Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII., Mo. 11?Whole Mo. UH. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, JANUARY 12, 1846. Prteo Two Coot* THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS GORDON BENJBTT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Kr?ry day. Price I cent* par copy? ? ?* per copy?$I.1?X erute per annum?payable in *dr*?o* ADVbRTlSJkMENTS U the usual pricw-always Mih in *dv*ac* PHINT1NG of all kind* axitid wfch beauty aiitr AH Utter* or eonuimnlcstion*, bv Bail, U4imm4 to rite establishment, nut ao post paid, or the postage will bo deducted [rem the subscription Money remitted JAMES ? .URDON BENNETT, Propriet r of riio NteTeit Riuld Es-raaueinsurT Misrtlsaasl eoceer of Valine aid Nuvn etre L.ONO IHlaANl) HA1LRUAD COMPANY. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing on Monday, September 15th, IMS. Leavs New iork?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Boston Train for Oreeuport, usury, bandars excepted. 1 topping _ a. tt b arm uigdale and St. George's Manor. Lett* Brooklyn?At ?H A. M .for Karmingdnle and in termed! aw piaeas, daily Sunday* eicepted, and on Tnesday*. Thursdays and Saturdays, through to Oreeuport and laiermediate place*, at 4 P. M.. for Fumiugdale ana intermediate piaoe*, daily, Sundays eicnrwed. Leave Green pen?Benton Train, at 4 e-eto. k. P. M, or an the arnral of the steamer from Norwich, daily, SnndaV* ercepo-'d. stopping at St. " s's Manor and Farmingdnie at I o'clock, AM.; Accommodation Train, . W. 1 _ on Mendeys. Wednesday* and Friday*. Leay* Farmingdale?For Brooklyn,at ME o'clock, A. M., and . . If. M.,daily,Buoilay* excepted. . Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at I o'clock, A. M. ndiEF. M., daily nan Say* excepted. Fare to .Bedford I " iu.iUMiy- ownssy hwf""* . cent*; East New York 1IM; Rate Coarse Iflf; Trotting Conns* 1?Vl 'smaicn S5; Srushytlle MM: Hyde Perk >7 utile* ITMl llowsrille, (daring ?ea*ioe CouL) Ilk; Hempstead I7M; Branch I7K; OarTe Place 44; Weetbury 44; Hicktville 44; farmingdale S3M; Deer Park Ml Thompson M; Suffolk Station 1 04; Lake Rend Station 1 MM; Medford 8. ttion 1 I0K; Millvtlle 1 50; St. George'* Manor 1 41 Biverhead 1 03W; Jamesport 1 0>H; Mattetnek 1 UM; Oht 1 75; chogti. I OIK; aontbold I 63 K lOrsenpoN, Ace'n Uremport by Boston Train 3 00. Stage* are in readiness on the arrival of Trains nt the several Statima*, to tuhe p?*i**ige?iat very lew Fine, to nil part* of the 'baggage Crete* will be in neiriiiiee nt the foot of Whitehall street, to receiy* Baggage for the aevetal Trains, 10 minute* be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leave* Greenpert far Sag Harbor twice each day on the arrival of the Train* from Brooklyn, nire MALL LINE FOB. BOSTON. )VER THE LONG ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH + WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from tha Foot of Whitehall street. Sooth Kerry?Bandars excepted. Way Crate* are in readme** to receive baggage far New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston go** i under look. jolt tfre through n FOR ALBAVY, VIA NEW IHAVF.N. HARTFOED AND IFimIMMSha.. . J^HHLbPHI N OF1 F.LD - Daily. (Sou-! _5H_*_days 6M A. M. a?*cngrr* t-kr the fut iua commodious ?tenmern NEW P*?*< YORK or CHAMPiON,aedarrive nt Albany the same even lirrangemenl* hare bent made to make the line earn, and >seniors ran depend on arriving as advertised. J*1 Im-c NOTICE?STATfcN ISLAND FERRY ?On Wednesdrv, Jan. 6th, the uipn oa this Fe>ry wll be nfohow*,? rr w<ll be aslncowso !..??? m.ien Island?*14, >0 A- M .3, P. M. Leave New Yoik?0. II A. M ;Sk,i P. M. P. 8 ?' hi Sundays the boat will leave at il o'el. j Sunday* the boat Wiil MT? at 11 o'clock, iaatetd of I* A M. , j7_ MAIL LINr AT ? A. M. 10 ALBANY s?Landmr at Yockerv, Dobba' Ferry, Sim SKZMLSuur, Grassy Point, VsnH?uk'a Point, Celd wall's, Koyerhook, Cold Spring, Nawbarfh. or as far as die ire will permit Brrakfaet oa board iha boat. There is food sleighing from aay point on the Hndeoa 10 Albany, and stages will be in readiieeato eari'jr passenger* to their deatiaatioa a" the arrival of the boat. Faaaaga St M through to Albany. The celebrated ice steamboat U TIC A, Capt*in L. W. Braia ard. I?res the pier between Coartlandt and Liberty streets, Every Morning at sight o'clock Fur pas age or freight apply ou board, or to F. C. 8CHULTZ at iheoflfce on the wnarf. dX FOR SAUGEKTIES AN U UATSKUu jMM jggt THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADL Capt F. J. Copperly, will leave ths foot SZUCdLor Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday and batnrday at 6 o'clock, PA4. For freight ot passage, apply on beard, or to O F. Wain weight. Agent, on the wharf. ?? Im'sir NOTICE. ? The PEOPLE'S LINE have made arpnage With the powcrfhl atrameas ad NORWICH, to rnu to Albany (or as far as the ice will permit,) every day at 3 o'clock, P M. oil further ' New York. Pec. Id. Mk dt r MAIL LINE AT ElOHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, LANDING at Yonkus, Dobba'Ferry. Brag ling. Grassy Point. Varplanka Point, Cald aard, every morn tag i . . Korpassage or freight, apply on board, et to P. C. Schultn, at th?ofllceontl<ewKart. dtl r BOtflON steamers. fOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Packet Ship* ICADlAaud HIBKRNlA Will leare Bos on for tbe abore porta as follows, vix: Acadia, Win Harrison, Commtnder, on thn 1st Janntry, UM? Hibtruia, Alex Hyde, " " 1st Keb'ry., IMC. Paaaage to Liverpool |iM Passaarto Halifax SI For freight or paaaage, apply to D. BiUGHAM. Jr.. Agent. (Wall at No Berth secnred until paid for. dSI rre DRAFTS ON G*EAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Persons wishing to re ?nit money to any part of Grant Britain or I Irelntd, can obtain drafts of the aobeenbesa ?for aay amosiat, large or small, payable en ail the principal towns and cities. W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, d7 me H South et cor. Maiden Lane. ac.A- BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVER JaBVPOOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, oely regular jKpafiePaCket of this 1(1'h January. The magmlirrnt and celebrated laet sailing favorite Deckel shin YORKSHIRE. burthen llifl tons. Captain D. O. BaUey, will sail positively on Friday, 14th of January. It ia well known that the accommodations of the Yorkshire are fitted our in a moat seperb and costly manner, with every modern improvement aud convenience, that cannot fail bnt add to thn com on of those ambarkmf. Pecaona visiting thr Old Country, or sending for their friends, t hoaM eall nad tee this splendid specimen of naval architecture befoie engaging elsewhere. For paaaage. in cabin, id cabin and steerage, early application should be made an board, foot of Beekman street, or .to the ?ubBcribciv. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. jute! ? FuRoe street, nett door to the Fulton Bank FOR SALE?To close a concern? The Weil known, fast aaitiag sloop KINDERHOOK, of New JuiMEwYmk. ierthee per anrolment M lone, will irsrry IA. well Iwuud and ia good order. ^For^tunher^pmjcuhmi roqaiie jl lm*r Garner Aiim snsd West su. WANTED?A ekipto load for a Southern p I.? Apply to E. K. COLLINS A CO jl K Beuth atreet FOR CORK Pnaanga Only?Tho splendid and ?t tailing p?e?*r sbi i Kf.SINORE, Capt. Proctor, d^r,!0. ix>rt. Can hi? .1 posit.raly sail ou the Idth January for tlie above port. Can hi a very handaoans n aimer accommodate a fsw chin and aecmul cabia pasaanisra at wry low rates, by apply in ; oa board, or to J. HERDMAN A CO, (I South at. near Wall. N. R.?'Tbe show ship will be leaving Ce>k for Now York ahent-tke >Rb of March neat Tho?* wishing to hava th*i> friends b'OUght Out direct to this country, would requite lo mike early application na ebove. j6 th UN If EG STATER, AND (rRJSAf BRITAIN AND IRELAND ESTABLISHED EMI9KAMT OFFICE. THE Subscribers are prepared to engige paaai.. . gars to come out by the early spring shins, at a esry . i >??? r*t#. DinRs cani a. nsuaJ, be faruiahed, pay ibis <'.longboat i heUnited Kingdom. For farther particulars, apply to J. HERDMAN A CO., dM r II South street fiaS.t*fli HUM A&EaT Bft.1 I'AlN ANU Myfy IRELAND, eta Liverpool. Those saudiag for then JSHKafneeds eao Save them brought out at the lowest rat - By Uie t. gnlar line of picket sbiM.safliag arary fivedayi; a i draft* ana, u# eaaal, be furnished for any amount, payables alt iw pnnnp I basking iastitutiout throughout &e Unite. K Apply W iddren. ? HERDMAN, dTra Llevrpnol. ruk LlVt-K. UOL?1 ha km wJlins., w^rea sad aopprr usteard barqee TARTAR, 'Raaeell, W tons bnthen, will aatl for the above port uo .nest with quick deepauh. For (might or passage, having excellent accommodations, g. ply 0. boatd. pier 11 E. ^^HVLL k MINTURN, dltre X7 Howth I'reot. FUR 0ALa>, iuccvroa. a cOiNCe-KIS.?the ___ _ jiue of Liverpool Packets, ecaaiatigg of th# ahipa aHMmaRmciua, Siddona. Sheridan and Oamck. Ther ware Fiulit in miicicv by Brown A Soil, with aauaual ears; for mo deli materials (a vary largv proportlou of their fiamea being live oak) and workmanship, they are nnsnrpaeetd, if not aae qnalled. Salted on the slocks and re salmneeery year eiaee. Their eeeeaamodauoee for paanaagara ate vary extaoaire aud "Sf" ?a=^.lrto'Lie.koo,ew,k?. rou LIVTKfOOC=TW. N.w LlM-S?lu Packet of flat Jaaoirv.?The sananor fast saiimg ^rq^u^lTv^c^ ?*. ISA ieaa bat then, will sail? above, Iter f*f'ot freight or paeaagv, having splendid, large and comfortable tute rooms and eabta, fswwn tut. " *??'? ctreat TnelroeEepCipRechaetar, Cant. John Biitton, M ton* bnrtnea. will sacceed the Macro of the West, and aaS oa Silt JPVhrwwrw dire PUK ?Ahlfo-lalawio row parchaaei*. a largeqnamHy ej K ssapenor Walah Slatea, of vurioa* iiiea.^ Aljplj to ?M Rra Coragref Ftee and Broth sti _ JOHN HERDMAN k CO . United Bute* tad U?eat Britain aud Ireland Emigrant Office. ?1 Booth itreet, New York. KtlCNAN k Passage te and from Great orotic aud Ireland (via Liverpool) by tbe regular Packer Ship* aaiirogevsry fiv# daya. The aobeenbere ia eeliiug the alt-mioo of old nountryncu and the pnblic generally to their unequalled airanyemenu for brininug out passengers from the old country^ b? K to state that I alter thai rear the buiineaa of the Uooar nt Lie erpool will be conducted by ita Branch. Thoae sending Tor their trienda will at once aee the great importance of thia arrsegwneut, at it will preclude aa unnecessary delay of tha emigrant. The 'bios em ployed ia ihu Lint are wall Known to be tha Brat and la geat dual,commanded by men ofeaperieoeet and aa they eail yrerr ire days, an offer eeery fee Jily that ran be furnished. With thoae anperier arr augments. the sanscribers look forward for a eoatioaaiioa of that patronage which haa been ao libetally ri landed to ihem for ao many yean peat, lu case any of thoae engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded aa coatomary. For farthar particular^ 81 Booth street .New York. HERDMAN, KEE.NAN k CO , Liverpool. N. B.?Draft# fa* any amount tut aa nanal ba furnished, payable at alltbe principal Banking Institutions throughout tbe United Kingdom, on applicatiin ae above. pglrc dft iE & B TOITNEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS It ia intended to diapatch a ahip (ram thia port on tha tat. (th, It ia intended to ditparcb a ahip from tbic port on tha 1st, etii 11th, Mth, list and Mth of anah month, commencing lat Octo berand continuing until May. whau regular daya will baap lor the remainder.of the year, whereby (tract delay a pointed for tlie remainder of the year, whereby graa^^^H and and diawpointmnau will be prevented during thn limmi month a. The following ships will oomxaeuce tiiia arrange Ship Clifton Captain IngeraolL Ship Tanneaaa,... Captain Pray. Ship Shakapeare. .Captain CoraalL Ship I .oniavilla . .CaptainHunt. Ship Geneaee .,. Captain Miner. ?Hip Oaweao ... Captain Wood. ^^^^^^iBhip Damascus.. Captain Bliaa. Ship Sartella ... Captain Taylor. Thean ahipe are all built expresaly for packets. era ol light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put ia splendid onlar, with accommodation* for paaaeugar* noequailed for comfort; thny an commanded by experienced masters,* ho will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed ap and down th* M istissiiipi by warn boots. Neither the capt'ills or owners of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious etosee,silver or plated ware, or for eny letters, parcels,or packages sent by .or put ^oo board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken same, at the value thereon expressed. E. K. COLLINHk CO., 3d South at or JAB E. WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleaaa, who will promptly forward all goods to his address, ^^?this |roe are warranteo to sail ponetaally as ad The ahip* of this |ine are warranteo to vertised, and great sere will be taken to have tha goods cor rectly measured. eMrc PACKETS FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINE. m m ^n^h!ps of thiHj^^rAl eat) du^^^myear in rh^ra^T ing order t From N. York From Havre Mb 1st Jan. Ifith Mbbry. Ship UT1CA, F Hewitt, master, < 1st May. 18th Juno. lat Sept. Jflth Oct. let Fcby Nth March. Ship ST. NICOLAS. J B Fell, " Ut June Nth July. let Oct. Nth Noe. let Miitk Mth April Ship ONEIDA, JFunek, maetor, ' lat July. M h A " Nov. Mth D let Nov. Mth Dee. let April- 10th May. 1st Aug. 16th Pert. Ship BALTIMORE, J Johnson Jr. ? 1st Aug. Mth *ept 1st Deer. 16th Jany. They are all of the Brat class, ably commanded, and with ae comm. dationa for passengers ample and eommodiona Tlie price of passage ia thn eabka is SI80 exclusive of wiuea end liquors. Apply to BOYD k H1NCKEN, Agenu, t Toutiu- Buildiug No 66 Wall stre-t. Goads sent te the agents f-r f?rw aiding will be subject to noue other than the etpenaea actually paid nitre MARSEILLE5J LINE OF PACKETS. undermentioned Shu* will be regularly nan a on the 1st, and from Marseilles the IQtn of j tbe year, as foUow*>? m [latched iron From Ship*. Captains. From N.Y. Marsail'a CORIObANUS. Jas Hail* Dee 1 Fab M OVniVbAilUffi dM IMMf 1/Tu A r?w IV AK'^OLA (new) N W EreHgh, Jan 1 Mar M " aa Coulter, ~ i l \ST0N, Sxphua Coulter, Fab 1 Apr M JSSS MISSOURI, . J Silvester, May L July to These arc all fast sailing, coppered and sepper fastened res sell, and commanded by men of experience. Theiraeeommo datioos for passengers are all that need be desired in poiut oi comfort and convenience, having excellent ate'e room accom modations. Punctuality in the days of sailing ft out both ports -Joods addressed to the agents will be forwarded Doe of oth er charges than those actually paid. or k PHELPS, Proprietor*, No. lit Frout street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. AxtuuH a Tiimlin puit.ti..ln at W.H e?f. Wstst it. TAPBCOTT'B GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICES 76 South street, corner of Muidon Lane, Now York, and M Wnrlerloo Road, Liverpool ^4, jf EySCr Parsuus Wishing Uiayaiue passage lor tueir fnenOa irum Liv erpool during the oommg season, in the New Etne of Liver pool Packets, are respect rally iufonnod by the (uhacribera.thw the a a der mentioned magnificent and fcvorite packet chips will I sail trom Liverpool positively as advertisad?in any of which passers can be engsgad cm the moet rsasonahle terms, a d every naacaaary maim* will be used to have those whose pu sage may be engaged on this side of the Atlantic despatched in aa comfortable manner an possible. The ship Liverpool, on fih February?the Biddons on the Uth Februanr?the (fneeu of the West. Ml March?the Shari an ou tltn March, The well known sailing qualities of thaao favorite packet ... inafoi I render any remarks unnecessary, and their aecommodati mi^H cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, lurpaaa thoae ol yulor farther particulars, any ether Una. To secure passage, and tor farther parties apply to W7k T. T. TAPHCOTT, 75"Sooth street, earner Maiden Laaa P. S ?W. fc J. T T. supply Draft* as usual, for any amount. ' : Britain end Ireland d31 payable (hrou hont Oreai l rASSAOE FROM AND REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. JBL JttBL JfiL JfiL nUSy Ufv ^OUrtuabuX!^K*taift Offittftti Ptari ttrut Th* subscribers are at ail iimee prepared to make nn|i mentt to bring oat passengers by fiftt (liu Anuicu Packet ship*. tailing Iron Liverpool ovary a.x daft, and thereby avoiding the possibility of detentioo to em grants at that port. The accommodations are vrry tnparior, and tba c iptaiua l>aitit well known for their kiad trntment to ptuenger*, it would appear to bo llnoat annbceasaiy lossy that partoaa about aaod tng ta the old country for frivwda. will do well by selecting this liu a?and whan those aattl d lor daelior romiug out, tha pu> *g? naonay it always refunded to the party from whom it waa received, without deduction. Draft* or exchange at tight are alee made by the subscribes!, an the National Bank of Ireland,Nnia hem Banking Company, National Bank of Scotland, wad en R. C. Glya It l.n. Banker* London,andC. thiinehaw A Co. Merchant*, LieerpocI?paya ble without diaeoanr. For f?ni?er nnrti<-nUr? ?i>pl v to MAMUEL THOMPSON A NF.I HEW, _ 273 IVnrl street- ? Or to C.GRIMSHAWACO. No-10 Gores Platan, I J7 ltflSOd*W Liverpool. M a i<io"88.,a?5^"o!'- ii I PH(?NIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fmltun Street. ^m HAl_ Kim Uaality Notria far .S3 St Second do do do (IN Kirat do Mofnkin S3 M Second do do..... ...SIM A bcaetifnl aaeertment of Geatlamenh Drees and "fravalling ind Cbilikren't Fancy Caps, which are offered at corre*p Hiding ly low pries*. dig Im'r OFFICE or THE NEW YORK UAH LiOHT CO. December nd, 111). TIUE Apnea! Election for Thirteen Director! of the Cem A peay. will be held at thia ofltae, No P* Centre ttreet, on Monday the tMi day of January neat, between the hoera of II md II o'clock, A. M The Tr?n*frr Book will be eioeed from the Ifth iaataat an til ?'liiSrdir*"- c t. ethutt. THE PAHlslAN BK J BURT PUBLISHED, a Naw TrtaaUbon from the French ? entitled "The Paneiia Secret, or Belf Preeetvation:' a per feet tacarity .gainst flan I Dtteaaea, under ail circumstances, without ihe use of Medicine or any diaagreeabla necessity? auivartally uudemtood and employed by men ei fachioa in Paria, London, and other large cities. _ AY ALEXANDER LEBAUM, M. D , Membr r of the 1'acnlty of Medieine of Paria? Phytician to thr Venereal Hospital?Knight of the legion of Honor, Ac., Ac - Hue ue fjt Hooore ?, Pari# Published by Robert H. *? J most. Legal Deputy lor Dr. L? mm, IN ?? athington at. Boar on. Prme t)M eenu pur copy two copiea for tl. All orders ihould be ad diet tea, poet paid, W!?CSb by WTATT . KETCH UM.ltl FallautCi Philadelphia, Colon A Adrienee. in Die Arcade, CVewut at. dlt lm'r iWislMSwS if great at* to India* who have beea a (dieted with supetlhmu tut. principally when M* growth haa been confined lo the op per lip and side of the face, giving a maacnlma tutu to tie whole lantern* When used wwh proper care, and aeeordini to tha directi oaaAt will be found torn a great addition k ho toilet .an the aoc of any tharp uutnuaeatis entirely avoided ind tha hair io removed in Ore or tea gunnies albrt itt applies " Thw compoaAioo ia mAllible, and warranted le remove ta perfloaa hair. Alter numerous trials I have received eertrft antes ef tuceeea which eeaaot he eoetested. . D .. _ M South Third street, Puffs islghta **d hynty agents;?J. I. Jacguemod, No 413 Broadway; VTA JHtmlt, Unvtrn Baaaer, Noe. lit aad 1*1 Broadway; A Will era, IW eesuev ef Csritaruud Williams streets. . Prem-eme sun tad st the Feanklie leatitaru. alt lm*re wI??t2l?L1?i0 WAXL WAFfcHS, Ae. >2J10 iVW>S???t~1 Black>ritbg Ink, iTi,?, ?, it and SI ue, Red. J * pa a and copying INK. variouttww; I3tgrots Ihdsjiuiff INK, with or witlioit a pre paration- WtalurteffttNilto KdfflHh all kiada, f.em ite to IA pet lb ! **IA. MEALING WAX, varioat qealitiea, framed, to ?l per lb. Theabwye are wirraated sguel teauf ta the eouutrv. Den ies ,applied O. libera! \gA Msnufeeuturer aad mpo'Ser, M lm*'C Ut John street, o-poeite Cliff inc. UCUMJUh national dAouurkiAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, 91% 1 BROADWAY, upper eornerof M**W.wrar T?? HAKTWELL'8 WASHINGTON HOUSE, M3 Chestnut Stmt, PHILADELPHIA. PATHS iaw MlwtMit ? Warn aud CJota?Oca apart D mull, Tor both lull*, ud gentleman; ud the aotira orir mention ud fitting up of tmy aeps/imuut of thu Washington SouH,aiwH?u dll lm*m NEW FRENCH RESTAURANT It COFFEE HOUSE particular, that ih.y have opened an elegant fnrnch Restaurant md toffee House, ar No. T 7 Broadway, whera Breakfasts. Dinnera ai.d Support may ba had at aar convenient hoar: and in uecyle that cannot fail to satisfy the asost daRcata pslale. There will always ba found a nets supply of Sua pastry and confectionery,jtliies. ice rraems, Cberlottae-ruasea, Itc. hi ^aiaita Lujuors and the most ?Jf >ica Wines Orders rrcairsd Kaiois eft for Breakfasts, D uutrs and Sappers, or eepgn i."^ Parries supplied with awry kind of Pastry, Jelli ictwu ariea and loe Creams. al Im'n UNITED STATES HOTEL, Penneyhania Avenue, tVaehington CUy,D. C. THh PROPRIETORS of this new, large aod modern bailt A establishment, res|>actfully laodar than thatks to the pub lic for lb# liberal support they hare given, and confidently anti cipate an increano* populanty from the eff rts of the under stood to the peblie Accommodation. The house is sitesta oo the Aseiiua, ou the promenade side, between Third and Four and a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Uepot. aod the Capitol. It u capable of accommodating three hundred guests. In all its parts it has recently underpins usawrai improve rnsut for the wintar'e s.asou. The parlors aod ladies' apartments bem alrgau'ly furnished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; iu.eed in aeary division af the home Uia primary consideration has baea to adapt it to the comfort of our patrons. The diniog hall it one of tier moat commodious and beat light ed, by day aud night, in the Union Our train of serTauts are polite, active, obedient, aud watl disciplined. Briefly, we coo ndently ehslli-iisc thu judgment of a discriminating public ia all the essentials requukd to render a public house a home to the mealier. Charges as beretofnre, H it per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, ia ouosouaaoe with the spirit of the Unas. TYLER It BIRCH. The "Ekptess" will please copy every other day for throe weeks, end eend bill to T> ler St Birch. nB Sm aod*re TO TAILORS THE UNDERSIGNED would intimate to tha trade,that it is now two yeurt since the publication of u,a Brat ad lion of hu onlebrut-d work on Cuttiug Garments, during which time it has met with an unprecedented sa e, aud in no matinee whatever, hu any objections be u made to its practical u'ility. But ou the contrary, all ?> ho h,ve used it, recommend it as su perior to any thing ol the kind heretofore effeied to the trsde. The explanation* of the Di>sgram arc ample aud plain, so that s perxon of ordinary capacity, aud without any whet instruc tions, it enabled iu a few hours to cut any kind of garment in a style of elegance and fubion, which heretofore required years ol the moat lutenae study sad close application, the pries ol' the whole work ia from eight to ten dollars pat book, and can ba obtained of the author, at No. 113 Broadway. dll Imcod'r W. H STI^KMETB NOTICE TO BUILDERS. AND PERSONS WHO AKe. BUILDING. CH ANDRUSS, It CO , at their maunfseteryof the most ? fsshiouable Enamelled Parlor Urates, ?91 Bowery, bar nig enlarged and re-titled their establishment, are now | reput ed to mauuficture and all Grates ol a superior style lower than any other in tlie cilt; have |?t sil the latest styles and approved patterns; likewise, atve al new patterns they arc bruising out fur the spiiug, to which they invite the attention of buyers, both aa to quality aud price, before i urcliaemg clscwneis. jilO 8teod"r CARLTON HOUSE. r\NE or two Families can be aceommodated with suits of U - partuMnta for tha wint-r. by applying at the Carltoa Hons*. P. H. HODGES, for the late Arm of fl Iw're Bmson A Hodae PROFESSOR. Si'RUVE, T ATE of Brown University, ia now forming Evening Li CUsses in the German aud French Languages. Gentle uien wishing to join the same will please leave their names at hia rooms. No. *71 Broadway d7 Imrod'm S. BASSETT FitENCH, pOUNAELLOR AT LAW, attends all the courts held in V i he city of Richmond aud county of Chestcrfiaid, Virgin a; olkce Manchester, Virgioia?Rrfera lq. Ills Excalleucy. Jams, McDowell, Gore nor of Viigiuia; He kicelleucr John p. Wiley, Lieur. Govarno', Virginia; Hon. John Y. Mason. At torney General U. 8.; Hon. Sidney S. Baxter. Ationiey Owe ral, Ya.; Hon. John W. Jones, lite Speaker H. R. U. 8 , llox. E. P. Scott, Speaker of tha Senate of Vs.: Hon. C Dromg- ol' M C , Va ; Hon. James A- 8eddoo, M. C , Va.; Hon. Geo. W Hopkins, M. C., Vs.; Edward H. Hudson, Its Broadway, New N. B.?Mr. Hudson will take charge of any papas? mt uded for Mr. French and forward same to him safely. dxkawjm*r FKENCH 'P AUGHT on the Kobwioaiu System?By Ed wood Dv I 1 fiuiuoa, A. M. A second evanu-e clss* in th* course ii now being formed i th? Select School, No. liT Green*, oornor of Houston Street. This system has acquired the highest oe lebrityin Europe, as being the bret and most expedition' me thud of learning t ho language, and sp-akmg it with rapid it) and ease. Further particulars made kuowa oa application as ?bore, between the hours oft, A. M., and 3 o'clock, P M and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evaaings. from T tot o'clock. P. M. d!9 lm rh j GEOLOGi ?natural history WILEY A rUTNAM, 161 Broadway. . I Ruschenbcrger, M. O , U. II Navy, As., illastratsd by tot an I graving*?i'rics it cents. ? *1 Aleo, Ruscheubergsr's First Booka of Natural History con siderrd by distil gunhrd si leieiAc mea, in every section of the United States, to be the beet aoriee of elementary works eveij offered to the public ? Orders promptly supplied as aboj^^and^b^r the jmbljatMn, ? nil tweod*TC No. t *>orrh Fourth street. Philidelphia. | FLU.wblNu WuRK, I 344 Broadway, New York* I J^B P. QUINN, having hod nine years experience as praetieaJ ? ? Plumber, putting no some of the beat work in the oity. toiicits a trial. Improvements in eoustrartion, good work,as peduioa and low ebarge*. wvl be found at hts establishment. N. B.?Down town orders left at ?. H. Qeiun, 3* Naasaa at, itteeded to dt4 lm?m vOTJCE is hereby given, that an application will be made IN to the Legislature of this St to. at iu test lessioa, for as set to incorporate a Society called th* "Hermans Brothers Be ueToleet Society " ? New York. December IT. 1143. dig gtawgw'rc i C^HOKPOK A'l'luN Noril fc olsele of property for uni.sidl ? Assessment*?Public notice ie hereby given that a esla ill I property for unpaid assew meats, will take |>laor at put lie *ne ? lion, atthaCity Hall ofihrcity of New York, on Monday, thi-l second nay of March naxt. at twrlva o'clock, at neoa, and be cootisurd from day today uail tha wbolaof said property shall be sold, and that the de ailed atairmcnt ef the property in tx sold for unpaid aasaumems, is puolubed iu tha Evening Poet,a newspaper printed aed pnbliihed in the city ol New Yoik. ? Street Commissioner's Otkce, I I November 1Kb, ISO. > I ELI AS L. SMITH, I ill lawltt m Street''qui am* I oner. B teaas lands FOk sall! I KA.nAn ACRES of patented land in] ?evfjvrvrvr TEXAS, for sale on literal terns. Also | Fifteen Thonsand Dollars City of Sabire Stock. Titles indie-1 Btamable. Enqmra of the subeenber at the store nf Israel Urif I H A Co., coi ner of Baltimore and Sharp streets. I f HORATIO GRIFFITH. Baltimore. Due. U. 1843 d'9 lawlw rrc I SLLbcAElt'S biKD uEFvJT, No* ? Antor Place, late ?th Street, I J frw deer* Emit if Brimdtiay, Afeso Ymrk. I THHE subscriber ranpuct/Wfly inform* the mIIMm he has opened the abov,-stoic for th* sale ol Birds, (Foreign and I Native,) Cages, Seeds, Ae. and hopes hy strict attention and fair and npright dealing, to merit the patronage of thooe dispo ted to indulge m this most delightful fancy m In addition tn those mentioned, hie stock will comprise aim articles iu hi* line, iacloding Fancy Pigeons of tha different sorts, Godd and Silver hish. lierman Paste, made after soap! proesd receipt, Cattle Fwli Bine, Fountains, Baths, Ae. he. I N- B. Orders from out el th* rue carefully altepikd to, and promptly eireuteeT LEONARD BlEECKER. I New York. 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Y.i Everard's Fancy htore, No- 171 Grand I street ;X B.Ssnds A Co.,m Broadway; Dr. Carroll A Co I No. X Mnvr-r siveet. dl lm*ec | YOf CREAMS, defy a compurison in America or tun rope No per son will use any other after using th is Emollient Past*. It i* the best, the very best. Uiva it only a single trial- I do not ask any merv to cOnrins* yon. I warrant it. For salt wholesale and retail, at |tT1-a ^ WilUrd, fTW. eorner of Ce#raad William screrta. Premiums awarded at tha Frwaklm*lnKitnte. a'.f Im'ra HIGHLY IMPORTANT FOREIGN NEWS. BY SPECIAL AND EXCLUSIVE EXPRESS From Goney Island?Not England. By our overland express iron Coney Island, we have received the Message of the Governor oi that tremendous empire, with a variety of other impor tant news, all of which is highly important, in the present state of the world, and the condition of this republic. Railroad to th Pacific ?His Excellency the Governor, has issued proposals and will open the . books some time next week, lor a most magnificent < plan of a railroad to commence at Coney Island and ! terminate at the Pacific; the principal engineer has 1 just made his report, which is mighty flattering. He says, it will be unnecessary to cross the Rocky 1 Mountain, for he has found a narrow pass ot only j 90 miles,which oan be tunnelled; the estimated capt- I tal is ninety-three millions, to complete this gigantic and patriotic work. It has been lucijly stated in the American Con gress, by very sags and very deep and experienced frontier men. that a railroad through that fertile oountry, would in time, entirely stop the dangerous navigation of doubling Cape Horn by ships, and all the commerce intended for the Paniflo would pass on this railroad?what a wonderful improvement! All the ships in the China trade would bring their teas and silks to this road; all the whale ships will discharge their oil there, and otf again. What a sav ing in time! All the teas, silks, rhubarb,chow chow, and whale oil. could be cent upon this road, and if need required, for example, whale ships short of casks, they could send on a whole whale and try him up at Coney Island or in the 6th Ward. This is only a few of the great conveniences of this road This stock will be a permanent stock?no ups and downs, no vacillating qualities shoiu it; it would never vary over em- quitter of one per cent?it would be what is called fast property. The States, where the elective franchise is last property qualifi cation?, would subscribe largely. There will be no cornering in this stock, for the road will be straight as an arrow,from Coney Island to the terminus on the Pacific. Const liunn, Dee. 2'id, ISM. Yellow Citizens or the Senate and Amsmblt Tne time has arrived for me to ley before your august body, s true statement of our political affairs, sod the general condition oi this great, free and grossing Kapuh folate you, t lie. I am extremely happy to congratulate you, and all the admirers sf genuine freedom, of our continual pros* parity. In the various departments there has baea those important duties discharged with fidelity and despatch, even to the astonishment oi your executive. The several com plaints made, of the apparent abuses which have been insinuated in the judiciary of this island, are deserving of year special attention^ Of all the various trusts reposed in the hands of those representing the sovereign people, there are none of such vital impor. ' as that ol tl tance as that ol the discharge of tho laws of the land. Whan corruption enters in our courts ofjustice, the pel son diffuses itself throughout the whole commonwealth. No respect te persona should ha peraaitted by those who ?it as ministers ef the Law. Our Unsocial affairs are in such a condition that no body| has tha least knowledge of them, save the talented comptroller himself,who,1 regret to say, is missing; but it is supposed that he is so diligently engaged in taking a correct account of the specie, that be has lest himaeli among the empty bags in the vaults ef the treasury office. Sli ce your adjournment, eurfoieign relations have assumed a poaition desetving yeur serious attention. The ehoice produetsfof our soil have oaused a jealous aye to bo oast upon our ample possessions. The boundary of this Island, together with its rich appendages, have ~ Republic. It is I even been questioned by the Empire held that high mountains and mighty rivers usually, if not at all times, define the boundary of countries.? These, I contend, are natural limits whereby nations can. with correctness and safety, establish their land marks. And as it is an historical oertainty that Hendrik Hudson first landed upon this islaud, in the year 1009, in the vessel called ?? Jacht the Halve Mane," ft la therefore evident that this island was the first residence of civilize Uoa about these diggin's. When you come to take this, and many other things, in consideration, tne wonderment will increase and the question arise, how New York should claim and retain;Up to this day, entire possession of " Long Island" and " Staten Island," when their geo graphical position proclaim that they belong to the " Coney Republic T' When you reed the entreaties sent to your Executive by the Inhabitants of Long Island, who aomplain in round terms ef tha negleet. and I may .AS, Mauwf. will, ,?4A?k tl>? Wnpid antboritiee ?( th. " Empire Republic" hare treated their petitions of griev ances?you will, I presume, prompted by the pure dic tates of humanity, tsks measures to annex Long Island, as well as 8taten Island, to this great and growing Coney Republic ; which is, In all human probability, destined to overshadow tha globe in ob# blaze of human rights Whan your honorable body, which has always bean noted for correct views and just decisions respecting Iwh'at doss and what thauU belong to tbo people, come to consider the choice clams which grew upon the sonth I side of Long Island, I feel not the least hesftsDcy but th .t yeu have sufficient proof of the validity of our title, which is as clear 91 mud, and unquestionable. If you should deem it expedient to assert and maintain your right to Long Island, and extend to its Inhabitants those blessed liberties which the good people of this Coney Republic possess, it will become necessary for you to make cartain provisions to dsfond and repel any offensive action on tbo part of New York, who may pretend to say her territory extends a little beyond " sun down." In respect to Staten Island, I conceive that there is Utile room for alarm, as the distance is short and easUy acces to our troops. Exceedingly regretting, if 1 should consider myself as eing instruments! in being instrumental in plunging the happy republic oi Coney Island in the contusion ef war and Its roncomi tents, nevertheless, as war is considered 10 be the proper element of men, and anytblng taken from its element has a tendency to oort uption, it may be n? cessnry to have a war ss t puiificstor You must, therefore, gat ready to go to war, and I'll let yeu hoow who wo are to fight, by and by. W. P., THE OOVERNOft. THE Improvement* In Non?*? Kleetro Bfegnetlo Tetetpmph. To thi idito* or THt Hssaid I (eel colled upon to moke o ohort statement in reply to o communication in the Htrmld oI the 9th initon*, u to o claim letup by Mr. Cornell, for certein improve ment* in Morae'a Kleetro Magnetic Telegraph, and to do juitice to the reel inventor. To bo brief; I have to atate, through tho public printa, the fact that to Mr. Samuel Colt, and not to Mr. Cornell, belong* the credit of em ploying one wire with two battonei, in place of two wire* and one battery, upon the plan hereto/ore practi ced; and while I atate, unequivocally, that 1 knew thi* improvement i* not the invention of Mr. Cornell, 1 feel bound to publaah the following foots. In the apring of 1843, I a**i*ted Mr. Cornell in exhibi ting the operation of Morse's Telegraph from diitant points in tola city. The manner in which the wire and battery were employed, was the same a* these of the Una between Baltimore and Washington; and it wa* then supposed by Mr. Cornell and myself, that the ar rangement wa* as complete as could be made. About the middle of March, Mr. Coluealled one morn ing, with a friend, at oar office. No. lid Broadway, to sbow him the operation of tho Telegraph, as It was then managed, and ho (Mr. Colt) txplaioed to that gentleman, Mr. Cornell and myself, a plan for operating the Tele graph, precisely the aame as that now claimed by Mr. Cornell?and explained various advantages to be derived from the same. Mr. Cornell did net at first seem to un derstand the arrangement a* explained verbally by Mr. Colt-conaequentiy, Mr. Colt maJe for Mr. < ornsU a diagram, representing iho arrangement reqniaito to pro dnee the result, waich diagram 1 examined with the etb?r gentleman present, and know it to be the same ar rangement ea that claimed by Mr. Cornell aa his Inven Uon. 1 do not dsem it necessary to add any thing more to this communication, unless it bo to osll your attention to tho well known tact, that Mr. Colt has constructed two linee of Telegraphs, to be operated upon this plan; one from this city to tbo Offing, completed on thofth oi last September, and one from Boston to tho OAog of that harbor, completed about tho 9Mb of tbo some month: daring tho construction of which tbo emngomsnte of Mr. Colt, for operating his butteries on bts improved plan could not hove escaped tbo observation of Mr. Cor nell. Very respoetlully, Your obedient servant, O. H. HICKS. Wall I tract and the Union Club. The Colon Club ia certainly driving e good trade, and their investment* in 7,300 shares Erie Railroad stock, go to show they do no mean buelneee The hungry dogs, after having bought all the stock, want more, end to ac commodate tbem, e noble-bee ted bear in Wall etraet has been converting hie investment* ia the heed* of the compeny into stock, according to tho (arm* of is*ua of tho bond; the holder having tee privilege, at any time before the bend mature*, of oeovartsng tho same into stock of the said Erie Railroad Company at par i and yat theso Unionists soy this eonvoriod stock is not e* good stock a* the consolidated stock. Now, 1 beg te ask these gentlemen, or any of tho members, to point out tbo dif eioneo between ike two stocks. The only diflereeoe is that the sleek of the compeny has become boner, as by the converting ef some h?0,XX) bonds into stock, tho an nual interest thereon, amounting to $6,300, becomes saved to tho compeny for 7 years. The gain to the reel stock holder, by this operation, therefrom, is $44,100 ? t or the sake ol Justice, my Union hoys, take the stock, pay for it like honest man? es Jacob gives you a good article?and sknfle at your hall in Broadway, and net at the Stock Exchange. But this, I fear, yen will netdn, as you appear te Save your todls ou tbo committee, to . bleed tbo hitherto great bull. Jcrrte*. 1 Ma. Eniros:?Having bxamined the report in your pa per on Saturday last, ot the United States Treasury, cf , the condition ot tho banks of the Metes, 1 discover you have omitted ell notice ol those existing ia the potential State of Mississippi. " (long* en ttongtiig,'' should not havo emitted the banks of Mississippi, containing e po pulation of 140 000 white souls and loo ooo block nigger souls. The (/clew's Napoleon ot thi# democracy should have it ascertained by the neweet kitchen cabinet, ? by the condition of the Brandos, I nion end Plants re' Bunks of Mississippi are not reported to tho seven Ign , ? engreee of the United States Ottosr or Shsltop I Cllniqu* at tfce iu?dU>ml t1*f * Cn?v?ttr of Now York, by Dr.aiott-Tfco BNMhlol Water. Tbe potionls' room it the University, o? ?*ttt **,' was tilled to overflowing by those ooelnf W,V. .w.i, various ill. - In feet, were twelve WU OIIVU ui ???_. , . vice for their veriout ill*-In feet, were twelve i lioura, initead of two, devoted to the exemination of clinical patient* every Saturday, the I'rofea?or would have enough to oecupy hint, such U the influx ef thee* 1 unfortunate*. The case* that were presented to the elan* were more or leaa those of a itrumou* character, and we regi ?t that the limita of a paper do not allow u* to aire the Professor* valuable remark* on tbia unfortunately too prevalent cla** of diseeses. The flrat ca*e, however, wa* one of a surgical kind it wu ofayonng Irish girl, who, during her pu ?ege to thie country letely. roceived ea iojmy of the el bow joint. Thl* we* one of tbo many cesei that aro ? ccurring daily of poor omigraata who. on arriving hero sick, aro in tho most inhuman* manner shuffled oil by the passenger agents, who, notwithstanding tho bon s that thay giva to support thoso people for two year*, end prevent their becoming a burdea to tbe city, still im pose upon their ignorance of their rights, end leave tnem to ehlft lor themeelve*. Tbia girl had beea, she stated, two month* iu Deliovue Hospital, when the agent oi the vessel in which she arrived, getting tired of pay ing her board there, plumply refused to hava any thing more to do with her, and has left her, sick and a cripple, to shift for herself. Tbe doctor recommended her to go to the Commissioners of the Alms House, and state her case, when doubtles* they wouid make tho agent we re fer to (and whose name she mentioued) see that she bad proper accommodations given her, when he (the dootot) said he wouid attend her gratuitously, and w* trust sha will follow hi* advice. No 2 ?Was a esse of a little boy, with fully develop *d sctoluioussymptoms. No 3?A boy, a vary stupid one, too, with something the matter with hi* knee, though nothing was perceptible there. Ha wee ordered | to apply leeches, Ac A case of cutaneous eruption, and another of struma followed, after which a li'tle girl, who acouplo of weeks ' ago bad one tonsil excised, cam* < o have the other on* also takon out, which was done by the Professor, and as tome little bleeding followed, he then proposed testing the virtues of the ftsu Hrorrhitri, about which ao much ?tir has been made lately. Trevieu* to to doing, he said : It is not, perhaps, amiss, gentlemen, for me |. this pub tie pltee, where there is at present blood running, to take tome notice of what ia now making a good deal of noise in the publls papers, viz : the Kau RrsccAiVri; and particularly aa I have seen my name mentioned iu con junction with it, in one of the journal* ot thy day. it may also not ba amis* for me to stuto what I know about it. mtk?'? of it 1 is some which also not be amtss tor me so . , mr last visit 1 brought with me, when t returnvu ..? to Europe, end you may infer from what 1 say in regard to this bottle, which is one of two or three that I have, what my opinion of ita afflcaey ia, when I tell you that though I have spilt a groat deal of blood since my re turn, still I have not yet thought it worth uncorking ? We will now, however, uncork it, and ae* what effect it haa on tho cue befor* us. 1 did not think of using it whon I brought it here to day ; but my intention in ao doing, wu merely to make a lew remarks about it. [At this minute it was found that the blooding of tho patient had spontaneously ceased; therefore there wu no occa sion feritsoM.J Ths Doctor proceeded thus?I know M. Brocohierl, to* ioveotor of this water; he i* an unedu cated men and a perfect charlatan; I know him from many interviews that I have had With him; but how bo got this water f know not?he told me that he made it. 1 requested him to let m* see the manufactory of it; but he said it wa., made out of I'aris, and that "it would n?t As tonvmimt to go to iKt 'pot." lie wu very anxious to introduce it into this country, and urged me to bring it here, knowing that I had teen many or tbe experiments that he had tried with it; and be thought, in a pecuniary sense, it would be very advantageous; indeed, 1 do not know but what he intimateJ to me, that if I accepted the agenoy of it, that it would be very profitable to me; to which I answered, that ao far aa regards the pecuniary advantages to be derived from it, I had no occasion lor ihem. Her* it the article, such a* ho gave it to mo. When it wufl'tt made known in Pari* I wu living there quite at my leisure, employing myself when my health allowed me, in looking around the scientific world and gatboring up interesting facts; and from tbe popular re port* which attributed suok wonder* to thia water, I felt desirous of teeing tho effects of it, and accord ingly, in conjunction with one of hi* partner*, who wu, by-tho-by, vary desirous of cowiog to thia country to introdue* it, I mad* a series of experi ment* with it. This was some time before ray returu to thisoountryi therefore, all the knowledge 1 have oi thia article, ia now of some seven or eight year* stand ing. The eaperiments which I made, were mostly on sheep? good,healthy, sturdy sheep. In them, the carotil artery wu cut down on and searched for by the expeii montor; but he was, perhaps, not quite eo well ac quainted with it* situation a. 1 was. 1 was called onto Uud it, which I did, end cut a slice of it. from which the | blood poured forth finely. A bundle of Freneh chatpie, or lint, as lug* aa my fist, and wetted with thia liquid, was then thrust down Into tbe wound; after which re peated bundles of tbe same kind were applied to it, and tbe bleeding seemed to bo errostod, mom or leee ; than, after filling the wound up thus, and applying a compress aronnd the neck, the blood was completely arrested in ita flow. The next day wa resumed our experiment on the oppoaite caiotid, and tha result wu much the same The styptic properties of this liquid, gemltmtn, ere next to none-the tut*, also, is barely so Ther* is something of an ompyreumatic or tetobinthiaato flavor to it: but thora is no sens* of utringency, tod tho sffect that it hu on large arterisa, is neat to notbiog, unl u there la pressure used in conjunction with it; and thora is no doubt, that both in tbe carotid arteries of aboep as wallas human baingt, pressure, judiciously applied,will arrest heaoorrhago, while, without out It, 1 do not behove that all the waters in the land will do It. That there are aome slight styptic propertiu in it, 1 sdmit. 1 have tried it on simple wounds, and, after re Cted application* of it, and pressure by littl* dossil* ot , tho hemorrhage hu bean arruted; nuL ptr so, 1 be lieve. u it In tbes* cases always is stopped by the natur al contraction of tbe parts; for tab* any incision you pioue, end you will find that, after a littl* white, it will gradually stop, as you see in tho case now before us.? neb, also, is the result In greet arteries, xhere, after a time, the coagulated blood eurronnding tbe wound, by it*pressure ou it,will arrest the bleeding. This water, u I have observed, gentlemen, has but little sensible utringency ; aad, to cell it a hemostatic liquid that will stop tb* bleeding of largo arteries at once, ie one ol those idle stories by which, it appears, the public mind must be hnmbngged from time to time. These teles us addressed to the weak side oi human nature, which is *1 ways ready to receive them ; but, for my put, 1 have no belief in the opinion that this liquid is such a marvelloas styptic as it is stated to be. In certain case*,' it may be ol some service?such as in surgical operations, whirs, af ter all the vessels have been tied, still, from the relaxed state e. the system, there keeps up a continual oozing of blood through a thousand pores, then it might be applied, perhaps, with soma benefit ; but still, we may aak.ia it more aerviceabl* than the things we already have around us 7 is it nsoessary for us to go to France, and procure the preparations of this doctor hare, orthat on* there T No, gentlemen, It is not. In my opinion, this liquid is not nearly so otteocious for those purpos ses, as a strong solution of ratany or tannin; on tho contrary, I think it infinitely less useful. Besides, hew can a surgeon be expected to go about with a bottle of this water continu illy in hi* pocket, to stop hemorr hages that he may meet. Gentlemen, if you do meet a cue of hoatorrbago, believe me, you had much bettor trust to the contents ol your pocket case end adhesive pluter, which will be of more us* to you Utah a wbole Chesapeake bay fullef this wu. I have thought it prooer, gentlemen, to make thus few remark* on this subject, as it is now claiming the attention of the public as a great apeciflc. Tbe person who prepares thia water, informed me, that It wu beiog used at tbe Veterinary School and Hospital for sick horses,at Alfort, near Pari*. He told as*, also, that it wsw a specific for glanders, or what the French call morit, in horses,which is a moat cruel diaeaee, propaga ted by en acrid poisonous virus ; he also told mo, that it wu a specific lor blooding from the lungs, he. I did not so far wound bis emeur pi sprr, as to tell him he did not know what ho was talking about: but 1 question much if ha know whether anything that ia swallowed went into tbe lungs or not! tni, lurtbarmore, to prove how innocuous it was, he swallowed some before me. This affair, gentlemen, i look upon as one of those things ooeurriug every now end then m every commu nity ; it is a specie* of transcendental! m ; f r in sacred u well u other subjects, wo have tb* loHy of trees. cendsotaJjaai staling e* in tho face. This, though, UnTsvantst; and I begin to idenialitaa staling U* In tno sece. itili said to ho the ago of improvsment^acd l bef ibt if wo have any mora queek^ n^ ?mn ?usw nv ? the thing l*? tber* la now nan r--r'" j way, I would -eke them walk Iterate**?&? j TJSSSMMsS^JSO. A uver uncoiked there nomas - wever,that 1 tomnto^urethem. ?ogh I have dene M -til??Ufy tbu omriw?Fr tb, flrst end*. I hid Intended now to .. bleeding has "e in thia cue, but you perceive tho blooding ium, *Dd after it had subside , ^ wu intra ted on lut week, lor ? ienlfoet in her io*d, and a ?'*** k*py?*.^r rlMs were prescribed ndition. A nnmbor olMh" Amongst there, , which w* have nol room to os? ?w? wever, was i is on sovod with th? r, wla fraausntly applied ?vveu. wis. ^ . ranted with theKau broccbieri.wuirtquenuy i pressed into tbe wetted, with no other result, bow er, than that which usually follows the use of cold iter, under similar circumstances. The Arkansas Intelligencrr ol the 20th alt, says i On Sonde* morning last.two Uetmans, Frederick Olbho neraiid Mattois Juyer, Ult Fort Smith, in ? small skiff, descended the river, and about noon passed this place. On Monday, at 11 o'clock, A. M., two gentlemen who were in the woods near the mouth ol Frog kayos, about It miles below this place, heard some one en the ilrer cry for assistance ; they immediately rode to tke bank, end discovered on the opposite side, a man clinging to a ?mall skilf filled with water, and one end of which would sink whenever he would put his weight on it. i They having no host, and the water being extremely cold, could tender him no assistance, and in a few min utes he drowned. One of the gentlemen got a boat, and ' several personate accompany him, end went to Us body which with the skiff, had drilled on a bar, end which pioved to be Frederick Oibbensr. 1 Varieties. The Providence Journal of the 10th save1"T1 a Parry Steam Menui acting Company's Mill in Nawpoit, was en Ira yesterday morning. It la supposed the Ate vii get under without much damage." The passengers on hoard the Belle Zane here pub lished a card in tha Naw Orlaana papers, in which they axptaaa tha opinion that about sixt) -Ave parsons perished by the sinking of that boat There wore one hundred end twenty-Are person on board at the time of the aoei> dent; and of that number sixty-four reached the shore, four of whom ware frozen to death. Mrs. Fnrnsworth.wife of Mr. John Farnsworth.of Syracuse, dropped down dead, soon alter rising from the breakfast table, on Wednesday morning. She waa fifty tour years of ago. Oa Wednesday, Derrick Hartwell. of Langdoa, want into tbo woods with a two borso team, and waa re turning, seated oa the top of bia load, when, within forty rods of the main road, In passing over unequal giound, he was thrown forward, with some portion of tho wood, and fell under the sled, bia body inside, and both hie legs caught at, and above tbo knee The reina were wound round him, so that tho horses could not proceed, aad here he remained, screaming for help, not only through tha rest of the day, bat through the bitter cold night, until seven o'clock the next morning, seventeen hours. Ilia limbs were terribly froaea, and his face, but no bona* broken, lie died from his injuries? Keen* Sen tinel. It is stated that nearly five hundred "refugees" from the Cherokee nation are receiving rations near Kvansville, Arkansas, under a contract, by virtue of authority from (ion. Arbuckle Companies D and O at tho United States dragoons, arrived at Kort Gibson, from Washita, but they were immediately ordered to Evans ville, and proceeded thence. Col. McKiesick, the Che rokee agent, has called upon Oan. Arbuckle for a com pany of dragoons to be stationed at Beetle's prairie. Tbo presence of the troopa at Bvamville hoi restrained any further outbreak, if any wore in contemplation. The Kibe and Fali. op Virginia.? A correspon dent of the National Intelligencer, wrinng from Wilton, Va., says:?"It often seems to me that aa yet there are no people here, and I wish, therefore, to see them come I have to take up a i-py glass to see the houses of my neighbors, they are so far oft and yet so nigh am 1 to a capital of about 21,000 inhabitants that I can sea ita spires and steeples, and almost hear the hum oi ita laborers. Back of ma and below me, off tbo river as far aa I have explored, I cannot And much else but woods, woods, woods. I ride for miles and miles in the forest, looking for people?and yet this is the Arst set tled and oldest settled part of Virginia ! The people have gone ott -they have settled in Oeorgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida; and now, as if there are too many people left,a bribe is held out to the rest to go to Texas, it is a shame that this beautiful country,-o blessed in climate and so little need ing only the fertilizing hand of man, should bo without people. Here is a venerable river running by my door, older than the Hudson, which is now lined with town* and villages?mneh older than the Ohio, older in settle ment and geography, but where are the people? For a hundred and flity miles, from Richmond to Norfolk, tho Arst explored river running into the Atlantic Ooean, the home of Powbattan, and the seenea of the bruiy chival rous John Smith?where are the poopleT Gone, I say, to the South and West; the trumpet is blowing aasong them now to go to Texas. Virginia has hero dopxpuln tod herself to make homes elsewhere." The Growth of Syracuse.?A gentleman now residing in the city of New York, and who was a resident of this village in the years 1814 and '19, being at the bouse of an old friend, who still resides here, taya that when ho did business here in these years, ha pas tured his borso in a field where now stands tha Syracuse House, the Franklin Slock, and tha Railroad depot, and that tha bars through which his horse passed, wore situ ated about where is do* the front dour of the Byrsouae House. Tbo land in this field was then worth about M> to 100 dollars per acre. Some of it ia now worth StiO.tor per acre. As late as 1893, the lo* on which now stands the Episcopal Church and other buildings, was a wheat field. In lfe&l, at the celebration of the com pi alien of the Middle Section of the Erie Canal, the late Samuel M. Hopkins delivered an oratisn under a pine tree, which ?toed very near the rear of C. T. Longstreet'a splendid Granite Block. 1>C Witt Clinton, My ron Holly, General Wood, Daniel Kellogg, N. P. Randall. Cemiort Tyler, and a great many others of tha most dUtMgubbed man of that day, were present. My old and highly valued friend, Hon. Joshua Forman, waa one of the committee of arrangements on that occasion, and Q or. Clinton wae his guest. While recording those evidences of tho growth end prosperity of our beautifal village, I am and when 1 reflect that, even in ro short a period, moat of me Smerous spirits of that day have paid tho debt of nature. fell those named above but one survives?Hen. Joshua Forman, sud he has for many years bean atrickon man tally ami physically, and, although he still survives, ho is but the wrack of bis formeraeii ? Oneadege Standard. Outrageous Affair ?An attempt wsb made by some malicious person to blow up the building neat te pile Block, on Superior street. Several Ism lies occupy the upper stories, snd had the attempt been turn cesstul, several lives would have bren lost The base ment story waa need as a gruoery store, and it appears that a keg of powder had been placed in the front jwrt of the store room, under the counter, end covered with loot mats, and a sprinkling of lnoofooo matches, so as to be of ready and quick combustion. About IS o'clock a dense smoke was seen issuing from the store, tbo alarm of Are was raised, and the flames immediately extin guished, when the powder, as above described, wan Found. The mats were nearly consumed, end the keg bunted nearly through In several places. Tbo matter to undergoing investigation ? CUvt. Plain Dealer, 3d toil. N KVrfesTA BLI8H MKW, For thi Fxdutiv* Sal* of Choice PERFUMERY FANCY SOAPS, AMD TOILET ARTICLES, Wholesale Detail. rPHE subscriber, whoeihibited at ihe lata Fair of the Aar -1 riean lust'tuie, the mach admired display of choice Per fume y nod Toilet Mipi, and who ?u there awarded, by die kooorablr judges, a Golden Medal, baa opened aj raublieh ment l-> Ihfa cur at No. 137 Broadway, where he offer, a ipate aiitr of I'rrfumevy not to be amrtjasaed either in Europe or America. Ha would remark that hie Perfumery has the fear adrauttge over the foreign of beinf Weekly p epared, and that the unequalled opportunities he enjoyed of learning bia art at the Laboratory orLaugier Pere et Kile, of which 1m waa for man* years the director, guarantees hie postesttoa of aekali the great epared, and that if lei if w _ IkAt equal to tint of any European Perfumer. A complete assortment of choice articles of the meet cele brated I'oreigu houses, will at nil tunes be krpt on band, teas enablinghis customers to compare mid to choose, and he bag also inspo ted Iron Pens a beeutllul aeeoetmeat of FANCY AllTlt LES suitable fi-r the app oaehing holidays Tbesubecnbrr does not advertise Moep which will change i l he subscriber Ones not advertise Hoep which will Chans* , deformity iylo brauly, and old age into rontb, or Pomatuma I which will possess the TY&meendent e rrue of rrcatieg uewor I gan. lor the growth ol the hmf, Tlwc miracjrw be leaeee lor others; bat n? does prerriid to offer TOll.KT SOAPS,Sosee entiticnlly compounded ihst no unnewtr lived elMi remn<n? to fret die roost di-lictte skin.? nd he offers a roost elegant prvps I ration, ao highly recommended by an eCcoW|ffiahedinthoreaa ! of America, his AMAND Nt, which will prerent or cure dan , not ii.valerate rhappirg i f the skin. He offers kis nrrivailed SHAVING GRF.AM, an srjde 1 which, ifouce tried, will always be preaaot in every genUe ' man a dressing eaae I He offers his CU3METIG CREAM, so invalnable m appli cation to delitare fsera after shaving, a much more elegant pre I ^H?*off,erf?(ir',the h^ad 'oiLS, ESSENCES, POMaTCMS I and WA8HF.4, possessed of various properties, mar daaigu , ad to beautify and cleanse the healthy hair^ome to t are dieor I dered action of the Scalp; some of soothing enrolment pro i parties for the irritably head; ethers MU staled an and teaie to the debilitated Scalp, impaired in ite functions by sicknessand ? other ranees. These remedies, compounded with well-known ? Physiological principles, frequently restoie the hair, stop itn I falling when its toss does uot arise from a dertvCtiou ?? the or igans vf the hair, and are not to be coelounded with the thon I sand nostrums ao shamelessly warranted to core in all cases ? I Die BKAK.S OIL, be assures the pnblio, is perWeffy leonine I when represented as such, and is prepaied, by an application oI I beat, ao careful at hot to endanger t he peculiar oigaeisitioe. In ? virtue ol which it differs from oust subataacetof a similar ? character. . . I Kov the qtsality of hi* goods, he can refer la Messrs. Aspu I wull. Milbau. '. billon, and many ethers of the moat reamero ? able chemists of thitcit*. who for rhe last several yeuie have ? vended uncles of hw maquf.c'nre, I Finally, everything at his store will be is represented,and I! ? sny article d.ak not five lull aatnfacrron, it will M H wil fliuily, but also thtaklully be t*k>-n back-, The anntenber Is anno as to acquire nir his estuMisMmcnt a enarveteflw tarsal iyaud good fsitb. when, from thsnaturb"f th? srt'*'as, there it so mncn room for misrepreaenrstiob. fcid be nnldloe It npam all in hie employ to maintain the same adhertMe to (rath aM good Ikith. A call is most ws^jl^ -^gnU No. 13^B roadw a y*Wrw rcnTi iwrty ?d j^Mtn^nda. dil Im're and il? Chcspwr auvn TO THUi FUttLlC. GIVE Mr ARTICLE? A TKJAleAMD JUDGE FOR YOURSELF | WARRANT them all to be a? rtyrmiM, ev (he money I bright, andimiwrts to it thedalicatr fragrance of the ffowvra ? I Hair washed with this Kuract soon becomes pleasingly soft and Innrfmt In iu growth; nd ifwill peehVwtfy Mwg m new arte icSswi impvopbr pi ugmmiuui ? will soon be restored Mr ?uaemral co lor ana brilliancy by t few applications ol the Een Luetial. It is e preservative against bsjdeeai, nd nw mfaRibte core w all affections of the skinop thencvl. as dandruff?and lot pwe venting the tailing off of the hair and turning fwiy. _ rtSS cleansing that it dievwgMes the KpaOenm. of the eorroeive action ol the Perspiration, any of the fT J* dead purtielee that it deposits This pirpeutiewptoteso ?? hair, and givoe to it a beautiful flues sou avian so, ana ?? rtwf.s,ja __ alone, which proences rfl that man calls invewtiow, and which I he wonld do Utter. porhops. to mm* ndaffUUouo. For rwibmorndChomtat. Ne. 4? Month Thi>d street, PhiladilglM* . end br rev arrears J B Jkequcmod. No. Ill Broadway; F. A. Ariauit i^'ayette Oaomr, Noe. H? aad thl Broadway; A. Willari, ? eoruer of Cedar and William ati esq. . _ Pwmiems ar-a awarded al rh? Fmnhlie InsHtnee. sfflwhs AVAW-ii, "JAJCf HHP vawt enavrraallr sought kilter fov th? pearly whiroo SS it glvre le the Teeth, without (he slightest injury. *Je" whoU"U 4,1,1 r,U,S^LE9 NAVEL A IWtmJchemistandP. rAmjv, U Bouie Third at rue t.Pli' Melphf ?

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