Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??kXULtB*. M-WboU Mo. ?M0. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 26, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMB8 GORDOH BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. IUILT HERALD?K.ery day. Price I emu per copy? Wiay?Trice ?M cut HI cov?-ri?'I.1; tr ?r? PIT annum?payable in advance AD VKRTISr.MENTg at tie usual prices?always cash rRljrflNO of *11 kind, executed with beauty and dee " lifV" All letteti at eommaaicaUoaa, by Bail, addressed to |be establishment, m?K be poet paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor or the NnrTtu Htuui EiTiuwein Wnrthwail Borosr of (Tult/io sail N*a?r?n freptj MAIL. LINE FOR BOSTON. I'm I ii fu ROAD, VIA N"KIV LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER At T n'cloeh in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall .erect. South Kerry? excepted. _TViy Cratre ere is readiness to receive baggage for Near K^HnJon, Norwich end Worceeter. Baggage for Boatoagoea ^Bongh under loch. julC tfrc UthU L&UAND RAILROAD COMB AM \. ?"" ^TyoFof- hours' TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. , Commencing on Monday, September IStli, IMS. Laaye NawYolk? At T o'clock, A. M , Boatoa Train for Green port, daily, Snadkye excepted, stopping at Farmiagdale and St. George's Manor. Laaro Brooklyn?At 4M ATM .for Farming dal<- and in term adi ate place., daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays end Saturday., through I to Qreenport sad intermediate places. " " at 4 P. M., for K arming dale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Oreonport? Boston Train, at 4 o'clock, P. M , or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, ^^^^^^^^Hdaily, Sundays excepted, stopping at St. Laay* Farmingdals?Kor Brooklyn, at 6X o'clock, muiLuM 2- 1 r.JL, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at t o'clock, A. M. and IX P. M., daily. Sundsys excepted. Fan to a Bedlord ? cents; East New York 1IX; Race Coarse 18V J Trotrng Course 18V;.'amsicaJS; Brutnville SIM; Hyde Park' n in ,es JTM: Clowsville, (duriag sesaioa Court.) ITU; Hem pete ad J7X; Branch J7M; Carle Flaeo 44; We.tbury 44; Hiekiville 44; ^rmmgdale A*; Dear Park 4?; Thomnaon | N; Suffolk Station l 00; LakeRoad Station 1 18V; Medford Station 1 18X; Millrule 1 94; St George's Manor l SS){; Rivcrhesd 1 62,S; James port 1 CSV; Mattetnek 1 82M; Cut ahogue 1 SIX; Southold 1 63X: Greanport, Aea'a. train, 1 75; Greeaportby Bos tan Train f (0. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take psne?>?? at vary low Fares, to all parts of ths I Baggage Crates will be m readiness at the foot of Whitehall {treat, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, M minutes be fore the hour of starting dram the Brooklyn tide. The Steamer Statesman leavaa Greenpert for Sag Harbor twiee oaeh day on the arrival of tho TnBu from Brooklyn, ntre | BOS'lOt* STEAMERS. ^_^TORHALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Ship CAMBRIA, C. H. E. Judkinu Commander, will leave Boa for the above ports as follows, vix: CAMBRIA, C. H. E. Judkina, Commander, on 8anday, 1st day of March, 1846. m 10 Liverpool SIM farm veto Halifax M For MW>t or passage, apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jr.. Agent, At HARNDEN It CO.'8. 4 Wall st No Berth secured until paid for., f4 rrc DRAFTS ON (JHEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Peieona wishing to re mit money to their friends in any part of Great Britain or Ireland, em be (applied Owith drafts, by applying to the subscribers, for any amoaat. payable at sight, on all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Applica tion by Utter, (post paid,) will meet prompt attention. W.bJ. Tz tapscott, fill rh 75 Booth at. cor. Maiden Lane. NOTICE?STATEN ISLAND FKKHY Ou Wednesday, Jan.nth, the tripe on this will bo at folio wm ?Leave Mstesi Island?#i, 10 A M . a, tU F. M. I Leave New York?9, 17 A. M ;3hC. J P^M P. R?On Sundays the boat will leave at 11 o'clock, instead of II A M. j7 d? BLACK BALL. OK OLD LINE OK UVERr ?Hi FOOL PACKETS FOR LI VF.RPOOL.?Only re WHai galsr packet of the 1st March, The new. maanificcnt andcelrb rated fast sailing favorite packet ship MON MA, buithen 1150 tons, Capt A. B.Lowber, will sail positively the Id March. It is well known that the aeeom on Mnaday,MHHHRMMHNMMMMH modntieus of tbsM mtaruuu a e fitted oat ia a most superb and costly manner, with every modern improvement and convri enee, that cauaot bat add te the eomlor: of those embsrkin i Facsooa visiting the old country, or sending for their fronds should call and see this splendid specimen of naval architec lare, before engaging elsewhere. Fur passage in cabin, second cabin and steerage, early application should be made on board, foot ol Beekmaa street, or to the subscribers, _ . ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO f36r 15 Faltoo street, (pen door to the Fulton Bank ) Ida?- NEW LINE OF FACKET8 FOR LIVER POOL?Packet ol the Kth Febraary.?The?lend id, ?Plfa fast sailing and favorite_packet ship GAKRICK. IIiM tous burthen. Cspt B. J. H. Trash, will sail on Than day, February M. ber regular day. The Ships of thw Hue being all 1008 tone and upwards, par ous about to embark for the Old Cooatry will i tons about to embark for the Old Cooatry will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from set acting this .inc. as then great capacity renders them ev COdVsairnt _ JOB McMURRAV, ?35 100 Piur itreet. comer of South. NEW LINE OK Fa< KETd ?Oil LIVEK FOOL ?Packet ol K b of Febiuary.?The sp'eudirf, fast tailing and favorite picket ship OAKKICK, llOw jou< b Jihra, Captain B. J. H. 1 rasit, will sail on Thursday, Feb V, ? cr regular d-,y. The ships cr this linn being nil 'M> tons sad apwsrds, per ?pus six at to embmk for the Old Cooatry will not fail to see mo n-1 vauUnf -s to be derived from sell eti ng this line in prefer ?use to any ?th?r. as their great c pacitv readers them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and itovrege psseengers, it is we I known, are tupenor to (hose ol my otiier line of packets. Perso s wishing to seonra berths ih told sot Uil to nuke early application on board, at the foot ?? Wall sueet, or to W. k J. T. TAf SCOTT, At theirgenaral Passage Ofli-e, 75 South street, ftfr corner of Maideo laae. rOtt NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and New York Lii t.?Regular packet, to sail Monday, M?rrli JpBpLkth. ? The elegant. fast sailing packet ?h p'BAR TELLE, Taylor, mas'sr, will positively sail es above, hrr re gular dry hor fn ight or passage, having handsome furnished seeommod.itions, apply on board, at Orleans wbart, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. 5? South street. Pneitively no goods received ou board afier.Betarday evrMng, 7th March. Agent in New O.leans, J AS E. WOOD RUFF, vtUo wnl promptly forward all goods to his addrtsa. Packet bark G> NESEE, Mmett. master, will succeed the BsrtelJe. and sail bl.<ada>, 16th March her regular day. fJ5 adit- FOR LIY SKI'OUL?New Line-It?ulax racket iHnof the Nih Feb.?The elegant fast tailing Packit IHHLShip OARRICK. B. J ? Trask, Master, of lit*. oas, will sail as above, ber regular day. For freight or pas sage, haying accommodations nbrqimLed lor_jpL?dor or com fort, apply as board, at Orleans wharf, feet M Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South street. The packet ship Roeeiue, Eldndge, master, will sneered the OUrvtck, ind sail March 3tth, has regular day. jlOr SOU LIVERPOOL?The New Ltae-Kegulai Packet of Slst March ?The superior fast sailiag VBHpaehet ship HOTTINGUER, 1IM looe burthea, CaptTrs Burs ley, wall sail as above, her regalar day For neighs or pass?e, having splendid, large and comfortable jjty^ndcabin, ?rtd 17 South street. Price of passage glN. The packet ship Liverpool, IMS tone, Capt. Joha Eldridge, Will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on the tut of April 133 r BALE?To close a eooeern?The Line# Mr J> Liverpool Packete.toesisting of the ships ROSt. IU8. gll IT SID DON8. SHERIDAN aud OARRICK. They ware bailtta this eitv, by Brpwa k Bell, with auasual care; fur mm,el. material (a very large propmtion of thair Lame being live oak.) aed worn manshio. thai aie unsurpassed, if not urn ouaILd?salted on the stocks, and re-salted very year since Their sccommodstioee lor paste?era are very exten sive and handsomely faniiahcd._A?Pjj 13 r h. K. COLLINSfc CO .5* South et If>>H GLASGOW.?Regular Packet?Ttie well kgown. fast anting Bntuh bark ADAM CA RR, tie last saili? Bntuh bark ADAM OA RR 4M ^?^?Hgh McEweo, maatar. having two-thirds of Ear curgo engaged will meet with quick despatch. For might or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain ou board, east side of Peek slip, or to _ WOODHULL k MInTURN, 37 Soath ?? The A1 British bark Ann Harlry, Capt. RoW Scott, will Succeed the Adam Cerr. |jj PACKET FtlR MARSEILLES. - The packet ship NEBRASKA, Capt. Brewa, will tail on the 1st gif March. For freight or pysaage. epplv to CHAMBERLAIN it PHELPS. 103 Front street, Or to BOTD k HI.nCKEN, fel r 9 Teetiaa Baildiugs, No. 00 Wall street. ?rWiTED STAtEft .Hd GRfcAf URiTain |HSW AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI ill?? GRANT OFFICE.?The subscriber* are prrpated tu eng?a p tte?eit to come out by the early Bpriag ships, at a very low rate. Drafts can. as usual, be furnished, payable throughout the Cn>ttd Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to f3T J. HKKDMAN k Co.. 01 Soeih st. ^ , PASSAGE FROM NEWRY.IRELAND?The V?"*. fast sailing coppered ship BROTHERS, Cspt. Mwe burthen, will nil from the abmre the 10th March aaat. sfsnlisf a rood oimortunitv for corner Maiden laae. *P!LflW-E?The fine feet sailing topsail aeheou ?i.t. I? A> 1,1 months old; built of the best mate ? T~iv i????,r?1 roPP*r moUned; and wall and eou.psuivl^ndin every reapeet. She can be seen at the loM ef Batters street. East River. J ??>H, H A V RE - Second Line. f?lw"mr ' j" mABoVe8. 57 Pearl i ? ? v., "i' " f iv LI r,? - Second Line. - ,,"P V,N4D4i L damee Kunck, wi *' ?' March. For freight or paaaege, ap W *t?, RoTo fcMINCVEi 0 Toutme Build^gs, No M Wal MkfC W ANTED-A ship to load for a aonthenTr jD?L' il'i r COLLINS k CO {jjitzE, A FOR SALE, ON nwaib); terms, the two ?tonr HOUSE AND COT, N'. 4*7 I lidoon street, (iu the block of St. Lake's IsULCna eh, J Trinity Church lease of >1 tmii from the 1st lay Beit, (with Privilege of renewal.) a? $lfe per yw ground "*?' ????? 1 "w.ww,|.? vim yvi ym Riuui. rent. I he It oar u in perfect order, having beet Minted last May wridc undent Apply oe the premiaea, ot to WILLIAM KETCHAM. Esq. No. W Murray at. ft31w*mc NOTICE. M DWELLING HOUSES, STORKS and meant Lots, for sale .rent or exchange . I areata) eats made oe pro duct! re Real Estate. that will par from tea te twentf Rjrcent on the parchaae money, with an incieaae in value of om ten to fifteen per cent per aanam. Money procured oa Bond and Morttr.ce; and Policies of losarance obtained from the most responafblc companies m the country. ~ Apply'at 133 Third Arenac, JOHN ALLEN N.B?Plaus, elemtinua, specifications sad contracts far buildings, furnished ken or at No S B-oad street, at.ihe short est noti. e. CALVIN POLLARD 110 lm*re Architect FOR BALK. OR TO LE f, oa the most tessouable Dwelling Houses, iu North if' terms, three two-story Sixth, between 8-xth and Seeauth streets, Williams . rx, L. I. Two ofthe shore ar- new, and intended as genteel residences, being finished ie the best manner, and supplied with spying and raia water in the kitchen, and coal mnlta ia treat, " " rent, Icc. Two-thirds of l^e purchase money may remain ecurod, at i per tent. Kne.ue on jhw ^m^oro^ flJ lm'rre 0? Wall street QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEABRe-Bitn PJB ate ou the Passaic river, iu North Belleville, formerly has owl of the I belouging to Abraham Jorai-mou, Esq. Said quarry . __ n extensively worked far years psst, sad is ens .. Iba best quarries of freestone ia New Jersey, and is ia good order for wspaing. The p anises eousist of two dwell ings, store house, two barns, rwo hundred Uet of wharf, and seventeen ocr. s of laud, winch will be sold entire, or the qe<rry separate, if deeired. For further particulars, enquiro of the snoseriber, at the poet olfiae iu Belleville. N. J. JOHN t. LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. I*. IMC. fi* im*me A bsiuu .i HOUSES ANU LOT FOIL SALfi. * A PLEASANT emu try seat in the village of Modi oli, Mor-is couutv. New Jersey, within a lew minutes ralk ol the beootilul residence of Wui. Gibbous, Esq., Hue about 13 miles from New York city?communication to id from twice a day, sny day in the year, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on which ?re Two Houses sua a Bara, with ? first ra ? well of water. Good schools and churches in th* immediate vieinitv The rom twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris and Es ahon ool o schools ana churches in th* immediate visimtv The premises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking the whole village; end is one of the most desirable locations in the r lace, being wthio two minutes walk ofthe raiLoad de pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing business in the eity, who destr?s to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to tho subscriber. . E. T. THOMPSON, m lm're Momatowu, N. J. ~ FIFTEEN FARMS. T) LACES of from two to thirty acres each, s plead id Views Jr ofthe Sound. Village and Lai " " _ ? ~. -. ii.ii,. . >????- ? Leading,for Sale ?t New Ri> chjlle. ICth March, IMC. at 1 o'clock, P. M., at public Auction. Terms liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A. Lawrence, Auctioneer. New Kochellt; or John R. Patera, New York. Mapa at Miller's tavern. New Rochelle. 1IC 5w*re DAGUERREO I'YPE PATENT 198UKD. TbAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS are informed that tha mJ Patent for the nrw Coloring Process of the subscribers has been issued. Applications for the Patent right for the United States, may be addressed to the subscribers? the price of which will be $73, materials and instructions included.? Infringers will be dealt with according to law. A new price current, embracing Voightlaenders Apparatus, and all other articles used in tha Dagaarrnotypo ait, may also bo had, by addressing (post paid) to W. fc F. LANOENHEIM, fIS lm*rre Philadelphia Exchange. BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, So. 1 St. John's Lone corner Beach street, New York. THE SUBSCRIBER would inform hit Customers and the ?? Public, that he keep* constantly on hand a large sepply of fancy and common BirdCages of every description, which he offers fjr tale at a lower rata than they een be bought else where. Merchants would find it to their advantage to cell and exunme hit stock. J. KELLY. P. 8. Country orders attended to with promptness and dis patch ft lm'm TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. J? REE STONE famished by the sabecriber, rqusl to Con r necHeut in quality, end JO per cent cheeper, on application to A. Wiinon, stone Cutter, Jersey City, or at the Qua try, Aqeackanonk,N. J. f!7 lm're ABM. H. VREF.L A ND. NEEDLE <Je r ISH-HOOK MAN Ur AOI Oit Y, 77 Alaldon Lane. WM CROWLEY fc SON, manufacturers of the above articles, respectfully inform the importers of New Yok and other cities, that they have now on hand a large stock of the above articles, which they are willing to sell at a small ad vance from the mannfactaring prices. Any of the trade, or im porters, can bavo their needle# labelled with their own name, if deviled. P. S. ? Robebt Cbowlev, importer of Sheffield and Bir mngbim Ho ids, hi pert of the ??bore store. fit lm*rc NbW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. E) ATCHDLOR'i new invented Wigs and Scalps so perfect AA Jy resemble the natural hair as to defy detection. It is now sesrcely a matter of regret losing an indifferent head 01 hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the eonntenance and style of every wearer, and without any of the veiationt difficulties SO long experienced by wig wearers, can be procured itWM. BATCHELOK'S, i Waif street, near Bro.dviy Removed from IO Broadway. ft lm*r SHIRT MANUFACTORY. As. 87 MAI DEM LAME. (UP STAIRS) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. THE SUBSCRIBER offer* to the Pat.lie a method of making ahirta, which icuders ease asd comfort to th? wearer and its complete fit; as no pains have been spared to ob tain the best I men pattern shirts. Having had long experience in the business, the Snbseriber is enabled to make all tke necessary improvements and give gcnrral a itisfaction. WM. COLLINS tO lm*r LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. mty do so by sending for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residence* by appointment. H. LEVETT, No. t Wall street, N. V. All ordess through the Poet Office, or otherwise, punctually attended to. Jalt lm*r INK, SEALING WAX. WAFERS, Stc. If KA OROS8 Seed Pen Black Writing Ink. t, 4,8,8,18 and wOU Si ox.; 188 gross Bine. Red, Japan ana copying INK. rarioastinee; Ida gross Indelible INK, with or without a pre jamtioo? warranted: MM lbs- WAFERS, all kinds, from 10c. to 68c. pel lb : MM lbs. SKAL1NO WAX, various qualities, from Sd. to f 1 per lb. The above esr warranted equal to any in the eoutry. Dea tars supplied on liberal terms, at low prices, by THADDEUS DAVIDS, Mannfacntarer and Importer, 1?8 lm*re lli John sirvet. opposits Cliff. COMFORT FOR THE AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIN EKADICATOR. THIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continues in astonish all who nan it, or who have been favored with the slightest knowledge of its wonder working effect* npou the human system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where tbis ii fallible remedy is applied, it matters not from what cause it may hare originated. Principal Depot, 88 John street. fll lm*r LEECHES! LEECHES!! JUS I' received, Iresh (applies ol Swrdish, Herman and Smyrna Leeches, for sale at modrrate price*, by O A.?c H. WITTE. flS lm*r Importers of Leech's. M John at., rv. Y. WRAPPING FaPER. REAMS Cap, Crown and Double Crown rag and WV/W screw wrapping paper, just received anil for ??Te by turnE k BROOKS, f!8 Imr U and (7 Nassan street. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE! I For sole by MOORE k CO., the American Agents, #1 Ann street, and Elliott, ITS DIVISION STREET, op Kte Ludlow. Now York, fries 81 a bottle?Six bob for M. Philadelphia, Tnttie, <8 South 4th street nfi lm js THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS B A K D ? T'AONEtTc FLUID. DECENTLY importsd. celebrated both in Europe and IV America, for the core of rheumatism, snd all chronic or nervons diseases. For sale by the truce, doxea or single ona, at sbducbd raicn*. A. B. k D. SANDS, 79 Fulton street, ft lm*r comer of Gold. ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. Boot and Shoo y street, would Mie generally. nu estaunsneu me use rrree system. The price will b% found written on the diffeet kinds ol Boon end Shoes, which will be tbe Lew bit and only prior asked in future in thia Establish** patronage recei thw " THE PROPRIETOR ef ft* Washington L Stan. No. 8:8 Oreenwieh. comer of Sarela^^^^^^H r spectfnlly inform his enstomsrs and the Mat be hu established ths One Price system. ?l found writteu on the diffent kinda ol ?nick will be tke luwbst and only priee ? is Establishment. He would thank the publi^^^^^^H ?tronage rectived, and solicit a continuation ?is most dssirsbls way of trade, ths Out Pries System. ? Do not fomot the number, 818 Oreuuwieh. corner of Barclay Brent, senr ths Hobokre Furry. JAMES WlOOINo ^fwimPrJIB??????????HHHHH SHOAHk ESSENCES AND PERFUMERY, of all kinds. ? ML No. I Court)sadt street. The Subscribers, original inventors sad maanfactorers of ths gennme Walnut Oil .Mili tary 8having Soap, which wa warrant to surpass all other pre parations, having greatly enlarged our facilities are prepared to execute any orders la our line. We have constantly onl :o i Ihi bo India and I hand hit My scanted Almond, Jtcse. Msmk, Windsor, Palm, and Toil ( Soap* ; estra Tale Family and Crotou 8 ontiug Soap, n now and splendid arti^^^^^^B splendid urticlu, well ^?ted not to siaB and to and I parmtiou, having greatly enlarged onr facilities are preparedl large a^H Fore I South Amur can markets, warranted to stand any elimateS I Orncom, Druggists, red dealer* in general, are requested to I call and eaamme for themselves. | j*lmV lOIINHON. VROOM k FOWLF.R. | Cto-OLU LEAF AND DENTiaVs HOLD FOIL OF SU-I V petx" Quality-Oold Foil t? oer ox : Oold Loaf at thai ?ywest market prices ? Pale Oold fc 30 per package: Sihrsrl i Leaf, Oold, Silver red Copper Brontes, Re . at the Faetory.l 48 Reads streeE J. L. WAUOH, I ? jtaim'rc Practical Oold Beater. | KINK FRENCH BOOTS FOR 81 38-City made,' ^^?and are equal to those rold iu other stores foe 83; flee ^?French Calf Boots for $1 58, equal to the beat made in this ^^|city for 88 or 87?at YOUNO k JONES' French Boat ^^Hsiioe Manufactory: one of the most fashionable in thia ? city; our Boots having been judged ia the late Fair at Niblu's, I are said to be the beat Boot* ever sold iu this city- All Boots I warranted to (it* satisfaction. I YOUNO k JONES. 4 Ann street. _ ? js87tm*rh ceur BtqsAwut. New York. J 11 Mil sad Tlmd Head. Just arrived and about fifty Northern imnRHniVHEBBH^HRHF are eight pairs matched: rrbs?mr N( CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW YORK, } . CoLLECToa'a Office, February 19, tta. J OTICE-? Proposals will be received it this Office until _ II o'clock. A M on Tuesday, 10ih March oext, for far- < pishing the following anpp'ws of Oil f>r the consumption of llwLwht Housm, Beacons ai d Light Runts in Ihia district, i under ihe superintendence of the undersigned,'?i* , 4.9 6 galloon Soring Bporassreti strained Oil >,468 do Winter pressed Oil from liaad nutter. Tlie oil in to be of the aery beat quaiiry?to be guaged by a ; U'-lted StJtai the fine of dalirery-and 10 he de livered aa required, in iron-board can'a, n?t exceed lug SO gal lons each. '1 be oil is ro be thoroughly te?ted by 'he oiloiae i tar, sad by burning, before payment ia made tberefor. Bids from reraoos not ? mated in 'he bnaioasa to which this adrertiaemeiil rrlrra, will not be en rrtaiued. Parson* prop, ting a*c r-quested to n ark :heir proposals oo : the < u taide, " Proposals /or Oil " i C. W L\WRF.NCE. fig >awM andThtl*? SupH't o/ Lighte. fc. NOTICE IS HERKBV UIVEN,.thatau application will ba made 'o the Leg-stature of thi iState, in thia aesaion, for an est to incorpormio a Society called the "Jacksou So rata." New York, January Id, IMC jalS tawdw *re COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chestnut Street, between 6th and 1th Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAQLET. MACKENZIE * CO., Proprietors. James UiauT, lata of Jonee'a Ho'ai Hanar C. Maoaxnais, formally ef W ,~f.uigtou Homo. PaTca L. Fcuuusoir- fit tau UNiTEii States hutel, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City,D. C. rPHE PROPRIETORS of thia new, large and moderu bailt k aatabliabmeut, raapectfally toadar their than Ira to the pub lie for tha liberal aupport they have gireu, and aoafidantly anti cipate an increasing popularity from the elf rta of the under signed to the public Accommodation. The house is situate on the Arnune, oo the promeuade aide, between Third and Four aiid a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and the Capitol. It ia capable of accommodating three hundred gueau. In all its parts it has recently undergone a general improvement for tha winter's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly famished?the ladies' ordinary Ustefnlly refitted; indeed in every divisjon of the house the primary consideration haa beeu to adapt It to the comfort of our patrons. The dining hall ia one of the moat commodioua and heat light ed. by day and night, in the Union. Oar train of servants en polite, active, obedient, end well disciplined. Briefly, we con fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating public ia ell the essentials roquimd to reader n public house n home to the traveller. Charges as heretofore, S1 SO per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, in consonance with the spirit of the times. TYLER Ik BIRCH. n2S Sm eod+re 1). W. STONE, Attorney at Law, Raleigh, N. O. WILL attend to the collection of any cleirna that may be entrusted to his care. Refer to Messrs. Woochull h Mintura, New York. Bryan It Maitlaad, " L. Myers It Co. " A. M. Tredwell, Esq. dM 3taw9n>*r S. BASSETT FRENCH, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, attends ell the courts held in the city of Richmond and county of Chesterfield, Virginia; office Manchester, Virginia?Refers to. His Excellency, James McDowell, Governor of Virginia; His Excellency John K. Wiley, Lieut. Governor, Virginia; Hon. John Y. Mason, At i?? 7 i kJirita. wutciuui, t ii^ium; iiuu> ? una ? , muvili B toruey General U. S.jHou. Sidney 8. Baxter, Attorney Gene ral, Vs.; Hon. John W. Jonee, late Speaker H. R. U. 8., Hon E. P. Scott, Speaker of the Senate of Vs.; Hon. C. Droing iole M.C., Va : Hon. James A. Seddon, M. C., Vaj Hon. Ge>v. W. Hopkins, M. C., Vs.; Edward H. Hudson, lit Broadway, New York. N. B.?Mr. Hudson will taka charge of any papeia mt nded for Mr. French and forward same to him safely. d003taw>m*r CHEAPEST AND BEST INSTRUCTION l.V 'I UlTlSd Academy, 1(9 Broadway, opposite John afreet. BttlSTOW'S Rnperior and Elegant Commercial System of WRITING, WILL continue to be faugMfduriug his stay iu New York,) to Ladies and Gentlemen of evert ang, Day or Eve ning, in Twelve Lessons, for the small charge of Om.T Five Dollaes ! Mn. Briitow, Finishing Writing Muster, promise* and oua esmtees to ALL, old or yonng, to impart a beautiful, feke, ExrcoiTioi's and rasMioiranLE style of Penmanship, no matter how bad, illeoible or cRAMrED may he the writing. IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR $4 09 ONLY ! *?*Boou Kkepifio and Bhoet Hard taught thoroughly. N. B.?Privata lesaous givrn. K&miliea and Schools attend ed. >1 Stawlm*re LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. riESTLEMJiN and Families can obtain the IM1 ralne lot VT all kinds of superfluous e If ecu they wish to dispose of, saeh as Ladies ana Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire Anns, Furniture, lie. Gentlemen tearing or returning to the eiry will find it to their adranuge to send lor the snbecribor, who pledges himself to lire a fair price lor alt articles offered. N. B.?Alias through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to T. LEvkNBTYN, trt BrosHwsv. up suirs PAPER HANGING. HOWELL k BROTHERS, Manufacturers and Importers of i'aner Hangings, hiring opened in New York city a branch oftneir Philadelphia establishment, would respectfully call the attention of the citiseus of New York ana others wantinji goods iu their line, to their esteosire assortment ol PAPER HANGINGS. Borders, Fire Board Prinu, .Curtain l'ape-t, and all other articles in their line of business. H. k B. hire received from the Institutes for tne encourage ment of Domestic Manufactures in the eilies of New York, Philadelphia and Boston ailrer medals for the manufacture ol their goods, flatter themselves that they can sell a better article for theaame money thin can be inrrhucd elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The sebacribers would particularly call attention to their large assortment of Fresco Papers for Parlors, and Column Psperalor Halls, Public Rooma.Eutrira, Also, C'CUTAtw Parana, a new article for Windows. Papering ol Rooms, Halls, fce promptly attended to by emre ful workmen. Country merchants and city dealers will find it to their ad vantage to (ire ns a call. HC WELL k BROTHERS, No MX Broadway. Two doors a bora the City Hotel. A Jot of Drawers and Bhelriog for sale as a bore. lafT 1m*rh IHEGENUINE PRE PA RATION. DR. SWAFNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES, AR thoso whose Lungs are affheted slightly, should take VP this Syrup without delay, by whica they may prevent the fiiiug of that dire dieease fully and firmly. How important then, to sroid it. Nerer lire a day with a eongh when this Hyrup eaa be had and run are n nrl y certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. DR. SWAYNEV COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. It is a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it is called Wild Cherry, because that article is the basis of the preparation. It is so combined with other ingredients, that the utmost effi eieney is given to iu good qualities; as a .upporter and preser ver of the powers sad functions ol life, it has no equal. Cavnoiv ?All preparatiooa of Wild Cherry, except Dr. Swayne'i, are fictitious aud counterfeit, and sprung up year, after this valuable remedy had introduced itself into the sick Chamber ; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balsams'* and " Spurions Mixtures," but try the gennine and be cured Prepared only by Da. Swarng, N. W. comer of Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia. Sold wholesale and retail at Charles H. Rings, (late Dr. Mil oor'a ) 19t Broad way. corner of John at.; and at Dug stores, l?8 Bowery, 771 Broadway. Mi Bleacher at., M Hudson street, and 34> Grsnd St'eet. jUlm'm FITS! FITS! ( VAN'8 VEGETABLE EXTRACT-An infallible remo F.pileptic Kite or Falling Sickness. Coaralsioea, *c.?1 his medicine, which is parelr venerable, is the only remedy that has ever been discovered which will positively rare this hitherto iuralnersble disease. It is wefl known, from time immemorial, physicians have pronounced Epileptic Fits incurable. It has baffled all their skill, and the boasted power of all medic ne.and consequently thousands hare suf fered through s miserable rxistsnee.snd at last yielded aptheir lives upon the altar of insanity. This is no fiction, as the pa ternal feelinra of innumerable hearts will bear testimony.? And with all deference to tho opinions of physicians, tho learned and great, wesay positively, Epilepsy can be cured.? Wo care not of how long standing, or what are the effects pro daced by it, it can be eared. Tne Vegetable Extract it all powerful in curing this dread seoorge ot the tinman family? nnndrtda haw been cured, and the certificate* of many may beaaenat the principal offies, IM Grsnd straet. New York, whore the afflicted are invited to call and have their canes ex amined, aud advic* given free of charge. Let thoae who donbt the efficacy of the Vegetable Extract, or who think toeir esse is hopeless, let inch call upon the followingr persona, who have either been eared, orare now nsiag the medicine. Mrs. Jane Bennett, whooe ton was afflicted for tight or nine Cars with Epiletie Fits, was enrsd by using tho Vegstable xtraet?call end nee her at 171 Grand sL Mr. Jieob Petty, who wan afflicted for four yuan with Epi lept e Fits, was eared by asing the Vegetable Extract; call and ae* him at 174 Delaacy street. Mr* s-lsaaor W.KiTwaa afflicted for twenty years with Epileptie Fits, and was cared by asing the Vegetable eitraet?call and see her at Yockvilla. Mr. Wm. H. Torse lis, who bee been afflicted for twenty-three years with Epileptic Fits, is aowus'ug the Vvgstobla Eiir-et. call and sen him at No. lit Broome street And nnmsrons others may be called on if desired Price $1 per bottle. Ivan's Vegetable Ante Billons Pills, for removing all morbid and eorrapthumors, and parilying thn blood. Price JS cents per box. DBS. I VANS k HART. Proprietors. Principal Office IM Grand St.. Nnw York. fid lm*m AN EXTRAORDINARY WORK, And Out which thouid bt in the Handi of every Married Per ton. MORAL PHYSIOLOGY, OR a plainly written Treatise on the Population Question, by the Hon. R D. Owen, with Additions and Alterations, by H. Glover. M. D. To every person of sound common sense, this work is ono which will eomnuad the highest misc. It is true s few ignorant poopln may condemn it, bat the editor is fullp persuaded that the high importance of the sulyeet ol which it treats will present itself so forcibly to redeetiag minds, that it mail command respect. Were this book care fully read by evary married person, and iu advic* strictly' fol lowed, we are persuaded that a diftraat state ol society from the present would exist- _ _ , Price or the Book M cants. For sale by Bargees, Stringer k Co., 2? Broadway, c irner of Ana street, by whom the trade Will be supplied. Persons in the eoastry, ky enclosing Alport paid, will on supplied with two copies in mail binding. Post age on tho book, to any part of the United States, is five cants. Illm*re CHAPPED HANDS. ROUSSEL'S AMANDINB-A very oelsbrued arpels for the certain earn and prevention of Chapped Hands. For salo at the principal dmcgisu and dealers in perfumery Wholesale and retail. Bl lm*v GRATIS. ROUSSEL'S UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, TUIE most ?s peri or article now in ? nettly vmt up in A imsll botes, and pttiwtid free of charge, or trial, to til a"i?''"?"tioviML,i? am,. Wholesale sad reUil. jtl tm*r I LEECHES! LEECHES! J US I RECEIVED a fresh supply of Sweediah and Smyrna otM,,bf J. FERDINAND CLEU. . _ _ Importer of Leeches, No. ltbNtssau street -1n?Sr LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPORTERS OP FRENCH GOODS, rP AKE treat pleasure in informing their raetcmere that tftey A .hare jast received by the packets Burgunuy and St. Nicholas, their uaw fancy ipriat goods, consisting ot the richest style Lyons Silk, rich Tana printed Mnslin-de-laices, Barege, Balxorine. Tarletan Jaconets, Rc.?Also, the largest assortment of B roe he and Printed long and square Shawls, Scarfs, he. In style and richness, we believe oar goods can not be surpassed by any importation this Spring, roar kind attention to, and inspection of the same is respectfully solicited. LAURENT h fill OTHER. jal71m*r No.tWillian

B TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, i OARDINU HOUSES and all who lilts their Farniture to ' he spotless, clear and brbibt. Forgiving ths highest polish, lor requiring lass labor, time in using, preventing stains, for cleanliness and cheapness,Lauglev's Furniture Cream is nnds , mably tape riortoaay, CHA8 H. RINO. Agent, fid lm*r Itt Broadway, corner John street EXTRACTS I FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. F TP WARDS of flllv varietiaa of Iks ehoieeet Extracts, s \J sals wholesale and retail, by k.*BOU88KL. 1M Broad* NEEDLES *Wr SMITH k BON'S wall known and highly astaam " ed Dnlled-Cyed Needles, warranted equal in quality to any imported into ths United States, and soid wholesale only, by jJkM&S WALTON, No. mi Market street, Philadelphia. Bd?*r? ftf rnnntFirfi^i j*l Im*r MOUSSELINES DE LAiNE. 1 DH NK W fPK'NU STYLES of Koraigu and Domestic, a VU Jest received, saiubla to Southern and Westers Trade, and for sale by F. SHELDON k CO., jBlm*m 11 William street. BOOKS BOUGHT. DERSON9 wishing to dispose of their Lihrariee, either A laree nr small. w>1, always find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing afew litres, giving name and number, to J. M'C ABE, ft lm*r 7f Naaaan, or 1(7 Hivingtoa street. THE CHOICEST PREMIUM TOILET SOAPS, H| lOHLY PERFUMED with Patchonly, Verbena. Roes Bouquet, ke. fcc. are to be found at the store of the . an h acrirer, E. ROUSSEL, lit Broadway, Wholesale and retail. jll lm*i TRUFFLES. Alan, Bordeaux Wines ia casks and cases, Kierteh, Absinth and Champagne, of the heat brands l2?lm*r p U ANO?The subscribers offer for aale on very accommo U dating terms, the beianee of the ship Shakspeare's cargo? the only direct importation into this port from Iehaboe. Kxpe nmeats in this country and England, prove it to be at lc equal if not superior te the Pa equal 11 an supwiui w ms I'wtvian: much (Jaano from other parts ol Alrica has been sold as Iehaboe, which on trial hat produced unfavorable results. To prevent the Iota of ammo nia. thia cargo has bean put..rir ogjg to tt Booth a iafT 3d Booth street fAUOuANV, rObKWDoI), ^eiWaVs OOi), kc, tcc. i ~ ? ? t OR BALE liy E. O. STACV, No. M Wooeter street, be tween Broome and Spring streets. The entire stock will be sold, together or in parcels to anit purchasers, at from It to cot Del U per cent bel ow the market jprice, either for eaah or approved notes. The following conatitntea a portioa of the stock, rii: 40,000 feet (rath cut crotch Mahogany Veneers. 00,00* do do shaded and mottled do do. 10,000 do do superior Rosewood Veneers. 10,000 * inah, IK and I inch Mahogany ISO logs Mahogany, 10 do Rosewood, 0 do Zabrawood. > Ian IhlinvnM. kr . Iu> lad lm*m MORE CONFIRMATION THAT CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED. THIS ia to certify, that I have been afflicted with a cough aud shortness of breath from iufancy. 1 took a heavycold,which settled npou my longs, and which my plyairian, after using | rarioui temedica, pronounced incurable. I had a paia in my ehest and left aide, Dad cough, fever, night sweats, costisencss. derangement of my stomach and bowels, great weakness and Eros (ration of strength. Having heard ofthe many cores effected y Bcheuck'a Pulmonic Byrnp, 1 determined to give it a fair trial. It loosened my conch and relieved my breathing, and nfUrnsiug it tome tune, Ibegan to recover. It am at this time perfectly well and hearty, and attribute my recovery solely to the Pulmonic Byrnp, as the means by whicn I was restored to health. It ia an excellent medicine, and I wonld recommend all to try it, believing that if the diractioua are followed, they will be cored as i have been. ENOCH SWALLOW, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The genuine Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the Qrtetor, and ia for sale at his principal office, No. 4 Conrt t street, where persona can receiveadrice, hare their lnngs examined, and obtain pamphlets describing consumption, dye penaia, and liver complaint, free of charge. For sale at Dr. Carroll k Co.'a, 3 Murray street; A. B. Saudi it Co., 273 B load way; C. Hatchings, 243 Bleecker street; and C. Ford, 274 Fonrth street, cor. Wooater, Washington Square, si d H. Everett, 96 Hudson street. Please beer in mind that P. 8. Beekman does not sell my ori K'oel (Jenaine Pulmonic Syrup, and to avoid deception, apply r the old established m eoiciue, at No. 4 Courtlandt atraet jl Im'ni J. H. SCHENCK. DR. ^HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUrrORTER. rpHE nipenority of Dr. Hull's instruments over all othen, A ia acknowledged by the moat eminent physicians m Ea rope and America. Office 4 Veaey street. Actor Hons*. A female in attendance i> the ladies' departs*#*! Jtt lm?r NEW ESTABLISHMENT. For the EzehMve Sale of Choice PERFUMERY" FANCY SOAPS, AND TOLLET ARTICLES, _ Wholesale aiv? Retail. HE inbacriber, who exhibited at the late Fair of the Ame rican Institute, the mech admired display of choice Per fumery and Toilet Soaps, and who was there awarded, by the honorable jndgee, a Golden Medal, has opened an establish ment is this city at No. 150 Broadway, wheae he offers a speci ality ol Perfumery not to bo snrpoaeed either in Europe or America. He would remark that his Perfumery has the great advantage over the foreign of being freshly prepared, and that the unequalled opportunities be enjoyed of learning his art in the Laboratory of Laugier Peru at h lis, of which 1m was for many yean the director, guarantees his possession of a skill equal to that of any Euroi>ean Perfumer. A complete assortment of choice articles of the most cele brated foreign houses, will at all times be kept on hand, thus rs to compare.and to choose, and he has enabling his customers . . ? also impo'ted from Paris a beautiful assortment of FANCY ARTICLES suitable for the app oeehing holidays. Thesobscnber does not advertise Soap which will change deformity into beanty, and old age Into youth, or Pomatums which will possess the tmnscendrat virtue of creatine new or gans for the growth of the hair These miracles he leaves lor others; but he does pretend to offer TOILET SOAPS, so sci entifically compounded that no nnneutrslised alkali remains to fret the most delicate skin, rnd he offers s most elegant prepa ratioe, so highly recommended by as accomplished authoress of America, his AMANDIN E, which will prevent or cure the most inveterate chapping <-f the shin i nurivallei Ho offers his uunvalled SHAVING CREAM, an artiplr which, ifonce tried, will always be present in every gentle mnn s musing ease He offers his COSMETIC CREAM, so invaluable an appli cation to delicate facet after shaving, a much more elegant pre peratioa than the Cold Cream He offers for the heed, OILS. ESSENCES, POMATUMS and WA8HE3, possessed of various properties, some design ed to beautify and the healthy hair^ome to rnre disor dered action of tha Scalp; some of toothing emolnient pro perties for the irritable head; others stimulating and tonic to the debilitated Scalp, impaired in its fnnetioua by aiekneas and other eanaes. These remedies, compounded with well-known Physiological principles, frequently" restore the hair, stop its falling when its loss does not arise frt Tom a destruction ol the or gans of the hair, and are uot to be rnulounded with the thou Mud nostrums so shamelessly warranted to cure in all cases ? Hit BKAR.S OIL, he assures the pnblie. is perfectly genu when represented ss such, and it prepared, by an application nine , . . _ . _ ication ol heat.aoearafnl as not to endanger the peculiar organisation, in virtue ol which it differs from ether subttaaces of a similar character. For the quality of bin goods, he can refer to Messrs. Aspia r " ihan.cWit * -TTr wall, Milhan, Chilton, and many others of the most respecta ible chemists of this city, who for the last sevoral yean have tended articles of hia manufacture. Finally, everything at hik store will he as represented, and il any article does not give full aauafaction, it will not only wil lingly, but alao thankfully be taken back- The subscriber ia ir \ioua to acquire for his establishment n character for veraei good faith, when, from tha nature of the articles, theie it to much room for misrepresentation, and he enjoins it upon all ia his employ to maintain the same adherence to truth and l^i^A cel. is ?est Manufacturer and Importer Perfi^M Broadway, bvtween Liberty and and 114 Chesuat street. A1 fUt REWARD will begiven to any 35 IvU prove that T PRICE, MDiviuos^^^^B I larger and handsomer assortment ofBell Flow^^^^^^^H yen to My person that wii| Hon street, has uot swats than all tha other Aatiflcial Flower Maaufsetnrers iu the city. Exhibitoa "fee for one moith. W lm*m MONTHLY REPORT FOR JANUARY, OP THK NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. TB Chambst* Strwet. cases scecxisrvt.LT Tana ted. 4 Throat Dtsoase, I Cases of Midwifery, t Pain ia tha Chest 1 Pain ia the Hide, I Disease Liver 4 Palpitation of the Heart T Irritation in Urethra, II Cases of Semiaal Weakness, I Under Treatment, I Pleurisy, 5 Gonorrhoea ? Disease of the Bkm ? Examinations of the Chest to detect Disease of C 1 Case or Gravel, J Dyspepsia I Coativeness cured without giving Purgatives, I Cases of Impotency, ?1, I Primary Venerevl I SSecondary Syphilis. I Deafness cured by removing Wax from the Ears, I Lumbago, 1 Pai 'sin ia the Lege, t Atrophy, 2 Cases of Apoplexy 1 Bad ConghT S Great Debility and Lea* of Appetite, from improper habits 1 Cases of Diarrhme, 1 Case of Vomiting, 4 Cases of Nodes on the Boase under treats eat, I PrimarvConsampiioa eured by early treatment, l^wfSoral^H I Caaea of Horn Eyes, I Erysipelia of the Face, 4 Head Ache 1 Hip Joint dines as under treatment, I Acute Inflammation of tha leutc lnfli Bladder, 4 Bubo, 1 Cases of Fever 1 Inflammation of tha mouth of tha Womb, I Quinsy Sort Throat, 1 Cases of Piles 1 Case of Hysterics, 2 Epilepsy, 1 Severe Csee of Cholie, 2 Cases Chicken Pot, 1 Affection of the Hen t. Bcocessptl OrxUATtoas also Crags. 1 Fracture of the Radius, I Strictures eared ia the Ure thra, without cutting or bnrmng. 1 Operation for Hare lip, 3 Polypus removed from the Note 3 Retention of Urina, 4 Wounds Dressed, 3 Cases of Hern m, 1 Dislocation reduced, 2 Operations for disease'ofthe Ant ran, 1 Bad Spra<a of Wrist Joint, 1 Burn oftha Fees 1 Adipoim Tumor rumored from the Leg, 1 Amputation of Finger, 2 Hydrocele or water ia tha Scrotum, 1 Pin taken out of the Throat, 1 4 Sore Legs ef long standing 1 Falling oftha Womb, 3 Operations for Diseases of j the Eyelids, 1 1 Contraction of the Orifice ef the Urethra. She poor attended te between 4 and J, ia the afternoon. B.?This institution in not connected with my other is this eity H. BOSTWICK.M. D? nisciiy is. nvni wmn, w.,_ fil 3w*re Attending Burgeon and Physietag. LIU J / re Tfl? Ct UAL-122 torn Ovrell Coal, now landing tram ahiP bur Cltjr UUlUgcBM. Thc Stsects ! TuilTaitTi!? Every body is crying ion of tbo street*. And we do not out nbout the condition c. wonder at It, either.Tfie etreeti in the lower port of the city are piled up taewatatn high with enow on the (idee and centra, ao that U i* almost, and in eome atreota absolutely impossible to vara The ( orpoia'ion onght immediately to let a. thousand men at work to cart the mow away. It maker very hard work for the poor horaea. and brdaka xlefghs, i runners, he. in great num bers. We saarwited-rail of boxes upset yesterday in Wall street, aqd although aobody was injured, it looked rather dangeroua We hope something may oe done to clear away the huge pi lea of snow in tho street*. Ikstsllatio* ? The Her. Thomas L. Harrir will be installed as pa-tor of the Fourth Universalis Society of \ this city, at theirChtrreh In Kixabeth ?t.. near Walker. : tbia evening, at hadf-post seven o'clock. Hoy. hi. H. Chepin will preach the rermon. Haklkm Railboad ?There is great inconveuien-e en perienced by the manner In which the Harlem Radioed has been managed linos the snow storm. Instead ol clearing oil the snow, and running a* usual to City Hell, they only run to Broome street, where eleigha ere tekou. These eleighs cease running Height o'clock,whereas the cars formerly ran till twelve. This renders it very in convenient lor those who have depended on the railroad. AeOIBIMT ON TUB IllSIBM RaILBOAD.? Al OBI Of the cars from Twonty-feventh stieet was coming down, yes terday morning, a German, who waa riding on the front platform, in attempting to jump oil' at Seventeenth street, was caught between the car and a enow bank, and considerably injured. It was rumored that the men has since died. Tua Sba ScarcTT.?We published some days since, a short account of tho sea serpent, as seen by Capt. Law son, of the schooner Empire, oil' tbo Capes ol Virginia. We at the same time, requested our brother editors ol Newhaven, whether the vet-el nad gone, to make irupuiies into tho matter and give us the lacts. The ATeie H*tm Courier states that when between CapeHonry and Cope Charles, Cept. Lawson was in charge ol the wheel, when his vei-sel giated upon something, wbich he supposed to bo a wreck, from the fact that a dark looking object, resembling at first glance a rusty spar, waa at the aamo time aeon, standing erect, immediately by the side and above the railing. Soon, however, it was discovered to be a moving body, with a head and mouth which waa plainly marked by a reddish color along the side or about the jawa.and the captain,with much alarm, concluded that he waa really and truly, instead of going over a wreck, in contact with tha old fellow himself, the reel " sea serpent." After tha schooner had paasad over him, it was observed that there were two in company. The one first seen raised himself from the water eome 10 or 00 feet, end exhibited a body in length, as near as could be ascertained, full sixty feet. About ten feet from the heed there commenced a swell as lags aa a barrel, covered at stated distance* with nearly pointed projections, end reached in length about ten feet, end then ended quit* abruptly, when the body again as sumed its regular form, which wee, the Captain thinks, about the circumference of a schooner's spar. The full length of the serpent, or whatever it may have been, was judged to be some hundred feet?its head smell in proportion its body. The wind being light, the two were eeen together, to tho leeward, for rail half an hour, seemingly amusing themselves by alternately rising upon the top of the water and then sinking again be neath .the surface ; their heeds, whenever above the water! were always observed pointing to the East. To this statement, substantially, Capt Lawson, a* wall aa his hands, is raady to mhko oath, a* the opportunity pre sented gave them every chance to see, judge, and make comparatively correct estimates. Thb Bmrwarrs Society.?A committee of the so ciety site daily in one of the rooms of the American in stitute, for the express purpose of recc iviog communi cations from all persons who may be desirous to make them, to enable the members to perfect their organiza tion, and to cairy into effect the objects and purposes for which the society has been organized. There are many Circumstances, at present, botn with respect to time and place, that call loudly on those conversant with maritime affairs, to come forward, and offer such suggestions as their experience may luinish. The disastrous effects produced by the lale storm on our immediate coast, and the important position wbich tho city of New York holds as a commercial city, demand that every faciiity should be given to the society to perfect its organization: and, in connection with this subject, we do not know of any class of men who can give more useful information than the New York pilots. Their attention has also been directed to tho late shipwrecks, and particularly to that of tha John Minturn ; and thoy are receiving such evidence ae]la offered in relation to that deplorable event. We have baen informed that twolva young men, in the neighborhood of Rookaway, have offered to organize themselves into a body for the relief of vessels In dis tress, along that coast, upon being supplied with a life boat. and oiher necessary apparatus; and they promise, at all risks and haxards, to rondor every assistance ia thair power, upon all ocoasions, where it may be needed. Thc Dead.?The steamboat Orris has brought up four more bodies from Bernegat. She now lies at Fulton Market, where the necessary particulars may be ascer tsinod. A Run iron the Bakes?Nobody responsible?not the banks in Wall street only, but in every street in New York?not upon the bonks of paper, but the banks of snow, which obstruct the streets on each side, ren dering many of them impassable. Collisions occur cou stantly in Broadway, from the narrowness of the space between the snow-banks on each side. Whose business is it to level them 1 Dvst ah d Ashes.?Many people empty their ashes in the middle of the street, to blow snout and blind the {mblic. while they neglect to throw a particlce on their oy sidewalks. Whose business is it to correct these evils? Answer?Every body's?and he, of course, is no body. Raceett Club ?The building erected by (he Rackett Club, in Broadway, near Houston street, was opened yeste-der to the inspection of the numerous friends of the members. It is finished throughout in the moat ale Kit and costly style, and every thing appears to have u arranged with as much regarJ to the comfort and convenience of the members, as to appearances. The ' ntertainment was peifeotly in character with the as sociaiiona of those who have started this project?sump tuous in the table, tasteiul in the arrangements, and a company that displayed the aristocracy of beauty, wealth end intelligence, that it has seldom been our good fortune to find assembled toga'her. The music was unusually fine, and the band, which was composed of a larger number than is usual, acquitted themselves with great credit. In foot, it produced a most de licious ellect, as the large room was monopolised principally by the graceful spirit* that sought it, to glide in the I mazy waltz, which the many beautiful airs inspired. Fiae.?The alarm of fire, yesterday afternoon, at half Rust 6 o'clock, oiiginated from the upper story of the r?tive American Hall, corner of Broadway and Grand street. The upper room* and the roof were considera bly damaged before extinguishing the flames. The other si arm on Tuesday night at 19 o'clock, was the stove storo of Mr. Charles 8. Hein, No. It Bowery Damage trifling. Coaonta'a Orrics, Feb. Q6?Death fram Intempe rance ?The Coioner waa called to hold an inquest on the body of John Phillip*, an Kdg'lahman by birth, 17 years of age, who came to his death from intemperance and exposure: be has frequently lodged in the 14th ward station house, and last night he went to lodgo aa usual, and waa found dead in the morning. Verdict ac cordingly. Dea'hfrom a Fall?The Coroner also held an Inquest at 91 Ridge afreet, on the body of Henry Latterman, who came to his death from a fall whilo jumping from the Harlem Railroad a faw days ago. He waa a native of Germany, and 31 years of ago. verdict according to the above facts. Common Plena. Before Judge Daly. Fsa. 9*.? William Elliott vs. fraohington Holt and Thoo. Hem.?This was an action to recover 9604, five quarters' rant of a house and premises in Sullivan street, uaed aa a aoap and candle manufactory. The defence was a set-off. Proof was given, that in May, 1844, whan in a' the demise was made, the premisea were in a vary dila pidated state, and altogether unfit for either a dwelling or a manufactory, and a verbal understanding waa had between the partita that the plaintiff shoold put them in tenantable repair. Workmen were accordingly em ployed by plaintiff to make the necessary repairs, and the defendants allege they paid the workmen several sums on account of their contracts, which they now claim to set off against the plaintiff's demand. For plaintiff, Mr. L. Livingston; for defendant, Mr. White. The People to. Jlthard et at ?The Jury rendered a ver F. roi diet in this cause for the plaintiff, for $900, the amount of the recognizance. For plaintiff, Mosara. Derry fc Porter; for defendant,- Mr. Parsons. Before Judge I ng rah am. Jocfuei ro. Janet.? This cause is not yet concluded, although it has occupied the court thro# days. Alter plaintiff's counsel had got through with his [evidence yesterday, defendant's counsel moved for a nonsuit, which will bo decided this morning. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Kr.a. 96.? David Hermm et ah to. John Ryker el ah.? The jury in this caso gave a verdict in fever of the plain " * " $9, tiff to the amount of f9,IM W. John Jl. the Ocean Fire Jnevranee Co.?This . was a suit brought to recover specified damages in the 1 amount of two policio* of insurance for $9,600 each, upon certain premise* on th* corner of Washington i and f-eight streets, and personal property, consisting of ! machinery, he., in the building, owned and occupied by ; the plaintiff, end destroyed by fire on the 10th of July, ' 1844. This is a very complicated suit, and depends upon other testimony than that presented, in order to j establish a verdict Ai.axmi.ko Accident?On the 13th in?t., the smoke* house and part of the flooring oi the large warehouse of Hsnry Ames It Co., 8t Louis, Mo., gave way, and the great mass of moat in the smoke house, end the flour, moat, (sc., on the second and third Roots of the warehouse, wtte precipitated to the lower story, la this warehouse there are two smoke houso*. The eastern smoke house foil?the one in the corner, and connected with the wall* of the main building, remains standing, although filled to its ntmoet capacity. The Messrs. Ames had in th* store, lor merchants of the city, about 900,000 lbs. of bacon. Outside of th* smoke house, oa th* third floor, and within th* main building, a vary on th* uurd floor, and within the main building, a very large amount of bacon. flour, he., estimated at aboot 100^000 ibe., waa stored. Several men were engaged at work io th* building, who wor* muoh bruised by the i Ml. They were sxtrfoaud with sow* diMcuity Common Council. or Assistant A loibmen?Special Meeting, Wednesday fcverung, Feb 36?Nathaniel P?aroe, ?#q, President, In tha Chair, and a quorum of members pre aaot. On motion, tba reading ol tha minutea of tho loot moat ing of tha Board waa diapanaed with. Petition of Catherine Smartt, to receive tho aaaottnt due to bar huahand- referred. New Engine Hotute.?Tha Committee on Fi re Depart ment, reported in favorof building uaw engine beuaoe Oranginea Noa. 39 and >4, and appropriating tha auaa of 43 ooo for defraying tha necessary expenses of tha same Ileoort accepted and reaolution adopted. New St mi ef Colore far Preientation - A report woo made in faroroi appropriating the aunt ol $4W) forth# Mirpoee of procuring o auitoble stand of colora for tho First Regiment of State Infantry. Thia gave rtseto eon aidarahie diac uaaion, on acoount of tho C ommon Coun cil baring refuaed to appropriate a much laaa amount, where it would rhield tha Unitod Stataa troopa! from much suffering, at theirplaoe of landing, bp building o auitablo abed The report waa, hswevar, accepted, and tha reaolution adopted. ?Appropriation?, ft f?r 1944 ? The Comptroller'# re port of tho estimates of neceaaary oppropriot iona for 1844, with reaolution paaaod mtho Board of Aldermen, in iaror of applying to tha Legislature for the paaaage nable the Buperrieora of thia city to ratio ot an aot, to euabla the Buperrieora of thia city the money by tax, wore than taken up and conourred In. Mare Complaint, against the Keeper, at Blaekeaeiv, It I and- ? Aaai itant Aldermen Purrer offered o reaolution in faror of requeeting the Commi'tee, to whom woa re ferred certain chargea againat the Keepers at Blachwetl'a laland, in relation to employing couvicta to bring them to the city In boata at night, and loare them alone while they attended ball*, (to.; to inquire alao whether any du'lnctiou la made in tba treatment of Madame CoeteUo and Charier Maaon, lately convicted and rent up. Iron that adopted to tho ordinary priaonora ; information to that effect baring been communicated to him from a re liable quarter. The tubj et waa ao refert ed. Tho Board then adjourned until Monday evening Mat. Police Intelligence. Fib. 34.? Grand Larceny. ? Thotnaa Gain and Goftge 'rrob Reed, (two sailors,) wore arreated yoatorday, fori bing a young mon by the noma of David Roe, reaiding at No. 334 Water street, of a wallet containing two $40 bank billa, of tho Tradaamona Bank, alao, two $10, and a $4, the balance not remembered. It appears Be# wont into a porter houae at No. 337j Watar atreet, kopt by John Montgomery, on 'Monday night, about 10 o'clock, and took a drink; alao akowod bla money on the counWr. Those two aailora come up to Roe, gave mm a loving em brace In the bar-room, at the acme time, stole bia wallet from his pocket, containing tho obore money, and imme diately left the promises. Policeman Akrons, of tlie 4th ward, sow those two aailora, on the night of tho robbery, standing on the corner of Chatham and Roosevelt streets, counting soma money, and, after thoy left, ho discover ed on th? sidewalk, whoro they stood, a wallet, which wallet has been identified to be the one stolen from Roe, containing tha money ; and, furthermore, to mako tho uvuwauiu^ aaauo uawuwy > eaiu, aua wi?awivav| aw aatw case still stronger, Mr. Benj. P. Mamirro, exchange Jourly broker, No. 330 Broadway, under the Museum, clearly identified Reed to bo tho man who waa in compony with Gain, for whom he exoheaged a $40 for each of them on tho Tradesman#' Bank, and gave them gold In exchange. Policeman Ahrtns arretted both these men yeaterday morning.juat as they wore starting toaea, and recovered about $80 of tha money, for which he de serves much credit for his vigilance. The Chief of Po lice looked them both up lot examination. Attempt at Orand Larceny.?George Burns (a boy, and a notorious thief) waa arrested yesterday, caught In tho act of packing up a quantity of wearing apparel, valued at $43. It appeora thia young rascal slipped up stairs into an upper room in the houae belonging to Mrs. Catha rine Devoe, No. 14 Bixth avenue ; opened the door with a false key, and commenced packing up the clothing. Mrs. Devoe heard the noiae of aome one overhead, and proceeded to the door,which she found feat on the inside, and looking through a crack, she spied thia boy crawling under the bed; upon giving an alarm, he immediately ran out of the room to make bia escape, and waa caught on tho stairs and escorted to the police, where Justice Roome committed him for trial. Petit Lareeniet.?Jamoi McDermot was arrested for stealing a piece of oil cloth, worth $4, belonging to Pat rick hT Pepper, dry goods merchant, comer of Grand and Attorney streets. Committed by Juatiee Taylor. , Jarad Cook waa arrested, charged|With collecting fer riage at the Williamabnrgh ferry, foot of Grand street. l.ockeJ up by Justice Taylor. Jlrrett of Gambler,- James Devlin, Anthony Haydoff, Martin Walter and Belestine Waltar, were all caught in tho act of gambling in a houae in 19th street, and brought to the station houae, traps and all. Locked up by JustMe Rooms. Julia McNultv was arrested yesterday, oatight la the act of stealing Ave yards of carpet, worth $3, from Thee. C. Acton, No. 494 Pearl street. Committed by Jaetioe Osborne. Petit Larceny.?James Reynolds (black) was anraotgd last night for stealing an iron plate ana a pair of and irons, valued in all at $9, the property of flamual Acker - man, No. 90 Frankfort stroot. Committed by Justice Diiuker. Thrbk Bodies Found in a Box.?The Cincinnati Commercial relates the following tragic story :?"On Friday last, a box waa soan floating past New Richmond. It waa about tba size of a large sperm candle box?say three feet long and one deep. The inhabitants, suppos ing it contained merchandize, caught it np and towed It to tha wharf. Immediately, on takiog off tho eever; imagine their consternation to And it contained the dead bodies of two infant# .and tho logs, breasts and inner portions of the body o( a grown up foaale, undoubted ly tho mother ef the children. The whole town was thrown into excitement, and Dr. Rogara waa aant far, as wall aa all tha moat prominent citizens of that place ? The unfortunate mother- it wea the general opinion ofaedti was young -very probably tho victim of seduction, while travelling on a boat waa crttally murdered with her babes. Valuable Caboo.?The ship Iowa, claared this morning for Htm, has on board a cargo valued at ona hundred and nina thoussnd seven hundred and ninety one dollars and ninety-fire cants. It oonslsts of MO bales of sea island, and iSdl upland cotton, and SOI bis. of rice. ? Cktrlcilon Pmtnot, IVrdntidm Impoetabt Decision.?The Supreme Court of Ohio has decided th? t the purchaser of a steamboat, with ne'Deofa debt created on account of the boot by the origiual owners, takes the boat subject to such debt ; and that any boat may be seized, and aeld by the credi tor, In the hands of such purchaser with notice. Fitcuvills Firk.?We understand the amount of insurance on the Fitchville Factory, which took Bra and bumad to the ground on Tuesday of last weak, was $37 ooo. Fiftosn thoussnd of this was at one of tbe Hartford offices.?JVerwicA Courier. Varieties. A diabolical attempt was recently made to taka the life of Colonel Kerby, collector of customs at Fort Kria. It appears that the Colonel was standing oa the bank of tbe river, not far from the widow Forsyth's resi dence, watching a boat filled with goods which was as cending the stream, when a gun was discharged at him from, as ha balisvsd, a wood shod attached to the resi dence before mentioned ; a great number ol shot enter ed his clothing, the thickness of which happily prevent ed it from penetrating deeper. It was a bright moon light night, and ths Colonel on turning round saw a mas in the orchard, evidently preparing for another shot; before long a rifle was discharged, and Colonel Kerby distinctly hoard the ball whiz past him end strike tho water. Many attempts have been made to injure Colo nel Kerby, but this ezcesds thorn all for cold blooded, fiendish atrocity. Two peraona have been held to bail, on the Ame rican aa wall as on the Canadian sida, to take their trial for attempting to destroy the steam ferry boat which plies between Kort Kria and Black Rock. It appears that no lass than five attempts kavs boon made to destroy this vassal?two by boring holes through ibe bottom, and throe by placing large quantities of gunpowder la the firewood. A strict watoh is now kept on board day and night. A gold medal waa presented to Governor Briggs, of Massachusetts, by tho Washington Total Abstitoaeo Society, on the 9>d Inat, in Boston. The anow ia four feet deep, upon u level, oa the Helderbergh. The snow is said to be Ave feet deep in Vermont. Mias Freeman, of Sandwich, who ieloped with Mr. Reneom, ef Boetoa, a few deys slaee/aad was pur wed by bar father, was married at Rartferd ea the Bin instant. A meeting was held in Philadelphia, oa Monday, of the Sabbath school teeohara and other Meade of the cauee, without distinction of sset. for tho purpose of sup plying tbe fltate of Indiana with libraraa far their Sunday Schools, where there may bo necessity for took aid. The ecboola in New York, last weak contributed one hundred libraries to tho State of Illinois. The steamer Missouri, from St. Louis for New Orleans, took down a cargo of mora than twenty-two huDdred tons; the freight bills of which wlU amount to about thirteen thousand dollars. At Cairo she took In low a second barge, with additional freight, making doubtless the largest cargo that aver deeeended the Mis sissippi. The Weston Dtmncrat of the 7th inat., eaye the Missouri river at that place had been for eovoral day* ia fine navigable condition. There bad been a rise of five or sis loot. Tho company of Dragoons ordered to Wolf river,returned, on tho 7th instant, to Weston. They marched sixty milss ia eleven hours tod threwreurths. Tho meeting of the lowae, Omahoe.Bece and flocks, re sulted in an amicable settlement of ail diificulUee be tween those tribes. , , . Thomas W. Butler, master of the ?ehooneiCat cord of Charleston, arrived st Elizabeth City, N. C-, oa the Wd ultimo, titer htTiof mirmcuiooftiy ooctpoa ft watery rrtvs In two inettDCOi. .'as ( . By We census oflJMO, Miawun had a population ofstu.000; in IM4, ?ll.0M; for'"*L?7 ?**? ?' loortite, we ehouldeotdown 676,000. The Houae Delegates has postponed the bill in definitely, tocsll a Slate Convention to adopt a new Constitution for Virginia. The veto waa M to IS. Careten Reicke, a store-keeper in Charleston, 9. C was arrested on the *0tk inat., and lodgad in tail oa a charge of forgery. It appears that Reieke has lor asms time post, boon counterfeiting the signature of Mr. John A. Cook to notes placed In the Union Bank, and has heen so far successful as to kavs a large quantity. aom? 19 or 16 thousand dollars worth of paper In that Institu tion Cpoo investigation, this scheme of vUlany wp# Found to We been carried on for some swaths

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