Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1846 Page 1
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Police Intelligence. March 11.? Attempt to KtU?la tta cm* of Mr Ralph Lockwood, the lawyer.and Mr. Barbiere. Henry M Wee tern, Esq , counsellor the prisoner, appeared at the pe id delivered e moet lice offloe, et Id o'clock, yeeterday, and eloquent and pathetic adureea to the magistrati7 wheicla he (bowed rooit conclusively that poor Barbiere wav far the moat injured man oftha two, and that aamall amount of bail wae all that wai neceaaary to enaura the atten dance of the defendant for trial, he aoting inaelf defence, which will he dearly ahown to a Jury nerealtor. The magistrate aaid he would gire hie deciaion in the matter ef bail, Thuraday forenoon. The Pienrh Boardmg-koute Thief?Officer Welch, ef the police office, "Tamos," arrived in the city, yeeterday morning, from Matteawan, Dutcheaa county, having in custody the woman, called Caroline Breton, aliasDu chand, and aundry other elieaea. She waa arreated aome few lays ago at that place, by Mr. J. W. Trnat, with whom ahe had boarded, and robbed of between $70 and $80, and made her eacape Sundry artiolea were found in her possession, which proved to belonf to Mr. Tract. She waa committed by the magiatrate tor examination ? AH bpardiag-bouse keepera, or other pereone, who hare e been robbed by tbia female, will do well to call upon the above officer, at the Toroba, and idantlfy thia woman, and endeavor to procure their property before it ia tranefer red into the hands of aoma " ikiuuing" lawyer around toe Tomba. Afreet if a Convict. - Policeman Powers, ef the 4th ward, arreated laet night, in Water (treat, John Dillon, alias Mulligan, who escaped from the penitentiary, Blackwell'e laiand, about throe weeks sinoe, he having been aent up for six montha, for larceny, and three monthe only had elapsed era he made his escape. Com mitted by the Justice, to bo sent back to his old quar ten. A Policeman in Trouble.?Martin Judge, one of the aldermen's ?' vigilance," of the 0th ward, waa arreated on a warrant for a violent assault and battely on his wife Margaret. Thia " pet " of the aldermen la possibly keeping his hand in trim for the election next month. The aldermen and assessors of thia ward oertainly have shown much skill in purifying the police department. -Michael H Petit Larceniei.?Michael Heaghey was caught laet night in the aotof stealing Iron, by policeman Donley, of the 1st ward. Locked up. Margaret Oibeon waa ar rested last night for stealing a quilt belonging to Mrs. Locked up. Margaret Taylor, No. 3 Roosevelt street Locked up. Margaret O'Rourke was arrested on suspicion of steading a shawl and coat. Locked up by Captain Kissner, of the 14th ward. Taken from a Thief?A. number ef pawn tickets warn taken from a black wench of the name of Sarah Living ston, amongst which, for which an owner ia wantu_, are tickets for a gold double eye glass, a gold thimble, a gold pencil, and a gold hair bracelet, which were evi dently stolen. Enquire of Mr. Hasty, clerk of police, Tombs. Hurtlary ? The clothing atore kept by Aaron Josephs, No. 135 Chatham street, waa burglariously entered, on Monday night, and robbed of eeven black eonte, one olive dress coat, two black coatees, and $87 in bank billa. A reward of $30 is oflisred tor tho recovery of the property. Arretted on tutpicion?George Eckhorte was arreated on suspicion of robbing the store of Aaron Josephs, No. 134 Chatham street Petit Ixtreenitt. - Peter Krouse'and Jacob 8chater, two Dutchmen, were both caught in the act of itaaiing from the store oi Mr. Choater Driggs, No B31 Broadway, a " 14 Iba. cone of lump sugar, worth U shillings, being weight. Committed by Justice Rocme. Adam Broon waa caught stealing a smoked salmon belonging to Ste phen Morehouse, corner of Greenwich and Chart as streets. Locked up. Dithoneti Clerk ? Dyers, who was employed as clerk in the store of Richards, Birsett 8c Aborn, No. 148 Pearl street,was detected, on last Saturday morning, by one of the other clerks?whose name is John L. Tyler?steal ing 3 lbs. of sewing silk j finding, however, that he waa watched, ba managed to slip it behind aome boxes. He soon after left the store. A warrant was issued for hie arrest, and placed in the hands of officers Whike hart and Boyle. These officers, after much car# and inge nuity, succeeded in arresting Byers yesterday ; and, after being in custody some two or three hours, ac knowledged robbing hia employers to a large amount He states that he has been robbiog the store lor tho last four months, and the major part of the goods war* found at eight different pawn-shops. Hs took 13 dozen of linen cambric handkerchiefs, worth $30, at one time, and pawned them at Mr. Simpaon'e for $13. They were recoverad by these vigilant officers, end likewise n large quantity of valuable goods from tha ether pawn shops, valued in aU, at about $1000. Tho prisoner is a tall, young man, of about 34 years of ago, of rather gen teel appearance. Justice Osborne committed him far examination. ffiMM rtutiine m Stolen W/iteh.?Cantata Dill, end Doliceman j ?'???!?1 ?1 y ..." THE NEW YORK. HERALD. Vol. XII., Mo. TV-WMtIo.?M3 NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 12, 1846. :;;he new york herald. m JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. iti raCircixlation...Forty Thousand. '[.DAILY HERALD?Every day. Fnw * eeott per copy? 11.7-j neranuum?r?iy <kie iu i4tuo. _ .AVEKKLY nK.KALD-ET.rr 9nttrlay-Price ?* ???? Tr copy?S1.I?S eeuts ner annum?payable in adruee ttADV i .RTWtMENTS at tkc naval prices?always Mail I Advance HUNTING of all kiada assented with btutr snddee All letters or communications, br nail, addreaaad to II ?lubluhmaot, mast oe pott paid, or the postage will be I3ia?led from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, ?e Proprietor of the Niw Yoaa Hiiuui Estssi -shmxit* ??it rmu> of fnltmi .nil Nhws "mo ai,m^?a?ss?ms??s, iTotel at kingsbridge To let from t * l.t dry ofM.y next,the Lrgaaod citnmo ,. ?* d"'Oi ' otel si Kiu??binUe, now orcu led by John P. ULD xIc-,bring Terv sui'sbly arranged Tor bonders, nod rrniK s good garden of ?hout one acre of ground sttachrd .11 it a d also a large Stable that wilt aeeomiu date from o 23 boraes It ia considered to be oue of the beat locationa 1; a i'ublie Hona* bet.rrn Nrw York and Albany. It will let lor one or mot- year.. and for a priraie raaidrnee, if d? ? I. bring bnu ifully situated on It* Hailem riser. Kor |?s. a ply to Abraham Valentine, in the Town of k onkers, ,ut too miles .bore Kiugthru'c*. or to ? ABRAHAM O VALENTINE. BiP St* r 165 Kront atrret, New York. FOR SALE A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in Nineteenth street, near Irving liace, two at iry aud attir, with under eel jlar?m .rble m inieli in basement, and first and aeeond ? it .?built by day a werk, about line* yea'a ago, for aprirata ' .Iriiee. House. 10 fret by 40?lot, 75 leet deep. roc t. rma, ply to UEOKOE OA8KIN, .'5 Iw'rc HQ Cherry street. TO LET THE UECEM, No. lJt Br'-adway, New York-the ' furniture ai d fiat-ires belonging thereto for sale cheap. .Inqniieon the my Buses m5 l?*r to let. k A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the Tillage of Jamaica, V LI; at present occupied by Doctor G. H Kisaara, ?? with sial'e i th* r?ar. The Honae is modern built, ?? story with m -rble mantels, in complete order. Posset n girea 1st of May nlao, T*ooth?r huite*. In the Tillage, all well located, be* ? ear the itailined Daut and bnth Acsdemiea, one oT ?eh can be occupied immediately. Fjr further particular*, .It to JAMES HERRIM AN. 4 1w*re Jam ties. L 1 TO LET, DM F"K r LEE, N.J., tA KIKbT RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of ground and a numb** of wood?u buildings, in tolerable good condition, which wrr* formerly used as a chemi l ict..ry. at preseat occupied as a pia-ipl >rte manufactory; ated on the Hackessack road, only a f-w muntra walk nth* ferry. Rest to a rood tenant Tery low, to whom a s will be girea for several )ean, it required. Inquire of Mo<ria Leo-Wolf, 91 Liberty street, New York. I,w*re ' TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, I TWO New three story and basement brick Houses, with the pririlege of free ferriage, now m coarse of com pletion. which will be reedy for occupancy on or before list. They will be fitt-din be.?utiiul style and be re s with aU the late improvements. They each contain It ms betides the kitchen, finished with marble msntrla and k gravs throughout, and are 11 f,-et front by 61 deep, with # cuurt yards a-d iron railings The situation is delight rommand'nga fiue view of the rirer, bay and city, and is biu one miauts's walk of tin ferry, where tha new ferry ?a I care every 15 minutes for Barclay at. cross-ng in 8 to 10 utea; and erery lt.lf hour to Canal and Chrutopher sta ? >ly at the IVrry at Hoboken. ml 2w*re NOTICE. c , DWELLING HOU8E8.8TORE8?ndyar?t Lota, far talc, root or exchange Inveatnenti made on pro mm. duetive R?U Estate that irom ten .?? twe^y , ?cent ou tho purchase money, with an ia crease invaluaof rmiT*Tti'"-'!W-r**fu 'P?*n """""joIn A&'n I. B?Plana', elevationi, ?p?eificationa and contract! for he" ?'" ^AviN POLLARD. m*rc Arch'tect. FOR SALE. OR TO LET. ouW moat reasonable . t*vma, three two-story Dwelling i.ruaea, re North L Sixth, between B.xth and Bcveuth streets, Willisana . L. 1. Two of the above are new, and intended aa genteel voces, bring Bniahed in the bext manner, and xnpplied ?wag and taia water ia the kitchen, and coal ranlta in Ike. Two-thuiL of the purchase money may remain red,ltd per cent- Iwii. on 1m*rre 98 Wall atreet "UUAftRY FOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?Hitu ate on the r???nie rif er, ia tforth Belleville., formerly _ helougiiuc to Abraham Joiai-moo. Esq. Said qnarry |t>-a exttnairel/ woiked for thi. ty jrera.paat, aadm w e heat qnamee of free-tone ia New ,Je?eer.?? " '? .order for war kin* Tlwp.aim^eM^of two dwell f. alorr house, iwo barm, two hundred feet of .whart, and 'iuwa SuTof land, w .ieh wiM be aold crura, er the rry aei-arale, if d-aired. For further perticulxra. enquire he annecriber. at the pom ofie. m ^^^t iXOTD. llleville, F?b. 1?. H? fl? im*me HOUSES ANU LOT FOK. SALE.. A PLEASANT country teat in the village of Modi oli, Mor-i-. eoeotv. New J raey witl.m a lew iniuute. I&walk oi the beautiful restderce of Wm. Gibbons,.Esq., 17.bout a c.1 tea from New Fork city?communicationi to [from twice a day, ?uy day lu the ve?r, per Morria auSlt> ll'.ailread. Said place containa about ont "Cte. oa whicn ?Two H<uses and a Barn, wit - a Brat ra a nell of^w.tar Id ichuol, and churches in lh? immediate vicinity the ?ni/ea are locatrd in a commandin* poailion, i.vcrlooaiog In hole Tillage; . ad ia one of the moat desirable locations ia 1' lace, ?eing w thin two muiutet walk of the rail oad de I wbrch runners it convenient for a peraon doing business in Icity, who deair-a to retire in the country. For paruculais Cue. oraddrem to tb. subscriber ^ THOMPSON, jm?rc Mofiatowu. N, J A HARE OHANC&. WILL BE SOLD ?.be?p, or exchanged fir city p?o Mty, a very valuable vailvv grain and grunt farm, con i-nrr IttR netvs. JO of which are woodland,and the ivio* been all cultivated, highly manored Iota eo in modioli! Dwelling, J Baioa, Cow Hheda. Car L Heuar, Poultry Houa-, IceHouse, Baknrjr,Wa-bltoom [kmoke H?aae. Twenty acrea lie in a poaitioa to prodace Larlieat vrgvUblea, aad bring wn .in IK hours communi r? WKh Biookltn. to whiih ca.a mo from r-irmmgdal# le timet a d y, makea it very desirable. SteamboaU alao let old Sptuif daily for New York. For lurlher part cu lanplvtO ?. U. LttlVtl, Ij'jw+m 33 Jot a *t. " ROSE HILL 8f ABLES. Jtth Street aud Third I A venue, and opposite Bull's Head Just arrived end . for tale at Urn above 8tablet, about tifty Nortlie-n rvi **L*ru Holm IIBWII whicu ?.ght pair* matched. fti or tsi ffood road bortaii and avtrAi not cart ia in and IIOrlM|W?"?" aivrw,- w* v VilUTWUCP Lnombmwm a. K. NORTH HUP. TO MILLINERS. <?) ig CARL KING, the well kuowu and e-!ebrate<t^* preminm Straw Mat Mannlae.tnrer. informs the public iu rsl. ihaa he haa lor tale a meat apleudid assortment of r? Faicy STRAW HATS, manntactared of in entire article, called Parla Straw (nmp, made to ihe aha e of Shepherdii-aa Gipae- ? to beaui lul and becomiug, thev I only be aeen to be admired. Millieera, and meiehuitaor rade, will do wall to call .and examine before thoy make imrchaaea aa the goods will ha aold by the caao or doxoa very liberal price. CARL KUg0,17 Diviaion atreet B ? A general aaaorunent of all kinds of St: aw pw>da f?ria Hitibona alwaya on ha'd, l? lmri I ?'INE KhltNCH BOO 18 FOR fJ Id-City made, I aad are equ ",! io those void in other stoiee for %i;, hue I Krei eh < e'f Bvou for $4 Ji, equal to the bast made ia this IcUy for V wr-sit VOUfio k. JONES' Fnwch Boot Mtov rd' antory; one of the moat tasbiooahla iai thia onr Be *? . ivuig been judged in the lata Fair at NlbloV, id to be the heat BooU ever told in that city. All Boota "?"??"ffeiiSu , _ H >??? Broidwty, N?w Votw. Nt-W Ll.VE Ol- Pai KET8 UOR LIVEH rm fOUL ?Packet of J'.tt of March.?Theap'endid,fait Sba-nlu.g w-d Tavoiitr packet at.ipHOTTINOUER.IIO* ft Iihrn. Laiaaia Ira Bn.aley, will sail ou Saturday, chtl. rorregiilft'ilay. .. . . i* ftl.ipa rf this line beiag all J?0# tuna and upwards, per akcnlto embark for th- Old Country will not fail to ter iivanmug-?iq be dvrwd "am xvli-cucg thia hoe in pr.fer to any otf..y, as m-i- great e parity iendera thvm eveiy mom ^vinforublf (wnft'iai tntii ?Kjpo of iiaall ?>id H|^ir iceomcoi4iH>n> frt* c*bi?.*?conil cahn ?nd ?to*"* eir'r TAP8c6?T,* foot Ft their general Paaa?K? OfR e, 7J South atreet, rorper of M-idenJane^^^J FUR b Packet KrlTey, arairi^l a. ahwo, her ?. LIVi.srOOL?Tho Now Linn? of Jlat March ? Ti?e nuponor faat Jhip IIOTT1NGDER. 10JO loan I y, wall aailai nf " ? ? ..., .Mii*,e,havingH I an.l uliii. Wd t'T.rpool, USO toai. Capt John Eldridgo. I . una HotUngnar, aad tail oa the Jlat of April, ?r South atrear vul*r day ?ruiT PACKEts I"0K kAVHE?Second Line?I>e iJcket ahip BALTIMORE. Capt J. Jchaatou, jr . -ill tail oa the lat of April '? T8?? ifl,i.'c1n...lo.U FOR LIVERPt OL?Paeketi of tkvl?th aad JOth rf Ma-ch The w?ll-*nowu, laat tailing new packet CIW- hii> FU'ELlA.HacaaiaB.eommander. will p< aitnro the ab ve port ou Monday the IC'huf Mareh.hvr miar day And the perkvt ahip ROSC1US. Capt Eldndga, ?br JOtb March, her regular day. . 1,'LUSc ."S."" ToFB-teffliSSTSo. ** n. ?l ?tonth airert. range, having excellent accommodations, a| am oaVoar ^^^HULLk M*I^tUlBf.n South at. bo A I Britiah bark Am Hariey, Cape Kobe. Scott, will & tlw Adam Can. ml Foi SALE?i"o eloe# a concern? The Liur o Liverpool Packet!.eonaiating nftha ahinc RWKiUB, BIDDON8. SHERIDAN and GAHRICK. Tiwy It ia thia city, by Browa I Bell, with unnaual caret I material (a vary large proportion <-f their frame eccommodatioea lot iwaeeugars are very etten tomaly fBI?'^*^o^r5s0k CO . M South ?. Hi y CONSTIPATION (COSTIVENESS) DESTROYED MT1THOUT MEDlClNa.8, INJECTIONS or BATHS V* ?Discovery recently "ade in F>ance by M. Warton? ee Ts'rt* ceu'*?tlw ?'tll Eauliih rditiuu, trautlated from the 23d French rdi'ion of the exposition of a natura', aimpla, 1 agreeable and iufallibla meant, rve*utly aiicottnd m France, not only of om'oaii'*, bat alao ? f completely destroying. ob atluata, inveterat- and habitual constipation, without using ei ! ther purgatives, injections or baiha, followed by a gr- at uum ber ol authentic documents f,om erainaut phyaicia a and other paraoaaofdtatiuctiou, certifying lb- complete efficacy of tha I menus. To en'h deconant u anbjoined tha name aud exact j add rata of tha phyaiciau or o h, r prraou who testifies The an'hora of the caitificatea attest. not only fiat thla natu ral ineana dcairoys conatipatioo. aud that it canaea tha intesti nal canal to peif.irm ita evacuating fuuctioua aa in ita narmal . states, but also that it cares, as if by enrhuument. I Painful digeati -a. (dyaprpaia.) 2 All, or nearly all, the diaaaaea to ! which the bun ala are anlja t J A great number of other ?e rioua. daugrrum nd long ttanding diae.aea, for cuxiug which mi-dicilacia-re ia entirely impnieut Sold at I he National Depot.<f WARTON, of Paria, 74X Mudrn lane, Na * York, md by all bookaellara and medicine dealer* in the United ftrve* , m6 lm"r A PHALON'S MAGIC HAIR DYE. NEW AND 1>VA?.CABLE DlaCUVEKY. baitg a liquid dye, which ina'ai taneoualy change* the ro'or of the hair < r whiakera to a beautiful brown or black, without i jn ry In the hair or aki.i. Gentlemen ciu hty* their whiakera dyed in tire minulca at tha depot. Ill Broadway. Price per bottle mrlO lm*rh Frrem is: A CERTIFICATE ol Care of kpi'epiie Fit*.of 23 years standing, curad withiu tha laal three montha, by uaeing Ivans' Vegetable Extract, end awnm to before the Mayor ol the eitv ? f New Yc rk, March the7.h i utter t. To "II whom it may co cern?I hereby testify that I have been afflicted for twenty-three yeara withe'iie nc lira It would he impoiaible for me to deacribe any sufferings. for I haee suffered through the various augea of C*>ia dreadful diaeaae. from having the *ttsck? light and far between, to having th m in the moar awful maourr and yervfrequeutly. 1 have tried the medical akill of uumeroua uhyiicians without ever receiving any beuefir whatever. I hire always been trying every rem? dy (to called) I could hear of. until 1 gave up t'l nopes of ever being cuied. ana looked forward tu theco'd grave aa a bleaaiug rather than life. 1 at le.igtrhheard that lvana' Vegetable Ex tract, waa making many wondarlul enrea of thia dreadful d a rate, and conleaa it waa without a ahadow of faith 1 called on Ora. lvana It Unrr, aud repr-aenlad my taae to them. 1 be came at once convinced that they underatood the diaraa-, and hope revived?yea, thank God me health revived too. 1 per aeyered in the uie of tlua medicine abont three montha, and thr .ugh the bleating of iha Almighty in the miana used, 1 am reator d to health, ai d I would chee.fully recommend. nay, 1 would urge thoae who are afflicted bo longer to doubt, but call at once at 181 Grand atreet, New York, and be made whole. I ahrl1 be happy to aee any persi-n who would with toconre ae with me on thiasubject, at my residence. 49 Eatex arret. New York. WILLIAM H. PARSELLS. Sworn before me, thia 7th dayol March, A. D .18 6. mi 10 lm*r W. F. HAV-.RMe.YF.R. M? ynr. BARTINE'S LOTION. A N UNFAILING CURE in all caaea of gout, rheumatism, TV swellings, dislocations, fractu ed bone*, bruises,euta, con tuiions, attended with piin aud inflammation, poisonous bites and stings, burns, scald*, chilblains, corns, bunions, wounds of every description, it aff i di immediate and permanent relief. I: is, perhaps, the only article that can he depended unon for the cure of thoae paina in the back a' ' aide usually pro duced by taking cold afrrr violent eaern and overheating. For glandular tumoia, la mago, erysipelas, . itgworm, and all kinds of erupfons on the akia. it ia an excellent remedy. For fever and ague, ague in the face, too h-ache, cramp, in tlie sto mach, and head-ache, it acta lifce a charm. But above all iu the cure of t-ndinona and capsular injuries, sprains, lie , it ia unapproachable. Travellers, boatmeu and aea captains should I never be without it. Price 75 eeuts per bottle. Principal Depots 311 Broadway, 2 doors above the Hospital; aud 234 Walnut arreet, Philadelphia. m?10 lm*r TO AH.CH1TL.CT8, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. 171REE 8TONE furnished by the aubaeriber, equal to Con V nerticut in quxli ty, and 20 per .cent cheaper, on application to A. WiLaon.StoJ i Cutter, Jersey City, or at tha Quarry, Aqnaekanonk,N. J. f!7 lm*re ABM. H. VREELAND. DR. 'HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. THE superiority of Dr. Hal!'* instrument! over all others A u acanewledged by the most eminent physicians is Eu rope and America. 0Ace 4 Veaey street, Aster Hons*. A female in attendance is the ladies' detmrtmeet. ml 'n*m FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. A HIGHLY rain able Cosmetic for eradicating Eruptions on the Face and Skin, particularly Pimples, Blotches. Tetter, Sunburn, Ringworms, Freckles and Cutaneous'Ez ereseacas. The use or tkm Lotion for a short time will clear the skin and establish a^Rltiant complexion. Bold in bottles at 7b eeuts each, at No. lit Bowery, corner Spring street! also, by Mrs Hayes. IV Folios street. Brooklyn. fl Im'ss WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, See. ON MONDAY NEXT. (Feb. Mb.) the sebscrsber will open st No. M Climtlaaum Street, New York, One door ftvn, the corner of Chambers, a aaw, ex trustee, and grand assort inei t of TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES: Consistingof< eery variety of patterns and quality, to no found either in Europe or America. Prieee wo will aot mention: bat. rom oar facilities for manulactaring as wall as for import iag, we think we can safely defy competition with the would'. [17> A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, kc., will be kept onhand. Wholesale and retail purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine for thsmsetvsa. DUNCKER It BECKER. Nsw York. Feb. 7th, 194*. flS lm*m BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No. 1 St John's corner Beach street, New fork. I'HE SUBSCR1B K woeld inform his Customers and the a. Public, that he k i rpa constantly on baud a large supply of fancy and common il noCages of every description, which he offers f,reale at a lower rate than they can he bought else where. Merchants v cold Cud it to tbsir adraauge to call and eximine his stock. J. KELLY. P. 8. Country or J < u attended to wirb promptness and die pitch It Im'm MILITARY EQUIPMENTS?FlEHEMEN'n CAPS I'HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the military public to hi. assortmrnt of Military It qmpmrnts ?dap rd 10 all companies; Military Caps, K-epeacks, Boxes asd Bayonet Scabbards of every virjetv. Country compa nies, about (hanging their nniform, or those about forming now companies wilfbe supplied with samples. FIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. A full assortment of every variety constantly on hand, and m*d? to oraer at the shortest notice. rusm*rre H 8 GK ATACAP. Mt Broadway. COTTON MILL. tBT" ANTS a situation aa Manager of a Cotton Mill, a man rr intimately acquaintad with tire various modes el mane lecturing cotton wool, both in England and America; can bv recommended by two men having charge of the best c.indue ted establishments in the United States. Address J. C. at this >flier ml) *nt*re GENUINE HAVANA SEGARS ?i the nest b and ' Ei Judio Erraate," (The Wandering Jew.) Forsale by F. MANCHO, st ii Fnltoa stnet fin ltn*r 8u-.ri.h Hotel, no icaiif THE PARlSUN SECRET. JUST PUBLISHED, a new translation from the French,en ti led " Ti e Parisian Secret, or Peli-Preservstiou," a perfect secnrir; against SrsaO Diseases, under all cirentnuaaces without the u.e of medicine or any disagreeable necessity? Ui-iveisnlly understood and employed by men of fashion is raris, Loudon, and other large cities BY ALEXANDER LeBAUM, M. D, Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Pans, Physician to the Venereal Hospital, Knrlit of Iks Legion of Houor, kc., kc Kir ds St. Honor* 19, Paris. Published by Uobeit H. Dnmont, Legal Deputy for Dr. Le bsum, 130 Washington street. Bos on. Price tiff cents per copy?two copies for f 1 All orders should be addressed, post paid, to Ruben H. Duiaont. as above. F or sale iu New York, only at ihe " Mai son de Santa," 131 Fulton street; Philadelphia, Colon k Adriance, in the Arcade, Cheannt Street BEW ARE OF FRAUDS I A spurious edition of this work has jast been issued by a publishing house in Broedwav. If you would get the genuine, buy only of WYATT k KRTCllUM, ONLY AGENTS PGR NEW YORK CITY, 121 F UI.TON 8TKEET. Toe genuine work has npon the titlaiwte these worts: "Sold by Robert H. Dumoot, Legal Deputy Tie l>r Lebsum, IV Wish MM street, Boston." and contain. J? pages. 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No V Duane street, near Chatham st My body was novered with ulcers; my joints and bones wen swollen and puiafhh 1 lost all my appetite; could not sleep; was con fined to my b*d; my arms and legs were contracted. I tried se veral physicians; was salivated, but benefit until 1 was cared by Dr. JoeephHeiae Carv. Richssd Yates. Those who wish to see me, will find me'at the corner ol South street and Maiden lane, where I shall be happy to giro all particulars which 1 should aot Itka to givu la this eartifi Ct|8. N. B ? Dr. H. has no other office but 39 Duane street, near Chatham, wliere hudreds of rertifieatea may be seen. m'i |in't NEEDLE 6c FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, TT Haldcn Lane. iin I stock of ? hichthoy axe willing to sell at a small ad ~? * if the trade, or im their own nave, ? soove articles, w men taey axe willing to sell i vuace from lbs manntaetaring prices. Any of the if ds'lrei*0 ' B'*dlMwith than Mormon Aff?lr*-Tta?lr Heftra?Singular | ItatemanU. According to the intelligence which we yesterday published from Nauvoo, the affairs of the Mormons are in a state ot great contusion and trouble. The fVartaw Signal ot the 18th ult., a paper bit- ' terly opposed to the Mormons, gives its usual quan tity of religious intelligence from Nauvoo and vi einity, which, whether all true or not, is of some in terest. We make the following extracts from that paper, as illustrative of the Mormon character i? [From the Warsaw (111) Signal, Fab. 18] CcaiMONr or tub Evdowmkit ?The Saints have en deavored to keep the ceremony of the endowment psr lectly quiet; but aome of them haw* let the cat out of the bag, and disclosed all. We bare the story from two diiferent sources, and as both correspond, we give it ci edit; although persons abroad, not aoqutintsd with Morinooiam, will bo loath to bsliovo that so much de pravity as it avincad in tha invention of this ceremony can exist, and that man and woman can bo found who consider tha obacane rltss sacred There must aiwas ? be two candidate*, a mala and female, prelented tor tha endowment, at once. These mutt pay $1 eaehasalee. If a male cannot find a female to take the endowment with him, the haade of tha church provide one, and vie* atria. The candidatea are firat taken into a room together, where they are stripped of thair olotbiog and mad* to wash each other from head to foot. Thay are then sepa rated, and r ??* into different rooms, where they are oiled, with perfumed sweet oil, by one of the function arise of the cburoh. They then pose into another room, still separate, where one of the Twelve pronenncea a blessing upon them, and gives extensive powers and privileges, such as a plurality of wives to tha male, and similar blessings to the female. This ceremony being ended, the candidates are brought together, a ill in a state of nudity, into a room, where thay are allowed to remain together, elono, as long as they see proper.? They are then invested with their robes and take their departure. The really deluded amongst the Saints ot-n* aider this saramony u sacred, and intended as a trial of their virtue. ? Sown or the Shuts?W* have beard lately a great deal said of a song much sung by the Saints In Nauvoo, and whish has created quite a sensation amongst the brethren. Last week, a Iriend procured from a Mormon a copy, which we publish below for the edification of our readers:? BONO Early next spring we'll leave Nauvoo, journe And on our journey we'll pursue. We'll go and bid the mob farewell, And let them go to heaven or hell. cuoavi. So, on our way to California, In the spring we'll take our journoy ; Far above the Arkansas fountain We'll pas* between the Kocky Mountain. The mobbera now have done their best Old 8harp and Williams amongst tha rait; They burued our housos and our goods, And left our sick folks in tha woods. Bolow Nauvoo, in tha Oresn Plains, They burned our house* aad our grains; If w* iought, they ail were bent To raise lor help the government. Our Governor he is so smell, He has no room lor a soul at all; He never can be damned or bleat, If heaven and hell ahould do their best. The old settlers who claim the soil, They surely thought to take the spoil, And then a scrape tbev did begin, But not much money have brought in. Since it is so, we have to go, And leave the city of Nauvoo ; 1 hope you'll all be strong and stout, And then tha mob cant baok you out. New Orleans, March 3rd, 1846. The Foreign Newt?The Expresut?The Market*? The Theatre*. It rejoiceth as exceedingly to learn that you beat the ''Holy Alliance," with your express, all to " etarnal smash." The news was looked for here with the most in tense interest, and to you we are indebted for it, at so unusually surly period. The Picayune succeeded in giving the news to its readers in the morning edition of the 38th ult., by running an express from the Lake with the news. To give you some idea of Uhe speed with which this was acomplished, it will only be necessary to state, that the news was brought from the mail boat, a synopsis made, and a part of the edition worked off and sent down to the post-office, before the mail had ar rived at the office. The mail, with the steamer's letters, failed that day, and did not arrive until yesterday; conse quently, on the 38th, scarcely any business was done, the sales of cotton being very light. Yesterday there was but little done, the sales not exceediog 300 bales. Prices have not undergone the slightest al teration. nor do 1 think, from present appearances, they will. The arrivals yesterday were about 3600 bales, re ported 10,000. stock on hand 168,878. There is little do ing in flour- prices range from $4 66 to 84 Corn is a utile higher, holders demanding 60 cents lor the best article, but buyers are not disposed to give the increased rate. Provisions are higher, nut the sales amount to lit tle or noti ing.and purchasers refuse to give the increase which holders have demanded since the reception of the steamer's news. The sugar and molasses market are in a very active state,-and the sales are large at full prices. Templeton gave his first concert here on Friday last, and it was well attended. A slight buskiness of voice, caused by a severe cold, somewhat marred the effect of his singing. ? t Ken The Keans opened last night at the St. Charles theatre, to a well filled house, in the tragedy of the "Oamester," and were enthusiastically received. They only arrived in the morning fir n Charleston, and it must have been very fatiguing to play at night after having a long and tedious rehearsal in the forenoon. They appear to night in "Much Ado About Nothing." The American theatre is about closing The celebrated Acrobat family appear ed there for the benefit of the manager last night, and to day depart lor Havana. Mrs. Mowatt and Mr. Crisp were to open last night in Mobile,in the"Lady of Lyons." They will be wretchedly supported, as the stock coin pany is said to be very miserable, with one or two ex ceptions. The French theatre le doiog a capital business. The 4th of March is to be celebrated here in great style. The Are department turn out m asesse. New Haven, March 10,1816. Concert*?Lecture*?Great Military Ball, $-c. Matters run on in their usual course here. Ow ing to our accessibility to New York, we are fa vored with our due share oi concerts, lectures, &c ; and, occasionally, a " star" sees Qt to atop an evening with ua, while cn route for Boston or Albany Dempster, Templeton, and Mrs. Mott have bean the " bright particulars" this wintar, not to mention many olhar* of lass celebrity. We are, however, gradually learning to draw our amueomonts from domoitio sources} and dancing, " re-unions," and publio balls, have agreeably varied the monotony of our unusually cold winter. By a letter from Now Haven, which appeared in tho Herald some iow woeke since, I so# that your corres pondent, in noticing tho boll given by tho Bluea, pro mised therein to give you an account of tho coming bait of the Oroya. As he baa not done so yet, I think it un fair that this gallant corps should bo any longer unno ticed iu your univoraally acknowledged chronici? of gay, as wall as eeiioua movements, and shall, conse quently attempt a brief sketch of that really brilliant affxir. The ball took place last Wednesday evening; and the expectatione of the guy world, which had been on the yiu vim lor weak* before, were more tkan realised on the occasion. We entered the saloon early in tho eve ning, and were struck with the brilliancy and appropri ateness of tho decorations. The walls waia festooned with white, red and blue bunting, looped up at inter vale with gilded stars; and the glittering muskets of the corps reflected tho wax light in every direction. A qoadriile had commenced as wa entered ; and the mazy motion* of graceful figures and pretty faces?the glitter of tha various uniforms, and tb* exquisite music, made the soon* inspiring .indeed. Tha strains from the orchestra seemed to torm a stratum next the floor, which had almoat o galvanic influence upon the feet of those danciiK , use, at you may suppose, all were quickly under the potent spell ot the presiding goddess. Speaking of tho orchestra, 1 neglected to mention that it waa composed of tho mem bars of Dodsworth*a Band,of which your city ought to bo proud. It ware needless to enumerate the ladies. If New Ha ven be not celebrated for iu beauty. itia only beoaua* bar sons keep* quiet about it. To tho array of protty fa ct* assembled, tnete was scarcely an exception. Captain B. attracted much notico by his soldierly figure and ap pearance?Lieutenant F. at on* of tho manager* won golden opinious by hit earnest and gentlemanly atten tion to the gnette of hie corps, end drew many an envi ous eye udob him bv hit attractionjrrrtennri. i h* efforts also of Lieutenant a, and ol tha member* of the corps, t* make their Bail all that it should he, will not soon be forgotten by dancers or spectators. Tha New York City Ouaid and Fusiiiora, and the Newark Union Blues sent woithy representatives. 1 also noticed several of tho "Bona of tha Muses," who scorned highly delighted with the gay scans. They are beginning to do coaaidorod aa almoat indiaponaubla to our balls and parties. Mr. D. at maator oi ceremonies, performed hit arduous duties in took u manner aa to give universal satisfaction, and to oanae not a little astonishment at hit tuccsss, in a looker on liko oursolf. I thonld give you a mora elaborate eo eonnt, would time permit, but this ieeble account will hare to answer for the present. William F. Gibba, who was recently wrecked on Chelsea beach in Lka berk Franklin, it said, by tha Barn eiaUe Patriot, to belong to Sandwich, and has made ninety-eight voysgee?one hundred and ninety-six pate ago*?between Beaton and Trinidad, and aiwaya want safely and, with out accident worthy of note, until, when on hit return voyage, for the ninety eighth time, ho was oveitakrn in Boston Bay, by Ufa terrible saow itorm and gala of last Fiiday weak) from which there waa aa *Mspof-Mt could a loo shorn any longer bo avoided. 8porting Intelligence. We give below the roeult of the eecond day's (port on tho Oglethorpe Couree, Or , 8 mile heate, parte $300 ? There wore throe entrioe for the puree, end each hod backera?the Maid of Lodi, however, waa the general favorite, the friends of Mirmbeau not liking bis condi tion,he being entirely too high in fleah.and it being gene rally known hia condition waa such aa to render it some what hazardous to give him the necessary exercise be fore the race. At the boar appointed, the three made their appear " It w a net at the string, and at the tap they were olf. It was a very pretty contest for the first and second mile, between Lodl and Mirabeau, Ida giving up the oontest on the first mile, being girted too tight Lodi took the first heat by about two lengths. For the second beat Mirabeau took tho lead, which he kept for the first mile and a half, followed by Lodi at a respectful distance; but, before entering the quarter stretch, the lady, not liking her position, made an aflorc for a change, which the soon accomplished, and kept her poaitioa to the and of the race, coming out winner by about the same distance as in the first heai. BKSCLT. Mr. Young* >. m. Maid of Lodi, ft years old, by Hualpa, ' y rbeaome dam by Fhoaomenen 1 1 Mr Jencks' h h. Mirabeau. 3 years old,by iuip. Eman cipation, dam Georgia Maid.. 3 3 Mr. Lovell* a. f Ida, 3 years old, by Oerow, dam by American Eclipse diet Time?First heat, 0m ; second, 6.0ft. After the main laoe, an let " sating match came off. mile beats, between Mr. Jencks' b. m. Mary Tarlton and Mr. Hewlett* Pelham. Mary took the first and third heats. The time we were unable to procure. A third race same o IT. in which there were three en trees, viz : Gen.White's s. f. Little Nell, by Gerow, dam Polly Green ; E. Aken's b. g. Destruction, by Crockett, . . " Mr. r "" " dam by Moa. Tonson, and Mr. Davis b. m. Cordial, pe digree not given. This race is described to us as very interesting. At they were all known to be good at the distance (a single dush of ta^J it was hard work from the tap of the drum. They had a good start?all in a huddle, and at described to us, the noee of one was seen and then another for belf the distance ; to use a turf phrase, a "-blanket covering them the while." On the quarter stretch, Little Nell drew out from the crowd, followed by Destruction, and they came to the string in the following order: Little Nell 1 Destruction 3 Cordial 3 Time 3m. When it is considered the above horses are " unkept," the time is not so bad. Thibo Dar?Mile Heats?Purse $100.?The following were the entries, and the result of the heats :? Mr. Puckatt's b. f. Fanny Robinson, 6 years old, by Pifam, dam by ArleUa 1 1 Mr. Jenks' b. h. Mirabeau, A years old, by imp. Emancipation, dam Geoigia Maid 3 3 Mr. LeveU'sb. f. Martha, I years old, by Gib bons, dam by Cornet 3 die Time - first heat, I :S6?second, 1 :ft3. Foubth Dtv?The following are the entries for the fourth day's race?mile heats, beat three in five?purse $190. Mr. Jenk# b. g. John Watson, $ years old, by John Dawson, dam by Leviathan. Mr. Young's s. m. Maid of Lodl, ft years old, by Hual pa, dam by Phenomenon. Wis understand, after the main race there will be a match race, and then a sweepstake for saddle horses, free for all. Capthrs of Ait American Slaver ?We are in debted to die Salem Register, for advices from the Coast ot Ainca, received by the Otho. A vessel, supposed to be from Philadelphia, with nine hundred slavea on board, haa been captured by the York town. The particulars are given in the letter below. The ahip Roanoke arrived at Monrovia on the 8th of December from Norfolk, having on board three missionaries, with their wives, attached to the Methodist mission at Liberia. Salcm Hidiitcr Orricc, j Monday, March 9th, 1846.) Capture nf an American Slaver, tctlA 900 Slaves. Cspt. Hyder, of the Otho, from Port Prays, has fur DeC ,0th' ? dated Dec. 17Ul Therfe?i?? Monrovia, Yorktown, C?7b " ? Ut^ .?n,V ? iha "? 8 ,hiP sa*s? rl'ss 3ssnsa5?s?7pw? boarding her,\ndd'.i?? tJJ!/ortn*a*r ??r On ?me',TWh.iC|b t? STv'*u2S 4irihi Britiih?roiior%rei^hteh*tbeT ney 'h*lprcjUmit7 of ? K?.7 ST. ""?' c~d 2S time about 160 of the poor wratches^i 4' dunn? which Jumping ovorboard ina fit of doaDeration "J0?* ?I tha,a ST" ? ??????* seewSBSSS: [ ?-*. p,^o?iV? SR.'KSSi'SyfS I a-~??? I Tk* If r tv a I iJSf JiT?LiP5^S!i7h2i^ ****** Wi* debt, except in cases SirtSStSi '"P'4"0?""" for The smoke house of Mr. Wm H p " ;? t - ington, Mo., with the contents?about it> ooo ih? k " -war, consumed by fir. a few d.y? !dni, lb8' b*??a YakiJof'AaTSdta i?ouL'vdle?*lf' "?** that "?? inflammation in the cheat " faw d*Y" ?lnco of river, whh w?r*SS' ?a the this city. Hns bad about son i*5?at 0Bt. m^B obove whom waw ^.i7 Und?Ki, I As the Stoughton train on the frovidence rali,?? j of th. truck was SSwX ??w~?,?d ",ha wreck from tho road * few rmiU w,re torn up si it.S; and emiu. J* "umber of bushels of dough nuts ?"d and these are sold wtthout inaction and not onlrequently eaten without the same leoa^ oiea ouTnt8-a'M'K and if they K? SffifiS 8'"??' ?f indigestible substances, or even ofi*d 'xceM h J S2EL-1** '? no eure prwe?,on, a hiih r ,naP?ct*on. The piet now made enjoy I Kn& t^KOI'1,hIl? ,i,,hry donhtiess deserve u* mid ik.i j that they are good, but I am heut? M0g* " are not as plenty in Connec and live kinmT '"ifiT" hher? "*1grow iutrr _ " r~ ,onffer. dough nuts'and crullers too deed Mr? M#thlflg b*,ide? hutter. In' cialc'reiLt hi ' ou,? we not haVf a worthy offi WM ihnntl y grave Gowrnor,and approved by, I "ihl h2 t0 8a/' a grave Senate, (but a friend savs railed^V'nn " Seute" * the true c^omen Jwctor w,?rm,c^pTcrn11" and dougK-nut in unlashtonable * ^tor fce? are|ecomjpg N. B. A memorial ia in preparation. * A?K in^Xe^A^'- 0r"c"rThc ,,eam boiler Pennsylvania, burnt oi^iTfo^'f H'rrtaburg, first, second and third ,i,,f The floors of the of th. boiJor ^hteh wm iSlLT?" "attorod b, th. haad building bulged out "*! tion. A vary OonaidaiubU .-LiT? r |U a*0"1 P^4" or iojarad, and much S th. t?^K ?k ^L" "" ,Polled ad into pi. Tho daman i? ik ! 0??* w<s knock i tarials, furnJturs *3Mmit . *.b"l",D,r' 'taUon.ry, ma I gular enough, of tbo thirty tTfoJti ZS*? 1'1000 8in" fog, but two or thwo w?.y.? .n^ l2SpU '? th* buiW sughtly. Mr Uscu? *????*; and they but publication oMca, and -M^ufhsfi T wf th* of Poanoi. #07 j abolition and scattering its Tka whtiV^t gaio, tharafora, in this one tawn iibarty i Congrass, Woodbury im h2' Sif rs F?/ ?*a,btr * 4M i John P. Hal. 4*1 (rtuining mors than too votes ^ hind ht?uiwLt w? 2' win ha/sw. and H.i. 470 Mr W^dUul,^ WW-wt 7 oar four wkiga.?Jfo?<#n j??af, fobrcA u. Court or General Itadoni, Before Recorder Tallmadge mod Aldermen Dodfe end Tappen. John McKeon, Esq , District Attorney. MticH II.?Triel Jar Grand I*ar ,ny ?James Duffy indicted for B grand larceny, in stealing a rose wood box containing sundry articles of jewelry, woith $100, the property of Mrs. Mary Ann Beals, of Brooklyn, on the 13th of January, 1044, was put on his trial at the opening of the court this morning On the part el the prosecu tion, Mrs. Rkals deposed that she was married to Mr. , Beals, her present husband, on the day the robbery was committed ; that, on that day, she employed the prisoner , to convey the box of jewelry and other articles ot pro perty from her residence, then in Broadway, to the dwelling ol her brother in Ninth street, and that all the property intrusted to the care of the prisoner, with the exception of the box of jewelry, was duly delivered. Dr. Bjcalks, husband of last witness, deposed that amongst the articles of jewelry stolen, there was a ring that be purchased of Messrs. .Yltrquaud Ic Co., whom he paid $35 for it, which he presented to bis wife prior to their marriage. William Tranca deposed that he bought a ring from the prisoner, Duffy, which was subsequently claimed by Mrs. Beaies, as her property. Officer Van Rirrca deposed that he arretted the pri soner in the month of February last, and en searching his premises, in 4th street, he there found the roso-wood bo*, wrapped up in a piece of cloth, concealed in the wood houso. The box, when found, contained some ar ticles e< jewelry which, together with the box, were clsimed by Mrs. Besles. Prisoner acknowledged to wit ness that he had pledged at Simpson's a diamond ring, which was a portion ot the stolon property, end thet he had also given several articles to a female by the aame of Wood, who had disposed of them to Mr. Turner and otheis. The Jury rendered a veidict of guilty, but re commended the piisoner to the mercy of the court. He was accordingly sentenced to be imprisoned in the State prison for the term of two years. Forftiture of Bail ?Louis Fernberg, indicted for hav ing stolen property to the value of about $50, from a person in Orange street, failing to appear when culled for tiial, his recognizances were declared to be for feited. Another Triel for Grand Larceny.? A. led by the name of Wm. Edg ir Croft, was next tried on an indictment for e grand larceny, in steeling a Bank book containing $75, tbo property of bis employer, Mr. Henry Crow, e butch er, residing at No. 130 West Sixteenth sL, on the 8th ot February last It was shown on the part of the prosecu tion, that the accused etole the money, and then fled to New Jersey, and that on being pursued and arrested, be aokpowledged the theft and gave information where ho had secreted upward' of ,>70 of the stolen treasure, and which were recovered. The Jury found the accused guilty, and, being under 16 years of age, the Court sent him to the House of Refuge. T\iolfor Burglary.- James Morrison and Robert Gam bles, Indicted for a burglary in the 1st degree, in break ing into the dwolliDg of Emma Harris, No. 43 Grand at, at an early hour on the morning of the 1st instant. Mrs. Harris deposed, that sho was aroused from her sleep about 3 o'clock on the morning in question by a noise in her room, when she discovered Morris making his ?scape from the window?gave an alarm and caused them both to be arrested. The prosecution failing to show that a burglarious entrance was intended, the Ju ry rendered a verdict of not gnilty. Pita of Guilty?Mary Muilanr entered a plaa of guilty to an indictment for petit larceny in stealing a bank book, and was sentenced by the Court to be con fined in the city prison for the term of one mouth. More Rtcognizancti Forfeited ?Augustus Hudson and Francis Jonos, indicted for grand larcenies, failing to an swer when called upon for trial, their bail was declared to be forfeited. Bail for Hudson, A. D. Russell; for Jones, Sydney C. Strahn. Another Grand Larceny?Summary Punishment.?Titos. Ward was then placed on hts trial, lor having stolen from Jsmes Kennedy 06 sovereigns, at the house of Mrs McKay li Son, corner of Washington and Morris streets. It appeared, in the course of the evidence adduced ou the uart of tho prosecution, that the parties were emi grant passengers in the ship Roscius, and arrived in this city on Friday last, put up,and slept in the same room at Mrs. McKay's house in Washington street, and that the complainant, on waking up next morning, discovered that the money had been stolen from his purse ; that the prisoner, on being arrested by officer Clotey, was searched, and the money stolen from Kennedy found uponbim. The jury, after a brief consultation, rendered a verdict of guilty, and the Court sentenced the prisoner to be imprisoned in the State Prison fur the term of three years. s.The Court then adjourned until to-morrow morning. Supreme Court. Before Judge Edmonds. Mabcd 11.? The People v?. George Potter.?The cue of Potter, the pickpocket, wee called up Uiie morning.? After a ihort argument between the coumel on both ?idee, a* to the order of proceeding*?that i*,the coumel for the people contended that the affli affirmative of the issue *M with them, and in all auch oaaea the univaraal rale wa?, that the party having tbe affirmative should have the right to open and c.loae the argument. On the other ?ide it wa* iuaiated, that from the outaet the affirmative of the iatue lay with the counael for Totter s they had preeented a petition for hi* discharge, and it wa* their right in the firat initanca to be bea-d in (upport of it, and al*o to reply to the argument* of the coumel ou the other side. To thi* it wa* replied that the i**ue was changed; that the present proceedings were collateral, growing out of the tirat issue, which throw the issue fcl Amatively on the counael for the people. Judge Edmonds decided that Totter'* counsel had the affirmative, and be would allow them to open and close the argument. Pot ter'* coussel then opened by stating that he proposed to make the opening arguments hero, of the point* upon which himself and hit associate would rely ; indeed it would not be an argument, it would merely be a synop sis of the points upon which they would rest their case ; but,in order that all may have a proper understanding el tha matter, I will, with the leave of your honor, lay be fore you all the facts of the case, in the order they exist It is important to do tbia, that they may be distinctly placed before us, to prevent confusion and useless argu ment between coumel hereafter. The counsel went on to say, that in July, 1844, Totter was arrested for stealing money from a man named Abraham Mallory ; and on the :16th of August was indicted, to which he pleaded not guilty, ana in September following, was tried at the Court of General Seasion* and convicted of the ofience, and on the 13th of tbe same month was sentenced to the State prison for Ave years and to be kept at bard labor ; that ne wa* immediately after transmitted to tbe State prison, where he continued until the sixth of Apiil following, when he was pardoned by the Governor, (here the pardon was read, which recit ed the coi.viotion and sentence, and then went on to release Potter from his sentence, upon condition that by the last day of he then month of April, he quitted the United States, never afterward) to return; butiu case he should, that he then should be arrested, imprisoned, and kept in prison, until be served out the full term of hi* sentence. The couusel continued to say, that the court would perceive that tbe condition of the pardon was, that he should leave the United States by the last day of April, and never afterwards return. On the 28th of April no departed from this State, and went to Canada, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, and other places, and re saained away until November, 1846, when h was arrest ed on another charge, by officer Bowyer, and brought back to this city, where he arrived on tbe 8th of January last, and on the next day a motion wu made by Mr. Phillips, the then acting District Attorney, and an order granted for his committal. On the 4th of February we presented a petition to your Honor, for a writ of habeas corpus, which was granted, directed to Mr. Fallon, the keeper of the city prison, to which he returned that be detained Potter in virtue of three commitments. The counsel, alter some remarks in relation to the duty that devolved upon him in this case, said it was tbe first time a case of this kind came up in this State, and he might say the first time such a case came up in any of the States, so as to be gravely adjudicated upon, which would serve as a precedent for luture decisions, in like eases. I will now, said he, state the poiots upon wdich we mainly rely, in order that the court and the other side may know distinctly what we rely on. We say First, that the, Governor of this State has no legal or constitutional power to grant a conditional par don, and if the statute does give such power, it is unconstitutional and void. Secondly, we say, if this proposition he untenable, and that the Governor has a right to banish, ana the Legislature have a right to give him the power to banish, yet they have no right to banish beyond this State ; and if this proposition is right, then the pardon is contrary to common sense, and is, therefore, void. Thirdly, we further say, that if it be conceded that a conditional par don be valid, yet tbe law haa made no provision for punishing a breach of such condition, and no court in this Stato has any authority to taka cognisance of it; end upon theee three propositiona we intend to rely ior the diacharge of Potter. Tbe remainder of eounael'e argument consisted of authorities in support of hla pro position a. After ho sat down, the court adjourned The caee will be resumed tbie morning. In ClasMcerjr. Before Vice Chancellor Sandforl Mabcii 9 and 10.? Walwoith, Clerk in Chancery, for the benefit of H. Jt. Coeter'e htire, vs. For mere' Loan and Truit Company.?T. Feasenden and Iliram Ketcham ar gued in behalf ef the defendanta, and J. Prescott Hall closed for the heirs ol Coster in reply. Decision re served. Masch 10 sod 11.? Thomae L. Welle and olkert vs. Ieaaa Gibeon and otheri.?Murray Hoffman commenced the opening of this case, and had not concluded when the court adjourned. The pleading* in the cause were Cresented in a printed book of neer 400 pages large 00 ivo. The plaintiff attempts to enforce as trustee, in behalf of the Receivers of the Life and Fire Insurance Company, and of the trustees of the sepai ate estate of Mr*. Jassy Ann Dyatt, a hood and mertgage and dscree thereon in 1833 for about >10,000, and interest since the mortgage we* given in 1814, by one Sleejto the Wash Ion fni ' "" " " ington Insurance Company, and is on the Dulcbeoe Cot ton Factory and otbor premises at Wappinger's creek. The defence sets up virions matters, among which is the ground of usury in the transfer of the mertgage to tbe Life and Fire insurance Company, and the illegality and Fire of the consideration paid, tha same being Life i bond*. The case will probably occupy nil the week. 8. A. Foot appears for tko defendants. Comrt Calender?This Day, Common Tlxa#.? 194, 82,147, 00, 308,166.167, 168, 67, 123, 114, 101,204, 183, 184, 302, 3,36,31,33,36,61. ht, 66,69, 04, 68,70, 76, 119,121, 146 . 374.26.27.67,110, 112, 128, 129, 143, 160, 107, 286, 200, 13,30,40, 141, 163, 168, 76, 263 Tbe nteamboat John Rota mot with an accident on the 27th ult., while on the Cumberland river. In a storm a tree wet blown across her hurricane dsck, breaking lt,ln, thi owing down her chimney*. , "~ Damage $700- insured. The paseengf r? were put in a ft?te of great affright. ' Connell, of the la* ward, arreated a man by tha nam* of Francis Armao, charged with buying a gold watch aad chain, valued at $330, from a black fallow, for $35. Tkia watch and chain waa atolen irom Mr. Albert 8. Neemith, on the ISih of Laat June, from No. 117 Cedar ateaal ? Thia Armau, It appeara, keepa a Dutch porter-bouea at No. 151 Washington atreet, and rents a lodging roam la the building No. 18 Pine atreet. On the officer* eearoh ing thia room for some other property, they discovered this watch?the chain, however, is yet to be found.? Committed for examination. Violent ?Emanuel Jackson, a black fellow, waa arreated laat night for a violent eaaaelt and battery on Matilda OJell, a woman he hae been living with for aeveral years. He went home laat night pretty wall "toddied," and by way of love "cracked" his wife'* heed with an iron hoop, causing a severe wound, which is likely to prove fatal. They occupied a basement at No. 35 Willet atreet. She was h ard to cry murder, aad oa entering the room she was lying on the floor in a gore of blood. She waa removed to the residence of her brother, at No. 154 Broome atreet, where Justice Taylor took her affidavit, from the fact of her not being likely to survive. Shop Lifter.?Mary Mullen was caught in the aet ef walking off with a cloth cap, worth $1 60, under her shawl, from the store of Nicholas Kabriques, No. 338 Bowery. Locked up by Justice Taylor. Marine Court* Before Judge Watarbury. March U.-Jsia Shepard vt. Hon ford AwmUi?The defendant in this suit resides in and is the possessor of premises corner of Norfolk and Houston streets. The plaintiff resides at No. 153 Norfolk street, 1mm yd lately adjoining those ol the defendant, aod brings oomplaiat against the defendant under the following circumstan ces The defendant erected, or caueed to be erected, ? privy, which proved to be e source of much enaeyoaeo to the plaintiff, inaamuch as that the offal hare deposited found ita way into the cellar of tba plaintiff, and he new brings this action to recover damagea. The plaintiff had offered to remove the privy complained or at hie own expense, if the defendant would build one which ahould not prove liable to theeo objection*, to which proposi tion he maintained an obstinate indifference. Having submitted to this nuisance for three or four yean peet without any hope of a corrective, he brings this action for the recovery of damage* and an ordar lor ita rams val. The deience maintain that U this was in fact a nu isance, it was so at the time that the defendant sold said pramlsaa to one Rallwagan, who subsequently sold the same to the plaintiff in this suit, and subject to the aLo ged nuisance complained of. Verdict to-morrow. Before Judge 8mith. Nathaniel Harper vs. Daniel Hannian.?The defendant in this suit waa a contractor with the Alma Hauee de partment, and had agreed to furnish a given quantity of milk, at S cants and 3j cent* per quart, during stated seasons , and in order to supply himself with a suffi cient quantity for this purpose, entered into a contract with the plaintiff in this action, stipulating to pay M and 3 cants per quart, as the caee might be. The plaintiff bring* this suit to recover the amount of $84 30, for $140 quarts of milks, delivered from tko 1st to tko 18th of November last inclusive, end for which ho oontoads that the defendant received bia pay from the Alma House deportment, at the rata of 3 j cents per quart. The do fence charges that the milk was not such as oontractod for ; that it waa diluted with water at the rate of 4* per cent. ; end upon that ground contends that his claim la vitiated, and without force or affect. It waa shewn hi evidence that the plaintiff had admitted to one ef hlo customers who hao complained of the quality at hlo milk, that it had boon " fitted up for the use of the Alms House department, and that it waa good enough for the price he received for it and that, in future, he would serve him with e better article. Verdiot reserved uattt to-morrow morning. Movements of Travelieri. The influx, yesterday, of arrivals at tha principal ho tel* was equal to tbrae of tho previous days, aad fully indicated tba prospect of en early end prosperous spring trade in this city. Tha following is a summary :-At tha Asrea.oAir-W. F. Barry, U. l ii B.J. Hum. Ohio* James Cloohe, Freeling.Wg; J. Cobb, Fall Maori J. F. 81atar, Norwich j Joseph Burnett, Boatoai John Brim ham, Massachusetts; Charles Armstrong. Newbutgi; C. A. Johnson, Savannah; Wa. White. Daleetown. Aaroa?Ed. Dinhersou. New Jaiaeyj Judge Iiaviland, Miss.; Ryarson k Fioaeh. do; B.J. KaclJe, Nashville; Judge Haviiand, | l.onf laws$1 M. Perry, Washington; K. Dyer, H. Emery, Providence; R. Leppett, Robert Martin, do; Packer k Lyman, Boston; Ed. and John Hope, England; Davia, Pope k Lewie, Boetoa, J. Hieka, do; Meaera. Forbes, Faber, Reel, Wheelwright, do; H Brown*, Michigan. R. De Witt. Albany; R. relets. Au gusta, Geo ; Leythrep, Mow* k Taylor, Mass.; J D. Dickson. Judge Nelson, 8. C.; F.. Webster, Boston; Hon. F.Oranger, f.anandeigus, T. Eakin, Nashville. Citv-Hod. J. CTwatrooa, Tea**; C. ? Boow' loose, Ala ; D. B. Smith, N. B.; O. Beehe, U- 8. N.; Oen Cadwaliader, New Jersey; J. Dill, Ohio; RJueffn, Phi ladclphla; H. Richard*, Boston; C. H. Orailet, Mleat ran,O.JFeri.h - " w William*. ArkanjmiJoha Hobbs, Va.: O. W. Ramsay, Komuokyi T. A- Meoreta. do; R. Waidan, Alabama; James Mttaajs, Tennoeeeei Messrs. Whllnm. Flanagan and Lookhait, N. C-i C. H. B^A?^-a Fr?.vai,t. No^k^MjCU^ i r n l.Held J Wileon, Fort Wayne, Iud.; J UWoS3Ti'i?s? .jfwhta.1 Cermdl; C.'t Abblt, AgSgtLy.. . M ^Thompson, Boflhio;' Meeera Reese k Beget, I Vw^Th'^ r Halo, A. Pylea, o!Lm_^ Jackson, v,(r?ora. Sswver, Boston; A. B. Vivin, Kentucky Haven; A. A. Peebles. Lenaingburgb; banyi 11. Penfleld, Buffalo; Z. Oteer. C H. rrussdals, Coxs*ckia;'A. Uravdoh, 1 Illinois; W. Monason, N. C.i w. P. 1 tucky; J. B. Folaom, Alabama. Messrs Baltimore; C. Mut, Now LriMWi W. 0

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