Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1846 Page 3
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question i? kept open, the sore beneficial to tkoee ?pe culator! working to depress prices. There are as many stock speculators interested in a continuation of the pre sent position of our foreign affairs, as there are opposed to it; audit is a mistaken idea many entertain, that the ?[xculators of Wall street are so anxious for a speedy settlement of our difficulties with Oreat Britain and Mexico. In stock operations there are always two great parties; and any state of public affairs favorable to one, is of course unfavorable to the other, and they are continu ally striving to produoe an impression in the public mind favorable to their particular Interests; and the bears being represented at Washington, as well as the bulls, their efforts at lobbying are pretty nearly neutralized, and are, therefore, powerless. The influence of specu lators of any description, in Washington, is much less than imagined. Their influence out of their particular line of business, is very limited, whatever party organs may say to the contrary, notwithstanding. i??3 We annex a table giving tbo quotations for the princi pal speculative stocks in this market, for each day of the past week,and at the close of the market on the week previous. There has been considerable variation in the quotations for some of the fancies, perticularly Long Island and Reading Railroads, la the other stocks prices have been unusually uniform, and the transactions have been unusually limited. Quotations roa tus FaiNcirAi. Stocks in thk New Vosx Maoist Sat. Mon Tuet IVed. Thur.Fi-i. Sat. Ling Island 5i* it. 50* 49* 41 46* 46* Mohawk St ? 52 ? ? ? ? Harlem 54* 54* 13* 54 54* 53* 53* t .anion 38* :0 37* 37 * 31 37 * 37* Fanners' Loan 18* 38* 28 28 28 27* Norwich ll Worcester .65* 65 64 * 61* 65* C4* 64s Ohio hisea 94 * 94* 94 * 9t* 94* 94* 94* Itliuois Sixes 37* ? 37 ? ? 37 J7 Indiana 41* ? 41* ? ? ? ? Kentucky Sixes 100 ? ? ? 98* 59* ? Pennsylvania Fires...71* 71* 71* 71* 71* 71* 71* S'ouingtnu 46 ? ? ? ? 45 ? trie Railroad 59 ? ? ? ? ? ? Vick.hurg 8* I* 9 S* 8* $* 8* Uuiteil Srates Bank ... 4* ? ? ? ? 5 ? heading Railroad 65* 65* 66* 66 (8* 69 68 Morns Canal 17 17* 17* 17* 17* 17* 17 Kasr Boi'.oii 14* 14* 15 11* ? ? 15* N. A. Trust 10 ? ? ? ? 9* ? A comparison of prices ruling at the closo of tbo mar. ket yesterday, with those cuirent at the ciosoof the pre vious week, shows a decline in Long Island of 9, per cent; Harlem, j; Canton, j; Farmers'Loan, }; Norwich end Worcester, If ; Illinois 6's, J ; Vicksburg, * and an advanoe in Reading of 3} per cent; East Boston, j[: Ohio 0's, J. The deoline in Vicksburg, taking the extreme prices, has been greater than in any other?the highest price having been 9 and the lowest 7, being a decline of 33 per cent. Speculators In Vicksburg Bank stock are in a very feverish state, in consequence of the recent large sales and decline in quotations. The late decision in the Supreme Court of Mississippi, confirming the amend ments to the Briscoe Bill, havo subjected the banks of tbe State to writs of quo warranto, and the appointment of trustees by the court, to take charge of the books and assets of the tamo. We give below a letter received by N. O. Ogden, Esq., carhier of the Pbanix Bank of this city and transfer agent of the Vicksburg Bank, from Col. Robins, one of the atsigness of the bank, in relation to one of these writs of quo warranto, Which, if true, must be very interesting *o the holders of Vicksburg Bank stock Wa*iukt*? Court Housk", > VicKiiivRu, Feb. 16, 18-16. ) Dear Sir?It become* my duty to inform you of the rorvico of wrtta of auo warranto upon the officers of the Commercial and Railroad Bank, together with our- 1 selves. Thin has occurred within the hour,at the instance of a large honk debtor, one Mark Valentine, whose ex tensive plantation we had brought under execution, to the olock. The court, in April, will probably order the release of the assignees and injunction ; but the bank will be trlsd under the law, and, ts f fear, will bt con.lrmntd. It so, thero will be on end of stock and stockholders. As agent, give this publicity, without favor to any. ? Yours, truly, &c. Tho object of this letter evidently is to inform the stockholders, that theit stock is not worth half to much as they have anticipated; but we are not disposed to be lieve that the interests of the 'stockholders will not be as carefully preserved by trustees appointed l>y the court, as by the assignees ol the bank. The stock is in fact worth as much now as it has been for several years past, and perhaps more, from the fact that many debtors of the bank are no doubt more able to pay now than tbey were a year or two ago. The assets of the bank must have increased in value, with the improvement in the times, and a change in the management of tho?e as sets, may prove more advantageous to the stockholders than the above announcement would induce them to suppose poeMble. The largest sellers of this stock in this market, are in timately connected with the agency of the bank in this city; and this fact may be considered good evidence that these parties are anxious to get rid of their stock on ac count of the movement named in the letter from the as aigneca; but it does not follow that such is the motive. These parties may be bearing this stock, to maka them selves long, to fulfil contracts about maturing. The ways of stock speculators are mysterious,and sometimes past finding out. Old Stoclc Exchange. *50C0 Oillo 6'?, I860 b90 94* 200 .hi Harlem RR 51* .'UV1I sin l,rj\ Oil' Ifl.l 1 A/. " 000-' do boo 94* 10t do l,6rni 06 2000 Illinois Sri Btls 37 100 do 5J* I St-I lilll 37 1UO do 53*: 6000 Re* log Bonds 76 100 do 53V " iK More. Bds 77* 50 do bl0 33* 5000 Readioa Mori. Bds 77* 50 do blO 53 V? 50U0 Penu'a 5's 71* 100 do blO 5? 'ji.m A, y.rn tils inn T |_| I on . -?, M00 do bCO 71* 100 Long liland RR 46* UOOO do ? 71*5 500 do 46V 5?hs Bit Om full 93 50 _ do if,'J done w* v/' lis mil ??? du a u? 40;'* 15 B? State N Y 88V 50 * do *10 46* 150 Vickshqrg Bank 8 50 St on RR Aug 1 45 39 do 7V 10 do sl7tn? 40 200 do 7* 10 do ?l2ni* 41 100 do 7* 10 do iUmi 43 SO do Sio 7* 175 Nor & Wor RR 64:* 275 do 7 25 do bow 64* 50 do ?nw 7 10 do bnw 04* 10 do _ 160 7* 100 do b30 65 100 Farmer*' T; tut 27,* 160 di 61* OfMI P*h* 1 IT M .U -est e, L~ 200 Morris Cana- 17 50 do ?'Oct* 69 Ohio Life fc Tin?t 97* 150 do saw 64* '? "7 15* 50 KB WIO'I Co bSO 15'4 100 do 660 65* 150 Canton Co 37>: 41c Reading RR b6m* 70 50 do b60 37* 100 d> 68 1C0 do 37* 100 do *10 68 150 do blO 37* 100 do 6m* 69* SO do bow 37* Second Board. 100 ths Viekibarg Bk blO 7 SOthaNc loo do 7 3 5 d 60 do 7 50 do *30 1 60 do 7 160 Morn* Canal 17 25 d a 7 50 Lorg Island 46* 50 do s'O 7 100 do fc90 48 50 do llO 7 100 do *3 46* 60 do 7* 50 do 46* New Stock Rxehsnge, fOsht VieksburgBk blO 8* 50 *h* Farmer*'Tr caih 27* 100 do Cash 8* 25 Morris Cantl cash 17 50 do *3 8* 25 do bl 17 50 do Monday 8* 300 do cash 16* 10 do 63 8* 100 Long (aland RR >3 46* 50 di blO 8* 50 do bnw 47 .'0 do cash 7* 50 do b7 47 50 do caah 7* 25 Nor k Wor Monday 64* do *3 7,* 50 do inth 61* 100 do Mondy 7* 50 do Mouday 64* 35 do Monday 7* 50 do Toe-day 61* " u 61* 25 do *3 7* 175 do c u 110 Canton Co Bled. On Sunday morning the 1st Inst.,of consuran'ion, Tho mas O'Doisoell, aged 31 veers, a native of Now Ross, County, Wexford, Ireland The friends of the family and those of his brother in law Michnr I Healy, are respectfully requested to attend bin funeral, this iVfondny afternoon, at half past,3 o'clock ftom his late residence, No. 81 Bridge street. On Sunday morning the l*t inat., Mrs Sweanet, of Thoinse Sweeney, in the 30th year ol her age. The irieDds and acquaintances are respectfully re quested to attend Iter luneral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, ficm her late residence. No. 11 Water street. Yesterday morning, Isaac S. Sxadecor, in the 48th year of his age. His body will be taken from his late residence (Second Wsid Hotel) at 3 o'clock, this afternoon, end conveyed by the Long Island railroad cart to Farmingdale and thence to Babylon, where hie funeral will be attended at the house ef Jesse Couklin, to-morrow (Tuesday) at half pjst II A. M. At bis late residence, Blauveltville, Rockland county, Col F.iseiel TonTKB, after a short but severe illness, sged 84 years, being one of the lew remaining wbo served under General Washington during the whole re volutionary struggle. CONTINENTALS. N^BHOTICK ?At a Meeting of the CONTINENTALS, held at their Quarters, the Hobokea House, comer Canal end W.ishingtou streets. It was root red that we tender nnr thanks to Mess's. Kinp k Brown for (ha sbja insurer in which they fu Dialled the Com pany Willi ihelr faiMins slngh, Oregon, wilh twelsr grpy hones, on their Sle rIiice Kxenrsiou to Jamiica, L. 1 , on Tueiday. February 24ih. 1846. , Also, to Mr. Skrlton, for bis Band of Music on the above oc casion Alio, to Caleb Weeks, E*l., of the Girsffe Het?l, Jamaica, for the bnnnt'-oua table set for ? he C- ntinrntals?taking into cootideratiou the rhort notice Risen him of enr "n urs on, it srrMl> eiereut d our expectations?and we would warmly re commeiid him and hi. homo to onr fellow eitixens and soldiers of -he City ol New York. And alio, to Mr Henry Laefr, for the superior manner of hsndlo gihe reins cf his twelve noble steeds, considering the muny difficult tnrus he wt* obliged necessarily to make on tbe abeve excursion. By order of the Comnanjr.^^ - IS ?AC T. COX, Chairman. Pafirf. McrHBWtoyr, Rtcretary. n?2 )t*mc DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES. T000 Vrench^ '"'-ATES of ilia well known Star brand, 546 do do extra good, 40ths do 25* 5J 1? d" 30iha do '??.. ? . e. ?do . _ do 10 hs do Chemicals, Cases, Stamped Frames, kc. Also, a nice lot of OSMIUM DTHIHIUM, for Gold Pen Points. For sale by F.DWARD HF.N, mi ll'r 18 and 20 Lthprfy street, HOOTS AND SHOES. P JOHNSON, 142 Chatham street, will re-open l it store Tj> 1 tin Dsy, and sell to-day and Monday, Boot. and Hhoi J at lets prices than they hay* over been previously sold in this oty. Gentle man's but quality e?H sewed Boots, wtp rsntrd aot to rip. ?t 93 V. pCTMir. The haluc* 0f the damaged Ri,,.ts and Shoes ON hand, will bf sold at great latrifieei. , rMfcml'rw M' T> WANTED A FILE OK THE MADI80NIAN?the Gov.rumvut Newspaper pnbli.h.d ? ?Vashwgtou (luring lli<! late Ad ministration- for which a liberal pncn will be paid. Addreaa boa 2143 Lnwrr Pu?l Office. mt Jl'me LONG-BREED CANARIES. R HASKLETT'B autire Breeding Stuck, so much ud mired on New Year's Day_ They are alrndv in Had, and ^ill b- sold only in p?ir?. Bird Kauciera and the public are re/pec I'ully mailed to rail and eaamiue ihem Alia, the usual aariety of Sn g <ie Bi-ds from different Pitta orihe hah table Olnbe. Fancy Csgta, Gold Kish, < u tie Fish bore, and bird seeds of eaery d-scrifliun. Every article for the breeding Cage, Stc. Korsadebv A. GRIEVE, i John street N.B.?One pair King Charles Spaniels, received per ship Victoria, from London?for sale as above ml in r PIGEONS! PIGEONS! A LOT OK KANCY PIGEONS, such as White, Red end Blue Powtem or Croppers ?White, Krd, Black and Blue Carriers?Nana, Quakers, Rullle Necks, blue Beards, Cl-rk, Bins and Yellow Call Tumidsrs, kc. Kor sale at a bargain I applied f'r TO-DA Y, Ik and 20 Libeity street, up stairs. m2 2i*irc ' A GOOD CI P OF COFFEE. C4 ENTLF.MEN w thing a good Breakfast, Dinner or Sop a per, accompanied bvtnat rare article, a cup of Coffee in all i s excellence,would do well to call at the Dining Rooms of OKEEN ti MERCER, cor-er of Nsaiau and Con streets, wlieie they serve up daily (Sundays excepted,) Frtth Shod. the real Button Chowder Bt'/a-la-Mode kc ?together with au extensive bill of fare too various to mention. N. B ?Private entrance to the Ladies' Dimnu Rooms, at. tended hy Mrs Mesckh. 21 XnnitTrei mj 3-itmc .>T. DAVID'S DAY THE MALE WELSH RESIDENTS of this City, will e-lebrste 8T DAVID'?* D > Y. by aNatioual Dinner at the Miuerva Rooms, No. 4(6 B-nadssay, this evening. Bretident HON. POBEUl H MORRIS, f'ice Prtiidentt J' hn riuuih, Jr., Kiq. J 8 B;ee?e. Esq. 'Hi 'in?a Morris, E?q W. I' Jones. E-q IT/"" Tickers fiiW tale at tbe New York H o |. .\|merva Rooms ; St David'a trail, at d of D L. Jonea, No 29 and 30 C'ly Ha'l Plaee. m2 If r FOUR I'H WARD JEKFER80N A8SO JlAl'lON. 'HE MEMBERS of ih* above A'aociati n are r?ques'ed to meet it the<r Head Quarters, No. t Roosevelt stre l,at haifpast 2 o'csock THIS P iV, (Sunday, March lat.lto at end the fuueial of MARTIN JOYC*, one of the Members. Punctual attendmrr 'a leqnesttd By order of STEPHEN VAN NOSTRAND, President. JiMES HaiJAN, tvir.dn Hcmrv Ravvomd, S Vlc,d0* J ha W. Austin,) e,*,,,,,,,. 'l'lios., j ???"?? ml lt*m HARDWARE AT AGENT'S PRICES. THE SUBSCRIBER, Agent for several Manufacturers in l ine land, is ess at led to supply dealt ra from first h uds. also a'first price'. Purchasers will consult their own iuteiestby taking CP STAIRS PRICES. 1200 gross low pricedTablr Cutlery. 3 casks a'surted 1, 2 and 3 blade Kuivss Eiles-a complet* assortment of beit cast steel. 30 Casks Trace, Os and Log Chains. 2i B <skets Vices, fine Colter Key. ICQ Dozen Patent Konb Locks. Alan, Frying Pans, B*d Screws, Candlesticks, Bolts, Spoons, Tad, Ctoiet and Trunk Locks, Currv Combs, kc (Kc. JOHN A. NEWBOLD, m2 lmisMW&b'mc No. 55 John street, up stairs. THE SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS for 18 6, published by OLIVER k HOY EE. 4 Courtlaudt street. New York, is now coinnleted and rc-dy for sale. There aeei mpsniea the plate, a pattern alieet containing a drias coat with several other pattern! nf the litest atyle. with a full explanation of the sizeand the making up of the lame. There are on the plate sixtei u (Lures, reprraenriug the French and American costumes. No pains or eipeuse has beea ipmed iu ge ting up this platr, in order that it may give satis Lotion io persons puichasing the same. Agents will be despatched io a few days on their respective rou'es to sell tin fashions, when ilie trade will hare an oppor tunity of teeing and judging of the merits of our plats. m2 2t*r RAPID SALES cF OVERCOATS. A FEW fashionable newly made Brown Overcoats, at the reduced price ol fourteen dollars. One call will convince the public that their true interest will beanbeemd bv pur chasing at my Establishment. Fine French Cloth Dress Coats made to measure, in the veiy latest style, at price* varying from $6 to $10 O'her arti.les in propoition. Fine ready made Garments always on hand, for the convenience of thoie wanting on immediate outfit; white Marseilles Vests, kc. O. B. CLARK'S, 132 William stieet, near Fulton, m2 lt*mc opposite I he new Buddirgs. I TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIGEON k CO, 311 West free', Re-finishers of * Cloths. Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medal has been awarded to 11. M. f.r the improvement in rt-finishing ; Woollen Goods. Defers to .Messrs. Woleott k Slade, 63 Pice street; Willism ? G. Langley k Co., 58 Exchange Place, corner cf Broad strei t; and to D. Brigham k Co. 60 Piae street; where orders may be ! left. ml lm*r JUNG A: BEHRMANN; REMOVED FROM 71 I.1BRBTY STREET TO til SOUTH IVILLI.9M TTREET. ml lm*m MUSIC FOR PARTIES. PARTIES furnished with tie Vio in. Harp, or Piauoforte. Apply to K. J. and G. Ayliffe, No. 127 Klin street, corner ol Howard. mj iu,?m OH. 'HULL'S TRUSSES T?? AND ABDOMINAL 8UPPORTKH. C5B HE superiority of Dr. Hull's instruments oyer all others ?* acknowledged liy the most eminent physicians ui Eu rope and Amenca. Office* Veseystreet, Astor House. A female ia attendance IS the laities' ilenarVmeat mj im*m DR. JONES, DENTIST. BROADWAY AND CANAL STREET, INSERTS TEETH and warrants them as good as the natu ral ones for biting and masticatiun. A complete double aet of beat mineral Teeth ou fine gold plates, , _ , $50 00 A aet of best mineral Teeth, on fine gold plate, for the npper jaw, to bs worn by atmospheric rrotture, JO 00 Single Tooth, trom $1 00 to 5 00 Flogging Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 50 Remember?corner of Canal street and Broadway, entrance in Canaletreet mj it?m TJ MILITARY EQUIPMENTS? KlEREMEN'S CAPS, ^bl. SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the military | uhlic to his assortment of Military Equipments snap i d to all c lmpames; Military Caps, Ivapsacks, Boxes and Bayonet Scabbards of every virietv. Country compa nies, about churning their uniform, or these about forming new companies will he supplied with samples. FIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. A full assortment of ev?ty variety constantly on hand, and ta'de to oroer at the shortest uotice. faUui?rrc H. 8. ORATACAP, 392 Broadway. M1 LECTURE ON OREGON. R.CHARLES SAX I ON, of Oregon City, who left the Oregon Territory in August last, a dcrossed the Rocky Mountains to Miss- uri, on horseback, with oi lv three compa res, has been requested oy many of the citizens of New York to deliver a lecture on tint cr uitry, ou Tuesday evening, the 3-1 of March, st Croton Hail, on the comer of the Bowery and Division street- All who feel sut.-rested ia tho subject are invited to attend. The Lecture will commence at 7 o'clock Tickets 25 cents, to be had at the Croton Hall, the New York Herald, office ootre c-rner of Na'siu and F'nlton street: er the otFire 0' the G1 >be. 125 Fulton s'; at John Anderson Jt Co.'s, No. 2 Ws I st, and at Bramhill JtCo's, No. 328,'i Broadway, f 27 <rrh NHOP AND STEAM POWER. rPO LET?A room 21 bv 50 feet, wiihtu a few yards of flie Fulton Fsrry, in Brooalyu. Apply to *9 F'ul on st., New York. . f28 twV GtOL j LEAF AND UENTI8IS GOL" FOIL OF SU- 1 ? perior quality ?Gold F'oil $28 p?r ox ; Gold Leaf at the lowest inarltrt puces ; Tale Gold fi 50 per p-ckage : Silver Leaf. Gold, Silver and Copper Bronzes, tte , at the Factory, 92 Ilrade sLeet. J L. WAUOH, j291tn*rc Practical Gold Beater BENIN'S FASHIONABLE HATS. FOR THE ENSUING SrftlNO, /RE now ready for ius.ectiou at 214 Biioadwav, orpo'.ife 8t Tali's 4 liurch. f2s 6t?iseudr POTATOES! POTATOES! POTATOES !?-Cheapar than ever to Prdlara, if arpiied for at once, at Champions' Cellars, loot oi Delancy street. Fir saie Ihtrc by ? f28 lt*rrc JAMES ROSS THK PAK.ISI.aN SECRET. JU'T PUBLISHED, a new translation from the F'reneh. en ti led " The Parisian Secret, or Sell-Preservation," a perfect security agaiust Sevu-l Diseases, under all circumstances. Without the use of medicine or any disagreeable necessity? universally understood and employed by men of fashion in Paris, Loudon, ncd other large cries BY ALEXANuER LFBAUM, M. D, M.mber of the F'scnlty of Medicine of Paris, rhysician to the Venereal Hospital, Knight of the Lrgion of Honor, See., Re. Rue dr St. Honore 29, Paris. Published by Robert H. Dumont, Legal Deputy for Dr. Le baum, 130 Wa?liin(tun street. Bos ou. Price 62f( cents per copy-two copies for $1 All otders should be audresscd, pott psitf, to Robert H Duinont. as above F'ortale iu New York, only at the " Maison de Saute," 121 Fulton street; Philadelphia, Colon He Adriince, in the Arcade, Chesnut street BEWARE OF FRAUDS'. A spurious edition of this work bat just been issued by a publishing house iu Broadway. If you would get the genuine, buy only of WYATT k K ETC HUM, ONlY AGENTS auR NEW YORK CITY. 121 F'llLTt'N STREET. Tne genuine work has U|?n die title page these worsts: "Sold by Robert H. Dumoot, Legal Deputy for Dr. Lrbaim, 131 Wash ington street. Koston," and contains 36 pages. The tputious edition cm ts . hese words, and contains only 32 pages ; i.xat pan opt somk or tiik most iMfOkTAVT mattrr. BEWARE OF' FRAUDS! and buy only of the SOLE AGENTS. 121 F'ulton street. No other desbr cut possibly tell (be genuine. f25 Im'r FIFTEEN FARMS. PLACES of from two to thirty acres each, splendid Views of the Sound, Village and Landing, for Sale "t New Ko cbelle. 18th March, HIS. at I o'clock, r. M , at puhlte Auction. Terms liberal and title elecr. Apply to T.A.Lawrence, Auctioneer. New Roch-lle; or J->l-ti H. re'.ers, New York. Map* at Miller's tavern. New Hnrheile 110 r?w*re SHIRT MANUFACTORY, AV 67 KM WEN L.1NE, (UP ST J IRS) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. THb SUBSCRIBER off, i t to the Public a method of A making shirts, which lenders ease and comfort to th? wearer and it a complete fit; no pains havebceu spared to ob tain the best F rencli pattern shifts. Having had loug ex|>erience ia the hut'neat, the Snbieriber is enabled to make all ihe uece-'S&ry improremrcts nud give general satisfaction. VVN1. COLLINS 123 lm*r LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURI ? WANTED. f t^ v?1LaEfp ? nif?d F*"!'1'*! h"'n* ?np'fflooi* WEAR A* 'NO APPAREL, (cither Lady's or Gentlemen's) Jewel ry, F ire Arms. kc.. ke., they would dispose ol to advantage mar dp so by sending for the subscriber, who will. tt. ud then a: their residences by appointment. H LE VET T, . . ... No * Wall street, N.Y. All orders through the Poet Offiee, or otherwise, punctnall' attended to j,|< ,?,V COMPORT FOR THF AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERAD1CATOR. THIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continues to astonish all who use it, or who have been favored with the slightest knowledge of its woade r working effects upon the hum'ii system, ram and Intiimnaatioo cannot remain where this u,fallible remedy is applied, it matters net from what cause it may have originated. Principal Depot, 90 John street. f tJ lm'r BIGE LOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FOR Fitehborg, Kaeua, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Moutpelier, and Burlington, Vt., and the < n- I nadas. All Pac-ages, Parcels and any of the nboye towns, or .my part of the weitern portion i f New Hampnliire and Vo rusont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the eats of L. BIOELOW, II Film street, Boston. N. B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Btgelow's Fig* preaa " jVSre TO TRUNK MAKERS. tperior n ?*? ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. HTHE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY having A completed their Work*, are now ready to execute order* for pure White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted. The Cotnpeuy have spared lateed, expense in the erection of the Works wnicn woalt , the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed themselves of every modern improvement for that purpose. Bshig well aware, from oar long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in oar market, that by far the greater proportion ?old aa inch his been, and still is greatly adulterated with Bsrytes, in article of tniscal production much heavier than White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtue of icy pig ment whatever, it bring, when mixed with oil, almost trans parent, and iu fact hiving nothing but its specific weight to recommend it. the Troarees of the Atlantic White Lead Com piny hare pass-d, unanimously, the following resolution, vix: "Resolved, Tnat in view of manufacturing only a prime article, the Atl-ntic White Lead Company will make but one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Grouud in Oil; that to he a itrictly pure, genuine article, and perfectly free from any adulteration winterer, which the Company will warrant as such to all who m?y purchase their Lead." " ? ? 1 ' ? - de. 'hue Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every Cmdence may be placed in tne parity ol every pound of Wh e-.d manufactured and sold by the Compauy. which pureu . jureness will uot only tend to the greater durability of the Paiut, but will Oe fonnd much more economical iu its use, even in the most common description of painting, owing to ilie body or covering quality it possesses. thereby giving a far belter finish with two cons, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every painter will beer witness The Compoiy also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a v .riety of Paints Uronnd in Oil, viz: Verdigris, Black Paiut. Yellow Ochre, SpauLh Brown, Paris Ureeu, Brnnswick Green, he. kc. Having been appointed general Agents for the Company, all order* should be direct*a to ns POLLEN k COLGATE, f7 lm*r M7 Pearl street, corner ol Berkman street HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 07 Naaaau Street. Pf'HIS Establishment issnpplled with every material neces A sary f. r tne prompt, neat and economical execution of every drscripiiou ol Book Work, whether L tin, F'rsech, Italian or Biwnrsh works. The attention of authors is rrqurst ed, in the as-untic.- that, for typography, piess w ik, and CI.met reading they may relvuion receiving ample iu the production of 'heir respective Publications. THE JOB O PICK, The moet cxtenw t in ti-i* city. Is furnished wnh every Oescrip inu of i'ype *uited to Show B'lls Inr Theatres, Conceits, Museumi, Lectures, Public Meetings, or lor any other |>u pose, where the lnrgrst de scription of Priuting is required Also, Programmes. Circu lar Loiters, Bi I Heads, hula Work, Law Jobs, arid every kind of work required for meicautile or other branches. The above establishment has the largest Prrssea in thia city, where ell Bills, worked in colors, will be beautifully execu ted. Apply to E. D. C., third or fourth story Herala Build ings, where all orders will be received tf LOUR AT THIS. A SELLING OFF FOR I ESS THAN FIRST COST, GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Boots and 5h iea, to make room for a |?rg* supply ol French G Kids now mi the way, comprising cork sole Boots, water proof aud light Fre tch do, fine calf SIi.m-s, Psinps, and Dancing Gaiters, Li ily's Gaiters, Buskiis, Mippers, Ties, pitent leather, white , , . rhite ana black Ha'in. white Kid. Clogs, Moccasins; all kind* of Rubbers and Overshces. kc., kc , all of which will be sold 2) per cent less than heretofore, at 367 Broadway, cor. Franklin ativet. M. CAH1LL. (26 lm'mc BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"kTTIS[FIELD, reap-cifully iniorma hia friend* and the public, that lie lias returned t > his old favorite quarters, BASSFORD'8 ROOMS, entrance Ann st, ad oiniug the Museum building, or 149 Fulton sheet The Rooms ana Ta bles have been put iu perfect order. The Tables are H'ate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth fashions. They will no doubt suit Euro 'ean and all greit plavers, being the best in this country. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lina balls for Germans. JJ.B.?B csford s new atyle Billiard Tables for sale; India aud French Cue Leather, heat in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every article! a the trade, constantly ou hand and for aale. f26 lm'mc VALENTINE HEAD QUARTERS. TlfRNER b FISHER, 74 Chatham street, hare thi* day opened their unequalled auortment ol Valentines ana Vslentiue ** riters. For splendor, variety and chvapuess, we challenge the city. Low prices to the trade, is oar motto; call and see. Valentines made to order, original verses Air nished. Orders from the Country attended to promptly. j 17 lm'rc TO PAPER-BOX MAKERS. JTRAW BOARDS ?40,000 lbs Straw Boards, of a superior " quality, and numbers to suit, inst received, aud for tale by f!9 Imr I'F.HSSE lit BROOKS, 65 and 67 Nassau ?t. AVTOS* wOAK COATED BLENNOKKHO.A LOZtNtO A pleasant, safe, aud effectual remedy for all diseita-. .he urinary and genital organs, gonorrhoea, P loinal weakness, &c. Price cents; w&rrauted to cure in rs. Fa' , a few days, h or sale at Messrs. Fahaf stock's U Co.. 49 John street; and 77 Niuth Avenne, and by Druggists generally. ja!7 Iro'r BINDERS' BOARDS- ^ ^ .by ^0 TONS Binders' Boards, PF.R88K^ U9 lmr__ TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES. LADIES having any superfluous or cast off Clothing todis pose of,(cit';cr Ladies or Uentlemen) can obtain a fair cash price lor the same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence, No. 69 Dusne street, basement. Mrs. M.s. ",f?HEN. N. B.?Ocntlemen's Clothing and FuruitnieaUi..t..ght by .... . . . M.S. COHEN. All letters through the Post Office will be attended to. JalS Im'mc TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OK DENTISTR Y, A T the old establishment, 62 EAST BROAD WAV. as Teeth let ou pivot SO cents. Tee h set on fine plate . from SI SO to S3 00 Treth tilled with Cue gold foil SO Frice> for all other wo'k in proportion with the above list Teeth mounted for other Dentists. All work done at this of fice warranted. N- TAYLOR, HI Im-re Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, tee. ON MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. eth,) the subscriber will open at No. BS Chatham Street, New York, One door fron. the corner of Chambers, a new, extensive, aud graud assort me t if TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES; Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, to be found cither in Europe or America. Prices we will uot mention, hut rom our facilitiea for inannfacturiug.aa well as for import inshwe think we can safely defy competition with the world! Q~?" A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, fcc., will be kept oanand. Wholesale and retail purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. DUNCKER ?t BECKER. New York, Kab. 7th, 1646. f!5 lin'm BALL DRESSES FIFTY PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. PETER ROBERTS respectfully announces toRhe ladiee, that having poichased largely at auction, he is enabled to offer a in.gniticeut selection of Ball and Evening Dresses at the above tremendous reduction. He also calls attention to s quamityof Embroidered Cellars, Chemisettes, Ac. slightly soiled, which ere selling at less than -ne third the original Jiriee. The remainder of the stock of Winter Hosiery is ol itred at equally low prices, aud on inspection it is believed will be fonnd cheaper than any in the city. NO. 17V BHOADWAV. jlf 'rr*'c STRIKER'S SOLU1ION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. Tlioie who doubt i a virtues, are requested to have their hair ebanged before paying iheir money. 'Ilium bugs would like thi? method there would be to reaion to eoma plain. (jenilem'ucau have their wh:tke-s and hair chanted lo any color or shade in a lew minutes Private rooms for cnai.g tug (he liatr N< ne genuine unless signed " H. Strike.," in rtd ink. One trial will prove the lid Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No i CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Ha I of Records, New Yo>k, up Stairs. CO I in Mi $IU,DOO, $-,COO, $5,000, SJ,0tN>$4,000, $-6,500, $6,00<>, $1,1100, $1,000, ?| O LEND ON BOND AND MORTAOE-The above 6 sains of money, on good productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to H S BROAD, No. 11 Wall at. in the oilier of J esreeA Co. basemeut N. B.?Call between the hou.-s of 9 and 12 o'clock, or tween 1 and 4 o'clock r V. j27 tm're Genuine havana seoars or th? new brand -ei Judio Errants," (1 he Wandering Jew ) Korsale by F. MANCHO, at 65 Fulton sir'ct. fl# lm*r S.i.rmti Hor*l, up stairs. E^AKMERs' AND MILL KB' BAN K, Hagersiowu, Md The Notes of this in tion bought at one per cent dis Count. by TAYLOR A SMITH, foa I rn ? m No a* w.ll.r?? C-a EOKOlA LUMBER COMPANY NOTES Wanted a V three quarters per cent discount, by D. R. PECK, jjl lm*re II Wall street COLD ROLLED COPPER?1600 sheets ColdHolled Cof per, unequalled, frem II to 9 ox?for sale by It. K. COLLINS ft CO., 491 5* uunth street patent lap-welded iron bojller FLUES. FOURTEEN AND A HALF feet long, and ona and ? *- half to four inches diameter THOA TROSSER, Patentee, ft lm*re 6 Liberty street. New York.

f A WHENCE, MYERS ft CO., SI Stone street, hare ns 6-4 received pet snips Epervierand Sea, the undermsntioned Brandies l? IdOtard, DupuyftCo. in half pipea, pale and dark vintages! 1*40 to 1914 Bonaemort ft Beekrr, do do do do. J. J Dnpny, do do do do. Which thev offer torsade. The same ie nnder custom home lank and entitled to debenture ddSm'r NOTICE ?All persons sre forbid harboring or inuring any ol the crew of Brrisli bark Adam Csrr, from UGegow, as no debts of their contracting will be paid either by the cap lain or consignees r? wnnnntri.T, a mintitrn. m south at. C BICKERING'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOM8, UIKI Broadway, No. 5 and 7 Lnlarge Building. ffMIE PUBLIC will find at the nb?ve rooms a general assort ment of Grand snd Square Piano Forte*, at the i J ment of Grand and Square l'i '.no Fortes, at the tame pnee at mv Factory in Boston dl7 Im'r DAGUERREOTYPE I'ATKNT lltiUKD. DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS are informed that the Tetent for the new Coloring Pio-eii of the subscribers has teen issued Applications for tlie Patent right for the United Steles, may be sd Jresstd to the subicrihers?the price of which will be (TS, materials and instrnerions included.? lafrirgers will be dealt with according to law. A new price current, embracing Voightlaender'i Apparatus, and all other articles used in the Daguerreotype art, msy also be had, by addressing (post paid) to W. A E. LANGENHF.IM, fII Im'rre Philadelphia F.vrhvfc. LEECHES! LEECHES!! I LSI' feceived, Ireth supplies of Swedish, German and I Smyrna Leeches, for sale ul moderate puces. by O A.A II. VVITTK, flJ lrn'r Importers of Leechrs. W John at., N. Y. B NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. ATCHDLOR'anew invented Wigs snd Scalps so perfect 1 |y resemble the natural hair as to defy deteetmu. It is now scarcely a matter of regret losing an indifferent head of hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the eounleoance and style of every wearer, aud wilhout any of the vexations difficulties so longraperieneedby wig wearers, can be procured at WM. BATCHELOK'S, 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 165 Broadway. (4 Itn'r galVanj^'Ihings A ON ET \0 f ,L JJtVu Europe snd L1?*T AUCTION SAJLK8. DAMAGED CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES, At Aiu tion, on Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, IlAUGEltTV, DRAPER fc JONES, Corner ofWil tin Mid bine Streeti. t 'nie ~~ ~~ DUCL172EAU. Auclioi e*r. U1ANCY GOODS. CUTi-ERV, fcc.-TUTTLF. ft DU X CLUZEAU will sell TH18 DAY. at 10 oVlock. it the Aoei.ou Room, No. <30 Pe"il?trret, by Catalosu ?. a g.uenj asaonmeat of Vaecy Gocds, Pocket Cotlery, Sciaaora, V.c . ' c-insisting of Violins and Down; Accordions; Units Musical Instruments: fancy Sosp?; Cologne Water; Lead Pencils; Pc Per Slates; Ppecaclet; Crayons; Mahogauy and P per Work Boxes; Powder Horns; Kuittiug Pins; Coral Beads; Cotton and hilk Purses; German 8iver Table suJ Tea Spoons; Comb*; Toy Watches; Piia-i; Wafers; Gum Elastic frui;nu tiers; ike. AUo, Ribbed, and Ribbed and Split Percussion Caps; be ear Cases; 8'eel Pens; German Silver Thimbles; Peuaud Pocket Klines, lice. in 2 l*t TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, MTWU New three storv and baieinent brick Honses, with the privilege of free ferriage,uow in course of com pletion, which will be ready for occupancv on or before .May lit. They will be fitfd in beautiful style and be re ple'e with all the late improvements. They each contain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, linished with inarble mantels and black gra'es throughout, and are 31 feet front by Si deep, with wide court yards a'd iron railings. The situation is delight ful. command'iig a line view of the river, luy and city, and is witlini oue minutr's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boa's leave every I j minu'es for Barclay st. crossing in I to 10 mn.utes; and every half hour to Canal and Christopher sta ? Apply at the ferry at Hobokrn. nil Jw* rc TO LEI, IN F?'K < LEE, N J , A KIRfT RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of ground and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable gnodc nditiou, which were former-y used as a ct emi j eal fictory. at present occupied as a pusi ofnte manufactory; situated on ih- Hackeusack road, only a fw mi utrs walk r ferry. ~ froui the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low , to wh. in a h ue will be given lor several > ears, if 'equirod. Inquire of Dr. Vo tier Lee-Wolf, 99 Liberty street, N? w York, ml 2w'rc WANTED. tA Two Story Dwelling House. with basement sad yard, two sin lug rooms ana bed rooma. situated in the central part of the city, and suitable to a small family, lit to eaceed $400 per annum?Croton water ludisneiisa hie? adjacent to Broadway, and not further np than rrliice street. A line addressed T ?!?? stating paiticulars, location, he., and left at the Herald Office, will be attended to. fl9 Iw is*re_ . WANT* D?Acoinfortable two slorv house?not too large, u r the renttoo hiith. Address " Bundle,' t this .^.nffrec. |JiillL. "STATEA l.-LAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. a A HANDSOM t COUNTKY SKAT. wih a few a ere# <vf ground. Barm, 8tc. Ike . attai hed, on rne north shore of M#teu luliud. fronting ou the riv**r, nnu within three mioutfs wtlk of Caatletoti Steamh at Lauding, one tntle from Tort Hichmond.and a miteaud a hairfrom New Brighton. The prorwrtv h?s a front on the w,trr of iv on*400 fwjt. For further p?micu'ar* enquir-of William and John> O Bneu, No. 31 U'all street, or on the premises, ot Mrs. Jane Burger. f 26 1 w*rrc 1 FOR SALE, ? ON reasonable t?rins, the two story HOUSE AND LOT, N ? 497 Hudson street, (in the block olSt. Luke s Chu ch.) Trinity Church lease of 21 years from the 1st May neat, (wiin privilege of renewal.) ai $125 per year ground rent. The h use is in perfect order, having been painted last M?y inside and out Apply on the premises, or to WILLI AM I KKTCHAM. Esq. No. HQ Murray st. (35 IWinc NOTICE. DWELLING HOUSES, STORES and vacant Lota, for aale, reut or exchange Investments made on pro ductive Real Estate that will pay from ten to twenty percent on the rurchase money, with an increase in value of from ten to fifteen per cent reruinnm. .Money procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Insurance obtained from the most responsible companies countir. Apply at 155 Third Avenue, .. JOHN.ALLEN. N. 1) ?Plana, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No. ? Broad street. at the short, est ncti> e. CALVIN POLLARD. 110 lm'rc Architeet. ~j?* FOR SALE, OR TO LE J' ou the most reasonable terms, three two-story Dwelling Houses, in North Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh street*,Williams tare, L. I. Two of the above are new, and intended a? geuteel residences, being finished in the best manner, and anpplird withspriug and rain water in the kitchen, and coal vanlta in Iront, (kc. Two-thirilx of the purchase money may remain eenred, at 6 per cent. Enquire on ^gggip^^oUS. flJ lm'rrc 98 Wall street "QUARRY FOR SALE, OR TO LEAHB-Sira ' ate on the l'assaic river, in North Belleville, formerly ^-?.belonging to Abraham Joralcmon, Esq. Said quarry lias Ocen extensively worked for thiity years past, unti l* one of Ui? best qnarrie* of free stone in New Jersey, and is in good order for working. The premise* consist ol two dwell ings, store house, two barns, two hnudred feet of wlnm, and seventeen arret of land, which will be sold entire, or the quarry separate, if desired. Knr further particulars, enquire of the subscriber, at the post office iu LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. 19. 1846. f!9 lm'mc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. MA PLEASANT country seat in the village of Madi son, Morris county. New Jersey, within a few minutes walk ol the beuutifnl residence of Wru. Gibbons, Esq., being about 25 miles from New York city?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on which are Two Houses ami a Barn, with a firstra e Good schools and cliurchrs in ihf immediate vicinity. lhf premises are located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole village;mid is oue of the roost desirable locations in the I lace, being within two ininutes walk ol the railioad de pot which reubers it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who des ires to retire in the country, F or particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber, ^ TH0MPg0 v, ft| lm'rc Morris'town. N.'j TO LET, THE Mansion Honse of Dr. Valentine Mott, with se veral acri'S of ground, about six, miles Irom the city, " Cr -'i-r on the Hudson Hirer. It I v/A housefuriii*hedorniifurni'h"d. Apply toS.B. HljTCHINlJS, N? as John street, brum 10 to 12 o clock. 118 2tawis2w r A RARE CHANCE. WILL BE SOLD shesp, or exchanged fjr cityp'o iperty, a very valuable valley grain and grass farm, con? i flu "????-[- - 30 of which are woodland,and the rests rich soil, having been all cultivated, highly mauurrd and seed'd, within five rears past, and yields abundant crops; situated 30 miles from New York. 4 Irom Huntington, J from Cold Spring, and 5 from Fnrmingdale, by th- best roads in the county of buff ilk. Tbe buildings ere all nearly new, and con sist of a commodious Dwelling, 2 Barns, Cow Sheds, Car ri,?e Heuse. Poultry Hons-, Ice Honse, Bakery. Wash Room, and Smoke Honse. Twenty acres he in a position to produce th-earliest vegetables, and being wit lin 1>? hours communi cation with Brooklyn, to which cam, run Irom Earmingdsle three times a diy. make* it very desirable. Sieamboits also leave told Spring daily for New kork. hor fnnher particu lar* ?rp Iv to F. O. LUC KEY, f 27 2w*in 33 John st. HOSE HILL STABLES, 24th Street and Third liEC> Avenue, and opposite Bull's Head. JustarnvedI and ( 3 for sale at tlie above Stable*, about fifty Northern au'l \V esTeru Horses? which are eight pairs matclied. eight or teu good road horae*. and ?"e?' 5,".^RT&RUP ^ TO MILLINERS. eS yir CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated firaM-reminm Straw Hal Mannlneturer, >"h>'m* the pnbl,c in 1 general, that he baa for aale^a most splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, inanniactuted of an entire new article, celled Pari* Straw Gimp, made to Ilhf| abac* of the Shepherdii'.* G.psev-so beaut.lul and ??*, reed only he se-n to be admired. Mlllieers. and the trade, will do well to cnll ' nd examine before they make th-ir purchases es the goods will be sold by th* case or doien at. rery liberal pnee. <,arl Kjpf0, jy Diviaio* street, i N B ?A general axsortment of all kiuds of Straw Good* ai d Pans UViboua always on In d. "JELL. GENTLEMEN8'"HATS. . \jk if^on ,^'al ERT^ON*8 ^PH fENI x'Vmt' /UNfD* MaNtTFACTORT, 103 Fulton Stbkst,(between William '"lVaaauTcalling the attention of tho public to this establish me it. the proprietor would reipectfully stite, that the success which has attended hi* effort* since ti e commencement of hm business has not decreased his energies, bu' uu the contrary has increased hisexerti* ns to produce articles ey-n superior to th se of the higher priced establishments, at hi? former low P "Tilat qntlity Nutria Fur J? SccdiiU do. do jJ'JJ First qiality Moleskin ' ^ Second do. do 4 w f2i Iw i^r FINE FKENCH BOO IS FOR $3 50-City made, ? and are equal to those eold in other store* for $5; fine 3 Fr?aeh <-?lf Boot! for $4 50, equal to thebett mad? in thii V? citv for li or $7?flt VOUNo k JONES' French Boet and Shoe Manufactory; one of the moat fashionable ini thi* city; our Boots having been judged in tlie Inte fair at N'blo s, are said to be the beat Boots ever aold in thi* city. All Boota warranted to give k joNES^f Ann .tre^ J.T7 Im'eh near Bwedway. New York. The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital 400,000 Dol.'nra. Optick 41 Fulton struct, BkOOkHN. HAVING their capital very nearly enure, continne to tik* risks on bui.dings, inaeh.neTy. mereha^ite snd prowrty generally, on their nsoal favorable terms. This passed through the two greatest eonlbgrations ihat have^eser occu red in the country ; they owe their escape Willi comparatively slight otse. to the ?y?t??n hare always practised of limiting and ?caltefing their riskv All losses Which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as DELAMATEIlt PreaidenL I7flmis*rc E.C. FINN. Secretary. Oppicb on the M**cantilk Mutual 1n?ubanc? < o. 4 " No. 61 Wall street, December Wlh, 1845. f AT A MEETING of the Trostert. hefd at the office of the I Company, on the Ird instant, JOSEPH WALKER wa* nnanimously ejected President, in pl'ce ol Lswii' raiieued * and Lrwis Gagooar was elected Vice I resKtent, to supply the vacancy occasioned by tlie resignation ol Joseph Hoxie. _ | By order of the Tr,fifyOOJ) WALTEH( Becretary. | MAUINU iNSfkANCK ON CaKHO AND ?"^WJI The Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company, .No. 63 WUI street, eoufmes its basinesi to Marine tuanrance on Irnghtand Mffe"w subscription note., amounting to oprrards of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars hare been received, and further Bilditimn arc dnilv Win? w#d? to itl ,, , The Company invites attention to iu plan cf bniineas.which it is believed, offers greater protection and larger return* to the amnred than any other. ^ Thomas Hunt, L? MeCtjlloueh, ^'w'r.Tfor Wm. C. Lsngley, Septimus LrooU, Geo- W.^WIer, Henrr Slieldon, Charles Payen, ?t"1'?' Jas. Freehad, Chas, H Rogers, A. Urgoux, Thos. 8 Nelson. II K Moring, ?i Wilson O Hunt. W. C. Atwater, Alex.. 8. Baker, Stewart C Manlt, W. A. Keteltaa, M. Ward, Geo. Hastings, t has. G. Carletnn, Leonard Kirby, wfjsr- tesstsu rtyft1 o. o. n,.w *i'o5f:rH0vf a lk kh, Lawn Gncooev, Vie. President El.LWQon Waltbu. Secretary. d286m?re OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY ) Nr.* Yoat, Fehrnary Jd,l8lt. J \T AN ELECTION for Director! of this Institution, for the ensuing year, held this day, the following u lined gen Uemaawareelected "^1RECTOI,B Thomas WThorne, Eliaha Rtggt, Thorns* T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B. R. Koh?nn,M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Alle^n, Mows racker, Jsmea E. Hotmee, John B. Dtvtson, John p. Moore, John H. Lee. Will sm K Thorn, t alt-b C. Tnuif, 1 homea Murrell, Francis T Sage, Eugen? Bogsrt, John C. Memtt, , , .Koneet Smith. At g ?nbneqQHTit meftinj the Boiru, T HUM An >V. THOH.NK, , was vuMiMBily fe-eler.ted President lor the eiisufg reir. 14KO. T. HOPE, Secretary. f2 rrc ARK ADAM CAKR. FROM ' j.ASOOW.ii dttrharg. iog, under general c.rdwg, kteast tide Peck slip. All goodt I nut permuted, mntt ?atvelitak(f be sent to Public stotj. i W PA11K TUKATIHG. Monday KTcnlBf, March 9, Will be performed, Ui? I*' part of the Tragedy of KINO Hfc\HY IV Iiotapur Mr. Oeo. Yandenhoff S'r Juliu Ealstalf Mr Bate Piince of Wale* ... Mr. O. Barrett Lady Percy Mr*. Abbott To conclude Willi the Drama of THE CRICKET OK Tilt HEARTH. Caleb Planum r Mr. Baaa. Mary Kieluiug Mia* Kate Hum. Tries of Aduiuaitm?Bolts, SI ; I'll, M L'cata ; triliery K cents. Dor.ra opea at IH o'oloeb. ud tba Cartaia will risepeeerseiy at T o'clock MOW KH1 TIIKATKK. A. W. JACKSON ... MANAUEK AND PROPRIETOR Monday Kvenlng, March 9, Will be performed, the *?rt"d National Drauia of PUTNAM lien. Waahiugion Mr. Clarke lieu. (Jreeue Mr. McKron lien. I'ninam Mr. Milner ? near t h Mr. J R. Scott Violelali Mr*. Phillip* J o conclude with ERNEST MALTRAVEBB. Richard Darv.l Mr. J R. Scott Erneat Malrravera. .Mr. Davenport Alice Danil Mr*, ti. Jouea It./ 'Lower Boxes 40 eente?Second and ihird Tiera, .4 cts.t Pit and (iallery 12H cent*. Door* will open a' half put 6?curtain will riae at 7. llOWHls* ClKCUs, AT PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. Reduction*? Boies, lirtt and aeeond tier* 2} cent*; Children under i2 yean, 12>, cent*?Private Boxrs SO cents. Monday Rvesilitg, March 9, The enteruiiimrii'* will com neuc? with the exerciici of ROMAN CAVALRY A't rf lloricmimlup, by the 1 fan tile Rider, agedC years, Muter \V. Nixou. Mr N. B. Turner on two hones. The Sable Sisters will inpoduce a number ol popalar Ethio pian Melodies, Songs, and Choruses. L'ving Pyramid*, forinrd b, Hones and the entire troupe of Rider*. Jack Ashore, *?? Mr John 8. Whittaker. r,murine and Gymnastics hy Mr. NixouandSon. Mr.C.le's Exliaordinary Conto nam. laoidinary Conto noua. The whole III conclude with DUN UL'IXOTPE O" Extra performance every Wedueaday and Saturday afternoon. jfr Doors open at 7, performance to commence at h*lf-p**t7 o'clock. UOWK11Y AHIPIIITHKAI'HIQ ANO RkiW VOHK CIRCUS. No 37 Bowery. Rockwell If Stone, Manager!. BENEFIT OK LEVI NORTH. POSITIVELY LAST WEEK OK THE CIRCUS. Monday Evening, March 9, The performance w ill mmmriKf with the CHINESE ENTRY. LEVI NORTH as Don Joan, the Libertine of Spam. LEVI NORTH, will enter ihe ring, and describe the Vic tory of Paris of Troy. To conclude with the SPORTS OK OLD SPAIN, or the BULL KIOHT. Boxes 24 cents; Pit. 12X c?ots. Doors opea atl}* o'clock. Peiformanrea commence at ">}? >'clock. ml r CARD OK AUVEKTlSfcMENT. NATION Ah TIIKATKK AND CIRCUS, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Under the mtuanement of Messrs. WELCH. MANN AND DELAVAN ; Will shortly terminate this, the most prosperous season ever experienced in America, in order to fulfil their engagements at Baltimore and Washington Among the numerous artistes en gaged in their large establishment, may be found the followiug ) of tl names of roes of the firtt rider*: MK8. LOUISA HOWARD, principal act Equestrian, and premiere artiste, in characteris'ic delineation* ofmelo-draina ticpersonatious, on her celebrated courser. MRS. EDWARD WOODS, an elegant Equestrian, on two Horses, and in lea AlLunandes KrauSaue.aud general move ments of equitatiou. . , Eight Kem ile Equestrians, who appear in grand cavalcades. Tiy ht Rope Dancer and Equestrian performer, Mis* JuOU18A T^^^^d^TrAKhor? LKV1 NORTH- *? V. j llStf sfi^ ^SPZ&b"e f" "+*~ t'ntVralMriif tht Troapf. Mk.McKARLANI) Equilibria and I'oaturer MIL O. DUNBAR ! li!ow??. MESSRS. MXY and WELLS Kiug Maate', Mr. K. NICHOLL8. ' WeTveS "' MK88ilS- KtfiXY, LATHHOF, and Stuge Manager, Mr. FREER. A constant incee..ion of tint rat* eooesirian Mtf.fnm Leader of the Orchestra Mr. STEYEIl Bcene Painter Mr. JOHN WISER k"" " M~" "? a L?i! f04* miaijy of high dramatic eicellenr.e ua^^d ivfr,0w7i btU ?a h'*h ',rrd I0'""'' trained (or the are* tended h Jr-I and Proenmional etfects on the stage? ate Th.nL.Tr 5?r'?n". ??d by fourteen rough riders, halfoaat ? V,i Theatre are a) way. opened at o'cloclr Performance! invariably commence at 7 CONCERT AT Mil: o 8 SALOON, ON Tuegflny I'.vr I it;-. JUnrcti 3d. Iirtl l rnvpMON8!*;im ,L ?IBEllT 'natru mental Concert, at MISS NORTHALL MME. LAZARK. MONb. fontana. Mil. LODER, programme. mk t,mm* ^Ir'toTna ?"dMr*Ti^i^,!'''!',,0'''0nr . , 2. \ Serenade?Don Praqoalc, Mona. 0"ihert.".7.V' 'bon.avtri J Wtio-^Hi^r^v?-S,|*''i'l'' .f:'b< I Mens Oibert.L.l'uget Duo?Harp?Sur lei motili de Guillauue Tell i *nd Mr. Timm .......... .Roa.mi a' n??iKT I'-1' *??r-l. Mi?< Northali ' (Hover '?rem Robert leDivble. Mot.. Oibkrt.Meyerbeer i n ,, Part II. ' piano, four hand., 2<ea?n. Timm and Ladkr uA.Au 2, S Melo.tjr?Le Chant <Ju < zicosch, Mocis.'Gfiji'it* * Proch ) oTrVr?00.1: "re-("'e *?"d Cu"t?,) Mon. *'''* fOCh I. M.rourka?fiaVp', Mrae. La'za'r'k ^ Fu|fet * H,w" coBR^,ro?, o,. f i"?1'1 if Trii que'fort i? a free and gay drinker* who rarri1nor? forh? bottle of wine than for h .wile and hiTu^chihTr?.? thJdiriSe leieeTr's W"lh,frl?n(1- ,n drinkinn abundanily of lunv h.m. Krl|)?' l,e rrqne.t. hi. fi-eod to ac otn thai l.eS.1 T.,-* t.,U^V K""" hi? will not admit n the ?t?e.ther".I L At 1,lt' believing l.irn.eir cu.ei th? anihJL.i r t** c*nnot rccognue hu hon?r, and ac fei7l il? I i ?of having r> moved it?To spite ih-m he aleep. ?" th" 1?veu,e"t. <"'d Ml. in ? profound , J 9De Holljr, to b? had at the principal Mn.ic Store. ir~L r?* r on '"euiug of the Conrert, ' j,,00? ?P*n ?' L Coucerl to tommence at 8 o'clock. HI?W L K. Y~T H E A T K L. ~~ M 'belwlh' V ^ H ARD purpoae takirg their Benefit on Tuesdty f veumg. Match 3d. Tl e.e gentle nliv-?oi?? n'tr1" ' "*l'? their exertior a tople ae tbe (J M r K ^ iC'",uc 'hnr arrival in II i. country. Their ract-r "Th*,r"V *tnbracin? three piecca of novel cha Demon Sra^n.^K-.*?i 'h? CroM," a drama entitled "The j f? ?tia*84vlr Hon Juan, or the Libertine Dratioyrd." | MfcSivIEltlSM. ? II HODS will deliver a eonr.e or FOUR LE CTURES mfrum I'\ V Yor*? oa Phdoaophy of Me,, njeriam, lie PTvient w ek. in Cliitot Hall, on Tucrdvr ith w'd 7thr*Dr Dod.VVl ,'inr<':,k k:T'^n"'?<? March 3d. 4th' rihenomnia ," r .0<,1? w,"1?*P|ftn the can.. ? of the wonderfnl I hruomena pro VficeJ?txi'lam flip phifosophy of ClAirvovAnr? and fno cpimerf mg liiib b^twp?n wind pud matter. tki tJiniil ?*!! Jt?i P'ril ?'t" .nbetenee and power., and on irarirT wn/i,N - ' * rn-rgy, anooet ol what nib atance world* ware created, ai.d will ahow that there la no ir H? *?" e. plain the importance of the Me.mrric aeience and produce .ome brilliant and wonder inerUm " "* ?l?? m W ! .TheJLecturr. will commence each evening at preciaelv 7 0 dock. AcmiaHon 23cent. " 1 rpilE SAI.Vr DAVib'S BENEVOLENT H'K'llTv" I DINNER AT NIRLQ'H AT S O'CLOCK Ticket' m.y hc'.h'aoied on application to the Sir ward.. Al.o I at the .evcrai Wt Hon.aa, end at Mr. N,hlo'? ' ?hp p ^OLDEN, rreaidrnt. H P. EnWABDl, lat Vice Prra't. n u Monoaw Moroah, Jr., M do. " Tra iurcr f28 2teod'r ... 'leHAR.V1(INi(j suciETY. j T kSStSI-1 i 121 MScTh 2t?V l?. IlXHMH - Hecretiry. tJIT Y OF ELMS thc"; B"l?h;/,,fc!? TitrntV* ,,K>rt "mf IOD-rr st t: rORTP R BEI.DEN* rrcp ietor. HN.V IMJH AM, iop't ol Eihibition. ro'oiafor^, now coowiucfinc at 3?Bro,dvrar, THE MODEL OF NEW YORK. R-prea-nting iu c-rved wood every bnildirg .hed tree and other object in the great Metropolii of America whfrh' vl?l! Cen'o^Vkh^'Tir^ A'r* be i .d a.. ,r I . delineated views of pnblic hnildnca I fl*?mh"ata kH"V private re.idencei. hot. |,t k . T,rTIB* tl'- 'II 10 lo 30 inches )n length, for Si*'!? fr,le 'omprntation w?JI charged. n noJJr1io f?ariy comptftrd i Mo?ki of ,V#w Yo?k. (he Haven' kc.W ? *' '*U or tf,,e 1 le: cf <t,f Mod'l of .<icw Office hour, from 2 to S P M f 28 lo.'r p; PORTER BKLDEN, YA Broadway. . ?K ffiSsT LAST HALL, \ T THE ALHAMRA, Rromle?y, Tl ESUAY, the SJ cf I"', }\ t: TI relreahinentA lor Lvdo. ' 3Jff ^onime'ce^lo'cl^/'p %U"Ub?"u ?"d lwomL/d,'?? To ASKifflaiC; ! mife ,entit,nr" w'" I '^???rpe? in uniform A LI 1AM1U^ Uroafliray. near Prin+* : T's^aarays '.'vs.? ii-vi>*? ?*????? Therehe.r Who will he le ?lv af .U . dirrr,'"n of the nudrraigned, i loon iTfc?^ L,med fL lflTinatrnetion Tire S,.' I Will lie lei f ,r I .,i?! foraouml ll.jii any other in the city, au.l 1 Terina reaallh..0'a':S0T"rU' ? H?,kc.. on the ofTniKhn. in., reaionab.B. Apply betwean in and?, end 4 tof!o'clock, i f21 Iwia'm W DlNNEkom), I - <#11 ilie premises. ! u/A/a w MOUSSELiInks UK LA INK. ~ 100 ^ ' erRINO STYLES ?? Foreign and Doma.tic, i Tele .A jf '?c?ived, ; 'i>bl* to 8*?iiiiicrn and Wrttera j Tr^dg.andfcrMlplr f SHELDON U CO., 4 >??"??? llWUUtaiWHV UHft? DWLLI8EHCB BT TO lilfaL fxy The Mail south of Philadelphia [did Dot arrive last night. Philadelphia, Feb. 98, 1846. Snow Storm?Fine of tkinge at Workington, fe.?IUgkt of Way patted by State Senate. On going to bed last night, our people had every pros pect of a cold and clear morrow, but on waking in the morning, tin ground was covered with snow to the depth of several inches, and the temperature had mode rated considerably, it has-continued snowing, with scarcely any intermission, the whole day, and the streets resound with the jingle of sleigh bells. We are bred of the frosty appearance of the weather, but draw consola tion from the fact, that if we have it all now, the fihaiMiW of a mild and favorable spring are redoubled. We are deeply interested by the appearance of things at Washington. All eyes are turned in that direction, and the speculations as to the result, are multitudinous. We are fast arriving at the conclusion that there is a deep laid scheme to embroil us with our sister Repub lic, Mexico, to curtail us of our iust proportions, and put limits to the progress of republicanism on the West ern continent I should not be at ail surprised, if the European governments regarded us at this moment, as without the pale of the great community of nations, and ?s a fair subject for conquest and colonization, pre cisely as any other savage people. That they deem us an unmitigated nuisance, no one can deny ; and it be hooves us, therefore, to be prepared for a crusade against our existence as a nation. The importance of national events have completely swallowed up Othere of u local or State characte . It will bo perceived that the bill granting the right ef way to Pittsburg for the Baltimore and Ohio Rail rood, has passed the State Senate. But for the eapeot of our loreigu relations tins would rreate a terrible sensation. As it is, it has had considerable effect, and our poople scarcely know what now is to be done to provout its passage into a law. The Oovernor, it is supposed, will sign the bill should it get through the lower house, sad all the hopes oi the opponents ol the measure are there lore centered in that body- What will be the result, itie impossible to say. Do Meyer has been eminently successful in this city, having as it ware, carried by storm the musical uritiea as well as the popular masses of the city. He gives an other, and a farewell concert on Tuesday next, previous to hia departure South. Dempster, who is a favorite with a Philapelphia public, gives au entertainment on Monday evening. Theatricals have flourished moderately. Booth and Adatns have succeeded in a round of characters at tho Walnut, and at the Arch Burton is attracting by (oma of bis inimitable performances. Welsh's Circus draws greater crowds than any other bouse in the city. He presents a continued round of novelties. Philadelphia, March 1, 4] o'clock, P. M. The snow storm that has Just terminated, chocked, pretty much, all business operations on Saturday, and prices of the previous day were merely nominal. The stock operations were to some extent, and with a goad degree of firmness. $20,000 Pennsylvania 6 per eeuta changed owners at 71J ; $10,000 Reading Railroad Bouda, 75]; $1500 Pennsylvania 0'a, 77 ; $1000 Cincinnati Bonds, 8'*, 93 ; 600 shares Oirard Bank, 0J a 10. U. 8. Bank left off at 41 bid. 5 asked; Vicksburg, 8] a 8] ; Reading Railroad, 34 a 34] ; Pennsylvania 6's,7l] a 71] -, 90 Waa offered for Texas notes ; Reading Railroad Bonds, 7S| a 751 ; United States 6's, 99] bid ; do. 6's, 110 offered, j The Southern mail, that should have been received at I 4 o'clock, has not yet arrived ; and the Eastern mail, duo ' at 2] P. M., did not reach the city until half-paat 8 ! clock. Much of the delay, however, was in croaaing j the Delaware, which is filled with strong floating loo. ' Several vessels, ready for sea, will, in ail probability, I remain at the wharves lor some days ; as the city too boat had, previous to the storm, been taken into dock and stripped. Albany, Feb. 27,1846. legislative Proceeding*. The House was occupied during the day in a debate in Committee of the Whole upon the printing bills, the Senate bill, and the bill offered by Mr. Townsend, in the Assembly, 'is a substitute for the Senate bill. The confusion, ior the time being, between tho radicals and conservatives, no longer exists in the Senate , and the war is at present confined to the House. ! Messrs. Bailey, Wells, Chatfield, Develin, Bloss, Ctaaee and Perkins, suceisively delighted a brilliant audience with a resume of the war. The debate was unparalleled 1 ia all points. Some trouble occurred among the ew ! York delegation, as to certain resolutions passe, at a meeting in the Ninth ward of New V ork, ^nicting Mr. Uevelin to vote for the Senate printing bill. Mr Develin took occasion to say, that these resolution. I wore not an expression of the .enUmenUofthelegKi I "Vbo deb,,. betwMD the ,bo,o eluded that the Senate bill will pass the ^ > ' combination or union of the whig. and^on?rvat}?^. TVs in will most undoubtedly no too reiuu iw vvw mitteu ot the Whole did not take the question upon the biMr. Phillip, reported in favor of the bUl to amendth. siiituteri in relation to the sale of niort^e^eu RoTiied Statutee, in rcieu ^ Qf th6 Houie wtr0 iyss thn ludiciarv *) and thi? committee reported this morn au rs.TSaa'a character. The Con.Utution wye that, power, except in cases 0 . bv a loose conetruc Kxecutive. We .up|.osebowev?rhya^oo.^wn.r?c tion of the Constitution, the Legislature WU1 power to pardon these men i the report was raoseu iv | '^Mr^LoU reported inUvorofthe.AM.mbJ^ in Y?*k'B^V mtUioMo' order *tbi? bill to a third reading, ^sssrasss ?? Canal Fund, to report the .mount of tells peM 7^ Auburn and Syracuse, and ?y??use BadUtta^nM^ each year, since the completion ?f thnse eow, ?? ; whether they bad, on any occasion, omitted to pay requisite amount of tolls, passed^ the consid : cu'?A.r.vKT,tt-\Wljysi Brook Reservoir, Lebanon. Madison i zsfsssitt S'ftSasia by Mr. Spencer. The committee did not take any acuon WDreNott. of Union College, ^ lec, tare of the soason, upon the ^L^'with evening, et Dr. Spregue'e church. Weiluppea the Rev. Dr. to-night ; he is ? noble-looking genueuwo. with white hsir. end e very good countenence. Tne anti-rent committee h.v. been n close delibere tion this afternoon upon the subject of leaeeho Boston, Feb. 29,1846 The Departure of Winter-Deplorable Conditio* of our Street,-A Petition for the Withdrawal of MassachunetU from the Union? Popularity of Rev. Theodore Parker-Capt. Sturgu-Diwooeni of a New Comet?Collector Morton and the Catho lic-Complimentary Concert*, Benefits, &C, >* Behalf of the Howard Athenaum Sufferer*. Old winter, in taking his departure, has exhibited a disposition to impress upon our minds a due sense of his power. This is the last day of his reign.and "zrs"- Stx rz" d?* Z hi, V.?.rd.7 "J"' there was a very sbght sprinkling of 1"JJ" wmmm exult over a reported downfalli of thei city ^ Mi(J offl. ,tuty it is to keep the street* in ojder. collision da) personage did slip do wn, an<1* sterior parts of his did thereby uke place, between the po e i ub?ih. body and the ice covered pavement is so w.u ed that it has become matter ?f handed down to future ages asi one ol tacts which characterize the sNMSfitMW Mioiution Mr. Wileon, of Netick, *u*h"rn?i,hV uncompromising now be tor* the lo,,mi-continuance or 1 hostility of MaseecbusstU to the. t * y?terday pre I further extension of Jor??" '?it j-ckson, William Lloyd ?filled a petltton from Krsncis ^ (he wlthdrawel Garrison, end thirty two others^ L?njon tn consequence ; of Massachusetts from the fed*Mr#ftU of 0Br Senators of the annexation of Tews, (nJ (he fonMti0n of e aud Representatives ini _ join ui( 0rth* eeUb new Union with *uch- covernment on our own hshment of proceeding, but It is only hook. This looks I ft. abow 1?? a thort Mm. ago. whet certain prominent p?u Massachusetts if Texes declsred ought t^'^Xtho petitioner. I know p.reon were ftiiM*^- * msnrrtalilft men?tome of them men ally, and t''*^ "I* 0(tgrty an J influence - and they doubt of considerable propeny th<ir petition, however Uy thet ho M \ not iiympathi/.e with the peiiu^ ^ thought that the evill n 1 .^king to reform the d,ed by adhering to the Union, ?"Jjgj, on the policy of tho govornmont. Tne P?,ll,on table. etery Sunday at the llev. Theodore Paiker 1#7ge, If not larger, Melo.leon, and the house, ?,710"{?wjpdirith li??on*?. ; thsnmoriof Ibechurohe ,< ' (j cuUy?rts Is r?pld?y , and the number of his alimr i finw?4 as 1 on'he UKTtHMe i'f ??