Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 30, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 30, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEKAL1). CI., No. 360?Whole Vo. 4?14. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 30, 1845. NEW YORK HERALD. .S GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor, llation...Forty Thousand. VlRAL.b-f.vrry day. Price I percopy ? Inum?piyabie ih advance. ? , .V RERALD-Every Sat"'1lay?Price eiat C M2*i c*-nt* i*-r auiiuin?k'syable in advance. TIBji MKN'i'8 at th? prices?always cash NO of all kiD<L> executed nrigli beauty and des lettera ?> communications, by mail, addressed to ihme<ir, must hr- p i.t paid, or the postage will b? %om ihe subscription inoiiev remitted JAMAS OOltDON BENNETT, Proprieti r of the Nkw Yori Hkralu Establishment, VtrthWMf eorner of knlton ?<nl IS ??<?!* nlT*Htn ' LADELPHIA AM) INTERMEDIATE PLACES, AT REDUCED R ATES. n( on Wednesday, 24th December, and ending on 't?,5th of January nut, by 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4V Sl Lines, from the foot of Liberty street. Toaffnrd ?tt'ty, at reduced fare, to the cititens of New Yoik to aihaufe civilities with their friend* ill Philadelphia jntryon Christmas and New Year, and to afford ihe uple an opportunity of visiting Philadelphia .mil tor the like purpose, arrai getneots are made by | sngers will be furnished with an excursion ticHet, ? purchaser to a passage each way, at the following few York lo Philadelphia and return.. .$4 00 Burlington " ... 3 SO Borden town " ... 3 00 Trenton " ... 2 50 Princ. ton " ... 2 00 Newark to Philadelphia " ... 3 50 Kliiabrlktown " " ... 3 25 Bmwav " " ... 3 no ? leui'rs irom the above places to New York will be ? ?? ivne rales. : in* go on the 21th December mid return on ihe 5th > esse, or :?t any time beiwreu those dates, at the ex e?. ??t jf Liberty street. Tickets uot transferable, and ; rsceived after the 5th of January, 1846. 1 mc * . ibUAiNi; KAlLtLi >A.L> UUMt'ANV. CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS ?vmineiiciiiK ou Monday, September 15th, I84S. w York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Boston Train for (ireenport, dany, Sundays excepted, stopping a*. Kiurmiucdale und St. George's Manor. Doklyu?At 9>4 A. M ,for Farming lale and intermedi ate places, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur.lays, through to Ureenportand intermediate places. " at 4 P. \1, for Farmiugdale and intermediate places, dailv, Sundays excepted. nenport? bosun, Tsiin. at 4 oilo-k, P. ;V1 , ir on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, dailv, Hnnriavs exf?ptrtl. sopping at St. (ienrge's Manor and Furmingdale. ' ntSo cluck, A. M.; Accommodation Tram, on Moudays, Wednesdays and Fridays, .mingdale?For Brooklyn . a: 634 o'clock, A. M., and I P M., daily, Sund.ys excepiea. naica?For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock. A- M and 2K? P M., daily ntitiliyt m-ipied.' Fare to ? I 11 cents; ''.i-M New York I2i?; llnce Course 18V; ,C.ourat 18V;, 'limit.. 15; irusliville 11?*; Hyde Park . TK; "lowsville, (daring session Const.) J7>s; nd J7X; Onuich 37%j arlt Place 44; VVestbury 44; le 44; J'irmingdale 62S; Deer Pax* <S; Thoinpsor Ik Station I 01; Lake Road Station 1 |H^; \ledford I ltV; Millville I 5f; !jt. fJeorge's Manor 1 62; d I Oi.'fr; 'umesport 1 6f4; Mattetuck 1 62^; Cut <3Hi; Southold I ^reeuport, Acc'u. train, 1 75; rt by Boatun Train ?00. are in readiness od ?he arrival of Traius at the several to take pasienigerkat very low Faro,to ail parts of the re Cratev"11 bf in *t the foot of Whitehall receiy^Baggage lor the several Traius, f lou'-J*^starting from the Brooklyn side. s, 30 minutes be -runner Statesman leaves Oreenpert for Sag Harbor !n day ou the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. Esn AND PKiNKKR PACKKT LINK, ' hiladeiphia to Pittsburxh via the Pennsylvania Hail ? Caua]?through in 1% day*. The above hue is now in tiou and offer:! great inducements to persons who wUh m<>de of travelling to the west. -a are built in the most approved modern civle.ths fitted up in a su|>enor manner, and every effort is made H>rietora to conduce to the comfort und convenience ?rt. Tl < jeenery ou this route is unrivalled, and the u of Tennsylvaniu internal improvements is well w?i UK seen. r?uie par.sencers avoid dl thrfatiuuesacddangersat (>cn stage tnvelling, r.udatthesame time make.rn ex ? trip. m li-avf every moinine at 7o'cl .ick. t'liuengers.\rr *.(. UKige th-ir iilacee at lliiladelphia. in T'nilaeel corner of Chesnut aud Fourth streets, and a. Nos. ^oiith Tliird sm. A CUMMINOS, A^.-nt. Ij hia, May 17, 1145. mnation, w the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNit'ELL, iVgeutfor n'rrt D. LKK<'H S< CO '.Tine 7 Weatst. N .1. LAL RAIL ROAD FitOM SAVANNAH TO MACON. KOADis open for tlie transportation of Passengers es'ol Passage. 8 00 Rates of Freight, vir. ; t goodh genernlly 50 centaper handred. irem*:it goo's 13 cent*percubicfoot. U wet (except molasses ,j) (1 50 per barrel. h dry (except lime) 80 ceuU per barrel. i pigs or bars, castings for uud unboxed m -chinery... 40 cents per handred. nil pii?s of liquor not over Ions *5 08 per hhd. nol asses aud oil 6 00 " " ddrested to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free o . ,u. THOMAS PURSE, Oen'l. Sup't. Transportation. MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. ov kirriiK lonolsla nd kai l ROAD. VIA LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. look in ihr Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall nth K?rry?Sundays 'icepted. ri"ei are in readiness to receive baggage fur New Vorwich and Worcester. Bigudge Kir Boston goes nder lock. jn!6 tl re ? t M+ MAIL. LINK. AT 8 A. M.TO ALBANY S, csi*?Lauding at Yonkers, Dobbs' Kerry. Sing jUELSini.-. Grassy Poiut, Verplank's Point, Cald ' oyerhook, Cold Spring, Newburgh, or as far as the ermit Breakfast on hoard the bunt. There is good from any point on the Hudson to Albany, and stages readiness to carry passengers to their destination at il of the boat. Passage SI M through to Albany. leWated ice steamboat UTIC A, Captain L. W. Brain s the pier hetween Courtlandt and Liberty streets, jrning at eight o'clock age or freight api ly on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ :e on the wharf. d29 JK SAUUERTIES AND CATSKIl. ft MA THK Splendid Steamboat JAMK8 MADI jwrSON, Capt F. J. Copperly, will leave the foot Ifi fir irf Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, day at 6 o'clock, I'-M. Tor freight or passage, apply or to O K. W.11 outright, Agent, on the wharf. inc i/Wrt NOTWJbi. ?$?. staten island FERRY. ?dnetdiy, December 3, the trips on this Ferry will be eaveSiaten Island 8'a, 10, A. M. 2, CV, P. M. e?v? New York 9, 12, A, M. 3M.3. P- M. d3 mc NOTICE I /09l The PKOPLE'8 LINE hare made arrange ^?Ed*menti with the p,)Kerful st'amen UI'll.A &Mh?and NORWICH, to run to Albany (or as far wi.i permit,) every day at i o'clock, P M. till further ork. Dee. 3d, HO- ,U r - LINE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, I 0BA LANDINOat Yonkers, Dobhs'Ferry,Sing Jpsaj*8iiig, Grassy Point, Verplsnks Point, Cald ^^K.welln, liny, ih jfik. Cold Spring, Newlvrgh, ?a<hn ice will |.h mit Brmkl&st on board the boat. 'lebrijVrd ire stemnboiit UTICA, Captain L. W. Biai ? the vier i.eiween Conttlajidt and liberty stn ets, nuiiig at I v \J, ?i!lr?u'lC11, "PP'V ?" hoard, or to P. C. Schulti, at on t'-e wlnrl. jjj r FOR STEAMER ? Halifax and livkrj?ool w3|,|E.?RoJm Mall Steamship ACADIA Lfollows,viI M,'n ^or above ports, ?s din, Wm Harrison, e,,, . j sage to Liverpool... on''nander, on 1st Jan. lMfi >s,.ge to Halifax * \ ISO iiint or passage, appl/ to D. BRIOHAM, j, a rtli secured until pa d for. ' Agent, ( Wall si. r~> drafts on uhkatTtst^?-19 "O^'LAND?Persons wish^ili i AIM AND Ljy^ uey to their friends in any nan J^F11 mo" Ireland, Scotland or WalesSI^K |,*n"l?nd, "?'??iwilh d'.n. pnv.ble at si&C^tl"W>lieJ >*an? amount, Iron, il upwards, at' the fcllowm'j I .fit Knf'"'id^md^Vales' * *""? h' ! I.AHI>.-The National Hunk of Ireland, tnd I'rovm i and braiichesthrougbout Ireland r"vi? III.ANO?The K.astern liank of SeolUnd, Nation I ! Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and br.uch,. ml Scotlnud. ,'amslnp Cambria, sails from Boston on the 16th An which ill draft!cau I forwarded fne. Apply to w. Ik J v. TAPactuV 7? Month st. cor. Maiden la??. ^DHAFTS ON OHF.AT BRITAIN AND HiKIjAND.?Peruoni wiahmi; to re- ? lint money to nny part of iirrnt BrtUm or Lutlat d|I ui ",,r "ii <ji 111M of the tnbtciibtri ?for nuyamoant, ltrg?- or^m?||, i ay ible on ? iiietpdl tuwnt and cities. w k Jtl. TArSCOTT, 7J South st. cor, Maiden Lane. I JOHN HERD MAN & CO , United States and Great ttriuin and Ireland Kmigmnt Office, 61 bouth ?treet, New York HERDMAN. KKKNaN & c ..Liverpool. Passagetoaud from Great fcn aiu and Ireland ( via Liverpool) by the regular Parker 8hip? sailing every five il? v ?. The subscribers iu calling the att-ution of old countrymen and the public generally to tneir unequalled a< ran u emeu ts lor bringing out passengers from the old country, beg to state that after this year the business of the House at Liverpool will be couduct'<l bv its Brunch. Those sending for thnir Irieuds will at once aee the great importance of this arrangtmeiit, as it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the emigrant.. The ships em ployed in this Line are well known to be the first and largest class, commanded by men of experience; mid hm they sail fv^rv five days, an . offer every facility that can be furnished. ltn those superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward lor a continuation of that patronage which has beeu so libei ally ? * tended to them for ho many years past. In case any of those engiged do uot embark, the passage money will be refuude 1 ns customary. For farther particular*, apply by letter, postpaid. J. HKKDMAN U CO.. 61 South street. New York. HKRDMAN, KLKNAN U CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount cnn as usual be furnished, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the United Kingdom, oil application as i.bove. nillrc roOEW OK LEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW VORK LINE OK PACKET8 ll i. intended to dispa'ch a .kip from thi? port on the 1st, 6th, nth, 16 th, tut andS6th of noli mouth, comtiiHiiciiiu 1st Octo ber Hud contiuoiug until May, whea regular days will be ap pointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay ? and :'nd disappointments will be prevented during the summer month.. The following ship, will commence tbi* arrange ineut:? Ship Clifton Captain Ingersoll. Ship TeniiMse,... Captain Pray. Ship Shakspeare. .Captain Cornell. Ship '..ouiaville . .Captain Hunt. Ship ( ... Captain Miuot. Ship Osweito ... Captain Wood. Ship U imwui.. Captain lilis>. Ship Sartelle ... Captain Taylor. These .hip* we e all built expressly for packets, are ol liifht draft of water, have recently beeu newly coppered and put ill ipleudid order, with accommodation, for passengers unequalled for comfort; they are comm <nded by experienced hi uteri, who will make every eiertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all time, he towed up ami duwu the Mi411.1ippiby.teHm boil.. Neither the captsin. or owners of these ships will be re.pon.ible for jewelry, bullion, precious stows,silver or plated wire, or for any letter., parcels or package, aent bv or put on board of tliein. miles. regular bills of lading are t ken for the same, nt the v' thereon expressed. E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 fionth ?t or JAS. E. WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good, to hi. addres.. The .hip. of thiamine are warranted to sail punctually a. >.d verti.ed, and great care will be takeu to have the good, cor rectly me nured. *2-1 re PACKETS KOIl HAVRE?SECOND LINK 11. liue will ?a:l duringlh^ye tlup. of tin. liue will ???! daring the year in the follow ing order: From N. York. t 1st Jan. Ship UT1CA, F Hewitt, master, l.t May. r l.t Sept. Ship ST. NICOLAS, J B Tell, " \ l.t June f l.t Oct. L 1st March Ship ONEIDA, J Fnnck, inister. < 1st July. ( 1st Nov. i 1st April. Ship BALTIMORE, J Johnson,jr. < 1st Aug. t 1st Deer. They are all of the first class, ably commanded. coin'n. dations for passengers ample ami Coinmndions The pi ice of p issaue in the rahin is kiwi exclusive ofwites and liqaor*. Apply to BO * D & IIINCKEN, Agents 9 Tontine Building No 88 "Wall stre-t. Goods sent to the agents I'r furw tiding will be subject to none other than the expenses actu lly p .id nHrc MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS riie undermentioned Ships will he regularly denpltcheinrom hence on the 1st, anil from Marseilles the 10th of each month duriug the year, as follow.:? From ___ Ships. Captains. From N.Y. MarseiPt, CORIO^ANPS, Jss riaile Dec 1 Feb 10 AIU'OLA (new) N W EveUigh, Jan 1 Mar 10 GASTON. Vephen Coulter, Feb 1 Apr 10 N P.KKASKA (new), J K Brown, Msr 1 May 10 PK'CE de JOINVILLE, W W Ltiwreuce, Aprl 1 June 10 .MISSOURI J Silvester, May 1 July 10 These are all fast sailing, coppered and copper fastened ves sels, and comma-tied by men of experience. Theiraccommo dations for passengers are all that need be de-irid in point ol comfort and convenience, having excellent sta'e room accom modations. Punctuality in the days of sailing ftorn both jort? itnv lie relied on (roods addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of oth er charges than those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietors, No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD it HINCKEN. Agents, n!2rc 9 Tontine Uinlilii^i 88 Wall cor. Waterst. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and ISew I iTTlfo Vork Line?Regular Packet, to sail Saturday, lftth ^Theeietzuit i?t sailing packet thipLOL'IS V ILLE, Hunt, master, will putilirely sail asabove, lier reg mar day. (?'or freight or passage, having elegant furnished accom J? . la.ions, apply on board nt Orleans wharf,fact of Wall >t., '.to , . E K. COLLINS St CO., 56 Sonth St. I>vely no goods received on board aftei 12 o'clock, Sat urday, 10th January. Agent in New Orle4is, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. d<i9tf>n t'ASSENOKKS KOR LIVERPOOL?The ele gant new barque ALPHA, Henry P. Amu, master. ihiiw lying at Jones'wharf, hut River, below Wall mi. i., luring superior accommodations for passeugers, will be despatched on the fourth of January. For passage only, apply to the captain ou board, or to C.H. THERSfcCo, <120 Km No. 93 Wall street, upstairs. LONDON LINK. OK PACKETS!?Bails the of January?The favorite and well known packet jwilllBBship ST. JAMES, F R Meyer, master, will tail &? ?bora, her regular day. Having v?ry superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to secure berths should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Miideu Lane, or to /(D.-K.rH McMURRAV, Corner of Pine and South sis. The Packet Ship (JLADlATOll, R L Hunting, will simp ered the ST. JAM^S, and sail ou the 2Uth ol January. P. 8 ? Persons wishing to send lor friends, enn luvc them brought out by any of the line, sailing from Lomlou on the 7th, i7lh and <7th ol each month, on reasouable terms, by ap plying as above. d 19 rh KOR LIVERPOOL?The fust sailing, coppered f*y*V.ind copper fastened barque TARTAR, Russell, >!HKBit'naster, 100 tons burthen, will sail for the above put <nd meet with quick despatch. Kor freight or ps isage, having excellent accommsdations, ap ply ou board, pii r 13 E 11., or to WOODHULL k MINTITRN, d!6rc 87 South street. Tjfr? KOR GLASOOW-Reguhr I'.cket-The well K.^rffVknown, fast sailing Ornish barque ANN HARLEY, ?*4tylSBCapt Robert Scott, 4i0 ton* burthen, having moat of her < urgo engaged, w ill meet with quick dispatch Korfrt ighl or passage, having excellent accommodations, ap ply on board, foot of Pine street E. It,, or to WOODHULL Si M1NTUKN, 87 South street, The regular packet thin Saracen, N. T. Hawkins, master, will succeed the Ann Harley. <ll6rc P.ibSAG.. KROM GREAT BRU AiN ANL) IRELAND, via Liverpool. Those seuding for iheir jfriends can have tliem brouglit out at the lowestrat Iiy tile It gnlar line of packet ships, sailing every fire days; a i drafai can, as usual, be furnished for any amount, payable it II Alt' principil bil king institutions throughout theUmteu Kingdom. Apply or address (if by paid ) to JOHN HERDMAN k CO., 61 South street. New York. HERDMAN, KEEN AN V CO., d7 m Liverpool. ?PACKETS KOR HAVRE?Second Line ? ?The packet ship UTICA, Captain F. Hewitt, will ?sail on the 1st of January. Kor freight or passage, applv ii BO V D k 111NCKRN, 9 Tontine Bnjldi*. ?it mr No rni Wall, e-r. Water sis PAt h*. V * Ujk I^Lt.S?J l.v tew I'.ca et ship AROOlitT, I nniaiu itname. v.. -vrliegh, iwill anil on the 1st of January, 1846. For ireightor passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, 101 Front slrtet. or to BOY 1) k HINCKEN, il2 me 9 Tontine Buildings, No fill Wall, C r. Waiter ?ta. KOK SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The Line of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the shirs llosi'ius, Hiddons. Sheridan and Oarrick. They wore ii111 in ihis cnv by Brown k Hell, with unuaunl cire; Tor mo dels, materials (a very large proportion ol their liames being lire Oakland workmanship, they are unsurpassed, il not uiie lualled. Salted on the slocks mid re-salu-d every year since, l'heir accommod ations for passengers are very extensive nod handsomely furnished. Apply to o3l E K. ( OLLINS fc CO.. 56 South st. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line? Refvlaf Packet of 2lit Jaim iryThe superior last sailiny j u ke: ship QUEKN OF THE WEST, Captain iilip Woodhonse, 1310 ;oun burthen, will sail as above, h*r regular day. Korfreignt or passage, havingsplendid. large :.nd ce;mlortabie late ronmi and cnh'11 apply oil hoard, west side Burling slip, WOODHULL fc MINTURN. #7 Souti> s'reev I'rice of passage tlAu I'he packet ship Rochester, ('apt John Button. B10 Uini bnrlhen, will succeed ih* l^ueen ol the West, md sai '? i st February diarr KOlt LIVE lP 'OL?The >ti|ieriMr well-known, fast silling packet ship SOUTH K.HNEB, T. Palmer mister, will have im . ediitt despatch r or neightnr passage, having supen i accommod<iion?, ai ply to the Captain ou lioaid. f*ot of Dover street E It , ,?f to WOODHULL k MIN'TI RN. d24rc <7 Konth street ~P. JAUVIN, HAUSAliE M \KElT (l HaTu LTiT.iv,) L^ltOM I'aris, No. 41 Hiaukfort siieet, New York, has the " honor to annonnce to mm public, that In- hat constantly on band every article appertaining to Ins trade, Consisting ol Bo logna, Lyons and Ailt s Sausuges, < ommon ai.d Kroua Santa gea,stuffed Searlet Tongues,siulied and boned Tuikeya, Hulled [ 'gs' Kett, with trutlles, and do a la SaiuU' Menehonld Pigs .*['?. Italian Head Cheese, Hams airl hmoked Keel, white anil black I' veal, hun ami gain' 1'ies, Pork, ki- ke . ii "'w'" execute all orders left wiui him at the ahurtest no ? n" i" ,l'' POWtf to pleasi those persona who will villi k wi h their commands. Hotels and ship captains - _ ,fr'ed on reaaomhl.i terms. m24 Iw r IiNDIA SHAWLS ANl'J SCAllFS AT KhiDUDEL) by far the largest stock of Real India Shawls, the richest in reduction ( roM foJil.Vpnci;'^" ?t'? considerable i!r iViu/A*'"t>,AK"ro *'m ?I . * co ? and riow Merely.tJil BOUQUETS AND PARLOR PLANTS. XHt subscribers have added a number of the first variety of Camellia arid other choice npwtrit k I'lui.i. I., their well known col I ret winch will r liable tilt rn lu execute promptly ail orders they may be favored with 1 .r tl iweriug Plauts and Bouuutts duiiug the i> ason K mey, French, German and Moss Ba*kets and Vi'ses tastefully ar ranged, with the most delicate ai.d fragrant llowers, at all tunc*. Our p-trons will confer a favor by Having their orders for tho approaching holidays :is early a? convenient. We will, as far as practicable, serve ??acli m rutatio i, and la point of ?tile to any that we have furnished t'ie la?t live > ear*. DUN LAP k CARMAN, d20 tlJ*rrc Beadsmen and Klorisis. OV) Bro idway. 'IS KNOX, of 110 Kulton street. has got a beautiful as jfj*a, sortuieut of liats and Caps, of all descriptions, for the i . Iyd*>s, ai.d a line asmrtmeut ol l.ailies' Kiirs. di'J i!w*rc fS ECONOMY AND FASHION. til ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street. PRICES: ? HATS. Firat Quality Nutria Fur S3 M Second do dp do $3 flu Firat do MoVskiu $3 UO Pecoiul do do $2 50 A beautiful assortment of Gentlemen's Dress and Travel1 log ami Children's Fancy Caps, which aie offeredat corresponding ly low puces. dIB lin'r LOOK AT THIS. IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the last quality at theextraordinary low price of $.'<00 Double Sole, the utst article ) H . Cork Sole do SM French Calf Boots, inide to order. i 00 French < nil Shoes 200 0**nt. Hali Boots. .... 226 Dancing I'uinps, the nice.t kind... , ? 1 26 D ucing Gaiters, with Patent Leather Tit* . I 75 And a general assortment of India Rubbers and all kind* of Over Shoes, from the smallest to the largest; ulau a great as sortment of Buys' Boots iud Shoes; Misses and Children's do. I.<dies in this store will find the grea'est assortment of Gtiters, Lluckius, Slips, Ties, Quilted Shies, Moccasins, Clogs, Toilet Slips, white and hfick Satin and white Kid Slips; India Hub bers of all the different qualities, sorts and sixes, from the smallest to the largest, anu bu>. one price asked, at 367 Broad way, corner ol Krauliliu street. ii;8 lin*r M. CAHII-L. 11AKT WELL'S ii A 8 H J N U T U A HOU tiE, V4J CHcatnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. |)ATHS just introduced?Warm and Cold?in line apart l) .Dents, for both ladies and geulleiueu; aii'l the eutire org .? r /.atien and fitting up of every department of the Washington House,complete dlI lin*m "Highland Cottages. VIKWS, witti ground plaus, of ihe Highland Cottages at Hoxhurv, uear Boston, designed and erected by V\ m. U. L ind?for sale at the stoies of Saxton ?nd Miles, Wiley Ik Put n .in. M H. New matt, Hoe Lnckwood Sc .Son; aud other book store* in New York, Philadelphia and Boxton. till 7\?f r FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAUR A NT. SION OR PALMO respectfully informs his patrons and the public, that lie has opened a Restaurant, at his well known ? ,d p.ii ular old stauil, adjoing the Opera House lie will serve Is . ,li'i.ii Dinners and Suppers, in the Freuch American II. ' a* style, "t all honrs, aud in a manner unsurpassed by ? i . similar establishment in the city. Sigu- r Pal mo trust* that many ef his old friends will kindly r member Ins peculiar abilities a* a caterer inr epicures. A d "f three dishes a' choice, with half a buttle ol claret, ... ale porter, kc. may be had daily for 3TW cents only. His 11vI of> wiil comprise all the choice di?lie* of the stiasou, at the lowest pru-es ind served in the best manner. N U ?Hot and culd Baths supplied at the above establish rr-lit as usual K. PjlLMO, u 12 lm*r 30 Cliambers at HOTEL DES DEUX FREKES Boarding and lioornson iht European Plan. Willi H is more convenient, comfortable and economical than any other plan for travellers, and mtrchants whose bn.iueasre Hire them o be absent frequently The qu et aud healthy location of the hotel, opposite Duane pnrk. retired from the noise bustle and confusion of gn at thee rougvfares, yet adjacent thereto, aud all the steamboat land lugs, presents the most desirable resideuce. 168 Duane St, op posite Duane park nil in* NKW FRENCi 1 hi'.Sl AUIIAN I' k i. Orf(,c, HUUar, AT NO. 737 BROADWAY. MEfeSI EURS BUNEL Sc LK COMTf., btg to announce to the public lu general, aud to distiui'heri families in p rricul <r, th it tliey have o|>ened an flegaut French Restauraut aud Coffee House, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, where Bre."k'asts, Diuuer* ar.d Suppers may be had at any convenient horn : aud i-i a sti le that cannot fail to satisfy the most delicate palate '1 lure w ill always be fouud a rich supply of fine pastry and Confectiouary,jellies, ice creams, Charlottes-russes, htr K x HUisite Liquors and the most cli nce Wines. Orders received li im I' arnil es for Breaklasts, Dinners and Suppers, or sepai ate djihcs.TPart.ies supplied with every kind of Pastry, Jellies, t nl'ectioi aries auu Ice Creams. o3 lm'rc TURTLE Si.) UP FUR LX PORT ATI UN. (1 OSL1NG, of the American and French Dining Saloon, * Nos. 61 aud (6 Nassau street, has always ready tirceuTur t Soup for Captains and families, put up in tin boxes. 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We understood him t? say, in the course of bis address, that be did not mean to snv that the prisoner was dircctly the camp of her death, but that it happened by means of drugs which he illegally prevailed on her to take Host:a Diuosali. maminid )y Mr. Pkil'ipt.?Resides at 237 Sixth street; became acquainted with Barak Decker on the JOtti ol October, at Albany ; called at the intelli gence oftice there on the first of October to look for help ; called aga.n on the 3d, and the man who kept the ottlce informed me that he procured this girl, (meaning the deceased ) who he thought would answer. Witness saw the girl about 9 o'clock that morning, she came into the intelligence ofhee with the prisoner ; witness asked her if she was the person whom the keeper ot the intelli gence ottl :o procured to go with witness to this city 1 Witness bate explained that ho belonged to the st am boat Knicketbocker, mid was in Albany every alternate day. She replied shu was Prisoner made no remark Witness then asksd her if she was willing to come with him that day? Sho appeared to be rather undecided She asked her cousin, as she represented him, and as he represented himself to be, if he was willing ??to which, after some little hesitation, they agreed that she should come that night. Witness then asked him if he would lie willing to nee her to the boat? Ho replied he would. Witnoss ?aw no more of him until 6 o'clock, when they ctimo on board the boat together : he brought her things and put them in witness' room ; a bandbox was the princi pal thing he brought; ho Kail he did not know but he'd go down to New \ ork h.mself, which led me to have seine suspicion. This pasted oil' until 9 o'clock in the evening, when he went to look for them, iind found them on the promenade deck, and they appeared to be in deep conversation. They were sitting down tog tlier. Nothing mo e passed until ten or eleven o'clock, when the prisoner came round to the engine where wit non was; witness questioned him as to where he and she belonged, their names and particulars. Ha stated to witness that ho was hot consi i, and that they bad been to Utica to see hi* sister. Alter some conversation on being prepared ?o die, and on th> Bible, they separated tor the r.:glit llo stated iu tho course of the conversation that he tesided at Middletown, Orange county. I don't recollect all tho particulars ot the convention. On the rrrival ol the boat at tins city about day light, prisoner took her things to East Broadway stage, and went up in the stage with her. On arriving at sixth stieet he took her things out of tho ???*?> and carried them into id>- house, and took bieakfarit with her I went i.ut shortly after and h'i went * ith tne, but he returned back, and I saw hiin go Into the lions* I did not lee him after. ! went sw>; that ro>rtim$ (Wurdiy.) and did not return until Tuesday raon.inf Sfce ? as in |>erfect health when I left. Saw har next or I . ? lay morning, about ten o'clock Quas. -What was her cor-titiou a' tbattirre ? Am - Sho was iu great ptm a.vt serial ng Doctors Mil ler and Chapita weie iu attend?nce on her ^UKs.?How lot g did he; suflenngs continue ' Apis?Her suireiings continued until Wednesday evening whori she died a!>out nine o'clock On ac count of her sickness I did not leturn to the boat that night as usual I sat up with her 1 did not see the prisoner at the bar at the house during her illness <4> What waa her state of nnnd fit the time, in rejjara to her -ituation ? Arts.? She considered herself in a dangerous state, and had very little of her living He spoke of taking her to tne Hospital, and she begged ol liirn not to do so Qi'ks.-? After thnt statement iiid she make any state ment in regard to the cause of her iiluess 1 Graham ohj?ct?d, until a foundation was laid for gi ving her declaration in evidence, and claimed his light to cross-examine the witness on this point. Tho Court assented. ('roit-ixaminrd by <>haiiam.?On Tuesday she said she had no hopes of her living. Qvk?.?Did you ask her what was the state of her mind? A*s. -I 8'ked lier something about being prepared lor t'eatli ; I do not know that 1 said anything el e on the ? object; the physicians remained with her until within | it couple ol honrs ol her death ; cannot say positively if ? they wero administering medicine to Her all the time ; I witness gave her powders twice in the courto of the ' night, and endeavored to cheer her an much us ho could, j puiticuUrly odWc lne.-day morning, when sho appeared .1 !ittlo betiui nod more cheerful; on Wednesday morn ing sho expressed some little hops* of getting better; was present t?m or three dlffbrent times while thu phy sicians were with her ; do.' * not recollect that the physi cian* told her ou Tuesday that there was no hope for her ; thinks he heard tlium say ou Tuesday night, uud all (lay on Wednesday, that they never knew t; ca e ol the kind to last so long, and therefore they had hopes ol her lift ; cannot s?y tor certain how often he gave her ii>ftdicinoi, but what lie did give he gave through direc t on* of the doctors ; he pioposeil about 8 o'clock on the afternoon of Tuesday to lake her to the Hospital; went on Wednesday to get a conveyance to tako her there ; mime a bargain tor it, but did not send for it el ter. Dirtrt examination returned.?Oa Wednesday trior nil g *he begged of me not to take her to the Hos pital, as sue aid not know then hut she might live, and ?he appealed to express n little hope ; in the al'tornoon she gave up all hope*, and said she could not live. Cross-examination returned?It was about five or six o'clock on Wednesday afternoon when she gave up all nopes ; she died about nine o'clock ; she did not appear to be then in as taint or exhauste i a condition as she ap peared to be on Tuesday ; she ceased to talk about a o'clock; there wore preterit myself, aud a nurse, and my wife ; when 1 had the conversation with heron Wednes day at six o'clock, It was 1 who commenced it; I then spoke to her about the cause of her illness ; 1 did not | tell her that sho was going to die ; I rather encouraged her ; the physicians were not there ; did not notice that she became flighty ot any time before her death ; she did not speak alter eight o'clock ; between seven and eight o'clock she said to me sho could not live ; my wife and the nurse tried to encourage her ; the nurse was admin istering medicine to her at the time ; she appeared then to he mote fiee from pain than she was on Tuesday. The cross-examination was here ended, and Mr. Phillips offered to prove the declaration she made at the time to the witness, ol the cause of her death. Mr. Graham objected. He said the principle upon which all the elementary writers say that evidence in i vlremit should b? received is, that the deceased had Kiven up all hopes ol recovery, and was fully conscious of her situation, and under the impression of immediate dissolution at the time the declaration was mode. He w ent ou to argue that a remote idea of health in the mind of a dying person, would not be sufficient to render this s, ecics ol evidence admissible. It must be a thorough consciousness on her mind, ot her immediate dissolution. In this case it did not appear from the testimony of Mr. liirdsall, that the declaration she made was made in that state of despondency and utter consciousness of im mediate death, that would bring it within the rule laid down by all the writers on the subject and the cases lound in the books. Mr. Thillips rose to reply. Court?Mr. Phillips, we don't think it necessary for you to reply. The reason that declarations made in ex tremis arc leceived, is from the necessity of the case, no other testimony being to be had, aud so that the person charged cannot avail himself of the want of evidence. In j this case it apears the declaration was made several ' hours after the encouragement was given to her by the | witness, and it is from the state of bodily suffering she is [ in, that we must draw the inference. There can be no doubt but she was at the time in a state of great bodilv ngony, and in the last stage of suffering. We will al low the evidence to be given. Mr. Graham excepted. Examination oj Bikusaul, returned? She then persisted in saying, that knanp had given her the oil o> tansy, and ' she said, if he couf l only suffer a part of what she was | suffering, it would he all the harm she could wish him ! she sni.i, that before that, he was her particulnr friend. Witness asked her if she thought so (till; she replied,"no, 1 that what she nad suffered on his accuunt, led her to ! think different.'' She added that she could not live until j morning ; she did not say for what purpose he gave it to her, nor when he guru it to her ; hut he said to her, it would not huit, and she must take it j she did not tell ; witness, to his reoollection, what he gave her the tans) for. The oouversa'lon then dropped between witness and deceased , mete whs a conversation between her und the nurse ou Wednesday evening, in witness' pre sence. 'I he nurse Raked her, it she knew sho was preg- ' nant before she took the tansy ; the witness does not tccollact her reply exauily, but said that the was aware of Iter situation, and took the tansy for the ifl-ct it had hhe asked for a drink s veral times after. Dining her illness, she was visited by the llev. Mr. Seely does not know that there were any phis Is found coucealed in her band-box. On Thursday, on hau irg lier things to her sister, we found three handkerchiefs, with the initials of , the prisoner's name on them, and a small book, with his 1 ulna wntten in it, at full length ; the witness identifies the book and small phial, in which was tome liquid, which he gave to the Coroner. Citit-ernmined Does not recollect that she said any thing in the intelligence offloe ; thuie was some convci sation between heisilf and the prisoner, but witness did not bear it. \> itness now says that the prisoner did not then make any lejiresentatioa that he w as her cousin ; will not he ceitaiu that anything was said about it by her on boaid the -teainboat; recollects now that the de- i ceased called the prisoner hack on the Saturday morn < ing, and witness saw him come out atterwards ; when i witness smd he had not seen him alter, he meant that he I didn't see nim until he saw him in the watch-house on 1 Tuesday night. ! Mr. Uraiiam said, that he would for the present re- < serve the lemainder of the witness's cross-examina'ton 1 Hitv John T. Seki.t examined? Is a minister ol i the gospel . is niiuistei of the 4th street B ptist church j j first sn>v Sarah Decker ut Mr. Birdcall's house, on the Sutuihiy precuding her death ; she appeared to be tbout I l? ) eats ot age ; saw the prisoner there, eithet on the stin.e da> , or the next; sue appeared to be a healthy, lohust gnl ; taw her next, on Monda moruiug, in the ? wash-room, mttigad in was'.mg clothes : saw her About 1 one o'clock tilt same day , she was I) ing in Mis HirU salls room on the flooi in great agony. ami apparent 1? aa. conscieus, .lie was writhing ann totsing her hands .<DOttt, her head thrown bacit, and her countenance distorted ; witness leniRineil most ol the time With her from that , until three o'clock next morning; Doctors Miller and ! < liapm were with her; about one o'clock that night her consciousness returned; she called out for water, alter which witness gave it to her and she called for , more, said ah* could not live, and asked witneaa If ho >ould not send for her mothar; does not kuo w that sh# I'.ew witness to b* a clergyman. To tiif. Couht?Two females. by the name of Collins, lat up with her that night with witness. To iHt District Ai tornev ?Witness asked her the question if she thought she could recover, and she W"<vered the could not live. To Ghaham?From one o'clock en Monday to one oil Tuesday.witness wo* pretty much in the room with her; witness did not muke declsration that he was u clargy man during all the time; she in great pain when she kiuwered witness that the cculd not live; she iuid she fait as if ihe was burning up; does not know that any body communicated to her that there was no hope of her lecovery; did not attend her during her illness in his character of a minister of the gospel : did not think it necessury to disclose his character to tier; administered the consolanons of religion to her as any pious man would do; was present when it was spoken of to sand her to the hospital; advised it,in consequence of the state of Mrs. Birdsull's health; thought she was in ? dviug state at the time, and told Mr. Birdsall that it would be hwzaidous to do so; witness felt it his duty to say to her that he thought it very doubttul that she would recover, and upon that founded his instructions; it was not during spasms that she made declaration to witness that I before alluded to; it was after her consciousness returned, but she was still in great pain. iti'KSTioi *r Graham?At any time before sh<> made the declaration to you, did any person, in your presence, converse with her, an?l encourage her, audi hold out hopes of recovery 7 Am.?I don't recollect; I remember only, that I told her her recovery was very doubtful. The Colrt said that Mr Sealy's testimony would not be sufficient to lay a foundation for giving the declara ti n in evidence, and suggested to the Assistant District Attorney to call the medical witnesses. Jons; It. Chapi*? Is a physician, was called In to see Sarah Decker, about 11 o'clock on Monday, to Mr. Birds all's house; he found that she had taken some oil ot tansy; (this witness sat down while giving his testimony, anil was shut out from the view of the reporter by the bench, that he could not distinctly hear;) he cannot tell what elfoct oil of tansy produces, this being the only case of the kind he ever witnessed; the books, however, say it produces convulsions and congestion of the lungs; one drachm would produce death, tfcere is about a diachm and a half remaining in the bottle now produced; considered her situation veiy dangerous; continu d to attend her until the afternoon she died; could not state with certainty that she was pregnant; the second day i witness hud more hopes of her lecovery than the first; alter her consciousness returned, he thought she got a I change; saw her two or three times in the course of the 1 day. during the whole of Tuesday her consciousness i continued, and his opinion continued the same; did not communicate at any time his opinion as to her da ger; her symptoms became tnoie alarming on Wednesday afternoon; saw her that evening befare sunset; saw her after death, shortly before the poit murttm examination; Doctors Miller and Gillmer were there; did not ?ee the examination; but saw enough to know that it was by the operation o the oil of tansy she died. Cross txamined?On Tuesday morning, it was the opi nion she might be estored, and con inued of that opinion until Wednesday afternoon, tofei her friends, in her pre stneo, that she might recover on Wedne?da afternoon, her fever increased, and she began to sink; her mind was 1 sar.o on Wednesday afternoon; oil of tansy is taken some times as a mediciue by lemales; it is sometimes taken as a stimulant; but a small quantity, however, can be given; would not give more than 10 or 15 drops. To th* Court.? When I said it was taken for specific, purposes by females, I meant it was taken to produce i abortion. Dirrct rMtmi-tttinn rrsum'A.?From your medical read ? ing, don't you know it is taken to produce abortion ? Ais ?I don't know thut it always it. Dr Miller. ? Is a practising physician; wan called on thp tJth of October bet ween 10 an J II o'clock, to attend Sarah Decker at Mr. Bndsali's house; found her in the basement wash room, lying on her back in violent con vulsions; teeth closed; respiration very iliffirult; her face and lips h dark color, from violent convulsions; these were the most promineut symptoms at the time; thinks there was the odor of the oil of tansy in the room; made an enquiry as to th* cause, and asked if there was ant thing wrong: trom what was said, he left the room and went into another, where the odor was very strong, and a phial was produced, and he was then satisfied of the rause and prescribed emetics; but it was some time al ter he procured the medicine, that he could get the eme tic down, her teeth being so fiimly closed; us near as he enn judge, it was half an hour or more befoie the emetic operated; cannot say whether it was from the odor, or from what caine off her stomach, that he ascribed her situation to oil of tansy; his opinion was at the time that sho would not iui vive the convulsions; she remain ed in a state of insensibility until one or two o'clock on Tuesday morning; 1 stated to her about one o'clock on Tuesday morning that I hoped for the best, and that 1 would do all I could, and that she must not be discourar; ad; but she did not seem to take much notice of it one way or the other; but it was a very common expression wi i her that she would never get Wrll The Covrt here proposed to JaKe a recess. Mr. Graham lose and said his remarks on Saturday wero misunderstood in some of the morning papers, what ho meant to say was, that the officer who had the priso ner in charge came to him and told him he had no place for the prisoner to dine, and asked him, (Vlr Graham.) it no mieht dine w.'h the olttcers. Mr. Urahnm. not harine. as he states, any idea that the ofttceis uud jurors >lincd together, told the officer he might. KTF.HING SfcSSIOW. Kxamination of Dr. Millkr continued.?Saw her se veral time* before the anti-mortein examination by the Coroner; I was present at it; I had a conversation with her previous to the ante-mortem examination; asked her if the was aware of her situation, she said she was; she further said, in answer to a question of mino. that she was sure she would dio; indeed, she always said so dur ini? iierilluess; I always had extreme doubt of her reco very, and thought tho chances were that she would die: as slio was about being examined, I informed Her my opinion was she would not survive; on Tuesday evening she complained of a difficulty of breathing, and the diffi culty continued until Wednesday m rning; on Wednes nay morning thought the symptoms were a little more favo able, and spoke to her more encouragingly; saw h-. again onco or twice in the forenoon; the favorable -ytnptonis seemed to continue until that evening, when Went to see her again, and remained with her until she died; the cause of her death, in my opinion, was taking oil ol tansy: from the odor in her room and the symp toms she exhibited, and other circumstancca, 1 came to the conclusion that she had taken oil of tansy; was pre sent at the post mortem examination; it was held on I'lmrsday; witness did not conduct tho examination, but was present during the whole of it, and thinks the result ol it confirmed him as to the cause of her death; I have no iloubt of it. Cinss-txaminrd by Mr. Gr aham.?A dose of that medi cine would bf gin to alfect the system in an hour, or per haps half an hour, after it was taken; cannot say how ioi'g she had taken it before it began to affect her; at all i vents, my opinion is she must havo tak n it that mornj big; I concur with Dr. Chapin that her symptoms were more favorable Lall Tuesday anil to 13 o'clock on Wed nesday; 1 encouraged her on Tuesday, and up to the an te-mortem examination; but|tlien I infoimed her of the dangerous situation she was in; the usual result is, that 11 rsons who take oil of tansy, die in convulsions, but it tney get out ot them, then there is hopes; it was the Co* rone: who desired me to tell her of her situation; think l did not, upon any other occosion, tell her of her danger* it was uniformly my custom, whenever the subject was s'poken of, to encourage her to hope; very few of the books which I have studied, recommend oil of tansy to he used as a medicine; has never seen a prescription ol it, nor has he ever wiitten a prescription of it himself; 1 have known tansy to be used, but it was more a whim than any thing else; I have known the herb to be pre scribed in oases of irregularities; the essence is used for the same purposes as the herb; some people think it beneficial. Direct retumtd.?The books seldom speak of oil of tansy, except in reports where it bat acted as a poison, producing convulsions or epasma To thk Court.?When I was called, after conscious ness was restored, I think Mrs. Birdsall, Mr. Seeley, and a nurse, were present. Rev. Mr Skklt recalled? At the time I asked the deceased who she was, tus. the Doctor had not then seen her alter her consciousness returned. The District Attor*ct aaked what the conversation was. Kvidtnce objected to and objection overruled, and exception taken by prisoner's counsel. Er.iminoHoni etumed?Witness flrat asked her name and where she resided; she said Sarah Decker, and that she was from Orange county; asked how long she had been with Knapp,and after one or two other questions witness askoo her what she had been taking - she said oil of tan sy, and that Knapp gaveitte her. Witness asked er , he gave it to her for,and she refused to am ver and ciied out for water; witness gave it to her.and she a ked for more: 1 told her when she v swered my question 1 would give her more; 1 then fi. 'id it to her, ami she said she was in the iamily way (Objected and objection overruled ) She said she had taken the oil ol lansy to produce abortion; she told me it was six or eight weeks since she left home with tho prisoner; asked her why i she loft with him?she said he had promised to marry her; she said she bad been engaged to him in marriage; I then asked her if she was mairied? she answered "uo;'' witness asked her next whv he had not married her 1 she said she did not know, he kept putting it off, witness asked her wht-ie he got the tansy, and if it was in A1 a ny or New York' she answered she did not know, thinks sue also said tiiat Knapp said she must take it that it would do her no narm; does not recollect au> more. D ctor Miller came in soon after Knapp was arrested at Mr. Oirdsali's on Tuesday; he came there ill the morning; witness met him at the door and invited him in; upon ins entering the room Mrs. Dirdsall said, "we have a pitiable case here " "Who is it?"* said Knapp. "why, it is Sa rah," said Mrs Birdsall. He then went to her and took her hand, askod her how sue was f she said "Is it )ou, I Knapp.' oil! I feel bad." Mrs Birdsall then said, "Sarah, you saiil you had something to say to Knapp;" deceased then turned her face away and said to Mr*. Birdsall, "oh, 1 cant;" he then took his seat, aid witness asked him why he did not come up on Monday, as he had promised; he said il he had known she was unwell he would have come: witness then left the room and went for an officer, had him arrested and went > iih him and Knapp to the watch house Witness did not ask her when she took it; does not lecollect that he asked her how long she was advanced in pi?gnancy. Witness un derwent a loug cioss otamination by Mr. Oiuliam, but nothing material was elicited. Dr. Oii.m** examined I am a practicing physician in this city ; conducted the />??( mortem examination of Saiah Decker ; on the body we examined in he den V house, there wen no maiks of external violence ; the biain w as congested, but there was no more w ater on it than natural; on examining the chest, the lungs were lound gorged with blood, and by that means wero render ed more dense than when healthy : there were several patches on the lungs, which, in medical parlance, moans that the air vessels were blistered ami diseased, tbe heart WkU also diseased tlie stomach was alio in one or two I I jcai led anil soft, but neither the redness or softness was well marked ; there were alto two (light spot* of red un the external suiface or the stomach,'! and the same symptoms on the intestines ; on tracing the latter thejr p es.aited this appearance - a portion of them would be i.f the natural size, and then sgum another portion woul t he contracted very much, and a third por ion would be found to he enlarged much beyond the usual sue ; our a tectum next called to the womb of the dec a?ed; i t was decidedly larger than it would be in its natural state; on the external surface it was red at two or thrae points, and when opened it was found to contain considerable coagulated blood and a portion ef a Uhrous membrane : tbe two oviaries were examined: one of them was natural and tbe other contained a certain sub'tauoe which those organs contain in certain circ'ims'aucea ; from the ex amination, witness had no doubt but she had conceived ithin five and not within two month* befoie the exami nation ; it might be Ave, but it could not be within two ; witness is of opinion that she died of abortion ; that is to say .that it was attended with such circumstances as pro duced her death , those circumstances were iu witness' judgment agonizing pains ; this opinion is formed upea the examination ol the body ; tbe ground of my opinion is, that the extreme difficulty of breathing and keeping in the breuth stretcher the lungs like India rubber, and the blisters on the suiface are the effect of the force with which they are acteu upon by suppressed air; it ii witness' opinion that any stimuleut taken to pro4ao? abortion is ol the extromest danger, and it sometime* happens that the life of the mother i* taken without the abortion beinir nroduced. Or. fi.'pn.K examm-d ? Was present at memoir mor tem examination; hp concurs witn Dr. Oilman, in all the paints he liu.l examined; there were some be <lid not ex amine. The witness then temtiod to the following fact*, wnich Doctor Oilman did Lot advert to There waro ten ounces of bloody muicui found in the left cavity ot the chest, and the mucous memnrane of the intestines was solt The womb was tilled with bloody mucous, and be thinks it amounted to incipient inflammation.? Agrees with Doctor Gillraan in all other particular* ? Cross-e.xurninatioii reserved. Doctor Kawso.n, ? ity Coroner, examined ?Is City Co roner; attended and took the amtiem.irtem examination ? he otters to pro\e tba' the examination now produced? Mr. OiiHiN objected to the evidence of witness, on two grounds : Hirst, the anti-morltm examination Wi>4 extra judicial, and tho Coroner bad no right, under the Revised Statutes, to hold it, any more than uny person in tfcis room Mr. Oraham read from the revised statutes, which prescribe the duties of the Coroner, and only authorize that officer in three ca-rts to tak') such an examination, to wit; wbeie a per con had died. W8S slain, or dangerously woundeJ, and the present case is not one of those. Secondly, the de positions were not taken in the presence ot the prisoner. This last objection is settled by the Supreme Court, and the present Chief Justice hud laid it down, that under no cncumstauces can a deposition taken in extremis be read, unless it is taken in the presence of the person whom it is sought to charge. Mr. Philmi-s replied?The evidence now offered is oil"rod. net as a deposition, but as the dying declaration of ttie deceased,when all hope* of recovery were exclud ed fiom her mind. The other giound upon which the counsel objects he did not antic.| te, but apprehended th.- Legislature did rot, in framing tho statute, contem plate tn ta wound should be inflicted by an instrument} it would be enough in a legal point ol view, that there whs a wound, no matter how it was brought about Mr Ghaham replied. Couht?Give me the inquisition; I will reserve a de cision until morning and m the meantime look into the authorities on the subject. Mr. Phillips, have you any other evidence to offer I Mr. rHiLLirs-l have not, except the book and the pl.ial. which I produced this morning 14 h a it a m ? We shall object to the production of that book ' oust?Mr. Oraham, are yo'i prepared to open yottt e:ence? Mr. (>raha.m?We are not?we wish th t the District Attorney should go through his whole case before wa be3'in We made some aoniisMons to-day, tor the par p so of saving the titue of the Court und jury. The Court then adjourned. ? oiniftoii Plena. Before Judgo ingiaham. Dec. W fCr-'gAt 4- loirr is Ri bcrl Hache and at her t. ? ? bis is an action biought for the recovery of a portion ol a cargo ot corn, purchased by the complainants for and on account of ( hailes Wilson, distiller, in East Brooklyn. The matter Mxnds as follows]?it seem* that ,\le>srs Wright ti Losee, commission merchants, ol tin - city, enteiea into en ar>angemeut with .Mr. Charles Wilson to make rr-rtiuu puirnuses of corn, which h? ni _'ut want from t 1;o timo, for purposes of distilling, for which they u. re to receive cent per busbe , a* to as; and tha' some time in September last, they pnrehaN^ from n Ml Jones the cargo on board schooner ( a-sandra. and uiiected the Captain to deliver the same to Mr Wilson; and thai for such purpose ha moved Ins vessel to the dork in Ka-t Brooklyn; and that some .">41 bushel, were delivered to the defendants br Oil-take, or through the neglect of the Captain-when, at thu instance ol Wilson, turther delivery was forbid den by the complainants. A bill was accordingly m.ido .'tit. at the rate of 66 cents per bushel, and hall ex penses ot measurement, and pies^nted to the defenlanta, which they declined paying. They, however, since this a< tion has been commenced, have paid over to the clerk of tlilg Court an amount calculated at the rate of 64 eta. rK r bushel, and half costs of measurement. This suit la no at being continued, to obtain the origin*! demand with ex* mjdary damages, for illegal detention and aaal con version of property. Sealed verdict to-morrow morn Before Judge Daly. Thamns Mnare vs. Hies HThis is a case of assault and battery. The complainant in this salt, accompanied by a friend, (who it seems bad sold a gun to the defendant, who keeps a public house at No. Ity Washington street,) visited bis house on the 30th Au gust last, to receive twenty dollars purchase money for sa.d guu ; that tho delendaut took the gun and laid down four sov. reigns as lull payment therefor ; that the com plainant remarked that there was yet due sixty-tour cents, (sovereigns being then valued at (4 84 100 each.) Whereupon the defendant simply observed, that it waa none of his business, and as alleged, struck the defendant n severe blow upon the head, knocking him down ; and that after leaving the house, aud being engaged in con versation with some persons who had thought fit to da clirrs this an unjustifiable outrage, the defendant rushed out of the house and struck him another violent -blow. Tne complainant brings action for damages?and which the jury returned as (13 Ml, and like amount of costs. '?ti<h*el Kerrigan vs John Hitter and wife ?This is ? suit brought to recover one hundred and fifteen dollars, loaned by the complainant to delendani's wife, previous to marriage, and who at that time (iu the latter part of ls.1W) kept a boarding house in the upper part otthe city, witn whom the complainant boarded from 1st June to 1st December of that year. Tho defence claims a set off on account of board due, and the want of sufficient proof as to the subsequent marriage of the parties, making th* first named one of them liable lor the debts contracted by the other. Wm. Jay Hsskett, Ksq , summed up for the defence, wltonthe court adjourned?to be resumed to-morrow morning. __________ Aulitant Vice Chancellor's Court. Due. 29. ?Mnlhanirl Hogardui, and otheri, heir i of Jin nete Jam, vi. the Corpora/iti of Trinity Church?This cane is progre**ing slowly along in the aoove Ccurt; the whole of to-day. like Saturday, having been coniumod by the defence in producing documentary evidence ?liowing possesion ot portion* of the disputed pro* I>orty. Court Calendar?Thla Day. Commow Pi.***. ?Part 1-131, 133. 135, 9, 79, 119,81, M. 67,79,93, 103. Part 2-42, 94, 102, 44, 23, 18, 224,84,4, 60, 72, 2, 96, Fart and Fancy. We notice the following petition in the proceed ing* of the Legislature of Ohio. By Mr. Flinn, from the Grand Lodgo of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow* of the Slate of Ohio, for an amendment of their act of incorporation?referred to a committee of one, Mr. Flinn. Bogga, guilty ot murder and incept, was executed on the Ath inst at Lafayette, in Chamber* county, Ala bama. The Chambers Herald, of the 0th any a I?An im mense crowd ol peison* v*?? present. A* early ai Thura < ay evening, persona commenced coming into town from this and the adjoining rountie , and from Meriwether, Troup and Muscogee in Georgia; and by the hour of I execution on Friday, the Tillage and iti suburbs wart I filled to overflowing, * fib people of every grade, hue [ Hnd condition. On the 19th mat. at Steinersville, Robert McQary entered the hou?e of Washington McCaffrey, and in pre sence of hia daughters (tabbed McCaffrey in It or 14 iiiaces on the lace, head, neck and cheat, which caueed hia death immediately. The wife ol the deceased ?rriv ed as he was expiring It appear* that the decaaied had hia house aasailed and aeme damage done by MoOary and one Fowns, who were imprisoned some time ago, i> d they threatened to murder McC*ffre). Fowna waa uu accessary when the murder waa committed, and la now in jail. McQary ia still at large, and will no doubt be arrested ?i on We fnibear further particular* at present. Since wilting the above, the Sheriff and other citizens have returned with VlcOaty, who * as captured by thein near Braver, Pa.?Sf. Ctairtvitle Gazette. Steameinp Cambria, Capt. Judkina, 43 houra trom Boston, arrived at Halifax lath inat, and left *ama day lor Liverpool with 11 additional passenger* The Westminster Carrolltonian announce* the death of the Rev. Nicholas Zocchi. aged 72 year*. Ha wa* a native ol Italy?ordained a* a Prieat at Roma?-and officiated in that capacity for ahout 41 year* in the Catho lic Churchea of Taney town and Westminster, Md. A quarrel ensued between Joaeph f'rogtnn and James Hawthorn, at Fox * coffee house Louisville, on the 19th inst, in which the latter wa* struck on ho temple with a brick-bat, and died almost initantly, Iron the effect of the wound. Kissing and Fket.?The Abtm Dtmo irat niveu (lie tollowiiu re|xm ol it trial in that vil lage The Pickands Miller ite* Save some queer notion* an.l practice*, to *;<y the Irast Kather n comical tr al took place la*' S.ttu <J*,v helore >.ayor < h?mlerl*in, of (the late) Hev J D I' fVand*. of the Sccind Advent t hurch charged with asu.iuU ?nd batlery in kiMing toe wile of Lyman Green and washing her left. xgaiiKt b<r husband's will L. V. Dierca, F.?q . counsellor prose | cutor, laid down the law veiy clearly, aud Mr Pioaer.da . not only admitted the fact* charged, but justified him self on scripture grounds, *o conclusively, that the cave was dismissed Those who join that church will uod-t I stand that It 1( on the progroaaive principle.

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