Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALB Vol. XI., No. 350?Whole No. 4U0H. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 26, 1845. Prtco Two Vtnla. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMS GORDON BURNETT, "Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DULY UERALI)-E^ry day. Price I cents per copy? $7.25 perauuuin?piyibie ill nrfwaao*- _ . WEEKLY rU'RALI) ?Every Sstor lay?Price 6>? ceat per coiiy?3 M2fJ cent* per auuum?payable in advance. Al)v i" RTISslMENTS at 'lie usual price*?always cash iu advance. PHINTlNO of all kinds executed w$h beauty aud des patch. AM letters or communications, bv inail, addressed to thr establishment, limit be Jin t paid, or the.postage will be deducted from the subscription mmiev r?-rnitx?-<1 JAME8 GORDON BENNETT, Propriet r ol the New York TIcrai.o Rht*hi.i?hmkht, Nortnwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. L'i HOLYDAY EXCURSIONS, A) MM TO PHILADELPHIA AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES, AT REDUCED RATES. Commencing on Wednesday, 21th December, and ending on Monday, thi* 5th Of J luu iry next, bv 9 o'clock, A. M ami o'clock r. M Liiiet, from the loot ofLibertystreet. To afford an ' ppo tunity, at reduced fare, to the citizens of New York to visit i.d exchange civilities with their friends iu Philadelphia and tiie country oil Christm is and New Vear, and to afford the rountry people an opportunity of visiting Philadelphia and New' York ior the like purpose, arraigem?t)t? .ire made by which passengers will be furnished with an excursion timet, entitling the purchase/ to a passage each way, at the following rates, vixr? Fr>.m New York u> Philadelphia and returu.. . $f "0 Burlington " ... 3 50 Borduutowu " ... 3 09 Trenton " ... 2 50 " Princeton " ... 2 <>o " Newark to Philadelphia " ... 3 50 " Klizibcthtown " " ...3 25 " Rahway " " ... 3 00 Q^y"PaMeug''? ,ro'n the above places to New York will be charged the same rates. A person may g > on the 21th December and return ou the 5th of January next, or at aay time beiwren those ddt: s, at the ex cers on ra'es. Office fool of LiDerty street. Tickets not transferable, and l\\\ not be received after the 5th of Januiry, 1846. il'JI 2?*mc MAIL, LINE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, LANDING at Yonk>*r>, Dobha' Kerry, Sing Siny, Grassy Point, Verplinks Point, Culu wells, Koyerhofk Cold Spring, Newb 'rgh, and as Ur as the ice will pe mit Breakfast on board the boat. The Jelebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain L. VV.Brai naid, liaves ihe pier between Courllandt and Liberty streeti, every limning at.8 A . M. Korjasssge or freight, app'y oil board, or to P. C. Schultz, at thr nWc on t' e whnrl d21 r FOR L1VKKP.'OL?The superior, well-known. ? fist siilmg p-icket ship SOUTHERNER, T. Palmer ?ni jter, will luve im .ediate desp tch ?"or ieightor pnssrsr, hiving suiwri ir accommodations, ap ply to the Captain ou board. Cot of Dover si reel, E. R . or to WOODHULL fa MINTUKN, d24 ir R7 Honth srr?*t ? 'oiLf1 REGULAR LINE OF PACKET8 FoR NEW ORLEANS? Packets of the 27th and 29ih of Dec ?The splendid, fast sailing packet shipTKN . KSlhE, Captain Pray, will positively sail onftaturday, Dec 27th?and the splendid fast sailing packet sliiy FR ANCONI A. CaptGaunett, will positively sail ou Mondy, Derember 29th? theirreguhr days. The accommodation* of the above shirs lor for cabin, second cabii and t'eerage passenger" (ire very superior. Those wish iag ti secure berths, should not fill to m ike eirly application to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 Sooth street, difrc corner Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Linn?Regular _? Packet of 21st laou iry.?The superior fast sailing ?packet ship QUEEN OF THE WEST Captain Phil H1 Vvoodhouse, )2j0 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regiiar day. Kcrfreight or passage, bavins splendid, large and comfortable Stati rooms nod cabin, apply on board, west side Hurling slip, orw WOODHULt & MINTURN, 87 South street. Trice of iiassage $100 Tie Packet ship Roclierter, SCO tons burthen, will succeed theQneen of the West, and .nil on 2 st Februiry. d2trc KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana ;iii<l New .York Line?Positively first regular packet?To sail uSatardav. 27.h inst?Pile elegant fast sailing packet shi) TENNESSEE, I'ray, m.inter, will positively sail as ao vo, her regular day. 1'or freight or passage, h-ivmtr handsome furnishnd nccoir ious, apply ou board at (irlea'-.s wharr, foot*>f Wall at, or ? E K. COLLINS ti CO.. 5B South st. Fositively no goods received on bo*rd after 12 o'clock, Satur di?. 27th inst igent in New Or'ei^i*, James E. Woodtulf, who will promptly forwaid all goods to his address. Cncket ship LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will succeed thf Tenn'ssee, and sail Iflih January, her regular day. d24ic ' FOR SALE. A SMALL, light,spring, covered WAOON, with Horse and I Ian es.s, suitable for peddliug light goods. Apply at llil Elizabeth street d'it 3c*r TO LET. FURNISHED or unfurnished, a suite of splendid | ro?/mi,with centre foldiu^ door,.1,1 excellent view of the L Park Mid Broadway, a balcony in front, eutr nce No. 11 ekmaustreet. dis lw*rc CI TV HOTbL, HARTFORD, TO LET. This well known establishineut is offered for rent, if ' application is nnmedintely made. The Furniture, and .ill i'.s nppurtemnces, can be had 011 reasonable terms.? Possession giv. n immediately, il d>-jired. For particulars inquire of the subscriber at the Ci'y Hotel. dL'O lw'rrc CURTIS JUDSON. BOUQUETS AND PAK LOR PLANTS. THE subscriheri havu added a great number of the J)';*111*1 variety of Camellia and oilier choice dowering 11 iitt I'lnnli 'ii tli r ir it 1 II kn >wn collection, which will enihle them t < eiccute prom, tlv all orders they may be favored with Kir flowering Plants nid Bouquets duiiug thi? sraann. Fancy. Frrii< h, Oermin anJ .Most Baskets and Vases tastefully ar raiiK d, with the in ut delicate and fr.igrant flowers, at all t ines Our petrous will conler a fivor by le.vmg their orders for the approaching holidays as early as convenient. We will, as fir ai practicable, serve each iu rotntio i, aud ill point of style, equal to any that we ln,ve furnished the last five years. DUN LAP & CARMAN, d2U tlJ'rrc Seedsmen and Florists. 135 Broadway. fjfc KNOX ut 110 Fulton street, has got a beautiful as sortment of Hats mid Caps, of all desciiptions, for the niilydays. aud a line assoittneut ol Ladies' Furs. dl9 2w"rc ri ECONOMV AND FASHION. fl ROBERTSON'S i*? PHCENJX 1IAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Kulton Street. THICE8: HATS. First Quality Nutri? Fur $3 V) Second do >Lc> do S3 00 First do Molfakin (3 00 fern nil do do t! W A beautiful assortment of Gentlemen's Dress ami Traveling and Children's Futcy Caps, which are offeredat-corresp -udiiig ly low prices. d!8 lm'r LOOK A L' THH. IMPOHTKU FRENCH BOOTS of the b??t quality l? nt th^-extraordinary low nice of $5 00 Is D.mblr H<-1 , the best article 5 50 C.nrk Sole d 6 AO French ( all Boots, made to order 5 00 French < ".*11 Shoes 2 00 Gent. Hall Boots. 225 Dancing Pumpa, the nicest kind 126 Dnncing Gaiters, with Patent Leather Tips I 74 And a gcuersl assortment of India Rubbers and all kinds of Over Shoes, from ihe smalleu to the largest; ?l.? a great as aortmeutof Boys' Boots md Sines; Misses mm! Children's do. Eidies in this .tote will find the greatest assortment of Gaiters, Bnckins, Slips, Ties, Quilled Shoes. Moccasins, Clogs, Toilet Slips, whiteanu hl.iek Satin nnd white Kid Slips; India Rub bers of all the different qualities, sorts ami sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and but one price asked, at 367 Broad way, corner uf FraiAlin street. n28 lm*r M. CAHH.L. PREMIUM BOOTS. J FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3iM),city made, and for style and durability, they are equal to those sold in other stores for $'>. Fine F rench Premium Imperial Dress Boots lor S4 Mi, emid to those n-w in other stores for $C or $7, ItyOUNIIkJONE'H Freucli Boot mid Shoe manufactory, one ol'ihe most fashionable establishments iu this city. (Mir boots having been judged in ill* late Fair at Niblo's, are said to be Ihe best boots lor the price ever sold iu this country. Alio, ? anperior new utile Freuch Dancing Omters, and overshoes, constantly on hand. All gondi warranted to give satisfaction. Boots ind Shoes made to order in the shortest notice Mending done in the ?tore. V OU NO Si JONKS, 4 Ann street, n7 lm"rc near Broadway, New York. JoHnTmhlky, MERCHANT TAILOR, 146 Broadway mitt TN Liberty Street, BF.1N desiroui of selling the balance of his large stock of Fall ana Winter Goods, : u-table forOeiitlernen s wear, of fers tlism on the most reasonable leims, ni.d solicit* the atten tion of geutleineo shout purch sing. He Mao offers the balance ol bis well --isorted stock of READY madl: clothing, consisting of Dress nnd Frock 1 oars, Pants and Vests, Snrtouts Cloaks, Sack* and OIlW C its. which will be soi l from now till ihe Istol February, AT COST. A large and choice assortment of SliirU, Scarfs, Cravati, Hosie-y and 1 nder Apparel, Constantly oil Imid. N. B.?Oeiitlemen lurnisiiiuK their own mi'erial, can have it made and trimmed, and a lit warranted. ? tl./' For sale, arplendid Coachinau s Coat. d!5 lm'mc rrio TH& BF AUTl"PfitRs OKTH B COMPLEXION?Sur I F.fficncy!?M\ EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND NYMPHBOAP, composed an eastern botanical discovery ol surprising efficacy for rendering the skin soft and fair, as well as imparting a delicate roseate hue to the completion. As a creator and conservator of that most distinguishing charm of female loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JULES II AUEL'S Nymph Soap, or Divine de Venns, may be t>id toatert an almost magical i-ower. Composed for the most part of orimital balsamic plants, to Ihe niter exclusion of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ei tremely bland, purifying and soothing actiou on tlie skin ; and by on the pores and minute secretory vessel*, expels all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to inflamma tion, and, by this method alone, effectually dissipates all red ness, tan, pimples,freckle", sunburn, and other unsightly cuta neous visitation!, so inimical to female loveliness. V use will change the must bilious completion into one of ra iliaul whiteness ; wlult on the neck, hands and arms, it be ?tows a delicacy nnd fairness which its continued use will lisp, pity | rnteet, with every appeaisnc* of youthful cli.inn to the moat advanced periods of lile. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JULES HAUEL. Practical (chemist and Perfumer, 46 .aou:,h Third street, Philadelphia, tndby m> agents:?J. B. Janiuimod, Mo.4I.*> Broadway; F, A. Artault. Lafayette Bar.aar. Nos. 119 mid 151 Broadway; A VC.llarn, ft W. corner oi Cedar and William streets. Piaminm was awarded At tne Fraeklin Institute n't lm*rc ?Monk V lknt?moivjs y LEtfT. I ? || F. Highest prices advanced, in large and small sums, on I Jewelry, Uianionds, gold and Silver Watches, Plate, M ear ink Apparel, md every description of : n ' roperty. JOHN M. DAVIES, 1 wnbroket, ? >?t lin're yia VVMIi .m ntt>?rJiianeitreet \?/ OtlL?i,"0? lbs Uunsshed i lecca, lie. for aala t-y y> if E tK. COLLlNBi. CO, N S??ih it. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, "A'-e'.i Cbeatnat Wti-erf, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS jusi lufroduct-d?Wnrm >tnil Oold?w apart lor both lad ion and gemifinftn; an'! the eiitire org\ niZMtiou au<J firtiu* op ol* every <ln>e run cut of the Waktiiuyroo Home,C'?nij l?-f?- dll ]rn*tn Highland Cottages. VIKWS, wiliixrunnd plans, of tbe 11 ?TiU.d <'ottat;es al Kmburv, near U. sti u, designed and erected hy W in B L ind?for ?ilo at the stores of and Milt*, Wifty Si Pot n.'in, M H. Newman, Hue Lwrkwoud St Sou; and other book stores in New York, idelphia ai d ll..?'on. ii* 7w*r FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAURANT. ^KiNOH PALMO reipvrtlully informs his patrons and tlie ^ public, tliat be hoi opened a Hestanraut, at Bi? 'veil known and popular old aunil, aaj.iiug thr Opera House He will serve Brt iUla,u Diiiucr? and Huppert, in the Krencli Ainenran and Italun atyle, at all bourn, and in a manner unsurpassed by auv >imil ir rsublaiiinr'it in tbe city. 8i|(Uoi I'alnno trust* that nnuiy of his old Irieuds * ill kindly remember liispeculiar ablliiies an u caterer lor epicures. A diiiiier of three dishes at choice, with lull' a bottie of alaret or ale. porter, kc. may be had daily for 3'iijceuts only. Hia liill of fare will comprise all the choice dunes of the seasoD, at the lowest prices, and nerved iu the best maimer. N. B ? Hot and cold Baths supplied attha above establish ment ns usual K. PALMO, ul2 lm*r SB Chambers st. JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CIIESNU r STRKET, lictween S>lx(h ami S?vi'iith Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAOLEY, MACKENZIE & CO., Proprietor* JAMES BAGLKV late of Joiiea' Hotel. H E N K Y C.M AC KEN/. Iformerly of Washington House l'ETEK L. FEROUSON. >21 tore HOTEL DES DEUX FUEItES. Boarding and Roomsun the European Plan. WHICH it inore couvemeu', comfortable and economical than any other |>laii lor travellers, and merchants whose business requre tliem to he abseut frequently. The quiet and healthy location of th* hotel, opposite Dunne park, letired from the noise, bustle and confusion of great tho rungt>fares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steamboat land mill, i iei-euts the moat desirable residence. 168 Duane st, op posite Hume park. nU lm* NEW HIENC H RKMI'AUKANT St COFFEE HOUSE VP NO 7i7 BROADWAY. MES8IEl'RS BI NEL St LB CO.VlTt, be* to announce to the public in general, and lo distiuisheJ families iu p.iriirul 'r, ill t tl,e>- have o|?ned an rlegaut French Restaurant aud Coffee iiuuts, No 7 7 U road way, where ISreiiklasts, Dinner* III it Supi>?i? may be had at auy convenient hour; and ia a (t) I" t' at cannot fill to satisfy the most delicate palate There w II alw m s he found a rich supply of fiue pastry and confectionery, jtllies. ice crernns, Chariottea-russes, Sic Kx ? I is > s > i < ? Liquors and the inott ch ice Wines Orders received I fin !' ?? in 11 m for lite ikfants, U liners Hnd Suppers, or separate dishes. IP anes suiil lird with every kind of Pastry, Jellies, Confectio'iaries and Ice Creams. o3 lin'rc TIJKTEE SUUI' FOR EXPORTATION. GOdLINO, of rhe .-.merican and French Dining Saloon, Nos. 61 and 1,6 Nassau street, has al ways ready Oreen Tur tle Soup for Captains and families, pat up in tin boxes. I pwards of 160 different d.slies served tip daily for dinner, from 12 M. till 5 P. M ; the l#-st of the markets; ait k'nds o game, &c.. for prices which suit everybody. He Wis irtely erected a michiue whereon dinner lor 2110 persons can be m two minutes prepared. Has famous buckwheat cakes. Every ariangerr.ent is made for the comtort ol the v siters. His Si loon is open from 6 A. M. till 9 P. M., (except the lirst diy in the week till 3 P M.) .My son, Henry Ooslinp, lias erected at a great expens*, a similar establishment in Boston, .Mass., No. 16 Devonshire st. Very thankful for the encouragement bestowed on rue for the l ist live years, and in the hope of a coutinu nice, 1 have the honor to call myself your inoit obedient restaurateur, n27 1 m?ic L. OOSL1NO. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avenue, IVutkineton City,D. C. rPHE PltOPIUETOIlS of this new, larife and modern built L establishment, respectfully tender their thanks tothe pub lic for the liberal support they have given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the effcrta of the under signed to the public accommodation. The house is situate on the Avenue, on the promenade tide, between Third and Four and a-H*lf streets, convenient to the t'?ilroad Depot, and the Capitol. It is capable of accommodating fh ee hundred guests. In all its parts it lias recently undergone a gmeml improvement for the winter's season. The pulors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; indeed in every division of the house Hie primary consideration has been to adapt it to the comfort of on r patrons. The dining hall is one of the most commodious and best light ed, by diy and nitjht, in the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, nod well disciplined. Briefly, we con fidently challenge the judKment of a discriminating public in all fie essentials required to render a public hou.'e a home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, SI 50 per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, iu consouince with the spirit of the times TYLER St BIRCH. The "Express" will please copy every other day for three weeks, nnd send bill toT) ler & Birch. n25 3m eod'rc RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, &c ARE NO W offered for sale at a great sacrifice, many styles from twenty-five to thirty per cent less the regular wholesale prices. The subscribers have secured a large lot of Rich French Silk Goods, fyr. Also, several consignments?all of which will be soldi! it should be below coat. The season beingsomewhat advanced, they have eonclud-d o embrace the present opportunity1 to dispose of the balance of their slock. A large portion of it lias been purchased recently, ?it the Oreat Peremptory Auction Sales; therefore, will make a very large redn'tiou from present prices, and do venture to say that their Silk, Shawl and Las'mere ftocbs, will present the ,'reatest inducements to purchasers in the way of Dry Ooods, that has ever been off reu iu this city. J. S. Si T. H. S. U Co do assure their friends and customers, that they may put fall confidence in all and eveiy i:'it:emei.t ?naile in this advertisement, a? they are prepared and will sub stantiate every v^,rd of it. Our stock consists of the richest and most costly goods that nive be, it imported this seasou. Wr would respectfully invite ill to call anu examine for themselves; asking none to nuy ex :et't they ire perfectly satisfied. fr y"*"For further part iculars, please read the following:?/ II OJXL V ONE PRICE ! SILKS ?SILKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 25 per cent. Splendid Silks for street dresses, former prices 8s, 9s, 10s per yard, now only 7s and Ss. M wide and he ivy i2* silks at SI. ii do Paris Silk*, for evening dresses; have been sold by the importer this season at $2 |<er yard, now will be sold at SI per yard; a gr> at sacrifice. Oue y ird wide splendid Camelion Striped Silks, redncud 50 Cents per vird. Ombre Striped Changeable Silks, 4s 6d per yard. Rich Horizontal Striked Silks, all reduced. Splendid Brocade Silks, very cheap. Magnificent B ocade Silks, us rich as any that has ever been in t*it? city?reduced 31 peryard. Wide Satin Striped Black Silks, have been sold this season i! 12 and 14s per yard?reduced to 9s. Several cases of wide Oro de Rhines, reduced from 25 to30 per cent. IIi({h Lustre Oro de Rhines, 27X inches wide ouly SI per yard. wide BlackSilks, Horizontal Striped 8s6d. SHAWLS -SHAWLS. A large stock of Shawls, and are to he sold is soon as possi ble, Cn seqoently they will be offered f the following rates:? Real genuine Lyons Broche Shawls only SI0. Superior Cashmere Shawls all wool, that we have been sel" ling at S<0 now SH and 115. Kxtra fiue Double Centers all wool, that have been selling at S35nowS20 Eqtra fine Paris Square Shawls reduced from S50 to $35. Lyons Broche Long Shawls, white and drab ground only SI'. Paris Long Shawls, extra size, reduced from S30to$20. Splendid Paris Long Shawls, reducetl S30 per shawl. It is just the season for thawls, and the entire stock will be sold at great barg-ins. CAWlMERKS, MUSLIN DE LAINES, 8u Between 11 and six thousand yards of Mouseline de Lanes, Repps,an. nhmeres.just bought at a great reduction from firstcost i will be retailed at 2s per yard. 20: net Cashmere E. Cosse and Mousselin de Laine, re duced!) < icent. Mou ? i de Lainet; Partrule, Lupin Si Co. Manufacturers, all wu il 3 per yard. Mousselm de Laines of the same make, bright colon, all wool oiuy 3?6d t?r yard. Mousselin de Lanes superior fabric, reduced 3s per yard. (^ashmeieE Cosse all wool cost' 5 cents to import, only 3s 6d. Cashmere E. Cosse, sui>erior quality, price Si reduced to 5s. We have ini?ny styles of the above goods aot enumerated jnd would c-'ll particular attention to thu opportunity, as wt feel well assured that the expectation ol >11 will be realii'd. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS. It. A I irge lot of Paris made Clinks, jnst im|xirted end will sold at gre.( bargains Splendid Damaik Silk Cloak* Very rich Plaia l losks and C<>at Dresses, the latest styles imported, and will be sold for less than they caa be made for in tills market Velvet and Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAK I NOS, PLAIDS, fcr Splendid lot rich Plaids, reduced 25 i*r cent. Extra Fine Paris Cloakings, very cheap. All Wool Paris Cloaking. The importer's prict was Si,30 per yard, now will be sacrificed at fi shillings per yard. Dark shaded Stripes, and Extra Wide Merinocs, Stc. LINENS, LINENS, fctc. 4-4 Irish Linens all prices. Every width of Barnesly, Irish and Scotch Sheeting*. Damask Napkins, Damask and Doable Damask Tablr Clnth* all sizes and widths, at great bargains. lluckabuck, Birds Eye. Scotch and Irish Towellii g. A 1 irge assortment ofFlanueU. Bleached Long Cloths, with a fall and general assortment of family Ooods. Wc have not specified the particular styles and prices of the above goods, but intend to reduce them to such prices as will secure immediate sale. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRE8SES, St<?. A splendid lot of Evening Dresses will he aold at half the usual prices, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. 150 Embroidered f himizetu, which will be sold very cheap. 101) Dozen Linen Cambric Hdkfs. ?t Ss, 9s and 10s per dot. 40 Dozen of Oent's French Linen Cambric Hdkfs, and will be sold exactly *5 per cent lets thau they cost to io.?port, which it about 50 per cent lest thau the regular price. Ve vet Scyft only 2s. 2D Styles of Ladies' Neck Scarfs? II will bo sold very low. With a great variety of other Fancy Ooods. (TJ" If there are any merchants from other towns and cities in Ntw York, they will do well lo call. Terms cash or ap proved paper. J. N. St T. H. HELBY St CO., No. 345 Broadway, New York. . P S.?A large lot of Splendid Cashmere B. t oste ofPatruU, i Lupin, Seydoux, Seiber St('o , manufacture, just opi tied,being the richest we haveeverexhihited in our sore, and will be re tailed rtiim 3d to 35 cents pet }atd less than they have been sold for by the case in .hit inmket We invite all to call and tee them. ?l9 ]m*m ' AT.-l^.L10^' ,U L wHO DESIRE PEARL* WHITE I -n. TKETH? My unrivalled ROSE TOOTH PASTE it uinversally songtit after for the pearly whiteness it gives to the I Teeth, without the slightest injury For sale, wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUKL'8. Practical Chemist and Perfumer, .. , W Bouth X\ird street. Philadelphia M.dbt mv ngriita:?J. B. Jacquemod. No 4is Broadway; K. A i\ ' ?!!?,JN("iWaf"11 UlBmedwav. A \V i-lu.d r. vv corutr ol C-?d*r d Williain fr#inm?ii aw%H?d at iht i? rwjklm )n?titut? nil lm*rc ' Organization ol (lie Oregon Territory?'i'lic lirltlali Oregon Law. , The following act of the British Parliament wus , (Missed the 2d day of July, in the year 1821, entitled " rVu act for regulating th<- tur trade, and establish ing a civil and criminal jurifdiction in certain parts ot North America," and is< now in force : Aw Act ?uh Hkuula riia TMR Klie Thuk, ami E.ta* LltHINO A ChiMINAL AMI ( MIL JUKIIUICTION, WITH IN Ckbtain I'ahth ur Noeth Amuiica. " Whereas the competition in tiio l'ur trade between the Governor and Company ol Adventurer* of England I trading into Hudson'* Buy, and certain association* of persons trading under the name ol " The North West Company of Montreal," hit* been found, for dome ye,.r* past, to tie pioduc'ive of great inconvenience and lota, not onlv to the sai I company ami Ussocia ion*, hut to the *anl trail* iu general, and al*o of great injury to the native Indians, and of othor persons. subjects ot hi* Ma , jesty. And wherear, the animosities and feud*, aiising I from such competition, have also for so ne ) ear* past 1 Ke|it th? intenor of America, to tho northward mid wuti ward of the province* of Upper and I. <wer Canada, and of the territories ol the L'uited States of America, in a j state of continued diatuibance And wheteas, many tireache* ol the peace, and violence extending to the ; losioflivea, and considerable destruction of property, I nave continually occurred theria. And whereas, lor | remedy ol such evil*, it is expedient andnecess rv that some moie effectual regulations should bo established lor the apprehending, secuung and bringing to justice all persons committing kuch offences, and that hi* Ma jesty should be empowered to regulate the *ai I trude. Andwlurras, doubt* have been entfai tained, whether the provi*ious of an act pawed iu tho forty third year of the ieigu of his late Majesty King George the Third, intituled an act for extending the junsdiction ot the Courts of justice, in the province,* ol Lower and Uppei Canada, to the nial and punishment ol persons guilt) ot 1 crime* and offences within certwin part* of North Amu i ica, adjoining to the stud provinces, extended to the ter ritories granted by churter to the said governor and com pany ; and it is expedient that such doubt* should . t>e removed, and thai the said act should be futther extended lie it theretore enacted, by the king's most excellent majesty, by and v.ith the advice and co sent ol the Lords spiritual and tempoiul. and commons, in this present parliament astc mbled, and by the KUthority ot the same, that from and alter the passing of this act, it ntiall be lawful for his majesty, his heirs or successors, j to mako giant* or givo his mj ol license, under the hand and seal of one of his majesty's principal Secretaiies ot State, to any body corporate, or company, or person or persons, r.f or for the exclusive privilege of trailing with *?<ha Indians in all such | aits of North America as shall be specified in any tuch grant* or license* respectively, not being part of the land* or territories heretofore granted to the said gover or and company of ail venturers of England trading to Hudson's Bay, and not being part of any of his majesty's provinces in North America, or of any land* or temtorics belonging to the I'ni'cd St tea ol America; find all uch grant* and li ( enses shall be good, valid and ? ffectual for the purpose el securing to all fiicIi l o t es corporate, or companies, or persons, tho sole an 1 exclusive privilege of trading with the Indians iu all such parts ol North America, (except as hereinafter excepted,) as shall be *pc ified in such grants or license!-; anything contained in any act or acts of parliament, or any law to the contrary notwithstand ing. II. 1'rovided always, and be it further onacted, That no such grant or licence, maile or fjiveu by his Majesty, his heirs or successors, of any sucb exclusive privileges of trading with the Indians in such pans of North America a? aforesaid, shall be ma le or giv< n for any longer period than twenty-one year*; and no rent ahull be required or I demanded ior or in respect of any such grant or license, | or any plivileges given thereby under the provisions of this act, lor the first period of twenty one years; and from and after the expiration of such first period of twenty-one I jeais, it shall be lawful for his .Majesty, his heirs, or ? uccessors, to reserve such rents in any future grant* or licenses to be made to the same or any other parties, as shall be deemed just and reasonable, with security for ttiu payment thereof; and such rents shall be deemed part of the land revenues of his Al*jesty, his heirs and sue ' cessors, and be applied and accounted for as fhe other land revenues ol hi* Majesty, Ins heirs, or successors, ; thall at the timo of paymont of any such rent b iug made, be applied and accounted for. Ill And he it further enacted, That from and afterIho passing of this act, the Governor and Company ol Adven tuieri trading to Hudson's Bay, and eveiy body corpo rate and company, and person, to whom every such grant I or license shall be made or given, a? aforesaid, shall re ?pectirely keep accurate registers of all persons in their employ in any paits of Noith America, nnd shall, once in ?>uch jear, return to his Majesty's Secretaries of State, iccuiute duplicate* of such registers, and shall also en ter into suc h security as shall fie required by his Mojes ty for the due execution of all processes, criminal and civil, ns well within the territories included in any such Kiant, as within those granted by charter to the Gover nor and Company of Adventuiers tiadiug to Hudson's Hay. and for tho producing or delivering into safe custo dy. for purpose of trial, of all person* iu their employ or ictirig under their authority, who shall becha-ged with ! my criminal clfenco, and also lor the due uad faithful ob servance of all such i ules, regulation* and stipulation* is shall be contained iu any such grant or license, eithei ur diminishing or preventing the sule or distribution of ?>piri!?ou9-liquors to the Indians, or for promoting thoir i.oral and I eligiuua improvement, or for any other on ject which hi* .Majesty may deem necessary for tho re I medy or prevention of the other evil* which huve hither I to been found to exist. IV. ' And wheieas. by a convention entered into be ; tween his Majesty and the United States of America, it vas stipulated and agreed, that any country on the North West Coast of \meiicn, to the westward of ttio Stony Mountains, should be free and open to tlio citizens >nd subject* of tho two poweis, for the term of ten years i from tfia date of the signature of that convention, lie it I neieiore enacted, that nothing in this act contained shall iie deemed or construed to authorize any body corporate, company or person, to whom In* .Majesty may have, inder the provisions of this act, made a giant or given a license of exclufive trade with the ludiaus in such parts of Noith America us aforesaid, to claim or exercise any n>ch exclusive trade wilhiu the limits specified in the ? aid article, to the prejudice or exclusion ot any citizens of the said United States of America, who may ho en I ^aged in the said trade : Provided always, that no British -object shall trade with the Indians within such limits, | without such grant or license as is by thi? act required. V. And be it declared and eiiartud, that tho said act 1 passed in the forty-third year ot the reign of bis late I Majesty, intituled an act forextending the jurisdiction of | 'lie collits ol justice* in the provinces of Lower and I f'pper Canada, to the trial and punishment ot jiersons guilty of crime* and offences within certain parts of North America adjoining to the said provinces, and all ho clauses and provisos the rein contained, shall he leemed and constiued, and it is and are hereby reapec 1 ivcly declared, to extend to aud over, and to bo ill full orce iu and through all tho territories Heretofore grant ! "1 to the company of adventurers of England trading to ! Hudson's Buy ; anything in any act or acts of I'ailia , 'lent, or this act, or in any grant or charter to the com lanv, to the conttary notwithstanding. VI. And he it further enacted, that from an 1 after the passing of this act, the courts of judicatuie now existing, jr wh cli may tie hereafter established in the province ?if Upper Canada, shall have the same civil jurisdiction, power and authority, as well in the cognizance of suits, is in the issuing process, mesne and final, and in all other respects whatsoever, within the said Indian tern oiies, ami other parts ol America not within tho limits of either cf the provinces of Lower ur t'pper Canada, or of auy civil government of the United States, as the said ! courts have or aro invested with within the limits of the 'aid provinces of Lower or I.'pperCanada respectively ; and that all and every contract, agreement, debt, liabi lity and demand whatsoover, wade, entered into, in | curred or arising within the said Indian territories and other parts of America ; and all and every wrong and injury to tho t>ei*jn or to propeity, real or personal, committed or done within tho same, shall be and be teemed to be of the samo natuie, and be cognizable by the same courts, magistrate* or justices ot the peace, and be tried iu the tame manner, and subject to the -ame consequence*, in all respects, a* if the same had heen made, entered into, incuired, aiisen, committed or done within the laid province ol I'ppai CauaJa ; any thing in any act or actsol Parliament, or grant or charter, o the contrary rmtwithstan ting : Provided always, that court* have oi ibr?*t< d with within the limits ol the said ail such suit* and actions relating to lands, or to any claims in re*p??t of len t, not being within the province of Upper Canada, sha'l bu decided according to the law* of that part ol the United Kingdom called Eng land, and shall not be subject to oi nffacted by any local acts, statutes or laws ol the legislature of Upper Canada. VII. Ad I bo it furth?r enacted, That nil process, writs orders, judgments, decrees and acts whatsoever, to be issued, mail'), delivered, given and done, by or under the uuthoi ity of tlie said court*, or either ol tkem, shall have the same lorce, authority and effect within the said In

dian territory, and utlier parts of Americn M aforesaid, us tho same now hate within the said province of Upper. Canada. VIII. And be it further enacted, Th*t it shall be law fill fur tho Governor, or Lieutenant (Jovornor, or poison administering the government for the time being, of l,ow?r Canada, by commission under his hand mi ?esl, to authorise all nelsons who shall be appointed justices of the peace under the provisious of this act, within the said Indian territories, or other patts of America us afore said, or any other person who shall be specially named in any such commission, to act as a cotnmitriocer within the same, lor the puipose of executing, enforcing and carrying into effect, all such process, writs, ordois, judg ments, decrees and acts, which shall be issued, made, de livered, git en or done by the said courts of judicature, and which may require to be enforced anil executod within the said ludian tonitorles, or such other parts of North America as aforesaid; and in case any person or peisous whatsoever, residing or boing within the said Indian territoiiei, or such other parts of America as aforesaid, shall reluse to obey or perfoim any such pro cess, writ, order, judgment, decree, or act of the said courts, or shall resist or oppose the execution thereol, it shall and may be lawful lor the said justices ol the peace or commissi iters, and they or any of them are, and is hereby required, on the famo being proved b?lore him, by tho Outh or all! 'avit of one credible witness, to commit the said person or per>-ons so offending as afore said, to cuMod) , in order to his or their beii g conveyed to Upper Canada; and that it shall be lawitil lor any such justice ol the peace or commissioner, or any person : or prisons acting under his authority,to convey orcause to i>e oonve>ed, such pcisou or peisons so olfending as aforesaid to Up|>?r C anada, in pursuance ol such process, writ, oide*, decree, judgment or act ; and such person and persons shall be committed to gaol by the said Cutlft, on his, her, or their being so brought into the said province of Uprer Canada, by w hich such process, writ, ordei, deciee. Judgment or act was issued, mads, delivered, Riven or done, until a final judgment or decree aliali hare been pionouriced in ruch unit, and shall have l>een duly performed , and ull costs paid, in case such person or penoii" shall be a party or parties in such suit, or until the trial of such suit shall have heen concluded, in case n oli poison or peisons shall be n witness or witnesses t)ir?'in : Provided always, that if any persou orpersons ??apprebended tix aforesaid, shall enter into a bond recognizance to a.iy such just'ee of the peace or com ruissioner, with two sufficient mrit el, to the satisfaction ol such justice of the peace or commissioner, or the said court*. commissioned to obey and pe loim such process, wnt, older, judgment, deoiee or act, as aforesaid, then and in ?uch it shall and may be lawful lor the said jus tice ol the peace or commissioner, or the said courts, to discharge such person or persons out of custody. IX. And be it further enacted, That in ease such per son orpersons snail not perfoim and fulfil the condition or conditions of such rccognizanoe, than end in such case it shall and ii?i\ bo lawful for a y such justico or commissioner, and be is hereby requited, to n?sig-i such rnrngni/uiico to the plaintiQ or plaintiffs, in any suit iu wliirhauch procfii, writ, order, <leciee. judgment or act shall have been if-ued, made, delivered, gitei, or done, who may maintain an action in the said courts in hi* own name against the said sureties, and recover against such sureties the lull amount of such loss or damage as such plaintiff shall prove to have been sustained by him. by i?aionof the oiiginal cause of actioH in re spect of which such process, writ, order, decree, judg ment or act of the said court* were issued, made, de livered, given or done a? afoiesaid, notwithstanding any thing contained in any charter granted to the said Govern": and < 'ompany of Adventurers ofKnglaud trad ing tu Hudson's Bay. X. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for his Majesty, it lie shall deem it convenient so to do. to issue a commission or commissions to any person or persons to be and act as justices of the peacu within such parts of America as uforesaid, as well within any territories heretofore granted to the Company of Ad venturers ut Kngland ti ading tu Hudson's Day. as with in the Indian territories of such other part? of America as aloresaid; and it shall bo lawful lor the court iu the province ot I'pper Canada, in any case in which it shall appear expedient to have any evidence taken by com mission, or any facts or issue, or any cauie or suit as certained, to issue a commission to any three or more of such justices to take such evidence, and return the name, or try such issue, and for that purpose to hold courts, and to issue subpoenas or other processes to compel attendance of plaintiff*, defendant,' jurors, witnesses, and nil other porsons requisite and essential to the execution of the several purposes for which such commission or commissions' had issued, and with the like nower and authority as are vested in the courts of the said province of Upper Canada, nnil any order, verdict, judgment or decree, that shall be made, found, declared or published by or before any couit or courts held under and by virtue ot such commission or commissions, shall be considered to be ol as full effect, and enforced in like manner, as if the same had be*n made, found, declared or published within the jurisdiction of the court of the said Province; and ut the time of issuing such commission or commissions shall be declared the place or places where such commission is to tie opened, and ti e courts and proceedings thereunder held; and it shall bo at the same time provided how and by what means tho expenses of such commission, and the execution thereof, shall bo raised and provid d for. XI. And be it further enacte* That it shall be lawful for his Majesty, notwithstanding any thing cont ined in this oct, or in any charter granted to tho said Governor and Company of Adventurers of Krgland trading to Hudson's Bay, from time to time, liy any commission under tho great seal, to uutborize and empower any such persons so appointed justices < f the peace as afore said, to cit and hold courts of record ior the trial of criminal offences and misdemeanors, and also of civil causcs; and it shall be lawful lor his .Majesty to order, direct und authorize the appointment of proper officers to act in aid of such courts and justi es within tlie jurisdiction assigned to such courts and justices, in any such commiss.on; any thing in this act, or in any charter of the Governor arid Company of Merchaut Adventurers ofKngland trading to Hudson's Bay, to the contrary notwithstanding. All. Provided alwuys, and be it further enacted, That such courts shall be cons'ituted, as to the number of justices to preside therein, and as t>* such places within ?lie said t tutor es of the said Company, or any Indian ten i'ories, or other parts of North America as aloresaid, ai.d the times and manner of holding the same, as his Majesty shall from time to time order and direct ; but shall not try any offender upon any charge orindiotment lor any felony made the subject of capital punishment, or for any offence, or passing sentence affecting the life of any offender, or adjudge or cause any offender to suffer capital punishment or transportation, or take cognizance of or try any civil action or suit, in which the cause of such suit or action shall exceed iu valuo the amount or sum of two hundred pounds; and in every case of any offence subjecting the person committing i?u same to capital punishment or transportation, the court or any judge ol any such court, or any justice or justice# of the peace, before whom any such offender sm?11 be brought, shall commit such offender to sale custody, and cuuii. such offender to be sent in such custody for trial in the court of the province of Upper Canada. A'lll. And bo it further enactcd, That nil judgments given iu any civil suit shall be subject to appeal to his (tijesty in Council, in like manner as in other cases in iiii Majesty's province of Upper Canada, and also in pny case in which the right or titlo to any land shall be in (jiiestion. A[V. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this act contained shall be taken or coustrued to affect any right, privilege, authority or jurisdiction which the Governor and Company of Adventurers trading to Hudson's Bay art; by law entitled to claim and exercise under their charter; but that all such rights, privileges, authorities and jurisdictions shall remain in as full force, virtue, and effect, as if this act had never been made; any thing in this act to the contrary notwithstanding. The PropofM'tl American Oregon On '.he ISth instant, Mr. Stephen A. Dot-mi as?, of Illinois, Chairman of the Committee on Territories, in ti.o Lower House of Congress, repotted the following t ill, v. hich win read a first aud second time, referred to tho Committee of the Whole on the state of the Vnion, ;>nd made the special order of the day for the second Tuesday in Ja uary : A Biu. to Protect Amp.iiicCitizens rksidiivo in 1HK OKKOON TERRITORY. Ski . 1. Be it enacted by the Senste and House of Re presentatives of the United States of America, in Con Hies* assembled, That tho jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Iowa, and the lawn of said Ter ritory," so tar as the name may he applicable, are hereby oxt. inled overall that portion of the territoiy of the I'nit ed Stales which lies within the following limits, to wit: hounded on the south by the forty-second parallel el north lntitude ; on the cast by the summit of the Rocky Mountains ; on the north by the line of .i4J and 40' north latitude, arid on the west by the Pacific Ocean, including tho streams adjacent to the coast ; and also over all that poition ol the intermediate country west of the Missouri i h er, and between the 40th and 4:ird pnrallels of north latitude : 1'rovided, Thai this act shuli not be construed or executed in such u manner as to deprive the subjects of Great Britain of any of the rights and privileges se cured by the third article of the treaty signed at London, October 20, 1818, and continued in force by the treaty of August ti, 1827, until such treaty stipulation (hall cease by virtue of the notice provided for in the second aiticde of said last mentioned treaty. Sec -J. Be it further enacted, That all the country de scribed in the lirst. section of this act, shall constitute one Judicial District, and a District Court shall be held therein by the Judgo to be appointed under this act, at such times and places us ho shall designate, aud suid Court shall possess all the powers and authority vested in the liresent district courts of said Territory of Iowa. An additional Justice of the Supreme Court of the Ter ritory of Iowa shall be appointed, who shall hold his of lice by the same tenure, receive the same compensation, possess the same powers and authority as are conferred by law upon other Justices of the said Court, who shall hold tho District Courts in the said District as afore said. ? Sec. 3 Be it lurther enacted, That the President be hereby authorized to appoint the requisite number of Jiutices of tho Peace, and such ministerial officers as stiiill be necessary for the due execution ot tho laws : Piovided, That any subject of Oreat Britain, who shall be arrested undorthe provisions of this act for crime al leged to have been committed within the territory of the t'nited States west of tho Rocky Mountains, while th same remains free nnd open to tfio vessels, citizens and subjects ef tho United States, end of Oreat Britain, pur suant to stipulations between the two powers, slnli be delivered up for trial on proof of his being such British subject, to the nearest anil most convenient authorities having cognizance of such ofl'enca, by tho laws ol Britain S?c. 4. Be it further enacted, That provision shall be Hindi) by law, to secure anil grant MO acres of land, to every white male inhabitant of the territory of Ore gon, ol the age oflH years, and unv.\n who may have heretofore, or shall hereafter, withii. t *vo years from the passage of this act, move from ailf ?*; ;? or Territory of the United States, and have settlefJBfaid Territory of Oregon, and who shall have ciiltivft^VCnd used the same for five consecutive years, and to his heir), at law in rase of his decease; and to the wile of every su h inhabitant, and to such ol his children who may have been removed to said Territory, or shall have been born therein, pro vision shall he made to grant UK) acres, and to their heirs it spectively, in case of their decease H8E0.5. Be it further enacted, That there shall be ap pointed, in tho manner provided by law for similar otii cers, a Superintendent of Indian Aftaira, and such Indian agents and tub agents as shall be necessary to the pub lic inteiests, to whom may be entrusted, under the di rections of the Preideut, and in accordance with the ex isting laws, >o far as they may be consistent with the purport ol this act, the regulation ol trade and inter com se with the Indian tribes, and the execution of the laws herein extended over the ceuutry described in the first section of this act. &kc. 6 Be it further enacted, That th" President l>a and he is nerebv authorised to i&uso to be erec ed such block-houses, stockades, or military posts, as shall bo cesiary to protect emigrants on the route to and in tha teiiiiory ol Oregon, against Indian depre dations and ag , ami to furnish such ammunition and suppla a as shall lie necessary to their defence. Sec 7. Be it further enacted, That the President be hereby authoiized to cause to be raised, officered and equipped, in such manner as tho 1'iesident shall direct, two regiments of mounted men, to guard and protect emigrants, settlers and traders, against the Indians Si r. f> Re it further enacted, That a mail route be and Is hereby established from St Josephs to th? m#?th of the Columbia river Sic 9. la it ftirthar enacted. That the turn of two hundred thousand dollars be, aud the same is hereby ap propriated to carry the provisions of thin act into effect. K?.< 10. And ho it further enacted, That the Presi dent he advised forthwith to gi?e the one year'* notice provided lor in the second aiticle of the treaty of the bth ol August, 1H27, to terminate the third article of 'he treaty between the United States and Ureut Britain, tinned at Lon Ion October 20, ISio. and all other treaties for tha joint occupation ol the Oiegun Territory, Kuruien' Club. Tuesday, Dec 2$ ?An extra met*ting of the Far mers' Club was conv-ned yesterday, at the Ameri c in Institute, not ostensibly so much lor the pur|Mise of discussing the regular subject* before the Club, as for the disposal of an almost infinite qnuntity ot agricultural communications, which formed an ob stacle to the exclusive objects of the Club. Air. Living-ton was elected to the Chair. A specimen of the pear known us the " Warden meadow pear," was exhibited, and its peculiar properties, method of cultivation aud season of sav ing, were explained in a communication from Mr. Schuyler Warden, of Oswego. This is an abori ginal tree, and inay be traced spontaneously growing in many parts of the district of Ni agara, Canada West, and is found a valuable material for the manufacture of perry. A communication was received iron Mr. Travers, (firing hit views of thn proper method ot confer ing agricultu ral honors, which repudiated the principle of promium isiug the oxen or sheep, and not the system by which tho animals weie thus unwieldily enlarged ; and recom mended he reward to be couferred on tho eisay which would illustrate the care, culture, and means which had been most successfully employed in the piocess Mr. Travers advocated the Scotch system of premiums for essays?that seemed fully to meet the desires of the club ? to fucilitate his proposition. As this system en tailed expense, Mr. Wakem.n partially opposed it, preferring an optional contribution from the members to effect this object A communication was received from Charles H. Starr, Croton ('ommissioner, upon the culti vation and management of the turnip and sugar beet. Ha the subject ot cheese, the piocess of prepraation, he., Colonel Clark stated, that iu ls.'!? he had a gift of a double UloHcester cheese, which he has to some extent fines preserved, by scraping the substance and iufusing it iu bran'y, occasionally keeping up thn stock by tho addition of other cheeses A curious statement was read hero on the comparative consumption of cattle and sheep in London and New York, by which it is osti mated that New York, with a population, (say,) of SOD,000. consumes annually 60,000 head of cattle, aver aging 073 pounds each, making a total of 33,750.000 pounds of beef; while London, with a popui tion ol about 3,4*00 000, consumes 176 000 head, averaging 750 pounds each?or 131,250 00# pounds of beef. Of sheep, New York consumes 150,000 head, annually ; while London consumes l 4fM,960 head, being an increase over New \ ork of 86B,tMK) head, and each animal ut leant 16 per cent heavier. A letter was received from Alexander McDonald, Km|, of Barbara county, Alabama, who visited the agncultural club of this city, last August, an>l alter complimenting them on their enterprise and zeal for tho agricultural interests of the country, submitted to their inspection a specimen of the short staple cotton, raised this year on his farm?the qualities ' ot which were highly recommended in an article read from tho Southern Shield Mr. llawley produced a spe cimen of merino wool, taken from the bree I of sheep in i trod need into this country by the late Chancellor Living i ston, line in every respect, but degenerating Irom the j ongiuHl. from circumstances ol too close an aitinitv*. An ' article was rea l upon the properties ofgreen sand mail, | Irom (ireen county, on the Delaware, a* testified by ana ? 1} zation. A member stated that tho same formation ex tends from the Chesapeake, through New Jersey and undi.-r this Island, until it is lost iu tho ocean. Within the last fifteen j ears, similar formations were found in Brooklyn to the depth of about forty feet. A paper was | read from Professor Wye, of Alabama, showing the im portance of tho cultivation of the earth over the princi ples of commerce, and showing the predominance ol : K.inland over other countries in the extent and fertility ! ol h r colonies. The time being nearly exhausted, the subject ut the b' st season for cutting timber tor fuel and tecchaiiical purposes, was introduced t>y Col Clatk. Ha gave scverul reasons, deiived from the circulation aud suppression of tho aqueous matterol the tree, de pendent on seasons, for the period of cutting timber cithor lor luel or mechanical purposes. The mattor is still a subject ot iuturest to the club, ami may be extend ed to the next meeting. A very beautiful model ol a 1 Durham heifer, in plaster of Paris, was presented to the 1 ciubby Mr Shield, which for symmetrical proportions iui eminently faithful; and after a short conversation an adjournment took place to the first Tuesday iu January Fuct mid Fancy. A man named Jeremiah IVauody huug himself in Newport, U. 1., lust week, during r bt of meutal aliena \ tion. The quantity ot wheat iti store at the Lake Michi gan ports, December 1st, was very large. At Chicago tnu P mount in storo, December 1st, was 368 306 bushels. Total aggregate ot shipments for the season, 034,515 , bushels. At Litile Kort the total receipts of wheut up to i December 1st, were I I9.K77 but' els. \mount shipped, | 41 -2n6 bushels, iu store, 76 ri22 bushels. At ltacire, ' It II tHJO bushels shipped, and 135,000 bushels in store. At Milwaukee, 174,171 bushels received to December 1st. in store at that time, 72,910 bushels. The Green Hay Republican of the 3d, sjieaks ot the mercury 10 degrees belo.v zero, aud states tlmt a ! ciaiy man was liozeti to death near there on the night > of the 2bth of Nov. His name was Sleeper, and was from trie couuly, Pa. Ti?e inebriate head of a family in Harrison town ship, on the opposite side of the Pastaic, N. J , who has i been some week or two affected with delirium tremens, about 9 o'clock Wednesday morning, ipiuug out of bed on teeing an old man ho has been in his lamily many ye is in the frout door, seueii a gun standing near, and : piliOt him The charge entered the left side ol the face, earned away the eye, and |?as?ed through by the side of the ear, into the door. Dr L A Hall, of Newark, was immediately called, and dressed the wound- which it is feared may prove fatal. At his suggestion, Sanlord, the I inebriate, is to be taken to an asylum. A new kind of cotton, which has received fhe ? name of mastodon cotton, bus been introduced, and a -mall portion cultivated in Mississippi, it is said to be a ; ni jto certain crop, and its value more thau double the ?o.nnion Mexican cotton. The staple is two inches long, i'cmaikahly linn and strong, and pronounced by good judges to bo tully equal to tne Sea Island Thirty holes ol this cotton, from the plantation of R. Abbey, \ a/.oo, Mississippi, u ho originally introduced the seed, was recently sold iu Now Orleans at sixteen cents per pound Other smader lots have sold at twelve and a half to fourteen cents. A lot of six bales is held at twenty er nts. It is supposed that about two hundred hales have ! been raised this year At Pittsburg, on Monday, the river hud four feet ol water in the channel The Cincinnati <fazetle of Saturday last says?The rivor was filled yesterday with j large cakes of ice all day, which increased iu aize and 1 tiength from morning till night. One or two (team j ' oats, nnd a number of flat boats, that were ready to put i out were kept in port. Several of the lattor were much | damaged by the ice, and one of them cut into and sunk. ! At this point the river is declining slowly, and apprchen I - ions are entertained of another closing. There were seventeen death* in Baltimore last week ')}? small pox. In Philadelphia ther:- weie 24? 9 adiilta ami l "> children. The steambout Neptune, bound from New Orleans lor Louisvillo and Cincinnati, ?ai sunk la<t week at Plumb Point. Her machinery and part ot her cargo will probably be saved. The twenty-ninth meeting of the Coloniza tion Society, will take place in Washington on the third Tuesday if next month, the 30th of January. The Uoard of Directors will meet on the same day, at 13 o'clock, at the Colonization Rooms. The packet ship Washington Irving, which ar rived at Boston on Wednesday, from Liverpool, had on board lour cowi and seven sheep, consigned to the Hon. Daniel Webster. Thia will he good stock for Marsh field. Advices have been received from the coppercoun tr> on Lake Supeiio , as late na the 7th ult. They state that the explorations there, on every location that has been worked, have proved far beyond the expectations ot'their owners Some lurtber splendid veins have been discovered upon the locations on Kim Hirer, secure.! by Mr Kinzle and party, belonging to the " Kim lliver Mining Company ." A new vein tit Kagle River, belong ing to the Lake Superior Mining Company, (known as the Boston Company) has lately been opened, and yields almost the pure metal. They nre obligeJ to blast out the copper Further discoveries in the Pittsburg Com pany locations have been made, as also on inuny others in the vicinity ot Copper Harbor and F.agle River. The Savannah Republican states, that Lieutenant Itankin, ol tlm 3d Artillery, L*. S A was, on the 17th in Mailt, thrown from a horse, by coming in contact with the limb of a tree, which struck him o thehead,aud,it is to be feared, has very seriously injured him. Tho ac cident occurred in South Broad street, about rt o'clock, P. M. He was taken tip in a state of insensibility. La?t evening his symptoms were such as to encourage tho hope that he may recover, although he is still in a very critical situation. Mr. R. has been stationed at this post for aeveral year*, but was recently transferred .to 8t Augustine, and arrive ! here only a few d.ivs since, for tho purpose of removing hi* family to that place Pirk and Mklancholv loss ok Lif*.?An alarm of fire occurred in Boston.on Wednesday morning, about II o'clock, caused by* the explosion of the steain boiler in the box lactory ol Messrs W. k O. Tirrell, on Harrison avenue. Tho boiler, which was sat in brick, waa blown across the street, a distance of ISO leet, fall ing into a blacksmith's shop, where several men were at work, but injuring no one there. Two young men em ployed in iho factory, named William Tirrell, (son oi the owner) and William Ford, were instantly killed, being mutilated in a mo?t shot-king manner. It i? ipported that the engine was l?lt in the care of inexperienced persons, and that the water got low, which caused ti e ?xplomon and the meloncholy lost ol life. The boiler was nt out 30 fret in length, and was projected across i the street in a herr/nnUl line, on its way, going between a hone and a wagon passing at the time, without injury to man or horst, nut breaking the shafts The man in the blacksmith shop escaped a* by a miracle, the boiler falling upon the forge where they were at work The ftie was extinguished wl.h trifling damage, by the prompt action of tho department ?rsnr ttsrssjansar"* ? rovince which he has received a- a dowry with hi* wife Ilia ?a'd thut lie will letouthim f... Y,r& ??w?\ir^?st!sl i,z??g, .?d ihi. project w.llno doub. .urn cm S-?isSwsS who are Jsr*t'',t,'.:,v .ilt. liniperor, two sailors par ft lute occasion by tn 1 . ? l .. .l? dtpci** ..?? w,t , ?b,ch >m, daring whicli iimiicBUvrvH, and j Was bo inueh pleased they dmplayed lhe w ( captain; h!r;^da itPerrSute0nan;0 on the %ot. the other he appoi forbidding Jews to There is, h >w?ver, t A(lmitul (){the who wuai an a auletta, am . tla, they were Jews, stood by the Kmperor, Unow in? "ia? ?> ?Pibtw ;? 1 .t?ied the difficulty to his a'"Jni(yyin the lent I <ried the Einporor, that do or ?ek religion, ot I they shell iniicediately em >raco communi ated course." When this d,'a^.pair seized upon | to tJits two young men, soirow a ^ promolloll them at the thought erf r*d* mowing that remonstrance qii such inexorable terms KM' ? . (. h f-mp ^ I or refusal would he in ram hey 'louvres, i ror pennission to exhibit still n o This being grant t^ssss&xr. ! lice produced upoutbe C"' " recent accounts Thk Kimch i> Ai.i.fc - tblll)tll a< mo8t alarm from Algiers represent th? gvJ )eartd that the j in,' to the Frew h troo] ? , rto keep possession of Krench will not ho able ?u> \ ? inhabitants a?y part of 'he country, lhe rising ?nm # th(, , throughout ail the P'?>,nJh French have most of them ; utroug places occupied > aa?aultg ot the infuriated bten carried a" classes put. t? I people, and the intabitan tjcUm an,j religiou death with cruel toiture- g?bdued in the breast* ieulhuve kindled uflame not to fo|(h fBr tnd of the melancholic Mua j'?.?"'s i,reaohers, dervises and wide through the land. Zeal't Hlld ro)lse the spi reputed saints, concur to fail tl n d madness its of the whole population to and private Passengers arriving no.rhoill fatal cow ^ accounti received in r'?> . ? ra|-ing sixteen .years tidings. The warwhic i domitab,e Abdel Kader. may I under the leading ot the jn od earnest. A | now be said only just to bt g o( DgUra 6een)8 im fearful retribution for the , of the French. Mean 1 >'RndlD* T' Uh \liniitry with the Z:t,ur and all the ' time, the tiench Minis ^' 4 awful ?iW*nce upon all journal!, keep an otninu^ a uom Alffew, and ! ti.eae thingf; newl ?' 'v' is typoken Anxiety and ! n .thing is publisher, nothi ^ lh0t!e who have rela j W .1 oppress the public mln , _ ,ule(1 th dlg. 1 tives in the army, (wild l? v, ' ?A. lWever, among the pub I mil forebodings. It u known, n^ oa,Uro have arri* li , that letters of the most I'?*8'" ? 0f th? War Ue L from Marshall Dugeaud at the Bureau id ^ iiuilment, calling lor fresh '?,nfjrcenl !nl (',rlltidable. 1 ?tb. extent of tha n Mn .ecUon of the ) IThpnch Diplomacv. 1 nM ; . 1^ t DuIm'oI Montebeljo, Kiteiich A'"1^5;;'01r( zar 0f llul | i? sooking to obtain nnordietKf ^"coalment and 1 sid, at Palermo, is the ?^J0^ , i>urig. It appear? lonae ridicule with the jo nuietly under | Nicholas is passing his tl,0 j.iHnci of Sicily. a strict incog, at Palermo, 111 . HttPnded onljr | The Duke harried over lrom Napl?^ ,,crsUad j bv a single servant, and was . tbc audienca ed by the King of Naples, D0V !"' , ?A o,Vjr t0 the Ru? . he so much desired. He then w belonging to Louia si IU autocr t lhe palace at ^mo belon^mg ^ 1'liilippe, who, it Will ''e. remembered, during^ ^ he resided there; but the r '' )or the Empe hi nself had provided a 6U';?l'lc 1 , thl8 affa>r, say* : r, r. One ol the papars comm- t n? d's famous *? Does not this put one tn mint ^ supposed suying?1 abuvt all, not exhibit hin diplo | t! c only object of the Duke k , geniua," to ro in .tic ennrtry :ind talent. b> h stroae o rc0- xhia couciling tno < ourt ol Kuura w11 fU existence of r.n r*oi.div*k> MO"* Of W gives an ad lowing history says (lwterinil,?10n with which d.tional proot ot the spirit young disoi tl.e Jesuits pursue ^..r ^ A ^nc. w?tb ? tile of I.oyola, having torm. , . ,iaughter of the | i.imily in Home. ^J"ce'! thprou the point of becoming i i, . uly. Tiiv) family ttnding he'?" hUthor of her shame, a mother, and having discovered^tho ???o^0, however. I made their complaints to the authori.^^^ carried their tooli 110 notice ot the affair. J X learning the I'.oniplaint to the I'ope ?n p?irHon. 'w i^ ihouid be put , p. iticulara, insisted that the yoni g 1 jg8Uit? hoard I .,,.,,, hi. trial When the Superior ol the^W mBn told | ul what WH, intended, be'entloit e > (he?orderi ,np I ,.?n he had compromised thedlgoHy t(j it ? ti. it he must submit to every tning i ^ aeration I !i a word, he proposed to him to unde g i vain ,ur oi castration. The young man s refVisal j as m , ^ c,.on. were at hand prepared for the ta? io^ I, .Ul of, and the operation quickly r' r> and th? this, he was sent into the coun > Pone laying superior of the Jesuiti ient ww_ rnej lrom a sacred : la ?t as *oon as the young ma wou[d t.e ready to ; mission, on which he hB l s , .nouiiy According t'uhmlt to the most rigorous legal enquiry ^ ^ 1 I), in due time, he r?tutued,au ,ination made, , U IIen lo ! the surgeons sw ore af ? ^ the crim, tl-at the young ma-i was utterly' i I non ,par charged, and that from infancy General and hi? nuJ Therefore, the ?tn?P? ?<was dis : ^nd ridicule of the crowd. ik- - p?h'?**tio'<s ?Oreat naval prepare 1> ntn h N"*1 , . o( (.-ra,ice, and especialr ions ar- making in all th?- Port t remajni : '?~mr?nn Wthi expedi "SWa^Thl o??he i eett?the*'Jrenii Ouke^wMh all P?* j^|eon'his'way''lo^SSl* \\V! ?;dtr.S.d r nne, on his return homo i ()er The marriage U. S. Liuh r simp I'ickkd Up?Capt. E. L. Tes ter of the sclir Andrew Gray, from Baracoa, t ouud lor Charleston, while standing to the westward, ?<t 8 o'clock on Tuesday night, under u doublo reefed i lauisail, and jib with the honuet oft', picked up a U. 8 ight skip, in lat. HA deg. 31 min. N. long., and79deg, 'i min. W., on the western border of the Gulf Stream, sins had parted her mooring at the entrance of Port lioyal where aim was stationed, at the commencement of the gale of Monday. There were two men on board. .i white man and a negro, but neither a navigator, and without cbait or compass. She was lyinc to under ? ? torm try sail, with the mooring chain still hanging out of hor hawser hole. Capt. Tessier lay by her two hour*, until the wind moderated, ami then sent his boat with tiie mate hiiJ one man on board, the sen still running liigh, by which the boat received considerable injury. \t I- P M , on a signal from the light ship, the schooner bore up for her. tan close under her lee, took the end of ar ha * >?r, and the boat on board, with one man, leaving the mate in the light (hip. and having her in tow, pro ceeded for Chatleston. On Wednesday night, it blow ing very fresh from the S. W., the weather bearing a bad 2ppeurance, and the sails ol the achooner having been much torn n tli*- gale ot Monday, ( apt. Tessier hauled upon a wind and steered for Tybee, which he reached at fonr o'clock next n oming, and having ao i hored the light ship nhreast of Cocltspur Island, pro ceeded to Savannah, which ho reaohed in three houn. ,<nd reported to the Collector, who immediately dec patched the revenue cutter to take charge ol the light ship. The Cnptain 'hen sailed tor Charleston. where ha arrirod this morning. ? Charleston JVews, Dee. SO. FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS ttt'WAHLl I'HK shove Reward of Fifteen Hendred Dollars will ha paid tor the racwvry of the satn ot Seven Thonsand Nine Hundred Dollars, stolen from Myron V'jii l)cus?u, o* the city .i' 1 I.. .1 IU X7 .. ? >L . .. ...t, i tka if li ftrfiiliar laat lali.l.' if Hudson, |Sf. V., OB the night of the <th October lut, while ou his passage from Hod on to the city of New York, in the 4te <inboat South America ; or a proportionate sum for such part of said money u may b?* recovered and restored to the ?ubscribers, on application to either ofth-m. The money was contained hi a small carpet ba?, whie.h ?as taken from the berth of said Van Pensen, and f>nud the neit div i nit he wheel hoese of the boat, cut and rifled of its con tents. it consisted of bills of various denominations >nd of se ser.l l>? ks, as near as can be remembered, as follows :? *1200 IU 'j'i and 10's of the Oneida Bank $1000 in Vs and 10's principally of the fine I'laius and Kinder hook Bauk. , , . .... ,. tlOOO in bills of varions denonuaatious, of the r armers Bank of Hudson. r t m _ $1000, or aboat that sum, of the bills of the t'henix Beuk of Hartford, and ather K-asteru Mouey ^HCO in hills of the Huds'iu Hiver It- uk, nearly all in SO d ll?> The balance of the money was in bills of Western banks of this State. New York. Nov. 3Ut, 1HJ AUG. K. M A8TKRS. ttl Pearl st HKOKOK H. K.LttRY, ? William it THKOPHS. P. HART. <? Cedar st, Committee for Assignees of Myron Van Deusen. n33 lm*r HYDROPATHY. A HYDROPATHIC INSTITt.'ION hM betn recmly t*Mish*d .a M. rn.rown. N I ,and*:the *ur rf...ot)i of Dr G*o. T. Dmter. I ? fu hu?. I#tmmitiri?t, tod fU mut^tVvers 'h/aetinn of-h- Water;fcure is, t-. shoit... ??t ly tl e duration ot ?rd to restore the C'tK"1 ^ lit'le lo.s of tune or sacrince of strena h. In Hhsnm > ism acute and chronic) "out. Dropv , ParalyaU, Dyspep (a, Scrofula, Kruptive, CWtipath'n. SpinaJU'seMe (In rltidintr <*nr7atlir*? *nd di?torl-tio ?,) Debility , kf , 'JW "P1* d tv wuh which relief is obta.ued is often serprlsimi. 1 he In viri.hlesuccess whi* lit. attended the (rea.ment.? th* ..h >? mrutioned iiMfun, at the ?fcrioi?? hyd ro in?tit*tion* uj ? urope, renders it worthy the consideration of those afll? ed wirti similar complaints. _ n ?> t r lers of iiauiTV. post-paid, ad<|re,.e.l to Dr UK A Jr. * Morrietewn. N. J., will meat with attention d? Iwl