Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1846 Page 3
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?hi Long r?l BH t? 47* 50ihs LnnglalklldRR 44 V 5* a 50 do (10 46V 4? 46V 50 do 4(V 4? ICO do (34 44 V 4? 46.V 150 do 47 4? 48 100 do (10 47 do a 50 do (30 47 4* 48 lull Reading RR 6?V do (W 46 37 do 6*? Sow Stock Kicbnngr, ?hiVielcakurgBk (IS IV 13(h( N rk Wor Friday 64V do bit IV 03 do Friday 4.C 4"* ??h J* ?* do U 64Ji do Friday I* 25 do cash ? do Farm n'aTrast c W ? do Frid.r 03 ? do ?7 27% 50 do b7 65V Morn i ( .n,l cuh 17V 75 do 65V Long tsl RH cub 43* J> do bSO 65V do Frid jr 41 23 do btw 65 V do ciin 41 U <<o bi 65V u id?DD *** *?S M di Fridiv 65* ""'rajR cash 54!J it do ?1 65V Nor li Wor eaah 64', 50 do eaih 65), Married. n Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening, 34th in*t ,by the v. Cbarles W. Cutpetiter, Mr. Alcmkd Bsiduxmas, thii city, to Miu Mkthi M. Kino, of Brooklyn. Died. )n 36th loot, Lor hk, aged II yetre, daughter of Wm. hinion, No. 3 Front (treat, New York, late of Leeds, gland. Che friendi of the family are reipectfully invited to %t " * " IB, P. M., h d the funeral to-day, at 3 o'clock, F. M., from the re.i ice of bar father, No. 3 Front street Che funerals of Ctpt. E. J. Docman, lata maatar of the e.djcb baik Lotty, (trended on Squan Beach, and E. ItoirnoBK,, late mate of the aaid veiael. will take celrom the German Lutheran Church, in Walker eat, thie (Friday) afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, 'be countryman and friendi of the deceased, are invi to attend. THE IRISH BANK DEFAULTER. HE NATIONAL PO. ICE GAZETTE, puhlithed a: ivo. 17 Centre it. New York, of Saturday, Feb 28 h, I coniait, among o.hrr h ghiy iut-.reitiug and original r' THE LIFE OF L\ MAN FARKE8, r counterfeiter. beitg a t uur-nuitio-i ol |,i, extraordinary ?r i . Pi iUdel|h<a. iu rornniou with John Swift, Mayor hat city, the late Nichulia Bidulc, the United Busies lit. he , lie > cornet l.keneu. ip'eediiHvc-graT'd, of WILLIAM T. \5 Ell. the In e frisk bank Ofaultcr, now iuppoird to on It a way to Antsr ca, with a lull dtscrij ttou ct bii ion. 'ii.| and conviction of CUF O, the Bvrge Robber; Rcitcll, Child Mnrd itu and Ctniel.o and Mason, on Blackwell'i >'d 4*>nti n M Count y Meteha- U aid Stringers, *hout in* Ne w Yoikcity. 3 he Pir-res of Sqnan Beach. New icr-Ju tire, ano nemei of ctndtd-tn. Grant, the New Hi Ftojge^, hiijl^ic L'ti.n.a <1$ i_ff reward Iftr h-i arreat. cign criminal intei licence Wain Jth itouc, of theyi.ip T?iy, and eipcuiinu of Martha wuing,'or the innrdcr of Mrs. Mund II. Escaped Fugi ?? au<I v ouvicti. Movement! of P.ckpo- kefr, J. sepn Mal? I, t hvrley Mawkni, 3te. Tnel ol' Wyatt, th- Aobnrn i u Convict Fr<ud on t-e Poor by 8 nuiih Quart-n ai d I* c i r ioBttlaratatiitiea of the Sing Smg State Prisou ? a Bu glar'i Iron Lh-it Judge {jgraoam't opinion mlatire 1 ne* trial for Cos'ello and Maien. Em. li yn rnt of Coi o and Ynon on B ack well's III nd. Coutempl vied trial < f k Coil.rd ?li?( D-vis. al.r.i S-.tou 3h- Pa*-brose-'s In ric Philadelphia F, lice P'iicn Keeper ? aught Stealing, ainhoat Swallow. Celt's Offing Te'egraph Miooti-gata tColleeor. The next Mayoralty. 3 h-new Ci y l hart. r. reat of P ekpocketi s:.r?ad and at h me. New Couutt-r a. Bigamy. Mur eri Crime in Montreal?K?adv. the tk Del a<ter. O'Rourke, the Murdered Pugilist, and Mer b, tha< .our Honae Bua,ar. The Rob vex and the Virgin.? bder of a Mother and her dabaa. Abduc ion Trial. Ntgro 'olta. Clintou County State Priton. be. be. r a' la by all Newa Agacta in the United states. I? 2toe apply Early. THE THIRD NUMBER MORRIS'S NATIONAL PRESS ta 13 NOW HEADY. 9 Content! are ol the most interesting description. Light, P'raling, Gty and Sue chy. Subscriptions only 33 per im?siugte copies 6* ceuts. ^ BUKOs.83 STRINGER b CO., . Wholeaalo Age..ts, 322 Bread way, cor. of Ann at. J l'L*r E C.4i|, THE ATTEN HON cf the public to tho isle t f fifteen 3 at .rv and Brick Dwelling storei, on Sth ?t, 3d avmue, and 10th s'xeer, 'lh a Day, at th- Mtrchants' i-nge oy E H. Ludlow b Co. Sale positive?pattestion ma of tbehouaet given the 1st of May nest. lt*r LECTURE ON OREGON. CHAR LES SAX J ON, of Oregon City, who left the Oregon T?rritnrv in August last, a- d crossed the Rocky ntaina to Miss- uri, on horseback, wiih only three compa , h?s been requested -v many of the crtizeos of New to deliver a lecture on ihit ci u ttry. on Tuesday evening, I of March, at Ctoion Hull, on the corner of the Bowery ivhion street All who ieel interested in the subject uvited to attend. e Lecture will commence at 7 o'clock. Tickets 35 ,iol,ehad at theiroton Hall, the New York Herald, cotle corner of Namu and Knltoo street; at the office e Glebe. 135 Fnlron ai; at Jobn Anderson b Co 'a, No. 3 si, and at Brumhali bCo.'a, No. 323% Broadway. 4trh A hUPRRHJll VJOLCNCiiLLO R SALE?A Foster Violoncello, in fine preservation. I'd the profession and amateur, this offers an opportunity liming an instrument rf that celebrated maker Apply ?^ lieV Mua c Store. 365 Brotidway. f 87 St* JUNG CHARLES Nl'ANlELS. J ONE PAIR, itcaived per ship Y ictoria, from btv London. Also, Eng tih and Scotch Terriers, Lap ^Dogs, be. Forselekr A. GRIEVE, >l*tnc 5 J oho it. GLASS GASES, &c. |.0T of Glass Cun mil other a to re fixtures for tale.? ??ply to2H Broadway f27lt?m MR. THOMAS STARKEY. 1RMATION WAN'IXl) of Mr Thomaa Srarkey, of IIII ogham b.nkltnd, who arrived hereabout two jeers Letters wi.h remittances are waitr g li:a application.? to W. HROUOH. w*nu- 117 Fulton street. kNTED ? Aaitaatioo, by a rr spertable yruig woman, k> Wet Nora , with a fresh '?rest' ol milk. Good city i. ttne it well ?ccu?tomed to eh Id.m.acd do?a pUtu Pleas.- call at No. 6 Centre Market I'l.ce, no araire, |b?c? loom 127 It'r WANTED, I aohe? and indnatr.cna married man, a ai'nation aa engi -oft-n yeara npeii-oce? either > n a boat or atati na i. Wan a ou boat $16 per mooih?aiatmuary eoiiiae nga per day. Direct letter, Herald ctScr, Engineer. A PARTNER WANTKD. I advertiaer ia now fil ing np a three itoiy lonae for the Veniiy liqunr baaineaa cud till iaids whtcn ia in the beat [>u i i N?w York to commence thia kind of business, la great chance for a peraon who will Clival!or about 250 1 lauWWHN required and given. Apply at 114 [street. C25 ll'r |NTCD-By a young woman, a aitu tion aa lauudieaa, ud ia a good waaher and ironer The neat inference ? to character kc A. ply to Mr. Ueidamiih, No 89 r at .her prevent employer I29**rh ItEAS?My wire, feLIZABbTH RENVILLE, haa aft my bed and board without came or nrorucation. all [are hereby forb'd to truat her ou u y arcount. aa I ahall [ills of her coutractiog. IS .AC RENVILLE. pa ? K ADAM CARR, FROM _A8GO W, ia die hare | uuder general order, ateaa'aide Peck alip. Allgooda nilied, inoal uoavo ?ab|y teaeat to Public Store [tf on IP OARRlCn, 2 OK LI V EKi UuL -Pas ? rt by this ahio wi>l pleaae be on board, at Orleans oote. Wall atieet, 10-morrow. Ihurad ty 26 h init. at Ik. at whi h line the ah<p will aail. Letter baga will 1'he umal placea. at 11H ??'cloca. 125 lea. ?Alt peiaoue ?.r lurbid h ?rboriug or tiea ing any lie MM of Sri iah bark Adam Carr, from Glasgow, aa j a of ik tr contrasting will be paid either by the cap Lnaigteea WrnonilT'l .!. k MINTI'BV g? Saath.t. SHiPWREv-K ScGIETY. ~ i |n4eraigo?d having bem apt omit d by the American tree Society, to collect evidence rel tive lo the .ecud ?itn the Inte diaaatroea thipwreck of the Joh and other Tee. ele, in the vicinity of th'a harbor ear ineat all rwra n?. particularly ine auivivoia, to meet >e rnoina of the American Inatiiute, iu the Park, any 9 lo ll A. M., to aaeiai the committee in the discharge my. COMMITTEE 1 Chandler, J. w. Frencie. M. D. 'J hompavB, Gen. John Doraey, Jet De Peyater Of den, Henry Meigs ork, Feb.K.ltM- fM4trc O FicE OK iRANHPuRTAIIoN i ?abtimosb It Uhio Han. Kuan Co., ) 23d Krbruai y. 1116. .annate operatiooa of thie Company, which have temporarily impended by tha breach in tha Elyarille ill be men ed this day. Mrteha ta and oiheia who > to toiward by thi- roam, c o therefore rely on 'heir lug prompt despaii li to Cumberland, or roauy other ate Iomt on the line of the road. Th faatrngrr now making their regular time between Cumbailand H B. WQQD'IDE, Snperintindcnt. LuuR A I THla. JnO OF* FOR I ESI TH \N FIRST CO*T. ,AT ASSORTMENT of ft rat quality b-ott end , to make room for a I rg* supply u< French U rods. > way, rompiisiug cork sole boots, water t roof and Ich ?u.finecall Sn<?e, Pumps, and Danciag Uaireia, jt?r?. Beaki a, -lippca, lies, p.t-nt Iran r. white 3a in white Kid. CLgt, Mi eoaiua; all kindi ol i Ovee>iit??. kc., kc , ail of which will be ao d 21 i than hereto!ore, at 997 bruedway, cor. brinalia M. C AH ILL. , BILLIARDS IMPROVED. IfIF.LD. re>p cifelly in'orma bia friends and the that he has returned to his oldfevunte qutiters, il<'8 ROOMS, entrance \% Ann si, ad omiug ike ; -mlding, oe 119 Fulton steel The Komu and Ta [been put in perfect oid-r. The Tablet ere Slate, U Ir. n. with A>r, India Rubber and Cloth Cuahiooa. fro doubt tun Euro >ean and all greit pla?era .being 1 thia country. Larger balla for Soulherueri?Caro* >r Germane. . stford ? new style Billiard Tabl't for sale; India I Cue Leather, beet in the eity; fine Billiard Cloth, iiclei a the trade, conatantly on head and for sale. TO PAPER-BOX MAKERS. BOARDS?ye 090 lbs Straw Boards, of a auperior and nnmnera to tan. jnat received, tod for >alt by P* HSSE k bWOOKS, 65 and >7 Nat am at. iTa "OAJt COAlk-D BLENNORKHtEA >?-* -a?A pleasant, safe, and effectual remedy mnwwa .be urinary and genital organi, gonorrhoea aaneas, ke Price HK emu; warranted to cere il for sale at Meaare. Fahneetock'i k Ce.. 49 Ma rr Ninth Avenue, and by Druggaati generally. <T LAP-WELDED IRON Rfflf.^p FLU KtJ. A^DyA HALF feet long, and one and i THOS. raOMER, Patent* 4l.iUtvmwi !%.? V, I BWlrERS' KGARua: It Binders' Boards, Jn?t jecaired and for aala I PERSSE k BROOKK 1 95 and g7 N aaaan atri fHE LADIES-TO THE LADIES? Ihaving any aa peril none or east off Clothing t I (either Ladiee or lieu lie men) can obtain Br the una, by tending for the aubtenber, at To. 99 Dnane atreet. basement I 'OHI tatlemm'a Clothing and Fnmitn^ alaaa ^ k j ItklnnBh the Pent OAnnwill bsMtaUdd m. AUCTION I ALBS. ENGRAVINGS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will wll M Saturday evening at T o'clock, it * No 1(91 Bf adway.a largo collection of fia* Engravings, KLcieot nod modern. Alio, ? fia# set of Sportiug piecei, Tr-nned. nud ? uuinbrr ofBoydel'i Shvksspeare, now reedy for ezyminaiiou. fi?7 1t*r BS.NJ \MI.N MUONRY will toll This Day, -t 10 o'clock, at the Auction Hoom, ti J.ha it. Fanrv Uoodi, H?ru wire, he . counting of Work IS 'in, Toyi, Tee Tri* i, Per fuuurv, Cotnhs ml Bru?ha?. Slates, Silver Pen< il Cim, Hnnfl Boxes, P u end P-ick-t Knives, shears, Scumri, Razors, Razor S.rops. Fancy Soei'i.hc Also, 4 Gold Watches and 6 Silver do. Alio, ? lot of Gum nod Putoli. Bold, to pay riot he he. ft7 lt*mc VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERLY " IN tlie Twelfth Ward, for uleat anctioo.?ANTHONY J. BLKEf'KKR will icll at ao'tion, on FRIDAY, fTih Fe Oo'clock atlhe Merchants' Exchange,the Railroad Depot HOTEL, corner of 4th Avenue and Kth itrret Ttie viluible property on the eaat aide of 4th Avenue end iouth i lide of 86th itrret. Lou 30 feet on the Aveuue and 100 leet uu the itzurt, (w hieh atreel i? curbed and regulated.) and lituatrd within two blocks of the I trge Croton reservoir. Thehi-uaeii a large two story attic building, with cellar and kitchen nnder the whole, with ah-da on 06 h atrret. The premiaea are deaira ble for the purpoao of a public houie, and are new occupied aa such $1003 can remiin on bond and mnrtgaga at 7 per cent. Poaacaaiou will be airen May lit, I(t6. Th. ??r,miaes are uow rented st $L0 per annum-good eeunrv. Title indiapu able. Alao. the two atory frame eolouade HOUSE, with atabie, green-home, he.., on the northweat corner of 4rh Avanua and 123th Street Willi (iz Ills attached, pleasantly located near Mr. Floyd's Girden, on the Main street at Harlem. Part of tun purchase money can remaiu on bond and mortgage, f24 4t la're <"? . GENTLEMENS' HATS. . fS THE Spring Style fir 184t.isuow ready for exami-g^m natino. at KOBMITSON'S TIKENIX HAT AND LAP manufactory, hjfclto* btukt,(between wiiham and Nataan ) ... , In again calling the attention of the public to this establish meet f-e proprietor would respectfully statu. that ihe sneceai which has attended his efforts aiuce ti e commencement of his buameaa hat not decretted his euergits. but on the contrary hat increased hiaeieito na to produce articltsevn anperior to th ae of the higher priced establishments, at his former low p.icei. viz: First quility Nutna Fur, $1 S* Bee nud do. dn 300 First q tality Moleskin, 3 00 Second do. do. 3 30 ft4iwii?r__ '10 MILLINERS. 2^% CARL Kl VQ. ihc well known and clabrated^^T hirst premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in gen-ral, that he has for sale a moat splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATH inanniactn'ed of an entire new article, called Paris Straw Gimp. mad. to the sha~e of the Shrpherduss Gipaei?so beaunlul ai d becoming, thev need only be seen to be admired. Nlilli - era, and me eh inta of the trade, will do well to call ?nd esamire before they make I their purchases as the goods will be sold by the cue or dozen at a very libeial price. f'ARL KING. 17 Division street. N B.? A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods ai d Pans Ribbons always on ha d. fI5 lm*r A RARE CHANCE. WILL BE SOLD -he p, o- exchanged f>r city pro perty. a very ya'uable ya'l-v grain and grasa far ?, eon a nug >13)4 arras, 30 of which are woodland,and the te.i . nth soil having been all cultivated, hlghlv manured and seed d. within five wears put. aid yields abnndant crops; situated 30 miles froin New York, 4 Irmn Hun ington, 3 from Coid Bprn g and 3 fr< m Fanuiugd.le, by th- best roads in the county ol Suff ok. The huild'ngs are all neatly new,and con sist of a commodious Dwelling, 2 Barns, Cow Sheds, Car riatre H- use. Poultry Hons , Ice House, ttrkery. Wa-h Room, and Smoke II iuse. Twenty acres lie in a position to piodoee th* vegetables, and being wit iin I>4 hours communi cation with Brooklyn, to which cais run Irom Farmingdale three times a d iy. makes it very drsiraul* Steamboats also leaye-Cold Spring daily for New York. For (urthar particu lars ?rp|v to F. G. LUC KEY, fI7tw*m 33 John st. STATEN I?LA\D PROPERTY FuR SALE Ma HANDSOME COUNTRY BEAT, wi h u few acres of ground, Barin Ite.. Itc , attached, on the north shore of etaten Islmd. fionting on the river, aud within Ihrue minutes walk of Caatieron Bteanib st Landing, one mila from Port Richmond.anda milean'l a half from New Hr-ghton. ?he propsrtv has a front on the water of a our 400 ftet o- further partieu'ars enquire of Mr. John O'Bnen, No. S3 W> II street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jarte Burger. f26 Iw'ric ' EAST NEWARK. t THE WHOLE OF THIS VALUABLE PROPER irv. consisting of about two hundred and fifty arrea of aiand. with about ine mile of front on the P.imic River, oppiuite the city of Newark, where the Morns Canal enters the river, is for sale 01 vary advan'sgenns terms; or, it will be si Id in parcels, to suittppiicants. Persons proposing to estab lish mann'actories of any kind near the city of New York will ft d it grenly to their sdvant-ge to locate there. 'J he fieilities of intercourse between it aud New York city cannot be equal led, and to the first applicants libeni advai t'ges wi'l be given Aprly to GEO L PRIDE. 41 Wall st t ALSO?A FURNISHED HOUSE ? O nENT. No 13 North Moore st. Particulars will be given by tlie ? ubseriber, GEO. L PRIDE, Itr'c 41 Wall st. HOUSE WANTED, ? ON a lease for two or threo years, two or two and a half stories?situated between 4ih and Sth avenu'S, and not nigher than 12th street. A new house, and near Jir.auway, wonld be preferred. Warm and cold baths indis pensable. Address 8. J. 8YLVF.STER, 123 St*re tl Wall st. WANTED. MA Two Story Dwelling Home, with basement and yard, two sitting rooms and bed rooms, situated iu the crntral part nf the city, and suitable tot amall family. Iteut uot to ezceed $400 per auuum?Crotoo water indispensa ble?adjacent to Broadway, and not furthsr up than Prince street. A line addressed T H., stating particulars, location, ke . and left at the Herald Of&ce, will be atieuded to. 119 lwis'rc TO LET, THE Mansion House of Dr. Valentine Mott, with se vera I acres of ground, abont six miles from the city, ?UAfrominf on the Hnd?oo Hirer. I: will be let with the house Tarnishedornafhrni<hed. Apply toS.B. HUTCHING8, No. S6 John street, from 10 to It o'clock. fl# 2taw:?2vr*r VALENTINE HEAD QUARTERS. TURNER k FISHER. 74 Chstham street, hare this day A opened their unequalled assortment ol Valentines and Valentine v> riters. For splendor, rariety and cheapness, we challenge the city. Low prices to the trade, is onr motto; call ana see. Valentines made to order, oiiginal rersea Tar nished. Orders from the Coantry attended to promj*ljr^^ ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. ipHE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COM PAN Y taring A completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders far pare White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted The Company hare spared no expense in the erection of the Works which would rend, in the least degree, to the improvement ot the Lead, haying aruiled themselves of every modern improvement for that purpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the greater propertion sold as such has been, and (till is greatly adulterated with Barytes. an article of mineral production much heavier than White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtna of any pig ment whatever, it being, when mixed with oil. almost trans parent, and in fact having nothing bat its specific weight to recommend it. the Trusrees of the Atlantic Whita Lend Com pany hive passed, unanimously, the following resolution, vix: " Resolved. Tnst hi view of mann facto ring only a prime article, the Atl-utie White Lead Company will make bat ooa quality of Wnite Lead, both Dry aau Ground ia Oil; that to be a strictly pare, geaniua article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whaterer, which lha Company will warrant as sneh to all who m?y pnrchste their Lead4 Purchases, therefore, may be well asiacd that every de Le d manufactured and sold by the Comn??y. whichpureuess will uot only trud to the greater durability of the raint. Lot will be found murh more economical In ita use, evru in the mot' common description of paiutiug, owing to the body or covering quality it potseaaea, thereby giving a far better liniah three, of which every paintc will hear witness The Comp ny also mai.uUcture Red l.cad and Litharge, and have for sale a v .riety of Paint* Ground in Oil, vix: Verdigrta, Bla'k Paint. Yellow Ochre, Bpaui.h Brown, Farie Green, Brunswick Green, Itc. Ice. Having been appointed general Agents for the Company, all orders should be directed to et. POLLEN k COLGATE, f7 Xm*T 5*7 Pearl strret. corrernl Berkman streeL LOOKING GLASS PLATES. rTANLINE & OSTHKIMEH, Importers, No. IBank streeL Mm Philadslphu, have jnst received by arrieala at this port and New York, a fall assortment of Looking Glass Plates Iron 9 by 7 to 49 by 90 All sixesp dished (date window glass from II by II, to 57 by 94. Also, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, Pipes, Suaff Bul-s, Cigar Cases, Money Purses, Marbles, Blttes, with a variety ?.f other French and German goods, which they offer at the lowest market prices. i?ll 5m-ml iht BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FUR Fitchbnrg, Keene. Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, Woudstork, Monipelier, and Bnrliagtoe, Vt., and the Ce nadas. All Packages, Parcels and any of the above towns, or any pert of the western portion of New Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the care of L. BIUELOW, 11 Elm street, Boston. N. B.?Be cure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow's Ex press" Jtorr COTTON MILL. M7" ANTS a situation ss Manager of a Cotton Mill, a man TV intimately acquainted with the various modes el raann factnrmg cotton wool, both in England and America; can be recommended by two men having chargn of the best conduc ted establishments in the United Sutee. Address J. this office jail 7ni*re NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL to FOOTE, No. 30 John atrcet. THEsutftrribers have rstabli.hrd a CLOTH STOKE at No. 19 Joha .ireer, and hevu.g jnst rrceived a large and well selected stock ol desirable g >o<!>, wonlJ invpe tlie s ten ti?e of perehasers to their assortment, consisting in part of lbs MlOWIng ; FRENCH, ENGLISH. GERMAN AND AMERICAN CLOTHS J AD CA SSIMERKS. Drap d'Ete; Deep d'Foie; Fancy Tweeus; and a lull stock of SominerO<>ods;M.tiu;Serges; Velveu;aud a larxn assortment of tbe newest and moat fashionable styie of laecy Caasimeres and Vestiuga. Also, g full stock of TAILORS'TRIMMINGS. The st taotion of Tailors is particularly rrque?ted to onr stock, as ex traordinary iaducetnents will be offered them, sad they are re spectfully invited to examine onr stork befors purchasing elsewhere. KNOEPKEL St FOOTE, fi7 lm*r No. 39 John street. GEN. IIK UEORUB COOKE, JM. 1>. L.L.D. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Q p p J 0 E?? NO. S NORTON STREET, ALBANY, N. T Da Cooag maybe confidentially consn ted daily at No. 9 Norton sttneL Albany, N. Y. Office hours Irom 9 A. M. until 10 P M Medical Apvict?Aa it is always important to obtain the services of en experienced ami skilful physician?call on the celebrated Dr. Cooke.-No 9 Norton street, Albany.?Medical and surgical Journal RESIDENCE. AT 8TANWIX HALL, ALBANY, N. Y. jfgerio!* or the losrois with the ecrraLo aaiLBoas. fit Insure CONSUMPTION CURED. "DAYTON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF SARAAi'AKIL JT LA. Woodnapthe, Iceland Moss, Wild Cherry, kc., for Loog, Heart, Throat, aiaeatea, Dyij'fpiia, lu. Thta etlma id remedy can be obtained (price 74 cents,) at 49 John street, id 77 Ninth Avenue; at the latter place en experienced physt an is in attendance tegivngmtnitons advice from 19 toll A.M. ted and eiai JalT 1m*r MOTHER'S CORDIAL. NliE superior efficacy of this srtiele. when used in the I L stages of pregnancy, is so spparent, that no female who ouee experienced its bene&ta would be willing, on any enndp plnee otn cnild and mether ia a state of safety. This is no quack article, but the prescription of a regale Physician, - aa who has msde this branch of bis practi tjjffMidy. sale ai 199 Broedwsy ooraer ot Johx i .E ?ii|>?rior cAcacy of thia irtitto, wheo m fhe Inat i -.J, U ha daprvad of it - sith rhe anff?r in?a attendant om Child Birth ooa half, tod lo?a raaticaaptf* ?Utat AMMWTO. PARK THKATRK. MIS8 CHARLOTTE BARNES, MR O. VANDENHOF. MR. SAN08 AND H18 TALENTED CHILDREN MISS BARN k 8' BENEFIT. Friday Evening, February 37, ? PUy?f Olenalvou Mr. O Vandenhoff. 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The late* ness of the hour, and the secrecy with which the call was made, will prevent me from entering more this time, into any speculation as to the im portant business which brought them together in so sudden a manner. 1 will, however, say it is thought that the British Minister made his ultimatum to" day; and although its nature has not yet been fully developed, enough is known to cause sober think ing people to retlect seriously upon the present slate of our foreign relations. Of one thing you may rest assured, which is, that England is not going to surrtndtr am* foot of territory north of the Colum bia nttr, without a ttruggle. She " will not be bul lied much longer by the United States." Such is the language of her Minister to private persons here. I have the most indubitable authority for saying this, notwithstanding the peaceable appear ance of the late news from England. The Secreta ry ot State has been, late and early, for the last three days, writing despatches to all our Ministers and Consuls abroad, which shows that there is trouble in the camp. In addition to the foregoing, a Southern Senator had it in contemplation, in secret session, to take the whole of our foreign affairs out of the hands of the committee in charge of them in the Senate, but I which was postponed tor the present, lest the act 1 might prove injurious to the public interests. In j this movement, all the whigs of that body were j willing to co-operate, but through the earnest oppo- I aition of two or three democratic Senators, the measure was defeated for the present. All this goes ta provs my previous statements of the unfortunate condition in which Mr. Polk is placed, owing, as 1 have said before, to his want of confidence in his' legitimate advisers?the Senators of his own party. It will be remembered that about four months ago, I informed you that Mr. Walker and the Bri tish Minister were leaking arrangements for a re duction of the impost duties by their respective go vernments, at the Treasury Depwfpient. Well, the last news brought us the confirmation of this, in the fact that Mr. Walker's report was in England before it was officially submitted to Congress. There would have been nothing very extraordinary in this, had not the friends of the tariff endeavored to throw obloquy upon the Secretary of the Treasury, for having given the British Minister this informa tion in advance of Congress. There certainly was no great harm in this, as both governments seemed desirous of abolishing the restrictive system on im ports altogether, except so far as that which might be necessary to ilefray the expenses of the two go vernments respectively. The way this report got out, was simply as follows: Mr. Pakenham being in Mr. Walker's office on the day announced by me, saw his report and projct lying on his table. Being deeply interested in its contents, he asked the Secretary for a copy of it, which was given him, and which he immediately transmitted to his go vernment. So much, then, for this affair, about which there is so much fuss made. It is the opinion of the most intelligent here, that should a reduction of the tariff take place, it will not benefit Ameiican breadstuff* in the least, as the ports in the Baltic are able to supply England with all she wants, at eleven shillings per quarter ^ less than we could do it for. This is proved by (he fact that whilst we pay but four shillings duty upon j flour entering Canada for transhipment to England, the flour from the Baltic pays fifteen shillings, and is able to meet us in the market at that. Ariel. Postscript.?From a gentlemen by the southern boat last night, 1 learn that a duel was fought at Richmond, Va., between Mr. Robert Pleasants, of the Richmond Whig, and Mr. Wm. Ritchie, of the Enquirer, in which it is said the formur was killed. They fired four rounds each, with pistols, and then closed up to each other with bowie knives. Mr. Ritchie received three cuts?one in the mouth, one in the arm and one in the breast. Mr. Plaas ants received a cut across the abdomen, which has caused his death. Mr. Ritchie, I understand, is now in this city. Washington, Feb. 25,1816. Appointments, Confirmation.t, tjrc. fye. Romulus M. Saunders, of North Carolina, was j confirmed to-day by the Senate, as Minister to j Spain, in place of Washington Irving, who has re* I quested to be allowed to return home. An interesting case has been going on in the Su preme Court lor some days, relating to a planing machine, in whioh the Mr. Phelps of the Senate, is engaged. He is considered, by both the court and bar, to be a lawyer of superlative talents, and on this occasion has far surpassed-all his other forensic efforts. Some days ago I said that the nomination of Isaac Wright, Navy Agent at Boston, was opposed by the Southern Senators,on account of his supposed abolition principles. This was one side of the story. It is only fair, in all such cases, to give the Oiher, which I now do, not being interested one way or another in the matter. His friends say that Mr. Wright has ever been an open and decided op ponent of the abolitionists in Massachusetts?was the first editor in Massachusetts to advocate the an nexation of Texas, under Mr. Tyler's treaty; and as soon as Mr. Polk was nominated, took the stump for Polk, Dallas, Texas and Oregon, throughout the Bay State. I hear that he was the author of the spirited and graphic account of the famous Anti Texas Convention at Fancuil Hall, which appeared in the New York Herald last winter. Certainly, no one who read that account, would accuse him of abolition sentimen'.a. In '44 he run as the demo cratic candidate for Congress, against J. Q Adams, and got the same vote as Mr. Polk?no abolitionist voting for him. A&w.. Washington, Feb. 25,1846. Doingt in Congress?Mr. Dickinson?AImott a De ri ri on in the Senate, upon the Oregon? The Harbor Bill in the House?An Estoppel, by Mr. Holmes, upon I jog-Rolling. The long and laborious effort of Mr. Dickinson, of York State, is finished?he has brought his argu ment to a close; and we do solemnly assert, that after a discursive dissertation of nearly four hours, (yesterday and to day,) he has left the qaestion standing precisely where he found it. His summa ry of the evidence of our charter to Oregon, from Spanish and American explorations and settlements, as compared with those of the English, was but an imperfect recapitulation of the testimony on the title, ss condensed in the clear and methodical ar gument of Mr. Dix?his description of Oregon, he acknowledged to be from an old speech of Colonel Benton?while the commercial division of his har angue was in part from the great commercial speech of Mr. Allen, on the Texas annexe* ion, at the last session?and in part from the con mercial speech of the some Senator, on the Oregon, on the 10th of the p.vsent month?his onslaught upon Mr. Web ster. was borrowed from Mr. C. J. Inge moll's con cluding remarks upon the notice, in the House while the questions of impressment, the N. E. boundary and the Caroline, ns indicating the policy of the British government towards us. were so evi dently suggested fiom tne late essay of the Senate's Chairman on Foreign relations, that we wondered | Mr. Dickinson did not concede his obligations. For his own sake, aa a son of York; for the sake I of the Senatorial reputation of Mr. D.; for the sake of our high personal regard for him aa a man, wa 1 do wish he had said leas, and had said it more to 1 the purpose. It was an up-hill business.with the I honorable Senator from the start, aad hit strength ' and courage sensibly diminished as he ascenderf? ( He appeared to grope and lee! his way, rather than to walk up to the Question, and into its merits, with ? his eyes open and his undemanding wide awake. ! And yet the fault was tnore in the manner than in i the matter of the honorable Senator. Had Clay de li vered the aame speech, in the same identical words. Senators, so far from going to sleep over it, aa they ' did, would have listened, and would have been in terested, it not edihed. It was the bard, metallic voice of the orator, aad his labor in getting along, : that made the listener weary; and still, hopeful from sympathy, that there would yet^ke a redeeming ex plosion of indignation?a brilliant overflow of (pa triotism?a racy and sparkling repartee, a spicy ; anecdote of illustration?a choice historic incident appropriately applied, or something to agitate into a npfln the stagnant surface of the orator's appeal? i but none of these saving clauses were introduced? It wan a dull journey over the dead level of ioreusic mediocrity. The positions of Mr. D. were all well enough ; his exposition of the title?his advocacy of the notice? his animadversions of the chicanery of Great Bri tain in her relations with us?ins recommendations of maintaining our rights at all hazards, and of only settling the difficulty by negotiations without in fringement of the natioual honor?were all strong points for an effective argument, for some originali ty of thought, and research, and recital, and deduc tion. But in all these essentials the speech of Mr. Dickiuson was as barren as his manuer was devoid of life, action, or effect. Mr. D. cannot appeal to the plea of the youthful Helicon?lie is old enough to appreciate his own merits; and yet, the necessity of dispelling his ignorance upon this (aunt is the par amount inducement to our present strictures. We do solemnly believe that he lias a high estimate?a very high estimate, of his intellectual calibre, and that thia destructive idea has prevented hun from that indtutrtoiis research, and atudy, and applies tion to Mtory, to politics, to governmental science, so essential to the perfection of a great statesman.? The great secret,most unappreciated by Mr. Dickin son is, that when one has but little to say, he should say but little, and be done with it. As soon as Mr. Dickinson had concluded his well meant and charitably received discourse, Mr. Day ton moved the postponement of the question, tor two weeks from Monday next. Mr. Allen resisted the motion, bscause it would argue of fear and quailing. Gen. Cass seconded the Senator from Ohio. Mr. Calhoun wanted the amendment voted upon, and disposed of, and the question put 111 some questionable shape, before he, at least, should speak to it. Mr. Calhoun desired Mr. Colquitt's amend ment to be read, so did Mr. Crittenden. The amendment of Mr. Colquitt, was according ly read for information. It recommends briefly the settlement of the Oregon controversy by negotiation, and gives the President discretionary power to with hold the notice, even alter the adjournment of the present session. On motion of Mr. Allen, the Senate went into ex ecutive session, after voting down a motion by Mr. Mangum to adjourn. In the House, the harbor bill has been under the hammer. Mr. Holmes, to prevent log rolling, se cured the passage of a motion, by which the vote upon every amendment can be analyzed. Mr. Payne, of Ala., denounced the system of internal improvements, as herein proposed to be introduced, most indignantly. Mr. Brinkerhnff followed in if lake f defence of lake harbors, as an off?et to Southern fortifications. [See House report ] We shall have some interesting passes, at arms length, upon this billyet. Tne ringing of the lost bell interdicts further com mentary for the present. Wasiiinoto.n, Feb. 25, 18-&5. The Anniversary?Washington's Birth Day Assem bly?Soms Particulars of that Spleuiid Affait? Dreadful Fracas at Richmond, Fit.?Turning Point of the Oregon Controversy in the Senate. We had purposed an elaborate and deliberate ac count of the splendid Washington Anniversary Bill, giwtn at Carusi'a Saloon on Monday evening last; but matters more important to the public have deprived us of this great anticipated pleasurable description. We will take occasion to say, how- ; ever, that it was a most recherche affair?that New York, and the State of New York, were welt repre sented, in ladies and in gentlemen, in numbers, in elegance, beauty and grace, and in talents, dignity and station. The saloon was full of bright eyes. The President was there, the private secretary of the President, and Mrs. J. K. Walker, were there. Most of the corps diplomatic,in their court cos tumes,were there?officers of the army and navy in uniform,were there?judges of the Supreme Court, members of the cabinet, members of Congiess, edi tors, reporters, strangers and citizens, were there? all told, not less than six huudred people were there during the evening. The President led the way down to the elegant supj>er?partook of it?laughed and chatted with the ladies, cracked jokes and ate heartily, and enjoyed himself very much. The whole arragements were creditable to the good taste of Mr. Miller?the supper was particularly po fular; but we must Bay that we did get hold of a ottle ot champaign which could not or would not explode. As Mr. Miller, however, is always con- , siderate to the " press gang," we wish that he may always be encouraged in his public "swarriesr'| with a mass meeting of the "good and brave and beautiful," like that of the Washington Anniversary Ball. We do wish we had time to go into particu lars of this tine ball, and i'faith, with your permis sion,we will to some extent. And we will give the names of some ol the patrons and participants ot the festive scene. The President, plain suit of black, pleasant ns a , sunshiny day; looks as though he Blept well of nights, notwithstanding the Oregon question. Senator Ashley, .Senator Sevier, and daughter; Sen ator Upham and ltidy; Senator Moorehea>t and lady; Senator 1 lav wood and daughter?(Senator Hay wood is the handsomest man in the Senate, and tne daughter will speak for herself?that she will)? Senator Greene?a very ripe old gentleman, by the by; Judge Woodbury?what a fine, staunch, good Judge he is, tco, lady and daughter; lady in blue silk; daughter in light figured satin, bracelets and pearls. Mr. Pakenham? a plain looking gentleman, with a genuine Hibernian physiog. Tne Count Bo disco, with his imperial-moustache. Mons. Pageot, the agreeable French Minister, bearing, with his other decorations, the cross of the Legion of Honor. Mr. Serruys, the Belgian Charge; Com Kearnv, U. S. N.; Lieut. Browned, do.; Major Walker, u. S. M. C , and his charming daughters; Mrs. Alexan der Hamilton, (and long lite to the old ladv,) Mr. Wentworth, of Illinois, and lady; (Mr. W. was dressed to the top of the Parisian;) Judge Rowan, M. C. from Missouri; Judge Woodworth, M. C. of New York, accompanied by Mrs. J. G. B. of Jour city, in costume elegant and distingui; Editor . G. B. and the accomplished sister of Mrs. B.; Mr. Sykes, M. C., accompanied by Mrs. E?rl, of N. J , in true Jersey blue?a most agreeable young lady?Mr. Garvin, M. C. of Pa.; Hon. F. G. Mc Connell, of Ala , in his red waistcoat and star breast pin?one of the most graceful dancers o( the age Mr. Strong, M. C. of N. Y , with his lady and daugh ter; Miss C?inp, and another lady. II you want a pleasant chat, look out for the second named of these three ladies. She talks like a book; a very Sleasant lady, indeed, and notwithstanding Mrs. trongis in her seventieth year, she looked a very I charming old lady, and one with whom old time has ! dealt with especial forbearance. Dress of Mrs. S , silk velvet, with a turban of lace and flowers. Mr. i Dromgoole, ot Va., a merry old bachelor, always certuin to find out and secure the company of the : fairest and most fascinating. Strange that the Gcn j era) should be an old bachelor at his time of day. I John R Thompson, Esq , ot N.J., with his accom plished bride, the daughter of Gen. Ward, of New York : dress, crimson velvet, d la Polka, with head dress to correspond. Mrs. T. was universally i I admired for her gracetul dancing. Mr. Richard j Voorhees, wife and sister, N.Y ; R. B. Connolly and C 8 Bogardus, New York Custom House; Mr. Whiting, Mr Dodge, Col. Masters, Col. Gran din, all of York State; C. P. Van Ness and lady, ; late of NewYork. Mra N. V. is of the style of beau- J ty of the esteemed and brilliant lady ol the Rus- ! sian ambassador, a style of beauty which is dazzling from its beautiful and delicate luxuriance. H. E. Rtell and family, late of New York. Miss Harriet, in plain and tasteful white, a young beauty ol grace and accomplishments. They were accom Earned by Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Bonni castle, iress ot the fascinating Mrs. B ?white satin, pearl and leathered head dress, a la Greek, very chaste. I Mr Marshall Brown, of this city, Rnd his charming lady; Dr. Haw, and the charming Mrs. H in a dress of white satin. Mr. S. a. Coleman.? ; (Mrs. C., we believe, remained at home?has con scientious scruples, [erhaps, against balls. We are sorry, it this be so, lor her company would be on such occasions a most agreeable acquisition ) Dr. Houston and lady; dress ol Mrs. H. ? rich musltn and black velvet turban, looped with jewels. Miss IIiiuston?dress, white Tarleton. Gen. John P. Van Ness and lady; Major ILiss, ot the Uaoit; Mr. Buck and Mis* B , ot Washington; and a host of others, too numerous lor recapitulation. But we must not forget the pretty little L E L., late of Kentucky; norMissAshb?y, of Virginia; nor? bnt positively we haven't time to say any more. ; One thing, however, we will say, that we missed very inucn the beautiful and most winning little Mrs. H , and the blue-eyed Mrs. S . of Peon- , sylvania. At the President's late levee, there was not one of the hundreds aspiring for the premium of taste, grace, and beauty, that could surpass Mrs. H. We expect a reprimand for this; but we will risk it. ' We learn this evening, of a most murderous af fray at Richmond, Va.. between young Pleasants and a fton of Father Ritchie. They fought with revolvers?each firing six barrels si his adversary ' without eirect. Ritchie then drew a kniie and I Pleasants a sword-cane. Pleasants put hort dm combat; expected to die. Ritchie slightly wounded i ?Hed to Washington. Such is the report. Cause I of fight?a quarrel in the papers, growing out of polities. The report of the debate in the Senate to-day, particularly the amendment of Mr. Colquitt, allows that we are on n very important turning .point upon the Oregon question. We Mall have to take up this subject in another regular essay,,pretty soon. Respectfully, Thr Docto*. ? l**rnr> Statrs 8ur*.KMR Court, Feb. 25?No 82 James Mackay's executrix and heirs, plaintiffs in error, vs. Patrick M. Dillon. This came w?? farther submitted to the court on a printed ergument, bv Mr. Bataa. forth* defendant in error.?No. liS. Ws. wood worth's administrator ot si., appellants, va. Jsmea Wil son et si. The argument of this cause was c?n'l?u*d by Mr. Latrobe for the appellants, and by Mr Bibb for the appellee* Adjourned till to-morrow, 11 o'oloek. TWRJfTlMtlWTH CONGRESS. .In Senate. Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 34,1844. Prayer by the Bee. Mr. Tnstin. Petition* by Meure. Speight, Sturgeon, Aahley, Dlx, and ottiere. A number of report* upon prirete caiei, chiefly ad verse, and all agreed to. Toe joint resolution providing for the exohange of government books with the French government, waa read a third time and passed. Appropriate* $800 to thl* purpose. A bill appropriating alternate section* of land te the Stat* of Michigan, along the line of a contemplated rail road, for the purpose of aiding in the completion oi said railroad ; provided that the road shall be ire# to the traoeportation of ail articlea belonging to tho govern merit, or for government purposes, that may pise over it* and that it the road be not finished within twenty yean, this act to be null and void, and the lands herein granted to revert to the United States. The bill also makes ap propriation* of land to the l.achine Canal. The bill wa* reed through by the Secretary. Mr WooeeaiDiiK asked leave to make a brief axposl tion of the bill. The bill bed been three times lavorably reported upon by the committee* of tb* Senate?had twice passed the Senate ; but for the want of time had been stopped in the House. Mr. W. showed t at tho granting of tht alternate eection* aforesaid, would *o far euhaace the remaining moioty of the government fhr above the original value of the whole quantity. Mr. W. continued bis exposition of the bill until the expiration of the morning hour, when the regular order wa* re sumed, being nothing more nor less than tho resolutions before the Senate, with their amendment*, for tb* A BHOOATION Of THK CONTENTION OV 18I8-M7, between the government of the United State* aod that of (ireat Britain, upon the subject of the Joiot occupa tion, or use, by the high contracting parties, of that por tion ol the North West Coast between the Paoiflo and the Hocky Mountains, known as the Oregon territory. Mr. Dickinson having the floor from yesterday, re sumed hi* very comprehensive speech from the point where he left off last afternoon, his ammunition at that time being fairly expended Mr. D r -adverted to tho charges which he nad brought forwaid yesterday against Mr. Webster, in connection with the McLeod af fair, while Mr. W was Secretary of State under Cep tain Tyler. Mr. Dickinson, with evident labor and cau tiousness, feeling hi* way like a blind man, groped along in his statement of at least one of the acouaettoiia introduced into the H. R. by Mr C. J. ingersoH. to wit t that the Attorney (or Mr McLeod in hi* trial waa Said for hi* services out of the National Treasury. Mr. i. was proceeding to read irom tho remark* of Mr. Ia gersoil in the House, when Mr. Evan* objected. The Senator 1* not in order. Mr. Dickinson said he would not read If Senator** ob jected. Mr. Huntington objected. The Senator waa not ia order. Mr. Dickinson being interdicted the reading, proceed ed to a verbal statement of the accusation, that tba Dis trict Attorney ol New York, for bis defence of Mo Lead, received from the National Tres* iry a lea 01 $6,000 Mr. D., however, took occasion to show that the D.strict Attorney In the premises (J. A Spencer,) wis retained by Mr. McLeod, prior to the ap .ointment of laid Spancer to said Attorneyship. Mr. D did not think it imperative upon Mr Spencer, that after his oflr cial appointment, he should abandon the case of McLaod. With some further remarks upon this iatricats rasa, Mr. D recurred to the fact, that in all negotiation* wi'Ji Great Britain, all the concessions had been on uur side; end that in this very case of McLeod, the laws of New York had been superseded by the Fedsral suthoii yj and that Lord Brougham had boasted of it in the British Parliament, as a case in which the American Conatitn tion had been overruled, out of deference to the de mands of Her Majesty's government Read the letter of instructions from Mr. Webster. Bscre'ery of State, to the New York Attorney General, prescribing that Mc Leod should have good and able counsel, he Used from the remark* of Lord Brougham on the subject Reour ring st length to the suhj?ct ol the notioe, Mr. D. was not of the opinion that it would arrest negotiations. Mr. J. M. Clayton woult ask a question of the hono rable Senator He had apoken yesterday of a commer cial treaty with England; and that he hoped we should meet England in auch an arrangement half way. Mr. O. desired to atk, what did this meaol Mr. Dickinson replied, that in the commercial regtt Htiona anticipated, he hoped we should meet the British i government in the same spirit with which it approaokod | us?that wo should give them advantages equal to those i we received; and out of tha vary same treaty, and intha i very acme terms. Mr. J. M. Clayton read from tb* raportad speech of Mr. Dickinson, how he hoped " we should meet Engli - - 1 in the same spirit of compromise," fcc.; " that created mouths iu England to be fed, and the mean* in this country ol supplying their wants." Mr. Clayton desired to know whether the honorable Senator reiorrod to a tariff treaty, or a treaty tariff. Mr. Dickinson said he did say that ho hoped W* should meet England half way, in a treaty. Mr. Clavton?In what kind of a treaty 1 Mr. Dicbinson said, he supposed that it would bon treaty mutually advantageous to both partiaa. Ha waa for not conceding more than we ahould receive, in such an arrangement, though in lavor of a reciprocity. Am I now understood I asked Mr. Dickinson, with great oon fldenco. Mr. Clayton nodded hi* head, and tn* whole whig aide of the Senate expressed tbeir approbation of thia lueid exposition of the commercial treaty in a mo dest laugh, the caccbination spreading even to tho lerias. Sir. D. protested that he should not now diaouaa this commercial treaty. It would be time enough for that when the subject should come up. Tho whole bur dan of his argument was founded up >n this proposition, that the Oregon question should stand by itself?upon its own merits. He approved ol the notice?he approved of the measures recommended by tbe President. There had boon peace with England for thirty years past, and he hoped there would be far thirty year* to coma ; but while lie approved of and hoped for peace, he was op posed to any concession of the national honor. Tho contest in this case was not confined to the mere 800,000 801 os of Oregon. It was a contest between tbe old world aod the new ; between the darkness of the old world and the sunlight of the new ; between tho manu factures of the old world and the fertile prairie* ol tho West. But Mr. D. wanted Oregon He wanted it for the enterprising yeomanry of the West?he want-d it tor posterity?be wanted it for the down trodden sons of Ireland, and even for tha oppressed of England, but not under English laws. Ia closing, Mr Dickinson adopted the language of the Senator from Michigan (Gen. Coaa) that we had batter fight for the flrit foot?Ui n the last? hotter meet the enemy at the threshold then at the hearth atone, better Contend with him at the door post than at the altar. [Thus closed Mr. Dickinson's triumphant vindication of the Oregon, of the Prmidtnt, and or our UUa and nor national honor. Ha did not, parhapa, trance end the ex pectation* of many ol hia friends ; but ha fully came UP to ourt, and wo aro proud ho did ao wall. " He did hia beat?angela could do no mora."] Mr. Dayton moved to poatpone tha whola subject to Monday fortnight. Tha debate had auapandad all other bill*. There were sixty bill* on tha calendar, and much buainea* belore the Senate, in another capacity. Mr. D. recommended the wisdom of auch auapenaion of thla dia cuaiion a* he had propoaed. Referred to the temperate tone of the newa trom England, and hoped we abould meet her in e similar tamper. Thie wea not likely to bu achieved, if wa acted in hot baite ; and ha baliavad tha Senate wa* net predisposed to precipitate action; baaidaa it would be an accommodation to Saoatora, to auapaod I tha debate for a time. He, therefore, propoaed the post ponement of the aubject to Monday fortnight Mr. Allien aaid he should vote against the motion. I Tha practice of postponing for a day or two for tha ao j commod itiou or Sanatora wa* a good o.<e, and contribu ted much to the ealightonment of the discussion* of the body, eod to th t courtesy which should ever e<lst among tha individual members Ha had no objeotloo, then, to the postponement for one or two days ; but he could not coacur to the remote postponement proposed. It was bot desired as a matter of general policy. Tae other busineas of the Senate waa not preMing nor had the conduct of the Senate exhibited any tendency to hot haste upon this question. With regard to the pacifto news from England, Mr. Alien argued that it meant nothing, or Just exactly tha ravarsa ol what it appaered upan the surtace. Neithar tha speeches in Parliament nor the strictures of th* Britiih press were any proof of Cabinet designs Ha Uid no ttreaa upon auen informa tion?he gava no importance to it; and if ha dkd give any construction whatever, it waa exactly the revere* of what it profaned to be. If the aubject waa now pout poned, as desired, whan we were half way through, am the resumption it would bo a new thing, and tha whole ground would hare to be travelled over again. Mr. Evan* ?That la aaactly wbat wa want. But what was most important was, that Mr A did a*t wiili cow any quailing or holding back. Tha netio* was a treaty stipulation, and it wa* th# province of aithar party to giva it without hazard of offaoce. Ha hoped tha Senate would set without taking counsel of event* on th* other sula of the water. If the postponement were made as submitted, it would look like heeita ion? likt a want of narva?lika a want of heart, and in thla light our action would go forth among tha nation* of tho world. Tha moral affect would be bad in the extreme. Our hopes of peace rest selrty upon th* firm nan of our heart* in this work. If wa go on, a* turn* our rights, take tha territory, and extend over it our Jurisdiction according to tha notion, England will evince no disposition to raetal h* at apprehended Bat if w* falter, if w* recoil baok, she may drive u? into tha very extremity we had hoped to escape Tha most important indication# of tha Into news to Mr. A , wss the evidence* it afforded, from simul taneoui articles in French and English journaia, of a design upon Mexico, with a view to tha eetabiMhmeat of the doctrine of " the balance of powar on this conti nent," by tha erection of a monarchy in Mexico. II* looked to thi ? at th* greatest atom of th* foreign a*we by the last arrival. Thar# waa a great coolest ahead, and wa could not evade it. Thi* was not, than, the tits* for a postponement oPtbis question He would not ob ject to postponement of one or two dnye, but th* so spon sion desired would have a bod moral effect at this time. Mr. Calhoun hoped the motion of th* Senator from Now Jersey (Mr. Dayton) would not prevail. If no Senator* were now ready to spaak upon tha general question, he hoped they would at once proceed to vet# upon the amendment*. A considerable advantage would be thus derived, in giving to the question sons deOano shape, soma idaaaa to th# ultimata action thatwinta taken. He hoped thi* course would be adoploa. rn# Senator iron Kentucky (Mr. Critt*od*a>.had ment peiiding(allowing tha discreten *f the n*4?* ? ?? President, afcer the adjournment of J! Senator from Georgia nad an am*"'/Vfl,r^ w >th n? amendment H* ho pod tha Senate would forthwith pro caedto vote upon tha amendments. ,j w_ Mr. Datton thought there wa. ***??* {JT firtiKK? S5SS?iirErJ5 effect it would hiva npon the ^^mdtmmcfSl ; he motives ofthii Sansla. It waa our object not to quail, not to shrink, not to hesitate. but to prooaed in our de liberations, coolly, calmly, and advisedly. The Senator from Ohio may be right-Bntiah statesman may not siva th* foresh* lowing* of th* action *1 their government. Would to God tha statesmen of some otoer government* would do tho same.? The speeches ta Parliament, aol th# articles from tho British press, ware, at all avants, all tha avidancaa W# had of tha tamper and polioy of th# government; and while theae exhibited a calumets so creditable, ho wonld ahow to her, and to th* world, that wo, too, ware pro or-eding with calmness and deliberation upon the grant question. In reference to voting now npon the r

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