Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1846 Page 1
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E555SH THE NEW YORK HERALD. VoL ZXl*. Ho. 57-Wfeoto Ho. M71. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 27, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAIE8 GORDON BEMBTT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?hvery day. Price I cents per copy? far Ale in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturlay?Price ?)( eeal ?8 ?????. UK cents per uuuin?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always aaah advance POINTING of ail kinds executed with beauty adder ~[rV AH letters or communications, by mail, addressed to be establishment, mast oe post paid, or the postage will be enacted lions the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor or the New Yomx Hiutn EsTtnLtHianir* Northwest corner nf trial tne and Naaana 'trees* FOR ALBANY, VIA NEW . ?tilfliHAVEN.NARTFOED AND< HKp.srRlNOtriELD-DailT. (Bail ZK^E?-I . . rlC'l l J It A B ? Passengers take the fast and coutmodioas .teamen INJL W ORk or CHAMPION, and arrire at Albany the tame eren "Xrr, angemeots have been made to make the line sure, and mm cau depend ou arriving aa advertised. jnl lmrc MAIL LINE AT 8 A. M. TO ALBANY And the intermediate Landmf, or at far at the let trill permit. THESE is good wheeling from any point ou the Hudson to Albany, and stages will be in readiness to carry passengers to their desti 111'U. P asage St jO through to Albany, break fast on board to boat. The Crlebvated lea Steamboat UTICA. Captain Ju'tte, leave.the Pier betwseu Courtlandt ad Liberty strssu very MORNING at 8 o'clock. All package, and parcels will be laded at my of the regular Sliding., provided they are paid for at the Ageet'a Office, ad ntered on the ireight list. For passage or freight, apply on ?rd or t" P C. Sehnl't at the offi-e ou the wharf. f!2r MAIL LINE AT 7| O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, AND intermediate landings, or as far as the iee will permit There Is good wheeling from ?py point on the Hadioii to Albany, and ltag?. will be in readiness to carry patenters to their desti .ition, Passage $< SO through to Albany?passage to New urgh Si SO. Breakfast on board the boat. _ The celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain T. N lul.e, leaves the pier between Courtludt ad Idberty sts, very morning at 7K o'clock. ... All packages and parcels will bs laded at ur of the regular snding., provided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, ad ntered on the freight list. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx, at le office ou the wharf. f IS r BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The British ud North America Royal i Mail Steam Packet Rhip CAMBRIA, C. H. E. Judkins, Commander, will leave Bos ?ton for the above ports as follows, vii: CAMBHI A, C. H. E. Judkins, Commuder, on Sunday, 1st ay of March, 1846. Passage to Liverpool .$196 Passageto Halifax sffi 91 For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr.. Aguat. AtHARNDEN It CO.'S, 6 Wall st No Berth secured until paid for, ti rre DRAFTS ON ORE AT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Persona wishing to re mil money to their friends in uy part ef Great Britain or Irelud, can ba applied 'with drafts, by applying to the subscribers, oray amount, payable at sight, on all the principal towns hroughout England, Ireland, Hcollud ud Wales. Applies ion by letter, (post paid,) will meet prompt attention. ff.k J.L TAP8COTT, ftlth 75 South K. cor. Maiden Lane. NOTICE?8TATKN ISLAND FERRY ?On Wednesday, Ja.6th, the tripe on this Ferry will be as follows.? Leave bt?ten Island?Sid, 10 A- M 2, 4K T. M. I.aave New York?S, 12 A. M :3V,5P.M. P. S.?On Sundays the bout will leave at 11 o'clock, instead BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVERe _ POOL PACKETS FOR LIVF,RPOOL.-Only re ts gular packet of the 1st Marc''. The new, munificeut soraltd fa.i sailing favorite pa., et ship MONTEZU dA, burthen 1150 tons, ( apt A. B. Lowbei, will sail positively c .Monday, the 21 March. It is well known that the aceom aod.tioua of theMunteinma aie fitted out in a most superb ud ostly uuinner, with every modern improvement ud conveui nee, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking, 'arsons visiting the old country, or sanding for their fri'tds, hould call and aee this splendid specimen of naval architec ure, before engaging elsewhere. For passage in cabin, second sbin ad steerage, early application should oe made ou board, oot ol Beekman street, or to tlie subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO. f!6r 55 Fulton street, (next door to the Fulton Bak) FOR NEW ORLEANS ?Louisiana ud New York Li< e ?Regular packet, to tail Monday, March ? The elegut, fast sailing packet ship BAR _ -/lor, mas'er, will positively tail as above, her re ular day. For G ight or passage, having handsome furnished ecommodatioua, apply ou bourn, at Orlaans whorl, foot of Fall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 8t CO. St South street. IC7" Positively no goods received ou board afUr,8etu rdjy teniae, 7th March. Agent in New Orleans, JAB. E. WOOD rjFF, who will promptly forward all goods to hia addrtss. Packet bark OENE8EE, Miuott, matter, will sncceed the ?r telle, ad mil Monday, ISth March, her regular day. (St fOB LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Regulu 49VW Packet of Slat March.?The superior fat sailing ??fiptcket ship HOTTINOUER, 1180 tout burthen, Ira Bur,ley, wall sail as above, her regular day " ' .... IVf| 188116 EtUI mm guutl, IIOI IC|U1U uctj r passage, havingsnleadsd, Urge ud comfortable _ . ST South street. Price of passage SIM. The packet ship Liverpool, ISM tons, Capt. John Eldridge, ill sueeeed the Hottingner, and tail on the Slat of April, fits r UNION LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVKR MfyPOOL?The splendid new Packet Ship MAR pKBfeMlON. Cspt. Edwards, will positively aail on a-tda r, March Sd, her reenter day. Thia spleudiit Packet Ship haa very auperior accommodation or cabin, second cabio.and ?teerage pawengera, which will >e tak'n at modgrate rate'. Persona wiahing to secure bertha bould make eaily application on board, foot of Dover street, r to W.kJ.T. TAP8COTT. ?a' r 75 South street, corner Maiden lane. dpfrft , FOR SALE?To close a concern?The Lweo 9. f> Ljtwrpool Packets .consisting of the ships ROSCIUS. KmULSI D DONS, SHERIDAN and OAR RICK. They rare built in thia city, by Brown It Bell, with unusual care; or moutl, material (a eery large proportion of their frame ting Ilea oak.) and workmanship, they ate unsurpassed, if not arqealled?salted on the stocks, and re-salted erery year tece Their accommodation! lor passengers are very exten ve and handsomely furnished. Apply to O r K. K. COLLINS It CO ,M Booth st. fi'B (JuAStiOW.?Regulsr Pseket.?Tne well kaowe, fast sailing British Dark ADAM CARR, 450 , Hugh McEweu, master, haying half of t cargo eugiged will meet with quick despatch. For freight passage, baying excellent accommodations, apply to the -- board, east side "f Peek slip or to . WOODHULLfcMINTURN.r The A 1 British bark Ann Harley, Capt. Robl. Scott, will accord the Adam Carr. ||) KAtKET FoR MARSEILLES. - The packet ship NEBRASKA, Capt. Brown, will sail on the 1st K>f March. For height or presage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN it PHELP8, 101 Front tut set, or to BOYD k HI.nCKEN, fel r 9 Tontine Buildings, No. U Wall street. ?<NI+KD StAttS AND oftfcAt iflklTAlfc AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI I GRANT OF!" 1CJC?The subscubers are prepnied 3 eugsge p. aaeofara to coma out by the early Spring ships, at y loi rery low rate. Drafts can, as usntl, be famished, payable throughout the Juned Kingdom. For further particulars apply to fi r J . HERD MAN k Co.. (1 South at. PAUSAOE FROM NEWRY, IRELAND?The fine, fast sailing coppered ship BROTHERS, Capt. iVsinew 700 tons heith.n will sail from the above s>rt uu the 10th March next, affording a good opportunity for isasengers who wish to come direct to New York. For terms ol passage, which are mod'rata, apply to Writ J. T TAT8COTT, 75 Sooth at. jaZT rh comer Maiden lane. FOR SALE?The fine last sailing topsail schoon er ACTIVA, six months old: bnilt of the best mate i "la; coppered and copper fastened; and well aud ixisp n. iy fonne in every respect. She can be seen at the ont ol Hutgers street, East Ri?ar. _Aj>pl|M fl? J. M. BOVeS, 57 Pearl at. PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line. ?The picket ship ONEIDA, Cajt James Fnnck, will sail on the lat ol March. fdejwfl, or to **lr ? - fTont'ne Buildings, No M Wall at. W ANTED?A ship to luad for a southern port.? Apt ly to E. K. COLLINh k Co, III r 56 South at. WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS. CORD, &c. - N MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. 9th.) Die subscr.ber will open at No. 58 Chatham Street, Hew York, Jne door from the corner of Chambers, a new, attentive, end grand assortment of LRENT TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES: onxistingof every variety of patterns and quality, to be found ither in Europe or America. Prices we will not mention; nt rom our facilitiea for maaufactunag.aa well as for import Ewe think we can safely defy competition with the woauo! f A good assortment of Taaeela, Cord, kc., will be kept Wholesale and retail purchasers are raspectfally invited to all aid examine for themselvae. ,, DUNCKER k BEOKER. New York, Feb. 7th, 1?4?. n> lm*m (ALL DRESSES FIFTY PER. CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. pETF.R ROBERTS respectfully announces to the ladiee, I that having purchased largely at section, he is enabled la >ffi?r a magnificent selection oT Ball and Evening Drctte* at he above tremendous reduction. He also calls attentioe to a jsi vi.tity of Embroidered Cellars, Chemisettes, kc. slightly toiled, which are selling at leas than ene third the original ?wire. The remainder of the stock of Winter Hosiery ia ol eied at equally low prices, and on inspection it ia believed Will be foe ml cheaper than any in the city. NO "7 BROADWAY. Bl lm'rc STRIKER'S SOLUHON FOR THE HAIR, \MJ HIGH wilLehange grey hair to its original color in a few ivv miuutes. Those'who denbt its virtues, are requeued to have then baircbaeged before paying their moeey. 11 hum lugs would take this method there would be no reason to eonr hlam. Oeatlem?n can have their whiekera and hair changed to kay coloi or shade in a few mmntca. Private rooms for ehang ng the hair N. unless signed " H. Strikeria red afc. One insl will prove the fact. 3K ?5PU?d m No J CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hs I of Records, New York, np itairs. IM Im'ih ?lO,0OO, ?-.COO iO.OOO, ?5,000, ?3,d00??,000.: . ?d.AOO, ?S,000, Bl.SOk'fT^OO, i, O LEND OS BOND AND MORTAOE-^The above A soma of money on good productive real estate ia thie city or Brooklyn. Al ply ? M. BROAD, No, || Wall at. in the MBee of Pearcek Co. basement. IN. B.-Call between the houreoffwM It e'cloefe, or be ^wrva J and l o'clock r. M )?l lm'rc FOR SALE, ON reasonable t?rm*, the two story HOUSE ANO OT, Not. 417 lindaoa street, (in the block of St- Luke's ^_h?-eh.) Trinity Church Itiwolll NMBM the 1st y next, (with privilege of renewal.) e> %VU per year (round Jit May ui iMim? urti, I wi.h f'liuT,, vi Kuinu.f n> ,im |'?, } rmi |IUUH rent. The h mse ta in perlect order, haviug be*i painted Imt Mat ioaide and ont Apply on the premuea, or to WILLIAM KLtCHAM. tUq. No. 80 Murray at. ftS 1 w*mc NOTICE. M DWELLING HOUSES, STORKS and yaeant Lota, far sale, rent or exchange Investment* made on pro ductive Real Katate. that will pay from ten to twenty Bsrcent on the pnrchaie money, with an incteaae in value of omten to Aftren per cent peranunm. Money procured on Bond a*d Mortgage; and Polieiea of Insurance obtained from the moat reapouaible compamaa in the coun^i^.^ Aj^ly^attM l Third Arena*, N.B-?Plana, elevation*. apectAcationa and coutracte for bnildinga, fnraiahed he** *r at No. 8 Broad atreet. at the (hon est notice. CALVIN POLLARD. 110 lm*rc Architect. RFOR SALE. OR TO LE P. on the moat reasonable t*nna, three two-atory Dwelling Hon***, in North Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh atreet*, William* . I. Two of the above art new, and intended aa genteel reaidencea, being Aniahed in the beat manner, and supplied with apring and rain water in the kitchen, and coal vanlta in Lront, Re. Two-third* of the purchaae money may remain ?cored, at ( par cent. Enquire on ^he^m^or^ fll lm'rre 00 Wall street. QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE?Situ ate on the Paaaatc river, in North Belleville, formerly ,b*longing to Abraham Joralemon, Esq. Said quarry m extensively worked for thiity year* pact, and ia one of the beat qnarriee of free atone in New Jeraey, and ia in good order for wqpkiag. The ptemiaea eonaiat of two dwell ing*, atore hoaxes two burn*, two baud red leetof wharf, and aeventeen acrra of land, which will be aold antir.', or the quarry aeparate, if deaired. For further particular*, enquire of the subscriber, at the poet office m Belleville. N. J. JOHN t. LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. It, 1846. fit Im'ue HOUSES ANU LOT FOR SALE. MA PLEASANT country aeat in the village of Madi aon, Morri* county. New Jerxey, within a lew ininntea walk of the beautiful raaidence of Wm Uibbona, Esq ., bout 23 mile* from New York city?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the rear, per Morri* and Es aex Railroad. Said place contains about on* acre, ou which are Two House* and a Barn, with a flrat ra o well of w ater. Good school* and churches in lh* immediate vicinity The i premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole village: .-nd ia one of the moat desirable location* in the [lace, beiug withis two minute* walk of the railmad de pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who des ir?s to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, (24 Im're Morristowo, N. J. P1 FIFTEEN FARMS. 1LACE8 of from two to thirty acre* each, splendid Viewe ? ef the Sound. Village and Landing, for Sale at New Ro chelle, 18th March, 1846. at 1 o'clock, P. M., at public Auction. Terms liberal and title_ clear. _ Appljr to T. AvLawrence, Auctioneer. New Rochellt; or John R. Peters, New York Maps at Miller's tavern, New Rocheile. f 10 5w*re DAGUERREO lYPE PATENT ISSUED. Daguerreotype artists ar* informed that the Patent for the new Cotoring Procees of the subscribers has been issued. Applications for the Patent right for the United State*, may be addreesed to the subscribers?the price of which will be $75, materials and instructions included.? Infringers will be dealt with according to law. A new price current, embracing Voightlaeuder's Apparatus, and all other article* naed in the Daguerreotype an, may alio be had, by addressing (poet paid) to W. It r. LANGENHEIM, fll lm*ire Philadelphia Exchange. BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No. 1 St. John'i Lane corner Beach street. New York. fPHE SUBSCRIBER would inform hisCustomers and the a- Public, that he keeps constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common Bird Cages of every description, which he offeri for sale ut a lower rate than they can tie bought else where. Merchant* would find it to their advantajcr to call and examine his stock. X KELLY. P. 8. Country ordon attended to with promptness and dis patch l> Im'm TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. FREE STONE famished by the subscriber, equal to Con ne'Mcnt in quality, and 20 per cent cheaper, on application to A. Wineort, Stone Cutter, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, Aquackanonk, N. J. fl7 lm?re ARM.H.VRKKLAND. NEEDLE <Se FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane. WM. CROWLEY It SON, manufacturers of the above articles, respectfully inform the importers of NewYoik and other cities, that they have now on hand a large stock of the above articles, which they are willing to sell at a small ad vance from the manufacturing prices. Any of the trade, or im porters, can kave their needles labelled with their own came, if desired. P. S. ? Rosxit CnowLET, importer of Sheffield and Bir mingham Goods, in part of the above store. f!8 lm*re NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. D ATCHDLOR'a new invented Win end Scalp. ?o perfect O ly reiemble tire natui .. natural hair a. to defy detection. It is now .eareclr * matter of regret losing an indifferent head ol hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the countenance and style of every wearer, and without any of the vexatious difficulties so lone experienced by wig wearer*, can be procured tt WM. BATCHELOK'S, 2 Waif street, near Bro , sdway Removed from IIS Broadway. ft la'r SHIK.T MANUFACTORY, AV 67 MAIDEN LANE, (UP STAIRS ) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. THE SUBSCRIBER offers to the Public a method of making shirt*, which render* ease and comlort to the wearer and is a complete fit; a* no pain* hav* been spared to ob tain the best t reneh pattern shirts. Having had lone experience in the bnsiness, the Subscriber is enabled to make all ike necessary improvements aud give general satisfaction. WM. COLLINS in lm'r LEFT OFF WAitDKOBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. may do so by sending for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residences by appointment. H. LEVETT, No. 2 Wall street, N. V. All orders through the Post Office, or otherwise, punctually attended to. jail lra'r INK, SEALING WAX, WAFERS, See. GROSS steel Pen Black Writing Ink. t, 4,1,1, II and ?>iJ\J 31 ox.-, 100 gross Bine, Red. Japan and copying INK. rarionssixes; 100gross Indelible INK, with or without a pre paration? warranted; MOO lbs. WAFERS, all kinds, from 10c. to 60c. per lb ; MOO lb*. SEALING WAX, various qualities, from Id. to tl per lb. The above are warranted equal to any in the country. Den ler* supplied on liberal terms, at low prices, by THADDKUS DAVIDS, Manufacuturer and Importer, 1*3 lm*re 111 John street, opposite Cliff. COMFORT FOR THF AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERAD1CATOR. THIS TRULV WONDEHFUL MEDICINE, continue* to astonish all who uae it, or who have been faTored with the alighteat knowledge of ita wonder working effect* upon (lie human ayetem. rain and Inflammation cannot remain where tkia infallible remedy is appliad, it matters not from what cause it may hava originated. Principal Depot, M John street. fll lm'r LEECHES! LEECHES!! JU81' received, trash supplies of Swedish, German and Smyrna Leech**, for aal* at moderate prices, by O. A. It H. WITTE. fll lm'r 'Importers of Leeches. 31 John St., N. Y. WRAPPING PAPER. AOnA REAMS Cap, Crown and Double Crown reg and wv/vU straw wrapping papeg just received and for sale by er, j sit receivea ana lor sa PER88E It BROOKS, fit lmr 13 and IT Naaaan street. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OP NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For sale by MOORE It CO., the Americas Agent*, 41 Ann (tract, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op Kaite Ludlow, Now York. Price SI a bottle?Six bot ? for 8&- Philadelphia, Tnttla, 86 South 4th street n? lm ja THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS BANDS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. RECENTLY imported, celebrated both in Europe and America, for the cure of rheumatism, and all chronic or nervous diseases. For sal# by the groce, uoxen or single one, at reduced raicgs. A.B. It D. SANDS, 79 Fulton .tree ti lm'r corner of Go! t. old. ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. T\UK PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe t Store. No. 3(3 Greenwich, corner of Barelav street, would I'spectfnlly inform hi* customers and the publie generally, that he ha* established the One Price system. The price will b* found written on the diffeot kinds ot Boots sad Shoes, which will be the lowest and only price asked in future in this Establishment He would thank the pablie for th* liberal patroeege received, and solicit a continuation of the same in (his most desirable way of trad*, the One Price System. Do not forget the aamber, 213 Greenwich, comer of Barclay street, near the liobokeo Ferry. JAMES WIGGINS, fll lm'r UUAEL ESSENCES AND PERFUMERY, of ail kinds. L7 i ejffil, No. 3 Courtlandt street The Subscribers, original inventors and manufacturers of the genuine Walnut Oil Mili tary Shaving Soap, which we warrant to inrpssa ail other pre parations, having graatly enlarged oar facilities are prepared to esse at* any order* is our line. We hav* eoostaaljy on hand hiihly scented Almond, Hose, Musk, Windsor, Palm, and Toil >t Soapsi; extra Pal* Family and No. 1 Soap Th* Cm ton f oating Soap, a new and splendid article, well sotted for Bathe and private family nee, warranted not to sink end to produce a rich end pleasant lather. Together with a large and geoenl aaeo tmeut of Perfamery, Essence*, fco., both foreign and Domestic, selected and put up with the greatest care; also our celebrated Crystalline Candles, for th* West India end South American markets, warranted to stand any climate. Grocers, Druggists, and dealers in general, are requested to call end examine for themselves. ? i2Slm*r IOHNHON. VKOOM 3c FOWLER. ? G1 OLD LEAlf AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL OF sb < perior quality ?Gold Foil tM per ox ; Gold Loaf at the lowest market pries* ; Pal# Gold 83 50 per package; Silver Leaf, Gold, Silver and Copper Bronaes, tm , at the Factory, 92 Reads street J. L. WAUUH, j29 Im're Prantical Gold Beater riNE FRENCH BOOT* FOR $3 54-City made, end ere eqael to thoae sold in other stores for 85; floe Kreneh ( aIf Boots for ^5dj equal to the b^st made inthis icityTor fo orr-st YOuNG- it and Shoe Manufactory; one of lha most fashionable in this city; onr Boots having been judged in the late Fair at Niblo'a, are said to be the best Boots ever sold ia this city. All Boota warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNG It JONES. 4 Ann street. j*27 Im'rh sesr Broadway. New York. nKOHE HILL STABLES, 9?th Street and Third Avenue, and opposite Bnll's Head. Just arrived and for sate at th* above Stables, about fifty Northern era Horace?among which are eight pair* matched: hm""i Ts'lsafawr3 fl Im'rt Propvieter COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chettnut Strut, betwten dth and 7th Struit, PHILADELPHIA. BAOLEY, MACKENZIE f CO., Proprittor,. Jtwi Biour, lileof Joim'i Ho>il Hk.nhv C. Mackemxii, formerly of W rcl.ington Honse. Patau L. fiaui'ioN. f H 4mr PAPER HANGING. wanting goods in their lina, to their extensive assortment of PAPER HANGINGS. Borders, Eire, Board PriuU, .Curtain Paners, and all other articles in their line of business. It B. have received from the Institutes for the rncou H It B. hare receired from the Institates lor trie encourage ment of Domestic Manufactures in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston silver medals for the manufacture of tlieir goods, flatter themselves that they cau sell a better article for the same money than cau be purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to their large assortment of Kresco Papers lor Parlors, and Column Papers (or Halls, Public Rooms. Eiitries, lie. lie. Also, Cvbtain Pack as, a new article for Windows. Papering oi Rooms, Halls, Re. promptly attended to by care ful workmen. Country merchants and city dealers will find it to their ad vantage to aire us a call. HCWELL It BROTHERS, No in Broadway. Two doors above the City Hotel. A lot of Drawers and Shelving for sale as above, iagr lm*rb THE GREATEST CURE IN THE WORLD. I SAT IT WITHOUT fear of contradiction that the case of Mr. John Carr, who was last spring iu the last stage of King's Evil^or Scrofulous Consumption, is the greatest cure ere. known in this or any other country. Tht catt of John Carr?anoC'tr rtmarkable cur, of King', Evil, or Scrnfulou, Consumption ! BY SCHEM E'S PULMONIC SYRUP! Will the public read the following, and then judge for them selves I 1 hare been afflicted with the Scrofula for a number of years. It commenced with a scrofulous ulceration on iny side, which extended over my back, across my shoulders, nntil the whole of my back was a running sore. It thru extended over my breast and dnwu my arms, whioh in many places were ulcera ted to the bone. My throat aud reck were also affected, a deep running ulcer extending from behind my ear under my jaw to my throat- I tried Swaim's Panacea, various syrups of sarin pari I la, and all the r>-mediea 1 could hear of. for this disease, without any benefit I had the advice of many excellent pliy ?iciant of this city, and used the iodine, iodine of iron, aud all the best remedies these gentlemen could suggest, lint my dis ease remained unchecked. I am sensible (hit words are too feeble to expreas my miserable aituatiou. In warm weather my sorea were very offensive, and I was truly au object of pity. Early last Spnug itsettled ou my lungs, and reaulted in a deep-seated scrofulous consumption. I had a violent cough, paiu in my breast, fever, night sweats, great emaciation, and prostration of strength- I was failing so fast, that I gave up all hope of recovery. No remedy that I took would produce the least effect upon me, and many ol my friends who aaw me said that it was impossible for a man so much diseasrd as I was ever to recover. As my cough was so very bad, and my pulmonary disease fast Increasing, a friend recommended 8CHENCK'8 PUL MONIC SYRUP for that disease, and aAerusing it some time. I found that it was the only remedy that I ever used that had the least beneficial effect upon me. It relieved me of my cough, pains nnd fever?stopped my nightsweats, and strength ened my whole system. Alter using the ayrup for some time, I found, to my greet joy, that my ulcers were ripening and be ginning to heal. Icontmued using the Syr np after I was cared at the consumption, until my sores were all healed, and the whole of my back, neck, breast and arms are now covered with scars, which present a remarkable appearance. I am per fectly well at this time, aud am fully convinced that no remedy bnt the Pulmonic Syrup wouldiver have purified n.y system Irom this loathsome disease. I feel thankful that I am well again, and able to attend to my buaineaa ; and, as it ia impossi ble (o describe the appearance of the scars, I will, with plea sure, show them to auy persou who may hare auy scrofulous or aiuptivr diseases, at my residence. It Brenner s alley, run ning south from Vine street, above Fifth, where they can aee for themselves the most remarkable tears ever viewed upou any human being. JOHN CARR. City of Philadelphia, , This ninth day of Jam _ anusry, A. D.eighteen hundred and forty six, before the subscriber, Mayor of said city, personally came John Carr, who, being sworn according to law, doth depose and aay, that the foregoing statement, to which he has subscri bed his name, is correct and true in all its particulars C( I* CVUVLk auu I.IUV Hi Utl IM I'll VILUI?rB (Signed) JOHN C 4RR. nd subscrib Sworn and subscribed before me on the dav aud year above written JOHN SWIFT, Mayor. A front and back Dai u-rreotype likeness of Mr. Csrr has been taken, exhib-'tiug his tc 's. which can be seen at the pro prietor'* office, No. 4 Courtlaudt street. Pkii.aiif.lphia, Jan. Dth, 1816. We, the fubicriberi, residents of this city, do hereby certify rliat we are well acquainted with John Carr, who baa been af flicted with the Scrofula, or King's Evil,for* number of years, and bslicve him to be a man of integrity?and from his state ment, are folly aatisfo-d ihat his cure has been effected by Scheuck's Pulmonic Syrup. George L. Lewis, National Hotel Thomas W. Bigelow, Thirteenth street, below Cellowhill. P. Daly. 41 Prune at. Alexander Wilson, Walnut st Theatre. Samuel B.Nickso'i, Thirteenth at. below Coates. George Watson^VValnut, above Eighth st. Andrew Walsh, Tenth at.. four doors north of Carpenter. Henry Denton, Schuylkill Eightu, between Race and Vine streets. Albert Dunham, Franklin st. above Green. J. Franklin Delany, No 818 North Eighth it The genuine Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the ale and rets propriet >r, and is for tale, wholesale and retail, at his Principal Office, No. 4 Courtlandt street, where persona can receive ad vice, and have their Lung* examined, by a regular physi, iau, free of charge. For sale, alto, at Bush it Hilyer's, PI Greenwich street; A B. Sends It Co., 873 Broadway; C. 8 IIuiehings,jr.,841Ble*ck er street; C. Ford. 874 Fourth street, eorner Wooster, Wash ington square; and H. Everett, 96 Hudson street. i]7" Remember that P? S. Beekman does not tell my original genuine Pulmonic Syrup ; and to avoid deception by ignerant and illiterate pretenders, apply for advice, or the old established No. 4 COURTLANDT STREET. Mtdecine, at f2i4cSat*r THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Cherry. Compound Syrup of Wild 01 CONSUMPTIVES, AR those whose Lungs are affected slightly, anonld take V/ this Syrup without delay, by which they may prevent the tisisg of that dire disease tally sad firmly. How importsat filing of that dire disease tally and firmly. How important then, to avoid it. Never live a day with a cough when this Syrup can be had aud you are nearly certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. OA. BWAYNE'B COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. It is a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it is called Wild Cherry, because that article is the basis of the preparation. It is so combined with other ingredients, that the utmost effi ciency is given to its good quaTitina; as a supporter and preser ver of the powers aud functions orlife, it has no equal. Csutiom ?All preparations of Wild Cheiry, eicept Dr. Swayne's, are fictitious and counterfeit, and sprung no years after this valuable remedy had introduced itself into the sick dumber ; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balsams" and "Spurious Mittnres," but try I he genuine and be enrol. Prepared only by Du. Swarm, N. W. corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia. Bold wholesale and retail at Charles H. Rings, (late Dr. Mil nor's.) 192 Broadway, corner of John at.; and at Drug stores, 1*4 Bowery, 771 Broadway. 206 Bleeckrr St., M Hudson street, and 348 (Iran i st-eet. jl21m*m PITS! FITS! J VAN'S VEGETABLE EXTRACT?An infallible reme dy for Epileptic Fits or Falling -Jaickness, Convulsions, tee.?This medicine, which it purely the only remedy that has ever been dit'overed which will positively cure this hitherto inrnloereble disease. It it well known, from time immemorial, physicians have pronounced Epileptic Fits incurable. It has baffled all their skill, and tbeboasted power of all medic ne, and consequently thousands have suf fcred through e miserable existence,and at last yielded nptheir tivea upon the altar of inaanity. This if no fiction, as the pa ternal feelings of innumerable hesru will bear testimony.? And with ail delerence to the opinions of physicians, the learned and great, wetsy positively. Epilepsy c m be cured.? We care not of how long standing, or what are the effects pro duced by it, it can be enred. The Vegetable Extract it all iiowerfnl in curing this dread scourge ol the human family hundreds have been cured, and the certificates of many may bearrnat the principal office, 114 Grand struct. New York, where the afflicted ate icvited to call and have their cases ex amined, and advice given free of charge. Let those who doubt the efficacy of the Vegetable Extract, or who think tneir case is hopeless, let auch call upon the following persons, who have either been cured, orare now naing the medicine. Mrs. Jane Bennett, whose aon was afflicted for sight or nine Iears with Epiletic Kits, was cured by naing tbe Vegetable ktlWl c " street?call and tee her at 171 Grand st. Mr. Jacob Petty, who was afflicted for four year* with Epi leptic Fita, was cured by using the Vegetable Extract; call and see him at 174 Delancy street. Mrs lUeanor W. Kitf was afflicted for tweuly years with Epileptic Kits, and was cured by using the Vegetable extract?call and tee her at Yorkville. dr. W m H. r.-rsells, who has been afflicted for twenty-three years with Epileptic Kits, is now using the Vegetable Extract; call and see him at No. 119 Broome street And numerous AN EXTRAORDINARY WORK, And One which thould be in the Hand* of every Married Ptrvm. MORAL PHYSIOLOGY, OK e plainly wruten Treatise on the Population (iueatiou by the Hon. R D. Owen, with Addition* and Alterations,' by K. (Hover. M. D. To every person of sound common sens#, this work is one which will commend the highest praise. It is true a few ignorant people may condemn it, bit the editor is fully persuaded that the high importance of the subject ol which it troatt will preioat itself so forcibly to retfoetiag minds, that it muat command respect. Were this book care folly read by every m<rried person, and it* advice strictly fol tun j igg? vj svgiy uitiiigu pgiivui w iw uuvm awivii/ iui* lowed, we are persuaded that a different state ol society from ildexis the present would exist Price of the Book M coot*. 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Ilp . fcr 1*41 Im*m MORE CONFIRMATION THAT CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED. Till8 ia to eertify, that I have been afflicted withaconghand shortness of birath from infancy, I look a heavy cold, which settled upon my lungs, and which my physician, after using various remedies, pronounced incurable. I had a pain in my cheat aud left side,bad cough, fever, night aweats, costiveuesx. dcrangemeut of my stomach and bowels, great weakness and prostration ofstrength. Having heard ofthe many enres effected by 8chruck's Pulmonic Syrnp, 1 determined tu give it a fair tnal. It loosened my cough and relieved my breathing, and afternsing it tome time, I began to recover. I am at this time perfectly well and hearty, and attribute ray recovery solely to the Pulmonic Syrup, as the means by which I was restored to health. It is an excellent medicine, and 1 would recommend all to try it, believing that if the directions are followed, tliey will be cared as 1 have been. ENOCH 8WALLOW, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The.genuine Pulmonic Syrnp is prepared exclusively by the proprietor, and is for sale at his principal office, No. 4 Court lauat street, where persons chd receive advice, have their lungs sxainined, and obtain pamphlets describing consumption, dys pepsia. and liver complaint, free of charge For aale at Dr. Carroll k Co.'a, I Murray street; A. B. Sands k Co., 173 Broadway; C. Hatchings, 143 Bleecker street; and C. Ford, 274 Fourth street, cor. Wooster, Washington Sqnare, a-d H. Everett, 96 Hudson street. Please bear in mind that P. 8. Beekman does not sell my ori giual Genuine Pulmonic Syrup, and to avoid deception, apply for the old established medicine, at No. 4 Conrtlandtstreet . jl Hn'in J. H. SCHENCK. DR. 'HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. rpHE superiority of Dr. Hall's instruments over all others, A is acknowledged by the most eminent physicians in la rope and America. Office 4 Vesey street, As tor House- A female in attendance is tb* ladies'dennrtvneet 116 tm*r ? libit REWARD will be givento any person that wii| * lUv prove that T. PRICE, UK Division street, has not a larger and handsomer assortment of Ball Flowers than all the a larger and I __ mm ^ other Artificial Flower Manufacturers in tbe city- Exhibiioa free for one month. MONTHLY REPORT FOR JANUARY, or THK NEW YOKE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, Mo. T5 Chamber* Street CASKSlUCCKtlFULLT TUATUl. 4 Throat Disease, 1 Cam of Midwifery, 1 Fain iu the Cheat I Ptm in the 8ida, 1 Disease Liver 4 Palpitation of the Heart 7 Irritation in Urethra, It Cam of 8emwal Weakneaa, 9 Under Treatment, 1 Pleurisy, 3 Gonorrheal 6 Diaeaae of the 8km I Examinations of the Cheat to detect Diaeaae I Caae of Gravel, 3 Drapepaia t Coatireoeaa eared without giving Parjatieea, I Caae* of Impotency, I Primary Venereal. 3 Secondary Syphilis, IDeafneaacnred by removing Wax from the Lara, 1 Lumbago, 1 Pain in tha Lege, 3 Atrophy, 2 Caae* of Apoplexy, 3 Bad Co 3 Great Debility and Loea of Appetite, from improper habit* t Caeca of Diarrhoea, 1 Caae of Vomiting, 4 Cam of Node* on the Bonea under treatment, t PrnnaryConsuinpi ion cared by earljr treatment, 9 Caae* ol Bore Eyes. 2 Kryaipeli* ol the Face, 4 Head Ache 1 Hip Joint diaeaa* under treatment, 2 Acute Inflammation of the Bladder, 4 Bubo, 2 Caae* of Keyar 1 Inflammation of the mouth of the Womb. 2 Qu may Sort Throat, 3 Caaea of Pile* 1 Caae of Hysterics, 2 Epilepsy, 1 Severe Caae of Cholie, 2 Cam Cnicken Pox, 1 Affection of the Heat. cceeaPUL Orxn.iTioiva and Cyau*. * Stricture* eured in the Ure thra, without catting or burning. 1 Operation for Hare lip, 2 Polypna removed from the No** 3 Retention ol Urine, 4 Wouud* Dreaaed, 2 Caae* of Hernia, I Dialocatiou reduced, 2 Operation* for diaeaae'ofthe Antn 1 Fracture of th? Radiua, 1 Adipoiae Tumor removed from the Leg, 1 Amputation of Finger, 2 Hydrocele or water in the Scrotum, 1 Pin taken out of the Throat, 4 Sore Leg* of long atanding 3 Falling of the Womb, 2 Operation* for Diaaaae* of trie Eyelids, I Contraction of the Orifice of the Urethra. itrun. 1 Bad Sprain of Wriat Joint, I Bnrn of the Face, The poor attended te between 4 and 3, in the afternoon. N B.?Thia inatitution ia not connected with any other in thieeity. H. BOSTWICK. M. D., f 13 2ur*re Attending Surgeon and Phyaieian. DOCTOR ARNT'S RELIEF SALVE. FOR WOUNDS. Brui***, Burnt, Chronic Sorea or Swel ling*, Pile*. Ulecra and Inflamed Breaatx, It ia alao a aorereign remedy for Blotch** on the Fee-, and Chapped or Rough Skia. It will aoon render it tranaparent, clear and aoft a* velvet. (Extract ofaletterfrom Doctor Wood.) ~ lief Salve," I am highly gratified to hear that the " Relief Salve,n pre pared by br. Charles Arnt, it being introduced to the public. It poaaraaea merit* which will apeedily give it a high rank in the confidence of your cuatomer*. It i* decidedly aopenor I any other preparation with which I hava auy acquaintance. " I have mad* frequent nae of it with the greatest poaaibl* anceeaa, and freely and eheerfnlly commended it to other*. I cannot withhold an expression of aurpria* at the happy effect* I have known it to produce in aeveral cam of inflamed breaata and nerval." (Ki'ract from a letter written by t female to bar relative. I '?Monday morning called at Mra. Hnlbert'a. She had loiter ed to long and to much with her breaata. that 1 expected from what w* had heard, to find bar dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arnt'a Relief Salve' that night and the next day, and to my great aitiafaetion, I found her entirely relieved. After apply ing it twice aa I had directed, the milk atarted a stream ; they put the child to her breaata, and they are now both doing very well indeed They call me the Good Samaritan for mentioning otdc' the aalve to them. I em very glad of being the mean* of doing torn* good in the world." Doctor Hal lock?Sir: That the great virtue of " Arnt'a Re lief Salve" may be known to the afflicted, I deem it my dnty to stale a few fact* connected with my own case. About twenty year* ago I received aa injury from the fragment of a banting cannon striking me in my groin; from that up to the present ffered maen t time I have suffered maeh distress and pain, and finuHv it re sulted in a diffused aneurism, pervading my leg and foot Darius this protracted seaaou of suffering, I have had recourse to all the" .ore cures," and highly recommended " Pain Ex tractor*," fcc., fcc., with no beiefit. H avjng recently taken a severe cold, my leg waa again the ' all W **at of m?*t excruciating pain, and had all thu appearance of immediate mortification. I waa advised that, in order to save my life, aay leg mast be amputated. Again I resorted to the various highly recommended remedies, but found no relief, until I waa persuaded to try the " Relief Salve " After the first application I felt a great benefit: and on the second, the dark mahogany color of my leg and toot changed to a natural and healthy appearance. By using two boxes the swelling and inflammatio i disappeared, and my leg became entirely free from paia. It ia now in a better condition than it has bean for tea y**'*. I do therefore recommend it strongly to others suf fering from similar afflictions, and have no doubt it will prove a highly valuable application for all the purpoees for which it is recommended. Respectfully yoars, Ac., S. PARSONS. French'* Hotel, No. Ill Fnlton atrret, New York. JTif'lS*'* *n<1 'atoll by the principal agent, CHARLES H. KINO, Druggist and Chemist, 192 Broadway, corner of John street, and by moat of the respectable druggist*. flO lm*re FOR THE FACE AND WKIN. CHliKCH'fi VKOETABLE LOTION. A HIGHLY valuable Cosmetie for eradicating Eruptions on the Face and Shin, particalarly Pimple*, Blotches, Tetter, Sanburn, Ringworms, Freckles and C'ataneoua El ement'*. The uaa of the Lotion for a abort time will clear the akie and eatabliah a brilliant complexion. Sold in bottles at 73 cents each, at No. IM Bowery, corner Spring street; also, bv Mr? H*yea. 199 Fultee street. Brooklyn f? Im'aa TO TRUNK MAKERS. TRUNK BOARDS?19,999 lbs Trunk Boards, of sapeiior 1 quality and number*, jast reeadvj^uad for aaU^b^^ f 13 imr M ami 97 Neases street. Character of Thomaa Freeborn, the Pilot. Washington, Feb. 19, WW. Mr. Jambs Mitchell.? This morning's mail brought to me your two-fold mourntul and unhappy letter, announcing the death of your loved sister and our mutual friend, poor Thomaa Freeborn. Truly, you may indeed say that your mind is highly excited, lor you have met a double loss?a loss irreparable. The lond feelings cf a sister are ouly known to those that, like yourself, have had the bounteous happiness of nature's God in giving a sister. To you, and those brothers that have had, and have sisters, 1 leave those solemn feelings, and must content myself with mingling my poor feelings with yours, saying, "May God rest her soul in peace." But, sir, the feelings of a friend, we have, indeed, both Known. And I may say this, who knew Free born but as a friend?if hs was not your friend, and all men's friend, then, sir, he didn't know it. He meant to be so, and these virtues surrounded his heart and made him gay and happy, and charitable to all mankind. His faults, or errors, were not the faults or miscuidings of the heart, nor did they pro ceed from a disposition to injure any one. Tnat, sir, was not in his nature; and if, at any time, he has misjudged any one, or thing, it was only from want of judgment over it, and the errors were of the head, not the honest heart. His faults shall be buried, and his virtues remain impenshably amongst his friends, (and they were indeed many,) and to none more should they be preserved than by his brethren the New York pilots, to whom he was, indeed, an honor. He has, |>oor fellow, been made a sacrifice to the unjust and unho.'y war which our enemies have long waged against us. From the be ginning of their warfare until the moment of his death, it will appear in his history,that, by some un accountable means,winch were nolseen through, the burdens of misfortune have, since the beginning of this warfare, fallen heavily upon him. liis losses have been heavy. His life has many times been haugingon a thread ; but he bore ihemall, and was stillnappy in the belief that he should live to spe that day which could pronounce him tree, and give to him and the cause in which he had so long la bored, that justice which he and we have a right to demand irom our country and its people. He nas lost his life in the high performance of his duty as a pilot. None could die more honorably. This was his destiny, and that has decreed that allot us shall die. But, sir, to die well is the peculiar privilege of die truly honest?the virtuous and good. It is, indeed, painful to my feelings to pursue this subject. But what are my feelings, in compari son to those of his mother, brothers, and his young sister? The poor old lady, and her young daughter, will feel this shock most keenly, and time alone can obliterate it from their memory, if ever that can be done. There has been a great deal of sympathy express ed here to day, by our friends, the members, in this most melancholy event, and by man)?ptliers. Still we have our enemies, who seemed to be satisfied wuh nothing but our entire destruction. 1 trust, in esse his body is found, that our whole number will give that becoming attention to the funeral, that should characterise uie lone star. ! but not forlorn hone, of the New York pilots; and ! that suitable resolutions to this melancholy event ' may be passed by our association on its next meeting, i sympathising with the bereaved family, in the un i timely and melancholy loss of our respected and honored associate. This, sir, 1 need not have men ' tioned to you, because 1 am too well acquainted | witlt the friendly feelings of all our brethren toward I him, but with none more so than yourself . They have lost an associate?you and I, indeed, a friend. ) I'oor Heed will often miss him. t>o will his honest ; friend, John Fendell. The picture and reflection is I becoming too much, and 1 must close this unplea | sant task to my feelings, for 1 have conjured up the ' man so plainly before me. that 1 can hardly believe what my own senses tell Hie, that he is dead. He will never be dead, poor fellow, in nty memory.? i But peace be unto his soul in heaven ! I Give my best feelings and condolence to his fa mily?it is all that I have to add in sweetening the cup of their sorrow; but God's will be (tone. I re i main your friend, John Maqknn. | Tiie Mormons ?We have information, that from : one thousand to fifteen hundred Mormons are en camped st Montrose,lows,preparatory to marching west j ward. Some doubt is thrown over their destination, I and many believe that they will not go to Oregon or California, but atop after preceding six or eight hundred mile* into the Indian country. It wbi originally in tended that none but youDg men ihould coiopoie the advance company, hut as noon aa they commenced pre paiatioa* for crossing, they*were joined by e large number from the country, and by many who ware not detained by their families, or the condition of their affairs. The Mormons in Nauvoo appear to manifest less disposition to move, and feare were beginning to be entertained by the enties, that they would not go at ell, especially as they were making no preparations to do so. Our informant thinks it vory probable, that the party assembled at Montrose, from their number and manner of living, will exhaust their stock of provision before they commence their march, or so reduco it as not to leavo a sufficiency for their support until they can reach their destination and raise a crop. In the event of beginning their march upon too short an allowance, there must be greet suffering in the party. It is believed that the Twelve are anxious to commence the march early, as they feel very insecure in their present posi tion. The new Prophet, Strong, of Wisconsin, is melting many converts, especially among the men of substance? those who have property and standing?and do not like to endure the toils end privations ot a trip to the wilder ness. Major Warren still maintains his guard of fifty men, but entertains the belief that, as the spring ad vances, it may become necessary to increase the num ber. The recent indiscreet action of tome of the anti Mormons, in going round and warning familes to leave, would seem to justify this apprehension ?SI. Louts Hr;?. Ftb. 16. Mysterious Affair ?A lew days ago, a German girl, who had arrived in this city only a few daya Erevioua, from Germany, and was unable to apeak tne nglish language, obtained a aituatioa aa a servant, in the home ol Rev. Mr . Potta, of thia city. Alter being there a few days, in the evening, (he served up tea and left the room. When the family bad supped she was waa called, but could not be found. Diligent search has been made for her ever since, by the Rev. gentleman at whose house she was, and by the police, but no intel ligence has yet been elicited. That she must have been abduoted or forcibly carried off is obvious, from several facta ; aha could not apeak a word of the English lan guage?she knew no part of the city,and had very few, if any, acquaintances, and no relations, except her uncle, in the city. She left at the hoase, where she was stay ing, all her wardrobe, except what she had on, even to her finest and best apparel, and portions of her dress which it would appear she could not have dispensed with, under any circumstances. Her uncle has offered a reward of fiftv dollars for intelligence concerning har.? This case, in all its bearings, is one of the most mysteri ous and unaccountable that has ever occurred in the city, and from all the facts, we are constrained to be lieve that she must have been forcibly taken away. If such is the case, she has, doubtless, been carried to the country, and some time may elapse before information of her can be obtained.? St. Isuti republican, Feb. 13. Suprimf. Court?Spiciai. Trrm, February 2-1.? Motions decided by Mr. Chief Justice Bronson, having been under advbement since the adjournment of the term. Bars tow v? Thome et al?Motion that she riff el Uneida pay over certain moneys collected on an execution, kc., denied with coats ; Sage et al commie aioners, lie., ads. the people ex rel Van Valkenburgb* Motion to set aside and vacate rule for alternative man damus, Ice , denied; The People ex rel. Griffin va. the Judges of Jefferson Common Fleas?Motion for a man damus, denied; The People ex rel Manley va. Manlev? Motion for habeas corpus, denied; Hunt ads. Scott ?Mo tion to set aside execution and vacate or satisfy judg ment judgment ordered satisfied en payment by defen dant ol a certain sum, kc.; Mott ads Chapman?Motion to change venue, granted- Kelly, kc ads Mabbett et al. ?Motion to set aside writ of, enquiry, judgment, kc., denied with costs; Beatty and wife, ex'ta kc. ads. Vermi iya?Motion to amend plea, granted on terms; Katfaern, treasurer,kc. ads the People ex rel. Overseers of Poor ot Little .Falls?Motion to quash alternative mandamus, granted, no costs: Johnson vs. Anderson?Motion to set effjudgments, ordered to stand over to the next special term, moving party at libetty to serve further papers; McKarland, sheriff, kc. ada Wheeler et al?Motion for , sheriff of Washington to pay over to defendant, the amount of double costs collected, kc , denied: Thresher 1 vs. Koteltaa? Mmtiea for oertiorara, denied ; In the matter of TodpUna et al for a mandamus against j Tompkins, supervisor, kc, denied; Ferguson ada i Brown?Motion to set aside taxation of costs, judg- 1 ment, kc , ordered a relaxation on due notice : remainder of motion denied ; Davison ada Alcott et al, and three other causes?Motion to aet off judgments, denied with costs ; Waterman ads Charles j ?Motion to set aside report of referees, a re-bear ing ordered on terms ; Angell ads Fenner ot al?Def't j allowed to proceed with the case made, on terms, and proceedings stayed, kc.; Monteath et al ads Wells et al. ?Motion to chaoge venue denied ; Coffee vs Lawrence et al?Motion to strike out special pleas, denied with costs ; Keefer ads Keefer?Motion to set aside writ of 1 error, ko. denied : Stone vs Martin?Motion to set aside . ca sa, Sic , granted on terms ; Frost et al ads Taylor et al?Motion to set aside rule taken by default at January term, denied with costs; Knapp ad* Myers?Motion to set aside er vacate judgment and exacution, kc:, denied. Four other motions are in the hands of the Chief Jus tice, which will net probably be decided until next spe cial term.-Albany elfrgsss. The Maaaaehuaetts Legislature have refused fo take up the question ol ra-imbureing the owners of the Charlestow n Convent, destroyed by e asob, by a vote of 110 to >7. Nkw Haven, Feb. 24,1846. Tfu Weather? 'I'emjieruiice?The Qrand Ball of tk* National Bluet?Another Ball in Rtadintu? TKt Exprttttt, ire. ire. We are very lively here at present?a severe snow storm on Thursday night, together with two or three inklings since, has left us fine sleighing, merry hears and happy faces, and we only want cold wea ther to refresh our spirits, anil insure us 1b? sleighing for some weeks. The temperance commissioners are in something of a quandary here?they have granted a few licenses to doe tors, who, by the by. never make use of them; and ya they pass grog shops and bar rooms daily, whare liquor is openly retailed, in bold dafianco of the laws; still they dare not take steps to impose floes, or punish suoh en croachments and the poor law is openly violated and trampled under foot, in broad day. The temperanee men talk of running a horse, at the next election, for Mayor; and though they have picked out a long winded animal, being of a Canada, unt eeueee: yet they will find him far behind on the last quarter of the race. The National Blues, the crack corps of our city, and the pride of our State, gave a flne ball on the evening of the 90th, in commemoration ol that truly glorious anni versary, which proved to be decidedly the most rerher cAs affair of the season. The place selected was the Ex change Hall, which was elegantly decorated with span gled banners, and the gliitening accoutrements of the military; and at individual distances around tho room, you encountered your own familiar person, reflected In the gorgeous mirrors which were suspended quite to the door?the walls wera thickly studded ?ith splendid plates snd paintings, collected from the different artno ties in the city. We entered the room at nine o'clock, just as they had Anished tba second quadrille, and we were quite electri i fled with the brillient appearance of the happy throng ! we encountered. The lamps, as if catchiDg tba inspire I tion, shona with redoubled splendor; and the ladies, as if foarful of being eclipsed, seemed to command etherial brilliancy; aud though I had before, as I thought, given them due crediffor their charming faces, yet I never saw them so advantageously. Soon the dancing com menced; and as one's eyo wandered, surveying those sylph-like forms, as they floated through the mazes of the giddy dance, receding, alternately drawing nearer and nearer, until, bewilderingthe brain by their dazzling appearance, the poor imagination is lost in its deep laby rinth, and naught is left to charm our fancy, save a eloud of spangles, whose vsrisd hues, snd glistening forms enslave our brain, and a hslo of happiness rivits us to the spot. Tho United States army and navy were well represented, among whom 1 noticed Lieut*. K. and H-v also Oen. P., of West Point, who added much to the 00 casion by their presence. Kit would be impossible'to do justice to the ladles by particularising. Prominent among the elite, however, we notice the lovely Mary H., with the charming Misses 8 , whose graceful movements, and beautiful appear ance attracted universal admiration. The deligutfol Mrs. J , with her pretty sister, Miss R , deserve mention. Mrs S received much attention, end her fawn-like form, snd fairy touehant, attracted many an envious eye. But the cynosure of all eyes, the bright, particular star of the evening, amid the galaxy of beauty, was Miss' K , who, though she contentsd herself with remaining in tho lege, and ob serving the dance below, yet rhe was by no means un observed. Her noble eye, artless smile, and beautiful features, added much to the gay scene, end her tall and fascinating form (though coatod) was still betrayod In many of Tts graceful outlines. Like the evening star, she left us, early, however, which robbed us of one of our brightest lights. Mrs. K., a belle eepirite, was much admired for her sprightly appearance. The gallant Commander did the amiable, and made himselr quite agreeable. Lieut. Mc deserves notice for his oblig ing management and gantlemanly address, as well as for his soldier-like appearance, which reflected much credit on the corps he represented. Supper was served at one o'clock: and it was at this time an accident occurred, which, had it not been discovered, happily as it was, would have destroyed a large pert of the building. The wall took Are from a atove placed temporarily in the gentlemen's dressing room, and was fast ascending and near communicating with the floor overhead, which, had it gained, would have made rapid progress. Happi ly, a few pails of lemonade thrown on, prevented the conflagration, and few knew of the occurrence. Bos ton, Worcester, Bridgeport and your city, were well represented by the gallant and the fair. Krom the two former and latter places, the delegates were prevented by the storm, and only those who arrived here en the day previous attended!. The Boston representation ar rived on Saturday evening, and attended churoh v ester day en maete. They are a line set of fellows, and u cre dit to their native city. The Ball broke up at four o'clock, when all retired, well pleased with the evening's entertainments, which proved that some things can be done as well as others. The New Haven Greys, another ot our crack corps, give a ball next week They are a splendid company? the ones that visited Uotbam last fall, whose wonderful drill in Wall atreet created so much sensation, and whose roldier-like appearance you were generous enough to notice st the time. They have extended invitatic ns to their friends in Newark and Jersey City ; also. Brook lyn and other cities. I will give you a sketch at the time, if any thing occurs worthy of notice. I had ne S'ected to notice Mr. Q , the naitre de cerem.mie of e Blues' Ball. II# well sustsined the reputation which he haa always held, and did alike honor te the corps he represented and his profession. I cannot close without congratulating you, for many of your friends in our city, for the splendid victory achiev ed in your late triumph over the Holy Alliei ee, Wall street gamblers, lie., in their late endeavots to defeat your Express from Boston. The result of yonr triumph or defeat was very anxiously looked for, and the glo rious result exceeded our most sanguine expectations. I would also remind you that your late generous and noble endeavors in the cause of that truly worthy class of injured individuals, tha New Yoik pilots, has not been overlooked. On the contrary, It has been greatly admired, and all spaak of it with evident satisfaction. Thus continue to uphold worth and merit, as has always been your course, and you will ever make friends, and cement those you have already. From Saj?ta Fk.?The Independence Expontor, of the 7th, notices the arrival of another company of traders from Santa Ke. at that place. They are under the direction of Messrs Houck and Beck, of Bonneville, and Hicks, of lioone county, and left ^Chihuahua* 1st of December, and Santa Fe on the 1st of January? performing the latter trip in thirty.four days. Theae gentlemen brought with them about $36,000, the most of which is said to have been forwarded by residents of New Mexico, to meet their indebtennesa in eastern cities. Tbev had three mule teams, and the company consisted of seven men. This adventure is regarded as testing the practicability of making this journey at any season ol the year. They carried provender sufficient for their mules, and had a little left at the end of the trip. On the route, they experienced but one snow s orm, otherwise the weather was favorable, but a little cold. They met few Indians Another company was te leave Santa Fe about the first of February, and one the first of March. The political news is of no interest. In telligence of the revolution in Mexico, placing Fa redes at the head of affairs, had not been received at Santa Fa. Varieties. A charter for a bridge across the Ohio has been granted by the Kentucky Legislature, and an application is now before the Ohio Legislature for a similar charter The place of building is not yet stated. The Cincinnati Oatritt thinks that stone piers in the bed of the river will not be necessary, but that the river may be bridged with one span. John Hall, a member of the Rhode Island bar, was sitting after dinner,on Wednesday,at the Providence House, with a segar in his mouth, in conversation, when ha foil doad. ? On the Ifhh mat, Joseph Timberman, who was in Cincinnati, and lodging at the (Jalt House, was robbed of eight hundred end eighty four doiiara. The money was titken trom his pantaloons pocket after he hed io tired to bed. Joseph Burghman, a German porter, in the employment of Mr. Marsh, proprietor or the Qelt House, was arrested on snplcion of having committed the theft. On the 25th innt., in Philadelphia, a man named John Creagh, who is employed at the Camden and Amboy Railroad, at Camden, n. J., was knocked down and run over by s train of cars, which passed over his right leg and Isft foot. His friends brought him over to the Pennsylvania Hospital, where he died soon after A great eclipse of the sun will take place en the 3Mh of April next.?Those who will bo alivo then had better take a peep, for such auother eclipse will not oc cur for many years to come. The winter, so far,has been very mild in the vici nity of Lake Superior. John Jay Kinne waa killed at Vohntown on the ftth in St., by the discharge of his own pp. slipped I nit tend through a hole in a sled on which a# was riding, and by his endeavor to draw it up, it wont off and shot him in the heart. On the 25th inst. the wires of the magnetic tele graph between Philadelphia and Baltimore, were erect ed through the streets or Philadelphia, at the same posts as the other telegraph up to Broad and Choanal strsots, wheie the two separate, and ths Baltimore telegraph follows the line of the railroad to that city. A portrait of John Swift, Mayor of Philadelphia, painted by Bully, was presented to him by his fallow citizens on the 33d inst. HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE, f?7 Nassaa Street. 'PHIS ksttbliahmeat issappliedi with svsry material aeees 1 ssry for the prompt, seal ssd economies! sxecatioa of every description of Book Work, whether Lstie, French, Italian or Spanish works. The afenlioo of anthots la request, ed in thn uisrurr that, for typotpaphy, presawcrk. and correct readme they ntsy rely upon receiving ample jaet-os in iheprodnctt m ol ^ T\t most rrlrnttrr in tkiicily, It fnrntshrd with every description of Typesetted to Show Bill* Sir Thentree, Concerts, Mate a me, Leetaree, rablic Mealiest, or for any other purpose, where the largest de scription of Printing it required].. Also. Frngrammnn. Circu lar Letters. Bui Heads. Hals Work, Law Joke, and ? very ktad of work reunited for mereaatiln or other branches Tit above eeuolithmeat has the largest Presses ia this city, wham all Bills, worked in colors, will be beset.fellr risen led. Apply to E. D. C., third or fourth story Herald i alM ass, where all orders will be reeyi'ed '?

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