Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERA1 Vol. XI., No. 311?Whole No. 4103. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER It, 1845. Prle? Two Centt. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Kvery day. Price 2 cents percopj? $7.25 p-nuuum?P'yahie in advanc*. , WEEKLY ! I LRALD?Every Saturday?Price 6,l4 ceuts per copy? S M2S cent* per auimm?payable lu advance. ADVi- RTlSiMENTS ?t the usual prices?always cash ill advance. . .... PRINTING of all kind* exeuted Willi beauty and det patch. AM letteri or communication', bv mail, uddretsed to the establishment, mutt be po.t paid, or ti e pontage will be deducted from the subscription monev remitted JAMES UOKDON BENNETT, Preprint r ol the Niw York Hrhald Estahmsiimeht, Nortnwest corner of Kultou nud Nassau streets. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. t?8& ?m CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOW*, Comrncuciug ou Monday, September l.'.th, 1341 Leave New York?At 7 o'clock, A. iYl., Button Train for Oreeuport, daily, ctunday* excepted. stopping at H' trmingdale and St. George's Manor. Leave Brooklyn?At 9H A. M ,lor Farming inle and intermedi ate placet, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, through to Oreenportand intermediate places. " at 4 P. M., for Farmiugdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Orevnpoit?dustun Train, at 4 <> c(o< k, P.M. >r on tile arrival of t!ie steamer from Norwich, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at 8t. George's Manor and Fariningdale. " ai'Jo clock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, ou Mondayt, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave Faimiugdale?For Brooklyn,at o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Jamaica?For i.rooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M and 2'i P. M.,ilai:y. Sunday* exc-ptcd. fcre to Bedford I cents; Kast New York 12>i; Kace Course 18V; 1 rotting Course 18*;, lamaica 25; Brushville Hyde Park 17 mitfs 37j<; rJlowsville, (during smsiou ( oust,) 37%; Hempstead 37JS; Brauch 37J?: Oarle Place 44; Westbury 44; JIicksville 44; ?'*rmingdale 42)4: Deer Park 89; Thompson 8E; Suffolk Station I 00: Lake Road Station 1 18V; Menford Station I 18X; Millville 1 50; St. George's Manor 1 C3.V*; Riverliead 1 62%-, James|M>rt 1 62/S; Mattetuck 1 62}{; Cut cnogue 1 62)Houthohl 1 t>2X> Oreeuport, Acc'n. traiu, 1 75; Gremp<jrt by Bintm Train ? 00. Singes are in readiness on the arrival of Traius at the several Stations, lo take passengers at very low Fares, to all part* of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall Jtreet, to receiv* Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes b* fore the lionr of starting from the Brooklyn side. ?the bleainer Statesman leaves Oreeupert for Sag Harbor twiee each day ou the arrival of llio Trains from Brooklyn. nfirc RALh.lOH AND GABION itAll.KUAU or FOR SALE. kN MOND AY,the 29th day _of December uext, by virtue ' of a decreu of the Coart of Eauity for Wake County, at its Autumu Session, 18)5, in a suit of the Governor, for the use of the State of North Carolina, to foreclose a Mortgage, there tofore executed bv the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Company, to indemnity the State against certain liabilities for said Com pany, 1 w ill sell at pudiic Auction, at tne Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh and Gastou Railroad Company aforesaid, (so far as the same is known to me,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gaston, on the North tide of the Roanouke river, in the direct line of public conv vanceto Petersburg, City Point, Richmond. Washington CUy, Baltimore. Sic U.r , together with all Bridges, Depots, Workshops and Tools, Warehouses, Water Stations, Engines, Cart, Sic ike. Also, the stock of Iron. Lumber, and Kire Wood, which may then be on hand, and all other articles own td and used by the said Company lor keeping up raid Railroad, and traniporiali n 011 th" same. From tne nature of the pro perly it will be sold en ma The purchasers, by the terms of the Decree, and the Act of the Legislature in relation to it, will become, ipso facto, a body corporate, by the mine and tty le o( the present Company, and will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights and immu nities now possessed by it, for the term of 80 years, which its charter has yet to run. These franchi>f?s and privileges are ol tlie most advuiUgeuus kind to the Company, and may be found S|large in their chart-r, contained iu the 2d Volume ol the Revised Statute* of North Carolina, nape 299, which is to be seen at the Seats of Government, ana in most ot the Public Libraries of the States ol the Union. The whole purchase money must hear interest, stthe rate of R per cent per milium, from I lie day of sale, and he paid as fol lows, to wit: 825,000 at the end of six mouths, audllie residue ill four instalments, at intervals of ten months each?say 1st, 2#?'i Jtm?. I84fi, 2d, 29th ' piil, 1347, one-fourth of the remainder. 3d, 2f?th February', 1818, one-fourth of do. 4th, the 2"th of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. 5th, t'n<29th of October, 1819, one-fourth of do. The cost of this Railroad hmI i s appurtenances, completed only five yeais since, Was tl.tiOO.IKi;/?one hall <)f which we borrowed; creating a debt bearing interest, on failure to pay which, a sale has become necessaiy. The gradiug. bridges, depots, Ike. are executed in an excellent style of workmanship. Cars tuu daily ov?r it, carrying the Mail of the United States, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route.) at a com pensation of ilOii per mi'e, llr $8,700 |H-r annum. .And, traver sing a fertile region of country through early its whole length, its freights lor the transportation 01 Produce and Mer cliandize, independently of the receipts from Pussengers, afford a considerable addition to the ordinary sources of profits on railroads. Though not, now, yielding a profit ou the larp? sum expended in its constriction, its income fiat beeu increasing tor soiao time past, and it is confidently be'ieved that it would prodnce a reasonable return npon a more moderate amount of aapital invested in its purchase. y The sale will be made without reserve, at the time and place ?f. lesaid, at which those inclined to purchase, are respectfully iiwitedto atteud. Tne purchase rnaney mnst be secured by bond with approved ,1Uet'CB CHARLES L. HINTON, Fu'dic Treasurer of the Slate of North Carolina, at d Sivcitj Commissioner of the Court of Equity, 111 this cause. Raleigh, N.C., OctoDertt, 1845. [C/? The following i>ai-.'rs will insert the foregoing adver tisemeut C" days, ?iid forward their bills for payment, with a ptp reoutaining the >sme, to the siiascriher: Boston Atlas, S'rw York lb raid, Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. State* titixrlte, Rirbmonu Enquirer-Old Richmond Whig, Charlestoji Conner, Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Pioayune, and N.C. fltaadarj. C. L. H. olSKrn m CEiNTltAL RAIL KOAU FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. DISTAiXCE llWi MILES.' THIS r. OAl^it Open for the transportation of Penaengrra an<l Kreiclit. Ruin of Pottage I 00 Rate* of Freight *17. ; On weight goodt generally M cent! per hundred. 811 measurement goodi 13 cent* tier cubic foot. il lnrre!a wet (cxcept ipolaatt* mid oil) SI 50 per barrel. On barrela dry (excejg lnne) 80 cent* per barrel On iron in piK? or bun caitinga for mill*and unboxed m lOhinery... 10 cent* per huud.-rd On hhda nnd pipe* of liquor not over 120 gallona f' 00 per hlid. On hhda molaatet and oil... too " (kiodx uddrcated to F. Winter, Aci-ut, forwarded free o commission. THOMAS PIJKSE, ?11 Jin 'r (Jon 1. Sup't. Transportation. Mali. LINE FOIL BOSTON. sgaga L)'!? OVKi; ?ilil'. UiNUMSI.aTTlTkaII. KOAD, VIA UKIV LONDON, NORWICH fy WOJiCHSTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Wkitahill ?.tp' t, Houth F-rry?Snndays excepted. W:v Cntea are tu readmeta to itc?ir< bigiagtfor Ntw London, Norwich and Warceatei". Bagg.-w bn Uo?tn.i goea through tinder lock. julG tfrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. fcA!'Kt:.ih vNl' I'll k.\KKK l'A<' KET MN From Philadelphia to Pittaburih via the Petduylrania /'-<0I fo uh^iid Cauai?through in dnya. The above line i* now n full operation ami offer* ^reat iiidncemenratopertoua who with ?lIuuuiI inodeof travelling to the ve?t. The cars"re built in i!,e moat epprovecl modern afyle.the i bor.U me Cited up in a auperior manner,and every effort n irinilr : by the proprietori to eoudur e to (he cfnifovt and convenience of travellers. The aeunery ou thia route it unrivalled, and the Sent chainof Peuutylvauia internal improvemei tin vi-11 wot y of being aoen. By thi* r-nte paaaengert av?id all ih? faiinur i aud darker* ai upon atigt trndlimi. and atihe tamo time make an ex peditioaa trip. The cue leave every motnitigM 7 o'clo<A. rataeuge: < are ad- | viae J to ensure their placet at rLiladeljihi'i. Oftin in Philadel phia N. E. corner of Cheanut and Fourth ttieeu, ..mi i t No?. 11 in.l li South Third at-,. A. CUA1MIN?i3, Agent. Philadelphia. May 17, IMS. Kor information, m the city ot N*w ? oik. m'piy to A. H. KNlSK' L. Agent lor r"J|1 f-n tu t> Lf.Kt'U It flO.'i l.iee 7 ijj "* :i ?-?*. HOTIVR. ?* : VSSSClt TAT)ISLAND FERRY. On Wednesday, Dtcember J, the trip! on thia ferry will b? at followa:? . I.eaieS'aten (aland B'4, 10, A. M. 1,4V, P. M. Leave New York !). ia. A. M. J'4, J, P. M. <1.1 roc FOR SAUUERTiES AND OATSkTU jxiSU-V t /ail ?JJ,1 ?.Splendid Steamboat JAMES M UM ^L=?* ,-<: cja*SON, Cap! h . J. I . p|>erly, will leave the foot -JfcJt-'l Cedar .treet, eve. y Monday, Wednesday, t-atuntay nt 6 O clo<-k, I JV1. I or freight <>r paa>ng<, apply o.nd, orto t>. F. Waiaewight, Agent, uu th. wharf. NOTICE. The PEOPLE'S LINE have trade a'raiige imemx W'th the powerful at'amerj l ili \ _ .and NORWICH, to "">t0 Albany (or hr a?ilie ire will permit,) tveijr day at S o'clock, P M. till further rk. D?- V>. ??'?'? M r 3^ l'Aj K v'? ?? L.I-J.L. ? iu . I'ut ,il ahipAllf;Oi..., I apuin nl.n.lie. v< . i-tellegh, gwill anil on the lat 'if lanmuy, 1841. F or Ireiifhtor pa?*:.n~, amity to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, 103 Front ?ti i el, or to noi I) In 11INCKEN, rl:'. me !> Tonlii r Diiildiiig*, ,Ni. 8J Wall, c r. W It r ?ta il Oil 1NFW OHLKANH?Loniiiana and >pw , 'v ork Line? regular paeket?1To aail Saturday, I3ih B?1Ion ?(eirani leal aailmg packet ahip SARTFLLF. faylor, mule , will imaitively aail aa above, her r. gular <j*y For freight or pnaaage, Imvinc handaome (hrnuhari ieeom modatloua,ai ply OB bnaid at (.iileana whnrf, font of Wall at . orto fc- K COLLINS Ik CO., 16 Honth at. P'laitieely n.i gooda received on board after iriday evening. Illli 1>i ? Pm:ktt ahip LOUISVILLE, Hunt, matter, will tucci-ed the far telle, gad tail Ud of December, her regular day. ?tate or to HP'.HSAGE KROM GREAT BRITAIN AND 1 IHKLANL), ?ia Liverpool. Those s?uduig for their friends call have them brought out at th* lowestrat* by the n aular line ofp 'Cket ships, tailing every five days; Si' drafts cnn, as usnsl, be furnished lor any amount, payable at all th?* priucip 1 banking iustitotijna throughout the United Kingdom ., t 61 South street. New York IiERDMAN, KEENAN k CO., , J7 m Liverpool. KOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The rt'JIiVLiue of Liverpool P.ickets, consisting of lhe slups jiUiifaKvs 1US, Siddous. Sheridan and Garrick. J hey were builtiuttiis city by Brown Bl Bell, wiih miusual care; for mo dels mntrmls (a very large proportion ol their fiauirs being live oak) and workmanship, they are unsurpassed, il net uue quilled. Halted on the stocks aud re-salted every year since. Their accommodations for passengers very extensive ana hamWely furnished.,^|ffiLL1Ng h CO.. y. So,th rt SI KOR SALE?TK? barque DUC D'OKLEANS, burthen per legister 310 tons, and carries 4 600 liajels nu built at Bristol, Maine, of white ore i j wai new ceiled, coppered and thoroughly overhauled about en hteen nioutlis since; is double decked; length lit icet. bre "Jth ?"7 fe-t, between decks 5 fret ti inches. hold 1- lect inches. Applv to Captain HOODLESS, on board, or to BOYD it HINt'Kf N ,9 Tontine Building, d2 mc No. IM W?ll. corner-Water sta. _ KOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?tteimlM tJSfV^cketof 21st December.-The superior I ?t sa.lira Lr , ,llt . (J v EKl'OOL, Capt John Eldridge.llOO in bu'theu, will sail asabove, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid, largo aud comfortable - rooms and cabin, yjIjuli/sT*^'^TURNf '' >7 South street. Price of p?j?age $100. _ The packet .hip Uu?rn of the West, 1150 tons burthen, Capt Phillip Woodhouse, a ill succeed the Liverpool, and sail ou in?r regular day.'<l?i J m. n - re ?mcfr- KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regulnr t'actet tHfiof the Mill Dec.-Th- elegant fast tailing Packet ?p??3fiaShip S1PDONS, E. B.Cobb, master, ol 1100 tans, ' will sail ns above, her regular day. ! For freight or passage, having accommodations u.iequaJt uxor I ipltndor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf,loot | 01 Wr" ?T K. C0LLLN8 & CO.. * Soath street. Pries of passage $100 . . , I T?*e elegant last sailing packet ship Sheridan, G. B. Cornish, mssiTr, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Siddous ana sail 26th j Jau . her regular d.\v j IO THE PUBLIC. _ I GIVE MY ARTICLES A TKTAL AWD JUDGE FOR YOURSELF iW'AUK \NT them all to be as repr.stilted, or the money rvfuudt d. 1 MY KAU LUSTRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE. , Tl ?i atiiversnlIy approved aud admired article, free from ar- ? deat spirits, pungent essential oil, and other destructive mate- | | rids, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautilully ! bright, a* d imparls to it the delicate fragrance of th? liowera.? I rtnir wa-hrd Willi this Kilract soou becomes plrisingly si lt and luxuriant in its growth: and it will positively bring iu new hair oob ild he.ids by its us.-, and hair that ha* been m id?- harsh, i and is turning grey or filling out, V*y the use ol spirit or other improper preparations, will soon he restored to its natural co I lor and brilliancy by a few applications ol the JCau Lustral. 1 It in a preservative against baldness, and an uifallib.e cure in | , all alfectious of the skiu on the d.mdruft?and for pre- . I venting the fall ii.g off ofihe hair and turning grey. i It is the simple produce and immed ate extract of some | i plai ts salutary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it diseuguges the Epidermis and Capillary* of the corr?-sive action of the Perspiration, and ot the dry and ? de d paiticles th^t it deposits. '1 nis preparation purities the i hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softne-s, and an :igretuble and vivifying peri ume. h\ IDEiNOLi j Nature is an inexhaustible mine, in which experieuce and siudy will always find room to excavate ; it is that source, ! alone, which produces all man calls invention, aud which 1 he would do better, perhaps, to name adaj>t?tioiis. For sale, wholesale aud retail hy JULfcS HAULL. Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia. i and by my agents J. B. Jaequeuiwd. No. 415 Broadway; J* -A. Arnult, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 141 and Ul Broadway; A. 1 Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar and William streets | premiums was awarded at the franklin Institute. ul6 1m rc i THERE CAN JIE NO TEACHING WITHOUT A MASTER. rr>HE Kreuch LanKiMKe, at ouce the easiest learned and inist A fashionable acquirement of the day, is taught by I rou ssor P. Kowalewski on the oral and most approved system, adapting i his lessons to the capacity of his pupils in such a manner a* ! will ensure a knowledge of the language in a very short space | | of time. He has been honored with pupils from the lamilies | of the following distinguished gcutlenien, to whom he can ! rcfcr 'Hon. Henry Clay, lion. Caleb Cashing. Hon. Thos. H. Benton, Hon. Levi Woodbury, and others. Louu McLuie Hon. Secretary Walker, , m 1 German aud French tanaht. Terms moderate Apply at^No. 1 310 Broadway. P. KO WALEH 8KI. \ 08 1 m*r I r A?CAK L> " TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. \ L AD Y of superior taleuts and acquif?meut?, is desironsol I iXhavinu afnw in'irepupils to instruct iu Music. Her method of instruction will be found to be the most espeditious in pro inntma thera iu the thorough kuowle<l|;e and theory o! the ncieiice of nny now lan*hi. , A hut directed to R.M., at the office of this paper, will be | tits I y attended to. lm're CHICK. EK1NGS PIANOFORTE WARE ROOMS, /iiiii Broadway. JCHICKERINO would inform the public, th.-.t he has re ? moved his Pianos Irom th? comer ol Broadway ana rark "lace, to Rooms No 5 and 7 Laf.irge Buildins, 293 Bnwdv ay, 6 loors above llea-le street, wherehe will keep * Reuernl assort inriit at the same prices as at his l ictory in Boston The public are invited to tall i.t his rooms and eiamine the nreyenr .Ti.rk. "? ""'r FIA>?U KORTES KOR HIKK.aHII Brosdwav, up .talrs ?DANIEL WALKER, Mi nufaciurerof Tiano Fortes, has constantly on hand an estei.sive assortment ol elegant Hose wool 'lid Mahogany Puno Korte*. kept eiclusively for lure, i'icIiiik Cirrnin ami Cabinets, with six and seven octnyes.? A Odd vledal. tlu largest premiuut, was uwarded to bim at the last Kair of th- Amer can Inititute, for improvements in i'i\uo Kortes. N.B. An Organ with four stops, in good con dition, suitable lor a small church or private lamily, lorsale .'heap or to loan o itiin^. Store 411 Broadway, Manufactory 44 West 14th ?t. nenr 6rh avenue. lln rrc " IMPORTATION Ub' WATCHES. HAVINOjnst received from Europe, with a new assortment of fine Gold and 8:lvtr Watches aud Movements, a lot o Independent Seconds, and double tune Watches and ,.love" [?leu's, of an entirely new style and of supeiior finish. We talie this opportunity to call the atteiitiou ol all persons in the watch business to visit our stock, which, iu every r.;spect, will be fouud advantageous, both for MAI RE, No. 177 kulton street. New \ ork. r. S ?Engaged also in the watch mailing buuness, we c m tiniie to attend to the repairing of all kinds of watchtB, and par r i *ila* ly those of fine aud difficult works. nil lm in WATCHES!-WATCHES AND "JEWELRY.?Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Wulcnes, Gold Chain-, G<<ld I'encils, Keys, 4i?., will find it greatly to their ndvantnge to call on the subscriber, who is sel'ing a I ,descni>* tiomol th" at ove at retail uiuch lower than any other house inthecity. Oold Watc' es an low :is$Mnud $2)eauh. Watch es nud Jewelry exchanged or bought All watches warrauUd to ktcp good tin;.-, or the money refunded. ft. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesaleai*l Retail, 51 Wall street, i'12 lm're "P C U A MICA L 11 A LSA M. Or Hair Invl^orator. \HK.MKDY for nil diiease. incidental to the Hair and its . re<torative, iu all cases wheve Baldness is not beyond the j reach of art. . ? ... _ t. I MkRIIS OPTHK CHKMICI. BjI SAM OB HaIH iNvmoHTon.?Jt i revents Baldness. It removes Uandrilf and Cutaneous Scrutl. it keeps the Hair in its color aud prevents it from lurking grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be lie.' that .is a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it will be found o'u trill uuerjaalled Prepared solely by E. rha lou, No. 211 Bro .dway. ..... . ou i AneuU?O. Kish & Co., Wasliiugtou, I). Ui Ayei? kPhelan, ?6 L oad st.. Colnmbns Georgia ; lnttle, Assembly Build ings, corner of Tenth and Chesnut st?? I'hiUdelphia; H. Mice, .-oru'-r <f Court and Howanrd; streets, Boston : ? B. Brt w ? r, No. 10J Kultou St.. Brooklyn; M. S HetcVr, Mareb.*. ijl-.! r Co.. N. Y.j V. B. Loci, row, No. 54 B?aver stp et, Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South Carolina; S. Tousey, Syracuse, N V.; Gorton Anderson, Newport, II. I ? aud No. H'-l Division street, opj>o?ite Ludlow. .N. Y. o'J Im'mr FRENCH CHINA. 1.3 OEKARDIN, 15 John street, has Just received on con- : r . A'gnnv nt and offers for sale, at very reasonable prices, s splendid assornnent of the lollowing srticles :? Kicli Kt ucy Decerated Dinner and ftessert : Sets, from $75 (Ml to S1.0 00 Rich h'ancy Decorated Tea Sets from... $12 M to $125 '.0 , " " " '1'oilct Sets " " " Tete-a-tete " " " Vases ?.. " " " Mbus and Coffers, with mottors, end Cologne Bot'les.iic. , PI tin White China of every description always ou hand anu , der.irdted to match any pattern. ... i Dinner, Dessert and Tea Sets, of every description, sold in ! any oiiactitv re<|uirrd GLASS WARE. On co'.isigninent from minnlacttiicrs, snd for ??'?, a laifv as sort inrnt nl Plain and R'ch Cut Glass, of every daacr'pt^n, at ( K. OKKARDIN. u22 lm*rc 15 John street, up sttiirs. | ARTIFICIAL EYES \'i AOE AND INSERl'Ew hy DR. J. GRAY, No. 119 ill towery, N. Y. ihe only m nufactnrer of the llnnuu Artificial Eye in the United States Any person that wishes to lie well suited, shoulJ always apply to the maker, who has b>en in the art forty yesrs. dft lw r MONEY LENT?MONEY LENT. 1 llh. Ilighesl prices advanced, in large and small sums, on F Jtwelry, Diamonds, gold and Silver Watches. PUte, Wear nm Apparel, end every description of iiersonal property. JOHN M D AVI EM, Licensed Pawnbroker, o28 1 m * re 232 William street near Duaiie street. SOLAR LAMPS, CHANDELIERS, GIRANDOLES' TEA TRAYS, See.. rat HE SUBSCRIBER has just opeued a jplcndid assortment 1 of Solarl amps ofvarious patterns; Suspending ami Bracket Solar.; Chandeliers with from one to five light*; Hilt and Bronzed Girandoles, of entire new patterns, trimmed with English prisms of th? finest lustre, in sets and pairs. \lso an assortment of Japanned lea frays, of Oothie snd oval patterns, which he offers foi sale at wholesale and retaU, upon the must rta?mable:erms.oHN ^ MORGAN, 151 Knlton street one door east'ol Broadway N. B.-Wanted at Uie above establishment, a good journey mm Umr maker. "" "" "lr JAMES A SWAIN. V ASH TAILOR, ;?53 Ilromlwny, n29 lm're CARI<TON HOUSE. LEFT OFF WARIJROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. , ? , , (\ ENTLEMEN and Eamilies can obtain the full value Iot M all kinds of aniwrlluons effects they wish to dispose of, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Arpa'el, rire Arms, Kuruitnre, he. tieutlemen leaving or rctarning to the city will find it to their advantage to smid lor the subscriber, who pledges himself to give a fair price lor all articles offered N B.?Aliue through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to T. Ll.VENSTYN, ..37 li ,*mc 4M Brosdr-sr, no stain L>TVr"c,H I LABTEH- A lew tops ol ('rentli VUstei I l1 s il* by _ BOYD k H1NCKEN. <U itma ? Tentime flmiidtm, N?. M Wall it Tile Ileal Causes of the Recent Pall In Nlwlu. A TALE OK WALL STREET. " The Dttil'i in Wall street, laid Rirhard to Robin, The Dtvil'l in Wall it reel, laiil Robin (? Bobbin, The Dtvil'i in Wall $treet, mid John ah atone. The Devil'i in fftll street, tatd errry on?." Mothkk Goose's Mr.LODiai. Not very long sine#, from his regions below, Old Scratch took a fancy to roam ; For he thought- as * great many gentlemen do, '1 o ti Devil of spirit there's nothing to blue, So confoundedly stupid, ax borne. 80 ho brushed up his whisker* and settled hia hat, Now a shade to this side, now a trifle to that ; Adjutted his (lie proof coat wilh an nir, And folded nis tail with particular caro. " Poor devil; of mortals," seid he with a grin, As he snugly disponed of the emblem of sic 5 j " We must humor your notions of things for the present, For our ' national costume' is not vary pleasant: The Devils you prize Ate those imps in disguise ? Rich Devil*, great Devils, and Devils of fashion? Your Devils of rank, and your Devils of station, But Satan must charm by u winning outside, For the horns and the tail you would never abide." The midduy chime Of passing time Rings slowly forth from the VVull street clocks : And bull and boar Aie gathering there, In knots of one, and two, and thiee, Each discussing, right earnestly, The rise and (all ot stocks : The tumult was high, aud the words were loud, As Old Scratch sauntered slowly through the ciowd. " Oh yes," said he in soliloquy, " 'jThe Street' is the place ol all places for me j There's not m the wide world a vallev so sweet A.s the vale in whose bo^omtho stockholders meet, What a nice lot of fellows will fall to my share." And he looked around with a satisfied air, " How they shuttle and barter and bargain for me, And wou'tl reward 'em ??oh, certainly !" But Wall strcot jobbers are not to be 1 done,' By the very best devil uuder the sun, They smoked Old Nick in the scratch of a pen, And each wondering clerk peeped out of his den With a cuiious stare. At the great millionaire. While Iris friends Hocked around andwolcomed him there. His I'reaence soon added new life to the scene, Ten rascals sprang up where one rascal had been, E*ch engaged in the labor, Of cheating his neighbor. But comical fellows, excessively civil, Solely given to jokes, but unconscious of evil, Who would not for worlds do a dishonest action, Oh no?it is merely " a little transaction 1" On'i offered a stock that would mount to the sky ; | No bubble before ever floated to high ; While an ithnr suggested a capital hit j Might be made ol some scares in the bottomless pit, With a piivate tunnel to ruu under ground, Or d railroad to expedite travellers down. " But before I'm a buyer May I dare to enquire If in regions below you insure against Are?" So with stochs and insuiancc, and bargains aud shares, Magic telegraphs, railroads, and stock-jobbing wares? This thing and the ether, They made sucn a poth.r; ? In short they so mauled him, That the Devil was glad when a friend overhauled him. " How are you, old fellow 1 Are you buyer or seller? j The market is ripe lor a giand speculation: I If you'll join m? we'll multe a first rate opera'ion. Only just sell a share, In this lotteu affair Of a railroad, which goes to?the Devil knows where? The ?tock is at seventy?that's all a tlam - The knowing ones say it is not worth a d?n; Besides, the d rectors mismanage affairs, And the road is quite useless, for want of repairs? You are certain to make a transaction rublime, By becoming a sailer at sixty days time." | Oh, ne'er since the days of primovul creation, Was the Devil avorse to a neat speculation: Suffice it to say, Ere the clote of the day, His inteiest roso to a pietty laige fraction He was fairly afloat in a" little transaction!" Sixty days have passed away, ! And the brokers of Wall street are blithe and gay, | Sixty days are gone and p st, The stock is cornered?aud Nick is fast'. ! The Prince ot all Evil has met with his match, And " The Street" has the honor of doing Old Scratch! 'Vis three of the clock, and Satan i? seen With a cheerful brow ai.d satisfied mien, Slowly sauntering over the scene. Up the street ne takes his way? He heeds not the voicos that urge his stay. " What, no revenge," says a pnssir by? " Will you let them triumph so easily?" " My friend," said old Nick, with a pi asant grin, " Dont tike it to heart ?let those laugh who win ? Tnese fellows think they have wonderful skill, But my speculations are deeper still. They think they've finished mo root nnd stem? They've co liered the stock- but I've cornered ihera! Let them play their tricks, they aie not eternal; We'll teach them better in regions infernal. My imps are gentlemen?even my stokers A10 angels to some of j our Wall street brokers; For be sure, my excellent friend aud brother, That evon in h?11 wo don't cheat one unother'." McCarnon Hiplty (Mis*) Advertiser contain*! the iolh.iwtu^ account ot the execution of McCannon, convicted ot' the inunler ot the Adcock fa rally. Our renders will recollect the occti. reneo aa one ot the m at shocking murders in tne animU of crime: ? Wc have delayed the issue of our paper for the purpose ?.if giving an account of the execution of A. J. McCannon. lie was brought out of hid ceil, habited in hi* shroud, at about n quarter to eleven o'clock, under the charge oi the sheriff, and guarded; attended, also, at his own re ijuest, by the lie v. Mr. Koden. Upon mounting the cart, iioly sci'vice wa? commenced by singing an appropriate hymn; alter which, the He v. gentleman offer cu up a fer vent uu<l affecting prayer in behalf of the doomed man. Another h> mil u us then sung, and Mr. Koden deliveied in impressive discouiso tipouTthe U2d und ?3d verses of the Prophecy of Jeremiah- a text Delected by theciimi ual himself. Alter the sermon, Mr. lloJeu again prayed, and it. was announced that McCannon himself wished to speak to the a?semblnge. He did so at .some length, but uither disconnectedly Vt'e cannot give an abstract even of his remarks. Ho expressed himself ready to meet his end, even in so shameful and ignominious a manner; pro tested his innocence of tho crime for which he died?ex horted those ascoinbled'to embrace religion and meet him in hcoven, and concluding by wishing them farewell, end invoking ..upon them the blessing of Ood. A few moments were given him, at his request, for prayer, lie prayed aloud, and prayed in an appropriate and very af lecting style. He evinced much emotion during tho ser vice. Many of the crowd wero much moved. After rising from his knees, he made a tew remarks, and, on his conclusion, tho sheriff proceeded to adjust the rope. Repeatedly, and to the last, he protested Ins innocence. At about halt past one, as we suppose, the cart was driven from under hip. Alter banking tour or live min utes, he made one pretty considerable struggle with hia legs, then two or three convulaivo motions ol the breaat. 1 ho crowd was pretty generally estimated at about 1000. Thus died Andrew J. McCnnuon, convicted of one of the groaseit murders upon tkc recorda of any coun try," Money buriid in thk West?In the lirat great emigration to this State, tKe principal route over the Mississippi wua by Smelcer's Kerry, near where Alton, 111, now is. Smolcer lived in a little cabin on the Mis souri side, and had lor a long time, a run of custom, that brought him in sometimes from sixty to eighty dollar# a day. Ho was a leal Haul ; und never regarded anj thing but gold and silver ; end living in the plainest primitive style, his expenses were trifling, and he laid by inimenne sums ol money. His death happened not many years siuce, Irom soma lingering cornplaiut. His lanuly had been led to suppose, that he had deposited his iuiids in the hauk at Edwurdsville, 111.;and wore not undeceived, until a lew da> s belore ho died, when he apprized them that he had from seventy to a hundred thousand dollars in gold and silver, buried in the earth; but he would not disclose ?lie place ot ita concealment. He had been erupted in aomo way; and declared, that it should do lain as much good as any one else. Sometime after wards, a negro man, who hiul fallen to hia sou, I* supposed to have ploughed up a part of it; ho was enabled through tho intervention of a friend to ptirchate bin free dom, and to buy a form, on which he yet resides in comlort T ho lust of this hidden treasure is vory pro bably jet si rping undistuibed in that vie nity ? Gins gow (Mo.) A'tu'S. Trial or Dr. ticorr?The L'reabytery of Louis iana have made some farther progress in the trial of the Itev. Ur. Scott, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. They charge hiin with prevaricat on?with conduct unbecoming a minister of the religion of Christ, or that ot u gentleman, in reference to a recer.t well known controvetfv betw en himself, th<> Rev. Mr. Lyon, of Columbus, and some gentlemen ol our city-with teaching and pre mulgntliig doctrines adverse to the ao lemn obi gations he took when admitted to the ministry, hiul calculated to i.ubvert tho doctrines generally recei ved and believed in by the Presbyteries of the United States, particularly in a sermon delivered by him on a Si.hbath in May last, and also assuming a control in the secular matters of hia church unbecoming hia station. - Testimony was then received in reference to his state ments regarding Mr. ( lay playing cards on t. e Sabbath; but little, however, was olicited of any public inteiest. The church was ngtiin attended by numerous ladies anl other apectatora, who seem to evince gieat anxiety for tho final issue of thia investigation.?Arte Orlrani Delta. Thk Namivili.k Congressional District.?The Nashville Orthopaiitan, of Monday evening, ? We were in erior in aajinga few days ago that all the whig candidates for Congress in this district had with drawn, and that the Hon John Hell would be the whig candidate. Uen Barrow baa withdrawn "altogether anil without qualification," and to has Col. McDonald. Ed win H Ewinu l>q , of this county, and Uen. MoKoin, of Numnei, both whiga, are candMatea; aa also I* Uen. Trouadale, of Sumner, on the democratic ticket. Fact and Fancy. The ice upon the trees in ninny parts of Connecti cut has broken them badly, and would have been the c&use of great dauiage bad thore been high wind* for a day or two past. Snow was fifteen inches deep ut Syracuse on Tuesduy. There whs a fall of snow to the depth of nine inches at Maysville, Ky.. on the lit in?t. The land olBce ut Dubuque has been doing a hea vy business recently. About >14,000 were taken in du ring twelve days preceding the 12th ult., mostly from actual i-ettlers. Bishop Hawkes delivered an introductory lecture in St. Louis on the :27th ult. The Schuylkill river is entirely frozen over. Na vigation is closed and closing at all pointa. There were twenty deaths of the small pox last week in 1'hiladelphia. There were only nine in this citv. It is estimated that there are $10,000,000 worth of hogs and sheep in Ohio. A store ship for the African squadron will leave Norfolk on the 30th inst. The work of enlarging the Welland canal ia ra pidly progressing. The weather in St. Louis was very cold on the 39th ult. Tho mercury was down to 6 deg. There was considerable ice in the river. There are fears of a scarcity of fuel in St. Louis and Cincinnati. Speculators are the cause. A navy yurd at Detroit is proposed. An excellent idea. Christmas is to be Thanksgiving in Missouri. Arista, it is said, i^ to be the Mexican Minister to the United State*. The steamer Arkansas was sunk near Natchez, on the 30th ult. No lives lost. Boat a total loss. The Legislature of Alabama met on the 1st inst. It is expected to have an important and stormy session. The emigration to Wisconsin has this year been very great. Sunflower seeds have become an article of com merce at tho west. They make an excellent oil, oad are produced in immense quantities. The Ohio is closed above Wheeling. A regular weekly mail now leaves New Orleans for Texai. A convention, a la Memphis, for the improve ment of tho great lakes, is in contemplation. There is excellent sleighing in Bangor, Maine.? Also ut Hartford, Conn. Jt ia stated that 10,000 gallons of liquors are annu ally drank in Pawtucket, ft. I. Where are the tempe rance societies? Oswego, N. Y. appears to be in a prosperous con dition. Two or threo new flouring mills are to bo erect ed, and the old ones improved and repaired. It is asserted by physiologists, that of twenty deaths of men between the ages of 18 and 35 yoai s, ten originate from the use of tobacco. The Rev. E R. Ames, of the Indiana Methodist Conference, and Hon. John Law, of Vincennes, are spo ken of uk democratic candidates for United States Senator from Indiana. I The Common School Fund of Missouri amounts to $.V76,flti7 96 ; the Seminary Fund to $100,000. Divi I dends have been declared on both, since 1840, to the umount of $10j,797 11. It appears that between fifty and sixty canal boats, largo and small, are ice bound in the Delaware and Kari tan canal, where, in all probability, they will remain until next spring. The tideB in the Delaware have been remarkably low?so much so that some of the terry boats have lotind it difficult to reach the slips on the Jersey side. A meeting was to be held in Philadelphia, to take into consideration tho propriety of building a railroad from llaiTinburg to Pittsburg. Tfie Hon. Daniel Webster was in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Angelina C. Curl has advertised her husband, William N. Curl, as a runaway. She wishes to save oth er women from sharing her unfortunate fate. He is re ligious, has blue eyes, and yellow hair. The turnip crop about Georgetown, S. C., has this year been excellent. The sensible people of Virginia are holding Edu cation Conventions. In the scale of intellect tne Vir ginia mars rank rather low, if we are to believe the cen sus return*. The mercury at Quebec on the 29th ult. was down to 3 deg. 13. McAlpin, democratic, has been elected Mayor of MoDiie. The third Presbyterian Church was dedicated at St. Louts on the 30lh of November. The building is 100 feet by 67. VVrrr. Smith, brother of the dead Mormon pro phet, is about to lecture at Cincinnati, on Mormonism. Great preparations are making among the jieople in Alabama, Oa.. and North and South Carolina, to re move to Texas. A relief meeting for Ireland was held in Boston, oa Monday evening. A young woman, recemly from Maine, committed suicide at Lowell on Monday. The Texan papers suite that, from practical tests, Toxaa is a fine sugar glowing country. A* an illustn? ?ion of the mildness ot the cliuiate, it is stated that tobac co, egg plant, ochra, palmu chiista, and many other plants, continue, tbrougntlie winter, the growth and ver dure of spring. Thirty thousand dollars in notes of the Bank of Maryland were burnt up a few days since. At a public meeting in New Orleans, it was re solved to erect an Episcopal Church ia the Second Mu nicipality. Wm. Morris has been sentenced to the Alabama penitentiary for thirty years, lor enticing slaves away to a free Siate. The Sabbath Convention at Philadelphia did not consider itseif an ecclesiastical, but only a civil body.? Two attempts were made to raise a committee to wait on the editors of the morning papers to ask them to abandon Sunday work, but they were both voted down. Thomas B. Gaineu, charged with the murder ol David Curry, was tried in the Circuit Court of Marengo, yesterday week?Judge Biagg presiding. Tue Jury re turned a veidict of "justifiable homicide," and the people present received it with shouts of applause. The Worcester Spy states that the punishment o1 Iteucb, alias Watkins, who was sentenced to be hung, a' the late session of the Supreme Court in VVorcnster, for an aggravated crime, has born commuted by Oovernor Briggs to imprisonment for life. The Bottom Trantcript, (edited by a lady,) inti mites that it is not an unheard of thing, in that city, for ladies to have articles of dress, capes, collars, jewelry, fcc., sent home for examination, which being rotruned over night, have been found to have been worn on par ticular occasions, and returned the next day with the message that they won't do. It is said that at Alton, III., out of .t population ol { 1000, theio are only twelve uuiujrried female*, and eleven of these ure engaged while the other is a widow, who has buried thren or four husbands. The New England girls will soon be flocking in that direction. The daughter of L. Shaver, of Valatie, Columbia County, who lost her scalp at oue of the mills in that vil lage a few weeks since, is in a fair way of recovery. There are females engaged in the different mills at Lowell. Only a lew years ago the fact was extensively i ublished us a wonder, tnat a train of cars on the Syra cuse 11. R. was piopoiled by a famous new engine, the distance ol 3ti miles in AS minutes, or 37 miles the hour. On several railroadn at tho present time, the passengers would expiess impatience it travelling at a less speed then .t) or 40, and sometimes AO miles per hour. A man by the name of Faulk, who was confined iri the jail ot Uarbour county, Oeoigia, charged with the crime ot murder, made his oscape on the night of the 20th ult. The Euttport Sentinel Bays that on Friday night, the 38th uit., a saw mill belonging to Moses Lincoln, Jr. in I'erry, was entirely consumed by Are. Duiirg tho night the rising of the tide set the mill in motion, and the fire was caused by the friction of the machinery The elegant residence of Colonel Phillips, below Mobile, on the margin of the Bay, was entirely destroy sd by fire on tho 39th ult. The house and all its con tents wero destroyed. ThKMKNDOUS 'jAUK ON LaKE MlCHlOAJt?Skvkn Scbooniki Wrecked .nkar THk Mouth or niu Ka UMttoo linen - Sktiiiai. Livrs Lo?t.?David Hubbard, ? f thii village, tins just arrived in town Irora the month ol tlie Kulamuioo river, from whom we learn that on Sa turday morning last, (Nov. 'J'Jd,) tho schr. Mint, Captain Uuit'ji field, lelt that harbor about 0 or 10 o'clock, A. M., under a heavy north-west wind, which soon after ?he Ifft increased to a perfect huriicane (.'apt. I), put about and atloirpted to make the harbor again. At the came time the s hr. Hltna appeared, endeavoring to run into the harbor. Tha Mint drilled south of the Ktna, and (truck on the south bar. ( apt. B. was the first man to leap into the water,his vessel being about ten rod* from the ihore, and although urged by the citizens who hud run to the beach, to come out ot the water, be refused to lcavo the schooner until all hands were off ana safely ashore. W# are informed that much credit is due to Capt. liuttorficld (or Ins noble conduct in saving the lives of the crew.? Tho schr Jesse Smith ran ashore about six miles north' of the mouth of the Kalamazoo river. Schr. Mahala wa? reported ashore About 26 miles south of the mouth?crew ulltaved. Schr. Niles ashore two or three miles to the leeward of tho Mahula, and another schooner aihore, name not known. The Nile saw the schr. Bolivar to > wiiulwaid outside, ic the breakers, going ashore. We | have since learned that she ran ashore about eight miles north ol the St. Joseph liver and btoke in two. Three of the crew weie found drowned on the beach, and it | was supposed that all onboard had peiithed.?Kalamazoo (hwlli. Otj- The citizens of Savannah, Georgia, held a ! nrenirg a lew days ago and passed resolutions chargii.g the Postmaster (ieneml with neglect ol th?ir interests in his recent mall arrangements Court Intelligence. Ubncrai. Sessions ? Below Recorder Tallmsdge and Aldermen Henry end Meseruie.?Dec. 10.?Francit Os mond, indicted for a grand larcony, in stealiag a watch and $40 in money from .John Evan*, entered a plea of uilty, and w?i write need to be imprisoned in the State rison for tkie term of two year*. Matthew Mull*n, indicted for an assault and battery on William Pearsall, of No 8 Kulton Market, aUo entered a plea ol guilty?in tuu case judgment wn impended *+Levi Flam*, of New Berlin, indicted for forging n draft for $30,000, (the particulars of which hare been fully noticed ) wa* this morning admitted to bail in this Court, in the mm ef $10,000; Dr. L. C. Comitocf, of thin city, and Mr. R. T. Rexlord, of Chenango, becoming his b il Trial of Hugh Jonei fur Indecent Exposure ? Hugh Jones, the accused,wa* Uen put on tux trial for a misde meanor, in having, on the evening of the lit of Novem ber lait, indecently exposed ins per*on to several (?- I male* near the corner of Hester and Ludlow streets, a* they passed or attempted to pas* him. The jury foand htm guilty, and the Court sentenced him to be imprison ed in the citv prison ten days, and pay a fine of 910. Trial of Joseph P. Guthrie fir False Pi elerrcei ?The accuse I in this case wa* next tried for having, on the Mh of September, 1841, obtained property to the amount of $435 07 by false preMncet, from Messrs. Hosmer and Sherman, of No. 41 William street. On the part of the prosecution, Mr Ilosmer testified that on the belore men tioned day, Gnthrie, who wa* then a stranger, ca>led at their store and stated that he wishud to purchase a bill of goods, at the tame lime remarking that he wn Hbout commencing business in Eastern Pennsylvania, with a Mr. Morrell, under the firm of J. Morrell it Co., and pre sented a general letter ot credit purporting to be Irom Mr. John P. Trevor, caahier of the Philadelphia Bank, at testing to his good character, fcc. On that ?ccaiioii wit ness closely interrogated Gutkr.e witb respect to hi* pe cuniary meant, Sir.?when the accrued stated that he and hia partner, Mr. Morrell, had commenced business with a cash capital ot $2300, all of which turn wa? their own; that he had put in $1500 and Morrell tho remain der: that Mr. Morrell wa* entirely free Irom debt, 'ind with reference to himself, he observed that he had been one ol the firm of Guthrie, Reed Si Co. shoe dealers, in Philadelphia; which firm had been dissolved with an in debtedness cl' about $3000; leaving, however, a balance in their luvor of about $7000, one half of which would ac crue to him; that h? wa* indebted to the amount of $700 on a stock of goods purchased lor a store kept by his wife in Philadelphia, but the Roods on hand were amptv sufficient to discharge all claims upon them; the accused I further stated that he was worth from $5000 to $0000, ! and that he did not owe a dollar of borrowed money. I Upon this statement being made by Outhrie, witness told | hi:ii that ho would sell him from $1000 to $1200 worth of goods, on condition ol one halt their value being paid in cash. Outline, accordingly, then purchased goods to tho amount of $H56 OH, paid $430 11 in cash, and gave a | note of James Morrell Si Co. for $435 67, payable in six months; alter this transaction. Outline also bought a piece of cloth amounting to $64 31, which was charged on the book; the goods were packed up ai.dsentby steamboat and Somervill ? railroad to Easion. Witness then proceeded to state that credit had been given to ? iiithrie, solely by his representations, and thnso set forth in the letter purporting to bo from the Bank ot Philadelphia; that soon alter these sales had been made to Mr. Guthrie, witness heard reports that were very | prejudicial to the character of the riccused in former year*: that on tire ?th ol October, Guthrie l/lln visited this city, when witness told him what he baa heard; on which occasion, the accused made an explanation and different representations; that thu note on becoming due was not paid, and that the debt is still unpaid. Benjamin Ihrif., of Easton, Pa , terrtitie.1 that, iu the month of June, 1844, Outhrie came to Easton, and stuted he wishad lo rent a store lor the purpose of establishing a branch of his store ; that, in the month of August fol lowing, hu came agaiu, and routed a store and cellar,for which he agreed to pay $90 for the residue ol the year ! to the 1st of April, 1845 ; that the goods arrived in boxes on the 12th of September, and Outhrie and Morrell on the 30th ; that the store was opened on Saturday, the J 1st. On Monday following, witness had the lease exe cuted, und was then introduced to Morrell; the shelves appeared well filled at the time. In the course of a few week* afterwards, a box of satinet* disappeared, as also <lid some casiumeres. On the day ot the lease being executed, witness wa* told that the firm had sold to an old frieuu of Outhrie'* about $700 wurth of goods ; shortly after this the goods on the shelves appearod to J consist of cotton batting. In the month of February I last, an execotion for was levied on the goods, on | which witness claimed tho amount of rent, when the goods in the store amounted to less than $100. Witness got his rent, but the execution was withdrawn. Mr. Butcher, of No. 8 Bank street, Philadelphia, depo sed that ho knew Outhrie, of the firm ol Outhrie, Reod it Co., to his sorrow ; that, in March, 1844, he sold them goods to the amount of $300. Whea tho notex became due, Outhrie solicited a renewal of tliem ; and when the firm failed, Guthrie represented himself as one of the ) film of James Morrell Si Co., of Easton, and offered to give a dralt on that firm in lieu of the notes ; he gave the draft, and accepted it himself; he represented him self at tue time as being the capitalist of the firm of MorreU Si Co. The draft, however, ?tl not paid, and witneM finding that he could not get the money amicB bly, sued him for it, when a proposition was made through Guthrie's counsel to give a uote on a Mr. Mor gan, instead of the draft or paper then held. This note | on Morgan likewise proved to be worthless, and Guthrie was indicted for having obtained possession of the pro perty by false pretences Several other witnesses wore examined, but nothing of importance was elicite I from their testimony. Be lore trie ca>o had been brought to a close, the Court ad journed until to-morrow morning. Superior Court. Befoio Chief Justice Jones. Dec. 10.?Ha hard O IViUiumt and othert vs. Hickioii iV. ?This is a suit brought to recover damages !or the non fulfilment of a contract made tor the right and title to certain property, situated .W8 Broadway, which nus bebn some tim ? in litigation The jury returned a verdiat for the prosecution of $14,038 4-1, subject to the opinion of the Court. After which the Court adjourned, (i. B. butler, for plaintiffs? Joha Jay, lor the defence. Before Judgo Oakley. Wm. R. H'illii vs Hatlrm Railroad Company.?This case, referied to yesterday in our law reports,was, up to the hour of adjournment, uncoucluded. It will be re ItUBCd to morrow. Chas. O'Connor for the complainant. B. F. Butler for ;ho licit, cr U. Marshars O/Hct. Di.c. 10.?.In Impottaiit Captain Ludlow, of tho barque Oscar, upon t>oard of which a revolt or mu tiny was attempted soma time since on the coast ol Bra zil, was arrested by deputy marshal Morrison, at 3 o'clock this morning, from on board the ship Eunomns, in which be returned as passenger and whose ariival has iiyen .oino time looked for. His examination i? se' down tor Friday morning. The counsel for prisoner, Ogden ilofttnuri, Esq., gave notice that be should insist upon n puvute examination in this cave, to avoid the possibility ul'a " newspaper contagion" upon ihe minds of the jury called to pass judgment in his rase. This will lie a new feature in criminal jurisprudence, and, as we think, one hardly to be entertained by tho Cout. Common Picas. Before Judge Ulshoeft'er. Dkc. 10?Sitai C. Smith vs. Qeo. IK. SmU - This is, an action of trespass Upon the part of the complainant it' I .s contended that tho defendant has been in the habit of | receiving und opening letters? receiving and supplying | orders, and availing himself 6f information and be ' nefit to which the complainant was alone entitled; and | he brings this suit to recover d. mages for such violation I of courtesy and the statute Mr. A L.Jordan, for the | prosecution?Mr. Brewster, for the defence. Up to the hotu of adjournment, the examination of wit : uesses had not been completed Circuit Court. Dkc. 10. Judge Edmonds gave notice thut his attend ance being demanded iu Brooklyn, h should not ?it for the hearing . 'arguments until to-morrow -asrfl that he should commence the term of the December Circuit on Wednesday next-and that fifteen causes would be as signed for each day's calendar, and that no cause would be reserved, except trom the unavoidable absenco of ma terial witnesses or the positive engagement ot counsel elsewhere. An adjoumod Circuit will be livid on the 16th of February. 1'. 8. District. Court. Judge Belt's ou the bench. l)?c. 10.?This Court was engaged in the hearing of arguments. To-morrow jury trials will be resumed Court Calendar?Till* Day. t. oMMOit Plus. 14, NJ, ?4. 170, la, 14, SB, 69, 90, 19. Si rsaiOK CocaT.?IS, 1S.3A, IS, 19, 36, 'J8, 4, S6, 196, 36, 14, 46, 47, IS. Arkkst or tbk Alleokd Express Robber ? In formation wa?< received a lew weeks uince ih PluU d lphla, by Recorder Vaui.from a source which fully satisfied his miml as to the persons who participated in the extensive robbery ot money trom Messrs. Weill &. Livingston's Expiess. Upon receipt of tne intelligence, he sought a conference with Mr. James Young, of the Mayor's Office, and Mr. Edward McUowan ol the Recor der's Police, and Mr. A. M. C. Smith, Of this city, for the purpose ol taking measures for the apprehension of (he sttspected individuals. Arrangements were accordingly made, and on Friday last, a man called Dr. Hatch, alias Burn, alias Jones, being known particularly by the lat ter name, was arretted by the above officers. The pri soner was privately placed in confinement, ucler the cate of an officer, to that that the plan which had been fixed upon for the arrest of the accomplices ol Junes could be satisfactorily executed, without the matter of the taking into custody of the latter becoming known, and thereby frustrating it. It is highlv nrobable that bv this time the others have fallen into the nana, o1 the offi cers, who were despatched to another section oi the country. Yesterday the officers having chaise ol the prisoner, left the city in company with Mr. Wells, one ol the partneis in the Express Company, for Rochester. where the robber) was perpetrated in October last ? i Ws lsarn that there is overy reason to found the hope I that the money will all be recovered. Wo sincerely hope it may be so. Moke or Reuoiopb Revivals t ' labama ? | Th Se/ma Frte Prtts of Saturday las , Men ihm nil extensive religious irvivnl is now progiassiog in that place. It commenced in the Cumberland Presbyterian church, under tho labors of Hev. Messrs. Nelson and Meredith. Thus does the good work continue to spread ; , may its course still be onward, until every town, vil- , lage and settlement throughout tho length and bret.dth nt our highly lavoiod atatu shall become vocal w itli^he praises of the Most High.-Mobilt D*t. 8 Supreme Court?Special Term?Mr. Justice Jewktt, presiding ? Monday, Deo. 6 ?Gaullaudett ad* Lawrence?Motion (or jungmnt a* in ca*e of non suit; granted, by default. Hoisted ad* Shlnerla?Motion to vacate order to hold to ball, lie, granted, by default ? Myers et al ad* Duran?Motion fur judgment as in cue of nonsuit; denied with coat*. Rich ?i al adi Davis, Re ceiver, Sic.?Motion for judgment an in caio of nonsuit; denied with coot*, without prejudice ar.d former rule va cated. Lansing imp'J nl- The Wa'.ervliet Bank, and another cause ?Motiou toconsolidate; denied, with costs, and lot met-rule va'Mted ? orning art* Lawrence?Mo tion tor judgment a* in ca?e of nonsuit; granted, unlet* pill's stipulate ami pay coat* Corning a la Leitch et al, do do do Baldwin adi Post, et al, do Jo do. Oriawold ada Post et al ?Motion for j udg.n ent ni in rate of nonsuit; granted, unless plff pay costs, *10. Jenkins a In same, do do <lo. Uacou ads name, do do do. Mott uds Chapman ? Motion to change venue datiisd with costs. Spear ads Hurtfy?Motion to *et aiide judgment - default set aaide on terms. Young et al nds Dailey?Motion to substitute attorney for plaintiff, granted by default. Berry ad* Montfort?Motion for judgment as in case of" nonauit, fee. denied with rost?. b* Mott ada Cutler?Motion fjr da 1 livery over of hills of costs, and to umend bill of particu 'art. denied with cost* without prejudice. Hart at al ada ? Brown and 5 other causes?Motion to ve.cate a lormar rulo striking out defundaiits from 3 caases. grati'ei) witheoita and that the S other eau?es he discontinued ^luiout costs. Jackson uds. the A ibany ','ity Bank?Motion to refer? grunted by default. In the matter of Beardsley et al. for a mandaraua to the Justices of the Superior Court, N. G : granted eiparte. Whitehead ct al v*. Hill et al Motion for leave to reply double; denied with coat*, without prejudice. Morgan et al. adf. Purdy?Motion lor judgment as in case of uon-auit; granted by default. Peek, impd adi. Alberte, et al.?Motion stand* over to I next special term. Mhippey vs Phelps?Motion to set . aside judgment of nun pros ; denied with coatl. Hyde, I impd , tic. ada. Moulton?Motion lor commiuion; giant i ad. Vaughan ait*. Stark?Motion to change venue? I granted by default. Strong vs. Pike?Motion for refer I once; granted by default. Kellogg vs. Rowley, ft al l do. do. I Tuesday, December 3?Cleveland ads Camp?Motion ' to transmit commission from Chatauque to Madison coun | ty- granted. Bunn ads Bodine?Motion for judgment as ; in cane of non-suit; denied, with cost.4, and former rule I vacated. Ilildretn et al ads Otley?Motion to refer, gran ted, on term*. Stout et al vs i'ollard et al?Motion that delis. appe.ii' and plen<L'o sci. fa. attar publication, grant ed, ex parte. Cary v? .'each, surv'r. tic?Motion ior two commissions. granted, by default. Iu the matter of Aus tin, receiver, tic., and Ruwdon et ad?Motion for commis sion to take deposition grunted, ox parte. Cozzons va Arnold ?Motion for reference, giar.toJ. by default. In : the matter of Alexander ('ounison. for relaxation of costs, denied, with costs. Crandull vs Hoilister?Motion ! lor reference, granted. Bell vs Judson?Motion for leave i to amen 1 declaration, granted, with.iut costs. Lupton ; ads Lupton?Motion to set aside default, lie , granted, with costs. Duel et al vs Fisher?Motion to set a?ide or i der of circuit judge, denied with costs.and former rule by , default,vacated. Wiles et al ad* Toby-Motion to set aside i execution, allowed to amend on term*. Mulford ads Ro , gars, jr?Motion for judgment as in case of non-suit. I granted, by default. Wilson ada Ferris?Motion to set ' aside ti. la.?allowed to amend, end that li. fa. be stayed ; till 1st May, 1846,lie. Skinner ads al?Motion : to open default, and lor permission to defend, domed, i with costs. Keelerads Keoier?Motion to act asido writ I of error. lie., denied, with costs, without prejudice. Thor i burn ads Reeve?Motion to open default, and for leave to j dbfend, lie , grunted, on terms. Darrow ads Clark?Me lion for judgment as in case of non-suit, granted, by | iofault. Clute vs Btowits, at al rorn'rs, lie. ? Mo j tion lor certiorari, granted, ex parte. Blydenburgh va Carpenter et al?Motion to infer, granted. Van I Cleal vs. Carpenter, et ttl do do. Gilchrist et al uds Hendrick et al. Motion for judgment as in case of non suit; grau ed, unless pllf. stipulate, lie. Seymour vs. Rogers et al. Motion for leave to serve a new oyer, lie. granted on ternic. Bowell ads. Stark Motion for judgment as iu case of non suit; granted by default. Dunning ads. Lee. Motion to change venue; granted Buil vs. Cliit. Motion to refer; granted by default The People ex rel Dunham vs. The Judg?a of Monroe < ommon Pleas. Motion for mandumua; grantel by de ; t.suit. Hayes ad*. Higham. Motion for mandamus: granted by default Hayes adj. Higham Motion to set 1 aside inquest; denied with costs, without prejudice. ' Fowler vs. Crosby. Motion for certiorari; granted ex ' paite. Fowler vs. Ganun. Do do. do Parent vs. Tlie Superintendent of the I'oor of Putnam Gou ty. Do. do. McBuruey vs. Carter?Motion to refer, grantee by con ent. KeJdington vs. Brow< r?Motion co ?st aside judg. rnent; denied with costs, without prejudice. The Peo pie ex rel Hicks vs. The Judges of Warren County Com j inon Pleas - Motion for manmimus ; deuiea with cost*.? I' Palmer vs. Butler?Motion to ?et aside default Sic ; greet ed on terms. Chichester v* the Agent oi Ma tut PieasaDt State Prison-Motion to amend pleaif-g-., Itc . g. anted on terms. Batik of Chenargo v? Perk. Jr -Motion for leave to issue a new execution in place i f one lost. Els bre et al vs The Rector, lie of Eaeanuel Church, Nor j wich? Motion to have service already made on defta t* be deemed good; granted. Haraner an Bostwick, Presi, lie.? Motion to set asido; granted on term*. Toolay ad* I'age, de do do. Keliy ads Sheridan?Motion to aet aside inquest, lie. denied with co*is.?./'iany ?if(a?. The Greene Outrages ?The testimony, in the preliminary investigation before Justice Kattle, of j this Tillage, of the cnaig'i ot murder alleged against j John Johnson of Greene, v. ns brought to a close on Fri lay la-it The period fioir that time to this, hai been oc I cupied by the counsel in their lemaikir Diiriel 8 Dick :u8on opened on the fide cf the defence, and was follow ed by District Attorney Birdsaii on the i art of the prose cution To him succeeded John A. Collier, Mr Dickin son's colleague, who was tallowed by A Cook, Mr. Bird sail's colleague, who has not yet closed his argument.? vir. Cook, iii belialf < ( th<i prosecution brought his re marks to a close last evening at a few minutes before nice. Justice Kattle arose, and relerred lu very few j word" to tue law governing such cases, and rendered his lerision, whica was that Mr Joluisou be committed to I lake hi* trial ou the charge of murder. Application waa ,a once made for bull before William Seymour, Lsq., | First Judge, See., which was grnrted, und the bonds fixed at fiiO.OOt). Mr Johnson givmg his own recognizance in the sum of $10,000 with two suit-ties ot SJOOO eich The sureties are understood to be Chrutopher Lldredge and I Hazard Lewis, two of ti.e most wealtb/ men in the coun 1 ty.?Binghamtin Covriir. Attempt at Murder.?A letter dated Cape Girardeau, Mo., 26th ait., gives tlie following par j wcuIhis of a roMmiy, and projected murder of two citizen* of Jackson. Dr Catwon, 1 .to is named, is a member of the Convention, una the lepeatel attempts upon his lite must have been marie ceiore he left home. Gen. Raoney in a well-kuown lawyer ti Cspe Girardeau ' county. Four negio men, two of them belonging to Dr. | Cannon, one to .V:r (null and one to .Mr. Criddie, of , Jackson, rohbed tnt> store of Ml. Vanho-u o." some thirty | dolt,us They also entered me house of Geo. Kanney, in.i, whilst he was asleep, stole some forty dollars from I him. One ol the negroes felt his lace and throat, und ' wished to kill him. ua h* said they could then find the money easier; but not having his knife, and t ie balance objecting, trev departed. They have been apprehended ard put in jail, and have confess J that they appointed nix different times to murder Dr. Cannon, but failed each time. They snapped a rifle three times at him, whilst he was ree ling in his room. The grand jury havn found a true bill agiinst them. Their object appears I to nave been plunder. Great excitement exists about it, as it is supposed some white men had a hand in it. They were all favorite servants of their masters. Counterfeiters Arrested.?The public in in debted to the perseverance ot Thomas Robertson and Thos. Cargile, for the arrest of tVindham A. Tharpe, charged with issuing and circulating couutoiieit coin, purporting to be live,.foliar pieces, American gold Hav ing surrounded the bouse, ;ind properly disposed of their lorce, Mr. Robertson and another gentleman approached the front dcor. Tharpe discovering tlieni, immediately I rushed out into the piuz/.a, gun in hand, and forM t their uearer approach at the hazard of their lives?ami while parleying. Mr. t ergile rushed through the house, (enter ing the back way.) und ?ei/.ed him before be *ai aware of his presence, A fcuitie ensued. Tharpe's biother-in law came to his relief, hut waa knocked down by one cf the party. Tharpe, however, nucceeded in eatucetnig liimselt Irom the grasp vt ? argile, and aguiu got into the house < argile puisued biin, s'tooeeded ui overpowwi i,.g him, und thus held him until .<?m? of the party i-ame to hi.- assistance. Tharpe wa< then eecared ? Kulmuld {Ala.) HKitld, Not'. 39. Important Land Sirrr.?A very important land hint has been instituted in ihe District Court at New Orleans by the neirs of Council A. Morehouse, against 'he city of New Orleans and ths city of Philadelphia.? l'his suit involves the titles of nearly all (he itu. owners in the parish of Ouachita, and other planes in Louisiana, embracing upwards of 900,000 sores, boing part of what is known as the "Bastrop grant,"which >va? conveyed to M. Bastrop try Governor C irondelet, about 'ho year 1780. Murderers Arrests?.?The Bottling G un, Ky , Pri?i, states thut two taeu, narmd Joel He*d speath and Morgan, were arrested in Franklin, i'enn., recently, charged with being accessory to the murder of Norman and tue abduction of Mrs Denning. Headapeuth is au old man, und was formerly a member of the Tennessee legislature. The B? states thiit two others, charged with being participators in the same crime, have b?en arrested in 8alem. Affairs i;s Florida.?The St. Augustine Htr? uUl ot December 2d, t^ya, that arcouuta from Mid dle Florida make the cotton crop this yeareq ialtot?n o that of the last. A profitable crop has also neen obtain ed from the sugar oane. Settlein nre coming intot st Florida, making their clearings, sowing their collaiiis and turnips, building their Cabins and making their pie parations to plant tobacco, the quality of?. nicli, in th s region, is said to be equal to that of the Cuba leal. Villanous.?Henry Beetner is ia jail at Palmy ra, Mo., charged with having Uecoyed from her pa rents home, a daughter of Air ti<iii>'Sp ot fcnelb) co , uged about 16. Since his arrest search ha" heen made titer tho young lady, but no trace o. her could be found Kears are enteituiiiud that she has either been murdered ur consigned to an ignominious lift* mote dreadful than ileath itself. Geology of Canada ?lnd?,i - ndent ot a aplendid formation ot slate found in O pper Canada, near Lake Huron, the Kingston Clro says We have been shown some beautiful spec, n aas of white marble, nearly as white as statu?iy, and also of the " Verde An !uiue,"as it is called, aad whic i a.vsts In (n*xhmsihi<t |ii ?iititiei upoa ti >' cliftn oi t:i iJuwaMfpie L ike, a l?" mies ouiy below Kingston.

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