Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 5, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 5, 1846 Page 1
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HE NEW YORK HERALD. > 4?Whole Bio. MIL NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, JANUARY 6, 1846. PrtM TmCmU, THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAI88 GORDON BEMETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY BBRALD?Every day. Price 1 cent, per copy? |7 2:, prraauiiak?p.y 'bio in advance. WEEKLY .HERALD?Every Satnr ley?Price 6^ cent Per copy?$1.II', c.ut. per annum?payable in advance. ADVl-.ltTlor^MENTS at tJie usual pricna?always cash in advance PRINTING of aU kind, executed with beauty and dee patch. I?7" All lettrra or communication*, by mail, addressed to the estabhshineft, mart oe ;>o*t paid, or the postage will be deducted from the tnencription money remitted JAMES i.ORDON BENNETT. Proprietr r of the NgwYonnHckAU) Estauluhmpitt North we,t enrner of Fulton and Nana, ,t rente. HOLYDAY EXCURSIONS, XBOBLjUh! SBB-Htei TO PHILADELPHIA AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES, AT REDUCED RATES. Comtnenciag on Wednesday, 24th December, and ending on Monday, the 4th of January next, by ? o'clock, A. M and 4)4 o'clock P. M Line,, from the foot of Liberty street. To afford an opjio'tnnity, t reduced fare, to the citizen, of New Vork to yisit ud exchaiueciviiitirs with their friend, in Philadelphia and the country ou Christmas nud New Year, and to affoid the country i eople an opportunity of visiting Philadelphia and New York tor the like purpose, arrangement, are made by which passenger, will be furnished with an excursion ticuer, entitling the puronaaer to a passage each way, at the following From New York to Philadelphia and return... $4 00 " .. . " Burlington " ... 2 90 " ? Borden town " ... 2 00 ? " Tew ton " ... IB Princeton ... 21# Newark to AilaUrte " ...2 40 ?? Ellxabetlitown * JJ ... 2 24 ^7"|P*?,?ug. r? Jrom the ebov* to New'York will be 1 A,?r*oe may goon Che 84'ti DecemnOr and tetarn en the 9th ol Ji.ioarv mi, or n? any time between these dates, at the ex. gur, on rate,. Oflee foot of Liberty itreet Tickets not Hne.ierable, and will not be received ar.vt the 9th oTJaamxy. 1Mb. dtt Iwome Ut.v.1 tSDAND RAlLitUAD COMPANY fffiift maYiBirt TRAINS RUN A8 FOLLOWS. Commencing on Monday, September 15th, 1045. Leave New York?At 7 oh:lock, A. M., Boston Train for Green port, daily, Sunday, excepted. stopping a Farmingdale and St. George's Manor. Leave Brooklyn?At 914 A. M ,lor Farming late and intermedi ate places, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tnexlaya, Thursdays and Saturday,, through to Green port and intermediate place,. " at 4 P. M., Tor Farmingdale and intermediate _ places, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Oreenpert?Boston Train, at 4 o-?ao k, P. M , ar on the arrival of the iteamer from Norwich, dailv. Sundav, evrepord stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. " " at 9 oclock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Weduesdava aud Fridav, Leave Farmingdale?For Brooklyn,at 614 o'clock, A. M., and IP M., daily, Sunday, eacepted. Leave Jamaica?For brooalyn. at S o'clock. A. M and 2)4 P. M., dally euudny, excepted. Fare to Bedford 8 cent,; East New York 1?H; Race Conrae 1?J?; Trotting Conrae 1994h'amaicu 24; Srnahville Sl)^; Hyde Park 17 mile, 97V; 'lowsville. (during aestiou Court.) S7>?; Hemimtead 17)4; 3ranch 17)4; Jarte Place 44; Weatbury 44; liirksville 44; "'armiugdale Uhj Deer Park 61; Thompson 82; Suffolk Station I Of: Lake Road Station 1 18V; Medford Station 1 IIS; Vtillville 1 40; St. George's Manor 1 61)4; Riverhead 1 67H; J,me,port I C2)t; Mattetnck 1 62)4; Cat ehogvr 1 62)4; Sonthold 1 62)4; Greenport, Acc'n. train, 1 74; Ore. nport by Boer en Train IOC. Stage, are in readiness on the arrival of Train, at Die several Stations, to take paasengeraat vary low Fares, to all parts of the' Island Baggage Crate, will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 26 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The Steamer Statesman leaves Greenpert for Sag Harbor twice each day on the arrival of the Train, from Brooklyn. 116 rc MLALL LINE FOR BOSTON. >VER THE LONG ISLAND ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot ef Whitehall .erect, South Kerry?Sunday, excepted. Way Crates are in readinese to receivn baggage for Nnw London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. jn 16 tf re MAIL LINE at 8 A. M. TO ALBANY t bonding at Yonkcra, Dobba' Ferry, Sing .. . w, Sin*. Grassy Point, Verplank'a Point, Cald '^Mian ?k. Cold Spring, Newburgh. or as far a, the ioc wiig | . Bmkfut on baard the bust. There is good sleighing from any point on th* Hudson to Albany, aud stage* will be in readme** to carry passengers to their destination at the arrival of the boat, fassage ti 59 through to Albany. The celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain L. W. Brain ard. leaves the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Kvery Morniug at eight o'clock . ? ? For passage or freight apt ly on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ at the office on the wharf. dS9 FOR SAUGERTIES AND CATSKIL. THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADL _jN, Capt F. J. Cnpperly, will leave thelbot .of Odar atreet, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at C o'clock, P-M. For freight or passage, apply " i board, orto O- F. Waiuvwight, tfnC, on the wharf. " 1io*mc NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On Wednesday, December 1, the tripe en thie Ferry will be Leave8*?ten laland IV, 10, A. M. 7, Oa, P. M. Leave New York 0, IS, A. M. J*,5,P. M. d3mc NOTICE. The PEOPLE'S LINE have made arrange >mriu with the powerful atrnmem UTICA ?and NORWICH, to ran to Albany (oraa far aatheicewnl permit,) every day at J o'clock, P M. till farther ?once. ? .. New York. Dec. U, $G- 4*J_ MAIL LINE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, LANDING at Yonkera. Dobbe'_Ferry, Siojt 'Sine, Oraaay Point. Vendanka Point. La..*. Koyrrhoek. Cold Spring, Newborgh, and aa I'ar u the ice will pe. mit. Breakfaat ou boird the boat. ? The celebrated ice iteamboal UTICA, Cautein L. W. Brai nard, leavea the pier between Comdandt and Liberty atrveta, [ at I A. T" every morning at I A. M. , , For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to I*. C. Schaltx, at the office ou the whart d2> r BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Packet-Shipa ACADIA and H1BKRNIA will leave Boa ton for the above porta aa followa, vix: Acadia, Win Harriaon, Commander, on the lat January, 1M6 Li . A lea Rvvan " ?* lat h'nk'ev IliE Hibernia, Alex Ryrae, " " lat Keb>^, 1M6. Passage to Liverpool. P ,stage to Halifax 20 raaaage For freight or paaaage, applyjo passage, apply to D. BKIOHAM, Jr . Agent. C Wall at No Berth arenred nntil paid for. H30 rrc BOSTON STEAMER FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL ..jra. . will leave Button for the above ports, aa followa, viz-? The Acadia Wm. Harrisoo, Commander, on lat Jan. Ik Paaaageto Liverpo >1 $110 ? bcht. Paaaage to Halifax For freight or paaaage, apply I D. BRIO llOHAM, Jr., Agent. ? Wall at. No Berth encored nntil iki d for. dU rh Silk nflSBB DitAbT's ON OnEAT MHiTAIN AND InELAND ?Peraona with ng to re mit money to any part of Grant Brit,in or Irtlai d, can obtaiu I'riftaof the aubacribera or any amount, large oramall, payable on ?II the principal towut and e.itea W. k J.T. TAP8COTT, <T ate 75 Month at. eor. Maiden Lane. bOR LONDON ?Packet of the 6th of Jai uiry ? ? The aplend d well known f?at nil nig packet (hip nPHILAD' LPHIA, C pt. Dunn will poaitivaly aeil ???" vr, her regnlsrday The ar com mod <rions ofthia ah'p for cabin, teaond c-binand ateeraee p,aa> ogert cannot be surpassed '/hole wishing to aeenre bertha ahonld not fail to make early applic <ti?n on hoard, or to _ W. fc J. T T(P.-COTT. honld not fail to make early applic <tmn on W. k J. T. TsP.-COTT, J'* 75 B nth a'real, eomer M-iOen ^^^pD^.'ON LINE OF PACKETS KOJt LI Vr Jb KPOOL?l'a, ket ol the 10th of Jannary?The i pletdid new packet a.,.p NIAGARA, Capt Rnue 1, will Po.i'"eiy tail aaeb- ve, her r-nnltr day. The "Ceoinm dationa of ihit ship for cabin, and aecond eabin Meet frr-cannot he sarpuwd Tho- wi-hmg to teenre bertha ahonld not fail to make immed.atr application on board, foot of Wall ftrfrt, or to ? i a vs || ,.w AJ T.TAFSCOTT, i*< 75 Sonth erreet corner M.olen Laa UNlihU STATES. AND UREAL BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD MglJBLlHJtED EMIORJtffT OFFICE AAjg- THE Rubeeribrra are prep.,red to eng*ga paaaan* tnfV gers to come out by the early apring .hip*, aia varv flfiBfa *"w rate. Draft, can a.u.nxl, he f?rau<.ad. pay side torooghontihe Ueited Kingdem. For farther particulars, apply to J. HERDMAN k CO., ' 61 Soath street FOR LIVERPOOL? New Lnw?Kegaiar Packet of the 16th Jan.?The elegant fast sailing Packet ?Shin SHERIDAN, Oeoree B. Cornish, master, of , will sail aa above, her regnla ma will sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having aeeooirnodationa nne^nallrdfor eptmdor or comfort, apply on hoard, at Orients wharf, foot ol Wall atreet. or to E K. COLLINS k CO., M South at it. Price of pooeaga $106 The elegant tut eailing pocket ahip Garrtek, B. J II. Traak, " r, will " " ' * " " mooter, will toeceod the Sharidan, and sail <*>th Fehrnary, her regular day. ja| wgrxT FOR NEW ORLEANS?Iranian a ud New lKVFV York Line?Regular Packet, to sail Saturday. Iflth WMbJniasrii-TlitPiMut faat sailing packet ahipLOUIS Vll-Lb., Hunt, in inter, win poaitivaly anil u above, her reg ular day. For freight or passage, having elegant furnished accom modations, apply on beard at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at, ?'i" .. , E K. COLLINS k C'O.. M Sooth at i *??*i roociood hcotd ifttr it o'clock, 8*1 urd tv. J?in J mi wary. A Who will Progfijy forward all fooda to hie addr JOHN HEADMAN k CO.. United States ud Groat Britain and Ireland Emigrant Office, CI Boath street, New York HEkDMAN. KEEN AN k C?.t Lirrrf<ool. Passage to aud from Great urvau. and Ireland I rut Liverpool) by the regular Packet Snips sailing event fire dais. The subscribers in r.illii.g the att-utlou nf old countrymen and the public generally to tneir un,-quailed airaiigemeata for brinriug oat passengers from the old country, beg to state that after this year the basinets of the Honse at Lirerpool will be coudaeted by its Branch. Those eeudiug for their trieuiU will at ouce tee the great importance of this arrangement, at it will preclude aa unnecessary de'av of the emigrant. The ships em ployed in this Line are well known to be the first and largest class, eommauded by men of experience; and as they sail every fire days, sou offer erery fao litv that ran be famished. With those superior arrangements, the snhecribert look forward lor a j coal inu't ion of that patronage which haa been so libeiatly ex tended to them for so many years past. In esse aov of those engagv d do nor embark, the passage money will be refnuded ?s customary. For farthm particeUrvs^dj^bjr letter postpaid. j 61 South street. New'Vork. HERDMAN, KEENAN k CO , Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amonnt can as nsnsl be furnished, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the United Kingdom, on application as shore nitre dffr dftv Jfe <f?V FtrCTfew ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS It ia intended to dispatch a ship irom this port on tha 1st, Cth, 11th, ISth, list and 26Ui of each month, commencing 1st Octo ber aud continuing until May, wheu regular days will bs ap pointed for the remainder or the year, whereby great delay a and and disamointments will be prevented daring the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrange Ship Clifton Captain Ingcrsoll. Ship Tennesse,,.. Captain Pray. ShipShakspeare. .Captain Cornell. Ship J.ouisvill#. .CaptainHunt. Ship Genesee ... Captain Minor. Ship Oswego ... Captain Wood. Ship Damascus.. Captain Bliss. Ship Sartrlle ... Captain Taylor. These ships we-e all built expressly for packets, are ot light draft of water, hare recently been newly coppered and put in sptrndii order, with accommodations for passengers unequalled for for comfort; they are commanded by experienced si as ten, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They Will ac ell times he iow?d up and down the Mississippi by steam boats. Neither the capt ins or owners of these ships will he responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stoves.silver or plated Wire, or for tny letters, parcels or packages sent by or put oq board of them, unless regular bills of lading are to ken for the same, at the value thereon expressed. E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 Sonth at. or JA8. E. WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address The ships of tnis line are warranted to ssilpunctually as ad vertised, and groat care will be taken to have the goods cor rectly measured. >24 rc packets for havke?second line. ?UK. dttv JHv i he snipe of this liue will sail during the year in the fulluw ing order: From N. York. From Harre 1st Jan. 16th heb'ry. Ship UTICA, F Hewitt, master, < 1st May. 16th 'une. lit Sept. 16th Oct. 1st Feby l*th March Ship 8T. NICOLAS, J B Fell, J 1st Jane 16th July. 1st Oct. loth Nov. 1st March 16th April Ship ONEIDA, JFunck, master, 1st July. 16 h Aug. 1st Nov. 16th Dec. 1st April. lf>th May i 1st April. ICth May. Ship BALTIMORE, J Johnson jr. < lit Aug I6tri wrpt. f 1st Deer. 16'hJiuy J 16'.h Jany. They are all of the first class, ably commanded, and with ar com-n dwions for passengers ample aud commodious The price of passage in the cabin iskion exclusive ofwmes and liquors. Applyto BOI D k H1NCKEN, Agents 9 Toi.tin Building No 81 '".all sire-t Goods sent to the agents f r f -rwndnig will be suhject to none other lhan the expenses acte lly nlirc MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS gt m m The undermentioned Ship* will bp ttiiltrlr deipitchedtrom heuce on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10tn of each mouth during the year, as follows:? From Ship*. Cai>tains. From N.Y. Marseil's COR IOL ANUS, Jas Hade Dec 1 Feb 10 AR'"OLA (newi N W Evel?igh, Jan 1 Mar 10 ??fh. GASTON. S.ephea Coulter, Feb 1 Apr 10 Mai " MISSOURI, J Silvester, ' May I July 10 NEBRASKA (new), J K Brown, Marl May 10 till? PR'CE de JOIN VILLE, W W Lawrence, Aprl 1 June 10 These are all fast sailing, coppered and copper fastened ves of ei tela, and commanded by men of experience. Their accommo dations for Passengers are all that need be de'ired in point of comfort and convenience, having excellent ste'e room accom modatious. Punctuality in the days of sailing fiom both port* may be relied on Goods ad dressed to the agents will be forwarded free of oth er charges than those actually paid, freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietors, For freight or | i 9 Tontine Buildings M Wail cor. Water at. No. ltJ Front street, or to BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE8 7.i South street, corner of Maiden Lose, New York, and Warterloo Road, Liverpool JK i& rsnns wishing to lecuie passigr lor tiieirfnends iron Persons wishing to secure psssagp lor tlipir friends Irom Liv rpool during the comiqf seasoa, in the New Line of Liver pool Packets, are respeeuully informed by the subscribers,that the undermentioned magnificent and favorite packet ships will ifwl ' sail irom Liverpool positively as advertised?in any of which piss.vge can be engaged on ihe most nasonnb'e terms, a d every necessary means will be nsed to have those whose pus s <ge may be engaged on this side of the Atlantic despatched in at comfortable manner as putsiblr. The ship Liverpool, on 6th Februan*?(he 8iddons on the I th February?the Queen of the West. 6th March?the Sheri dan on llth March. The well knowu sailing qualities of these favorite paekets rainier any remarks unnecessary, and their accommodati his for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, . urpast those of . ny other line. To secure passage, and tor further particulars, apply to W. It J. T. TAPBCOrr, 75*8onth street, corner Maiden Lane. P. S ?W. It J. T T. supply Drafts as usual, for any amount, payable throuahout Great Britain and Ireland (Hi FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the Ith January A first class last sailing packet ship will positively be dsi ffig- FOR LIVERPOOL?TTie fast sailing, coppered MH^asd copper fastened barque TARTAR, Rnssrll, jjUUKsmaater, M0 tons bnnhen, will sail for lha above p.lit .nil meet with quick despatch For ireight or pasaage, having excellent accommodations, ap r II R R.. I ly on board, pier 13 E. R., or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, dltrc 17 South street. FOR GLASGOW?Regular Packet?The well known, fast sailing British barqne ANN HaRLEY. iliapt Robert Scoti, 416 tons burthen, having most of lier cargo engaged, will meet withquiek dispatch For lri ight or passage, having n< ellent accommodations, ap ply on board, foot of Pint street E R? or to WOODHL'iL k MINTUBN, 87 Sooth street, The rtffelar pocket ship Saracen, N. T. Hawkins, master, ' "arte: will succeed the Ann Htrley. <1 '6rr PAH8aGE_FROM GREAT BRITAIN A.NU IRELAND, vffPLiverpool. Those sending for (heir ifrianda can have them bronght oat st the lowest rat by the regular line ofpecket ships, sailing svsry five days: a i draijB can, as usual, be furnished for any ain<>uut, payable tt ?II ffie pruicip 1 banking institutions tliroughout Kingdom. Apply oraddross (tfhr letter, post paid ) to JOHN HERDMAN k CO., 61 South street. New York. HERDMAN, KEEN AN k CO.. d7 m Liverpool. FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?J Be Line of Liveroool Packets, consisting of the ships sad Games. They were toseius, Siddons. Sheridan ?uiIt in this city by Brown k Bell, with unusual care; for It Is materials (a very Urge proportion of their flames being live oak I and workmanship, they ore unsurpassed, if not nne mailed. Salted on (he stocks and re-saNed every Tear since 1 heir accomm odations for passengers are very extensive and handsomely furnished., App^ oil E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South st. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lino-Hernial Packet of list Janu .nr.?The superior fast sailiui ?nrket ship QUEEN OF THE WEST. Captain oodhouse, i3 1 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day For freight or passage, having splendid, large aadeomfunahlt ("hllllf W?kx tat? room* and c.hio, apf!y on board, west tide Barling thy. WOODHULL k MINTURN, IT tO (7 South scoot. Price of pesssge $161. The packer ship Rocherter, Cam. John Button, M0 torn burthen, will succeed the Quern of the West, and sail "? 3 it Febrn - rv. cHtrc .FOR LIVE PaiOL?'Ine mien-1 well-known sat sailing packet ship SOUTHERNER, T. Palmer lister, will have im ..adiatc deep teh rur neightor passage, haviug superi r accommodation*, ap ply to thecapwin onboa-d. Cot of Dover si reel. L R or to WfXdDHULL k MINT RN. *dMrc r Hd.nfh itrert JLU TiiiJi PUbLJIJ. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AN!) JUDGh FOR YOURSELF I WARRANT theui til to bo as repi. seated, or the moaea refunded MY KAU LUHTRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE This universally approved and admired article, free from ar dent spirits, pungent essential oil, and other destructive mnte ri It. cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts to it the d* licatr fragrance ot the flowers ? Hair washed with this Extract sous becomes pleasingly soft and luxuriant in its growth : and it will positively bring in new hair ou bale heads by its use, and hair that hat been made harsh, aad is turning grey or falling ont, by the nse of spirit or other teens, '?peeper preparations, will toon be restored to its natural co lor and brilliancy hy a few applications ot the Fie a Lustral. B * preservative against baldness, and an infallible cure in *'**vr-tioDi of the tkm oa the held, ss dandruff?and lor pre- 1 i, ?l. !*sliuff off ofthn hair and turning grey. " ,* simple produce and immed ate extract of some ToI "? h*"' '""hiwed with properties so highly cleansing that It disengages the Epidermis and Capillaij tubes agrecsbfe unTvivifying perVUmg1' "?" "" EVIDENCE. "hmh experience sad study mil alwsyi Aug mnm ? ? Irani* and retail bj JUko8aHm.ii{fte^t"^5SL and by my agents:?J. B. Jaeonemod, No. 4IS Brondwav F A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Not. If) sad UI Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W. corner of Cedar and William strssta. Premiums was swarded at the Franklin Institute. n!6 lm*TC ESRKEKLERk 0 , Suttgr. Cheees tad Lard, m "it st?e?r ell oo HAH TWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 1193 OhMlnat Street. PHILADELPHIA. DATH8 jui iutroduc?l?Warm and Cold?in Ann apart AJ menu, for both lodiea and centlemea; and thn entire orga nization and fitting op of erery departroent of the Waanington Home,complete dll lm*m FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAUKANT. SIONOR PALMO respectfully informs hi, petrous sod the public, that lie has opened a ttestanrant, at his well known and popular old stand, ndjning the Opera House He will serve Breakfasts Diunert sad Happen, in the French American and Italian style, at all hoars, and in a manner unsurpassed by any similar establishment in the city. Siguor Pal mo trusts that many of his old Irienda will kindle remember kia peculiar abilities as ? caterer tor epicures. A dinner of three dishes si choice, with half a bottle of claret, or ale. porter, he. may be had daily for 37>< cents only. Hit bill of fare will comprise all the choice dishes of the season, at the loweet prices, and served in the best uuuiuer. N. B ? Hot and cold Batlis supplied at the above establish ment as usual K. PA LMO, n!2 lm*r St Chambers st w HOTEL DE8 DEUX FREKES. Boarding and Room* on the European Plan. HICH is more couvemeut, comfortable and economical than any other plan for travellers, and merchants whose business require them to be abseut frequently. The qniet and healthy location of the hotel, opposite Dnane park, retired from the noise, buttle aud confusion of ureal tho touuhfares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steambont land ings, presents the must desirable residence. 1st Duaee st, op posite Dnane park. nit im* M1 NEW FRENCH RESTAURANT k COFFEE HOUSE AT NO. 737 BROADWAY. E8SIEURS BUNEL k LE COMTt, beg toanuouuee to the public iu general, and to diminished families ill particular, th.t they have opened an elegant French Kesiaurai.t and Coffee House, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, where Breakfasts. Dinners aud Suppers may be had at any couveuieot hour ; and in a st| le that cannot fail to satisfy tM most delicate There will always be found a rich (apply of fine pastry and confectionery,jellies, ice rreams, Charlottee-russes, kc Ex ..v.i,...., vinouua-runri, asc. c.s unite Liouois and the moat choice Wines Orders received rum Kami! as for Breakfasts, D uuers aud Suppers, or separate ishcs.'-Parties supplied with every kind of Pastry, Jellies. loufectioi aries and Ice Creams. at lm'rc CunfectiOi TURTLE SOUP FOR EXPORTATION. GOSLING, of the American and French Diuinu Saloon, Nos. 6, aud t6 Nassau street, his always ready Green Tur tle Soup for Captains and families, put up in tin boxes. Upwards of 160 different d shes served up daily lor dinner, from 12 M. till 3 P. M ; the brst of the markets; nil k nds o game, kc.. for prices which suit everybody. He has 1. tely erected a machine whereon dinaei lor too persons can be in two minutes prepared. Has famous buckwheat csket. Every arrangement is made for the comiort ol the v liters. Iiis Sa loon is open from 6 A. M. till 9 P. M., (except the first day in the week till 3 P M.) >1y sou, Henry Gusliuir, has erected at a great expense, a similar establishment in Boston, Mass.. No. 16 Devonahirest. Very thankful fur the encouragement bettowed ou we for the I -st five years, and in the hope ol a contiun uce, I have the honor to call myself your most obedient restaurateur, n97 lm*rc L. GOSLING. RICH SILKS, CASHMERES, SHAWLS, dec ARE NOW offered for tale at a great sacrifice, many styles from twenty-nve to thirty per ceut lees than the regular wholesale prices. The subscribers have secured a large lot of Rich French Silk Goods, frc. Also, Mveral consignments?all of which will be sold if it thou"' ould be below cost The season being semewhat advanced, they have conclnd-d ? embrace the present opportunity to dispose of the balaucr of tlieir stock. A large portion of it has been purchased recently, at the Ureal Peremptory Auction Seles; tnerefore, will make a very large rednrtion from present price*, and do veutnre to any mat their Bilk, Shawl and ?.ut mrre stocks, will_pr?*rut the jreatrat inducements to PU'Chasers ui the way of tiry Goods that has ever beeu off red in this city. J.N.k r.H.S kCo do assare their friends and customers, that tliey may put full cuufideaee in ail and every statement made til, his advettisemeut, as they are piepeied and will sun 'stautiate every word of it. Our stock consists of the richest and most t ostly goods thai nave be, u imported this season. Wr would respectfully inviti all'o call and examine for themselves; asking none to ouy er ;ept they are perfectly satisfied 17"? or furtherparticnlars, please read the following: ONLY ONE PRICE! 8ILKB- bILKS A large lot of rich Datk Bilks, redured 23 per cent. Splendid Bilks for u.eel dresses, former prices 8s, ts, Its per yard, now only 7s and 8s. lh V wide aud heavy i2s silks attl. X do Paris Bilks, for evening dresses; have been sold by the importer tins season st $8per yard, now will be sold at SI per yard; a great sacrifice. One yard wide splendid Caaelion Striped Silks, reduced 34 eeuts per yard, lore Bti Ombre Striped Changeable Silks, 4s 6d Per yard Rich Horizontal Striped Bilks, all reduced. Splendid Brocade Bilks, very cheap. Magnificent B ocade Silks, as T ' , ? . _ rich as any that has ever beeu III thi? city?reduced SI per yard. Wide Satin Striped Black Bilks, have been sold this season it 12 and 14s per yard? reduced to 9s. Several cases of wide Gro de Uhiues, reduced from 23 to 3d per ceut. High Lustre Gro de Rhinee, 27K inches wide only f 1 per yard. M wide Black Silks, Horixontal Striped ts(d. SHAWLS-SHAWLS- ' A large xtock of Shawls, and are to be sold ax soon as poasi Ie, eo seqnsntly they will be offered at the following rates:? lUal rename Lyons Broche Shawls only $18. Superior Cashmere Shawls all wool, that we have been tsl luig at $20 now $14 and 913. Extra hue Doable Centers all wool, that have been selling at $'., 3 now $20 Kqtra fine Paris Square Shawls reduced from $39 to fx. Lyons Broche Long Shawls, white and drab ground only (14. Paris Laps Shawls, extra size, reduced from $38 to $20. Splendid Paris Long Shawls, reduced $30 per shawl. It is ju?t the season for ihawfs, and the eutire stock will be sold at ureal barg ins. CA-rilMEHES, MU8LIN DE LAINE8, kc. Between rs and ?ii thousand yards of Monseline de Lanes, Repps, *uu astimeres, just bought st s great rrductioa from first cost, i i w ill be reuiled at 2s per yard. 20i 11 m Cashmere E. Cosse and Moasselin de Laine, re duced.! > i icant. VI ou II de Lainea; Partrnle, Lupin k Co. Manufacturers, all wiril 3.' per yard. Mouifelm de Laiues of the same make, bright colore, all wool oniy 3s 6d per yard. Monaseltn de Lanes superior fabric, reduced Si per yard. Cashmere E. Coase all wool cost'3 ceuu to import, oniy fc 6d. Cashmere E. Coese, superior quality, price$1 reduced to We have many styles of the above foods not euumentsd^nd won Id call particular attention to this opportunity, as wefeef well assured that tlie expectation of all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, kc. A large lot of Paris mads Cloiaks, just imported and will be Id st great bargains Splendid Damask Silk Cloaks. ery rich Plaio Cloaks and Coat Drosses, the latest styles imported, aud will be sold for lest than they can be nude for in this market Velvet and Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAKING8, PLAIDS, kc. Splendid lot rich Plaids, reduced 23 per cent. Extra Fine Paris Cloakings, rery cheap. All Wool Parts Cloaking. The importer's pnee was $1,30 p?r yard, now will be sacrificed at 6 shillings per yard. Dark shaded Stripes, and Extra Wide Merinoes, kc. LINENS, LINENS, kc. 4-4 Irixh Linens, all prices. Every width ofBsineily, Irish and Scotch Sheeting*. Damask Napkins, Damask and Donble Damask Table Cloths *11 sizes and widths, st great bargains. Huckaback, Birds EjfE Scotch and Irish Towelling. A large assortment of Flannels. Bleached Long Cloths, with a fall and geneiul assortment of Ka in iiy Goods. W e have not specified the particular stylet and prices of the Above goods, bat intend to reduce them to such prices ss will secure immediate sale. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, kc. A splendid lot of Evening Dresses will be sold at half ike usual oners, having been purchased at a great sacrifice. 130 Embroidered Chimizette, which wDl be told very cheap. I00 Dozen Linen Cambnc HHkft. at It. 9a and I9t per doz. 49 Dozen of Gent's French Linen Cambric Hdkft, and will bo -old exactly 23 per cent lent than they cost to import, which in boat 30 per cent leas than the regular price. Ve vet Scarls only t>. 20 Sty lea of Ladies' Neck Scarfs?: ll will be sold very low. Wnh a great variety of other Fancy Goods. 5~.r" If there are any merchants from other towns aad cities in New York, they will do well to call. Terms cash or ap proved paper. J. N k T. H 8ELBY fc CO , No. 9t3 Broadway, New York. P. 3.?A large lot of Splendid Lsshpser* ?.. l-o*?e of PUrulo, Lupin, Heydouz. Seiber kCo., nv-.nrf.ctere, just opened,being the richest we haveeverezhib ted it ear store, and will be re tailed fiom 30 to 33 cents per i ard less thsu they have been ?old for by the case in hu market We invite all to call and lee t hem n If I m*m FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD I'HE above Reward of Fifteen Hundred Dollars will be paid lor t* e ncovry of the sam ol Bevea Thousand Nine

Hundred Dollars, stolen from Myron Van Drnsen, o' the city if Hmlsoa, N. Y., ou tl>e night ?d the 4th October last, while is his passage from Had-.ou to the city of New York, in the it South America : or a proportionate tern fbr seel, te.imbost South America ; or s proportionate sum ?art of said money an may be recovered and restored to the nhecribrrt, on application to either of them. The money was contained in a small carpet bag, which was taken from tits berth of said Van Deusen, and found the next 1iy in|the wheel house ol the boat, cut and rifled of its cou 'SMB. IProntisted ol bills of various denominations aud of se reral bs, ks. *a near ts can be rem, m be red, as follows 5? $1300 iu 8'a and ICs of the Oueul* Bank . $ 1000 in 5'i and 10's principally of*- he Pine Plain* and Kinder hook B?.k (1000 in bill* of various deuomiuarioue, of the Farmers' Bank of Hudaoo. (1000, or about that sum, of the bills of the Fbenii Bank of Hartford, and ether f-astern Money $100 iu bills of the Hudtou River Bank, uearly all in M dollar bills. , .... . The balance of tho money was w bills of Western bunks ol this Stats. New \ ork, Nov. 2,si. 1045. AUG t . MASTERS. 191 Pawl st GKOMGi H. ELLKHV . 0 William I THEOPHS r. HART. 44 Cedar st, Committee for Assignees ?f Myrnn Van Densen. n23 Im'r IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. VINO Just recused from Europe, with a new assortment r fine (fold and Silver Watches and MovemeaiU, ? lot o ndcul Seconds, and double time Welches and Move of an entirely new style and of superior finish, we uas portnuity to cill the attention oftlfpertons in the watch ?sto visit our stock, which, in every respect, will bu hESSSSHll MAIRE, No. 127 Faltoa street. New York. ?Engaged also in the watch making business, we con o attend to the repairing of all kinds of watches, and per ly those of An* and diSlcnlt worhe. nl4 lm*m WRENCE, MYERS k CO., S3 Stone street, htvs est (waived per snips F.pervier and Sea, the undermentioned lies:? rd. Dupuy k Co. in half pipee, pals and dark vintagas, 1 ) 1944 isemort k Berber, do do do do. . Dnpuy, do do do do. h they offer lor Ml*. The same is ander en worn house : mil eutitled to debenture dO 2m*r ' DR. HULL'S TRUSSES j AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. X supmerity of Dr. Hull's instruments over all othrao, ? acknowledged by the meet eminent physicians m Em ?* 4 Vtesystreet, Aster House- A female Iu inefeii j ladies' department u?91?*ms | Washiwoton, Jan. 1,1846. The National Church of Mexico?iti Clergy, 4*c. Of all the peculiar intricacies and ramifications that characterise the Mexican government, one is that of obtaining accurate information concerning any thing that relates to it. The slip-shod way in which all affairs have been treated, since the time of liurbide, and the lack oi minute reports from the different departments, make it peculiarly difficult even to fii d out perfectly the population of the Re public?much less, the wealth of its national church. This complaint is made loudly by Senor Otero, in his treatise on the social and political con dition of Mexico?the want oi this kind of statis tics being denounced by him as " shameful and un fortunate." So, cher Napoleon, yoti will be obliged to take my estimates, made wiih all the care and in formation that 1 could collect, and curefally com pared with several ol the best writers, viz: Hum-; bolt, Poinsett, and llurkhardt?upon this subject, I rum grano tali*. Mexico possesses a population ef about eight millions of people, upon an area of 1,050,000 square miles, malting a Utile over seven inhabitants to a square miles, which will maintain about 200 |>er?ons, well cultivated?there being plen ty of room for an immense population, and, in fact, little inferior to the United States. rates the classes as lollows:? Indiana 4,600 000 White* 1,000 000 Negroes 6 000 Mestizos and other castes 2.490 000 Total 7,900.000 ?which is about as nearly correct as any statement; lor as a general thing, the Indians have been rated too low?yet 1 will also give you the enumeration thai served as a basis of the call of a Congress, un der the plan or convention of Tacubaya, to form a new constitution, in 1812, viz:? Dtpartminti. Population. Department!. Population. Mexico l.'JSliao Hiuxloa 147.000 Jilurn 679 211 Chiapa 141.206 rutbU (61 902 Bonora 124,000 ? ucat*n M0 9t8 Queret-zi 120/60 Ouiiiajustn it?,(06 Not TO Leon 10 ,107 Ujaca 500,271 Tamaolipat 100.068 Micboacm 491.900 Conhuila 75.140 -an Lais Pototi 311,840 ? gn.? Cslieolet 69 698 Zacatreit 27 575 Tdiaaco 61.580 WraCiuz 854.380 Nuevo MtHCO 57 026 D.iri'igo 162 6 1 California 33,439 Chihnahaa 117,600 Total in 18 2 7 015 509 Indiana no suumsrated.aiid iucreass of population, say 904,419 Making in all I 000 000 -though not an much as made by some author.-; yet, also, more than made by othets,and is probably near the truth Ot thia number, there are ot the" Secular clergy S 600 Monks 1.700 Nous I 6 i0 0 800 which, you will perceive, ia a very limited number lor 'he spiritual wauta ol eight millions ot people I hey possess conventual establishments, in orders, as follows:? The Dominican Fionciecans 6a Au<uetiueo II < araoli'ea 16 MerceUerioa 19 160 And yet this limited number of clergy is the richest in the W'.rld, possessing properties that amount 10 the following valuations, as near as I can ascertain : Knal estate in town and country (40 000 00" Churches and conventual establishment*... 30.000 0< n Jewels and plate 06.000 060 Bond* and mortgagee, in town and country.. 46 000,000 Floating capital, lie lie 10,000,000 And tba capital required to produce the aum lecaivad by them yearly, in alma 16,000,000 (106,000,000 ?a sum less by $85,000,000 than is estimated by some who have written upon this importont subject Since the separation from Spain, the priesthood nave diminished nearly fifty per cent ?from the fact that primogeniture was destroyed, and the younger sons chose to go into the service of the army, in politics, or make tortunes for themselves as planters; and the women of Mexico, too, fulfil the duties of wives, instead of filling the cold, dreary cloisters of a con vent. The character of the secular clergy is, as a general thing, good. They are men of talent and education, and exert a wholesome,as well as h very K?rf?f influence, throughout the land. They peace, and they love their rirfits; and like good shepherds, they carefully guard their Hocks Like the Catholic clergy of this country, they care hut little for the mandates of Rome, when she inter feres with their local affairs; and kinder-hearted and more learned men, as a body, could not be selected in any country. Yet with tnetr intelligence, wealth, and industry, personal insecurity hangs over them, like the swora of Damocles, suspended by a single hair. Courteous and polite, they unite ali the bland nese and suavity of a Jesuit, with the tenderness and charity of a follower of Christ; yet no body of men is perfect, and if now and then one of tneir number taste the coral lips of a dark-eyed maid, and a wanner embrace, perchance, it is not that they love religion less, but woman more?a kind of touvtnir of. the blessed Mary, sansdoute?and we are I not all Josephs and tit. Anthonys, you well know ! They have seen revolution follow revolution, and yet they have had no sure guaranty for their incomes, l their real estate, and their persons; and they think it may not be long before some military chieftain, I like Henry the Vul. of England, will pounce upon their property, and squander it under that flimsy ' pretext, the necessities of the government. Mow. ' yon can well perceive their peculiar situation, and the reason why they keep aloof from the intestine ! broils and revolutions of the empire, until they find that they are upon the strongest side. Where do ! they look for help 1 Why, to us. Yet, if the fore | sight of our government would but give, them the , means of letting their feelings be quietly known, it t would be of great service to both countries. The i course Gen. Paredes may take, tf he succeeds, will have an important influence upon our negotiations Yet I stiff think his war-cry about Texas, is lor bun comb, and that negotiations will be terminated amicably with that unhappy republic. I shall con tinue this subject in my next. Fouche. Rochkstkk, Dec 27,1845. Eighth Annual Ball of the Infantry?The toadies? Supper?Music Last evening ,the 8th annual ball of Williams' Light Infantry came off at the Eagle, and a most magnificent affair it proved to be. The large hall was most tastefully arranged, and decorated with military habiliment*, reflecting great credit on the gen tlemaniy committee of arrangement*. At the bead of | the room, and immediately in front of the oreheatra, mounted on a pedestal, majestically *st a large carved American esgle, holding In It* bosk the motto of the corp*?" Otr Country and Oar Home;" whits all around, in rich prolosion and heavy drapery, bang In large fes ogled Bat teens the glorious "Mr Bpangltd Banner, in triumph " The sperions hall was fl led with tha tHU and fash ionable of our city .with many from abroad end with tha good management of the gentlemanly fleer manager, H X., assisted by tne other members of tha corps, all passed off a* " Marry a* a marriage bell " Tha band, undar the direotien of Professor Boson, " dia* rouried aweet mnaic," auch aa we have never heretofore had tha pleasure of enjoying, lor which much credit is due the committee for their admirable arrangement, and to the band for their excellent performance Of a taw among the many, I shall briefly notice-the tall. manly foimotM K. R was particularly noticed, aa he grace ' through the quadrille with the lull) moved through the quadrille with the unassuming Mrs. J. Tha gallant Cel. Mc.K with th* entarnruing J.H. F.E-q.of Biifltlo. aeemad to have ' banished all car# and sorrow " aa they quietly or joyed a Mr a hf with some ta r creature whip- the gaiety of 'he beaeti >iiaa E* lul Mies tb# bewitching Wise ??****, and tha lovely Mi?s ???*??*? heightened the enjoyment el all present Whirling in the giddy wai t conspicuously. ww noticed the newitchirgly ataik-eyeal Vtrs_ B with Mr O R , of the New York Light (inards, in hit brillia-1 full dress unifoim. which attrae'rd much attention. But decidedly tba belie of the room was the lovely and mm h admired Mia* W., splendidly attired in white, richly embroidered and tastefully arranged, contrasting beauti folly with her charming disposition. " Round her she made an atmosphere of life, Tha vary air seemed lighter from her eyes." Nor from among the bright start that ahoee so con spicuously and with such splendor, must we forget the Misses P., with their accustomed modesty Mis* 8., with liar pleating smile ; Mrs. W , with her independent end agreeable manner, and a score of others of whom it i* useless to enumerate, a* " TV# gaze and tarn away, and knew net whart, Dazzled and drunk with beauty, till the htart Keels with its fullness " The supper was in mine host " Hall's" best style. The tables groaned with the delicacies of the seesen, salted to the taste of the moat fastidious. Improvements in Washington Citt.?Daring 1M6,48 three etory,? two story and 1 one story brttk dwellings; and 3U7 two story, 13 one and s half story and 6 one story trams dwellings, and 36 shops, were erected in the city of Washington. The number of dwellings In the city is 6,?, " ' * new in the city it 6,636, and tha estimated population 33,771. The Moeaoment list is (11,036,336, of which (4,336,076 is en lots; (6,606,760 en improvements, and ?pmMen lot*; (1,300AM on personal property Bkelin, Not. 4, 1848. The Effect of the Progress of America on the Euro pean Continent?The Mutual World?Jenny Lind?New Operas?A Slippery Author. The course of events by which the United States are gradually extending their dominion over the whole continent of North America, is beginning to attract considerable notice in this part of the world. The rising greatness of the Western Republic is contemplated by some with hope?by others with uneasiness?with curiosity by all. The Augeburgk Gazette has proclaimed the time to be at hand when the five great |>owers will be reduced to three England, R ussia and America; and if you continue to make such strides as you have done lately?if you dine on California, and sup on the Oregon terri tory, after breakfasting on -Texas, this prediction stands a much better chance of fulfilment than any of Father Miller's prophecies. Under these circumstances, the publication of Professor llaumer's Travels in the United States, has excited not a little interest in the political and literary world of Germany, evyry one being anxious to hear the opinion of so distinguished a eavant on a subject which, though often discussed, is very lit tle understood, viz: the institutions of America, and their effect on the character, the manners tnd condition of the people. The Professor, whose his torical writings are justly esteemed, has been un dergoing a gradual metamorphosis, from a devoted adherent of absolute monarchy, to an admirer of i liberal forms of government, in which bias he has I been confirmed by a journey to England, where he wai much caressed and ftted by the whig aristoc- ' racy. You will probably recollect that he took a trip across the Atlantic in the spring of 1844, spent a few I weeks at Boston, New York and Washington, was 1 introduced to his Excellency John Tyler, before ! that unfortunate potentate was " shorn of his beams," paid a living visit to Cincinnati and St. Louis, and embarked for Europe again in the fall I have no doubt his work will be translated into English, and you will then have an opportunity of judging of its merits; of course it is calculated en tirely lor this latitude, and will have very little no velty lor an American; but your Republic being in a great measure a terra incognita to his readers, the Professor had to descend to minutia which you nught think superfluous On the whole, he gives a sufficiently favorable account of matters and things in general; even your friends down South will not complain much of his views on negro slavery Al most the only items that excite his ire and indigna tion, are, first, the puritanical observance of the Sabbath, which he considers more suitable for Jews than Christians; and above all, that abomina ble praciice of spitting?a practice that is sure to put European travellers into an ill humor, and is descanted on by M. Raumer with quite as much se verity as bv Dickens, Mrs Trollope, or Funny Kern hle. Decidedly you must give up the weed, or you will b- ostracised from polite society To all Mp,iearnnces, our rnGo-maniacs will have a grand treat this seat-on M'lle Lind. and two gen tleman singers of high reputation, Tthatchik and ?naudigl, being engaged to perform at the Royal < tpera. "The Swedi?h Nightingale," as M'll' Lind, is called by the enthusiactic Bt-rlineee, is ex acted with great impatience?in the first place, on her own account, and in the second, from the un pi omitting state of the present oi<eratic corps at the German theatre, which in all respects is considera bly under par. The prima donna, M'lle. Tutczek, although a very pleasing vocalist, is by no meaus one ot the first-rates, and the primo amoroso, Man tius, once a distinguished singer, is now beginning to leel the effects ot time. The only new piece worth mentioning that has been brought out lately, m an opera, styled " Cathanna Cornaro," which is connected with rather a singular history. A Ger man composer, of the name ot Lschner, who is a good deal looked up to by his countrymen, having resolved some three or four years since to write an opera, was anxious to procure a good libretto^ his previous works having failed jmrtly, it is said, from the inanity of the text. Now there is at present an alarming dearth of poetical genius in "these dig pings," and poor JLachner not being able to stumble upon any production of home manufacture that seemed to offer him the slightest chance ot success, resolved, after many patriotic misgi\ nigs, to apply to a French author, M. St. Georges, wlio furnished him accordingly with the libretto of " Cathanna Cornaro." The honest Dutchman paid the stipula ted price, and was presented with the manuscript; whereupon, he set to work with truly German de liberation to compose his opera, flattering himself with the agreeable hope of gaining a niche in the temple of Tame, by the side of Mozart, Bethoven und Weber. He nad not half got through his task, when lo and beheld. " Cathanna Cornaro" is an nounced at the Acaaemie Royale, in Paris, to the great tribulation and utter discomfiture of the un lucky maestro. The author bad sold his manu script a second time to the celebrated Halery, who had written the music to it and brought it out before his rival waa aware of tne slippery trick the cun ning Frenchmen were playing him. Fortunately for nim, Halery's work did not meet with any very overwhelmingsnecess, and althongh "a day after the fair," Lacbner has at length completed his ope ra, which has been performed both here and at Mu nich. The music is heavy and labored, and being deficient in melody, is not likely to please out of Germany ; even here, the splendid scenery and dresses came in for the greatest share of the ap plause ; and maugre the indignation of musical critics, the public constantly prefer the oleasing strains of Bellini, Donizetti and Auber, to the more Kiientific, but less fascinating productions of the Teutonic school. In my next, I will give you some account of the Italian Opera, with further particulars ot the state of the drama in this country. IUri.em, Jan. 1, 1846. The Growth of Harlem?It* Fashion and Fun, Qrc. As you were to kind as to publish my epiatle of last New Year's day, I take the liberty to furnish you with another, relying on your benevolence lor its publication. Only think, twenty-five cents per copy was oflsied for your Herald on the 3d day of Jaou. sry last, and I an almost sanguine, whin the Harlem folks hear they have been noticed again, they will offer fifty cents per copy, if not more. But, dear Bennett, why dont you visit Harlem to see its improvements 1 Bo sides having a telegraph, railroad and twenty omni' | buses, wo have the following factories ; 1 India rubber' 3 carpet, 8 carriage, 1 ly not, 1 sand paper, 1 match, 1 I oakum. 1 harness, 1 silk, 1 tin, ? boot and shoo, (and I am sorry to remark, several manufactories whore drunk ards are made.) But the Society of the Sons of Temper aooe, recently organised in this place, will give these latter manufactories quite a death blow. Some of our influential cititons think ol petitioning to the next na tive American Lrgnlature lor changing the name ol j Harlem to Factory viile ; but this meets some little op position from the upper ten thousand, for tbey scorn the l.i as a _: _:. _ ? a_ iL. _ : 11-.iki..L is.i. J..._t. idea that visitors to the village should taink tneir daugh ters were lactory girls. Do visit us suon, but " s*y I nothing" to Beach, your contemporary, of ih? growing importance of our village, for I leer be might establish j a " bank" here, and thus destroy the fast rising industry and wealth of our piece I was quite astonished to- ley ' to see No 1, who figured so conepieuoueiy on last New Year's day, completely outwitted and out done, by class No. 3 of la-t year The circumstance is tbior? No 1 and hie associates made calls in a two hoiso car-legs, whilst No. 3 made theirs in a four horse one. Poor follow ! I fear the effect will be so great that he will never gi t married 1 deeply sympathise wita all the girls that love him, lor he is the beau idol of our village. I must f>raise up the good conduct of the young men ol our vil age; their visits were paid with a pleasantness of tem per, or as i ir.ero calls it " morum coinita* " On next Tuesday evening, the annual donation party of t>ur vil lagecomes off on I33<l street. But as regards this, I am abs-ed of Dominie S. for I have set mine down on Mon day evami g net , when my friends will v.sit me accord ingiy Who hi owe hew fortune may dispose of her Ciumbt T Parties will Le held as usual this winter among our fa- bienal Da, but not on Th rrsday evening, a> this innovation mils' be broken up Our ex-<q>iiie still ismaina a widower, although carta n India* under took to holster him up with platters. In our village, " heir crowds heir, as in a rolling flood, wave urges waveband this was beautifully illustrated at the late public school exhibition of our place, when two hun- , died children,wih smiling faces, made glad the hearts of huodredo by singing and soeotal othar school exercises But 1 must not crowd too much the columns of yonr pa per; so, door Beunstt, in baata, adieu, and a happy and prosperous naw ysar. Joun ( I wr arrive ine luimwiaj ?pector'a report to the Lexis to the penitentiary. We stio report at length, hut it would Wr derive the following statistics from the In dslature of Alabama, relativa bould be glad to publish the would occupy too large a space for our columns. Number of convicts, Nov. 1,1*44 103 " " received since to Nov 1, '4ft. 30?13* Discharged by expiration of sentence 14 " '* Executive pardon 3 " on he 1 to enawer lor an tacape... 1 Died t 3? In confinement. Nev. I, 1Mb, (males 104, fe males 4)-Totel . 10* The convicts employed. In shoe shop 36 ; eooch and cabinet trimmer, he., 34 , brick yard 19 , tailor shop ? ; smith shop ? ; hatter shop 7 ; ten yard 6 ; segar shop 4) cooper shop 3, washers and sweepers t; cooks I; bospt Clinique at the Mew York University, toy ProfuMr Molt Tho uiutl weakly Cliniqu# was bald on Saturday, by Professor Mott, and waa attandad by an unusually large number, both of patianta and students, it being the first clinique since the holydaya, and also from the one on the Saturday after Christmas day having bean omitted. We observed quite a number of strange laces among the class, and understood them to be students from the Philadelphia colleges, who. having come on to New V*k during the holy days, took this opportunity of a- e ing how clinique" are managed in New York; and we doubt not they will return quite satisfied with the asedus operandi of our colleges. After the entry of Dr. Mott, the first case that present ed itself, was the following, vie : ? A boy who has been before the clasa several times, laboring under ascites, which originally was a sequela of intermittent fever. Three times the collection of fluid has been removed and returned, and the doctor stated he thought it now depended on some hypertrophy of the viscera, or obstruction in tho portal circulation. The doctor made several remarks on tho trestmont bo hsd adopted in this case, and the general features of those enactions. The patient was dismissed with a request to follow the prescriptions given him, and to return in a week or two. 3d. Was a casa of afmpla fracture of the ulna, of four teen weeks standing, which the patient, a young man thought was not united; but the doctor assured him that it was perfectly united, and that what he felt waa the nMural ridge where the bore had united, and that he need not labor under any anxiety about it. No. 3 Was a casa of great curiosity?in fact, tbs doctor re marked that mqny medical men might pass tbsir livas without 'i eaing such a ona, even in a vary eatansiva practice. The patient, b man about 40 years of ago. had a malignant affection of the breast. Tha doctor said ha bad bad much asperiance in diseases of tha Ismala breast, but that be hsd never seen but one case of schirros affec tion of the male breast, on which ba bad operated, and the gentleman had never i ad anv return of it since. He then made some remarks on the terrible obaracter of this disease in the female breast, and the propriety of operating on tbem, but ha stated that when they hsd reached a certvin point, he was very careful as to how he touched them. In thie case, however, he said, he would decidedly recommend th" removal of the breast by an ope.Btion. The patient, who was a very intelligent man, at once agreed to submit to the operation; and after recommending him to get some place whe'e be could be attended to, aUo to observe rather a slack diet he , it was arianged that the operation should be performed on Monday next. No 4. Wt< ? child of '?ma two or three years old.who was troubled with fits, to tba extent of 18 in the course of twenty-lour houis. The doctor thought it waa a fair casa of idiopathic ep ilepsy, arising ltom some sbuotmsl condition of the brain, pioducing this state of things; and this form of disease, as is well known, is a very uniatii-fsctery dis ease to tieat, more parti, ularly in a child of tha teDdar aye of this one ; the fact ot its now undergoirg the pro cess of dentition, he did not think bed anything to do with it. inasmuch as there was apparently no increase or remission in the ft I, while a tooth was absolutely coming through. He made many remaiks on the sub ject ol epilepsy and its ttratmel)'. He finally i ie?crbed nydri -date ol potash, and a pea issue in the back of tba neck. No A. Was a case of s little girl who was before the class some three wee j since, with the hip complaint of a year's standing. On examirstion, tbo ? uppurative a'age of tha disease was found to ba present Dr Mott recommended a strong nutritious diet fce. a d advi-ed the parents to allow him toopentha part where the fluc Itiation was apparent He also piesciibed super sulphate nt quinine ami after the patient had retiiad he made se v-ial rei*aikt regar* ing the propriety o( making an oi en og in CKSea where MippniHt on had commenced, ? d evacuating the matter gia trally In order to avoid it flxinmulion of the paneties ot ihe sac, end thus remov ? i,k the liability in lu etic irntation. in prr leienre to al lowing the matter to n main hu rowir g in the parts, and finally bursting and discherging itself all of a sudden. No. 7 Was ai usool tiaum tic cataract, butthe doc tor a 'vise,! the patient to be content with one geod ey e; he thought the eye In this case might probably become perfectly blind; still he thought that one good aye waa sufficient for any one. No. 8. Was a case of ec ema. in a child of about a year old, extending over Ita whole body. After which the lit tlo child that was operated on some four weeks sgo, for aneurism, by anastamosis at the end efthe nose, w ? pre sented to the class. It was much improved, and the doc tor thought that one more application of ihe needles would completely cure it. There were several other cases of interest presented to the class, and a tumor ax sccted from the forehead of a little girl. The operation for removing immobility of the jaw waa also performed. We regret that want of room does not permit ui to g'** all the remaining cares in dotail. As it is, we can only say that the whole clinique waa a moat instructive on#. Fact and Fancy. While Mrs. Coleman wan waiting for her father at Pittsfleld, with the remains of her husband, who died in consequence of the accidental Chester, on the Wet frn Railroad, she leceived the intelligence that the fl too had been killed at Fitzwilliam, by the caving in of a bank on the Cheshire Railroad. Mtaa Phebe Remington, daughter of the late Jaa. Remington, living with her mother at Crompton Mills in this State, hung herself between the hours of aeren and c ght o'clock, last Monday morning. The place the so li cted for the dreadful act of aelf destruction, a as the cellar stairway. She used a small cord which waa at tached to some nails driven in one of the sleepers suppor ting the floor. After attaching the cord above, the i laced it around her neck from one of the top stairs, and by jumping from that elevation, thus succeeded in break ing bar nock. The Lunatic Asylum of the State ol Oh o has 1'nen in operation seven v ears. Wa gather tha following facts from the last annual report: WHOLE NUMBSB OV f ATlElfTS SOMITTBO. Males. ... *78 Females Number supported by the State 483 " who support themselves 188? 681 Whole number of patients discharged in seven years, I 487. The amount expended during tbo year, for the eroo I tion of additional buildings, the purchase of more land, tind for furnisbiDg the Asylum, is $31,333, and tha expen ditures for tho support of the institution, including o? rera' salaries, Iub., for the same period, is $17 088 88. The buildings now finished will acoommodate 346 pa tients, and the additions in the process of erection 100 more. Capt. Baxter, of the bark Quebec, arrived at St. John, N. B., from Plymouth, F.ngland, picked up on the I Ith Nov. the boat end crew lost Irom the Minerva Smyth, of New Bedford, on the 7th Nov. A man about 56 year* of age went into a cellar in Broad street, Boston, on Now Year's evening, about nine ?''clock, and after taking something to eat, fall down ?lead on tha floor Ha appeared to bo o stranger, was stout bull , sandy complexion, light hair, dressed in o 'hort jacket, dark striped vest blue pants, rod flannel >hirt, and tarpaulin hat By papers found on him, his name is supposed to bo Samuel Hemphill. Ho said bo waa from Bangor, and waa an Englishman. A man named McKinney was obot near Hickman, Kentucky, on tha 8th ult., by a man named Rldgaway. This brutal outisge grew out of a law suit in which McKinnay was plaintiff and Ridgaway defendant. Mc Kinney stated during tha tiial that Ridgaway had sworn falsely. The ateamer Neptune wax snagged on her trip (som N aw Orleans to Cincinnati, at Plumb Point, Dec. I3th, 1846 The boat will ba. with tha oxeaption of her engine end furniture, o total lots. She was insured for $8,000 in the Columbus Insurance ottoe. Mr. Washington Martin, aon of Jonah Martin, K?q , was accidentally shot by a pistol in tho hoods of a person at the First Ward Coffee House, Cineln att, an tha night of tbo 18th. The boll sntered his legend past ed through to tho olhor side, dropping down the boot to bit foot A CHEMICAL RESULT-A WONDER .-MY CELIC BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE. to enable persons in dye inatantnoeonely their hair, withnat the least incooernienee. Kor chancing red or |T?T hair, *hiskara,tyrbmws. Re to a brown, black or cnaacnat eob>r. The slightest roil eonaeqn.neaa nerd got be feared f ont lU aw?it it altogether hartnlraa. Th't eompoaitioa ia the only one sanctioned by ihe aeienoe of chemistry, to dye, in an indi-llihle manner, the varioaa gr detion, of eolnra. without dang, re meonrrnieace, and b a j ariftod the liberal patronage nil unlimited conMenee ol thepohlie. If bl?ca ia red. ask for bot marked N ; ir brown, boa ?narkrd B Beware ?f count'ifeito.?Ask for "Jnlee Haael'a Vegetable Linn id Hair Dye, if yon want th' genome article, korsale, whoirenle tad retail, by JULtR HAL'EL, Perfumer and Chemist, ro. H South Third street Philadelphia B. iaeanetnno. No. tlS Broadway; f. A. \rtamU. t afay.t e Baimr, Noa. 149 and Iftl Broadway; A. Will rd. R W enrrer of I edar and William streets Pr. m am* awarded at the Franklin lustrine rid Im're INDIA &HAWDS Ajri)"sCARFS AT KEDliDED PRICES OUTERS will And by far the largest atock of Real India I aabatrie i*Ooda, of eeery color .Home ?|>|. iid d va hue and Black Long Ahawls, the richest <a 'he country, as wel* es I he Isrgeat assortment, at a coosidsrable i-du' lion from former pr cet. at dlf Is M. Mtiy.t BECK A l O *. r? Broadway THK WralGlN t'F LI Kb DR. ROLLICK'S new nook on the Reprndeetiee Enac tions ? lllaatraicd by Teu Colored P'etee, is ow ready, ?nd may be bad of the bookaelleie. Price Bj. Peh? li.hed ly Nafta and Cor uh, Peari st'eet, New Ymk The only popular and acieatiilc work erer pabliahed on this anlqect jal tfr 'Hicwns; VSnJ ppHE Stockholder*of tbiaCeaapaay amrequestedtoeatTat 1 the office o7tbe Compnay end ogauy whether it be their with to All ap their reepedttee ah area, or to receive a aaatbar of aharea equal to th# present yulae of their (took. .. . _ Tlie Stockholders residing oat of the city are raaaaeted to mmrey their ..u.uo. by poet, to the ^ fdyo T. Heen. Hec*y. jy? ere ?. bassett French, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, ettenda all the eourte held hi ihe city of Richmond aad county ofChusterAeid, Virc'iai office Manchester, Virginia? Refers to. Hie Eteelleoey, Jsmae McDowell, <Jo?e nor of Virginia; H s ktcellency John P. Wiley, Lieut Oi yerno', Vint aiu; Hon. John Y. meaoe .At tnniey Weeeral l' 9.; Hon. Bideey A Bearer Attonimr ml, Va ; Hon John W Jones, late Speaker H. R U B , Ho i E. P. Bcoit, Hi raker ofthe Senate of \ a., Hon LDromtoal , M. C , Va : Hon. James A Beddaa. M. C. Va. Hon (ImW Hopkins, hi. C.. Va.; Edward H. Hadaoa, IM Broadway, How N. k?Mr. Hadaoa will take chares of aoy papoia ml aded for Mr. Ereach aad forward eama to him as/ale