Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 4
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lWeCNlV -MllTH OOKti HllU. IA ????(?. Wi.H.Kioa, Aiax.6 1*. 1*46 Prayer by the Rev. Mr Tuslin Journal of jresterdajr ^Resolution adopted, that when the Senate adjourns, It ?halt adjourn over to Monday neat. ,, . Mr. Dix presented |>etitions from Western .New York /or Abrogation of certain Indian treaties Mr Athebton pre?ented re?olution? of the New Hampshire Legislature, recommending a redaction of the tarirt, and the re-establishment of the sub-treasury. A VOLITION rCTITIOn. Mr. Cambbon pres.-uted a petition from the Kemaie Anti-Slavery Society of Philadalphia, asking for an amendment of the federal Constitution in reference to slavery. Some other petition* intervened, when Mr SrcioHT rose to proteit against the reception of the abolition petition from Philadelphia He hoped that it would not be received?that R would not be evaded by a aiere side wipe, but that it would be rejected by a direct rote?that they would come directly up to it, and meet it. Mr. Camebon?Is that my petition ' Mr. SraiuMT?Yes, sir ; the petition you preisnted jnst now. Mr. Cambbon said, he believed there was * rule in re ference to such papers. , The Vicb Pbebioent stated it was the rule to raise the question of reception. I Mr. SrsioHT then raised the question of reoopuon. Mr. Mansnm then moved to lay the question of recep tion upon the table. , Mr. SrriuuT axprervad his regret at the motion of the Senator from North Carolina He, Mr. 8., wanted a di rect vote upon this petition; and not that it would be given the go-by in so indirect deoision upon it. He hoped the Senate would promptly repal this doctrine of interference with the question of slavery. It was not a paper referring to abolition in the District of Columbia, but it eaabraoed tho abolition of slavery in the whol* United State*. Mr. Manoum defined the rule and action of the Senate in the premises, and tha aetion of the Honse ; and while he concurred in the vlewa of the Senator from Mississip pi, (Mr Speight) bethought it best to avoid all unneces sary action upon tha autqaot. Mr. Cauuoon asked for the reading of the memorial, it was accordingly read, and prays such on amend ment ef the Constitution a* will forever release the citi zens of Pennsylvania from all political connection with the institution of >lavery. The petition is from the Phi ladelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, and is signed by Hannah L. Tiokney, Presidents**, and Sarah A. M'Kim, Secretary.' Mr. Calhoun said, the viewe of the action of tha Se nate, as given by tue Senator from North Carolina, were correct. There wae but one practice, which was to raise the question of reception, and lav that question upon the table. As to his own course, Mr. Calhoun said he should never vote to receive a petition which pro posed to give to the Federal Qovernment a cognizance over the institution of alaree*. Whenever the vote should come up this would be hU position. The vote wsa taken upon the question of reception, and with this question, the petition itself was laid upon the table. Mr. Wsitcott and Mr. Bah now presented several pe titions or other papers. THI rATBflT OrriCE BBPOBT?THB PUBLIC rBINTtNO. Some time ego, Mr. Cameron moved the printing of 00,000 extra copies of the Agricultural Report from the Patent Office. Alterwerds tbe subject was referred to a committee, who subsequently reported an amendment, cutting down the extra copies to '16.000. Upon this mo tion the subject of the extia printing was to day re sumed Mr. Ashley took np the defence of the extra printing, and argued that from tbe taiue of the report, and from the avidity of the demand lor it amoug the people, a large extra edition could be advantageously priced, and that whatever might have been done with other publio documents in selling them to the grocery mer chants, there was no danger of this document being sold in bundles as waste paper. He argued, too, that from the comparative expenditures heretofore arising from the printing ot other and less valuable documents, this extra demand was but reasonable and justifiable. At the past session of the '10th Congress, the Patent office report cost $4 977 04 Document on commerce and navigation 3 160 00 Report on Texas 3 000 00 Prof Johnson's coal report l'l 000 00 Report on retrenchment 16,030 00 Books 01 the Explori og Expedition 80.000 00 And appropriation would be required Mr Astiley, however, jus'ifW the Expedition a? a national duty, aud whatever tne expense intght be, to present tbe results uf tnis expedition to the world, in tbe best end most Desutitul ?tj le ?he was in tavor ol it L'eut Kiemout's repoit bad cost, (094 pa<e-) some $14 047 00; but this ?. ap u?e Mr A did ,.ot u'ject to at all, auhough some 40 i page i ot tne poor were mkeu up with tables u>e'ul onl> to tni* ecieu(ific Tnis sgnculiural docu ment had no urn ei in it tost would u>k be generally ol toe grea est ut.uij to me great agricultural inteiestol lour millions of people. Mr. Nil>s was opposed to this useless expense These very agricultural reports, which cost the government about 90 cents a cop>, nad been reprinted in Pniladel phis at 16 cts. Besides, ha doubted whether the extra editions hsietofure piinted had been circu-ated; nut was ot opiuion that they had, nke many other documents, bee i disposed hi masses at tue groceries, or book stores. He thought that this subject of agriculture we* not a propel subject uf governmental regulation. [1'hera was a large audience in the galleries, and a general hum of conversation above aud below. We bope the Vice President, for tbe sake ot the reporters, will enj.-iu au appropriate silence. We think he is some times disposed to be too inJulgent in this respect ] Mr. Websteb advocated the printing The copies of this document accruing to tbe Senators from Massachu setts lest year, were all distributed, end tbe demand was so tar unaatisfted, that up to twenty.four hours ago there were appiicatiena upon him for that document. He knew of no document that had met with such general approbation as the annual report Irom tha Patent Office, at tbe last sessson. un motion 01 Mr. Jasvauin tbe bill wu informally laid upon the table. THE DAILT TIME! V?. THE UNITES STATES SENATE. Mr. Jahnaoin rose to a privileged question. With a few introductory remarks on the necessity of the case, he called the attention ot the Senate to the numbers of the iiesiy Times ol this city, of the 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th, of the present month. These numbers embraced not the ordinary vague and general charges of newspaper de nunciation, hut direct, specific ana positive charges of corruption against this body. It was not his purpose to , say one word against the editor of this paper; but be | would be permitted to say, that il these charges hare the slightest loundation-if any Senator could so far tur ret the responsibilities of his station -the dignity of this 1 body, ami ail tbe considerations ot honor, as to enter into and carry on negotiations of the character charged, it was high time that the country knew it. On the con trary ,ii they were not true?if they were entirely unsus tained by tiuth-he knew not what penalty should be visited upon tbe convicted party. Mr. J. read from the j Timti ot the oth instant, part ol a long editorial, ai fol lows " At that particular crisis it did net aucceed. They who were pledged to it did not all itand up to thou committal?and, instead of being despatched to the care of the British steamer at Beaton, then just ready to em- , berk, an adjournment delayed it to a luture day. Since : then, a moro complete understanding has been effected. Caucus meetings hare been held ; the principle of action , laid down j roles counted, and the success of the reso- | lutions, in anticipation of Anal action, confidently count- , ed on. But, what is more astonishing, and showing how ! false-heurted some of our American Senator* are, while seemingly contending for the interests of their country and the welfere of its people ?how traitorous they dere be in secret collusions with our hereditary enemy?all these intrigues to force the administration into compro mise- all these plots to abandon our native soil?these bargains to disgrace the American nation, and of their substance fill the maw of the rapecious British lion, were canvassed and arranged at the British Minister's own table within the lapse of a few days, whore a moating, tor this specific aud express purpose, was had, attended by ell the loyal advocates ot the British claim who are oemprised in the whig ranks of the Senate, with, as we ami above, a lew exceptions from the West, of men who could not in their beecta become the plot ters of treason against iheir country. " On this occasion, disgraceful to tbe name of Repub lican, which the party to this dinner-table compact as sumes, tbe whole strength ol the compromise party was counted and ascertained?their firmueas in the criais waa pledged lor, and Minister Pakenham, the represen tative el the British Government, put in possession of nil 'her Majesty's' party strength within the walls of the Americai. somite ! " Can the American people be made to realize this most infamous feet tnat the British Minister, instruct ed by bis government to Intimidate, intrigue, or bribe the American peopi# out ol a territory to which that power has no title, and has never pretended to as,ert one, cau surround himselt in secret conclave, the doors guarded, and the loop holes closed, to provide against betrayal, with a body ol American Senators, with whom he cau couusal on what will be tbe effectual means to accomplish the iuiamy of the Americsn Go vernment, and wne are alien enough in heart to commit themselves to his messuies of success." Alter the pu jficatien ot this article, the Senator from Georgia (sir. telquitt) thought proper to denounce in hia place we utter laisehood ol tus charges involved. But in me very next pspar the editor reiterates these cnarges, aud relura to an arUcia, aud publishes it, tiom ? ps^er in Missouri (the St. Louis H-t oucan), ol the Olhkebruary last, luiended to show that, it the Senate propose an investigation, ins Timti will not be the ouiy paper implicated iu tue inuict.neut. Alter the denial of the Senator Horn Georgia (Mr. CoJquittJ, sustained t>y the Senator iroia Keuiucay t dr. Crittenden), tee charges of corruption aia reinstated, as loiiows (ftinea ot uis lOUl). Oil. J. aOcOidlugsy tead l/olu tna papei s " We reiterate me ???ertto.i, tun at a Biuiah dinner, given by me Biittsa Misstater, attended ouly by Biiuso Whigs, tuts ttiituu oeuiprotaise was the subject ol de bate , aid W? have sale above wuy the clattcai auualdt Was nut pieSeul- be will do tor the cats paw ot those men, nut may eet then ' a.?' .u sect at t " 11 rs aisu in itAe i_weikCtei with mis denial that he uas Heated lu? wihar aevethi cnaigus cl oui aru cie in hia luty ut oeuU..CiatiOu, ho uas suo an, in every line, ignessu.oo ul me most llagianl cnaiacter , and, in attempting to exculpate she ciidilnatlt> ol others, oy whuteaase iMiusi ot the application to biuisail, ua has most vnahieiUily valued ImouguoUi tua Just opuhat ol Weak hooded, oolloW-hoailed tool; and lor hia anting neve to Income ibvii vtilgai oeteuuoi, most ceiusiuly do served a hi in a cuailushio aid tuau tuat WUICh pity and apology aia this day extaudiug to oim. " W a Ware told, on aveiy uai.d, subsequently to the publicstieu of Thuiaday 's paper, and down to .vlonday moituiig, that such was the exciicnient and teeiiug of the member* ui '.ougiaes and private CttiSauS,grow ing out ot our Charges, thai an luVeatlgauon would be instituted , that the matter eoutd uot tie passed over ; last the Uoactsery must be -aposed, if Uie charges were true. Wbeu we wroto aud published, we made public what many ooseiviug men m. mis city kasw, and we were ready to stand Oy our aS|>oaure. But investigation was oui oltne quesliou -invstugatiou would do to uirea ten, but it would be ruin to act en The aciar* in cer tain ? Curias knew this. Tney dared net subject IB ear in trigues with the British Minister and tus more immsdiate British confederates, to tbe dissection and nakedness of a public exsuniua ton Thoy talked Uis ail over. They bain a caucus on Sunday night? (was the Reverend Mr. Colquitt not then 9 and then the whole matter was da MIL*IihUmHm. ?~4 tee result ?M, 0 fctMMlMttM ?ku4 r? ebeaees il ? **??* r? ml mIIiIwUmMm. *m4 1*1 resell ?M, k I mm tW* pert kf tea hkl|a^tl I* eel e*? t? ?i-kkft-Mt U iiotioa the subjaot " ? Th?M ware ??rioua chare** Mfkiiut the integrity ftt y, and alter * repvti'.ou again and again, Mr. thii body, -? .? _ _ . Jar nag in thought that some action wai oali*d for. on tha port of tha 8?nate. He thereupon, without further re mark, submitted tha following reeolution: Resolved, That a committee of throe member* ot the Senate be appointed to enquire and ascertain what moa ?urea, if any, are required to vindicate it* character and honor against the cbargea of a paper published in Wash ington, called the Daily Time, and that the committee j be empowered to send for person* and papers. A Votes.?Five. Mr Jasnaoin accepted the amendment; and tha raso lution wai altered, no a* to read " fire member!" instead of " three." Mr. Maiuum confessed Iris reluctance at noticing thla , matter st all; but as one of the whig Senators, intimately j conversant with hii anociates, and competent to speak in their behalf, he would announce, that there was no meeting of the whirs whatever, at the British Minister's or elsewhere, at which tha British Minister was present, at which, either directly or indirectly, there was any caucus or consultatiou in refarenc# to this question of the Oregon controversy. There was not a scintilla of : foundation for the** charges. His own impression was, that if the character 'or this Senate was not atrong enough to sustain, passively, charges like these?not specifically made, not substantiated by any direct evi denoe, however high the character of the paper? he de sired no longer an association witn it. And, if any Bona- 1 tor, upon men general charges, deemed it essential to ; call a committee, we had better leave our positions at onoe. But ha waived bis objections,) because he under stood that one of this editor's informants was a member ! of Congress Voice raoM thi Democbatic Side?What ? Mr. Manoi'm repeated that he had understood one of the informers of this editor was a member of Congress. That it was a member of the Senate he believed to be utterly impoeeible. If, however, this should be an addi tional calumny, as respects any member of the other House, it was proper that it ahoufd be exposed. As the resolution was offered, therefore, he abould vote most cheerfully for it. It was due to the British Minuter, dis tinguished for all the courtesies of life|as be was?it was dua to him, and to that spirit ef hospitality which should ever characterize'*'great nation?that the truth should be known. The charges of intrigue embraced ail the whig* of the Senate, one half the democrats, and the President himself was involved. What could the whigs, or a caucu* of the'whigs do, unless they found a co-ope ration in the President I Mr. M. said he.would vote for the resolution. Mr. SreioHT said that this bill of pains and penalties consisted of two counts. It assumed that not only at these recent intrigues were the whigs a party, but that a portion of the demacrat* were elso present. Now, he had reason to believe that he was one of the latter tr- , raigned under this charge. It was to himself, to his con- j stituents, and to the 8enale, to cay that he emphatically ; deuied any knowledge whatever of any intrigue of the i opposition party, or of his own political friends. He had no knowledge of any such thing. He was at a caucus at the beginning of the aession, in reference to the ap pointment of committee*. In regard to the amendment o( the Senator from Georgia, (for "negotiation and com gromise") from the time at which be first beard of it,Mr. . was positive in declaring that it waa not the result of any caucus. In regard to the Oregon controversy, he had ever considered it, as not a party, but strictly an i American question, and in this view he had freely son- I versed with the whig* upon this subject, from a desire t that the Senate should present an unbroken front before , the world. There was do foundation for these charges. : Mr. Calhoun (as understood) said that in the abaence of the Senator from Georgia, (Vlr. Colquitt) it waa pro per that he (Mr, Calhoun) ahould state that he had ob aerved to that Senator that hia amendment waa well drawn up, and would combioe a majority ef thi* body in , its support. Mr Benton said it was nearly a mouth ago when a Senator from the other side, with a view to a proposi tion would carry the Senate, brought forward bis amendment. Consequently it was before the period lsid for this accusasion. On one occasion.he had c invars- { ed witn the Seuator from Kentucky. (Mr. Crittenden) j in the committee room. This wai a case involving, not an individual member of the body, but a majority. Ha i thought it, notwithstanding, unworthy of serious no- i tice. But a member risea and proposes a committee, and 1 whatever course he may have preferred in the begin* niug, he should vote cheerfully for the resolution. Mr. Chalmkbs said he was one ot those who voted : against the adjournmeut, (on Thursday, two weeks, , wnen Mr. Colquiu's amendment was under considera tion )?nd i: was pioper to stata the facts in the premises. ' He regarded the charges of this paper as wholly uuwor- I >by ot his notice in this hcum. He knew nf ne other caucuses but ot (lie democratic members tie bad at tended no other He knew nothing of any whig caucus wun the Bndsn Minister Ha nad voted against (he ed juuriimeut, because be Jesire 1 soma action of tne Sen ate upon tne amendments He was favorable to the no tice and desired it in -ucn a to-m as would secure the iaigest vote of this body. He should vote cheerfully tor tne committee. Mr Westcott was understood to say, for h* spoke in a low lone ol voice, that if he had the sligntest suspi cion that there was a single member ot this oody in any degree gudty of tne charges aduoed, he should almost test as it he himself were involved in the offence. But he had not the slightest suspicion of this kind. He should vote against the notice in any of the forms in which it had been presented He did not believe the Committee of Investigation D-ces*ary, either to the vin dication of ihe character of the Senate, o of any indi vidual Seuator, but as au act of public justice, in the conviction ol tha guilty party. Mr. Baobv did not believe the resolutions necessary to vindicate the character ot the Senate. He could not be lieve that the time had come wheu it was necessary here to enter into a grave investigation of newspaper charges, and he hoped the time uaver would come He had heard of no dinuar at the British Minister's?of no intrigue?of no caucus?nor did he believe in the intrigue, nor in the caucus. Ha thought the resolution would be a little letting down of the Senate. This waa the first time that such a proposition had been submitted, and h* hoped it would bo the last. Mr. Bkrbien would not vol* for tha resolution, on the ground that it wu called for to vindicate tha character of the Senate, or of any Seuator on his or on the other aide of the chamber. No Senator, appealing to Ood and hi* conicience, could aay that he believed in aught of theie charge*. But he hoped that an oppoitunity would be aiforded in the courae of thia investigation to rebuke the growiog licentiousness ol the press. The resolution lor tae Committee of investigation was adopted, and the committee voted, to be appointed by the chair. The Vice Psfsiuk.nt, accordingly, named Messrs. Jarnagin, Benton, Dickinson, J. M. Clayton, and Tur ner, as the Committee. On motion, the Senate then took np the resolutions and amendments irom yesterday, on the subject of Mr. Atchison, of Missouri, rot* to the question. Af ter stating the question he should, ho would prefer that torm of notice which should be the briefest, and the moat explicit and unconditional; such a form, for instance, as the reaolulion reported from the committee on foreign relations. Specified his objections to the various amend ments proposed. He bed various objections to the pro viso ot the Senator from Kentucky, (Mr. Crittehden,) proposing to hold back the notice till the adjournment of Congresa, because it would eo far suspend euy definitive action on this subject. He read from the President's message, end said that was the vary reason why ha wanted the,treaty of *J7 removed?nothing could be done towards the formal occupation of the territory, until the treaty were removed. IT we wished to assume exclu sive jurisdiction over any portion of that territory, it would be necessary to give this notice. " Mas terly inactivity" would not answer. First settlers in Oregon were from Missouri. They expected the protection of the government?donations of land? and so forth. Tho wild spirit of adventure in the West could not induce men with large privileges to undergo all the privations of the wilderness. No, sir, it was the hope oi bettering their condition, from grants of land by the government. Under the policy of " masterly inac tivity" emigration would cease, the settlers would be come dispinted, end there would be danger ..ultimately of absolving themselves irom the Union. Mr. Atchison, for an hour and a half, continued his .argument for the whole of our rightful soil He believed our title good to 64 40?that the President was committed to that boun dary?that the Senator from North Carolina was wrug in placing the President at the 40th degree, and wrong also iu declaring that farmer* and mecnanics were unfit for the Ptesidenoy. The speech ol Mr. A was marked with good sense, plain matter oi fact argument, and for a fifty-lour lorty waa eo conciliatory as to laad us t* the impression, that it it were necessary for tha paaoa ol the country end the peece of the party, ho would ae a last alternative, probably, go for something short of 64 40, il our title were r?ot so " perfectly clear and unques tionable'' as he bad been led to suppose. Mr. Calhoun secured the rtoor, and on his motion, and with the object of his accommodation, the Senate ad journed, anu pursuant to a previous resolution, adjourn ed over to Monday next. A little too last. Betore the motion to adjourn was put, on motion oi Mr. Jabnaoin, the committee of investiga tion appointed to day was authorised to employ a Clark. And tnen tho Senate adjourned. House of ltepreeentatlves. Washington, March 18, 1848. The House met at eleven o'clock this morning. Tray or by the Chaplain, and reading of tha Journal by the Clerk. eONil'LAS IT ST m. Mr. W. W. CAMresLL submitted e resolntion, which adopted, that e select commit tae be appointed to inquire and report to Ibis House, what alteration, if any, ought to be made in the coosular system el the United Slates, and that they leport by bill or otherwise. *evolutionant soldiehs. Ou motion of Mr. W U. Brukn, it was resolved that th* Committee ou Revolutionary Pensions, inquire Into tt.e expedience/ ol malting more ample provision lor in digeut soldiers and peiisioueis ol tne revoiuuou. boabo or claim*. On motion of Mr. Aiesus, n was resolved that the COuimtlUe ou tho Judiciary inquire end tepoit What uieasaiea aie nacaseary lo be adopted to lac ill la to the seti.euieui ol i.sATii rots V ah us Mr Johnson, of i'euueuea, aaKed leave to introduce e bit! audiousiug every poor unao, aild need ol e family, to potsees one nu.ur id and sixty eorat oi laud, " without money aud without pile*." but oojectiou was made, and the benevolent deaign of the noueiauie genu# ueu, lor toe present, defeated. Mexican indsmnit v* Mr.C B Smith, irom me ou.umittee on Foreign Af faire, reported e bul mating appropriations lor in* pay ment el ma two lusiaimauta ol the .vlesioan indemnity, provided lor ny the convention ol '.he 3 un of Jeuaary, 1813, between Mexico an l the United States ; and it was rsse twice and r?lerred to the Committee el the Whole ou tn* sute ol tne Union. fOBTS or BNTBT. Mr. Caosisa gave notice that on to-morrow, or some suoaequout day, no will ask leava lo introduce t bill to drelate Kooxvilte aud Coatianooge, in the State oi Ten ueseee, port* of entry. HOLD DOLLaX ? DENIED. Mr. HuNnsaroao, from the Committee of Ways end Mean*, reported toot they hod bed th* tnbjeot under conaidaratien, and from iuiormaueu principally derived from communication* from th* Director ol tn* Mint,they have come to th* conclusion thai it is inexpedient t* au thorise tn* coins go of one dollar gold piece*. MaciBtt BWIN m?. tr?? \k? m ttatia?4, m pert*4 a bill ?uppinaRirtavy u u wjl BUM lb* vaiUs *| oertain moneys taken at Ue'ouetem k?use?;|iUoemp<tte tion tor daties an Imports. It was read twice, whan T, The Srtun said if thara was no motion to commit, the question would now be on its passage ; but at the instance of Mr. J. R. InasaasLi., it was, for the present, laid aside. On motion of Mr. Venae*, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, and resumed tko consideration of the aires isd hakbos bill. Mr. ConiTaBLB addressed the committee during the hour allotted in debate, in a constitutional argument in favor of the bill; the principles of which, he said, bad received the sanction of everjr Executive since the com mencement of the^overament, from General Washing ton down to John Tyler. Mr. CeLLin succeeded, and nude a speech in favor of free trade. Mr. Rocswsll, of Connecticut, demonstrated that our domestic commerce was far larger than our foreign. The crop of oats, beans and barley of Bngland alone was greater than nor exports, and the internal industry of France was eight times as much as her exports; showing, generally, that when men undertake to legis late for foreign commerce, to the neglect of the domes tic, they legislate for that branch which was of minor importance. Any distinotion between salt water and fresh, when improvements were proposed, was, to say the least, absurd. The only question should be, are the works national in their character, and have we the money to expend 7 They should not ask, was the ap fori" propriation for the North, East, South, or West T?If it was necessary and proper, it should have his vote. Mr. Hunt contended that the foreign and the domestic oommerce were inseparable, and that the clause of the constitution giving Congress power to regulate com merce between this and foreign nations and among the several States, was as applicable to one al to the other. They were as much joined together as man and wife; and we were bound to exercise the power, in order to carry out the groat design of the Constitution,to promote the general proeperity and happinesa. Mr. Winthrof arose, and said there waa not much en couragement at this moment to make a speech ; for the seats on the floor and tha seats in tha galleries wore almost amgtjr; thay had a worn-out subject, the report ers had thtlr pens behind their ears; and, therefore, there was held out no temptation to bim. However, ho spoke in favor of internal improvements, as contributing to the common defense in time of war, and to the public prosperity in peace, by increasing tha facilltiea of trade ; and entered into an able argument to show the palpable ' * " ~ of the first design of tha Constitution, quoting tha aots Congress and ita subsequent proceedings, and the opin ions of Lowndes, Calhoun ana Chevos, in favor of the ?ystam. Mr. Thompson, of Pennsylvania, obtained the floor. [Cries oi " Adjourn," " adjourn."J He said he would yield the Aoor for that purpose. And the motion was made and carried that the com mittee riie. The SrcssKB having resumed the chair, it was re solved that when the House adjourn, it adjourn to meet to-morrow, at eleven o'clock. And tha House, at three o'clock, adjourned. Philadelphia, March IS, 1846. Arrival of a Slater?ilarolimt Wai/s?Styws and Awn ? ingt of the City ?Impr ovementi and Oat in the Dif trieti?Stoeki, fc. The bark " Pons," sailed on the coast of Africa, by the U. S. ship Vorktown, with a cargo of 900 slaves on board, arrived at the Navy Yard this morning, in charge of Lieut. Cogdell, of the Nary. Considerable curiosity is excited in our people to see this vessel, and there appears to be a general feeling of indigration among them. It is certainly a more powerful abolition sermeo, in e fleet, than has been ever preached to thia community. The vessel belonged to thia city, but waa sold by the owners at Rio de Janeiro, and the purchaser, a Brazil ? ian. subsequently converted her into a slave ship. Two vessels arrived at this port yesterday, which had been picked up at sea, abandoned, during the late storm. One is the 8-trab Louisa, of New Bedford, with a cargo of oil, picked up by the aohr. Willis Putnam, Cept. Cook, ?f St. John's, N. B.; and the other, the brig Sarah Jane, towed into port by the pilot-boat " Herald." They were complete maritime waifs, do body boiug on board when round, and the ftodery will, of courio, be untitled to a handsome amount for asilvago. . , The city oounoils last night passed an ordinance pro hibiting the placing of sigos and goods ontheawniog posts in front of our stores, the projection of signs and flags from tha line of the houses, and the trundling of wheelbarrows, kc on the sidewalks. It goes into ope ration by the 1st of May, aud is a necessary measure of reform. Kensington is abont to be lighted with gas from tbo Northern Liberty gas works, and contracts are about being entered into between Spiing Garden and tho city ges works for a supply of Jignt to tbat district. The probabilities are thai Sou'bwark and Moyamenaing will soon follow the example of the upper districts, and we will then have the whole territory, which is governed by aeparate corporations, united, at least so Tar as re gards pure water and abundance of light The state of the stook market seems pretty much tha sarnd as yesterdsy?prices being unsettled, aud likely to continue so, until the uext advices from Europe. I do not see that tha news by tha Liverpool has bad a deci ded effect on ine market Wo bave a warm, Wet day. (Sales ot Stocks at fihlltdalplata. Brokers' Board. Maroh IS.?200 City e'a, 109 ; 000 ibares Vickiburg Bank. 7} ; 142 Lahigh, 18 ; 10 Girard Trust, 22} ; $7,000 State 6? 71 j ; 1 share Philadelphia Baok, 109 ; 22 Northen Bank. Kentucky, 92 ; 160 Girard Bank, 9} ; 60 Reading Railroad, 86} ; 60 Memphis Bank, 70. Arras Board-60 Lehigh, 18; 60 Reading, 4 days, 86} ; 600 Girard Bank, b6, 10 ; SO Reading. S Second Board?1000 Texas 8 per cent , 31} ; 2 shares Commercial Bank, 60} ; 100 Vickaburg Bank. 71 ; 1000 Lehigh 6'a, '46,60} : 100 shares Girard Bank, b6,10 ; 100ui 8. Bank, b6, 4j ; 10 Union Bank, Tennessee, 64} ; 100 Girard Bank, 10. Arras Board -600 Lehigh Mortgage. 77 ; 0,600 Wil liogton 0's, '66,78 ; 4,000 County 6'a, 1860, old. 94}; 106 hare* Grand Gulf, 7} ; 200 Reading Railroad, bo,87 ; miogten ( Shares Gl?uy uun. ij , *w IMWUUI imuiuiu, utf,ti , 100 Vicksburg Bank, Monday, 7} ; 600 do, b6, 7} ; 100 Girard Bank, 06, 10. Sale* of Stocks at Boston. Brokeks' Board, March 14.?6 .shares Western Rail road, 96] ; 100 Keadinf Railroad, sailer It, 36] ; 46 do. 362 ; 100 Long Ieland Railroad, seller 10 da, 66] ; 36 do., 45) ; 446 East Boston Co. in lots, 16). Kkcond Board?6 shs Western Rail road, 96]: 8 Charles town Branch Railroad, 16) ; 76 Long Island Railroad, in joU, 66) ; 36 East Boston Company, bolOds, 16) ; 60 do. 16) COMMK RCI Ali. New York, Friday, March 13. Cottox.?A fair demand has existed to day (or this article, and the sales, which amount to 000 bales, were entirely to spinners. The market is very firm at our outside quotations. Litis tool Classification. Mettle, if. O. Dpi.) Bier. Interior.... ........ a? Ordinary ... .. 6)a 6] Middling... .. 71a 7) Good middling,, . ... .... 7]a 8 . .. Middling fair,. ... ..... 8 r 8) fair 8)a 8) fully lair .. 8]a 9 Good lair. ... .... ... .. 9)a 0) ... fine. Tsas.?imported in the ship Houqua. six months. Hyson?76 half cheats at 68) cents per lb, 63 81b boxes $1 01. ? Young Hyson?39 half chests 71,96 do. 66, 60 do 63), 310 do 63, 13 do 68), 14 do 64, 134 do 63), 30 do 63), 60 do 46), 44 do 46, 30 do 44) 773 do 44, 30 do 43), 97 do 43, 106 do 44), 93 do 44, 87 do 41), 180 do 40,66 do 39), 136 do 39, 90 do 38,10 do 36), 46 do 36), 344 do 36, 38 do 37), 303 do "" " - * - ? --^gg, - 36), 6 cases each 4 11]lb bxs $1 01, 6 do 91, 40 do 98 cts. i'wankay?30 half chests 30), 177 do withdrawn. Hyson Skin?110 chests 37), 167 do 37. Gunpowder?14 hf. chests 88, U do 87), 6 do 76. | Imperial?10 halfchests, 76), 8 do 76,7 do 69, 16 do 67), ! 148 do withdrawn. . Oolong?10 half chests, $1 38; 16 do 64) ots; 30 do 44): 1 60 do 44; 147 do 40; 66 bxs $1 01; 166 do 66 cts. Sonchong?30 chests 17; 303 de withdrawn Ningyong?304 half chests 89. Poucnoog?30 half chasta 37; 30 do 36; 43 do '464; 188 do 36; 130 do withdrawn. 1 t. Goku Ooolong?100 14)lb bxs, 44), 76 do 41, 36 do 39), 36 do 33,36 do 37), 60 do 37, 383 do and 400 13) lb boxes, i 86. Cassia?3700 mats cassia at 17 cts. per lb. Raai. Estate at Auction?Three story brick honso I and 18 rears lease of lot 119 Forsyth st, 94,360 ; two sto . ry brick house and lot on 30th st, near 4th arenue, 36 by 94 ft., 93.860 ; two lots oo 46th st. near 4th arenue, 36 | by ? ft, 9400 each, $300 ; one lot on 46th street, near , 4th arenue, tame siza, 9366; one Irregular lot on Bloom | ingdale road, naar 41st st, 31 ft 4 inches front. 9**0; one : lot on Bloom ingdale road, adjoining, 30 by 74 ft., 9786 ; I ona do.,33 by 78 one side and 73) the other, 9499 ; one I lot on Bloomingdale road,near 37th at., 36 front, 34] rear, 134 ft. ona aide and 136) the other. 9796; two story frame houaa and lot 64 Can re st 17] by about 94 fL, 94.460 j family Hrorlalon Market. Our remarks, relatiee to the markets, mutt be limited; in a few weeks we hope to add muoh to oar present list of prices, Ito. Ws notice e decline in good buttor ; still, many of our first grocers keep up high prices. Eggs from Jersey, South and the East, come in rery freely, and prices must vary daily. brl .. 91 M a J ? Teal. de....... I 37 a 4 39 Bref, ch'e pes.. 0 9 a 9 IS Tu rkm, do... 4 76 a 176 Do. cornea.... ? 3 at 6 Oee*e, do ! 3!,,1 ! 8 Beets, bath.... 0 54 at 0 fowls, do. .... 0 tSHa 0 37 Cucambers, 104 4 60 a 4 44 Chickos, do... 4 J7)ra 4 63 Cabbage. ..... 6 ( a0 ? Sea Base 0 4 a 4 14* Celery, ba'h....# I* a 4 11 Suipeddo..... 4 I alllH Cairou, boat... 4 74 at 4 flounders ba'h 4 14 a 0 It CraubeirieaHfk **a 4 4 Ells, per lb..... 0 A a 6 6 Onious, bashT; 4 64 a 4 CIM fresh Cod. lb.. ? 5 a 6 { Squash 4 11 a 6 16 Crabs 4 It a 6 It Rabbits, pair... 4 36 a 4 II Lobstan. ??????? a 4 - Vsal, pound... 4 7 a 4 14 Butter, frsah... I It a 4 33 Potatoes 4 76 el 4 lg(s, per doa.. I a 36 Do. sweet, hash I 64 a 3 44 par lb. t I a 4 9 Pork, from... ? 4 6Ma 4 4 Lard, do 4 9 a 4 14 Mali's,elt'a,eat < a 4 14 Tams fid's,dot. 1 4 a 1 16 KK- baV..i 44 ; 4 4 Muinces... ... 1 44 a 3 34 Wild Dock. do. 4 44 a 9 76 Balsily dot.... 4 64 at 4 TasMDacka.pairt WHa 4 6 Philadelphia CatUe Market. Offerings con?ist ot 1360 head, principally ef Penney! ranu beef cattle, including 860 taken to New York ; *10 cows and oalras, 370 awina and I960 sheep. Prices Beeree dull, but the market wes meetly clear ed at 96 a 9ti the 100 lbs. A tew extnt brought 94 e eo mere. Cows end calres sell at $13 a 930. Swine?The bulk oi the seles were at 96) a 96) the 100 lb Sheep we quote at 94 a 96, each, as in quality. Hay?Tea price ol good Timothy ranges at 100 a 190c the oat, and straw at M a 96 the 100 bundles?the de mand about equals the supply. ^ Ferslgn Markets. Poaro Rico, Fab. 3d?American produce was dull and brought low prices. Molasses was scares ; there won about 14,000 gallons left fa the market. This WM ewiag toU* heatv HJUI wktoh:w<irn M 4lMk U bring a to market Sugtr* ?wi ayrlriag ftrselr, ?4 prioea Ware declining. The orop It U Mid is large. MM _ The crop of coffiee iijlight. It *ii scarce la the market and brought Ugh prices?eay 1 $8. par qalntal tar Heir quality. W ? TainiDAD, February 10th ?Our market baa been very dull; the arrivals from the United States hare been nu merous. For the last few day*, flour has been sold at 97 60 ?, corn meal, Ml; rice $6 ; pilot bread, 99} ; corn, 9J per bag : prime pork, 914 ; mess, 917 ; batter, 16c; lard, 11c; causae, 191c; tobacco, 913 to IS. Exchange on London, 00 days, 9470 to ?I0J sterling. Latest Dates, BKCEITBD AT THE SSW TOBS HEBALD SmCI. Aajier Nor. II Madras No*, a Africa Jan * Malaga Jan. IS ' Aransas Bay Dec. I Madeira Dec. 11 Antigua . Jan. IS Mauritius.* Dec. 19 Aai Cayes. Feb. 1 Maracsibo /--Feb. 10 Augu.tiue Bay May *1 Manes ml la Fab. 11 Batavia. ...No*. It Matautaa Mar. I Bay o( Islands, N. Z. .Sept. 1J Mayaguei Fab. II Bermuda Fab. It Masatlan Jan. 14 ?1^0oa Ayras Dec. II Metemoraa Jan. 1 liie, Hon Feb. 17 Montarer Dec. 7 Barbados......... Jan. 17 Montevideo....... Dec. 30 ; i Bogota July 10 Merida, (Yucatan) ..Jan. IS Booaira Dec. S Nassau, N. P ,^,b- " Bahia No*. 1 Oahu, 8.1 Dec. 1 Bombay........... Dac. 11 Oregon July 30 Cepe Town,C.O.ii.. Dec. 10 Pair. Feb. 11 ? Calcutta Dee. 7 Paria Fab. 7 Oxidants Mar. 1 PortanPuuoa Feb. II , Chagrea July 34 Porto Cebelio Feb. 17 ' Corpus Cbriati Feb. 14 Point Pelre, Ouad... Jan. II l CtMfuegoa Feb. 19 Pcruambuco Feb. 9 Cape Haytiau Jan. 31 Panama Sept. 17 , Cnraeoa Feb. 79 Payu No*, a Carthagaea dept. 30 RioJantnro Jan. 13 1 Campaachy Feb. 4 Rio Grande Dee. 31 . Coquimbo Dac. 4 San Juan Jan. 4 i Callao Jan. I Ban Diego Dee. 1 Dsmerara Feb. 17 San Francueo March 11 Fayal No*. II 8i. Helena Jan. 10 Gibraltar Jan. 19 St. Thomaa. Feb. II Uuayama, P. R Fab. S3 gt. Jago d? Cuba... Jan. 34 Galveston.. Feb. 23 St. Johns. P. R Feb. 11 Gouaivta Jan. S3 gagua la Grande ... Keif. 18 Guayaquil Aug. 31 gt. Croix Feb. 11 Galiipagoa Islands ...May 4 St. Domingo Feb. 30 Havra Fab. ? St. Ubes Oct. 30 Havana Mar. 1 Surinam Feb. 4 HobartTowu, V.D.L.Hept. IS Singapore........ Dac. 4 Jeremie Feb. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W... Sept 30 Jacmel Feb. 19 Triuidad de Cube... Feb. 17 Kingston, Ja tab. 11 Taloahnaea Dac. t London Feb. 9 Tahiti Sept. 13 Liverpool Feb. 10 Tampico Jan. 1 La Uuayra Fab. 6 Tubnco... Mar. 1 Lag* a a Dee. 1 Turka laland Mar. 1 Lima Oct- S Valparaiso Dec. 10 Macao Dec. 3 Vera Crux Fab. 14 Manila No*. 3f Zanzibar Sept. IS Pauenfert Arrived. Bremen?Bark Argonaut?G F Saidenstiehe?107 in the steerage. Havana?Brig Wellicgaley?Albert Mathieu. Havana?Sehr Geo Warren?J H Smith. Aanciso, PR?Brig Adelaide?Mr Hall, Mr Kelpepper. Charleston?Ship Sutton?Mr Heyward, Mr Quinn, Mr Mitchell, Mr Oarey, Alra Herman. Foreign Import at Ion a. Honduras?Brig Marion Gage?910,900 epecie H logi mi horary; ?Tor* lux wood B Bltneo?990# specie O F Glenn? 6# Dales earsaparillal boxes old copper 9100 specie 1 logs ma- | hogany F Alexander?$6000 specie Edwin Coffin?91000 specie SI Dales axraaiMrilla John J Lonbiaae?11 leroons saraaparilla 68 hhds I bbl old copper 1 but turtle shell C000 cocoa nuts Fer nando Wood. Cardenas?Brig Olivia?491 hhds 9 tea 10 bbla molasses to Champion h Spencer, New Havsn. Domestic Importations. New Oblesns? Bark NaDcy W Stevens?It bxa cheese 429 bbla S hdf do lard Work It Drake?649 bbla lard Dows kit rey?141 bales cotton Jonathan Thomptou, Jr?13 hhds tobac ca John Stewart?666 hides?C A Robert?36 bbla lard Oood hne It Co. I MARITIME HERALD Movements of tbe Steam ShJpe. ? ? Leant Due in Leave j 8ttamert. Captains. Liverpool. America. America. Massachusetts, Wood _ Uncertain. 1 Hiberma, Ryrie Mar 4... Mar. II.... April 1 { Caledonia, Lott April 4... April tt... May 1 O. Western, Matthew* Apiil 11. ..ApnlM... May 7 Cambria, Judkina April 19...May 3... May 16 Packets to Arrive. 1 Packets to Sail. LIVERPOOL I LI VEBPOOL. John R Skiddy.SklddyJan. 36 | Fidelia, Hsckitaff, Mar. lt> Siddoua, Com.. Feb. 11 Hotiiugurr. Boraley Mar. II Shenaudoah, Weit Feb 16 I Roacius, Eldridge, Mar. 16 Henry Clay, Nye, Feb II | Europe, barber. Apl. 1 9 Whituey, Popham, Feb. 16 I Aahburton, Howland, Apl. 6 PORTSMOUTH. I rOUTSMOl'TH. Weataniuaier. Hovey, Feb 10 | Hn'k Hudson, Moore,Mar 30 St. Jamra, Meyer, Feb 20 Wellington, ChadwVApl. 1 Norit.nmaerlaod, March 11 Pn .ce Albert, SeDor, Apl. 10 HAVUX I HAVUE. Utiea, Hewru, Feb 16 I Havre. Ainaworth, Mar. 16 Albiuy, Criwiord. Feb 34 | Sully, Edgar. Mar. 14 Silvia da Graaas, Rich, Mar 1 1 Baltimore, J ihneon, Apl. 1 MARSEILLES. I MARSEILLES. Prince de Joinville, Jan. 16 | Prince de Joinviile, April 1 POliTOP NEW VORR, MAJ1C11 1*. I H M itw aiexa t 16 moon aiire 7 61 ?WSBT. 94 1 miuh water 9 61 M Cleared. Bark Princeton, Rogers, Harana, Back It Peters Brig New Urleau*. Brum bill, Bermuda Nesmiih It Walili. But Augusts, Sherwood, Sevenaah, Nturges, Clearman St Co Schr Barton, Mclntyre, Bristol. Schr Navarro, Fuller, Boaton. Foster k Nickeraon. Sehr Delaware, Cresae, Soatb Am boy. Arrtvea. Packet ship Francois lat, Whedon, from Hayre, Feb 9th, with mdae, to Fox k Livingston Bid in company with ahip Solon, for Apalaehicola; bark Japitet, Charleston; abipa Mary Plea- j aanta, and Hargrave, for the Oelf. Feb 11, lat 43 51, Ion 41 IS, J fell in with immense fields of ice, and waa 14 houra entirely anrroonded; aaw aeyeral large ialande of ice to the aoeth of 45. Again, oo tire 4th of March, lat 41 41. Ion MM, leil in with field ice extending aa far weal aa we caaid discern; had to eterr to the BE. and waa two day a in getting clear. March J, lat 41 40. Ion 39, aaw a large ateamihip, bonud E racket ahip Bally, Edgar, from Havre, Jan 10, to Fox k Li- i ringatoo. Haa had heavy galea from the westward. from len II up to the Banka. Jaq II, shipped a heavy aea, which carri ed away attrboard main rail and balwarka. Feb 10, lat 43 SI, ; loo SI 30, had a heavy gale from NE, with eoow; loat fore and mam topaalla, foreaail, and fore and main topgallant maata.? , Haa had heavy gales during February. Ship Persia, Robinson, (of Plymouth, Mass.) from New Or leans Feb Hi, with cottoa. to H Haviland. The P has been ? day. north of Hatteraa, with light north winds. 4 steerage pas seiigara. Ship Anson, Btrkman, ( days from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to O Sutton. Bremen bark Argonaut, Hederich, from Bremen Nov 12. and Ram.gate Jan 1, to mas er. Experienced nothing bit head winda on the passage, and waa obliged to ran down to latitudes where the trade wiuda ought to prevail. Daring 26 days, be tween 1st 82 and 33 N, and aomel.mea as far north aa 21 N, had nothing bat westerly winds and calms, with ntremendona ?well running from WNW to NW, which continued for a fanlight successively March 1, lat 37 N, Inn G? 43 W, aaw Bremen brig No 19. Bark Amos fation, McNear, from Manel, PR, Febllth, with molaaaea, to order. Sid in company with brig Oread, for Boaton; schr Warren, for Portland. The brig Napoleon, Jor dan, for Boaton, aid 14th Feb. Left no American vessels. 4th instant, lat 30, Ion 71, apokn brig Margaret, from Cardenas for Boston. 2d instant, lat 31, Ion 71, ihifted cargo in the late se vere gale. Baik Nancy W Stevens, Stevens, II days from New Orleans, to J Elwell k Co. Bark Almiri, (of Portland) Keizer. 13 days from Cardenas, with molasses io Ntsmith fc Walsh. Sid iu company with bark Aaim. Dunham, for N Turk: brig America, for do; Le yant. far Boston; Margaretta, far do. Bark Adeline. Lincoln, of Boaton, 10 days from N Orleans, with pork, fcc, to master. 16th inst, lat 39 It, Ion 714S, spoke Danish brig Columbus, bound to Charleston?had loat her fore man and faretopgallant mast. Let 33 17, Ion 7136, spoke schr Geo Warren, from Havana for Nsw York. 9th mat, off Cape Ilattrras. spoke brig Oca Stark,- hence far Georgetown Bark Azim, Dnnnam, It days from Cardenas,Cube, within hhds molosses, to Arrowsmith k Wheeler. Brig Adelaide. Bart, 13 gays from Arecibo, PR, with soger, to Badger k Peek. Brig Olivia, Mclntrre.13 days (rom Cardenas, to J Elwell. ldinat,off Hatteraa. m the late gale, stove 3 casks molaaaea, and received other damage. . , Brig America, Pomeroy, from Cardenas, nth nit, with no las,ea, to Attwater k Mnllord. Sid in company with berks Almira, and Axim, for New York; and brigs Levant, and Mar Ket, for Boston; brigs O W Knight, and Sebago, for Port d. Spoke March 3, lat? 30, acbr Oaxelle, from N Orleans far N Bedford. . ... _ ?, Brig Marian Gage, Read, 16 days from Honduras, to B fllan- . ce Left no American vessels. i Brig Wellmgslsy. (of Bust n) Davis, from Havana Feb U, to master. March kh, lat 33 19 N,lon 73 96 W, passed the wreck of a vessel about 40 or 30 tons, waterlogged, no mast or bowsprit standing. Bark Ganges. Miller, from New York, | was off the harbor, bound in. Bark John Paiker, Cnmminga, arr 16th. | Brig Hamlet, Robinson, 10 days from New Orleans, with i tlonr, to master. Ftb 14, (at 23 3J, lou 3131, picked up a bale of ' cotton; no mark on it. Schr J Holt, Holt, 10 days from St Marys, with lumber, to Neamp h k Walsh. Sid in company with b-ig Buimah, Bar gent, lor Kingstou, Jam; schrs Nevins, Kanney, for Bt J ago da ; Cubs; Louisa, Johnson, far Portland. Bchr Psion, Hatch, It days from Tobtsco, with 3400 quia tala logwood to A I'atrullo. Lett achr Juliette, York, far , New York, at the city (in trouble). March 9. lat 34 Ion 22 00. ?poke brig Napoleon, of Portland,13 days fm Matenzas lor Boa tou. Vaaaala at the Bar ready for sea, it it quite oncerum 1 when they can get away, as there is bnt 10 feat ?>l water on the bar once a month, and then the pilo a are i:ot willing to take them out without a steamboat, which coats one bnudied and : tendollars. 9th mat lat 34, lou 7110, passed a aehrol about 100 tona, down on her side, her raaet m the water. 10th met. on the southern edge of the Gull, passed a round and a square bsla of ; eoiton, appeared to have been bnt a ahoit tins in the water. Schr L ncy, Coring, 20 days from Ponce, PK, with molaaaea, to F O Thurstou. Bchr Geo Warren, Small. 17 days from Havana, with molaa aea, to order. h eb 16.1st 23 It, (on 79 30, spoke brig Thomas fc Edward, from Saw Orleans far Philadelphia; lat 11 34, loo I 71. bark Adeline, ol Boeton, lor N York. Bchr Satan Taylor, Bryant, 9 diya from Georgetown, 8C, to Badger k Peck- March 3lh. lat J3 30, Ion 70 33, fell in with ' rlu echr bioreece, of New York, from Long Key, with salt, lor , Edentoe, NC, with loss of main boom, sails badly spilt, boat and water casks stovs Had been without water 1 days; sup plied her with water, ke. Bchr Little Mary, Lord, 14 days from Bwansboro, NC, with aav,l stores to Depeysier k Whumaisit Bchr L-xiugion, lions, Uuorgitowu, with lumber, to Badger k Peck. Schr A-fred, Rogers, Philadeli lua, mdte. Sehr Alexander, Bills, Philadelphia, eoai. Bchr Baltimore, Jaivis, Philadelphia, c al. Schr Julia Martha, Pseahau, Nsw Haven. Below, Schr Wilmington, from West Indies, with molasses. BrigCaroliue Ola k. Belfast, with lumber, was spoken by the pilot boat Blossom, and infused to takes pilot. 2bri?s. Wind B8r., blowing a sals. ?liMiiansoiu Rseord, C7" Bee Button, Philadelphia, and Salem ports. Foa Dbsxil ?Ths brig Fashion will sail from Wilmington, Del, on the 13th mat, for the coast of Brazil. Letter* sent to that post office, prepaid, will be forwarded. 8chi PiBMaquiD, previously reported abandoned on her passage from Havana to Boaton, was Istlen in with by Captain bdinondt, of the bark Beaver, from Apalaehicola, and taken into Providence. Her cargo, which is principally molasses, is insured m Boston fir between ? and 634t.'0. ViiSKL otv Fine.?Capt. Edmonds, of the bark Beaver, at Provideiee, reports at midnight on the 4th inat, about lat M, Ion 7] 30. made a light to ihe NNE; fonad it to be a vessel on lira, and barnt down nearly to the bends; set a light, and made several ueka aear her until snnriae, when we stood close u> her, bnt saw nothing within oar compete ef view Irom eleft, eieept the bumiag wreck, aad her bowsprit end jikboom, which levfloeting under the bows, when we weds mil on oer coarse. The wreck sppeaisd te be a low deck harm bib, with groan bottom, whim water line, boot top and bead* Maefi, n gUt *wt>< w4tt* >i?wii and MUi Mi ,???? Beav*u, at Prov idenre from Apalachieola, ia tha gale of the Id last, throw over M bales of cot too, loot stern boat, nTiMJibbooa, headrail aad water casks. . Baio Alvaito, at Providence from Haraiia, ia tha gala of Id tost, 1st M, lou 73, lost mainsail, lore spaaaer, jib, topgsllsnt ' ?S,'t. fPsail, and caused the Tassel to lsiak badly: also. ' hhda aad 1 tee molasses on deck, aad loat deck load el 19,009 oranges. 8chu. Almjoa, lata of Philadelphia, was sold at Paraamba co. Capt Barclay took paaaaga to the whale ship Fanny, sr mad at this port. Danism Baio CoLuwaas, at Charleston. from Antwerp, re ports, on tha ls^^larch. M miles east ot Charleston, during itb, was struck by lightning, the tin id a thunder storm IromsoutL ... ?.c as termg the head of foretopmast, and descending to head of I ?^fi ?7?*?frigginf. tha fore and main top gal lant masU, fall with the foretopmast. Ou the two following days, encountered bssvy galea irom watt, to W 8 W, and "k. XhnC. baa had continual westerly gales daring ! the passage. ~ tWi ?5, ml^S's? Jrom, Ru> Janeiro, m the last gala, I at M, Ion 71M, was boarded by a heavy sea, which heav ed her on her beam suds, and to right her was obliged to cot ?way the mainmast. * Sch* Jov, before reported ashore on Craney Island was from Washington, DC, for Pensacols, with cannon for the U . 8 government. At last accounts aba was high aad dry, uud I would probably be condemned. l,i.wus, Del.. March II?Since reporting yesterday, two vessels, crippled, off the Capes; I have te add two mora, tad a barque, the other a schooner, aad, altogether, making four crippled vessels; one in tow of pilot boat Herald, hiving gone np the bay; and up to Una time, IP o'clock, have not learned ,, ?; v swm, nnvs not learned any particulars. Half past II, A M. the barque Hope, from Hio, nrigs Wm M Rogers. Acorn, Elliott, and Hoose,(or Bos U|Ut ??I l|i ww lit svi gaw?ci*t nvwiH| Csigivili UiU nUIBBi lOf XjOC* ton; the Consort, from Philadelphia; schr Richard Kiah, of Kail River; sloop Isaac 11 Borden, for Fall River, are now at the Breakwater. The crippled vessel in tow is reportsd, by Capt Gray, of the Hope, to be the hsrrue Wabash, of Boston, from Rio, which sailed 30 days before the Hope, end her pas sage was 41 days. Ship Robert Morris went up the bay yes terday. Captain Oray reports a great quantity of drifting ma terial at sea, from vessels either dismasted or otherwise in jured. I Bans Moncait Dtx, at Chaaleeton, from Boston, reports: Id iust, 1st 33 40. Ion 73 10, while laying to in a perfect hurrtcane from the ENE to NE, a heavy sea oauie across her bow, tak ing bowsprit, jib-booms and jibs, and carrying sway foretop mast and mstntopgsllant-msat; got a tackle aloft aa soon as possible to sscure the fure-mast, and then , . commenced cutting away head-stays to clear the spars andsr the bsw: cut swsv top-mast, back stays, lie, and cleared the wreck to the beet ad vantage. On the 3d, 3 A M, came into the Oulf stream, ship ped a hsavy cross tea on the quarter, taking stern boat en top I he ta(Trail; had to cut her away for the preservation oft'ie round house and man at the wheel. The M D has laved to 30 hours in succession this passage; for about 14 hoars of the gale the wind blew in sack gusts as to leave the vessel ou tier beam ends, and the sea, an far as coeld be seen, was nothing but breakers. 4th. came out of the Oulf; eaw large quantities of barrels of provision or molasses; also a lot of Spanish cedar. Stb, saw s fore end aft schooner, with loss of maiasail, foresail and jib-boom. When the M D hove to iu lat S3 40, lou 1310, she wis 31 hours irom Boston. Spoken, Steamship Cambria. Jndkins, from Boston, (March l)ft>rLi erponl,3th iust, 0 A M. lit 43 10, Ion30 10. Bark Cbesspeake, from Catdraas for Boston, Id instant, lat 31, Ion 77. Bark Wyman, from Boston for Baltimore, Sthinst, 8 Shoal NW 30 miles ?Schr J HJiing, from New York for Wilmington. NC, Sd in stant, 1st J4 40,Toa7?-28; bad lost sails and bulwarks?wanted no assistance. Ship Lucas, Miller, 46 daya from New York for Canton, Dec I, lat II 22 8. Ion It 30 W. Schr Slaters, (so reported) from Jeremie for New York, no date, lat 31 23. Ion 14 40. Bark Coroftne. of and from Boston, for Pernambuco, Feb 10, rernamfuco bearing W, distant 30 miles. Ship Konohassett. from New York for Svndwich Islands, Jan 4, lat 14. Ion 39 30?so reported; this is probably an error Feb 1st. 1st 43 30, Inn 14 10, was passed, an American ship, steerirg W, with a black ball in her fore topsail, (New York packet.) ' > R1 Ship Medora, Rhoades, from Manilla, (Oct 10) for Boston, Nnv 16, G iapar Island bearirg SW, 30 miles. 8hip Angola, Clarkson. from Manilla, (Oct!7) of and for Boston, Nov 4, ia Chins Sea, lut 11 20 N, Ion 110 13 E. Ship Florida, (whaler) from Sandwich Islands for.Nsw Bed ford, 11th iust off Caps May. Ship General Harrison, Simpson, from Manila for Boston, Ith rut, 1st 30. Ion 69 30. Ship Onaida. Crssaey, hence (Aug!) for China, Nov 17, Gaspar Islands bearing N W 5 miles. Ship Saracen, Hawking!, hence (F*bl3) for Glasgow; March . - 8, lat 3139 IN. loo 69 43 \ . Saw a three-masted schooner, with white streak and white quartsr-bulworks, steering 8. March 8, about lat 38 31, Ion 88 43. Bark Mary Smith, from Apalschieola lor Boston, Feb 88, lat 31 Ion 79 Bchr Ellen, Dale, of Bangor, bound to 8t Craig, 88th ult, lat 29 Ion 38 48. WlmleuMn. Letter* from C?pt Smith, of ship Catharine, of N London, repoit her at St Nicholas. Caoe de Verd Islands, Oet 3, 30 days on', with 103 bbls tpm oil?alt well. Brig Bnll, tt N Bedford, from Lahaine, reports err at Maui, Oct 30, bark Richmond, Swift, Providenca.St sp 17t0 wh; list ships Henry Take, Chmmplin, Warren, i00 an 530 wh; RMil "0 ip; Brighton, Cni, NB, 40 sp 1860 wh; cell. Long. Nant, 1030 l JB_ ... Merrimae, Dssii", NL MOO wh; Nov 3d. Zephyr, Smith, NB 1300 sp; 5'h Arnolds, Coffin, do. 800 sp; JslTersou, Harris. NL, 1300 wh; 6th, Wucasiet, Prine. SH. 10sp 1480 wh; George. McCleave, NB, 1400 sp 380 wh; 7th, Levant, Havens. 8-4, SO sp 1140 wh; Young E g r, Lsthrop, N, 300 sp; 9th, ?ewtou, Siocumb. NB, 2330 wh; India, Miller. NL, TOO wh; 10th, i, Swift, FH, 130 sp. 1930 wh; Welti George, Swift, FH, 150 sp. 1930 wh; Walter Scott, Grant, Man, 450ap7uwh; N America,Richards,NLondon. 'OOsp 380 wh; llth, Luminary. Cleveland, Wsrran, 30 sp 8000 wh; Mucin, Howland, NB, 1800 wh; 18 ti.Chss Frederick, Allen. NB, fall bound home; Euphrates, Upham, NB, wes in the Cchsnn l, bound in to reemt a. d hom-, oil unknown. Bark Allioth. for New York, tld fm Othu Nov 18th. shin Katie, of Maui, Oct 1, had 100 sp 1300 wh; Cheiokee, or NB, do, had 163 sn I 00 wh; ship Baltic, Butlsr, NB, touched at Maui in Oct, with 1300 whale. Ship Rose, of Naatacket, reports?Dec 19. lu 37 43 S, Ion 63 24 W. saw a ship showing s red signal with M in it, which way steering not stated. At Bonian Islands, April 26, 1843, ship Btltic, Bntler, NB. (late of FHaven) 13 months, reported M0 whale; April 5, Chas. Frederick. Allen, NB, 1800 sperm; 44Ui Zephyr, Smith, do 23 months, 700. Whale ship John 8andford, of NBedford, drifted ashore ou on a Coral bank, st the N side of the Boain Isl<uds,but was got off after being lightened, with rudder pintels broken, end cop per damaged. Repaired, and sailed July 3 for Japon. foreign Ports; Abicebo, PR, Much 1?la port brie Sarah, Wood, for Bal timore. Bathubst, Africt, Jan 11?Sid brigi Tim, Pickering, for Bierra Le we; ith October, Ridet, for Cape de Verde. Bias**, Africa, previous to Jan 22?In poit, brig Oriental, Nelson, uncertain. Bohbai, Jan 1?In port, Frolic, Fancon, from and lor Chi na, unmet lately, Antelope .Dumueaq, for M Ith. Cow? a, Feb ??Ar Mary Ellen, Edmonda, Havana for Ports moutti, (or Hamburgh) bat been on her beanienda, and it re ported letkv. Clvde, Feb7,(notpreviously)?Sid Hndsou, Lawton, N w Yolk. CuaacoA, Keb 20?Buk J A Jeaanin, Vinal, aid for Amatar dam oa the 11th. In port, brigs Allen, Manaoc, dug; A1 ma fia. 8mi h one. DavKa.Feb 6?On, Elixa, Smith, from Antwerp for New York. _ Deal, Feb 6?Sid Cygnet, Heard, New Orlaana. Paaeed by, Colchia, Knight, from Amaterdwn for do. Falmouth, Keb 1?Sid Irrine, Raw, Mobile: 8th, Luciaa,* Albrecht, (fm Rotterdam) NYork. Obeeivocl, Jan 11?Sid Blanchard, Blanchard, NYork. Genoa, Jan It?Ar Waraaw, Paraona. Charleeton; Backna, Maloney, N York. 8ld 14th, Philena, Korbea,Leghorn. Havana, Feb It?In Port?Barka Jnbilee, Harmon, forTri eatd, next week: Qninnebang, Oremmoad, diachg; Kochelle, Huckiua, do-, Adelaide, Adams, for New York, aooa; Merlin, Goodhue, fgt or chart Pilgrim, Mitchell, do; John Parker, Con ing do; K.mpreee, Pitmen, wtg; Muskinghaa), Crocket, fgt or char; brigs Baltic, Waite, nnc; Samnel, Curtis. do; McLellen, Orr. for Boston, eld; Nanroo, Dickey, dtag; Clio, Oagood, do; Midu, Etchbeigar, nnder repairs; Freighter, Knight, dieehg; Champion, Bueamen, do; Faleoaer, Dennuou, do; Ellsworth, Johnson. for Boaton, Idg; Celcntta, Clark, freight or charter; Trojan, Mitchrj, do; Uaxelle, Churchill, do; Hardy, Parilton, do; Frederick. Bnyley,nnc; Rival, laley, wtg; Echo, Smith, nnc; Galen, Braxier, for Boaton, aooa; rrince de Jeiarille, Gardner, diag; Pandore, Towle, freight or charter; Gleaner, Sawyer, wtg; Peruvian, Watson, diag; Cad?t, Babaor, wtg; Li ma, Higgina, diicharging; Laorel, witham, waitiog; Mary Pennell. Doughty, do; Foe, Norton, diag; William, Arrr. wtg; Palridge, Bars tow. diag; Persia, Chandler, for Boston, cld;Em preaario, Collins, for Now Orleans, do; Aiida, Falsa,nnctrtaia; Wellingsley. Davie, for New York, sld;sehrs Mogul, Moore, wtg frelghtcAurora. [3 masted] Martin, do: Malabu, Wnite, diag; Irene, Bryan, do; Oraloo, Faraham, freight or charter; Katkadin. Rich, do; Delawue, Elliott, diag; Rival, Browa, for Cardenaa, eld; Tioga, Blake, arr 27th inat. II da fm Frauk fort; Albright Viaal, Nichols, lor Frankfort, diag; Ontivia, Al lan, ur 27th in 12 hoars fm Kay West. Cld. Mth, Ann Thayer, Boston; 25th, Samnel Potter, McKeotie. Wilmington, NC; Floyd, Jewett, Mataasaa;23d Charles Edward, Wording, Bel fast; George Warren, Smith, New York; Piete, Boston. Havee, Feb. ?? Arr ship Francis Depan, Sagory, from New Orleans; John Holland, Haadereon. do; Matttkeeeatt, Wads warth, Baltimore: Oscar, Labory, Charleston. Livebpool, Feb 7?Arr Ashland, Williams, and Hartlar, Cerasn, New Orlaana. 9th, aid Columbia, Book, Virginia; Scotland, Thompson, New Orleans. 3d, cld Palestine. Scott, Mobile. 6th, Statesman, Gilchrist, New Orleans. Entered lorloadicg 4th, Frederics, (Br) Atkinson, far Boeton; 6th, Thames, Hilsbr, Havana; Carthage, Knapp, Virginia; Cfaenaa fo, Hio Janeiro; Kalamaioo, McCrerrea, for New York 11th, ricla, Jsmiion. and Alfred, Myers, New Orleans; Rriush Merchant, Mobile; Concordia, Dorr, for Boston about 20th; Yoiktlnie. Bailey, for New York March I; Fredooia. Lout, for <lo about Fe itih; Nouantutn, Farley, for do aboat 6th Mr; Venice, Salter, for do 12th; Meteor, Lawranee, do; large put of her cargo eageged; Snaqoehaaa, for Philadelphia 12th. Loudon, Fsb. 7?la port, Margaret Korbea, Prescolt; Elita beth Brace, Day,and Russell Lunphar, all lor New Orleans, Idg; Fellowship, Armstrong, for Boston, do. Lancasteb, Feb 4th?Sid Diogenes, Sylvester, Fleetwood. Mannas Dec 20-Ar Asia, Wood, Boaton, Ana 14. Oahu, Nov 11?Sid bark Alliolh, with oil and boat, for N Ycrfc. Portsmouth, Fen 3?Ar Maria Spear, Googtns, London for Malta; Sultana, Poreello. do for Monile (so repoiledi) 3th and 6th . Fraureaa Ann. Wright.(or F'tah) do for NUrleaae. Pill, Feb 4th?Ar Kenaekae, Smith, Bristol for N York, and remained 3th. .... Rio Nuai. about Jan ??In port brig Northumberland, nn certain. Rio de Jahebio. Jan. 22?Fbipa Boston, waitttg freight; Nile, fm Naw York, do; buk Jane fm Boaton for New Or leans. Pilot, Burton, for the Coast of Africa; Osceola, Whip ple, for New Orleans in a few days; brigs Treaty. Tatem, for theCoaetof Africa; C twins, lor Naw Or Irate, Shawmut, for Boetoa, and Oscaela for New York?(previously reported, Mii led.) Rio Gbands, Dec. 21?In port, barka Amalia Malhollaad, Dusy,'or Rio Jareiro; Josephine. from Lisbon, disc; brigs Hoary, Means, from Cadit, do; Francis Lord, Gladding, lor Rio Jan-iro; Chip da, McLennan, for Montevideo; Franklin, Small, for Havana; Cashier, Lock, of Naw York, sold; Cod ra ta, MeCormack; Irom 14io Janeiro and Ntw York, instate; senr Nrlt, Upton from Montevideo. ST Thomai, flat nit?Br gi Jjhi Crosby. Hopkins, fm Martinique, with inolaaao*. ur llrh; Ann, Banl-lt, fm George town. 9 C, do: Edw Blake, Wheel#., la Muti.riqas, ur 12th; echre K Atkins, 'm Dt-merara, do; UH Gaidal. npa, do; At do, 13th and 14'H, nriga Christiana, and Miliuoaet, nnc; Wiuoe, opairu.g; arhr Deel nation foi Poito Rico. Mth, ur brig Relief, Sawyer fm Philidelphia; acbr Muy Ann, Schaak lia.lrt m Biltimore. ih.p North Star, W> le, fm Philadelphia, for Liverpool, repairing, w, old sail in a lew day*; im greater portion of he- cargo of tlour, had been sold. Sir.bsa Leon*, ?boot Jan 22-In port achr Vataseo, Cork, unc; cld previous to 2td, achr John McCrea, Staard for Lean uri. St Hsleiv* Jan 16?Hid ship Gen Harrison, Simpson, for Boaton, law from Manilla _ . ? _ . .. . . Sanoob, Dec 11?Hid I binds, Drivnr, (from Calentta) lor TamnuD or Ct-at, Feb. 26-Brig Arctnrna, for Naw York, to sail 22; achr Joh < Tr at, for footon, do_ Toaaaco, Much I.?brigs Vnlturo, Havsu, for New Y ova, ready for a.,A El uboth. _Morenoe, acbr Jn ilopkiua, for !*rw York.'ap the'lyar win. eugo; acbi "W&A' -L St Vin eii.'w^U^ dlkTlU beiag enable io make a sale llama Ports. ingi Kut^r.'t-m.r, jo? * jOceu,. 'TEdwTa,' Pierce.'from Nyv Yi'irk, waittei Nvortwithdrlpuch; Providence. Vinson, from King, ton a. waiting; 7ao* E Williama, Pukae.from Kay Watt, do; Khun Talbot! from N York, do; brig. Mary Willis, Rogers, Iro.u $35tee?? Upaga, Lunar, lot N Y ark, with dispatch; M ^^^HTTUtZtiVrtsft "fi?>^5a*^S I Am Wo, Berwell. do: bark T O Brawn, Hortoa, New Oiliaai; M inn, off Hanaro, lost 91 bbli Bow and M ktp pin foot off dock, store bulwarks, stanchions, silt plank shear, Be. Also ?|, barks Maria, Baker) New Orleans; A tries. M'Lellan. do-, ?is Dirk Hattriek, Bait, Falmouth, Ja: Nanus, Maswy, Hnsamlla; Eveline, Walton, Trinidad; Levant, Jefferson, Helms, Siogvr. Cardenas; Braailiaa. Htek l lad last. 1st 97, Ion 74 in a hesry NE gale. I or 71 hhds molasaes. Also an, brigCapt Jodua I brigs Mnnsanilla Begna la Grande: Saline. Singer, Cardenas; Brasilian^^^J born, Cardenas. lest schrs Befleisle. Yonng, Jacmel; John Dnalap, Case, Cwaeoe, I Geo Polloek, Caosy, do; Balance, Frost, Haraaaak?Sad iast, I lattB, Ion 75, lost beat, bulwarks,jibboom, flying jib, 9 balsa I cotton, off deck, split fbres*l, ftc. Alsoarr, scars Taadalita I Slrour.Wilmington, NC: Forest, Jaunes, A'exaadria; Poto mac, Nicholson, and A Nickerson, Smith, Fredericksburg; Homer, Kent; Grecian, Chans; Compliance. Lewis; Kenha wa, Frisbia; A M Halo, Hall, and Star, Baal ley. New York. Old, slim Sarw. Cutter, Madras and CalcatU; barks Detroit, Lowell. Harass; W T Wheat on, Martia, Mobile; brigs Com merce, Berry, Trinidad; Dover, Percival. Baltimore; Erie. E Bazfer, Philadelphia; Wm Pitt. Howes, do; Hedcdoa, godn don,Portland to load for Barbadoas; schn Don Nicholas. Drink water. Gonaires; E Randall, Cook. St Jago do Cuba; Tnbnne Coleman, Savannah; Liringaton, Searey. Wilmington. NC; Caaains. Eldridge, do; Colnmbi'.J^rnp.TPniladelphm; Friend, Crowell, and Fancy, Chase, New York. 11th, pkt ship Colom bo, Burwell. Liverpool. Jan. 9: has had very heave weather; ship Columbian, Mammae. Apalachicola: barks Chesapeake, Parker, Cardenss; E Churchill, McGilrery, do; Attrca, Me Lellan, New Orleans; (at M 14. Ion 74. la a NE gale fall in with sereral empty casks, woeoen and iron bound- On the head of one in white letters forming a circle, was "Reed's Q? malli" and serosa the circle "Troy," as nearly as eoatd be made oot.?Also arr bark T O Brown, Horton, New Orleans. Id iast off Cape Hattero, loat 10 bhla floor and M kegs pigs feet off deck, store bulwarks, stanchions, split plank shear* Itc ?Also trr barks Couo, Bogardus. Charleston; J W Paige, Taylor, Baltimore; brig Henrietta, Thurston. Cardenas; echr Julia Ana, (of Eastport) Winchester, Philadelphia. Signal for a lark, supposed the Turk, from Philadelphia. Sid,wind 88W to W8W, moderate, brig Christiana, Kide-nt; ship Ni obe, bark Howland; brigs September, Cordelia, Ceres, Meta mora, and Albert, went to tea from below on Wednesday night. CHsaLKSTan, March 10? la the offng. ship Phanie, passed midshipman Macomb, Irom the West Coast of Africa; 2th. bark Morgan Diz, Hamilton, fm Bostea-<see miscallueonsi Coluiubua. Antwerp, T? days?(see miscel laneous 1-Br brig Adrians. Hnnt, (ba Demerara; 7th, Br ship Constitation, Bull, tm Belfast, Jan II; bark Gen Oreen.Clerk, fm New York; schr Isabella, fm Matauxas. Cld Ptfa. ahips Powhattaa, Stone. Lirenool; Winaganae. Maleher. Gulf of Msziuo; barfca Brontes, Curtis, Boatou; Bradshaw, MeNair, St Johns, N B; schr Stephen It Francis, Cozelsr. St Augustine: tlh ship Sultivau, Waits,Naw York; bark Potomaa, Br est a, North of Europe; brig Arabian, Jonas, New Orleans. Arr. brig Athena, Jones. Amsterdam. The A. has eiperisnced heavy gales of wind during the passage?lost a*d split mils Ket Wzst, Feb 19? Airbark J ?1E Williams. Providence' schr Shawmnt, New York; 21st, Abbe ft Amelia, do; tld, saK Outwa. Apalachicola; 25ih. aehr J QAdama. do. Menntte'ook St Marks; also, brig Aimed*, do. Bid Itth, bark J ft 5. Wil HHC, unaijwt, psi| simuirw, vzan F~r^ "Wnw Hatz*. March 11-Arr b"'lg Atlantic, Whittlesey, fm Trinidad, and M dava fm Gree jdt. 0n the ftfandM iost. tm fathoms of water off Cap'_ Henry, experienced a tremendous gala from the NE. tp Vnich lost foretopmast auyaail sod fore spencer, 3 days al?.r the male, lat 1510, Ion 74 30, picked up IS bales C?tM>ngljd.l7 barrels flour. Tha b-rk Trinidad, Friable, tailed from Trinidad with her entire deck load of stock for St Vincents on the ilh nit. ?'.raraceda, on the 2d inst. ships brig Sophia; 26th, barks Brown and Calliope, and brig P Soale, and ontcf Wilder's Bayou, brig Jane. On the 27th, ship Ly nns; 25th, ships Isaac Newton, and Tennessee; brigs North Bend, Lancet, and Wm Davis; 27th, ship Pursuit, and bark Hero of Sidon. Cld. ahips Emily Taylor, Howe, Boston; Wm Engi, Boas, New York; Auburn,; harks Acadia, Harlow, Marseilles; Augusts, [Swede] Dannbnrg, Gotten burg ; ZnleUe. Kelly, Phil idelphia; Sarah Hand,Bailey, do; brig T Street, McConneil. Havaua. Philadelphia. March 13?Arr barks Hope, Gray. Bio Jane iro; R Mori is, Onterbridge, New Orleans; Mary ft Jane, Flit ner, do; brigs Rebecs*. Ames, Triaidad de Cuba; Norria Stanley, D<iuly, New Orleans: Ocravia, Doughty, New York; schrs Lochiel, Lufkin. Mntanz-s; Two Brothers, Kelsy, Nsw Hnven; Teztor, Bmi'h, New York; Frances, Fowler, do; Tnrk schrs Orson, Hendarson, Williamsburg: Taxes, WillsUs.New York; Herald, Reynolds, do; PameTia, Cole, Washington, Phovipence, March 11 ?Arr berk Tiberius. Crowell. Apa lachicola; bark Bsaver, Edmonds, do: hrig Alvano, Psce, He vane; schr Repeater, (of Brookhaven) J'rvia, Philadelphia ? On 27th ult .off Great Egg Harbor, took a severe gale nam F.NE tn NE, laid to M hoars,-ud drifted into Gulf 8tr e un sprung aleik, threw over ?bout 30 tons coal, loat boat, galley, belwaiks, jih. and binnacle. Schra Advautnrar. Lewis. New York: Prasid'ft, Wilbnnr. do;sloops Leader, Hazard, war Crt, (Mass ) Native. M'Kenzie, do; George. Cobleigh, do; uiss, Wileoz. Tiverton; Ann. Cory, do; Fame, Peaice.Bris tol; Wm H Allen, Usher. Bristol; Fashion, Cooper, Wick ford; Bradford Dm fee, Boidsn, Fall River. Cl'd ship Ham bnrg, Lsrrabee. Bath. SI'd, schrs B eads, Sweet, Virginia, via Naw York: O n Lafayette, Chase, Boston; sloop Charles, Raider, New York. PoKtlaND, March 16?Arr Rosen Jaae, Stan wood, Matantas; schrs White Oak, Banall, Bath; Statin. Preble, Georgetown, M-. Cld, schr Delaware, Trott. New York. Richmond, March 11?Arr schra G Fnga, Sweat, Thomas ton; Rjweua, Yonng. Boston; John Smm ma, Taylor, do; Peter Hitter, Drrickson, New York; Gen Scott, Below, acnrCnnr-er, New York. Savannah, March 9?Arr Fr hrig Villa de Treport.Eudeiiae Point Petre, Goad; schr O H Ferry, Wooeter, On.daloupu via 8t Thomas. Salem, March 12?Air ship St Paul, Allen, Manilla. Mareh (. lit 36 II N Ion 70 14 W, pasted a boat bottom np. painted white aides =.ud red bottom; appeart d to have been ie the water bate short time?Also err brig Olieda, Hot* biasoa, Rio Grande. Mareh 5, lat 14 52 N, Ion 711 ?W, passed close along side or ship Paralalia, of Qaebec, before reported abandoned.? Sid brig Russell, Weet Cosat of Africa; sah Nanmkoag.Rio Onodt. Waebkn, RI, Mareh 12?Art brig Wm Hoary, Cole, Mft tan Eos. On the 1st. 2nd and 3d iast, eiperienood a severe gala of wind, stove eambooie, bulwarks, Itc. Took the gale in let 32 12. 11th l at, eff Monuug, ap<MI schr Forest, fa Richmond for New Bedlord. ?... Wa?hinoton, NC1_March 9?Arr schrs Emma Julie, How land, West Indies; Two Brothers, Richardson, New Yoik. Cld, schrs Swallow, Roeintoe; M M Fowls, Forbes, and Mar cia, Smith, Naw York; Bellona, Stonington; James Otis,Boo ton. ___________ By Lait Right'! Sonthen Mill. Baltimmk, March I J?Arr chip Herald, Broa;hton, 37 day* from Rotterdam. 6th inat, exchanged signals with t H* hark bin* ground, white square, standing to the 8, in lat It 9g, lea (? 10. Exptrienced contrary wind* and rough weather Oaring the pottage. On tha 10th Jan, 90 lcaguei SW or Sicily, Christian Johntoi " ohnion, tea mat, waa mittieg, aapposed washed overboard in a heavy tea that waa thirped at the time. Alto arr, ships Ava lanche, Paraona, Piew York; Emerald.; bark Wyman Dill, Boiton; brigs Bermadiana, [Br] Seeders. Bevmada, Gtrm, Shack lord, Bt Thorn at; Ialam, Ram Key?Captain Lin cola waa wathed overboard on the lat inat, off Cape Hatteraa, and drowned. Alia arr,brig* Ualaara. Lace, Mobile; Elaaaov. Brown, Savannah; achr Comet, Barney, MaUnxae?on the Lat inat, lat tt 90, long Tg 90, Wat atrack by a whirlwind, and loot fore and aqaare aaila, aad carried away flying jib atay; Rom 9d to 4th, lat >9 and 91, aad long 71 to 70, experienced a severe gale, loat jib, ahipped a aea which wathed the long boat out of the chocka, and atove the eabooae hoaae. flehr Tryall, Oibba, (m Providence; achr Heroine, Coaret, 9 da fm NYork; achr Emerald, Snow fm Providence: achr Direct. Briggx, fm New York; achr John Travera. Tolley, from the wieck of the achr Maria, fm IN York, with a part <f her rarge; a learner He rald, Kvatell, fm Not folk?aaw off Ureal Wicomico a henna Shrodite brig, and higher np the bay a hark, both bound np. ielow, a full ngged brig; alao, tclir Baltimore, fm NYork. Cleared, brig France* Jan*. Gardiner, Bt Johaa, PR; achr Ro chester, NYork. Nobpolk, March 11?Arr acha Rath Atkine. MeKennon, fm Tnrka Island; J W Kimpton. Oaborn, from Alexandria, benod to Neve York', nut in on accennt of head winds.?Alto att ach May; Habbare, fri ,-!?>, nuuu,.,, ,'rom Baltimore. In Hampton Roada, brig Henry Woodia, Chamberlain*. 16 deye from New Orleeaa, boned to Baltimore. On the ISth mat, in lat 3k 16, Ion 76 M, aaw the achr Bnlliant, of Boston, tank, with bar stem jast above the water, her head being deeply buried, aad with her alongside. Alio, pasted on the tame day. three windlasaae. Pona, in charga of Lie PHitADCLrHiA, March IS?Arr bark Pons, in charga of Lieat Cagdell of the U S Sloop of War Yorktown, from the Count of Africa, havieg been captured at a alaver, particnlara of which h.-we been previously pahliahed.?Alao arr batk Cooaa, Gar vin, New Orleans; brig* Rnby, McKeazia, Charleston; Peon aylvauia, Lyle, Mataozta, Feb M. 2d mat experienced a vio lent gala from BWtoNW while lyiag to, 1st 91II, Ion 79. wi ttrnck with n heavy tea, which atove bulwark* broke slave stanetieona, started the long boat not of the choeka, carried both bob stays, two tierces molasses off dock, kc?Also : away i a-r brig Caspian, Anthony, St. 'lhomaa; achr Gen Warren < Welsh, from Bathurat, Coast of Af-ica. Cld bark Nashua, 1 Skatta, New Orleans; brig* Sella, Bangs, Beaton; Howe, ! Crowell, Halifax, N8; Ell?TWhclden, Boston; Etmira Hog era, I Salter, New Yoik; Jamaa k Hitnnel, Somen, New Yoik; Pi ' triot, Mason, Bridgeport, Coaa; Mexican,Tomlia; New Yoik; 1 Sunnch, Tallmadge, Brooklyn. CAUTION. JU AME8 S. MASON'S SPANISH BLACKING LABEL COUNTERFEITED-Shippers, Merekaati, aad the Giblie generally, ercaatnmed to purchase, or aa* MASON'S elebrated CHALLENGE BLACKING, are wry reapect fally requeued toexamiuethe LABELS of Blacking Benaa, aad aaeertaiu if the hamk of JAMES 8. MA HON is til see aa, as his Spanish Blacking Labels have been copied in every par ticnlar, the name aad location <-nly excepted, by a concern ha Philadelphia, far the purpose of Deceiving Ike Pnilie, by im posing on their confidence iu favor of Mason's Blacking ; the style and form of the engrivmg and lettering, the wor dag tad have all been copied. OBSERVE that color of the P*|>er, have all been copied. tlBBEltvm mat Mason's Challenge Blacking it never labelled in Spanieh lor ry American market. _ - TO PREVENT FRAUD for the future, J*?. 8 Maaon will place hit signature on tha label* of every box of Blacking | p*rtd by him, without which nouo it genuiot Hu lo?f ? rienco a* a manufacturer, tho rtWIt fUld vunety of hit chintry and othor faeilitiot, afford him superior ad qaality, farauhed prompdy ami ? tta|qN, ml 9w eod're 1M North Third i S. BASSETT FRENCH, office Manchester, Virginia-Refer* to. His Excellency. Xaaaw McDowell, Governor of VmiiliiBn Excellency John F. Wiley i LUUUa^B Lieat. Governor, toraey General U. 8. ral, V*.; Hon. John E. >. Scott, 8 * N. B.-Mr. Hadaea willtahe charge of any paper* ml aded for Mr. French aad fbrward earn* to him safely dMknwha'r CHKjWEST MD^BfifalNBTUUCTlON Ut ** Superior and Elegant Coinmere-al System of WRITING, wmriLL centiwuc fe #* t#ng*l(dnring hit stay ia New Terii,] TV to Ladies aad Gentlemen of zvgav *ox. Day or Evo aiag, ia Twelve Lene-na, for the smell charge ot Oulv Five ! Ma. Baierow, Finishing Writing Master, promise* aad oca raivtcb* to ALL, old or ronng, to impart a sxautiwl, rata KirxDiviors aad ?A*HiotiABi.r. style of Paninanahip, no how SAD. luutoiaLK or caaMran may l* the writing, IN TWELVE EASY LE8SON8 FOR $6 M ONLTI VBooa Karrina and Short Ha.vd uaght fArrimgUg. ' N. B.?Private lesaona given. Kaauliea aad Schoole am ed_ 21 9tawlm*re COAL.?1 am delivering from my yard, corner of King am Greenwich atreaU, the real Peach Orchard Bed Ash, a then low pricea.for CMhoaly.vix: Egg and Broken 16 76; larg ; Nat aad Steve, mixed, |3 tt. Buyers caa poaitivaly depem on having their Coal dalivered at Uwae price*. . 191 tmeodV rs.TER CLINTON LOOKING GLASS PLATES. ? , No.: * U ANLINE k OSTHE1MER, Importen, ?h,?h' dMT ?Am m Am 1c ? m, AalirWe JaUlaeodgba

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