Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 3*3?Whole No. ?1W>. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 13, 1845. Prlco Two Coat*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Trie# > cent* per copy? " i advance. Every #a??r lay?Frier 6J4 centt sunum?payable in advance. at the usual i>rice??always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and des patch. d/"" All letter* or communications, by mail, addreaaed to th. establishment, mutt be po*t paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription inouev remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Propriet r of the New York Hk.rai.d Establishment, Northwe*t corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. uniui nsiiuvuv-e.vei.hb* ?7 US per annum?payable in advance WEEKLY HERALD-Every ? ? , J P*AIj'i'V5^1 S MEN"fif ?""J'T'??'n ""juice. NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On Wednesday, December S, the trip* an this Kerry will be * follow*:? Leave S'lKn Island 8)*, 10, A. M. 2,4j?, P. M. Leive New York 9, J2, A. M. S\,5,P. M. d3 mc UNITED STATES MAIL LINE, AT FIVE O'CLOCK. KOR ALBANY and the Intermediate ?Lauding*. or far as the ice Till permit ?Then* ?i* good sleighiug fiom any pout on the Hod ?onto Albeuy, and*ia(e* will b* iu readiness to carry passen ger* to their destination, at the arrival of the boat. Passage $3 50 through to Albany. The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wui H. Peck, leave* the steamboat pi.r between (ourtlandt and Liberty nreets, THIS DAY *t FIVE O'CLOCK P. M. Friday, December 12th, 1X6. Forpassage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz, at the dince on t*e wharf. dIL' rrc FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. THE Splendid Steamboat J AMES MADI SON, Caj<t. K. J. Copperly, will leave the foot of Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, anil Saturday, at 6 o'clock, IVM. Cor freight or passage, apply on board, or to O- F. Waiussfright, Agent, on the wharf. NOTICE. The PEOPLE'S LINE have made arrange ?meui* with the powerful steamer* U T1CA .and NORWICH, to run to Albany (or as far as ihe ice will permit,) every day at 5 o'clock, P M. till further notice. .... New York., IK5- r BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OK LIVER WfAPOOL PACKETS?Kor Liverpool, only regular jBBMlfial'acket of the I6'h December. The new, magnificent and celebrated fust saling favorite Cicketship NEW YORK, burthen |I50 tons, Captain T. B. ropper, will positively *ail on Tueiday. 16th of December. Having accommodations unsurpassed, for cabin, 2d cabin and atmrnge passengers, those returning to llie Old Conntry, or sendiug for their friends, will find it thtir interest and comfort to select this unequalled line of packet*. Kor pa*sage, in cabim, *ecoud cabin and steerage, and to *e cure the best berths,early application should be made on board, footof Beekmau St, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTllEU8 It CO. 33 Fulton street, next door to the Kulton Bank. P. S.?The NEW YORK sails from Liverpool on the lit February. Persons sendiug for their friends can have them brouL'ht out iu this magnificent packet, or any of the eight packets comprising the Black Ball Line, sailing from Liver pool punctually- on the 1st aud 16th.of eve/y mouth. Kor passage apply as shove. The .iHEN A.N DO AH will succeed the New Yorkandtail for Liverpool ou the Istof January, h?r regular day. Notice?The public are respectfully notified by desire ofthe owners of the Black Ball or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, no Pissengcr Agents but Roche, Brothers Ik Co have per mission fr <m them to tdveitise to bring out pasienger* by this line, and that they are the ouly authorised 1'asteuger Agents of saidline i i this city. dll r PTSS'UiE FROM tiREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, via Liverpool. Those seuding for their jtrieuds can have them brought out at the lowestrat^ _ > the irgular liue of packet ships, sailing every five day*; a i droits can, as usual, be furuished for any amount, payable at ell tlie priucip<l banking institution* throughout theUoueil Kingdom. Apply ut address (if by letter, post paid ) to JOHN HERDMAN k CO, 61 South street New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN Ik CO., d7 ni Liverpool. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line.? The packet ship UTICA, Captain F. Hewitt, will _)4.\il on the l*t of January. eight or nassiy(e, arnlv to BOYD St HINfKEN.9 Tontine Building. ?12me No.M Wall, eor. Water sts. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular , Tacket of 2l*t December.?The tuperior fast sailing spneket ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge.UM tons huithen, will *ail a* above, her regular day. For freight or pas*age, having splendid, large and comfortable ftate room* and cabin, apply on board. we*t side Burling *lip, orto WOODHULL Ik MINTURN, 87 South itieet. Price of pusaire 9100. l'!ie pre Vet ship Quesu ofthe Welt, 1150 tons burthen,Capt Phillip Woodhoute, will sncc.ed the Liverpool, and tail on h?r regular day, i 1st Jan. n*4re KOR L.I VERPOQL?New Line?Regular Packet of the Xtb Dec.?The elegant foat sailing Packet will sail a ot the 2Stu Dec.? rtie elegant ta*t lailing racket iShiu SIDDONS. E.B.Cobb, matter, of 1100 ton*, rili sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or pasiage, having accommodation* anequalledfor splendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall (treet, or to E K. COLLINS h CO., M South street. Price of paisagr $100. Tne elegant last tailing packet *hip Sheridan, O. B. Corni*h, master, of 1100 tou*, will *ucneed the Siddou* and *ail J8th Jan.. her retinlar day. ("ortrei l'A< K 1 Hilt MARSEILLES?'The new Pack et *hip ARtxfi.^, Captain at.ianie, W . t-veliegh, iwill Mil ou the l*t of January, 11-16. *. PHIXW, 103 Front street, or to BO*D It HINCKEN, a mc 9 Ton line Buildings, No. H8 Wall, car. Water sts. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ? York Line?regular packet?To tail Saturday, I3ih ??The elegant fast sailing packetship S ARTELLE fiiylor, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. _ For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply ou board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall St., orto S K. COLLINS&CO.. 66 South *t. Positively no good* received on board after Friday eveuing, I2th Dec Packetship LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will succeed the Hartello, and sail 23d of December, her regular day. uZflr tfig- FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The WHMiy Line of Liverpool Packets, consiiting ofthe ?hip* JMhIBbUo^i.iui, Siddon*, Sheridan and Oarrick. The/ were built iu this city by Brown It Bell, with unusual core; lor mo dels, material* (a very Urge proportion of their flames being live oak) and workmanship, they are unsurpassed, if not une qualled. Salted on the stocks and re-*alted every year aince. Their accommodation* for paiieuger* are very eitenuve and handsomely f urnished. Apply to o3l E. K. COLLINS It CO., S6South ?t. FOR HALE?The barque DUC D'ORLEANS, burthen per regitter 310 tous, and carries 4,600 barrels. jShe was built at Bristol, Maine, of white oA. in 1*31; tiai new ceiled, coppered and thoroughly overhauled about eichteen mouths since; is double decked; length 111 feet, breadth 27 fe-t, between decks i feet 6 inches, hold 12 feet 6 inches. Applv to Captaiu HOOD LESS, on board, or to BOVD Ik HINCKEN, 9Tontine Building, dJmc No. 8B Wall, corner Water sts. TO THE BK, AUTIFIKRS OFTHKCOMPLEXION?Mur L prising Efficacy!-MV EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND N VMPH SitlAP, composed of an eastern botanical discovery ol surprising etfiSkcv for rendering the skin soft aud fair, as well as luiputmg a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. As a creator uud conservator of that most distinguishing charin of IV-rode loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JULEa HAUEL'S Nymph Soap, Divine de Veuus, may be it 1,1 10 exert an almost magical |>ower. Composed for the moil part of orieutal balsamic plants, to the utter exclnsiou of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished mediciually for its ex tremely bland, purifying and soothing action on the skin ; aud by on the pores and minute secrebiry vessels, expels all impurities from the surface, allays evety tendency to innamina tiou, a-'d, by this method alone, effectually dissipates all red ness, tan. pimples, freckles, suuburn, and other unsightly cuta neous visitations, so inimical to femaleloveliness. Its use will change the most bilious complexion into one of ra diant whiteness ; while ou the neck, hands and arms, it be stows a d' licncy and fairness which its continued use will hap pily protect, with every appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced periods of life. For sale, wholesale aud retail, by JULES HAUEL, Practical Chemist and Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, andhy my agents:?J. B. Jacqaeinod, No.415 Bijjadway; F, A. Artault. Lalayette Bazaar. No*. 149 and 151 Broadway; A Willard, S W. corner oi Cedar and William streets. Premium was awarded at the Kranklin Institute n'fl lm'rr GEOLOGY?NATURAL HISTORY. WILEY It PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, HAVE ON SALE-ELEMENTS OF OEOLOOY. pre for the use of Schools and Colleges by W. 8. W. Husehi uherger, M. D., U. 8 Navy, Itc., illustrated by 3(10 en gravings?Price 50 cent*. Also, Riischenberger'* First Books of Natural History con sidered by distn guislied scientific men, iu every section of the United Slates, to be the best series of elementary work* ever offered to the pnhlic. Order* promptly supplied as above, and by the pnbliancra, URIOO ? ELLIOT, c2l Btveod'rc No. !? Vorth Fourth street, I'lnUdelhKia. rp? THK LADIES IN PARTICULAR?MV DEPILA X TORT PO WDER ha* beeu found highly beneficial aud of great use to ladies who hav? been afflicted with superfluous hair, principally when iu growth has been coulined to the tip p-r lip aud side or the face, giving a masculsue turn to the whole leaturis. When used with proper care, and according to the direction*, it will he found to be i grcnt additiou to the toilet,n? use of uiy sharp instrument it rntirely aTOidril, and thu hair u renioTeu iu ntl or teu miuutei aftrr itt applica* tion. . 1 hif compoiitiea ia infallible, and warranted o remoTe tu perilous hair After numerous trials I have received certifi cafes of sucrete which cannot be contested. For sale, wholesale aud retail, at JULES HAUEL* DEPOT, 46 South Third *tre*t. Philadelphia, anil by my agent*:?J. B. Jucquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F A Aitault. I.nfayette Bazaar, No*. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Willarc.S. W. corner oM.'edar and Williams street*. Prein II'os award, d at the KrmikUn In.tinir. n m iin're JtR. CASTLE ANUEbWAKUts, AL'iUSTS. iiul BROADWAY?EXTRACT? uOI I ehrerfully comply with the reipie.t of Lieutenant Melntoeh, to Male thai he wn? invalided home iu consequence of total d-aincss and uiid discharges from the ear?that white iu Ne* Vorli, on his way home, he placed himself und^r the pro fessional cart oi Urs. Cattle U. iCdwitrds, Aurists. Under tVir tkhful treatment he reco?ered his hearing, and lus reiuructl to hit military duty. Higned, ^lSNoKY.1NJ Burg*OU to H B. M. Horces. Jamsirs ACOUSTIC DROPS?A sure cure cure for iucipieut deal ties*, pain* in and Uncharge* from the ear*, burting*. ringing* or tinging sounds, collect on? of hard wai, or vitiated secre tions ol these organs. ? 1 j i ,n?me THE NAVY. firiLEV It PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, have for sale," Hints TT ou the Re-organiiafion of the Navy," and an eiatnaaa iion of a "Reply to Hiataonthe re-organisation ofthe Navy." ywo aeatij prtmud ptinphliU. ?U TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A Till A L AND JUlXiE FOR YOURSELF I WARRANT them *11 to he u repr mud, or ths money refunded. f MV EAU LUSTRA L HAIR RESTORATIVE. I Thi? universally approved ud admired article, free from ar dent spirits, pungent essennal oil, tad other destructive mete ri?ls cleani the heir expeditiously, rendera it heaatifally bright, end impute to it the delicate fragrauce of the Bowers.? Hur waahed with this Extract soon becomes pleasingly aoA end lusnriant ia iagrowth s ud it wiil positively bring iu new heir on held heeds by its use, end hair that has been made harah, aud is turning grey or falling out, by the uie of spirit or other improper preparation, will soon be restored to its natural co 1 lor and brilliancy by a few applications ol the Eau Lustra!. It is a preservative against balduets. and an infallible cure in all affections of the skin an the head, as dandruff?and for pre venting the falling off of the hair anil turning grey. It is the simple produce and iinmed ate extract of some plauts salutary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis ana Capillary rubes of the corrosive action of the Perspiration, and of the dry and dead particles that it deposits This preparation purines the hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloas and (witness, and an agreeable and vivifying perlume. EVIDENCE. Nature a an inexhaustible mine, in which experience and study will always Cud room to excavate ; it is that source, aloue, which prodnces all that man calls invention, aud which he better, perhaps, to name adaptations. For sale, wholesale and retail by JULES HAL'EL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents :?J. B Jaequemed. No. 415 Broadway; F. A Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 14' and 131 Broadway; A I Willard, 8. W. come/ of Cedar and William streets Tremiums was awarded at the Franklin lustitute. ulb Im+rc CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Hall- Invlgorator. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and iu restorative, in ill caset where Batdnesj is uot beyond the ' reach of art. I Mzkits op the Chcmii'l Balsam oh Hsih Iiwioohtor.?It | Prevents Baldness. It removes Uandriff and Cutaneous Scruff. It keeps the Hair in its natural color and prevents it from tuning grey. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be lief, that as a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it . will be fonnd on trial uuequalled. Prepared solely by E. Pha Ion, No. 114 Broadway. I Agents?O. Kish Sc Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer It Pliclan, | 76 Broad St.. Columbus, Georgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build ings, corner of Tenth and Chesnutsts., Philadelphia; H. Hire, i comer of Court aud Howanrd; streets, Boston ; C B. Brow ar, No. 105 Kulton st., Brooklyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Mareboo, Ulster Co.. N. Y.; V. B. Locurow, No. 54 Beaver street, Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South Carolina; 8. Tousey, Syracuse, N Y.; Girtou Anderson, Newport, K. I.; and No. 173 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N. Y. o28 Im'mr Am chemical Ufe.sult -a wonder ;?viy cele brated VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to euable persons to dye instantaneously their hair, without the least iuconveuieuce. For changing red or grev hair, whiskers, eyebrows, he. to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil consequences need not be feared from its use?it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one siuictioued by the science of chemistry, to dye, in an indellible manner, the various grulalions of colon, without danger or inconvenience, and his justified the i liberal patronage <na unlimited confidence of the public. IfbUck is required, askfor box marked N-; il brown, box marked 8. nfeoanterfeits.?Ask for "Jules Hauel's Vegetable Liquid Rsiryye," if you wautthe genuiiie article. Kor?*l>, wn(HeHdle and retail, by JULES HAUEL. Perfuuier and Chemist, ,, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my ageuls:?J. B. Jacqueuiod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A Willard, S. W corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Fraukliu Institute. nl6 lrn'rc HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE !! Notwithstanding the short time during which this invaluable medicine has been before the American public, iu specific properties and virtues have unequivocally proved it to be not only the most reliable but also unfailiug remedy in all affections prescribed to be within its legitimate c ntrol. Unlike many vauuted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrup is not put forth as a succedenuin for every ailmeut, a remedy for ever)" disease; but fer its astonishing powers, possessed by no other medicament within the range of the Pharmacopeia, in allaying irritation or inflammation of the mucous coatings, aud stimulating the brouchii to action; in its remarkable virtues as an expectorant and an alterative, and above all for its wonderful property of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, And breakiug down pulmonary disease when established. All inquirers are referred to uuinerous recent cases which will be cheerfully furnished at the office of the ageucy. The ex)>erience of Dr. Hastings, and more recently six cases of cure (vide Lou dou Lancet) effected by a zealous fellow laborer, Dr. Hocken, of Loudon, .ire sutbeieut of themselves to convince the timor ous or skeptical of the iwrfect curability by the above remedial agent of that justly dreaded disease, Phthisis Pulmoi:alis oi Tubercular Consumption. Let none despair. For sals by MOOBE & CO., the American Agents, 41 Ann street, anil Eiliutl, 173 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Piice f>l a bottle?Sis Dot ties for $5. n6 lm je Gentlemen of new york?My ceiebmtea AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND SHAVING CREAMS, defy a comparison m America or Europe No per son will use any other aft?r using this Einollieut Paste. lti> the best, the very best. Give il only a siugle trial. I do not ask any mure to convince you. I warrant it. For sale wholesale and rciail, at JULES HAUEL'S Perfumery and Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jaquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151 Bread way; A Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar aud William streets. Premiums awarded at :he Frauklin Institute ni6 1 m*rc AGENTS FOR THE CHEMICAL HAIR 1NVIGORATOR. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its restorative iu all cases where baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway. State and Country Jigenti.?O. Fish & Co., Washington. I). 0.; Ayer Ik Ph-lan, 76 Broad street, Columbus, Ga.^ Tut tie, corner of Tenth and Chesnut streets, Philadelphia; H Bice. corner of Court and Howard streets, Boston ; V. B. I.ockiow. 54 Beaver street, Albany; C. B. Brower, No. 105 Fulton street, Brooklyn; M. S. Fletcher, Marebou, Ulster Co , N. Y.; S. Tousey, Syracuse, N. Y.; John B. Watsou, Cli irlestou Hotel. S. C ; Gorton Anderson, Newport, K. I.; J. C. Duboice, New Piltz Landing, Ulster Co.; A. U G Stoores, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. City Slgents?173 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.j J. te I. (oddiug'on, Apothecary, No. 3413 Hudson street, corner ol Spring, N. Y.; Ever.ird's Fancy Store, No. 178 Graud street', A. B. Sanus St Co., 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll & Co. Ho. 3 Murray street. dl lm'ec A T rENT10N!?A LL WHO DESIRE PEAKLY WHITE -ft- TEETH-My unrivalled ROSK TOO TH PASTE is universally sought after for the pearly whiteness itgives to the Teeth, without the slightest injury. For sale, wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'8. Practical Chemist and Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacquemod No 415 Broadway; F.A. Artault, Lalayette Bazaar, Nos 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the I" rnnklin Institute u 16 lin'rc ALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP.?The geuuine article, warranted to surpass si I other prepare tious, either American or foreign, for sale wholesale aud retail at the old stand, No. 3 Courtlaudt street, next door to the Na tioual Hotel, aud three doors from Broadway?" Depot" f n Soaps, Essences and Perfumery of every variety aud quality Also Crystalline Caudles for the Kast and West India am. South American markets, warr nted to stand the test of auy climate, and bum as long as siierm. JOHNSON, VROOM fc FOWLEB, d31meod*rc No 3 Courtlaudt st. and 79 Tiiuity Place. To tailors. THE UNDEB8IGNED would intimate to the trade, that t is now two yeurs since the publication of ti.e first edition of his celebrated work ou Cutting Garments, during which lime it has met with an unprecedented sale, and iu no instance whatever, has any objections be n made to its practical utility. But on the contrary, all who have used it, recommend it as su perior to any thing at the kiud heretofore offeied to the trade. The explanations of the Di'agrain are ample and plain, so that a p?rsou of ordinary capacity, and without any other instruc tions. ia enabled iu a few hours to cut any kind of garment iu a style of elegance aud fashion, which heretofore iruuired years ol the must intense study and close application The price of the whole work is Irum eight to ten dollars per book, and can be obtained of the author, at No. 113 Broadway. dll Imeod'r W. H. STINEMF.TS. DUCKING GUNS. 5 CASES superior Duck Guns, of the most approved length form, weight and bore. ? 5 cases very superior Cocking Guns 6 cases low priced boys' anil larirer Guns. The above Gns are now in store will be sold at extreme low prices, Also, full stock of Sporting articles, Guu materials, Itc. o24 3tawJm'rc A. W. SPIES II Co, 211 Pearl street. GREAT REDUCTION IN THE TRICES OK THg PERRY/AN PENS. QUALITY IMPROVED. JAMES PEBRY It CO., have the pleasure to announce that in cuusequeuce of iucreaied facility in the mauufaciure of their Peus, they have reduced the pi ices to the level of all other Pens in the inaiket, at the same time their superiority in quali ty is maiutaiued. J. P. V Co. embrace this oyportnniiy to return thanks to their n i ire rolls friends for the decided prefeience given to the Perry .an Pens for so many years,and caution the public agaiust the spurious imitations which are frequently imposed upon them for the genuine Perryian Pens. Sold by all Stationers aud dealers in Metallic Pens, and by THEODOltE tllPKE, Agent for James Perry & Co., London. No. 5 Liberty street aud No. 74X Maideu Luut. n7 lmeod*rc ALBION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. LONDON AND NEW YORK. Irmtituttdin 1806. ?ne M'UIon Sterling, or 95,000,04)0. TW3 Company has been in successful operation for FOB years, and JAYS in CASH to those insured on the participating scale, EIGHTY per cent of ALL the profits " Vt) I f, , yearsat compound interest. All eligible risks have the great advanuge of beiug confirmed divu'ifn of"JX""" m dltr 0, th^r Policies iu the first ExampU* of Hatttfor insurance off, 100. Age next | Kor one | For seven I For whole life | For whole life birthday year. years. without profits with profits. ? I 98 | 1 03 | 1 94 2 17 30 1 OG I 1 13 | 2 19 | 2 48 35 I 1 18 I 25 3 JS a eg 40 I 1 31 | 1 44 | J 00 I 3 39 Insurance Jt all ages from 10 to 74 years, inclusive, from tiOO to (15,009ou a siugle life. Mriiirnl Examineri. ?J- W. Krancls, Esq.. M. D., No 1 Bond street. J. <;. Bc..le.i, Esq., M. D., No. 543 Broadway. ? I ravelling limits very liberal. Prospectus with rat's, au nuities, ttc , and every mfoimilion, can be obtained by appii. Cation to 1/iri^eiiU. JOSEPH FOWLER,}? u, ? . _ B. 8. BUCHANAN, J W?" ,t"*t u4 3tawlin*rc OIAS,,, ,VH,cKkKINOS PIANO-FORTE WARE ROOM 8, Kroadwiiys J . !noJl|K|!'.;.n P^Lw.0uld '?r?rm the public, that he has re Place toTooms No \ niTi"? c""i" Broadway and Park PT?<I?Bt'?to?k*r* to ?! his rooms Md^eianune the RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, fcc. ARK NOW offered lor sile a( igrtiitaKfiucx, mauyitfUi from twenty-five to thirty i>er out leu than the rsgaltr wholesale price*. The subicribers here secured a Urge lot of Rich Frtnch Silk Good*, $v. Alto, MToral consignments?all of which will b* told if it should be below coit. The aeaaon being aomewhat advanced, they have conclad?4 to auibrace the preeeut opportunity to dispose of the balance af their atock. A large portion of it haa been purchased recently, at the Great Peremptory Auction Sales; therefore, will make a very larfe reduction from present price*, and do venture to say that their Silk, Shawl and Cas-raere Stocks, will preaeut the greatest inducements to purchasers in the way of Dry Goods, that has ever been off red in this city. J. N. be T. H. S. Si Co do asaure their friend* uud customers, that they nay put full confidence in all and every <tatemei>? made in ibis advertiaesnent, as they are prepared and will sub stantiate every >yjrd of it. Our stock consists of the richest nod most roatly good* that have be*n imported this season. We would ra*|>ectfully invite all te call anu examine for themselves; asking uon>- to buy ax e^tthey are perfectly satisfied. For further particulars, please read the following: _./~TI ONLY ONE PRICE ! SILKS?SILKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 25 per cent Splendid Sillu for stieet dresses, former prices Us, 9s, 10s tier yard, now only Ts and 8s. Jt wide and heavy 2s sillu at $1. \ do Paris Silks, for evening dresses; havebeenaold by the importer this season at $2 i*r yard, now will be sold at Si per yard; a great sacrifice. One yard wide splendid Cumeliua Striped Silks, reduced 50 ceuts per yard. Ombre Striped Changeable Silks, is (id per yard Hich Horizontal Striped Silks, all reduced. a'Undid Brocade Silks, very cheap. agxificcnt B ocade Sillts, as rich as any that hit evai bass in thi? city?reduced $1 per yard Wide Satin Striped Black Silks, have been sold this Mas 41 at II and 14s per yard?reduced to 9s. Several case* of wide CJro de Rhine*, reduced from 25 tolO per cent. High Lustre Gr? de Rhine*, 27>t inches wide only $1 prr yard. X wide Black Silks, Horizontal Striped Used. SHAWLS-SHAWLS. A Urge slock of Shawls, and ate to bo sold as soon as possi ble, co tequently they will he offered ?t the following rates:? ileal genuine Lyons Broche Shawls only.SIO. Superior Cashmere Shawls all wool, that we have been sel ling at $30 now $14 and $11. Kxtra floe Double Centers all wool, that have been selling at $35 now $20 Eqtra fine Paris Square Shawls reduced from $50 to $35. Lyons Broche Long Shawl*, white and drab grouud only $14. Pari* Long Shawl*, extra aize, reduced from $30 to $M. Splendid Pari* Long Shawls, reduced $30 per ahawl. It i*ju*t the seaaou lor thawl*, and the eutire stock will be *old at great barg - in*. CASHMERES, MUSLIN DE LAINES, Sic. Between fire and fix thousand yard* of Mouutline de Lanej, Repps, and Cashmere*, just bought at a great reduction from fir*t cost, and will be retailed nt 2s per yard. 20 cases of Cashmere E. Cosae and Mousselin de Laine, re duced 25per cent. Mousse.lm de Lainei; Partrule, Lupin Ik Co. Manufacturer*, all wool 3s per yard. Mousselin de Laine* of the same make, bright colors, all wool only 3s lid per yard. Mousselin de Laues superior fabric, reduced 3s per yard. Cashmere E. Cosse all wool cost'5 ceuts to import, only 3> Id. Cashmere E. Cosse, superior quality, price $1 reduccd to 5a. We have many styles of the above good* nut enumerated,and would call particular attention to this opportunity, as Wc feel well assured that the expectation of all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, fcc. A large lot of Pari* made Cloaks, just imported and will be sold at great bargains Splendid Damask Silk Cloaks. Very rich l'laia ? loaks and Coat Dresses, the lutest styles imported, and will be sold for les* than they can be made l'ur in this market Velvet and Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAKINGS, PLAIDS, Sic. Splendid lot rich l'laids. reduced 2j per cent. Extra Fine Paris Cloakiugs, veiy cheap. All Wool Puis Cloakiug. The importer's price was $1,3# per yard, uow will be sacrificed at 6 shillings per yard. Dark shaded Stripes, and hxtra Wide iVleriuoes, Sic. LINENS, LINENS, Sic. 4-4 Irish Linens, all prices. Every width of Baruesly, Irish and Scotch Sheetings. Damask Napkins, Damask and Double Damask Table Clotlis all sizes and widths, at great bargain*. Huckabuck, Birds Eye, Scotch and Irish Towelling. A large assortment ofFlauuela. _ Bleached Loug Cloths, with a full and general assortment ol' Family Goods. We have not specified the particular styles and prices of the ibove gooda. but intend to reduce them to such prices as will secure immediate aale. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, Sir. Aaplendid lot of Evening Dreases will be aold nt half the usual prices, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. 150 Embroidered Chnnixetts, which will be sold very cheap i 100 Dozen Liueu Cambric Hdkfs. at 8s. 9s aud 10s per dor. 40 Dozen of Gent's French Liueu Cambric Hdkfs, an,I will be sold exactly 25 per cent less than they cost to import, which is tbout 50 per cent less than the regular price. Ve vet Scarfs only 2s. 20 Styles of Ladie*' Neck Scarfs?.? 11 will be *oldvery low. With a great variety of other Fancy Good*. lL/~ IXtoore are any meichaulj liom other towns aud eHies in New York, they will do well to call. Terms e?sh d? ap proved paper. J. N. fc T. H. SELBY Si CO., No. 345 Broadway, New York. P. S.?A large lot of Splendid Cashmere ?. Cosse of Patrule, Lupin, Seydoux, Seiber Si Co., manufacture, just opened,being the richest we haveever exhibited in our store, and will be re tailed fiorn M to 35 cent* per yard les* thuu they Ijive been sold for by tlie case in this market. We invite all to call an4 see them. n!9 lm*m IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. HAVING just received from Europe, with a new assortment of line Gold and Silver Watches aud Movemeuts, a lot o Independent Seconds, aud double time Watches and Move ments, of an entirely new style and of nuperior finish, we take this opportunity to call the attention of allperson* in the business to vmt our stock, which, in every reaped, will b* found advantageoo*. both for price and quality DELACHAUX Si MAIRE, No. 127 Falton *treet, New York. P. 8.?Engaged alio in the watch making bu*ine*?, we con tinue to atteudto the repairing ofa'.l kinds of watches, and par ticnla'ly tho*e of tiiK-aud difficult works. nl4 lm'iu WATCHES!?WATCHES AND JEWELRY.? awho wish !to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Cham i, Gold Pencil*. Keys, Sic., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrjr 'iousof the above at retail much lower than any other house iu the city. Gold Watches as low <!*$?# and $25each. Watch es and Jewelry exchanged or bought All watche* warranted to keep godil time, or the money refunded. G. C. ALLEN. Importer of Watches aud Jewelry, Wholesale aiul Retail, 51 Wall stract, nl2 Im'rc up stairs. MRS. HARPER'S ChLfcbRATED COUGH REMEDY. THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE ii particularly recom mended as being the moat effectual cure for Asthma. Whooping Cough, Colds of every description, Bronchitis, and all Affections ot the Lung*. It i* constantly prescribed bv oar most eminent physicians, and has stood the test of thirty years, aud over JO,00J bottles are uow consumed annually, (or sale at Is, 2s, and 4s per bottle, by WEEKS k ANDERSON, Wholesale Agents, 6) Bowery, corner Walker Jtreet. Always on hand, Hooper's Female Pills, genuine ; Daily's Pain Extractor; Bristol's Soraaparilla : Fresh Swedish LeeCTitr >22 lin*mc PIANO FORTKS KOK hire,at 411 Broadway, upaUIre -DANIEL WALKER, Manufacturer of Piano fortes, has constantly on hand au extensive assortment of elegant Rose .vcoil and Mahogany i'iauo Forte*, kept exclusively lor hire, including Grand and Cabinets, with six and seven octaves.? A Gold Medal, the largest premium, was awarded to him at the last Kair of the Amer can Institute, for improvements in Hi ino Fortes. N.B. An Organ with four stops, in good con dition, suitable for a small church, or private family, for sale cheap or to loan on time. Store III Broadway, Manufactory 44 West 14th at. near 6rh avenue. n6 Irn'rrc MASTIC CEMENT. Messrs. j. it 11. frankland and tiios. Harris beg to recommend to the atteutiou of all persons inter ested in buildings, their much approved Mastic, which is the most durable and beautiful composition ever yet invented for covering the exterior of dwelling houiies or public buildings, in imitation of marble or atone ; no lime or wuer enters iuto the cnmiosition of the mastic, which eousists of boiled linseed oil, of a thick cousis'.eiice, which, with the oxides and earbonate of lead, aud other ingredients, forms a cement imiwrvious to water, hard aa a stone, and of (treat durability. Specimens may be seen and erery information given ou application to Mr. CH AS. 11. MOUNTAIN, Architect, 17 Wall street, N. Vork. s23 Im'r MUFFS! MUFFS! MUFFST THE UNDERSIGNED invite the atteution of purchasers -*? to their stock, which comprises a complete assortment of every variety, at very reduced prices, by the quantity or single oue. Also. 130 dozen Natural aud Lustered Jennet Skins, Coney Plates, kc. TREDWELL Si FROST, iM lni'r 262Pearl street. United States Hotel Building. MUtFS, MUFFS AND FURS. WE would adviae those ladies who have not supplied them selves with Muffs, to call at W.V1 COODCR'S FurStores. and look at his extensive assortment of Fancy Furs,aud we will assure them that tney will find Ins Muffs not alone snperior but cheaper than auy other store in the city. IVm Cooper'? Fur Manufnctoris*, Is at #4 Bowery, } doors above Walker street?aud 95 Maiden _ L*n?,nsar Gold street. N. B.?All hnrs bought at hia stores warranted to be what thev are reiire'eniert. nil lm"r DAG UEivRkOl k'PE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT AN1) AGENCY FOR THK SALE OK V0IUTLAENDEW8 APPARATUS. BiCSI DES a new supply of the above Apparatus, the subacrr bers have received best Plates, Chemicals and Polishiug snlistances, and the newest mprovemeuts lu the Art. lnatruc- i tionsgiven in tlra Art. .Mid orders from every part of the coun- , try promptly atteuded to, by addresaingfiiost-p.iidlto w. tt .fIangenheim, Philadelphia Kxchmge. j LANGENHkIM 64 BECK ICRS, oSlmilfcw'rc New York. Broadway. ~ FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES. P. HAAS, DAGUERRE AN ARTIST, 2H}> Broadway, cornkr of Rkauk Strkkt, Lafargk Bdiidim. R. H. h's received the Medal at the lute Fair of the Ame rican Institute, fur Pictures executed by himself, and not purchased nor done by hired oivrators; the public, therefor*, can at all times depend upon obtaining the same style ol Por traits, from the smajest to the largest sites, which cannot be surpassed for beaoty or accuracy. Instruction given in the Art on reasonable terms. of? Iin*je AUK All AM KASl'OH. IMPOHYER, Mi Broadway, has received by la'e arrivals.the newest styles of Fringes n d t.uce Gimps, Trimmings for (Joaks and Mantillas, very rich Yhread Lace ( apes low neck Capes and Thread Ijice Berths, V eils and Sit eves, Thread LaCe ( ollsrs and <'ofls, and a great variety of black Mill. Laces j ami Thread L-acea, Fancy Articlea, tic., which blotters fur ' sale nt wholesale and retail n4 lm*rc M1 to RAGE Fur CORN, GRAIN ANm KLOUlt STORAGE for fifty thonsaed bushels Corn or Grain, and twenty thousaud barrels Flour, can be had in the Brirk Stores five minutes' walk from South Ferry, Brooklyn, on very moderate terms There is a good pier adjoining these premises, aud sufficient depth ofwrr for the largest class ship*. Apply to CHADBOrN Jl CO., on the premises. w OOL?1,000 lbs uuwasbed I1 leece. lie. lor sale by 41 . Ji.JK. COLLINS k CO,M S??* ??. Albany, Dec. 10, 1846. The Ami-Rent Excitement?Vieic at the Future? 71ie Message?Albany Enterpri$e? Theatrical!? Weather?Lectures, fyc fyc The title oi the Van Rensselaers to the land em braced in tlie grant of " William and Mary" is not conceded, aud the Dutch descendants of " Rip Van Winkle," and " Old Knick," in this city, are often heard, by a casual observer, speculating upon the constitutionality of the title of the I'atroon. The Hwtul tragedy enacted 111 Delaware county, aud the commutHiion of the sentence ol the murderers, by Silas Wright, will not hnve a tendency to allay the most inveterate animosity which is felt by the ten ants towards Van Rensselaer, or to delay, for a pro tracted period, their efforts, lawful or not, to annul his claim, and their positive determination and sworn obligation, not to accede or submit, in the meantime, to his requisition* for rent. 1 assure you the anti-rent excitement is but temporarily smother ed, only to discover itself with renewed fury ; and if the State Legislature does not interpose, and make a final and equitable adjustment of this mooted mat tor, the young Patroon's land will be vacate*!, or be must resign hi? title This claim of tho Van Rensselaers in said to bo ajiti-repuhlican, anti-democratic, atid based upon a principle of monarchical law. which is inoonsis tent with American policy,aud which ought not and will not be submitted to by the tenants So say the tenant). They believe that if Stephen Van Rensselaer had lived, an amicable settlement would have been made; and they think he has been aurceeded by a voting and haughty aristocrat, to whom they will riot suomit. and to whose claimi they will pay no manner of r-gaid. Such id the present leiling among the tenant! in thin county |How this matter will end, we cannot prodict. What eti'ect, in the event of war with England, tho disunion which ex i?ts among the people in America, political and social, will have, we cannot determine; but, I have to say, that I hare heard the opinion ha/.urded by men high in place i and power, that if war with Great Britain ii declared, that the expectations of men who suppose there will be concert of action, and unity and harmony, in this terri < hie emergency, among the whole American people, will be disappointed, and will not be realised 1 give yon these sentiments as emanating from distinguished and eminent men hero, from wnom I have received th in ? They may t>e worthy of consideration. Disunion Is con founded with anti-rentism, and with all the elements of anarchy and revolution which have developed them selves for two or three years past. The various phases and forms under which it has disclosed itself, are familiar to every man Mr. Folk's most singular and critical message is talked of every where. Old men read it to their children?law yets discuss its belligerent chnracter?young ladies read it?(I have seen seven young ladies enter Jonts' Literary Depot, under the Museum, withi ? the space of ten minutes, cloaked and veiled, and enquire for the New York Herald with Polk's message,) aud it is the subject of conversation m every society. Vour opinions in yes terday's Herald, with the extracts from the English pa ners, are read with the utmost avidity, and men anxious ly wait every day lor a copy of tho next Heiald. 1'ity that a little of the public spirit oi New York could not be infused into Albany citizens. The ico in the river will not admit ol the crossing of horces and sleighs upon it, and tho only ferry boat we have here, cxcept the Bos ton railway ferry boat, has discontinued its trips. The Western Railroad Company condescend to carry over tleighs occasionally. But at least one hundred teams i have repeatedly waited, on the Greonbush side of the river, three hours tor a chance to get over. This is not very creditable to the philanthropy and spirit of Albany capitalists. Men have concluded that a bridge is indis pensable, and the repeal of the militiu law, and the char ter lor a bridge, will be amorg the fiist acts of tho next Legislature. Rev. Samuel H. (Jox lectured before the Voung Men's Association last evening His subject was "English Poetry,'and he bandied it very ably. The Doctor says he was left an orphan boy in Philadelphia, at the age ol seven years, and that he has often been surprised at his taste for Miltan, Cowper and Shakspeuic, and he "bless ed God for it," (the taste, I suppose } He thinks thRt Milton's " Paradise Lost" is the greatest poem ever writ ten. The audience evinced their approbation by stump ing and clapping their hands very gleefully. Harris, in Maiden lane, turned out a superb pleasure sleigh, with four beautiful hortes, the other day, and the junior portion of the young ladies of the Femalo Aca demy, enjoyed|a sleigh ride. There were some twenty ol ihem in ihe capaciwut vehicle, and they seemed de lighted with the genuine fun. You often seo young la dies, distinguished tor excellent horsemanship, bargain ing with H. for the use oloneofhis favorite jennets, or a tandem drive with his docile roadsters For I would have you know th. t, in season, the dear Dutch belles do drive tandem, and do ride on horseback. Dr. Itaird in lecturing here upon the governments of Europe, and the habits of tho people generally. He tcld me last evening that be had bad private interviews with thirteen of the crowned heads of the old world. His lec tures are very instructive and entertaining, and are very numerously attended. " ^Professor Whitney, the elocutionary lecturer, is also lecturing in this city. He personates every body and every thing. He can givo you an excellent personation oi the manner of the advocate of titilliiication (John C. ( alhoun,) or an imitation of the style of Bishop Under donk's preaching. Now he is your navicular friend El der Knapp, and anon he is John Randolph, with his voice a la fife, and his flngera la Pistolet. In fine, he is a very funny genius,, a very effective imitator of creation in general. I am told that a number of enterprising gentlemen of New York city, are maturing arrangements to build a theatre in this city. A lot has been purchased, and a model prepared. 1'his is another evidence of the extra* ordinary public spiiit of the citizens of Albany. Al bany, the oldest city in the Union, lias not one suitable building for the representation of the productions of Wlliiam shjkipeare, the philosopher of poetry, the fa ther of the drama. Burke has re-appeared in this city. He is going " hock agin" over the water to rehearse, as a friend at mj e bow says. Miss St. Clair, full of various kinds of feminine attri butes, is dazzling the Albanians with her dancing. Somebo ly says she was a protege of the divine Fanny's Her profile is remarkable for its Ann gout? her face is veiy pretty -her feet and ankles are delicately fotmed, and she is a graceful danieust, tout m lout. Mrs. Hunt is in the city, but has been in a state of re tiracyfortwo weeks past. She will commence ati en gagement soon. Warren is the principal comedian, and a good delineator. The business is confined to comedy and farce, us we have no Booth or Kent, or any other tragedian in this city. However, theatricals will tevive here, It is hoped, at no distant day. Tho sleighing continues good, and we have winter proper?nothing more or less. Holders offered flour yesterday at 63; no takers Mork Disasters on thk L/.kks.?The steamer Lexington ih back Ht lat-t from Detroit. After re pairing her false sides, and coating her bow with alieet iron, m Cleveland, 10 a? to withstand the action of the ice, ihe left, downward bound, on Friday, and on Satur day night, when a short distance west of F.rie, fire was discovered issuing in a solid column around tho smoke pipes for some distance above the deck. It was, however, subdued* We learn that the schooner Favorite, Heeler, master, with a cargo of hardware, stoves, pipes, apples, sugar, and molasses, is sunk in the lake, some eight miles oft Monroe. She, in company with^the Bizer, and several others, attempted to go west from Cleveland, but, en countering much ice, the vessels attempted to make port the host way they could. Captain Trowbridge sends us the following in relation to the wreck seen on the Canada shore No?>ii*idalc, Long Point, C. W. December 4th.? I learu from a party who have recently returned from the Point, that a large fort-topsail suhr. went down at her anchors on the night of ISth Nov , and nil on bonrd perished. She came to off the pitch of the Point, on the afternoon of the 17th, having lout her foresail, and, being otherwi e disabled, lay there repairing damages, until the next evening, when she wan struck by a squall and went to the bottom, tier topgallant yard is out of water. The current report in Buffalo when 1 left, that the wreck ofthe Texas had come ushoro between Oravclly Bay and Long I'oirft, proves to be incorrect. All that roinains of her is on the west shore ofthe Point. The report of a man coining ashore from the schooner Ocean, is ascertained to be untrue All on board oi that Tinsel were lost. The schooner ashore at Point Waubashanks was Keen by the Cleveland, and supposed to be a lower laker, because those ?n hoard the steamer not ^identifying her. The Pilot is a small new vessel, and left this port on the '26th October. During the severe weather and blow at Chicago, 'J7th ult., the steamer Champion, Capt Ward, rendered good service in getting into port three vessels that had dropped south of tne piers, with their rigging frozen, and the wind fresh from the northward. Tho vessel* lescued from their perilous positions by the heroism of Captain Ward, are the () Richmond, Vermont, and IV. I)ousm?n Tim Journal of the nik says -"This morning heloie daylight, ( apt. Ward li ft the harbor in search of a vessel, which was seen last evening about live miles from the end of the pier, unable to make the port. In consequence of a heavy fog, the vessel could not bo made out, thought ( apt. W. searched for some hoars, at the same time blowing oil' steam, occasionally firing guns, ringing the boat's hell, ike.'' Subsequent advices ?ay* she proved to be the Ottawa, lying nt anchor about 7 miles in a south easterly direction, with rigging fro/en and sails covered with ice. The Champion brought the vessel into port upon sccond trial. The schooner Bowen got witbin trio piers at Chicago on the 9Nth, with con siderable difficulty The Captain had several of hia fingers Irozen. The sails were so stiff that they had to pound them with Olubs and put salt on them in order to use them. The master repuits six vessels ashore on the oast aide of the Lake within 3D miles of each other, bat did not know their names.?Buffah? .'irfr., Vte. 8. Winter Rod" for New York.?Thesteamboftta now come tip uk Ur as Cat&kill, from which place there is Ane sleighing to A1 any. Yesterday noon 100 passengers arrived Iieie in tnat way- bunging New York evi uing papers of Tuesday. The passengers leaie New York in the allernoon and Albany in the morning. Fare through, $4. -^Ihauy Jit gui, Dtc. 11. Mayor of Boston.?In convention of the two branches ol the Ctty Council last evening, ihe Hon. Joiiah Qulncy, Jr., the Mayor elect for the ensuing year, was chosen Mayor of this city, to fill the vacancy caused by the death ol the late Mayor, Mr. Davis.? Botivn Adv., Dtc. 1 i. Jf^SrpRKME Court.Snecial Term?Mr. Justice Jewell presiding Wednesday, Denpmber I'1 ? Shull ltd*. Smith?Motion to set aside default, 8cc , grant ed on torma. Davit, imp'd, ads. Weaki?Motion to itand over to next special term; plaintiff to pay $10 coat*.? Grant vi. McC umber?Motion to strike out pleat at false and frivolout, granted. Sage vs. Sherman at al?Mo tion lor a commission, granted. Lincoln vs. Frazer? Motion for reference, granted by default. Stebbins b<1; Jennings?Motion tor judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted, unlets plaintiff stipulate, vc. Van Patten ads. Smith?Motion to refer, granted. The People e* rel. A. Cook. Hull vs the Medical Society of Kings county ? Motion tor peremptory mandamut, granted l?y default. Ualaplaine ada. Coventry?Motion to set aside default, be , granted with cottt. Cuyler, imp'd, Sic ada. the Oneida Bank- motion to set aside delault kc., granted on terms, Biddlecum et al. ads Steward et al?Motion to stay proceedings in this suit until certiorari is deter mined, granted on terms. Overseers of Poor of Little Kails vs Kathem, county treaaurer.scc.?Motion for man damua granted. Mclntyre et al. vs. Uritwold?Motion to amend declaration, granted in part. Howell etal. vs. Van Slyck, sheriff, 4tc.?Motion for leave to prosecute official hood, granted ex parte. In the matter of Lockc et al. for a certiorari, granted ex part*. Battermad ads. Davis?Motion lor judgm't us in case of non suit, grunt ed unless plaintiff stipulate. &c. Houck vs. McBiraey ?Motion set aside plaintiff'* delault, See. granted on term* Same vs. same, do. do. Loomis ads. Hincklaen j ? Motion to change venue granted by default. Chad wick vs. Salisbury?Motion to vacate order superseding j writ of error, kc'grauted. Smith et al. ads. Cltsvelaud? . Motion for judgment at in cuso of nonsuit, granted witii costs by default. Clark a<l-i. Oribbin?Motion for judg ment as in ruse of non suit, granted by default. Smith vs. Vines?Motion for commission to lake deposition grouted. Smith vs. Shatiell-motion ordered tohtand over to next sp. term without prejudice. Hhatzell vs. Smith?do do. Bradley ads. Morse- motion that plaintiff appoint a re sponsible Prochien Ami, Ike.; denied with costs. Daniel* vs. Shepard?motion to supersede writ of certiorari ; granted, with costs by default. Riley vt. Baker at. al.? motion to amend declaration : denied with costs. Bel linger ad*. Oarlock- motion to set atide amended decla ration; denied with cottt. Beatty et. al. ads. Vermilye ? motion to amend pleas , denied with cottt. Comstock et. al ada. Whipple et. al. and another caute?motion for commission; granted, on tetms. Dean adt. Sims and another cause?motion in each cause to stand over to next tip. teim. Albre ada. Lucaa?motion that plff file security for costs : denied with costt without prejudice Jenkins et. al. ads. Dickman?motion to stand over to next sp. term ; on payment of costs $7 Baker et. al. a la. Riley?motion for judgment aa in caae of non auit; denied with costs. In the matter of the Mayor, tc., Brooklyn, in 1 elation to opening 18th street?motion to confirm re port of Commissioners; grunted ex parte. Cooney adt Bailey?motion that pl'ff. file security tor cotts; granted by default. Birdsoyo adt. Schermerhorn?motion for judgment as in cam of noa suit: granted unlets plff. stip ulate,tee. Knox ads Schermerhorn?dodo. Schermer horn vs. Klackler und 31 other causes?motion for judg ment, as in case of non suit in each cause ; granted un less pi'ffs. stipulate and pay $10 coats. Baldwin ads. Post et. al. and thiae other causes ?do. Bogardus vs Lotting et. al.?motion to set at>ido judgment; denied with costa. Yates ads. McBain?motion for a commis sion ; granted. - Allen ads. the People?motion to tet aside amended declaration ; denied with cotts. In the matter of Dickman vs Jenkins, Sh'ff. 8tc.-motion ex parte for a commission to take deposition. Lockwood et. al. vt. Haight et. al?motion ex parte for leave to serve papers on one attorney, granted. Worthington imp'd Ike. ada. MoCann ? motion for judgment at in case of non suit; granted, by default. Marsh et. al. ads. Manville? motion for precept; granted by default. Same ads. tame ?Motion for judgment ot non pro* ; granted by default Rider vs. Cunningham?motion to refer; granted. Isham et. al. vs. Kiersted et. al.?Motion for judgment aa in ca ses of non suit; granted, unless pl'ff. stipulate, kc. Wa torman et. al. ads. Peek?motion for judgment as in case of non suit; granted, by default. Kelly et al. ada. Bor den motion to chango venue; granted, by delault.? Wild vs. Rodgerset. al.?Motion to amend declaration changing venue; granted, on terms. Otiyon ada. Lowry. Motion for judgm't sis in chsc of non-suit; grunted by de lault. Cromwell vs. Oross?Motion to set aside default, &.c; denied,'with costs, without prejudice. Sliter ads Mor ris?Motion for relaxation of costa ; granted, with costs. Smith ads. Demiog et al?Motion to set atide default, kc. ; grauted on terms. Haight adt. Post?Motion to ttay plaintiff's proceedings until costs are paid -,'granted, with costs. Oroot ada. Weed et ala?Motion to vacate judgment, kc ; denied, with costs. Fra^.oe ads. Carroll ?Motion for judgment, as in ease of non suit; grauted. with costs, by default. Keuterads. Deavitt?Motion to stay plaintiff's proceedings on judgment; granted, on terms, by default. In the matter of Hall et al vt. Monell et al?Motion that defendant's default be entered, tic , granted, by default. Marth ads Wright?Motion foi judgment, us in case of non-suit; granted, with costs, hy delault. Harris ads. Barnea?Motion to open default taken at general term ; granted. The Syracuse and L'tica Railroad Compauy ads. Corland?Motion to change venue ; granted, by default. Wilson ada. Cary?Motion ?or reta&ation ol <-.iwts ; granted by default. Hamilton, administrator, be., vs Allen?Motion that defendant ap penr and plead to sui. fa., &.C.; granted ex parte. Rota vs. llalttead?Motion for leave to proceed to hearing, be. : grunted, by default. Toller ads. Wagner -Motion that plaintiff file security for costs, Ike. ; granted, by de fault. Hslstead ads. Neat et al.?Motion tor judgment as in case of non-suit; granted, with costs, by default.? Chrocheron ads. Post?Motion to change venue: gran ted. Beebe et al. executors, &c , vs Been et al. Mo tion to appi-ar and plead to tci. la., &c. ; granted ex pa te. Van l elt ads Weinbold et al.?Motion to change ve nue ; grauted, by default. Ward and wife ads. Welch? Ylotion tor judgment as in case of non-suit; granted, un- i lest plaintiff stipulate, 8cc..?Albany ilrgus. Km t * mid Fancy. There are piles of snow upon the mountains, be 'ween Baltimore ami Cincinnati. Winter has get in in earned. The Ohio, above Wheeling, is closed for the sea ion. Cranberries are scarce ut Albany, and sell at $4 50 a $/> AO a bushel. Jt rained very hard in Charleston, on the 8th inst. The question of the Spring Garden Water Works, Phiiudelphia, will be argued before the Supreme Court iu a few day*. iMticiuter County Farmer, is the title ol a new pa per published at Lancaster, Pa. Professor Aikin is lecturing in Baltimore on gal vanic light, and the deflagration of the metal* in common DM. There are, at this time, 620,000 girls receiving their education in French convents. Gough, in hia temperance lecture at the Tremont T<mple, Boston, on Wednesday evening, said, he stood there in the dignity of an honest man ; he knewThathe had not betrayed the temperance cause, but had himself I'een betrayed by wicked men ; he felt a full conviction tiiHt his character would yet he cleared up. It rests with him to clear it up to the satisfaction of the public. The celebration ol the 225th anniveisary ol the landing of the Pilgrims, will be celebrated at Plymouth, j .Mass., on Monday, the 23d inst. They have tine tleighing at Erie, Pa. l)e Bonneville, professor of animal magnetism, and matters and things in general, is lecturing in Rich mond, Va. We have no doubt he will be successful in magnetising the dollars of the citizen* from their pocket* into his own. The newspapers are full of talk, about the Message, and a variety of opinion* are expreissd about it. The Allegheny is frozen across between the aque duct and ths Bayardstown bridge. The ice is rough, however, and broken in place*. Sleighing good at Concord, New Hampshire. An imposter has been getting money in Philadel phia, by representing himself as a sulferer by the recent earthquake* in the West Indies. lie ha* been arreited and committed as a v ? grant. One of the Boston papers is criticising the |>er formance of Mr. Neafie, iu the Otost in "Hamlet."? Hear him?"The walk of a ghost, wo, should be ?low, dignified and solemn. According to the notion of an Engli*h critic, it should be acted as Shakspeare inti mate*, who ha* given us hi* conception of *uch an un toward visitant, and who rbows the dread spirit to be at unco amazingly solemn and dignified." If the editor had only been here on Thursday evening, and visited Pal mo*, on the occasion ol the first lepresentation of "Hamlet" by our stage struck youths, he would not be quite so severe. We hear that the Freshman Class of Yale Col lege have adopted, or are about to adopt, a uniform cap. The pattern is that worn by the members of Oxford Uni versity, England. The steam electric machine is to be exhibited in Bo?ton. A lad about fifteen years of age, named Florian Sorta, a native of Austiia, and attached to the ship Can ton, wan found dead on the dock at Charleston, 8. C. on the 9th inst. W. R. Jamison committed suicide in Charleston on the 0th inst. Our advices from Nassau, N. P., are to the 29th ' ult. No news of importance. Mr. Calhoun had not left his home on Friday a I week ago. There has been a flare up between the Cadets at Columbia, S. C., and their superintendent, which result ed in the expulsion of sixteen The Board of Visitor*, howev?r, replaced all of tbem but one, L. T. Brown. E. Rogers, a merchant of Philadelphia, commit- * ted tuioida on Thuraday morning. The President's Message was fifteen hours and j forty-five minute* in going from Wa*hington to Cincin nati. Distance '2h0 mile*. The Knoxville Rt*i$ttr announces the marriage, in Jefferson county, Tennessee, of Frederick Pulse, a?;?d one hundre l and'two years, to Miss Uorcas Maimon, aged thirty-four. j Emerson, the tranfcendentalist, is lecturing in Boston on tho uses ol great men. Fikk ?A rumor was in the city yesterday, that the woollen factory ol ft. G. fe J. P. Hazard, at I'eacedale, South Kingston, wa* destroyed by tire on Tueiday evening. The loss must be about (IS.noo, on which there i* an imurance at the Hertford office for firt.ftoo, and may be additional insurance at other office*. ?Ptoiidtna Journal, Vtc. 11. , Court Intelligence. Ge?c*al Sessions.? Before Recorder Tallin ?Jga ar?l Aldermen Henry and Mete role.? Dec. li.? Tiiil foi Jittault and Ualhry, with inhnl to commit a Rape.? A young colored man, named Charles Hedge*, wu put on his trial for an aggravated assault and attempt to commit a rape on the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Newton, about 64 years old, residing in Division street; who, on being called, deposed that on the 31st of October last she went to Blackwell's Island, for the purpose of seeing b r son who is in the Lunatic Asylum, and on her return from that institution, towards tbo landing, she was met or overtaken by the prisoner, who requested permission to carry her basket lor her, and after getting it, made somii infamous proposals to her, w hen she demanded hack he. basket ? wh?reupon the prisoner seized bold of h?r, threw her down, and made a desperate etiort to violate her person Witness, by scratching him, and seizing hold ol his neck, prevented him from accomplishing his purpose. He, however, persevered in his attempt, and witness only sueceeded in putting an ei.d to the outrage by promising to meet him at a subsequent period. After the pritoner bad left her, witness proceeded to the peni tentiary and informed the keeper of what had ocoaired, at the same time statins that she had left some marks upon his nuck, by which, she thought, he might be re cognised. Mr. Mctt, the keeper, accompanied her to the A;.ylum, where the prisoner and several others were kept to do the work about the building, and on being examined, fresh scratches were found on the neck of the prisoner, who was charged with the offence, when he tried to effect his escape. The jury found hun guilty, and me t ourt sentenced him to be imprisoned in the State Prison for the term of 4 years and t) months. Trial f or Receiving Stolen Goodi ?William King, altat Jquies King, wiis plaoed oa his trial for receiving 3d sil ver watcher, stout 30 dozens of iien and pooket knives, 9 cases of razors, 3 case? oi needles, and other propertj , the total value ol which was about $500 , stolen from the premises of John A. Newbonld, of No 63 John street, which were feloniously entered on the night of the lAth or 17th of November last, through the scuttle, by two boys, named John McGuire and Thomas Oould. JoHJf McGvmr, one of the boys charged with stealing the property, on being called to the stand, deposed that the watches, knives, razors, itc. were taken to the shop of King, in C'ourtlandt street; that King bought a watch for witness gave him a couple of razors, and lett the rest of the property in bis care; prisoner pat the watch es, cutlery, ice. in boxes on the shelves. Thomas Gould, implicated with McGuire in stealing the property, deposed that he and McGuire went t> King's shop with the property stole from the store of Mr. Newbould;that they sold to King and Jackson each watch at $2; gave to each a set ol razors and a silk shirt , on handing the property to King, he hid it away on the shelves; tne accused never asked witness where he got the goods; the shirts were stolen from the store of Mr. St. John, in Broadway. Jamcs Kbiiivp.vaii, a policeman of the 4th ward, depos ed that he arrested the hoys McGuire and Gould at a lodging house in Catherine street, and in coniequence of information obtained from tnem, witness went to the shop ol King, and recovered twenty-seven watches, some knives, razors, lie., stating that they were all he had, hut on searching the premises occupied by the pri soner in Varick street, four watches of the same descrip tion as the twenty seven previously recovered from King, were found buried about a foot deep under the door of the cellar. On the part ol tho defenco, severed witnesses were called to move the previous good character of the ac cuied. A colored barber also testified that King, on the day of his arrest, observing a man standing tor some tiuie about ins door, inquired who he was, and on being informed that he was an officer, stated to witness that he had some property in his possession that had been left by some boys, and which he suspected to be stolen, and asked witness what it was best to do with it; and on witness saying that he did not know, he replied that ii he was sure it had been stelen, he would throw it into the street or take it to the Police Office. The evidence on both sides being closed, Wm. M. Paioi:, Esq., made an able and eloquent appeal to the jury on behalf of his client. He was followed by Jo**s ii. Phillips, Esq., acting District Attorney, on the pari of the prosecution. After abtiefand succinct charge from the HrcenuKK, the cose w:is submitted to the jury, who rendered a verdict of guilty, and the Court sen tenced him to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for sis months Trial for Burglary.?James Smith, colored, and Wm. McCarty, white, were then tried for a burglary in the 1st degree, in entering the dwelling house of Mr. John B Park, bookbinder, No. IS9 Elm street, on the night of November last, through a rear window, and stealing a shawl, overcoat, and other articles. On the occasion of the robbery the rogues lieing heard in the premises, the lauiil}' ran out of ttio hou.-e uuU caught Smith m the ad joining yard McCarty was arrested in tho course of a few days alter* ards, and the goods were found pledged at a shop in Orange st. In this case the jury, after a pro tracted absence, came into c?art and stated their inabili ty to agree upon a verdict, whereupon the prisoners were permitted to plead guilty to a petit larceny only. The plea was recorded and the court sentenced them to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of six mouths. Superior Court. Ba'.oie Judgo Oakley. Dec. 12. ? Felix Quinn vs. .ibtl Whtatun.? In Beptetn ber, 1S44, the complainant, who had found tuat twelve ei tiii hogc had bcoa dtiven to the public pound, and which naJ been running at large in the thoroughfare* of 0'ir city, contrary and m violation ol our law*, made a demand for their restoration, tendeiiug the iuo u nearly twenty dollars (or their redemption. Thia tender was declined an insufficient, and a bill of $87 SO w&? present ed, at being the amount to which the city was entitled ai penalty, coat of feeding, and the amount paid to the party driving them to the pound. .Mr. Orihim, for the defendant, moved a non-suit, iiurtly upon the ground that it wac a mere question of law, and partly that n suit of this nature would be quit* unentertaining to the jury, and one calculated to wear? the patience of the Court. Mr. Burlock.for the plaintilf*, answers, and assents, provided a spccial veadict be given Whereupon, the jury lound a verdict for the plaintiff, assessing the value of the property at $55, with liberty to enter a non-suit-or turn it into n verdict for defendant, and liquidate defendant's damages at *00. Chut. *1. Jackson vs. Simeon Lone, survivor of Jackion 4' Latee ?miction jor Htp'evin. ?The co-partnership of Jackson 8c Losee was formed in the latter part of thtt your 1943 or first of '44 -both men without means or capi tal beyond their experience as business men. They were cs*ociated as commission merchants in Warren street, lor the purpose of dealing in pork, lard, See. The complainant was to iuruish necessary advances for the purchase of bogs, to he cut up, packed, pickled, and dis posed of by him, and the profits resulting from the en terprise to be placed to the credit of the defendants. Jackson, one of tho firm, w ent West in the fall of 1844, to maUx purchases, and died in New Orleans. The re maining partner subsequently followed him, and con cluded purchases to a considerable amount, and the property wus shipped lutherward according to arrange ment. In December, 1644, the complainant became en barrassed in his circumstances, and the defendant with held seventeen hogsheads ol pickled hams, which the complainant demanded,to reimburse him for the advance* yet unsatisfied, to the amount of about $1,000. This suit is, therefore, brought for the recovery of this amoant. Verdict to-morrow. Kdwin Sanford for plaintiff j A. L. Jordan for the delence. Before Chief Justice Jones. Michael O'Brien i t. Eitphaz Spencer.?The jury in this case, previously noticed, returned a verdict in favor of tne plaintiff, for $70 damages; and six cents coats No other cauaea|taken up. Circuit Court. Judge Edmonds presiding. Dcc. 1 J.?The case of Jindretv Foster it a I. vs. The Jackion Marine Insurance Company, occupied the en tire time of the Court to-day. It was a motion to eat aside a verdict obtained upon a marine policy, claiming a total loss. The defendants on the trial urged a nonsuit on the ground of insufficient preliminary proofs, In not presenting one of the surveys and a deviation. H. Ketch um, Esq , tor defendants; Cha?. Moore, Ksq.for plaintiffs, one of whom is F B. Cutting We shall give the result of this argument when con cluded, involving, as it does, several nice and important questions connected with marine insurance. It has been erroneously mentioned in some ol the pa pers of the city, that Judn'e Kdmonds had concluded tha Circuit and Oyer and Terminer of Kings County, and had commenced tho holding of tha Circuit here. This la a misapprehension. He is now holding an argument term, lor the purpose of disposing of the accumulated number of cases consequent upon the long, protracted, and ineffectual occupation ol the Court in the case of Pol ly Bodine. An adjourned Circuit will be held on tho firat Monday of February, for tha notice and trial of new causes. V. 8. Circuit Court?In Chambers. Before Judge Betts Dec. 12.?Capt. Isaac Ludlow, of the barque Oscar, arrested for the murder of George Brown, alias Curtiss, oti board saiil vessel, while lying off '? "Isle Grande," on the lath August last, and wno ret':rue I from Rio Ja neiro on board ship "Ettnosrae" a few osy* since, was brought into couti for bis examination. Several deposi tions taken by the IT. S Ootiaul, (Jeo. W. Oordon, Esq., at Rio Janeiro, were then read by consent of the coun sel ou either side, aud which will determine the courae to be pursued by the court in this matter. In connection with this subject, and in which much general interest hns been expressed, wo would state that no new or ad ditional testimony was adduced beyond that which we gave in the examination of Baker and two othera, under arrest tor an attempt at mutiny on board thia barque, re ported in the Herald in the early part of November last Common Plea*. Before Judges Ulslioefler and Daly. Dcc. 12.? Silas C. Smith t? Geo. IV. Smith.?The Jury in this case, (the opening ot letters, Sic., not beiag fully substantiated, and repotted hitherto,) returned a verdict for the defendant; liter which arguments were taken up Court Calendar?ThU Day. SvrcRioa Court?86. 12 89. 4i. W. AO to #4. Failure of Railroad Contractors.?We learn th.1t Mtivui Sc Co., coniMCior* l?r several auction* of the Gloucester Raili oad, went off il>e track on Sunday last, caiT) ii.g with them all their tools, and leaving some two or three hundred laborers and sundiy citizens of Be verly and Gloucester minus to the amount ol something like $30!i0 They had mu-le considerable progress in the fulfilment of their contracts, and ?? lew days previous ts their decamping hud received troin the lailroad com pany all the pay to which they weie < ntitled. Their sud *nn disappeaiance created considerable excitement in Glouoesiet ami Beverly, wheie Several storekeepers, bakers, butchers, boarding-house keepers. Sic , will be serious sudor rs The lnsh laboiers, it is said, are l?f\ in a very destitute condition.

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