Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vml. xn., Mo. BS.W1MU Ho. ?KTS. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 7, 1846. rrtNtwaOwM. A rriLIINID BT JAM?8 GORDON BENNETT, BOBTH-WBIT COBBIB OF FOLTOR ARB RAiSSC ??*?? DOG LOST. A _? A YOUNO buck Newfoundland Dm, with a thin iron chain round lh? nock and a amafl I'loeo ?i .cr ua^uchad to it. aoecouded tbia moraiu. from! ??'?*? South William at, whom a seilible raward will be ?V?#'or the recovery of the dot TO LET, u u TO a a mall family, part of a naat two atory House, iWk near Broadway consisting of back baaam at kitchen, MwuhC?TorwVrTr?t ?d bs.k rooms on Id floor. wJfK.irilaaa of bath room, and attia bedroom. Reference required. Kant 63 Bowery, I kO 3t*r cor?r of Wslkr tL ' lofts to let THREE LOFTS, in the Stick Building No. 43 feck falip ?ji able lor aailmaka", or any other bind of buti h* eta. Inquire of M. PUKDV. 43 Peek ahP. " FOR SALE. 9 A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in Nineteenth street, near lreing Place, two atory and attic, with under oaf lae-ro iibfe maniela in baaement, and Brat and second a Ulrica?built by day a work, about thtao yean ago, for a pr irate residence. Honae.? feat by "'SJaiTft. M For terms, apply to GEORGEOA8KIN, mi le'rc 110 Cherry atreet. TO LbT, M THE RECESS, No. 1J7 Broadway, New York-the pit furniture ud flatarca belonging thereto for aale cheap. JtJ^lnqnire on therremiaea mi lw r TO LET. A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in thayillaita of Jamaica, L I ; *c present occupied by Doctor (i. H Kittam, bhp wirh ?table in the Mr. The House is modern built, tc story with limbic mantels, in complete Older. Fosses ?ion giv*u 1st of May. ? . . . Also, Two other houses in the Tilings. *11 well located, be ing i ear the Railroad Depot and both Academies, .one 01 jfcrbe occBpied m4 tw*rc Jamaica, L. I M TO LKT- -From th* first ot May next? fsit uf a three story House, deUghtfnl It situated in Fast Bread way, J'JiM* and occupied by a small family of three yourg persona. *J oa?m*l) quiet fimily these ApartmenU will ba frt xeason able Address " Prieate House," Branch Post Office, with real ostne and where an interview may be had, will be attended to imraedtaf. ly , arm N. B. Undeubted reference will be rsquirad. m4 lw?r TO LEI' IN FoK I" LEE, N.J., Jl A FIRS.T RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acre, of S eroaiid end a number of wooden building*, in Ml arable Lgood condition, which were formerly need at a chcmi iciory. at preaenl oecupiad as a pianoforte mauulactory; situated on the Hackenaack road, only a few mi intra walk from the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whom a lease will be given for smreral years, if required. Inquire of Dr. V4orris Leo-Wolf, 98 Liberty street, New Vork. ml Sw-re TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, ~ U TWO New three story and basement brick Houses, ff!U with the pri*ile?o of free in eonree of com XjUplelioo. which will ba reedy for oecupucy on or before MiyTu. They will be fitted ia beautiful etyle and be re plete with all the late improvement.. They each contain II rooms besides the kitehen, finished with marble mantels end black gra'e* throoghoot, and are 31 fret front by 53 wide court yards :|?d iron railings. The situation is delight ful. commanding a fine view of the river, bay and city, and is withm one minute's walk of the ferry, where the Mwwrry boats leave every 15 minutes for Bvclay at. croea ng in ? to 10 minutes; ?nd every hslf hour to Canal and Christopher ata Apply at the ferry at Hoioksn. ml 2w*rc TO LET, THE MasUinoHouse of Dr. Valentine Mott, with se flaW veral acres ?f ground, about six mile, from the city, iigfrouiiDg on the Hudson River. It will!belet w'ljj'h.? housefurniehedor unfurnished. Apply toS.B. jJJ^kHlNGB, No. 36 John straet, ftma 10 to II o clock. 1H Itawislw*r NOTICE. ~ a~e DWELLING HOUSES, STORE S and vacant Lott, fKg for sale, rent or exchange Investm ents made on pro Jalg, dnetive Real Eitetn. that wUl pay i rem ten to twenty Percent on the purchase money, with an it ctease in valae of from ten to fifteen per cent per annara. Mineyi>r<>cured on Bond and Mortgage; and of Inmsra ice obtained from feiTAv?nT 0OmP*U8' ,nthee<WJO?N A&N N.B?Plans', elevations, specifications and contracts for bnildicga, famished hera er at .Ho. 6 Broad street. at the short e.,BOti... CALVIN POLLARD. f H lm'rc Architect -jjjT FOR SALE. OR TO? LE l\ outv moat r.asonable t-rms, three two-story Dwelling s-ruaee, in North jCig, Smth. between Siath rod Seventh etreeu, Williame FJJTtL. I. "two of the above .we new, and intended as genteel residences, being finiahed in the byst manner, and (applied with sprieg and rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults in troot, lie. Two-thirda of the ptmchaae money may remain .cured, at 4 P? emit. Knqnim ongjgg^AwduS, flJ Im-TTC 86 Wall atreet St "QUARRY f6k feALK, OR TO LEABK-Sitn. mo on thu Passaic rigtor, in north BcUctill? ? formerly JlliLbelonging to Abral am Jenlemon, Eaq. Said gurry nrTtn eatenaivel/worbetd for thiityyaaea peat, udieone of the beat quarrie. of free atone in New J,?f good order for working. Tlse P'emieee eonemt rf two dwell tncs, etorr honae, i wo betas, two handred feat of wharf, and aeventsen arri of land, wulch wfll ba told eatirr, or tha quarry asperate, if deairefl. For fkrtherpertienlara, eaq a ire of the snlwcriber. at the poet office in B^,{jjNb LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. 16.1646. fl? lm?mc HOUSES AND .LOT FOR SALE. M A PLEASANT eoantry aeet in the village of Medi ffg sor, Morris eonntr. Net* J rsey. within a few muntes Jlligwvlk of the baantifal residence of Wm. Uibbone, Esq., bJmT.bout IS mile, from New York city?cammunition to and from twice a dsy, any day In the year, per Mome end Ee aex Railroad. Said place eonhaua abut one acre, on which are Two Honsee and a Bam, Hit"" a first ra a well ? *??-*? tiood achooU end churches tg the immediate vicinity ine premises are located in a com maadiag !??'???. the whole village;; ud is one ? f the most desirable loeatione in the I lace, beiug w thm two Biinatee walk or the railroad de pot, which teudera it convenaent for a peiaoa doing bnsinasain the city, who desires to retirf- in the eoantry. For particulars enquire, or address to the ambecriber, T XHOMPSO V, f>4 lm'rc Morristown. N.'j A RAidi CHANCE. M WILL BE SOLD cheap, or exchanged fur city pro gcXlwrty. a very valuable valley gwin and great farm, con 2C,a niLg I23K acres. ? of which are woodland,and the rest a rich soil, baring berm all cnltiyatad. h?ghly naarinred and a?ed-d. within five veersjpaet. and TieWs abnudant croiw, am.led 30 mriea from New York. 4 Irom HnntingtorK S frum 4;?id Spring, and a fnm Farmingdale, by thi beat roads in the county ol huff .ik. The buildings are all nearly 1"?" a,?t of i commodious Dwelling, I Barns, Cow Hheda, Oar rius Hsue. Poultry Hon.-, Ice konse. BUery. Wyh Rou^ and omoke House. Twenty eeita lie te ( Position to' PJ?du?* th- eer iest vegetables, and being wit ua IK hours ummniii eatiou with Brooklyn, te which ear a run fnga uZl L?ld*Bpcug deity*te n'.w For Inrther ^yticn r "? -^r kooE HILL STABLES. Nth Street ud Third lL^ Avenue ud oppoeite Bnlf'e Heed. Jnaterrivedland 'js aa YT So.THfuT"' ^!:-ToTinLnNERs: jT CARL XING, the well known ud celebrated ^rstpremiom Straw Hat Munlactbrer. ^ory thepebljc mi Grial, that he has lor ssl. a most Wloudid ^rtmeut of i-s Fancy STRAW HATS, muniactared of u entire new article, csIJed Pari. SuawGimp, n^w^ahareof the Sheph.rd.en. Oipuy-f bu'i.V.lul ud becoming, ^er need only be seem to beadmired. M1111?era, and m"', the trade, will de well to call thru purchases, as the goods WtU k* ??w th# or do'en at a very libera price. Klr,0. IT Division street N B ?A general aaaortmeul of all kinds of Straw Goods at d Paris Ribbons always on ha-d. JKINfc. FRENCH BOO 18 FOR $3 56-City made, anil arc equal to thoae rold in othar (toraa for $6; flue free eh Calf Boou for $4 50. equal to the beat made in thia city for M or $7?at YOUfio k J ON ICS' French Boat and Shoe Manulactory; one of the moat laahionable in thia eitf; err Boom hat lag been judged in the lite Fair at Niblo'a, are >aid tc be the beat Boou ever aold in thia city. All Boou wr i rautcil to givo attiafaclioa. YUUNO k JONES, 4 Ann (treec, , tilt tm'rh near Broadway. New Yorb. NOTICE. NEW YORK AND HARLEM R R. CO. Ou and after THURSDAY, 12th mat, the train tli-t learre a7th atreetat 7 30 A. M. for Harlem will la,re at 7 o'clock AM. Returning wil I Jene Morriaai-ia add Harlem at 7 10 A. M. for llJL The irate that 'eatea City Hall for White Plaint at J 30 P. M Will Irate at 4 o'clock P. M. The train that leatra City Hall for Wtlliima'Bridge at 4 30 r. M will leave at b )0P. M. Returning will leata Williama' n ih?t learet White Plaina at 4 10 P. M. will leave at 4 M P. M. lor New York. m7 6t rc Jltk. ParV;t"nf" Mat March -The anperior faat Bailing SBEtpacket ship HOTT1NOUER. 1050 tony bnrtl.en, Cal>t Ira hnrtley, will aailaa above, her regular day Errfreight oi l?aaage, havingaplendid, large and I comfortable .me room, and cabin. ?' Southatrrei. Price of pnaaaga $100. j ne i>ickrl ahip Liverpool, IIM tout, Capt. John Eldridge, will mee.e.i me Hottingeer, end tail me the Slat of A|>ril, I er regular day- tn7 rc KREUUL AH LINE Or PACKET SHIPS?racket ol the 1 Ith March?The Oral elaaa, laat aailing pack vet ahip WATERLOO. Capt. Allan, burthen 1000 tUltf, Mill ?ail aa ahovt, her regalar day. k OK LIVERPOOL?Tba New Line?Regain! cket ol 11 at March?'The i Daring rery anperior aecoinmnriatiuue for cabin, M cabin and at'cragc paaaeugera. peraona intending to embark, ahoald at'crtige paaaeugera. ithuu. ... make immediate application on hoard loot of Maiden Lane, or JOHfcPH Mf MUHRA i. Corner of Pine and South atreeu. The pvekat ?hip ASHBL'HTON, Cipt Howland, burthen 1<5}4> tona, will auccecd the Independence, and anil on the 6th April, her regular day. ...... N. B Peraona dr? rona of aeoding for their frienda, can have lha-n brcnglit out by tha abut# ahip, ou moderate miking application >a above. *'r WANTED?A akip to load for a southern w>rt.? Apply to K. K. COLLINS It CO., ill r 56 South at. AdKfc- NOTICE. bCVfV P. MOONEY, ESQ. mmmL federal street, hoston U Aa ueeu appointed Agent lor the Old Eaubliahrd Lull 11 gnat H^uae of J.ihn Herdinin k Co., No. M South atreet New k ork. ml lwrc PACKET SHIP HOTTIN OU ER, from Lirerpool-Con aigneee per iKia teawl will penicalarly oblige aa by .end ing pi nana on I, ward, weat aid. Burling dip. without de lay. WOuDHUjJL k MINxURN, 17 South at. m7 rc AUXILIARY STEAM SHIP MASSACHU SETTS, FROM LIVERPOOL HIS SHIP it now discharging at pier t?. E R. feot of Do will please send ti.eir permit, on boerd, 1 ter at. Conaigneea will plrue send ti.eir permit, or to the office ol the anbaenbeie. All good, not i?rnutted within Bvo day a, will bo anaroidi My tent to the public Move. nMStire bu. HARNDEN k C0 6 WellaL HISTORY OF SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, FOR THB CUR*: OF CONSUMPTION, COUGH*, LIVER COMPLAINT, Ac. IN THE YEAR 18J0. thaSubscriber, a resident ofthiscity, "by nposurt. contrsihd a heary cp'd, wh ich, settling ?pou his lungs, terminated in n confirmed esse of Pulmonary Cou tnmKion- I wss at this tioin emaciated, twt feeble, hsd a distreetiig cough, raising of blood and phlegm, pain brnist lie"tic leyer, night ewea'a, and appeared.U?ba rapidly declining, so much so that my physic lansand friends v dcsoaired of my rscoeery. Numerous indiriduals at present JlSSu ofthu City, can testily that my cue Presented a boneless appearance, and soon esp eted to see me consigned to thetomb. In secordance with ih- physician s directions, 1 lef confined ^t.mly't"a'^d tolK'pidly. Whe?nall aSSSr&awssfSr? it. in that section of the ,iStlf.U eon?trsinedl?o^?ye^ny whole attention to its manufacture and. ^.o^the dfmand lor it still incteasing, 1 found great mcon f"*'.?;!.neupplyUg the distant orders; I therefore remored JoTbTriiy o7ft?la5.1phia. srhsf. the medicine heTb.en rrAwinf iu reputation anil dctnaid awca that tuoa . . mdaeed to make this lUtement of the origin of Schick's Pulmonic Syrup, from the fact that there are 10 ma nv mISi?!oM brought before the public, that prora on trial to tJi a deception, that the public generally belieje all mediciuea "? ?!S!fmS^fVr-hnttha proprietor of this feela aaaured. rCb^ ftaT??.fy .11who w.lfcall at hi. office, where theycsneiaminc the many certificate. of core, from people of ^/WoUowing simony i.'fH.m'he citiien. of Flemingtoa where the proprietor resided some years, sad where the 1 ul monic Syrup ws s fftat offered to the public., gcHENcK W. the tiudcrsigoed. citiiena or Flemington, county of , Pulmonic Syrup?tn?t during our whole scqusmunce wuh him be hai auitained the character cl an honorable. h?gh-miud and that w. should havs esery confidence id any statement be may make to the public rel.iif. to the Pulmonm SjKt! SiZ "?;S5 her*, ami tnit turne wb,jcj1 came under our owu imme IffigbSK: ^djaj8'Hwjrt?ag.t?B sequences that might arise from being deceived. .JWJkl COD'"" James M OlS, County Clerk. Charlee B"toleijm Joseph Beseon. , ? a.henel M I) n < nJmouT'- Kff ? jndges trfth. Court. ?. B. Memhou ML D. Samuel Hill. ^ f. w ^r'nJsia OidsCU. Members of the Bar. JfJCiIn c "ftPrt' rcrte*. SS?* &2&W Wm^oore. | &NAAlir' Hash Capuer, AbTwn'm John L. Jones, 1 Merchants- Thomas Gray, l rt A J H Reading. Atkinson J. Holcoutb. 'n^hie! n?'?1 0?Qha,n' A. V. Bonnell, H?" Wilson. Wm. Emery. J?ThePgenu1ne'Pulmouie Syrup is pr^*jr?i"cl Court' SE^SSr^g^'aates: IH?paia, and 1 ?^rcomplaints frwof^mje.^ #ot gfl) my or . Please bear i ?mio^ 8yrup and to aroid deception, apply K^.?o?bF,'J^m^; at No. a Courted st. mJ lt*r ThkS* CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS Ill AVJii ?d X Aw * THIS remarkable diaeocery eomprtaea at norel applieat lonof the mystenona po ? ? ??*?? asrenl. The u irely i if Gal ran is in. inn in connection with A?Mfn???c Flcid. htre^beeu used with e*u in all cases ol RHEUMATISM, scute or chronic, arrjy ^"wolehSa. fcee or limbs ; Dolom?..Tooth Bronchitis, Vet^o^ nerrous or m nalpwetion of 'IJ'b ? Jfcnfm* iMirJof Joinu. Bpinsfcomplmnts, the ^eart.^pl^. ?ttffneM^t^om?. toeM Head, Lumbago, Neuralgia, nerrpns im 'Debi|lty (j??^wcypf pam, m the Chest and ame, BerTOua Jiaordera. In Sil^'ThS'BUnobM'of1itfforent prieea, beingBMuh.ofrilaitee. l?d nf Various ornamental patterna, and can be worn by the THL^l'MVXmC^ELTS^BA'i DS,' BBAc"lETS; Are modification, of "P ,h." Ri^^'uot ro. more chrome cut. ?^ ^? ThOTar. ^Upted to the ?csa anfficient intenaity or Tyyaro^Pe^ with Waist, arms, WT:'"1 coo we r that Weqaired may thus K^buitST and no eomplaint which the myaterioua agent of GalvnniemM.n affect t^i^fatU^^inanen^^e te used in connection with th?Vny ?j^tbet> Thia compoattion ha? been prononneeO by tne ere c These articles form anlm^tant ^dition to the RuHaTacting open the meaS. to. rssiuSSiSg^'uE'syftrm6?? -ss:.4 rrg^f^a the Galvanic 8TUE!toTH?*?wQ Plaatnm will d? sreat and peimeneutedvaiiUe#. W."h'o^tSEtt,?ATUl .-O Pnblished by the Doctor, in the sun, Time'. Mirror,Tnbu . ""Thwa'tosSmonials, all of which are from the mosties^ct^ sinTil?,chwlcWr* pub|l|C*'l0rt time the dtscoTery haa been before thej ^QQ^tAD. General Agent for the United Bute., and only Agent for the City of New York. Building;. Beware of ConnterfeiU iait MWkSet lm'r 192 BROADWAY, CORNER OK JOHN STREET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. SPECIMENS ol MING'S unapproachable VERBENA O CREAM FOR SHAVING -Th _.jie article, quit * rial I y praised by thoae * ho made trial of it, laat year took the fl-at prrmiom of the Initiate Fair. Udeed it ii fn'l* conceded by thoae who know, mat it it impoaaible to maunfaetare an arti cle equal to it. It is softening 10 the akin, fragrant to the sense, a deatroyer of freckles and pimples, and ia aoid cheaper than the old aoapa. Ail, therefore, who woald cooanlt econo my and comfort io shaving, ahonld poaaeaa tbemaelrea o' it. erom the New York Gazette?The New Soap.? W? apeak from ezperirnee, and we apeak from the more professional knowledge of onr benefactor and friend James Grant. No. 4 A-n street. whesvys it ia ahead of any thing ever yet found ont iu thia dep utment of modem improvement. It ia uot only an rmolieat " bnt it ia aometh<og more.'' In tbort, we believe it ia the beat ahavi> g aoap in the world. From the Evening Mirror.? Ring's Verbena Cream, we know by rzpeiience to be the beat kind of ihaving <oep, aim thoae periona who have troableeome hearda, ahoald not be witheet it It haa a penetrating way of ita own. and to(<om tr e hardeat and rongheat beard, ao aa to lender the operation of ursiu, iu mm w 'tuugi uip U|'er?llOU oi abavingjpetfe< lly eaav. Mr. Ring haa lately taken the baai nrav of Dr. M.lnor. at the < >? ? comer of Broadway and John atreet, where his inestimable aiticle may be obtaioed; anu, likewue. Htng'a Cough Candy, which ia aaid to be a pleaaaat and cer tain care for that tronbleiome companion From the funday D apatch ?Every man whoahavea himaelf ahoald proeata " Ming's Verbena Cream." It .ia an eigniaite article a ftening the heard, and allaying all irritation of the iktn. ao that it becomea an abaolnta pleaaore, iaitend of an an noy anca, to uae tlie raz^r Beware of imitations, and onaerve the written aignatnre un der the direetiona for nae, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared and tor gale, wholeaale aad retail, and lor exportation, by C. H. RING, Draggut, * "onn atrt Itt Broadw.y, comer of John street Successor to Dr. Wrn. H. Milnor. N. B.?Merchants are particu'arly requested to call and ez amine this article, aa now prepared, aa to qaality, quantity, ap pearance and price. It can-ot be heat?the splendid new label from a sl-el plate, rngraard by Meaara. Rawdoa. Wright It Hatch, far exceeding any thing of the kind before the public, mi ln'r /T OLD LEAF AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL OF 8U V* perior quality.?Gold Foil fit per oz ; Gold Leaf at the lowest market prieea ; Pale Gold Bi M per package ? Silver Leaf, Gold, Silver and Copper Broazea, fce , at the Factory, tt Reads atreet. J. L. WAV OH. jJSIm'rc Practical Gold Beater. THE PARISIAN SECRET JUST PUBLISHED, a new translation from the French, en titled " The Parisian Secret, or Bell-Preservation," a perfect treurity against Seiaal Diseases, under all nrcnaasuaces, without the nagi of medicine or any disagreeable necessity? universally understood and employad by men of fashion in "aria, London, and other large eities. .. .. ,B.Y ALEXANDER LtBAUM, M. D, Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Pern, Physician to the Venereal Hotpital, Knight of the Legion of Honor, lie., ke. Rne de St. Honore n, Pzria. Published by Robert H. Dnmoot, Legal Deputy for Dr. Le banm, IM Washington street, Beaton. Price tifi cents per oopf?tyL? fP"* 1! " All oidera she mid be aaareesed, post paid, ta Robert H. Dnmoot, aa above. F or safe m New York, only at the " Maisoa de Santa," 111 Fallon atreet; Philadelphia, Colon fc Adriaace, ia the Arcade, Cheaoat atreet BEWARE OF FRAUDS! i of this1 A apnrioaa edition of this work has just been imaed by a Cnbltshing boom ia Broadway. IflJJLmid get the gennn.e, ?y only of WYAIT A KETCIVUM, OM.Y AOF^NTM FOR .NKW YORK CITY, Si X iW/if} 8TKEKT Tae genuine work haa upon the titlei?t'l e Uieae worea: "Sold by Itobert H. Dnmnnt, Legal Deputy T,e " * ? , ... >e Dr. Lchanm, 1M Waah ington atreet, Boston." and contain b pages. The apnrioiia edition omiu these words, aud confv m> ..ulyjf pages I utav ftii ot-T aoMR oFTHr. wost inpoanv . ui.-rtz BEWARE OF FRAUDS! and bay only of the Aot > AGENTS, U Fa I ton street. No other dee !<r can |i awmRi?; ; aril the grnniae. jssa^iVs.w.'ftw**'000' r.<0 LEND ON BOND AND MORTAGE?The above A sama of money, on good productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply (a M S. BROAD, No. II Wall at. ia the otter of reareek U. baaemeat. ....... . PL B ?Call be weea the hoars of ? aad It o'aloek, or be weal 1 aad 4 fdasf.ll jaiB*n LEFT OFF WARDROBE, AND FURNITURE n obtain the foil >ct* they wish to "IIT ANTEDGentleman and Kami I in can obtain the full It value for all kinds of lepetflaons tfecti thry wish to dispose of. snch as Ladies and Geotlemen's Wearing Apparel. Fire Arms. Furniture, he. Levcksttn, IN Broad way. up suits. Ladies having any Caat off Clothing to dispose of, can obtain a fur price by sending for the subscriber, Mrs. T. Lc vewstvi*. N.B. A line through the Post Office will be prompt ly attended to. mf lm'rc TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIGEON It CO, Ml West street. Re-finishers of ? Cloths. Casaimeres and Satinets. The gold medal has been awarded to H. M. for the improvement in re-finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott k Blade, SI Pine street; William C. Langley k Co., il Exchange Place, corner of Broad street: and to D. srigham k Co. M rue street; where orders may be left. ml lm'r THE VENTILATING WIG. GO ffiosely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and Cj conuoiseenrs have proueuoced it the must perfect and extra ordinary invention of ihe day. The great advantages of this novel end unique wig is iu being made without sewing o' weaving, which causae its appearsncea s > closely to raaemble the natural hair, both io Iightneae and natural appearance, as to defy defection, its tettnre being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that iu all cases of p-rspiration evaporation s unimpe ded, and the great evils ol other wigs entirely avoided. The ?Cel tic and connoisseur are alike invited t" impact tliie novel and beauaiful Wig, and tha peculiar method ol fitting the head at the manufacturer's A C. BARRY , lit Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. ml l?n*re TO CAPI TALhsTfJ. ANTHONY J. BLEKCKER will sell at the Me-chant* Exchange, on Tuesday, the 10th of March, at It o'clock. That taluable House and Lot m fre. No- SP Carmine street fitted up with every convenience and eomfort, handsome yard, valuable fruit trees, kc. For further particular*, apply to tha Auctioneer?premises can he aeeu at any reasonable hour. ml, 1,7, 10*r PATENT LAP-WELDED IRON BOILER FLUES FOURTEEN AND A HALF feet long, and one and ? A half to four inches diameter THOS. PR088ER, Patentee. 11 ImSv s l.iKertv ?rr?t N-w York TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADiES. T ADIEU having any auperfluoui or east off Clothing to di? Li pose of, (either Ladies or Oeutlemen) can obtain a fair cash price lor the same, by sending for the anbeeriber, at her residence, No. 69 Dame street, basement. Mrs. M.V "1HEN. N. B.?Gentlemen's Clothing and Fumituiealsi.. e.ght by M. B. COHEN All letteri through the Poet Office will be attended to. jail Im'mc CI ARM ERA' AND MILL KB' BANK, Hagerstown.Md " The Notes of this in tion bought at one per cent dis count, by TAYLOR fc SMITH, Mo at Wall stvww BALL DRESSES FIFTY PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. PETER ROBERTS respectfully announces to the ladies, that having purchased largely at auction, he it enabled te offer a magnificent selection or Ball and Evening Dreasea at tbe above tremendous reduction. He also calls attention to e quantity of Embroidered Cellars, Chemisettes, kc. slightly soiled, whichare selling at less than nne-third the original price. The remainder of the stock of Winter Hosiery it ot tered at equally low price*, and on inspection it is believed will be found cheaper than any in the city. NO. 179 BROADWAY. jM ltn'rc ONE PRICE HOOT AND SHOE STORE. THE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and 8hoe L Store. No. US Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, would <-wpectfully inform his customer* and the public generally, that he has established the One Price system. The price will be found written on the diffent kinds ol Boots and Shoes, which will be the lowest and only price aaked in future ir this Establishment. He would thank tho public for the liberal patronage received, and aolirita continuation of the tame in this most desirable way of trade, the One Price System. Do not forget the number, SIS Greenwich, comer of Barclay street, near the Hoboken Ferry. JAME8 WIGGINS, fit lm*r TO TRUNK MAKER8. rPRUNK BOARDS?It,too lbs Trunk Board*, of superior L quality and ulimbers, just receiv ed and for sale by PER8SE k BROOKS, fl lrar *6 and 07 Naasan arrant. blOELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPKESS. CIOK Fitchburs, Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, f Woodstock, Montpelier, and Burlington, Vt., aud the Ca nada*. Alt Packages, Parcels and business, to any of the above towns, or any part of tha western portion of N?j* Hampshire and Ve rmont, will be faithfully attended to ff directed to the care of L. BIOELO W, I Court street, Boston. N. B ?Be inrt to mark Packages to care of "Bigeiow's Ex press " jSSrc HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OP NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For sale by MOORE k CO., the Americas Agents, #1 Ann street, nod Elliott, 1T3 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow. Now York. Price S3 a bottle?Six bee tles for ??. Philadelphia, Tuttle, 69 Southith street. Dt lm jo LOOK AT THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THfiN FIRST COST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Beots and Shoes, to makr room for a large supply of French Goods sow on the way, comprising cork sole Boots, water proof and light Kre tcli do, fine calf Shoes, Pampa, and Dancing Oaitera Lady's Oaitera, Buakies, Mlippers, Ties, patent leather, whur and black Satin, white Kid, Clogs, Moccasine; all kinds o' Rubbers and OTersboea. kc., kc , all of gvbich will be sold per cent lees than heretofore, at 367 Broadway, cor. Franklin street. M. CAH1LL. fS6 Im'mc UK. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 'pHK superiority of Dr. Hall's instruments over all others A ia acknowledged by tho moat eminent physicians in En rope and America. Office* Veaey atreet, Aator House. A female in attenJanee la the ladies1 denartineat int lm*m JUNG 6c BKHRMANN, RKMOVKD PROM 71 LIBKRTT STRUT TO SU SOUTH WILLIAM TTHBBT. ml lm*m FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VBUETABLK LOTION. HIGHLY' Taloable Cosmetic fur eradicating Krnptiona on the Face and Skin, particularly Pimples, Blotches, Tetter, Sonbnro, Ringworms, Freckles and Oateneoas^Ea ereeences. The ase ol the Lotion for a short time will clear the skia and establish a brilliant complexion, sold in bottles at TY cents each, at No. 1M Bowery, corner Spring street; also, br Mrs H?v*a i 19 Fnltnn street. Brooklyn. fi Im'm I AWHENCE, MYERS It CO.. 31 Stone street, hare as Li received per snips hi pernor ana Sea, the andsrmentioned Brandies:? Otard. Dnpuy 5 Co. ia half pipes, pale and dark vintages' 1949 to 194* Bonnemort k Becker, do do do do. J.J.Dnpnffi do do do do. Which they offer tor sale. The sama is made* eastern house lock and entitled to debenture d< 9m*v WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, 6cc ON MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. 9th,) tne subscrsber will ?pen at No. 58 Chatham Street, New York, On# door from the corner of Chamber*, a new, extensive, and grand assortment of TRANSPARENT WINDOW 8HADE8: Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, lobe found either ia Europe or America. Price# we will not meation; but rom our facilities for mannlaetnrmg.aa well a* for import iag, we think we eaa safely defy competition with the would! LT*7" A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, Ite., will be kept on hand. Wholesale and retail purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. DUNCKER It BROKER. New York, Feb. 7th, 1M. Ill lm*m FIFTEEN FARMS. pLAl'ES of from two to thirty acres each, splendid View# - of the Sound. V illage and Landing, for Sal# at New Ro chelle, 19th March, 1949. at 1 o'clock, FT M ., at public Auction. Terms liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A Lawrence, >hn tL Peters, Naw York. Auctioneer, New Rocbelle; or John d. Peters, New Maps at Miller's tavern. New Kocheilo. 119 iw*rc SHIRT MANUFACTORY, No. 67 MJHPEN UtBE. (UP STAIRS) SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. THE SUBSCRIBER Olfrr. to the Public u method of making shirts, which tenders east and comfort to the wearer and is a complete fit; as no pains have been spared to ob tain the beet ? rraeb pattern shirts. Having had long experience in tha business, the Subscriber is enabled to make all ika necessary improvement! and give general satisfaction. WM. COLLINS l? lm*r LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. ENTLEMEN and Familiea having superfluous WEAR W INU APPAREL, (either Lady's or Gentlemen1*) Jewel ry, Fire Arms, he., he., they wonld dispose of to edvantage. may do so by sending for the subscriber, who will attend tlieu at their residences by appointment. H. LEYETT. No. I Wall street, N.Y. All orders through tha Poet Office, or otherwise, punctually attended to. jal* lm*r MR. THOMAS STARKEY. * INFORMATION WANTED of Mr. Thomas Starkey.of Birmingham England, who arrived here about two years sine#. Letteri with remittance# are waitieg his application.? """. F. ? Arfi', W V. BHOUUH. lw*rrc 117 Fulton street. BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No- 1 St. Join's L?t corner Brack itroot, New York. THE SlTBSCRlSt K would inform hiaCnatomere and the t Public, that nek i ep* constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common J a i Cages of every description, which he offers fir sale at a .'ewer rate than tner can be bought else where Merchants u onldfind it to their advanup^o call and examine his stock. J. KELLY. P. S. Country or J i is attended to with promptness and dis patch N Im'm TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. OREE STONE ? t-miahed by the subscriber, equal to Con r necticnt in qnalt ty,and 39 per cent cheaper, on application to A. Wimow, Sto i i Cutter, Jeraey City, o* at tho Quarry, Aqnaekanook, . m ABM. H. VBKELdNP. NEEDLE X FISH-HOOK MANUFAOIOKY, 77 Muldon Lane, WM. CROWLEY It SON, manufocturara of the *bov# articles, respectfully inform tno importers of NewYoik and other eittea, that they have now on hand a targe nock of the above arttelea, which they are willing to tell et a small ad venes from the manulsctnring prieee. Any of the trade, or im porters, can hare their needle# labelled with their own same, ''p'i^RoinT CnowLXV, importer of Sheffield and Bir mingham Goods, in part of the above store. fit Im'r** MUSIC.

R. GEORGE A. HOYT would respectfully inform hi# ? Friends and the Public, that he ia prepared to give In strnction on the PIANO FORTE, at his residence.? Chry? tie atreet, or at the resilience ef his pupils. Terms moderate, i*ds known on application. fll 1m*rre MOUSSE LINES U.. i.AlNE. NEW PPR1NO STYLES J F '.reign and Domestic. __ J mat received, an i table to foe liver* and Western Tjudo^and for aale by ? *H^^JJi?tftoet M1 100 Theatricals. Fare Theatre.?Ben Jonson's comedy of Every 1 Man in bii Humor'1 was performed last evening?a very respectable audience being in attendance. This comedy, like most of Jonson'a efforts, shows him to have been a man of rare learning and great knowledge of human ha- j turo ; but it also batrays much pedantry and want of skill | in the arrangement of his dramatii pirionn. " Every I Man in his Humor1' is rather a magniiioent collection of boldly drawn and striking characters, met together for the purpose oi Exhibiting their idiosyncracies, than a i regular and connected play. There is very little plot in j tho piece, and tbo characters, though all faithfully drawn, and highly colored, are loosely shuffled together, and grow tedious and wearisome by being too much spun out. Thore is, besides, a plentiful lack of incident, and each one's peculiarity is insisted upon with a tena city any thing but agreeable. The speotetor grow" tired from the never ending prolixity of their discourse' which, though all very well oi itself, is cumbrous, out of plaee, end heavy, retarding rather than advancing the story. Notwithstanding this, the play abounds with manifold beauties. It is a lino piece oi mosaic work, on which the author has bestowed his excellent scho larship, and much labor. The acting of Mr. Venden hoff, as Kitely, of jealous humor, was most admirable ? correct, and finished to the highest possible degree. Mr. ""1, of brag Barrett, too, as tha famous Captain Bobadil, of bragging humor, never showed to better advantege. It was indeed a most artistic perfoimanco?his stalwart form and bluff manner finely contrasting with the petite figure and simplicity of Fisher, who capitally delineated tho cha racter of Master Stepbon. The Brainwortn of Baes, and tb" Downright of Barry, wera also excellent, and re ceived a large share of applause. The whole piece was in fact well cart, and will be performed this even ing, with " Fish out of Water." Boweav Theatre.?The delightful and popular piece of " Nick of the Woods," was performed last night at the Bowery, with " Tom Cringle" and " Don Juan," all admirable pieces. A. W. Jackson, Esq., the sole mana. ger and proprietor of this theatre, exhibits in his person and management the superiority of the monarchical one over the republican principle in theatrical affairs.? Under his sole guidance and direction, this spleudid theatre has attained a character and reputation which, ronneriy, under many rulers, it failed to attain. Mr. Jackson ia a perfect "Old Hickory" in the skill, bold ness, enterprise and liberality of hia management, as his Ivanhoe will soon show. He supplies the play-going id thrilling public most liberally. Three stirring and thrilling dramas in one evening, is, in all conscience , more than the public could expect, and more than it has been ac customed to. This evening the same pieces will be performed again, and those who go will be richly enter tained, and highly delighted. Howe's Circii The splendid troupe of equestrians end horses comprising this establishment have proceed ed to Baltimore, to fill an engagement there. The Front Street Theatre has been eDgaged for a time, and no donbt the company will meat witb the patronega and encou ragement that they so well merit The comic Dan Rice, the illimitable clown of the establishment, will have a fiae opportunity to display his talents in that city, and earn a reputation equal to that he has acquired in this city. Josephine Clifton and Mnrdock wero'to play in Mac beath, in New Orleans, at the American Theatre?but Miss Clifton being indisposed, Mr. Murdock played Hamlet, on the night of the 33d ult. Hackett ia at Jackson, Miss. Tha Swiss Ball Ringers have been highly successful at Oalvaston, drawing forth the warmest encomiums from tho press. They bad given three concerts to full houses, and were about leaving for Houston when the Alabama sailed. Julia Turnbull is in Mobile, Alabama. T*mm.eto-?.?This gentleman has been giving a series of concerts in Mobile, whioh were graced by the klite of tho city. Court of General ScmIoiu. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Dodge and Tappan. John McKeon, F.sq , Diatriot Attorney. March 6.? TViol for Or and Larceny? John Porter, a young man, at the opening of the Court thii morning, area put on hia trial for a grand larceny, in baring atolen ?63 worth of wearing apparel from the trunka of Mr. Lafayette Smith, at the boarding house No. 33 Pearl at. ea the 10th of Feb. loot. On the part of the prosecution, Mr. Smith, deposed that the property waa taken from bis trunk and placed on a bed, under which the accuaed waa found try tha servant girl. On he ng arrested, about 40 keys were found upon his person. Porter slept in the adjoining room. The property taken out of tha trunk consisted of woollen clothing, such aa coats, pantaloons fce.? Margaret Finn, deposed that she waa employed a* a servant at the boarding house No. 33 Pearl at., and that having oocasionto enter the room of Mr. Smith, about 3 o'clock in the afternoon on tha day oi the robbery, abe found tha prisoner concealed under the bad, with aeveral article* or Nothing belonging to Mr. Smith. Witness picked up the articles ot clothing, placed them on the bed he., and communicated to the members of the fami ly what had transpired, whereupon the accuaed was de livered into the custody of a policeman. The accused made no defence. The jury rendered a verdict of guilty of a petit larceny only, on account of soma donbts being entertained as to the value of the property exceeding ISO. Sentence deferred and the ac cused remanded to prison to bo tried tor other offences of the same character. Jtnather Trial for Or and larceny ?George Reed was 1 mi an Ind' ~ " next tried on an indictment for a grand larceny, in being concerned with another man, named Gaines, in picking the pocket of David Rowe, of a wallet containing $139, at Montgomery'* porter-house, No. 337^ Water street. For the prosecution. Mr. Montgomery deposed, that on the evening ol the robbery in question, Rowe, Iteed and Gaines were drinking at his porter-house ; that one of the accnsod thrust Row* out of the bouse. It was also shown by the testimony of Martha Stewart and Louisa Smith, that they saw a $60 bill in tha poasassion of Read, I and another $60 in the poasassion of Gaines, both of which corresponded with those stolen Irom Rowe, and which, it waa aubeequently ascertained, were changed at a broker's office The ju y found Reed guilty, and the court eentancad him to be impriaoned in the State prison for the term of 3 year*. Pita of Guilty ? Thomas Canes, impleaded with Reed, in robbing Rowe oi hie pocket book, containing $139, entered a plea of guilty, and was sentenced to be im so nod in the State prison lor the term of 6 year*. Trial for Potit Larceny.?Amos Edwards was than triad for atealing about $20 worth of clothing from a colored man, named Charles H. Taylor, a cook on board the steamboat Colombia, on the 7th of Deoember last H* was acquitted by the jury. Tha court than adjourned until to-morrow morning. ^ Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Mabch 6.?Slrachan $ Scott r*. Small, JYiUiamt 4~ Co. ?Tha jury in thia case, reported yesterday, gave a ver ilaintiff. diet for $6386 91, in favor of the pi Erattut IVheaton vs. Sma'l, Williamt f Co ? This was an action broujght to recover $1600 and intarett ad vanced upon a bill of exchange of $4600, under date ol January 20, 1816, drawn by J. W. Murray It Co , upon EdgaiL Mulford It Co., New Orleana, and endorsed by tha defendant*, which waa returned under protest, non suit was urged upon the part of th? defence, which was overruled by tha Court, and a verdict was given in favor of the plaintiffi for $1609 oo. Chat. Af. Graham ri. T%* Ntw York t Erie Rail Road Company ?Thia suit waa brought for three months' ser vices, at $3 per day, in collecting anhecriptions in the 12th ward, to the capital stock of the New York and Erie Railroad Company, in 1843. The defence contend that inasmuch as that no demand was mad* upon Mr. Lyman, the cashier of tha Company, tha oiaintiff takes wrong ground in bringing this suit against the Company. Ver dict to-morrow. , Before Judge Vanderpoel. Chariot Milbonk, et. ah rt. Cyrus Lout, rt. alt.?Thia cause, adverted to yesterday, was resumed this morning, and resulted in a verdict of $480 43 for the plaintiffs. John T. Marttllit r*. John Buikhout \ John Jacob Backhaul.?This was an action ot trover, brought to re cover the amount of a stock of goods in premise* '< 48 Greenwich street, last October, sold under a chattel mortgage ,te the defendants, by Henry Hart, the mortgagee. This was a case of but little general interest, and resulted in a non suit Jahn T. Mar It U it vs. John Backhaul and John Jacob Bnckhout.?Tht* waa also an action of trover, sod is similar in moat respect* to the foregoing, except that a chattel mortgage had bean given to secure endorsements executed by tb* brother of tb# plaintiff upon goods in ...... " rtion his store in the 7th Avenue, a small portion of which was removed to promises 748 Greenwich street. The defence la a fandulent sal*, he. Verdict to-morrow. Common Plena. Before Judge Daly Mabch 4.? Corneliut Mulligan no. The ITns York Hi bernian Benevolent Burial Satiety.? This was an action brought against tha society by the plaintiff, who was on* of the members, for the recovery of thirty dollar*, certain dusa to which ha allege* be ie entitled, In right of membership. He joined the society in 1841, paid the Initiation foe of two dollere and fifty cants, and twanty flve cents per week. The society was, soma time pre vious to 1841, incorporated by the Legislature, for bene volent purposes, on* of which was the relief of sick member*. Every member who paid hi* initiation tea and weakly dues, and upon complying with tome other requirements imposed by the bye-laws of the Society, became entitled to three dollar* a week during his ill nets. It appeared that some time in 1844, the plaintiff waa taken ill with intarmitting fever, but did not then apply for relief, having recovered in a few days and resumed hia work. He, however, got a relapse, and was confined a second time, and be then applied ana was denied. Ha afterwards recovered, and again went to work, and got another r< lapse, and his feplication for relief was renewed, but the society refused; and in the fall of 1444, the defendant withdraw, and brought his action and obtained a judgment by default, which was afterwards opened, and the defendant* allowed to come in and defend. Adjourned to Monday. For plaintiff, Mr. Muloc.h; for defendants, Mr. Whiting. Btudhone ve. Decker.?Verdict for plaintiff, $60, which does not carry coats in an action of asaumpait. Before Judge t.'lshoaffer. Sckerxt v*. Sc hie linger ?Thia causa was resumed thia morning, and given to the Jury at 3 o'clock. A seahd verdict to b* brought In this nothing. Holler Intelligence. M.hch 8.?Art eel of Ikt Female Boarding Houtt Thief. ?We noticed in last Tne?d?y'? Herald, and likewise gave a description o( tba female celled Caroline Beaton, alias Mra. Duchaud, who baa bean occupied for aome timepast in robbing the various genteel boarding houaea in different parta of the city, where ahe temporarily took board for that pur;>ose. The laat place thia woman rob bed waa the premiaea of Mr. J. J. W. Truat, No. 30 Mc- j Oougal atreet, and escaped with near $60 in bank bills, alao a quantity of nock handkercbiefa and acarfa. Mr. Truat immediately ret to work to find her whereabouts, | ana after much trouble and expense, he discovered that thia woman had, alter leaving his house, procured lodg- | ings at the Western Hotel, Courtlandt atreet, and re- 1 mained there until Monday morning, when abe left, and took the steamboat Utioa, for Newburgh. Mr. Trust, with great perseverance and ingenuity, lollowed in pur- 1 auit, by taking the steamboat R. L. Stevens, on Wednes day morning, for Piermont, thence by Erie Railroad to Turner's, and from there by sleigh to Newburgh, crossed the H daon on the ice to Fishkill, and walked from Fiahkill about two miles back, wading through snow knee deep, to a place called Matteawan, and there procured the aid of Squire Crummels, who. after soma consultation, issued a warrant on the affidavit of Mr. j Trust, charging thia woman with a felony, and dis patched constable Wilkinson to serve it. They then proceeded to the house of William Beaton, who resides in the neighborhood, and, on entering the basement of the house, Mr. Trust spied this Caroline Beaton sitting there, with the most perfect nonchalance. She was im mediately taken into custody, and her trunk searched, which contained several,new dresses, also a new mulT and a silk scarf, which Mr. Trust identified as one stolen from his premises. 1 his arrest was made at 10 o'clock on Wednsadaylnigbt, and there being no jail for a number of miles, she waa consequently taken to the b rough house of the constable. When brought before the sq lire, she acknowledged robbing Mr. Trust. The squire finally agreed to keep her in custody until Mon day, to allow time for our authorities to send for her. Officer James H. Welch will start by the steamboat Utica this morning, with a warrant, to bring this woman back to this city for trial. Therefore all persons who have been robbed by this female thief, will do well to apply at the police office in the Tombs, on next Monday or Tuesday, and.identify this woman, and endeavor to procure their stolen property. Mr. Trust deserves great credit for this arrest. Burglary ?The store of White St Fairgrieve, merchant ta'lors. No. 116} Grand street, was burglariously enter ed on Thursday night, by a false key, and robbed of 36 Rieces of cloth, of various qualities, valued at over $293. fo at rest. Another Burglary.?'The dwelling house No. 86 John street, kept by Mrs. Young, was burglariously entered last night, and robbed of a case of instruments aDd a do/.en pieces of jewelry, valued at $30, with which the rascals escaped. Dieordtriy House.?Michael MeCarty was arrested yes terday afternoon, by officer Denniston, on a bench war rant. having been indicted by the grand jury for keeping a disorderly house and bowling alley, also a common resort for thieves and rum hesias, at No. 137 Anthony street, near Centre. Justice Merritt held him to bail in the sum ol' $360 to answer at court. Hugh Finn becom ing his bail, he was liberated. A M-.niiter in Trouble.?Under this head, in Thurs day's Herald, we alluded to the Rev. John Beys, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Bedford street. At the examination held yesterday afternoon, before Jus tice Osborne, at the police court, Jefferson market, it appeared that a female member of the church by the name of Elizabeth Cram, a married lady of near 60 years of age, complained, iu August last, to several ' if f members of the church, that this reverend gentleman ] had been guilty of some immoral acta towards her. A committee waa then appointed to investigate the charge, which resulted in the acquittal of this reverend gentle man. This woman, not feeling satisfied with this deci- 1 sion, proceeded before Justice Osborne, the fore part of this week, and procured a warrant for an attempted rape j committed on her person last August. Justice Osborne after looking over a number of affidavits respecting the general character of Mra. Cram, remarked that her testi mony was uncorroborated ; and from the length of time elapsed since the affair was said to have taken place, and the number of respectable witnesses brought forward by Mr. Beys, shewing her general character, to say the least, was of a very loose nature ; therefore, he should dismiss the case, on the ground that the testimony was insufficient to sustain the charge. Petit Larceny ? Harriet Lyons was arrested last night, for stealing a shawl belonging to Ann Fulmer, No. 3 Franklin street. Committed by Justice Roome. Arreet of a Lunatic.?Charles Curtis was brought into the Seventh Ward 8tation House, in a state of insanity. Committed for examination. Suspicion of 8ttaling a tVatch.?Henry Rice was arrested yesterday by Policeman Mead, of the 3d ward, on suspicicion ef stealing a stiver lever watch, valued at $30. lie proved to be au oli thiol. An owner is wanted for the watch; apply to Mr. Stewart, Clerk of Police, Tomb^ Henry was locked up by Justice Merritt. Movements off Travellers. The following comprises the whole of the arrivals yesterday at the principal hotels. There are at the Amcmcin.?A. M. Oleiss, Alabama; W. O. Weeks, and John McGough, Georgia ; R. White, Philadelphia; Captain Alder, U. 8. A.; M. Tiffany, New York; V. Lewis, Philadelphia: J. M. Waldron, U. 8. N.; J. L. Folsoin, U. 8 A. Aitor.?Captain Bnrsley, packet ship Hotinguer, M. Ketchum, Kentucky; M. Forsyth, Kingston; Th. Chester, Virginia; C. Boston, Boston; F. Taylor, Troy; W. Fair banks, Boston; M. Holland, Norwich; Dexter, Mason and Rhodes, Providence; J. Davis, Boston; J. Ward, Athens; Lyford, Tibbetts and Hnethen, Boston; Fisher, WiUesley and Mills, do; C. W. Chapin, Springfield; Daniel Marble, Park Theatre; J. Mnrdock, Baltimore; P. Caldwell, Philadelphia ; W. Corcoran, Washington; T. George. Philadelphia; J. M. House, Mount Savage, J. Morse, Washington; T. M. Smith, Phils. Citt.? R. Van Itensaelear, New York; K J. Bowies, Somerset; D. W. Bristol, Gen. Mason, Michigan; W. A. Nicola, U. 8. A.; J. Ferris, Bostoo; L. Jones , Fonda, Montgomery county; W. W. Waller, Wetumpka; John Starr,Fayettville; Messrs. Cope and Lippincott, Phila ; 8 H Johnson, do. Fbahrliw.? H Seymour, Pierpoint; M. Hlne, Albany; W. C. Story, Poughkeepsie; K. L. Stone, Troy; George Carr, Westchester county; K. Kirkpetrick, and J. J. Kirkpatrick, Phila. Ulobk.?Mr. Wstbier, London; Judge Hagerman, Ilamapo; D. Ansley, St. Johns, N. B ; W Tiffany, L. Island. Howard.?James W. Bolton, 9 W. Berill, Phila . 8. Bolton, Salem; D. Hayes, Baltimore; Jno. Hayee, Pitts burg; J. Bond, Rio Janeiro; D K. Marsh, Roxbury. W McVeigbt, Alexandria, I) C ; A. A Turnto, C. L Gib son, Boston; R. Hendrix, Massachusetts; R. U Smith, Nashville; J. Hardy, Ohio; J. H. Anderson, Washing ton; L. Radclifle, Ala.; Messrs. Browne, Aymar and Par ker, N. C. In Chsinccry. Before Vice Chancellor Sandford. March 6.? Monroe vs. Douglass.?Th* further argu ment was postponed on account of the indisposition of J. W. Gerard, Esq , Mr. Betts having concluded his opening argument yesterday. Walworth, Clerk in Chancery, vi. Farmers' Loan and Truet Company.?In this case, the heirs ot Henry A. Coster, the elder, claim to enforce against eighty-eight lots at Kip's Bay, a mortgage which was given In 1830 to the clerk for $99,0C0, being monies of Mr. Coster's estate paid into Court In December, 1836, the^ots were conveyed to the Farmers' Loan Company. In April, 1837, the than clerk in Chancery discharged the mort gage of record, and took another mortgage on different property. The latter proved to be insufficient, and after loreclosing it, there remains some $90.0b9 due to the heirs. They insist that the clerk had no right to dis cbarge the first mortgage without actual payment, or the order of the Court. The Farmers' Loan Company claim that they advanced the consideration on the faith of the discharge, without any notice ; also, that the first mortgage was actually paid. The day was occupied in reading the pleadings and testimony, which are very voluminous. W. M F.varts and Prescott Hall appeared for complainants ; and T. Fessenden and H. Ketchum for Farmers' Trust Company. From Texas.?To the Captain of the steamship Alabama, which arrived on Saturday Irom Oalves ton, we ate indebted tor late Texas papers The most important item is that in relation to the U. 8. Revenue Laws, which went into operation on the 17th inst , the Texas lawe having ceased to exist on that day. The Alabama was the first vessel that was entered under the new law*. The Corpus Christi Ootette of the 4th con tains a complete list of the officers of the U. 8. Army ou duty in Texas. The citizens of Galveston are actively engaged in th* cause of public education. At a meeting on the 14th, a memorial to tt.e Legislature was voted. It is published in the Civilian, and contain* a very com plimentary allusion to the Public 8chools of this Muni cipality.? New Orleane Tropic. Ftk. 93. Thk New Comet ?The following are the ele ments of the Comet, discovered by Mr. George F. Bond, of the Cambridge Observatory, on tba 98th of February. They are computed from the observations of Fab. 96th and March 1st and 3d, and satisfy those observations, as wall aa those of March 9d, within a minute of. arc. They are, therefore, only sufficiently accurate for first approximations:-Perihelion passage, March Ath, 886 Greenwich m. a. t.| inclination, 84* It; ] longitude of perihelion, 80* 99 ; longitude of ascending node, 77* 1. Motion direct. The Comet is slightly retrograding in right ascen sion, and moving north at the rat* tol about 14 de grees in a day. BENJAMIN PEIRCF-. Harvard University, March 4,1816. Railroad Accid ent.?The Boston Journal of the 5ih inst., aays:?The mail train from New York, did not arrive till about II o'clock this forenoon?owing to a detention on the Htonington road, cauaod by an acci dent to the engine of yesterday afternoon's train for New York, when about six miles beyond Providence. When this train reached stonington, so much lima had been expended in obtaining an engine *.o carry them on, that th# Mohegan had left for New York, in OTder that she might not los* her ti ip- and passongara and mailt which lalt here yesterday afternoon, have to " tie over," in Stonington, till to-day's train. Fire at Brook Farm, West-Roxbury ?The large ediiic, erected by the Brook FRrm Association, on thoir premise* at Woat-Roxbury. was entirely con sumed on Tnoaday evening. The edifice consumed was of wood, three stories high, and on* hundred and ?eeenty-fiee feat long, divided into fourteen tenement* or dwelling-houses for th* families ot the Association ? Th# cost of it, aa far as completed, was |7000, and ss it had not yet com* into use by th* Association, no ins or had bout ? * in affactad. Varieties. Col. llt?nry Furkiidied in Boston, on the 4th tnst # st the venerable eg. of ?i. H. wu ? .oldier of the res olution, and uw the memorable Je.tructioo of the tee in Uie harbor. The ship Marathon, of Boston, Captain Johnson, which arrived at Liverpool Jan 31, made the pnsenge front Charleston S. C., in'10 day., and 'carried the latest advice, from the United State*. On the 20th ult. in New Orleans, as Mr. Claude Zamory and Mr. P. H. Petitpain ware walking together in Chartree at, the former gentleman lelt himself tapped on the shoulder and turning round, saw Mr. Augusta Hideau, from whom hs had received a challenge to fight a duel on thefprevions day. Fearing Hkdeau was about to attack him. having his' hand in his pocket, Zatnory drew a poignard to defend himself, when Kideau took a pistol out of his pockst and was about to present it at his antagonist, but the latter wrested It from him and brotyrht Elm to Reoorder Genois' office.? His honor bound Hideau in ths sum of flOOO to appear before tbe Criminal Court. A countryman named Boat wrigiit, shot a black girl in Charleston S. C , on the 36th ult, walls intoxicated. On the night of the 20th ult. in New Orleans, a man named Antoine Wad Jell was found weltering in his blood on Notre Dame at The police eeoertaioed from him that he had been struck by a Dutchman, in a house on the Levee, over the head with soma heavy instru ment, but could tell nothing more. The Elders and Trustees of the Rev. Dr. Shott's Church, New Orleans, have adopted resolutions inviting on the behtlf of the congregation the honorable members of ths Legislature to unite with them on each sabbath day of their sojourn in the city, In the service of Al mighty Ood. The number of hogs packed in fifty-two principal points, in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illlinols during 1845-6 is 883,100, making 306,000 more than thejprevf ous season.] A most lamentable accident occurred on our Levee last evening, by which a little girl, some eight or nine years of age, lost her life. She waa the daughter of Dr. Gunn, of Louisvillo, Ky , who with his wife, was just leaving the steamboat Ben Franklin, No. 7, about starting for the Ohio river. The little girl, who was ahead of her parents, was crushed to the earth bv a hogs head of sugar which a drayman had just rolled from Ms dray in great haste. She was deprived of all conecious nsss at once, although the breath of life lingered In her mutilated form for hours. -New Orltani Picayune. The sloop Exchange, from Harpsw ell, Me., for New York, with 10,009 lbs. of lobsters, arrived at Gloucester on Saturday last. Highly Important from Yacatan ?We have just received two letters from Campeachy, dated 4th February, which were handed to a passenger who kept them till yesterday. They are both from credible sources, and our readers may rely upon the inlormatiea they give. The following is an extract from them "We ere all here perfectly convinced that the annexa tion of Texas is ene of those events which rarely occur, and which tend to make happy an unfortunate nation. Happy, very happy are the Texans in having secured a solid and true protection from the United States, and liberated themselves from the unworthy and imb ecile government of Mexico. Yucatan needs new of this same protection. The Yucatecos are anxious to gat It from the United States, and we have determined to sand a committee to Washington, so as to propose to the Government of United Slates, to protsct us and giva as aid, in oaaa that Maxioo should once mora attempt to Ira Kse upon us?for we are now determined to epill our it drop of blood in defence of cur liberty and indepen dence, and would rather die in a battle, or on the ?canold, than aubmit again to the Mexican Government, by which we have not been treated aa brothers, but worse than slaves. "Our own banner with the five stars is now waving all over the peninsula, and we have sworn to heap H up as long as wa have an arm to defend ourselvee with, and naver to allow the Mexican flag to show its colors again in our free and) indapendant nation. Yucatan will not and cannot agrae with tha Government of Mexico, be cause a man of goad morals and honorable sentiments can, nor will never agree with a rogue and scoundrel. "Mexico does not deserve to hold in its posseseion snob a State as this?and if,we can only obtain protection and aid from the United States, we will consider onrsalvaa happy/and free from the tyrannical proceedings of that Government. "Our people are disposed to enter into arrangements with the United States which will be of some advantage to them. There is no contrary feeling?there are no divisions of parties?we are all joined, and onr wish and determination is one thougbout the country. We were born to l>e free, and we want to be free and independent "At Vera Ortiz they have opprored of our determine, tion in separating from the Mexican Republic, bat we must now wait until April next, when the chamber* will meet at Mexico, and we hope that by that time wa may have entered into some arrangements with the United State* Government." We also have before us several printed circular* which confirm the sentiments and opinions expressed In the above extracts.-N. O. Dtllm, Feb. IS, TEETH?'TEETH?'TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICK Oh DE N TISTR Y. AT the old establishment, <2 EAST BROADWAY. Troth art on pivot, M cents i Troth tot on fine plate,....,. from SI M to SS M Tooth filled with fine goldfoil, ... - M Prices tor all other work in proportion with the above list Teeth mounted for other Dentists. All work done at thia at 1 lice warranted. N. TAYLOR, ? IX Im'rc Hurgieal and Mechanical Panose MR. OLDFLELD, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIASlBT, *e . No. ?1? William street WILL be happy to play at Concerts and Cotillon Partiee ; get up Musical Entertainments, and give instructions on the Piano Korte. Mr. O. has a beantifnlly toned Piano Forte, that he will sell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. M6 Broad 1 way jg?lm*TC COMFORT FOR THF JIFFUCTKD. DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIR ERAD1CATOR. | HIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continues | 1 to astonish all who use it, or who have been favored with the slightest knowledge of its wonder working effects apon the haaan system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where this infallible remedy is applied, it matters not from what cause it may have originated. Principal Depot, ?? John street. fll lm*r TO THE PUBLIC. 1* A* CURED ol a moat distressing disease by Dr. JOB. HEINE,No 20 Dnaae strert. near Chatham St. Mybody was <-<i?rred with uleers, my joints and bones were swollen aadpaiulnl; I lust all my appetite; could not sleep; was con j lined to my lied; ray arms and legs were contracted. 1 tried se | veral physicians; was salivated, bnt n benefit until I was cured by Dr. Josephlleine. Csvv. Richsuo Yates. Those who wish to see me. will find me at ihe corner o I ? South street and Maiden lane, wher? 1 shall he happy to give all particulars which 1 should not like to give in this certifi cate. N. B?Dr. H. has no other office but 20 Daane street, near j Chatham, where hnadreds of certificates may be seea. i mi lm*r i STRIKER'S SOLU1ION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will changa gray hair to its ongiaal color in a faw minutes. Those who deabt i's virtues, are raqaaated to I have their hair changed before paying their money, ll ham ! bugs would tabu this method there woald be no reason to com plain. Gentlemen can have their whiskers and hair changed t? i any color or shade in a few minates. Private rooms for chaag | rag the hair. None genuine unless signed " H. Striker,"in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Bold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No i CHATHAM 8THEET, opposite the Ha.l of Records, New York, up | stairs. IIP Im'rh OEM. MIA GKOROIC COOK<?, R.D, L.L.D. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ?OFFICE NO. > NORTON STREET, ALBANY, N, Y Du. Coohe may be confidentially consuhe J daily at No. S > Norton street, Albany, N- Y- Office hours uom ? A. M. until 1 It P. M. Medical Advice?As it it always important to obtain the services of an experienced and skilfnl physician?call en the celebrated Dr. Cooke. No I Norton street, Albiny ? Medical mid Bursal JonrnAlKBiDi|jitciCt AT BTANW1X HALL, ALBANY, N 1 | jujrcrioiv or the boston with the bcvtalo isrusib. fli Im're CHAPPED HANDS. ROUBSEL'M AMANDINE?Awry cele isted artinle for the certain cure and prevention of ( happeo Hands. Foe sale at the principal druggists sod deelers in pwstnmery thronghout the United Butes^aad at ths^mvnalaeterer's. lit Broadway, Wholesale eed retail Mt Isi* URAT1I. ROUSSEL'S UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, rpHE moat euprnor article now ia use, is neatly put ap in A small boxes,and presented free of charge, on trial,Mall who spply at the manufacture's, K. ROUMKL, 19* Broadway, Wholesale and retail. jtl !?*' THE GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS BANDS AND MAGNETIC FLUID, U ECKNTLY imported, celebrated both in Europe ana IV America, for the cure of rheumatism, and all ehraeic or nervous dianasaa. For tale by the groee, dotea or tiagln nun. At KtDrcRD PtICtf. A. B. A D BANDS, 7t Falun etrugt. ft 1m*v corner ef (hill BOOKS BOUGH-!. prices, by addramiag sfew lues, giving mm* mg a was bar, to A 1m?T re Naasan. or ItT Kivinrtou TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, BOARDING HOUBKH and all who like their Furniture t<> be tpotlras, clear and brlaht. For giving the highest polish, for reqqiring lees labor, time in ssmg, preventing staiaa, for cli-anlineaa and cheapness, Langley's Knrnirnre Cream is ande niahly superior to any, I'.HAfl if KINO. Agent, fl# im*r 1W Broad way, yryer Joha street THE CHOICEST PREMIUM TOILET SOAPS. HIGHLY PERFUMED with Patchonlr, Verb..., Rose Bouquet, lie. kc. are to be fhnnd at tie store of ihe ea k seribgr. E. ROUSHEL, W" Broadway, Wholesale and retail J*l la'i

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