?. Ort'nubtr O Second Nix lit of the GERMAN MAGICIAN, Ht'RK ALEXANDER. The eveni-c's enteriainaicut will of a taiiety of sur prising ni'd pleasing EXPERIMENTS IN CHEMISTRY. FN EC MATH S, OPTICS. natural philosophy, and magic. j The price* of admission tire as follows :? i F>ro Tier of Boses and Pit 50 ceuts. Upper Tiers of Bjx?s ii " AMCH STKJCET THKATRK. PHILADELPHIA , Actimh Maaaukk Mr. 8cott. sv,m -.u Mk. H. i .H.tTmt i BENEFIT OK MR. MYERS. DOUBLE COMPANY! Arch and Chcsnut Combintd for One Week. 'l'ut'Miluy ICvmlug, December 0, THE FELON'S LAST DREAM?Blue Skin, Mr. Stevens, Jack Sheppaid, Mrs. Burke. MR. BUR ION (as Lulieu Lou) and Andrew Burke in the I farce of LOVE. LAW AND PHYSIC. j To-morrow, fust appearance of Mr. A. A. ADAMS, as j H unlet. I O t E NING OK THK GRAND GERMAN Ol'KllA, AT PALMO'S OPfcRA HOUSE, Chambers Street. The manager of the German opera t?s the honor to announce to tlie Ladies and Grutleinni of Nt>w York patronising classic Music, that he intends t > give a series ot German Ope.aa in a style, perfect in every department, as they are produced at the great theatres of Germany. The Operas advertised will be given according to their original scores. The scenery, dresses, properties and machinery, will be most perfectly adapted to the time und locality in which the plot of the Oi*ra takes place. The manager has eugnged for the production of German Opera', the following talented ar'isis:? MADAME ANTOINETTE OTTO Prima Douna, FRaULEiN Si AT H L D K KORblNSKY, Cnmprioiaria HERR W. BOUCHER, I'umo Tenons, from the Uraiid Opera Merlin, llanover, Manheim, Braunschweig. HKRR K. MEVKR. Primo Basso. HKRR HUD. R1ESE, Seem,do Tenore. IIKHH C SAUER, Secondo Bwso. HKRR 8CHKFF, Comico Basso. SIG. HA PETTI. Conductor of the Orchestra. HKRR A^.TW.NhER'G, > C,,or'" maiters. Director of the Opera HKRR F. MEYER. Stage Manage! HERR R. RIESE. Properties. Appointment* At Decorations .HKRR HAMANN Full Orchestra c mposedby TH1K1 Y-VIA Musicians, corn prisiug the best talent of the city. A most powerful Chorus has been selected, and w ill be coini*>sed of Forty Ladies ajid Gentlemeu. The first season of the (ierman Opera will open ou MONDAY, December 8th?Wfc DNEHDAV, 10th?and SATURDAY. 13th?with I) E R FREISCHUTZ. Grand Romantic Opera in 3 *ct^. by Carl Maria Vou Weber. PRI NCI PA L 1'ERSONAG fS : Ottokar, n Bohemian Prince Herr R. Ri??e Kuuo. h< ad Rauger Hei-r C. Sauer Agathe, his Daughter .. ... Made. A. Otto Aucheu, her Cousin Fraolein M. Korsinsky i Caspar, lirst Rnuger Herr F Meyer Max. secoud Ranger Herr W Boucher S.miel.the \\ ild Huiitir Heir F Schwan Hermit .Heir Lutt I Kilian. a rich Farmer Herr K. Schutpl i First Brideswiaid M me. Pi.ppeubeig Margante, a G.rl of the Inn Franlein Aluller 'l'he Ghost of Mai's Mother I*riuteiu I!< hlmann I The Ghost of .Ag 'the Krauleiu Warner ('horns of Hunters, Musicisiu, Peasants, Drides'i'.uds, etc. The scen? of at tion i? in Bolien.ia. during the time of tl.? 'i'hiitv Years War. Books of the Opera, in German and English, an origin .) English translation by'C. B. Burkarut, Esq., for sale at the Box office. __ . , _ :rt- The Swi?? Kaini^y. by Weigl?Don Gioviiini and he Magic Flute, by Moxart-aud several oth-r Ofieras ol the high est musical merit are in active 1 reparation, in which stveial I other distinguished artists will ni ke their appearance. ~>- Seats may be secured every day from 10 o'clock, A M, till 4 o'clock. P M., at the box office. Tlie sunscriytion book Is also open, and the Patrons of the Opert are re pec! 'ully in vited to honor the Manager cf the German Opera by tneir names Pricet of Admission? First Tier aud I'ar.juette $1 Secoud Tier 60 ct? Dorr* open at 7 o'clock?performance to commenc at I o'c.'k ? precisely TABEltNACtK. TEMPI-ETON'S FAREWELL, On TUP.Si)A Y not, Ihc 9th December. MB. TEMPLETON begs ? o unoa ce wi'li gratitude to )ii> liberal patrous ('he i>ut>lic) of New Vcrk, (hat iu con i qnmic- of Ins projected tour to ihe !t u h, l? riluctm tl|> u.ukes hi* fitewel1 bow, mid *ives hi? las; entertainmrut, (lor several in< nths,) iu New Vor*, on Tuetdajr mil, the ?th m?t , wlieu lie will h.ivr tli- honor uf ringing trie loll iw ,ng toiigs anil ?Len*?, with appropriate illust^atiouf'.? Pianoforte ......Mr. Austin Phili ps The instrument from J. H. Chambers, 389 Broadway. An iuter?al of ten mmut's between the parts. par i' i. Song?"The L*d? of tii? Village!" hong?"lock of fiazeldoii " Song?"The llarpthat once t r^ugh Tara'sHall." Song?"My Naouie, u Grand Scena fcom the Op* a ?f "Der Frieschu'i." Becitativ*?"Oh, 1 can hear iny fare no long.r." Aria?"Through ti e Forest, through the Meadows." PAHf II. Song?"There w<) a Jolly WiHtr once." Soug?"Roy's wife ol' .\ldvalloch " Hong?"Sally in ou" Alle>." Song?"Ye t'aulu anil Bun o'Bonnie Doou." Huuling Song?"Old Towler.'' part in. Grand Seena, by desire. "All i? Lo?t u"* 1" .... j ''Still 10 Gently o'< r me Stesli'g."' As originally ?nng by Mr. Ten pletou in ihe gia/id o|>ern of La .?x>niiambula. Song?"Here's to the Maid*u ol Baahlol fifteen."' Song?"Aulil Lang Syne." Song?"The .lolly Tlegg .r." Valedictory. Song? "The Star bluing led Banner."' , l)?ors open at T. To commence at 8 o'clock, and terminate at 10. Ticket* M <1 Programme* My be had at the Muai" ; stores, and at the doori. Tickets SO cent! oolts of the Words, price 12}, cents each, to be had at the I doors , . "Mr. TempleMn w ill alto repeat the above Entertain ment at the GOTHIC H AI.L, BROOKLY N, on THUMS DAY, the Uth instant. being his larewell and last appearance in that city, for several months. di Time THE COURT OF DEATH. The Great Morxl Pic ure, PAINTED BY REM BRANDT PJtALE, called the "Court of Death,'' will be open for a ?h?rt time to the I tiblic, on Tuesday the 9th iiut , at the Exhibition Room of the Natioual Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and l-eonard <trei t. This very impressive picture w hich a quarter of a cent iry ago elicited the admiration of nearly 3i (KM visitors, his been presi ived iu excellent coudition, aud lias since b?cu greatly improved by retouches from tne hand of iis author. It contains 2J tig tires of the size of life. Adinnston, 2S ceuis?Season Tickets, jO cents. Descriptive p imphlets to he had at the door. To be seen from 10 A. M. till 10 P.M. . d8 2t*r THE ALU AMR A, JVo n;"!> Broadway. (between Spring and Prin> >- ) WILL BE LET FOR CONCERTS, Lectures. Ladies Fa r?, and all other ie?pectab'e public enteiuuiiment* and exhibitions, on reasonable t una. No establishment in the eity can compare with it iutheele ginee auil convenience of in arranuemeuts.vid its suitableiieis for almost every description of entertainment There are seats for 1IW0 pe'sons?a beautiful stage erected, and wanned ttiiougi.ut with hor air fiirwires. il'Hi'm FIRN1' K A II I U 1 T1 ON. FINE ARTS. GRAND OPTIC GALLERY. f'HE most perfect i f its kind ever presented to the American i- public, and now open in Broadway, No. 271, corner of Chambers street, in thr>e rooms, up stair*. hours of Admission?From II o'clork A. M. till 3 P. M , and from ti till 9 iu the evening, every day in the week, Sundays ex cepted. The first Exhibition?consist ng of seven very interesting pictures, three of which ar.- in the Neorama style, absolutely n?w and never befuiw ollVred in tins city, and four iu the Cos morama character?is now in course of exposition, and will close ou Saturday night: to lie followed neat Moudty by another, of entirely differtut views, never being repeated in the successive cholines of the views once exhibited. Deta led descriptions of all the pictures may be had st the rfoor, grati??and explanation will be giv*n. if desired, in Eng lish, French Italian. German, Spanish or Portuguese. Tickets 2.'? centa?for aale at tlie music end book stores, and at the door. J7 2mrrc concerts. SOIREES, Arc. jyjB. AND. MBS. COLLINS, (the i>opular vocalists^) are C..I Mn otil o7 Im'r " * "a'ntf Kitting. 4-IX Grand street II prepared to receive engagementa Tor Concerts, Soirees, Ike., during the forthcoming season. Mrs. C. alao acta as Pianist, sod can he engaged lor private Cotillion Partiea. Further particulars on application to MBS. NEWTON, Teacher of the Piauo Forte ffst('L gallery and sparring school. J HUDSON having returned frem the South, announces i ? to his old friends and pupils, that he will be " loond it i home"at his nrw ruatdence, JI5 Broadwev, recond floor,where ' he will devote his lime in giving instruct tons in the noble art , of Self-Defence. . . ... Terms moderate. Open during the day and in the evening, i oia in Jrc gymnasium, No. ? ANN STREET. WM. FULLER r?"i'ertfully informs the Gnitlt-men of New York ud v einily, that his Gymuaa'utn i< now OpN f<* the reception of pnpila. W. K resi > cifully calls ih attention of the tacnlty, parents and gaardiana to ards this establishment. * hich he aamres will be roudocted in the atrict I est manner. Sparring taught as u ual. W F. haa ni 'de an wrangement with Mr. Hamilton, teacher ' of th? Ame'ican and Kiench Broad Sword, also the Small I iword and M v?ke? Esereise Teraas Brnlerst* n?7 tw*rh > LATEST 1NTELLI61HCE BY TUB MAILS. Important from Washington ? ^rogreM of tbt Opposition to the Administration. We have received rorne very interesting intelli gence from our special corn spondeat in Wash ington. Tlie organization of a mrious and extraordinsry opposition, to be composed of democrats and whis[s, agaiutt the admi'ii.tration, is making some pro gress in Washington, and will tend to increase the interest in the occurrences in that city during the winter. There are twenty-eight democratic Senators now in Washington; and, of these, only twenty-ons could be convened iu caucus to nominate the officers ot the Snate and select the committees. They nominated Judge Sturgis, of ? ;<-org!a, for Secretary, in the place of Mr. Dickens, as before mentioned, and Salisbury, of Pennsylvania, for Door-Keeper. Saliibury received 11 votes, and Henry E Kiell 10. It will be recollected that Salisbury was elected to the Baltimore Convention as a Van Buren an, but resigned in favor of an anti-Van Burenite. It is said that Col. Benton threatens to oppose these noin isations, and, if so, there was probably warm work in the Senate yesterday. It is given out that this crusade is not so much against Dickens as against those under him, who are represented to be whiga. It is to oust them that the attempts are made to toss him overboard. Among a few, it seems certain that none of the caucus nominations will be elected. All, of course, depends upon the way the whig Senators vote Allen. Haywood, and, it is said, Bugby, will go with Benton. It is intimated that Dixon H. Lewis will be Chair* man of the Committee on Finances in the Senate, and Ingersoll Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations m the House. Every thing relative to Mexico is kept very close. A messenger arrived at Washington, two days ago, from the Envoy to that Republic. It is a matter of doubt whether he could bring any thing of import ance, for the Envoy had not arrived at Vera Cruz. Our next intelligence from Washington will be interesting Warm work is good for cold weather Waslilngtoii. [(. orreipondeuce of the New York Herald.) Washington, Dec. 7,1845. Mutiny in the Barrack*. We are afraid that while all is harmony in the House, the troubles are just commencing in the Senate. Old Bullion appears to be intractable, and threatens to be unmanageable. Sacrificing the com manding position which he had attained?sacri ficing it through his devious and unaccountable course on the Texas annexation, he seems yet de termined upon the principle of "rule or ruin.* He voted with the whigs against conferring upon the President of the Senate the appointment of the committees; he declined on Friday going into the Senatorial caucus, at which Sturgis, of Georgia, was nominated clerk: and it is now very likely, in deed, that he and Weetcott will no against the regu lar nomination, and iu favor of Dickens, which will render the election of Sturgis decidedly dubious, provided Bagby and Westcott side with the great Missourian, as ihey did upon tljesubject of the com mittees. We expect Mr. Calhoun will be elected Chairman of Finance. It is said that Col. Benton approves the appointment, and there are many who can scarcely accredit this evidence of partiality for Mr. Calhoun on the part of the renowned Expunger. There is nothing marvellous in the matter at all. Mr. C-al houu, as Chairman on Finance, will have his hands lull, and wiih his peculiarly radical free trade no ions, us such chairman will fail to achieve anything potential to hi.* own advantage respecting the suc cession. Besides, he will have no time to watch the junketings and log-rolling, and *mill intrigues of the men mi the vires. His duties as the head of the Finance Committee, will keep him out ot mis chit t. Disengaged from any burdensome task of the kind. Col. Benton will have full play in ukine cognizance of all insidious movements, in doors ana out of doors, for lum or against hirn. It iB not, therefore, remarkable, and does not evince any great degree of fujiernaiural magnanimity on the part of Col. Benton to acquiesce in, and * even to push the appointment of Mr. Calhoun us Chairman oil Finance. Tne administration appears to be fully advised of the dis tlection of ihe Great Western. Hence tbt? deleat of Mr. Weller, (Mr. Benton's man) as candidate for Cleik ot the House?hence, the de teat of Gov. McDowell, in the Virginia legisla ture, as candidate for the United States Senate Go vernor McDowell was Col. Beuon's man, and it is positively alleged that the authoritative democrats of the Virginia Assembly were admonished by an of ficial protocol trorn Washington, against the nomi nation in caucus ot the unfortunate Governor, at ih?ir peril. The deleat of Dromgoole and Smith re I suited from their sectional location. They are East ern Virginians, and Western Virginia demanded the Senator as her right Governor McDowell is a Western man?an able man, and a Capable man ; but he is Col. Benton's man, and Col. Benton is sus pected as a heretic, and he ij to te first coerced into the taith and into allegiance, before any favors are to be granted to him by this administration. He is a man, however, not to be coerced, and, and this fact admits otthe apprehension that there is mit-chief brewing, atid thai we are yet to have a squabble among Uie heHds ol the family. In the senatorial caucus, last Friday, there were twentv-two Senators present; and in addition to Col. Benton, Mr. Haywood was absent, and Mr. Westcott, supposed to he committed to Mr. Dickens for Secretary. It appears, also, that the vote was tartrom unanimous in caucus tor Judge Sturgis ? The incumbent is charged as having, during tne in terregnum, written letters to all'the Senators, or nearly all, soliciting their suffrages for his re-elec tion. A number ot democrats committed them selves in their responses to these applications, and voted accordingly lor Mr. Dickens in caucus. Now the question arises, does such vote redeem the pledge of such Senators 1 Is a vote in caucus a le gitimate vote ? Doubtlul, to say the least ot it. Mr. Bagby, we understand, is one of the Senators thus committed, and we shall see what he considers the constitutional redemption of a pledge, on Monday next, if indeed it he true that he dia pledge himself on the appeal of Mr. Cochrane of Ala bama, to the support of Mr. Dickens. These remarks will apply, in the main, to tho question ot the printing. It Col. Benton, Mr. West cott, and Mr. Bagby vote against the House print ers, they are defeated, and the chances are that they will so vote. Fram these foreshadowings, the trouble which we had hoped and prayed was well over, appears just to be in its development, like the holes in an old doublet. But from all the impending evils just ly to be feared Irom these unlavorable symptoms, may we have a sjieedy deliverance. Washington, Dec. 8, 1845. Arrivals, &c. .Senator Peniiybacker, of Virginia, has arrived, also Senator Berrien, und several other Senators are expected by Monday morning?perhaps Mr. Webster, perhapi Mr. Calhoun, among them. C. J. McNulty, it is also reported, has made his appearance. Alter escaping from fits guards in Ohio, he came straight on to Washington, to stand up bt.tore the Criminal Court and Judge Crawford, in answer to four remaining indictments of defalca tions, while Clerk ot the House, of the contingent funds ot that body. Mr. Hoban, District Attorney, having, before ins appointment by the President, been engaged an counsel for the "defence in this cause, Mr. Kendall, his predecessor, will conduct the prosecution. Mr. J. M. Carlisle, a sharp and active little barrister, takes the place of Mr. Hoban for the prisoner. Baltimore, Dec. H, i*io 7V Herald and the A'ewi?Snow Storm?The Rape Ti >at fare*?fire?Market!, 4~e. The Herald came booming along on Saturday night, in advance of all other New York papers, at usual, with (he news by the Cambria, from Europe. The news is not regarded by our merchant* at sufficiently favoiaM* to sustain the present prices of flour, and a decline is anticipated. They will, however, wait, befire operat ing, to hear what effect it has on the New York market* We have quite an old fashioned snow storm this moru ing, and a* the street* wer* pretty well ioe bound, th? merry jingling of the sleigh bells may be anticipated before night. It is now about two inchoi deep, and roi" tinue* falling at a lively rate Your old Baltimore *g?nt, Mr. Short*, formerly of the Arm of fihuitf fc Wilde, (now Tailor & Wilde,) has gone into the wstch, jewelry and plate businesi,and underMie firm of Sliurt* k. Lyon, has opened a magnificent est?b ? Ii?hnent on Baltimore street, neur duutli. Raneeii to ' 'Another act ill the fare* of the "rap* trials," w-ii en acted on Saturday, in admitting Andrew J. Mutgmvo, one of the five ndicted for the commission of n on Margaret F.hrman, to bail, In the sum of f w cn ') ? nt.on given for raiting thebiilitom at i thetf honors had rtaed it to <^000, i* ta?t >n ? of ' t

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