Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII., No. 7?Whole No. ?SM. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 8, 1846. PiMoTWtCwU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?KT.ry day. rnao 1 eaou pwcopy? * li pcrannuin?pay-l>i. in adranen. WEEKLY HERALD?Er.ry Satnrlay?Pne. Mai i - copy?$1.1 J* crtl'W annum?payabl. in adTaocc. AD V p-RTlSe-MENTS at the una! pricei?aiway* eaah PRINTING of all kindi M.cnted with beauty and dor j udeli r,-~ All lettrra or eominnoieatioaa, by mail, addreued to iier't iliiitiimoui, uuit o. poat paid, or tho roatac* will bt ^dactod from .bo Propri.ti r ot tho New Took Haa*xo EjiTtiuixxuT Nnrthwaal corner of Knltoo and Kuihi .UMla LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. . t oram.ociusr on Monday, September 15lh, IMS. Lave New York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Buton Train for Orcrnport,aulf, Sundays excepted. stopping , n ,. iwmnifdair and St. George's Manor. Brooklyn?At a!m .tor Farming late and intermedi ate piece*, daily Sundays eicepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, through ?' is ?o JJjrenport and intermediate plaooa. at 4 r. M., tor Farmingdale and intermediate Loare Oreeuj>oi?l-Boston l&ia, at 4 WOo^rV. M-, or oa the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, gaily, Smndare excepted. stopping at 8c ? ? George's Manor and Farmiagdale. at Jo clock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, i _ on Mondays. Wednesdays and Friday*. Lmve "armmgdale?For Brooklyn,at t\ o'clock, A. M., and , ? , I P- M.. daily, Mondays excepted. Mare Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at I o'clock, A. M. and IM F. ? ? , . M.,i daily, Mondays excepted. Fare to Bedford 9 cents; East New York Uk; Race Course 19J<; Trotting Conn. ljJSuLamas IS; Onuhville MR; Hyde Pwk J7 milra 17K; Mowsrille, (during touicn Con*,) J7k; Hetn-atead if*- Branch Carle Place 44; Wosthnry 44 Hi?ksir{ll? 44; "anniugdaJe Detr rtrfc 81; Thomson W; $ti (folk Station I 00; Lak?* Hcmd Station 1 18k; Meiford Stages are in readineee oa the arrira] of Trains at the several a le^ j11**10 P???eng*jsat very lew Fame, to all partt of the Baggage Crete* will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall Oft, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, N minutes be el he hour of itartiugfrom the Brooklyn tide. The Btr.imcr Statesman leaves Oreenpert for Sag Herl ??e ???h day on the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. MALL. LINE FOR. BOSTON. oVErT? L6NG~D$i ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH t WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall vet, South Perry?Sundays excepted. Fay C rates are in readiness to receive bagger* for New jlon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes onxh nnderlock. jnW tfrc FOR ALBANY, VIA. NEW I HAVEN. HARTFOED AND| LhPRINOhlCLD-Dailv. (Snn .days excepted, at AX A. M. l'awrngers take the fast sud eommrdieni tUamera NEW V ? IKK or CH AMPt ON, and arrive at Albany an same even in '? irrangements have been made to make the line sure, and pa siiig-r? can depnod on arriving aa advertised. jal Imrc NOTICE?STATEN ISLAND FERRY ?On Wedneediy, Jau. 0th, tko tri;? on this Feirv will be asfollows.? J .cave fttaieu Island?8>?, 18 A M . 2, 4% P. M. Leave New York?9.11 A. M ; S P. M. P. S ?On Sundays tbn boat will leave at 11 o'clock, ioiteid of '1 A M. j7 MAIL LINK AT ? A. M. TO ALBANY ??Laudiug at Yookers, Dobhs' Ferry, Sing .Sim, Grassy Point, Verplauk'i Point, CsliT wi i's, Royerhook, Cold Sming, Newburgh, or as far as the ics will permit Breakfast on board the bust. There i* good sir xliing from any point on the Hudson to Albany, and stage* w lb* in readiness to carry passenger, to their destination at it- arrival of the boat. Passage S4 50 thronah to Albany. _ he nelcbrated icn steamboat Ul'lCA, Captain L. W. Brain ard. leaves the pier between Conrtlandt and Liberty streets, Ev?ry Morning at eight o'clock. -?r pat age or freight apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ ?i? office on ih* wharf. dIS FOR 8AUGERTIES AND CATSKIl,. NOTICE. tpwi j?m The PEOPLE'S LINE ha we made arrange I? neSSaSSPmeets witil the powerfcl stremem UTIUA he leJt|*arf"nMiiili with the powerful steemem UTICA I wSHE^Land NORWICH, to run to Albany (ores far "The ice will permit,) every day at 3 o'clock, P. II. till further aotice. Nrw York. Doc. 3d. 143- g| f .1AIL LINE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, LANDING at Youkers, Dobbe' Kerry, Sing hue, Oraaay Point. Verplanka Point. Cald vrils, Ruyeiboek, Cold Spring, Newburgh, j a* lar as the ice will permit. Breakfast on bovd the boat, he celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain L. W. Brai 1, leaves ihe pwr between Conrtlandt and liberty streets, ry morning at I A. M. or passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Bchalts, at office on the whorl. dgl r NOTICE ?Toe splendid British steamer UNICORN will leave Liverpool. E>,gland, on the 19th of March next, and Will lake passengers and freight lor HALIFAX and BOSTON. j7 X* c BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL ) The Royal Mail Stnun Pccket Ships kACADIA and H1BEHNIA will Lava Bea ton for the above porta as follows, via: n dia, YV m Ha-riaoa, Commander, on the 1st January, 1949. srnia, Alex Rjrrie, " " let P'eb'ry.. 1949. Passage to Liverpool $199 Puaage to Halifax 11 or freight or paaaage, apply to R. BRIO HAM, Jr.. Agent,? Wall *L .'o Berth secared until paid I'or^ die ire DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Persons wishing to re a mil money to any part of Ureat Britain or Irelazd, can obMia draft* of the subscribers 'for sny amount, large or Imall, | arable a e" the principal towns and cities. W. k J.T. TAPSCOTT. I '7 me T, gonth it. cor. Maiden Lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New . York Line?Positively first Regular PackeC,to sail l*ib mM^Jauuary?The elegant fast sailing packet ahipLOUIS !(., Hunt, master, will positively sail as shorn, her rag - dsy. ?r Ireight or passage, having eiegaat furnished secern atioaf, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ot' Wall St., E K. COLLINS fc CO.. 39 Boath at. ?itively no goods received on board after 11 o'clock, Sat iT. 14th January. gent in New Orients, June* F.. Woodruff, who will ? aptly forward all goods to hie eddreas. J7 BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF L1VEK iffJFWPOUL PACKETS?For Liverpool, only regular tsHftbal'seket of the lClh Jannary. lie magnificent and celebrated last (ailing fbvorito Pocket ;? YORKSHIRE, burthen 1139 tone, Captain D. G. Bailey, ' tail positively on Friday, Mthof January <? writ kaowu that the accommodations of the Yoikahir* itti-d out iu e moat superb and cosily manner, with every eru improvemuut and convenience, that cannot fail but to the comiort of those embarking. Persons visiting tho Country, or sending for their Oienda. should call and tee splendid sircimeu of navel architecture befot* engaging wh-re. I t i mis sage, in cabin, M cabin and steerage, early application Id be made on board, foot of Baekmen street, or. to the bribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fnltou Bank Vg FOR.CORK?Passage Only?The ipleudid and a*>ra?t sailing pacset ship ELHINORE, Capt. Proctor, JKbWiII positively sail on the 19th Jannary. for the above ? an in a very handsoae* manner er commodate a fow iu and second cabin passengers st very low rules, by apply oa board, or to J. HER OMAN k CO, . _ _ . 91 South st. near Wall. ?? B?The ebo--* ship will le leaving Cork for New York P ,ut the 19th of March next. Those wishing to have their ?uot bionght out direct to this country, would require to p*ke_e*rly application as shove. )<t ih 9or ireight or paamce, having superior accommodatioai, ap .4r, If ftooOl UNION LINE OF PACKF.rA KOR LlVeR. .POOL-Packet of the 10thOf Jwoarf-TTraTpLUL WLi.w Packet srnp NIAGARA, cJJ. isely sail as above, her regular day. ' a accommodations of this ship fir cabin, sad second cabin wgers cannot be surpassed Th. se wishing to secare is shonld nut fail to ntnk* immediate applicMtou on board of Wall suoct, or to W. k J. T.TAPSCOTT, 75 Sonth street, corner Maiden Law*. LED STATES, AND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M.D ESTABLISHED EMIGR.1NT OFFICE. THE Snbaeribors are prepared to engage passesr >VW Cera to eoos* out by tho early spring ahipa, a*, a very HMtm low rata. DnlLeaa ainaual, bo furnishod, pay .nroughoat the United Kingdom. r further particnlara, apply to J. HERD31 AN k CO., r 91 Sonth street. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Riao-Hegulas J>nnat of the *tb Jan.?The rlegant fast saiTmg Packet ^Ihir SHERIDAN. Oeora* B. Cornish, master, of ioni will tail as above, her regular day. r freight or passage, having teoomaaodaoons mnequaHedfer .dot or eoeafoit, apply ca board, at OR eons wharf, mot Call street, or to E K. COLLINS k CO., 39 Sooth savet. *C^ o( PAHMfl fill. c elegant last sailing packet ship Otrrick, B. J. H. Trask, m, will sueceod the Sheridan, tad tail 29th February, I rugular day jal ! S.7|7l7or?7El^d',t^r TARTaA- Ruseell' una copper iMiMfn DtrQic i ar j n, i?i iwtAiI, | -natter, 399 Ions burthen, will mil fit lb* above isret With quick despatch. ght or pta**i|0,havingeiccllfut ? ccommidstions, *p | vrd. piet IJ yj&fomjLL k M1NTUBN, If Somth 9trttt. i PAS9AOIC FROM AND REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. M. M ^Olc^EUa bliilitd Panax* Ojjlct, 273 Ptart itrttt Tb. inbunbtrt are at Ul timesprepared to make ciil^ menu to bring out passengers by fim cliun Antricu ".in. wiling from Lirerjmol .eery six days. ert ?W#b| nrJSditg thTjKHi.ib.lity of detention to em-gtanU ?t th*t por^ The accommodations ?re yery .upcrior, ?n?l the c *?*???? boin* w.ll known for ih.if hind treatment to p.M#nger?. it eml. appear to be almeit nnu. ee.?irv to M? Dint Pe?eeJJESISum? iug te the old country Tor friend., will do welt by .eleeUni; Urn liuo-niid when tho.e tnttl-d lor decline roming ?VP"* tgnrnoner ? alwny. refunded to the party from whom it wu ,Tr5K,irWmcSi?V.<lt*^h?'-? al.o by the .ubscrib..., on the National B.nk of freland. Nor-hein B?ki? Comijniy. bU without Or to C.ORIM8HAW kCO. No. 10 j7 Imeod'm ' ^jjE M.M. SSSHstei'iSsfiasaS^-i a., .ufn Yr&i thy buiimu ol the Hou*p at Litufpool will b? SSSJJb? it? iBranch* Thoac acndiot for th-ir Inert* *? t . Ifle JL great iwHortiiiC# of thii arraugaM il will Sr.e"<U.n^u."?a% delay of the emigrant.The .hip. em PKf-Lji.thia Line are well known to be the fl'st and Jargeet e!w commanded by men ofexjieHence; and as theirami every ? an. offer every facility that can be furnished. With z>ln**d da uot embark, the money will be reittnata ? SSJSiary. For farther jwirt.colwr^^lj^ Wtt^pcH-tpntd 61 Booth etreet, Newjifork. HERDMAN. KEENAN k^O N B Draft, for any amount can ta usual he furui.hrd, payable at all the principal Banking Nrtitntfoiu throughout^* United Kingdom, on application as above. ?L?_ ^ ft a ? xfflTHJkw ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS tended to dispatch a ship lrom thia port on th. l.t Sth, nth 16th 21st and26ln of each mouth, commencing lit Octo 23^ ?"nt: Ship Clifton plain Ingenoll. Ship 'lVunca.e,... Laptaiu Fray. Ship 8hak?peare. .t;?rt*>.n Cornell. Ship Imui.Tille. .CaptainHunt. ...Captain Mi not. Ship O.wexo ... ff.puin W?od. Bhip Dinmcui.. Captain BHi?. Tb... gfcl* w.-WfKifc* ;^r.y 7o*rypacke... are ol ligjit draft of wnter, here recently been newly e0'Jj*"aiJSiSJlled jplewdid order, with S^eJd mmteSfwho foreomfort; they nmcommandedby expeneneecjn asm ^ :i!l r.n sss ".Towed "p M?sSWby ss ElL Neither ftieeaptrin. or owner. of wi 1 be rutneihl* i*nr ievfplrv bellion. precious sUwijiihii or plated board of them. nnle.. regnlar bill, of lading tret-, ken antne. at the yaIaThere^?premed. ^ ^ IAS E. WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward aft reetly mea?nr*d. " PACKETS FOlt HAVRE?SECOND LINE^ M. Mb 4Sk 4?k TffTRpn of thli line will ?a?l daring the year in the follow ing order: Krora N. York. Frera Havre i UtJau. 16th Ijeb ry. Ship UTICA. F Hewitt, master, I 1* May. W* J?'W. ( 1st Feby l?th March. Ship ST. NICOLAS, J B Pell. - ?. UtJun, l?th July. t l?t March Hth April Ship ONEIDA, J Fnnck, master, s l?t July. Rh Aug t 1st April. 16th May Ship BALTIMORE. J John.on.jr. j ljt Aug. 16tS Sept. They are ell of the ftnt cla... ably commanded, .ad with afr commcdition. tor Pju-enjjm ^A?d fomm^.^Th. pnceofpemane in the DkHINCKEN,.AgenU. liquor*. Apply to ,T?ti;.Bnilding NoW^t. Good, .ent to the agent, for forwarJing will be .?bje? to -Y^her than the eepen... acte.llr paid. nl4r? MARSEILLES LINE OF^A(TKEl.a^ during the yeer, a. followe:? |rrom i^L.te-:s5; p stes4 vzsxzJsatrwau ft- nou. "'JJood.Tddreeled to the agent, will he forwarded free of nth or charges than those actually paim FoeOeight?PM*sM^?p^ w ps Propricto?i CHAJHtlu. Alia No 1#J Frontitr,et. or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents, nitre 9 Tontine ?? w?" COT- W'U"' " TAPSCOr r'i OENE11AL EMIORATION |FFICEB 75 South atroet, corner of Maiden Lane, New YorK, ana < 96 Werlerloo Roed. Liverpool^ __ Jlssssil a. comfortabk- manner as l'^llV'v r__.Ke Siddons on the , S'u.'.wTSK'a.^. *>*? epply w 75'Sonih street, eorner Maiden Lane. rfobiftBrrttf, K"rtk^w- ??11 ?* p,y on bomd.foOT-rsUe^^ fc mj^RN.^ N. T. Hawklna, handsomely fhrntriied^ Apply^} , ,Ng fc CQ..96South?t -l? rOR L1VEK.POOL?The New Line?Kegtitof ||^^^?dhoueeH?5? w>? burthen, will ?eil ne ebore, Tor'WmTit o, Pasmge. SS tfte-DBUU.. M|mV. sr *"7oboa?i a"LYUAl 81 THE SUBSCRIBER ier"tea1 ^(.eu'ueilT'n'T L, ITnTn y Tuev nothmg c^al d be mo".'elegant, app.opriate and .?ja^. Fo^b?npre^Jd; Tonchera. nently printed on letter sheet, .^jqoN, ""?6t?.'^ y"h*onaYbl. Hatte' *6 W.U .t- cor. N? ?ps economy and fashion. rm VX. ROBERTSON'S PHCENLX HAT AND CAl' MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street. PRICES: HATS. 166 I M I 66 HAIO. - ly low pric?. LOOK AT THIS. ' , IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the be* WfJ I at the extraordinary lew price of ?? ?" ! Doul Cork i 56 6 56 foerh CalTSoow. made to order J ?J French Call 81 " (lent. Hall Be. Vnll Wrtrtn, UIBUV Ml UIIIVI oneenaeeeeeaea reuch Cell Shoes ? ? It ^'r k "ni" 3 It p/'Tie^1U^il'tedWieee^ Mo^nJin^"ttr./Toiiet Sriw wfcftiKi Hlerl. Batin mid whjm KadI Wipe; Ind.a Rub SSTftKhr-i^ ss =t-" "-a*^ WI^ corner of h ranklin street. M CAH1LL. p OLD ROLLED COFFk^-'^*'^;;^ ^ per. uncqes&ei. ft- ? 'OLLIN^^O.^ r5Tc9^FSK5TiariSni5^p da?_ "77T HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE. ?'43 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. ATH9 just introduced?Warm tad Col.?ta fin* spart ? menu, lor both ladies and gentleman; and the eutire orga nixation and fitting up of every department of the Waaaiueton Home,complete. dll ltn'm B NEW FRENCH RES TAUKANT k COFFEE HOUSE AT NO. 737 BROAJJWAY. UNK1 TyrESSIEURi BUNEL k LE COMTtf, beg to announce J.VA to tlie public m general, and to diitmiahen families in particular, that lliey have opened aurlegaut French Restaurant end Coffee House, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, where Breakfaate. D.nnera and Suppers may be had at any conTrnient hour: and i" a atyle that cuuuot tail to satisfy Vie most delicate palate. , , .1 L-' " ' 1 " and __ hi received .. j_ - _ _?_ ?-? _ , .i separate tli?he?.>Parirs supplied with erery kind of Pastry, Jellies, Confectioneries and Ice Creams. oJ Im'rc TURTLE SOUP FOR EXPORTATION. riOSLINO, of the American and French Dining Saloon, V* Nos. W and 16 Nassau street, bos always reedy Green Tur tle Soup for Captains and families, pnl up iu tin hoses. Upwards of ICO different d ikes served up daily for dinner, from It M. till 5 P. M ; the brat of the market.'!: all k udu o game, kc.. for prices which suit every body, fte has Utely be in erected s machine whereon dinner lor 200 persons can two inmates prepared. Has famous buckwheat rakes. Kvery arrangement is made for the comtort ol the ? sitera. His Sa loon u open from C A. M. till ? P. M., (except the first day in the week till J P .M.) ? My sou, Henry Cosliug, has arectrd at a great expenae, a similar eetibUsiiinaut in Boston, Mass.. No. 16 Devonshire it. Very thankful for the anconragemeut bestowed on me for the last live years, and in the hope of s coutinu nice, 1 have the honor to cell myself your mint obedient reatiura'rur, ?*7 lm*rc L. GOSLING. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avmut, Washington CUy.D. C. THE PROPRIETORS of this new, large and ui'olera built A establishmeut, reepectfally tender their thanks to the pub lic for the liberal support they have given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the eff.rts of the under signed to the public accommodation. The hoose is situate ou tlw Avenue, on the promenade aid*, between Third and Four aud a- Half streets, convenient to the Kail roud Depot, and the Capitol. It is capable ol' accommodating three hundred guests. }u all its parte itlias recently uudcrgoue a general improvement or the winter's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; im'eed iu every division of the house the primary couaideration has bceu to adapt it to the comiort of our patrons. The dining hall is one of the moat commodious aud best light ed. by day and night, in the Union. Our train of servants are polite, active, obedient, and well disciplined. Briefly, wt con fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating public in all the essentials required to render a public house a home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, $1 M per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, iu consouaner with the spirit of the timee-. ? TYLER k BIRCH. The "Expreea" will please eooy erery other day for three weeks, and send bill toTyler k Birch. u25 3m eod'rc TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF WARRANT them all to be as represented, or the money refunded. MY EAU JLU8TRAE HAIR RESTORATIVE. This universally approved aud admired article, free from ar dent spirits, pungent essential oil, and other destructive reate ri?Is, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of the flowers.? Hair washed with this Extract soon becomes pleasingly toft and luxuriant In iu growth ; and it will positively bring in new hair ou bain hands by iunso, and hair that has been made harsh, and is turning grey or falling ont, by the use of spirit or other imiwoper preparations, will soon be restored to ito natural co lor and brilliancy by a few applications ol the Esu Lustral. It is a preservative against baldness, and au infallible cure in all affections of the skin ou the head, as dsndruff?and for pre venting the falling off of the hair and turning grey. it is the simple produce and immed ate extract of tome planu salutary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis ana Capillary tubes of the corrosive action of the Perspiration, and of the dry and dead particle* that it deposiu. This preparation purities the hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softness, and an agreeable and vivifying perfume. EVIDENCE. Nature is an inexhaustible mine, iu which experience and study will always find room to excavate ; it it that source, alone, which produces all thi.t man calls invention, and which he would do better, perhaps, te name adaptations. iv nwuiw wv wcttci, pt iiiafm, tv utg For sale, wholesale aud retail by ^^^^^rtiifeilMiAUF.L JULES HAUF.L, Perfomar aud Chemist, No. A South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents !?J. B. Jaequemod. No. 415 Broadway; F. A Artault. Laiayette Baxter, Not. 14* and -151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar and William.xtreets. Premiums was swarded at the Franklin Institute. n!Clm*re BARTINfc'S LOTION, A CERTAIN AND RAPID K&MEDY in ail cases ol Rheumatism, Gout, Sprains, Bruises, Cum, Bums, Scalds. Bite*. Poisons, Stings or insects, Wounds of every description, Swellinss, Wetkntss and Pains in the Breast, and Back, Fractures and Dislocations of Bones, Tetter, Rii gworms, Pimples, all kinds ol' Erunti. na of the Skin, Krysypel**. Bait Rheum, Fever and Ague Ague in the Face and Biw<t. Quinsy Sore Throat, Glandular Tumors, Lumb go, Ciatnp in the She mich aud Limbs, t liolie. Bowel Complaiuts,Fever Bores, Old Ulcers aud Bores of all kinds, Compl,lints of tlie Kidney gene rally, Chilblains, Corns, Bunions, Head Ache, Tooth Ache, kc., ftc. The proprietor* deem it unnecessary to write lengthy article* upon the merit* of i hie invaluable medicine, as its 100 006friends in New Vork and the Allanfe cries cheerfully certify itaatbe beat aud only remedy lor the complaint* above named, asserting tbat they aud their families will coimantly keep a supply, it being a so generally metal and ready cure. The Lamei also gratefully unite in attesting iti value, in many cases ? hich heretofore seemed without remedy. For sal? at the PropfTetor'a General Depot, retail and whole sale, 323 Broadway, 3 doors above the Hospital, where agent* iu the city aud at a distance wil be supplied on liberal term*. Al io *t th ir isepnt 214 Waluutstreet, Philadelphia; *nd by agents in (hi* city generally. The** are a faw of their agents at a dis tance, vix;?G. Deiter, Albany; Dr. Heimitreet, Troy: T. M Oonuell, Saratoga Bp; 8. Tousev, Syracu**; H. G. Fowler, Auburo: J. B. Marachisi, Utica; Coleman St Co., Buffalo; W. V. ClarK, Jersey city; B Van Nort, Newbury; R. < i. Ar thur, Ticonderoga, N.Y.; W. Q Force, Washington City, D. ' i D. B. Whipple, BaJ.imort; l".Hough, Fredericksburg, Vs.; C ; D. B. Whipple, BeJ.imore; r.Hough, Fredericksburg, Vs.; J. M. Sharp. Cincinnati, Ohio; E. F-aiterly, St Louis. Mo ; J. B. Baker, conou; Messrs. W. k H. Btillwell, Westerly, K L; R.J.Taylor, Newport, da; 8. J. Lyman, Mentreal, C. E.; ?v. ai? A ?) ?*" i l*Cv? ysj i b* o? is ) iiini a hi ?uh mtsi | v. ft*- y McDonald, 8t. John# do; J. O. Hutchiuso >. Toronto, C. W. ?Piiea 75 cents. C. 8. BARTINE fc CO , d22 Imeod'm 531 Broadway. DR. SWAYNE'3 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, THE GREAT RIMED? FOR CONSUMPTION, Colds, Coughs, Spitting or Blood. Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, Asthma. Pain in the Bide and Breast, Whooping C ugh, Croup, and all Dis orders of the Liver, and Longs, Broken Constitution, ke .Re. rpHIS "Celebrated Rented*?* has now, by its intrinsic vir 1 taes, acquired a celebrity which can never be shaken by the many quack "{Nostrums" with which thr country about <1*. The public are fast learning that th's is the only remedy that can he relied upou fur the speedy and permanent cure of all Diseases of the Lungs. It is literally sweeping Consumption from the land; wherever it ie introduced and beeosnes known, all others dwindle into insignificance. The public have beeu "humbugged" long enough,and now resort toa medicine which the testimony of the most eminent physicians in the Land has placed beyond the reach of criticism It requires no bolstering np, by publishing columns cf forged certificates?bat it is enough to let tbo public know wbrte it can be obtained, and one trial will convince nil ef if great edicacy in coring those distressing diseases above named, which have baffled the skill of the most learned nractitioners i'or ages heretofoie. COMPOUND SYRUP* ?DR. sWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OK WILD CHERRY was the first preparation from that valuable tree which was ever introduced to the public, and ample proof is afforded ef its success by the country being flooded with 'Bal sams.''Candiee,'and'MiMurt*' qf Wild Cherry, not one of whicn is prspared by a regular physician, although they have have assumed the names of respectable physicians 10 give cur rency to their "Nostrums." Therefore the public should be oo their guard, and not have a worthless miiture palmed uposi them Tor the origiaal end genuine preparation, which It ouly prepared by DR. SWAYNE, N. W. corneroi Eighth and Kacr streets, flulsd Iphia. A fresh supply has Just been received end for sale by C. 11. Ring, at Dr. Milnor's old eund, corner of Broad way and John street ; K. A. Sends, Church Dispen sary, 1M Bowery, corner of Spring street; E. B. Warner, US Bleecker corner Minstte; Johu U Dodii, 771 Broadway eor of9th strret; Lewie k Lane, 417 Greenwich street; John C. Hart, Ml Orand street, corner of Norfolk street: Horace Eve rett, 96 Hodson eomer Leonard strret; Was Bailey, corner Kaltonsnd 3 ud streets, Brooklyn; llkM L Cook,cor Piae peet and Bridge streets, Brooklyn; and Benj Olds. <71 Broad street, Newuk. N J: Havilaad, Keeee k Co., No.M Maiden Lane, end Hoadlcy,Phelps It Co., 141 Water street, New York n<9 Imeod'r 8. BAS8ETT FRENCH, COUNSELLOR AT LAW. attend, all the coarta held in vv the city of Richmond and county of Chesterfield, Virgin's; office Manchester, Virginia?Refers In, His Etcelleney, James McDowell, More-nor of Virginia; Hi* hxeellency Johu K. Wiley, Liens. Governor, Virginia; Hou. John Y.M ?son. At toruey lieueral U- 8.; Hon. Sidney 8. Baiter, Attorney Gene ral , Vs.; lion. Jehu W. Jones, Hie Speekag H. R. U. fi. Hot. E. f. Scott, Speaker ofthe 9?o*tn of Vs.; Hon. C. Drorrg. ol* M. C . Va ; Hon. James A. Seddou, M. C., Vs.; Hon. Geo. W. Hopkins, M. C., Vs.; Edward H. Hudson, 191 Broadway, New N. B.?Mr. Hndaon will tnkeeharae of any papen nit nded for hit. French and forward tame to him safely. dXltswim'r GEOLOGY?NATURAL HISTORY WILEY k rUTNAM, 161 Broadwiy, LF AVE ON SALE-ELEMENTS OF OEOLOOY. we 11 pared Ibr the me of Schools and College* by W. 8. \V. Rnscheiiberger, St. D , U. 8. Navy, kc., illostrated by MO Ml gravings? Pnce 40 cenu. ... ... . ... . Also. Ru'chenbeiger'i First Booka of Natural History eon sidereil by distil gnislied scientific men, in every section ofthe United State*. to be the best satioe of elementary works ever offered to the public ... Orders promptly supplied as showman<H.? the jmblUnera, ?21 gweod'ro No. 9 North Fourth street. Philadelphia. ?71 ?WBUU rm dwip. w ' * _ f TO THE LADIES IN PARlTCULAM?MY DEl'ILA 1 TORY POWDER has been found hignly beneficial and of great n?c to Indies who have boon afflicted with '"P?"?"*"* hair, principally when its grewth has been confined to the up per ),p u.d side of the face, giving a masculine turn to the Whole features When need whhtiroper care, "d awordmg to tlie will be found to bo t great addition to the toilets the use of any sharp mattnmentia ?ure!yavoide^ and the hair ie removed in Are or tea mumles after its appliea Thli composition is infallible, and warranted 'o reosove vn perdou i hair. After nnmerous trial* I here received eertih uates of success which cannot be contented. "Tor sale, whoUnale ^ DEPOT. Sooth Th ird street. Philadelphia? ?acqnemod. No ?li Broadway; t. A. utd by my agents!?J. B Jaeqoetnod, No. 4IS Broadway; f. A. Artanlt. Layette Baaasr, Noe. 149 and 191 Broadway; A. ed?r and Williams streets Artanlt. Lafayette Banaar, 1 IVillard, 8. W corner ol Ceds. -ga Preminma swarded at the hrsnklin Institute. ill !?*? ROBiN3UN'S FATENT FOKTABLE WATER CLOMTB. PHE SICK, and persons la s delicate stste of heslth, will A find this an article of essential utility M their bedchamber IW ess be need wilh either Hot or cold water, or for a vapor ntb. Tbey are extremely useful for ships, hospitals, ke. ^iwrjSSESa SSiiwSp&si fT0.1I, SSOTUSS Th* PcimcmIm* fit tit* n*w Y*rlt Pttete- J The ?? Hnmut" Policy of ? few Interested Individuals. ? , - ? The protested object of the Board of Pilot Cotn miasionera is to promote " the interests of humani ty and commerce," by preventing "improper per sons Irom acting as pilots." ?? Let th* troe'b* judged by it* fruit!" The sixth article recommende "that no vessel re ceive a person as pilot, excepting on his producing a certificate signed by this Board, or those issued

under the authority of the State ot New Jersey. This, it is to be remembered, is au article ot the constitution established, it is presumed, belore the rules and regulations were adopted to carry it into effect, and, ot course, before any pilots were licensed under its authority; consequently there were at that time the New Jersey pilots alone, whose employment was recommended, about twenty in number. How the tnteiests ot "humanity and commerce" were to be promoted by j committing the commerce ot this port to twenty in dividual-, Sowever skilful, the Board can answer; at least the community will not be satisfied that those interests were much at heart. J\ i!t known that our commerce was abruptly deprived ot I the services of eighty-three skillul men, and a mo nopoly given to twenty of another State, to be aided by^he Slow manufacture of others from there (use material at the command ot the Board. Who will say the interests of " humanity and commerce were at all regarded, when eighty-three pilots, hold ing licenses from lhe State, are in a moment with | drawn from the pilot service, an$ no substitute sup P''lUs now proposed to consider the details and pe culiarities of the pseudo constitution, rules and re gulatioM of the Board ot Pilot Commissioners, in i regard to practical results. Having no authority to 1 establish a new constitution, there have been tew scruples in violating the spurious compact, lhe 7th article is as follows i " The rmtea ot cotnpen8*" tion to be such as were allowed under the act o the State of New York, recently repealed. That I article is well enough, and bears the impress ot j I justice ; but untortunately for ship owners oyer whom the commissioners usurp jurisdiction, the rules and regulations are not in harmony with the sacred constitution. The 13th regulation P1?"?"** the tariff of fees on i^ard bound vessels, taken almost verbatim from the 30th section of thei 8 a act ot April, 1*37, on the same subject. If, however, further provides, that " outward" pilotage is to be the same as "inward." In effect, the P>lot who may navigate a vessel to sea, is to receive compen sation equal to the highest paid in navigating the 88To understand the violation of the constitution by the rules and regulations adopted in yutneot it, it is necessary to quote a few passages from the ta riff established by the 13th regulation, viz: tor every vessel drawing less than jonrteen feet water, m lier rsot. For every vessel drawing fourteen feet and lesa than [eighteen feet, $2 50 every vessel diawtng eighteen teet and upwards,?3 per foot." The preced ing quotations from the th r te?nth reflation, are literally the same as the thtr- | tieth section ol the act of April, 1887, and lv relate to inward bound vessels; but the thirteenth regulation, and hereiu is the conflict, further pro vides that "outward pilotage shall be die isaiiie aB inward," whilst the ctimpensutton hxed and deter mined by the 5th section ot the act ol 12.h April. 1*38, for outward, is Ur lest than for inward bound I vessels The 5th section is ae follows: J'"* every vessel drawing less than fourteen feet, #1 50 per toof for every vessel drawing fourteen leet and less lhan eighteen feet, ?1 75 per foot; for every vessel drawing eighteen feet and upwards, #2 25 ^Irishcre proper to remark that the New York State pilots have also articles of tMOCi^SS"? 2nd provision of which is as follows :? W? "hall continue to charge the same rates of pilotageon ves sels as were established by the law? o< >837 nnd 1838, oil the subject of pilotage, and 'hall continu. to cruise the same distance at sea as hexetolore, whilst the laws of 1837 and 1838 were in lull lorce. Thus requiring only the compensation on outward vessels Kxed and determined by the 5th section of the act of 1838, whilst the merchant pilots receive for outwardvessels the higher compensation, pro vided by the 30th sectionT?or piloting vessels in- ; WThe practical result is thus illustrated?the mer chant pilot receives tor taking a Y^lt?|^\dIt? ine thirteen teet water, $2 per foot, or #26 lor the service. The New York pilot, for taking the same vessel to sea, receives but *1,W per foot, or $0,50 lor the service. In effect, thnNew York pilot r ceives *6,60 less than the merchant pilot lor the ^Again^ the merchant pilot 60 a vessel to sea. drawing seventeen feet water, $2,?J per foot. or #42 50 for the service. The New *Vork pilot, for taking the same vessel to sea, re ceives but $1,75perToot,or $20,75 for thessnrice ; in efTect the New York pilot receives #12,<5 less than tlie merchant pilot foT the same seryJ1 - the merchant pilot receives for ?nkm8* sea draw ing twenty-feet water, $3 per foot, or $60 forj thesemce. An New York P^t, for t.kmg the same vessel to sea, r,w? W ^rfwt, or *45 for rhe service ; in efTect, the New 1 or* pilot receives $15 less than the merchant pilot for the . ^TlVae^autements establish two facta, first i The ship owner who employs a tm"^fn^puJ^ehar?s outward voyage, ? exposed to much higher charges than if a New ifork pilot were employed. Second. The 7th article [of the constitution de claring "the rates, of compensation to Ibe such as were allowed under the act of the State of New York recently repealed," is violated by the Uth retruldtinn, which gives the same compensation lor outward as for inward bound vessels, inasmuch as "the act of New York, recently repealed, l'r?vides much less compensation for piloting a vessel to ^Upon'wbat" principle did the State award the higher compensation for the inwarrt pi lolage. but on account ot the greater trouble and risk attendant on it, well undemunding tbe one to be tar more difficult than the other t It may oe asked why the Coistitution decl"ed/J1^'hhe"!I!. pensation under the new system should be the seme u that allowed by the law recently "I"*led11 The answer is obvione?to make it specioessnd to strip owners. Again U may be asked, why the regulation violated the constitution, and i^owed greater compensation lor outward P'J??8? fixed bv the law recently repealed * The answer is, because it was well known that p,'?* would not be much employed in the difficult? gatton inward, whilst it was contemplatedthstth^ should monopolise all that oat*?rd; purposes have been inexorably i the spirit of proscription avowed by the out article ol the constitution, which recommends that "no vessel receive a pilot, excepting on his producing a certificate signed by the Boardof Commissioners ol Pilots or tEose issued under Ae authority oi the State of New Jersey. | scriptive recommendation cannot he enlorced in re gard to inward veaaels, as the skill of theN*w York State pilots may not be dispewd^wiih tor difficult navigation?their services are ?n*l0??J7 ! sought, on approaching the shoals and quick-sands 1 of fiyHSoh ; but with d^ain rejec.ed when applying to take vessels to sea, which they have salefv brought into port. That nniuat and illiberal course ia daily pursued townrda them, m disregard of the immemorial custom of the f"}?I?? valued that it was incorporated in the act ot 1837, which declares that in providing a pilot for an out ward bound vessel, "preference shall be the pilot who brought the v esse into port, or to a pilot belonging to the tame boat. Here is a snfficient answer to the enquiry why the regulation violated the constitution l lhcre was purpose in it, and that purpose is found in the con trolling necessity of employing New > orkpiloisun (ur nrcMure ol danger, ana rejecting thent wnen asr* wfat" <?%> capacity of the merchant pilot ; and, to give ex elusive employment to the latter, ship own?" V? taxed on outward navigation **Jf?nd.V1* VJcwYmk constitution allows, and more than the New York 7S hUAgain wesay, let the tree be judged by its fruit; and, by the same rule, let these stewards of hu manity and commerce" be likewise J?^~icola. Sporting Intelligence. The laet day* n?ce ever the Materia Cooree wee roe on the 38th nit. It wee for the proprietor'! puree of $300. Annexed le the remit I? A. H. Cental'! b. f. AtUla l.ecompte, by imp. Olencoe. dam by imp. Leviathan j 4 y. o. ? ' ' * D. Heineoh'e gr. h. Cretan, hv Chorieter, dam by Mnckle John ?, ft y. o V. ? 3 3 Vn r. Greer'! eh. f. Mary Walter, by iter ling, out of Ditcord ; I. y. IV 'LI * V * W. Cumminge'br. g Jemmy Tweed, by imp. Le viathan, dam j#y a Time-3hW-l:M-l:M. Tbie ended the All meeting! at New Orleeae Mormon Affairs. (From Wamw (111) Mignal. Use. 24 ] Thb Catholic* and Mihimoki.?A Galena paper states th it tbe Catholic bishop of this disosas denies that any negotiation U going on between the Catholics and Mor mons, relative to the purchase of Nauvoo by the former. Be this as it may, we know that two prieata passed through this place, two weeks since, on their way to Nauvoo, who avowed their object to be to ascertain on what terms the Saints could be bought out. Lira in Nauvoo ?We learn that one day last week, O. II and his new wife, (who, it will be recoUec P. Rockwall . . ted, is the lawful wife of Amos Davis,) went together to the house of said Davis. Rockwell stood at the door, with pistol in hand, while his delectable partner enterod the house, and took from it such furniture as sha desired. This was in open day light, and in the face of the whole oily; yet no one waa shocked or astonished. In Nauvoo such proceedings are all a matter of course. GacAT Commotio* iis Nauvoo.?Just as our paper waa going to press we received intelligence from Nau voo, that the Lord has accepted the Temple, and that the long promised endowment, for which the Saints have been so long preparing, is now beiog received. This endowment consists in an abrogation oi all existing mar riages, and every good saint is at liberty to cast away his present wife, and take any other who may suit him better. The consequence is, all Nauvoo is in commo tion, and ttie Saints are running about perfectly wild with excitement. The reason why the Lord concluded to endow his saints in this singular manner, was because somo husbands wero willing to go to ttii Oregon, and their wives objected, and rt'c t-trsa; so they heing mis matched, the Lord conclude 1 to prevent difliculty by giviug all willing ones a chance to select now partners for the expedition. The Late Murder ix Nauvoo.?We lest week pub lished the fact that a woman was murdered in Nauvoo, on tho Sunday pievious; but were unable to give the paitisulars. Since then we have heard various state ments. Some of the Saints affirm there was no murder, othera that tbe woman was stabbed, but not killed; but tho weight of evidence is in favor of the killing, and the contradictory statements only go to show that there is an effort being made by some of the saints to shroud the matter in mystery. A Mormon gave to a friend of ours, fast, tiu on Sunday fast, the following version, which places a worse feature on the affair than any we have her tol'ore heard. The murdered woman was a widow, living near Golden** Point, by the name of Walker. She had In her possession about one thousand dollars, to secure which the murder waa committed. The murderer in order to effect his purpose, prevailed on the women to accompany him to the city and take the money along, on the plea that it would not be safe to leave it at home in her ab sence. When on the road, he killed ber and also her lit tle child, took the money and then fled into tba city. Here he stopped at an acquaintance, and changed his horae, which was a slow one, for a fast courser. He then flod aeross tbe river, pursued by a small party. The foremost of these broke through the ice, and to save him the others were obliged to stop, which detained them so long that the murderer escaped. Another suspicious feature of this matter is that some of the saints accuse Amos Davis, (who has lately become very unpopular in Nauvoo, because he wouid not tamely submit to an out rage from O. I'. Rockwell,) of the murder. This is evi dently done for the purpose of running Davis out of the city, n* being in the way of tho Mormon pet, Rockwell. Fact and Fancy. The Natchitoches Chronicle of the 20th inst. re cords ? brutal murder committed on the )0th near Tem perance HiJl, Sabine parish. A man named John McDerraid,.a native of Ireland, heat, bruised and burned his own child by a former wife, aged three years, nearly to death, then broke the ice in a t orse-trough and plung ed his helpless offspring in. Finding the child dead, he mounted his horse, bade his wife farewell, and made his escape. An application was made to Recorder Baldwin, in New Orleans, on the 27th ult , by C. M. Drucoll, to have a colored woman named Elizabeth, who had claim ed protection from the police, delivered up to him as hi. slave. The evidence elicited showed that Driscoll had takon her to New Albany, Indiana, in 1841, and there granted her freedom, according to the laws of that State. A abort time since ho brought ber to this city - had her placed in tho Second Municipality Workhouse aud whi?ped, alleging that ahe was hi* runaway slave.? About Ave days since Elizabeth produced her free papers aud claimed protection on which she was raleas stody, but remained in the prison, fearing ber edfrom custody, into master. Mr. Smith now made affidavit before tbe Recorder, that ou tho 26th iustant, a judgment was renders ) in tbe Commercial Court of this city fur (493 against Driscoll, in Washington Co , Miss , in 1640,and alleged that the manumission effected by Driscoll in IStlofthe slave Elizabeth, was found in fraud, inas much as ho was insolvent at tbe time, end knew of the judgment against him, and which he had not satisfied, as be (witness) had shown. The Recorder postponed his d self ion. Albert M. G llism, late U. S Consul at Oulitornia, ia of the opinion that the government of California must soon fall into the hands of tha Anglo-Saxon race, end that a railroad direct from Han Francisco, either to New Orleans or some point on Red River, might be made to great advantage. The navigation of the Mississippi has been worse this winter, than it has been for years. The water has been lower {at this point, than we hare ever seen it, but still it has been deep enough for the largest claa* of boats to navigate with eaae and safety. But we scarcely open a paper from above this, that does not contain a list of boats aground, or soma other mishap incident to navigation this season. The navigati n between this point and Cairo, hat been very dangerous and uncertain, but above that, it has been almost closed. The number of passengers put ashore at Cairo and in that region have created almost a (amine. They have landed in such crowds, that they frequently lind themselves in a very unplsosant and critical condition. The Mississippi is the outlet for tbe commerce of the richest country in the world, and a small appropriation from th* General Government, would make It the safest and moat certain navigable stream in th* United States.? Vickihurg Whit The dwelling of the Rev. Vra. Wall, in Amite county. Miss., waa on the 21st inst., destroyed by fire with all it* contents, and under the following painful eircumstances. While the family and adult servants were absent, th* children were playing in tbe kitchen, when the dress of a colored hoy took lire. Enveloped in flames, he rushed into the house, to which he com municated fire, and, he himself perished in th# con flagration. The Portland Adrtrturr states, that the schooner Varico, of and irom Thomaston for Boston, loawlel with lime, paper rags and machinery, put into that port Jan. 1st, about two:o'clock in the morning, beiag on fir*.? Th* fir* was.discovered Wednesday morning,soon after leaving Townsend Harbor, but owing to tha strong breezo which blew off'shore, it was thought safest to run ior Portland Harbor. Tbe vessel soon sunk to th* water's edge ; it is supposed she will not be worth re pairing. Tha vessel was not insured, but the cargo, we understand, wasinaured in Boston. We learn that some gentlemen of capital, are now taking a survey of tho Das Moines Rapids, with a view of ascertaining the practicability of turning the water power to account for manufacturing purpose*. At on* point 8 feet fall was iound in a distance of j of a mile. John Bloomfield, Esq., of Boston, lists presented the Howard Athena-urn, (29.000, to be appropriated to a fund for the purchase of hooks. The Sierra Leone I Watchman of the 8th of August, says that in fourtoan month* previous to June 30, 1849, between sixty end seventy vessels of various sizes have been captured for being engaged in the slave trade.? Out of this number not one has escaped condemnation, either ior being equipped forth* slave trade or for hav ing slaves on board; ami upward of five thousand slaves have baen rescued and emancipated by the courts in that colony. The Yarmouth Rtguttr say a of Provincetown This place now sends but twenty-five whaling and about one buodied and fifty fishing vessels, besides merchant men and coasters. The navy of the United States might move in its harbor. W* have seen four hundred fishing vsrels there at a time. The town is wealthy. Tha poor house is shut up half the time. Almost every young man becomes a shipowner before he is twenty-five year* old. Money is plenty, and can sometimes be obtamed for four per cent when it is worth six >n Boston. Pro bably 'tha enterprising seamen of that town obtain (100,000 worth of property from tho ocean In a prosper ous season. In tha town we saw thro* monstrous great school houses, three churches, and two academies. A large party of settlers propose leaving Ark an sea California next May. Tha chairman of tba committee for Calif! of arrangement* gives notice in th* Little Rook Oanlls, "that the Californians will rendezvous at Fort Hmith, Arkansas, on the first Monday in April next, preparatory to taking up the line of march for the Pacific coast? Every person starting is expected to be well armed with a rifle or heavy shot gun, IS tba. of shot or lead, 4 lbs. of powder, lus." The Parish of Natchitoches has 30,842 acres of lend in cotton, te T79 in com, 12,179 bales cotton, 170,248 barrels of corn, 8 842 slaves, 2,1(8 horses, males tnd mares, and 10,(41 horned cattle. Ho saya Mr. Vienna, Parl.h Assessor, who his virited every house. From the 1st to the 12th of December the land a Ac* in Dubuque, Iewn, alone received (19,000, mostly from actual settlers. The Revolution m Mexico.?We have received the ioilowing intelligence from Mexico. It purports to be additional to that received a week or two ago. It is, however, oi the same character, and may, therefore, be merely n rehash Letters have hi en received at New Orleans from Ha vana, confirmatory of tha intelligence of a new outbreak In Mexico. Information had reached Havana tram Vara Cruz, to lb# effect that Gen. Parade* had proclaimed against tha existing government, and was marching against tba city of Mexico at the head of (,(Oder troops. Passengers from Havana confirm tho report that such now* was received at Havana by last steamer from Vera Cruz. Tha next news from Mexico will posse si un usual interest. Hhould iierrer* he overthrown, the pa cific aspect of affairs between Mexico and tha United Hta-ei will no doubt undergo a material change. Our government, wo are told, are making preparation* ac cordingly. Population and Business or Nkwaxk.?It will he aren that the population is now 2S.ISS, being "> increase of 8,931 within five years there are 2.812 dwelling bones*, exclusive of roar building*. shops, he , 1 thus giving flj; jereors to every hoot*.?V-ww* -fft. Jen. I I'tilted Sulci District Court. Befora Judge Betta. Jam. 7.?Tuesday being the lint day of the term, it wiu the intention of the court to orgaoixe the Grand Jury, but a sufficient number not being preeent, the Judge adjourned to yesterday morniDg, when the grand panel wa* called over, and 21 having anawared, the fol lowing named gentlemen were sworn : ? Benj. It. Wlnthrop, Foremen : Ja*. N. Wal'f, Hamuel 8. Wandall, Oliver Slate, IVm. lit id, Rlchaid E. l'urduy, John 1). Phoenix, Chas. M. Leapp, Joseph Hudson, Wa. H. Kalis, Wm. Dodge. Jr ., Jeremy L. Cross, Henry Co I tbeal, Henry Bre\ oort, Frnucia Jackson, Henry Ka^aer, Wm. EUmo.'idt, Gordon llurnham, John P. llaft, Jacob Acker, Sem'l 0. Jackson. Jldok Bctts theu shortly charged them. He sard that there were but throe cases on the criminal docket; one was for larceny, for having plundered a vessel on the high seat; tbo other two were of a light character, and did not at present call for auy observations irom him Ha did not know of anything else that was to be brought before thorn, so that it waa scarcely probable that much ot their time would bo occupied. However, other busi ness might uterwards bs brought under their considera tion, and if they should want any instructions, the Die tuct Attorney would be in attendance. The trial of Robert < iiirtith, for perjury, was then re sumed. Second I)sv ? Fetes K. Mabsm, one of the jurors In the cause, not having made bis appearance or sent an ex cuse, considerable delay wes occasioned. It was then agreed by counsel on both sides, that Mr. Solomons, a gentleman who hail heard the testimony on Tneaday, should be sworn in the place of the absent juror, who was lined $26. The gentleman now appeared, and Mr. Solomons withdrew. The Court, however, told him, he should be prepared with an affidavit to account lior hie ab sence. Mr. Gali.oi*, a witness for the prosecution, testified that he purchased about $2800 worth of lumber from Griffith, and he never received any of it, except a sum of *400. Crott rxaminrd.? Griffith received from witness some thing like $2300 worth of property, and never raoelved anything for it axcept what he got from Morris. Bernard Miiisi oxaminad ? Besides in tho Ifltli ward; knows Giiffitb: is a constable; served four sum monses on Griffith; called upon him -.Iterwards with four executions, amounting in all to $60; he has never paid a cent of them; he told witness that he oxpected to gat a large sum of money and would pay them. Witnaaa could not find any propeaty on which to levy. Some other witnesses were then called, lint did not an swer. | The judgment and execution obtained on the recogni zance of Robert Griffith, and the return thereon, were put in and read, and the case for the proeecut'on rested. Mr. Haskktt, lor the defence, said he did not mean to make any statement, but would proceed to call his wit nesses. Hamdsi. Durham, for defence, examined by Haskktt. ?Worked for Griffith at Now Jersey on a building for Mr. Xewaian, who was examined on Tuesday. Witnese was delayed for a week for want of timber; the man who engaged to deliver it refused; Griffith wus always ?ery shy in ahowing his pocket book; the contract lor building between Newman and Griffith was here pro | duced, lrom which it appeared that he was not indebted I to Newman. Crotftxamintd.?Never saw Griffith have much no I nay; saw as much as $100 with him; saw something that ' looked like a $100 bill; does not know whether it waa genuine or not; he owes witness $18; witness did not ! ask for it; witness know* that he built alaven houses In 18th street; thinks he paid his men; ho paid witness; he ! built five homes on the nth avenue; does not know of his building any toithin the lust two years; remembers now that ho built some houses lor Mr. tjuincy within the last two years. Wm. Henderson, examined for the prosecution.? Knows Griffith since 1837; had dealings with him several ' times; owed me $60; received $22 from him; never know him to have any piopeity, except that he had a i lease of a house in neeftmau street; Mr. Clark owned : the house; he was also in possession ol a house in Front ! street; knew him to receive rant out of it; does not I know what interest he bad in it. Mr. Guion, Clerk in the Supreme Court, proved the 1 record of a judgment obtained against Urifiitk by | Cornell, iu that court, for $1,069 26 cents. I Some other testimony was then given for the protect! I tion, and Mr. Hassctt summed up for tba defence, ts ' king, amongst other grounds, that the commissioner be ? | foro whom Griffith qualified, bad no authority under the I United States statutes to administer an oath. The next I ground he took was, that they produced no testimony to I show that he was not worthy or credit on his oath ; thsy merely gave evidenoe that ha was indebtad to several I persons, irom which they interred he did not pay his , debts, and from that inferred he had no property, which i was an infsrence upon an inferenoe, a species of proof I the rules of evidence did not tolerate. The District I Attorney replied, and Judge Belts charged the Jury, I who retired, end after e half an boar's consultation, , found the prisoner guilty. i Common Plena. Before Judge Daly. Jnn 7.?.Silrn ?t Rou'uond?This was an action one i promissory note for $117 87, dated November 1844, psyn . ble six months after date. The action was by an endorsee 1 against the maker. The aignsture was admitted. The I defence was that the payee had entered into en arrrage : mant with the maker to accept another note in paymsut. and to give u;> the note in question, and that this arrange, meat was made with the kuowledge of the plaintiff'- On the part of the plaintiff it waa denied that he had any knowledge of the fact nntii after he received the note. The juiy found a venlict for the plaintiff' ef $120. For plaintiff', Mr. Mitchell; for defendant, Mr. Car penter. M ki row op the I.xi.i slatubb or M AHSAcutarrrs. ?The ' ?*ct*laturefr?r 184t> will ensemble in the State Home nt II e'clock, this forenoon, for the purpose of or ganizing, so far a? ptacticable. As the number of Sena ' tors elected by the'people (nine) Is less than a quorum I ot the "upper branch," some doubts ere entertained 1 whether t&ey can form more than a pro tempore organi zation until at least seven of the vacancies tie filled up. The representatives ratnrnel are stated to be 200, and, aftarhaving been called to order by the oldest member present, they will proceed forthwith to choose their of ficers for the year. Put, Jen. 7. Owes on the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Co. > No. <8 Wall street, December 87th, 1843. | A T A M FETING of the Treat**, held at the office ef the '1 Company, on the 3rd instant, JOSEPH WALKKU wis unanimously elected President, in place of Lewie Gregory, resigned; and Lewis Gkeookt waa elected Vice Pre* idea t. ;? supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Jeeeph Hoiie. By order of the Trustees, F.LT.WrVOOD WALTER, Secretary. ' Mabine Iffst EAffCff off C'affoo ant) Fseioht only. The Mercantile Mmual Insurance Company, Ne- $3 Wail street, confines iu basinets to Marine insurance on fraightaad . **Jfew sabseriptioa itntee, amounting to apwards of Two | 11 nod red Thousand Dollars hava been rsceivad, and farther additions are daily being made to its assets. The Company invites attention to iu plan of bntineas,which it is believed, offers greater protection and larger re tarns to the assured than any other. TRUSTEES. Thomas Hunt, Jas. McCnllouch, Tliot. Ac hells, Septimus Crooks, Gee. W. Taylor, Win. (T Laugley, . , Uenrv Sheldon, Charles P-yeo, Levi Cook, Jas. Freeland, Chas. H Rogers, A. Logons, Th.ot. S Nelson, E. Moriag, 1).L. Seyre, Wilton G Hunt. W. C. Atwater, Alexis 8. Baker, Stewart C. Marsh, W. A.Keteltas, M. Ward, Geo. Hastings, Chat. G. Carleton, Leonard Kir by. C. W. A. Rodgers, Lneiat Hopkins, Jas. C. Matlock, " - Daniel O. Hanlnnd, - ** * lleury Jetsnp, Daniel 6. Hanland, 8. F. Jenkins, G. D. Phelps, Herman Boker. JOSEPH WALKER. President. Lewis Greoobv, Vict President. Eixwooo Walter. Secretary. dmtm'ru I OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO, I TNo.M Wall street, apposite the Exchange. I HIS COMPANY eontinne to laaxre.agaiMtleM and da mage by fire on goods, wares and marshes due, sad | against 1 oas by inland mvij^on^oo vessels sad tbair cargoes. I Thomas W.Theras, S.hshaRiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff. Axson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joeeph^CJien,^ Motes Tucker, Jams* E. Holmee, John R. Davison, John P. John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thoni. Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrail, SKTO SR. mlzxs % THOMAS W. THORN Gxnaeg T. Hon. Secretarv^^^^^^^H ionli?sva?jscK Co., I w Totk, Jaly M, IMS. J rpiIE Stockholders of this Comply are requested to call at i X th* office of th* Cornnmy ana stgalfy whether it do than I wish to fill aptbairreapoeVrf ahaip^oa toaaqaiyaaanmboref (hare* eqnal to thepresents* The Block holder* rendu* eon ray their intention by post, to I | Pro T. Hoaa. 1***7, ^ . . j IMPORTATION OF WATttfUSS. HAVING jnstrtttlrrd fromEexope,withajsam.aauHMH of line Gold and Silver Watches and More menu, a lot o , Independent Secenda. end doable Irate Watches sad move meet*, or an entirely new etyle and of eaperior finish. we take line opportunity to Cell the attention ofallperaons in the watch bonnet* to visit oar stock, which, in eryry raapaet. will he No. 1ST Gallon street, New loth. I r. S.?Eamtd aho in this watch makiny onsimbe, wr see I rinna to attend to the repeiriai of all kiade of wetchee, end par ti calmly those of (lie end difficult works. nl< lm*m I JOHN PAKLKY. MERCHANT TAlhOU. MS Broadway and TS Ukarty , DEtN deeiroue of scllw the Iwlyeeo^ie Urea steckef O Fall and Winter Ooodsin'Uhle for fere them on the moet reasonable term*, and aolietl* the after oeaeicfiog of Dree, snd Frock Coats, Pants and Vsrts.Sartowe " "" Closks ??'!? sad 0?e#C sts, wlneh will he said C f^ow A Israe .nd choice ssr.etmsat of Shirts, Searfc, Grant*. Hosiery and fader A!><*>?'? . . N. B ?Gentlemen larmenin* thsir owe msasrial,caa heva It mad* sod trimmed, end a lit war muted ,r T?pv,r tale, * rplendlmCoeehiTian's Cost. dIJ lo'mt I ~~~ VVKLlbU IRON BOJLER FLUES, OBI' ANY DIAMETER, bat not *se?edio? MR feet in length; thickness of meul from II to M, wire (??. Thus at* the only Tube# osed br the English sad Frcaeh (oretemetit st* seretr, and other last steamboats, ead caa be prctw"?d only fWtm the Psteotee. snt"'rf THOB PBfiBny.H. t Liberty et. N. T. WOOL-*00e lbs aawwhed American Wool?foe anl? kt E K. COLLINS It CO., M St a* M. IdNn