Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Mart 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Mart 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??Li XnH Mo. 08-WlMte lo. *881. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 10, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation... Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Erary day. Trice I ceaU P*r copy? rw#F/KLYQlf^!iLD^^e"<fctiirjUy-Pnee l< ?**? HUNTING of til kind, executed with bounty (adder All letter* or communication*, m^?ddr?"?d ?? the establishment, nut be port pud, or the pontage will be deducted Lot. the ^J^^RDoOTENNim-. v Proprietor of the New Tome H?uau> EsTanLreHiuire weet enraar of Fulto* and Naaean .treats FOR SALE. Ma DESIRABLE RE91DENCE in Nineteenth street, near Irvine Piece, two itory and attic, with under cel lar?ra.rble mantel* in baaement, and firat and *econd ?tone*?built by day'* work, about three year*ago, for aprivat* "iiT,L.a.7?T,r"M ^^sbn?K,N. m5 Iw'rc 110 Lherry street. TO LET, M THE RECESS, No. 157 Broadway, New h ork?the ffsn fnruitnre and fixtare* belonging thereto for **le cheap. JiUlnqnise on the premises. m5 lw'r TO LET. A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the Tillage of Jamaica, L- I ; at present occupied by Doctor G. H Kiuam, with (table in the r?ar. The Houm i* modern built, three atory with marble man tela, in complete Older. Possts aiou given lit of May. Alio, Two oilier home* in the Tillage, all well located, br ag i ear the Hailroad Depot and both Academiea, one of a? * ?CCnPied ml Iw'Tt Jamaica. L. I TO LET- -From the firat of May next?Part of a three itory House, delightfully aitnatrd in Eaat Broadway, ind occupied by a small family of thre* young persona. ...tall quiet family these ApartmeuU will be let reason able Address " Private Houae," Branch Ton Office, with teal name and where an interriew may be had, will be attended to immediately. ... . . ... N. B. Undoubted reference will be required. rot lw r TO LE I", IN FuRr LEE, N. J., M A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about i acres of fmV ground and a number of wooden buildings* in tolerable JLjUgood condition, which were formerly used as a chemi cat factory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; sitnatedon the Hacheusack road, only a few mi.utra walk from the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whom a lease will be given for several year*, if required. Inquire of Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf, 99 Liberty street, New York. m!2w*rc _____ TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, tTWO New three story and baaement bricL. , ? with the privilege of free ferriage, now in course or com pletion, which will be ready for occupancv ou or before it. They win be fittrdin beautiful style and be re plete with all the late improvement*. They each contain II rooms besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels aod black grates throughout, and are SI fret front by 52 deep, with wide court yards and iron railings. The situation is delight ful, commanding* fine view of theriver, bay and city, and is within one minute's walk of the ferry, where the new ferry boats leave every 15 minutes for Barclay at, crossing in ? to 10 minutes; and every half honr to Canal and Christopher its ? Apply at the ferry at Hoboken. ml 2w-rc NOTICE. DWELLING HOU8E8, STORES and vacant Lou, i.i.m for sale, rent or exchange. Investments made on pro XJM, dnetive Heal Estate, that will pay tr on ten to twenty percent on the purchase money, with an i i creaxe in value of from ten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mt ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Insure ice obtained from the most responsible companies in the country. Apply at 155 Third Avenue, . JO"N ALLEN. N.B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here ar at No. 8 Broad street, at tire short est notite. CALVIN rOLLAKD. 110 lm*re Architect FOR SALE, OR TO LET, onth: most reasonable iRU terms, three two-story Dwelling 1-tnses, in North b'tl Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Williams burgTL. 1. Two of the above are new,and intended as Kcnteel residence*, being finished in the best manner, and supplied with spring and rain water in the kitchen, and coal ranlu in front, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain ecured, at 6 per cent. Enquireou g* fu lm*TTC 88 Wall atreet M QUARRY FOR HALE. OR TO LEASE-Situ ate on the Passaic river, in North Belleville, formerly Jllllbelonging to Abraham Joralemon, Esq. Said quarry rtf&n extensively worked for th.iityyears past, aad w ope of the best quarries of free stone in New Jersey, and it in good order for working. The p.emisrtcon.istoftwodwell ings, store house, two barns, two hundred ieel of whan, and seventeen acres of land, wiiich will be sold entir-, or the quarry separate, if desired. For furthet?particulars, enquire of the subscriber, at the poet office u ?^1qhnC LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. 18,18?g. fit lm?mc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. 8 A PLEASANT country aeut in the village of .Madi son, Morns county. New J.reey, within a few minute, ?walk of the beautiful residence of Wm. Oibbots.Esq., about 25 mile* from New York city?communication to on twice a day, any day in the year, per Morris ana Xs sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on which urn Tina Houses andu Barn, with a first re e well of water Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premises (relocated is a commanding position, overlooking the whole vsCsn; and is one of the most desirable locations in the place, being within two minutes wglk of the railroad de pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who desires to retire in the country, ror particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber^ ^ TH0MPg0V, ft! lm*rc Morristown. N.J A RARE CHANCE. , ? ? WILL BE SOLD cheap, oe exchanged for city pso riTfoffiSaving'been nil cultivated. highly manured and seeded, within five vears past, and yields abundant crops, litaiud 30 miles from New York. 4 irom Huntington, 3 from Cold Spring, and 5 from Farmingdale, by the beet roads in the county of Suffolk. Tbe building, are all nearly new, and con sist of a commodious Dwelling. 2 Barns, Cow ShedSjCar riage House. Poultry House, Ice House, Bakery, WashRoom. and Smoke House. Twenty seres lie m a position to produce the earliest vegetablee, and being wit lin IK honrs communi cation with Brooklyn, to which caie run from Farmingdale three times a diy, make* it very desirable. Steamboats also le sve Cold Spring daily for New York. For further particu " ^ttJohl'st. FOR SALE?A fine black HORSe., 15 hands thigh, kind and gentle in single and double harness, a ? C,.t traveller, of fine etyle and action, and a very tree aouie ti ,rse, 6 or 7 years old, all sound. To be seen at the New fork Hippona. No. 85 and fit Watt etreet. *?9 3t m ROSE HILL STABLES. *lh Street snd Third i Avenue, and opposite BullI ? Head. Ju?t for sale at the above Stables, about fifty Northern and vvStern Horsos-mnong which are eight pairs matched eight or tea good road horse*,a?d **???' nortSrY;? r.-ufavMRLjr^ ^ TO MILLINERS. dD 5JW CARL KING, the well known and celebrated i?ret|premium Straw Hat Manufnetnrer. inform* the public in general, that he has for tale a most splendid assortment of HubeT Fancy STRAW HATS, manulactured of an entire new article, called Paris Straw Gimp, made to the shao# of the Shepherdnees Gipeev?so beautiful and becoming, they need only be seen to beadmired. Millioers. and merchants of | the trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchases, ** the goods will be sold by the case or dosen at a very liberal price. CARti ring, 17 Division street N B.?A general assortment of all kind* of Strew Good* ?*d Pari* Ribbon* ?lw?y* on hnad. lm r J FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR ?S 58-?Uy'"A. and are equal to those sold in other etoree for ?5j fin* French Calf Boots for 114 58. equal tot he best ff***1-1*"* city for SS or $7?at YOUNG A JONES' French Boet and Shoe Manufactory; one of the most fashionable city; our Boots baying been judged m Uie lete Fur at Niblo ?, tre Mid to be the beat Boou ever told m this city. All Boou warranted to give .awfactio^ fc JQ Ann.trert Js37 la*rh bmi Brosdwsy, New York. ' iJKf- NOTH'K. ^^T^be.n appointed Agent for tbe Old Established tmi XX grant Hons* of John Herdmtn A Co., No. gl South street New York. lwrc - 1 rxja NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER JNSW. POOL?Packet of 21st of March.?The ep'endid, fast J^BLsailmg and fsvorit* packet shipHOTTINOUER.1100 iSsstTTiheii, Captain Ira Bmsley, will sail on Saturday, MThe Hu^oVthislinV beingall 1080 ton. and upwards, per sons about to embark for the Old Conatry will not fail to see tlhe advsiitaoges to be derived from aelectiog thw line iu prcfer .?ce to soy other, as thsir gre.t cspucit? render, them every wuy more eomforuble nnd convenient than nhipe of i imall clntf.und their accommodation! for cabin, lecond cabin and . tteerage i?eeMngeri, it ia well knows, are tupenor to those of miy other line of packets. Persons wiahwg to secure berths rfS 5i,? M"y A^AJ-'t. TASC6TT" f00t At their general Paasag* Office, 75 South street, 0,,r corner of Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?Th* New Lin*?Regular .packet of flat March?Th. superior fact mUiag Set ship HQTT1NOUER. 105# ?' burthra. ship HOTT1NOUER, 1158 ton. bi Jut Ire onnley, will sail as above, hor rogularday or w 17 South sucet. The pschrt"h?P t'irerpool, 1158MBS, C*pt- John F.ldridg*. Will succeed tho Hotunguer, and sail on the tint of April, her regular day. m7 rf REGULAR LINE OF PACKET SHIP^-Paeket agj^ofthe 11th March?The first class,.Isat sailing puck ABbret ship WATERLOO, Capt. Allen, burthen 1000 ions, will sail a* abort, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin. 2d eabin and steerage paeeengera. person, intending to embark, should jXTmmcffiaU appi.cauon ou hrenffflt or Corner of Pine and South stteet*. The picket ship ASHBURTON, Cspt. Ilowjand. burthen HMO too*, will succeed the Independence, and sail on the 8tb Apnl. her regular day. n?7B. Persons deeirous of sending for their friends, can have there brought out by the above uup.on moderate terms, by making application as sbovs. m7r WANTED?A ship to load for a southern Port.? JMk Apply to E. K. COLLINS A CO., Ha ill r 58 Month at. OACKKT SHIP HOn iNGUKR, IVom Liverpool-Con r signeee per this vessel will particularly oblige u* by send in* their permit* on board, west side Burling slip, without de ft. WOUDHULL A MINTUAN. IT South st. m7 re ACKET SHIP BALTIMORE, from HAVRE?Con.ig tree, by this ship will picas* send iheir permits on hoard, fit pl?f No. 4 N. All goods not permitted ia five day* will b? scat to th* pub lic *toro. miftro MAIL LIME FOR BOSTON. oxic^mni" lon(wsl3 ?ir rroA'tihcVJ\ woaca.? *nct am?'''' U teJaSS*3 ?? LUNtj ISLAM L) RAILKOAi) OUMPAft v'"* " CommTRA,N8 ?o?llSw8, ^'FarmmjJbl ^"jkraexeepted *(?PP1K U*ve BrookJyn-At9*A&?JV"\ ate nUrlu d,'.!* H T,B* "d mtermedi r?nDday* Meepted, and on Tariday., and Saturday., through lO UrcCUDOrtllDil ?1. * ," ii ' ? iiur?aay? ana secure ?? ~ '?*JIe?"P?r'?gd intermediate Pl ?til. 31.,for harimngdale and intermediate <*??? Oreanrmrt RC<>?' 8und?y? excepted. Ureenport-Botton Tram, at! o'clock, P.M.. or on dlV^s j2 th" ?*??""? from Norwich, Jj T' ???daT* eicepted, .topping at 8l h Oeorpe . Manor and Karmingdale. Accommodation Train, /iM_. i ?? *v,<oudayi, Wednesdays and Fridays mRdale?hor Brooklyn atS\ o'clock, A.M.,and f ? . J *?_***?? ^'iy? BuodiTi excepted Jwtatca?kor Brooklyn, at I o'clock, A M. and IV P. fesij t torSi? ^^ir&urbiHToS, <^Li^tcT,e)1 lsa*; Cnt-' Ureanport by B^t.n Train jfe *"'1 Aee"' tnu"' 1 ?i Staiimf/ "r,"LrMdm'" 00 ,he ?"'?? of Train, at the several ^liona, to take yery low Kane, to all part, of the 4SK?gNSEt!tfa&a^ni!fi?ft* aMfflSBBE? M|H^8PRINOti'IKLD-OailTJ (8do-!K3^K ZKKZ_dayi excepted, at 6K A. M. FORK ofl^H AMFmai "B<> eommodion. .teamen NEW mi! LHAMPION, and am re at Albany the aame eren Arrangemeuta hare been made to make the line en? paaacngcra cap depend on arriving aa adrarti.ed, j.l imre NOTICE 1 NEWYORK AND HARLEM R R. CO .n?n, an J "frer THUR8DAF, 12th in.t, the train that leave. 27lh .treet at 7 30 A. M for lLHem will leave at 7 o'clock A. Al. Returning will .leave Morruania and Harlem at 7 30 A. 1$. for wifcraft"IgSg&S H,UI f?r ??? 30 P- M. P Mheii?i'i that ,'aT"4)iJrH?>' for William.' Bridge at 4 70 ^ Returning will leaveVillUm. 4 ?'p.M.mforhj{^Ve,orYhlt* *U 10 P" M MAIL LIME AT 7i O'CLOCK, A. M C _ P TO ALBANY, AND intermediate landing., or ..far a. the bu?rh SI 60. Brrukfa.t on board the boat. "^ 10 "" 1 it-i. ?elebrate,d ,ce ?'eamboai UTICA, Captain T N every morning at 7^ All package, and parcel, will be landed at any oftiit, regular P1'd f?r " the A*eo''a <">d thSo^^I^whiff''aPPl7 00 bo"J' <? P- C Bchuln, at NOTICE^STATJCN ISLAND ferry W-wnjrr^liigiSifttS'"" *? of IS AM* 6081 will leave at 11 o'eloek, inatead BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. ' x?.e Britiih and North American Royal JJ W.J... 1??^1'ED E" Lott' Comm,nder, on Friday, May 1, Paaaage to Liverpool g,M Pa..ageto Halifax *J?! For freight er pauage, apply to No Berth aeenred nntil ^Jf^EN ? con by letter, fpoat Jid.) willKS ?prompl ?ttInat'on.APPl,C,? fti rh ^ J - T/ tapscott, . 76 Booth al cor. Maiden Lane. "^"ANb. ? Lvaiaiana and New iW PJcket'.fo Mil Monday, March flPPPm'1', The elegant, fastaailing packet thir>S4K ry-=xm p ??? a llt-K. OOLLlNSkCO.56 8outh PMkit Wk OE^KsS"'^^^ a11 BOoJa t0 h'? addreu. Jitem PACKETS bOH HAVKE-Second l.we-l hl u""j for lieijlu or pua?ge, apply t0 n.6 ,c 0YD fc "JNCKEN. 9 Tontine Bnilding, ? M Wall'at. S'di? 'ToSS k. 2,? ?" ?? m3 FOR SALfe-?To clo?e a concern?The Line o Liverpool Packets .consisting of the ships ROSCIUS uinnn\ia u ii l* i? in .1 m ...j maddi/'V t?i 8IDDON8, SHERIDAN and UARR1CK. They were built ill thi* CUT, by Brown St Bell, with unusual care, for model, material (a very Urge proportion of their frame being lire oak.) and wotkmanshiii, they are nnsnrpassed, if not nnrqnalled?salted on the stocks, and re-salted erery yeai since. Their accommodations lor passengers are very exteo sire and handsomely famished. Apply to fair ? K. K. COLLINS It CO .36 Snath st FOR OLA8GOW.?REGC L AR PACKET The well known fast sailing Packet barque ADAM IHSb CARR, 00 tons, Capt Hugh McEweu, daily ex pected, will meet with quick dispatch. " *? 1?1? ?ions For freight or passage, having excellent accommodatii apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, f Is rc 87 Soath street. UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI GRANT OFFICE.?The subscribers ere prepared to engage p.isengers to come oat by the early Spring ships, at ~r(or a very low rate. Drafts can. as nsnal, be famished, payable thronghoat the United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to fair J. HEADMAN It Co., 81 t I Sonth at. FIRST PACKET FOR GLASGOW With Diapatch?The lplendid and faat aailing packet ihip iADAM CARR, Capt. McEwen, will have imme oiale dispatch for the above port. Thlashiu has very comfortable accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, wmch will be taken at reasonable rates. To secure berths early application should be made on board, at Peck slip, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, T5 South at, mi r cor. Maiden lane. PASSAGE FROM NEWRY, IRELAND-The fast sailing coppered ship BROTHERS, Capt. JMHNmValpey. 700 tons burthen, will sail from the above port on the 10th March next, affording a good opportunity for passengers who wish to oome direct to New York. For terms of passage, which are moderate, apply to Wk J. T TAPSCOTT, 7S South at. jaJ7 rh tornsr Maiden lane. Irom Li vert PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, (via Liverpool.)?The subscribers are epared to make engagements to bring passenger* IMpfaprepared to make engagementa to bring passenger* Irom Liverpool by any of the tegular packet ships, sailing erery five days ; and also by first class transient ships, to sail Positively on their appointed days, at their lowest k rom f be i rom their new arrangements for this year, Raving eaublisbed a Branch of the concern in Liverpool, no Ateation whatever, can take place. For lurther particular*, apply to JOHN HEADMAN it CO.. (1 South street. _ near Wall street, New York. ? ? HEADMAN, KEENAN It CO., Liverpool. N.B.?Drafts can as usual be furnished for any amonnt, payable throughout Great Britain and Ireland, on application as above. ft? rc TAPgCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION > OcFlCES, 73 South Street, comer of Maiden Lone, I-,- - - ~ , .m wuh.ii ? mi Win ... ...HIHHH a, MHMmNew York, and 96 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. Person* wishing to secure passage for their friends from Li verpool, during the coming season, in the New Line of Liver pool packets, are respectfully informed by the suhacribers thu the undermentioned magnificent and favorite packet ships will sail Prom Liverpool positively as advertised; in any ol wlwch passage can be engaged on the most reasonable terms, and every necessary measure will be used to have those whose passage may be engaged oe this aide of the Atlan'ic, despatch ed in as comfortable a manner as possible. Ship Rochester, on the ith April; sliipGarrick. on the llthdo; ship tiotlinguer, on the Sth May. The well known sailing qualities of these favorite packets, render any remarks unneessary, and their ae cootmodatiom for cabin, second rub in and steeiage puifuffrs, surpass those of any other line. To secara passage, and for farther particular*, apply o W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. n. 8-wkj.,T. t v't^;sSf;i6rs? amonnt. payablethroughontri Britain and Iralag 1. ftl erh UNITED STATES. AND OREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD naiJMLIRAED EMIGRANT OFFICE. THE Subscribers are prepared to engage paassn f:ers to come out by the early spring ships, at a vsry ow rate. Dtafta can. as usnal, be tarnished, pay :>le throughout the United Kingdem. For farther particulars, apply to J. HERDMAN It CO., dM r 81 Sonth street. KM sheets CotdKolled Co? MOLD ROLLED COPPKH-i?d0 shests ColdRollsd Ujrar. unequalled, frsm II to* DR. 8IVA YNETS Compound Syrup ef Wild Cherry, THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor 1* Due. It msy truly be ?aid, that no one hai ever been so successful in com pounding a medicine, which has doue so much to relieve the ha man family, to rob dis ease of its terrors, and restore the Invalid to Health and comfort, as the Inventor and Proprietor of that most deser tedly popular family medicine, Da. Swathe's CoMrouisD Stat r of Wild Cherry, and none has be?u so generally pa tronized by the profession and others, both in this country and in Earope, nor has there ever been so great an effort, in the short space ol only six orseven Tears, to deceive the credu lous and unthinking, by pnttiog up Nostrums Itiods, of varions kinds, by varioQs individuals, affixing the uame of Wild Cherry, mid is much of the name of the original prepara tion as will screen them from the lash of the law, and one of the Impoatois who puts out the common paregoric of the shops, and calls it the Balsam or Wild Cherry. hat had the impudence to cantion tha public agaiust the Original Pre paration, Dr. Swaynk'i Compound Svuur ofWild Cherry, which is lining so much good in the world BaWARIC OF SI SUCH ItHPOSTICUS. And purchase none hut the original and only genuine article, as prepared bv Dr SwaTISK, which is the only one compound ed by a Regular Phytician, and arose from many years close attention to the Practice of the Profession, and which led to ihis great discovery Thousands and tens of thousoidaof the beat testimonials of the unparalleled succeaa of Dr. Swayue's Compound of Wild Cherry, for the cure of Consumption! Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Liver Complaint, Tickling or Rising in the Tnroat, Nervons Debility, Vvcakness of Voice, Palpitation or Disease of the Heart, Pain in the Side or Breast, Broken Constitution from various causes, the abuse of cio mel, See., Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, lie , were declared to the world year* before any other preparation of Wild Chkhhit c me out. The moat sceptical may satisfy themselves as to the truth of the above by a little inquiry in Philadelphia. The genuine article is prepared only by Dr. SwArrsg, whose office has been removed 13 N. W. corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia. The Balsam and other iptiriout articlet of Wild Cherry has been sold out, and resold out, acd the proprietors are obliged to retort to False hood and Stratagem to make their own out of it. The ge nuine article is put up in plain style, ui square bottles, covered with a blue wrapper, with a yellow label, with the proprietor's signature atfehrd. I CP" The Public are requested to remember that it is Dr. 3W/ - ? SWAYNKS COMPOUND SYRur OK WILI) CHER RY that has and is repea'edly performing such miraculous cures of diseases which have liallled the skill of rhe Profes sion, and set at defiance the whole catalogue of Patent Medi cine I, which are daily puffed through the organs of the press. Therefore, ask (or Dr. 8 WAYNE 8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF Wiui"CHEKK'yTaid pun hase no other. Aoents irs New Yore?Charles H. Rio , Druggist, 191 Broadway, corner of Joha street: Sands, 181 Bowery; Warner, 205 Bleeeker stieet: Dodd, 771 Broadway: Lewis, 527 Green wich strett; Hart, 348 Oiand street; Everett, 95 Hudson street; or Bailey, corner of Folton and Sands streets, Brrooklyn. fJ8 Ira'm THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES, OR those whose Lungs are affected slightly, should take this Syrup without delay, by which they may prevent the fixing of that dire disease inlly and firmly. How important then, to avoid it. Never live a day with a cough when thin Syrup can be had and yon are nearly certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OR WILD CHERRY. It ia a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it is called Wild Cherry, because that article is the basis of the preparation. It is so combined with other ingredients, that the utmost effi acv it given to its good qualities; as a supporter and preser of the powers and functions ol life, it I ver of the powers and functions ol life, it has no equal. Caption?All preparations of Wild Cherry, except Dr. Swayne's, are fictitious and counterfeit, and sprang up years elf into tn? after this valuable remedy had introduced itself into lh? sick cnamber; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balsams" and "Spurious Mixtures," but try the genuine and be mired. Prepared onlyby Dr. Swayne, N. W. corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia, Sold wholesale and retail at Charles H. Rings, (late Dr. Mil nor'a,) 198 Broadway, corner of John at.; and at Drug stores, 188 Bowery, 771 Broadway, 205 Bleeeker St., 96 Hudson street, and 348 Grand st-rrt. jlj Im'm RHEUMATISM. Compound Syrup of the Hydriodate of Potaua SARSAPARILLA, AND YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE is prepared from thepurest article*, and is recommended as the best and only sure cure of Rheuma tism At thia season of the year especially, it is of the greatest importance, as it will remove all tnose extremely unpleasant symptoms, (severe pains, stiffness of the joints, back, shoul ders. (tc he.) It thins, purifies, and quickens the circulation, and leaves every part of the animal economy in a perlect state of health. The virtues of each article have long been known to the faculty, and by their judicious admixture their effects to the faculty, and by their jndiciou are greatly increased. For sale by ftflm'm CHA8. H. RING, 193 Broadway. MOTHER'S CORDIAL. THE superior efficacy of this article, when used in the last stages of pregnancy, is so apparent, that no female who has once experienced its benefits wonld be willing, on any condj ? ?_?-??j ? ,? .?wc, ?.?w ?f tion, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and dimi nish ihe sufferings attendant on Child Birth one half, and tnus place -othcbildand mother in a state of safety. This is no quack article, but the prescription of a regul a Physician,. ne who hat made this branch of his practice a par tiular study. For sale at 193 Broadway corner of John street. AT Im'r FITS! FITS! I VAN'S VEGETABLE EXTRACT?An infallible reme dy for Cpileptie Fit* or Felling Sickness, Convulsions, kc.?This medicine, which in purely vegetable, in the only remedy that haa ever been dii'orered which will positively care this hitherto invulnerable disease, ft is well known, from time immemorial, physicians have pronounced Epileptic Fits incurable. It has baffled all their skill, and the boasted power of all medicine, nud consequently thousands hare suf fered through a miserable existence,and at last yielded uptheir lives upon the altar of insanity. This is no fiction, as the pa ternal feelings of innumerable hearts will bear testimony.? And with all delereuce to the opinions of physicians, the learned and great, wesay positively, Epilepsy can be cured ? We care not of how long standing, or what are the effects pro duced by it, it can be cured. The Vegetable Fx tract is all powerful in curing this dread scourge ot the humsn family hundreds have been cured, and the certificates of many may besernat the principal office, 194 Grand street. New York, where the afflicted are invited to call and have their cases ex amined, and advice given free of charge. Let tbose who donbt ' ~ ' vegetable f* " the efficacy of the Vegetable Extract, or who think their caae ix hopeless, let inch call upon the following persons, who have either been cured, orare now nsing the medicine. Mrs. Jane Bennett, whoae son was afflicted for eight or nine Ears with Epiletic Fita, was cured by using the Vegetable xtract?call and see her st 171 Grand st. Mr. Jacob Petty, who waa afflicted for four years with Epi leptic Fits, was cured by using the Vegetable Extract; call and see him at 174 Delsncy street. Mrs. Eleanor W. Kief waa afflicted for twenty years with Epileptic Fita,and wasenred by asing the Vegetable extract?call and see ber at Yorkville. Mr. Wm. H.rarsells, who haa been afflicted for twenty-three yeara with Epileptic Fita, it now nsing the Vegetable Extract; call and see him at No. 119 Broome street. And numerous others mty be called on if desired. P. 8.?The Extract, togsther with the necessary medicines, with lull directions, are carefully packed in boxea for trans portaticn. Prices per box. $9,$17 and $14. Single bottles, with neces sary medicine, $2. Ivan's Vegetable Anti-Bilious Pills, for removing all morbid and corrupt humors, and purifying the blood. Price 99 cents per box. DRS. IVANS it HART. Proprietors. IXj" Principal Office 114 Grand st., New York. Afi lm*m RING'S CANDY, FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMAS, CROUPS, and alt diseases ol tne lungs. Tviis Vegetable Cough Candy, preparedirom the most approved vegetable remedies for coughs, is fast taking the leu of all ether preparations. It is prepared and sold by CHARLES H. KINO, Druggist, 199 Broadway, corner of John street. d!7 lm*m Successor to W7H Milaor. LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, TAKE X have ? greet pleasure in informing th. ir customers that the, have just received by the packets Burgunay and 8t. ol the laines. largest Nicholas, their new fancy spring goods, consisting ol richest style Lyons Silk, rich Paris printed Muslin-de-lan Barege, Balxonne, Tarletan Jaconets, kc.?Also, the Ian assortment of Broche and printed long and square Shawls, 'Mil Scarfs, kc. In atyle and richness, we believe onr goods can not bo surpassed by any importation this Spring. Your kind attention to, and inspection of the same is respectfully solicited.. LAURENT k XhOTHER. jelT lm*T No. 4 William street. PAPER HANGING. call the attention of the citixens of New York and others wanting goods in their line, to their extoneiVe assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, Borders, Fiw Board Prints, .Curtain Tapers, and all other articles in their line of biuraees. H. k B. have received from the Institutes for the encourage ment of Domestic Manufactures in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufacture ol their gooids, ilatter themselves that they ess sell a better article for thcaainr money than can be purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to their of Fresco Tapers for Parlors, and Column large assortment Papers lor Halls, Public Rooms, Entries, kc. kc. Also, CtiUTAiw Paries, a new article for Windows. Papering ol Rooms, Halls, kc. promptly attended to by care fnl workmen. Country merchants tnd city dealers will find it to their ad vantage tfj?$?,L^e5{'BROTH|CR8 No m Broadway. Two doors above the City Hotel. A Jot of Drawers and Shelving for sale as above. iaiSt lm*rh THE i A i ma a 11 ATI B. ROUSSEL'S UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, , most superior article now in use, is neatly put up in ?mall botes, and presented flee of charge, on trial, to all who apply at the manufacturer's, E. ROUBSEL, 199 Broadway, Wholesale and retail. ill lm*i TRUFFLES. Also, Bordeaux Winea in casks and cases, Kiersch, Absinth and ChinpiiDe. of thf bwt hwdi iltlni+r COLUMBIA HOUSE, ChutmU Street, between. 6th and 7th Strtdt, PHILADELPHIA. BJtOI.EY, MACKENZIE <f- CO., Profrieltrt. Jams BaoLtv, late of Jones's Hotel. Rt.vsr G. Macxr.nxnt, formeily of IV , . I.ington House. txu L. r rem L. Fxanuson. f 14 6mr BOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either A. tarn or small, will always fin da ready purchaser and goed prises, by addressing a few linos, giri|g^ame juyd member, to O la** 71 Naeaaa, or ir Hiringtoa New Orleans, Feb. 23,184ti. Markets?Sluim Bailie?Carnival?Ma*</uerade Balls? Theatricals, &c., 4*c. No alteration has taken place in the cotton, flour, sugar, or molasses markets, since my last, and a lair business has been done. There was a consid erable anxiety on the part ot brokers to sell yester day, and I should not be at all surprised if there was a slight reduction in rates to-day. The foreign news is daily expected, and it is generally thought here, that it will not be of so favorable a character as the last, al though for what reason I know not, except it is expect ed that John Bull will hare had his spleen raised by pondering on the President's Message. Washington's birth day was celebrated here on Sunday with becoming honors. The troops turned out and had a grand sham light; but, according to my view, it was a serious att'sir. The field was crowded with spectators, and I was one of the number, but unfortunately got on the wrong side of the house, and my side was beat all to eternal smash by the opposing army, and were considerably harrassed by our own troops The citizens who were anxiously watching the manoeuvres of the contending parties, fondly imagining that our own advanced guard would firotect us with their field pieces, were remorseless y charged upon by a company of our own cavalry, and driven into a muddy ba>ou, from which we escape* with the loss of much tooteei, only to meet a terrific volley from our own infantry, whose cartridges mmle us feel exceedingly blauk. Our heart palpitated with fear at one period, when a mounted otneer rode furiously down upon us from the fiout, and exclaimed, in a voice of thunder, " Advance '.?advance '. The enemy are upon us !" Our commanding officer looked deadly paid ?despair sat upon the biidge of his nose ?and in a tone of the deepest mortification and regret, he exclaimed, "Well, general, I can't got this force O?d Theatricals are flourishing finely. Mrs. Mowatt and Crisp are doing an excellent business at the St. Charles. Crisp has a benefit to-night, and plays In the " School for Scandal," Harry t'lacido appearing as Sir Peter, and an>l Mrs. Mowatt as Lady Teazle 1 am sorry to say that Miss Josephine Clifton is very ill, and confined to her bed with u very serious disorder-inflammation ot the bowels. She is under the care of Dr. Luzemburg, who says that she will not get well for several weeks. She was to have appeared with Murdoch, a' the Ameri can Theatre, last evening, as Lady Macbeth, but being unable to do so, "Hamlet" was substituted. Mr. Mur doch did net play as well as he did on the first night of his appearance at the Park Theatre, although his per formance was highly respectable. The Keans com mence here next week, and will play for two weeks. But, alas ! we are not to have Augusta this season, the very recollection ot which melancholy fact induces me to drop my pen. February -Jfi, 1846. The holidays are over, and now we are in the midst of Lent, but I can perceive no very great difference in the state of affairs generally. There is very little life with out doors at any time, whatever there may be insido the portals. Mardi Oras was a total failure, notwithstand ing the flourish of trumpets that had "been sounded for days, leading every one to suppose that the proceedings of the day would be something extra. About the time that the masquerade procession was to join, a fine shower sprang up and came down, cooling most essen tially the ardor of the tnasqueraders, and keeping most of them within doors. The display was meagre indeed? isented. about -JO characters represented. The procession was swelled by carriages containing females without charac ter, in masks, and the affair was not only shabby but disgraceful. The streets were thronged with people, particularly in the French part of the town, the Creole ladies turning out in all their beauty to see the anticipa ted sport. In the evening there were a number of mas querade balls in diflerent parts of the city, some of which were very exclusive, and some of which were open to every body. They were all wretched, however. At the St Louis ball room, patronised by the "upper crust," there were several hundred present, and many beautiful women, but to my surpriae not more than twenty per sons eut of the number were dressed in character or masked, although it professed to be a masquerade ball There were very few characters represented. The most prominent ones were the two dromios, Charles the 2nd, and a tow headed Romeo.? Charles the 2nd had crooked legs, and Romeo looked as if he had "rasurrected" for the occasion, and stalked about in the most ghoxt-Iike manner imaginable This a rut New York. Theatricals are still In a fine state at the 8t. Charles and French theatres,but the Americas is on its last legs. Murdoch had a benefit on Wednesday evening at the American, and notwithstanding all the luss that bis friends have made, and the attempt to drive Crisp from the stage to make room for him, he bad a very thin house, not moie than $240, while, on the contrary, Crisp had a splendid house at his benefit, almost, it not quite the best house of the season. Mrs. Mowatt has a benefit this evening, and makes her last appearance.? The Keens commence their engagement on Monday.? Mr. Oxley appears to morrow and Sunday night. The markets are quiet?very little has been done in Cotton?the sales not having exceeded 8000 bales since my last, although a larger amount has been reported in some of the papers. The arrivals have not been very large, but the stock on band is about the same aa when I wrote last The other markets are quiet. Vicksbvko, Feb. 24,1&46. Vic kt burg at it fVas and at it It?State of Thingt? Mitt Clifton and Mitt Daff? Theatrical!?Large Fire, fyc. The City of Vicksburg, as you are well aware, has a reputation abroad not at all enviable. It bears as bad a character, probably, as any other place within the domains of the United States. It is pointed to in glaring characters as being a place where thieves, murderers and robbers, can stalk through the streets in open daylight and practice their deeds of des peration unchecked ; and when deeds of the deepest vil lainy are practised in any part oi the country, how natural the expression, " This would do honor to Vicks- 1 burg." It is represented to be flooded with gamblers, i and that the principal business of the inhabitants it to gamble and frolic, frolic and gamble. I have even heard it said, that one could not walk through a single street without stumbling over a dozen faro banks or roulette tables. In fact, everything that has been found in the dictionary of vice, has been heaped upon the City of Vicksburg. Such wilful misrepresentations as these And many an open mouth and stomach umply large to swallow and digest them all. And as this is the case, al low me the privilege of rebutting these egregious state ments and if possible to convince these swallowers ef "big stories," that " these things are not so." 'Til true, in days of yore?days past and gone?the morality and christian forbearance of Vicksburg did not stand quite as high as in some of the godly towna in the pious old State of Connecticut?that ever-to-be-remembered land of wooden nutmegs and horn gun flints. Bat a charge has come o'er the spirit of her dream?she is completely revolutionized. The things that were are not. She has dolled herself of her old habiliments, and decked her self in a new costume, and now stands before the world an object of admiration rather than scorn. In 1836 the orderly portion of the citizens turned out en matte, and gibbeted some five or six of the bully gamblers, of which class of gentlemen the city was in fested. After the execution, all gentlemen of the gam bling fraternity were modestly requested to slope for " some more genial clime," or be served likewise. They decamped forthwith, acting under the wise rule that : " discretion is the better part of valor." Although the means to which our citizens resorted were illegal, yet the effect was lasting and salutary, and | ever since that time the standard of Taw and order has floated triumphantly in the breese. It is generally ad mitted that Judge Lynch discharged himself faithfully, and in the end, to a good purpose, on that important oc casion. Tis true we sometimes sea a "pistol," and occasion ally notice a game at fisticuffs ; but these things, you 1 know, will happen in the " best regulated families." As a general thing, we claim to be as steady as those who live in the land of" steady habits," so callled. The honest people of the North may think their " babies handsomer than other folks' "? " And perhaps it's a fact? But, pot, don't call kettle black." They may point to us with a finger of scorn, and call us I a set of uncurbed barbarians?and believe it, too, if they please. But we would say, " Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." We may be assailed from every quarter. The missiles of "distant public opinion" may be hurled at us, and man may invent stories of blood and death, and heap them upon us ; yet we can smile through them all, and reply in the proverb of the Arabs, or with Col. Damaa in the play of the " Lady of Lyons," as he expresses the proverb to the unfortunate Monsieur Beauseant?" Curses and lies are like young chickens?they'll come home to roost." Suffice it to say, we are in a flourishing condition.? Fine, spacious buildings are Deing erected, and every thing denotes a series of prosperous and uninterrupted years. We are favored with three newspapers, edited ' with great ability. 1 cannot stop writing without mentioning something ' in the way of our amusements. We are accommodated with a little theatre, there to while away the leisure hours, and " diive dull care away." Dan Marble has been here?old Dan, you know, lie " starred" it here a weak; and if he had stayed much longer, he would have " starred" us all ou our winding way, or in other words, wo should have died " a larfin " Miss Josephine Clifton, and Miss .Mary Doff, succeeded Dan Marble, and here again the lovers ol the drama were not at all 1 backward in sustaining these popular actresses and nymphs of the stage. But, by the way, Mias Clifton is ! isther a luge species of a nymph. They performed be- ' lore crowded and fashionable houses, and applause thun dered on applause. The audiences were in one blaze of rapture. The acting was admirable?the ladies present beautiful, and one couid but turn bis eyes from the at tractions on the stage, to the sweet faces and sparkling eyes of the daughters of the " sunny south," and I wasnt there "attractions too?" The " Lady of Lyons" was performed in all its soul stirring interest. Miss Clifton sustained the noble cha racter of Claude bountifully, I may say to perfection; I and so beautifully did Miss Dull' sustain the interesting character of ratsline, that one would almost believe that her emotions of grief, love and pride, were glympaes of the real, and not imaginary paintings of the ideal. Long may they eharm the people, and whan the log book of Justice u open, lot their accounts of merit be balanced by reward. , A destructive Are occurred here on the 14th instant, I destroying tome 30 or 40 building*. Much suffering ?u the consequence. The Herald i? here, as it i* every where, "the people's paper." It suits the people, and they will have it, and long may those laurels which you have so triumphantly achieved, be kept before the American people, and long may its name, which talent and energy nave accomplish ed, stand out in blazing figures of bold relief?the He rald, the Napoleon of the prees. Nohhistown, March 3, UM6. Sleighing?Obstruction of Reading Rail Road? j Schuylkill Navigation?Mineral Resource? of the Schuylkill Valley, Sfc. fyc. The people here are enjoying the sleighing in first rate Btyle, as they have plentjupf snow, and, in some places, rather too much, as it ia nothing unu sual to see a sleigh bottom up, and two or three pretty young girls comfortably elevated above the ?now, by taking the top rail of a fence, (when they are lucky enough to find one that shows itself,) waiting for their gallants to right sleigh, and then find themselves comfortably seated, and horses going at full speed, per haps ready soon for another " lodge in some vast snow bank We have had more snow for the last three weeks than has fallen for several years with us before ; and although the quantity of coal that has been transported on canal and railroad is immense, yet the stock is get ting light, and the Reading Railroad has as much as it can attend to with all its mighty efforts ; for no sooner are the branch roads at Pottsville cleared ot one snow, than another takes its place. In fact, the snow of Saturday last'has snowed every thing fast, even the Fourth of March Convention of the Democrats, and the Buletand McCook affair. If this snow should suddenly disappear, it will cause some damage and detention to the almost completed im provements of the Schuylkill navigation, which, when finished, will engross the now immense business done on the railroad. Tne Schuylkill valley bids fair to eolipse the world in mineral resources. The anthracite furna ces are alreaay increasing rapidly. In the last three years, a great many large ones have been erected be tweeu this place and Philadelphia, a distance of only sixteen miles, besides numerous cotton and rolling mills, two of which, of a large site, have recently sprung up in our town. We have good reason to be proud of our town, for it beats hny other on the river Schuylkill, in rapidity of improvement, though there are soma that try to get ahead of it, like certain editors who make tremendous efforts to beat the lterald, but generally retire unsuc cessful, asking the kind people to give them credit for the attempt t I shall have to close, as there is a sleigh party on toot, and I am bound to attend. Common Plena. Before Judge Ulshoefler. Msri-h 9.?Henry J. Bttre and PeterL. Bogart, vs. Geo. U. Pe thine and'Benjamin Brady.?This was an action ior goods sold and delivered. Tho plaintiffs are wholesale grocers and liquor dealers ; the defendants are in the same trade. The defendanta, at varioua times, purchased from plaintiffs goods to the amount of $1,391 47. In some time after this amount was run up, a settlement took place, and Peshine, one of the defendants, gave a cognovit for it, upon which a judgment was entored ; and he also gave consent that an execution should issue against their goods out of which to levy the amount of t he j udgment. The proceedings on I he j udgment we re o f d, and the present action commenced. forwards abandoned The dofenco was, that according aa the purchases wero made; the notes of the firm were given, which were not due at the time the judgment was entered up. It was also said, Peshine gave the cognovit without the know ledge of his partner; and it waa, therefore, insisted as matter of law, that where one partner gives a cognovit aud procures a judgment to be entered up against him self and his partner for a partnership debt, without first bringing tbe parties into court by process of law, the partner not consenting is discharged from all further liability to the creditor, and the partner giving the cog novit ajone becomes responsible. Verdict for the plain tiffs for the full amount. For plaintiffs, Mr. Brady ; for defendant, Mr. Blunt. Juliue Einetadler vs. The Mayor, <J-c. of the City ef New York.?This was an action on the case to recover $60, the value of a horse. It appeared, that sometime last summer, the plaintifi', who is a milkman, was on the pier at the foot of Duane atreet with his horse and wagon, waiting to get milk from on board one of the North river steamboata, the horse and cart being at the extremity ef the pier, and from the crowd anapressure, the string piece gave way and the horse and wagon was precipita ted into the dock. Tbe horse was drowned.hut the wagon was got out much injured. Th? plaintiff alleges that the accident occurred in consequent e of tho baa state of re pair in which the pier waa kept, the string piece being rotten and too low, and the pier altogether in a very di lapidated etate. For the defenoe, it was argued that it waa in conseqnence of tbe negligence of the plaintiff that his horse and wagon wont over the pier; it was also shows that there were a vast number ol persons on the pier that.mornlng, and more than an ordinary amount of business doing; that the greatest bustle and confusion Ere vailed and that instead of remaining with hie horse, e went oil' somewhere and left him standing parallel with the string piece, and while away, from tbe confu sion and bustle on the arrival of the steamboat the horse and wagon went over. Sealed verdict this morning. For plaintiff, Judah and Reynolds; for defendant, Mr. Brady. Edwin fY. Sherman ve. George T. Downing and othert ? This was an action ol trover, brought by plaintiff to re cover tbe value of certain property levied on by de fendants for rent. Theplaintiff resides in Chambers st., in a house of Oeorge T. Downing, where be carried on the business of manufacturing trusses. Ia November, 1843,Downing alleged there was an arrear of rent due to him of $104, and isaned a distress warrant, levied on tbe property in question, and carried it off The property le ' id on cc vied on consisted of trusses, household furniture, wear ing apparel, tools for manufacturing trusses, lie. Af ter tbe direot examination of one witness, the Court ad journed to this morning. For plaintiff Messrs. Brady and Nllet: for defendants Messrs. Raymond and Talmadge. Before Judge Daly. Mulligan ve. The New York Hibernian Benevolent So ciety.?Verdict for plaintifi', $12. Court Calendar?'Till* Day. Common Plkas?123, 124, 62, 142, 60, 266, loft, 167, 158, 57, 122, 114, 161, 264, 163, 161, 262, 258, 3, 4, 20, 25, 81, 33, 35, 51, 62, 55, 60, 63, 64, 68, 70, 76, 119, 121, 127, 146, 162, 274, 26, 27 , 67, 110, 112, 128, 129, 163, 160, 167, 265, 269. Varieties. Ooe of the Btagea running between Atlanta and Chehaw, was upset about ten unlet North of La Orange, Oeo., and several passengers were very severely, though none seriously, injured. Jacobs, the man who has created such distress in Cincinnati, by his doctrines and delusions, left last week, with his press and types. His present where about* is Rising Sun, Ind. The Springfield Republican says: " Miss Sarah Rider, of Lebanon, while drawing a bucket of water, fell headlong into the well and was drowned. On the 27th ultimo, the weather was colder at Ogdentburgh, than it had been at any previous time dur ing this winter?the thermometer indicating 28 dagraes below zero at sunrise. The snow was over three feet deep on a level, and the travailing vary uncomfortable. Sporting Intelligence. We have received the lateat intelligence from Geor gia. and the following is the result of tbe race over the Oglethorpe Course on the 6th of March : Two Milc Hicats?f'' ?sr >200.?There were three entries for this purse, via:?John Watson, Crockett, and Symmetry. The latter was the favorite, and would no doubt have won tbe race, had not her rider been thrown in the first heat. After this accident the race was ell one-tided, and reaulted at follows : Mr. Jeockt' b. g. John Watson, 6 years old, by John Dawson, dam by Leviathan 1 1 Mr. Lovell'a b. g. Crockett, aged, by Crockett, dam by Archy 2 2 Mr. King'* b. m. Symmetry, 6 year* old, by Priam, out of Phenomena r. o. Time?lat heat, 4:07 ; 2d heat, 4m. After this race, the trotting match came off: but as only one horse appeared on the ground (Mr*. Caudle), the puree of (100 was awarded to her, after trotting around tho course three times. The time made waa 8:26,3:011, and 8:20, with ease. Horrid Mi'rdkr.?The Louurille Journal gives the details of a horrid murder committed at Rus sellvilla, by two man, John O. Long, and R. (J. Wade, on an unfortunate victim, named Oliver Norria. It scams that Norria was on tbe point of leaving tba place, when he waa met in_ the ^street b^r these two murderers. 1 hey first demanded of hi m his ' arms, and then deliberately murdered him, one beat ing him on the head with a bludgeon, the other shooting him down with a pistol. This assassination springs out of tbe frightful system of lynching. It is stated that the murdered Noma, under the terrors of I threats of beiDg lynched, had named these two men, in order to escape himself They, in ravange, attacked and I murdered him, as above related. Warrior Manufacturing Company.?The Tut kaloom Monitor, of the 19th Feb. save:?We leant that stock to the amount of (10,000 has bean subscribed by the citizens of this county, and tbat the company will soon organise under the charter, and order machi nery from tho North. Two gentlemen have agreed to erect all the necessary building*, and take their pay in stock?say (20,000, which, added to the other subscrip tion, will make (60,000 for a beginning. Krom the epirit which seeme to prevail here, in favor of manufacturing, there it no doubt that a capital of (100,000, if necessary, will be invested in a cotton mill, and that so soon as the necessary mechanical labor can be completed, a fine establishment will be in operation in the vicinity. Government Expenses.?The American Secre tary of the Treasury, in hie official report of the estimated receipts and expenditures for the fiscal yesr ending the 30th of June, 1846, puts down the receipts at (84,478,306 22, end the expenditures at (29,627,061 90 ; leaving an estimated balance in the treasury at the above date, of (4,861,264 82. Looking over the expendi ture* of the British government for the peat year, we And them reported at (246,213,668 The receipts were (266,801,766. The British nevy alone, during the year, ? cost (84,049,3641?as much a* tbe whole government ef the United States 1 Police Intelligence. " Ki"-In ?*? ?h?otiDg a AVer ? ,^l,re' the Kr?nchmaa, and Mr. Ralph h occurred on laat Friday sveciDg, at V? I "I? Barb,eM- No a-11 Broadwar, ?y?lt T"re'' al ? o'clock, and madehia affi VT. Vt."pp*a" Ul?t Mr. Lockwood called upon Madame Barbiere on that evening respecting a te nant, who had not paid the lent, and upon Spening tbe door of the room, be observed Mr Barbiere seated iu the room, bat before he had entered t"e dw-wav Mr Barbiere jumped up and discharged a p,,tol at him, and| almost instantaneously, discharged a second barrel he being then within two feet of Mr. Lockwood so that the powdfr struck his face. The first ball passed through both bis coats, bruised his left side, and lodged m the lining of his frock coat. The second ball struck the col lar of his overcoat, which was standing up, parsed through it, and wounded him under the chia, causing the blood to run?possibly near throe table spoons lull " at least that was the opinion of the doctor." llonrv M. Western, Esq., counsel for Mr. Barbiere. r.ross-ex umined Mr. Lockwood on bis aflldavit. Mr. Lockwood said that a suit was commenced against him, some ? V,uce' -v,r Barbiere, for a criminal conversation with his (Barbiere's) wife, but that he (Lockwood) had gained the suit, and obtained a judgment against Bar bare in the Superior Court. He also stated that he was the landlord, or, in fact, ho took the premises No. 341 Broadway for Madame Barbiere, and was security for the rent: he, however, holding! at the time a large amount of money belongiug to Madame Barbiere. l)r. Quackenbosh stated that the life of Mr. Lockwood was sUll in danger, for a wound frequently of that descrip tion, under the chin, was apt to bring on a locked jaw To this Mr. Western replied, there was not much to fear of a lawyeifdying of a locked jaw. This reply causej quite a laugh by those present, and many other similar jests were passed by Mr. Western, causing much merri ment. These jokes were equally enjoyeifby Mr. Lock wood, making the whole affair anything but a serious one. The examination of Mr. Barbiere was comraeuced, and it bids fair to be quite a graphic and historical descrip tion at the financiering talent of Mr. Lockwood ; also * showing the strict and gallant attention paid by Mr.' Lockwood to Madame Barbiere in the absence ef Mr. Barbiere. It dow becoming late, and time to close th.? office, the further examination of the prisoner was post poned until this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Robbing Ala Father.?John Jlarvey, a black boy. was arrested yesterday by officers Mc.Manus and McKeon, or the 8th Ward, for rebbing his father, George Harvey of a silver watch valued at $16, a gold chain and pencil case, and 3 dresses, taken from his residence No. 4t Watt street, on Sunday evening, while they were gone to church. The above offioeri, by their ingenuity, recov ered the watch and dreaaes, and will no doubt obtain tha pencil to-morrow. Justice Merritt locked the boy up for trial. * r Jirrnted sn Suspicion.?John Rogan and Elizabeth Rogan were arrested by officers McKeon and Uoulding of the 8th Ward, yesteiday, on suspicion of stealing a gold watch, a pawn ticket being found on Mra Rogan, for a silver watch pawned for $6, evidently stolen pro perty, Disorderly Conduct?Frank Granger and Chris Teale were arrested last night in the 6th Ward, for being drunk and disorderly. They were, however, discharged by Alderman Hart, upon promisiug good behavior. Idihmpted Rape?Michael McKvoy was arrested yester day, charged with attempting to commit a rape on a girl of onlv 10 years of age, the daughter of Patrick Bherri don, No. 24(1, Sixteenth street. Upon being examined by Justice Roeme, there appeared to be no foundation lor the charge?therefore be was discharged. Burglary.?A hoy, by the uame of Henry Hughs, in the employ of Mr. Frederick Merchant, florist, No. 662 Broadway, while the family was absent at church, yesterday, forced the lock of tha door, ami stole from the premises, belonging to Mr. Merchant, $121 26, and made off. He was vary shortly arrested by that active officer, Csptain Westerfield, ol the 17th ward; and, on searching his trunk, where it was deposited, at No. 183 First avenue, the whole of the money was re covered. Committed by Justice Taylor. Superior Court. Before a tull Bench. Msxch 9 ?D.ciW.,?His Honor, Chief Justice Jones, gave the following decisions ; ? Ueorge IF Xitee adi. Reuben H. Towner.?This was a motion to set aside an inquest, the verdict ol which wes rendered against the plaintiff in this motion, during the last term of the Court, in consequence of his not ap pearing to defend hia case, because of an alteration hav ing been made in the calendar. Motion granted: the in quest set aside, and all subsequent proceedings upon tha payment of $7 coats. *H?nxo Rockwell vs. Alfred Rigge? Order made at Chambers affirmed, and appeal dismissed with $7 coati of oppoaing the same. Henry Curdy us. Mark Cornell.-Appeal dismissed with >7 costs of opposing. John Knowlet v?. James Barclay.?Judgment rever Jackson f- Lawrence ft. Joseph Bradley.?Judgment re trial wi the oats' ** ramlttad back t0 ,h# *UItice for a new affirmed* SKi^Uin Martin * Howell.?Judgment Ju^ment'reversed'' "enr* ?. Jamee Malback - mfn^ffl?.dU*W'V CW " alr-Judg lion'?&???Ja"b Kerekedt?This was an ac thown ?n amount ef $81 was claimed tended thftX v"rmshing furniture. The defence con work was 1*,P?'*>ctly dona .and that aqna ture sustLbf8? .u* the varnish, ny which the furni ^ l dama*e, The Court ruled that tha evi one sM. * a?Wn " aB,0?n? ?* work done upon the one side, or the damages sustained upon the other. It if the work h?<l been well done, it would have been worth $?0-$l7 had been Mid upon it, which would leave a balance due of $27. As this matter had m.nt Jlor.ouBblJr ??min*d and investigated, and ajudg h?i?? ^ u in./a,or 01 t'laintitrof $18, in the Court below, by which it wes fair to preaumg, that they had determined this matter fairly, bis Honor, the Chief Jus jii,i?m?Jii afflrm th" so obtained. - Judgment wee thereupon affirmed. an'dYlVLF " 0"rl? T Elliott, John Hood got,. o? In t^lrt5hu. wa,?n ?c'lon of >r?pui against three ariiut thlm in1 '.f * r,c?T#r7 had boen demanded affajw tbem all. It seemc that a distreaa warrant had mo'ifJ'wS a tenant (tha plaintiff bringing thie motion)for one quarter's rent due. The goods were levied r??^uk"to ?? sa tion of them were disposed of to aatiafy the claim In UniTfd ;n?ther, quarter* rent Ml dne, and the landlord ordered the sale to be proceeded with to salisfv the second demand. Tha plaintiff in thie suit forbid the on and sold u diacb,''K" of lacb duty, yet ha want ?n "?d'old- He now brings this acUon to recover da mages therefor. The court ruled that, inasmuch as the ut ,iB,pljrL discharged his obligations, that be was the innocent holder of this property?that l*r,onally assisted in the removal of thia ilf. 7i(?'lk?nGhrf ?PP??red that his clerk hsd so aid ?da?d"b?"ed) "d ha was not liable. In tha opinion of hi C?m' 5re e> th* ?u'tioneer in this case cannot o?.^ ., ?r?d a tr#,P?"", nor is ha liable for any ?mount of damages susUined. The clerk, howevar, .u ?oni"dered responsible. New trial denied, if ,b? Pontiff consent that a verdict of not guilty ha entered in favor of Woodgate?otherwise, granted. Jacob Cran ve. Thomae Sergeant ?This is a demurred rtpJii d?? !!' Tba defendant in this suit war in nl?i ? 2 purchase twenty-five shares of Long Island Hail Road atock, and for thia purpose was supplied snch *x?? ?ri *90?: ,H*' however, did notpurciiata such stocrf, but misapplied the money, either to answer his own necessities, or for aomo other purpose The party was sued for a trespass. Tha groundof the de tbaUt should hi^!. hCti?nh wa, imProPerIy brought, and *i, enould have been brought as an action of assump sit. Judgment lor plaintiff, on demurrer, with liberty to defendant to plead on demurrer de novo, on payment within ten days after notice of this rule Motions and arguments were then proceeded with I'nlted SttUi District Court. Before Judge Bette. March 9.? William Ward The Shiji Panama and Frederick O. Cameron, Claimant ?Thit wis S libel suit, instituted by Messrs. Woodbull a Mioturn, sgainst the ?hip Panama, her tackle and furniture, to recover ?1,97# sterling. It appeared that Captain Cameron, about two Jean ago, put into Hull, in Kogland, with his vessel in istrsss, and greatly damaged from the slTects of a s'orm, which she had then recently encountered, and before he could again proceed to sea, it became necessary to repair?for this purpose he borrowed, at Hull, from Mr. Ward, ?1,975, to secure which he executed a bottomry bond, had his ship repaired, and proceeded to New York, and Mr. Ward transmitted the bond to Woodbull li Min turn for collection. After the arrival of Captain Came ron. be called, or caused a person named Robinson to call onWoodhull order tohneke arrangements for tbe payment of tbe bond, but no arrangement was come to, and Woodbull It Minturn caused the libel to be filed The defence set up is, that a person named Robinson called on Woodbull It Minturn and offered to raise ?, #00 and pay it over in discharge of the bond, and that Mr. Minturn agreed to tbe proposal; but when tbe money was afterwards tendered, he refused to receit o it, and thereby broke his contract. The claimant fur ther alleges that a bottomry bond is not the proper se curity to be given fer the advances made by ward, or, in other words, that his claim is not the subject of a bottomry bond. It is also contended that the libel has not been proved. The libellant meets the first part of the defence, which is tbe most important, by shoeing that a person named Robinson called on Woodhull fc Minturn and offered them (3000, which they declined to accept | that he subsequently called and stated that they could raisr $>#00, and pay it over. Mr. Minturn said if they brought that sum and paid it, there would be no further difftculty. Robinson did not make hie appear ance afterwards, and they proceeded with the libel, and had the vessel seized? and It was not untd?va days after the seizure of tbl vessel that a Mr. QuJneyealled and tendered >3400, which they then declined to raoolve The case is still under advisement, for lH>ella?t, Og den Hoffman and Ww. Barrett, fcsqs.; for claimant, Jno Anthon and Tyson, Ksqs. Condition off the Streets. Allow me through your columns. to call the atten tion of the Street Inspector of the8thward, Ofnlwc,) to the condition ol Sullivan at., near Canal. Theowu era of several dwellings, utterly regardteaa of the lirea ot pedestrians, have allowed the snow to accumulate on the aide-walk all winter, and now the nuisance has become so dangerous, that it would require ft. skill of a New York pilot to paaa thin ieeberg in safety. Verily, the sufferings of your subscribers in this neighborhood " is intolerable." Svluvah.

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