Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1846 Page 1
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?K 1 T J1 E N E W TO HE H E RAL D. s?? ' yfy jei fo. 1?WUole So. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 1, 1846. V ? C. ^ <4 y Prteo Two CmiIi. ?r^r. #E hTEW_VORK IWALD. CORDON |?!MET?Proprietor. tlon...Fory' Thousand. ? HRR.i LlJ?fcwy^^s<>,',,ce * cents par copy? cent i u I Uwfitv^ m ist vy Ohio x n exeeoUd w*h b**ty ?w ?? ? ?? - at communication!, bT mail, addressed to l'*?? be post paid, or the mintage will b. m-i ? ubaeription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, r*? Propribur of the ? UU|i|ICMI "? , N?*Yo?BHE?ai.r> E?tam.i?h??WT, Jjr.?rt'i\#?N?l ftorncr nf Koltoo and N^imb iurpIi ^ W ESTABLISHMENT. sar-ffiEi!' ?5MAtMWr f? ARTICLES, It V'< H0LEiAi.r. snu Retail. IRK H>writ? whoexhibited at the Wn Fair of the Ame rican Institute the much admired duplay of choice P#f 4<iy mhI Toil amps, and who was there awarded, by the iorable judge. Golden Medal, haa opened an nt in this City i No 159 Broadway, where he offers a ipect y of Perfume iot to be .urpa.jedsither 111 Europe <" Mrics. He * d remark that hia Perfumery haa the great I' any Eorui" mi Perfumer. .. rtmeut of choice articlea of ''?* I"?** ce>e .1 'no. a. will at all timoa be .t zi " lef' r,tl'.Ke'r!'->S,M" wh,cl> wi" ch?n?' ** *""J . ?' .J er? into youth, or Pomaiumi lich a in - -^ " virtue of creating uew or MR 1 bene miracles he leave, lor 1,. .7 * ?1 frZiflo ott?r TOILET SOAPS, ,o aci inudid ?*'' uo utmeutr lized ulk. li rema-na to I tGa ftioit dc'lie .?a?,u- "d ho offers a most elegant nrrpa ion.ea higi !) rfdnm-nded by an accoinpliahed authoress America , t A '? AND Nr., which will prevent or cure the Mt i!ive.eraf?-e'tnl !>ieE '' the akin. ? f! . ivalle.l SHAVING CREAM, an ar'ie'e P '-'on- e trn-d, will alw. ye be preieut in every gentle sdreaatog < r offer* in* ' is vIETIC CREAM, ao invaluable au appli i to delicai -a slier shaving, a much more ilegant pre ?'?en than the i I Cream, toff-.- i o the i. ad, OILS. ESSENCES, POMATUMS PAS.IE | aaedol varionr properties, ai-lhe design - Ml beautify and - ante ilie healthy hair ;?ome t'> care diaor *d action of i, ac dy; itm- of soothing einoluient pro tl.intor the irritih.e head; otliera stimulating ai d tonic to I debilitate ! Srali , impaired in ita fuuctioua by aickneaa End ritn r ercassee The. eme tine, compounded with well-known "Biological prlnc ilea, frequently restore the hair, atop ita an when iaaloaa doe. not arire from a destruction o! the or ;a of the hair, and ere not to be confounded with Die thou dn.ntr aha: wleaalv warranted to cure in all caaea ? ? BE.iH.S OIL, r natures the public, ia perfectly genuine fm re pre .eo led us |ch, and ia prepared, by an application of |t,ao careful at ?< - to endanger I he peculiar organ izition.dn rue id which it i 'era from other substance i of a similar or Its quality ol a goods, he can refer to Messrs. Aspin >tl. **4ilhtn, Chili ?? bud many . many others of the most respect* e of thi Elty, "Jh-> for the list several yeara have anted article, ol ' Finally, everytliu uhis store will be to -waeufed. and if , "tiel' does not Ave full antuf.ictiou, it will u. i ? p. illy but also th-K J'.Uy he t-k nbick. 1 he ? u ni criber i. mov ? to acquire I r his establishment a churartt" for veraci MjcJ w ieu,from the usture of lire art idea, there aumuch room I'm r.|?r.mrriieutation, and ne e j una It upon I in hi. empl.y " auistaiu the tame adherence to truth and kvg e,.|h A call is nort re.pectfully so'icited. mu sun. ami irill SHfi l EUGENE ROUSSEL, ",r Msnuf < iir?aiiil Importer of Perfumery, do. 1? Broi uay.b-tweeu Liberty mid Courtjandt. snd ill Chesi.ut ?ireet. Plulsdelphia. 93,300. AN t X BN t> I V E RAFFLE. (MiE elngruit ant. nuorite Hotel J5es Dnez Kreres, situated . opposite Bis ~ * opposite Duane irk, it to be raffled, for the above remount tire 1st of Tel |ryt or at any time iuterveuinjt, at the *iou of:h?-a '? to to divided luto thirty -three chances at It i *r fham vnm-er becoming the possessor ol the a.-olunnert ia iudnding their magnificent Air-Cnshnui 'ininfTahle- if ali the appurtenances. The proprietors eg j.jlro- i'hr uto business in Philadelphia, have been Med, by ma'/, i* ther friends, who are auzions, although KtenaUiFi w- ti.-thasi their Hotel, lo take this method to pfflg r willu ,?to Power of mo.t any who are willing to hazard vunt for a chance, wherein there ia more thin in a thousand of the vaiu specnla d into every day. The above Hotel was and furnished in the most eatravaganl V most complete order. In order that the ed satisfactory to the subscribers, they .liong themselves, who are competent to (hat may arise, i will begivrn by the proprietors, at the ROTEL DES DUEX FRERE8, Mt Unane street, opposite Duane Park, yInquiring private rooms, can have them tjhWia d25 lm*r jMUFFS AND FURS. ? ??. v*lie* who have not sni'iiiied them .?,toeaff^yM COOPER'S FurStores. j ^aucy Kur.,and wn will per iit say eu r store in the eiiyT""* ?niinrint -B1 Wm. C' per't Fur Mtmufactorut, i Bowery. Sd vrrs above Walker sUeet-and 85 Maiden nane, near Gold street '0a*,'t "l ''is stores warranted^to ba^whml Of, HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. IHE?up-r'"Ht of Dr. Hull's matmrnenu over all othem is mi Mute- , '4byth?ui0M eminent physicians ui En _*fd, d ?, Aator House. A femnle in attendanca InF ent -,*tm?me ? 1 tYERS (t CO., SS Stone street, have nsi 1 ??-?pa Epenrier and Sea, the undermentioned a. U> half pipes, pale and dark vintages ker, do do do do. do ao ao do. : r sale. The aame ia uader custom housi dehentarc. d6 2m*r J, >TS PATENT PORTABLE WA-i? *- ."OOETS it i' persona in a delicate state oi h?. _.,i i:s as e of essential utility in their bed-chamber r can ba ua- th either hot or cold water, or for a vapoi They a .reniely useful for ships, hospital., tic. t aMe ' 'In subscribers, at the Crotou Plumbing ant ale . mbicnbers, at the Crotou Plumbing ant r . -Anfiuhmeut, 390 BROADWAY, betweei and Wli-ems. _ 8TONE, BROTHERS. AMES A SWAIN, CASH TAILOR, -IS? Bromdw?^N HOUSE. TUB FLOMisR, BUTJt'NAL DAGUERKLAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAI'HIC DEPOT,! ;i BROA'.'WAY, upper corner of Murray, over Ten 'l utj'lj. i if man awarded (he Medal, four " Firsi dm* mid . "Hisheet Houora," at the Exhibition at .TewYori uid Philadelphia, respectively, for the beat hueaMdw**? a. ever oxhibitrd. "'lorbc'a F-?.i"i ii Ca'tema, lnatractiona.Platee,Caaea, kc foiwude. vcuirftd point! at lower retea than'by any'i_ wr-snufa iry\_ o29 2mDliW*me Si TkAGE P? 'R CORN. GRAIN ANu FLUUK T'f *<*F. Oftr thoumnd biuhnla Corn or Grain, and tm?*cy ihoti. nd barrels Flour, can be had in the Brick live mm a' . walk from South Ferry, Brooklyn, on very S>fe it a good jiier adjoining these premiaea, p! water for tbe largest claaa .hips BORN It CO., on the premiaea. ntt ARDROBE AND FURNKEiTU WANTED, and Families can obtain the fall value for Ierffnoiis effects they wish to dispose of, Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire . Gentleman leaving or returning to the their advantage to seud lor the .abaciiber, I to gise a for price lor all articles offered Fongn the Post Office will be promptly at T. LEVENSTYN, w *6* Broadway, up stairs. univHlu.0 Dh SIRE PEARL V WHlTh afte7for TOOIH PASTE is flight.'.; m/no--- whit""~ w th' ? lie and retail, ai JULES HAU Evau - , rtaetical? hemi.t .nJ Perfamer, I tin.? i^M.South third street. Philadelphia. .l|IW???emod. No 415 Bo ad way; FA .y? ,?"d 111 a \LZbM? ed at the t nM.?. .. , frfbi LDE?iLii' hfil^AL EMI*?,LV-iNfON ?- Tnq highest amhoriijes in other article niriiiati. tholicou," affections?the youth, dees nf debility, torpor of the i ctremiticJV^ <^*'^' "**of the remature audCS a!'. c 'miaaiooa, | ?sot wind. c2S. Vinlity: melun aion. pain 'd*H-,aM of memo I imtoroauwt, Wy^ i '??? of indden dectioc 01 -nm Be baneful practices. YnunH^^"000 ethe country, where these scftig|5 f'ji"1 ?g extent?and those, too, who wrkf , matrimonial alliances h*?. ' !P 77" results which should attenn ' az2) i:r:rrt it? th" s phjnct to them. If yon would be relieved r, v*j a. ytyvg wuma ut! r*iievpd * I >' A'1 *" mnrt.fication, and be re K aiifjTi?" I'" ' ' e this Cord ml. 'lie Pit ain^y fly medleiceere higM* impi unt |^lt> *ie. Pit e (2 per boitfe ? $iu hall doren; ii Aslfdtn/ A ^ ' Jf Fulton street, ?' of mromfwmwlL} '<'? ' "?! Hurt'') iSSrt IV&1 -emg J. o. Fay, post-paid, amount ,n ^ North Mainarr.,,, Iro V h?.d ofVar?," I No. ttmvm, Y * f'O.ulted personal v or k Mr"1bz i km. afy in^r U ."ACHrc.t fte ~ i?TIOk I ftAug.iiic: . .wTrS1 ?4ml Af. CONCKLIN, Se?rs?ur> j Forty-Wine In Forty-*!* But in order to get Mexico>, Without the *>?tter,n* ^ow?.__, Of the old round fort at Verm Cruz, Or the burning of e town , Or without . oW John Bull. , F?r Ue C.U.,i^* "'"'mnromiso. Let's compromise?-im* i And giro him forty-nine. We hmve sdreedy offered him xJdhrfher,nown.hould meat us therm. - wWkrisr;U,.. Upon thmt offered line, if we get California in By giving forty-nine Why quarrel for a beaver .hi" When farther d?wnb d (ilTer minee, Are tbi orange grove* eu? ? w ,,B lick'd tho old chop once or twice, At Vorhtown and Orleans, And if WO go to *et f ffO'h" , A Jiln we'd give him beani. ttXtSuAlt Haul up to forty nine tinui u|' -w # But if the worst should come to pa??, Up to the Russian line, Kor waiving old Buck a compromise, The line of forty-nine. luteal from the Mexican Frontier. Corpus Chkisti, (Texas,) Dec. 2,1845 We are receiving daily accounts from the direc tion of the Rio Grande-every thing is quiet. The indications of continued peace are so clear, that we have ceased looking forward ; and our eyes are al ready turned towards the father land, as the scene o f to terest and The latest intelligence is, that Mexico; willing to enter upon a negotiation for tho set tlement of all the matters of difference between tho ??o?. sif-'-T sr.?s, jssatts. ?&sfs^3ssi.ra x ?s; t demonstiation on land apd sea_hasoeen , bow eK| we have shown ourselves prbpu . Should we nTsp^a powerless peopl! the fortification of treat inVeDhear of a?uu(ortunate occurrence near San Anto_ nio a few days since. The Tea an Indian Agent. Major Neighbors, being in a Cumanche camp, observed some members of the tribe bringing in Ame ncan houses He reported the fact to the commanding officer at San Anio ,,^,,0 immediately despatched a party of dragoons to recover tlie stolen property. In the confusion ot exeou ting the order, guns were discharged, and two or three India 11 h shot, thou eh, it is thought, none were kilieu. It was at first feared that tho circumstance ci'e the Cumauches to hostilities but "ow " " tained that nothing so serious will result. This people have been, and continue to he, friendly, If friendship is compatible with habitual theft and an hi But if they weie otherwise, their warlike character has been areatiy exaggerated, ft was the alarmist, the - my of annexation,who loudly proclaimed the I would result to tho enterprising settler, from the terri hi? cumanche- moreover their numbers have diminished bvw?Twith T?M. and Mexico, and their internal die senHons The inhabitant of this new country hes now little cause of apprehension of a war with any of the Indian tribes on the border, notwithstanding the ""tif* tionsof the Mexican and other emissaries is distant when the thieving propensities of these vaga Mparttes^r^fre^enUjr^apslo^Jj 'country0* ^ and scientific officers, to reconnoitre the country will be an effect of the ? occupation- ?? makeMown the character of the soil--the si ^oQd a[)d w,ter in rivers, and above aU. 'he IUPPly published in due the interior. "?JgS&^g^tisS of th. Laguoa time. A very saiisiac 7 r seventy miles, del Madre has been mad c?annel at the mouthof The work of deepen.^ ui. ^ ^ a few da)r, the the Nueces, g cross tho bar ; as soon asthls is steamers will be able to cross ino > f th fnture may be fo^iod of th. futnre importance of this river. , ? mportance of this river. already ? The eiicampmont of the army nas aireau v i ?Jtaal effect upon the lortune. of VilE?'.. magical effect upon the lortunes^rj^orpu. Trade, lawful and conti^y^ni condffion, come in HflAffUliltf mrrffe'foods USTed here. They "ok prin rinallv cotton and other coarse fabrics. Whatever price the easy conscience of the dealer may allowhim to ask, is promptly paid, and that in bullion. No dirty . Ll-L n.ofoaitAa In rntirAlPlll coin in r* '4gied pa^r vihich professes to represent coin in New oSeansorisomewhere else, is offered inpayment;bu bare and cakes of solid silver, revealing the richness of the mines before us, are brought in great abundance. Though the auppiy of goods may now nearly eqoal.the demand, yet the growing importance of the creases the latter so rapidly, that a shrewd Northern man might introduce any quantity of goods t0 and double his money in the sales. Bome pe^Undng questions have ariaen between the collectorand impor ters, respecting the lawful authority of the former to collect the duties, as well as in regard to tbeproperex ercise of his functions; in a month, the countries will obviate all difficulties of this 1. The proofs of advancing civilization, with the march of empire, are numerous. A theatre, with scenery, ac tors and actresses complete, has arrived from Galveston Faro banks and billiard tables are not wanting ? Thus, though "we havs left our country W?ur?o?s ??>. good." we (like the author of the line, yet wc trust uiixeo ?- -rarything else,) are indepen Jent of it for theatricals, and can laugh at the pretentions of your sometime distinguished Park, it* curtain tells, that Shakcpsare ?? was lor all time. The establishment of the legitimate at Kinney's Rancho, alias uXiZ is also illustrated in lbs free Importauon end ui, ot strong drinks. From theso arise fraqueut broils and murders, more than one soldier having been shot down by the free citizens of the lawft the great princi ple, I suppose, being thereby exemplified, that the civil is superior to the military power. Though t large mili tary force occupies the country, its recognized laws are thus respected. Ltr taglionis has thus far prevailed. Con ? standing army henceforth be esteemed dangerous to liberty or law ? Lieut. Col Hoffman, of the 7th Infantry, died in the camp of his regiment on the morning of the 'Jfith ult He was buried with the honors due to bis rank, the escort beiDg composed of six companies of the 8th. Cel. i H entered tbe service in 1813. Having been lately pro , moted, he joined the army in Texas, contrary to the 1 advice of his physician. His sense oi duty prevailed i over every- consideration of health and personal com fort. The exposure to cold and fatigue proved too great 1 for? consiitutinn enfeebled by age and disease. 1 The Northers, to renowned on or about the Gulf, have begun their work. The " army of occupation" is likely 1 to suffer most intensely in the cause of annexation. New Orleans, Dec. 20, 1845. The H'rather?The Cotton and other Markrti?Fi nance and Fwhion?The Sheet Iron Band, and Matrimony. There was so little stirring, that I did not think it worth while to write you yesterday, and have but little news to give you now. The weather to day is clear, but extremely cold, the mercury being at 86 degrees. The cotton market is not quite to dull as it was, and it is said that the price has declined, but 1 cannot hear of any sales that have been made at a lower rate than I last advised you of. '1 here have been two arrival* this mor ning?one of 484 and another of JK4 hale*. The arrival* vaster,lay and the day betore are quoted at rt f>8| bale* The stock on hand and on shipboard, at the piesent time, i* Ifi.HuH bales, including to-day'* arrival*. The sale* for the last three days have been about II 600 bale*. The sugar market is not very lively, although the un expected tailing off in Ihe crop, in consequence of the cold and wet weather, will probably here the effect ol increasing the price. The crop is estimated at about 174,000 hhds The tales yesterday reached about J0O hhds. and on the day previoue too, at, tair, 6 to ftl and good prime at 6) to S cent*. The price of flour 1* about ffl 46 per bbl, end the sale* lor the laet two days have reached about *4,600 bbls. The Money Market is a little tighter than it hat boen and there i? a good deal of paper offered in the streets' New York paper stands moderately well. Drafts for 00 days, 'H and JJ discount?at sight, li to 14. There le bnt little ne *??? of interest afloat, and no fun stirring ?ova the concert* of the Shoot Iron Band. A teller in the Canal Bank, Mr. B , hat recently contracted a marriage with the daughter of a rich bro ker, Mr. J e, eucTee the lady, although young, beau tiful and highly accomplished, hat, it "s said, a cross of the African blood in her voina, the public ore indignant and agreeable to an old custom, the happy pair are' mgbtly serenaded by the Sheet Iron Band, until the hue tII'I ??all poney oyer some flv# or six thousand dollars KiT,D t0 ,h* Orphan Asylum. About five ??iJJSL^-1tM**,s ,urn#<1 out lMt night with all aorta ? ln"tn*nents, but could not succeed in unkennelling <? "7 *** to *'*? ? ,ourth concert to-night - , .Many of our most respectable citizans are member* of Alteration or tm Jewish Sabbath ?A l>aj>er statea that Ihe Jewish Reform Committee, sittiiig at Pronklort, at the head of which are Meson < roiu&cumidt, iidTOCikti j Crtosouich, profeuor, iik! it?mWff?**m; arul lo wbich all the most eaai ssr Albany, Dec. 29, ltMf. J The Meeting of the legislature?State Convention ?The Governor at Church?Court of Errors? Important Measures of Reform?Masonic Celebra tion?The Weather?The Eecture Season?Capi tal Punishment?Hie Efforts of the Hhigs, 4*c. Ia one week from to-day, the State legislature as sembles. The State Convention will be held at the Capitol on the 1st June next, but it is believed that the session of the legislature will be of unusual length?a great deal is to be done. ft is *aid that agJan for the organisation of the militia is to b? proposed jiess odious and venations. It will I probably, consist of volunteer companies, to receive pay while on duty, and these companies will assemble for paraJe and drill once a month, or oltener, as circum stances may require. We were totally unpri pared for a declaration of war in 1812. an 1 it seems to tie our polic) to wait untfl war is declared before we take the tirst step preparatory to the c.ri-is. Our raw population, un disciplined and "nsophintjeatc J, wheeled into line, can not cojo with the regulars ol Britain, and on a charge they would be Irightencd from their propriety I saw the Kxecutive and bis lady at church yester day. His Kxceliency was looking udmirably well, and his lady seemed to be in goud health. Those lines of Ctire, and doubt, and "hope deferred,'' which me the certain inheritance of oge, begin to discover then-selves upon the placid countShence of Ooiernur Wright, if Silas Wright had accepted the nomination to the Presi dency, tendered to him in 1844, by the Baltimore Cor ventfon, he would have been chiet magistrate now; but ho declined that tender as if he had been use chose qui doit dormer de la houte?and never was erroi so regret ted; never faux pat so deeply, vainly deprecated as this. Nothing can atone for it, and no subsequent event can avoid the consequences Folks here seem to b ? read) to endorse the propose I tiou for the purchase of Cuba of Spain, and for the ac I quisition of Canada and Mexico, and the Sandwich : Islands probably. Every body is furious lor war? peace ' lias become too monotonous, uDd they think a spar with ; John Bull, Esq , would tie redolent of fun and excite i ment. Experience in this thing would niter their opin ! ions, I apprehend The Court of Errors is still in session?nothing doing of any importance. Nearly all the judg ments brought up by writ of error from the court below are affirmed by this court. Indeed, this court might lis dispensed with A court of dernier resort might ba held at far less expense, and in the con summation of verdicts, jU9t as much erudition might be exercise! as at present, with fewer heads and more brains. Among the arrivals of members, I remark John T. Bush, di Eriei a man with a soul more capacious than the Astot house?? man of liberal views, and possessed of a large portion of that jewel we rail charity, for the errors|of his fellow men. and coadjutors in frolic. Old times are being revive i?little knots of politicians are discussing knotty points friends meet onee more and greet each otberjwith beaming eyes an t hearts brim full of joy?cork-screws perforate the necks of chem nague bottles, rind fegrets and disappointments ere drowned in a " feast of reaSou, and flow of soul" Best Havanus are at a premium, and Regalias are vanishing into smoke?hearts quicken their beating pace, and res piration is spvSJier In fine, the good old days "when we went gipseying,"ai'C come " bock agin." It is the general opinion among K'?^rV n<r ' tion and adultery will he made a State pn??n o this winter. It certainly ought to be Jemmy iteaivi Oils 8?) s the excise law will be fashioned over anew aud " license or no license," will be referred to the bat lot boxes. Men are pretty unanimous here tn tin opinion that capital punishment will be abolished in thi' State. The Free Masons' Lodge No. 87, had a jubilee on Sa turday night last. About fire hundred of them charterei the requisite number of sleighs, and prooeaded to thi hotel of Mr. Woodworth, about six miles below thi' city, in the town of Bchodack. Your corresponded was invited to go, and he did go. J sat down, at 10 P. M to such a supper at mortals do not often taste. Borne fellow present intimated (most unpatdonably) that the leporterto the Sew York Herald was in the room. A sentiment which was a personal allusion to me, was pro posed, and drunk with cheers. I was obliged to discover myself, and iespond 1 thanked the gentleman for such a flattering expression of his regard for me, and nro poted ? "The Seta York Herald, end the proprietor of the .Yew York Herald-the lnrmer the circulating mirror, which is the reflex of the liberal and independent policy j of the latter." This was drunk with six cheers, and after some happy and pertinent remarks upon the prin ciples and tendency of Free Masonry, the. members re turned to the city, delighted with the ride. The weather is very warm. The snow ia melting very | fast, and the walks are covered with water. Unless it changes soon, the ice in the river will give way. The lecture season is progressing prosperously. In teresting lectures are given semi-weekly, and the motto of the members of the Association is. " ExcaUior." Sena 1 tor Putnam is detained away tromthe t;ourtoi t.uu.,u. . -?????! or emrarm Iflneee. The Emmet Guards have announced thoir tirst annual ball for January 8th, 1846. Vice Chancellor McCoun who is one of the Executive Committee of the Nee Yoik Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment is calling the attention of citizens to this subject througl t the medium of a periodical, eitablished and condurtei under their management, called The Spirit of the Jtge . published semi-monthly. The whig party in this State is silently and calmly, I hut with the moat crafty and subtle determination, pre < jiaring ita "first card" for the succession. New York h < the preponderating power in the balance, and while dis coid and disunion predominates amorg the cliques am clans of the opposition, they are already manoeuvring with alertneis, and with consummate skill, to re-mar shal and re-infuse vigor and energy, into the routed and scattered elements of the great Clay party of 1344 ? r j New issues will be presented to the people, and any i thing and everything, in the meantime, which can be converted into capital for the wbigs, will bo greedily gathered for use. The rejection of the Massachusetts i ,'etition, presented by John Quincy Adams, for striking l out the clause in the resolutions for Texas and slavery, in the House, wiii secure tbe votes oi the Birneyites for the whigs in all time to come. Local prejudices, as in the anti rent case, will operate in their favor. Look out for denouements, political and social, of a thrilling cha racter about these days. A new route between this city and New York has been opened on the west side ef the river, by stage, rail road and stoMiiMt Fare >3 00. Fact and fancy. On Wednesday the 17th ult., a negro man. the property ot Mra Canty, of Carrollton, La , fell overboard irem the steamer Rainbow,and drowned, about 10 miles above Carrollton, on ber trip to Bayou Sara. Mr. Henry Witt fell dead in the street near hia dwelling in Lynn, on Saturday last. He was 07 years of age. On the 20th ult. a little girl, daughter of Mrs. Pursell, of Lagrange, Oeorgia, was so severely burnt by accidentally getting ber clothes on lire, that she died in a few hours, after much intense suffering. This, we understand, is the fourth member of the family whose death has been occasioned by lire. The Governor of Louisana has issued an order for the election on the Mb proximo, of a member of Con gress in the place of VJr. Slidell. New Jersey Legislature will commence on the 13th of Janutrv. That of Maryland mei yesterday. The enniylvauia Legislature wilf meet on Tueadey next. . r Ex-Governor Sainuel Bigger, of Indians, declines being a candidate for Governor at the next election. A splendid piano has been made in Philadelphia, I as a present for Mr. Clay. A little girl, daughter of Daniel Fradenborg, was drowned e few days since, in the Delaware, about two miles below Carpentei's Point. Governor Seward of New York, and the Hon. Edward .Stanley, of North Carolina, were in Philadel phia on Tuesday, on their wayiLouth. The Old South Church, Boston, had a narrow es cape on Sunday evening, as agreed on til hands. When the sexto opened the Church lor the purpote.;of lightii g up, he discovered flumes bursting out of each side of the pulpit, but it was got under without causing a general alarm. The fire destroyed one pew, and blackened the wain of the building. It caught from a defect in the lurnece f Tax Decision.?A chuaewae in the ITmt?*d dmtea Circuit Court lor thin Duti ict, 1h?? week, in which a very important decision wai made, that alii giently operate against a portion of our t a a titles. It wf. an action of ejectment biought by an individual claiming under the ixiieut title ag*in?t the peiion in possession, who claimed under a tax title The defendant aet up a deed made for the vale of landa for taxes under the revenue law* of I83S- 39 The land had been sold by o; e Sheriff, and the deed was made by hi* successor in office. The objection taken to the tax title deed was, that, under the revenue lawi of 1838-"Jfl e lorm had heen preacribed for a deed, which could oul) he executed by the Sheriff who eold the land ; and that there wa* no pvoviaion in this revenue law, authorizing the aucceaaor of the Sheriff to execute the deed. This objection wae^suatained by hia Hon Judge Pope, and the deed ruled eut. There are without doubt a great many tax title-deed* in precisely the tame sitna ion m the one in question; and if the view taken by the Circuit Court of the United State* for the Ui*trict of lllinoie be auetuined by the Supreme Court of the Voited State*, a great many tax title* throughout the State aU)t in evitably prove valueless. lit en Telrrravk. Chajutablk Baquwr?Oliver Smith, an aged and wealthy gentleman of Hatfield, Mass , recently deceased, has left a very large amount of property for charitable purposes. From what we can learn, Mr Smith has left over half a million of property. Much of this is disposed of for charitable purposes, and a large amount for benevolent and philanthropic objects ? I 000 is given to Northampton, for the establish"*"* ;o into op#?*" un" of an agricultural sohool, but not to go into ops?"0" uo" til She shoes named sum is doubled, fiqo,'?O ts given to right towns, via : -Northampton, lint field, WiHtamshurg, Deerfleld, O^0**0" ?"* whf*? fftld, WilMaawburg. Deerfleld, ?"f Whato ly, lis a pormhaSit fund for the he"eflt of orphan chil lien and chJIdreYof the poorer claaae*. The fund is to >e managed by Another large and rather no rel bequest is maA to the same numbe^oMowns and irobably the same w^rns, to bo poid to each young and we#au wit"- - - ? vorthy man or iredmn within the sama, upon the event i f bia or her marriage. #10,000 ia to go to the < olonira- i ion Society ?AlertAemplen (Mess.) Couritr. II Affairs in Canada.?We have received Kcv ireal papers of the 2f>th, Quebec of the 22nd, and Toronto, of the 24th uli. All 'he news from our exchange papers, we annex;? [From the Montreal Herald, Dec. 24.] We regret to have to record fresh cases of loss of life and projierty on our stormy river. From letters received Irom (Quebec we learn that a pilot had arrived there on the 21st of December, who had seen three vessels on shore, which he confidently asserted were the Montreal, the Sir Kichard Jackson, and the Syria. The following is an extract from a letter dated St. Luce, 19th December " I have learned to-day from Mr. Chas. Campbell, that there are three square rigged vessels and a schooner, wrecked between Metarule and St Anne des Monti The crews of one of the ships and of tho schooner had perished. Subjoined is an extract from a letter received by a merchant in this city " \ ou will be all sorry to hear the melancholy Dews that has reached us this morning from below, vix : that four vessels are lust, and (he craws and passengers of

two of them supposed to have perished. One of them is the Montree), Captain Douglas. The body of a female and child have been fourd on tne beach, with many others." The lot ers from Quebec, dated the 22d inst, state :? The most melancholy accounts that we have had of the wrecks which have occurred in tho river this fall, were received here yesterday There is no doubt, from the particulars given in the following extract of a lettei to A. Campbell, that one of the vessels mentioned is the barque Montreal, Capt Douglas, which loaded at Mom treat, and salted hence on the morning of the -jsth ult. and, sad to relate, all her crew, including the Captain'i wife and child, who were on board, have perished. MitAifE, Dec. 16, 1846. " A man from Nt. Anne, (district of Oaspe,) named Tbos. Allison, who h is just arrived here, reports two wrecks at <'a|>e I hat; the crew of one was saved, but and to tela o, ol the other vossel, not one is left to tell the tale. Seveial of thair bodies have been washed ashore among th-m are a woman and child. On the vesse's burgee, which is torn, are the three first letters of her name?Mow. " He lurther reports a Schooner being totally wreck ? 1 about six miles below the barque?none of her ere w seen at all, and supposed to have no cargo, as none was seeu. " This man further states that he had seen, close to the barque, a full female figure-head?painted white." The othor vessel mentioned in the same letter, proves to be the ship Win. Bayard, Capt Miller, a letter having been received here from the Capt addressed to Uilmour St Co., which states that she will be a total wieck. Her cargo had all been saved and been got up as far as Mitis, from which place Capt. M writes, aud where ho is laid up with a sprained ancle. The Bayard is ashore 16 miles below Little hjatane The Hour in her was still safe, although the larboard broadside was out?it would be landed as soon as the ice was sufficiently strong to bear it. There is little chance of saving the tigging or any or her materials, unless it bo in the spring?her masts, which were cut away, are lying alongside of her, under the ice The mate and one man have remained by the wreck to prevent her being plundered. Capt M. states that his men have been dreadfully frost-bitten, and one, he fears, will lose his life Fears are entertained here for tho safety of the other vessels which sailed at the latter end of Novemlier The weather in Montreal f:rthe last few days has been excessively cold ; yesteiday the thermometer was ?Jl? below v.ero. [From the Quebec Mercury, Dec ao.J Although a division of opinion exists on both sides of the line 46, as to a war being the result of President i'ollt's recent essage to Cougrass. we find that very wailike preliminaries are being made On ihs Canadian -ide of the line, especially at Montreal, wheie the buatih of uctive pre; aration for the reception of an enemy is most marked. It is really enrious to read the various announcements in the Montreal papers from the officers of the general militia corps. One would imagine the foe was all but at hand. We reiect tho following as a specimen of the pre pa rations making for the "approaching war"?a crisis seemingly decided upon tn our sister city :? Montreal Riri.cs.?Wanted for the first company, o lew active yoqpg men. To Voni'.XTKKaa.?The undersigned beg to inform those men who are desirous of serving under them during tne approaching war, that they will meet them at the office of Bins k Colburu, Pointe-a-Caliiere, on Friday evening, the 19th inst., at 8 o'clock God save the Queeft. Montreal Lioht Irfaistrt.? (No. 3 Company.) ? Voung and active men who mean service,. and are desi roo* of joining the above company, will find a book ol enrolment open at Irviug's Hotel, St. Claude etreet, near the new market building!1. Mostrlal Light Irkaktrt.?Active young men de sirous of joining Cnpt. Jame* Morton Millar's (Flick) company, Vill apply immediately to any of the under signed Liev,tenants. ? T?.~?r.-" nr- "! -r Aetiwe toons men desirous of en rolling themselves in Captain Robert kaston s compouj, are requested to make application to either of the under signed oflicsra, between the hours of 13 and 1 P VI Royal Mortrkal Drahoor.?(Jentlemen desirous of enrolling themselves in this Corps,are make application to either of the undersigned officers, who will give any information required. Mortreal RirLKi.?As it is the desire of the Provin cial Government that this Rifle Corps should be reor ganized, Captain John Blackwood requeets, that all those who wish to join his Company, will give in their names to him, at No. 44 St. Louis street, or to Mr Henry Ly men, First Lieutenant, No 193 St. Paul etreet. Coupled with these bellicose demonstrations, we find advertisements of drill books for sale, swords, pistols, and other army paraphernalia. At Quebec we ere else "sharpening our tusks,'kbut to a less extent. Most of the militia battalions of the city heve been completed, and parades, or musters of one or two of them ordered. It is as well to be prepared, if preparation does not lead us into ridiculous display. Our Adjutant General of Militia bae properly and judiciously taken in hand the effective organization of what may be termed our domestic force, and we have reason to know, from in structions emanating fiem his office, that it will not he his fault if. in case of a brush with our neighbors, there is not an available army, composed from The people of the country, disposable at any and every point at a very short notice. This is as it should he , and now It this dull season of the year, when employment is slaok, it might not be amiss ff the several corps in our city, and elsewhere, were to volunteer to assemble for drill - Such meetings could but be productive of good to ell concerned. No needless display of uniform is required The muster should be to acquire the knowledge of mili tary movements ; the use of the musket, he., might be dispensed with until orders from head quarters were re ceive.l announcing the declaration of war, and ordering ?11 not exempt from service to take up arms in tha ser vice of the Queen. Good and timely demonatrationa may pravant much bloodshed, and preserve many valuable lives. V. I. District Court?' n Bankruptcy. Before Judge Betta. Die. 81.? Wm. C. H. Waamell, ateignet of Thomat and Htnry Brooke, re. TStot Pierce and Jonathan TTiorn.? itilion deli The general assignee in bankruptcy presented ? petit praying the interpoeition of the Court to decree the d very of certain property of the bankrupt'* to him, in | pos session of Pierce and ''Thorn. On the 30th of March, 1843, the bankrupt*, in cor'emplation of bankruptcy. ' \)*ta'e and *(T ct* to the aald made an assignment of their\cta<a and e<T ct* to the aald Pierce and Tnorn, and on the 14th ol January, 1848, they were declared bankrupt*. On the part of Pierce and Thorn it i* objected that the proceeding ia barred by the 8th aection of the bankrupt act, more than two yeara hav ing eiapaed aince the decrre in bankruptcy in the oaae wea rendered. Upon hearing connael for the respective parties, it appeared to the Court that question* of great interest were involved in the case, and it we*, therefore, ordered that the following question* be adjourned into the Circuit Court, pursuant to the sixth aection of the bankrupt act, to wit: Firit, whether the llmttatton ot suits enacted in the eighth section of the bankrupt act applies to all suits brought by an assignee in oankruptcy, in respect to the estate and rights of a bankrupt? Second, If thai limitation is restricted to a particular class or de scription of cases, whether a voluntary assignment ol his estate by bankiupt would, under the second section, fh 11 w ithin this class, so that the estate cannot be reco vered 1 y his assignee i bankruptcy, unless suit ia brought within two years after the decree in bankruptcy was obtained I C>#u, Hulk try and Onokrn Vt. Wm. C. H. fVaddr.U, Omrral Jfunfnrr a/ Edward H lAidhtw, a Bankrupt ? The questions arising on the petition of the plaintiffs in thii rase having ti?en heretofore discussed before Judge Betia, and by him adjourned into the Circuit Court, aud there decided^jnd the Circuit Court hating decreed the coat* of the 4Rignee to be paid out of the assets of the bankrupt, and the coats hating been taxed by Com mis aioner Campbell, and an appeal hating been taken from hit taxation by the plaintiffs, to the District Judge, on which appeal the following questions were raised and aogued. : ? 1st. Whether the services rendered in these proceed iugs, as charged and taxed, were services under the bankrupt act f 'J:id Whether the fable of fees adopted in the District Courts on the 4th day of January, 1843, pursuant t' the Oth sec'ion of the bankrupt act, governs and |r-',w the taxation of costs in cases of this character. . 3rd. If not provided for by the bankrupt ?"? "hethee there is any law of costs applicable to b?" cases, exist n>H iu mis t.uunr .. 4th. If co?t? are allowable in t * . tho?o appointed by the Judge# *"d?r tha bankrupt ?ct, whether taxation ia to B^to^ormabljtetherate of feea ?*i?ting in the Kqi**> ^.Iff?? .V?Hj 'it tha lima i hTetan/lir^ AllCl Of M10 COUrt Wilt adOptOQ 7 Mhu th/fl." 7th? Court of Chancery of th (aetata are to ho iilifi, ">? taxation of few allowable at the tine tbe^'rle" cbWd for were rendered, or at the time Ir^ini ?' madeI i?*ppeering to Jodge Belt* that iom of tha above .ueetione were novel and important, and that tha daa administration of this branch af tha WW required that they rhonld be ao aattled that the practice might be uni form and wall known to tha profeaaion, adjourned tham into the Circuit Court of thia diatrict, for final edjuat ment and dacialon. . We learn from the Albany (Georgia) PntrUt, Kofrc, that We '? Klorence," on ita way from Albany ' j tpiiachicola, waa run againat a jutting reek by tha care raanaaa af Wa engineer, and annk w.thin a law tomai ta. There ware on board MA belaa of cotton. It ? atatadtbat tha deck load would ha aavad with little ?jury, and perhapa aama of tha cargo under dech. Tha oat will be a total ioaa t'ouimor' pi?.?, Before Judge baly Dxo. 31.--EJmund Simp nun v?. Janiui ? Pn?th.-Thi* case, briefly adverted u yesterday, was returned this morning, and baring <aken full notes of this somewhat important tiial, wa present the full p*rtirulars as they appeared in evidence. Mr. Booth was engaged by Mr Bimpeon, manager ef the Paik Theatre, to plat six nights in the month of June, 1*44, and came o < from Bal timore, his place of residence, fir that purpose. John Blake testifl-d ? Is treasurer of the Park Thea tre ; has been for about twenty years j know- the par ties in this suit; plaintiff is manager of the Bark Thea tre ; knows from both the parties their agreement, which was at the specified sum of $60 per night, for six nights , he fulfilled this engagement except the last night ?, he did not perform that night ; the plays of that night wei. to have been " Bertram" and the "Mayor of Garrett," in both ol which Mr. Booth was announced to perform ; " Bertram" the first piece on the bill, the average ex penses of the house were about $350 ; generally speak ing, my duties are in the box office ; see but very little of acting; was behind tbe scenes on the night ol the 14th June (the benefit night previously alluded to) about the time the performances were to have commenc ed , thinks he placed a notice on the outside doors that there would be no performance that night; the doors were opened that night; don't remember that any sales of tickets were made that day ; there were no tick ets taken at the doors that night; the receipts for the flvo nights during Mr. Booth's engagement, were For the first night $1(18 00 " second " 133 63 " third " 146 13 " fourth " (being u complimentary bene fit to Mr. Simpson,) 040 00 " fifth " 131 16 In 1844 theatricals were very uUlI ; Sooth has frequently played at the Park Theatre ; no tow n,a me n?ium w this encasement, ai previouily stated ; on the 14th of June the house opened at seven o'clock, and par format, ces were to have commenced at hall-pant seven. Di Joxnc testified ?Is costumer of the Pirk Theatre ; has beeh for six years; knows Booth ; saw him in June, 1844, on the afternoon of the'Uth, between five and six o'clock, nestr the corner of Warren street and West Broadway ; saw him from my window ; he was drunk ; saw him helped along the street by i man without a coat on ; went out of my house to see if he wanted assistance ; couldnt prevail on him to go to my house ; the man that was with him took one arm. and I took the other : went with him to his lodgings, corner of Courtlandt and West streets; (the North American Hotel); went with him to his room ; when I let go of him he fell down upon the lloor ; told Mrs. Booth that 1 was sorry to come to her in a case like this ; sked her what should be done, and said, " Mr. Booth may be all right at the time he may be wanted at the theatre Mrs Booth said. " that he would be worse in an hour's time than now left the room aud went to Barry's house ; was at his house half an hour ?, went then to Simpson ; from thence to the theatre. Thomas Bsaav sworn.?(Who corroborated the tes i timony of Mr. Blake in regard to the nature of Mr Booth's engagement.) The theatre was cloted on the night of the 14th of June at twenty minutes to eight o'clock ; Booth was not there that 1 know of ; would be required in less than five minutes from the time that tho curtain was to 'ite that night; it takes an actor h.ilf nn hour to dress ; the theatre was closed in consequence ol the absence ot Mr. Booth ; Lajeume, about six o'clock communicated to me something upon the subject of Mr Booth ; .Vlr Simpson was there when the theatre closed he had not arrived when I wrote the rotices that then would be no play ; placed thetrl on the door after he dnJ arrive ; it la necessary for an actor t<i be at the thaatit Atteen minutes before the curtain rises. .- Thcodokc bTvavEtAinT, called for the defence, sworn Knows Mr. Boothi was with bim on the 14th June fron two to half past four WBs afternoon; left him on th< "We corner of West Broadway and Warren streets; was hi Mr. Ketchum's between three and loilt o'clock; .Mr nO-th was not the least intoxicated; was /ft tfwmpeoy that afternoun with Mr. Booth and Messrs. Fallot! and \1cKibbon; remained at Mr. McKibbon's house for hal' an hour; Mr. Booth went there to look at some of Shak- ? p. ars's work*: afterwards went to .Mr. Armstrong's, cot nerof i.eonnro street and West Broadway, left Mr. B there; knew that he was to play Bertram and Jerry Sneak at the Park Theatre that night. Joh.v MoKieaois testified Knows that Mr. Booth was to play for his ben fit the night in question; first saw him at city prison ; near two o'clock in the afternoon went Irom there to Atherton's, corner Franklin and Elm street*; from there, we went to my house in Franklin "r. Booth was sober, as'fsr as I am capabla of street; Mr. judging; want to my house on business; was fit'and ca pabTe to traasact any business; h6 remained at my house for an hour, and left near four o'clock; went to the Park theatre that night near seven o'clock; the doors were not open; saw a notice on the door, that in consequenco ol of Mr Booth's absence, there would be no performance tiiat night. Oroac.r. Blythe testified?Mat Booth cor ler of Leo nard and West Broadway, on his benefit night, at Arm strong's ; he leC thore Ave or ten minutes past 4 o'clock; accompanied him homo With De Jo go ; he was not drunk; had hold of his arm; did net stagger at ?U; ap peared as though ha had been drinking, rutt nothing out of the way. after we met Do J ouge, im went With us to No ' | mm' the Northern Hotel; we went up stairs: after wo reached his room, Booth wanted to lie down; Mrs. Booth took a pillow from the bed and he laid down on the floor ; re mained with hha until about 35 minutes to 7 o'clock; he a ?nurt i'Sf seissaMU lying on tho floor; whon ths tea boll rang he got up, washed niinsen *a,i o. Joro.i tea; we took tea together; he told his wife to get his things leady for the theatre; he ordered a cab and we drove ta the rear door of the theatre; he got out of the cab rnd went in ; from here we drove to a tobacconist's in Chatham afreet; when we reached there, it wanted a minute or two to 7 o'clock; met Mr. Cooper there, who is attached to the theatre; when Booth took his tea he was sober; drank onca on hit way (at Saraben's Head) to the theatre, where he was by 7 o'clock; knows Booth when he is drunk, by his cur ous way when so. Jamsi Coofer Lucre, property man of the Park The atte?Saw Booth the night alluded to, at the rear door of the theaire; understood at this time that there would he no performance; when he arrived, I thought he bad ample time to dress and prepare himself for the part he was to play, and be ready at the usual houi for the even ing's performances; told Booth there would be no per formance, no one told me to tell him so; judged so bo cause the lights were extinguished; to my knowledge Booth was not drunk; he had his usual basket containing his wardrobe with him. [ The remaining portion of the t timony of this witness coincided with that of Blythe 1 Augustus Lewis, prompter of the Park theatre, Thos J. Wayne, the tobacconist and cigar dealer, and John Carroll, his clerk, and others, sustained the previous witnesses so far as regards the situation in which Booth was upon this night, and that he was at the theatre sufl: " ? to di ciently early to dress lor the parts in which he was to plsv. An attempt was made to impeach the testimony of Blythe, but a* he was corroborated by other witnesses in all essential and important particulars, his testimony was accepted and allowed. The counsel summed up, and Judge Daly chargad briefly upon the facts a* presented by the different wit nesses called for and against the complsint, whan the jury, without leaving their seats, gave a verdict for the defence. Before Judge Ingraham. Jibram Critt vs. R f II. Q Strhbim.?The jury In this case, (fully reported yesterday,) brought in a verdict this morning for the plaintiff, in the sum of |3fl3 13. The contending a suit, where a lawyer is the plaintiff, is one generally attended with the most unprofitable results, they will have thair " crumbs." Theodore Rosses vs. Thorn is 8. Dtvot ?This suit, brought for the recovery of wages insistsd upon by a youngster, who claims fail wages as a Journeyman bucoher, for eleven months services, being rather unim portant, we omit a detailed report. The Jury gave a verdict (deducting soma specified sums peld to ftie plain tiff,) of $33 80 in favor of tho complainant. Aealetant Vice Chancellor's Court. Btgardui r*. Trimly Church.?Thi? cause is still froceeding before the Assistant Vice Chancellor 'his is the fifth day ol the trial, and as ret the defend ants have not produced all the leases and deeds of con veyance, which they are required to prove, by way of proving their possession of ail the property in question. Bot it should be distinctly understood that neither-the lessees or the grantees of the church oan be disturbed in ti.eir possessions by eny result of this cause The .... ^ ( . ... complainants only sortt an account of the rents and pro fits. and of the sales realised by the corporation of Tri nity Church, and to be entitled to their shares in future The case will occupy the Assistant Vice Chancellor's at tention, it is thought, for many day* The argument* upon the evidence will, it is said, ne necessarily *<*ry elaborate on numerous points ol law and fact, toe fur ther hearing will be adjourned over to Saturday. """ week Borne of the t>a|>era in this case, a sm?d bundle, were lost on Wednesday morning In West Roadway, f etwesn Fifth Ward Hotel and Chambers west side of West Broadway, or in Chaw6?r? street, on the north side of it, or in crossing Chwmhwre street to the Path or iu the Park west* the t Ity Hall. Any person , who has found the* ?'hss them .n nossessioa. is requested to hun/r ??,??"<? ??>em forthwith to the oBlce of the JVrw York ^rrrUd. where a reasonable rewerd will be given. I ?iwd Mtatea UUtrlrt Court? Kqnlty "Ide. | Before Judge Bett* Die SI. Otarft W Hrutn N. tfh'Afe* Brw?.-Tlw hill In this cause ?? Ailed lot an injunction, and a mo I km i* now n.ada to have certain judgment*, (aitifi'd to the defendant by the United State ,) decreed, aatiaAed, and ordered to be cancelled of record, and that the de fendant be enjoined from proceeding upon then, trane ferring them to any other pereon, or in any way inter fering with them to the prejudice of the complainant, or to the aetata of Thee. H Smith, deepened,or the aaaet* ot the Arm of Thoma* II. Smith k Son. Theae judgm*"'* being again* one Bioodgood and the complainant iv'-ivi- ? dually, and aa aurviror of Thomas H. Smith h 'on, aa esecutor of Thomas H Smith - oceaaed, wee- asaigned ' July Sd, 1*M, by tba Secretary of the Trenanry, on the oomprvmiae oi the demand* of the United State* againat the eatat* of Thoma* II. Smith, dece:.(ed, under the act j of June 1Mb, IBS3. Judge Bett* fluaed in thia atage of | th* proceeding*, to etijeut the *uits at law, inatituted for raeorary of thoae judgment*, bnt loft the defendant to proceed on theiaaua found therein, and if judgment* are : anterad in hia favor, en injunction then to iaaue, ret train ing execution*, until th* bill in thia caaa ha* bean duly . diapoaed of. _ The prrecnt constitution of the State of Miaaoun provide* that none but native horn citizen* of the I nit* I State* ihall be eligible for the odBce oi Governor. The convention now In aoaelon at JoBhraen City, adopted a proposition that the Governor ahail haiooflar bo thirty rear* of age, ahall hove beta I ckiren eftho United ?atoa tea yeero, and a eltissn of MiaseoM for Ave yean. Court of Oyer ami Terminer. Before Judge Kdmouds. and Aldermen Meeerole end Brady. Dec 31.-William llarpei. who had been convicted laat week, of the murder of John Oeorge Kempt, on the jMb of October laat, wti brought up to rec.en e sentence. Mr. Uarr, hia counsel, applied to postpone the sentence ? tor the present, until he had time to complete the bill of exceptions which he had taken to the admission of evi dence and the Judge's charge. The application was complied with, and the convict remanded until Mon day next. Trial of Virgil Knapp, for thr MmJ<r of Sarah Deck "?Kivi h b?v.?This cast was rammed to-day. Mr. likAH/tw, the prisoner's counsel, beg*) txi? address to the jury, with s violent denunciation ol thsjmblic press. He spoke lor nearly threeJiours, and was crowed by Jonas li Phillips, Assistant District Attorney, vho ci0M,i t|,e imming up for the prosecution-, after wli.h tha ( ourt summing up for the prosecution , attar wb.h Court took a recess [or one hour. Etidiiio Bkssion Judi??. Ki.moid? commenced his chur^u by relb to the int|Kj[>auce of thii case, and the necessity on'?* part of the Jury, of giving it a diligent ami patient sideration. Tti? demands of the public at large requires it) therefore, It fa important that the duty should t>? faithfully discharged by them, fie made theee remarks that they might direst themselves of any extraneous m attorn that had been imprinted on their mindi. Various consideration* ha* t-?eu pressed upon them and there fore, he felt it hi* duty 'o caution them to dismiM from their mind* alt those comvijr>t10[ls Wbich the eloquence and zeal of aonn*el on both <ide* had pressed into the east. The first thing you have>0 consider is the nature of the crime before you, and v-s^ j, tj,e prisoner charged with ' We have in our tj,e crjme of murder, which is punishable with death , ,nj tj,e crime of manslaughter, which is divided into four u.,reei( ?,<! is punished by imprisonment for various term*. ?, con stitute the crime of murder, there must be the killing ?f n human being by some other person, with a preme ditated design. The statute has made three sub-division* of this crime murder, and you will ask yourselves, dees this come with hi the definition which 1 have given you of these thiee sub-d?vi">ions' I do not well under stand what the prosecutor mv?ns to insist?that the crime the prisoner is charged with, comes within the first of these sub-divisions Now, thef? i* no evidenoe before yon that she whk quick with child at the time she took the od of tansy ; and, in my opinion, the only quea tion for you is, whether the crime charged in the Indict ment, comes within the lest ot the subdivisions 1 have laid down ' You are, thereloie, to enquire whether the killing of IhJ" woman by the prisoner was perpetrated by him ; and thai '?? doing so he evinced a depraved heart and a teckless disregard ol human lifef And il yon find thst it was done in such ? manner, then it will ho your duty, however painful it may be. to find him guilty of murder; but if you are satisfied that she was not quick with child, and that she died by taking the oil ot tansy without any premeditated design on hie part to take her life, then it would be manslaughter in the fiist degree. There is manslaughter in two other oegreea that may bear on this case ; and if you are not satisfied that the prisoner is eilher guilty ot murder or ot manslaughter in the first degree, you may then nquire whether he is not guilty of manslaughter in he second, third, or fourth degree , aud if you think the crime is not comprehended in either ol ihate classes, then it is lor you to enquire whether the crime here charged does not come within the statute ot 183A If you find it does, then it is only a misde meanor : hut It it for you to say of which of those crimes he is guilty; Btid when you come to fit the crime in this range between murder and these throe degrees of man .liughter and misdemeanor, I come next to call your attention to the fhcta by which the charge is out, to establish which it Is necessary for the prosecutor to uiafao ~u? to your satisfaction three things. The first is, ','iatslie is dead; the second, that she died by violent means ; and the thiid and last, was it the prisoner that caused her death I That she is dead, and died by violent oeaii*. there can be no doubt; and the only question for t on to decide, is it the pnsoner that caused her death ' His Hot,or conclude.I by leaving it to the Jury, under II the cltcttmstances; audit tbeio was any reasonable :ouht on their minds, to give the prisoner the benefit ol it. The Jury then retired. Sui' Court of thk Unirxn States ? Tuesday, December HO, 1845?Lyman B- Walker, fc'.sq , of New Hampshire, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Couit. No 30. Samuel Smyth vs. Strader, Perrine k Co. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for South Alabama Mr. Justice MeLstu delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment ot the circuit Court in this cause, with costs, and remanding the cause with in structions to award a vmirr fuiios Jt novo No. 38. Lessee of James Krwin vs. James Dundas ot. at. In error to the Circuit Court ol the United State* for South Alabama. Mr. Justice Nelson delivered the opin. ion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the Circuit Court in this cadi. with Cost*. No. 40 Alexander Kanktn et. al vs Jesse lloyt. In error to the Circuit Court oi the United States for New \ ork. Mr. Justice Woodbury delivered the opinion ol the Court, aiflrmiBg the judgment of the Circuit Court in this case, with costs. No. 61. Lyu an A. Spalding, vs. The People of the State of New York, ex. ret. Frederick K. backus. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, affirm ing the Judgment of the Circuit Court in this cause, with costs. No. J. Km. parte. In the matter cf Turner Dixon, vs Joseph II. Miller. Rule on Judges of the ? ircutl Court ol the United States for the District of t'rilmiibi i * oTiw cause why a mandamus, he. Mr. Chief Justice. Taney delivered the opinion ol the Court, overruling the mo tion made in 'his case, in behalf of Aaron D. Harmon, to allow the Judges of said Circuit Court to amend tneir re turn by adding thereto a statement of the proceedings iu his ca?e. No. 47. Charles Clifton, claimant,-he., plaintiff in er ror, vs. The United States. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr Meredith fur the plaintiff in error. No. 48. James Buckley, claimant, he., plaintiff in er ror, vs. The United States This cause was argued by Mr. Meredith for the plaintiff in error, and by Mr. Attor ney General for the defendants in error. No. 49 Lessee ot George /eiler et al, plaintiff in er ror, vs. Jacob K Kckert, et al. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. C. J. Ingersoll for the plaintiff in error Adjourned till to-morrow, 11 o'clock. From Havana ?By the steamer Alabama, we have received tiles ol Havana papers to the 17th in stant. Some changes have taken place among the autho rities of the island. A Spanish 74, Kl Soborono, was ex pected from Cadiz, and an Kngliah steamer was about to tie bought for the increase of the Spanish naval force at Havana. There is no news from Mexico in the** papers. Advices from Puerto Rico to the Ath instant, gave as surance of an abundant yield of the sugar cane in that island, notwithstanding it had been visited by earth quakes and huriicanes in the month of November ?R. O. Paver, Dee. 93. There has been imported into this district daring the present year 1,039.673 bushels of coal, exported, 366, 669 bushels of coal; remaining 1,0*8 614 bushels. 710,800 bushels of salt imported, 13. AOS exported, 667,306 bushels remaining 68,169 j bushels of potatoes imported ? Boston Post, Omcg on thi Mum ?stii.i Mutual Inai-AAffct Co. j No. M Wall street, December 37th. 1343. . ATA MEETING of the Trustees, h-ld ?t the ..flier of .he fa. Compwy. on the 3id instant, JOSEPH WALK i At was unanimously eleetrd President, in place of Lewis Ureter, resigned; tod Lewis Uacnonv wmtelected Vie* President, to ?apply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Joseph Hoxis. By order of the Trustees, ELL Wood WALTEH Secretary. Manure Instrnaircr. on Caano awp Knriowr oirtr. The Mercantile Mntasl Insurance Cbmpany, No (3 Wtil ?tieet, confines its business to Marine insnrsnoe on freight and Tlaw subscription notes, amounting to upwards of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ours been received, and further additions are drily being n ade to iU assets ... The Company invites attention to its plan of business, which it is believed, offers greitcr protection and larger returns to thcugured than uny Thomas Hunt, Jus. Mctullnngh, Thos. Achelis, Win . C. Laneiey, Septimus Croons, Oen W. Taylor, Henrv Sle-'don. Charles Payen, LsviCook, Jss. Fieelai.d, Chas H Rogers, A Legnui, Taos 8 Nelson, H E Moring, D. L Sir;. Wilson (i Hunt, W. C. Atwuier, A^egis 8. Baker, tre.itb Mar ft, W. A Ketelfas, M Ws-d, (Jro. H .stilus, C'h '* O f arleton, Leuard Kjrtf, W. A Ro.tgeru, Lucius Hopkins, J<s C. in I lock, Daniel O Haalagd, " " * ?L Henry J-aaop, Daniel U Hntlsad, 8 V. Jenkins, U 1> Phelps, Heroin "oksr JOSEPH WALKER. President. Lrw.s Qariioav, Vice President. K.i.Lwoob Wsi.Tr.n. Seer-taiy. d'SSmrc THE PARISIAN SKOKhl JI78T PUBLISHED, a New Translation from the French, entitled ? The Paris. n Secret, or SeifPreae.ration:" a per fect seen.ity gain?t-ein I I > Menses. n.ider all circumstances, wi bout the u?e of Ue.lieine or any d'segreeable necessity? Ualvereelly n drrstood ?. d emp'oyed by men o faahiou in Pans, London, and . that large eltlew BY ALEXANDER LEBAVM, M I) , Mem ? r of the Faculty <d .M.dieine of Paris?Physician te the V'e< ereal Hospital- Knight ot the la-fion of Honor, he , Ac - Hue, c Si Hoi.ore 3S. P.'.a Published l.y Kobe i H. jiuont. Legal Depu'y lor Dr Le 1 am. IM ashing' u at. Boa on. Price gju cents per copy? wo copies for tl All orders sh. nld be addressed, post p od, o Robert H. Jbimout. sa abote. Kc? Mle 0 New V rk, only hvWYATT h KETCH JM. itl Fulton St.; Ph'ladeiphia, Colon h Adriaace. in tha tirade. ('heanut st dll Im'r Nd? CROTON WATER OTICE.?Thoee nrrseoa taking the < roton Water won Id do well to call anargamine tha premium Water Kilter., m mi ? fee Hired uy the enbaeribera. They art to conatrarted that they not only clarify, bat pnrify, tha moat tnrM^rafer. randaring it of a ehryitallinecleartieai.atid <1 treating itot erery imparity. They can be attached to ?'roton water-ninea. STONE BROTHERS, Croton PI am hi ag and Watar-fi'tar Eetabllahroent, No. 390 Broadway, between Walker and White ata it 'an'r HAjJ11Nua, COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE'! Far tale by MOORK k CO., tha American Axenta, U Ann (trnat, and V.Uiott, 1*3 DIVISION STRUT, op poeito Ludlow, New York. Trice ft a bottle?SU hot Uea for fA nb Imja MUBIC. PRIVATE PARTIES ATTENDED SCUNEIDkR* REBHUN. IW Cra*y Street. dig im're

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