Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 31!)?Whole No. ? 4m. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 19, 13 15. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BKMBTT," Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILV HERALD^I-very day. Price 2 cent, per copy? $7 .25 P*r aunuin-?in yjil>ie in tilvanc. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Satur lay?Price #'4 ceut per coi>y?cut" If r anuum?payable in advance. AOVfcRTIBs.MENTS at the usual prices?always cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kinds e*eruted with beauty and des patch tt"/" A'l letters or communications, bv mail, addressed to the establishment, must he post (mid, or the postage Hill bi deducted from the subscription Uinnev remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Propria!* r of the New York Hkhai.h Kstabluhmkut, Northwest nunfr of Kulton mid Ns*i"ii streets BOSTON STEADIER FOR HALIFAX AND L1VEBPOOL. TI1K Royal Mhil Strntnihip ACADIA will leer* Boaicn for the above parti, u ) follow*) viz ? The Acadia. Win. Harriaou, Commander, ou lat Jau. 184C. Passage to Liverpool % 120. P isuare to Halifax .. 24. Kor freight or passage, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent,# W-o 11. No Berth secured until paid for. d!9 rh UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. Four DollarH through lo Albany. jgM LANDING at the Intermediate place*. ? 3*or far at Ihe ice Trill permit.?There is good " lTf Ir sleighing fiom any point ou tne Hud<011 to Al hany, ami itiges will be in readiness to cariy passenger* to their deslinrtlon, at the arrival of the boat. Passage Si through to Albany - The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. >1.Peck, leave* the *teamboit pii-r between Courtlandt and liberty ?treet?, THIS DAY at FIVE O'CLOCK P. M - 1 huraday, December I81I1. 1815. For nasnge or freight, apply 011 board, or lo P. C. Helm It/., at the office on the wharf. dlt rh _______ The PEOPLE'S LINE hare made arrange menu with the powerful steame? UTIC A .1111I NORWICH, to nin to Albany (or 11a far n? the ice will permit,) every day at 5 o'clock, P M. till furtlier uotiee. Qirw York. Dec. 3d. >15- d< r ONLY REGULAR LINEOF PACKETS FOR ? NH.W ORLEANS?Packet of the 22d December? aThe splendid well known fast s uling pneke' ?hip IsA. Capt Leavitt, will poiitively sail on Monday, Dec. 21, her rignlar day. The accommodations of thia ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to make eaily application 011 board, foot of Maid"ii Lane, or to W. fc T. TAPSCOTT, dlfl rh T< South street, corner M i 1 den Lane. LONDON LINK OF PACKETS.?Saila the e 1st ol January?'The favorite uud well known |acket ?shin ST. J AMES, F R Meyer, master, will sail as aliove, her regular day. Haviug very superior aicommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, perilous wishing to secure berths should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.Ml. ltKA Y, Corner <if Pine and South sts. GTlie Packet Ship GLADIATOR, R L Bunting, will suc ceed the ST. JAM* 8, and sail ou the 20th of Jannary. P. S.?Persons wishing to send for friend*, can have thein brought oat by any of the line, sailing from London on the 7th, 17th and 17th of eacb month, ou reasonable terrna, by ap plying aa above. dl9 rh PACKETS FOR LIVER ? POOL?Packet of th? 21st December.?The splendid, ?w ill-known, fa*t sail im packet ship LI VF.RfOOL, Capt John Kldridge. will positively sail 011 Monday, Decem ber 22d, her regular day. The accommodation ? of this ship for cabin._ secoud cabin audsteerage pssseugers cannot be surpassed. Those wishing to secure beith*, should not fail to in ike early application on board, foot of Burliug Slip, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, dl8 rc 75 South street, corner Maiden lane. KOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid and well ? known regular packet ship ST. PATRICK, Proul, ?m ^ter, will sail on the 2id December, her regular day.?Can i ; a most handsome and comfo, table manner accom modate a limited number of cabin, secoud cabin and steerage pissengers at much less than the usual rates, by immediate ap plication 011 board the hIiiii, foot of Dover St. or to JOHN HERDMAN k CO. SI South st. near Wall street. fc?N. B ?Second cabin and steerage passages can also be se cured nt this off re., for return of said ship, ta *ail from Liver pool "n ihe 2d of February nest, nt very low rate., by applying as shove. dl7rc ONLY' REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FoR .NEW ORLEANS?Packet of the 20th Dec.?The ?splendid, well kunwn,fast sailing packet *hipUNION, aptam, will positively aail en Saturday, December 20t:K. her regular day. The accommodations of this aliip for cthin, second cabin and s*eerage passeugers canno'be surpassed. Those wishingto se cure berths, should not fail to make early application ou board, foot of Whll st , or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 Sonth street, dlfirc comer Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?To Kill Oil -rhf 2flth Dec.? ?Tlia splendid sUin OKI'H AN, Captain Uiqaart, mat ?(er, will positively Kail as above. iaviug very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin an>l tttieingu passengers, persons wishing to secure berths, should matte immediate applicitmn on board, at pier North River, or to JOSEPH McMURRaY. Corner of Pine and Sooth streets, New York. N. B?A store will be famished iu the house on deck, for llie comfort of the second cabin pnnengers. ill6r? FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular .Tacket of 21st December.?The superior fast ouling inacket slim LIVERPOOL, Capt John ?ldridge,1100 torn burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid, largai and comfortable state rooms aud cib:a, spp v on board, west side Bmt.iig slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 17 Sontu street. Price of ppss ure $1M. Thn i- cliet snip Queen of the West, 1150 toui burthen, Capt Phillip Woodhoose, .ill succ.'od the Liverpool, ? - J seilon I, r ?>>,??'ur day. list J in. n'?r* CHEMICAL RC.8ULT-A WONDEH !?MV CKLE' BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to enable persoi s to dye iustnutaueonsly their hair, without tiiu least inconvenience, Kor changing red or grey hair, whUkers, eyebrows, 8cc. to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil conse<iuuiices ne-d not be feared froci its n<e? it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dye, in an nidelliblr manner, the various initiations of colon, without danger or inconvenience, and h-s j, slified the liberal p iironaue t.d unlimited confidence of the public. If black is required, ajk for box marked N-; it brown, box Di'irked 0 Bewar- of counterfeits.?Ask for "Jules Hanoi's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if you want the genuine article. tortile, wholesale \nd retail, bv JULES HAL'EL, Perfumer aud Chemist, No. 4b Third street, Philadelphia, ri.d by my agent*:?J. B. Jaciinemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. ArMult, Latayetce Baimr, Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. "VVill.Td, 8. W corner of Cedar and Wil'iam streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. n 16 lm*rc H A IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. AVINO just received from Europe, with a new assortment of fine Gold and Silver Watches and Movements, a lot o Independent Seconds, and double tune Watches and Move ments, of nil entirely new style and of superior finish, we take tin opportunity to c ill the mtentiou of all persons in the watch bnsiiits.i to visit our stock, which, in every respect, Will be found advantageous, both for price aud quality DELACHAUX & MAI RE, No. 127 Fulton street. New York. P. S.?Engaged also iu the watch making business, we con tinue to attend to the repairing of all kiuds of watches, and par tictila-ly those of fine and difficult works. nil lm*m IIYi >ROPATHY.~ HYDROPATHIC IN8TITUION has been recently es tabliihed in Morristown, N J., under the supervision of Dr. Geo. T. Dexter. In Typhus, Scarlet. Intermittent, and Re mittent Fevers, the action ofthe War?r Cure is to shorten vast ly the duration ol diseases, and to restore the patient with but litlle loss of time or sacrifice of string It. Iu Rheumatism (acute and chronic) Uout. Dropsy, Paralysis, Dyspeptia, Sere,fula, Eruptive Diseases, Coustipaiion, Spina! Disease (in cluding enrnturea and distort itiona,) Del ihty, ?tc , the rapi dity with which relief is obtained is often surprism/. 1 he in finable success which Ins attended the irtaimentnf the above mentioned oiseases, at the various hydropathic institutions in turope, renders it worthy the cousideratiou of thine nlllicted with similar complaints. Le'tera if nnjinry, post-paid, adilres?ed to Dr. DEXTER, Monrtstown, N. J., will meet with attention. illfi Iw'r UHKAP SOAP WOKKS. " DEPOT NO. COURTLANDT STREET, Under the National Hotel. I OIISON'8 Walnut Oil Shaving Soap. si do Superior Almond Soap. do Tuilet Soap All very highly sceaUid, mil at prices lower thnu any other houi" All kinds of Terfmnery for B irbers, Storekeepers, Families, he. Sold by C. VAN SCHOONHOVEN, n9 1 tii*r No 5 Cnnrflandt street. TO THi, LAUIEM IN rARTICUL,Al.? Ml LIE Pi LA A TOR V I'O WDER lias been found highly henelii'.ial and of great use to ladies who have becu afflicted with superfluous hair, pmicipiill) when its growth has beeu confined up per lip anil Mile of the face, giving a m hcuImic turn to th? whole feature* Winn u'W with proper earo, and according to the duections, it will bu found to tie a great additiou to l lie toilet,as I he use of any sharp instrument is en'irely avoided and the hair is removed in live or ten minutes allot its applies t ion This composition is infallible, anil warranted o remove *n perilous hair Alter nnmeious trials 1 have reieiveil certili rates of success which cannot be contested. t or sale, wholesale and reta-l at JULES IIAUEL'S DEPOT, , _ #South Third street, Philadelphia. Mid ?T niT agents: J. B. Jscquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. A'taull, LajaVfc.te Baiaar, Nos. 149 tnd 151 Broad wa) ; A Willard, S. V\ corner o( Cedar and William* atreeU. ' re"1 """ 'W inle-l at ihr l? rnnklin Institute. nH>lm*rc KOmNSON'S PATENT POKTAULIi WATER CLOSETS rtlHE SICK, and persons in s: delicate state of health, will 1 find this an ttticle ofessential utility in their bed ehamher t if y cnij be with either hot or Cold or for . v?n .1 barb. They are eitren ely nst ful for ships, hospital. Vc I'or sale by the subscribers, at the Croton i'lunibina hi,,I Water Filter k.stahliihineut, 390 BROADWAY, between Walker anil White Us. ' "elwe*n it 10 tm'rre STONE, BROTHERS 192 BROADWAY, % COU op ,||)HN ST. T(? THOSh WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. rrflE celebrity of "Hi g's Verb, na Cream" throughout the I United States has mver been approached by any other Khivii.g S mp It is firmly believed, nay. indeed, it is unuer sslly admi'ted, that no article hitherto discovered poMMssea the penetra'liif, solieiiiug effect on the roughen b*:irds,tnat I he g-1,nine Verlitiin Cream does JBew^re of imitations, and observe the written signatuie, un der the directions for u e, of "C H. King." I rrpaied, ijid for s.ile wholesale, letsil and for exrort^tioii by II RI^O, Druggist. 19V Brondway, corner John >treet, (Successor or III. Wm. H. Milnor's | N. 11?Ring's t ongli Candy and El iter of Life, for s?le ss above. dlt iin'r HAVANA SE(iAKS. NOW landing from "hip Norms, Ellis,masMe.lVom llava 'a, IDO.Oi 0 iStgars ol vxrioiu and choice brant s, in lot , to >an varchxers,and for sale by RCIMEft h Mfci RE tiliK*rc O Willism ?t ?; TO DRUGGISTS. WANTED?By a young married man, a situation iu a \V noles <le or Retail Drug Store, who can produce the best of <ily reference h? it-gards ability tutl character. A i ote eddrevwd to Ururfgiat at thi* office will inert with immediate attention d!3r WANTLiU, A FEW ACTIVE YOU NO MEN t.? go South or West,to act u Age ts for the * le of new ?nd I ojiul ir Publications. $300 over und above tl.eir expeusra will le unwed to them in writing, w itli nu opportunity of clearing $1,0110 per year. Some men now is our employ will, m doubt, make over $1,000 per year clear of nil expeuse. Each will have his district. It will be ntcessary for them to have *t leaat from til to $10 to obtain a good li it i ii if out. Apply at FRENCH'S Putdishiug Hall, 293 Broadway, up atairs, sigu of tlie Flag. All iftteri must he poat pfff d6 I in* re WANTED SUBSCRIBERS?At CL AltKS k STEVAN'S Free Agen cy and Temperance Intel licence, 91 Duane street, iveil of Broadway, where they cau have good faithful aervants, with out nny charge, and also with as little delay as possible,cooks waiters, itc., of every description and of good moral (kinrt it. A first rate (..<iol< on hand at V' Duane street n20 lin*rh WANTED, FREE TEMPERANCE IN TELLIGENCE OFFICE, BROADWAV,(between Broom and Grand atreett.) tc I On wiierw servants and assistants, of every capacity .both | male and female, are fumislied KRKK to einployers The characters of all, offering for situations, will be strictly I examined before they leave the office, and none but the honest, | sober, industrious and capable oues recommended or allowed to engage to employers. Women, ineu, girls and boys wishing employment of any kind who can prove, satisfactorily, the above character, con ob tain good >Hu 'tions?no others nerd apply. n 19 In."in PRINTERS' INK. TO PRINTERS THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. PRINTERS1 INK, ofa superior quality, always oh hand at L'r. G. Benjamin Smith's Office, 179 Greenwich St., large brick block New York, viz:?News Ink, 30c ; Book do, 40c., Mr , 60i, 70c. and $1 per pound, warranted equal to any iu tiiis coun'ry. Dr. M. iiowsui plies more thin two hundred pap- rs. d 17 lm*rh L. W. 13INSSE & CO., 83 William St.. HAVE received per Albany, an invoice of superior Paris (ailf Skius and Patent Leather, they offer fur sale by the dozen, at moderrte prices. d!7 lw*rc HOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wishing to dispone of thrir Libraries, e ther lar?e or small, will alwa\s liud a ready purchaser m.d go id prices, by addressing a few lines, giving name and number, to J. M'CABE, d 17 lin*r 70 Nassau, or 187 Riviugtor. street. AMAGED BOOTS AND SHOES, H2 Chatham street, opposite the Theatre. The Store will remain open all the week lor the sale of Boots and Shoes damaged by the late lire; the balance of goods oil hand will be sold very low?as the store is to be repaired next week, we must cloae by next Satur day night. Individuals and Familiea wanting Boots and Shoes bail better avail themselves of the present opportunity to make the purchase, and save 23 per cent. d!7 4t*rh E.JOHNSON. C1ENTLEMEN OF NEW YORK Mv celebrated * AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND SHAYINO CREAMS, defy n comparison iu America or Europe No per son will use any other after uiiing this Emollient Paste. Iti the best, the very beat. Give it only a single trial. 1 do not ask any more to convince you. 1 warrant it. For sale wholesale and retail, at JULES HAITEL'S Perfumery and Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J B. Jaqnemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and HI Broadway; A Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin .Institute. ulfi lm*re HASTINGS* COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE !! For sain by MOORE &. CO., the American Aronts, 41 Ami street, and Elliott, 17a DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Price $1 a bottle?Six hot ties for |5. nAlmje HART WELL'S IV ASHING TO N H O (J 8E , M4'.l Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS just introduced?Warm and Cold?in Que apart menu, for both ladies and gentlemen; and the entire orga nization aud fitting up of every department of the Washington House,'complete. all lm*m UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avenue, IVaahingtcm City,D. C. 'T'HE PROPRIETORS of this new, larje and modern built J- establishment, respectfully tender their thanks lothe pub lic for the liberal support they have given, and confidently auti cipate nu increasing popularity from the efforts of the undor sigued to the public accommodation. The house is situate on the Avenue, on the promenade side, between Phird and Four and a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and tin Capitol. It is capable of accommodating three hundred guesta In ill its parts it nas recently undergone a general improvement for the tvinter'a s?ason. The parlors and Indies' apartments have been elegantly furuished?u?e ladies' ordinary tastefully refuted; indeed in every division of the house the primary consideration has been to adapt it to the comfort of our patrons. The dining hall is one of the most commodious snd best light ed, by day and night, in the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, and well disciplined. Brietly, we con fidently challenge the judgment ofa discriminating public iu all t u- essentials required to render a public house a home to the traveller. i "barges as heretofore, $1 50 per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, iu cousouance with the spirit of the times. TYLER & BIRCH. The "Express" will please copy every other day for three we> ks, aud seud bill toTvler 4t Birch. i,21 3m eod*rc JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESNUT STREET, Between Sixth and SerMitli Street*, PHILADELPHIA. BAOLKY, MACKENZIE b CO., Proprittort. JAMES BAOLKY. late of Joues'Hotel. HK.NB V C.M A' KEN/.Itfi, formerly of WasliingtonHoust PETER L. FERGUSON. s34 2mrc GEOLOGY?NATURAL HISTORY. WILEY Si PUTNAM, 101 Brondwny, J J AVE ON BALE?ELEMENl 8 OK GEOLOGY, pre ? ? ptred for the use of Schools and Colleges by W. 8. W. Hunrli'iiherser, M. D., U. 8 Navy, fcc., illustrated by 300 en gravings?Price 50 cents. Alio, Ruschenbeiger's First Books of Natural History con sider^ by distil KtiisTied scientific men, in every section of the U' ited States, to be the best series of elementary works erer ilferi'd to the pulilic Orders promptly supplied as above, and by the publisners, GRIGG k ELLIOT, 1)21 6weod*rc No. 9 Vorfli Kourih street, l'hil tdelphia. w WINTER CLOTHING. W. H. DEGROOT & CO , 10!1 Fulton Street, Hare a Large and FASHIONABLE STOCK OF WINTER CLOTHING, EADY MADE, of tlieirown manufacture, on hand, which they will sell at the following very low prices, for cash only Overcoats from $3 to $20 Cloaks *' 5 to 25 Fashionable Back Coats " 2>? to 15 Dress and Frock Coats ?' 8 to It Boy s'Overcoat* and Sacks " 2>* to 9 Pauts, a great variety " 2 to 6 Vests, hh endless variety " 1 to 4 Also, a large assortment of English, F rench, German and American ( loths, Cassimeres and Vestiugs, which will be made to order, in a style t" suit the most fastidious, at \V. H. DEGROOT k Co 102 Fulton street, uext to the corner of William it. <!!8 lm m TlKN IIPN! /SI L WHO Dr.SIKc. PEI.V WHITE TEETH?My unrivalled HOSE TOO I II PASTE is universally sought after for the pearly whiteness it gives to tlir Teeth, without the slightest injury. For s'.le, wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'B, Practical Chemist and Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and l,y my ageut*:?J. B. Jacunemod No 415 Broadway; F. A. Artauic, Li'avette Bazaar. Nos 149 and 151 Broadway; A. VVill ird, S. W. corner of Ced iran d William streets. Pr? miums awarded nt the ? ranklin Institute. n!6 Im'rc TcrTTlL()Rs; r|"'HE UNDEKSIGNKD would intimate to the trade, that it I. is now two yeurs since the publication of ti.e lirst ? dition ofhis celebrated work on Cutting (rarments, during which time it Ims met with an unprecedented sale, and in no instance whatever, has any objections be n made to its practical u'ility. But on the contrary, all who luve used it, recommend it as su perior to any thing ot the kind heretofore offered to the trade, i lie explanations of the Diagram are ample and pi in, so that ? i ertnn of ordinary capacity, <tud without mr other instruc tioua, is enabled iu a lew hours t>> cut au) kind of garment in a st > le ol and fuliion, which h. iel 'l u,. K uuired years ol tlie most intense study and close application 'Hie price of the whole werk is from eight to ten ,|.>'|ara per hook, ai d en be obtained ofthe author, at No. 113 ilroadwav dll lmeod?r _W Jl. HTINEMETS. DUCKING GUNS. < ASfrS superior Duel form, weight and bore. 5 cases very superior Cocking Guns li caws low priced bows' ana larger Gnus. The above (Ins are now in store and will be sold at extreme low nricea, .Also, full stock of Sporting articles. Guu materials, itc. ii24 ItawJm'rc A. W SPIES ? Co. 211 IVarl street WALNUToiL mTUPFarY SIIAVIN<i~SOAP.?The genuine article, warranted to surpass all other prepara tions, either Amrrican or foreign, lor sale w holesale aud retail nt the old stand, No. 3 Courtlandt atreet, uext door to the N i lional Hotel, and tnree iloort from Broadway?" Depot" f ir Soaps, Essences and Perfumery of every variety aud quality Also Crystalline Candles for the East and West India ant. Smith Atnmican markets, warranted to stand the test of any climate, and burn as long us sperm. JOHNSON, V ROOM Ik FOWLER, d3lmeod*rc No 3 Courtlaudt st. aiidT9 Trinity Place. 'VmJtHE BEAUl'lFIMlb OKTHECOMPLEXION-Stir I I pricing Efficacy!?MV EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND I NYMPH SOAP, composed <n an eastern botanical discovery ol surprising effic.icy for rendering th? skin soft and fair, as well at imparting a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. As a creator and conservator of that most distinguishing WWSLflf female, loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JULES HAUEL'8 Nymph Soap, or Eau Divine de Venus, may he ti-i'l to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the most pan oturieiitni balsnmie plants, to the utter exclusion of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally lor its en tremely bland, purifying and soothing action on the skin ; and "'"""".be pores aud minute secretory vessels, expels all impurities Iriim the sutface, allays every tendency to intlainma tion, and, by ibi, atethod alone, effectually dissipates all red !!f'fieckles, sunburn, and other unsightly cuta '"iii"i,''!,M mimical to ft male loveliness. Its use will chaofe the most bihons complexion into one of ra " " Vir,V..'? !'on 'he neck, hands and arms, it be n.l, nM., ! i^i which its continued use will hat !n4t adva..cVd pcrr?d\rVl\,}e ,lr,,"C' ^ vontliful charm to the Kor sale, wholetsle aud retail, by JULES HAUtL, Practical! hemistand Perfumer, s, m? . en... t n V B""'h rih,rd ,lrr,t- Philadelphia. mr AC rats:?J R. JirnHcmiH . >n Hrnmlwetr' L A tnl^ftte Bawar rios. H'i snd l5l ^roadwey ?' A ? * a' corner oi Cedar and William street* Premium waaawmded at. the ? ranklin Insntntc. nlft Im'rc ADVERTISEMENT. CUSTOM HOl'SK, NKW YORK.l I ol lector's Olfire. Dee. 9th. 1843. SJilALKU PKOPOSALS will he rvctivcj at the Tiviiiury D.qmrltnent until the 2(lth irt'.-ut for ?urh supplies of Ship Chandlery, tcr., mm iu such quantity, aud at such tunes a> may be required fur the use of ihe United States Revenue Steam-r anil Boats, which may be employed in thii District, daring the year commencing the lit January next, a, per following schedule m Anchor* and kedges, lb Adzei, shipwright, each " coopers'copper, each Axes, broad, each " wood, each Augurs, let AIomiihc, nautical,each Anvil, lb Awla, brad, doz B Boat Hooka, copper, each _ . . iron, rich Buckets, deck, each |J cedar, each " sli.-et iron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each varniili, each , clamp, each M tar. e>j?li paint, assorted, doz whitewash, each Brooms, hickory doz (| birch, doz com, d x Bunting, all colors, full width, piece Bunting, all colors, hf width. piece Beeswax, lb Blocks, friction rollers, per luch, per hlieave Block*. iron bushed, per inch? per sheave Blocks, sn itch, in Bath bricks, do* Blankets, rose, pair Btd-?i>rcads, Marseilles, piece ?'?? ^ '<1.piece Bell, table, each large, and lixturrs, each Bits borng, each Bullet Moulds, set Bo its wain's Call, silver, each Hraceand Bits, set Belaying Pins, iron, each _ , ' " wood, each Bake Pans, set Battle Axes, each Barometer, each Cordage, tarred hemp, patent, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, Ids Cordage Manilla, lbs Cables, heinp, cwt " chain, lbs Copper, sheet, lbs Chalk, lbs Chalk lines, piece Clussels, assorted, set " cold, earh Candles, sperm, lh Composts, brass, 10 inch, c'h % boat.fach ,, carpenter's, each Canvass, Holland's A A, bolt . ' American hemp,bolt Cotton, No. 2, yd " No. 3, yd No. 6, yd r. i , . . No. 10, yd Coal. Lehiuh, delivered, ton Cook > Ladles, each Curtains, moreen, made up 1yard Cups and Saucers, Queen's ware, doz ??een s Castors, plain plated, set Crowbars, lbs Calipers, carpenter's, pftjr ' jjuunrr's, pair Capstan Bun, hickory, each , walnut, each Cranes for boats, lb Coffee Mini, each " Boilers, each Caiinisters fot oil,each Cotton, waste, lh Coal Scraper, each D Deck Lights, patent, each Duck, ravens, heavy. fc0lt ' . light, bolt imperial, holt .cotton, bolt l-'rum. piece Drawing Knives, piece ? Kmery, lb K Files, hand saw,each ' wood rasps, each Hnnnel, wood, water, each {?.tying pans, each rile each Hints, tmnd Flannel, cylinder, yd Forge ami hollows, each Gouges, set (Jlasses, log, II sec., each m *. " 2??ec.,each Olue, lbs Uimlets, assorted, doz <J4ue Pot, piere Uiidiroo, each Ouuter's Scale, each Grapnels, lb Hawsers, Manilla, lb " hemp, lb flousrliue, lb !j.imbrolinr, lb (looks and Thimbles, lb Handspikes, hickory, each " w lnut, each shod,each Hammers, claw, each " pump, each (l riveiiug, each chipping, each Hooks, anchor, fish, lb " chain, lb Hanks, d< z Halliards, pennant,lh. Hooks, can, b Hatchets, each Hoes, each Ink, writing, quart Irons, hand, lb " feet, lb " caulkn.g, each Junk,lb K Kids,copper, hooped, each Leather, rigging, lb '' pump, lb Log lines, hank Lanterns, signal, copper, each battle, each , . . deck, each Litharge, lh Lead lines, deep sea, 120 fath ,, , , otns, each hand,each Leads, sounding, lb Lidlesnnd worms, each Lamp binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, clear, loot Lumber, plank, foot Log Keel, each Lam|>-Mnck, lb M VlaMets, caulkiug, rich serviug, each ? . s each No.bids will be entertained Marlinespikes. sleel, each M itch rope, lb Measure, co|iper, set Mai line, lb Match staves, each Maul, lb ^ < Nails, copper, wrought, lb " cut, lb Nails, iron, wrought, lb >? cut, lb Needles, sewing, ajs'd doz sail, " dor. " marline,doz Nippers, e,c^Q Oakum, lb . Oil, sperin, winter straiued, ?' " summer, gall " linseed,boiled, gall ?? " raw. kail " olive-quart Oil. tar, gall Oars, ash, feet " spruce, feet P Pens, steel, card, earli Paints, black lead, lh '? white lead in oil, ground, lb " redlead " Parcelling, yd Paper, sheathing, rea:il '? foolscap, r-am " lette-, cold pressed, ream " envelope, quire " snud, assorted, doz i Pump tacks, co;.per thousaud " iron, thousand Pitch, gill " kettles, lb Planes, jointer, each '? jack,each " smoothing, each " fore, each " match, si t Padlocks, brass, each Punches, chain, each " nail, each Putty, lb Palms, mounted, each Palm irons, each Plates, Queen's ware, dinner ner.doz do do desert, doz do do dishei, as sorted , each Priming wire, each Powder lias Its, copper, each Port fire, staves, ash. each Passing boxes, leather, eacn Powder, cauuoii, lh " priming, lb " boxes, coppe*, each Pump, hand, copper, rich. Prickers,each Piucers.esch Packing hooks,lbs Packing yarn, beinp, lbs Rules, carpenter, two feet, each Hammers aud spouges, each Hottoii Stone, lb Scrapers, gun, each Scrapers, cast steel, each Spikes, coinrcit'on. lb " irou, wrought, lb " " cut, lb Pcrews, brass, assorted, doz ?' iron, doz Saws, steel plate, hand, each '? key nole, each " teunou,each " wood, each -i " rompau, each Screw Drivers, each Spoke fehaves. each Squares, iron, each ?' small, each Soap, brown, lb Spun y?rn, lb Sheep skius, each Sauce pans, each Stove, cabin, each " coal, each Shot boxes, each Shot round, It) " Saw setts, eech Sounding rods, each Stones, griuding, each '? holy, each '? set, each Scuttle Butt, 60 galls, each Scales and weight, set Stoppers, claw, lb Slrtes, each Sledge, lbs Shovels, irou, each T Twine, whipping, lb " seine,lb ?' sewing, lb ?' cotton, lb Thimbles, open and welded,lb Tallow, lb Tar, gall ' Turpentine, white, bbl f' spirits, gall

Tormentors, cook s, eaeb Thread, assorted colors, lb Towels, damask, yard 1 ureen and Ladle, block tin, each Tumblers, cut glass, ooz Table Spoons, Herman silver, doc ? .. Tea Spoons, Oerrnau silver doz Table cloths, hneu, yard Tiu measures, set Tube boxes, leather, each I ubrs, rjutll, doz Trucks, leading, brasi, each Top mauls, each Ta|* lines, 100 feet, esch Teakettlei, iron, each ?' copper, each Trnmpeu, brass, lb " tin, each Thermometers brass, each " tin. each Tongs, blacksmith'*, lb Varnish, copal, gall ?' bright, gall " black, gall Vice, hand, 11^ Wood, oak, sawed and deli vered, cord Wood, birch, sawed and deli vered, cord Wood maple, sawed aud deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, stwed jr.d Jelivered, cord Wood, white birch, sawed ar.d delivered, cord Wood, pine, cord " spruce, cord " hemlock, cord Whiting, lb Wrenches, wood, each " iron, lb ? Water caik, oak, 60 gallons, e|Cb . .? i Water breakers, oak, IS gal lons, each Wick, lamp, lb Wrenches, assorted, lbs from persons pot actually en gaged in the business to which this rrferi. Bidden will transmit their proposals sealed to the Secretary of the Treasury. Printed lists of the above articles wi'l be furnished to ship chandlers, npou application at this office. ?Ill 124th r C W. LAWRF.NCK, Collector [ADVERTISEMENT.] CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YOKK,) _ _ Collector's Office, December, lUft. J (JEALKD IHOPOSALS will be rreeived at Uie Treasury O Department, until the 20tli iustant, for the sup|4y of rations to the |>etty officers anil seamen of the United Sta e.s Heveiiur Steamer Spencer, for the term of one yaar from the 1st day of January next. The ration for the revenue service is the same as that allowed in the naval service, emitting the liquor, and consistsof the ar ticles enumerated iu the (ollowiug table, to wit: !b|oz | lbs. ol | ouuees of | hf pints of i a Days of the Week. Sunday i u u !?" Monday I u I * 1 Tuesday 3 I 14 la. Wednesday I 14 1 n j Thursday IVJ % II I 2 Kriday I || ! I f II Saturday t 14 I to, I 1 Per week ......K ? J* 3 1 90 J 7 4 J 2 II I he rations to be of good and wholesome quality, to be ap proved by (he Collector; and the different articles comprising 1 lie rations, to be delivered on bond the vessel in good and suffi cient casks and vessels, to he provided by the contractor, and the contents thereof distinctly marked on each. It is to lie distinctly understood, that no bids will he entertain ed from persons not actually engaged in the business to which these offers refer, and that the contractor will he bound to fur hish, upon re isoaahle notice, a* ?IU>ii as may be 1 evened by the captain of the vessf I; with the approbation of the Collec tor (uot'tceeding npon mi arerage, one day in each week .) such fresh meat, and fresh vegetables, as may be equivalent to the corresponding parts ol the ration allowed in the uaval ser vice. Persons proposing will trinsmit their bids sealed to the Sec retary of the Treasury dij 120 r C W. LA WHENCE. Collector j AGENTS FOR THE CHEMICAL HAIR IN VIGOR ATOR. AKEMED Y for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its restorative iu all cases where baldness is not beyond the reach of ait. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 314 Broadway. Statf ami Country rfgrntt.?O. Kith (It Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer Ik Plielau, 76 Broad street, Columbus, (4a.; Ttit tle, comer of Tenth and ( hesuut streets, Philndelphia. H Rice, corner of Court and Howard streets, Boston , V- B. Lockrow, 44 Bearer street, Albany; (.'. B. Brower, No. lOi Fulton street, Biooklyn, vl. 8 Fletcher, Marabou, Ulster Co , N.T.J *. Tousey S\ rscuse, N Y.; John B Watsou, Charleston Hotel, 8. f" ; Oortoti Anderson, Newport, R. I.; J. C. Duboice, New P Hat Landing, tJIsrer (Jo.; A. St O Stoores, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y City ?'!?' iiIh?173 Division street, on|>osite Lndlow, N, Y , J. it I. Codditigton, Apothecary, No. 303 Hudson street, comer ot spring, N. ?.; Everard's f'ancy Store, No. 178 Oraud street: A. B Sanaa k Co., 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll V Co No. 3 Murray street. dl Im'ee NOTICE. WE have this day associated with us in the Kranklin House, Mr. (Jeo. .I. S. Thompson. The buamess will be con ducted as heretofore, under the fi'tn ot HAYES It TREADWKLL. New York. Dec II, IMS. d 12 Iw'a I W THOKNE It '-O , Ptodnce sod KlMr Merchant, HI ?' ? Broad itrtet oil M IIaii it<>kt>, Dec. 17, 1K45. Netc York and Hartford Railroad, via IJanbury Re port?City Hotel?" Stated Preaching of the Got- ; pet"?li'rather, ifc. j Thr lon? looked for report ou the New York i:nd Hartford Kailrottd pio/tt is jubl published, and I i have ensured a speedy delivery of one at your , "sanctum" I commend it to your paternal and kind care. It is worthy of your close ami extendid anal- | y si*. 1 liave time to glance only cursorily over it. 'I ho | report enter* fully into detail*, occupying 1:20 pages. It is accompanied by two largo map* and any quantity of table*. U khow* that " thi.1 la*t link, necessary to com. plete a continuou* lino of railroads between New ^ ork and Boston," which cities are the key* to all railroads, must soon be built. This survey is al?o *ome io mile* lrorn the Sound, and passe* through " a dense and busy population on both sides, and away from the competition it steamboat navigation." It is a great inland route for a rich manufacturing and agricultural country, that baa now no way of getting to market but by horse flesh. Thus the immense " way business would be lree from any competition of steamboat navigation, so fatal to rail roads along the shores of navigable waters, and winch would ruin any railroad dependent for its support upon towns ami cities whose harbor* are generally accessi ble, and lrequeuted by the first class of steamers, day and night, throughout the year." The road will be about 70 miles in length. The estimate* for the business of the road are made exclusively unon the present ac tual amount of height and travel on the line of the road. No speculation* indulged in, but bona tide business, unon which the road can certainly depend. All, how ever know that business on the lines ot all railroads h immensely increased by this modern facility of reaching the maikets. A regards eastern long travel, the report nbvs " betw een New York and Now Kngland, the rail road'would at all times possess i>eculiar advantages, and oli'or facilities, with which, at <-.ertain season* ot the other could compete; tor it would not only complete u wholly inland route, secure from the uncer tainties of sea and river navigation, from tlio delays anil discomforts of fogs, tides, ice, aud ail the hazards ol wind, and waves ?, but thr.ugh the Harlem Railroad. take en.1 leave, the traveller at the heart ot the city of New York, and not upon its outskirts or its wharves "pile northern travel through the chain of roads now b? iuir or about to be, built for the 1,000,000 of inhabitants in Connecticut river valley, 'ioO miles north of this city, and which will ultimately be continued to the British Province*, " would well nigh justity the construction ot this road lor their sole and exclusive accommodation. The recent union of the Worcester and wo-tcrn railroad companies will also add materially to the profits of this road, from the now interests this union wilt create. The committee have baaed their estimate* lor tne charge for passengers at oue and a half to cent* per mile, instead of the grinding and extortionate charge ol the llartlord and New Haven llailroad, of 4 cent* per mile Freight estimated at 3 couts per ton per mile. AJ. ter maki g an estimate on these cheap fares, of thebuii , ess which now actually exists, and after the road has been built,(including **30,60# for ten engines and all ne cessary equipments, to operate the road,) tor a mm sum than $i,000,000, the report shows an annual profit ol 7 J per cent. Tlieir estimate* are not *peculative, but from tact*. Aud iu their estimates, at which 71 percent would be annually declared after paying all repair* and ex penses in running the should be remembered that "no income is.computed from the inc.reasedltravel to and from the North, through the Connecticut river val ley, trom the probable connection with the New Vo-lt and Erie Railroad, and none even from the certain in ci ea e of public travel, along the route, in respect to which an eminent engineer remarks that it seems to be no assumption, but rather an ascertained truth, that the existing travel, whatever be itc amount, will be doubled or trebled by a railroad.'' This road would enter imme diately upon a most lucrative business, " at the same time its security in times ol war, and tho facilities i would olwaya alford as a main stem, for the construction of branche*on either tide to every point of business, are worthy the consideration" of every capitalist, and ot the State. " The maximum grade ot the road need not evceed sixty feet per mile, nor need there be a curve ot a less radius than 1000 feet, " sayn the engineer; and shows " a remarkably close resemblance, m respect to curves, grades, the fifty-three miles ot the^New York and Krie Ruilroad that are completed ' i his ot it sell " most conclusively settles the question as to the feasibility of our routo." The engineer says he hus en deavoied " to present the whole < stimate as much Hide tail us possible," fcc- This will enable all to judge of it at a profitable investment. It now remains tor the pub lic to say whether this important road shall be built or not. Whether they will have a rood that will carry them at 1} to cent* per mile to New Y ork, or submit to the present imposition of 4 cent* per mile between New York and Haitford. More, hereafter, under this head ; but for a lull and just analysts of the ab leiind lu cid report on this projected railroad, wo shall look to the 11 money maiket" in the Htrald. ... The City Hotel is soon to be vacated by tha P?nc?' caterers, hereabouts, Curtis Judson, who takes the late Ulobe Hotel, in New York city. Here is .^.excellent opportunity for some one, as this hotel is in the highest Sic., can all be hired with it. amui. Tli? Univer*mliat society here, hare a Hev. Mr. Sniitn. (not Matthew Hale Smith) preaching " on probation ? " 'l'he new Unitarian society, whose splondid stone and Gothic edifico m neaily finished, have called Uor. Jo seph Harrington, jr., of Boston, to be their pastor, tnd he has accepted the call. ,, Th : fourth Congregational Society has given a call to Uev. Mr. TaMen, of South Boston, who is the son ot Rev Dr. Patten, ef New York. He also has accepted the rail. All of the?e calls are pretty loud ones, rang I ing from $1000 to $1600 per annum The weather in this section, the past few days, has play ed the coquettee, until it has settled down, Irom rain, i hail, snow, and temperaturo varying from "?0 deg. to 0 to mild, pleasant and beautiful winter weather. Sleigh tug is below par : the " bulls," the " bears, tho ' longs, t e "shorts," the "stags," the " boars." an.l the " lame ducks'" ot Hartford, have been "going it" to Allord s and i Shipman's, oil the " lemenade with a stick in it, with a sworn vengeance on tempoiance societies. BntthekUu den "stepping out" 11 the snow has " thinned out" ?'ese excursions, which were 150 above par, to as much be I low par. ? I | Saunders, the colored tailor, who had a fracas with Jabez Ripley some time since, has had atrial, which re sulted in fining Saunders filty dollars and costs of court I'rol. Olmsted, of New Haven, doliviirs his introduc tory lecture on meteorology this evening beloro the Young Men's Institute, nt the Centre Church Lectuie "businesshere'is very dull. Our merchants generally are doing nothing in this sluggish city. Ou Mondayinext the whigs meet to appoint delegates to tho State Convention, to be holdeu in New Haven in January, to nominate State officers for the ensuing spring election. - Nfw Haven, Dec. 16,1845. Magnetic Telegraph Station?Competition?lem pleton?Literary Entertainment, fyc. Sfc. Verily, this is u Dice day. The wind is whirling and tossing, and putting all things to task to preserve their centre of gravity. Our worthy citizens have at length come to the decision to .have a telegraph station, ns well a* our neighbors ol' Hartford and Bridgeport. Perhaps this would never have been done at all, were it not for the rivalry that exist* between our difleront communities, for you may be assured, that if they of Hartford raised a sum for what purpose soever, our good citizens would sell the shirts on their backs in order to beat, them, if but by a shilling. The station is to be placed in a magnificent building just erected in Chapel street. Our public entortuinments ar,- in lather a dormant state just now, though wo hare had quite a stock of them this season. Templeton has been here, and gave us one of his inimitable concerts. There is an elocution class hare among our young me chanics, and at periodical times tliey have been accus- i turned to give a specimen of tlieir perlormance to the public ; but of late they have undertaken to set up a tegular theatre, and charge aft cents admittance, where may be seen Shakspeare's plays performed in a modori,, umf certainly an original style. The female characters, performed by boys in cambric frocks and taaty tinery, were beyond human description. One of ti e male cha- I lacters pretends to he a disciple and rival of Anderson, j Lord help lus simplicity There is a story, that a frog once tried to swell himse f up to the pr portions of an ox, an 1 report says hurst in the attempt! Jolly times wu'll have this Christmas. Can't you come up and pay us a visit f You may be assured ot a good dinner ; and if you are addicted to the " light fau , tnt-tic toe," you'll have as many invitations as you can carry. New Haven is a nice little place, and can bring up more pretty faces and bright eyes, than all pumpkuip le dotn together. II you don't believe it, come, or send some one to see. Missouri Jiistick?We are credibly informed that on Monday last, during th?* session ot Justice Cobb's Court, in the western p.irt of this county, Mr. Spencer Davis, one of the parties to a suit then on trial, became enraged at tlio decision of the justice ngainst him, and after some altercation, drew a knife and cut the throat ofthe justice. Mr. Cobb's wile rushing in to pro | tect h*I husband, received a severe wound iu the hand, j which was supposed to be accidental. Several other ' persons who interfered to preserve the peace were wounded. It is thought that, Justice Cobb's wound will not prove dangerous. Davis has ma le his esca;>e.? Pal myra ICAig, Drc. 4. Missouri Convention.?A iriend from Jefferson I city writes to us that the Convention will probably : adjourn I elore Christmas. He is of opinion that the new Constitution will make the circuit judges elective by the I people, and that the repk rt of the committee on banks ami ceipurations will not bo sustaiued ?that the com petency ol the people to govern themselves, on banking, as well bs on oilier subjects, will be acknowledged by the Convention.? St. l-outt Hep., Dtc.ti. Captain I'knnoyer.?While noting the arrival of ihe Meamship Telegraph in our columns of Satur day, we omitted to say, that too much praise cannot be attributed to hor commander for his efforts to preserve his vessel, when deserted by all his crew. He has set tie excellent example to sea captains, and has won g Mmi opinion* trom tne voyaging public, lot his enemy pvrseverenco. O. 7Yi>pie, Dec. 8 Court Intelligence. (>kn?:rai. Sessions, Dec. 18.?Before Recorder Tall madge and Aldermen Henry and Meserole. Trial of Smith alia? Honryman, oil a Chargt of Rubbing thr H'irgt Ciinton, rrtum'd.?Lko.nakd, police olficer, oil being c,illed, deposed that lie accompanied officers Bird, Strickland. anl Captain Westerfield, to ar rent Smith, Miller and Davis, at the house occupied by them iu Kilty -first ittruet; that tuey were all found in th > house, as alio a female, named Kdwards, and whom ?Smith called his daughter. Smith asked what witness and his associate officers were doing in his house, and other words of similar import l haulk* Wii.mot deposed that he wai a butcher, and lived iu Seventy-fourth street, near Bloomingdale road: that ho had been at the house referre 1 to in Kifty-first street, between the Kiglith avenue and ttloomingdale road; saw three |>ersoriH there, could not say that he ever heard all their names; had seen the prisoner there; thought his name was Davit; had sold meat to the pri soner from April up to the time they were arrestnd; went there every other day; a lady did most of the purcha sing; witness understood her name to be Edwards; wit ness addressed her as .Mrs. Kdwards; she never objected to it; the prisoner at the bar called her his (laughter one day when witness called at the house; tho prisoner said that they would not want auy thing, as his daughter had gone away, she being ill. as h<> said, but hoped tiiat she would soon be better; the female whom witness know as Mrs. Kdwards always paid for what was purchased; witness saw her again sometime after the prisoner said that she had gone away; witness had no conversation with the prisoner after bis daughter returned to the house. Mary McGakn deposed, that in the month of March last, shii went to reside with a family as a domestic, living in the 8th avenue, two dooi* from ilat street.? Some time after going there, Miss Kdwards sent word to the family with whom wi'nesa resided, that ilthey wish ed to ho supplied with milk, she would be glad to supply what was wanted. Witness accordingly went to Miss Mwardx regularly for it. Witness used to see Miss Kdwards and a servant girl that lived with her; witness also used to see the prisoner there; understood the man to be Miss Kdwards'* father; he generally spoke to wit ness; bade her good morning ; witness used to address him us Mr. Edward*; witness has seen I'arkinson and Davis there, also another person called James Miller, alia? Cupid, whom witness pointedl out; never heard j him called any other name than James; never heard the j prisoner, (Smith.) address Miss Kdwards by any name; I he called her Ins daughter; witness addressed her as Miss Kdwards; she never objected to being so addressed witness lived in Bloomingi.ale until after the accused parties wet . HmM| Miss Kdwards was absent on one occasion lor about seven weeks; witness saw her return in a wagon; she was afterwards occasionally absent for a few days at a time; when sh<* was so absent, the ser vant girl or Mr. Kdwards sold the milk to witness. MirHAKL Dorohoc 'eposed that he lived with a person near the residence of the prisoner; used to see him oc casionally, also two other men and a femulo Tho pri soner was called F.dwards. Jamks Leonard, p.lireman, recalled?He deposed that on examining the pocket attached to the lid ol a trunk, $380 in bills were found; also a bill of exchange on Kng land for ?-X), beanies sundry article*. Only *17 were found about the person of Smith. The money found, con sisted of three $100 bills on the banks of this city, and fivo $10 bills on the bonk ot Danbury. Officer Bute recalled?He further deposed that he searched every room in tho hoes 3 occupied by the accu sed parties in 91st stroet; that in addition to the money roferred to by ofllcer Leonard, witness found some India rubber cloth, some oiled silk, and some tacks or brads were fast in the silk. On examining Smith's coat pock ets some tacks or brads were found of the same kind as those stuck in tho ilk. On entering the house to arrest j Smith, he expressed astonishment; said it was his and j his daughters house; and Miller, who was pretent, j threatened to prosecute witness to the utmost extent the i law would permit, for entering the nouse and searching | it without exhibiting a search warrant; witness als went to the store in William street; found there a small piece of Intlia rubber cloth, which appeared to corres pond wilh the piece found in Fifty-lirst street; on search ing the promises in William street, a roll of bills with i a piece of oiled silk around it, a pocket book with a string tied round it, a tin cannister and a piece of paper containing some bills, were found behind some panes ol glass, in a blind window; they could have been placed where they wero found without removing the glass; 1 thoy did not appear to have been thorc long; on discover ing that too roll consisted of bills, witness did not take off the envelope, but carried nil to Justice Taylor in the same condition as found; some particles of sand were ad hering to the oiled sillc when found. Justice Taylor, on being called, described the money delivered to him by officer Bird. O.i comparing the piece of In lia-rubber cloth, lound in William street, with that found in olst street, it was discovered that they corres ponded and fitted together Of the money rocovered, ?f iO.'ii weie in bills on the Poughkeepsie banks;the cannis tor contained $l?) 75; $10 were iu small bills; $3ii0 con sisted ot three $100 bills on city bunkii. and five $10 bills on the Bank of Danbury, a bill of exchange lor $70, and some Bank of Kngland bills. Mahy Ann Masker, ot New Jers y, was thou called, i to tostily to certain facts which c&mc to her knowledge during a residence with the accused, which evidence I was objected to by the defence, and ruled out. | At this stage of proceedings, the Court adjourned un til to-morrow morning. t'umiuvii I'lctts. Befoie Judge l/fshoeffer. Dm:. 18.? lVmrren At Jinkimvs. Benjamin Sliiwil el This whs an action on a p omissory note and chock amounting altogether to $>701. After the jury was sworn and the plaintiff-i counsel had stated tho case, one of the defendants came into court un I stated that Mr. Waring, ? his counsel, was engaged in Brooklyn, could not attend, and hoped the case might b<i allowed to stand over. The judge said, it lay with plaintiff's counsel whether he ! would proceed or riot. Mr. Ooddard mid, there were ; already groat laxity on the part of the defendautn. and he would proceed- He then rea 1 evidence taken de hem tttt to prove hand writing. Uc., and culled a witness to prove tho consideration. Tho witnes* underwent osevere 'ro?f-examination by the defendant above mentioned, to ? how that it was a umiijus transaction; that tho consi deration consistod of New Roclielle money which was uncurrent at the time, being at .i discount of half per ? oeut. Verdict for pluintilf, $731. Counsel for plaintiff, Mr. Ooddard. Jacob Morrii vs. Lewis Isaacs?This was an action to recover damages for an assault and battery. Tho parties are Chatham street dealers. In the courso of lu.t sum mer the plaintiff purchased an old cost; shortly after the purchase he met the defendant and told him ol the valu able purchase he had made and offered to sell it to him. Upon which defendant desired him to make a floor cloth of it; thereupon the plaintiff called defendant a d d F.nglish , for which defendant slapped him in tho face. For the assault the action was brought. Verdict for plaintiff1, $16. for plaintiff, Mr. Stoughton ; lor de fen ant, Mr. Baiber. Morrtll and Wift vt Iff si and Wife ?The jury in this case could not agree, and were discharged. mHlrxandtr Edgar vt. Daniel Gallager.?This w as an action to recover $100, the value of a mare. The plain tiff loaned the mare in question to the defendant in the eorly part of JuDe, to go to Throg's Neck, in Westohes ter conuty ; from the ill usage the mare received during tho journey, and careless manner in which she was driven, she was worthless when returned the next day, an l has continued so ever since. The defence was that the inare was given to another person, and not to plain tiff Verdict for plaintiff $75. Kor plaintiff, Mr. Carpen ter ; for defendant Mr. Lewis. Before Judge Ingraham. John Snell vt. The Seaman's Si vines Bank?This was un action to recover $110,the alleged balance due on foot of the plaintiff's bank book. The plaintiff commenced de positing his savings in the Seaman's Bank some Ave or six years ago, and a running account jvas kept between the parties of the sums deposited and drawn out. By the books of the bank it appeared that the plaintiff was paid the full amount of his deposits, except $10, but by the plaintiffs book it appears that theie was a balance of $100 due to him. The question between the parties was in which of the books the error is. The plaintiff alleges that in April lait, they altered one of tho entries in nis book, by placing the figure " 1" before " 50,?' making it 150, from which it would appear that he d ew out at the time the entry was made, $160; whereas he only drew $60. On the other side it waa alleged that upon going over the hooks, it waa discovered that be did receive a ! draft for $160, at, the time, although he was not debited with it. After making this discovery tliey made the alte ration in his hook, which he now contests. The jury found a verdict lor plaintiff for $118. For plaintiff, Messrs. Thompion and Welch ; for defendant, Mr. B (dwell. Henry 31. Herbert vs. Caspar Hoffman.?This was nn action of replevin, brought to test the titlo of the parties to some furniture in the possession of tho defendant. It appeared the plaintiff is a manufacturer of furniture, and heat some lumber to the workshop of the defendant to have it maunfactured in bureaus, chairs, sofas, Sic , the lumber was accordingly worked up, and plaintiff hud them polished. Tho defendant afterwards refused to give the furniture up, unless the plaintiff Rave him $100 worth of lumber ; ttie plaintiff declined to comply, and defendant removed tho furniture to Brooklyn, an 1 sold it. Plaintiff issued a writ of replevin to retake it, upon which defendant executed a bond in the value of the property, in case the plaintiff succeeded in establishing his title. For the deleuce it was contended there was no delivery, ard therefore the plaintiff hail no title It was alio contended that plaintiff u n - in defendant')) debt. The plaintiff met the first defence, by showing that the furniture was delivered to his polisher, which was tunta mount to a delivery to himself ; the second part of the defence he denied, but it was proved on the part of the defence that part of the lumber ot which the fur iture was made did not belong to tlerbert, but to Hoffman. Verdict lor defendant. For plaintifT, Mr. Alien, for defendant, Mr. Smith. The court will set to-day and to-morrow to hear law arguments Marine Court. Before Judge Waterbury Die. 18.? Nothing wotthy of report was presented in this Court, up to the hour ol adjournment. As a n?mbf r of person* were skating on Kresh Tond, Boston, on Saturday afte-noon last, a young color- J ed bo* ventured too far out on the thin ico, and broke I through. An attempt was made to save him by James 11 Lowell * 'he distinguished po t, and uuother gentle man of Cambridge ; they, however, broke through the ice also, end were with somo difficulty rescued, not without being exposed to considerable danger. The boj was also exturated, in a state of great exhaustion. A son of Mr. Lynch, in Detroit, Hi?ed about lour years, foil backwards into a vat of hot water, and died on the 7th inst., from the scalds. Confidence is a*id to lie necessary in eating sail Superior Court. Chief Justice Jones presiding. Dkc. 18.? IVm. Dinm/trd m. Tylee, et. all.?The jury in this cmo, already reported at length, ruturned a seal ed verdict, this morning, ol $i,.">no damages against all the defendants, excepting John H Kox. John L. Gardner vs. CrouttU 4r Smith.?This it an ac tion of leplevin. The piaintiit' is 4 commissien mer chant in the city of Boston. On the 2M March, 1844, Eastman, Fonday 4c Co., likewise residents ot the samo city, made a purchase of -<>0 bag* of colt'ee, of the value ol about f 1 :I00, of the pluintifi's cleric; con litioning an approved note at (J months, or 3 per cent 00' for cash.? An older was accordingly giveu, and the coffee wa? de livered 011 board of schooner "Oliver," consigned to Jeremiah Smith, of this city. A dra't of $1,250 was made upon Mr. Smith, (accompanied by a bill of lading for this same lot of coffee) which w s accented and paid. A demand was made upon Kastman, Fonday h Co., for tho payment of this bill of purchase?they teudered their note, which the plainfift considered unsatisfactory, and insisted upon either tin endorsed note, or the money, a< was stipulated?neither of which was obtained. The plaintiff, therefore, bring* this suit to recover of Jeremi ah Smith, the principal Inf. ndant in this case, who re ceived the cotlee, u<>nii t'te ground of its beluga prede termined nnd palpable fraud, perpetrated by Kastman, 1 Fonday ii Co., in connection with other similar transac tions, at about the same time, upon other commercial houses in kai 1 city, and for which they were proceeded against?a bill ol'indictment lound?and a verdict of guilty reiidored, in filty-two out of fifty-five counts, in such indictment. Upon the other hand, it is contonded that it was a fair, | ordinary business transaction, such as the real parties I concerned were in the dailv habit of committing- -that tho defendant Smith was the innocent consignee, and should be protected as such. This is an interesting investigation, and will probably engage the attention 01 the Court throughout the week. Mesrrs Kmerson, Pritchard and Antnon, for pi ft .; J. Miller and N. B. Blunt,,for defts. Before Judge Oakley. Harriion rt Spencer.?This suit, for libel, still occii ! pies the attention of tho Court, and >? ill hardly be I brought to issue this week. It is one of those cases in whicn the public express hut little interest, ns is mani fested by U10 slight number attending the prog res, of trial. Tiual ok Dr. I'rtkrs, in Boston, for Mur der, by Procuring an Abortion.?The trial ot Dr. Peters, for the murder of Miss Rutherford, by procuring an abortion, was commenced in Bos ton on iuesday morning, lion. Kufus Clioate (who had been assigned by tbe court as counsel for defence, in connection with J. C. Park, Ksq) stated that he should be compelled to withdraw from the rase, on account ot indisposition. J. P. ru nam, Ksq., was accordingly sub stituted. The indictment contains two counts?the first charg ing that the said Peters, with malice afo<ethought, and with intent to c&tiso cuil procure an abortion upon Ca tharine Rutherford, spinster, did administer to her cer tain dangeious pilis, dings, and mixtures, by means of which she miscarried on the 10th of August, 1844, and died on the 13th ol August following?the second count, without he specification ol malice, charging that he moiieand administered 26 noxious pill* to Catharine Rn therford, which caused her death. The District Attorney stated that the indictment wa? so drafted that it was competent lor the jury to return a verdict under it of either murder or manslnugnter, ac co ding to the evidenco. The dying declaration ot the deceased?which would bo submitted?charged her death upon tho prisoner, and lie should introduce such other corroboratory evidence as was within his know ledge. Several witnesses were sworn, who testified that the girl was taken to the House of industry, South Boston, uii the 13th of August, very sick. An oath v. as adniinis tered to her, and she deposed that sho v an in a family way, and pregnnnt with n living child, about 3 montlu old; that about three weeks previous to date, 011 a Sun day, she went to the office of Dr. Peters (leading a child by the hand, who was in her company,) and asked lor medicine to produce abortion, lie <fave a box of pills, tor which she paid $3, aud was asked to take a bottle of medicine at the same price, but refused. The medicine produced an abortion, ane said she should know Dr. Pe ters'man, aud, on being questioned on that point, said the should also know Dr. fetors? that he was in the .00m, and thereupon identified and pointed him out. The u oinan died before all the inquiries were made which ha 1 been intended. Apost mortem examination of tho body was mado, aud it was the opinion of the p!i> i-icians that she came to her death by inflammation after nt ortion?of which, they made a written certificate at the time. Dr. Stkpman, too principal physician, a'so examined the box lit rills found in her possession?judged aloes to be the principal ingredient, which were of un inflamma tory nature. Mrs. Shkv testified that she saw, about a month before her death, Catheuue Rutherlurd have u paper, on which was written "Dr. Peters, 13 Kndioott stroet." Catherine j left the house.and luturnod in a few hours with a box of pills. This statement coi 1 oborated the one made by deceased. At this sta^o ol tiie proceedings the Court ad journed. Since writing the above, we learn that Dr. Peters was honorably acquitted by the jury 011 Wednesday, who re turned a verdict of not Kuii!}, without leaving their ' oats. It was clearly proved that the deceased had ta ken medicine, furnished her by a Mrs. Scott, whom she ?ierselt?accuiod as the causo of her death. I Great Sirrr.?The batture in front of the Secoud i Muuicipttluy, alter hnvtugabsorbed the attention ol | the public mill the Courts tome few years ago, is again diout to becomc th ? subject of legal controversy on a gigantic scale. The lieirs of Poter Delabigare liave laU ly huciI the Second .Municipality belore the first Ju ? lieml District Court of this city.fortho one undivided fourth part ol'the b.itture extending from Delord to treet. and lrora New Levee street to the waters'* edge. 1 The plaintiffs reside in New York, and have employed I Messrs. R.[N. and A. N. Ogden to pio-ocute their claim. They allege in their petition that the heirs of Kdward j Livingston, who reside in New York, are the owners of the remaining three-fourths of tho land in question. Handel Hunt, Ksq.has been appointed their curator ad 1 hoc The batture is worth between live and six millions ol dollars, and has naturally aroused several new par ties to come forward and intervene in the suit, as own ers or | art owners of this valuable domain. The parties begin >o thicken, and the magnitude and number of the legal questions involved will no doubt elicit the ablest eilorts ol the New Orleans bar. We snail keep our readers advised of the progress of the suit. The State of Louisiana, by her Attorney General, has filed her petition of intervention, denying that the heirs ot Delnbigdrre and Livingston have any title or claim to the property, and unserving ownership to be in the State, the oatiure having been farmed l>y imperceptible accre tions since tho admission of Louisiana into the Union. It is expected that the L nited States, by the District At torney, will also become a party to this important suit, as likewise the First and Third Municipalities, who claim (hat the proceeds of the batture should be equally divided among the threo corporations of the city We hear also that the Commissioners of the General Sink ing Fund, who represent the old City Corporation, i intend putting in their claim also: thus, all the parties ! interested will bo litigants in the aait, and there is a prospect of the matter being finally nut to rest. Should I it be decided that the property belongs to the city ot j New Orleans, and its proceeds be divided amoag the | three Municipalities, it will enable them to pay off* ail their liabilities to the last farthing, to reduce their taxes j to zero, and to undertake and execute municipal im provements, on a scalo unequalled by any corporation in the Union.?Sew Orleans Delta, Dee. 9. ^porting Intelligence. ! The annual December meeting of the Montgomery (Ala) Jockey Club, commenced on Monday, the tHn in t., over the Bertrand cou> >e, and will continue through the week. The attendance at the course was thin, owing to the urfavorable weather ; and Iho time, from the heavy state of the track, which wax fetlock deep, not to be boasted of. There are several stables of high reputation in attendance, ami an animated contest for the puises is ; anticipated during the week. I There will be six entries for the three mile day, (Fri ' 'lay) First day, a sweepstake for three year olds, $100 ec 1 trance, $50 forfeit Raglan i and Davit's b. f. by Othello, dam Polly Bel lew, by Timoleon, 1 1 Col. John trowel's ch. f. by John Baseombe, dam Bolivm, by Bolivar, S 2 John ClRrk's 113. Smith's) ch. 1'. by imp. Comus, dam Sally Bell, by Sir Archy 3 dist Time?first heat, 3 1 sccond do , 3 a , course heavy Tcbboay, 8t:<'or?ti Day ?Sweepstakes 3 year olds, Jtjoo entrance, 'i mile beat*. John r. Broun'a t>. c. by Woodpecker, dam Sally Mctlville, by Wild BUI I 1 John S. Hunter's b. f. by Wild Bill, dam hvTramby, 3 3 Time?3m. 30s., and 4m. 18s Turf heavy. Wednesday (to-day) irlle heat*?Aentries -purse >inn The annual race< over the Columbia (8. t'.) Course* will commence on Tuesday, the 13th day of January I*46, and continue throughoat tho week There are three stab'es Irom Virgins Mr Omen with three, Rod ney at their head; Isham I'uckott with three, Andrewnn na at thoir head; Capt. Williamson with three, Old Kon tuck ut their head: and also, Capt. Uriff Kdmondson, with some good ones; Mr. Glover, of Edgefield, do; Mr. O' Hanlon's stable, John < Singleton's, Col. Watson and Harrison's (Alat, Col. Singleton's, Cai?t. Rowe's, andfUst, though not least, a gallant string of five, now in training at the stables iff ol. Hampton. oP'Milwood," amongst which aie Sally Morgan. Castanet, a Boston filly, and a Monarch filly * A young man, muster of transportation on the Nashua lailroad, was accidentally killed at the freight depot, iu Lowell.on Wedneidny a iout 8 o'clock He was engaged in fastening a car, loaded with lumbei, to ihn engine, when a hoard wnicti projected somewhat ove< the lambercar, struck hiui in the neck snd completely severed the jugular vein, killing him almost imtaritly He whs a veiy worthy and indn-trioin young man,about 37 \ oai* of age, and has left a younj; wife to mourn his sudden death. James. E .Saunders, T-^q , recently appointed col lector at Mobile, vice C. H Minge Ksq .entered upon his official duties on the 1st inst Klder luiapp baptised fourteen persona in the Mo nongahela, on the lath. The amount at lumber surveyed the pMt business season it. Portland, Me., is 171,7W,80S feet. This U be tween forty and titty million feet ovor the last, or any previous year. The Vicksburg Sentiiui states that at the tune ol the explosion ol the steamer Doaiaen, that boat was ? gaged in a race