Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1846 Page 1
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WE THE NEW YORK HERALD NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 8, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMXI GORDON BBIMBTT, Proprietor. Oironlation.. .Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Eiary day. rnca I eenta per copy NT copy?cuUKr una-payable in advance. ADveRTISIuMENtS at (W usual pnaaa?alwaya cash AlWflj INO of ail kinds Aooatod with beauty aaddar pUch. CT7* All letaai* or communications, by laaU, addreaaad ta ac? will b? thaaatablwhme*. fat be pott paid, or th. postage dadooud front tha subscription mon.y remitted xaas SojgOW BENNETT.? Proprietor of tha NiwTou HnuJ> EaTABfaMiaaiiy west rnrmfr of Walton and Nnaaaa -treeta COUNTRY RESIDENCE a TO LET, and poairmon given at any time?The ait nation .a one of the a eat deeirable in the yiciaity of New York, remarkable for heal'h, beauty an ' variety ol pru.|i et and ia acceaaible to the eily at all houra of the day by a'eamboat, ataae and railroad. The garden ia aiteoaiy* and 1 lied with frail of .very deicriptiou. Greenhouse. grapery and every deiirable out-houae. Apply at 111 Water .treat. m7 Ji*rc TO LET, JK TO a ama'l family, part of a ueat two .lory Hnnae, PjjS near Broadway, conaiating of back baaem-nt kitchen, XllaWiih Crotoa water, front and back rooaa on 2.1 door with piirileae of bath room, and attic bedroom. Reference Itquirei. Kent $190. Pleue ?pi>ly to P. W. ANDERSON, 93 Bowery, tl?t*r comer of Walker at. A LOFTS TO LET THREE LOFT8, in theB.ick Building No. 13 Perk alip, aei able lor aailmaker., or any other kind of busi ness. Inquire of M. FUHDY, 43 Peck alip. i ? it*rc FOR SALE. A A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ia Nineteenth street, near Irving f lace, two atory and attic, with under eel lar?m.rbleman'ela in baaement, and first and second ato> ira?built by day'a work, about three yea's ago, for a private leardenee. Houae. 20 feet by 40?lot, 7S left deep. For tenna, epply to GEORGE GA8KIN. mi lw*rc 110 C herrv atreet. TO LET BA THE RECF.88, No, 147 Broadway, New York?the I'jjm fnrnitnre and liatnrei belonging thereto for a.le cheap. JiiHfclnqirtre on the premises ml ln?r TO LET. Jml A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the village of Jamaien, |"<m L. I ; at present occupied by Doctor G. H Kisaam, with atable m the r>ar. The honae ia modern boilt, three atory with mvble mantels, in complete Older. Pout a sion given 1st of May. Abo, Two other houses in the village, all well located, be leg i ear the Railroad Depot and both Aeademlee, one of wn<ch eaa be occupied immediately. For further particulars, applv to JAME8 HERHIMAN, tn4 l.*rt Jamaica. L. I Tl> l.ET- -From the first ol May neat?Part of a three story Honae, delightfully situated in East Breadwiy~l and occupied bv a small family of three young persons. Tt^^mtil quiet family these Apartments will be let reason able Address " Private Hons*," Branch Poet OAee, with real name and whare an interview may be had, will be attended to ia>med<at-ly N. B. Undoubted reference will be reqnir-d. m4 lw*r TO LEI , IN Ft?K r LEE, N.J., JAR A FIRoT RATE HOUSE, with aboat 4 acreeof FjW around and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable XyW good condition, which were formerly used as a ehemi present occupiedaaa pianofortemaualaetory; ait?ated on the Hackanaack road, only a few mi. utra walk from the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whem a lew# will be given for several years, if required. Inquire of Dr. Vfo'ris Leo-Wolf, 99 Liberty atreet, Naw York, ml >w*rc TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, M TWO New three story and basement briek Houses, with the privilege of free ferriage, now in course of com JEsiB,pletinn. which will be reedy for occnpeoc* on or before Meyi.t. They will be fitt-d in beantifnl style and be re plete with all the late improvements. They each contain II rooms besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and black gra'u tbronghoat, and are 91 fret front by 91 deep, with wide court yards a> d iron railings. The situation ia delight fal. commanding a fine view of the river, bay and city, and ia withm one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boa's leave every 14 minutes for Barelay at, eroasng in ? to It m antes; end every half hour to Canal and Christopher ata ? Apply at the ferry at Hoboken. ml 2w?rc NOTICE. DWELLING HOUSES, STORK8and vacant Lota, for sale, rent or exchange Investments made on pro i ductive Real Estate that will pay i r om tea to twenty Mrceat on the purchase money, with an is crease ia valae ol from tan to fifteen per cent per annum. Mt ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Insnra ico obtained from """" k0""v<3Sn^am N. B ?Plana, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, famished here er at No. ? Broad street, at the short net eon. a. CALVIN POLLARD. f19 lm*re Architect As FOR BALE, OR TO LET, oath - most reasonable terms, three two-etory Dwelling 1.rases, in North Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh streets, WilliaflH ???A- I. Two of the above are saw, and luientlrd u genteel raniaanres, being finished ta she best maaanv, and .applied! withapeing and nn water ia the kitehee, and coal vaaltt ml troot, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money rosy renuun| |?mmd,m9p?cmu. Enqnimmgngrgiij^or^ | I f 19 lm*rre 99 Wall ntreetH Sail ? -F!. Wqiire 4vu.| u "niiw. rw. leiuiw inrucuiv*. JOHN C. LLOYD. Belleville, Feb. 19.194#. fJ9 lm'mc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. tA PLEASANT country teat in the village of Madi aou, Monia eonntr. New J racy, within a few minutes walk of tha beantifnl reaideoee of Win. Gibbons, E>q., boat 29 miles from New York city?communication to and from twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on which - .anda Be - - - - are Two Hennas and a Barn, witi a first ra e well of water. Oood schools and churches in the immediate vicinity Th* premises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking the whole Village; and is one of the moat desirable locations in the I lace, being w thin two minates walk of the niltoad dr- | UIV | invc. PVW| W U1IU IWU BHBEiri WUB Ol WO nill(U?M UP pot, which renders it convenient for ? pervon doing baiiaeu in Che city, who de?ir?i to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, oraddrm. to the ..briber. ^ ft! lm*re Momstown, N. J A RARE CHANCE. ju| WILL BE SOLD cheap, or exchanged fir city p?o ?Qnparty, a very valuable vallrv grain and graaa farm, con ^a^U'ning I93Hacres, 19 of which are woodland,and th* rest a rich ioil, having bean all cnltivated, highly manured and seed.d. within five wars past, and yields abundant crops; situated M miles from New York. 4 trom Huntington, 3 from Cold Spring, and 3 tri m Farmingdal*, by the best roada in the eoantTof safiTilk. The buildings are ell nearly new, and con sist of a commodious Dwelling. I Barns, Cow Sheds. Car riaae Hauae, Poultry Hons*, Ice Honae, Bakery, WaihRoom. and Smoke House. Twenty acres he in n position to produce the earliest vegetables, and being wit lia Ujj houra com mam cation with Brooklyn, to which can run from r armingdale three times ad ty, makes it very desirable. Steamboat* alio leava told Spring daily for New York. For farther particu lars ?rp I?to F. O. LUCKEY, ff7tw*m *3 John ft. DOG LOST. A YOUNO black Newfoundland Dog, with .a tbia iron thain ronad the ueck and a small piece ot -u ..a lucked to it, absconded this morning from More 21 Sonih William et, where e suitable reward wul be given for I the recovery of the dog. B ?fl _ RUBE HILL STABLES, 94th Street and Third ImiV Arenas, and opposite Ball'a Head. Just arrived and LUX for sale at the above Btnhlee. about fifty Northern and western Horse* among which am eight pairs matched. eight or ton good road horses, and severs. ?ne cart, farm shipping horses R. K. NORTHRUP, II lm"re Proprietor TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KINO, the well known and crlabmadDE first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs tke public lu jennaly hat he^hta^^or salens moat splendid, assortment of Faaey STRAW HATS, manniactnred of aa eutirr new article, ealled Paris Straw Oianp. mad* to the ahare of the Shepherduraa Oipani ?so beanflul and becoming, thev to be admired. Milliters, and meiehantaof need only be teen to beadmirod. Milliners, and meiehantaof the trade, will do wall to call and examine before they make their purchases aa the goods will bo told by the case or dosea at a very liberal price. CARL KINO. 17 Division street. N B?A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods and Paris Ribbons alwaya on hand. 124 lm*r _ FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR $3 49?City made, ?and are equal to those rold in other atorae for $4; fine ? free eh (elf Boots for $4 49, equal to the beat made in this city for 9(or 97-at Yiiurto A JONES' French Bool and Shoe Manufactory; one of the moat fashionabl^^^^H ioc ^Manufactory; one of the moat fashionable^^ this city; ear Boots having boon judged in the lata Fair at NlbloV are said to be I he beet Boots ever sold in this city- All Boon warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNO A JONES, 4 Ana strata. JaX7 tm*rh near Broadway. New York. OEN. SIR GEORGE COOK-:, ill. D. LOxD. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, O p p J Q ? WO. ? NORTON STREET, ALBANY, N. Y Da. Coenn may be eonAdaotially eonsnlted dailr at No. I Norton itreet, Albany, N Y Offiea hoara *rom * A. M. anul Hf.M. Medical Adtici.?A* it ii al ware important to obtain Ilia ?emcee of en a pen need and akilfnl phyaieian?cell on the celebrated Dr. Cooke, No. I Norton atroot, Albany?Medical end Marfical Joarael. REIIDB1CK, AT 8TANWIX HALL, ALBANY, N If. nmoTtoia op the aoiTon with thb itTTiLO UILIOU. fll lnTre CHAPPED HANDS. ROUoSELH AMANDINE-A pery eel a rated article for the certain care and prevention of Chapped Haoda. Kor "Ue at ?he principal draatuta and deelera m perfumery throochoM the United Htatea. end at the mannfaetarePa. E. ROUMKL.No 1J? Broadway, WV,lM?l? .?d ..tell. m 1m?T DAGUERREOTYPE PATENT ISM USD. piAOUERREOTYPE ARTISTS are iaformed that the V Patent for the new Colon* Proreae of the .nbacribara carrent, aiaHaein* Veifhtleeader'a Appamtaa, mid ell other artielee naed ie the Deanerreotypo art, may alao he had, by addreeawf (poit peid) to ?em*. U MALL LINK FOR BOSTON. 7KR THE LONG ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Fool eI Whitehall treat, Sooth Ferry?Ssuidavs excepud. , Way Crates are in readiness to receive b.tggane for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston iocs through nnder lock. JoH tf re L.ONO ISLAND RAiLKOALI OOMFAN7. TWTIffflWf O flfl "" SiiTNaFSImW "" TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing on Monday, September lith, ISO. . Learn New YoA? At 7 o'clock, A. M., Button Train for Oreenport. daily, Snndayn excepted stopping at Farmingdale and St. Oeorge'a Manor. Leave Brooklyn?At MAM ,fer Farmingdale and intermedi ate place* daily 9nuday# excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, through to Oreenport and intermediate places, at 4 P.M.. for Farmiugdals aud intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Oreenport?Boston Train, at 4 o'clock, "? BA, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. atto clock, A.M.; Accommodation Tram, on Mondays, Wedneedsvs and Fridays. Leave Farmingdale?For Brooklyn, at 6)4 o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Maodava excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at I o clock, A. M. and In r. M., daily. Sundays excepted. Fare to Bedlord ? cents; East New York U3d; Sacs Course UN ; a'rotriig Course 11)4 ;.'nma?ca 16; Brusliville llN; Hyde Park 17 m ,es S7K; Clowsville, (during session Court.) T7H; Hempstead JfV. Branch J7H; Carle Place 4<; Westl.ury 44. licksville 44; ^rmingdale 6)4; Deer Park Thomp|non, it; Suffolk Station I SO; Lake Road Station I MR; Medford Nation 1 1IN; MUlvflle 1 SO; St. George's Manor 1 ?)k; Hiverhead 1 UN; Jamesport 1 62)4; Mattewek 1 62)4; Cut ??hogue 1 62)4; oouthold 1 62)4 sUreenport, Aec'n. tram. 1 75; Oreenport 07 Boston Tram f Oi. , . _ _ . . , Stages are m readiness on the nmysl of Trains at the several Nations, to take pasaengersat very low Kane, to all parts of the ^Baggage Crates will be in readiness st the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receiva Baggage for tne several Trains, M mmatcs be 'ore the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leaves Oreenport for Sag Harbor wicc each day on the arrival of tho 1 rami from Brooklya. u6rc _______________ _____ FOR ALBANY, VIA. NEw I HAVEN. HARTfrOED AND< LsPRlNOklELD-Daily. (Sun*. eonim odious summer. NEW YORK or CHAMPION,and srrivn st Albany the same even "Xrrsngements have been made to make the line enre, and passengers can depend on arriving ss advertised. jnl lmre MAIL LINE AT 7& O'CLOCK, A. M. p TO ALBANY, mmx M AN D intermediate landings, or as far as the ^H^Shice will permit. There is good wheeling from j^31CK>any point on the Hudson to Albany, and Stages will be in resdinnss to carry passengers to tneir desti* nation. Parnate $4 St through to Alb.ny-pasasgs to New burgh SI St. Breakfast on board the boat. ? . _ .. The celebrated ice steamboat, UT1CA. Captain T. N Hulse, leaves the pier between Courtlnndt and Laberty sts, "ST pacCqgM ani^parcels will be landed at any of theregnlar landings, provided they are paid for at the Agent s Office, and entered on the freight list. , ? ? . For passage or freight, apply on board, or to r. C. Sclmltx, at the office on the whart. r NOTICE?8TATEN ISLAND FERRY n?On Wednesday, Jan. 6tb, the trips on this *MMme??Ftrry will be as follows.? Leave Ktalkn lalar.d??N. 10 A- M ,2, 4)4 P. M. Leave New York-0,12 A. M slJa.sP.M. P. 8.?On Sunday* the boat will leave at II o'clock, instead if 12 A M. JT BOSTON ST EAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. I The Britiah and North American Royal i Mail Steam Packet Ships HIBERNIA, and CALEDONIA. will leave Boston for i the shove poru as follows, vix: HIBERNIA. Alexander Ryrie, Commander, on Wednes ^'alSdcJnTa', E. O. Lott, Commander, on Friday, Mny 1, Passage to Liverpool B1JJ Passage to Halifax..... ? For freight cr pmmgs. ap^ly jf>RJOHAM Jf ^ At HARNDEN It CO.'S, ? Wall st No Berth secured until paid for m< r< DRAFTS ON OKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Persons, wiahing to re mit money to their friends in any part of ) Great Britain or Ireland, can be supplied *with drafu by applying to the subscribers, for any amount, payable at sight, on ill the> principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland sad Wales. Applies tion by leUer.Tpost paid,) wiljme^t prum^t aueutiou^ fjl rh 75 Booth at. cor. Maiden Lane TELLE, Taylor, mailer, will positively sail at above, her re gular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans whart, foot of Wall street, or to ? R COLLINS It CO, St Sonth street. VCr Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, 14th Mmeh-Aieot in New O-lean. J AS, E. WOOD RUFF, who will promptly fovward all goods to his address. Packet bark GENESEE, Minett. master, will succeed the Sartelle. and sailMoudav. 23d March her regular dty. mB ?fcJSg- PACKETS FOK H WHE?Second Line?J tie P""ket ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. Johnston, jr , ?M|^will sail on the 1st of April. tor height y/pfcKEN.ATontine Building, U)6 re 8? V sli st. PACKETS FOR HAVRE-9ECOND LINE? The Packet Ship ONEIDA, Capt in James Funck, I will sail on the ?th instant. Fur freight or passage, .mqy to ' BOYD It HlNCKtN, ait 8 Toutin- Bnildii ga. or M Wall atrcet. KFuR GLASGOW.?Regular Packet.?The well known, fast sailing British bark ADAM C A RR, 450 tons, Hugh McEwen, mastei. having two-third* of bar cargo engaged will meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, Mving excellent aecnmmodxtious, apply to the ?e" ~Sooth?. The A I British bark Aon Hxrley, Capt. Robt. Scott, will succeed the Adam Care. H teg- FOR SALE?To close a copceni?The Line o Liverpool Packets.consi.iing of the ships ROSCIUS. UnKsIDDONS. SHERIDAN and OAHRICF. They wera bniltin this city, by Brown It Bell, with nnnsnalI enre; for model, matnrinl (n vary large proportion of their frame being live oak.) and wodtmsnshio, they ate unsnrpasaed, if not uarquslled?salted on the stocks, and re-salted every year since. Their accommodations lor passengers are very extee sive and handsomely famished. Apply to (2:r E. K.COLLINS It CO .56 Soath st. tgg. FOR GLASGOW.?REGULAR PACKET iJwwW The well known last sailint Picket barque ADAM JBbKuCARR, 456 tons, Capt Hugh McEwen, daily ex pected, will meet with quick dispatch. For freight or passage, having escnl'ent accommodations, apply to WOODHULL it MINTURN, {u re 87 Sonth street. UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN .AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI aBBMURANT OFFICE.?The subscribers are prepared to engage p. steagers to come oat by the early Spriag ships, st s very low rate. , Drafts furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to (fir J. HP.tTdMAN It Co.. 61 Soqth et. FIRST PACKET FOR GLASGOW With ?nd fact railing packet >hip (ARR, Lapt. McEwes, will Pave immc aiHtf uupelch tor the above port. Thiaahiohae eery comfortable accommodation for cabin, iccond cabin aad ateerage paaaengers, wmch will be taken a'. reMonable rates. To aeenre bertha early application ahoold be made on board, at Peck slip, < r to W. It J. ?. TAPBCOTT.7J Sooth at, ml t cor. Maid?n lane. PASSAGE FROM NEWRY, IRELAND?The ?9VVAee, feat railing coppered abtp BROTHERS, Capt. MBtpValpey 7W toea beitheo, wifi aail from the above port cm the 10thMarch nest, affording a good opportunity for lien who wiah to noma direct to New York. r???' Trsm?ssiw;ms jail rh corner Maiden lane tAP PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, (via Liverpool )?The anbacriben are MBMePrepared to make engagrmeau to bring passengers Irom Liverpool by any of the regular packet rhipa, eailinir every five oaya ; and alio by firat class tranaieut ahipa, to aa l positively on their appointed daya, at their loweat ratee From their new arrangemenu for line year, having eaubliahed a Branch of the concern in Liverpool, ao detention whatever, can take place. For farther particulate, apply to JOHN HEKDMAN It lU., dlSoeth street. near Wall atreet, New York. HERDMAN, KEEN AN It CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafta can u uanil be ferniahed for any amount, payable throughout Great Britain aad Ireland, on application aa above. (Brc JK _ TAPfCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION jK^VyOrFlCES.TJSonth atreet, corner of Maiden Lane, TBBfaNew Yoik, and 56 Waterloo Road. Liverpool, raraone wiahme to aeenre paaaagv for their frienda from Li and every necessary mearare will he naed tohavetboae whore on thia aide of tne Allan ic, despatch ed in as comfortables manner as possible. Ship Rocheater, on ''".l ?Aprv!' eh'P GerrickTon the 11th dot ship tiotiingerr, on thaith May. The well known nailing qualities of theae ?' *B>r r"",rk? nnneeeaary, and iheir ae eeamodatiooa for cabm, second cabin and stealage paaacugera, ? P?'.-noe W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, m ? w ? ? it <1. ?at, corner of Maiden lane. N. B ?W k J.JT. T., y brafta, aa nasal, for ?y ammuut^payablethroaghootG Bnuin and Ireier I U^llCtLf OlA-lEO. AJ\U IrtthA T HRllAlM AND IRELAND OLD EJ7JBL1MED EMIGRANT OFFICE. AJhfr- THE 8nbacnbera are prapared to angame rmm For farther particulars, apply to J. HERDMAN k CO., d? r dl Sonth atreet. THE UENGINE GALVANIC RINGS bands AND ' AONETIC FLUID. DECENTLY imported, celebrated both ia Europe and TV America, for the cere of rheomatism. aad all chronic or nervosa dieaeaaa For sale by the grace, donen or tingle one, at MPL'CBtl peiost. BJUrT j M M Wfllf Of GWll UNCLE SAM TERMINATING THE "JOINT OCCUPANCY,' PDLK'SPiaSlL d Uncle Sam, chief partner in the late firm ot Sam & Bjll, announces to the world that he ia resolve to set up business in Oregon for himself, and terminate the joint occupancy which has heretofore existed. Gentlemen having adverse claims to the territory will please step up to the War Department and receive payment ia powder and ball. He believes himself fully capable of giving perfect satisfaction to all such customers. His chief clerk, Mr. Polk, will attend to the matter. r?. Rellgloiu Intelligence. #(h iff j'l ? lll-EBb?r Dljr, 7th Ember Tlav u2'-j,tt'rdTb?"r" ?' TuL"*'n'" ?"y wtiJSiSaS: BroouS\Tu*S~iIi?(l0,h' v#Ct0r ?/ Emanuel Church, fn X''T,2Z?$Zi'S.Z!??,'?'?l ?""? Li:p?SH?rS:-F morning by the Rector - in ?h? ? ,?rm011 ln the mlnlater of Trinity Church ^ by ,n ????tant Ch^reM bV/e^M" !* deliv"rBd ln ?? fplfiiiis daily pi?y*r.,if?'/L0M.Md4lp ?f"D dunn* L*nt. for SsSSpa Sg*Hss to*, ch.p.1 chu"hVlCwtTjvlllfeT ' Vorthft-'i.^DSrMlion?1 ^jar3?t?3s33MB= vjces on tho occasion were ai fniinure. r f. ? reading of the 8 riplam bt Rorr n * 0C*U?D^1 ?^^v?SipH^^c'?dcAr.Mr?7,uc'" OnDKy?'r."?L\*'\Y?"--HC?i?r.?nAT.on.~ St M.rk'i Charr.h Pe^n Ya'n In?th? UnceJ viiit.d were read by the R.y Hwv Sta^Ua-fiT0*/ Pr,Je" SHSSsS^&Saas ?r. were r?a,i h. u. i. , .'n th* o'tarnoon pr?v immmm iillMm Th? or Jc.ciai.iit.?The annoiutment ?r jsamss* mad*, iimilar prof.Mioo ' Th^I* ih.^ V 7? ha" ?itabii.h.d^n the dtet?fc? rfchrilt ch^FV e"* "" Pu'Sfy * oS**! *. SESftT r.ceir.d into the Catholic Church. ?hl ,ince Died, in Canton, on the 0th of F.bru.rr Rick... v H ax mod, aged 09, ..nior warden of^JS^tS. _ , , , V arte tie.. V"? de?"? of Governor Stockton invent. Dr i? ?aph Maul, preeid.nt of the Senate in offlee with it. gub.rn.Uon.1 power, of the Stat, of D.livtn. The frigate Potomac, which was ashore near ihn M!Var?Norfolk- dur">* the gale, hai h.en .oI 2r TodwnVo^n '?W#d d?/n ,0 ^ .?h^.?/r ..^%S?.d H"*' ,bot ?lf?r Norria, in Kur ??Jlvlll., Indiana, a .hort time .iocs in the itre.U, The Ohio Legislature adjourned on the 2d inst ..itSrti'c. tJXLSSMi * SS^^sssasS Mies Kllen Jones, the young girl who ??? ?k ducud iron tha reaid.'nc. of h.r'.tfp f.Th.r m"w? McOorman, rbiladelphie, lome time line. b? Alaaan d.r McLaughlin, h.i not ,.t been h.?do/?*JS?. ?tending sU the effort! of bar friendi to And tier The motherli in a itate ofdaipondancy. ??al?* ^layor ^?'m 'IM ,MU,,d ? proclamation fk^rnm&Vl - oM. b<eD rePreee"ted to htm that mora p!i|Pj iPf* 0 * cotuidaiuWn extent iu Balti K'JjfeSSft N*^Y0rk "nd v?ml. i a tinV..f?T^ miw.t h?r"'*?r remain at the upper anerarT ?Sry,var.",'!gff^^??^n:s. .roa^r^^ B.U.-W, h,? ft. Uktn oat of eoamittRl had been Immaterial aa?.ndm.n?.^?nd reported to th. Houm with of it. pamaglr Tktr' to b. no doubt Niw Havkn, March 5, ISiti. The Magnetic Telegraph?lit progress toicard* Completion?Steamboat Combination?The Small Pox?Military Balls?Railroads, fyc. fyc. Perhaps a few words in relation to the sayings and doings of the good folk of the "Classic City," would not be disagreeable to some portion of your readers. The far-famed magnetic telegraph is nearly com pleted between Boston and this city. The postB hava all bean let up, and in a day or two a portion of the wire* will b? arranged over a limited (pace, In order to ?how the operation of this wonderful inrention to the curious. As soon as the wires have been arranged over the whole tine, I presume we will hear ei the arrival ot the steam packets, tic., before they have come to anchor in the dock at Boston, and sometimes at least (such will be the velocity with which news will be conveyed) we shall hear of accidents before tbey have occurred. The weather has been exceedingly cold for some weeks pest, and the sleighing during that time has been roost excellent, and still continues lino,'while the sleigh bells keep up one continued jingle both night and day. The weather has now moderated, and for the last few days has been delightful, causing our streets to be thronged with the lovely and beautiful daughters of our little city. There is great opposition to all monopoly in the steam boat lines between New Vork and this place, which has reduced the fare so low that any one who can produce twenty-ftve cents may enjoy the pleasure of a trip to the "Empire City" and view the wonders and novelties of your vast metropolis, which of itself is a little world.

The small pox made its appearance among us some time back, and the good folks were qnite panic struck, and "taken aback," as the sailors phrase it. It made its d*6ut among the College students, two or three of whom have bad it, hut no deaths have attended the step* of thia ngly visiter among thera, and 1 have heard of but one death Irom this cause which took place among some Irish families in a distant part oi the city. For several days a rumor was rife that there had been three inter ments ot the bodies of persont who had died with this i horrible disease at deed of night, but the report was, I believe, without foundation in truth. Tha United states District Court, Judge Judson pre siding, ended its session at this place a day or two since. No cases oi importance came up belore it for trial. Judge Storrs, of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, and the head of the Yale College law school,la now very ill at Litchfield, where be has been holding the court, which ho was obliged to adjourn in consequence of his illness. A few day* since, I noticed a description of the ball which was held bere.l the Friday night before the 2'Jd. in honor of the Anniversary, of tha birth of the Immortal Washington. Last night the "New Haven Ureye" gave a grand Military Ball, which eclipsed the last, as tar as the resplendent god of day rivals in tha refulgent splen dor of his beams the paler rays of the less brilliant gem of night. It was, indesd, a most magnificent affair, re flecting the greatest credit upon those who had the di recting of affairs, and the gentlemanly deportment ot the master of ceremonies delighted every one present, for which be deserves the higbest encomiums The sa loon was fitted up in magnificent atyle, and lighted in the most aplendid manner. I The elite and ion fan of our cif y were there, in all their splendor, beauty and loveliness. Dodworth's celebra ted cornet band from vour own city was in attendance, end the music was such as 1 have seldom listened to, uod caused one's very heart to beat with a quicker pulse, and sent the blood like lightning through one* veins to the very tips ot the fingers and toes, and,as it were,caus ing the bair to stand on end. But how shall,! deacribe the dancers 1 Noble knights and high born dames!-brilliant regimentals, sparkling diamonds, and still brighter eyes. There were Lieuts ami II. oi the u. S. N., Commander </., also of the navy, and of the U. 3. A , also there were Capt. 8. and Major H. who honored ua with their presence. But above all, (Jen. Sir William M., of the British forces in Canada, happening to bo' in the city at thia time, accented an . invitation, and made his appearance, the beheld of all beholders. Onr own volunteers made a most admira ble appearance, end did credit to themselves on the oc casion. Let us take a peep at the angels, I mean ladiee, excuse me for the "fnpsis lingua." There was tha lovsly and interesting Miss C-, whose graceful motions, and beauti ful figure attracted the admiration of every one; also the Misses F. who appeared more lovely then ever?Mrs. O. was the personification of loveliness?Mrs. H. was also divine. In fact I never saw such a galaxy ot beauty be fore-such exceeding lovelinese ! each seemed more beautiful than the otbet, and yet all were most beauti ful. 1 thought our ladies ware,always charming K, but last night tbey surpassed themselvee. i their sw They put on their sweetaat and brightest smiles, and the magnificent solar lamps, if wa might suppose they could leel, hung their diminished beads in shame, at be ing thus eclipsed by the laughing, bright-eyed daughtera of tha pilgrim fathera. It was delightful to see them in all their graceful motions, threading tha mazes of the giddy dance, entrancing tha senses and leading captive the hearts of all beholders. In the gallery, also, were some ladles, who, although hut spectators, nevertheless attracted great attention by their exceeding lovelinese and beauty. I cannot do jus tice to the eabject, as it beggars description irom'such a pen as mine. No ene but an eye witness can appreciate the splendor, magnificence, and rtthtrchk appearance of everything connected with the bell, end loo^will 1 re member the night of the fonrth of March. Tha "Gove nor's Guards'" have another ball in contemplation, which they intend, if possible, shall surpass even the lost - There is e perfect mania bora for danciDg, notwithstand ing the character for "steady habits" which the folks in this quarter have obtained. There is some prospect of the railroad between this place and your city being commenced in the spring, which will bring the two places io much cloaer prox imity. How to <>rt Rio or ar IxTiRKsr.?The division between the two branches of the Democracy of Naw Yoik brings out ttrenga stories io disparagement of each. Tha Canal Board tmlong to the Wright section; of couree tbey make no appointments from the Jtr(us or " Hnnkei" Democrat!, and at their February meeting they took care to remove every man, who, in this tre mendous family quarral, had not aided with themselves. Thsy had also to act upon tha ease of one, whose shade of Democracy corresponded with theirs, but who, according to tha statute, had forfeited bis oflloe, by being a proprietor of factories dependent upon the water of the canal. He was sent for, and informed that ha must get rid of his interest therein, or he could net be reappoint ed He promised to do so, returned borne, end the seme night, the Jtrgns eavs, his factory burnt down, and the next <'sy an affidavit to that effect was presented to the Board, and he waa re-appointed. - Boston Courier. Saratoga Courty.?We understand that the loco* have divided the delegates for the conven tion. They have nominated Howell Gardner, of Green field, (old hunker,) and W. J. Gilchrist, of Charlton, i barn burner ) Gov. Smith of Virginia has respited Huntor Hill, the murderer of Major Smith Washing ton, March 4, 1846. Tht Maritimt Pouxr of the World?TV Savut und the Commtret of tht Nations. As the relative maritime power of the varioua na tions of the world is a subject at present exciting much interest, the more especially as it has been and still is a matter oi frequent reference in the de bate upon the question of "notice," how pending in Congress, I have compiled the following synopsis of the information contained in a report of the Se cretary of the Navy, submitted to the Semite on the 3d instant, llfenswer to a resolution submitted by Senator J. M. Clayton, calling for such informa tion. It will be seen by a glance at the first table, that Great Bntaia has in her naval service over eight tune? as many vessels as the United States, mount ing over seven and a half times as many guns, uud manned by a little less than four and a half tunes as many men, as are in the United States service. But 1 leave further computations for your readers to make. The several lollowing nations have, in commis sion, building, in ordinary, tee , as follows :? Gum. AV of A'o. gf intn. wrtlmi 1 Great Britain *ori 17.171 ?0.of0 111 2 France Jlti 8,712 27,551 37 S Russia 1179 5 876 59.000 6 4 United Sulci 777 2.343 8.721 5 5 Turkey 43 2 21? unknown 3 6 Kg vol :<8 1,760 ? 1 7 Holland 131 1.651 - 4 8 Sweden 380 1.831 - I 9 Denmark 108 1,076 ? ? It f Austria 74 686 ? ? 11 Braid 12 773 - - 12 Sardinia 15 416 ? 2 13 f Two Sicilies 17 318 ? ? 14 Spain 21 318 ? 4 13 fPortugal 39 223 4,300 ? 16 Mexico 23 4 2 unknown ? * Kxcluaive of nailing veueli iu the Indian Navy. 14?106 guna; ol steamers, 22 vnaeU, 60 (una; of contract mail (tram era under control of government, 26 veaiela; of revenue cutlera, 72 veaaela. 144 gum; total 134 veaiela, 310 guui. t 1 xcluiive if the Caspian lied. I 6 xcluaireof U. 8 revenue veva la, conaiating of 13aailiug and 0 ateam veatrla : total tonnage 4,353 mounting 61 guna and ramnrd by 769 officers and mm. f 1 ho whole naval force of tlieae nations is atatad in the re po t aa being in eoinmiiaion, bnt it is probable that aporiiou of it ia pi ordinary, but .t is not known ' hat portion. These ua tioua liave a few steamers, but the number is not known. In relation to the force of Great Britain above sta ted, it wilt be remembered that but about one-half only are in commiaaion, (except the number enga ged in the Indian navy) the balance being building, inordirary, tec. The following table ahows the extent of the com mercial and fishing maritime. I'tiicli in iVo. of guna commerce lo taeh 100, 4-Jllheriti. 000 tons of Tonnagt. commrrct. I*. Kingdom of G. Britain has 24,898 3.001.387 591 United States 19,666 2,416.999 97 France 13,782 839.608 1,046 Sweden and Norway ... 5,450 471,772 391 Holland 1.528 241,676 687 ?Huii'a unknown 30,706 12,000 Two 8ictlios 9.174 213,199 130 Austria 6,179 209,331 321 Tnrkev 2,220 112,000 1,223 Sardinia 7,302 167,360 873 Denmark 3.03G 133,408 7C3 Portugal 798 80.323 ? Brazil unknown unkuown unknown Mexico uuknWwn unknown unkLowu ? Tne tonnage in the coasting trade of Russia it not prsciaety known- By the heat authorities, the aggregate toamge in fo reign and coasting trade, ia 239,000 tons. Proportion of guna to each 100,000 tons, 2,386. By the latter table it will be seen that while the commercial tonnage of the United States is one-fourth less than that oi Great Britain, the number of British guns to each 100,000 tona of com merce to the nuratrer of guns mounted by the Uni ted States, to the same tonnage of her commerce, is as 0 to 4. Comment is unnecessary, and I leave it to others ?to the merchant?to say, whether our naval force ought to be increased. Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 28, 184(i. The Ciiy? The Exprttatt?Tht Railroad*, tfr. Quite a period of time has elapsed since you have been favored with a missive from this city of water-wheels, flouring-mills, macadamised roads, and lively business enterprize. Onr citizens were thrown into the most ploasurable excitement at your wonderful success in so completely routing and van quishing the "Holy Alliance," (for their boasted superi ority of strength had reached this quarter), in your re cent triumph of repressing the Cambria's news so very far in advance of their unholy combination to defeat you in your vigilance and watchfulness. It does seem that, whsnever you apply your energies to any given object, '? assurance is made doubly sure," and your success is rendered certain. Large amounts changed hands upon the issue, although we were driven to the necessity of giving large odds to secure bets. Huocess to sucb en terprise ! Vivt I'Emptrtur ! We have had a gay and dashing winter of it, and yet it would seem that it is but little more than half spent; for wbile this letter is being written, the "air bites shrewdly, and it is piercing cold,"as Hamlet has it We have recently heltT a large public meeting, in order to determine the meat practicable route for the contemplated Rochester and Lockport Railroad. It was ascertained that the amount of stoolc subscribed, in this city, is $ SO,000 ; in Lockport, $ 150,000. Provided the read, if constructed, runs upon the line of the canal, the village of Brockport takes $13,000 stock ; Holiey's Basin, $3,000 ; Huiberton, $3,000 ; Albion, $30,000 ) and $16,000 to be paid ingrading. Should the road be con stiucted along the line of the Ridge, Clerks on takes $14,000 stock , Bandy Creek, $3 004 ; Gaines, $18,000 ; Hidgewuy, $10,000t Yates, $3,000 ; Johnson's Creek, $3,000. Total, $353,000, provided the canal ronte is chosen, and $350,000, if the Ridge route. There is a di vided opinion here upon this subject Cither route would be of incalculable advantage to the growth and business interests of our promising city. Great preparations are being made here by our trans portation men, for the ensuing year. Our boatyards present a lively aspec , and, as you pass them, you hear nothing but the " clink of hammers closing rivets up." In the way of boat-building, there are now a larga number of boats upon the stocks; and of the most sub stantial character. We are anticipating a larga business for the coming spring season, with a prospect of reason eble profits, as the result Your paper, the HtroU, has a large, end a rapidly in creasing circulation in our city, andis, at all times, read with avidity, and a moat seasonable relish. Affairs in Canada?Riots in Quebec and Mon treal, dec.?We are indebted to Virgil Sc Rice tor the following information r? Montreal, March 3.1848. The agitation into which the commercial circles here were thrown bjr the announcement of Sir Robert Pool's intended measures has netyet subsided,and expressions of dissatisfaction at the proposed coloniai policy are vented in no measured terms. Many, however, firmfy adhere to tho opinion that the progressive prosperity of Canada will not be In the least rstsrded, and the rumor which has geined ground here, that free navigation of tho St. Lawrence is to be ceded to the United Statea by the Bri tish government, has caused no little excitement, qt Our annual ward elections for city conncellora ere held to,day, end in one of the wards, the St. Lawrence, some eerioos rioting took place thia morning ; tba con flicting parties ware, as usual, those ot Irish extraction, opposed to the English end Scotch. Fire arms wars free ly discharged, end the Mayor of the city, who was one of the candidates, was compelled to make his escape through a beck window of the polling place end ride off lor the military, who apeedily cleared the ground and restored something like order. Fortunately the military were not celled upon to Are. The combatants were armed with axe handles?weapons by no moans to bo dospised when skillfully used. One man was reported ?hot, but it turned out that he was only "kilt" Hftinsi'rs. One of tho proprietors of the 7Vssss newspaper of this city, a conservative journal, was attacked during the mtiit, in his sleigh, end severely wounded in the head and otherwise ill treated. Two of the councillor* re turned are Americans, who aro owners ot considerable property here. Reedy, the individual concerned in the late bank rob bery, efier being allowed to turn Queen's evidence, against his accomplices, Lamontagne, Handfeldt k Fil burn, ha* been admitted to bail, nimself in the sum of $4,800, and two sureties in $3,400 seek. He has since made bis way to one ot the Southern States, and, es it is not the custom to estreat recognisances in Canada, it ii pretty certain that in thie cess the ends of Justice will be defeated, aa the only chance of the accessories being ; convicted hung upon the evidence of Ready. After i this, who among us shall carp at the administration of , the laws in the United States 1 The vacant post of heed cashier in the Bank of Mon treal has been tilled by A. Simpson, Esq, lor many jreere principal ofBcer of the Quebec branch of the same Greet improvements ere in progrese in the timber slide* on the Ottawa, mora particularly in tho neighbor hood of Bytowa- It is said that Govoramant la ebout to erect a military hospital In Canada, on a larga scale. Tha site it not yat publicly known, but it ia thought R will be near By town Not withstanding the erection of a grsat number of dwelling house# and stores, during the lest summer, rants are rising on tho average 15 per cent el The annual soirer of the Mechanics' Institute was held last week Nearly 3000 visitors attended. The Beaubarnois frontier aUlitia battalion has been organized, end nnmbere an eflbctivo force of nearly 3000 men. The weather has been intensely cold bore for the last lour or five days, the thermometer ranging from & to la below aero in the morning. P. P. M.?A serious riot ha* broken out in lb* Quebec suburb*. I have just learned, on good anthori ty, that a man has been shot dood in the neighborhood ol / the polling pleco. Mob* armed with ax* handles are collected In vanoua parts of the streets, and severtl per tons have boon seriously lajnred its additional ferae I ?f military he* been called out I Names of IMflfcrent HUhluid, and their BadgM. *??'! Bud ft. Bucliauau Birch. , Camaron Oak. Campbell Myrtle. 0 hisnolm Alder. L'olquhoune .Hazel. I t'tiniming. Common Sallow. | Drummond Holly. Farquba son Purple Fox-Glove. Ferguson Poplar. F orbea Broom. Frszier Ivy. Gordon ? LaureL CrUDB Rosewort. Lamont Crab.Apple Tree. McAlliater. .. Five Leaved Heath. McDonald Bell Heath. Mc DonneU Mountain Heath. Mc Dougall C y press. McKarlane Cloud Berry Bush. McGregor Pine. Mcintosh Boxwood. McKay I Bulrush. McKeoaia Deer Oraae. McKionon St. John's Wort. McLachlan Mountain Ash. McLean Blackberry Heath. McLeod Red w bortle Berriea. McNab Koaa Buck Berrlee. McNiell sea Were. Mcl'heraon Variegated Boxwood. McQuarrie Black Thorna. McRae Kir Club Mou. Munro Kagle Keathera. Manziaa Aah. Murray Juniper. Ogilvie Hawthorn. Oliphaut The Great M ?Bte. Robertson Kern or Brecbiua. Roae Briar Roae. Koaa Bear Berriea. Sinclair Clover. Hteuert Thlatle. Sutherland Cats'Tail Graaa. FortSnbllixo, Iowa, Jan. 28,1846. Intelligence from the Fur IVeel?The Troopt?In dian Picturet?VitiU from the Eait, $*( . As you keep us acquainted with matters and things everywhere else, it is only fair that you should hear from us occasionally. Our winter up to the present time has been quite spring-like, the marcury having fallen only to 17 deg. daring the month ; though at ona time, in December, it wa* l'J deg. balow zero. This is pretty well in a country whore almost every winter the mercury freezes. Thus far wa havo not had snow enough to cavar the ground, but the ileighing on the Mississippi and St. Paters has been per fect, and afforded us, in the absence of hunting and ask ing, abundant amusement Our military affaire are iu excellent condition, and though we have no one to Backus, yet with our gallant Major D?n to lead ua, we could put ten thousand In dians to Bight Though wa have lost our Carpenter* yet we doubt not the quarters will be rebuilt in a work manlike manner, as we here s Plumaer left to superin tend their erection, and a plenty of Wood. The Gear of our church machinery is in order and well oiled, and if any naughty dissenter doubts that the ' parson is in the true line of succession from the great fisherman 'himself, (St. Peter,) he is either demolished with the London Quarterly, or put iu a state of qui escence by Bishop Onderdonk's organ, the Churchman. The chaplain is just at much engaged as aver in the Bible Class and Sabbath School. What a comfort it ia to the soldiera, to have one man amang them who emulates the example of our Saviour, in going abont doing good i and while it endears him to them, ne has the delightful consciousness of iulflUing his commission at Christ's minister. Cept. Eastman, whom you may remember as Profes sor si Wast Point, some years ago, it now engaged oa a One picture description of Indian life. The National Academy seldom has on its walla more truthful picturea, than some of the productions ofCapt. E 'a pen cil. In Indian scenes, I have never seen any thing in this country equal to his " ball playing," " breaking up an encampment," " medicine dance," and several others, which are real gema, and which ought to be owned la your city. Our neighbors, about seven miles below us, at the little aristocratic town of Pigseye, have been in hot es ter fer a long time, on a question of boundary. The upper Faubourg of that settlement has been cbiisUnsd by tha priest, St. Paul's, whether because many a poor fellow has been oast away there or not, it doth not ap pear : but the^ of St. Paul's are indignant at being called Pigseyers, as they consider themselves out of that diocese. Tha controversy has caused a good deal of hot blood. I had almost forgotten to tell you that we had e good grousing season, and that tha usual large number of birds were bagged by our sportsmen. Capital ducking in Sept. toe. And now, before 1 close, let me tender an invitation to you to visit us tho coming season. It ia a pleasant, and far from fatiguing trip. Hteam takes you to Chicago,? two days in tha stage to Galena, and then a good boat bring* you directly to the Fort, at tha mouth of tho St. Paters. Or, if you nesire a little adventure, take Lake Superior en route, and cross to the Mississippi, and down ?o tha Falls of St. Anthony. Last summer wo had a visit from President Moore, of Columbia College in your city : and the summer before, Rev. Mr. Stockbridge of the Navy, and young Mr. Lecomte, a naturalist Horn your city, paid ua a visit, and so did Tom Placid#. While we are hibernating, we look forward with plea sure to tha season ol visiting St. Anthony's Falli, seven miles above us, which brings many strangers in tho oonrsa of tho summor; and can wa not anticipate tho pleasure of a visit from you. Gloucester, Mass., March 3,1845. A Running Account?Ntw AlUU. Thus far on my journey to the East, 1 remain in this delightful New England village a few days, to recruit up a little. This town is thirty miles norlh east of Boston, and has one of the most capacious harhora on the whole Atlantic seaboard; the entire United States navy could ride safely at anchor Inside of Ten Pound Island. At A P. M. yesterday, the British steam ship Cambria passed the Cape, and ere this reaches New York, she will be sale to her moorings at Halifax. A large and elegant hotel 1s building on the plan of the Tremont, to accommodate .out Southern friends during the summer eeason; it Is leased to Evan Niles, Esq., for merly bookkeeper of the St. Charles, New Orleans. The hotel is built by Sidney Mason, Esq., of your city, for merly of this town. A railroad to connect with Salem is now being laid, which will be of great benefit to this flourishing village. Fifty years ago the first cotton mill was built U the little town of Beverly in this State, and I understand it is now standing, an ancient all future gene rations. Doubtless your hundred thousand readers are familiar with the city of Lawrence, which has lately sprung into .aistence on the placid waters of the Merrimac. We ave Istely visited the sprt.and were delighted both with the site and the magnificence and prospect of the enter Rrise. A company has been formed, called the Essex lanufaeturlng Company, mostly of Boston capitalists of the first water, among whom the Lawrences are the chief. They have commenced operations on a most mag nificent scale. Just above the bridge there is a ripple, or fall, upon which there is not more than one or two met of water in the drought of summer; here a dam is being built across the river; it will be about 900 feet long, M feet thick, and 37 feet high, built in the most thorough manner,of large granite rook, dovetailed, bolted, andee mente J together, from the bed of the river. This will arrest the entire waters of this beautiful and ever run ning river, giving a head and fall of over twenty-five feet at the dam and flowing it beck about seven miles. The available water power is immense, far exceeding that of Lowell or any other privilege In New Eoglaod. We see not why one hundred mills may not be erected, or even a greater number, and propelled at ail seasons of the year. This work is not a castle built in tfie air. The work is already begun, and is going on with energy. This manufacturing city will, ere long, leave Lowell and Manchester fir in the shade. Time nor tp-tce will not allow further details: in my next 1 will write you the business prospects of tho town in which 1 am at present located. TasVKLi.cs. Movements of Travellers. Yesterday's arrivals, it will be seen, were but little inferior, in point of numbers, to thoee hitherto reported during the latter part of the week. At the AxsBican? Peter S. Meredith, Philadelphia: H. C. Trumbull, Hartford: O. Emerson, Boston; T. Eddy, Now Jersey; A. R Bett, .Montgomery Co., Als. Asvoa?Capt. A Eldridge, packet ship Roscius; Mr. MoDuffy, Philadelphia;iMr. Austin, England; Mr. Fsrrfs, Boston ; Lewis and Pickens, do ; J. B Tretmsn, Hsute ville; R. Hioe and Daniel Malone, Athena, Ala: J. Kelly. Boston; Edward Wyasau, do; Messrs. Hsll. Curtis sad Dannatt, do; W. H. Addington, Norfolk ; Drydeu and Duvall, Baltimore ; Messrs. Lee, Withers, Bperry aad Thomas, Philadelphia; B. W James, Nsw Hampshire, Cept. A. 8. Palmer, ship Heuqna. Citv-W. Vssey, Philadelphia; W. Diune, Tennessee, C. Wede, Philadelphia; Mr. Motley, Borton: J HJftt son, Newerk, Ohio; Messrs. Rinton sad Watson, Phila delphia; Messrs Justice, Johns end Jelssie, do; L. Carl ton, Troy; J. Brand, N. J. Enseal.?J. H. Wamar. Naw Hampshire. J D. Haver, Buffalo; J. O. Lesgrevs, New Hampshire: V. B. Jewett do; Messrs. Rich, Howard and Eox, Buffalo; Bid wall and MoCain. Pittsburgh ; Masara., Brawn, Htuert and Bust, Syracuse; Cspt. Musgreva, England; o#o. Corcoran, Nowbnrgh; George Case, Westchester county. OiOSS-Henry Ingram, Philadelphia; Charles Homer set. England; Harvey Hmlth, Boston. Howsan-J.U McClure, Milteraburgh, Ky.; K W. Taylor, do; W. Topp, Toanoaao; A. Emerson, Botton; J. Wede, Massachusetts; Mr. Clarke, Alabama; E. Mr Li my, Cincinnati; J. Means, Augusta, Me.; O. Hherman, New York; J. Gould, Rochester; Geo. Rose, Newark-, J. C. Gilmotn, Philadelphia; J. Farley, Alabama; L. O. Grant, Brown Co., Ky.; B. Hailett, J. C. Hsrlrtt, / .nee viila, Ohio; Hon. J. H. IxjrTTTr Mainei Messrs. ->cott, Craeey, Collins and Dmho, Iintwihy

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