Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1845 Page 3
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You hf-c tor the entire Irian 1 a population of MO,000 ? ouli, divided ai follow* :? Black* 610.000 ? Muluttoe* l'JS.OOO White Spaniard* 110,000 Foreign residents 500 H.%0,000 From tliia amount rnua* be deducted for the Km,tern part 3? (?00 bl.irUs, 70,000 mulattoen, and 111,000 whites, na tive! a*1 ! fwre.gner*, ('.he number of these last maybe uhou* ?: MM rnd there will remain lor Hayti: blacks, 571,000, oy O'U) noilottoea, and 500 whites, among which ten were naturalized. Tim whit-? are in genera! itidu.trious, and the idea that they are mperior to the other classes, inclines them oftoii to contemn many who hold a certain rank in toci ety. This itilo ofl'ois honorable e*ce tion*. There are amongst u* instructed French and Knglish, who main toln with the Hajtiem intimate and profitable relation* for tho cauntt y. Generally the whiten arc hated by the exclusive mulatto 'S and the black). Ttia mnlaitoo* do not lore the blacks, but they Hatter them?they havo ruiDed tho countiy in flittoiing their prf-judicos. The black* deriro the supremacy denied them bv tho mulattoes. From theso dispute* reault a general confla gration, in which the mulattoes will be tho unhappy victims. In general the manner* and customs are easv. They am hospitable, generous, charitable, particularly the fe males?womanly weakness; but they are also slothful, indolent and carcless on the one ride, ami lnclinod to rotbery and assassination on the other; whilo moral and social virtues may ho found amongst sumo of them. These are what may be remarked umong tho llaytier.n It is very difficult to give a particular character of this people, composed as they are mostly of different nation*. The whites ate in general devoted to commorce. They are strangers to the country. Tho mulattoes are intelli gent; enligtitaned; cultivate with succosh the arts and science*; are distinguished in medicine, law, public em ployment. particularly those belonging to tho rising gen ii i M ion; but they are full of pride, of egotism, and of pre ju ' Some blocks are AMinguished, but the mass is rude and in some manner savage. Although polygamy irevaila generally, one always sees i' amongst the jlncks. The Haytien* make li'^ht of roligion. Tho man are superatitlou*, and the enlightened portion only es teem it in relation to its outward forms. The Catholic religion is undervalued in Hayti, in consequence of the bad priests who have come there. The Protestant reli gion, particularly the Werieyun C. urch at Port au Prince, wt.ieh includes two free schools, by their rigid forms and ?ie conduct of its pastor*, aro in general re spect. Two Knglixh minister* govern it. Civilitstion is little advanced among us. I can say generally that the Ilaytiens ,are in the second age of ci vilixatlOu-tThe inhabitants of the highlands and the plains have preserved the savage manners and customs, lu the large towns we find the luxury and the manner* of Eu r >pe and Amcrica. French and EngUsh fashions predo minate. The rights and privileges of each race are nearly the same, except that the whites are a species of Parin, who linve lost the right of commerce; that the black is subject to manual labor, and that tho mulatto, whatever may be his effort to maintain himself in the position the climate and his education assign him, will end by the loss of all his rights anl all his privileges, anil will be come the victim of the vengeance and the ferocity of tho blacks. This, sir, is all I have to say to you of my country. The trut i w as due to you, and I have not deceived you. This country would net tie what it is, if t"e mulat o chiefs, who have been called to govein, had known how to rule it. Petion destroyed agriculture in parcelling nil the largp estates to render the blacks proprietors, but he neglected their education, moral and political. Uoyer, by his bad administration, has not known how to profit by the union of the East, and the recognition of our independence by France, nor to attract by immigra tion, as many foreigners a* possible to this rich and pro ductive soil, and could &>entour population and civ ilize tho country. A liberal constitution, embodying principle* favorable to emigration, to popular sovereign ty, creating a strong government ana organizing labor, would suit us best. But our reform has been a deception. 1 would be able to furnish you with interesting notes upon this countiy, if 1 was 'iot surprised byyourdepar tuie, but it will i*io me a great pleasure to answer any further questions you may address me. I am. sir, with great respect, Your obedient and humble servant, DR. JN. H. FRENEL. Jons Hooin, Ecq., St. Domingo. [Ftoni Port an Prince Fcuille du Commerce, Nov. 30.] The FeuilU ji t Commerce contains a long letter from T. F. Dorvela* Dorvul, dated November 20th, addressed to the members of the Abolition Society of the United States, in which the writer returns thanks to the Society for " tke brilliant favor ' accor.led him in decorating him with an honorary medal, as a homage for hi* concur rent with the Society, in its "gigantic and generous enterprise." The letter is filled with the usual florid language which characterizes such documents in general; and, in speaking of the United States, it is called " the land ot injustice." The Case of Mrs. Gov. Thomas for Divorce. ! ?W?.? give, in another column, the proceedings in ' the cuse of Mrs. Thomas, a daughter of Governor McDowell, of Virginia, sueing tor a divorce from her husband, Francis Thomas, late Governor ol Maryland. They are rather curious and interest ing. The libel suit agaiast Gov. Thomas, growing out of this Klfair, will shortly commence in Wash ington city. The evidence on both sides is looked for with a good deal of interest. Medical Revival in New York.?The new me dical tohool of New York (Doct. Mott's) h&a 425 studeuts daring the present season?the old school, at Crosby street, h*s about 150. Four years ago there were only students in all New York?all went to Htiltidelphia. This revival or revolution hi- been produced by the establishment of the new school?and the wholesome excitement consequent thereon? Philadelphia has lost half her medical students. Newspaper Matters?We learn that there is a curioun tale to tell of the mode by which General Morris wks elbowed out of the Mirror. Out with it, if you have any thing to any. Apropos?What will the aniiabie poet do now 1 He must keep moving at something He lus just issued a very beautiful brochure, filled with the most recherckd engravings, which will answer the purpose of an annual and holy Jay present. ? Moke Newspapers.?Two new abortions in the newspaper line, are about appearing in these days, to supply for a few weeks, two others that are about going the way of all flesh. A history of the births and deaths of newspapers in New York, during the lost ten years, would be amusing. Affairs "TV Texas?t vnirr Diplomacy.?The Houston Star of the 11th instant, gives the follow ing choice morceau of diplomatic intelligence. It appears by this, that "the man with the white hat," and the French charge formed part of the Texas Ca binet. All will probably recollect the statements in the Journal of Commerce of this city, made when Dr. Smith was here, "by authority," contradicting what the annexed proves to be correct. These di plomatists are certainly the greatest liars the wotld ever saw. As wo intimated noma time since that wo could scarce ly beli ve that our President anil eis Cabinet had autho rized Dr. Smith to otter the propositions that there were made to Mexico and accepted by her, it may be proper /or us here to mention that we nave been informed by Dr. Smith, that these propositions were the subject of discinsion at a lull meeting of the Cabinet. The Presi dent, Dr. Smith, Secretary o( State, Col. Allen, Attorney Oenoiwl, Judge Ochiltree..Secretary of the Treasury, and Col Win. O. Cook were all present, and they unani mously agreed to those propositions. Captain Elliott arid Mr. S-aligny vare present, and urged that they should be agreed to by the Cabinet a* speedily a* possible In a f w hours after this Cabinet meeting, Captain Elliot was on his way to the city of Mexico to deliver them to Cuevus, and it is a singular fact that be me Major Donel ?on a few milns lrom Washington, with the olticial copy of the resolutions of Annexation passed by the American Congress. The news that these icsoliltions had passed the American Congress, and hud been signed by Presi dent Tyler, had reached Washington several days before this ( ubinet meeting. We have learned that Dr. Smith intend* to publish a letter,or pamphlet, in which he will explain til ti.'se transactions Naval ?The U. S. more ship Lexington, arrived tat night from Pensacola. The following is a list of Iter officers:? Francis n. Elliron, Lieut. Commanding; Lieut, j s. Olaason ; Actir.g Master. B S. Oautt; Acting Purser, F. H. Fleming ; Pansed Assistant Surgeon, J. J Abernothy; Pasted Midshipmen, M. II. Woolsey, E. F. Tattnall, ami F. W Colby; Master's Mate, E. Ko?s. Midshipmen tinder order orders to the Naral School at Annapolis, B L Henderson, J- Wiley, K. Gregory, J. Walnott. E. Rrinley, K. M. McArann. Invalidpaasengers, Daniel James, gunner, and J. W. W. Dyes, master's mate. THIIID RDITION H O L I DAY JE R A L D . The third edition of the Annual Pictorial Herald, with over one hundred splendid and spirited engravings, is now ready forde Ivecy It it one of the best things of ?.he kind ever published in thii country. Single conns sixpence each. 8 1 S?'cn? of Indian Lift.?In addition to Heit nmuton's ?'rong list of ?ttractions. he has en*tree an intar?>. irtpsrtf of IROQUOIS INDIANS. whoMe," bTih" chief md nerompsnied by two interesting Snosws. will *?*. . t nit I. in I,itin nt the red msn's pecnliariitea?iutr durinv their aiagalar ilmces, Icr. The benitifnl Moviug lamas, ( ntaeta Fireworks, and Dane tin by La PatitaCere! j* " 'P " </bina, as usual. Surely, the?e lemtiiatioae v ill till Hie did Museum, formerly occupied by Mr. rente, to < .emnvnng. Portable Khavlng Catcs.-flie nhacrlbera ??insr i'e fee'ed *i>d il'mbed a variety of the above, offer the >< ' ??''ba jnesr complete vst inieated, setuhle to tb? * tuts of the tr< vc '.Iig l uli'te, containing , t| til it la ni oensrv for tie toilet, with the ndd.tiun <H' the Metallic Ti\hl?t Strop, for .'tail suing and keeping rarori in ino?t perfect order O. SAUNDK Rfl SON, 177 Broadway, low doors abort Conrtiandt street. Pltlladelpbla Agent for the Herald, 7,letter & CO , J Ledger Building, Third street, who receive ?iib?ctt ?-?., aud have tussle copiet for sale daily at I o'clock. u2l lio WON ICY MARKKT. Sunday, Dec. '41?ft 1*. in, The WHk just closed, has on the whole, been rutlier a quiet one, so far aa operation* in the stock market wero concerned. The money market continue* very tight, and the rate of intereat in the banks seven per cent, on the beat business paper olfered. In the street the rat?a vary from a half to one per cent per month. Quotations for many of the fancy rail road ttocki are much lower than they have been for many months, and notwithstand ing the very great reduction within the past two or three week*, aome of the heaviest brokers are ttill hammering down prices, and bringing all their force to bear down the market and produce , if potable, a further depression. Although there has been a decline in some of the fancy rail road stocks of fifteen and twenty par cent, they still raoge many por cent above their actual value as invest' ments, and until their real value is reached, there can be no real cause for complaint. It is the immcnso falling off that alarms spooulatorH, more than anything else, and those operator* who hold those stocks at the highest pi!? cos, havo caust* for feeling alarmed. Amidst all the depre ciation in prices, and the serious loues many must have experienced, we hear of no explosions, not even among tho street speculators. We can hardly account for this stato of things, as there are at all times a great number of operators hanging about the exchange, whoso means aro so limited, that the smallest losses would flatten mos* of them complett-ly out, unless the differences are set tled quietly, at tho best possible rates, and the amount unpaid abandoned as worthless. We have no doubt but that more than half of this class of brokers in the street have actually failed, nnd that those to whom they wero indebted, in the Khnpe of differences, accepted the first odor made, and allowed them to retain their tents at | the board, if they had nny, or to keep on in their busi ness as usual. In times like these, there is a general resort to com' promises, as the only way in which differencos can be i settled. A strict adherence to the rules of either ! board of brokers, would have reduced the mem | hers in each to a very small number. An | improvement in the money and stock markets, would ' relievo many of these brokers from the ditfl > culties under which thoy now labor, and sot them on | their pins again; at the same time, be of much benefit to those holding contracts approaching maturity. We annex a table, giving the quotations for stocks in this market for each day of the past week, and those cur rent at the close of the week previous. There has been considerable variation in some of the fancy rail road stocks, such a* Long Island and Norwich aud Worcester There has been an improvement in some of the fancies, suoh a* Stonington, Erie and Reading. Quotation* roR thk PiiiNcirAL Stocks in tub New York Market. fottaad ai' ? i* & - ? Is formers Loan 27 26 25* 2s? _ 25^ 2c.! Illinois Sixes 36 35 33 33 - _ Udiana... 39 38 37 __ 37 ?J* Krntiickj: Sixes lOlfc 101 101 __ _ ,? feS"': 7 9* ?? f = ? ff? U.S. Banfc.......... 1 I 7 7 ~ \ 7 Reading RR I siv MV 77, ~ ~ 3S 4 Morru Caoal 20i.' la'A "j? 0L/ 5255!> Kant Bosdiu.... _ i?4 19 18>? ~ I# MJ* N. Am.Trust " _ 10 Z Z Z ~V A comparison of quotations ruling at the close of tho market yesterday, with those current at the close of the previous week, shows an advanco in Stonington of 2 por cent; Erie 4; and Reading R. R. 3J; and a decline in Loug Island of6 percept; Harlem 3}; Canton}; Farmers' Loan J; Norwich k Worcester 12J; Illinois 6's 2f; In diann 4; Kentucky ti'i IJ; Pennsylvania 6's 13. Morris Ca nal 1}. The o are a variety of causes for the depression exist in? in the stock merket, and these causes are likely to produce a further depreciation in the market value of many securities used for speculation in this and other ci. ties. The condition of the money market is the prime cause of the panic that has haJ such a serious effect upon stocks, and tho numerous things affecting the value aud volume of the currency are of a more per manent nature (ban many imagine. The banks have been compelled, Jn a measure, to adopt the course they have duriag the past veek been pur. I 8",n& Th* fr?'1 produced by the pMfcable passage | ol tho Sub-Treasury law, the large payments about be | ing made, on ac count of the State debts aivl State into rest, ami the probable demand for specie for remittan ces in payment of those to foreign holders, hare all ten I ded to a contraction on the part of the banks of this city particularly, which naturally restricted all operations , depending upon these institutions for facilities to con ! duct. The State of New York will pay, on the first of Janun ry, $2,362,536 of its debt then falling due, and the Bank of the Stato of Siutn Carolina will pay off $225,677 oi the debt ol thot State, making the sum of $2,688,212, in these two items alone; besides these,there is the interest on the stocks of the various cities and States, and of tho gen eral government, to be paid, and that held abroad to be j remitted, perhaps in spocie; and still further, tho anticipa 1 ted receipt of a largo amount of State stocks owned ^n Europe, for sale and for immediate remittance of the unds, in specie or prime bills of exchaugo, will re quire n large amount of money, most of which will be sent out of the country in some shape. All these things, both teal and imaginary, have had a very unfavor able influence upon the money and stock market, and it ! must be admitted that there are sufficient reasons to jus j tify the course pursued by the banks. No ono can just ly complain of tho contracted state of tho money market but every one must deprecate the fluctuating movements of those institutions. If the banks would pursue a more uniform course in all their operations, there would not be any cause for these great and sudden They would be continually prepared for all kinds of times; in fact, there would not occur those causes for any contraction, if these institutions were conducted as they should be. The expansions in credits and in commercial affairs, they from time to time produce, derange tho cur rency and create an inflated, fictitious state of thirds, that requires the most rapid contraction to check before it is too late. One evil leads to another, and of two evila we should reject tho greatest. It would be much more profitable to all classes, if tho currency was maintained at a uniform value anl volume, than under the continual expansions and contractions that the banks so frequently inflict the commercial classes with. The banks of this city are particularly interested in those fluctuations ; being deeply invol ved in stock operations, purchasing at one time, and sell ing at another Tliey are as much interested iu the changes, they from time to time produce, as any indivi dual bull or bear in Wall street. There is no power strong enough to regulate theae chartered stock speculating companies, the nominal bu siness of which is banking, but the 8ub-Treasury. The Legislature of every State in the Union is every ses sion increasing tho number of banks, and the amount of capital, and we must look to the general government for the adoption of some meafure calculated to restrict the operations and issues of this swarm of money manu facturing monopolies. There is now very little dotibt but that the Sub-Trea sury bill will become a law sometime during the present session of Congress. Every interest of the country demands it, and the party in power will hardly dare re fuse it. This act is closely identified with the perma nent prosperity of th- country, and it guarantees ? pro gross in oil commercial matters, of a steu ly and tolid nature. Under its operations, there can be none of thoso minions reactions that now so frequently derange and destroy the prosperity thot may at any time exist, and tlie value of the currency will bo ultimately estnh.' lished upon a pure specie basis, and the volume regu lat<>i| by the amount 01 the precious metals afleat. The annual report of the president of the State Bank of Indiana has been made to the Legislature. An exten sion of five years of the privilege of issuing notes of loss denomination than $5, was asked a year ago from tho Legislature. Tho privilege, as previously granted, would expire in about a year from that time. It was, therefore, desired that the extension should be granted or refused by that Legislature, so that the bank and branch** might con Juct their bn*jnaHH accordingly. It is now claimed that the privilege, as originally confer red, is commensurate with the charter. What action tho Legislature will take in tho premises remains to be seen. The condition of the bank, 011 the 16th of November, ac cording to the report made to the Legislature of India m, Compared with previous reports, was as annexed:? State B*t? or [!>iniA?s. Spttie. Circnlat'n. P'rn\tt> Hi 1,at <*? he Increase of the capital stock ol this bank within the past year, haa been $17,034 ; in specie, $40,646 . and <liTi'len,U' ; '? bills of Exchange, ?733,8*7 ; deposit., *<*,621S and ?, circulation, >644, 130. The circulittioo was greater at the data of the laat report than it had beau any time previoualy. The in. crease in iuue* and decreaie in fpecie, doe* not *how any very great improvement in the attain of the baulu? Tiie excess of circulation over fpecie amount* to 771, and the proportion ef paper to ?pecie i* a* three and a to one. ?>!<! S tacit Kb $1000 Kentucky 6t, IPO 250 ,h* N A Trust ?i.; 10000 Illinois S|>rrial :i3\ 50 do ij? 1000 Indiana nierlmg 37>4 200 Loa* 1.1 RR ?:j0 U'l 10(W In(tnu t SO yr Bu< 35 450 d<> u,, SOW do *30 35 1110 do bbW Ml4 25W00 .'eu )a 5s 68? 35 Mohawk RR if 3 6000 (1(1 hlO f,U>. 1.11 lLrl...n Ml; . 1000 ? ,do ? b10 68H lj0 Harlem RH 3000 Ke.uliug Rn Bds ?8'i 50 ilo J2i ,, '' '' Jjo2 68-? 125 S'.ouiuKCou RR Jii] 400 .hs L S B.tuli 1 85 do <0 12110 Farmer.' Truit 26'* 100 Nor &. Wor RR ?* .??<> , 26 3"0 do .30 68 50 Morns Canal 19 Jo do HO r.8>' 40 do IM 15 do 68 t 3?? < o 1 #? 25 do blO 68 ! 4" do b4in 20 JO do MO (.8 JO do t6m 21 If5 do b30 61 50 di blO 19 160 do gJU G1K? 800 do b(i0 19>4 125 Ho 674<? 200 do briw 19 100 lUadiu* RK 65 260 Canton Co 35^ 100 do >30 66 W do ft 15 36>J 200 do b30 66 ^ i .u. * ^60 38>4 200 do yjk? flfl kltnl HII f,f. nf.n J.. , 409 Lou* Island RR 55 250 do '??> b30 J5 50 Erie RR S5U ^ ^ Imwtmm w 71 40 do low 5?W 40 do" ~ 7i >2 *? "J? 54K 25 Housuonie RR 26 50 do 110 5-jlJ 50 do 9od* 27 fc?eoiid Bo irrt. ?0 tin Farmers' Lo?o 26 50ilu Rradiug RR J5W 40 do >30 26 10 do ?5? J? M ^?x? 25 1(0 Loug Island 54 75 Nor tc Wor 66 2i do M d,? .. 86 1(10 do mw 533i *'0 do *30 66 JO d;> 53-! "O 66 U 125 Canton Co JJ 2* d" 66,!.i 75 Morns Canal 1H>? StiM'U Kxdiul'ur. !? f'"rmTru?t ?3 16 4(0ih* L III RR cash 54^ /. . cll,.h K 1('9 do *s 44>b i* cash IB25 Stoniuvroii KR ?30 .w itiA i' . d'V c"" 18'? 140 Nor fc Wor blO 6*'. 100 Canton Co cash 35'a. 10 do blO 68^ JJ do cn?h :i5V. 1(0 do ra?h 68 d" ?? 35!.? 25 do cash 67!* 40 do bl5 ?7* iWurrtott. On Tuoi.Jbv, 23d in?t., in St .Stephen'* Churoh, by the Rev. Joseph H. Trico, Mr John Wallac* to Miss Eum .\1 , daughter of the lute Capt. .Michael Ka*h, both of this city. Utica paper* will pleaio copy. On tho U7th inat., by the R~v K. Kvans, Mr. ALr?? u C HA*cei.LOH, to Mis* Julia A** Vr.-sw, third daughter of Henry Venn, all of this city. Died. On the 29th in?t, after a lingering Illness, Lkowaid G. Hoffman nuo<l S4 years. His friemTs and those of bis son. Tobias W. Hoffman, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his Into residence, 209 Walker stroet, on Tuesday after noon, at half-pant 2 o'clock. . M On Sunday, 28th inst., at 11J o'clock A. M.,Cha?lm Joh*. infant son of Job and Grace Easton, aged I year ""TheTrieiidV of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, Irom the residence ot his father, NO. 20S William street, on Tuesday the 30th lust., at.? o clock P. M., without further invitation^ On Sunday the 28th instant, of a lingering consump tion, Nicholas James Sullivan, aged 20 years and lour Tn^friendv and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his 8 o'clock, from his late residence No 41 Allen, corner of Hester street, on Wednesday morning. Slot instant. His remains will lie taken to Kant Chester f-r interment. The funeral services will bo performed on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o clock, at Uis re sidence- , n> fyy- Mobile papers please copy. , ? Ou Sunday, December 28th, J amis IIkkm, formerly reporter of various papers in this city. His friends and the members of the press generally, are respectfully invito ! to attend his funeral this (Mon day) uliernoon, fiom French's Hotel, t ulton street, at .1 o'clock, without further invitation. AliCriUM SAI.hM. A. C. TUTTLE. Auctioneer. O \LE OK HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES, fcc.-JACOB 0 S. PLATT will sell, th sday. at the auction t??m,M0 lot. Plated Ware. Girandoles. Solar Lamps, I tilislied Btell rire Setts. Tea Trsys Cutler/, Ebony and Gilt 21 day Clock*. C AUoSa"ii o'clock. over 100 Gold Watches, and Watch Ma "liftH^'lO^clock,?.. ce. Toys^sorted^rom ?0r to 180u pieces each, surable lor retail inn A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioueer ? WATCHES A>D JEWELLERY SALE?JACOB S PLATT will sell, this dsy, at 23 Piatt 'feet-111.1' o'clock, over 100 Gobi V^atches. consisting of Anchors, L vers. Lepiutf, Chronometers, full snd e?tr? je?el.,ofthe ratuufctue of Tobias, Harrison, Edwards, and olher cele brated in.ik'rt, in lots suitable for the trade ur ll'dlN'^,,l['1 Also, a luge assortment of Movements, Gold ? Stc 8te. 1 " \. C. TUTTLE, Auct'oneer. rc^OV SALE?Jacob f. Piatt will sell this day, at half-past r 10 o'clock, at No 23 Piatt street, 20 case. lW- cases of BOO nnd IS0O each- Smtabl* l-r retailing k - DUTCH BULBOUS ROOTS, to. A* AUC'IllON- r. Ait'VY will neli This Morning, at 11 o clock, at r!Lu- ? * . li'roadway, one case of very superior Bulbous ROOU, and our lumper of P* .uH?. ju-t re^e'vef. "u^u every vnnr , of lnest sorts, lit Hue order. Also, ou? trsveiiiUK Trunk, w.lh its contents, cousutiut,- of a variety of u^uj?ti cles, mid suited 10 the aeason ?? WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. HIV A (II AND Ff ARTHhSWARL"'By Vi ' C WILLaKD.?THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, at the store No. 33 Liberty stv-et. Trade tale by catalogue, lot* from the shelve* guit^etailers, printed, painted edged and c .e. ware, white zranite, china ten sets, toys,fancy toile ? ? M risks pressed tumblers, solsr nlobes, cut and Pl*"j- A,JJ; oiht-r iilu> ware and fancy goods from Importers, j sitfiimeata. _ .. - TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. CiTOLEN fiom No 20i> Madison street, on Saturday, 2mi S in,7.,a GODD LEVER WATCH. Jo?eph J'-hn...n, Liv erpool, maker, No. 1102,wit ' (told chaiu. '* above rew-rd will be lor its recovery, by THOS W1L Li AM8, Jr., 93South street corner holloa. Qrj 11 m _ BO ARDING.?A geutleinsu and his wife, and two iing'u K 'utlemui, cau lie hccommodate.l with good bo*ro ami tilessant rooms, iu a <iaiet respectable family, where every at teution will lie paid to their comfort. Also, two or three gen tlemen ca have board wi'hout lodging. For terms, whichare mndcrafe, lease apply st No. 7 Vandewaier street. d21 3'.*rc A SUIl'ABLK Ni:W YLAR'S GIFT, U8EKUL all the year round. A VISITING CARD PL A 1 E. elegantly eu?raved, and a jnck of cards neatly printed, beii.f a vary neatiue'emfor the New Year. Cards printed from engraved pl.ttes iu the nestejt miuner at short notice Csrdsat Home. Cake and Visiting Cards executed in the first style of the sit ?t|n'j'r?t|' orices; lace horoered and embossed envelopes, abeautiful arti cle for w edding cards. P e ise c ill and es^mine specimens at VALENTINE'S Card Engraving aud Punting Establish ment. No. 1 Betkmau street, one door from 1 ark Row. ?I21J11* in ? MOHAWK AND HUDSON RAll.ROAI) BOND*. ; era street. "the ALHAMRA, JVn 559 Broadway. (hftween Spring and Princc.) ?f 11L BK LKT tOR CONCERTS, Lectures, Lidies W K.I r? aud all othtr n-tpeettble public entertainm-nts and ethihitions, ou reas nable terms. . , . ? . . No establishment ia the city csu compare with It in the e t ...i cuveuience if iu arrangemeuts, sua its suitnuie throughout with not air furnaces. 111 B I R L) 5>! NKW YEAH*' I'UKSKNTS, At A.GKIEVE'S, No.i JOHN STREET. '1^ HIS establishment now presents the I lection of Birds to be fouud on ihe Continent.^?r?m SSS'Sk Jte anus aga sr Ch?rles's, high-bred Terriers English snd Scotch, and every t, OdVi! id 'sv^sit to Ch I s A v'ia r y will ?0"^? {J* '.ue'Sdedto ?f bis establishment. All country order, promptly alleud d29 Ur ... NKW YEAR'-S 'I'AULLS. T1LUM POUND ALMOND, and SPONGE OAKKS P richly ornamented Pyramids, Vases, Ba-ketsfcc; Moulds of Jellv li e Cream, Blanc Mange, auu I. narioile Rus.e cry.tMli/e'd Fruit, snd Bonbons Mottoes of every de scnption furnished by TH0Mp80N k WELLER , d291tis*m 23i and 7'3 Brosdwsy. ' M LV hit LEVbR WATCHES II OOD double bottom English LEVER WATCHES^w I. Ijr be sold at the iibov. I ? price until 1the first.>f ?.?o Lever Movements at $9M?: to cb..e co?.i?nrnents I. r tt.e FIFTY THOUSAND LIVES SCALDED 'IO VESTERDAY AK1 ERNOON. the ???'"?}? ,of 5lJf ^{J; Y str.ef was thrown mlo sn ni.u?n*l sl?te^e* i^e ment occasioned by the .niiouuc-ment that Me's". Keckham k Vincent Ind dellbei t.-li scalded. prM< for the f-stive setsou. hlty thousand ss mwi tUster. as eier Kneed the tab!*4 of a c ?n?oi*seur on h . si,Pi| Kisli Sauces, constantly on hand, at their wareh. u , ,tjn,,rc street. New Vork. ;?77=T 1)11 P()SVELL, DCULlhl 1 M) OPERATIVE SITKGK(?N, atlemKto A the Kvesiid to ,11 ^ ? ^h^r?;Sr.^i*VB,h?TO riu^e. Cat-act snd Opacities, effectually removed ....i .?ccess. AMAUROSIS treated with gresl ?"ention iuid suceeij. li.veteTatec .se, of STRABISMUS, or Squiuting, cured m " AR^lVlc'lAL EYES inserted that esc scarcely be dis tinct! ished from the natnral. | , tf1nfs 1W Warten Offices and residence J61 Broadway-eutranco 1(j$0?,crn st'eel TEETH ! TEETH! TEETH inserted withont PJiu. and wsrrantetl good as the L uatu al ones, lor buir.g aiid m?*Hration. A complete double set ol best mineral Teeth on ^ 0fl A*set oFfcsst mineral Teeth on hue gold IJtaJJ. lor lite upper jaw, to be wore b? tmorp. e jq fo pressure, |1 (? to S W Htugle I Outh, froin ie l '>n S'y 1j^?T(Tn^S,^o?m? Canal street and Broadway, rau-e in Camil street. : \ i i AKI s foil THE COMING HOLIDAY#.*?At the old i. y esublished Btkery No 10 Cotirtlnndt street, may be h.\d ? 'of Cakes of all the best materials and at prices to "Uitthe^UM ^ b leading to receive calls ou New seats, won Wedding ling as above previous toJ PUTchasini elsewhere, weuu. h "aE " ?r"ment "JiVo akculah\vl\SON?_ "j W THORNE It CO., Todace a?4 H lomr MerchaaMll | el ? Broad street. a fit ?? PHfLHARM.ON 10 SOCIETY. FOURTH SEASON?SECOND CONCERT. THE P. liLIC and tli? lutmciiIktj are respeitfully inform ed that the Second Concert of tho present irtr n will take (il-c# lit the Apollo Saloon, oo SATV'KDAY EVEN. I NO, January 17[h, Ul6. Hulsrn|>nous rcceiteil it Meun Scatlenherg Si Lewi*' Music Store, 3M Broadway. By o der, JA.VIES L. EN8ION, 6V.t 6t* ? V&'PIt rc Secret iry. ? Amiuul Hall OK THE EMERALD ASSOCIATION OK THE CITY OK BROOKLYN. rPHE COMMI1TBII of he abore Associstion rospect fully X I), k leave t" inform the )>?> tfMMt public, th?t thetr A unuul Ball will uk? place on t'.e tvemug ol' Wt.DN EW DA V, 'lie 7th of January. 1 it, t! the Asseiub'.y Rooms of the Bin kiwi (iaW Military) (iiiden. The <'omiiutt*e pieilKi themselves that no *i?rtioM will W spa'ed on their pert to make tl'e oaiiiui'l ??>.t ri unmet I as agreeable &>, if not mure iLt. rrtiiug tliau t ;"ir lurni r our*. J'hey doubt not that ntltbose who feel interested ioprovi d'i i|au Aevlntu I r the deat tutr Mai* Ocphaus of tins city, will eviuce their solicitude by being present ou this eccati <u. T.cktu ^t %l e?ch. c.u be procured from the CO MM I IT K E or itdiKUCSItsri. Owen t Ik in, James street. Morthy Riorum, corner York and Pearl. Joiei h K gait, corner York and Main. James Oil way. Nassau street. Mariot MejCinuey. Jumef I. Turner, corner Jackson ar.d Marshall. Win II. Peck, 1HHLFullon. A. I K. Tombs,70 Biidge. B. Ridden, comer Mum und York. J Howard, Powers street. < lit?Irs Rrilly, KO York street. T. Mulligan, corner Hicks klJ AtUntic. Keli* O'Neil, li J 'Uies utrret Joliu Kmchaier, coruer York ?nd Green streets. Joliu Sweeney, coruer A'lantic and Columbia. P. I!, l.enuon, IGi Pearl street. Joliu Hii'chey, Atlantic strerl. Jolw Oarvey, Marshall street Jolm Colgan, James street, N Y. John Re'ly. corner J icksmiacd Plymouth. Ter. Brady, Secretary, 150 V ork, or of James L>uan Siith W.ird Hotel, coru?rDuaue and Centre ttre, ts, New York; and 1). Sweeney, Auu street. New York TKRRENCK BRADY. Secretary. Mr. Lothian's Umivalted Cotillion Band u engaged. Kloor under the direction of Mr. D. J Luc<?. D liicuig to c'liii'ueuce at 8 o'clock. d2> rc OH AND NEW VEAR'S EVE Li ALL. 'TMIK First Auuual Soiree of the Independent Putnam Guard, i will lake place on New's fc-ve Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1SI5. at tlx C.i uruni, 450 li roadway I The Committee, in ennouncit.g to the public mid their friend*, this their First Annual Ball, pledge themselves that no pons or exp-nse will lie spared to nuke this Ballequ.lto the be.t tint will he given this sessou. Dingle's (Juadrille Bund is engaged for the occasiou, and will

perform all the new and admired inumc of the day. : Tickets One Dollar, to he had of the Commuter, or i t the following place:?Atwill'i Music Store,201 Broadway; lloag ? er's Book Stoie. 301 Broclway; fc,. it L. H. Kmbree's bonk ?Stoie. 134 Bowery; Stock well'* Crotou Luuch, and of Mr. Mil I lei , a' the Coliseum, 450 Broadway. d29 3l"m CELEBRATION OF THE THIR1IETH ANNIVERSARY Ok" THF. BATTLK OF SJKW ORLEANS, CM the Hth of January, 184fi. I GRAND BALL, BY THE { So< lcty of Tnmmany or Columbian Order. i T'lK ANNUAL BALL of this Society will he given at ; -1 Tammany Hall on the 1th ot January out, with unatuaj ' splendor. The room will be elegmtly aud elaborately decorated by : Ue Jouge, of the Park The itre. The celebrated Baud of Mr. Lothian is eugaged forihe occasion. Manv distmiiuishe l Mil it.iry, Naval, and other mints, have been inrucd, many of whom will be present. The most efficient police, and other arrangement* are iu progiess, to render the feitivity in every respect worthy of the occasion, and of the Society who com i inenio'ate it. Tickets may be obtaiued of the following COMMITTEE. Charles Mills, Stephen R. Harris. M.U. El'jih r Purdy, . Henry Vandewater, James Conner, 1' McC.ifferty, Robert B. Boyd, I>?vFeng, Peter Crawford Ktnlieii Buun, Geergu S. Messervt', John Everaon, i Hemy Storms, H. V*u Hovcuburg, M.D. John I. Manning, James C. Stoueail, Paul K Hubbs. Joseph A. Divver, Char lea M.ipes, (ieorgeC. Bailarine, Henry P. \V uimaker, (T. K. Hibb?id, | 'ihou> Keiliuter, Wm Tyack, Abraham Bogart, Jr., Win. F. front, Win. J. Brown, Theophtlus Peck, Geo. S.Mann. Av. ry Green, Isaac V. fcowler, Jo.'ii Becker, | Richard B. Cou>.lly, Richard D. Letter, Johu 8. J. Westervelt, E C Barton. I , DANIEL E. DEL A VAN, Grand Sachem. Aimm W . hum. Secretary. I N B The Committee of Arrangements are requested to be i i iiueuuI in their attendance on Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, as husiueis of napoitance will be laid before them. diiH ?trc THE IRISH EMIGRANT SOCIETY"!* BALL rrHK EXECUTIVE COMMITTER OK THE IRISH i EMIGRANT SOCIETV, respectfully announce to the . public, that the second Anuiitl Ball in aid of the funds of the ! Society will be given at Niblo's, on MONDA i Evening, De I ceAi(ifi 29th. | Tickets, to admit a geutleman and two ladiea, are three dol : ars ? ach, and may be had from any of the officers of Che So i ciety. , T. W. Clerke, Esq., President, 43 Nassau st. | <Gregory Dilten, E?q , 1st Vice Presideut, 33 Barclay st. I Joseph Stuart, Esq , 2d Vice Presideut, 'i2 William st. Hugh K? 1 ley, fc.sq., 3d Vice President, <j8 Bowery. j James Rev huru, fcsq 4 Treasurer, 99 Wall st. William Redmond, fc^q., Treasurer pro. tem., 44 Exchange Place. | John T. Doyle, Esq , Corresponding Sec'y, 75 Nassau it. 1 M. J. O'Connor, fc'.sq., Recording Sec'y, 99 John st. Fell* lugoldaby, Esq., 119 Maideu lane. I John Manning, Esq., 166 Pearl st. I C. H. Sheaium, Esq . 14 Kuliou st. I Jainei Mathews, I sq.. 95 Wall st. Dr. Hugh Sweeney, 97 Klin st. 1 Arthur Stewart, E?q ,08 Merchants' Exchange. C. M. Naury. Esq., 83 Pine st. ! James Olwell, E?j., 179 West st. I Thomas Bolaml, fc.sq , 18 Ann st. John McNicol, Esq .51 Roosevelt it. Thomas Swanwick, Esq., 55 Tine st. James Sliepherd, k.rq Charles E i?he* Esq., M Cedar st. Terence Douuelly, }? sq., 7 South William st. And at the office of the Society, No 6 4un street. n?9 SaTu&Th tnPWre TO viPKINS' BLUES BALL. rpHE SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL BALL of this Com X piny will take place a. Niblo's, on Mouday evening, Jan , titry 5th, 1816. COMMITTEE: Lient. Johu R. P:att, Kusigti Jonas Bartlett, Sergt. George H D^kin. I Lii^nt. JOHN THOMAS, Chairman. Sere'. (tEO H. B Alt R. Secretary. d23 oJ5r I FlKtil' UOMPANY UNION jtIFLL.VlLN'a ~ BALL. '|' HK. Tenth Annual Ball of this Company will take plicc ? at the Apollo, ou Wednesday, the 28th January next. In unking the necessary arrangements, the committee have I been instructed to s|?ire no expense or pains, and it is conC | dentlv expected the company on this occasion will surpass all I their former efforts. Tickets $2, to be obtained of the following committee : Captain 8. S. Parker. 158 Greenwich st. 1 Lieut. Muckeridge, 57 Sii iug st. Sergeant Whitman 256 Bleecker st. Sergeant Pnynton, 30 West'Broadway". ('harles D. Stiles, Gothic Hail, 316 Broadway. Henry Walker, 359 Grind st. I Wm. Brimlow, 59 Cherry st. H.W.Parker. 154 Greenwich st. i dl3,23,j in 3,I5,28,27.28*r I BURNS' ANNIVERSARY?WILLIAM DA VIES. | ' | 'Hfc'. admirers of Burns, and in favor of celebrating the diy 1 on whit h he was born, are invited to meet at the Blue ' Bonni t House, 17 Sprnce street, on Tuesday evening, the 30th mstant. at )? past 7. t ? tnak* the necessary arrangements. The fneudt of Davies are also iuvittd to m?et at the same titae and place, to take measures for a Benefit for our helpless, but worthy brother d291l-mc Per order,. JOHN MORRISON. i OTIS FIELD AND MILLIARDS, AT BASHiORD'S ROOMS.?Billiard flayer* are re f|?trthilly iiifthat the Rooms mid Tables ?re un derffoing a thorouf h re pair, aud will be com|? etely ready to receive oompauy on New Year's E?e. Oti?, hirrself, will be at Home, and invites his frieuds ami the tmiilic, to call at his old favorite Quarters. Lntrauces? \Ji Ann *treet, aud 145 kt ?" btre'>t? Billiard Tables aud Tiimmings for ialt. N B ?A s|)lendidlot of French Leathers, jutt imiK>rt#d, aud | lot sale. d29 3t*rc , i i , Okficr oh the Mbrcantilk Mutual Ikiuia^cb Co. ) ' i . No. 63 Wall street, December i7th, 1845 ) A P A MEETING of the Trustees, held at the offic? of the j /X Company, ou the 3rd instant, JOSEPH WALKER was unanimously elected Presideut, in place of Lewis Giegor , resigned; and Lt:wis Grcoout was'lected Vice President, to i supply the vacancy occasioned by the resiguatiouot Joseph , Hone. By order of the Trustees, I ? , ELL WOOD WALTER, Secretary. Makime I>jt oy Cariio a'sd fc'ni.x.HT o^t.i. The Mercantile Mutual Inturaure < ompan>,No 6) Wall ; street, confiues its business to Marine iLSurance on freightaud I Cargo. New subscription notes, amounting to upwards of Two Huudied Thousand Dollars bave been received, and further I additions are daily being irade to its a?s-ts. The Company invites attention to it* plan of busiuess,which it is believed, offers pre iter protection and larger returns to the assured than any oilier. TRUSTEES. Thomas Hunt, Jas. McCnllough, Thos. Achelis, Win. C. L ii'gley, Septimus Crooks, Cteo. W. Taylor, H?nrr Sheldou, Charles P.yen, Levi Cook, J is. fc reel and, Chas. H Kogers, A. Lesoux, Thos. 8 Nelson, H. E. Moring, D. L 8?yre, Wilson G Hunt. W. C. Atwater, Alexis 8 Biker. I jtewnt C. Msr.h, W A.Kereltas, M Wa d. ' G'o. H'ttii'KS, ( h 's G Cirleton, Leonard Kirby, C. W. A Rodgtrs, Lucius Hoi<kins, J -s. C. liallock, Henr> Jessop, Daniel G H inland, S. F. Jenkins, G. D. Pheli s, Hermc Boker JOSEPH WALKER. President, Lewis Giniiohv, Vice Pr sidcnt. hi i w.'on Wit.Trn S?cr>t'iry. cT'R 1 inrc CHOICE PERFUMERY FOR THE HOLIDAY'S '11 Sl'BSL RIBfclRS bave just r?cei?ed a fresh supply of A piencli tod English t'erlumery, co< s sting of Patchouli, Verbena, Bouquet de Caroline, Extracts of Geranium, Vio lets. Murk Jaiiinu. Mille fc'leurs, put up in beautiful style; the genuine fca'in i Col-gne, ?t the very low price of SI 15 per box, usually sold at SI 75. WEEKS Si 4NDEH80N. JO Fultou, corner Water strict, aud 63 Bowery, d27 lw"r corner Walker street. 'inifc'. JUNIOR BACHfc.l.oKS' ASSOCIATION will S. give their fcourih Annual Ball, at Niblo's Saloon, ou Thurs diy evening, January IJtb ?127 tol.5-r SAMUEL M. CONTKLIN, Secretary. HXPPV NEW YEAR, I84A.?Ladies who want handsome Shoes for the approaching Holvdajs, can find at J. B Jliller's, 142 ( anal street, White and Black Satin, sIsoFrench Morocco and Kid Slippers, for balls, parties, weddings, fcc.? Lidiev'Gaiter Boots, co'ored and black a beantifal article it moderate prices. India Rubber Over Shoes?a handsome as sortment constantly for sale. I.adies wi'l pleaae call at J. B. MILLER'S, 142 street d27ntis'r between Thompson and Snllivsn streets. ABBEY HOTEL A SELECT BALI, will be given at the above Hotel, on cV Momlay fc'.'sning, 29th Dec., IMV Ticketa limited?a few re ir un uuseld?to be ha.l by app yinget Johu Floreaea'i, corner of Broadway and P.irk Plttce, and st the *bbef Hotel. GEO. K. P*.R HI NY Proprietor. H. Moore s stages will coirey the compaaf to the Abbey, from 7 to Id, and will be ready to return with than when cxllea ,nr- <Utt lwta*rc CIIICKERINO'S PIANO-FORTE VVAREROOM8, ?<?:? Broailwaf, No. IJ mill 7 I.nfnr^e ISul(ding. ''j^H^; PUBLIC, will And at the above rooms ??enerr.l assort] M ment of Grand and Square Tiano Fortes, (t the same prite as at my Factory in Boston- d?7 Im'r ( \ VERCOATSJCLOAKS, fce.?A large assortment Mena' fn,l Vonihs' Beaver Milled Cloth aal filot Overcoats, Cloaks, Itc . for sale readv made, ntour tit Ml moderate price* WM. T. JENNINGS k CO.II1 Broadway, alt Imis* r Aaaarican Hotel. f Ait IK TflKAT&K. FIRST NIUHT OK AM1LIE. Muii'U; Kv?iiti<x, Utremlxr 4\t, Will ke j'Tformed,'., General Count Von der Ti ;iner Mr. Scgu u. Jcwc S,>?ek!>ai-S,er Mr Fr in. Paul Pesta, * Chamois hunter Mr Deluvanti. Auiilm, a >'cuu? Orphan Mri. HtKuin. Tu exclude with THE OLD SOLDIER. Adam Leaihersole Mr Buss .Mutri Michael Cramp Fiahvr Patience Cramp Mij? Fanny Gordon Price of Admission?Bv*?s, ti ; Pit, 'j'j '.cb-i , <Jii!l?ry, tt cents. UooNofn ?.t 6>? ?\i (be Curia:* Willr ie pi-scisr y at 7 o'clock. ~ HOMVhtlV THKA'l'?t?< A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR Mondujr Kvenlitg, Urtrmlxr !40, The perform mo* to emmence with PUTNAM. (Jen. Mr. Milner M'jO' Sapliuij Mr. D -import. . W,| i-m Mr. CI 'tke. Oueacuh, an Indiwu Chief Mr. J. II. Scott To coni-lude with ERNEST MALTRA VERS. Richard I) ir?il Mr. J R Siott. Ernest Maltravers Mr. Davenport. Alice Darvil Mrs Midi<on. (T>>" Lower Bjies M cents; Seroad ec-i Third J\e? . &) eta.: Pit and (Jallery, 12X erntt Doors will ot.'o at h.-.'f past 8 'he enrti , ? ",|1 r.?? a' J PALMO S Ul'ERA HOVlHi* AMATEUR PERFORMANCE FOR THE BENEFIT OK THE POOR. Turiday Evening, December IIO, IS4"i, Will be performed ihe Tntgtdy of HAMLET, Chn/acter? by the Amateurs. To c>iuctuJ w th tlie Uu11*--?!'i?? cUied BOM BASTES FURlfoO Tickets One Dollar, to .niinit one tieutU in 'ii Ld I idy Dkors < pen ai half-put fix?perioriuaii' e lo Cumi nice at 7. dyp 2:*rc BUWKlll CIKClS. BENEFIT OK MR MORRIS. Montlny Eaonlnj;, l)< cc tuber ''V. JOHN (.OSNIN In a principal act of liunenidu-hip ( (owned by T> trr Morrn. A splendid volume oi MORRIS' COMIC SONG8 Will lie preaented gratuitous to all who purchsie tickets at Bui Office. IT/" Uoxea 23 cen'a?Pit 12>? crnta. IT/" On NKW YEAR'S D.-vV there will be a Grand Oala at the Bowery Cirrus. o<9 ll'in UT SIHKM' I'M 1.A4 jLkjb PHILADELPHIA. Ltiitt Mr. Bi'kto*. Si hoi: Miliail Mr. BaocnHaM. FIRST NIGHT OK THE ENGAGEMENT OK MhS. AND MR. C KEAN Monday Evening, December 30, 1**3, Will be |*rtoru.eJ ION. Ion, Mu. C. KEAN; Adrantus, Mr C. KEAN; Agenor, Mr. E Shaw; Medou, Sir J Scott | Phociou, Mr. Bowers; Cle mauthe. Mrs. M> stayer To conclude ? ith the comedy of CHARLES II Charles 2nd. Mr. C Howard: Kail ol Rochester. Mr. Brnufh >m, Cantaiu Copp, Mr. Burt >n; Kdw rd, Miss Nelson; Mary Copp. Mr?. C. Howard ' late Mm Roaina Shaw. Mltil K'l'RM,*;'!' i k?iw?i tin . PHILADELPHIA Momlav Xr?nln?, Dercmhtr 'iO, Will be ac'ed the D am a of A WIFE'S REVENGE, Ague* De Veie, Mrs.Purke Kitty Dobba Mis Tnayer. jJj,V Alfred Dc Vere Mr. Fredericks. Fir?t appears ce of Mr W1NCHELL, the celrbratedec centric comedian , who will it. p?ar in hn popular piece of LOVE AND CASH. Sy Snndcra Mr. VVinckell. To conclu ie u iih .ht new r?ut< intnie tl'the (JitKEN MONSTER, lucreisiuij ritthtlv ill attraction?Mekira. Btirke, V ood, Ste vens, Davis, lirown and Mrs. Dunn, will ?p|*-4'-. D?e in tu--- will be u is en 1 1 the rt-rei reseiitation r,f the POOR OENTLEMAs with it? bril'iant c??t NAI'IUXaL 1 HKA'i'l K WU CIRCUS, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, ' litinr the m.-iu auement of WELCH MAN> A\L> DfcLAVAN; Is opened throughout the Winter Season a brilli.Tit combination of unapproachable r.questrioia, Voltigeurs, ai.d UymniasU, unrivalled even 111 the great Eguine Temples of France and Eu*liuid The limits in a;i advertisement " ill > admit of a del c iptive list of some of the Irghly gifted artists of this great establishment. IN THE FEMALE CLASS. MADAM- MAC ARTE, Fir-t Principal. MRS. HOWARD, First Scene qiie?triau. MRS. K. W' 'ODS, Fit] Allamaude and l'w Horse Equestrian Tight Hoi>e Datrer and Equestrian, embodying a variety of Fanciful and Mythological characters. Miss L. ws;lls. Principal Male Equestrians, LEVI NORTH and T. Vr. TURNER. fr irst Equestrian Pantomist, C. J. ROOKR8 A New School Backward Rider, with Indian Effects. SlONOR GERMANI Two and Hoar ilorse Equestnn and Positiouist, J. J. NATHANS. His pupils are \V, ( n>c<de end I ittle K I'aUt >r. Personitier of Local Characters, Sic MR. E WOODS. Principal Arena Equestrian, W- b. (ARFOL First Vauher of the Trou|>e, MB. McKAKLaND. Equilibrist and Posturer, MR. O. DUNBAR. Clowns, MESSRS. MAY and Wt-LLS. ? , King Maste-, H.NK HULLS Professional Comic Vocalist*. MESSRtv DTCKENSON, LATHHOP, WEAVER and KI<LLY. ; A large company ol Hough Rider* An Orchestra full and efficient, led by Mr. M\ ENS. lat-of the I'aik Theetre 1 he iiuin-ri na splendid Costumes by Mr. A. J. ALLEN. The,Box Office is open froru 9o'i lock in the woruiuv uutit I o clock, P.M , where every atteniiou will be paid to the public wishes. ADDITIONAL ATTRACTIONS At the buiidin? formerly Ijuowu a* PEAlE'S MLNKl-M, Opposite I fie City If nil, Broadway, HANINGTON'8 I GRAND THEATRE OF ARTS, | Beautiful Spanish LwlKcapes?Magnificent Fairy (Jrotto. ?_ ^ . r/, KA-NA IU-TI iO, or the Green Leaf Chief oi the Iroquois tribe of Indians, ac companied by two young Squaws, a b-are of the tame tribe, j and two young Indians, will per orin a variety of dances pecu lidr to linn singular race. Introducing the Warrior D ?nce, Marringc Dance, Piisoner's Dance, Festival Dance, the L?ou D*?ce, and ..... Indian Dance of Pleasure Splendid display ot Artificial Chinese Fire Works, with d*nciug by _ _ LA PfcTlTfc c:?ciLIA. Tickets 2b cents?Children half price. Performance to commence Ht ? oVK ck. d29 lt*m | VANAMJrtUKGIl Ar CO.'JS ZOOLOGICAL EXHIBITION, flo. till Bowery, .. . O ''Osite the Bowery Theatre, will open on ( Til or set uy Kveiiliig, JDeeeinber 18th, 1845. MR. VAN A V. Ulttflt bariuK spent years in Kurope wirh nluanr success, has returned af er having collected with great enreandeipense, u*mostSP< KND1D AND KXTEN ! SIVK CoLLkCTIO n O t< ANIMALS that has ever been ex | {J!J!ted in this country; ch collection it is his design to ex | nihit to the New York public, while making preparations for the travel ling season. | Doors open from 10 to 12 iu the morning: and from 1 to 4 i ? ci?iC ? n tl?e afteruoon, and 6 to 10 o'clock in tne evening. 1 Admittance 26 cent."?Children under 10 half-price. I r or particular* s??e bills of the thy. d 14 lm*rc > OYSTERS ! OYSTERS! OYSTERS?! I DOWMN a, 3f fl. and 7 Hroad tfreet, a 'III ?}*!.> Nroadw.ty. THK undersigned would respectfully info-m his nuireroii* patrons that he has on hand, for the approaching holidays, the following articles to suit the taste of the most ftstidi<<us, i vir., a superior lot of Pirkied Oj?ter . ^elected expressly fur the purpose, which shall not be eqn ' i< d, anil which 1 am pre Paring CI press I y for the adornment <?! 'iie Mew Ye.?r's Tal.les, honed Turkeys, a la mode Beef.&c J*c. Sent to any p?rt of the City, Brooklyn, Jersey City, or i^Jscent Cities. CXI sm kw r .>. r. icall. 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Ames, master. ?now lying at Jones' wliarl, ^.ast River, b.-|nw Wsll ?treat, liaviug suiienor accommndations for passeng^rn, will be despatched on the fourth of January. For passage only, apply to the captain on board, or to C . H. THERS It Co,, dM Ittn No M Wall atreat, ap staira. LAThSf LWfcUiUMl' itf TJtK SIllU,. Washington News. It appears that the Senate confirmed the nomina tion of the Hon. Levi Woodbury as Judge ot (tie Supreme Court, and not that of George W. Wood w?rd, ait w.s i- port d in ;he Unit????. The latter is still to be acted upo.i. hi the'nieun time, what will the democratic opposition do 1 Washington, Dec. 27, 184S. Mitrelluntuus Observations on the Grtat Questions and Men of the Day. We despatched you, yesterday, a rather elaborate review of the portentous significancy of the Oregon controversy, in ita present aspects, and in its imme diate and remote results. Five words, to day, from Mr. Calhoun, in the Senate, h:ive killed the speech of Gen. CaSfe, and dissipated, well nigh, the cloud of war. Mr. Calhoun will stand out, we infer from these remarks, against all ill-judged irritation of old sores?he has 110 disposition to stop the cotton trade upon a point of honor already conceded.? I 'poii him will rest the responsibility of bringing us safely out of this difficulty, honorably out, quietly out, and entirely out?upon him will rest thisrespon sibility, and upon him will rest the after gratitude of both nations. The line of -19 will he the line, the bee line, from the Lake of the Woods to the shores of the Pacfic. Whatever we might have wished, ia respect of pvery inch of the soil, it is too long since August last, to ho|>e for it. Un another matter. We wish you to understand the secret of Mr. Levy's motion in the Senate, for uu inquiry upon the exj*di-ncy of negotiations with Spain, tor the cession of Cuba to the United States. England has long had her eye upon that little island of Cuba, ot seven hundred miles long. She has long bad a. tiankerini; ot that island ; and in *84--'5, she would have, but for ii protest against the transfer, cent over to Madrid for the natives. The object ol Mr. Levy, is not to institute negotiations now, nor as soon possible ; but it is simply to excite public attention to the subject; and particularly the atten* tion of the people ol Cuba. The object is to satisfy them, that when they are ready, we are quite ready to take them in. They will hear of this proposition of Mr. Levy, and they will think of it, and thus their minds will be prepared to turn in their sympathies to the United States. Cuba is the key of the Gulf, and the seal of the West India Wands. In the event of war*vith Great Britain, she would pounce upon it first thine, and as to tak ing it away Irom her, alter she shall nave planted her double cross upon it, it is a thing easier said than done Let us, therefore, keep piece with England a few years longer, and we shall be able to buy Cuba, the Queen Island of the gull, for a song; for less than the cost of the Florida wur. Let us go to war now, and it may cost us one hundred and fifty millions to recapture it, and not a few of the mu rines See how beautifully all these things dove tail toeether?the peaceable annexation of Mexico ?the cession ol the Island of Cuba?the dominion of the Pacific from the line of 49 to the neck of Pa nama?the carrying trade of China and the Pacific Iilinds, Australia, Polynesia, and Japan. Do you sec how the early acqusition of all these advantages depend upon the preservation of peace. Mr Cal houn, like your reporter, ir. a man of enlarged viewe, looking to ilie great results, and not to the thimble-rigging going on to hasten or letard the ends desired trom merely selfish or sectional con siderations. He is not that kind ot n man. He tias no time to play the demagogue, and no disposi tion to unite in the movements of such "smalldeer " As an American statesman he will present you at the proper tune, ihe true Anieriwin policy upon the Oregon question, in a review of the contingencies attendant upon peace or war. Mr. Chipman, of Michigan, on the great question ot Hltenritr the Messengers' and Pages' department ot the H?use. acquitted himself like a giant to-day. It in upon such stupendous questions as tnis that the genius of that great statesman of the Wolverines shines pre-eminent He enchained the attention of the galleries?h** attracted even the attention of the House?the reporters listened with utter derange ment at the tremendous consequences as portrayed hv the eloquent orator, that must inevitably result to this Republic from the election of a superintendant of the folding room; and had not Gen. McConnell called the gentleman to order, we are satisfied that his vivid imagination would have carried him from Plymouth Rock to Kalamazoo, thence to fifty-four forty, the Kuby-comb of British assumption. The s|?eecli ot Chipman deserves to be printed in letters of gold all around on the outside of the dome of the capitol, and we hope a resolution will be introduced to that effect. Mr. (iraves, of New York, followed in not quite so exalted, but m quite as sensible a strain. He went lor retrenchment, and was apparently of the benef that his constituents were not opposed to economy. In short, excepting upon the passage of the Texas bill, the proceedings of the House to-day were a holid.ty matter, at the expense, it is true, ot two or three thousand dollars to the people, but they can stand it. >lr. Calhoun hns removed again to his old quar* ters at the United States Hotel. He could not hardly be better suited. TWK\TV-XINTH CONGRESS. In Senate. WHSHinoTOif, Dec. 37, 1844. The Vice President was not present to-day. Off to Philadelphia. Mr. Scvita presided. Hon. Jrsss D., ol Indiana, Senator elect for six years, appealed in hi< place this morning, had hi* creden tials read, and ? an qualified. Diver* petitions from the North against the admiaaion of Texan into the Union; al?o, petitions for pensions. Mr. Dickinson presented a petition from certain sailors; and Mr. Dix a memorial for the recovery of csrtain moneya ofStimtiel Swartwout, Sic. The joint resolutions admitting Texas into the Union, were brought in from the House signed by the Speaker, with a request for the signature ot the Vice Preaident. Deferred till Monday. Several bills were introduced: among them one by (ieneral Ashley, for the establishment of a permanent prospective preemption system in favor of actual set tlers and cultivators. Mr. Lkw, on leave, withdrew his resolution for in structing the President upon the subject ef opening nego tiations lor the purchase of the Kingdom of Spain, of tn ? Island of Cuba. Mr. Levy said he aid it at the auggeation of bis friends. ORKGO.N?MR. CALHOUN. Mr. Atchuvson's resolutions for instructing the seve ral committees in the premises respectively, upon the expediency of establishing a local government over Ore gun, and of i line of block-houses, and a of a corps of mountaineer riflemen, lor the protection and defence of emigrants ; and of a post route and post offices ; and ol Indian Agencies, principal and sub., and upon the expe diency ol granting lands to settlers, tic. Mr. Calhoun said that as these resolutions embraced a series of questions of the greatest character, he should be nleased if th? Senate would permit the postponement of their consideration until some day after the noly days, and that meantime, the resolutions be prin ed. Mr. Atchison said he had no sort of objection to their postponement; but as they were mere resolutions of inquiry he thought there could be no impropriety in re ferring them to the committees. They went no further than the President had gone in his message. Mr. Calhoun submitted that these resiHutions, and the resolution of Mr. Allen, for giving the twelve months' notice, be laid aside, and taken up on some given day, after the holidays. At any time thereafter, at the plea sure of the Senate, would be suitable to him. Mr. Atchison raid that Mr. Allen's resolution had been referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations; and that these resolutions would tefer themselves. Mr. Cslnou* suggested that meantime th* resolutions be laid over, and that, on some futare day, the whole subject matter of all the resolutions of Mr. Atchison, ana of the resolution of Mr. Allen, be taken up to gether. Mr. Allien hoped the resolutions would be permitted to pass to the committees. When tliey should lender in their reports, a day for their consideration could ba ap pointed Mr. Calhoun submit'ed to the arrangement, with the understanding that the whole ol these Oregon enquiries should bo taken up together, when formally taken up lor discussion. So the instructions o( Mr. Achisen to halt ado/.en ol the committees, were referred. [What do you think of that / Don't that begin to look like something ? Depend upon it, Mr. Calhoun will take Gen t uss by the lorelock upon the Or. son question ? Tne old Oeneial looked to .Uy as though he foresaw that his w ar capital lor the next Presidency was already over ruled and nolir prot'd. The nun c was a little too broad, a little too perceptible : rather, upon the whole, remind, ing us of the monkey climbing up a tree As a mere ml li'ary demonstration, it was decidedly ra?b ] The Senate, after a short Kxecutivn session ad journed. House of Representatives. After prayer an t the reading of the Journal, a motion was made that the House adjourn. I'pon this the yeas and nay. were ordered -yeas, 13 ; navs, 110 So the House relused to adjourn. Then followed a regular scene of confusion about the bminess belore the House. Alter some disorder Mr MoConissll, of Ala , asked leave to present a re so . lution that the members be supplied with newspepers , uot to exceed the sum of $80 each I.esve granted and resolution passed . The House then pr oeeded to the business relative to the election of Superintendent and Assistants for the folding rooms. _ _ _ . A letter was read from B B. Kisses, Esq., Clerk of the House of Representatives, that the proposed change would cause an additional expense of about >6,000 Mr Psttit, ef Indiana, made some remarks, chiefly iu reply to the letter of '-he Clerk. Mr Kathbu*, of New York, considered the *afe<4e movement as one of revenge against the Doorkeeper, because he hi>d not appointed some favorites to office. i?1r llori', of Kentucky, made some remarks, which the Repeiter could not hemr, but he noted his violent iresticulations and angry looks The < leik of the Senate appeared at this point of ti e tfroceedings, and annotuiced that the Senate had pn??l a bill, extending the lews of the United State? over Texas. Also, that they hed elected Rev. Mr. Tnstiu ?e Chaplain to the Senate . Mr. Tiso*?eoe, of Mississippi, moved that the ???>!*