Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1845 Page 3
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Old Stock KxcliiMijre. N Y Cirv 5'? ?* M i shs Anb It Bach RR Ml VI 000 Indiana Bond* Jlfc 2J? Nor fc Wor JUT V U.Of.O Pttin i't t*V:t 10 ?0 7# IV.lino do 1.6(1 68^ SO do ?M 75 Jf'OO do nw u?'.< S'J do bM *t do uw ]J6 do 79 5,t0) do MX to fiU RmmI uc Rfl it V' Indian* 9t Ed< ?? iid do ?M *'> sjw Msiduu.n Ilk I Oil *71 do SI* 1 B uk of N i Uilt 12' 50 ilo Sift !0 Bk of Com full <*C ?n do Ui, 40 ... ,w) du iOVickoarifBU ?S> 7 50 d? .10 J'W MO <lo T ?U do "if. I lOU Uv> li'j l#o do MO l\ n>ii . do bM MX 1? ? t#2 Win Lin* 2*1 Rit 61 '?'NO' an J )i{iu ?j ill do MO Bl ltfo Jj 9 Bank 4J6 75 do 01* t5 Caut..n Co 36 4"U do 63'n 4t5 do 36^ t>0 do 63 *?) do 1.90 36 4 50 do ilo 'H*i 150 do TSu Morris C.'Jul 101 Harlem Hit 10B do s'O *?*> 853 do 1) do ?10 2i.l? 50 do ?'5 do W'i 7J Siou HR 3.0 Fanners' Trust t9,*? leo do *"10 HKI do t.30 ??>t 1W "" ??u H>0 d . ?} 'i 3.HI d > 150 En*t B utou Co 15 1?0 ? o 50 Kie KM 67>i 50 Jo <30 likl Wilm'u K'i *60 4t t.l?CPntl So*Kl. fiO jhs Lon* liland W 50 shs Morni 1(0 do 64li ^5 do '0 Ciuiton Co 57't 50 Firmer*' Trim 15 do 37 lt 25 Nor ft Wor <60 ]?0 do tCO St '2 T, do SO d . 3?'>? 175 do 50 do 37 S 100 Reading 11R >60 1"0 Mlfi't 2uH 50 do 50 dn 'iO.1* 50 do .60 40 do ft/A "<?v S?o u Kxrhnnge. Ill ?lu Morris Canal cn*hMH 25 shs Cantou Co r> do rath ?'!, r, do !5 do ? ?>4 50 do 25 do i90 70 25 do 8?H ill IJ ?5 do 5? do 25 tin 2l.O Farmers'Tw 30 25 Long It R R *5 b'lonimtou llR cadi J9W 150 do fj dn r>h 100 do Died. On the 0th instant, Miltok, son of Isaac Snell, in the 31*t j ear of hit n^e Hia friendi and rclr?fi7ea or* respectfully invited to at f?i.d liin f'uienil, without further invitHilon, from his fathei'n residence 381 Washington street, on Thursday, (11'h inttarit) at 3 o'clock. P. M. 3t On the Tilt initunt, in Sharon. Litchfield County, ron nou icut, lion. Johv Cotto.-v Smith, in the Slat year of liiii niffi. Th? deceased was liorn in 1783. and graduated in Vale College in 1781. In the year 1800. he wan elected a Representative to Congre?? fiom the State of Connecti cut. and took hix neat at the flrut meeting of that body held at ?h? city of Washington In the year 1812, he was elected Oorevnor ot Connecticut. In the year 1831 he wa< chosen Premdentof tho American Biblo Society, and has been present and made addresses nt nearly all of its anniversary inccting^ that p riod PRE P WD LETTERS TO ALL PARTSOK EUROPE -The iub?crib-r? will receive aud forward W CAMflKlA. from Boston? Dec. 16. The bags will close at 3,? 'dock, on Monday, 'bMSthinU.^ ^ co # P. 8 ? Letters cau be paid .? above to all pirts ?nt. - CONSULATE OFSPAIN.^ December 8th, 1845. S rpo EMILY, Qn*tavu* andCharle* Ad.ill'o Howard, I I of Mrs. M irf > Louiss ?..tier de Howaid. late of aos, Islii.d of Cuba, decayed, and to all others, thel gatee*, h#r*. and negt cf kin if said deceased. ?r,V.i> Gene 1.1 pnrsuance of an u'der, dited 2ttli June la*t. or'he Uene r?l Jud?a of the t ibuna! ol the estate* IJ.ILT General de HJantoi) of Puerto f rinciix', in laid I la i?l of t.uba, you pre hereby aiunmijn d and required to attend per ?i,.'nlly. I'r by ?tt.iruey duly authorizedm writing, in the alios d t ibu lal. in the i -?t imei.tare proceedings m "}a',?n lj the estate of* id deceased, t<> represent ai d do all ni t era and thin,, louchiug your '^ma^^^OUOHTON, jti'tfh Consul' f .Spain. 'annoUncEmi-,N i' To i'liii rsUB^oisitJt.Kri OF THTi L O N DO N LA JVC K 7 . AND THE public. THE 1*tibli?hera of the Amerinn Edition of the LONOON I AN' ;ET t .lit! oppcrtuuity thus eails to apjirue the alio . .,ih.? of h . iii.roac'.iug clo.r of the H.-coud V . luuie of the S?KXlr renewal of their aubicn, t.on., t0^^""d";:'S^ who have alreadv extended ?'the Lon don Lai.C'-r. tliei. 1-airoiMt.e. it? Coutei.H lor the: r.redoobil.s* its highest locorameiid' on.. H * "npo > ma i on n I nf \i-die I Science and I rnici*m. or niuluca n Reperto v, en-bedying I he too .am-rican edition ha-. im t with, the iiaeation '? *tti ;d eqinail l.ere ss in U tun ?? 10 u? intrinsic valno Iroin it*coiitenu, auu urc. iiib lity f ont ita ch?*p"es?, over every comeinpo ^Bi'iSewTe'VhnJd^1 orTghial. viried. aud moat valuable fl'ui.l.ed by the i.imerou. body ,,r pro eaaluoal fSnorTfe e'ier^ n"""an '!eh.Tl-^?d "por'. the;e luve ?Vf ori. iual ?nd finely ? *?cuted e"gravi.iga Luto? a"^*.?". , r t'e ? ??!? ? ? .1 In**- ity, >< w. 11 a. the lengthened lY-pe^oI'lV, *>', Hvriaoa, D.V?, Hall, and ..then, not C .n cluded?it i? oulv r> naiaite to name in oider to fcdieate ihe tle ^,..dpoiI. o^wheff .he Loudon Lard at.ll occmncaaaa . -dir. 1 li'-il Scientific J" U'i'aL . , r Oreaeic I i :. < f.jrthc?*miiiir volume I.iebua L.?rtu *1, i,? i heiiu*trv,?mhndy:i!..-h.?v tumble r'cent reaearchea w,|. I>? . o iimui d. There will alao appear, eommenciog .?iar.-u.imb?r. a I rur.' ot Clinic-1 Lecturea ontheCi u?ea. and Treatment?f Inaanity, .1 livrvd -n the Midd eB.* J .tie Asylnm at Mauweil. br I>r. Joh.. {,^u?lly.' hyaj ? tome \?\ ?m Mi. Lmu.nV promut i L-dure, will De . ,iuc- -t ih? a,n ropruui ,.aiK.d . . i :? ? It -ti?1 hll'l il?pnrttiicu ?*' I ' ? ?' - - . ? wAl 5m be u.aierially aLr.d. Th? pre?e?. s - ? <<!? ' ,1 i". convenience ui.i' t'-x- r-'er' . ama^tojontmu'' ih- work m ? >"i , phv, p. at icoiM o( artingeneat. and v? I *'??? "Jed - ti.e rn.n. wh.ct. H is t;Ueu. It w 11 ima!., ribe.aand r. dy for aale regu'aily "V r |,Vfn,Vilw ?.ii;lr J a- ?ll aut.'eiipi.ons uet renewedou t.roero'i In Dr.' dt'y of J- W'll le ttriekni Iroin the list, 'he at te.?r ir.n nt Thf 1 * irel'? nrestu' fUlPitr'sri, h* ^ell^siU lu fur? p?i"oiii. iVrVs|'e< ifu ly c-illed t? .he .ubj.ct pr.viuu, to u.hera t n'ttftZSr Th? * LANCET. Oae Cnpy o ie year Od T*?o Copies..( iO ,, ?'? M >???? .. .. 2(100 r.'r*r nv n'" Th ? L-J'li t i rl?4iand I MS... 8 00 V n .%fcli.l.eri h^eo.i hand a limited f?rpl? of the iw iPjt-!, If vi"'lv vol"m-?, 'omir ting welvehun Ol^ge. Jotter -con,,, ,,;r | ii,Ni b ?.i for li - loitl c-romg >??r, ?ud i?(.ei?e a c p> 01 "a Vlft'e's"^'?'"s ' ullscii> ion., or '??.'<*}"'< mwi W i?. vai?. k"d lddu,'2uHo'K^sniMTR!V O H it C:0.. No. 2-2 Uioadwny, New Vork. N?w V h, Dec., lfrli ... ,,l3? v 1 * i ^ENUlN'i; GP.ItMAN COLOGNE WAT EK. THK Ui.i'e ?'l" ?dh"iv? mi Itanily on I and a very large atnrk PicT^^^ssriWiss-aa HAVANA tLGAHt> " " VOW landi g from sh.p Norms. ?V,it IN ,00 0 ? He,:? o. v.riou. and MECK K purchaser-, *ua fur sale by 43 Williams?. dll l^#rc TO TAILORS. nsur uv DKBSIONtD would intimate to the 'rade, th?t ,t I i. ,?,w tvr?tenr? M?cethe public-ti n '.fll.e first ed tion fliu r lt^1 r irml wofk on 1 utiit k UarinenU, during ^turh ,mJ t h'imet wtTha* u pr- cede,,ted ... e, r.,.d in .... V ...teser, h -a -y. SVX itvle'uf elV|f\. 0- B'.fi f*t hion. which herKof^re ieauir?d yeais .them si ml# seTtudy w.d close application. I he pure (? the whole work is fr"in ?V to tenVillar. per hook, ?..d r,? be ohtaiued i?t the nutho', ?t No. U3 BroadwVKMETS. rS"lJHNr*H".l? Pailora a. d Bed rooms, and Single Koouh, I? w.lh or w.thout Breakfaat, at No. P Barclay atrt-et. dlt 3i*r HOAKD , , milttKK or Konr Umtleinen c?u be accommodated with T . .assnt furnialied rooBU with or with-ut b. ard.on .p vLca.ioVat T ? VVo^dcot k," 113 Houston .t.?toued.or fl oa tw y. R. Ier?. ces r.quired ilLULEL KOOvitf ANL) BOARD. C Mil :.::'Il?n,;d,,T::p;;^v;f,v;7.\,:!p;,pnr'iai Board, jet tvparaie upou reasoua* i?* term* IIARTWELL'H . 4 ?-! f UNO TO iV H O V b h t-4 I Stre? L PHILADELPHIA. BATRS mat mtrodnc'd?Warm and < olrt-iu Hue apart 7 l, hn'h lndi?? 'Hid gentlemen; au ' the entire ori. ? ? every V partmtt I of the VVaanington Hcu?".e roi'h-ie ?-Tn ... " MTLEV ETT, DEN 1 IS I, Tt' |ir?#80ie li?ivit'll ?l ??"m ",i iK*t <r^nt!?? tvi>iil to OU" .evation, do i h'Huliv r?c t"' y j, Nv\oOU. D dor ?<( rii xem. M *i,ed?IK A j, .1 ?n p a TOWN* TEETH ! TEETH !? m i.ETH inwried w.thout pain. Bid wananted gooo aa 1 oarural ouea. ior biting aii-l rn?a>ieation. A comi let- double let of beat mineral Teeth cu f(J a'??* of 'li-st rnm'eral Taeth. on Hue gold p'ate, for the upper Jaw, to be worn hv atmospheric ^ ^ Bv ur JONES, corner of Canal atreet anil Broadway, cn t rioce lo Canal atreet 1MPORTANI~tu EVERY INHABITANT OF THI2 CITY OF BROOKLYN. PEKIV TE4 COMPANY OF NEW VORK I ^,,'te ie"eutly opened an esUblie^meut at No. I9? Fu'ioo Brooklyn fiit the asleof fte'.r rtiperior Ure-n and "eai at P^C-a f r below ihe ch age. made in grocery a'o.-. . .kihm.iin.indr he eiiiecinl nhargr ?nd direction , v'f HlKHb Mil IC ULAIK, who ta well and popul rlv I .nwt " he ciiv of Miook yn, and a connoiea o of , ^ ,1,(11* of* e.n anil Cuff. ?a ha* no *?|*'1or in thf United : \ 'u?lo addition to the we!|.??!ected atock of Teaa-bnve , t HI. li, V| D air ha; a I rg.and choice a. ?ortmenl f*?r {;... vt.ha. J V an'l ?? her ? ..fTe- f UAi.VlAUc.Li ouUla AND &HOh.sJ. B JohNSON, U? Chatham ?tr?n i* .e'lin^p'f h'*jm . ra*a*e tt jck of #0"t? and Ulioe., damag d '?'? V"> , , A* ihete giiod* ?re only d ?in?g. d by water fhJv w.U do a? g"0d ?ervice *? new one* } he ?tore will be n.T mini this week?Wednesday and Thuradav egcluslvely t thel .d e* ^Ve h-ve ubout si* thou?aiid .h ilar worth of ( -U li l' Itar.ta Pumi ? t"*1 'Waiter* for ?(!? low Jorjwah m?iy f ADVERTISEMENT.! CUSTOM ROUSE, NEW YORK > Co'lector'a Office. 0. cember, 1IO $ CEALfcD PROPOSALS win b? ryeivel at the Treasury Department, antil the I0>b iusUal. f?tr the supply <J'ration rothe petry e Bc?rs aud seamen of the Lnlt'd ata es nsvtnnw | rtuwi Upeucr, f.t the (era of one fw from lliu lit ??y of Jsliy-ry next, , , Tli* t lion for tha rer?B?a service l? tl ? um > ta that all iwtd In tke na?*l aery ?{, ?mitt'Of the mrt Consist* ul .ha ar tides euumaratad la the ulluwlug utJt, to wit: lb|r* | iba. of | cm.-.raa of | hfpjni? of Day* oftha Week. f-nnlay jVioajday.., ? Tue?J*y Wedueid.y Thur-dsy Friday Haturiiiy *8V-S2i?s5^s s-i j6uaL,4,BM?, h-(CasS> w a t~ >k U 1 U H 1 II % U ]< 1 It t 1 - 1 1 t 1 Per week X 6 3X 3 1 98 2 7 4 22 11 The rations t" be uf good a?d wholeiomc qu i ty, to be ap proved by (he Col'ectur; and the d II. rent article* comprising iterations, to he de ire red on bo rd the vessel in good audsnih cieut casks uid vessels, to be i rov ded by the contractor, and the contents ? hereof diatiiK'tly marked oil ea<-h. It is to be distinctly uuderrf od. thstuo bid* w ill be entertain ed fioui persons not actually eug .ged in tha business to which these olfcrs refer, and tint tha Cuirrntor will be bound to fur liiali, upon re unliable notice. at olteu hs may be >equired by the rspcaiu of the vesarl; with the approbi'iou of the Culler tor (>.ut -xceeding upon au average, one d tv in each week ) t uch In ah nit at, aud lreali vegetable*. a* ui sy be equivalent to the coriespocdiug parts ol the ration allowed in the unval ner Tira. .... I Persons proposing will transmit their bids sealed to the Sec retary < f the Treasury, dl ItiOr C. W. LAWRENCE. Col fetor. ADVERTISEMENT. CUSTOM HOLSt;, NEW VOUK,> Col'eclor's Office, Dee. 9lh IIM5 S CKALED PR0P08\LS will be received at the Tre&sury IO D<-parur<*ut. Until the Mthi'*r?lit for tutli sup< li-* ol Slop ( ha .diary, Ike., nuu u such qu entity, mid at such times a* may be requited lor the utaof tha United S.ates He-venue titerun r tnid buits, which miy be employed iu this Dmrict, during the year commencing Hie lat January next, ?< per following schedule A Anchors aud kedges, lb Adzes, shipwright. each '* coopers' cupper, each Axes, broad, each " wood, each Augurs, aet Aim iu ;c, nautical, each -Auvil, lb Awls, brad, doz a Boat Hooks, copper, each " iron, each Buckets, deck, each " cedar, each " ah-etiron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each " varnish, each " clamp, each " tar, ejch " paint, assorted, doz " whitewash, each Brooms, hickory dor " birch, uoz " corn, d jx Bunting, all colors, fall width, piece Btii'tuig, all colors, hf width. piece Beeswax, lb Blocks, friction rollers, per inch, per sheare Blocks, iron bushed, per inch, per sheave Blocks, sn itch, in Bath bricks, doz Blankets, rose, pair Hid- pruads, Marseilles, piece Biead U skets, tin, piece Bell, table, earh " large, and fixtures, each Bits hor ng, each Bullet Moulds set Boitswaiu's Call, silver, each Br-ce aud Bits, set Belaying Pins, iron, each 1 '' wood, each Bike Pans, set Battle Axes, eaeh Barometer, each C ('outage, tarred hemp, patent, Iba Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, Idi ('outage Manilla, lbs Cable*, hemp, cut " chtin, lbs Copper, i-hett. lbs ( balk, ibi I bulk lilies, piece < liinaels, nsiort.dset " cold, each Candles, sperm, lb ( onipasaes, brass, '0 incli, e'h " b^ut.fucli " carpenter'*, each Canvass, Holland's A A, bolt " Atnerican hen>p,bolt " Cotton, No 2, yd " " No S, yd " No. 6, vd " " No. 10. yd Coal. Leh'gh delivered, ton Cook'* Ladles, encii Curaiu*, morieii, msde up. y id Cups and Saucers, Qaeeu's w are, doz Castors, plain plated, set Crowbata, lbs Calipei*, carpente,'s, pjjr " cunn r'*, pair Cap.',tan liars, hickory, each " w.ilnut, each Cranes for boati, lb Cottee Mill?, e:-ch " b il?r?, e ch C nni tea foi Oil, each \si tto-i, waste lb C?.ai Scrtiptr. each D Deck L ib *. patent, eich Duck, taVrus, neavy. t olt " lieht, bolt " imi'eml, l olt " c Hju, bolt Pruin pi-ce Drawing K'livea, p:ece Emery, lb F F.le*. ha> d *aw each ' wood r-sjw, eaili Funn. 1, wood, water, each K> yiog p<os, >ach Fitc each ^liii *, riuml Flannel, cylinder, yd end b.llowt, tach O Gougei, art Glasses, log, 14 sec , eaeh !r( sec , eacli 0 Glue, lb* Gimlets,a*?orted, doz G ue for. piece Gridirou, eich Onntei's Scale, earh Grapuels, lb H Hawser*, Mnnilla, lb " hemp, lb Houseliu*. lb Hambroliue, lb Hooka and '1 lionbles, lb Handspike*, hickory, each w l"Ut, each " *hod,each Hammers, claw, each " pump, eaeh " riveting, each " chipping, each Hooks, anchor, liali, lb " chain, lb Hank*, di z Halliards, Hook*, cau, ib Hatchet*, each Hoe*, each 1 Ink, writing, quart Iron*, liaud, lb " feet, lb '* caulking, each Jnuk, lb K Kids,copper, hooped, each Leather, rigging, lb " pump, Jb Lig lines, hank Lantern*, signal, copper, eich " battle, earh ", each Litharge, lb Lead liuta, deep sea, 120 fath oms, each " hand,each " black, lb Leads, sounding, Ib L idles and woimi, each Lamp binnacle, each Loggerhead*, Ib Lumber, white pine, clear, foot Lumber, plank, foot L"g Keel, each Lamp-til&ck, lb M Mallets, caulking, eic h " serving, each " giiuuer'* each Marline *piUes, a.eel, each March rope,lb Measure copper, set Mi. line, Ib Match staves, each Maul. Ib N Nails, copper, wrouehl, lb cut,lb Nails, iron, wrought, Ib cut, ib Neeiiles, sewing, ata'd doz " sail, '? doz " mirline,<loz Nippers, each O Oakum, Ib Oil, a|ierm. winter strained gall " ' ouiamer, gall " linseed, boi'ed, gall " " raw, toll " r live, quart Oil tar. grill Oars, ash, feet " spruce, frjet Pens, steel, card, each Points, bl ck lead, lb " whit? lead ill oil groan*. Ib " ted lead " " I'trcelli g,\d Paper, ahuatlung, ream fo'dsctp. r am " U.te . cold p ested, ream " envelope, qui'e " san"!, assorted, doz Pump racks, co p-'f thousand " iron, thousauJ Pitch, gall kettles, lb PI aues, jointer, each " Jack.each " smoothing, each " fore, eich I' match, aet Padlrcks, braas, each ranches ch - in. eich " nail, each Patty, Ib P:lms, mounted, eaeh Palm iioua, each No hid* will be entertained from persoua not aetually en" feed in tht husiuesa lo which ihi* adverliteme t lefera biddM-,1 will tranamit their proposals sealed to the Secretary ol the Ireasiwy Printed I i*ia of I he above article* wi'l be fuMiihed to *hir cli.oidleis, ripou application nt this office. '?"lh r C \V LA WRKNCE. Collector. M'JW YOKK NAUTICAL ACADEMY, *'reet, opposite the Vlahog oiy Yard. V ^ e "AND, Iiiac'ic<l Navigator and Teacher for 3J years Here >ou will be insnucted properly ?i il complru ly, and in the most practical in*uner, eve y hran ii up pert l' lug to Navigation-the use of all kinds of i"*tru inenta, which are pat iu the b. st o der for use at sea, and con sUuily kept lor real practice ; also, Writing and Arithmeiic.? The whole in very litile time, oe mg principally to proper pie parativea, which co vev n i lenr understanding of il.e science generally, lo be met with m iio other ncadnny. An h veiling School iu the various branches of literature. dIO 3t'r KOBINSON'8 PATENT PORTABLE WATER CLOSETS I^HK SICK, and persons in a delicate state of health, will M find thi* an article of e?aeutial u'll tv in the.r bed-chamber. ? ' fv Cr1.'i ' Ufc"' WK'1 either hot or cold water, or for a vapor hath. I hev are extremely list f,(l for ships, hospital , St H- r sale bv the subscriber*, at the Croton Plumbing and Water Filter )? stalilishment, 390 BROADWAY, between VValker and White *t.^. <110 lm*rrc STONE. BHOTHF.H8. A <11- >vHO I)' hIKe, I'KAKL V WHITK ?*1 1 t.E.1 H?My unrivalled KOSK TOOTH PA8TK u otiiveraally sought after for the pearly whitenes* itgivea to the ietth, without the slightest injury. ror sale, wholeoile aud retail, ar JULES HAl/KL'S, rractical Chemist aud IVrfumrr, 4W Sontti Third street, Philadelphia, and by tny agenu:?J It. Jacquemod No 115 Broadway; F A. Artau!! Lii^yette Bazaar. No* 149 and 1J1 Broadway; A. VViilard, S W corner of Cediran d William streets. Prunium* awarded at the " ranklin Institute. i,in lm're WALNUT 0|L MILITARY SHAVING SOAP.?The genuine article, warranted to snrlnaa .-.llot' rr prepara tions, either American or foreign, lor sale whnlea.ile and retnl at the old srand, No. 3 Conrtliuidt atreef, next door to the Na tional Hi t'I. and thr^e doors from Broadway?"Depot" fn Seaps. Kssenees and Perfumery of eveJy variety and quality Alio Cryaialline Candles for the kjmt and West India am South Ameiican inarkris, warr tiled t? the tei>t of an> climate, and burn n? long as ?perin. JOHNSON, VROOM k FOWLKR. d* Imeixl're No 3 CourtUndt at. anil79 Tiinily 1'lace. PROFESSOR STRUVE, T ATfc of Brown University, is now forming Kvenmg Ciasse* in the Germau and French X<a'.guagva. (icntlc men wishia* to join the name w ill please leave their ntmes at lm ri om?. .No. |,7| Broadway. d? Imeod'm DR. (i? OBUE LEO-WOLF, WAVING re tarred Irom Kttro.w, has resumed tiie tr.-.cttee si I? P'o'f,",0n *t NO 98 t liamber* street. >? w \ nrk. Novelliher ID Ii. tM?-| |,V0 lmis>e"d loe ^ NOTICE TO TIIE PUBLIC. ALL I ) HhONfl indebted to the subscriber, heretofore do ing business under the firm ol I M rlKINGUKS 8c CO ?re cau loned fiom paying t? J M Brmgues any money for roods, wares or inei cri ind ze. aold in my name or in the name of tee tirm and are also warned not to purchase, or receive iu stor age, auy o| the goods, wines, See which sanl Hringues unwar rantably took froen the stoieai d ctllar No.7New street?as he lias no right or cliim to the *im^* whatever, they being nut i>t the stock owned by the old firm of K. Richard 8e Co. \nd I pronoun.* a certain n-tiee published iu the N Y Herald of thei flth inst by the said Brn an *. headed "Caution tot' e Pub lic ?which state*, tmoi g other thing*, that I have no tight to collect any money, or ditposr of any winei, good*, etc o' to remove * bar and nuure* from toe piemises?f il.e and ridicu lous :aa the said premises w er le.sedbyme inmj'ownu me long a> lore I bee .me in any wa> com ectid with the said J M. Bro'tne*?the ei.t havmg been p--id np t ? this time by me, in dtv.dually, and the bar and fistur s winch ate mentioned were rntenssed ana psid for hy myself, and weie never arc unfed for 111 any pyt erahip tran??0' lor betwe.M as And far her give upiiee. that the c<>|?lti>ershit> t.e retol.ire (listing between the .aid B-jngaes and m>s.|f, under ihe firr., e>f J. M. llringue* ia dissolved, and that all matter* iu d fTerenres between us will be submitted by me to a competent legal tribnnal lm settlement dl" ll'rre F.RICHARD. GiK'NTl.KvlKN OF NMV V'ollK ,Vlv oel T.^d r AMBROSIAL tlO'-E AMI ALMOND S.'l.ii p, CRK\MS dety a com|><risoii iu America nr Kn'opti No per son will u*e any otliei after nsing th * Emollient r.nt? It toe best, the very beat Hi?e it only a single trial, l d in 'r ?*k *uy mar" to convinre ynu 1 warrani it. ror asle wholes le aud retail, n'. JULF.S H UffcL'H Perfumery and ('heinical St.ire, ?,j ... 46 Kouih Third street, I'hiladeli hia, \r,.?VnY B. laquem d. N . IU hroa. way; F v< ,n?-ii ''"^""e Bataar \ne. 19 a^d '51 B oadwav: A. V liarI V\ cor ot Cedar a d W ill ian afreets. ' ""at'l'tl ai I- I....; nIR Im're ?> .^'-LI'EU ikon .."''JLK R FLUES, vi;;;."-??1 * oW m'te THOS PROSSKR. ? Llbrfy .? N. Y. UUk ie?t in i?h Ranch AUCTION MJJII. m L. B BUTLFR. Anetioneef. ? By B r. MIDbUKToN. ACCT1GN THli DAY at 10J4 oclock, atthe i?1m room, No it Ami street. I y order ol the A slgntea.the lialauce of of Kieuch ?-ua Oerinan Tor* ?ud K?\.ey Uoudt, COi|'*lug iu PUt of Dun k il it'll* S, bvtee i f ?UO>t(4 tojrt, (Out. flutes, <1rr-?luC MM, waithet, e<DM. Whip#, q., ul??f <k? ten ?n'I tiLlt ?p r.hi. irg ,r tun, Ki nch hiirb.util es he k.. A'">, 11 irge iiWaicrfof spleod J p-.ckn cut'try and 'cli?<irt, to pay advances. iil! I *r LU31\ Book nfihuB iA for savi gs, n > st tvo. n?'fi w?-r it .'equalled to lei-T' it at til.* Bank, No. lOT Chamber- It. till >1*1 c WANTfcU, BY a rc*P?ctaMe wouiv>,abih? to wet i.ur?e?as the hat lost I er we ii d t>tbe, our day old. Lives it iii d veneeiiih ti , between 7tti anil thb -teuuet. d (J 2t*m WAMTkJj, A SITU ATI ON n? Nurse or H amttrers in 11 private family. Apply, after 9 o'clock, at 10 Stout) ?t. The be?t of ciiy reference cm be given. dlu 3t'rtr BUAK I) WANTED; E'OR a willow lady. wiih one child, wi liiu five minutes' M. walk 'it ihe t"?tv Hall. Term* not tv? eiceed four dnllart b Week. Addixi C. II . attliu office d9 :ii*ih WANTED, A FEW ACTIVE YOUNG MEN to (to Sonth or Wnt, to art a* A?e .it for ;liea 'In of new .uid popular Publicatioua. t:n.m over and above their expenses will he Insured to in writing, with nuop inruuitv of cleariug $1,010 per year. Some men now in our employ Will, no doubt, make over $1,11110 per year clear of nil i xpeusr. hacli will h tve Ilia district. It will be iieicst try for them to have nt least fiom $2i to $50 to obuiiu n good titling nut. Apply at FRkNCH'S ru'disluug Hall, 293 Oioadway, up stairs, >1^1 of the Kins All letter* must ^e pott paid. dOlm'ic NEW KKENCH RESTAUR\NT ?TcOFFEE HOUSE, AT NO 7^7 BROADWAY. MESSIEURS BUNEL Si LE COVITt., bee to announce to the public iu geueral, md to distiuidied families 111 p.iriirul r, 1I1 1 they have 0|a*ned au tlegaut Kreuch Restaurant : nd Coffee ll mte, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, wliere Bicaklasts, Diunera ?.,d siup,?ert may be lud at any convenient houi; ami 1 1 a ?t) le t' ai c.iuui't f.ul to satisfy Ihe moat delicate p late. There will olvt avs be loaud a rich tumly of fine paatry and confectionery,jillies. ice fleams, Chailottet-iustes, itc quisite Liquois and ihe most cli ice Wiuis. Order* received I rom haui 11 hi for Breikiasls, L) liner* and Suppers, or *epa'ate dishes. Paries sum lied with every kind cl Pastry, Jellies Conlectio arie* and Ice Ctemis. ?i3 lm'rc 0 0~ K K WAltlJI M I S S I N G . SUSPICION OF FOUL PLAY ! A RTHUR MORRKLL, of the fiim tf Mor ell St H?m in idii, niaiiulacturer* of blank'ouks, No GO J >ho atreer, parted with a friend at tha coiner ol Cli itiiatu mid I'uarl atreett, on Thur>day evening, December 4th. (iiutaut,) ?t haT-paat ten o'clock, fi-i In* residence! No. J Sullivan atreet?with tue 111 ? , tenti'<n n( imm; throunh Pearl atre?t, up Bro.<dway down l.'anal to 8'illivan atreet?since which tin,e unthiuK ha* been heard from hiiti He ii about 2} or 2lj y ears of age, about live feel eight iiirhen iu height, very straight, aud was dre*>ed, at the line iu black pantaloons, plaid vest, black frock roit, and dark overcoat with velvet collar, boots and India rusbera, and carrying an umbrella. He h id in his p. MeasMB, at the tune, abmit 50 or 60 l oliars iu bills partly current?itold pen, silver case, Levi Browu. imker?aud a silver toothpick ; complexion daik, black tifcii and 1 vet, auU 110 whiskers. On one fii.cerwas a plain gold ring, marked on the inside, "From A. M. to L M. M." He was a man of the most correct and domestic habits, strictly temperate, anil in whoae family and business couuec tious existed the u most harmony. l>o cause but foul play could have pioduceil hisabseuce. The above rewarJ wid be paid for his recovery, or any infor mation concerning him that will lead to it, by partner or ' family, at No. 1 Sullivan street. JOHN C. HAMMOND December 7th, 1815. d8 3ris in CAUIION TO Til K PUBLIC. ALL PER80NB indebted to the subscriber, IxNIlitm transacting business under the uame and #t\lc ol J. H, Brmguts fet Co. are hereby caunorid from paving r ? Richard any money for goods, w ires, merchandize, sold in the nam* of J. Al. Briiigues?i.s lm h?s uo further Authority vkhatevrrti collect or receive iiuv money, or to MM 1IW of *nv win*', goods, wares, merchandize b. I uging to me 01 taken fioin ihe stoie or cellar ISo 7 New street, occupied by J. M Bringucs tclo : al>o c-.utionii g any one from removing a bar fiom tne said premises, nn<l the a 'id li icli nd lias no auilioi t v topurchaeor to make any cuntract, or use the name of J. M. Briugae* it Co. Irom this date. New York, December 8th, 1846. d8 3tu*r J. M. BRINOUES. VERCOAT8, CLOAKS, See ?A large assortment Men > and Youths Heaver Milled Cloth mill Pilot 0 .... C loaks, fecr , for sale ready made, at our usual modente pn W.M. T. JENNINGS Si CU.J1I Brosdwav. n'fi r Ameviran Hotel. FACKE1/ HAliUl'h. ANN llAftLfcl .Irom Oi As O*. ?Cousiguee.s will send their permits ou boaid, foot of Pine street, K R., or to WOODHULL tt MINTURN, 87 South sire't. All goods uot ivrmittcd in live days must lie lent t ? public store. d9 r>c N-J 1'ICE ?All pe.sons aie forbid l^rbormg or r > usliu* .-u} oi the c e* of ihe British hsrq ie Al>.\ HAKLbY. from 1>I isuow. a-' to debts of their contra. ting will lit p no either by the captain or consignees. VVOODHL'LL U MINTURN, d9 nc 87 S> uih (tree*. Fancy BOXkS FOK BON HON 6. HAVING jnst received a pleudid assortment of Fancy Boxes froinj^aris, the detlers in same articles are invited to c ill and n i/c the articles which are ollered at lower pri ces than they ever were iioport* d for. BRUN LA ROdlERE Ik COURT, Ii2j ltn'rh 116 Wilua"> ? rest. CHEAP SOAP Wui;K->. DEPOT NO. d COURl'LANDT STREET, Under the National Hotel. 1 OH SON'S Walnut CM Shavina Soap. ? do Superior Almond Soap. do Toilet Soap All very highly scent-.d. ai;d Rt prices lower than any other houie. All aiuda ol Perfumery (or Barbers, Storekeepers, Families, ito bold by C. VAN 8CHOONHOVEN, n9 lm?i No s <'onrtlandt arree' A Lilt A i 1 AlVl>TOK. J MPORTKK 3'3 Broadway, has i>cei\.d by Ian- arrivals.the ' ue went st > lea ol Fruges aud Lace liiui|is, Trimmings for t.-loaks and Mantillas, v^ry rich I hread Lice Capes low i eck Cape* .Old Thread Late Berths. V eils and Sleeves. Thread Luce Collars and ' utfs and a g eat variety of black 3.lit L tr. Hud Thread Laces Fancy, S*c., w liich he offers lor fcilp nf wlin'fMlf ^nd rvf.ti! n4 TTttTlTTJMbh MllD.Ub UAuUr. K iviA.v GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, On] BKOAUWAY, upper corner of .Man ay, over T> n oej'i Jewtlrvitorf awarded the (Medal, four " Firsi l\eniums ' mid iwo " Hiaia at Honors," at the f xhibit'Pu ?i Boston, No a York and t'hiladelp'iia, respectively, for the bosi pictures and appaiatus ever exhibited. I'lumbe s Premium Cameras, Instructions,Plate*, Cases. h.e forwaided to any desired point, at lower ..?tes iJisn bv any oil e. m -nofactory. nt'i 3io l)h W' me DA'j U liltREO J' Y Ft, GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLJ81IMEis 1 AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF VOKi TLAKXVER'S A 1'HA HA TUS. |>KSIUt.S k new supply of the aboie Ai'inratus, the subscri MJ bers have received best I'lales, Chemicals and Polislnns substances, and the uewest inii iovemnnts in (he Art. lustruc tionsgiven m ine Art. and orders from every pa. t of tho coun try prom,'tly nuenileti to, by addressing (post-paid) to W. St .F LANOKNHK1M, Philadelphi > Kxrhaiuie LANOENHLIM .V BKCK h.Rs. i?ft Vw Vnrk. 201 Broadway. FlKSr PREMIUM IJAGULKKEOl YPhS. P. HAAS, DAUUERREaJSARTIST, 2^!) Broadway,cou.nkih)P Kkadi! Sprekt, Lakarok Building. iV? R. II. h a received the Medul al the lite Fiir of the Ame a'X rican lustitute, f r Pictures executed by hiinscK, and not 1 uichased nor done by hired (iperators; the public, the'el'ore, cnu at all tim-s depend upou obtniuing the sime style ol i'oi traita, from the una lec t to th-- largest 3izes, which cannot be imposed for beauty or accuracy. Instruction given iu the Ait ou reasonable terms. oZ7 lm*'e 1/hATHh.KH?l.t*W lbs Western l.iv? (J-eae, lor sale I t r d3 V K ' HLUNSVM) ^6 ^.onh s{. UNITED SI ATE 3 MAIL LINE, AT FIVE O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY and the luteimediate H-Miilings. or fir ts the .ce *ill jn-rmif.?Theie yood sieiRhiiig f oin any |wiint oil tne Hud son to Aioauy, and s ages will be in reudiuess to cariy pa>seu j;eis to their desiiuation, at the arrival of the boat. Passage $3 it) through in /MbJiiy The celeOrated ice ste inbont OLUMB1A, Captain Wm. II P'I'll, leaves iln- sleamboit | ier between Couillandt and Liberty str.ets, THIS DAY t F1VF. O'CLOCK P. M.? 'iliursday, December 10th 1815. For passign or fre ght, apply on board, or to I'. C. Schultz, nt the oliee ou t' e wharf. dllrrc "BLACK BALL UR ULU Lme. Ot> LIVhit ? POOL PAC'KKTS?Knr Liverpool, only regylar ip.n ket ofthe I6ih December. The new, maguiticeut and celebrated fast saliug favorite packet ship Nc.W V OitK, burth.u ilio tons, Captain T. B. Cropper, w ill positively sail on Tuesday, I6'h of December. Having accointi odatioi s ui>surp.isst d, fur cabin, ?d cabin and steerage passenger', those returning o ihe Old Country, or sending lor their friends, w ill tind it ilr ir interest sml c .mlolt to select this uueiju illetl in* of p.ieket.i. t'or pasjagc. UI cablu. secouil cabin ml '.teenage, and to se ll re tile he. t berths,early application mould ha made ou ho ird, foot of Ueekuian st, or to ihe subscribers, HOCHK, BROTHF.RH (k < O. SI- Fulton .trei t. next door to the Fultou Bank P.'?.?The NEW YOHK <iils IV'im Liverpool ou the I t Febiu iry. Persons sendieg for their fnends can have theut brought out in this m igniiiceat p ek?t, or any of ihe eight packets comprising the tllsek Hell I ne, sailins from Liver pool punctually on the 1st mid 16th of every mouth. Kor p iMaue appjv as above. Ph? -iHKN AN UOAH will succeed llv sew Yotkandssil for Li> erpool on the 1st of .1 n uar), li.r rt gular day. No-ice?The public are irspect'uMy ' .tl'ied hy desire ofthe owners of the Bi n k Ball or Old Line ol Liv ipool Packets. tnat no P -.senger Age-uta hu Roc*-* . Brothers Si Co havepe. mis.iou fr mi them to adverti. c 10 b tng ? ut passengers by this lm-. and that they are the on y sutho. ised I'asseng-r AgeuU of said line iu tins city. d11 r hUR NKW ORLEANS? Louisiana and iNi-s York Line?Positively Fir t lie^-uUr Packet?To ?BHMiail Saturday, 13th iiist ? The rlegant, fast sailiug ptekei slop 8ARTLLLK, Taylor, master, will positively sail at above, hor tegular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsome famished accoin tnod itious, apply on hoard, at Orleans *h irf, fool oi Wall st, or to E. K. COLLiNs ?c CO.. 18 Sooth si. iWPoiitively no goods received o., biaid after 2 o'clcck, Sa turday 13 h inst. Age t in N*w Orleans James E.Woodruff,who will prompt ly forward all roods to his address. The ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Moses Hunt, will succeed the SAR 1 ELLE, and sail on in* )3d usi , her regular day dll FOR LIVERPOOL?To snce?*d tha Heary ''ratt?l he vory last sailing p ekat shin STKPHE 11 iLURM AN, Coi klin, master, will positively tall ou tne iSiu iust. For passage, having axcalleut accommodations in cabin and st?? rage, apply to ?llll in ? JOHM HF.RDMAN It CO , 61 S^ith st iiCflC LlVEKPOOL LlNEUF PACKEI'S?Hegular r5'T?V rI?ki-t of llt.n Deoemoer? J'h# splendid ne?? packet VlMMfarihip JOHN R. MiiOUY. Wm bkiddy, waster, wfi sail u above, her regnl ir day. Rse.'igverysupeiioraccommodauona < >r cabin, second cv bin sou steorage passengers persons wishing to seeii'i beitha sbonld itiike narly spplicat'on on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Corner of Pine and rtonih stree.s, N Y. Tho favorite a"d well known packer ihip Stephen Whitney, W C. Tuocii'soi', will succeed ihe lohu H. HkidJy, and ml ou 'he J It's of Jann iry. her regular >'ay 8. ? Per. >nt wishr g lo send f'f their friends ta the o d ooun ty, c?n ha e thein brou,ht ont hy ihe store si< eailid ships, on the most reasonable, hy app'j tug is shove, dlu iro | UTEAMSHl^ MATiA?fH|;^ETfg"^l-OR LiV~IIPO' L | ? Ttiisship w.llsol mi THUrlllysV nu rniin December Hth, at it o'clock, "t which time pssseng-ts will be on boaid at Tier Nt?. 7, North River, loot of Rector ?trr?i. L*tter Bags will close at tha s'tehsuge Reading Room and si lb ? 'tibicriber*' omce. at o'cl ck HARNDLN k CO, ?lit Jtls*rra fcWallgtmt t Aurora AUNT*. COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT 3?BKK _ o,v ,.h. "*i*Ct t0UUI*?IU'*<1 Ich) aialcaadtld Mil. A D *ATTRRK>N r i ? i ... Esluo, of the An*io Anwricnn. Fa?i p?*rt cnl^r# will Wdulv ant?0UDCc<l , ? icke'a Si?iio i,? obtained at ihn usual places. or of the owi itf g?> men, rii-mbcrs of ihe C< mtnir'w; ? A. ttai'-j?r, ?<q. H B. M. | Cor-ul, Mid rt 1'iendeut of the It Geo'ge'l Socl?l> ol | iNrw york. W". D. Cu li'wrtson. Eq . Pi* siuent ul the St (Jc'HKc > *oc et>'. Ti?"ita> Dixou, tx-Prmdent i>f do. Joseph Fowler, 1'iq , do. do. liciiry Jessop, Ksq., lit Vice Presid* ut ol' d<?. Septimus Crook., Esq., 2d Vif e rr.-aidt ut ?f ?'o. Robert Bge, Esq., Tieaattrer of ilo. Hruiv Oweu, Esq., Hecretaiy ol do. Jlt .iv Dixou, Ksq. M Muttraiu, K?i|. Thorns* F. Grteu, R<q. Is Bradbury, Eiq. John Snawlorth, L?'i K. H. l-rsiei Esq Frederick West, t'.'H T. 8. Comining'. Eiq., N.A. J. R Whiter, f.nq. Dr M. Levetr. d? 'itT.TIifcS rrc W m, b harleuoeig fiit. A r. .) II O. Oil . r iq <?. II Mil e l*.ger, Esq Dr. V. Vlot , Jr. T. 8. ('hum *is, Esq. A. Stodatt t-K] Alfred Waller, Eq. L limits V> v, Eiq Edward Pu>iou, Eaq. Joseph Rhodci. K q. It S Sunt OB, Esq. MUSIC COMMITTEE. U. C. Iliil, Ksq . Prnidtut of the Phillitrinouic Society. (jeori<e Loder. E?q., Vice Pre lideuc of do. J. L. Kmigu, Secretary of do Allan D<>dts'ort)i, Esq., Trea surer of do. Thomas Goodwin, Eiq., Li* hramn of do. II. C. Timin, l*t Anistaut Of ficer ol do. A. Boucher, Esq., 2d do. do. Edward Hi ilgei, Mm 1). Luther B. VVv ki.ui, Esq. U A L L . A MERIOAN KNGINE < 0. No. IX, will bold their An -a uu I ball ou We'lutiday Evening, December 21th, at Ooth'C 11 a' I, Adnins street, Bio klyu. Ticket! $J?alnittiug a gentleman and Itdiei, to be obtained of the folio wiiii: COil * ITTEE OK ARRANGEMENTS: Mr. John Leech. Jr I Mr. J C. Valentine, " Win. b >ui| hen, I " Wm. Paiie iou, " Chat. H Foidhain, I " Wm H.DeO'avr, " J?C 'b E Fuller, I " l)a> :d H. Ilaiee?, " P. S HuK'><'1. I " John rlooKlaiid. The ll or w ill be under the management of Mr. t). J. Ll'tai. UU. H, 19, 22, 23, Wr THE IRISH EMIGRANT .>0 IkTY'8 13ALL 'I'HE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THK IRISH * t^lCillANT SOCI h.T v , rei|iecll'ully announce toktjie pub] c, that the aecoud Annual Ball in -id ol the luuda of the Society, will be given at Niblo'a, ou MOMDAV Ereiiing,Di camber 29th. i'ickeia, to admit a gentleman and two ladi*-i, are three dol lar! ? ach, and may be had from any of tlie officera of the So ciety. X'. \V. Clerke, Esq.. Prnjideut, <1 Nyaau it. Oregory Dilian, P.?q , Ut Vice I'reiideut, 33 Barclay it. Jo>eph Stuart, Esq , 2d Vice Hreudent,M William it. Hugh Krlley, Eiq , :id Vice President. ,.-8 Bowery. J?mn Revburn, r ?q . Treasurer, W Wall >t. William Redmond, E?q., Treamter pro. teiu., (4 Exchange Place. John T. Dorle, E?q , Correiponding Set'v, 7S Nasssn t< M. J. O'. minor, E?q.. Recording Sec'y, 99 John it Ktl'l Ingoliltby. Eiq , 119 Alaidtui lane John Maiiuiug, Ksq , 166 Pearl >t. C. II. She&baii, E>q , H Kulcon it. J iniri Mxtliewi, V ?q.. 95 Wall it. Dr. Hugh Sweeney, S7 him it. Arthui rtewart, E?q ,68 Merchaiili' Exclianga ('. M. Naury. Esq., I!8 Pine it. Jamel Olwv||, E?q , 179 West it. Thomas Boland, Ktq . It Ann it. John McNicol, Ksq , 51 Roo-evelt it. Tho'i'i* Swan wick, Lsq ,55 Pine it. J unci Shepherd, h.?q Chailes E. nliea E?q , 84 Cedar at. Terence Donnelly, > aq.,7 bouth Williaui st. And at the olftce ol the Society, No 6 Ann (treat. _____ Ii29 SaTuhTh toD?9'rc grand CHRIaTMAS UAI.L. rpHE FIRST ORAND EXCLUSIVE FA.NCV DRESS X B VLLoftlic Mineita Socitty, wi'l be held ut the Mi neren Rooms, No. 416 Broadway, on THURSDAY (Chriit um?) Kveuing, 0>c. 2j, 1845. The comuintee in announcing thii, (the ouly ball to be given by Ihe above Society this leaaou ) would iulorm thcr friandt and ilione who atti-udtd tl.eir b.ils I ut y. ar, ili-t tiny ln<e in.ide such irrangementi as enables them to eusuro to nil w ho may favor thvm with theircouipaii) ,a mostagreeable evening1! eufrtaiumtut. Mr. Wallace's unrivalled (luadiillc Baud Inn been enraged (or ilie ? ccmiou. dl 2tiw td25 TukTh *-n; THISTLE BALL. rf'HE MAN AO EH S of ihe THISTLE BENEVOLENT ? ASSOI IA'lION rr'Pectfully anuiilinci. that th^ir tint BALL lor tin* se.non, will lakej hcei'n THURSDAY Eve ning. December 11r h, it Cattle ??.n dou?the proceedi. to be ap plied, aa formerly, to clmntutile pu<i>niiei, without diatinctiou of count1 y or creed. The order , f d .ncing according to programme. Director of the floor Mr. li Robertson. Leader of the Urch<-iun Mr. W Wall. ut. , B'U-Pipcr Mr. MrKen .clicr. n eiricieul police will be uiatiei.d iiicetopreserte decorum. Doon ?*-!! at 7. Dai.ciug will c^nmieuce precisely at 8 ! o'clock, ihe terminaliou of the bill will be knuwu by the bind 11 lying "Guile night, an' joy be wi' ye a'." An arraiiKeint'u: hoi been made ihat it *-s w II run through II ti is on steet, Broadway, the Bowery, and Enit Bioaaway, lo and fron ihe G id-u. umil II o'clock, at the osual cliaigei. C.iri ingea will set down their company. coinii g into the B > : t?rj. hy I tie- Greenwich itreet gate, a d Roiuk out by theg.te opi osite Cearl nr. et, taking up in leteried ordi r. To pteveut coufusioii, it is r. qu sled that paitiei w .11 dumisi their carriages ou arriving at >hc (iarden, aud "U rt turning take I tne Anton the stand T'ie Inspector of Hackawill be present r.girtlv to eui'orce the Police re*ul moo*. Thoa. uho intend to be at the Ball hid better early inpply tlem.rlir! w itli Ticlieta, as no more will be luued than tuu nr.'* in ciiiul ti'<n. T eki u one doll ir, to itdicii. a ? "i tlerasn a <1 two I idics.may li? bad of Mmin. 8uid<rt U Dunham, 26i broad* ay; rtter Milue, 1? Centieitro?t;tlte liar of Cattle Garden, and of either of the vaiiagera Cli.eki not traiDl'nallt A. CAMERON, 8-cratarj', "0 Leonard it. N. B. All members rnlitli d to a Ticse', iue i<que>tid to make e r'y apidic >tion to lie Stcretaiy, a* uo lueuih. r's tick et" will be i?iurd on ihe eveninu' of the ??? II. db 6iis*ic nALLs, VaUIILS, ?5cc. lii' li, Faahionahlt, and SUijile Articlea. 'J'HE subscriber! a.e daily receiving, and continually ad * ding to their rxteiisise aisonmenl ol licli Scatfi,Cravats, Olove-, S ispeaderi. Stc. Their assortment of all article* aj> i>eriaining to the wardrobe of the fashiouable genileman, will ?>e found far moie e>tensive ihm that of any oihe1 in this citv. md well worthy the attention of si onyeis a J residents. The subscribers long and intimate know ledge of every department of thrir bu>iuess, the: senior partner h v lug foi the lest twenty years been adit ely engaged in th-- unr line of buiinei* in this city, is a guarantee that all arti cles selected and nviuuf ctuied by us, may be d 1>. ded 0', not only for the superiority of their finiili. b t iu the durability of tlirir tvorkmamhip.? Pa ticular at entiou is devoted to the Ready Ma ie Ln eu De IMitmeu ? ll getmeuts mauufaclnreu u: our Eitaklithineut, an-I ut after the molt approved French method, tait,lv and I uttiiuily made and I tsh oneil t) suit ihe lorm of the wearer. < <euiiem?'i t> udmg their ?nlers by mail, may del end on having 'heir goods of the best quality, and at fair au I M xJeratc prices, keut with punctuality (by Express) lo any part of the couutry, aud ill. favouriug us with a call, ir<v di-t^ tnl on lieiuB suittd ut'heold Eniabli.tlimeut of PAR^ELLS k AGATE. ilti lu.'rc 2.17 Broadway, co m r of Park I'lsce. A. LKJUWORTH'S DANCING SOllOUL. A LLEN DODWOItTll would beg Irave to iu/ortn hii ? > friends, that it Lt hii intention tocommencr i Privale Dnrie nj School, at hii residence, 448 Brootne iireet, on Mon d y sfi:'ruo in. Oct. 2uth. From Ini long counexi >n with the Dancing world, and Iviviiic availed hiumlf of I structioii.s from the be.r. miutera that nave visited this country?inch as I' ul Taglioni, aud others o! like celebrity?l.e feels t at he is as well qualified to tnich as any in the city; ana hii musical education will certainly give bin s gr-at ndvant ite over many ai present i i the profession. as it may, thoae who la i ? ir lorn with their patron tge ciu rely uihiii acquiring a corrcct and f> shiouable style of D?ncing. TERMS. A Qjtrt^r of 21 Lesioni, including the Quadrill*. Waltz. G.illopv aud I'olka $11) (0 Ten Leeiona in tl.e Waltror Polka, 5 00 l)avi ami Hnuri of Tuition. On Monday and Thursdays, at 3 O'clock, for Ladies and Misr i ovur 12 yean of age. Ou Weduesday and Saturday, at .1 o'cUck, for Mi.tsei and Uovii under 12 >ears of age?and On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdar, for Gen t'tnien, at 7 o'clock P. M. A ?econd f lass will be formed from 9 to 10, for those who I eaouotattend earlier. Private Le. ioii! given at any other hours, either at ihe ren denre of (he pupil or at the school. o2l Irn're i)ANCIN(r A5Tl~WALTZING ACADEMY, , No. 21 Howard srRKEr. SIG'NA St SIG. FERRERO have reopened their School, aud will commence an entirely new el .ss for Young i-a dies anil Maslen on 'i iiesdays and Fridays at h If |?ist 3 IMVS ok TUITION. Moudoyi and Thursdays, Wednesdiyi and Siturdays, aud Tuesdays and Fridays, at half past 3; clssses for Young Ladies ard Masters. Monday and Thursday evenings, ni hall past 7; Dancjuir and Waltzing t lasses for Gentlemen, cu Tuesdays and Fridays, at the name hour. Waltring, Polka and Mazovrka clas. Fordo La Vnlt'za Deux Temps, Polka aud the Maxonrlu will be might in all the classes during the term. Private les ions, |ir vate classea, and boarding schools, punctually attend ed to. Private Soiree* will be given M uinal. n7 Imeod'r. DANCING. VI ISS E. ELLIS, direct from Europe, begs to announce ivX sh? li is recominenred giving instruc tion in all the fashionable Hull Itootn Dancing, at her residence, ll B'iclay street. She will remsiu iu New York all the win ter. Hh? tescliea all Queeu Victorias Dines, I'olliuius' Val e, Ms?.ourka Cotillion, l a Polka, aud Court Nliniiett. Srh it,Is and F nmli'S attended. n?8 lw*rc ?ANU]NC> ACADEMY. 8HAK8PEAHE HOJ'KL, CORNER OK DUANE AND WILLIAM 8TRKETS. Vl R. G. ROBERTSON retpect/u'ly informs his fnends aud tlie public, that he h is opeued classes at the above rooms for giving instruction! in the various uiodcs ol dancing. Day i ol imtiou?Wednesdays aud Saturdays, from 3 lo ?? P M. tor I idles, and nouteis und'r M ; and Imtr 6 to 8 I' M, for geu tlem* '. A private class for ladies from f> lo 8 1' Si. ?4ssrin bli s will lake place lemi-mouthlv?acholan free; season ticked (3. 'Ih> above rooms have been newly painied ud ri li'ted in a mo.t elegant st> le ; and Mr R. lusar-a |?r*nts and guardiaus tmt every effort w ill be uied to add to th. com fort of pupils while et school. Thoie wishing to subicrib* will please call as nbovo. Mr. li. will give his lint Grand Ball of the se son on Moo da;, Dec. I). Tickets #1, forn genilemiii and his ladies; to be had -t the Class Roonu, jr at Mr. R.'s, 110 Caual street. n23 lin'm EVENING AMUSKM1*.N I. IT has bees a source of general regret that so few opportu nities offer, that prove sufficiently al'rsc'iv* to young men. to draw them from the haunts of dissipation lud vice into which many fall, font a want of more rational and in structive amusement. An excelleut opportunity uow off re. which poeseasei uiauy attractions, alio combini- g he.tlth.plen ?ure and information, where tenUemeu m y resort, and pnas an agreeable hour, at Dubrow*! Ridiug School. 4 I Bowery. Terms for a eourie of twelve Itiiou!, it. Subecriben are not required to ettend regularly, o-ly ai mnv mit iheu coc senience. The school will be o|<sui every evening from 7 to 9H o'clock (Sunday! excepted) The School li open daily for Ladiv, from IA-M to I P.M. o3l lm*rc PARTI Lb. I1 H ? SUBSCRIBER nost rea|iei:ifo)ly lutimax to the I'ithiouable poblic of New York, that he liei esublithed himself iu the omamentil confection try hnsinesi. Hii exi>e rieuea of iinuy > eari in this branch, gained in the greeteit co in alsnf hui ope and the United Statei, his superiority of work manship, an I as artist, enables him to farn'ah parties and wed dings with Pyramids, TemnUsof any description, lee Cream of a I varieties. Charlotte tie Rnis<> Jellies, and all other irti cli-s lielomtiiiK to the nine profms on, of superior style, anil theaper than any where else. His flare of manufactory is not iu i ne of ihe *re*t thoroughfares hut those ladi* s who Ire pie.sed tog ve their ord rs, miy rely ou being served without disappointment, 'o their sntislm ti n Dinner* aud suppers aitssuded to, and expcienced waiters provided l? LEYroi.DT. nil 3is" Itn're No 121 Hprj'n street TO I HE L-.DIES'! TO THE L.Vl)IES '!' LADIES hiving any kind ofcait off oriuperganns CloiJiiag to dispose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen.) oan nbtata a fair cash prioe for the nine, by lending for the subscriber, at herresidenrp, No. in Dnane street, bas-ment MRS. M. 8. COHEN. i P. b ? A letter thfongh Ihe Poat Officn, or otherwise, will b? pdnctnallv aitended ia ?l* lin^g | AJH'?wcim. CAItK THKATrH. MR AND MR8~CHARLGti KEAN ThnuJtjr Kt?iiiii?, DM:emh?r II, Will be performed, d N . V;:, I?? Mr*. O: .?'?? K nn Adm '.us .vlr C'i?.lti Kcou M don B-rrV CtriipliO'l .. b, .1. t.leiu?uthe M.ffl l.t'.e M >rw After wh ch. LtPulkt.. .. by th? two Mi?? VUle* ?. To <:oaclu*i? *j h TIlC uLli SO DlEt. A-!am L??th?ra<>lj Mr 04?? M i?ter >iich?l Cr*tnp Knh?r Patience damp Mi?? ''urJiii ll.l.u Mr. ? fruu ol AdoiuMOil?llc?t, 11 ; fit, 10 i.:>u ? ui.erj, IS cer.U. Doors of< b at CS o'elcek, nr.j tJmi willriMpreruel? ? > o'clock. Ki?WKIlV '1 MK, s A. W. JACKSON. ..MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR MRS. SUA W FOR FOUR NIGHTS MORE Thursday 15veiling, OtcernlKr II, The Iwrlorm mr. If to cornrnenco with ROMMJ AND jlLltT. Juliut M'? Shiw .Mercutio Mr J K Scott Rome".. u ?ei.purt LfJy Capulet... Mn .M*1' nun Nurse siickut v 1 o conclude with THE SURGEON OF PAR18. .jieBurgeou .Mr J R Scntt Cii.ff Charles Suih- U..d li lllmiiu Had tw V Qu eeu Catherine Mia M-*disou Mudelnu llell .rrl ... t b.11 ip? iiown Itvtei SUcraU: S?v";a'l v.d Third T:s t a eta ; 1'it and Gallery, IJX renta Dn??n wi11 rv ?n Inlt' nnut '} vii n. ?i 7 UKAftl> UKKUA.V Ol'tllA, AT PALMO'S OPLRA IlUUSK, Chamber* Street. Saturday Kwiilnw, Dec. 13, Will I.<? p rf jrii.tU, D E R f R E 1 rt C H U T Z. Grand Rom tutic Opeia iu 3 -?cts bv Cjrl Maria Von Weber. PRINCIPAL PtRdONAOrS: OttoliT, a Bohemian Prince Herr R Kiese Kur.o h?-ad Ranker Heir C (filler Aitalhe, hit DfUKluer M 'de A. Otto Auchen. herCuusiu Fianlein M. Kornnaliv Caspar, first Rjn^er HtirF Meyer Ma*, second Rai der Hrrr W B'uclier 8<miel,the vVild lluutcr Herri'- S'i.w-ji Hermit He r Lotz Kilian. a rich Fanner Hrrr K. Schuepf First Brid"? . >*id Mme. Poppeuherg Margarcte, a G rl ol" the Inn K'aulem .>luller The Ghost of Mai's Moihtr Krauleio Ruhlinaun The Ghost of Agatha... Krau Ida Warner Chorus of Hunters, .Masici?iis, Pt-asanu, Aridesti.aids, etc. Tli? tceu* of action ia iu B hernia, during the time of the Thirty V'eara War. Books of the Oi'uia. in German and iuiglish, an original ticluli translation by C B. Barkaiat, E?<1 , l jt iale at the B"x i/fTice. Ijr" Seats mav be secured eter> day liom 10 o'clock, A M, till I o'clock, P M.,atthr box onicn. The suoscription book i> al?o open, and the Patrons of the Opera are respectfully in vited to honor the Manager of the Uermau Opera by their . names Prices of Adniisaiou?First Tier nnd Parquette, SI; Second Tier, Ml cu. Doors open at 7 o'clock-peiforraance to coinmeiic at I o'cl'k precisely CrtivSnU'l' * l M.ttiJU'1' I'tUUA'l HiBi PHILADELPHIA. W. K. B: r.TO* inr> ^livrnrs Tlim,y iCvmiHi;, December 11, Third Night of the GERMAN MAGICIAN, JIERR ALEXANDER. The evening't entertainment will consist of a variety at sur prilinit I' d pleasing EXPERIMENTS IN CHEMISTRY. PNEUMATICS, OPTICS, NATURAL PHlLObOPHY, _ , , AND MAGIC. The prices of admission as followt Kan Tier of Botes and Pit 50 cenu. Upper Tien of Bjgea ii " AtWiH BTtU&ili't ThKMKHi. PHILADELPHIA Actinh HwiDii Mb. 8cott. Hue* Ma.iau?.K Thnrailur Kvenliitr, December 11, Second ol Mr. A. A. \D in In* great character of KING LE4R. Which will br presented with * powerful catt, combining the turned t? I (rut uf i w.i compiinea Kt'ijt, MtSco't; !? d^ar, Morris; r.dmund, Fredericks; Gloster, M f h&yer; I ordel a, Mrs Btnke; Goiicril, Mrt McLean. Rt n.ui, Ore n, ()i* <Id, M E l?h?w Alter wnich, the sue eul'u' f?rc?"of DANCING MAD. J cob Jerkin, Mr. Burke ? S. i iggui?, Mr. Philipi [Ly- To-morrow, M ACBETH. ? itn all the nrigi. ?l mu?ic, Or up and 'i ableaut. a? produced v.i h turpritii g t fftct ut the Chewut. tinder thedireetinn ol Mr Burmn "ION," ??," "MiANhV." THE DRAMA. EVERY one wliovmtsthe Park Tr title to-uigh* will wart a copy of " Ion," coutMiiing stage duectioua, 4tc. 12,S centi. - Iio, " Money." a Comedy iu five *c'? by Sir E L Bnl we-, co"t?joing tt hcuMul Por'iait of Mrt Mowait. and ant nioirufthat favorite cfe-> Puce I2S ceii ?. l.itely P.blith d?'The Lady of Lyona, llicheleu, fat'i, School for bcaudal, lie Wile, and Money .Moon, each U,1* c, liti. K',f ?dler w hules<ilt* nr retail, by WM. TAYLOR. dll It* in No.i win- House. L.LC'1'ORt. IN sT Pli f'brt'S CHOKCH, ? . BARCLAY bTRfcET. ' SHOULD the Neither be |.,vorabl on Su day uexi. the I4r i mat., the Verv Rev. Dr.P W'tRvil by sp- ci?l rrtjneti, riH**t hi> lecture imlle suhj it, '? Are th-1 Holy -scr piu e> the judge pi CUiitrovti ty ?? d tho loir lule of faolil li e chinch will bti pen. d u half paitS P. M. Ltctu e ?t7 o clock tree uli ?ti?-ft*c? MTn D t L SSO H N r8'"STo M FICF N f OKATUKIU OF ST Pa LIL, WILL he pert'umej at Tabernacle. nuTHURSDAY EVENING, Lec 1 Ith, U' der the direction ul .Mr. titOHG^ L<?DKH. Mr.H. C. 'PIMM will pf?aid? at theOrg-iu. T ? it! i iwrta will tiu .uiUiued by the folluts iug in titnt rvt.deut releut: Priocij>al 8>.pr no? Mr?. E Lr DER . Coutrait "?Mra. VALfc.fiTlNE MOTT, Jr , her ?ecoud appear*' ce n> Oratorio; Teuore?\ r. RuB'T OEO P 'IGE, Lis aecood ai? peordiire i i Oniori..; B-^io?Mr WM.8. HOOVR9. hit ?ecoud appeara: ct la Omioiii . T he t will be austni'ied by ahont 0'ie Hundred and r ilty Lndie? and Gcnrlei'ien, irlectcd wiui pa<t'CnUr reference to iheir inuticnl i|'ia'iftcaiioiia PheOrcheatia ?ill he nnuiu illv lull nm) elf^ctive aiidgreat pains have i een taken to renj.r it one ol ,he beat perforinii.cia ot the Mason, Tickets M cents each?May be had at. the oaiial places, and at the door ol tlw Tabermcle on the eveuing of t-.e per lorm.itire?. N. B.?A tnII relie trial on \V*? d ;div evening nest. ?IH V-?r * KIRS V K X II 1 H 1 T1 O . FINK ARTS. GRAND OPTIC GALLERY. rPJIE in pet feet i f it) kind ever presented to the American A public, and now opeu in Broadw.iy, No. 271, corner of Chambeis ttieet, in thrre room?, tip nair<. Hours of Admialion?Krom II o'clock A. M. till S P. M , and from C till 9 iu the evening, every iLty in the week, Snnday* ex cepted The first Exhibition?consist ug of seven very interesting pictures, three of which ?r in the .Neonuia 'tyle, abtoluiely naw and never beforv ofTrred in city, ^Ld four in the Cos inorarna character?is now in cour?r ol expotirioo, and wJl dots oil 8aturd?y night: to he followed next .Moudty by another, of entirely different viewi, never benik' repenttd in the suceoive (hinges of the views nee exhibited. J)?-ta led descriptions of all the picturea may b- had at the door, grati?and v* it I be given, if doired, iu Eng lish, Krench Itali in. Germau, Spmulior l'onugue<e. Ticket" cents?for sale at the aiusin end book stores, and at the door. d? Zinrrc THE COURT ()F DEATH. TI1K <?lt KAT MORAL PICTURE, PAINTED by ReMbrandt Peale, called the "Court "f Death, i< uow open lor a thort time lo the Public, at the Exhibnion Room o( tlie National Academy of i)esigu, corner of Bri.adway and J^eouiid atrrnt This tery impressive pic tii'e, which a <|u.irter of a rentury ago elicited the admiration of uxarlv'35,0Oii ti? tors, h.i? lieeu preserved in excellent c mil lion, ami has since been itreotly improved hy re-touches from the hand of its author. It coiit tus 2.1 figures of the size of life. Admission 2J cents?8e??0B Tickets 50 cents. Descriptive 1 nmpr ists to be had at the door. Tobeseeu from 10 A. M till 10 P. M. '111 <tiieod*r GYMNASIUM, No. 2!? ANN STREET. W.M. FULLER Te"pertfnlly intorins the Gentlemen of New York nnl Viciatty, that bis Gymnasium i> now opeu lor the recriition of pupils. W. K. respectfully calls tin* attention of the tacully, parents and guardians, towards this esialillihinent. ? hirli he '.s-ures will bo conducted in the strict est in e.ner. Sparring taught a* a u.'l W. K. hu made an iitanfwnent wi'h Mr Hmiltnn, 'eneh*r of the Ame'ican and French Broad Sword, alio the Mnall Sword anil Musket elxercise. Terms moilera'e. n27 ^w*rh _ AM) SPARRING SCHOOL. JiiUDtiON having rrinrued from the South, .uinouuces ? to bis old friend* anil pupils, tlist he will be " found at homr"athia new residecce 333 Broadway, second lloor.wherc iia will devote hit turr in gtviug urnructtoot in tbe noble art of Self-Defence. Termt moderate. Opeu orr'nn ti.e tiay ?r.d ia tlie eveninu. oin lin'rc A CHEMICAL RESULT \ WONDER '.-MY Cfc.LE BRATED VEOr;TABLt- LIQL'IO HAIR DYE, to enable p?mu>s to dye instantsaennsly their hair, without the least i?,coi.?euieiiee. For chaugiug red or grey hair, whisknu. eyebrows, lie to a blown, black or chestnut color. The .lighted till ci'rieijneucet need not he feared from its ust?it is altcgetl'W hvmtess. Th't compositiou is the only one sanctioned bv ilie science of chemistry, to dye, in an indetlihle manner, the variout fT datioos of colon, without danneror inconvenieuct, and h t j unified the liberal patronage nd unlimited contidence ot tlie public. Ifbhck is iequ red. a?k f,.. bo* mtiked N ; il brown, box marked B. Bewnre of counterfeit!.?A?k for " Julet Hsuel'a Vegetable Liqu'd Hair D>e," if you want the genuine article. portale, whoiitile and retsil, by JULbS HAL'IlL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Thud street Philadelphia, and by my?gents>? J. U. Jacqn>mo<l, I*>0. tli Brr>adw?yt F. A. Artmlt, I a'syet e Batsar, Not. U9 and 1)1 Broadway; A. Wilhird, S. W corner of Cedar and Willum ttreeu. Pf iinnms award.d at the Franklin Institatt nil Im'rc MAUD SHAWLS?Sbalea 1# 4 extra heavy Mind Mia? It. jntt received l?*r Sttphan Whitney, and for tale at Uik lowest market M l i**mc A. JOURNEAY, Jr. IS William ? TO THE LADI-.S Fn PARTICL'LAR?.MY Ut.TI L, A A TORY POWDER lias heen i'.ni'id highly benefii isJ and of great nte trt Isdiea who hav been ?/flicne?I with tupertlnoui hair, principally when its growth hs# been coulined to tt.e up per lip ana tide of the fice. giviag i matculMie tnm to the whole featnret When used with proper ct-a, tod aocnrdirg to the diiectioiM, it will he found to ho a great a ldmou to the the use ot auy iharpinttTMMntlt entirely avoided, and the hair it removed in fiva or ten uiintitet aft-i its applic.i ll^Thi?eompotltiOBit infallible, aud warranted o remove to peitlr-ue hatr Vl>er nnmeroni trials I have re. eiv#i! eertifi carea of snefett ? h ch cannot be eontetted. For tslc, wholetal# and r-ia 1 ui JULES HaUEL'S DEr'< T, WSomh Third ttreet P liladelphia. anil by niv tgenta:?J. B. Jacquemnd, >o * IS l r tdv a\ . K. A Aitault, Lafiyatte Baxaar, Not lit and SI D o ilwt>. Willard, 8 vv corner ol (^edar and Will an ? < reit Prem nm> ->W"Tiled et the k'ranklin leati nre nit im*rr Tlih NAVY. Wll.EY Ic PUTNAM, Ml Broadwiy. have for tile, ''Hinti on the Re-orgimix'ii"u of tue Navy," gad ae ?? ? Uim of a ' Reply to Hiuttou tlie rt-orgAjiirAlioa ol tne > s?i Two aeatly priated pamphl?? oli eodgw*rr t LATEST INTELLIGENCE BT TIB MAILS. Vtry Important from Washington?Ben ton Triumphant?Tb? Administration In ih* Minority lu the Senate. We give s-*< *ra! important ie t- f m our cor respondents ia \W..mgtoa, dltcltiing the interest it^ event* in the Senate. The western wini; ol the democracy, headed by Mr Benton, hive triumphf-d in the Senate in the re election ot Mr D.cketis as Secretary. Opj?on tion<rno opi>osiiiun, we are very glad that Mr. Dickens is rrt-iined in his place, because he is a most excellent officer. This succetsol tlie opposition,indicates that when ever occasion refpnrrs, the western section of the democracy will join the whii/s against the adminis traiion. It the Texan Senator cotne in this session, and adiiere to the administration, as they ol course wiJ, the Senate will stand? Administration members ...,36 U'higl 34 Ben'oniani 4 The proceedings of the Senate this winter, wil1, in this aspect of parties, be of a remarkably interest ing character. Washington Item ? It is asserted that Mr. Polk will certninly change one ol the most important ap pointments that he ha* made. Washington. (Cotreapoudeiice ot the Now York Herald.] Washington, Dec. 9,1845. Just as 1 prophesied in yesterday's letter, Asbury Dickins is elected (JUrk ol the Senate. The Ben ton power ia that body is omnipotent, and tho ud ministration will have either to thmw oft the south western influence that controls it, or an organized party, in the democratic ranks in Congress, opposed to its leading measures, must be the result. Mr. Benton says that the next President thall be mad? from north of the Potomac; and when he says so, it isa "fixed lact"in his political jurisprudence. It urns' and will be so, or else the bursting ol the Prince ton great gun was nothing to what the bursting and blowing to.the lour corners of creation, of the ele ments ot party would be, in the event of it nut occnrringr What is going on now is mere skirmiyhing. The heavy artillery on tJie White House, has yet to be brought to bear, and when that roars, it will shake the foundation upen which cliquts and party manoeu vres have been so Ionsj established, to the injury of the regular heirs apparent to the throne, and be a caution tor the tuture. to all self-constituted claim ants tor the big -test office in the gift ol the nation. The details of the election for offioers ot the Sen ate. which I give below, are sufficient to dernon ptarte most fully, tins view of the affair. Look at it, and it will convince ihe most skeptical Election or Skkatc Officers For Secretary. 49 votes cast For Dickens, 38 ?Stuigis, 04. For Saigeant ot Arm*. 45? lieale, 40; Coy la. 4; Dads,I. For lloor keeper, tint ballot, 49-necessary to S choice 24 -Sulli Salisbury, 24; James Young, 19; Par ton Randolph, 3; Isaac Holland, 1; Mr. Stetlimus, I; John L Clapp, I No election Second Ballot?Salisbury, 24: Young, 33; Holland, 9. No election. Third Ballot?Holland, 35; Salisbury, 33; Reil, 1| Pearce, 1. Standing Committke*. Foreign Relation*?Allen. 36; Archer, 31. Finance?Citllionn, 1ft, Evan ,30 Commerce -Haywood, 28, D.ivis, ltf Manufactures ? Simmons, 31; Dickinson, 26. Agticullurw ?Peaice, 30; S-tuigeon. 26. Military Attain-Benton, 37; Crittenden, 31. Militia?Achiton, 2ft; Barrow, 21. N?"ul Affairs?Fairfield 26; Mangum, 31. Public Lands-Breese, 26; Woodbury, 31. 1'iivato (.and Claims- Levy. 3A; Jnhuson, La., 91. li d an Alt'dirs - Soviet', 38; Ph(l;u,2t). Claims-Biighy, 26. Lljjton 20 llvnolutionary Claims?temple, 25; Jarnigan, 90 Judiciary? Ashley. 26; Berrien. 31. A dash at (he profits ol printer* on executing Con gressional woik. ??' also made to day, in the subjoined joint resolution ot tho Hou'o ol R?|>tefent*t ivas. from tho select committee to whom thut subject w as referred on Tuesday last. Every moment is big with important results, arid every day will lievwlope mme and moie the plans of the opposition to the intiiguesot the powers that be, to put its protege in nomination for the succes sion. Washington, Dec 8, 1843. Offi'-e seeking is u most miserable and un profitable business, ht die b*ot?and even when the. applicant is successful, nine times in ten it is his eventual rum Society in Washington is much indebted to the President lor hnu^iug on with him a quantity of vlellows Iroin feunes-ee?a nallant, intelligent lot ol bojs they sre, u>o. Previous to leaving his Siate, Mr. Polk would say io them :?"John, Bill, Ned, or Tom, (is the case might be) I will take you on with me to Washington, and give you a chance in see something ot the world. when we wt ih-re, I will give you ?n office worth $1000 or $1200 per annum Behave yourself, 4iid you can remain there hb long as I do ; but otfice holding, for a youn^man, is too olten the cuuse ot his be.lit; ruined. I have resided Ht the Capitol several years, and have seen u great amount ol talent buried hi those public offi ces ; and 1 wish you, yiy lad, to understand dis tinctly, that (if it pleases Providence to spare my ilit*) ihe last net ot my udni.mtiration shall be, to cause to he turned out of office every Teunessean thut I take on with me, and rend" hirn home ; tor if he has talent, he can get an honest living any where, and be ot service to his State or the country?which he never can be while holding an office in Wash ington " Tiie President had a nephew who came on to see his uucle inaugurated?he stopped, while here, at the Tennetsaee hotel, in F street, where I am stay ing He wanted an otfice Says the President? *? I can very easily give you an office, but I will not. You are young, and stand very well at the Tennessee bar. You must go home -go to work in your profession?you have ability, and in a short time you may get into the Legislature, and after wards you may be elected to Congress. I love you too well to see you destroyed by remaining here " Mr. Polk has not a particle of ambition. When he heard that he was nominated tor the Presidency, tie said to a friend, " Well, 1 am in n vein of luck. 1 shall beat Clay?it is my destiny." Under no circumstances will he again be a candi date for the Presidency, lie is very anxious to per form the duties ot his lofty position faithfully and conscientiously?and that it may redound to his own credit, and advance the prosperity and happi ness of the nation. If he has one grain of ambition, it is to beloved and thought well of in Tennessee. He loves that Stute as one loves his mother. There tire meu in Nashville, and other parts of it, who have persecuted hunfor iwenty-live years, and now, when he could crush these men to atoms, us certain and as sure as does the famous car ot Juggernaut, he has mercy and generosity, and spares them. He has no vindictiveness in hucjmposition?with him, bye gones are bye gones; he knows and feels that lie is ''The President," and acts accordingly. I be lieve he tins one wish thut is year and dear to his heart?he wishes to see Tennessee come out largely democratic,and that, too, under his administration. I have heard it said here that Mr. Buchanan wrote such u jHirtion of the message, Mr Walker that, and Mr. Buncrolt another part of it Let me tell these knowing gentlemen that it is false. Mr Polk wrote every word and line in that important paoer himself. I am residing at the Tennessee House, kept by s most excellent man, Mr. Butler, it is on F street, corner of 13th, and one of the very best hotels in this city it is near to the public offices and Presi dent's house, and you have all ihe comforts of one ot the avenue hotels at the very lowest and on the most reasonable terms. I would cordially recom mend my northern triende, who are coming on this winter, to give it a trial,, as 1 am satisfied they will never afterwardsgo to any other place. To-day Mr Benton presented a petition in the Senate from some of the chief men of the Ameri can pirty in Oregon. In the House, a western memoergave notice ot his intention to introduce a bill authorizing "a tsiritorial government in Oregon Territory, andfor other purposes." As I said ye? terday, nothing will be dune by our Congress until they hear what the English Government will do. and we shall hear soon enough, God knows. Your arti cle in the Sunday number oil ihe But ject ol the fre quent conferences of the English ministers, is aj> preciated here, and considered as a true statement ot the real objects ol those interviews. Tne Presi dent is ubout the only man who understands th? policy of Great Britain He is (ully aware that all (tie noise on the other side about " scarcity ot pro visions," &c., is, to a great extent, Iudge, a " /u$* itt guttri" ot the British ministry. He reikis speculations in Hoor and wheat, sud of millions in value being shipped to England. He read* ot 'he opening ot Brmsti pons, and of ship aher ship leavin ' our ports on me Ailanuc seaboard wuh e*i* k'oes **i tl iur, gram, and provisions, niii fc4'iwi ituit it ittWrtultnf Drtlul/KMicn to fill the g<? and Itoie noutf* of Kniflana. to providi J >r what thnl uoeertimmt lui ut ah nrfi/ decide I thull out "/ tfu Oi ?????? *?? w*r; >uiU yet '?tejtifi' I'jcciuent" smiles as com^Uceiilly a# ever, w.oi dm most enure continence lu tile resource i and po v . and hi the high and glorious d^siiny ot tb?" vi .?irs ol which i* i1''' ffritpni c.i .h i i .. pirate Mint:*.* tut

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