Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1845 Page 1
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? II ?? THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. XI., No. 344?Whole No. ftltM. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 14, 1845. Prtee Tvro Cent*. THE NEW YORK HERALD, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor, Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price I cents percopy $7.23 uerannuin?piyabie iu advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every SaturUy?Price 6l? rent per copy?$1.12>fc cent" per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always rash In advance. . ... PRINTING of all kind* executed Willi beauty aud des m? \~J~ AH lettera or communications, bv misaddressed to tli. establishment, inuat be Jiost paid, or the postage will l>? deducted from the subscription monev remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Propria! r of the NgW YoHX HfRAU) EaTAHI.KHMk.NT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau itrcets. NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Ob Wednesday, December 3, the trip* on thia Ferry will be It follows:? Leave S'aten liland 8>4', 10, A. M. 2. P. \1. Leave New York 9, 12, A. M. 3^,5, P.M. d3 mc R1ALL. LINK FOR BOSTON. i LongisLa: ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH $? WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from tli* Foot of Whitehall ?t/eet, Mouth Kerry?Sundays excepted. ? Way Cratea are in readiness to receive baggaic for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goea through under lock. jul6tfrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. V.xrft t-'.HS ANU PIONEF.k PACKET LINE, Krom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kajl ronda and Canal?through in 3>< daya. The above line ia now in full Alteration aud offers great inducemeuu to peraous who wiah Ipleasant mode of travelling to the west. /The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up iu a superior manner,and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce, to the comfort and convenience ol travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, aud the Srrat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wet jy of being seen. Bv this r.ute passengers aveid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage trivellicg, and at the same tint* make aa ex peditious trip. The cars leave every morninga t 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office ia Philadel phia N. K. corner of Chesnut aud Konrth streets, and at Nos. It aud 16 South Third sts. A. CUMMING8, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISELL, Agent for mvl7 6m*rre D. LEECH II CU.'sT-ine. 7 West st. N R. . CENTKAL RAIL ROAD KROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. fiBasa THIS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengers and Freight. Rates oi Pasjnge ? 00 Rates of Freight, viz ; On Weight goods generally 30 cents per hundred. 80 measurement goods ..13 cents per cubic foot. n barrels wet (except molasses ai.tloil) $1 SO per barrel. On barrels dry (excei^ lime) SO cents per barrel. Ou iron in pigs or bars, castings for inillsaiid nuboxed m ichinery... 40 cents per hundred. O11 hhds aud pipes of liquor not over 120 rations $3 00 per hhd. On hlids molasses and oil... COO " " Goods addressed to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free o eominiKtiou. THOMAS PURSEi sll 3m 'c Gun'l. Sup't. Transportation. UNiTED STATES MALL LINE, AT~ FIVE O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY and the Intermediate Lauuings, or far as the ice nrill permit.?There _U9LJb->s good sleighing fiom any i>oint on the Hud son to Albany, aud mages will be in readiness to carry passen gers to their destination. at the arrival of the boat. Passage $3 30 through to Albany. The celebrated COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, leaves the steamboat pie.r between Courllandt and Liberty streets, THIS DAY bl FIVE O'CLOCK P. M.? Friday. December 12th, 1813. For p usage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultr., at the office ou the wharl. d!2 rrc FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIl,. ?oil THE Splendid Steamboat J AMES MADI SON, Capt. F. J. Copperly, will leave the foot of Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, PJV1. l'or freight or passage, apply ou boar', or to O. F. WiiinM^ight, Agent, on the wharf. " * mfvm NOTICE. Tlve I'EOrLE'S LINE hare mad* arrange ?menu with the powerful strainers UTICA .ami NORWICH, to run to Albany (or as far an the ice will permit,) every day at 5 o'clock, P M. till farther notice. New York. Dec. 3d. dl r BLACK BALL Oil OLD LINE OF L1VER POOL PACKETS?F'or Liverpool, only regular JmhIIm it-lift dI the 16th December. The new, magnificent and celebrated fait saling favorite packet >lnp NEW YORK, burthen 11.00 toui, Captain T. B. Cropper, will iioaitively tail on Tneiday, 18th of December. Having accommodation* unsurpassed, for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, thoae returning'.o the Old Country, or seuding for their frienda, will And it their intereat and comfort to select this uuequalled'ine of packeti. For termi of pmsage.and to aecare the best bertha,early ap plication should be mtule on board, foot of Beekmxn st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS kCO. dl Ire 35 Fulton street, iieit door to the Kulton Bmk. FOR L1VEH INjOL?The picket shipSTEPHEN , HLRSMAN being unavoidably detained, will posi _?___ali?ely sail on the lfith lleceinber. Can yet accommo date wicw more second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be t-.keu at the lowest rates. Appl y to J. HEADMAN k CO , illlm" 61 South street near Wall stree-. r P.-iSSaOt FROM OREAT BRI I'AiN AND IRELAND, via Liverpool. Those seudiug for their it'.tei ill c.m have them brought out at the lowestrit by I lie i. gul ir line of packet shipi, sailicg every fire days; ?i drifm can, as usual, be furnished for any amount, payable it all tie principil hiukiug institutions throughout thtUui-OJ Kingdom. Apply or address (if by letter, post paid ) to JOHN HERDMAN k CO., 61 South street, New York. HERDMAN, KtENAN k CO., , d7m Livrpool. PACKETS KOR HAVRE?Second Line.? ?The packet ship I'TICA, Captain F. Hewitt, will nail on the lit of January. For Height or tuxssage, aoplv to _ _ .... BOYU k HINCKEN,? Toatine Building, ila me No BH Wall. Water sts. KFOH 1,1 VEKPOOle?The New Line?Kegulai Packet of 21st December.?The superior fait sailing packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge.llOO tone otii then, will sail ai above, her regular day. Korfreight or paisage, having splendid, large and comfortable ?Utu rooms and cabin, apply on board, west side Burling slip, orto IVOODHULL It MlNTURN, 87 South street. i'rice of paiiage $100. The pa cli at ship Hueen of the West, 1130 tons burthen,Capt Phillip VVoodhouse, >vill succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her r?L' d"V, *<?' Jiin. nWf IFOR LI V ERPOOL?Mew Line?Regular Pacact of the aitli Dec.?The elegant fast lailing Packet Ship SIDDOISS, E. B. Cobb, master, of 1100 tons, Win sill as above, her regular day. Kor freightor passage, having accommodations uuequallrdfor ?pl- ?ndor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot eI Wall itreet, or to E K. COLLINS fc CO., M South street. Price of passage $100. Tne elegant laA loiliug packet ship Sheridan, O. B. Cornish, master, of 110U tons, will succeed the SiddoDs and sail 26th Jan . her regular Hay. n%> I'Al'K 1 tUIl .VUtKCI.I.laLF.B?I he Lew Para ? et ship XK'ljt.K, Captain atnnine, VV . t-veliegh, awill sail on the 1st of January, 1846. Kor freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, 101 Front strfcet, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, il2 inc 9 Tontine Buildings, No. 88 Wall, c jr. Water ?M. S* FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The Line of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the ships _^^^Roi(:ius, Bullions, Sherid.ui and Uarrick. They were _uill in um city by Brown k Hell, with uuuaual cure; for mo dels materials (a very large proportion of their fiainen being live oak ) and workmanship, they are unsurpassed, if not une qualled. Salted on the stocks and re-salted every year siuce. Their areiihiiundations for passengers are very eltensive and handsomely Inruished. Apply to oSI E. K. COLLINS k CO., .16South st. MUFFS! MUFFS! MUFFS! r|'HE UNDEHSIONf.D invita the attention of purchaseis J to thai r stock, which comprises a romple e assortment of ever / variety, at very reduced-prices, by the quantity or single ont. Also, IM doten Natural and Lint-red Jennet Skins, Coney Plates, Ike. TKED WELL k FROST, n29 lm*r 262 Pearl street, 11 nited Stales Hotel Building. MUeFS, MUFFS ANl) FURS. WE wonlil advise those ladies who hare nut supplied them selves with iWuff., to call at W.V1. COOPER'S FurStores, and look at his ritensive assortment oi Fancy Furs,and we will assure theni that they will find his Muffs not alone superiot but cheaper than any other store in the eity. It in. Cooper'? J\tr Manufactoritt, hat 64 Bowery, 5 doors above Walker street?aud 95 Maiden Lane, near (lotd street. N. B.?All Nn nought at liii ttorts warranted to he whit th***t+ nU ,in?r " mui\ey lunt?muneV lk~nT ri HE Highest prices advanced in large and small soma, on J J, wclry, Diamonds, golil and Silver Watches, Plate Wear ii g Apparel, and every description of personal property' JOHN ?. D AVIEM, Lie. ?se,l Pawiibroker. c28 Ini'rc 2S2 VVillt,.m street UeaVDliaiie street, VHtMlCAL HAL*AM, ~~ Or II ill a- lnvl^oi-ng?r. RKMEDY for i?ll dueasas incidental to the Hair anrt its testoratira, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Ml RIT? or i m Chkmici. Bai sim or Hair ItvruioR ron ? It prevents llnlduess. It removes Dandrill andCutaneous S>ciull. It keeps the Hair in its natural col"i and prevents it from turiiiiiK grey. It is now prtsruted to the world, with a lirtn he Ii'-I.iM.u as a besutlful and healthy restorative ol the llnir it will be found on trial unequalled Prepared solely by E. Pha |oii, No. 2U Broadway. Agents?O. Fish k Co., Waihingiw, D. U.i Ayer k Phelau, 78 Broad St.. Columbui. Ueorgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build ings, corner of Tenth and < heauiit sts., Philadelphia; H. Hice, comer of Court and Howanrdtstreets, Boston : C B. Brow ar, No. 10i Fulton st Brooklyn; M. S^ Metcjwr, Marebon, Ulster Co., N. V; V. Locarow, No. M Bearer street Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South ? arolin?| H l'i user, Syracusr, jN tioiton Anderson, Newport, R, J.: aud No. 1T3 Diviaiou street, op|>oaito Ludlow, N. Y. oN lm'mc A RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, icc. ARh NOW offered lor isle at a great sacrifice, many styles from twenty-five to thirty per ceut less thau the regular wholesale prices. Tbe subscribers have secured a large lot of Rich French Silk Goods, 4"'' Also, several consignments?all of which will be sold it it should be below coat. 1 lie season being some wliat advanced, they have concluded to embrace the presaut opportunity to dispose of tlie balance of Uieir stock. A large portion of it has been purchased recently, , at the (Jrest Peremptory Auction Sales; trierefore, will make a very large redaction from present prices, and do venture to say that their silk, Shawl anu Cas'mere Stocks, will present the greatest inducements to purchasers lu the way of Dry Goods, that has ever been off red iu this city. J. N. it T. H. S. 6c Co do assure their frituds and customers, that they may put fall confidence iu all and everyatatemeut made iu this advertisement, as they are prepared and will sub stantiate every word of it. Our stock cuu/ists of the richest and most costly goods that have been Imported this season. We would respectfully invite 1 all te call aud examine for themselves; aakiug none to buy ex- I cept they are perfectly satisfied. [L/ or further particulars, please read the following: vU] ONLY ONE PRICE! SILKS?81LKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 25 per cant. Splendid Silks for street dresses, former prices ta, 9s, Ids per yard, now only 7a and Ss. X wide and heavy 12s silks at $1. . X do Paris Silks, for evening dresses; have been sold by the importer this season at per yard, now will be sold at $1 per yard; a great sacrifice. One yard wide splendid Camelion Striped Siiks, reduced 50 ceuts per yard. Ombre Striped Changeable Silks, 4s Gd per yard Rich Horizoutal Striped Silks, all reduced. ' Solendid Brocade Silks, very cheap. Magnificent H ocade Silks, es rich as any that has aver been in thi* city?reduced $1 iter yard. Wide Satin Striped Black Silks, have beeu sold this season at 12 and lis per yard?reduced to 9s. Several cases of wide Oro de Rhines, reduced from 25 toll per cent. High Lustre Oro de Rhines, zl)i inches wide only $1 per yard. i* wide Black Silks, Horizontal Stri|*d 8s 6d. SHAWLS-SHAWLS. A large stock of Shawls, and are to be sold as soou as possi ble, consequently they will be offered at the following rates:? He.-11 genuine Lyons Broche Shawls only SIO. Superior Cashuiere Shawls all wool, that we have been sel ling at $20 now $14 aud $15. Extra flue Doable Centers all wool, that have keen selling at (35 now $20 Eqtra line Paris Square Shawls reduced from $50 to $35. ' $14 on* ?roc^e koug Shawls, white aud drab ground only Paris Long Shawls, extra site, reduced from $30 to $10. Splendid Paris Long Shawls, reduced $30 per shawl. It isjust the season Tor shawls, aud the eutire stock will be soldatgreat !>arg-ins. CASHMERES, MUSLIN DE LAINES, lie. Between five and six thousand yards of Mouse line de Lanes, Repps, and Cashmeres, just boaght at a great redactiou from first cost, and will be retailed at 2s per yard. 20 cases of Cashmere E. Cosse and Moussclin de Laine, re duced 25per cent. Mousseliu de Laines; Partrule, Lupin St Co. Manufacturers, all wool 3s per yard. Mousaelin de Laines of tlie same make, bright colors, all wool only 3s(id per yard. Mousseliu de Lanes superior fabric, reduced 3s per yard. Cashmere E. Cosse all wool cost '5 cents to import, only 3s Sd. Cashmere E. Cosse, superior quality, price $1 reduced to 9*. We have many styles of the above goods not enumerated,and would call particular atteutiou to this opportunity, as we feel well assured that the expectation ol'all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, kc. A Urge lot of Paris made Cloaks, just imported aud will be sold at great bargains. Spleudid Damask Silk Cloaks. \ ery rich Plaia Cloaks and Coat Dresses, the latest styles imported, aud will be sold for less tlian they can be made for m. this market Velvet and Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAKJNGS, PLAIDS, fcc. Splendid lot rich Plaids. reduced 25 per cent. Extra Fine Paris Cloakings, very cheap. All Wool Piris Cloaking. The importer's price was $1,30 per yard, now will be sacrificed at 6 shillings per yard. Dark shaded Stripes, and Extra Wide Meriuocs, Sic. LINENS, LINENS, &c\ 4-4 Irish Linens, all prices. Every width of Baiuesly, Irish and Scotch Sheeting!. Damask Napkins, Damask and Double Damask Table Cloths all sizes und widths, at great bargains. Huckahuck, Birds Eye. Scotch and Irish Towelling. | A Urge assortment ot Flannels. Bleached Long Cloths, with a full and general assortment of ramilv Ooods. j We have not specified the particular styles and prices of the above goods, hut intend to reduce them to such prices as will I secure immediate sale. I EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, Sic. I A splendid lot. of Evening Dresses will be sold at half the usual prices, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. .150 Embroidered < -himitetis, which will be sold very cheap. 100 Dozen Linen Cambric Hdkfs. at 8s, 9s and 10s per doz. 40 Dozen of Oent's French Liuen Cambric Hdkfs, and will be sold exactly 25 per cent less than they cost to iipport, which is about 5U per cent less thau the regular price. Ve vet Scarfs only 2*. 20 Styles of Ladies' Neck Scarfs? II will be sold very low. Wnh a great variety of other Fancy Ooods. r?-If there are auy merchants from other towns and cities in New York, they will do well to call. Terms cash or ap proved paper. J. N. Si T. H. 8ELBY Si CO., No. 345 Broadway, New York. 1 1 . S.?A Urge lot of Splendid Cashmere K. Cosse of Patrule, Lupin. Seydoux, Seiber SiCo., manufacture, just opened,being the richest we haveever exhibited in our store, and will be re tailed from 30 to 35 cents per yard less than they have been sold for by the case in this market. We invite all to call and see them. n!9 lm*m IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. HAyiNOjujt received from Europe, with a new assortment ol fine Gold and Silver Watches and Movements, a lot o Independent Secouds, and double time Watches and Move ments, of an entirely new style and of snperior finish, we take this opportunity to call the attenliou of all persons iu the watch business to visit our slock, which, iu every respect, will be louud advantageous, both for price and quality. DELACHAUX St MAI RE. ? No. 127 Fultou street. New York. P. S.?Engaged also in tlie watch makiug business, we con tinue to attend to the repairing of all kiuds of watchts, and par ticularly those of fine aud difficult works. nl4 lui*m WATCH ES!-WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Those Bwho wish fto purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chami, Gold Pencils. Keys, Sir., will find it greatly to their advantage to call ou the subscriber, who is selling all descri|> fionsol the above a'retail much lower than any other house iu the city. Gold as low as$2?aiid $25each. Watch es and Jewelry'exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep guod time, or the money refunded. G. C. ALLEN .Importer of Watches aud Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, 51 Wall street, i "12 lin'i c ap stairs. AGENTS FOR THli CHEMICAL HAIR IN VIGOR ATOR. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, aud its restorative iu ail cases where hnlduess is uot beyoud the reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway. State and Count,? jlgrnti.?o. Fish Si Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer N. Ph.Un, 76 Broad street, Columbus, Ua.: Tut tie, corner of Tenth aud Chesnut streets, Philadelphia; H It ice, corner of Court ami Howard street*, Boston; V. B Lorkrow, 51 Beaver street, Albitiy; C. B. Brower, No 105 (?niton street, Brooklyn; M. S. Fletcher, Marebou, Ulster Co , N. Y.; S. Tousey, Syracuse, N. Y.; John B. Watson, CharlMton Hotel. ,S. C ; Gorton Audersou, Newport, R. I ? J. (.. Duboice, New P.tltz Lauding, Ulster Co.; A. St G , Stonres, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. City . lgrnt$?173 Division street, opposite Lndlow, N, Y.; J. Si I. Coddington, Apothecary, No. 303 Hudson street, corner : ot Spring, N. V.: Everard's Fancy Store, No. 178 Uraud ! street; A. B. Sands Si Co., 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll Si C?v ; "<>? 3 Murray street. dt lm'ec I AtI^t1uIO?I<AI L WHO DKSmK PEARLY WHITE i I EETH-My onrivalled ROSE TOOTH PASTE is universally sought alter for the pearly whiteness itgives to the I Teeth, without tlie slightest injury. For sale, whole>ale aud retail, at n JULES HAUEL'S. Practical Chemist and Perfumer, , . . 46 South Third street, Philadelphia. ; <uid by m> agents:?J. B. Jacquemod. No 415 Broadway: F.A. ur.'i !/ ?{?>'"* , ys .?"a 111 Broadway; A. | Willard, 8. W. corner of Cedaraud W illiam streets. Premiums awarded nt the H rankliu Institute. nib lm'rc DAGUERREOTYPE : GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT ' AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF voigtlaenlfer'S apparatus. BE8IDE8 anew supply of tlie above Apparatus, the subscri bers have received best Plates, Chemicals and Polishing substances, aud the newest improvements iu the Art. lustrnc tionsgiven m the Art, and orders from every part of the couu try promptly attended to, by addressing (post-paid) to W. Si F LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange. ? . LANGENHEIM Si BECKERS, _o5 ImdStw'rc New York. 201 Broadway. FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES-" p. HAAS, daguerreanartist, 2^) Broadway, ooknkk of Readk Struct, Lakargk Building. MR. H. h-s received the Medal at the Iste Fair of the Atne ncan Institute, for Pictures executed by himself, aud uot 1 purchased uor done by hired operators; the public, theiefore, cau at all tirnss depend upon obtaining the same style of Por> i traitht from the sinn lest to the largest sixes, which cannot be surpassed for b?auty or accuracy. Instruction given in the Art on reasonable terms. o27 lm'ie ABRAHAM KASTOR. f MPORTER 393 Broadway, has received by late arrivals.ths . i ??<! Lace Gimps. Trimmings for Cloaks and Mantillas, very nchThread Lace Capes low neck Capes and Thread Lace Berths, Veils aud Sleeves. Thread jK? j MIH' "f"' "l,d 4 T?r'ety of black Silk Laces and Thread i,aees, 1-aucv Articles, kc., which ho offers for Hf whofesMly nnd retail lm'rc: CHEAP SOAP WORKS. DEPOT NO. ft COURTLANDT STREET, Under the National Hotel. I OHSON'S Walnut Oil Shaving Soap. " do Superior Alinoud Soap. do Toilet Soap All very highly scentad, and at prices lower than any other houie All kiuds ol Perfumery for Barbers, Storekeepers, families, Sic Sold by C. VAN 8CHOONHOVEN, n> lm*r No. a I'onrtlandtatreet. TOM AGE Foil CORN, GRAIN ANo FLOUR. CTORAOE for lifiv thousann bushels Corn or Cirniu. nnd twenty thonsaml barrels Flour, cau be had in the Brick Stores five minutes' walk Irom South Kerry, Brooklyn, on very moderate terms There is a good pier adjoining these premises, and an Die lent depth of water for the hirgest cl?ss ships. Apply to CHADBOKN Si CO., on the premises ii28 lm*r DK. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS. ?-iw 1 BROAD WAY?EXTRACT? ' 'heerlully comply with the request of Lienteuant jnelatuah, to state that lie whs nvalided home in consequence ol total deaiuess and mid discharges Irom the esr?that while ill fe* * org, on Ins way home, he placed himaell' under the pro lessional care of Drs. Castle t( Edwards, Aurists. Vndei their ?killul treatment he recovered his hearing, and has rctnrned to his military duty. Signed. H McNEVIN, Surgeon to AroiiM'i'K' iiuiwu 1 " B. M. Forces, Jamaies. i.??. i, ... 'JROIS?A sure cure cure for incipient deal HASTINGS' COM HOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE !! Notwithstanding the short umi during which till* invaluable medicine has bran before the American imblir. iu specific properties sod virtues have uuequivocall? proved il ti> be uot only the most reliable but also unfailing remedy in all affections prescribed to be within its legitimate c ?utrol. Unlike many vaunted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrnp is not put forth as a succedeuum for every nilmeut, I remedy for every disease; but lor its astonishing powers, possessed by no other medicameut williiu the range of the Pharmacopeia, in allaying irritation or inllamraatioii of the mucous coatings, and stimulating the bronchii to action: iu its remarkable virtues as an expectorant and an alterative, and shove all for its wonderful property ol AKKKST1.NO the formation ok tubercle, And brcakiug down Pulmonary disease wheu established. All inquirers are referred to uuinernus rec< ut cases which will be cheerfully furnished at I lie office of ih" ageucy. The experience of Dr. Hastings, and more receully six cases of cure (vide Lou don Laurel) effected by a zealous fellow laborer, Dr. Hockeu, of Loudon, are sufficient of themselves to couviuce the timor ous or skeptical of the perfect curability by the above remedial agent of that justly dreaded disease, Phthisis Pulmoualis or Tubercular Consumption. Let none despair. For sale by MOORE & CO., the American Arents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, 17.'J DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Price %l a bottle?Six hot ties for (0. n6 lm je ADVERTISEMENT. CUSTOMHOUSE, NEW YORK,< Collector's Office, Dec. 9th. 114} S S'EALKD PROPOSALS will be received at the Treasury ' Department uutil the 20th instant for such supplies of Snip Chandlery, kc., auu iu such quantity, and at suofi times as may be required for the use of the Uuited States Revenue Steamer and Boats, which may be employed in this District, during the year commencing the 1st January next, as per following sohedula Anchors and kedges, lb Adzes, shipwright, eaoh " coopers' copper, each Axes, broad, each " wood, each Augurs, set Alm-wac, nauticul, each Auvil, lb Awls, brad, dox B Boat Hooks, copper, each irou, eich Buckets, deck, each " cedar, each " shret irou, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each ' vanish, each clamp, each Ur, esch paint, assorted, doz whitewash, each Brooms, hickory, dox )' birch, dor. _ com, dox Bunting,all colors, fall width, piece Buutiug, all colors, hf width. piece Beeswax, lb Blocks, frictiou rollers, per inch, per sheave Blocks, iron bushed, per inch, f>er sheave ocks, snatch, in Bath bricks, dox Blaukets. rose, pair Bed-ii>reads, Marseilles, piece Bread Baskets, tin, piece Bell, table,each large, and fixtures, each UlU borug.each Ballet Moulds, set Boatswain's Call, silver, each Brace and Bits, set Belaying Pius, iron, each _ , ?' wood, each Bake Pans, set Battle Axes, each Barometer, each Cordage, tarred hemp, patent, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, lbs Cordage. Manilla, lbs Cables, hemp, cwt " chain, lbs Copper, sheet, lbs Chalk, lbs Ckalli liues, piece Chissels, assorted, set " cold, each Caudles, sperm, lb Compasses, brass, 10 inch, e'h b'jal.each " carpenter's, each f anvasj, Hollaud's A A, bolt ' American hemp.bolt Cotton, No. si, vu *' " No. 3, yd " No. 6, yd ? No. 10, yd Coal. Lehigh, delivered, ton Cook's Ladles, each Curtains, moreen, made np yard Cups and Saocers, Qneen's ware, doz Castors, plain plated, set Crowbars, lbs Calipers, carpenter's, pair " gunner's, pair Capstau Bans, hickory, each 1' . walnut, each Cranes for boats, lb Coffee Mills, each " Boilers, each C.tnnisters foi oil, each Cotton, waste, lb Coal 8craper. each D Deck Lights, patent, each Duck, ravens, heavy, bolt light, bolt imperial, bolt c ?tton, bolt Drum, piece Drawing Knives, piece E Emery, lb ? F Files, hand saw,each 4 wood rasps, each Funnel, wood, water, each Hiying pans, each File each Klin's, hund Flannel, ev linder, yd Foige and bellows, each <i Oongei, set, log, 14 sec , each .. ** sec., each Olne, lbs Gimlets, assorted, doz (Jlue Pot, piece Oridirou, each * Ouuter's Scale, each Grapnels, lb H Hawsers, Manilla, lb u " ,. '"-""P. lb Honseline, lb Hainbroline. lb Hooks and Thimbles, lb Handspikes, hickory, each w-tlnut, each shod,each Hammers, claw, each J) pump, each ,, riveting, each chipping, each Hooks, anchor, lish, lb ' chain, lb Hanks, di z Halliards, pennant,lb Hooka, can, lb Hatchets, each Hoes, each |uk, writing, qanrr Irons, hand, lb " feet, it caulking, each Junk,lb Kids, copper, hooped, each Leather, rigging, lb pump |b Log lines, hank Lanterns, signal, copper, each battle, each . deck,each Litharge, lb Lead lines, deep sea, IWfath ?. l j om,.each hand,each i i blscs, lb Lead*, sonnding, lb Ladles and worms, each Lamp, binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, clear. foot ' Lumber, plank, foot Log Heel, each Lauip-bUck, lb M Mallets, caulking, each serving, each ? guniier s each No bids will be entertained Marline spikes, s.eel, each Match rope, lb Measure copper, set Marline, lb Match staves, each Man), lb N Nails, copper, wrought, lb ' cut,lb Nails, iron, wrought, lb cut. Ill Needles, sewing, ass'd doz sail,. " dox mirline.doz Nippers, each O Oakum, lb Oil, sperm, winter strained, gall " summer, gall " linseed, boiled, gall ' '' raw. gall olive, quart Oil, tar, gall Oars, ash, feet " spruce, feet P Pens, steel, card, each Paints, blsck lead, lb '? white lead iu oil, grouud,lb " red lead " " Parcellii g, yd Paper, slieatlunr, ream ' foolscap, ream " lette-. cold pressed, ream envelope, quire sand,assorted, doz Pump tacks, coppar thousand _. . " ,, iron, thousand Pitch, gall " kettles, lb Planes, jointer, each " jack,each smoothing, each fore, each ' match, set Padlocks, brass, each I unches, chain, each _ " . nail, each Putty, lb Palms, mounted, esch Palm irons, each Plates, Queen's ware, dinner ner. do/. do do desert, doz do do dishes, as _ . . sorted, each Priming wire, each Powder tlasks, copper, each Port fire, staves, ash, each Passing boxes, leather, each Powder, cannon, Hi " priming, lb " . boses, copper, ea ? rump, hand, copper, each Prickers,each Piacers, e icli Packing hooks, lbs Packing yaru Jit-tnp, lbs Rules, carpeuter, two feet, each Ram.ners and sponges, each Rotton Stone, lb S Scrapers, gun, each Serapers, csst steel, each Spikes, composition, lb " iron, wrought, lb " cot, lb Screws, brass, assorted, doz " iron, doz Saws, steel plate, hand, each " key hole, each " teunou, each 1 wood, each " compass, each Screw Drivers, each Spoke Shaves, each Squares, iron, each 1 small, each Soap, brown, lb Spun ya'ii, lb Sheep skins, each Sauce pans, each Stove, cabin, each each Shot boxes, each Shot round, lo " cannister. lb Saw setts, each Souuding rods, eacli Stones, grinding, each holy, each ' . se', each Scuttle Butt, 60 galls, each Scales ami weight, set Stoppers, claw, lb SI. tes, each Sledge lbs Shovels, iron. eich Twine, whipping, lb " seine, lb ' s-wing, |b ?. Thimbles, open and welded,lb r<ii<>w, lb Tar, gall Turpentine, white, bbl spirits, gall tormentors, cook's, each I bread, assorted colors, lb Towels, damask, yard 1 ureen and Ladle, block tin, each Tumblers, cut glass, doz table Spoons, German silver, doz Tea. Spoons, German silver, dng Table cloths, linen, yard Tin measures, set Tube boxes, leather, each 1 nli-s, quill, doz Trncks, leading, brass, each Top mauls, each Tape liues, 100 feet, each Tea kettles, iron, each " copper, each Trumpets, brass, Ih " tin, each Thermometers brass, each _ " tin, each Tongs, blacksmith's, lb Varnish, copnl, gall ,bf'?!>t, gall h ack, gall Vice, hand, lb W Wood, oak, sawed aud deli vered, cord Wood, birch, sawed aud deli vered, cord Wood maple, sawed and deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, sawed at,d delivered, cord Wood, white birch, sawed and delivered, cord Wood, piue, cord " spruce, cord hemlock, cotd Whiting, lb Wrenches, wood, each " iron, lb Water cask, oak. 6# gallons, each Water breakers, oak, 1) gal lons, each Wick, lamp, lb Wienchet, sssorted, lbs from persons not actually en gaged in the hnsinesa to which this advertise me. t refers. Bidders will transmit their proposals sealed to the Secretary of the Treasui y. Printed lists of lha above articles will he furnished to ship chandlers, upon arplicatiwn at this office. dll filth r O W. LAWRENCE, Collector. [ADVERTISEMENT] CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK.) .... ^ .v .... ? Collector's Office Deretnher, IBM. 5 UEALhl) I'ROl OSALS will be received at the Treasury O Department, until the 20th instant, for the supply of rations to the |ietty officers and seamen of the Unit-d Sta es Revenue J (earner Spencer, for the term of one ysar from the 1st day of anuary next. The Mtion for the revenue service is the same ss that allowed ill the naval service, emitting the liquor, and conaistsol the ar ticles enumerated ill the lollowiug table, to wit: lb|oz | lbs. of | ounces of | hf pints of Days of the Week. isuuday Monday.... Tuesdsy... . Wednesday.. Thursday... , Friday... ,,. Saturday... , il't-sgllEj-ssIs I X H II 14 14 14 II 2 I 14 i I I I Per week. ..... ^ UK 1 |? 2 H I 1 II The rations to he of good and wholesome qa?l.ty, to be ap proved by the Collector; and the different articiea comprising the rations, to lie delivered on ho<rd the vessel iu good and suffi cient i ask" ami vessels, to he provded by the contractor, aud the contents thereof distinctly marked on each. It is to he distinctly understood, I hat no bids ? ill he entertain ed from persons uot actually engaged in the business to w his;h these oilers refer, and that the Contractor will be hound to fur hisli, Diwii reasonable notice, molten as may lie required by the captain of the vessel; with the approbation of the Collec tor (uot exceeding upon an average, one day in each week.) such frrsh meat, andTfresh vegetables, as may he equivalent to the co*rTts|>ondiiig parts ol the ration allowed in the naval ser IVrsoiis promising will transmit their bids sesled to the Sec retary of ilia Treasury ,, _ , ? , dil iM f V. W. LAWRJu^C*., W9lH?W< The Speculator'* Lament. Oh ! for the old bank aote time, When speculation flourished prime , When every day wu " discount day," And read men only talked of pay. Credit then bad but to go, With his paper wing*. and bow ? Bank directors owned hi* power, And knelt before him in that hour Then a city, fuir arid bright, drew up in a *io*le night, Of rich trade the busy mart, By the lithogrupher's art On the prairie's uea-like shore, Uy thocat'racts lonely roar, In the wild* ol Michigan, An Oregon or Aztalan ? Aad westward toward* the netting nun F.idorados every one. Oh! for the old bank-note time but that time ha* flitted pant; <'an the lummeralway* last ' Poorer, if not wiser grown, Banker*' heart* are turned to xtone, Credit'* wing* are toiled and torn, And he'* fled the land forlorn? Now thoae golden citie* ?eem Like remembrance of a dream ; And the prairie and the shore, Lonelier than they were before And another Credit'* come, With a brow of care and gloom Woiking in the dirty mould, Talking of the sullen gold Dark hi* brow with dust ami aweat, Scowling at the name of debt ? At hi* back the hoe aud plough. To the bank* he does not bow Oh ! tor the old bank-uote time, xc. O. H. N. LIiim luggrilid by tli? Prcjldfnt'i Rleuage. ; All bailthou chosen chieftain, exponent of the tree ! The bold and true thou understand'st and utterest poin tedly. The genius of our country?the proud spirit of the age? ; Kxulta that thou haat touched the cord* their sympathies , engaged. A message ! No, an ode, with forte and ptean peal'd, With moral traits in concord deep, and energy concealed, Revealing things not told in words, yet telling them full plain, The aecrota of man's onward course, his glory to regain. Yes, let it sound 'mong Europe's thrones?their false po sitions quell? And man to man, oppressed there, its gladsome tidings tell, Not only what it says in words, but what it hints beside Of Fseedom stern, resistless, grand, and spreading far and wide. And let it sound to all the world, a stable test of right, ! And Buffering mortals everywhere will hail it with delight. It consecrates our land for them-ax ocean hounded home? Where peace and plenty ever are, and blissful spirits roam. All hail, again ! thou potent chief; keep braced thine every nerve ; j Command success, and sway supreme where thou dost ! seam to serve ' Strike hard though pleading kindly, excite though calm aside, 1 And be the people's mighty power, their long enduring pride. J. W. V. BnooxLTir, N. V., Dec. 4, 1845. In Si/prkmk Court?Special Term.?Justice i Jbwktt, presiding ?Thursday, i'ec. 11th.?McDo nald vsthe Bank for Savings in New York?Motion fo leave to prosecute writ of error as a poor person; denied without costs. McNiel etalads Banker et al? Motion for judgment as in case ufnou suit; grunted, by default.? ; Clapp et al ads Blunt, do do. Morse ads LaJd?Motion to i mitigate bail, be. granted, by default. Dickinson et al . ads warren et al?Motion to set aside judgment; denied with costs; def't may have a feigned issue if he elect.? I Marvin vs Richmond, imp'd, be.?Motion to set aside de 1 Uult, be. granted, without coats, (.'orlieu et alads Boyn i ton, assignee, Ice?Motion to *? ? aside default, tic., granted terms. Corlieu ads Boynton?Motion to set aside declnrntinn, , granted with costs. Johnson vs j Brown, imp'd, kc.-Ornsr for c o?ts against deft for not moving. Spencer ads Campbell?Motion for leave to serve case, be , denied with costs. Higbie imp'd, be ads Meeker-Motion for leave to amend GUI of particulars, ; itc. granted. Palmater ads Van Rensselaer et al, exr's, Sic.?Motion to set aside default, See. granted with costs. Coutautads Gould, President, ike.?Motion to change ve nue, denied. Same ads same?Motion to set aside judg ment, &c, granted on terms. Robertson imp'd,1 See. ads llexlord?Motion to change venue; granted oy default Williams ads Saxton?Motion lor judgment a-s in case of | non suit, granteJ, with costs, by default. Tuttle ads Kal lenborger?Motion for judgment as in case of non suit; granted, by default. Downing, ex'r, stc. ads Robinson et : al, adm'r?Motion lor reference; grunted. Lawrence et al ads Wells, et al--Motion to amend pleadings, be granted. Self ads. Campbell et. al.?Motion to set aside default, Sic., granted with costs. Gates vs. Wonnbough?Mo , tion lor judgment as in case of nonsuit; denied, with costs. Monteath et al surveyor, vs Ward?Motion to set aside delault, be ; granted by default. Williams ads Ran som?Motion lor judgment as in case of nonsuit, denied with costs. Butler ads Noyei ?Motion to set aside de fault, be.; granted on terms. Burrows vs Nichols? Mo I tion for leave to amend declaration; granted by detault Dix ads Barker?Motion for leave to amend special plea; denied with costs. Uagley et al ads Babcock? Motion to set usido capias; denied with costa. Schenectady Bank vs Adams ? Motion to turn rase into a bill of exceptions; grunted on terms. Heartt ads Swain--Motion for a writ of error to issue, be.; granted. Baker et al ads (.'anal Bank of Albany?Motion to change venue; denied, Pec ads the Chenango Bank?Motion to set aside execution. ' be.; denied witli costs, without prejudice Smith and wilo Cleaveland?Motion to set aside default, be.; . granted on terms. Williams vs Haymond?Motion to set aside the rid 'a inquisition, be.: denied with costs ? Martin vs Koon?Motion to set uside satisfaction ol judg ment; dented with costs. Monteath o al vs Ward ?Mo tion to set aside default, be.; granted on terms, order ta ken by default vacated. Gaidner ads Keneda ?Motion lor judgment as in ease of nonsuit; granted, unless plain tiff stipulate, be. Hoffman ads Yerplank? Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit; granted, with costs by default. Bilsbarrow ads Bulleck et al?Motion for judg ment as in case ol nonsuit; denied with costs, with out prejudice. The Board of Supervisors of New York ads the People ox rel -Parish older ex paite, that relator plead or demur to alternative maudamua.? Karl in ads. Webster; motion to stand o-er to next spe cial teim. Haek et al. ads. Birdsall et al; motion to change venue, granted, by default. Gilbert impleaded, be., ads. Work et al; motion to change venue, denied, in the malter of Lee ads McCuidell; motion for certiora ri, granted ex parte. Comstock v?. Stow ell, sheriff; mo tion to stand over to next special term. Sacia et al. ads. Dunkle; motion for a commission, granted on terms.? Bucket al ada. Edwards et al; motion to set aside default be., granted on terms. Weatbrook vs. Dubois; motion to vacate rule of September term, granted on terms. Boy den ads. Fowler; motion for judgment as in case of non suit; granted. Roe impleaded, be. ads. Westlake; mo , tion to change venue; granted, by default. Weed ads. Cooper and another cause; moti n to consolidate, denied with coats. Thomas ada. Arnold; motion that defendant I be diacbargod on filing com. bail, Sic , granted, by de fault. In the matter of Knapp vs. the Commissioner of Highways of Dryden; motion for certiorari, granted.? In the matter of Myers ada Gray et al. Motion lor cer tiorari; granted ex parte.?Jllbany *1rtu$. Another Schooner Sunk.?The schooner Favor ite, Capt. Keeler, on her way to Toledo, bring cut by the ice, filled and sunk yesterday, in 34 feet water, eight or ten milea south-east of this port, heavily laden with merchandize. The vesael was owned by ( apt. Kee ler, and a good slure of the cargo?over $.'>1)00 loss to him, and without insurance. The Captain and crew, six in all, finding all ettorts to save any thing of no avail, and unable to use the long boat, took to the ice as a last ho|>e, which was only hall an inch in thickness, and ris ing ami tailing with the swells lieneato it ; and alter three or four hours of imminent peril and severe suffer ing, reached Kaisia Point. They practised the preeau : tion to tie themselves together with a long rope, at the distance of forty or titty teet from each other, in order that as any one broke through, tiie rest might pull turn out. In this manner, in two s paiate parties, each one provided with one or moie oars, they sought the shore ; and all except Capt. Keeler broke through several times, and were drawn out by their companions. Their escape, considering the adverse circumstances attending their situation, was truly wondeiful Capt. Keeler throughout the wboie, evidently exeic sed great presence of mind, coolness, ami delibeiation, which no doubt contributed essentially to the preservation ol himself and crew, and all will deplore his heavy loss. Two steamboats?one thought to he the Franklin or Helen Stroug, surrounded l with ice, and the other of a larger size, aro in sight this moining, eight or ten miles eastward ol this port. Our citizens are trying to get to them, or in somo way as*iat thorn.?Monroe (Mich.) JIAvocute, \<h. Mutiny on a Coai. Boat.?A most llagrant breach of mimical discipline occurred on one of these graceful crafts, on Tuesday. It appears the vessel was drawn up as near the landing as possible, for the pur pose of dischaiging froight into the carts driven out for the purpose. One of the cartmen contracted for a load, and the capUin directed the gentleman who discharges the duties of first mete Rnd crew, to assist in throwing in tho l<->ad. That individual not only declined doing so, but politely requested the raplain to "go to the devil." Instead ol" com/lying, that dignitary shyod a reasonably sized chunk ot coal at his refractory officer's head. A reg -iar cauonade then commenced, which ended in th* commandant being driven tiom hit own quarterdeck; he "took to the water," literally, and made his escape.? The altaii iyas finally compromised?to save the time of the I'. S Court - by the deleaved party treatiug to whiskey and water. Theie were several other boata lying alongside, which might have checked the n utiny by a lew bioadsides of coal stones, but, unfortunately, the ciews weie not on board to man the guns.?Pitti hui fih Journal, Dec 10. Mississippi Election.?The Viclubuig .Sentinel ol the 2&ih inst. says that the next Legislature ol Misaisaippi will stand;? In the House, dem. 73, whig In the Senate, dem. i3, w lug d Totul, 133: dem majo rity on joint ballot, 47. The iVo(< hrz free Trailer of the 27th inst. givea full return* of votes for Chancellor. Cokt, 14,181, T?yWr, lJ.HW; >uvuy.U.M*. KmU and fancy. The Houortble JD. Bright, (locotuco,) hat t<een <iecr?d by the Indiana Legislature, l nited Slate ? Senator for lis years, from 4th ol March last. The next Congressional election in the ninth dis trict, Man comes oil on the 99th inst There is a shocking report abroad in the neigh boring cities, that the steamer Mohegan had her boUer burst. It ix all gammoo. The M. is sal* and sound. Mr. Fiske, a resident ol Fort Gibson, Ontario county, committed suicide on Monday last, by hanging hinselt in a bain. Col. Humphrey*, Chiel Naval Constructor, is now on an official visit to Norfolk The Ohio State Penitentiary i* in a thriving con dition, having in its treasury $lb,096. Mrs. J. Brown, wife of one ol the pilots, with her child in her arms, jumped into the Bayou at the Balize on the -2?th ult, and they were both drowned. Their bodies were recovered the tame day. Capt. Alexander ? >ow, of the tow boat Caledonia, running from New Orleans to the Balize. fell overboard on the night of the 2nd inst. as he was coming in over the ft. W. l'ass, and was drowned. Vice-President G. M- Dallas arrived in Balti- ' more on Friday, on bis way to Philadelphia Havre-de-Grace is improving in business and buildings to a considerable extent. The Hon. S. S. Prentiss delivers th? address on | the occasion of the anniversary meeting of the New 1 tngland Society, at New Orleans. The members of the legal profession in PhiJadel- ! phia are getting up a bar dinner The steamer Denizen burst tier boiier on the j 30th oflaht month, thirty miles below Vicksburg, kil- i ling Capt Srudes instantly, and slightly injuring a cabin passenger. The remains of Captain Srodes were taken! to Vicksburg on board the steamer John Aull, fer in- | terment. The buoys on Point Alderton, George's Island, ' and the Upper Middle, in Boston harbor, are all gone, i and hare been lor a week or ten days past. It is said that tlie Pittsburgh Copper Company id doing a first-rate business. They were taking out large quantities of ore, and would have a thousand tons to ship by the opeuing of navigation in ihe spring. The deposits of silver were also increasing in richness. The Pittsburgh papers say their police officers had George Totter, the burglar, in custody, and had they de tained him '24 hours longer, they would have been en titled to the reward ol'$1,000, offered for his apprehen sion. I'ottei was liberated on bail, and left on the instant. A specimen of pure native copi>er, trom the Bos- I ton Mining l ompauy, location on Lake Superior, is on exhibition at) the Merchants1 Exchange News Room, Boston. In New Orleans, on the 2nd inst., sSumuel Kenne- ; dy was ar.-aigned on n new indictment, charging him with the murder of Benjamin Wood Waite, on the night 1 of the'29th December, 1844. to which he pleaded not guilty. His trial was then fixed for Wednesday, the 10th instant. The small pox lias disappeared trom Columbus, Georgia. The lirst municipality markets of New Orleans were yesterday adjudicated for the coming year :? The Butchers' Market brought $61. WO The Vegetable Market brought 30 000 $81,600 This is more by $6,000 than was received for them for the present year. Joseph Loupre, of the firm of Mack and Joseph Loupre, New Orleans, was arrested on the 2nd instant, charged with causing the death of a I egro boy, named Charles Botto, alias Moustache, a slave, by whipping him. A lady in Philadelphia, while walking in Chesnut street, fell on the ice, and broke hor left arm. The newspapers in Cincinnati are urging the pro priety of buildin'g another ship canal arouud the Falls in the Ohio liiver at Louisville, on the Indiana side. This they ask should be done by tho General Government, at an estimated cost of some $1,300,000. A proposition has been made tor the Government to buy up the balance of the stock of the canal already built. The national Gov ernment already owds 2,902 of the 10,000 shares ol the Louisville ship canal, and applies all its receipts on its stock to buy out its partners, giving tho handsome ad vance of $-200 on every $100 psid in. About 1430 boats , pass through his canal in a year. The price of the i-tock I of the company?100 per cent above par?is the best evidence of the high toll exacted of all craft that passes he cai'ul. The tribute should bo abated, or wholly removed. The boarding house of the Charlestown Mass , Female Seminary, a large wooden building, four stoiies hign, caught Arc on Friday morning from the the too clone proximity of a furnace pipe to a partition wail. But little damage was done. IT the fire had occurred in the night, however, a melancholy lost of life must have happened, as the buildiug is occupid at preseut by about ciehty young ladies, who were much alarmed at this ac ciiieiital turn-out. The Convention ol the Colleges of Virginia, as i sembled at Richmond on tho 9 h instant, delegates i were piesent from William and Mary College, Univer i sity of Virginia, Randolph, Macoo, Henry and F.mory, . Bethany, Hampden Sydney, Rector College, Richmond Medical College, and Washington College A number of resolutions were adopted, and a committee appointed to drafi a memorial to the Legislature on behalf of tne Colleges. About eighty barrels of apples, introduced from the States ilito Canada at Toronto, and consigned to a tavern-keeper named Montgomery, have been seized and lorleited. In the barrels, besides apples, were found large quantities ol cotton goods. Montgomery was a prominent actor in the Canadian rebellion, and it was at his house that the murder of Col. Moodin was perpe trated. On Wednesday evening last, about o o'clock, as saniuol Wheeler, an aged an l respoctable citizen of Wn tervliet. was returning home from hit labor in the me chanical department oi the Wutervliet Arsenal, ho was knocked down, and successively run over by two one horse cutters, breaking his collar-bone and seriously mingling other parts of his body, and it is thought that, even should he recover, be disabled through life from procuring a livelihood by the labor ol his hands. Tt<e guilty purtios iu this atl.iir, are said to be respectable scoundrels in Albany. A number of new nnd elegant dwellings and warehouses are in progress of erection in Albany, ami great improvements are taking place in the appeaiancc of the city. The Hliinanthern Coccinea, is the rather hard and outlandish name of a flower, described by writers as a most beautiful one It is found in the greatest perfec tion iu the woods of Cochin^ Chins, where, if the ac counts of travellers are correct, it makes the most splen did appearance. It it represented as not only rising to tho tops of tho highest trees, but at rising over them ; and " it so interlaces nnd festoons them that the whole forest it hidden. When in flower the whole is one mast of crimson and [gold, of to intense a color that the eye can hardly bear to look upon it -and the scent is as Ira grant aud refreshing as the colors are brilliant Trouble in the Chkrokke Nation.?The papers from Van Buren, Ark., by last night's mail, nav? the Si. l.nuii Republican, of the 3d iust. mention leverai ca se* in which lir. s have been destroyed by the national police. Joteph Swimmer and Stoain, Cherokee* of the treaty party, were killed on the 30th by a party of fif teen man?the first wax shot five time*, and the latter stabbed twice through the heart. On Kriday night, the 14th lilt. Tom Watie, a Cherokee, waa killed in a barbar ous manner, about 12 miles north ot this, in the Cherokee nation. The circumstnnceN are thua stated in the Van Buren Inlrlligen-tr : ?A police partv of Cherokees came to the house of Arch tinrtrev, where Watie resided, about the time he was (going to hod, and one of them told him he was their prisoner, and that he should go with them. W. replied that he wished to dress himself, and then he would go. As he raised himself in bed, he was shot dead, his head split open with a tomahawk, and his body horribly cut and mangled with knives. It Is added that considerable excitement exists in the ' Nation in consequence of these acts of ntr.'city. The In IrUigmrtr invokes the interposition of the Statu, or of the Vniteii Mates, to stop these proceedings. On th<; other hand, the Ckrrokr* ^Jjrocate avows that these proceedings have nothing to do with politics, but "are the ebullition* ol popular feeling. irritated by a ? long series of outrages, and maddened oy the perpetra tration ot one of deep enormity," and that paper coun sels the pursuit and arrest of the outlaws, live or six in number, who have done so much mischief and caused i the recent enormities. The AAvotatr says 1 tyMejor Bonneville, V. 8. A., arrived at Kvansville, some ' time last week, having been dispatched from Kort Smith I by Gan. Arbuckle, to inquire into the state of atlaira in that section. Col. McKissick, U. 8. Agent for the Che rokees, and Captain Boone, with from thirty to forty dra goons, are also at the same place, or in the vicinity. Captain Boone was ordored from Kort Oibson. for the purpose of preventing any further effusion of blood, and to afford protection to any person that might desire it. Wa are glad of their location on the line, under the com mand of Captain Boone, a prudent and gentlemanly olll cor, as tlicy will prevent any unnecessary olflciousners from beyond, that might otherwise occur. But even in the absence of the troops, the citi/.ens of Arkansas have nothing, whatever, to tear from the Cbo ?okees, in their vicinity, as they would tinder no circum- | stances, perform any act to disturb the relations of peace and friendship, so happily existing. Within two or three miles of Kvansville, there are from forty to sixty Cherokees, ?omo of whom, it is said, were concerned in killing .lane* Starr, and Ridar, and who have been in pursuit of Tom Starr, autl three or tour of his associates. The company Is doing nothing A delegation of four men was stint up yesterday, frem this place, to inquire into the condition of things, and to prevail upon tho company to di iper a and re'nrn to their ? duties, as good and ordeily citizens. This we hope ami believa they will do. Mu*our! Convention.?We learn that the Con vention concluded on Satuid'ty l-mt its revision tit tho fourth articlo of the State Constitution?on " Execu tive Power." The proposition to associate with tha Go* vcrnor the tourt, in the exercise of the power to grant pardons, kc., was voted down. The power of the Governor w as then limited so that no pardons can be granted until " after conviction." A motion was made ro altar the I-3th section, so as to render the Auditor elec tive, which was also rejected, after a long discussion.-' SI. Leuit Rtptrttr, Otc. 3. " I Court Intelligence OtimkiL Htwon, Der 13 betoi* Itecorder Tall rnadge and Aldermen Henry and Wes.ernle - Cme of Henry Sfrautt, indictad for arson, in having s..t dre to the workshop ol Mr Gtorge Friti, No ISO Duaue street, on the evening of the J Is', of November last. Was called to trial on the opening of the court this morning ; but, altar the jury wcro empannelled, the ;iccuse<f plead guilty to a burglary in the 3d oegree, which pica wai received and he prisoner sentenced to the State prison for the term ot two >ears. Uitchnritt of the Grand Jury.? The Grand I nqu?st then came into court with a number of bili?, and suted that thoy had completed all the business that had been pre seu'ed lor t ieir coitnileration?having found hi true bili-i ot indictment, and dismissed 40 complaints in the brief apace of 11 days They were, therefore. discharged fov the term, and received tbe thauLs of the court. .Inothrr Plru ?/ Uuilly.?A colored parson naiot ! Samuel Jackson, entered a plea of guilty to an indict meat for receiving stolen goods, and was sentenced tv? the city prison for the term of 2 months. The Court then adjourned till Mondity next. Superior Court. t hief Justice Jones on the Lia&cb Dice;. 13 ?Benj. Jindrtwi vs. C. B. .IrcUer, late Corontr of the city. This was an iction against tbe late Coroner for an alleged neglect of duty, ft appeared that nn at tachment had been issued on the date of Dec. 37, 1843, agaiust Mr. Hart, also late Sheriff, and that the Coronor took aa security on the attachment one N. H. Green, and it i? now alleged that the security in this ease was insol vent, and that the plaintiff took an assignment of the bon I thus produced. A suit was therefore commenced against Mr. Green, who. as it seems, was unable to eb tain satisfactory security to sustain his position a* bonds man in this suit, or the damages claimed. L'has O'Co nor for pl'ff ; Stoughton for deft. Kellgloun Intelligence. Tho Rev. Dr. Power will repeat his lecture on the subject ot " The Scriptures being the only rule of faith," in the Barclay street Church this evening. Let all, who can, go and hear it. The Right Rev. Bishop McCloskey requests the clergy of the city and vicinity to give early notice of the time when they desire the rite of confirmation to be ad ministered in their churches, as he is anxious to fill up the narts of the Sundays now vacant. The Rev. Frederic Gardiner has accepted an invitation to take ensrge of Trinity f'hurch, Saco, Maine, and has entered upon the duties of his offloe. A new Protestant Episcopal congregation, adopting the free seat system, is now forming in tnis city, under tbe rectorship of Rev. R. floyt. A commodious room is in preparation for pres et accommodation in Market street, at the junction of Monroe and Hamilton streets. The Rev. Mr. CotHn, M. A , student of Christ Church, and Vicar of St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford, Kngland, haa resigned his preferments, preparatory, it is said, to fol low ing his curate, Mr. Collyns, to home. Rev. Dr. Cheever will deliver his ath lecture on the Waldenses, in Dr Kerris's church in Market street, this evening, at 7 o'clock. The tenth of the course of lectures to the youiig, by Dr. Hewitt, will be delivered in tbe North church, this evening at 7 o'clock. The ladiei of St. Peter's church, Barclay street, will hold a Fair in the basement ot said church, commencing ou Monday, 33d inst. Proceeds to be applied for the be nefit of the poor school, under the superintendence of the Sisters of Charity. The Weather, Severe Cold, ?fcc. I From the New Orlean. Tr pic, Dec. 2 J Tho cold has be?" intense for the past three day.. VA*tardav morning ice wa. found in all part* of the city. D uring the^lay the .un male hi. appearance and th? temperature Jflened a little for the moment tow.rd. ??aniue the cold became more mppiiw. and the re# ladT. who ventured out. wore provided wita muff, and l... rn the afternoon we found an icicle hanging fro? ourcistero which measured three-quarter, of an inch and eighteen inche.? Ung^ ^ ^ froze atVick.burg on the night of the 27th, to the depth of three-eighth, ot an inch. rKrom the Albany Citizen, Dec. 12 J The thermometer at the City Hotel, at half-part five this morning, marked two degree. belo* ?er? [From the Boston Journal, Dec. 13 J rh? nattier i. really c.old-thi. seem, to be the geoe .1 nniniou anVis Stated with much empha.i. by every ral opinion, aua w i? sailor? on our roast, but no more co^ w. ojln nitv the many poor iamilie. in our mid.t, who a.e also pit) fi.pi and clothing-perhaps lor food. At should not be idle through want of funds. [From the Hartford Time*, Dec. 12 J The ice iia* stopped, uud the river is now closed abov* and below the city. . [From other Paper. J TV.. Crorrrtoicn .UvoraU state. that the navigation of ssrr&eaW- ?* on"the 2d?inrt', thaV'thly ^'encoded''a vfn ??rrre snow rtorm on tneir passage down, which lasted .everal i a Tho loow reached as l*r an \ iCtSMbwrjf* a hey I ffso report the Ohio very low and falling, anl lco wa. forming very rapidly Ht St. Louis on the 22d ult.. the day the lnd^p?ndcuce jeft^ ^ ^ m gayt that for tb6 pre vlouseUbt Jays the wea'her had been more seyeie in thtt city than it was in the frightful climate of Moscow inlSPJ Tho thermometer w.s Mown to ten degrees low zero and the snow lie. in heaps more than ffit?en eet delp and th-n falling so thick that it wa. impo..? !. ,n 11,,.. at a distance ot a few :eet. ? The broad St. I awrence is not only covered' with floating ice, but it i* ?' ip l one niecw above another, reudoiing it almost ?^'itTe^en for the hardy cauoo men ol Point Levy, to croif " i From the Vincennew. !nd, Gazetta, Dec 4 ] TheWahaau ???- closed by ice on Sunday nigot last, and the wither ye; lemains extremely cold, wall con siderable snow on the ground. [From the St. I.ouis Republican, Dec 3 J Yesterday morning the thermometer stood at seven .leases above 7. ro . at noon at eighteen degree., and at n? twoniv< The ice, above and below the city lodged and ceased running yesterday morning, iVi . onDOSite the city was ooaily clear. Some rt'i'mcultv and delay was eaperienced by the ferry-boat, In aetting over in the morning. In the evening it was in geiuuK cloudy, and ?ome prospect ol a ?<????"? rS? ;>?r i. f'fi glove us. ______ (Vi.oKI.iK Intelligence. We have the result ol three.duya running al IVui I C'xhe nice, commenced on Wednsday, the Juti. ? t . for the City Hotel stake of $100. with $ fl< led by the Adam, county lockoy Club, $100 sub. uon, mile hpats Cant. W. J. Minoi Javelin beat Col. A. L. Bing arnan's BlSck Dick ml Mr,TnrnbuH'. Ally out ol imp. I'iokle in two mile h.-at- 1 ime, 2:04?2.06. On Thursday, the 27th, Col. A. L Bingaman s Sally Ward bv John U. <tryme?, woji the Mansion House stake Of *60, with $10o adde 1 by the Club, $100 sub.crip tion and free only loi 2 year olds, m le heats We are not informed as to how many suited, and other particu ^The same day, Col- A L. Bingaman's Betseyi won the Jocky Club Pnr.e of $200, entrance $.W added two mile lieataf beating Hebe Carter, who won t ,o brst Leat aod Ld. fegta. Time, 4:06- 4:10-4:14, and course 1 VeOnhFHday the 23th, Or Ihe I'harsalia Plate, worth *;100 with $300 added Uy the Club, subscription $100 i i T.?. mils heats three starled This valuable Srize Col A L. Bingitnan won with a cheitnut gelding, n two beats, beating own brother to Peytona, anl Brace i^? Tim? ti-16 ?rt:ll?course very heavy. The Clnb Purse of $200, on Saturday, mile heats, best 3 in 6 caused quite a number of entries- Victres. and Liz Tillett among oth.-rs. Victress was the favorite Vi tress wontho race for the purse, mile heats, 8 in ft, in fnur beatinff Dart, who wou the ttr^t heat, and Lii liltou T^e M7i-l^i-l:M.-l;M>, An interesting race and a considerable amount of money changed handa up n the result. From Na-sah.?By the Solomon Koosevelt, we have received the Bahama Royal Gazette to tUe 3Jih ult. It MiiUum Utile ot luterost Th weather had beeu vary boi.teious for seveial d?y. previous to the sailing ot the 3, ll.-v.inds .tro^g from ?h, the P??? Dre, Commander Allen, arrived -ft the pott froni Ber muda but met with some difficulty in getting onshore ; tney succeeded, however, in dot* so iih. Iici lowing day, and obtaining the Nas.iii mail at the same 'T's^re^ rs-to^l for Turk's Island, land ed at Nassau o'u the Iftth ?!??. from the British steam packet Med way. church missi mary to the The Rev Hot^rt D^vw". a cm. l|rowned'from on Bahamas, wa. recantly ^c^'h u???el he ,iaJ taken PiL w!th his family . passing from Rum Key to Crook id Island.? Chnrltt'on Courier, Dec. 10. C'RIMK IN Nrw Ikrsiv.?The Somerset Couniy I'onrtrt have been in sincc the 25th of No vomber Judge Car,ienter presiding, The "rand Jury came in on Wednesday afternoon, with nine bills of iu dicKnent. In tlie case of Isaac Staats, who brought a sudt Mtain.t bis daughters husband, lor the recovery o? real a'tate which he alleges he conveyed to, her wn,to In a state of drunkenness, asking that the deed be set aii'le, the jury returned a veidicl to thai eliect, fu the plaintiff Anew, however, has been Kianwal.^ A colored boy of eleven years wa.? tried for inurier shouting a colored gi. l about the age, ^ with a nunilier of coildren. The ?? a * . ? |j had a collar or .lock belonging to him; she rtfu ea to g've it to mm, lor whicn, ^f.^^Vunesseswere uveda lewhoursafer. A. ?um o Qn th, oth<,r called on the part of u?e State, ^ { ^ returned a side The jury. , uVe, a negro who h? verdict ol - nut Bu'U> , t a ol j>0isouing a well at ssrsfi >???? - iVtu'Ui k Mr i>'t 10 * m,^ii. n* named "Distribution," i" oreat A mammotn ox, rinrf.iAIiati Tbia ?*\traordi;iary LMrnVr^e'ven an.1 a thousa^d*poundi gro' s Vo L ol ??c lo.m a.l excellent proportion*.

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