Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAED 4 ni^i?, t??wm? i?. ?m?. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 14, 1846. m|THE NEW YORK HERALD. J JAMBS GORDOH BBNHETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Pries a eeuta peri ^ ^ruS^Sw'fg u*lC uwuPprice* ? 'Ilwn mtk nHfrlnu of all hinti riNiMd with beauty nil dee PHWWHVWHHHRBHRHVHHm addrasaod to >~(?tabli*hmeat, mm be M paid, or the postage will b? H Proprietor of th. h Nuw Teas Hniu CiTABLwHtuirr wMMnaitfl'iliM ud Num. >tfMH ? 8TATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, with a f.w or ' any cumber of apres that OUT be desirable. Barn*, fee. Lhr. atuched, oo the North thdte of 8 tut en lil-od, fron lug on the river, aid within three minstee walk of Caatlrtoa steamboat Lauding, oue mile from Port Richmond, and a mile [nd ahaiffrom New Brighton. The property has a front on the water of abont 400 feet. For further nffiticulsrs enquire of William and John O'Bri ,u. No. 33 Wall street, or on the premises, of Mrs. Jane Burger, mil 3w r TO LET OR FOR SALE, A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aad f Coach House sttaehed, with abont an acre of land, the .principal part of which is well sloe bed with fruit and .a: cy shrubs, and ea.leeed wi'ha picket fence. The stages ?terery tan minntns within fire minutes' wtlk of the house. nation between llttb aad 111th streets. For farther informs a apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Niuth^^^HM ... street, or Dr. , Harlem. mrlt tm*rc HOTEL AT KINGSBRIDGE. To let from the lstday ofMayuext, the large aad commo diona Hotel at Kingsbndge, now occnoied by John M and pian I'a a good garden of aboat one acre of groaad. attached Ih-reto, and also a large Stable that will M to t5 horses It is considered to he. one tor a Public House betwreu New York and Albany. It wul years, and for a private imidauee, If de accommodate from i of the beet locations and Albany. It will let for one or i . aired, being beautifully situated oo the Harlem river. For terms, apply to Abraham Valentine, la dm Town Of aooaon, about two miles above Kingsbridge, or to '? ''' ABRAHAM G. VALENTINE, mtO 6t* r 165 Front street, New York. TO LET. A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the village of Jamaica, ? ' - Q. H. " Lit at present occupied by Doctor 43. H. Kiasam, lUallL with stable in the rw&r. The House is modern bnilt, tthree story with marble mantels, in complete order. Poeses 11 ion given 1st of May. Also, Two other houses in the village, all well located, be au tear the Railroed Depot and both Academies. ODe of which can be occupied immemateiT- For further particulars, ipplyto JAMES HERRIMAN. m4 3w?rc Jamaica. L. I. TO LET, IN FORT LEE, N.J., L A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of [ ground and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable . _igoodc inditien, which were formerly used as a chemi fectory, at present occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; Situated ou the Hackeasack road, only a few minutes walk Irom the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whom a Daese will be given for several years, if required. Inquire of ^>r. Morris Leo-Wolf, M Liberty street, New York, ml tw*rc TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, TWO New three story and basement brink Houses, with lbs privilege of iree ferriage,now in eoaree of com pletion, which will be reedy for oeenpenev on or before lay set. Iney will be fitted in beautiful style and be re' ? *1 the F" ' " rooms besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and black grates throughout, and are 31 feet front by 53 deep, with ?dc court yards and iron railings. The situation is delight ful, commanding a fine view of the river, bay and city, and is withm one minute's walk of the fsrry, where the new ferry boats leave every 15 minutes for Barclay st, cross ng in t to H ' ud Chrf minutes; tnd every half hour to Canal aad Christopher eta ? Apply at the ferry at Hoboken. ml tw*rc NOTICE. DWELLING HOUSES, STORE 8 and vacant Lots, for sale, rent or exchange Investments made on pro ductive Real Estate, that will pey ir cm ran te twenty Bireaut on the purchase mooey, with an ia crease in value of ot omtan to fifteen pur cent, per annum. Mi ney procured ou Bond and Mortgage; and Policies of Ineuraiee obtained from the meet impossible companies ia the countnr. Apply at 155 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N. B?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, furnished here or at No. I Broad tercet, at the short est notice. CALVIN POLLARD. 116 lm*rc Architect. FOR SALE, OK TO L?I\outh; moat reasonable iff reeinui terms, three two-story Dwelling i.ruses, in North ?Uiasi Sixth, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Wil " Two of the ?r .. I. Two of the abo re are new, and intended as genteel net, being fluiehed ia the best manner, and supplied iring aad rain water ia tka kitchen, and eoal vaalm in with spilng and mMMMIRMPHHVMMI front, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain _ purchase money may m ?ewd-w,per?1 ^'"?"g&Esrifiious. fa lm*R* M Wall street i| QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE?Sitn late on the Passaic river, in North Bnllevilln, formerly belonging to Abraham Joralemoa, Esq. Said quarry hwDeeaexteusTvel/ worked for thirty years nk, Ntjsfl of the beet qnarriee of free stene in New Jersey, aad ia in ?toed order for working. The premises consist of two dwell ing*, store haase, two bams, two hundred feet of wharf, aad seveataou Area of land, wnich will be sold entir.*, or the Iquarry separate, if desired. For further particulars, enquire ol the subscriber, at the poet office in Ballev ills. N. J. JOHN C. LLOYD. I Belleville, Feb. ?, 1146. fl? lm*me ???HOUSES ANU LOT FOR SALE^l^H ? A PLEASANT country eeat in thu village of Madi | aco, Morris county, New Jersey, within a few minutes L walk of th* beautiful residence of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., I nbout 35 mil** from New York city?communication to twice a day, any day ia th* year, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, og which are Two Homes and a Barn, with a first rs-e well of water. | Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premise* are located in a commanding position, overlooking tlie whole village; aad is on* of the most desirable location* in the place, being within two miuutra walk of the railroad de v*am paaue. u?iii? w ilitis* a vv iHmmmgmumgm^mmmmm^H^HmmM pot, which renders it convenient for a person doing business in the city, who dee ires to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON, At lm*re Momstown, N. J. A RARE CHANCE. mm WILL BE SOLD cheep. or mhupd for city pao ?wntr, a very valuable rallcy grain and graft farm, eon* ^AhJaintng lSS>i acrea, M of watch are woodland,and the rests rich toil, Saving been all cultivated, highly mannred and seeded, within five vearepeat, and yields abundant eropt; ?itnated JO mi lee from New York, 4 from Huntington. S from Cold Spring, and i from Fkrmingdale, by the beat roada in the county of Suffolk. The buildings are all nearly new, and con sist Of n eommodiona Dwelling, J Barna, Cow Shmta. Car riage Heme. Poultry House, lee House, Bakery, Wash Room, and Smoke Honae. Twenty acre* lie ia a position to ptodnee the earlieat vegetables, and being witlin 1>$ houra commnni cation With Brooklyn, to which earn ran from Fsrmtngdsle | ^^^?old Spring ^^?ivto F. o. luci^^H three titers * day, makea it very deeirable. Steamboate also le are Cold Spring daily for New " ? rWKSS NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, 31, 33 and 35 Croahy street, THIS well-known and favorite establishment is Aaarvopmi for the reception of Horaes on lirery, and also et > t f,,r Hot ?ea on private sate, where every attention wilt be paid them by the nnderaigned. Then being ne public Mils at this establishment, it will he found a desirable piece for gentlemen to keep their Horses sad Canisges on livery. Dealera will also find it a desirable piece for the sale of Horeea, having accommodations unsurpassed by any stable ia the city. WILLIAM COWAN, Manager, JOHN H. OATF1ELD, Proprietor. New York, JthMarch, 1144. mlO 3teod*rh_ iSffi t J M sad Western Horses?among which am tight pairs matched: eight or ten good road horses, and several use cart, farm and shipping horsee R. ? NORTH RUP, It lie'rc Proprietor. SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S UAT8. r% WHY will yon pay $4,30 and $S for a Hat, when you Jmm. Can go to ROBERTSON'S PHtENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, It 103 Fulton Street, and get as good a one for $9,34? Oo and evimine lor your selves. mria Im're KNOX'S FASHIONABLE HaTS, rl FOR THE ENSUING SPRING, am now ready for inspection and sale, at 110 Fulton street, between Wil liam and Nhsmu. To those who ere not the votaries o' fuh im. Pet alw ya with to look uniform in the kied of hat ihry wear, winch is most b -coming to ihem, oaa have their Halt made to order at a very shoe' eotiee mil lm're TO MILLINERS. CARL KING, the well known and celebrated' Brat premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs tbe pah general, that he haa for sals a most splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire ?ew article, called Paris Straw Gimp, made to the ahaoe of the Sbcpherdnraa Gipsev?so beaat*lul and becoming, they need only be seen to beadmired. Milliseri, and merchants of rim trade, will do well to cell and examine before they make their purchases, as the (joda will be sold by the case or dosee ate very liberal price. CARL KING, IT Division street N B.?A general assortment of all kin da of Straw Goods end Pan* EiOboaa always on herd. IB lm*r J FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR SS 54-City made, and are eqaal to those mid in other stores for $5; fine French I alf Boots for $4 54. erjnal to the beat made in thrs city for V ir$7?at YOUNG R JONES' French Boat and Shoe Mi jo'artory; our of the moat lasbiouable in this crtyi our Br.... ..iving been jndgsd in the late Fair at mblo's, are said to be the beet Boots ever sold in Uua city. All Boot* warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNG k JONES. 4 Ann street. JaJ7 lre*vh sear Broadway. New York. REGULAR LINEOF PACKET HHIr??racket o' tbe 6th April?The Orst claea, last sailing pack rset ship AtHBURTON.Capt.Howland,burthen I4M toss miiI Mil as above, her regular day. Having veiy superior accommodations for cabin, td cnbin and ?Crwrage passengers, persona iaiending to smbark, should make namseUts application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOS&PH MeMl'RRAY. _ . . . Comer of Pine and South streets The picket ship J, R. SKIDD Y.Capt Bkiddf, bertken l?04 tons, will saereed the AMHBURTON, and anil on tbe 16th April, her regular day. N. B. Ptrwm dnntroiit of awdim for their friends, can hi?s thtm brought ont bjr the sboTe ship, on moderate terms, bjr making application m nbore. mltr PWh '?lr SdHoethet. PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL,7w?m Liverpool?Consign ees will please seed their permits ae board, Weslsrda Burling slip. All goods not permitted ia Ave dart an liable to besenl to peblie store ml] Jtr ?pAcKEt HHlF HOTt INGUER, from Liverpool ,lis?._ I charging under general ereer, at West aide Burling Slip. Goods that ere not permitted, meg be eent to pubtig Mom. Mil Mm MAIL. LANK FUR BOSTON. fER THE LONG WI ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock im die Mornini, from the Foot of Whitehall -4 V1 810 - _ . Sooth Kerry?8oodavi excepted. Way Crates are u readiness to receive bacvace for New London. Norwich and Worcester. Jhtme for Boston cose tkvocgh nnder lock. jolt tf re NOTICE. NEW YORK AND HARLEM R. R CO. ?? On uil after THURSDAY, 12th inat, the train that leasee 17th itreetat T 20 A.M. for Harlem will leas# at 7o'clock A.M. Returning will Inafe Morrisaaia and Harlem at 7 SO AM. for 'I be tram that learea City I will leare at 4 o'clock P. M. The train that learea Citv Hall for Willitma' Bridie at i 30 P.M. will lease at 3 26 P. M. Returning will laare Williama Bridge at( 43 P. M. ? The train that learea White PI aim at 4 10 P. M. wi II laare at 4 M P. M. for Now York. aa? tfrc NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On and after Monday, Mareh IWli, tha bonis of thia Ferry wiU ran aa followa nntil further notice;? bear.Mmtea. Island 2.10. 12 A. M. 2, S, P. M. (* Lear. New York 9. II. A. M.; 1, 3V?, P. M. N. B.?All freight at the riak of tha owuara thereof. ~ FOR NEWBURGH, LANDING at Ualdwoll'a and Wait Point ?The ataamboat HIGHLANDER, Captain ~ Armstrong will leara the foot of War h, on Saturday morning, March 14th, Cj|||. Armstrong For pete age or freight apply on board. Tha Highlander will lease the foot of Warren trreet, for Newbornli, on Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday of next week, at 2 o'clock P- M. ml3 2tis*r NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE UK CENTS, i Splendid S The Splendid ?ceamrr PASSAIC, CapcJohn ?G iffy, will eommence her trips lor the season .on Monday, March 16th, and ran as follows, aalif firther notice:? Laare Newark. I Laare Barc'ay at., New York, 7E o'clock A. M. I 4 oV! F. M. ? P Freigut e~.itt* etjrsry reasonable ?area, for which there are atere-Muce and agenu, both at Newark and New York. The Paaaaic has a large end spacious deck saloon, elegantly famish ed. and great deck room both for ftesght and passengers. mrl2 im"rc MAIL LINE AT 7J O'CLOCK, A. M. p TO ALBANY, gflf AND intermediate landings, or aa far aa the ^L^MjgSpice will permit. There ie good wheeling from 3K^3JDE?any point on the Hndaon to Albany, and Stagrt will be in readiness to carry passengers to tneir desti nation. Passage $4 30 through to Albany?passage to New bnrgh $134. Breakfast on board the boat. Tl The celebrated ice steamboat UT1CA. Captain T. N Hnlse, laares tha pier between Courtlandt and Liberty sts, erery morning at 7K o'clock. Ail paclmges and parcels will be landed at any of the regnlar landing*, prorided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, and entered on the freight list. ? , For passage or freight, apply aa hoard, or to P. C. Bchnltx, at the offiee on tha wharf. fie r BOSTON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The British and North American Royal i Mail Btaam Packet Ships H1BERNIA, and CALEDONIA, will lease Boston for the abore ports aa follows, rig: H1BERN1A, Alexander Ryne, Commander, on Wednes day, April I, 1816. CALEDONIA, E. O.J , Lott, Commander, on Friday, May 1, 1146. Passage to Liserpool $126 Passage to Halifax . 66 r freight or passage, apply to D. BRIQHAM. Jr.. Agent. AtHARNDEN It CO.'8. 6 Wall at No Berth secured until paid for m4 re DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN ANDIKELAND.?Parson* wishing tow- , mit money to their friend* in any P*3.?f Britain or Irei^d, cy bejnpg ^ nirtl 75*South at tor. Maiden Lana. _ SBfcto McEwen, matter. will aeil on the llth only, having egeallent accommodation*. apply on board, eaat "^^^^^mVnTURN. ?7 Sooth at. The A1 Britwh bark Ann Hmley, Cape Rokt. Soott '*.11 neeerd th? AdamI Ctrr. 'ssv5 Ef:; tl>Kor'freighTo"passage, havinghandaome ? cf??[i modationa, apply on board, at Drleana whart, foot of Wall .treat, or to j< K C0LLIN8 kCO.56 8oulh.ore.t^ O!" Poaitively no good* received on board after Saturday "ay?t UhNl^Orleana,JAS. E. WOODRUFF,mho will GEN&EE, t'Ar, will,need the ft.rt.IL. Mid mail Monday. ?3d Marcti. her remlar day, mil r ma ... or ack RALL OR OLD LINK Ol* LIVER* JBL POOL PACKET* FOR LIVERPOOL.?Only re BK gnlar packet of thelJ Mar*. The new an^eTebraled faat tailing favorite ahip FIDELIA, burthen 115# tone, Cspt W O Hickitiff, will sail positively on Monday, the 16th March. It i* well known that the tceom modationa of ? the Fidelia air fitted ont in a moat anperb and coetly .manner, with em* impror?w?^d I eouveni bmt' ada ui the eomlbrt of thorn embarking. Persons visiting the old country, or sending for their mends, should call sn5 see this splendid specimen -"SfiHlTlSSSBbte co ., mII r B Fnlton ttreet. (neat door to the B niton Bank.) FIRST PACKET FOR GLA8GOW??With jjgfL D mutch?The aplendid and (hat sailing packet ?bip JBfilKw 1DAM CARR, Capt. McEwen, will hern imme Xrii'Cffi. .ccommoda,.T forcabm second eebin end steerage peseengera, wmch will be tiw g reasonable rates. To seenre berths early spplicntion ahould be made on board, WtAPSCOTT,75 Sonthat. mj F cor. Maiden lane. ^ rOR LIVERPOQL-The New Line-RyU. | flK^^ket ahip HOTT1NGUER, 1050 torn bnithen. rtate room, and cabin. Xhe'paeket *Xp tiverpool, 113# tona, Capt. John Eldridga, ? ill aaeneed the Hottingner, and tail OB the flat of April, her regular day. ,. mT ,c east. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line? The P*ck?t ahip BALTIMORE, Cepu J. Jchnaton.Jr. ABfiSfawiU tail on the lat of April, eor lieight iffpiCKEN, ? Tontine lor mooei. meienai it '"'7 '?"?? bmag live oak.) aad woAmanahip, they are nnauipaaaed, if net a mq nailed?salted on the stocks, and re-calt*d every yeer nice. Their eccomaeodatione for pasaaagara are very sitae "re and hSLomely co .MBontkeC rjH IP A8hBURTON, from Lirerimol?Coaeigiians will S Hem. .end ^ygrmit. on N. B ?All good* aot permitted in five day* pnb ic etore. DR. S WAY AM" 8 Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, TTHE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor la Dm. It may truly be eaid, that uo one he* ererbeen ao ancceaafel le com pounding * medicine, which has J*00? ,, ? H-allhmid S^aue^Wi JcHaa^ Md none bet .0 generally !? troaiaed by the profession and othera. both in this yj",rT *jj inTerope, nor ha. there erer ben. .o ,?7' J" &'?ad? abort apmce ol only i t or aeyen yeera, to deceive the creon^ lone aad unthinking, by pntnrg er Noaunm. kinds, or van one kinds, by virions iiidividnsls, vrerxirm Chebbt, and aa innch of the nair, of 'ko or'eRimm* ;WflJ* , lion aa will aeiewe them from the lath of 'be law. "d the Impoatora who pnU cut the comojon fartgtric o the ?hope, and calls it the Bauaa or Wild LHaaar. h* ^ impudence to cantion the public ageinet 'b* pmration, Dm. Swaynn'i Compockd drnue ofWilo LHanar, "^WKaS'JiFtiic'Slia'eoaTKiw. And pnrchaae none but the original and only genutnt anieie, aa prepared by Da Swavivn, which i? the ooly one compound ed by a Regular Phyttcian, and arose from naeey y?" cl atteation to the Practice of the Profeeaion, and which led to ihia gitnt discovery. Thonaanda and tent of thousands or the beat teatimomals of the nnparelleled sneeeM of Dr. Bwayne ? Compound of Wild Cherry, for the Care of Consumption I Cough*. Cold*. Spittine Blood, Civer Complaint, Tiekling or Rising IB the Throat. Nervoua Debility, Wrnheeaa of Voic- , Palpitation or Disease ef the Heart. Pain in the Side or Breert Broken Conetitntion from various causea, the abuse of ea o mel he, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, he, w vra declared to the world yveaa Wfore say other prrnorataen of Wild CH*aBT e me ool The moalaceptjcal may satisfy fhtmselvea aa to the truth of the above by ahttle laqairy m S?laaSSS0ESS?S? ?SntlSkafiri? Dodd. 77l Broadway; Uwja. Mff Ora? I M lm*m CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC? FLUID. , THIS remarkable discovery oomprtsas aa entirely aafe toil novel application of the myntenous power of Galvanism, aa a remedial agent. The Galvanic Rittus in connection with the Magnetic Kino, here been ased with entire sue- 1 eeaa in all caaaa ot RHEUMATISM, acute or chronic, apply | in* to the head, face or limba; Gout. Tie Doloreux, Tooth- ; acts, Bronchilia, Vertigo, nervous or sick Headaclte, Indiges tion, Petalyua, Palsy, Epilepsy. Fits, Cramp, palpitation of the Heart, Apoplexy, atilfaeaa of Joints, Spinal complaima, ] go, Nenralgia, nervona Tremora, dizziness of the Head, | Lumbago, n mi. Ki ?,, um?uu? * IB1U...I? u. .... ...... I paint in tbe Cheat and Bide, general Debility, deficiency of nervous and physical energy, aad all nervona disorders. In eases of Dyspepsia, which is simply a nervous derangement oi me digestive organs, they have been lound equally success ol me digestive organs, they have been lound equally success ful. The Kings are of different prices, being made of all sites, and of varioiu ornamental patterns. and can be worn by the most delicto- female without the slightest inconvenience. THIS GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, ke. Are modifications of the invention, and are recommended in more chronic case* of diaeaae, wnera the Rings do not poe ?est sufficient intensity or power. They are adapted to the waiet, arms, wrists, ancles, cheat, or eny part of the body with Crfect ease. Any Galvanic power that is required may thas obtained, and no complaint which the mysterious agent of Galvanism can affect, will fail to be perm aneetly relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID used :a connection with the ltiugs and their modifications. This composition has been pronounced by the French Che mists, to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modern science. It is believed to possess the remarkable power of rendering the nerves sensitive to Galvanic action, by ibis means cansiag a ooncentration of the inffneace at the seat of disease, and that giving rapid and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. These articles form an important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon the same principle, bat having the advan tage of more local application As aa effectual means lot Strengthening the system when debilitated by diaeaae or other causes ; aa a certain aid m constitutional weakness i aa a pre ventive for colds, and in all affections of the chest generally, the Galvanic SrnxNnTisxNuta Plastebs will be found of great aud petmanent advantage. We refer our readers to the numerous C7-HOME CERTIFICATES,_?0 Published by the Doctor, in the Sun, Timet, Mirror, Tribune, and other papers. Th**e testimonials, all of which are fYom the most respect abl le sonmes, have been selected from several hundred of a similar character, which have been procured during tbe short time the discovery b- been bnEra 4.Am^c^jmbhc. General Agent to* the United Stales, and only Agnat lot the 'NewYork, Sewage SI f niton streat. Sun Buildings, of Counterfeits jail MWItSst lm*r 192 BROADWAY, CORNER OP JOHN STREET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. SPECIMENS of KING'S unapproachable VERBENA CREAM FOR SHAVING.-This article, universally praised by those who made trial of it, last year took the first premium of the Institute Fair. Indeed it isfullv eonceded by those who know, tnat it is impossible to manufacture an arti cle equal to it. It is softening to the skin, fragrant to the sense, n destroyer offlreckles and pimples, and ia told cheaper than the old soaps. All, therefore, who woald consult econo my and comfort in shaving, shoaldposaese themselves of it. From the New York Gazette.?lite New Soap.?W? speak from esperience, and we speak from the more professional knowledge of oar benefactor and friend James Grant. No. t A' n street, wheaays it ia ahead of aey thing ever yet found oat in this department of modern improvement. It ia not only an cmolient" bnt it is something more." In short, we believe h is the best shavisg soap in the world. From the Evening Mirror.?Ring's Verbena Crnam, we know by experience to be the best kind of shaving <oap, and those persons who have troublesome beards, should not be without it It has a penetrating way of its owe, end softens the hardest and roughest beard, so aa to lender the operation of shaving perfectly easy. Mr. Ring has lately takes tbe basi nets of Dr. Milnor, at the comer of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; anu, likewise, King's Cough Gaudy. which is said to be a pleasant and cer tain cure for that troublesome companion. From the Sunday Dispatch.?Every man who shaves himself should procure " Ring's Verbena Cream." It is an exquiaite article softening the beard, and allaying all irritation of the akin, so that it becomes aa absoluta pleasure, instead of an an ooyauc*, to me the razor. Beware of imitations, and onaerve the written signature un der tbe directions for use, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared end lor sale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by C. H. KINO, Druggist, 191 Broad w,y, corner of John street Successor to Dr. Win. H. Milnor. N. B.?Merchants are particularly requested to call and ex amine this article, aa now prepared, as to quality, quaatitm ep K trance and price. It cannot be beat?the splendid uevMlbel im a steel plate, engraved by Messrs. Rawdon. Wright k Hatch, far exceeding any thing of the kind before the public, mi lm*r 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. rpHK Hubacnber returns hi* thanks to his friends and tha JL public for the veryjibend patronage extended to him since the opening of his 8tor* in New York, Premising that in Perfumery the maxim should prevail, "either the best er none," be earnestly solicits one moment's attention to ihe fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offering the very best, whether the competition be foreign or Ameri can. 1st. He possesses unequalled adxantagea in Paris, in hav ing been for many years Director of the Laboratory of Lan gier Pete at Fits, lor half a century the first house in this line ?n Europe. 2nd Since the first exhilmtion, some years past, ol his Perfumery, it has, without a single exception, obtained in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the First Premium over all competitors, and at the last exnibitioa in New York, he was honored with the Gold Medal never before awarded to Perfumery. 3rd. His Perfumery has banished the imported whenever it has come fairly into competition. This is em phatically the case with his Shaving Cream Why should it not be so? His Perfumery is, In fact, the foreign, both in its quality ana mod* of fabrication, with the addition of an excellence which the foreign never can possess namely, Oeshness and advantage in many of these articles of the greatest importance, owing to their perishable nature. 4th. His price* are from 30 to M per cent lower. In fine, the sub scriber, educated in the best foreign schools, imported with him the science and skill of his native city, offers the products of his laboratory, equal to the best imported, and superior to them from the advantage of recent preparation, at much lower prices. He, therefore, flatters himself that his preparations must of necessity supercede tha imported, except with those who are so unreasonable as to prefer articles merely because they are foreign, and have been subjected to the influence of a tea voyage. To conclude, the subscriber always keeps on hand a perfect assortment of the best foreign perfumery, tad offers store an opportunity of comparing the two. and of purchasing according to the judgment or preference of the in dividual. The subscriber moat respectfully solicits a call from those who wish to purchase that which is genuine, as he assures the Cblic that nothing shall ever quit his establishment without ingas represented to the purchaser. He particularly invites the attention of wholesale and retail dealers to bis very com plete assortment, which he offers to them at priees from 3b to M per cent cheaper than they buy elsewhere. E. ROU88KL, Manufacturer and Importer of Toilet Soaps, jSOlm'r Perfumery, lie. THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES. fill those whose Lungs are affected slightly, should take V? this Symp without delay, by which they may prevent the It those whose Eungs are affected slightly, should take this 9ymp without delay, by which they may prevent the fixing of that dire disease (ally and firmly. How important then, to avoid it. Never live a day with a cough when this Syrup can be had and you are nearly certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. DB. 8WAYNE'8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD cherry" It is a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it is called Wild Cherry, because that article is the basis of the preparation. It is no combined with other ingredient*, that the utmost effi ciency ia given to its good quaTitiea; as a supporter and preser ver of the powers and functions of life, it has no equal. CacTio!*?All preparations of Wild Chetry. except Dr. Swayee's, are fictitious and counterfeit, and sprung an years sfterthn valuable remedy had in./oduced itaelf into the sick cnamber; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balaams" cnamber; therefore, be not deceived by I and "Spurious Mutures," but try the genuine and be cured. Prepared only by, Du. Swathe, N. W. corner of Eighth end Racesuei streets, Philadelphia, Sold wholesale and retail al Charles H. Riags, (late Dr. Mil nor1*,! 193 Broadway, corner of John st.; and at. Drug stores, lib Bowery, 771 Broadway, 306 Bleacher St., 9b Hudson street, and 343 Grand street. jl21m*m DOCTOR ARNT'S RELIEF SALVE. fOR WOUNDS, Bruise*, Bum*, Chronic Sores or Swel lings, Pile*. Ulcers and Inflamed Breasts, It is also a sovereign remedy for Blotches on the Face, and Chapped or Rough Skia. It will aooa reader it transparent, clear and soil as yslvet. (Extract of a letter frees Doctor Wood.) your customers. It is decidedly superior to any other preparation with which 1 havaasy acquaintance " I have made (request uae of it with the greatest possible success, and freely and cheerfully com mended it to others. 1 cannot withhold an expression of surprise at the happy effect* I have known it to produce iu several ease* of ieflamed breasts and nerves." (Extract from a letter written by a female to her relative.) "Monday morning ceiled at Mm. Halbert'a. She had suffer ed so long and so moeh with her breasts, that I expected float wbat wa had heard, to find her dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arnt'a Relief Salve'that night and the next day, sad to my great satisfaction, I found her entirely relieved. After apply ing it twice as I had directed,the milk tutted a stream ; they put the child to her breatu, and they er* now both doing very well indeed They cell me the Good Samaritan for mentioning . the salve to them. I am very glad of being the means of doing [ some good is the world." .... _ Doctor Hallock?Bar: That the great virtue of ' Arnt'a Re liefSalv*" may be known to the affiicted, 1 deem it my duty be stale t ft w facts connected with my awn ess# About twenty years ago I received an injury from the fragment of a berating cannon striking me is my groin; from that up to the present time I have suffered much distress and pain, and finally it re sulted in a diffused aneariam. pervading my leg and foot. During this protracted season of suffering, 1 hare had recourse to all the" sere curat," and highly recommended " Pain Ex tU Nil UK IgiBluire, ratans isegi sis j IWVVUI ireiiaswvw ? ??? ?n tractors." fce.,fcc-, with no benefit. Having recently tabes a severe cold, my leg was again the seat of most excruciating paia, and had all the appearance of mmediate inortsficatsou. I was advised tliat, in order to acre my life, mr leg must be amputated. Again I resorted to the various highly recommended remedies, "bat found no relief, until I was petsuaded to try the ' Relief Halve After the first application I felt a areai benefit: and dark mahogany eolor of my lag sod foot ct hogany eolor of my leg and foot changed to santnra sad healthy nppeaiauee. By using two bosan the swelling and inflammauoTdimppctred, and my leg became entirely free from pain. It is now in a better condition than it has been for ten yea't. 1 do therefore recommend it strongly to othere snf faring from similar nfllietious, ond here no doubt it will prove a highly valuable application for all the purpeee* for which it le recommended. Respectfully yours, Ius, pARgop^ French'a Hotel. No 11J Fulton street, Wow Yprfc ?old wholesale and retail by thepnocipal Apt, CHARLES H. RING, Druggist and Chemist, in BrdSWray, corner <A John street, and by most of the respectable druggists, fib lm*re . HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF HAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For sale by MOORE ft CO., the American Areata,?1 Ann street, aafi Elliott, ITS DIY18ION BTHEET, op BMt* Ludlow, New York. Price ?1 ? bottle IHx bob ?forfiB- Philadelphia, TutUe, fffi Bouth 4th atreet. wmku -x V eristic#. * The bill to punish seduction and adultery, has boon re ferred, without opposition, to a select committee to re port complete, it is the same bill which passed the Assembly lest year. A survey of the Illinois river bos been made by Oeo. R. Mowry, at the instance of the Secretary of tfae Navy, who appropriated $1,600 for the purpose. A premium of $100 is offered for the best Practical Essay upea the best method of improving the rublic Schools of Connecticut; also, wo suppose fifty cents for tho beat wooden nutmegs. Jonathan Lamb, has proposed to purchase the Clinton and Kalamazoo Canal, from the State oi Michigan. It is said that the repairs to ths Ponnsyvania canals have been completed, and that navigation will bo opened as soon as the weather will permit. Tbe trial of Julia Croas, for posioning the lticketta family, la now going on in Washington Vary eminent counsel are employ od upon the ansa. The Dayton Transcript of the31st informs us, that the water is to be let off from that pert of tho canal betweon that city and Cincinnati early in March, for the parpose of making repairs, and 'hat navigation will ba suspend ed consequence, some four or five weeks. Much excite ment prevail* upon the eubject The navigation between St. Louie end New Orleans is now entirely free from obstraotion with ice. The Philadelphian* propose to sheathe tho permanent bridge across the Schuylkill with copper,in order to pre vent its taking fira by sparks from steamboats. The town council of B uflalo decided lately, that a person .delivering a lecture on physiology, phrenology * patbeism, violated the law requiring m and patheism, violated the law requiring men who per form plays or feata of jugglery to obtain a license. IS Hon. Kenneth Rayner, of N. C., lies dangorously ill at Baltimore. Montgomery i* hereafter to be the seat of government of Alabama. The vote in the Legislature was #7 tor Montgomery, 40 for Tuscaloosa, Wetumpka 0, Selma 11, Mobile 3. lied River, at the last accounts, was rising rapidly. Tho New Haven Palladium mentions the illness both of Judge Storrs and Isaac H.Townsend, Esq., the heads of tho law school. The former is sick in Litchfield, and the latter in Now Haven. Tho Senate passed tho bill allowing foreign insur anoe companies to establish agencies in Pennsylvania. A meeting is to be held at East Thomaston, Ma, for tho formation of " The Pennsylvania and Maine Coal Company," an asaociation to bo organised for tho pur poso of affecting tho transportation of tho Wyoming valley ooal of Pennsylvania, to Maine, " for the us* of blacksmiths, and for the purposes of fuel." On and after the 16th lost., the faro on the railroad be tween Philadelphia and iBaltimore, will be but $S from city to city. Tho Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is now free from ice and the steamer*, via that inland channel, have re sumed their trips. The Mississippi Legislature have passed a bill for mak ; a railroad from Jackson,to connect with tho raili ing a railroad from Jackson,to connect with tho railroad from Vieksburg on tho Missisoippi. Wa team from tho nnual report of the managers of tho House of Refuge, Philadelphia, that from the 1st of January, 1845, to January 1st, 1848, the admissions wore as followsBoys 106; girls 46. Tho avoraga number through the year is?boys about 135; girls 64. Number discharged during the year, 116. Remaining in tha In stitution, 193. On Friday morning,the 37th of Feb. the thermometer, at Ogdensburg, in this state, stood et twenty five de gress below zaro. A new medical oollaga, tha Fi anklin, is announced in Philadelphia, to open next October. An effort is being mad* to hara a marina hospital es tablished at Chicago. Tha M. E. Conference of Maryland commenced its sesaion on Wednesday last in Baltimore, under the pre sidenc* of Bishop HeJding, assisted by Bishop Waugh. Henry Thomas was hung at Chilliootho, Ohio, last Friday. Twenty-five steamboat* bav* been lost in tb* Missis sippi and Ohio rivers since the first of September lest. The two junior editors of the Richmond News, an nounce that they have secured the aervices a senior editor in piece of John H. Pleasants, recently kil led in a dual. Tha Baptist church at Newport, Herkimer county, have resolved not to allow any member of the Indepen dent Order of Odd Fellows to commune with them. The Wabash is now too low for stesmboat navigation. The tri-annual parade of the fireman of the city and county of Philadelphia, will coma off on the 37th last The Massachusetts Senate have passed for engross ment the bill for supplying Boston with pure water. The Jllbany Evening Journal of the 11th Ult., says t? We aje enjoying delightful spring weather. Tho enow ie wasting rapidly, and tha ica, thick and strong as it was, is already so weakened that sleighs broke through yes terday. There are 43 daily papers published in this State, viz : New York city IS, Brooklyn 3, Albany 6, Troy 3, Sara toga Springs 3, Buffalo 4, Rochester 3, Syracuse. 3, Uuca 1, Lock port 1, Pan Yen 1, Geneva 1. A large meeting, over which Hon. David R. Porter presided, was held in Harrisburg, on tha 4th inst.K to petition Congress to locate the proposed national foundry at that city. Tha Post Office at London, C. W., waa burnt down on Friday weak. Tha mail bags and papers war* saved. A project is in agitation in Portland to establish a steamboat communication betweon Halifax and Portland, with intermediate touchioge at the principal ports on the coaet or Nova Scotia with those of Halifax. A new Post Office, called " Last Chance," has been established on Coila, in Carroll county, .Mies., and W. B. Farmer, appointed Postmaster. The four companies of volunteers called out at New Orleans, by Gen. Gaines, for Texas, without any orders from the War Department, and without any occasion for their services, were paid $61,400 for three months ser TIM. A man named Jamea Pollard, wu taken to the Hcapi tal, in Philadelphia, on the 11th inat., Tory badly bruited, from being caught between two cara on the Colombia Railroad, near the Broad street depot. The Nantucket Inquirer of the 11th Inat., says A humpback whale waaaeen in ProTincetown harbor a abort time aince, and auroral boats were Immediately manned and gave chase. The whale waa captured and aold to two persona for $00, who attempted to have the monster towed to Boston. The whale broke loose, how ever, and escaped. The bill to remove the seat of government of Louisi ana to the town of Baton Rouge, has passed the Houae of Representativea, and only awaits the Executive signature to become a law. The act does not go into force, until after the close of the Legislative sessien of 1848, in conformity with the provisions of tho 113th article of the Constitution. The Philadelphia United St'tee Gazette of yesterday aays:? Information received in this city, renders it more than probable that the State Canals will bo in navigable order on Mondy next. A very exciting discussion is going on in the Pennsyl vania Lagislature. upon the bill to grant a right of way through that State to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. Doctor Hollick, has been indicted in Philadelphia, for the supposed immoral tendency of his lectures and books. He was arrested and entered In recognizance in the sum of $1000. What a lunny idea,! The Philadel phia's have become moral since the destruction of the three or four churches. Morse's magnetic telegraph is to be adopted in Austria. It it te he extended ftom Vienna to Prague, a distance >30 miles. Capt. E. A. F. Lave lie tt a, of the U. B. Navy, arrived atMemphix on the 34th ult., to take command of the Memphis Navy Yard. There is much dispute in Louisiana, relative to the sufficiency of many of their official oaths. The whigs of Pennsylvania, have nominated James M. Tower, of Mercer county, as their candidate for Canal Commisioaer. The Oeraaantown Telegraph says that an effort is being made tor the erection of a Tewn Hall in that borough. The Albany Argue proposes to reduce the salary [of the Governor. Axariah Fuller, aged 83 years, died at Hingham, on the 13th inat. He entered the army at the age or 18, in Capt. Bradford's company, in which he served to the end of the war Among the anedotee which he related was this His yeutn excited the surprise of the lady of Washington, who enquired " What could induce one of his age to leave the home of his parents to enoounter the penis of war V' He replied, " Nothing but the love of my country." It is proposed by the colored people to hold a National Convention, some time next summer, In Cleveland, Ohio. The object is to concentrate opinion among themselves, upon some plsn of oolonixation. Borne of them think oi asking tor a part of Oregon. The U. 8. Supreme Court adjonrned eine die en the $th instant Two men, calling themselves Charles Smith and John Brigbam, were arrested at Trenton, N. J., a day or two since, for passing a counterfeit $10 note of the Bank of Commerce in New York to a tavern keeper. Eight such notes were found npon them. A destructive fire occurred in EUxabethton, Tenn., Wednesday week, consuming the sooth eastern cor ner of the public square entire. It Is supposed to be the work of an incendiary from the fact that the Are originated in the ofBoe of the Circuit Court Clerk, des troying all the papers and records. On last Tuesday a number of petitions ware presented to the Maasachnesetts Legislature, ptaying for the re call of their Members of Congress, and for a general convention to take immediate measures for the with drawal of Massaehuseetts from the Union. Resolutions have been introduced into the Now Jersey Legislature for a light house in the harbor of Maurioe River, Cumberland County, N.J. An agent of the abolitionists was discovered a few miles below Memphis, on the Arkansas shore, on Satur day, the 3tst nit, and another in the same neighborhood, en the 9Sd. The eitisoM pesos ably assembled and order ed them to leave, whioh order was ao peaceably observed Well for them that It woe. Spoftlnf Intelligence. !L lJM.tant' ? 'retting match cam* off on tfao co opposite 8?. Lambert, Montreal. The dap waa line, food 'P'"1'. and the tracka caretuUp rhf^in/i h * m u#at *** W0D b7 DrMd' '?> -im 44a. Ph* *??? Kfusssou's black horae, in 4a. Ma. rhe third bp the black, in Jin. 37a. Ric"- March (Jth-Fourth Dap-Mile heats ?r th?? tl L M w,r* b??' two entrlea arthiapuraa. and as the horses were well matched, the ace itaelf afforded much intereat. John WaUon how rnhrouT2n.t^f?.UrMln thr" ,traighl h"l'-but not ... HKiULV. dr. Jenck'a b. g. John Watson, 6 peara old, by John Dawson, dam by Laviatban. 1 1 1 ''f- i onng1* a. m. Maid of Lodi, 6 peara eld, by Hualpa, dam bp Phenomenon a 3 3 ,a Time, l?t heat, 1:54 -3d, l;as-Sd, l.ssV. r.i main r*c*' ? ?ml'Un sweepstake waa run, in vhich there were two entries-siugle dash of a mile, u: ?n* bol?nlln*t0 Gen White, and the other to Mr. Uen. The latter won the heat. mTJU' Jl?iiT. Raj,,: ?Th? Gret specimen ol this novel AnH'? k oome '?-dap, for a puree of $300?ten julea to be accomplished within the hour. Jackson, the Oildersleeve, of New York, are in ro ii^u'lLi V.n ,nt*r",tinp contest if both wUl fo at their speed. At any rate, the distance to be ac iuyrng on th*1 way0' *U?W th#Bl much ?l)l>ortua,ty of Albany, March 8th, 1848. Ratf/jad Travelling?Charity on the Road.?Dr. Sprague? The Anti Renters?Speaker Craine? Martin Van Buren, fc. fyc I arrived here this moraine at twelve o'clock?ha ving been detained at New Milford on account ol ihe opposite train of baggage cars tunning off the track, injuring no one, yet breaking two cars and ?pilling the freight. Yet, notwithstanding this accident, the llousatenic Railroad Companp deserve great credit for the really comfortable 3d class of cars for the poor. ?f the vile hyena cages used upon other roads thep KS.? f ;?co?^-h?nd cars which are weU warmed and lighted and really comfortable?thep are an example to 0thar railways, to do justice to the wants of the poor. A pleasing incident occurred in one of the oars ; one ? ship-wreoked Irish women who came to this coun try to And her husband?who it appears had gone to New Orleans -hid taken passage to hunt np a sister resident in this city. She had a child, a year old, and both were pictures of squalid poverty. When her situation became Known, a gallant tar proposed that something should be km j ?m ' *?d at onc* *lM*? P?*?s was wised?the half dollars and quarters leaped from the pockets of the Passengers, convincing me that there is much Christian benevolence yet left in this wicked world of ours, and so spontaneous wasjthis charitable offering made, and so unexpected, that she looked up when the money was placed in her hands, an eloquent picture of speechless gratitude, the large tears gathering in her eyes, uplifted, craving a blessing ; in fact, it was a tableau vivant wor thy of the pencil of Huntington, the Raphael of Amer 1CA. About" meeting time" this morning, 1 enquired the way to the celebrated Dr. Sprague's church?after giv ing me the direction, my informant then said, " You will *"? a church with a cod-Ash and a pumpkin over the steeple?that's whore he holds forth. After so true a description, I did not fail in finding the place, and won dered why soma more appropriate device could not have boon chosen, as a cross, Roman or Maltese, or an anchor or an hour glass?but, some of the emblems oq our pla ces of worship, are worthy ol heathens, not Christians? so grotesque and odcLare they. It was late before 1 got fairly seated, owing to the politeness of the sexton, who probably thought a stranger's legs coul 1 never tire, or that I ought to stand in honor of the fat man in the desk. Dr. Sprague is not an intellectual looking man, notwith standing his acquirements?ha speaks his words accor ding to Hamlet, "trippingly on the tongue,'' and you feel at once that you are hearing a man of the world. The anti renters are making considerable of an im pre??ion bars, and are united nrmly, to a man. to peacea> bly plead for a redress of their wrongs and grievances. The barn-burners are resting from their last week's con nict with the old huokeri, and we may ezpeet tome rich scenes the oominr week. There is one man who seems to be enjoying in a great measure the respect of both parties here?it is Speaker u/*i?s?hy the urbanity of his manners and the fairness or his decisions, and his really sound, practical tatenta it would not be at all surprising it he should yet reach high political honors in this State-he is a tower of strength to the barn burners, possessing all the genius of "Iron Gray," with none 0/his faults. 1 believe that he is a resident of Herkimer County. In speaking to several gentlemen here I am surprised at the unpopularity of the Van llarens and their backers. 1 They are looked upon as selfish, from Arst to last?and even some say that the ex-Fresidenfs Arst popularity arose from his sowing this anti-rant seed, that his son is ""String to make poliUoal capital eut of by reaping it. Be this as it may, the father knew well haw to make money, if he did not friends?and the ftnishing touch to their reputations will be attended to in the soon to be published life ol Martin Van Burrn, Benjamin F. Butler fc Co., from the most authentic documents, from the pen of Win. Lyon McKenzie, of the goodly city of Cotham As an antidote to the morning's discourse, I went this evening to hoar the Rev. John Pierpont,poet and preach er, late from Massachusetts?and he gave as quiet a dis course as one would ever wish to hoar-parts of it truly snblime and eloquent I shall giyo you graphic sketches of the doings of the Assembly to-morrow, and all other news circulating, as long as I shall rest hero. Yours truly, I GABRIEL. Ngw Bki/mswick, (N. J.) March 11,1816. Death of a Patriot?Burglary, $r. I hasten to inform you that another of our Revol utionary soldiers has gone to his final home. Mr. Hartshorn Willet died on Monday, aged eighty-six. ' As an humble Christian, a beloved and esteemed citizen, and a patriotic son of the revolution, his loss is universally regretted. His remains were followed to the grave this afternoon by a large procession of our most respectable inhabitants, and a number of the stu dentsof Rutger's College. These were escorted by the City Guards, and a Ana band of music. Painful thoughts crowd upon the mind as we see one and another of these time-honored men dropping to the grave. One of the college boarding houses waa entered last week, at midnight, by a daring burglar. A student grap pled with him,but he succeeded in tearing himself awav and made his retreat out of the window. The fright of the inmates, during the row, can readily be imagined With this exception we have no other news. Your paper brings the only news we have. It is eagerly sought for on the arrival of the cars. More anon. Statistics or Crime in New Jersey.?There were admitted into the State prison of New Jersey, from? 1709 to 1905?7 years, 335 convicts. 1800 " 1810-0 " 108 " 1811 " 1815-0 " 178 " 181# " 1810-0 " 377 " 1811 " 1815-0 " 181 1898 " 1830- 5 " 300 1631 " 1830 -0 " 343 1838 " 1840 - 5 " 311 1841 " 1840- 0 ?' 394 Total in 47 years 3300 The sentences of these 3106 averaged 3 years, 10 months, and 10 days each. Daring the whole period 685 were pardoned, their una spired terms averaging I year, 10 months, and 3 days each. Of the whole number, there were born in? United HUtes 1809 Poland 4 Ireland 149 Walee 3 England 94 Denmark 3 Scotland 19 Saxony 3 Germany 30 Bengal 1 West Indies 11 South America 1 France 10 Switzerland I British Provinces 0 Austria 1 Africa 4 Spain 1 Their ages were? Under 10 1 From 40 to 60 335 From 10 to 10 40 From 60 to SO 114 From 10 to 30 333 From SO to 70 J. .41 From 30 to 30 984 From 70 and over 7 From SO to 40 001 3306 The offences are generally classified as? Against property. 1789 do persons 371 do morals 45 The latter including only bigamy, blasphemy, keep ing disorderly houses, perjury, rioting, and gross licen tiousness. Some of the more particular offences were ? Larceny 936 Murder 14 Assault and battery .. .163 Forgery 39 Burglary 300 Passing oountfl money. .6J Manslaughter 38 Misdemeanor 303 Perjury 10 The previous occupations of the 3100 were as follows: Laborers 787 Harnessmakers 10 Farm laborers 337 Bakers 10 Shoemakers 104 Painters 10 Household servants . . .118 Comb and brushmakers.. .8 Houso fcship carp're... .96 Basket makers 7 Blacksmiths 93 Tobacconists 7 Sailors S3 Turners 7 Weavers 63 Soldiers 6 Tailors 43 Stono cutters 6 Masons 36 Moulders 6 C oopors *0 Physicians 0 Sempstresses 30 Chimney sweeps 1 Tanners end curriers.. .37 Gunsmiths 4 Hatter* 36 Tannera 3 Merchants 34 Innkeepers 3 Coechmakera 33 Sawyers I Cabinet It chairmekers. .30 Carver* 9 Barkers 17 Potters j Fuller* end Dyere 13 Rope makers 9 Machinists IS Watch makers '.9 Tinsmiths 11 Teper makes* 1 reachers 10 Tallow chandlers 1 Millers 10 No record was kept in the prison previous to 1840, of ke amount of education received bjr the offender*? tine* that time there have been admitted 400 convicts.? 3f theeo Could road so Could road and write ** Could neither reed ner write Another Ouerokre Drt.rgation.?A delegation From that portion oi the nation known aa the "treaty party," have arrived in this city. This delegation waa ippointed by a convention of their people in January est. and conaiet of Oeorge,W. Adair, Atend Watie, J oka t. Bail, Joaepb M Lynch, Brice Martin, and Eaekiei ttarr. They appear here at the invitation of the Preai leut of the United States, communicated through the inperintendent of the western teritory, Major Arm troug. The delegatea have ail arrived except Stand Vatic, who has remained in the Cherokee country in lommand of about one hundred warriors, whom he has tationed in a fort, on the defensive, against the party vho have recently committed the various murders iu hat nation under the authority, as the treaty party ad age, of the existing Cherokee government. The " tree ylparty," it may be stated, is composed of those who nade the treaty of 1836. by which all the country of the .herokees, east of the Mississippi,was ceded to the Unit, id Stated States; and for that net they have been persecut id ever since by the dominant party who have now pos lession of the government, and who were opposed to that reaty and cession of land. Several of the wlagates now ?ore, were members and leaders of thooxplonng party oho visited north-western Texas, and remained there leveral months nnder authority givon thorn from tho IVar Department. They spent much of their time, du 'ing the expedition, with the Cumanohea and other wild tribes, with whom they hed considerable intercourse, ind established a good understanding. The delegation tava brought with them a full report from tho exploring >arty, which they laid before the Wer Department on Wednesday last. It is said to contain a vary into resting ind valuable history of that country and its aboriginal nabitanta ; and we have bean promised a copy of It for mblication. The main business of this delegation, as we under itand, is to separata from the present nation, headed by Mr. Ross, and induce the United States to purchase tbsm i country composed of lands they ware sent to explore, or to divide the present Cherokee country, and give them their proportion either by themselves or with the western Cherokee*. known as " old settlers," with whom they would ba satis bed to live. They also oiaim a fulfilment of the treaty ot!1836.'M, and a restitution of a large amount of money whioh they say has bean misap plied by the government of the United Statea. These matters an fully made known in the proceedings of the convention of tho "treaty party," bold In January, which has boon presented to the Commissioner of In dian Affairs. The delegation is accompanied by Oeotge W. rassail, Esc., of Van Bunn, Arkansas, as attorney. Judge Pas call is accompanied by his lady, who is tee daughter of the late Major Ridge, the lamented Cherokee Chief, who lost his life for signing a treaty under the direction of the President of tho U uited States. The three portions ot the Cherokee Nation are now here. The "old settlers," who owned tho country west, under the name of the " Cherokte Nation Wast of the Mississippi," until their government was overthrown, and their lands forcibly taken from them, by the opera tion of the treaty of 1836, concluded between the United States and the " Eastern Cherokee*," and against whioh the original owners have never ceased to protest, and upon which they now base their claim. 3d. Tha " trea ty party," whose complaints are above briefly set forth; and although this party agreed to, and made the treaty of one thousand eight hundred and thirty.flve, tkay admit that error was committed by assigning tha country of the " Western Cherokee*" to the "Eastern Nation" without the consent of the former, and without paying a Just value for such portion of it ts was necessary to ac commodate the latter. And last, the " Roes, or present governmen party." who have always repudiated the trea ty of 1836, notwithstanding tkay took possession of tho country under its provisions. This party claim a now treaty, by which they desire to provide payment for a large amount of claims held by their people, and obtain a fee simple title for their country. This whole subject is a very complicated one, and in volves matters of serioua Importance. It ia gratifying to hear that tha President has determined now to have It Anally settled, upon principles of equity end striot Jus tice . The Commissioner or Indian Again, who already has sacurtd a high nam# in his new and important ofllce, has, we understand, taken tha subject In hand, with a fixed determination to carry out the views of the Presi dant. He possesses the ability, industry, integrity, and unfl inching ;flrmness to do so, no matter upo#whoso head censure may fall on aocount of previous errors.? Union of TAursdey. Murder or a Child by its Mother, and an at tempt to commit Buicidk.?We are pained to re cord an occurrence of a most heart-rending character, which transpired at 34 New Church street, yesterday afternoon. It is no less than the murder of an intent by its mother, and an attempt to take her own life. The evidence given before the jury of inquest developed the following facta -.-That Mrs. Rosstta Wbita, who oi Mr. Jams* A. White, a hatter, who resides at tha plaoe above named, had, subsequent to the birth of her child, about ten days since, manifested slight symptom of aberra tion, which had not, however, assumed a positive cha racter, and that in consequence of continued lever, in flammation of tha brain ensued, which seemed to attain a crisis yesterday. Early in tha afternoon she sent her nurse, Mrs. Jane Barry, on an errand in the neighbor hood, and during her absence she procured a razor, with which ahe cut her infant's throet, attempted to cat the throat o( bar daughter Ursula, a child about aiz years ol age, and than made a slight incision on her own throat. The screams of the servant attracted the attention of Mrs. Barry, who hastened to the house, and immediately proceeded to tho chamber, where ahe aaw Mrs. W. standing on the floor, with hor aims elevated, and a ra zor In bar hand. Mrs. I., with tha aaaietaace of another lady, took the razor from hor, and placed her on tho bod, ana tboy than discovered the melancholy truth that the babe's throat waa cut, and that it was dying ; and that tho little girl Ursula was bleeding freely from a wound in tho nock, and that the mother had attempted her own lifo.?Ml. Clipper, March 13. Ijatkr from Mexico.?We have been permitted to make the follow ins extinct from a letter lately received from Vera Crot, under date ef Feb. 10th. "Although the recent revolution haa given much dis satisfaction to a majority of the departmental govern mente, the country remains quiet. It doea not appear that General Ariel* haa aa yet declared againat the au thority of Paredea, though it ia highly probable he will do so. A rumor haa reached he re,which appear* to have soma foundation, that Sonora, finaloa, and California hare pronounced againat the roverament Mr. Slidall ia atill at Aalapa. Our citizens and com merce remain unmolaated. There are at present before this piece, French,English and Spanish veaaela of war.? l/nien of Tkmridmy. Jersey Morality.?A bill to prohibit horae racing passed the New Jersey Legislature yesterday, by just the constitutional number of votes?not one to spars. Racing for aonay, or whara 30 or more people are as sembled, is declared to be an o(fence, and all persona concarned, directly or indirectly, giving notice of h, ad vertising, fcc. to be guilty ot a misdemeanor, and pun ishabla by $1000 fine or imprisonment not exceeding one year. Tha bill baa passed both branch aa oi the Legisla ture, and now only waits tha aignatura of tha Govsrno r to become a law -unless, indeed, a reconsideration should be obtained in the House. Appointments by the President.?Burrington Anthony, to be Marshal of the United States for the district of Rhode Island, vice Sylvester Hartshorn, re moved. Samuel J. Masters, of New Ybrk, to ba CoMul of the United States tor tha port of Demerera, ia Brltiah Guiana, vice Moees Benjamin, deceased. Alien Mc Lane, to be Register of the Land Office for the district of lands subject to solo at Plattaborg. Missouri, from Slst March, 1840, vice Jamas H. Birch, whose resignation will take effect on that day. Florida Conference.?The Florida Conference ol the Methodist Episcopal church, South, adjourn ed on the 16th February. It was ha Id at Monticello, and was presided ovarfby Bishop Andrew. R. H Leahy and A. Martin ware elected delegates to the General Conference- Among the resolutions adopted, on# ia " tha dslegataa to the General Conference to auppoft any reasonable or equitable plan for continuing the connec tion of the church, South, with the book concern in New York." JUST rUBLISHED. ftiee iO theBoaeaa Office. 3 Frsnklin Square, ,Ntw York?The QUARTERLY BEACON, edited by O. Vele- Contents?SpiritWfbe-Ti??e-. Swedenborgitm, with the Hi.lory of itn Founder; Tim* with the ancient devices for metueriog it; The Three Impostors, from the Litm, a ran work* Elsweau of Ammaoear aed Ae troaemionl Card; F.phemeris of the rliasts, for the year IMS. inr- Eseh of the shore works for tele ia pam^dalfcrm. For sals also, s variety of Liberal Works. ml ?w eod*tt SKUAK. V^AAEHUUSE, No 37 Cheaptidt, Baltimore. JD ARMSTRONG k THORNTON teepeetfally sail ? the attention of Seelheni and W as tore Merchants to the following stock, enumerated below, whteh My will tell oa ^ ^WaMimtelfo SEGAR8. 3S.OOO Rifles do 7J.e* W Regalia do 100 000 L. Reaalice do 1M,100 L* Norma do M.(M Canon si Pipes mi In 50,100 Principe ioo,too low priced do 300 boxes TOBACCO. 1 eases Smoking Tobaeeo. M boxes do .kegs, hotline, bladders Garrett's Banff, eon re TO TAILORS . ^ rris deemed nnnneeeeeary to say mo"[* * ' M ETS' celebrated work en OaBWg Oarw?u ?$"*'*** has received the most nnboeaded spprobstjon. pminanf nf fk* nrnfeMinn Br ihffi lW 9* W ?*?*??? !/*?? horns, Ctrr with case see s twy a ..>? ? ? hv*rilm"A? ?oeri>nced'titlen" The followiag are a few of rte maTyTugh^respecuble Who testify to th. merits of The* findersigned being prscticsUr seqosinted with Mr. ES&r.v.^;-A^r t jE?jrfe 'r-CT1ir above ran be obtained of the nnthor. at No.!!! BrUdway. New York, pries from St to $t? per copy. mart Ime-wi'r V- COTTON MILL WANTS ? *itn*tio? as Manager of a , Cettea Mill, a tarns intimately aeon tinted wtf the earteas modes ? man

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