Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1846 Page 4
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bttr tinri; but we have since been Informed that "war to the knifo"?a war of, if possible, entire annihilation (in a figurative hss been solemnly resolved upcn ; end the proceedings will, in all probability-if this state of things continues?occupy the attention of tbe Surrogate (during tbe entire period of bis allotted teriu of oItre A nu i her of very curious and interesting facta hare been commun.rated to us on the subject of thie auit a inch we may hereafter notice ; a* the iseue of the contest in volrrs property amounting, in value, to upwards of a million unci a half of dollars. Mr. Macsst's Funs:?*!..?Tbe funeral obsequies ef this lamented and much esteemed gentlemtn (whose bremutuiti death, under circumstances of a very sfflict in chn actar, was noticed In yesterdsy's ff?m.W> were atiended by a large concourse of monrnere ; tm' racing, in the list, several ol the most reipectable members of the typographical profession, of which he deceased was a worthy and honorable member. As two men were sailing down Cooper river, S. Carolina, on the 8th instant, in a small boat, their atten tion wae diawn to a cask Hosting near the (bore, in the viciuity of whet is cslled Drum Islsnd, and, on approach ing the spot, their curiosity was excited by perceiving that it was firmly chained to a stake driven in tbe mud, and on opening the cask, it was found to contain the re- , mains of a human being packed away. In tke cask was found a straw baakat containing tbe hands, which ap pasted to have been chopped off ? Tbe bead was want ing. The remains were bronght to Charleston on the 13th iustaot, and a Jury empanneiled. who returned a verdict in accordance with the above facts, and they eould not determine whether the remains ware those of a whits or black person. Navigation off Use Ohio River. Piacij. Tiro Hiaie of itivrr. Cincinnati, Jan. IS 104 feet water in channel. I.ouiiTille, Jan 0 6 test II inches-rising. Whosling, Jan. 14 8 feat in channsl. Jan. 14 6J feet in channel. *? noeiiug, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Agents off the Herald, Zleber k Co. 3 1,1-df-r Beildioxs, Third street ? Subscriptions and ldrrrtiiemeut* received Single copies foi sale daily, after the arriv.l ol the care. Bowery Amphitheatre?All the world, and ? 11 w tnnre, will attend this great Hippodrom' tn-nigM. es Atn.tlji-r new pageant, s new scenic act by Mr. Mostly. of Loailua, and Mrs. Gnssia's first eppearsnce n a singls set, eJ'led "lanthe's Flight," will all occur. Tha "Ciesadtr's Ulory" is immensely popular. HON BY MARKET. Sunday, January IS?41 P. M. Tbe stock market throughout the past week has been rsther quiet, and pricee generally without much altera" tion. There appears to be a disposition to wait tha ar rival of the steamer before operating vary extensively, as a small panic is anticipated upon tha raception sf her accounts. Tke only transactions of any consequence, made within the past two weeks, have been made with the expectation of a fall on the day the news arrives, so as to buy in at the height of the panic. There has bean a very great chaage in tha pnblio miad lately, as to the probable complexion of the foreign news. Tha effect of the President's message in Oreat Britain will, without doubt, be very great, and the excitement may have been as great as that produced by tha announcement of the Time* in relation to lha repeal of tha corn laws. We shall raceive no further accounts than those put forth by the press, as Parliament was aot to meat until aftar tha departure of tha steamship. How far this will go towards creating any alarm in this country, it la impossible to tall; but among thoae who taka a calm and proper view of the matter, the effect cannot be of a very alarming character. Speculators in stacks, or in merchandise, will, witheut doubt, make great efforts to magnify tba account* received, as much as possible ; but the public mind, generally, will not be mnoh changed by any view the different parties on the other eid* may take of the question. The most important scene of operations is on this side ?f the water. The greatest interest is manifested to learn the movements at Washington. The regulating power is in our Senate, and the course pursued by that body, in relation to the Oregon question, will bring mat ters to a crisis sooner, or put it off longer, than any other; end the eyes of the world are fixed upon it, closely watching every movsment. The Government of Oreat Britain will be the last to act upon this question, and it will not act deeidedly until tae Senate ef the United States Congress, .by its acts, compels it to The power to preserve peace between the two countries, and the power to produce a bitter, blasting, desolating war, is in the hands of tha Senate, and everything depends upon the course they pursue in tbit affair. The Oregon que*, tion was first agitated in this country, and tho Butish Government have no alternative but to patiently wait the result of tho operation. If it results in giving the twelve months'notice,by authority ol the three branches ef this government, it is very likely that the necessary time will expire without any offensive movement on thj part of Great Britain, and tho whole thing may tnrn upon tbe course pursued by our government,when the real is rns. Joint or mutual occupancy, requires to be contested. Negotiations may immediately follow tha notice,or may put off till the expiration of tha twelve months Tha iiaxiety on tha other side, to learu the progress of the question in Congress, must, therefore, be more intense than that which exists here, as w* have tbe direction of the malter, and can Judge pretty correctly from time to time, what will be the probable result of tbe whole thing. We do not look for light from the other side?we know what will be the effect of this movement or that? We believe that the British Government will permit tbe Joint or mutual occupancy to continue so long as our Government is willing to, and wa believe that hostili ties between the twe countries, if commsneed at all> will be brought about by onrewn aot; and wa, therefore, bslieve that the advioes from the other side of the Atlan tic, by the steamer now very nearly doe, will create very little change in tbe oomplexion the subject now torn. Very Important intelligence frem England, in relation to the repeal or modification of the corn lawa of Oreat Britain, and a commercial treaty with the United Btatea, la anticipated, and if the announcementa of the TVkmi are confirmed, the year 1840 will be a new era in the com mercial world. The repeal of the oorn lawa of England and the adoption of mora liberal commercial eyatema in the intercourie between both countriea, moat hare a eery great influence upon the political aiTaira of each, and serve to do away with many of the difficulties that now embaraaa negotiation* in relation te matter* of leia importance- Compromiaea eonnacted with commercial advantages, can be more eaaily effected than in any other way; and it ia our firm belief that the Oregon qneitioa and all other questions at iiane between the two coun triea, will he aettled by one general treaty, which will include all the political and commercial ayatema necea *ary for the regnlatien of each. Since writing the above, we have received four daya I later newa from England, by the .arrival of tho ahip Li 1 berty from Liverpool. The commercial acconnta are of the highest im| ortance. The repeal of the corn lawa of O eat Britain, waa virtually aettled, and the greate t ex citement exiated in financial and commercial circlea in conaequence of the reaignation of the Britiah Miniatry. Butiueia in all the markata waa almoat auapended, aa it wac hardly known what would be the reaolt of the poli tical movements afloat. There had been an advance of on eighth of a penny per pound, and the pricea of corn ware ae much u me tiled that it la almoat impoaaible to give any correct review of the market Quotationa of ?took* had declined, but there waa ne ditpoaition to operate at the depreciation, which ahiwa that confidence in the new miniatry waa not below par. We annex a table giving the quotationa for atocka in thia maiket for each day of the week juat cloeed, and lor the lait day of the previoue week. Pricea through - out the we?k have been very uniform, and cleeed at a alight advance en quotationa ruling at the cloae of the market on the Saturday previoua. In aome inatancaa there haa been an improvement of three and five per cent. Quotation* vea van Paixcirai. Stock* in tkb New Teax Makset. I Sol. Mm. Tu\. Wr.i. TK'y PV?y Smt. f. Long Ulaad 49* " Mohawk 4* Hailtm 44 y 44^ 4) 41 41M 41k Cai.lm Farmer*' I-o??. Norwich It Werceater OMo8i*? ? ?1 ?l M lilmou Siic* It S4 14 Indiana - MM 19 KIEV. Mm. Tu\. Wr.d. TK'y PVy Smt 4?M 4?>i ?? ? 4IX ? ? 4# 4# 49 44 44 41 41 41K 4i? 44W 28 2g 2 SH 28 2* $ ferceater 11 1?2 II* aijj 41 Z " *" ~ 91* - *3 28 ~ ~ Keatuokr Sixea ? ?"94 97}< ? f7M ? Pcnc'i Kivm ? ? 47ig B - II IT Stemngton 41 4<>X 40 a ? 41U 44 Erie Hailroad M* 17 *4 - ? l it -*bu-? - 7X 7Jd ? ? 7jJ 7V U 8. BanS 4 - - - *h - Pending RR SI* Si% IS 17 57S 17H 17 Mom*Canal If ISM 11X IIX 1* 1?X '*X r?ir Boiton ? ? ? ? ? ig ? N.Am.Tract t t 9M ? ? 9X ? A compariaon ofquotationa currant at tha cloaa of the market yaatarday, with thoee ruling at tha cloaa of tha previou* week, ahewa an advance in Lang Island of t per sent; Mohawk 1 per cent j Harlem 9|; Canton f ; F?rJ mare' Loan 1| ; Norwich and Worcester ? ; Ohia fl'a 1 ; Illinois 1 ; Stoniogton 8 ; Tickaburg i ; U. 8 Bank ; Beading UlijN. Am. Treat J. Tha taturna made by tha banks of Sonlh Carolina, on tb* JUt December, 184S, compared with thoie of the SOth cf Nov. 1841, and Nov 1, 1844, wars aa annexed : ?e"?4 or South Caeouna. lUKti. Nov. I, No" 10, Dtt.fl, , _ . . 1444 mi 1141 Capit 1 Stock.. , gl.9M.9ii 1 912 404 J 977.-,OS B.ii* in nrraiMlia t.ium SM,?it v pi,lltiti*b?n4. IM.ttl M7 7 41 196 31 Bil DC* dar to s h* la ihi* Sraae. 1,491 ,SM 1.449 140 1.111,447 B*j'u due to B k? in o>h*r 8t*t?*. 131,*<? 111^47 199.111 All meoeya dee wkiali brariat.. IMAM 41,141 11,71} t,t?tr Tme'y. for hel Car. Feed. 4S.SM TS MS 41,141 do do Sukma Feed. 7Si,Mt f74,tia (74,Ml do for loan for rehaiiding the *CV IMMM 1.41SJS4 t.SlSJM I Cub di-po.iieH. ui) J1 otb f- rti? nsys der, exe'tiive jf circuit!ion,;? .tiLa cu hiutil. Oa linrM tin- other b?aks and uie aejr bosu-a i inari 1.658,891 1,714 0*7 1,486.685 Tot .1 Liaoililiee ?t4,7?4.6S9 14,846,911 H.X5.64* Rtitanti Si ecie oo head ?MI,<7) 878.111 I* '09 JUal Eauta 8*6, 101 *87.994 an C>J B lla of ether Bank* la this But* 4N..98 191.4*1 X, -?i Bank* IB fthrr Statai ... 974 4.977 4 697 B Ium daa from Bauks iulbia Ul.te 37,129 fltll 17,467 B >lan:at due from Banks in etW Slate 79.94* 191,94 6 85.X7 N <r?s di<-ou i trsou tl ? * uritv .9,071*11 0,1'J ,t,. 5 5 BSC,794 Loan* secured by pledge of it? uwaato k 242 941 174 4.9 311,870 Lotus area, ad by pled** of other Stock 947,628 *84 2?0 KlJOg D.itu-ttic tlich.oga 4 4,?0l 298 630 XI.721 F >rrig i Cichauga >9.777 72,911 94.841 Bonda 1 072,766 *91 8 9 916.111 Money invested la alock 1,476.6*9 1,468.129 1,467 SI Bnti-ended debt and debt in salt. 971,96 1 699,461 891,116 Stale Treaaury 11.804 ? 71711 Rranchaaand Axeociaa 1,801,7* 1.489,421 1.557,814 Bonda aadar law for rabaildinf Charleston 992,974 911,901 919.148 lataraat aad eipeuaca of Bcata Loan 69,177 66,1M ?,X9 Mooay iuvestrd ia erary othar way than it specified ia the fora going particulkra 191,496 Ml,MS 198.984 Total resources of tha Baaka.. 14,764,899 14,646,111 14,106.646 Tha landing faataraa of theia bank* compare u fol Iowa:? Nov. IMS. Nov. 1144. Nov. 1845. D*c 21 ,'46 Louia 4 0>>4 745 6.073 291 6.3?5.6<5 5 996.791 Bp-eia 671 &K> 901.171 976.1 1 8M.769 Cirrnlitioa.... 1,3 II 971 2.114 9* 2 291.041 2,XI >11 Deposit** 1.218.768 1.668,881 l.TM.Of 1.2M.7I5 Tha loam and diacount hare, within tha month, fmllan off $418 8d7; tha (pacta $46,351; while tha circulation in tha Hoia tima ha* incraavad $70 900, and the depoiita $114,998. Th# aggregate movement ha* fallan off ?inca November, $840,609 Sine# November 1844, the aggra* gate movement ol the bank* of South Carolina ha* bean vary uniform; tha proportion of apacia to paper wa* a littln batter then, but the loaua were lea*, and the depo. ait* greater at tha data of tha last report than they weta filtuen month* ainea. If tha bank* of every State in tha Union ware cendncted upon tha aama principle* thore of South Carolina appear to be, there would be a much more.valuable currency throughout tha country than tbo one wa now have. Tha iaiua* of paper to the amount of apocie on hand art a* 3^ to 1, which ia a safe limit, and beyond which no banking imtitution thould venture. The aggregate loan* and diacount* do not vary much in amount from tha total capital. Tha monthly return* required from the bank* of South Carolina, have a very great influence upon their operation*, and tend to keep within limit* that would bo exceeded, if they wero not compelled to makeauch frequent exhibita of their aflhira. Old Stock Eichange 91038 U s 6* <82 INK 97a L lilaad RR 49* , _ INK 97a L Ulead 9090 IT 8 6* '53ro*p 94K 69 do >80 49* 1198 Ohio <4 80 92 900 do (X 49V 2000 do II* 60 do 49* 1090 Illiuoii Spl Bd* 36 75 Mohawk RR 49 COOu Peau 5? opt 67 100 do bM 52 1000 Ohio 7? 99 60 do b80 52K 60 .hi Vick.barg Bk 7^ 60 do bM 53* 260 d > 7* 23 do >90 69 1 B ink cf N Yoik 116 X Strniugton RR 41* 100 Motris Ctuel 11* 7} do 43* 60 do bX 19K 200 do 44 60 do 18* 75 Nor It Wor RR 81 150 Ksrmers' True: X 75 do 00K 260 Canton Co 15* 60 do bio MH do X 275 do 69* 5 _ ... __ 26 do 816 35 54 do iM 60 * .. ,<l0 hx ?* 860 Reading RR J7 400 Harlem RR 48 160 do 87* Second Board. $2000 Raiding R.R 13di 70 N NorkVorlk flow 60 aht Canton Co X* X do 66* ?CO 35 25 do 90k 103 do 35^ 60 Long Island RR 58 25 do 36* 25 do 49* 26 Stoni. (ton lift bl 45 104 Harlem RR 46w 60 do b3 45 New Stock Rxchangc, $1(10(1 Illinois Sp#l c 35 100 Farm.ri'Trait c 26* 60 .h< U ? B.nk 4* 100 do c X* 60 Vick.kurg Bk 7* 60 Stoniugton RR c 44 15 do C 7* X do 13 44 109 do bnw I SiNnrltWorRR to* 100 do c I 150 L IiUnd RR il 49* 76 Cnntnii Co i.1 35 It0 do c 49* 300 do c 36 100 do bl 49* 2> do *1C 36 50 do 49* 16 tie c 35 * 260 do Tnaiday 49* 50 do ?:o 35 200 do e 50 25 do 35* 50 do i3 49* 25 do s) 35 . Died. At Jet soy City, on Sunday morning, William B. iftur 1 JtniM, rIW a .-hcrt but Mvare illuaaa, aged 38 year*. I Hit friend' aud acquAintancei are respectfully invited i to attend ui* funeral, thin afternoon* at 9 o'clock, with out Junker invitnUon, from hia lata reaidenca, Grand i rtreet, Jetcey City. Carriage* will he tu waiting at Jar ?ey City Kerry font of Courtlaml street. Ou Huo?la> the lith in?tniit. Meav Lni iu Srnrtivrii, daughter nf Reeolviiut aad Liizabeth Stephens, aged lit I years Toe frieuds and relative* are reapectfully invited to i attend the funeral, on Wedoesday afternoon, the Slit, at 8 o'clock, from ber father'* residence. 171 Bowery. On the 17ih instant, Hcisav I.vmah, in the 46th year of I hi* age. j Hi* friend* are invited to attend hi* faneral, on Tues day neat, the 90th instant, at 4 o'clock P. M., fiom hia lute residence 13 Murray atieet. $5 REWARD. LOST ia Nuno at set, between Maiden Lane and Sprnca street, yesti idiy alternoou, about 3 o'clock, two Urge C. p a bel i.fing to a Ladies' Cloak, lined with ailk and trimmed witn b'ack velvet The finder will receive the above raw rdatidthanka oftheowntr, by leaving; them at this office, or at No. it Maiden Lane. j t 19 li'r ?10 ,000, $15,000 or $*45,000, TO LOAN?At ( per ? eul, for three or five years, on bond and mortgage of irat claaa improved city property. Apply to WM CORP. Registers Offim, j It lt'rh Hal I of Records, or a: 13 Walker st. LADIES deairona of acquiring the First Elements of Mn,ic and of leaning to siug in a class, can enjoy an op portunity for ao doing, in a new clase for Ladiea, to be formed on To-monow,Tuesday, lannaiy ?ih, st 4 o'clock, P M. and to meet regularly ou Tueadays and Thursdays, at the same hoar 'I heclass will be farniahed with a vi-ry eaay and agree able cenise of Elementary Stndiee, and will enjoy excellent facilities for ranid progress. J.F.WARNER, Translator of Weber, Author of lladimentai Lessons, Ac. ROOM.411 BROADWAY jltlfme Maps of the fifty-three lots of ground on tth and 11th avenues. Itih, 41st, 44th, 43 h and 46th sts, to be so d To-morrow, the 10th inst. at 11 o'clock, at the Mer chants' Exchsnee, bv K. H LUDLOW A CO. are now ready at their olBee, 17 Wall atreet. The aale will be poaitive, and the title indisputable, being one of the oldest in in city. Six ty flvs per eeet can remain on bond and mortgage, if desired, for 1 years, at 7 per ceat. Jl# lt*mc FOR SALE. AN OYSTER SALOON-One half or the who)# of that handsome ai d exteuaive establishment, the Magunm Bo nnm, at No. IM Chatham street, newly fitted np in first rate style, with private saloon and other apartments. The location, it wi'l be seen at once is unsurpassed, and baa the best entrance iu Chatham attest A partner would be taken with good infe rence A good chance will be given. The owner cannot at tend to it on account of other buainesa. Arply on the pre mises ji9lt* '1 RIAL OF SALAMANDER fiAFES, BY FIRE, AT VAUXHALL GARDEN. IN the advertisement of Mr. A S Marvin, (Ag-at for Rich's Safe,) oi the I7tn inst., he states that Rieh'sS.fe that was 1 tested, and found wanting, "was in my poaaeasiou a considers- ; bit tinsa befosa the burning took placa." His object in so ststii g cannot be mistaken upon the priocip'e, sometimes adopted, by one who has picked a pocket, and is the first to cry slop thief. Mr. Marvin had meeh belter, if he can, find some other balm for his woend than the one h- has advertised ; and also inform ibe public tka reason why ho or Mr Rich did uol content lo ae ept the challenge I offered last month, to test bis Hale sg unat mine, before he se meanly attempts to slandsr and impeach (be lotrgriiy of purpose ol myself, snd the highly re ap- ctsbl* gentleman under whose superintendence tn- trial was made, who wi'l for hwith make their report of lbs whole trans-dim. w< ich wil' be published is a few days. The trial Bsfes may be sceu at the stare. No M Wall street, together with the books aid p pert that w re presetted in Usyler ?. and the ssbe- of the contents of Rich's and M ilder's (or Merring't J Salamander *afes. C. J. GaYLEK. 10 Mall SI reel. Jan 17. 1140. jilt lt?r BHUWiN SACK, overcoats. THESE mech admired and tpleudid fitting Garments have been m ide siuce the Holidiy,?theiefore are not the re fu-eol a-lock Tiny ara fluishi d wills botched teams silk , eel re! cnllnrs and en Rt ami bn lions of the tame color, and arc lined snd wsdOrd iiirung'ii ut. The price is $14 O nllemen art diet nte may, by auclosing the monev,aud the des tad lei gih and a xe round the breast and wniat, be sare l of ? perfe't tit or ih* money at ooce refunded. White DaSrtd Or*,coats, White Marseilles Vests, Cloaks. Ac Ae. Hplendid Dre s Cm ta of fins French Black Cloth, made to measure front i'8 to $ S G. B CLARKE, Tailor, IM William st. JIUi'bc opposite the New Colonnade. MR JULES FONT ANA. FROM PARIS, hegs to annnnncn that he has established hit: ?- If in t is e.ty. for the pnrpote of givag finishing l-s?'inson the Pi?i>rt io.te Hit residence is at No 414 H< us Ton St *-t. Ileal Broml-env jisv-s-w ~~ GKl.A I . Ai.llUiVli.Ni AT PALIIO'SOPsRA HOCSK. KXTKA ATTR v'TIOSM HA1SOE or PHOORAMME This Kvcnlriy, January 19, THE HARMtlN'EO TWELFTH oRAND MUSI CAL HOIKEE. On whirh r.eession will sp,>enr u Cititena and Carolina MELODISTS. ''nrdsof Admission. 13 Cents?To he Hid at Ssxton A Miles' Br.ik S-ore, st the principal Musi.-. Stores, at Howard H< tel. and m the Door. Doors or su si half yast 1?< oncert to commence at half ?sy 7 o'clock J %l? *!??? DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE bUlsG-.ON, atteeds to Diseases of 'he Eve, mil to all Impeifeetioes of Vision, Torn ?to 4 e?t h>a router ee. Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren st. (Jphthslm.s htot i ae of the Tear Passage, Cataract and Opictii-s flcctn Jfy resat red. AVI Al'ROAle treat, d with greet artautiou and success. Iaeete-ste cetes of b'l'RABlBMUB. or Hqaiatiug. cured in a re? m n-ates ARTiFICIAL EV t-S inserted that caa scarcely be diatin gui-hc lr in ire natuisl Office and residence 3PI Breed way?entrance lid Warren at- ? j.I# lt? me " "MASONIC notice I ,SUBTENDEN I l.ODME N.. 7, a. der the jurisdiction of A st I <hu't Graud l- ini cotseq-ir- 'i I .hep ran of buai i -is. siill tL-t.t--veiy MONDAY E VEMVOat th- r Koo-ns i On mc H?l). Broil *sy, at ? oji'tk. By nrd. i of H. C. ATWOOD.W.M. JONATHAN K K ATP, ptl7 ilit're Hecreyaey. | O'T?A uiinnfoea likeness of Gee JsClsioa. mi rnasr--l la set s t hreast p-n I he (i-der wil? be ll ers y ,?w-r4e.| h r ceiie-ring u st the City Hotel. No W TV pin was loss uvbire here Telis-eei, the 4 - -ty Hotel and the Gnne office eOROIA i.UMBER C0MPAN7 Notts WANTED st X per oaut discouut, by D. R. PEt K dJ) lm*m 11 Wall street. WOOL ?MM Ibe ?a washed Fleece Wool, for trie by E K. COLLINS A CO. jltr M South street UNITED STATES HOTEL. Pmnty'iKtiiia A vrtuM. Hratkingto* Ciiy,D. C. rPHF PROPRIETORS of this new, Isrgs and modern built 1 e*t . respe- tfollr tender . resi*. tfnlly ten !sr (lirir thanks tolhe pub lic I'o ihr liberal snpi* >rt the, have and confidently anti C.J' leu incrmiiii popularity from the rB its of the under ?i-i i*il to the jiaM.c accomm'.Juiuu. T lir house it iimu on tut Aveura, on toe pr< iu-n?J ? de. b' tweeu Thud and Kour and a Half n rni. eouvmieut ti e Railroad Depot. and the Capitol. It it capable of accommodating thine huudrrd guests. In dl ita part? it has recently uudcraooe a general improvement for the winter's season The parlors and ladies' apartineuta hue been slrgiui'ly furnished?Hie ladies' nruiuary tastefully ?-fiitod, indeed in eT*ry division of the home 'he primary Consideration has bceu Ui adapt It to the comfort of our patrons. The dining hall ia one of the moat cominodiona anil beat light ed, by day aod night, in the Union. Onr train of servants are Edits, active, obedient, and well disci) lined. Briefly, we cou I -Lily challenge the judguieut of a discriminating public in nil the aeaeutiela required to render a public houre a home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, SI 50 per day. Permaueut boarders taken at a fair discount, ia conaouance with the spirit of the times. TYlEK It BIRCH. The "Eipress" will please copy every other day for three weeks, and send bill to Tyler It Birch. u25 3m eod*rc IN THE PRESS. TO BE PUBLISHED at tlie "Beacon" Office. thia month, by Q. VALE, No. I Krauklin Square, New York, the QUaKTKKLY BEACON,a liberal and lite rary periodical, consisting of orieinal articles, aud the re-print of rare works Among othar articles, the first namber will coo tain Vale's Aatronouiieal Card, aud the ctlebrated "Three Impostors," a learnrd work of the 16th century, tnui-lared the Latin. These will also be for sale in pamphlet form iTT^For aale also, Voltaire's Dictionary, Volney's Rains, viih liT wiih likeness?a good editiou. The walks of Thomas Paine, Weekly Bearou. lie jilt Imrod* re WANTED, A YEW ACTIVE YOUNO MEN to go Sooth or West, to act as Arte for thes'-le of new and popular Publications. Siot over and above their expeuses will he insured to threw in writing, with an opjKirrnnitv of clearingfl.OOO per year. Home m*u now in onr employ will, no doubt, make over SI,000 per year clear of all expense. Each will have hit district. It will be ueceasary for them to have at least from Sib to $30 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 193 Broadway, up stairs, sign of the Flag. All letters matt be post paid. d6 1in*rc THOMAS BATE, surviving partner of the firm of Thomas It James Bate, Ne-ille, Fish Houk and Fishing Tackle Manufacturers. Rrdilitch, Euglaid, and 102 Maiden lane, New York, hs> tins lay associated with him u Co-partner, THOS HENRY BATE, and in Tatars the business will be conducted under tha firm of THOMAS It THOMAS H BATE. THOMAS BA'i E, THOMAS HENRY BATE, in Maiden lane, near Pe rl street, up stairs. New York, Jnu 1. 1646 j4 lm"m LOOKING GLAfrS PLATE.S. HANLINE It OSTHKIMER. Importers, No 3 Bank street, Phil.rtel. hu, have jn?t received bv arrivals at this port and New Yrrk, a full asaortment of Lookiug OUaa Plates Irom 9 by 7 to 4!) by 10 All sixes p dished plate window glass from 18 by 12,1.1 57 by 34. Also, Toilet glasses, Dated Spectacles, Pipe*, Mi off Box a, Cigar Cases. Money Purses. Marbles, SI .fa, with a variety i.f other French and German goods, which they offer at the lowest market prieaa. jilI liwod gl x TO TAILORS THE UNDERSIGNED would intimate to the trade, that it is uow two years since the publication of u.e first edition o. his celebrated work oa Cutting Garments, daring which t.ine it has met with au unprecedented sa'e, and m no instance w hatever, hat any objection* be u made to its practical utility. But on thecontraiy, all ?ho have used it, recommeud it as su perior to any thing ut the kind heretofore offered to the trade, i he exelanationa of the Dpagrmm are emple aud pi <in, 10 that .a person of ordinary capacity, aud without any other instruc tions, ia enabled in a few hours to cut any kind of garment in a style of elegance aud ftshiou, which heretofore required years ol the most intense study and close application. The price of the whole work is from eight to tea dollars par book, ai.d caa bs obtained of the author, at No. 113 Broadway, dll Imeod'r W. H. 8TIVEMET8 PROFESSOR STKUVE, T ATE ef Brown Uniyeraity, ia now forming Evening G ciasses in the German aud French Languages. Gentle) men wishing to join the same will please leave their name* st his rooms. No. 671 Broadway. d7 lraend'm GEOLOGf ? NATURAL HISTORY WILEY It PUTNAM, lttl Broadway, (J"AVE ON MALE-ELEMENTS OF GEOLOGY, pre If ptred for the use of Schools and Collegea by W. 8. W. Rnacheaberger, M. D., U. 8. Nary, Ac., illustrated by 100 ea grivings?Price 50 ceate. Alio, Raschenberger's First Books ofNatural History con sidered by distil guished scientific men, in every section of the United States, to he the best series of elementary works ever offered to the public Orders promptly supplied as above, and by the pablisners, GRIGG fc ELLIOT, nil 6weod*re No. 9 North Fourth street, Philadelphia. U. W. STONE, Attorney at Iaivo, Raleigh, N. C. WILL attend to the collection of any claims that mar be entranced to his care Refer to Messrs. Woo hull It Mintnrn, New York. Bryan & Maitlaud, " L. Myers k Co. " A. M. Tiedwell, Esq. dJB 3taw3m*r DUCKING GUNS. 5 CASES superior Dnck Unas, of the most approved length form, weight and bore. 5 cases eery superior Cocking Guns I cases low Triced boys' ana larger Guns. The above Ous arc now in utort and will be sold at extreme low prices, Also, fall stock ol Sporting ancles, Gnn materials, etc. n7? 3tiw?m?r- \ vv SPIES it Co. JIK Pearl street. c NOTICE TO BUILDER*. AND PERSONS WHO AKE BUILDING. H ANDRUS?, It CO . at thr" manufactory of the most fashionsbU Enamelled Pirior Grates, 29) Bowery, hav nig enlarged aud re littco their establishment, are now prepar <d to manufacture a: J I' ll Grmet ol a inierior style lower than any o h?r u tor ci v; have ( I uil (lie latest styles and approved pattjMRat tikewiee? ? rr il new patterns they aie bringing out for hu apii gt to which they invite theallrntion of bu/trs, both as to quality aud pure, before purchasing "irwhe.e elmwheio. jal0 6t?od*r . pre paration? warranted; 5000 lbs. WAFERS, ail kinds, ftoaa ltle to 00c. per lb j 5(00 lbs. SEALING WAX, various qualities, fiom 6d. to (1 per ib. I be above are w rranttd equal to any iu the cenntry. Pee lers supplied on libenu terms, et low prices, by THADD1CU8 DAVIDS, Manufacturer and importer. J"? lm*rc 112 John street, opposite Cliff. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For sale by MOORE It CO., the American Agents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op Eosite Ludlow, New York. Price fl a bottle?Six bot es for $A n6 lm je o U S ? . "VmLfe'pHiA. D ATH8 just introduced?Warm and Cold?in line apart lj menu, for both ladies and gentlemen; end the entire erga i! ration and fitting up of every department of the Washington Honse,complete. dll lm?m PLUMBING WORK, 544 Broadway, Now Verk. JP QU1NN, having had niae years experience as practical ? Plumber, netting un some of the best work in the city, aolieiu a trial, Improvements in construction, good work,ex npr pedition and low charges, will be found at hia establishment. N B ?Down town orders left at E. H. Quinn, 50 Naassa St., attaadad to. dlt lm*m I^ENTLEMEN or NEW YORK My celebrated W AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND SHAVING e:g lm*re MUFFS! MUFFS! MUFFS! rl'HE UNDERSIGNr D iuvite the attention of pnrcJuae-a ' to their stock, which comprises a comple e assortment ol every variety, at very reduced prieea, by the quantity or single one. _ Also, 140 dozen Natural and Lnat'red Jennet Skins, Cooey Plates fce TB ED WELL It FROST, 100 lm*r aSlPenri street. United Stnsee Hotel Building. at H NTS EUR THE CHEMICAL HAIR * IN VIGORATOR. ^ ta reach of art Prepared solely byphalON,^014 Broadway. State and Country Jtgcnta.?O. Fish ft Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer It Ph Ian, 76 Broad street. Col v., ?,.. m.vmm Columbus. Os.; Tut tle, corner of Tenth uid Chesnnt strveU, Philadelphia; II Rice, eorner of Court and Howard streeu, Boston ; V. B. Lock row, 54 Beaver street, Albany; C. B. Brower, No. 106 Fulton street, Brooklyn; >1. 8. Fletcher, Marabou, Ulster Co , N. Y.; H. Toasey, Syracuse, NT Y.. John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, S. C; Gorton Anderson, Newport, R. f.j >, New P.ilts Landing, Ulster Co.; A. ft O J. C. Duboice, Stoores, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. ? J?*.*!"*-Dirisiou street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.; ; * 1. Coddinnton, Apothecary, No. 303 Hudson street, corner o( Spring, N. Everard's fancy Store, No. 170 Grand street: A. B. Hinds it Co., 073 Broadway; Dr. Carroll k Ce No. 3 Murray street. . dl Im'ee JOHN DARLEY, MERCHANT TAILOR, 146f Broad way and 78 Liberty Street, BEIN derirooiof selling the balance of his large stock ol Fall and Winter Quods, suitable lor Gentlemen ? wear, of fers them on the mont rrasoneble terms, and solicits the atten tion of gentlemen shout pureh-siag. He also offers the balsnee ol his well sorted stock of READY MADE CLOTHING, consisting of Dress and Frock Coats, Pants and Vests, Surtonts Clonks, Hacks and Office C ate, which will be sold from now till the 1st ol February. AT COST. A large and choice assortment of Shirts, Scarfs, Cravats, Hosiery and Uudrr Arperol, constantly on hand. ~ *" nfnrn N. B ?Gentlemen fnrnisr.iug their own malarial, oaa have il made and trimmed, and a lit warranted lC7" For sale, a splendid Coachman's Coat. d!5 lm'me f AWRENCE, MYERS fc CO., J3 (Hone street, have as JLi received per snipe Eparviarand Sea, the undermentioned Br mdieet? Outd. Dnpny h Co. in half pipes, pale and dark vintages 1040 to 1044 Bonnemort k Banker, do do do do J. J Dupuy, do do do do. Which thev offer lor sal# The same it nnder custom honse lock aud entitled tu debeutnre dt 0m*r NEEDLES JAM F.S SMITH k SON> vs?l| known and highly ee teem ed Drilled Eyed Needles, warranted equal m quality to any imported into the United Hutea, and sola wholesale only, by _ JAVE8 WaLTON, 1, Philadelphi No. TIM Market street, I Bsrsrare of 4'con*ovfeite. jal Imar FRENCH PpAl'OHT on the Ituhe-uonian System?By Edmood Do 1. Buisson, A. M. A second evening class in the eonrse is now beiny formed st ?he Select Hchuol No. 147 Oreene, corner of Hnus'nn st/e>t. This tyitem has srqeirrd the highest ee lohri ry in Europe .<? being rue best and most espeditiont me thod learning the language, sud tp aku.g it with rapidity andtise. psiticulsrs made km,wn on application as above, betweeu the hours ef 9. A. M., and 3 o'clock, P. M sod on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, from 7 to0 oVIock, P. M. 019 lm rh. PA? It AT SHIP FOcHEbTER rHOM LlVk KPOOL? Consinueea per this vssrl, will nlease tend their permits on board, wvst side Bnrlii g Slip, or to WOODHOLL It M1NTURN, 07 South at. _ All gooda not permitted in 5 days matt bn sent to the Public Store. JelO PACKET SHIP SARACEN FROM OLA?OOW-uon X aineeapetthie veesol, will please send their permiu en ooerd, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the offico of tho tobtenbors. All toodo not pormiMod in Art days most be sent to pub" jJW WOODHVLL k MI?TURN, AUCTION NAUBS. EXHIBITION. FOR SALE BT AUCTION? Ou Tbur eveni'g, Jan. 23 at 7H o'clock. at th ? Assembly builduisa, Plu'adel I 'in, the celebrated Mechtuical Exhibition oI the Court'am lion of Mimcow. Alio, a spiced.d Oiofdini of ihe Plvu of Joi Jau. and several besntiful Drop Scauts?all ia prrf-ft or dor and now exhibiting. I' if convenientlya>rauatd for tra velling, with botai, ke. aud every i-.f rmauou will ur givsu to tin purchaaar aa to ma> aeeiueui, kc M. THOMAS k bON.Aici-.unri. jll3~?bl 1-blladrllhU. A anj GRACE CHURCH j I't'.WS ia Uraca Church, oa B'Oedway, between 10th aod Wth imni, will bo K.ld at Public Aac' ioo ou TUKS DAY, the 37th lait.. at II o'clock- Lithographic Hon of tha Pours mm be obtained of thi sabec-ieeri, at their office. Tin Church will bi apan to the public three d?ys previous to tha tale. ? AUSTENS ? SPICtK. jsl7 lt*rc PEREMPTORY SALE OF ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY LOTS AND FORTY HOUSES, IN the ISth Ward, at tha junction o' Seventh and Eighth Avruuea with 24lh,25ch, Mlh.aad I7th streets?ta close au ntatc ?. h W. PEEL k CO will iall on TUESDAY, tha 20th iuit., at II o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Wall srreet, a large and valuable property, wall worthy tha attantion of capitalists, baildan and othen. / The streets have been all worked, graded and regnla'ed? The grade of the 7th arcane has been raised, and hit of the cross streets alio. ?<> that althengh tha lota ire aiaa with ihe ?treat, requiring neither excavating uor tilling, thay lie to to 15 feet higher than the old grade Crotoa water hat baeu in troduced, end the locttioa lor cleanlineaa and health cannot bl I; tailed he' rral omnibus lines atari irom Ua aud 2 tin streets, close at liuid. The neighborhood u secure against nuisance from Ilat to 24th street, that property having beru sold under a stipula tion in the deads rei]niriug brick or stone dweltiug nouses to be built by the pureeasers. Mora thau 8000 houses hsta been built above this property daring the |>ait year, including Catholic and Protestant Churches, at d seteral costly aud magnificent m issions. That part of the eity is growing mors rapidly than any other on tha Island. For particulars and mips apply to tha Auctioneers: to RICHARD O'jODMAN.IR Cedar street; JNO. A. STEM LEK, or to the Proprietor on the pirmises jil73*r DOG LOST?99 REWARD. MLOBT?On Thursday afternoon, January IS. from Lexington Avenne,Sth home from T7th street, a black and tau TKHHIKtt 1'UP, about two mon hs old; an swers to tha name of "Charley.' Has a white cross ou his braaat, aod a small tin spot over each aye. Any person ie turning him as above, or at the desk of this office, shall rei aiv tha above reward. ja!9 3tis*r mw JOHN COUZENS, from Dobb's Ferry, Westchester WM| Co. wishes in inform the citixeus ?f New York and vi cinity, that he will (this being the proper season for them) trim and train the different kinds of Grape Vines iu the most approved method, for a moderate charge, he had ? radical experience in them for the laat IS years. Any person iving vines and wishing them trimmed prop- rly, so as to pro lines grapes in perfection, can I e soiled by addressing ihe ad vertiser, at 49 Pearl itreet, by the penny peat. j 17 Ji*rc ?~~i|^ damaged bouts and SHOts.? the sale of damaged Bnots and Shoes, at 142 Ch tham atieoc, aim continues. Gent's fine fair stitch calf rawed Boots, warranted, at S2 50 per pair; Gent'a fi ie calf P'gged Bouts SI 62X. line seal Boots. $1 50; Gent's Dancing Puinps St; first quality kip Brogans. 7i cents; Ladies' blaclt Pruned Geiters, $1 I2H; fine Morocco Burkina, 75 I ... cents; Leather Buskius. 44c; Children's first quality aeal Shoes, warranted not to rip, 50 eta. Every ether article iu the line at ttie same low price. Men's Cow Hide Pegged Boots. SI *5?Aral quality. " Kip " $175?fiist qua lty j jIT tw*r E. JOHN'QN. MCARPETFACTORY FOR SALE OR TO LET. Situated in'Ponshkeepsie, Dutches* County, State of New Yotfi, half a mile Irom the landing.?Th# nroper i rv consists of a lirpe three rtory basement sn d attic MKIl K BUH-DlNG, (0 feet by 30 feet?with a Staam Engine. Dye and Wath Huse, all covered with slate?with the other neces sary out buildings The Machinery conaitta of SO carpet looms, ' aud all necessary spinning machinery, dye kettles, lie , to keep ' the aame ia full operation. The communication with this city ' iadiily?ripens* of transportation moderate. The premises aud machinery are in excellent condition, and ready for imme diate operation, lily For teimi and other particulars.tpply to JOHN W. WHtNFIELD, j Jail lm*rc Pouthkecpii*. MFOK SALE OR LEASE?One of th* Lrgeat end most sebstontial BRICK BUILDINGS in th ? city, ad mirably adapted to auy kind of business, foundry, man nlnctory, lie , covering three lots 25 by IN feet aacli. The buil- ing is well lighted, situated on a comer with an area of 7 feet ail aronud, aud 64 by SO feet iu ihe clear. It is three atones high, with a good basement. Terms very reaao. able, and pos session may be had immediately. Apply to Jt OHN WILLIAMS, No. 131 Chrystie street. N. B.?One half the purchate money can remain on bondand mortgage at 4 per cent. jalg st'mc GREAT AND CHEAP CHANCE. FOR SALE, A HOTEL, with a bar business suffi cieat to pav the rent, together with all the neresairy for ? JLsiflsOiture. The house can comfortably accotnniodate 75 l>erso.,s. The pi ic? i< situate in Broadway, and is well Iocs led for a sure and profitable investment. The terms will be rash or good security. Price for lease, and furniture, kc., StCOO Any commands addressed to "Colaman "cate of K II, H.. box 1210. Post Offic?, will be attended to ja'5 3w* LAUREN 1 St BRO1 HER, f I* AKE great pleasure in informing their customers that they 1 liavejnat received by the packet* Duihcsae D Orle . _ . . ... _ earn and Iowa, their new fancy spring goods, cousiitiug of the richest style Lyons Silk, rich Paris printed Muslin-de-laines, Barege, Baltorius Tarlatan Jaconets, kc ? Also, the I mast assortment of Broehe aud pri. led long and square Shawls, Scarfs, kc. In style snd richness, w e believe our goods can not be surpassed by any importation this Sptiug. Your tied attention to, aud iuspcctioo of the tame is rraix-ctlully solicited. Laurent k bhother. ja!7 lra'r No. 4 Wi.liam stnet. DK. JOIN JUS, DlfiMTlSr. BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET. INSERTS TEETH and worr*uts them ugood as the Mti- . ml once for biting and mastication. A complete double aet of beat mineral Teeth on tine gold plates. %V> 00 A ?et of beat mineral Teeth, on tine gold plate, l|M for the nigier jaw, to be worn br atmospheric pressure, J# 00 Single Tooth, from $1 00 to J 00 Teeth with Gold, from 74 io t ie Remember?corner of Canal acreetand Broadway, entrance in Canaletreet. jali 4t i*rc OA | iUk REWARD wiii be given to any person that will Sff AWP prove that T. PRICE, *Wd Division atreet, h'e rot a larger and handsomer assortment ol Ball Flowers than all the etber AatifieUi Flower Manufaelureats in the city. Exhibiton free fi,r one month dtT lm*m A WATCH MAKER, who is experienced and well ac quainted with his basinem, also a good Salesman, ? peek < iag English, German, French, and Spanish, and having the beat of rrcommeodetione. wishes to get employment. Enquire or address C.jN., care of F. Oerardin, 13 John street, op emirs, jail lw*re COTTON MILL. WANTS a situation as Manager of a Cotton Mill, a man intimately acquainted with the varioot mode* of manu facturing cottoa wool, both in England and America; can be recommended by two men having charge of the best conduc ted establishments in the United States. Address 1 C. at this office. jail Im'rc LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families having snpsrflnons WEAR INli APPAREL, (either Lady's or Geullemeu's) Jewel ry, Fire Arms, lie.. Ac., they would disp ae of to advantage, may do eo by sending for iba anbsenber, who will attend them at their reeidaneea by appointment. H LEVETf, No I Wall atraet, N. V. All ordaia through the Poet Office, or otherwiee, pnnetnally attended to. j a 14 lm*r LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. Ci ENTLEMRN and Families can obtain the fall valne lor ' a]) kinda of inperflaoua effects they wish te dispose of, sach ee Ladies ana Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Arms, Furniture, lie. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the city will find it to their advantage to tend tor the aabsciber, who pledgee himself to give a fair price lor all articles o(fared N. B.?A iiae through the Poet Office will be promptly at tended to T. LEVENSTYN, dtl lm*re tM Broadway, up stairs. The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital !40U,000 Dollar*. OrrtCE 41 FVLTOIt ITBCBT. BaoogLVIt. HAVING their capital very aearly entire, continue io take risks on buildings, machinery, merchandise ud property generally, on their nsaal favorable terms. This company has posted through the two greatest conflagrations (hat blare ever occu red in the country ; tbay own their eecapa from ibem with comparatively slight losses to ths system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. rill be i All losses which the tompany may sustain will be adjusted sad paid promptly as hsrttofora. B. W.JOEL AM ATER, PratidanL jilJlu>is*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. CROSS'S JSPECIFIU MIXTURE. THE Medicine that never was known to fail; for sals at 192 Broadway, corner of John atreet, only. _ jUlm'm ' ROBINSON'S PATENT PORTABLE WATER CLOSETS. r| r H E HICK, and persons in a delicate state of health, will 1 A find til is an article of essential utility in their bed-chamber They can be sued with either hot or cold water, or for a vapor bath. They are extremely useful for ships, hospitals, lie. For sale by the subscribers, at the Croton ffiambiug end ; Water Filter Establishment, 298 BROADWAY, between 1 Walker end White its. die Im'rre STONE. BROTHERS. MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE HAT SALES ROOM. WINTER STYLE GENTLEMEN'S BEAVER and French Silk Hats, Travelling, Evening and other Laps, ol the vary best materials, got up in the most fashionable and be coming styles, arc now ready for inspection and sale. The prices and qntlity of thn goods offered at (hi* establish meat, entitle them to the notice of those about purchasing ROWE, Merchants' Exchange, <118 lm*r 48 William street. DR. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER rf^HE superiority of Dr. Hull's instruments over all others, A is acknowledged by the most eminent physicians in Is rope and America. Office 4 Vesey street, Aster House. A female ia attendance Is th" I-dins'department 'I'O Trie LadiKo In FAKTILU lam?,n x A A TORY POWDER has been found hignty beneficial and of great use to ladies who hsv? been afflicted with superfluous hair, principally when its growth has been contlm-d to the up- j per lip ana side of the face, giving a masculine turn to tne 1"CI 11V tutu IIUT W| tire liar. |inug ? lutuvuiniti tum tv utr whnl* lectures When need with proper care, and according found u to the diioctionseit will Ire found to bo a great eddiuoa to the toilet as the use ol any sharp instrument is ee'irrly avoided, and the hair is rssaoved ia Ava or tea miaatee aftn its applica tion. This composition is infallible, and warranted o remove au perfloas hair. After numerous trials I (mti roteived certifi cates of success which cannot be contested. For sale, wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S DEPOT, 48 Booth Third street. Philadelphia, and by ray aaesita:?J. B. Jacqnemod, No. 413 Broodwayi F. A. Artault^ Lau^rette Baxaar, No*. Iff and 141 Broadway; A. rviuarn, n. w.corner or Ledar and Williams streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. nl8 !m*re ARTIFICIAL EYE8, MADE and invented by Dr. J. GRAY. No. 118 Bowery. N. Y., the only manufactory of the Human Artificial Eve in the United States. Any perron that wi ties to be well sailed, should always apply to the maker, wko has bven in the art forty years j7 l?*r VARIOUS sixes and colors, constantly on baud ami lor eel* by HOOBE k VIKTOR, i 28 lis'ms as Pee.I wenet, ?n sreirs i~tOPPEK?188 case* English Sheathing Coi per. comprising Vv a complete assortmen from 18 io !8 ox. Also. IM8 ch*su eo d roiled ( opper, of very superior uualiiv. For ? l? by T: K. COLLINS k tO j 18 r 44 South street. '8'WINE ?248 bales Brtdporr Isiut, Herriug ann Gi'l Net A Twine, comprising a fell essoitmeat from 4R toM lbs. of voryeaponor quality For sale by K. k COLLINS k CO. J IS r M Booth street. | AMKSR a. U . ftvttar. UhoeMse* Lard. *8 J frwl street ?'l ? AMiisnsm. MRS. SHARPE'S CONCERT. At Fraakliu Hall, ('74 Chatham Rqn?re,) 01 THURSDAY EVENING Jan "an J!d ltil MRS S4AHPK moit r?<p*rt'ullv informs I ?i frond. and t> * public that I ?' fist ?ud uuly l outllt ihu lliiMa, will t-ke place ou the abnv- rv ai> g ou which occash.u. (Iia Cru? s, th?- -mtcriaianient. nlfr id wul matt with their nppio ba ""i i'lOru (),.> sln liiK j IT 3 "inn NEW YoUK SACKED MUMC SOCIETY. ORA IORU) OF ' JEPHTHA " T WritvnemlCumioaei by J H HEWliT, Esq. HIS ucw ?ud hf u lui Oi?torn , f unded upon that wall ha iwb l> irt o i m iciiiuure. relating to the 'ash vow of Ji phtha t? sacrifice hit i.u|> child, will lw jwifeimed Ujtlie Sachkd Mi sic SuciLir . u WEDNESDAY EVENING, Hat uut. at t['e Taker Ha I*. ... . Principal Characteri in the Oratorio. Jephtba, Judge of Israel... (Tvuure)... M>. K O Paige High 1 rieat ( Uu.u). Mr K. Sheppard rii'ateaa . ???? (Sopr.uo). .Miaa J. L. Northall JepLhtha a Daughter d., . Mr.. U H. Arnlrewa (liar second api*ar,nee Ii.thi. city ) Herald ( lenorr)... Ainaiour Choina of Shepherds. Warners,, he. by 100 perforin an, aided by a full Orcheaira. t.oniinctor Mr. J. 11 HewiU Organist Mr H. C.Tnnm Parformanea to commence at half-past 7 o'clock. Ticke'a 30 cent, for sale at the priucipal Music Slums, Sax ton Si Mile, Broadway; Geo. K. Nesbiu. corner u1 W?i\ ud Water atreeta; J. H. Parkiua, No. 1 Wall .ireet; J. B. Flan drow, . 236 Bowery, and at iha door of the Tabarnaclc. e O BENEFIT HALL TO WILLIAM DAVIE S. THY. geutlemco who hare been choaen to rnauage thia bea elit.harchy au luno'cihit a B.ll will take place on Kri day eveoiuit. ihalih c f FVbruai", at Tammany Hall, for the beneiit of ifiel? w nhy and helpless bra Iter, and respecilu ly (.licit the aid aad assistance of hi. f< iendr and fellow citttrna in hit brhalf, hoping that this appeal to iheir bruevolence will mael ?i ha he rty ie>poii?e. The managers pledge thrin?*!yrj to IB <ka the Ball inch an oue ?a they hope and trust will give I l ensure and aati,faction to all who .hall honor it with their prraenea. . .... , Mr. Wallace ha?, with hia naual liberality, kindly volnu trarrd hia umcii for toe benefit of hia old, afflicted friend on lh?' evenrag. ..... . . The floor will he under the direction of an experienced gen tleman in ih- art of daocing .... . Ti', to admit a gentleman and two ladira?to be ob taimd " iha har o' 'IVminaiiv Hall; Harmony Hall, IT Centre street; Blue Bonn-1 Houae, 17 Sprece alreet; Wm Richard ton a.733 Greenwich .irert I'tltr AlcClu.key'a,Hudson atrrct: John Muni-on. President, 13J Chatham atrcet; Wnt. Leggat, Treaaur- r. 16 Weal Waahinglou Place; Robert Milne, Secre tary, 110 Eighth Avenue. An adjuuroed meenng will be held at Harmony Hall, 17 Cent-e atr-at on M. nday e> ruing, the lfth instant, at 1 o clock, where the friends of .\Jr. Danes, who intend taking ticke'a, will li in the opportunity to procurn them, and are in THed to attend. j all !t*mc JOHN MORRISON. President h K IN A BALL. CARRIAGES conveying peraons to thia Ball, will drive npon the Bridge at Castle Garden, and leave their compa ny at the entrant e to the Ball Room. jH If mc J B. NICHOLSON. Sec'y. WRIGHT GUAiti) HE YIK8T ANNUAL BALL Of THE WRIGHT GUARD, will l>e given at Tammany Hall, ou Monday evening, Jauuarv 19th. 1*46. .... Tickets One Dollar, can be obtained at the Wright Hnnse, II N.osaau street, or any m?mher of the Cumniltee:?Captain John Allen, Liruis E A King, William Wright, J P Wright; Seiguants B Brcckhnrat, H H Wright, E Lamb; John logiam, Donald Campbell, C Fletcher. D Morgan. War Brooka. K. A. KING, Chairman. Bodlet Baot khl'fit , See. j 17 Ztis8iRM*ie F- FTH NATIONAL (iUaKD'S SOIREE, ILL take place at Nibln's Saloon on MONDAY EVEN ING, January 19ih?Committee of Arrangements. Capr. J. L. Waugh, Rergt. J Rnthven, Lieot. J. L. Morgan, J. B. Benael, " F. Creighlon. J R I'lutt, P. D. Braiated, Jr. Miliary Gentlsmen are particularly invited to eppearin white pantaloom. The Saloon will be ihrown oren for viaitors from U to 1 o'clock on the morning of the 19th iust. IL/" Tickets to be had of the Secretary. J. B. BENSEL, ji'i 4tia*r 89 Fulton atreot. UNluR BACHELORS.?The Annual Assembly of the above will be held at the Apollo RoOmi. ou TUESDAY EVENING,Jmuary 20tb. 1646. Tickets may be had o' CHAS. H PINE, at the Apollo. 41# Broadway ja<4 lw*r MORSE'S TELEGRAPH. BY the permiaiiooof Prof. Mouse, a public Exhibition, Ex planation ami Kxpcrimttita with his ELECTRO MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH. Will be given in the Broadway Tabernacle, MONDAY EVEMNO, Jan. 19 h. Th? Telegraph itself will Ire exhibi ted, and its whole operation explained. The Telegraph will bn made to write by means of wires extended frotn the Galvanic Battery, around the inside wall of ihe Tabernacle. It will oe ahow how it ii th l? pcra in in Waahinglou can tend iutelli feuce to every partof the United States in an iuatant of time wherever wi re ale eaundtdl and rec.ive nuawera back at ihe tame t'mn. Mr COLTON (who ' as the privilege lo offer the above ex hibition I will oc upy the first hour (from 7)4 to tH) with a seii.-a of the moat brilliant experiment! in Chemisiry?selec ted with a view to crowd as much internal aa poaaible into the cven'UB (C7"Doora open at half past 6 Entertainments to commenca at half put 7 o'clock , Ti keia 23 Cents?For (ale at the principal Hotels, Music and Book Stores, and at the door. ja!7 Jteodia'rc ANNUAL SOIREE OK THE FIEI"H COMPANY NATIONAL GUARDS. At Niblo'a Saloon, MONDAY EVEMNO. Jan. 19th, 1M6. HACKNKV COACHES, Caniig<( or Caba, eng.gedfor this Ball, wi'l set the r company down with iheir norsea' heads towards Houston street, and take up m reverse order when leaving. By older, J'iHN H. LOW Acting Superintendent ol Hacks sua Cabs. jslT 2tiaeod'r LOOK Al' Tub. FREE CONCERTS EVERY EVENING. Jit the RECKSS, 167 Broadway. 17H18 is one ot the moat pleasant places of resort in this . city, and those who like rational amuaementa, would not bediaeppointrd in ihe arr-ngementa LUNCHES are served every da'?Fish Chowder on Ru .da-a, and Turtle Soup oil Wednesday!. The annve establish merit is filled np iu neat style, where furnished rooms may be had, by lire day, week, month or by the year, at very reasonable rales. j4 ltn'm T1 W' c MU.^IG. JOSEPH EAMFREH'S MUSIC FOR PRIVA TE PA R TIES, AN be engaged by applyiug at 13* PRINCE STREET, j* Im'in MUSIC. MUSIC. THE GERMAN COTILLION BAND woald re.pec fnl 1 ly inform their friends and th* public, that they are pre pared to play at balls and private parties,the newest Cotillions, Watties, Gallops, Polkas, by Mnsard, Strauss, Lanner, La bilxky. lie The Band eonaists of from two to twenty-five instruments, with Harp accompaniment. Orders will be attended to at th? sliorteat notice, without diaappointrnent, attended with Piano Forte Mr.JOHANN MU NCK will give also instrucuon ou Harp and Piauo Forts, on reasonable terms. Inquire at No. 167 Elm street. J? lm*m MUSIC. PRIVATE PARTIES ATTENDED SCHNEIDER^ REBHUN, 08 C roe by Street. die lm*re 31 ECONOMY AND FASHION. ("1 L ROBERTSON'S iJL NIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Stmt PRICES: HATS. Fine Quality Nutria For S3 M Ictiiiit do do do S3 M Fine do Moleskin S3 00 Pecond do do ...$>50 A beautiful assortment of Gentlemen's Drau and Travelling and Children'* Fancy Cap*, which ar# offered at eorreepondinff dll lm*' New York, July >4,1045. \ ' ft HE Stockholders of thia Company ara requaatnd to call at A the office oftkt Company audsiguily whether it be their wiah to Gil up their respective aharee.or to receive a nam ?lie ret equal to the preeent ealue of their atock. ly low price*. Orvtcn op thi J>ppa?9on ntiuaanca Co., New York, July >4,114. Stockholders of thi*Company are requested to call " i 4 ? hero! The Stockholder* residing out of the city are requested In eonvey their intention by po*t, to the office No. 5d Wall ?t. T. W. THORNE. Pret't. Quo T. Here. Bee *y. Jvfe rre THE PLUMBE NATIONAL DAGUERRLAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, OAl BROADWAY, upper corner of Mu:siy. over Ten 4ftr A ney'i jewelry itore, awarded (he Medal, four " First Premium*' ned two " Highest Honor*," attbe Fihibition at Boaton. New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for the be*' picture* and ?pp*ratal ever exhibited. Plumbs'* Premium Camera*, Instruetioua, Plate*, ('.****, lie forwarded to any deured point, at lower rates than or any oth er manufactory. ?>> 3reDaW'mr OFFICE OF JEFFEKBON INSURANCE CO , I No. 5d Wallstreet, opposite the Eichange. * THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and against loss by inland naji^uou^ vessel* and their eergoen. Thomas W. Thome, KliahsRigge, ThomasT. Woodruff, Auson tinker, B. R. Robson, M. D , Joseph Drake, Thomsoa Priee. Joseph Allen, Moee* Tucker, Jcines I'.. Holmei. John R. Davison. John P. Moore, John H.Lee, Win. K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tunit, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Begs. Eugene Bogart, John C. Merntt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Pretidwil ' Oaonwa T. llorr.Secretary. aire TO THE LADIEF?TO THE LADIES LADIES having any anperBaon* or cast off Clothing to dis pose of,(eithar Ladies or tiantlemen) can obtain a fair cash prie* lor thesama, by sending for the subscriber, st her residence, No. M Dame *ireet, basement Mr* M S COHEN. N. B.?Oentlemeo'e Clothing and Furniture also hoasht by M B. COHEN. AM letter* through the Post Office will be att-nded to. J*I5 Im'tne THE ORIGIN OF LIFE DR. HOLLICk'S row hnek on the Reproductive Fane riotn ke ? lllaatrafrd by Tee Colored P ?te?, it eow re'ily and m?y he had of the hookaellere. ''rice $1. Pub liiherl ly Mill tod Cov..i*h, Peail street, New York. The only popular and eciaatitic work avsr published on this subject. Jtl tfr Ct OPPEH?>50 ease* English sheathing Copper, of verysu J penor quality, eomprmieg a eouipleta assortaasut from 10 to 30 or, maaufactured with tha greatest earn asprsasly for thn mark.,-formlehy y k ,;nLL|Ntt ? cq M ^ CHJCKERI NG'S FLANO-FORTE W AK EROOM8, 003 Broadway, .Is. ? and T Laforgt Building. t |'HE Pl)JH,IC will find at the abovn rooms n general assort 1 meat of Grand and Square Piano Fortes, at the tame price at at my Factory in Boston. d*7 lia*t TISSUE PAPER. OAflfl REAMS Tissue Paper, of assorted qualities and ?V colors, for tale by PERASE k BROOKS, j'*>w re M and 0T Naaeaa *4 Attention: all whoOpbihkpearly white TEETH?My i'ari*alled ROSE TOOTH PASTE is universally songht after for the pearly whiteness itgieee to the Teeth, withoet the slightest injury For sale, wholesale end retail, at JULES HAVEL*. Practical Chemist tad Per?met, 41 Mouth Third street, Philadelphia sod by my agents:?J. B. Jaequemnd No 415 Broad war. F A Vrtaslt, Volajette Basaer, Nos 14* and 151 Broad" > \. edaraud William atreeu I Frank)ia IsatiWU al* loi're Artaalt. Ulayette Basaar WiJlard. 8. W corner tfCt Premiums asrarded at kt AHVIinUTri. PARK THKATKK. Monday Evening, January IV. Will bp uerlonned, KlCfi-tRD III. Hirhvd Mr. Chu K?m Ktahmoiid. Mr. D/otr Bu-kingl.a a ilr Bin J U'li. r b 51j*. Ci as. Una Lady Amm.. ( Mr*, ita -it T<> eporlod* with ? THREE WliSk? AFTER MARRIAGE. Sir Citiin li.iakett M; jl Barret; Lady Kackrti Mr? Bleak Price el Aumisvtoi --?'.!).??*, $i ; l*i;, 5u rrati , liHU.'V, Si cent*. DiorxopetetOf felon* tad Ik#Ceruu* willriae prsnaelr ?! ' o'clock. ' BUWBUV THBATRC A. W JACKSON.. . MANAGER AND PROrRlK'l OH. Flltt-'T NIGHT OK THE NEW ORAND DRAMA OK THE WIZARD OF THE WAVE, Or?The A wager Ship. The New Grand Drains, that his been in tebearaal the en tire past reason. it now reedy lor representation at this house Tha immense stage of ihie Theatre, by far the I ar, *s t m America, (if uot in the world) will be exhibited in ihu drama, it belay the first effort, on an rlk naive scale, of the new Bow ery Manager. The piece ?? rut being produced had an im mense run at the Victoria Theatre, in Loudon, having barn acted e eiy ancceaaive night, for one entire season, drawing crowded houses nightly. It will be prodnoed at this Theatre without reference to expense she Scenery entirely uew, by the Native Artist. Mr U. Heialer s he extensive Machinery, by Mr Landers aud Assistants s lie Music, eoiiMstiuvof Mel-edramstic, Uttadrilies, Horii|M|ieB, and Spanish haiid.nigos, Combats, cob ^'aed by ; Mr. E Woolf e I osiuines entirely new, by.. . Mr. Walker aud Assistants St e rropeiiiea eniuely new, by .. Mr. U. Williams and Assistants Tlie Quadrilles, Hornpipes, and Spanish Dance*, arranged by VT. Mr. Brooke Ktgguig of i II the Vessels of War. by ,, , _ Mr. John Seymour, Mr. J. Clarka, and Assistants Tha Melo-Dramatic business,Tableaux,fce. by.... Mr. Couy !*? directed by him at the Royal Victoria Theatre, London # The ritce produced nnder the tnanagtmant of Mr Anderxon, Stega Manager. Monday R-renlng, January IBs Will be performed. for the first time in Am* ice, an entirely uew Nautical. Mystical Drama, replete with incidents, powerful situatious. and astonishing effect*, eutitled THE WIZARD OF THE IVAVE, Or, The Ship of the Avenger! Written by that popalar Author, the lata Mr. J. T. HAINES Two extraordinary effect* will be attempted iu this Drama, neyer beiore exhibited iu any Thrntre; the vast expanse ot this, the largest aud most ably coLstrorted Stage in the Metroprlia, will be called into requisition for the purpose of a most novel and gorgeous display of Mechanical and Scenic Effort, and an effort will be made, iu the embodiment of character, never yet essayed in any drama. The main story of the piece being founded on truth, it is hoped that whatever of the mystical may a- [war, may be [ laced to rlie axiom of the celebrated poet ? Truth is xtrauger than Kictiou."' Charles Falkuer, Esq., < aptnin of H.M.8 the Wixardof the Wave, on secret terries Mr. J. R. Beotr Henry Bel ford, 1st Lieut of the Wizard Mr. Blanchard Weevil, Mate of the Unknown Schoouer Mr. Cony MYiTERIOUSSCHOONER. Summit of the Mountain of the Hermitage! With a view of the interior of the Island and the open S- .? The Fair Recluse, and the biack male wet nurse?Firet hint of the secret?The Tale of Guilt.?A Tar on a Shooting Partv?The Lover and the Panther?Appearance of his Bl-ek Majesty '.?The Rescue?the Escape?Uie Reproach?Wlwli a Las* slip throuuh the fingers of a Tar! SUBTERRANEAN GROTTO! Aud Secret Signal Home of the Piratce. Main Deck of tha " Wizano or the Wave." Tha Rigging illuminated with superb aid illuminated Chinese Lanterns, and the Vessel decorated for A FANCY BALL. A Quadrille, by Officers and Spanish Ladisa A Horopiia-, by Six Midshipman Quadrille, by Spanish Ladies and Middies A Ghost on board?Meeting of the Mystic Pair?Recognition of the Dead Aliv* .' Ac r 2 ? Urck of the Unkno m Schooner, Lying at anchor off th* Cuba shore?Distant Town of Santiago ?Tha Stoleu Treasure and the Slave Witness?A Tar in in* Bilboer?The Proposition?the Threat?the offer of Escape ?Walking the Plank !?the Devil eheated?the British Cap tain a Pirate. Pavilion in the Garden* of the Caetello Santiago. Desperate Combat, by Messrs. Cony and Blaachard General Melee, aud Destructiou of the Inn?The Un known aeen with hie Prey, amidat tha Blazing Ruins: Act 3?Between Decks and Powder Magazine Of th* Myatic Sclioeuer? the Chase?the Last Resource?ilia Pirate's Resolve?tha Coil of Death?the Dream?A Friend iu Need?the Lamp?A Seaman's Fidelity. Orlop Deck of the I Ft sard ! Nrerly a Fiaht?A Pursuer in a Fright?the Pursuit?Cabin.of the Wizard of the Wave?Remorse of the Guilty?the Re sol ve of Vengeance?the Wounded Pirate?the Negro Nurse ?tha Secret Disclosed?Agony of a Wronged Brother. ay THE OCEAN ! Jo.J The distant Coast?the pursuing Enemy?th* Deserted Schooner with its Chief and Victim. "Sweet Inuoceuee, kind Heaven protect, Avenging Justice, Guilt detects." The Maiden's Retribution?the Promise of the Tar kept Sacred ?the I.over's Hignal?the Hopeless Flight?the Conflict. APPROACH OF THE AVENGER'S SHIP! Revelation of the Mystic Enigma, and AwrtrL Disousssnt I Previous to the drama, the comedy of LOVER'S QUARRELS. > Lower Boies 50 ceute?Second and Third Tier*, 15 eta.a Pit ana Gallery 12)fc cents. Doors will op-u at h xlf past G ?curtain will rise at 7. It CHE5M1 NlltEKT 1HKATRH. PHILADELPHIA. Lksscr Mr. BcaToK. St sue Mansukh I Mr. BnovaKeta Monday iUenlng, January 19, Will be presented an entirely New and Original Play, lilnatratiiu; three Epochs in the Lile of DOCTOR FRANKLIN, THE BOY. 1HE SAGE, AND STATESMAN, Dr Franklin, the Boy, Mit< F'lther; Dr. Franklin, th* Bags and Statesman.Mr Thayer; Mister Jasper Bnark, Oweoa; Teaheak, Howard; Mrs. Keiturr, Mrs. Thayer; Mrx.Abiah Franklin, Mrs. Hughes. To conclude with the new grand seeaic piece, called SEVEN CASTLES OF THE PASSIONS. Raymond, Mr. C. Howard; Canache, Mr. Onraoa; Axe lie, Mia* F'lther; Dauie Crania, Mrs. Hughes. Tuesday?Mr. Brougham's Benefit. ARCH STREET THEA'IRB. rHILADELPHl A AeTiita Miirsaca u. ? W. Scott. Staoe Maaaazn Mr. H. E. Btivms THE ORAND MILITARY SPECTACLE OK ABDEL KADER, AND JACK HUErPARD. Monday Evening, January IB, The performances wtTI commence with ABDEL KADEK, Or the F'reach in Algiers. Ahdel Kader, Mr. F'redencka; Jemmy, Barke; Coniac, Wood| Col. Lamoriciere, Stevens; Victorine, :vlr?. Greene; At raide, Mrs. Burke. The piece is iatersperaed with Mnaie, Combats, Sceoery, Mm ehinery, Banners, Tablrauz, with fall and effrctive Chorea***. To condade with JACK 8HEPPAKD. ? Jack Bhrppard, Mrs. Bnrke; Jo* Blueakin, Fuvsat IH- Several new Piece* in rehearsal. ' BOWK BY A MPHI-THK ATllK ROCKWELL AND STONE, MANAOERA. Splendid ckut< ot Eihibitiooi Monday, Tuesday ana Wednesday K.unl|% The entertainrneuts will commence with the OARU1ND OF AMITY. FLIGHT OF IANTHE. or, Prawn, n/tk, Sponuk Maid. CVP1U and tkt CENTAUR. THE CORSICA# LOVERS. CRUSADER'S GLORY, ar. knight, of Holy CVeen. Scnti from the PICKWICK CLUE, iy Mr- T. MoiaUy. WARRIOR OF THE WEST. With a variety of other eetartainmeau. Boxes 15 cent* , Pit l>)j. jit It rre VANAMBURGH <te CO.'S eUOLOOICAL KXHIBIT1UI, No. A3 Bowery, O, "oeiie the Bowery Theatre, will open oa 'i'huwlay Kveiilng, December IWh, UM. MR. VANAiiiiUKUHuriai e|>ent yeara in Europe with ,/illiaateaceeae, haa returnee alter having colleeted with greet care and expense, inoet 8PLEN (UU AND EXTEN SIVE COLLECTION Ob' ANLM AX8 thai nas ever been ?v hibited in thie coeotry; ? ,ch eollectioa it ie hie design to rn hibit to the New York public, while making preparations for the travel ling season Doore open from It to 13 in the morning; and from 1 to I o'clock in the afternoon, and # to lOu'elock in the evening Admittance 34 eente? Children under 11 half-price. For particnlare eee bills of the day. did ln*re NATION Ale THKATKU AND CIHCCI, CHE8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, I 'oder tire management of WELCH, MANN AND DELAVAN ; Is opened throsghont the Winter Season with a brilliant oombi nation of ssspsrosehsble Egaestrisas, Volugrura, ted Gymniasts, nnrivailed ares is the great Egsine Temples of Franco im Kofluid, The limitsoT an advertisement will barely admit of a des criptive list of some of the highly giftod artiarr of this greet eilabUsbmeal. e IN THE FEMALE CLAM. MADAME MAC ARTE, Yin: Principal. MRU. HOWARD, First Ikmie Eoaestrian. MRS. K WOODS, an Allasaandc and TwoHoras Equestrian. Tight Rope Dancer and Equestrian, embodying a variaty of Fanciful and Mythological characters, MISS L. WELLS. Principal Mais Egasatnaas. LEVI NORTH and T. V. First Equestrian Panto mist, C. J. ROGERS. New School Backward Rider, with East Indian Effect. SIONOR OEkMANI. Twa aad Roar Horns Eqeestnaa sad Position is t, J I NATHANS. His pupiU are W. Ciseads aad LitUe F Pastor _ ? Ring Master, H. NICH0LL8. Professional Comic Vocalists, MESSRS DTCKENSOV. LATHROP. WEAVER and KELLY. A large comiwuy of Rough Rideva. An Orchestra fell and eAcieoi, led by Mr MYERS, late ofthn Park Thsstre Tbn ssmevoea splendid Coatumss by Mr. A. J. ALLEN. The Box OAee a opsa from to'cloen is the moram* as tit t # dock, Fm , where every attention will be pe?d to the peblia wiehee. ______ ~~ MR. H. COLL1NET, DIRECTOR sf the Orehastra at Opens Vweone a SalD, ffaekiegham Palace, aad ths'Coert of Fiaaen, haa the honor to aaaouaco to bit fnaada end tl^pnb|ia, hie arrival ia Naw York, aad begs lo lafarm tham thai ha ?a now prepared to roeoivo their orders for Balis ana Ponee* Danaaatea Addreas a this ranidanna, ?? Broadway. ill lw*m elcxjlttion. EDWARD MATCH!!*. A.M.. inf ims thorn gentlexocx of instruction id the above aecompliahme ,t, ib*? be ii prepared to rareive Evening Masses at hia iwtdenr e. N? 11) Howard street. )" SIUNOK HAPKTTI. being deeirona lor prolsm.'iaal |-*r [toffd ? of r#m<rrinf to a cantrtl part of tho eiCf. offara hi? iftraf# ro??4#?o^, a?tn%c*d in Loonoi pUe*. 'Jhnlann, of iho no?( hoa-ih? and ploaaa t pUcaa in Naw York. ?n ??* chan t lor a ratll no^t honan nnar 0roa4wif, not loorf ?. no riwin brooioo str??t. Th? dtft*r*nc? paid in Addrm SIONOR RAPKTTl, No. ?)0 f e?, Ch#J? JW lH*rc A CARD. " TO PARENTS AND OUARDIANS Vf UBIC TAUGHT ON THE LOOER1AN SYSTEM iYl Br a Lndy who ia wall anpnria?c^d in taaehiu* t deairona of oht^inin* a fr** mor? iHtpilt T*tv? r*o-l r A lint ad<imw<i t?> K M ?f thm of tnia . i duly alt?dad m ji Im'r

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