Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 3
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a f?w years be almost doubled. There ia do i ? extent of toil adopted to their cultivation. All that j required is a demand lor consumption, do matter j how . (tensive, it might and it would bo supplied. Tho annual report (tha twenty-first) of tho Praaidant id diraetora of tha Lenisville (Kantuckjr) and Portland anal Company, for 1846, haa baan published?from hich it appaara that tharo waa in tha traaaury, Jan. 1, *6, $111,480 78. That thara waa paid for 771 aharar of ock, hold by indiaidoala, which tha Company hava , ?en authorised to bay np, by an act; of tha Legislature f Kentucky, 129,628. Tha expenaes]'on\the canal,(in >46, ware $80,187 64 caata ; office chargea, ^aalariaa, o, $1,883 33 canta, leaving a balance in the|treaanry|on ie l?t of January, 1846, of $100,164.86 canta, which tha sport atataa, will be immediately applied to tha pur hxae of abont 666 ahaaea of tha capital at ock held by dividuala, which the Company ia anthori aad to pur iaaa by an act of tho General Aaaambly of Kentucky hia parchaaa, added to tboae purchaaed in tha three revioua years, will make the United States virtually the ivner of 6,863 aharea, leaving but 4,647 eharea hold by bdividuala, to be hereafter liquidated. The following ia an abatraot of the boata which have isaed through, and tha tolla received on tha Canal for ich year ainae its commencement in 1831 to 1846. Lot'lSTILLB iWLN?TUHD_C*Sit, Amount i re. Steamb'tt Fiat and Tone. Amount Keel boate. rectirti 11 431 76,331 $13,750 77 32 179 ' 70.109 25.75* 12 33 716 168 805 60 736 12 34 423 163 000 6',643 17 75 355 2W 413 00 165 24 16 ... . 1,161 260 183 220 88 341 23 17 165 343 374 145 42 1 69 16 1.036 438 201,750 131.107 16 if 578 300 406 106.364 01 If 392 224 811 134.954 05 II 309 189.907 113444 59 13 185 P2 755 95.005 10 IS 88 238 264 107,774 65 '4 168 304.384 140.309 97 15 394 318.741 130.391 17 16 617 5.363 3,048.662 1466,306 34 Tha report atataa that if the ice had net obstructed a navigation ao much earlier in tha fall of 1846 than ual, tha amount of tolls for that year would have ex laded tha amount received in 1844 Old Stock Exchange. oo? N Y City 5's, J$68 '*85* Mehs Reading RR Mfl Kentucky 6's 100 k 56 do HO Ohio 7'a 1 93* 50 do 575 do 102 V 100 do 50 Ohio 6 ?, 1K0 95V 75 Hons RR new atk 10 Reading Mort Ms 0) 50 Long III RR 15 shs Lecher Man Bk 104* 50 do 7" Buk ron scrip 96 640 do 10 Mech A Trad NO 63. 56 do _ 7 Vicketurg Bank 7* 106 Harlem RR 65 Morris Canal 17* 306 do M do 175? 166 do 75 Canton Co 40* 300 do M do 41 33 ONor k Wor SO East Boston s)0 16* 106 do 60 Fanner*' Trust 36* 50 do 15 Mohnwk RR bM 56V 135 do 15 do 33X 10 sha Harlem 60 do 50 do M Reading ?0 do 50 do 00 do 35 do 60 Vicksburt 00 do Sec ond I Board. 56 25 shs Nor A Wor b30 bJO 65 do 56* 35 do sw bJO 75* 106 Farmers Loan b45 75 25 Morris Canid 75* 23 Canton Co b3 b30 75* 166 do 75 7* 106 Lnnf Island | 1000 Illinois Bonds s30 Haw Stock Exehanga. MHM Ohie 6's, 1660 bio 95* ? shs No- A Wor bnw 600 do hot " " 006 do b36 185 sha Canton Co bio 39 do cash 33 do Saturday 33 do 36 Morris Canal 33 do cash 36 do 56 Farmers' Trust si5 56 Harlem RR s30 n J , War/led. ?1 by *1 Rer ?th, .Ideal daughter of John Mather, of^ta At Eye, Weatoheater county, New York on Tn?.^? vening. 10thinet., by R.y Mr. Goth.rt?M?.?T 8^7 " to ***** J*"*. toghfr ofcM'S, &? 1... Died,*,I m,?rnin/' ind<i?nly, of old age, Ma.r Smith eraie lateSamuel P. Smith, in the ?7th year of' ,Bd th0 fri#ndi of the family, are reirwr.t K^atrstftssLfae-r ??' "SffiLJ" IngertM ?i^e0nMmh S?^'7 Son,in*- ,sth ^ . ?fter a "d *? <" suseiK* adrSRS ?-"? Ikinitead of IK P. M c,?ee daily, ?*eept Sunday, at I il" n(T,,Bf Wi" Cl0,n'A^ ????" "our. TM o'clock fcL. - - L ' . ?? noBT H ?'oa*ig. Pm K 00 t^ ^c^npmT.^nlwtibbVth^ i>0t" Lfc,ure Ing, in the New York tklcirtv I ,h . . I?.?0r'0*) mSUK &?2l "reel' ? 7* ? '"????corn" "f Bit |it?rc f"ec,are <? be Po.ipr.ned in ca.. of a atorm. I Society will be rt.rch, I III, ?r fi uelock i^eWef.^v,.!, *' 00 '"e Wth of ??.d, br ^y.^. o^rji^^;.^! ?'>' b"1* D . r. fcffftJB.S?" ,frfer t\ i? "Wieiai. i?j Walker street Dr.C Heeaehel, |M Chamb-r.umet, W 1"'K^VA, 1 William .tree" W. Kr bbe. 46 Ba r.r atreet. l>. A Lnomi, 9 Broad atreet. Me'erta, 15 Broad atreet. i! tetoh-il. 62 Br.rer atreet mI4tolS*T ? ?. ...rri, millOS'r r^KFVFRY^rM|HE^Ttl;NJliS AND 8HIRT1N08, ?b.TfV"5 ?????" flrt tertz&i* ^rSsss^ssiiBsr&JSrsaf'.'Srii ?oa. I to 11. mid No,. 7 to 12; W.clu, Twine, W.rp ~d wTd-' ?" Ifrb T N,aV:^SLHlL . ? H *"d to Cedar atreet. ^?{PLUlL ANU CANDLhS. I r*vrviVVtSwTv.,? u J?au ?>Ai>L?Lh,S. 1r ?l i J. n,' Bleached Sperm Oil at tl a call Mm?|r"m"',ch "? ?0r M,r?r- ?ad^a Or"nJich cor"Vmtry. VVo -nrh ad ; "7" ' "" 7 w ?na pi a mine them ftl.e hab table u[obl!*t>|?a*?y?!? .ni'^r1" di<a!ul?? . tie t nh', and bird ,7d. o? 'JJlr? a CJf''' ?olV'?h. roclefoi ine Breeding Cage, he p, raal# by"'110"' 7 - . j-.. I?y N B-Archie'. Bird ffwwto.?^S$i?.Y1?lIJJ** ?*??. .reediua I anariea an the beat m_,|. j X , ^'.rcct una for fnieral, for a le a abo?. e" "",h'd ?f leoding bird, in >mduket d Scorch Terrier, for aale by ??'" "? ? A UWIFVE. 5 Johr atreet. YtM.Nir ^KIEVUS OF IRkTand kfH 'lhird \or.oal < I, h atl II of St P. r^k'l n o n 1 > Of Mendaoflrelrnd i, ''kfrl .ce Im|L??V,^1,7'he O. 4>. U. dw.y i.u Tu.Ml.y hrr'^g * .Vet .7r )mu r a half; .at 7 o'clock, precia ly Vhoai *l? i! L line WI h I > e. e en ca or .cure net el. 1 om any of the* fo'l" ' 7"?r"iB.t,,T, "T ' .'?"""ere of Arr .n ?m?.ro1' oh K- le'er J9< atharidhat. P M O Brien 37 jfraet laa.H.(.? .e 10 Ut re,Iue Brook ya ?''oat at,, T me WaJah oT'm"?*1" fe"i'|b??By,M Rooa. relt. Br 'okh^ " lt-' r?' IH Scn^et. John P Curraa, J B.tar.a at. Vt Br "^1??"' ** P*"fl ).o'l O Sallir.n IMMolt at. Wil i.m J. Coffey. Chelae. b mbieww'"n'i"""- Wmkt-,,,h ... ST PA ; RICK S day THE SOCIETY of "The Krieodl Bo.. 0f St Patrick" J will celebre'e their arional leatiral he a I?;*..!?' .wt? C tv Ho*r|, or Tn "?I.T the I7,h niataet, all o'clock Ticket, ?d Stewtrdi :^11 *" h'"'by ?? ?oy of u.e uadaraifp t?M Caldwell, Robert J Dillon. Robert Koimet, William Redmond, John Maeninf Tereii.-a Donnelly, Anhnr b iiiefan, Ono. McBrid#, Jr., ?fh 7;hvl?a O'Conor. ' mil ? ? '1'wiNfc AND SHOE 1HREAD. F\ *? *? ,<J ,2, j'? , ?? and * lb. Seina Twine, t/j 2 end 1 c rrd Uilliuf do 2 and 1 thread India do Hopewell" cotton Seine do WRAPPING WOOL fc MANUFACTURERS'TWINES d*a' riot on. . SHOE THREAD inelndinf Titley, Tatham and Walker'.. LTi W?e r CtLikA k i UMINO, ml< " r IW Pearl atreet. ""rc .... , K K POPLINS fc rn . 58 South at. pOR TWIN fed?10# qBaitsr casks lim^ Pnrt Wina" tmrr7 TH. wno Islando 1 thia city, and the pablic are reapectfnllv m.?t!aV' il and aee thu monater of the brnte creation J animal, the Oi Farmer, i. well-JJ"* and thoae who feel an interest in the wricultnre ofO^l ftti!""" He may be teen at the houae or the Snbarriher, N^lu^ona too ?treet, nntil Tuead y neit the I7|h mat ? he will .ki2V. alanfhtered and offered for aale at atall No. 41 and 41 fI?i/ ?a^'k-re BENJAMIN f I ton >LAT1NA, in Plate and Wire, lor aalt by /".'nam a Tina ' i CESAR AUOS. ROBERT "?'* '**f n Maiden Lane. 'E'MENCH CALF SIGN?158 dot just toesired and ft k*?t, TEN DOLLARS REWARD. VALISE LOST. PROM the ferry boat atuehed to the Railroad Line from -T Philadelphia, at? o'clock. A M.endwbieb armed at the foot of Liberty atieet at I o^elock jhia day, a Leather Valiae was takes, it is ssppoeed by mistake . It was light colored sod had a brass plate oe one cod, apoa which was engraved "Beaj. Tatham." . A suitable reward will be fires to say one who will report where it nay be found, or seud it to. TATHAM fc BROTHERg M W|l^ ,t Thursday. March IX. 1Mb. silt lt*r THE SUNDAY DISPATCH, P| OR TO-MORROW, March IS, IMS. will eontaio, among I other matter of interest. Chapter U of the "Timea of John Tyler ."showing hew the "Union" was got ap, and how Major Noah became iu editor, aa also how the "Union" was killed off to make room for the " Aurora," Ac. This is a richehap ter, and well worth the price of the paper. An original sketch of that chief of Abolitionists,Joshua K. Giddings, of Ohio. No. 1 of a aeries of articles ou the C hrooo-Thermal System, which haaso excited the Doctors. A curious article oo Dreims, Omens, Foreknowledge, tic., which will puzxie philosophy to explain. Last Hours of a Reign, a tnrilliue story of Catharine de Mrdicis. As interesting Letter from Washington. Thk ATatcaLS?Letter IremSpranger Barry oo the Drama in New York?The Drama at Home and Abroad. EDiToaisL?-The Last Row in Washington ; W. men in America ; Peter P.irley out of Connecticut: The Quarrel between Perk Benjamin and C. Edwards Lester ; N. P. Willis's Return, and the Letters which were mot in the " Mirror Oov Van Ness and the Custom House?Service of Plate : (Jolick. the fine collector ; Original Paragraphs, Miscellany, Ac. Price 3 ceuta ; f I a year o country subscribers. Office 26 Ann st. mil It*r THE WESTERN CONTINENT, EdiUd by Park Benjamin, FOH the present week abounds with an unusual variety of interesting matter. Among its controls are? John the Bold; or, the White Hoods and the Flayers?being the first three chapters of a new novel, by W. H. Carpenter, Esq .author of Clairborne the Rebel A Piano in Arkansas?an humorous sketch- by the author cf Tom Owen >he Bear Hunter, with an illustration by Darley. Freaks of Fortune?an interesting romance of Real Lifajrom the F erch . Travelling Letters of Chailea Diekeua?from Avignon to Genoa. Major Jones ou his Travels?being a sketch of the Major's Trip Iro ii Charleston to Washington City Proceedings of tue Maryland Historical Society, Report of the President, kc. Biographical Sketch of Mr and Mrs. Seguiu. Holmes' Life of Mozart Automat, n Dock of Vancouver, Ac. Another Letter from our New Orleans Correspondent?A Letter from Broadway giving a full description of the Third if the. and Last Concert ofthr Juveniles at the Ttbeinacle with _ faithful account of a late Broidway Affair of Honor?A Legal Intrigue with a Bioadway Milliner which resulted in 8hoot ing, Arrests, aud linprisoumi ut, Ac. Ac Ac Terms $2 per annum, or six crntx per number. Published by W. TAYLOR A CO , - - - Ho mil 2t*rc No. 2 A?tor Home. A CARD. THE SUBSCRIBERS do hereby state that having seen Mr. JOHN CAHR, who has just arrive) from Phi ladelphia, end eaainined the scan upon his hack, breast, arms, aud ueck, and from a sense of duty to the afflicted, declare that the anp'arance is the most remarkable we have ever seen u. on any human being.and our fellow citizens should visit him to ?atialy themselves ihat hiacure iswithonta precedent, so far as our knowledge extends. Mr. Carr can be seen nt No. 4 Coutt Undt street. New York, March, 11,1646 Willi',in Hunk, No 226 Fulton street. Geo. W. Gurduer, M. D , Jersey City Charlea Wyckoff, National Hotel, No. 5 Court land (treat. John Hooper, No ST Hudkoa street. ?. 8 Manuera, No. 220 Fulton, cor. Greenwich street. Wilson Mettlar, *?o. S3 Day street. Theop. P Hart. No. 44 Cedar street. J. P. Black well, No. 22 William street. J. M. Brown. 61 Pearl street. Wee Mnirhe d. Merchant's Hotel,No. 41 Conrtlandt street. A. D.Hope, Express Office, 41 Conrtlandt street. G M.Griggs, Mrrchruts' Hotel Cept. Charles Hinkle, Steamboat Phi adelphia. VV P Rnnrpti 222 RrtifulwRV. s W P Bnrgess, 222 Broadway. Thepnblic are respectfully referred to the statement of Mr. John Carr, in another part of this paper m!4 lt*r CONSUMPTION. F~\R. E. W VONDKK8MITH can be cousnlted daily, at 1J his Medical Office. 16 Barclay street. New York, ia all cases of Prrlm -nary Affections. He is happy to announce that hia advice andtr atment have beeu the means of restoring many ? shattered end worn-down constitution to PRISTINE HEALTH AND VIGOR! He wishes the iub<ic to distinctly undent >nd that he is a Regular Phviician, haying graduated at one of the first Medi cal Co lieges, aid that hia great success in cases of Consump tion has arisen aoltl>- from the circumstance of his having made he Diteatei of the Lungs e particular branch of hia me dical studies. 'the lungs, exhibiting iheir appearance int healthv aa well lb a diseased state, m,y be seen at hia office. mt4 lt*r MANHATTAN FIRE ENGINE CO., No. VlII. AT A MEETING of Manhattan Fire Eugiue Co. No I, held on Monday Evening, March 9th. 1846, a Committee was app-iioted to draDghtani<able rcaolntions expressive of the feelings ef the Company ou accepting the reaignatmn uf Mr. JAMES TYLER?the Committee reported the following, which were ncanimously adopted Resolved?That oo accepting the reeignation of Mr. James Tyler, we offer our sii.cere rrgreta at parting with an old and ?? ? -'?jhs?J '' " - ? l yaluable brother-fireman, who baa endeared himself to us by long association. Resolved?That by the expiration of his term of service, the Department have loet one of its moat active and efficient mem bers. Resolved?That the members of this Company tender Mr. James Tyler their cordial and heartfelt wishes for hia future health and prosperity. Resolved?That the Secretary transmit a copy of these reso lutions to Mr. James Tyler, and also, that they be published. W. U. TULY, I D. P. CLARK. C. HARK EG AN, >Committee. J. BOYLE, I mil 2t*rc B. C. DOUGLASS, J UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. MR. GEORGE VANDENHOFF will deliver his Open IvJ. ing Leetore on Elocut ion, with Poetical and Scriptural Readings, to the Students of the University, in the Chapel, en Monday Evening, lfth March, IMC, at half-pasr 7 o'clock pre cisely. Tickets tc the public IS cents, nay be had at the University, and at Mr. G. Vandenhoff's rooms, SO Chambers street. ml3 Stis rc REMOVAL. THE HARDWARE, Cutlery and Gnu Establishmnet ol A. W SPIES St CO , is removed from 2IS Pearl street to 91 Maiden Lane. ml3 St*r SEGARS?FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THE SUBSCRIBERS invite the attention of country mer chants, dealers, and others, to their estensive stock of Be gan. This stock has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very lowest prices for cash; they are, there fore,enabled to offer the different qualiti slower than any other establishment in the city.The assortment comprises every style and quality, from $3 to $2} per thousand. KENNETH tc LAVERTY, mr!3 lm*rc Wholesale Segsr Em|>orium, 108 Wall at ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from the best materials and the finish equal to any in the world. Steel from 3 to 5 cents per inch; copper from 1% to 3 cents per inch: Elates Irom 1 to 40 inches; Card Plates 13s to 16s per doz. A large stock always on band an J rea dy for orders at a moment's notice, and sent by Adams'Ex press. Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE, mrll lu'r 34 and 26 Piatt street, N. York. SARON1 & ARCHER, 151 Water at., Corner of Maiden Lane, HAVE on hand a large assortment of Caps, Silk and Fur Hats, ofen ry description and Spring style, Straw and Panama Hsts. Also, Oil Silk, Glazed Lawn, Vizors and Cap-stocks, which they offer at vety low prices. Dealers end manufacturers will do well to ezsmine their Btock before pur chasing el-ewhere FIFTEEN FARMS. PLACES of from two to thirty acres each, splendid Views of the Sound, Village and Landing, for Salt at New Ro chelle, 18th March, 1146. at 1 o'clock, V. M., at public Auction. Terms liberal and title clear. AppJ^- to T. A.Lawranee, Auctioneer. New Roehells; or John R. Peters. New York. Maps at Miller's tavern. New Koehelle 118 5w?rr A' SHAFER <k CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 9111 Broadway, near Park Plaee. H E NO W RECEIVING, by the Havre Pack'ts, an en . tircly new assortment of the fisett Sedan Cloths and Caa timeres, adapted to the early spring trade. Having concluded a permanent arraugemen', at cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late of the Hue Castiglione, Paris, well known to most o< our fash ionables who have visited Europe, thep are now prepared to ezscute oders in a stylo of unusual elegance. m'12 lm?r 34IX Broadway. LADIES wishing to join Mr. WINTEKTON'S Daily Class in Writing, foi " " for L dies only, are invited to cill h-tween tha hours of4X nnd6 P M., at the Academy. No. 381 Broadway. Private instruction if desired. Terms low. mil 3t*m Sl'e.AM l'< ? Wh.R ?Rooms to rent with Strain Power. An plr to R. hOE k CO., mt 'we 20 end 3i Ooldstreet. fARKAN PS COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CUBEBS, AND COPAIBA is particularly recommended as a -afe, si ' ? - ? - ? ? spredv i'*d efficient lemedy for all sexual diseases It ii in a vety onrenr t- and file nail g form. v> Inch aduula o' taking It without being tas'ed or prodnc ng sicki.rss or nausea; it has becm e very popular, end '11 who have Occasion to use it, ac knowledge ila efficacy Koranic, wholesales, d reml, by JAVE4 TARHANT. Drugg it ke c rner of Gr-rnwich m d Wa reu streets. N. Y AI?o, by Mese y k Tucker, v'.ob le VI Grew, Nsteh-z; Henclricis. n, ."-ava. nah; VI A Sanors, Norfolk; G M < arey. Ci. rle-tun; D. Aaiifoae ii Bar y. *ugu>t?; W 8 Reeae, Bsl'imo-e; Gilman, VVa?hi gtou; VicCloud k Wheatou. fit. Louis. mrll lm*r BOARDING. GENTLEMEN and thair w ves,or single gentlemen, can be ccommodatrd with board nd pleasant roema, with fire-places if desired, at tie corner of N ssau and Beekmuats.. where the family do not mova on the first of May References exchanged MRS. HAIGHT. mil It'r FOR SALE, 'F'HE Btock Fixturea and Furniture ofa Hotel, now in full A operation and doing a good busiues-,pleasantly situated in the centre of the city. R nt low, and will be told cheap, if applied for toon at 8 Ferro'a 314 Broadway, where all the pu can unascertained. Any person or penont with capi other need apply, can do well if well acquainted low. with thebutineta. Rent low. mil 3t*r young physic CHRONO-THERMAL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE, with aa Introdn'tioo and Notes, bv DR TURNER, late Health Th Commissioner of New Vork'^efrica"7j"eeut?'.'""" ^ ii v. '* ?<" di?t <nt when the Chrono-Thennal system will br universally received. The bones of Samuel Dickson may first lis mouldering in the dnst, and his spirit rest with ? n JJJ? "J* Lt'bnt trBth 7,u " ??? triumph, end posterity YorkGoarierk*EnquTrer' ** "h'Ch^d?. ''-N.w TV, ^l#.kT REDFIELD, Cliutoa HaM. ?ti?*rc New York COMFORT FOR THr TED. DR. DE WITT C. KELLINGER'S PAIN ERADICATOR. This truly wonderful medicine, eoaduMs to astonish all who use it, or who havs been favored with the slightest knowledge of its wonder working effects upon the human system. Pain and Inflammation eaanot remaia where this infallible remedy it applied, it matter* not from what cause it may hav* originated. Principal Depot. 98 John street f 11 la*? MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED begs laave to announce to bis frieedt and the publie, that he hits leased the above house for a term of yean, and hopes, by long experience and strict attention to busiaeat, to merit a liberal _ share of their patronage. JOHN L. MONROE, mr8 tra*rc Formerly of the U. 8. H tel. Beaton LOOK A l THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of first quality Boots and XkMioea, to make room for a large supply of Freaeh Goods. now oe the wsy, comprising cork sole Boots, water proof and light French do, fine cull ?noes, Pa ape, and Dancing Gaiters, Lady's Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, patent leather, white and black Batu, wbita Kid, Clogs. Moccssins; all kinds of Rubbers and Overshoes, kit., ke., sll of which will be sold 35 percent less than heretofore,' at ilT Broadway coj/jjraaklia information wanted, /"hF PETER qUIN. who arrived i> N.w York in Mir. vs 1IST, a native of the parish Kill and, town Land Drum wood, county Car an, Ireland. Whan last heard of, lived in New Orleans. Any information of him will be thanunlly re caired by hu ? later, Rosa quia, at No- M Barclay street, New York. O* New Orleans papers please copy (his advertise went. mil lt*rh SERVANT WASTED. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN wants an unmarried man as a Vbodv servant, who cau read and write well, and who un derstands horses. AddrrssB B at this office, naming references as no other application will be attended to. all 2t*r 000 ' WANT tomcat with a gentleman having W ''jvW. at his command 15.006, for the purpose o? inakiug ad ranees on merchandize, for the use of which com mission worth U.OM per annum would be divided. Fuither particulars can he learnt by addressing Tatnota to R. L., at this office. mil lt*r , WANTED A JOURNEYMAN WATCHMAKER?A food workman ?a Swiss preferred. Apply at No. 11 Maiden Lane, be tween It and 12 o'clock, A. M mil lr*r WANTED. A RESPECT ABLE middle aged man, to act as a light por ter and make himselfgenerally useful in collecting accounts and otlier work, in a tailoring establishment. The moat uuex ceptionable reference! will be required. Apply to Ryder Brothers, 155 Broadway. N. B ?One who has some knowledge of the the tailoring bu siness will be preferred mil Jt*rc WANTED, A SITUATION as cook or washer and ironer, ia a private family The beat of city references can be given Apply at Hi Catharine street, up stairs. m!3 2l*rc INFORMATION wanted. ANDREW and JAMES ANDERSON, their brother-in law JOHN GILMORE. and MARY, hie wife, having ?'migrated trora the County Armagh, Kewahill Township, Ire land, to ihe United Stales shortly after the Kevolut onary war, an> iuformatiou respecting them or their relau> ea will be add res " thankfully received addreasMr. k. D 4. ONNh RY, Herald Office, New York, who will immediately cuinmuuicaie with their friends. Southern and Western Papers will please notice this. mlS 3t*re WANTED, " PARTNER in the Undertaking business. A carpenter A or cabiaet-makrr will fii d this a good investment -Seiw emh is required only to 562 Pearl street, near Broadway. For Sale- A Burial Vault in the Metho4?r'Ckorrh-vard, Hth street and Itb avenue. mi2 Jt*r AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY KORAN ENTER-' PRISING BUSINESS MAN. A PARTNER WANTED in a profitable Pnbl.sliiuf ea tabluhnieut?a capital of $(,000 or 7.000 w ill be requirrd to purchase "no half the eocceru at lowest cost. Address Z at this nffica. m l lW*rc W ANTED?I highly injectable middle aged woman?a v v Protestant?and ou- who has ezperience in the manage ment of children, and C"u produce the beat of reference.? None but American, Eng isli or Scotch need apply. Call be tweeii 10 and 12 A M, at 06 I niversity plaee m7 Iw*rc LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED ? Geutlemeu and families can obtain the full value fot all kiuds of superltuoui effect! they wish to dispose of, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, fire Arms, Furniture, Ike. Lkvknstyn 466 Broadway, up stairs. Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose of cau obtain u fair price by sending for the subscriber, Mrs. T La vcNSTvn. .VB A line through the Poet Office will be prompt ly attended to. m4 Im'rc GEORGIA LUMBER CO. Notes wauled at M per ces.2 discount, by D. 1 PECK acount, by rot 2m*ve II Wall street f THE PERSOfT^vheT'im'ocTet Book with the name of the eubaeriber writteu on cue o the inside fold*, will de peeite it, together with its contents, (which can be of no use to any person exeeot the owner), at No 24 Cedar street, he shall be paid ten ,o lain and no questions asked, mlt St*rh HUGH M D. KING. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL?The sub scriber, after enlarging his premises, is now prepared to < 'lean Cupels of every description, from 10 to 100 yards, with out ripping?Ingrain (M cents per yard: Brussels 8 cents per 5'ard; Health Rage, Taole Covers and Shawls cleaned, from 25 to 76 rente; Dresses dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats clsaned or dressed from 50 cents to $1; Paula do from 25 to 50 oants. T. SMITH, 7f Allen at N. B?Terras cash. mt Itn*re RHEUMATISM. Compound Syrup of the Hydriodate of Potaisa SARSAPARILLA, YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE is prepared from the purest article*, and it raeommended as the bast and only sure cure of Khenma tiam At this season of the year especially, it is of the greatest importance, as it will remove all tnose extremely unpleasant symptoms, (severe paiut, stiffness of the joints, back, shoul ders, lie lie.) It thins, purifies,and quickens the circulation, and leaves every pert of the animal economy in a perlsct state of heslik. The virtues of each articlr have long been known to the ficnlty, and by their judicious admixture their effects I are greatly increased. For sale by . 131 lm'm CHAR H. RING, 192 Broadway. THORN CHAMPAIGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this dalightfnl Champagne is in store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The standing of this Wine is now superior to that of any in this country, and at no higher price than that of the beat brands. C. LIVINGSTON h CO., mllistf rc 10 Wall street mut;low's new England express. FOR Fitcbburg, Keene, Greenfield, Br*uleboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Montpelier, and Burlington, Vt., and the Ce All Packages, Parcels and basinets, to any of the above I h' towns, or any port of the western portion of New Hampshire I Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the eof L. BIGELOW, t Court st ewe of L. BIOELOW, 3 Court street, Boston. N.B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow'i Ex press " J tare OT1CE IS HEJU&BY _UI VEN,the^an application will be made ro the Legislature of tai sState, m this session, for an set to incorporate a Society called the "Jackson Se rein." New York, January It. 1M< jalS lawtw *re FOUNTAIN HOTEL, LIGHT STREET, BALTIMORE. THE PROPRIETORS of this Establishment, lona known a a. Br.LTZtiOOVER'S, return their grateful thanks to the public for the liberal patronage bestowed upon the house since it has been under their care, and beg lsave to say that? determined, if possible, to ensure future success?they have jnat added to their former spacious building a new, beautiful and airy three story wing, containing about thirty lodging rooms. This addition renders the Ladies' Ordinary much more commodious, and gives the Honse one hundred and fifty rooms. The whole structure has undergone a thorough revi sion in painting, papering, furnishing, Ite. The Bathing De partment is ample, both for Ladies and Gentlemen, and will be conducted ou the European plan, the most superior for com fort and despatch. The extensive improvements tl\ps made, enable the proprietors to offer fir the accommodation and pa tronage of the public an establishment rsjffet# with every thing calculated to render it attractive and comfortable, including the most untiring and assiduous attention to visiters, on the part of all connected with it Terms?Gentlemen's Ordinary $1 25 per day. Ladies' Ordi nary $150 par day. DIX It k OOG, f23 2*w4w Proprietors. DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE BURGEON, attends to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at bis residence, 1(1 Broadway, comer of Warren SL Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tew Passage, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and sueceas. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of supwior beanty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Ofiee and residence Ml Broadway?entrance IX Warren

street mi M.W.KkSun lm It 4tw*r The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capltaai 400,000 Do 11mre. Office 41 Fulton street, Brooelyn. e to tike property company bus passed through the two greatest conflagratioas that have ever UFFICE 41 eULTON STREET, BUOOCLT HAVING their capital very newly entire, continue to l risks on hni.dinga, machinery, merchandize and prop generally, on their usual favonbfeTcrms. This company occurred in the country they owe their escape from the ? ? - - " - ? with comparatively slight losses to ffie system which they have alwsys practised of limiting sad scattering their risks. All losses which the company mar sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. 1 paid promptly l B. W. DELAMATER, President 17flmia*re E. C. FINN, Secretary. Office on the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Co. 4 No. (I Wall street, December 27th, 1(45. 1 ATA MEETING of the Trustees, held at the office of the il Company,on the 3rd instant, JOSEPH WALKER was unanimously elected President, in place of Lewis Gregory, resigned; and Lewis Geeoobt was elected Vice President, to supply the vaeaaey occasioned by tha resignation of Joseph Hone. By order of the Trustees, ELL WOOD WALTER. Secretary. Marine Insurance or Cargo and Freight onlv. The Mercantile Mutual Insuinnce Company, No 63 Wall street, confines its bnsiness to Marine insurance on freight and cargo. New subscription notes, amounting to upwards of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars have been received, and furihei additions are daily being made to its assets The Compeny invitee attention to its plan of bnsinsss,which it is believed, offers greater protection and larrer returns to the USD red than any other. TRU8TEES. Thomaa Hum, Jas. McCullongh Tbos. Achelis, Wm. C. Lsngley Heptio.iis Crooks. Geo W Tiylo Henry Sheldon. Cha'ies Pijen Levi Cook Jas. Frecland, Cbas H Rogers A Leguui Tho? S Nelson H K Muring 0 L Sayrr, Wilson O Hunt, W C. Atwatei Alegis 8 Bakei Stew-.rt C Marsh W A. Keleltas, M We d, Geo. Hastings, Chas. iJ . t srletor Leonard kirby C W A. Rodgers Lneins ilopkma, Jas Hallock Henry Jessop, Daniel U.Haaland, 8.F. Jenkins, G. D. Phelps Herman Hoker JOSEPH WALKER. President. Lewis Grcoobt, Vice President Cllwood Walter, Secretary OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CtfaPANY 7 Nkw Yorr r rbrunry 3d, 1(46. f AT AN ELECTION for Directors ol this Institution, for the ensniug year, held this day. the fallowing tlemanwere elected such DIRECTORS. Thomas WThoroe, Elisha Kings, _ _ iBJSi Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Bit er, B. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, 'Jamas E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Willvun K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnie, Thomee Morrell, Francis P Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Memtt, Robert SmKh. At t subsequent meeting of tbe Board, THOMAS W. THOHNK, Esq , was nnsmmoaslv re-elected President for the ensiling vesr. GEO. T. HOPE, Seeretarv. fJrve fiy.OUO, fS.OUO, Ba.OOU, ?A,000, *faKMJf4,UUU, I O LEND ON BOND AND MORTAGE?Tbe t 1 sums of money, on good productive real estate in thii sums of money, ou good productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to 8 8. BROAD, No, 11 Wall office of Pearcefk Co. basement. ill si. in: i/ N. B.?Call be ween the hoars of ? and It o'eloek, or ween 3 and 4 o'eloek P V lit lm* STRIKER'S SOLUHON FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change gray hair to its original color in a few minutes. Those who denbt i's virtnes, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If hum bugs would take this method there would be an reason to com plain. Gentlemen can have their whiskers and hair changed to tmsforeha any color or shade in a few minutes. Privetsiroji. lag the hair None genuine unless signed " H Striker, in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. _ ... Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No 5 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hail ol Records, New York, np established the Owe PriiTiyitam The ,,r,cl on the diffeat kinds ol Boots and ^ f"" and only pries asked in fntP this Establishment. Ha would thank tha public for tha lib patronage received, and solicit a continuation of tha nam ?g gg desirable way of trade, Um One Price System Do not Street, near fit la*r AUCTION BALES. NC^cioODS-JMob tion room, a Plttl.corw o'f Oa/d 'J ? the sue rul assortment of (jold tad 8Ht? rf ? ?eae ctpetnentai-d Lep.n<e wl?eh? *'*"? D"P??. Anchor Es ranted, torethyT^'ih0.^^^?j|\Urf'^Jrono???n. war wnptioo. iDrk ii Rranef . ^ . ?'?Wwory of trtrv dc jet and ateel OrnamMU ' "^r^,,^djr^B?>??hee, 'OM,*?,>i?h<>?aoutdT^iehra ?*ood Wn^*' *"d PnrM,i ??d Fancy Good '^aer^lK Wntm* Dwka and Work-' K-?"vh y? MO decaaed peraon. ometer, for accoant of the eatate of a diet' Ureaa?dutieiu reuch s"?Pendera, aad Children's and La ae ?> u n't'of'the' u u derwr iVe' r"? cank^R of the Port, for royage of importation * ?"k' Bn?"?. damaged on the WM~u> lt*rh P atalouue sale of cm'NAAUC U?in"*r ^ ware?By H. E. WilUrd^iVThV..y ;.IUld. h-*rthen 10 o clock, at the Store No ?> Pine March l?ih, at lota from the shelves to aait retuUra ??! Bro*d"?y, in -bi?dG&ey z?pXc!. "Pi' "ptfcc ,nivr,l ?tfc SE-afwa hvVr'jf' **""? MSd* rovsistin^oV^8^^ 8,ALE ?,K ANTiyui'ny-s: f; Jar. and Vases, iLwer bottles*J?St i^?,M#r^. P?rc,'1ain ?uch as uerer has ?? .tt J? * or wagl? ?mud, choice oro and articles now aSw !l roor,rry* These are all autiqae "omnf?he? |!2T.2^""l' 5" 72*1 U>ey a. old a. two hundred veara amtirJ t? hundred, aud lome ed throughout th ? olu tnwn^T.f Wi?'j y' *j were collect Elm .treer.^y vi ?, u,. ."'"!'. h'tween Broadway and 19 1846 H?l. . 1 ? Auctioneer, on Thnr.dav March or .h,ne ' P?e.tively at I o'clock IP m!, " in d..^8toT.ham^.bVh^r?i,ULi.',,t,DoTr,Ud' ^"^'y the la. examination, c ,talogt,.; T^oZ^trom A.M^lft ro!2 Iw'rc h k. wn lard it w w ^Juroi dv W'Volf Kum^ri'^X' !M? '"( "f" H^nie cit from the"^'nd, and^hTnll'ihc fcxeh,u,?? AlJ'.oln SALES BOOM. 1JI BRO ^DV^a V ?e .n!,^n"nt' 'o 'heir th-y w U mo?eto\hV..Mcio^?l^#A^o h'wai'I' w,h'n Adim.' Exprea. Office ,uu"lor?' ?<>? " WALL atreet. late mrll lm*r irk SHERWOOD7^ vibratory Magnetic Machine more .out! moualywith leai violent? to ^k "?ugnette force. tixes and now**t> ?? *ia a.-! ? cases * {b5 d'?^ known to the medical prof-aaion p!u?? obstinate that are "SSV,-^d^-S??SS8'o.VS~^ iM Chambers street. N. Y. JOHN CARR 151 NOW IN NEW VfiRk- awn THE PUBLIC ARE INVITED TO C&l?ND AND SEE HIM. ^ttJHE GREATEST CUREINTHE WORLD. ???: Mown tn thia or any other couutlr g"*te,t eure ?ng d,?". ir^^n^^vn^n??Vdtr A? d'"'*? prietor'a , -ffice.' I?" f tf?S35Klt'SUf whlr'e m".?'he ^ -among whom are a number of ph?/;i?u. uud hare expressed iheir aatnn JhmmmV .? u' ??en hi?? being ao much reduced aa he l *?.'? rP?o?'ry, after dicaffaculty, particularly thoae who V 'nyite the me ?cara that aix month, ago were allien' J??I y F0Tered with them to the bone cS Mr^J?, * in showing his scars to all wkn ? ? t*Mi pleasnie J&vuae&fs SCHENCK'S PULMONIC JwV*" P*Mk ^ th* th.u Judge for them of my back wu. a nttinhle ion? l oH?'*' Umt>} l.h# "hole tberdeMdboSr? My th?oat und'neck my'S-'T SgTs^iSStttS? VJ*? Sut"^^ ThJiTthe^d"f" ??ss&S: a deep-seated tcroluloa. consumption. / haf a yiolcu'r"ctf^ L" pniu tu my breast, fever, night aweata miar .mS-? .? con*h; prostration of strength. 1 was faif'e, J^,r h!L, '"* all hope of recovery. So remedy that 1 r<*?L? fj f up Aa my rough waa ao very bad, and my pulmonary Hi..... ?... issw-jsiaS ?SfS pjfTiS'.sa UB,'i mr ,orM w?" ?" healed, aud thewholeof kT-;^t;i5 ;.v.vspTrTfe?b:^r.E? t"i 'bankKtl that l .m w^TgLu ^d .bl^o poarsnce of the scars, I Wil^witlTLj^tra^K1^!^lhe *P" peraon who mavbivi an yScrofXu.orErum*! 7. 'h ,ny K^v^ whe^'.he' ramarakable scars ever viewed u|^n My0rhum?,hl,'i^gth', m?" City of PhiUdflpkia, ... JOHN CARR "d ,"b""b"' -,shir?ri'^-? pepm, and liver complaint, free of charge ^ ' dr* benr in mind thnt P. 8. occhmna does not mIi mw TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS |_J MIOEON k CO, Ml Weil street, Ra-fiuishera of Cloths I assimeres and Satinets. The told medsl ha* . been awarded to H. M for the improvement in re-fiuiahinf < Woollen Goods Kefirs to Meaara. It Blade, U Pine itreet; William C. Lanclev fc Co., St Exchange Place, coraer of Broad street; and to D BrighamkCo. *0 Pi >e street; where orders may be left. ml liii'r ? STHAIV HON NETS L CHAPIN, No It John atreet, near Broadway up QEe) ataira, haa on hand a food aaaeitment of Fashionable Straw Bonneta, which he u telling at the low eat market prices Millinera and others are invited to tall before purchaaing elaewhrie mrlt Im'r Hats?Spring Fashion?1846. IM THE I NdERsIGNED would respectfully call the ^tteatioa of hia f. u-uUa and |Mtrona to hia aaa rtineut of Rats ofih* Npnig Fashion. In a.,lie ting their patrona?e he would ;emind thara of hia adherance to hia eetablish-d low pricea, * t:?Fine Moleakiu Hala. $1; Fine Nntna Far Hate. S3; Short Nap Silk Hatt, 12,10. WM. BANTA, No. Bl Canal at. cor. Wooater, and IM Chatham at. ? II Jwia*r NOTICE ft THE UNDERSIGNED bega litre to inform hia J^mfrienda and the public that hia HAT ESTABLISHMENT la removed from coraer of Wall and Naaaau atreata, to No 177 Broadway Directly oppotil? Howard Hotel. The vary liberal patronage which haa for ao many years baen exteuded 10 him at hia old atand, ia duly appreciated, and hia arrangements are aow auch aa auable him to offer every in dacement for a continuation of the aame. Hia celebrated fine Beaver, Caator, and Mole Skin Hata, which ar- too well kaowa to need commendation, will be found still farther improved and beautified. A Wo, a splendid aaaortment of Oentlcnaan'a, Youtha' and Children'a Cape, compriaing many new and desirable patterns, of the beet material!, tad at moderate prieee. ? . ? F. H. AMIDON. N. B ?Gentlemen's Hate of the Spring Fashion are now ready. mil FSTnThS J ia' rre A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR TAVERN, RE ? FECTORY, AND BOARDING HOUSE KEEPERS.? JmA A LARGE ESTABLISHMENT, within a few yard. !??(? oi the Navy Yard gate, ia the city of Brooklyn?occupy XaHLiag forty feet froet, by thirty-three feet deep, and welll nuieiied throughout?ia now offered to be let or leased, at a " ""a, for a term of i moderate rate, for a term of yeera, with immediate possession if required, to any respectable and enterprising business man. For particalari, enquire of OWEN COLOAR,, - ? ? No. M James atreet. Brooklya. all lt*ne good cHaNc^ to maKE MMfiY.? a A first rate Refectory to let, fixtures, lie. for sale, four years' lease from May, situated in a central and crowded part of the city; also, a Porter Hoaee, overrun with bu siness; a Jatorv brick honae, with building IB the rear, suits . - 'afii* ! ble for anv kind of manufacturing bnaiaeea; the dwelling part of a handaomehnuae. for boarding or private families, a store, well located} several houses, stores, rooms, ke. in various parts of the city. Peraens in want of good business stands, er wishing to let or tell ant, will save much time and trouble, by applying to GILLESPIE, House Agent, U* Peerl street, near Broadway. Rents and hills collected, and prompt returns made. Far sale, a burial vault, in Ikth street and ttb avenne. m 14 It'r FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet* ofthe litis sail Nth aflWWnf March The well-kuowe, fast tailing new packet JMB&kip FIDELIA, Hacksuff, commander, will poeitivoi ly tail lor the above port on Monday, the lkh of March, her regular day. And the packet ship ROSCIUB, Capt Eldridge, ? lie 10th her regular day "JOTiEBflSTS - aummafiitioai, apply ia _ _ ?till II South atreet. ABUIKHKMTS. PARK VH1ATM. MRS. 8EOUIN. MR FRAZER, AND MR. BEOUIN, Auut.d by MR. F. MK VTCR, m Opera I Alao MR. MARBLE. Uturdaf BTtnlng, Muth M, Will be performed. DON PA8QUALE. Dun Puqult Mi Segiun. Ernesto .Mr FB* Doctor Malateii* ... Mr r Meyer Norma Mrs Seguin To conclude with. JONATHAN IN ENGLAND. MoIod*?o Swap. .Mr Marble Torrent Fiaher Fanny Miaa Kate Horn "? Price of Admwnos?Boim, H ; Pit, M saain ; Gallery' tf ?#?(?? Doorsopenat IXo'sleek,ul tha Corttia will rise precisely at 7 o'clock. ___ BOWKB1 TH1CATKB. A W JACKSON .. MANAGER AND PHOPR1E7 JH. GRAND COMBINATION. (rrOOUBLK COMPANY -ClI Rockwell It 81000*1 Equestrian Troupe io combination with the Dramatic Company of this establishment. Saturday Kvenlng, March II, The Performance will eomineucc with the Drama of I IVANHOE. Isaac -Mr J R Scott. The Black Knight Blnnchard. Cedric Chaufrau. The Pilgrim Davenport. Sir Bri an de Boil Gnilbert Clark. Garth Cony. Wamba Hadaway. Loctsley Proctor. Rebecca Mrs Joues. Lady Rowena Mrs Phillip*. Elgiva Mrs Sergeant. To conclude with BLACK EYED SUSAN. William Mr Davenport Captain Crosstree Clarke Black Eyed Suiau Mrs G Jonea C Lower Buira iO rent*? Second and Third Tiers, 31 cu : Pit and Gallery 12ha ceuu. Doora will open at half past 6 -curtain will rue at 7. OLYMPIC THEATRE. " MR WALCOT Respectfully annonuces that hit BENEFIT Will take place on TUESD AY EVENING next, 17th March, ou which cc sioii will be produced, for the first time at this Theatre, Siv op', celrbrated Comic Opera of BROTHER AND SISTER, iu which MRS WjuLCOT will appear, for this night only The beautiful Historical Diama of CHARLES XII. Or, Ttic Sff of Straliuni. In which Miss Cla>ke Mr Mitchell, Mr Holland, Mr. Walcot aud the whole stengih of the Company will appear. To conclude with Mr W ilcot'a ir* Trim le, entitled RICHARD THIRD TO KILL D,f~Box Book now open. mlt 3teod*m (tt-A CARD -CO NATIONAL THICATHB5 AND CIRCUS, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS?MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN THE PUBLIC are acquainted that thia magnificent esta I bliihment, ?o warmly patronittd duriu* these ljat si* months, by tbe ciiiaena. .truugen and visitors, from all parts of the world, muat speedily close iu yrder to fulfil the impera tire engagements already entered into for the lummrt 1 ma an nouncement ia put forth to prepare the hundred and seventy five Artiata and Assistants connected with this conaeru . era to assure the thnueanda of liberal patrona who hare rendered the Circua a Temple of Fashion and Popularity .that the moat energetic and unceaaiiig efforts will be eeeayed to reuder the cloaing Perloimancea of the Ring aud Stage the moat novel aud varied that a diacri nating public can appreciate or a grattful management off r mi m CARD OF ADVERTISEMENT. NATIONAL THKATRK AND CIRCUS, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, wJ&B. ?jMffWSa'ftLAVA Baltimore aud Waahingtou Among tha numaroua arriatae en gaged ia thair lane establishment, may be round the following *^8? LOU 1?a'H*0W AR?! 'priacipal act Eauertrian^uid remiere artiate, in characteriatic dalineationa ormelo-drtuna euefsonatioui, on her celebrated courier. MRS. EDWARD WOODS, an elegant Eqneatriaa, on two .loraea, and ia lea Allamandea FranSane, and general move mEightfKmale Equestrians, who appear in grand cavalcade. Tight Rope Dancer aud Equestrian performer, Misa L.OUIBA WELLS. Primalpal Mala Eqneatriana, Meura LEVI NORTH, T V. TURNER, aad W.B.CARROL. First Eqneatriaa Pantomimiat, J. C., ROGERS. Backward Riding, after the Italian invention, by 11 BlU - NTlw RIVEPW^KAMILY?remarkable for their high talent in the gymnaitie and Acrobatic artt. . , J. J. NATHANS, Eqneatriaal Dtrertor, and two aad h" Horae Rider-Hispnpijaare " Pastor. Peraonifler of Local Character*. MR. E. WOODS El rat Vanlter of the 1 roupe, MR. MeKARLAND. ^^EsVCTx^dV'SSS5* ^icM v^mu. ME88^LK8ELLY. LATHROP. and WEAVUK< Stage Manager, Mr. FREER. . f||_?, A constant succession of first rate equestrian P!r^["e?' from all parts of the world, and a continual series orthemow magnificent Pantomimes end Spectacles of high equestrian eo '*La2der of the Oreheeua Mr MEYER. Scene Painter. Mr. JOHN WISER . . . A moat sumptuous Wardrobe of all the nations in the world, eomoleted intSe very first style of evcellence, Theinita^f armor, flags, banners, weapons of war, fcc., by Messrs. ?. * JKlSSSSmf .f fitV. jsi na and for warlike and proeoasional effecti on the atag tended bv twelve grooms, and byfourteen rough riders. "The Olom of UiVcirc-'a and frhe^xc ?o .1 wuy. ope.** half-past (, and the performances invariably eommeuee^at 7 o'clock. T? GENTLEME^RESIDING lN^HE UPPER PART OF THE CITY. . . A SMALL and select private Club House, C0W"J{?5 '? thirty five about to be eaUbliahedintlwni per part of tbe city, contiguous to Broadway, cooducted on an efitactHe '"ecAercne scale, aud replete with every comfort and "hlembers elected by vote of the President sod CommiUee. . .nb.criptio?..,.t w. wtmd. therefore iTIs'necessary *? ^ippY.ciuon be mad. by thoe. d^uy"emlam?iTfo?undoubted respectability], can4 prospectns, by sddress.i g a note [post pud, stating real name, occupation and address] to X Y. 2.. A ranch Fo.t-oflke.CJmt ham Square ?" lw ' M LECTURE ON MU8IC. R. JOHN 8. D WIGHT, of Boston, will deliver the Ba irn. eoud Lecture of the Course, this, Saturday Evening, at the Society Library, commencing at 7X o clock Subject?On the more Bcientinc Phase of Mueie, with Sa baatian Bach as its worthiest representative. Single Tickets ? cants. "*'* PHILHARMONIC HALL PROFESSORS and Amateurs of Music, and the Pubhc gen __|iv ?re renueated to attend a meetiug of the Philhsrmo nic ?d&!tt beTveldVt the Col.aeum, Thia Evening at half past 7 o'clock, in Broadway, near Grand street, for the purpose ofcoiisideriug a plan to carry into effect the erection ol a building lor musical entertainments, and other purposes. mU lt'r CI I V OF ELMS. may EXHIBITION of this model, together witji models I nf the oubl.c buildings of New York, end the Mormom Temple at Nauvoo, will remain open for a abort time longer at E. B. i UNNlNOHAM.kup't ol Lahibiuon. Tho proprietor is now constructing at*# TEE MODEL OF NEW YORK. Representing in carved wood every building, shed, tree, u Other object in the great Metropolis of America^ which will becomp'eied in a few months Above this Mod td will beia Canopy en wrich will be delineated views o. pnhhc buiUo^i, Pieces of business, m1nuf.etor.Mpr,v,tsre..d^e?.lmteH, ?teamboais, He., snryiu* from I* to 10 ,n ?eeg?. which a moderate eompensatiou will be cnargeo Having uow so nearl7cempieted a Modelof viJde^ofNlew proprietor will either sell or give e lease of the Model or l*ew Haven, Ike. , . EXTORTER BELDEN. NO Broadway. | as R JOHN 8 DWIOHT, of Boston, will commences M "Course of Lectures on Miotic at jhe Soeiety fc'brV* Wedii adsy Evening, March llth, at 7H o'cloeS The Course WThe?Fii*t?Music in its most general character as an egpres aiou of feeling, and especially of Ithe Religloaa BaoUmtnt, Second?tin the more Scientific Pnaae of Music, with 8e h .tticu Bucl. as its worthiest represent liva Third?On the Eapreasive Era iu Maw, whl?|V*" thr Scientific .ud Scholaali- , with illustrations Iron. H. odd, Eoni'th?The'"fhir5?Phase in the historic devalopement of the An?namely, the Modern Mnaic of Effect?the Virtuosos, Admitting a Lady and Owtleman to the Course. $1 Snigfe T ick-T for'the eientug, Bc^ Bu^bem .?d others can obie.u .heir tickeU el C. 8 Francis 1K <).o Broadway, or n the d ior. m9 "" m , FENCING EXHIBITION ~ ~ rriHE UNDEHBIONED has the honor to inform the pubhc 1 aud amateura of reu in*, that he will give so esh.bitiou in the obove art, on Saturday . March Mth. at 'h' Ot.gnon, Not li. 17 and IS anal street, at 7 o clock P.M. All Protestor! are invited to be present . at the .b:^%^efF-Be,n/tta^oTO:v^;of^:^ Price of admission SO eenta. mil 11 li lw MUdlC FUR PARTIES ^ PARTIES furnished with the Violin.Harp, er Pteaororte. ApplVw R. ' and O. Aylifre. No. &T Elm atmet.^eoraer of Howard. ?" lw * - - MUSIC TAUGHT, ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lady, j who has a thorough knowledge of the give moat teapecubl. and aatiafeetory reference.. A line '^ dressed to W. H.. at the office of thia paper, shall raactaal , ly attended to. MUSIC. , _ k. Mr. OEOROE A. HOYT would reepeetfblly tafwm hia Friends aud the Public, that he la prepared to giveMn ?tvuctiou oo the PIANO FOkTE. at 1hu>'ChIcmc. tie atreet. Of at the reeidenee ef his puptle- T"^.,^?e?" ' made know. onAPPl'cation. L" MUSU3. " . M. OS?AJ'a and raptJ progreaaioo, by hia new ,T* ? Terms very raasouable. Apply at SS Bond street, ml lm*re BILLIAJID8 IMPROVED. OTTIS FIELD, respectfully inlorms his friends and the public, that he has returned to his fold favorite quartern, BAHSFORD'S ROOMS, entrance IX Ana at, adiotatag tha Mnseum building, or HP Faltou street The Rooms and Ta hiss have been put in perfect ords*. The Table* are S'ate, Marble and Iron, with Atr, lndsa Rubber and Cloth Cnshiooa. They will no doubt suit European and ail greet pla vara, being the beet iu this country. Larger balls for Southerners?< aro 'ia? bB.?Baasfor^s'uaw style Billiard Tableo for and French Cue Leather, boa* ia the city; fine BillisjdCI*"' j and every articlei n the trade, constantly^, hand and for sale. | mMEftttNOB. SOClETItBlt ASAtX IaTIunT bruadway HOUSE. j THE PROPRIETOR of this well knowa estsbl'?h^7,(or uow prepared ? make emmgements J"J2jS.M k?" wu Life't'le-s-ee.-"?'-finer LATBST WTgtUMIICB BT TIE RUtt. Wasbiwoton, March 12,1846 The developments made in my communication in Tuesday's Herald, concerning the "letter-carry ing" of the Hon. Senator, from North Carolina, from the " White House" to the city Post Office, on the night of Thursday, previous to the closing of the mail for the Cambria, 1 have reason to believe have caused a commotion m the Cabinet, the consequence of which will be the almost immediate retirement of Mr. Buchanan from the post of Secretary of State. Indeed, 1 do not see how he could remain in his present position, whilst the duties of his office seem to be performed by the President himself,with out a degree of self abasement, to which I know ha never would submit. No, Mr. Buchanan is made of sterner stuff than to remain ia any poaition in which he may be interested, whilst others arrogate to themselves the right to control it, and assume the exercise of its proper departments, without being willing to share its responsibilities. The Secretary of Bute being the only 54 40 mem ber of the Cabinet, has also taken umbrage at the private consultation of the President wijti the 48 men of the Senate, who have, up to this time, so Btrougly opposed both the letter and spirit of his declarations on the Oregon question, as contained in his inaugural address ana message. Mr. Bu chanan's retirement, therefore, from public life, will be a sort of triumph for htm, as the causes that will have led to it, will be those that are identified with the purest and most patriotic feelings of the coun try Mr Bancroft, too, goes out about the first of April. Whether auy others leave or not, I have not yet ascertained; or who.will succeed those, it in difficult to say I do not believe there ta ona public or private man of any character, that weald be witling to accept a Cabinet apttointment upon the same terms that those at the heads of the various Departments now hold theirs. No, sir, not one? unless, indeed, they be willing to act the part of mere clerks?machines, without any volition of their own in the appointment of their subordinates, as well as in other things When Mr. Polk first came here, the following Cabinet arrangement was agreed upon by htm ; but owing to Mr Walker declining the subordinate station of Attorney General, which was assigned him, the plan wa. disordered, and the preeent Cabi net agreed upon. Here is the first oast of that curious concern, which 1 shall now put upod record, lor the first tune, for the benefit of the curious in such matters:? ? Mr. Buchanan, Secretary of Stato. Mr. Bancroft, Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. Br.tlsr, Secretary of War. ? Mr. Fairfield, Secretary of the Navy. Mr. Johnson, Postmaster General. Mr. Walker, Attorney General Mr Walker kicked the beam, and Messrs. Batler and Fairfield were floored. George Bancroft came near suffering the same fate by the opposition of Levi Woodbury, who kept htm two or three darn hanging by the eyelids, when before the Senate for confirmation, was there ever such a state of things before exhibited as thisl It has, howsver, this merit in it, that it fulfils to the letter, in a poli tical point ot view, what the Scriptures say in a moral, Which is "The last BhalP be first, and the i first last;" for it is now well understood that Mr. I Walker, who was then at the tail of the lint, is now I at the head ot the list, and means to keep himself ; there, too, no matter who may hereafter become ; his associates in oflice i understand Mr. Mason is to' succeed Mr Bu chanan ; but whether as an ad interim secretary of ?late or not, I cannot affirm. Mr Jarnag'n offered a resolution in Senate to day, asking tor the appointment of a committee to ; investigate the ch&rgea contained in the Tmm, ot | corruption, &c., against & portion ot the whigs in that body. Messrs. Mangum, Speight, Oalhoun, Benton, Chalmers, and Jarnagm, spoke on the sub I ject, and disclaimed, severally, having any know- * ; ledge of the grounds upon which these allegations i were m&dc* The committee consists of Messrs. Jaraagin, i Benton, Dickinson, J. M. Clayton, and Turner. I had a conversation, an hoar ago, with one of the ! publishers, and he assured me Uiat,'so far as the pa i per is concerned, the declarations that it has made I will be tully sustained ; that is?the authorities upon which they were made are ready to testify to the | facts furnished by them to the Timet, which will, as a matter of course, exonerate the publishers and i editor of that paper from the charge of having ' made the imputations without substantial cause. I I understand that the persons who will testify be fore the committee are highly respectable, ana wor thy of credit. I do not know mem myself, nn he I has not informed me who they are. The House is still engaged debating the harbor I bill, which has been considerably lengthened by the opposition of some members to n clause in it relating to the purchase, by the United States, of | the stock ot the Louisville and Portland Canal. It is difficult to account tor such opposition, when the advantages resulting to the government and people are at nd understood. The government own virto ! ally 5358 shares, leaving only 4647 owned by indt i virtual?. The government originally owned 2908, j and me balance of 5853, viz, 2460, has been pur chased by the company, with the netproceeds of the tolls, during the last tour years. The 4647 shares owned by individuals, can be purchased now for about $570,000, which, if they be purchased by the collection of tolls from the public, as provided for bv the charter, they will cost about 91,200,000. This amount, by that coarse, will have to be levied on the commerce ot the Western States, in the space ot about eight years to come. At the end of that time, free navigation is to be the result, which, j if the government make the purchase now, may be brought about in less than a year, by the course pro posed by me Committee on Commerce. In the event of government purchasing the remainder of this stock, in which it is already me largest siure holder, a saving of 9680,000 would be me result, ia eight years or less. I hope the House will give the matter their mature reflection, before coming to a vote on it on Tuesday next. Aunt.. Washihoto*, March 12,1848. The day haa been of great interest in the benate. First, we had some talk on an abolition petition, from certain philanthropic female abolitionists in Philadelphia?next, a debate on the printing of 25, 000 extra copies of the agricultural report from the Patent office. Next, Mr. Jarnagin introduced,with some prefatory remarks, and certain extracts from the obnoxious paper, a resolution tor the appoint ment of a committee of three, afterwards amended to Ave, to examine into the charges m several re cent numbers of tho Daily Time* (of this city) made against the honor, patriotism and integrity of tho Senate. The resolution was discussed, in defeaoe of the Senate collectively and individually, by Messrs Jarneg'n, Mangum, Speight, Chalmers, Benton, Bagby, weafcott, and Berrien, and adopted ntm con Committee appointed by the Chair, con sisting of Messrs Jarnagin, (chairman,) Benton, Dickinson, J. M. Clayton, and Turney, (two whigs and three democrats,) with power to send for per sons and patters The Hrst person sent for will be the editor of the Timet, and the second?who will he the second 1 Wait a little The Senate then resumed the Oregon resolutions, and Mr Atchison, of Missouri, made a sensible ana patriotic discourse,characterized by no effort at dis play. to be sure, but abounding in good sense, plain argument and fact, and rather marked by a concilia tory spirit for a Aftv-tour forty man The fast is, that 54 40 is hii " obsolete idea"?it has flared up like a rocket, sputtered and exploded, and talisn to the earth a dead pi?ce of timber, smelling of burnt guu-powder, but extinguished and extinct. Mr. Atchison having concluded, Mr Calhoun secured the Aoor tor Monday next. On motion of Mr Jarnagin, the investigating com mittee were authorize d to anpoiot a clerk No more capable man could have been appointed on this eommittee than Mr Jarnagio, as the chairman. He will give the matter a most thorough sifting. The Senate adjourned ever to Monday next. At this rate we expect Congress to adjourn about the last ol August. Mr Haywood has been absent from the Senate fer a day or two, preparing his speech for the press and the public. Aflr Colquitt was absent to-day, from indisposition. Mr. Calhoun will draw a full and early attendance in the galleries on Monday nsxt. The harbor bill continues to drag along slowly through the House. The day has been luxuriously aud deliciously ethereal. ________ Hew Hampshire fllssttss. We have the following returns by last night's eastern mail. The Bottom Pott is of the opinion that the democratic candidate for Governor is de feated : IMS. D?rlUM. rnSSIDSST. ill?! 1 I i Horkrnl'him If'"!.!'* I 2U3 '?* <-*rT ?."? ??? ClESl L J it* ?F? 171 ?.*? 1>W MS suuK." ? 1.? ** 7U im m *? fiSn' i Mr m im I.sis m m "... ? *?* '-?? 1371 *.?? IMS <St imiTTi iirti " , m ,'*7 '??!! * ** ??<? ?? r;h-h?r. ii i.w m ?,m i.saa rt SnmrM ...? i.?m ISM MS S.47I 1.3S4 I,Ml 4.SM XMt til cSmT" * '? W ? ?.M4 Ml IM in li.m n.ow 7,mi ngss ?7isi The whigs and Hale-ites have elected 98 repre sentatives to the Legislature, and the democrats 87. The election of 14 or 15 more whig or Hsle-ite members, will secure to the opposition s majority in that branch of the Legislature. The oomptexiou of the Legislature, however, is still unoertaig.

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