Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 5
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Varieties. John W. Maury hat been elected President of tba Metropolitan Bank, in place of Ooaarml .Van Naas, da oaaaad. Tha lint English railway* ware mad* of wood in Nor thumberland, about tba year 1633 and war* mad* of iron, in Whitehaven in 1736 Toe Aral iron railroad waa laid down at Coal Brookdsle. in 1786. Steam power, to convoy coal* on a railway, wai ftrat employed by Blenkinaop. at Hanslet, near Lead*, and afterward* on tha Stockton and Darlington railway. Mra. Rebecca Dye, widow of tk* lata Henry Dye, re dding about eight mil** from Trenton, N. J , committed suicide by hanging harealf on Taureday morning last. Tae "linois River i* frosan over at intervals frajn Peru to it* mouth, andtn* stream is falling rapidly. The ? Ugad ateamboat Bridge water, the last boat out, was obliged to force her way through ice an inch in thicknei*. The Upper Mississippi ia aleo in a low atage and i* falling fa*t.?Chicago Journal, March 3. Wm. F. Fitch, of Newport, Ma , ha* invented a self rogulating shingle machine. The Bangor IVhig sneaks vet y highly of it. Howdo the wooden ham machines succeed 7 Steam machinery, of American construction, i* said to be now adopted by the slave trader* on the coast of Afrioa. The penny post was established in London by a r e tired undertaker by tha name of Murrr, in the year 16*3. In 1711 the government discovered that the busi lies*, which bed Dy that time bceoma a very profitable one, belonged of right to thenieelves, and therefore took it away frombini; but allowed him a penaionof X200 per annum for the remainder of his life. Accounts from Iowa Territory represent the growing wheat crop a* in a suffering condition. The winter, up to last accounts from the West, has been a singular oue ?mostly dry and pleasant. But very little snow had fall en, and there waa no sleighing to speak of. Much wheat is represented to have baen killed, end many fields ap l>ear to be dead, though it was hoped a spell of favorable winter and spring weather would revive them. Iho report of the Chief Topographical Engineer states that the importance oi the harbor of St. Joseph, Michi gan, i* every ysar increasing. Lock* have been con structed on the 8t. Joseph river, at Miahwaka, and at Bristol, which have opened the navigation to Three Rivera, a distance of 130 mile* from the lake. The ex port oi wheat alone this year is estimated at 730.000 bushels?equal at least to half a million of dollars. Three stesmboats are running on the river. The first written message ever despatched by an Exe cutive to a legislative body, was sent by Gov. Hancock to the doputiesot the State of Massachusetts, in 1768, and was occasioned by a severe indisposition, which render ed him unable to attend in person, for the purpose of de livering the customary speech at the commencement of the session. The body of Mis* Jans Cunningham, a most beautiful young lady, seventeen year* of age, was fouud lately on the prairie, back if Chicago. She was to have been marri?' *? vTf4 but went in the afternoon to invite bridesmaid; .and, in returning, was ;C~?' f i'n'i y storm and frozen to death. & blast foreign news at Detroit, the 26 cents per barrel. L wall ..I.U <MHl* tiU bIaaiI At Batesville, Arkansas, on the 9d tn?t, the Bank and ita property war* sold on e*acutiou. Soma eight I >r tan negroes, and a splendid fern, want for laas ttfen >1000 ; the banking hauia and lots for $14 Tho Stata, It is said, recently paid the United States $1100 for the latter. A bank has bean established at Cincinnati, which lands money to the poorer classes in sums from $10 up ward, for a single day or longer, on endorsed notes or notes of hand left as collateral security. This will at ford the day laborer an opportunity of relieving himself from any embarrasment Notice has been given by the Auditor of the State of Arkansas, that taxes on lands and town lota can be paid directly into the State Treasury of Arkansas. The name of the post office in Lafeyette county, Arkansas, has been changed from Lafayette C H to Lewistown. The Arkansas river was rising at Van Buren, Arkansas, on the 21st ult. Much rain and snow had fallen. It was reported from the Creek Nation that snow had fallen to the dupth of fifteen inches. Guano is bring introduced aa a fertilizer on the rice plantations of the South. The Cleveland Plain Dtalrr thinks there is no longer any doubt but a railroad will be constructed from that city to Columbns, whero it will oonnect with a railroad (not yet finished) leading to Cincinnati. The New Bedford Sitreury says that the aggregate of criminal business in the State ot Massachusetts, during the year 1846, comprises *179 prosecutions, out of which thure have been 1038 convictions, 109 acquittals, and other cases variously disposed of or are still pending.? The costs have amounted to $40,860. In Nantucket, there has been case of conviction by jury daring the last three years. Dr. George Parkman, of Boston, has presented a site for a new medical college, near the Massachusetts Gen eral Hospital, sixty feat by one hundred. The following curious statement, by Dr. Grinville, is I taken from an Knglish paper. It is drawn from the regis I tered cases of 876 women, and is derived from their an j ewers to the age at which they respectively married ? ' It is the first ever constructed to exhibit to females their : chances of marriage at various ages. Of 876 females, I there married 3 at 13 113 at 20 28 at 6 at 34 15 " U 86 4 31 22 44 a a 44 34 16 " 16 86 44 22 17 44 29 0 44 36 43 " 16 69 44 23 9 4 4 30 2 44 37 46 44 17 68 44 24 7 44 31 0 4 4 38 66 " 18 36 44 25 6 44 32 1 44 39 116 " 19 24 44 26 7 44 33 0 44 40 From this curious statistical table,our fair readers may ' form a pretty accurate judgment of the chancea that 1 they have of entering into the holy state of matrimony, : and enjoying the sweets (we say nothing of the bitters) I of wedded love. The Westchester Herald of the 10th says The ? intrepid navigators of Sing Sing have succeeded with ; much labor and expense in forcing a passage through I the ice, (about a mile distance,) to the channel, for the 1 largest class of steamers, and we have the pleaaure to I announce to the public that tho navigation of the Hudson I River between this place and the city of New York ii I again unobstructed, and the steamer Croton, Captain | Lynch, leaves this afternoon for that port; and will con ; tinue her tripa for the aoason. tnd incorporate the Miohigxn RnOrood Compear, pessed the legislature of that 8tato on tho 5th instant, bp a rota >f 41 to 8. Xa amsndmant was offered to makatha itockholJars individually liable for all the debts of the Company, bat it was negatived by a vote of 95 to U. The Senate have pot to act upon the bill, and on account of iu groat langth, soma time must elapse before its fate can be known. Old Stock Bxchsuigo. |> WUSI'i.lM II IK 500 aha farmers' Trust $1.00# do III* 50 do $>,000 Reading Bonds TO* 750 Canton Co $1,000 Kentueay 6'? 101 25 do $3 000 lud'Sna Bonds 41 200 do $5 000 Illinois Si>l fids 31* a 25 do $1 000 do 1)60 30 C125 do $)0 000 Pann 5's bJO 72K 50 da $3.0M> do 725# a 100 do $50,000 do bSO 72W 250 Harlem RR $5,000 do b60 72V 25 do $11,750 da 72Si 150 do 25 ths Phanii Bank 25 . 50 do 5 Bank of Ameiiea 96 ? 300 Long itlud RR 5 Bank of Com full 9.)# 350 do 100 do 95* 300 do 100 Vickibarg Bank 7?, 100 da bOO .. JJ?? do ? , 7(*> 20 Now Jersey RR 101 25 Illinois Bank 15)6 125 Honsatonic RR, new #7 75 Morria Canal 18* 35 Nor It Wor RR ?V 500 do 18M 275 do tjsJ J?? ? do ? s60 11* 50 do alO 66l, 250 East Boston Co 16)# Second Board. $10,000 Ohio 6's. 1060 96 100 aha Dry Dock Bk, s3 72 100 shs Long Island b30 47V 25 Morris Canal 18U 25 Canton Co 41), 50 Harlem RR 58* 50 do 41)2 50 do 58* 50 do b30 415# 100 do 52)2 New Stock Exchange. 50 shs U S Bank blO 5 25 shs Long Isl RR, bio 47 50 do b!5 5 50 do c 47 25 Canton Co 41* 50 do Mou 47 M.? do~ bl <'* 35 do s3 47 50 Morris Canal c ]s?J 25 do sS 47 60 Farmers Trust, sow 28V 50 do si 47 50 Reading KK c 75V 50 do ?3 47 50 Harlem RR slO 52'J 50Nor fc Wor RR. c 6?* 100 do b30 50>; 75 do b3 6'.* 10J do {.30 59* 25 do Mon 66?! 50 do bl5 59 DlC4l. On Saturday afternoon, 14th inst., of consumption, CaaoLiNK Masoariet, aged 30 years, wife of Cornelius Banta. Her funeral will take place on Monday, lflth instant, at 4 o'clock P. M.. from tne residence ol her grandfather, Wm. Burnhams, Esq., 79th street and Bloomintrdale road. MAHOQANV. ROSEWOOD. ZEBRAWOOD. lie. t*OR SALE CHEAP, by E. O. STAC?, No. 66 Woostrr A street, between Broome and Spring sts The stock is composed of a large aasortment of crotch, mottled and shaded Mahogany Veneers, Rosewood Mahogany, Ze^rawood Bird's r<5'e Maple and Black Waluut Logs, Boards, Plank, Joist, lie. ate., aud a general assortment of lumber, usually kept at ma hogany yari a in this city. ml5 lm?rc DAMAGED WHITE LEAIX raiW) Kegs Wejherill's Philadelphia White Lead, iu oil, J No. 1, and warranted extra andpu", sl;ghtly injured ??>t*r; receireil Irom the wreck of the schoouer Ala ^ iinrchAsers. by AUCTION WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer pATALOOUESALK Or CHINA. Glass. end Earthen V wsrs?by H. E. Willard?Ou Thursday, March 1* h, at 18 o'clock, at i ha Sore No 5 Piua atraat, ww Broad way. in lots irom the shelves to suit retailers, beat flowing and other blue and fancy printed, painted, edged, dipt, he Ware, Chi na and lilasa. Aleu 50 packaged of glass tumblers. decanters, wiDea, he The >ale ia poaitire, and the gooda will be well picked for shipping. N. B? Uoodi will be received for tine tela till Tuesday the 17th. Salet are promptly settled aa soon as ( lode are de livered rali lt*m LARUE AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF ANTIQUITIES, CONSISTING of Original Japan Lacquered Porcelain Jara and Vases, flower bottles, fr-iit platrs and dishes, caps and saucers, nf vtrious kinds, original ancient Dresden Pore- - lain groups, fig a res cups and saucers, ancient fans of the 16th century ricnty csrved and painted, and a magnificent flower rase of porcelain d*Sevrea, of to- time of Louis XIV, which vase ha been bought at the sa'c of Joseph Bnoniparte, at Bor dentowa. Also, a red japan porcelaia tsble, or wash stand, inch as never has been imported into this country. These choice ornaments and articles now offered, us very rare?they are all antique, none of them less than one Hundred, and some aa old as tsso hundred years, are very costly, and were collect ed throughout tha old towns of Holland, and other places, with great diligence and perseverance, by the collector! of those articles, and are highly valued at the courts of Enrope, and among I he Eiglish and French nobility. To be sold at the Magatin Japonaia, <9 Duaae atrret, between Broadway and Elm streets, by Aaron Levy, Auctioneer, on Thursday. March 19,1816. Sale to commence positively at 1 o'clock P. M., rain or shine. P. 8. The public are in gene-al invited, particularly the la dies, to rssmine these magnificent ornaments, now rerdy for eaainmation, with catalogues; open daily Irom 10 A. M, till 5 P.M. mlttwtrc A CARD H. K. WILLAKD It W. W. 8HIRLEY, Auctioneers, WILL give their personal attention to the Sales of House hold Furniture at the resideace of families declining housekeeping. Stocks of Ciockery. Dry Goods, Grocery, and sales of Rail Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friends and the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, until May 1st, when they will move to the apacioua store, No. 17 WALL street, late Adams'Eipresa Office- mrll lm*r 'pHE ANNIVERSARY of the Uerman Society will be M. celebrated by a Dinner at the Astor House, on the 96th of March, 1916, at 8 o'clock. Ticket# for the aame may be ob tained, by applying to the undersigned Stewed*:? Dr. A. Ueacheidt, 193 Walker street. Dr. U. Heoschel, 139 Chamberastreet. G Heaaenbcrg. 3 William street. W. Kobbe, 46 Beaver street. C. A. Laniug, 9 Broad street. 47. Meleita, 15 Broad street. F. Steinh-il, 62 Beaver street. m!4to95*r SPERM OIL AND CANDLES. EXCELLENT Whter Bleached Sperm Oil at Si a gall} Blj**-hed Solar Oil, 75 cents', a prime article of Sperm I Caudles at 95 cents p-r pouud. Families, boarding house and hotel keepers are iuvited to call and riainine the above befo.-e purchasing. For sale by J. O. FOWLER, Grocer and Tea Dealer, 250 Greenwich st. cor. Murray, and 419Greenwich cor. Vestry. uir!4 I in* re i LONG BREED CANARIES. MR. HASELETT'S entire Breeding Stock, so murh ad mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and will be sold only in pairs. Bird Fanciers and the public are 1 reapecfully invited to call and eiatnine them. Alio, the usual variety of Singing Birds from different parti ' of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pigeons and Cigea, Gold Fish, I Cu'tle Fishbone, and bird seeds ot every description. Even AJftl'U&ACJKNTS. PAHK THJfiATBK. MRS. 8EGUIN. MR. KRAZKR, AND MR. 8EOU IN, Auialnd by MR. r. MEYER. m Opera. Alto MR. MARBLE. UontUr KvttUim, March 10, Will be perf rmed. DON rA8QUALK. w _ Don Fik)iiI? -Mr Seguiu. Ernesto . Mr Krnatr Doctor Mtlatetta Mr K Meyer Norma Mr* Begum To conclude with, THE BACKWOODSMAN. w V1 Samson Hardhr-d Mr. Marhle Colonel Mrrerille Mr Vaehe Clara Mra Abbott M.bel Mrs Veruoa Price of Aamiauoa?Boiea, M ; Ptl, M cents i ttauerj Beast*. at Doors open u ?H o'eloak, est the Certain will rise preetselT 1 T o'eloeb. UOWKKl I'll 1C AT it Hi. A. W. JACKSON... MANAOKK AND FROPRJK73H. ii. GRAND COMBINATION. (T7-DOUBLE COMPANY .O Rockwell ? Stone's Equestrian Troupe i i combination with the Dramatic Company of thia establishment. Monday 10 veiling, March 1(1, The Performance will cnnmenee with the Drama of 1VANHOK. Isaac MrJR Scott. The Black Knight Blauchard. Cetlric Chanfrau. The Pilgrim Davenport. Kir Brian dc Boil Unilbert Clark. Ourth Cony. Wamba Hsdaway. LocSaley Proctor. Kebe Mrs Jones. Lidy Itowena Mrs Phillips. Elgiv* Mrs Seigeant. To conclude with THE DUMB MAN OV MANCHESTER. Tom Mr Cony Kdwird Wilton Sir. Bmnchard Jane Wilton Mrs. (J. Jones _T/?Cower Moses 40 cents?Second and Third Tiers, >4 ett.; Pit and Gallery lift cents. Doors will open at half past 6?cnrtain will rise at7. BOWERY THEATRE. Benefit of J, P. Waldroii. Treasurer. VyKUNESDAY EVENING. March ltlh, 18)6, on which ? v oecasiou he haa the pleasure of announcing to liiefriends and the patrons geueral I r, of the Bowery Theatre, the follow ing powerful bill of attractions?the grand historical equea trian drama of IVAN HOE, Or the Jew'i Daughter, The cast of the piece embracing the entire company attacli , ed to the Bowery Theatre, mid ilie popular Equestrian Corps of Messrs. Rockwell la Stone, with th?ir stud of FIFTY MAGNIFICENT HOUSES, and the thrilling dra ? a of the SHOEMAKER OF TOULOUSE, Cast to th* entire strength of ttie Company. i It 7~ The Uor Sheet for the evoiiiug is now op-u mli 3t*rc NEW GREENWICH THEATRE, corner of Vsrickand Charlton streets?Sole rro"rietora, Messrs. JOHN O i MYERS and O M. TOMLINSO N?Manager, Mr. J. O My l eri?Treaaurtr, Mr. O. M. Tomlinion?Assistant Treasurer, I Mr. W. Draper?Actiug a-d Sfge Msuager. Mr. H. P. Gra' t in?Scene Tainter, Mr. H. Isherwood?Prompter, Mr R J. | Jones?Machinist, Mr. M. C Radcliff? Leader and Musical Director. Mr. U. MeU?Coetumer. Mr. Tavloc-PfaMtUSS. I Me * JKmSil LATEST INTBLLIGB1CB BT THE KAILS. WANiiriOTOK, March 18,1888. The select committee of the Senate, which waa appointed yesterday to investigate the charges el the Timet against fie whig members of that body, met at the capitol this morning, and entered upon the duties assigned them. Messrs. Dow 6c Robin son, of the Timtt, and Lieut. Porter, of the Navy, were cued, and appeared to give in, in evidence, whatever they knew of the matter. The two for mer were required to specify the facts which they had to affirm, and name such witnesses as they should produce to corroborate the same. This they have done. Lieut. Porter, as 1 have been informed, states merely that one of the door-keepers had in formed him, a short time since, that the whig Sena tors were holding a caucus above stairs. The Lieu tenant, in restating this, added the fact of having himself seen Mr. Pakenham in the capitol the same morning. If there be no other testimony than this, to fasten so serious a charge as treachery to their country upon the whig Senators, it had been better it were never made. The Senate of the U. States, though composed of individuals no better, or more able to resist temptations than other men in a dif ferent position?still there is an air of dignity and self respect connected with them as a whole, of which they are, both individually an<P collectively, extremely jealous. It is not so much,perhaps, upon their own account, personally, that this pride of po Kitiou is felt by them,as for the sovereign States that they represent; and therefore, it is a most wicked thing for any one, through political hostility, either to a part or the whole of that body, to make charges of so abominable & nature against them, as those in the Timtt, without first having the most irrefragible proofs to sustain them. Prom what has transpired of to-days proceedings before the committee, I am led to believe that the whole a flair will turn out to be nothing more than mere vapor?smoke, if you choose to call it. The examinations are held in private,'and will remain so until the committee get through with the enure bu siness. Speaking ot appointments and removals among some of Mr. Tylers friends last night, one ot them remarked that there was not more than one of that party1 now in office, except Mr. Wise, Mr. Gwin, and Mr. Polk's brother ; and, as the Presi dent had up to thin time decapitated nearly all of the " Captain's" old adherents, it was not to be ex pected that he would leave those then in office long, including Mr. Tyler's last nomination, Wm. H. Polk. The remark was just, though ludicrous enough. It will be remembered that, just before Mr. Tyler left Washington, he nominated that mi choree to Naples, with a THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ENGRAVING-LIST OF THE OFFICERS I If CAR1P. In the foreground, and on the right, are the hou- Ass't Surgeon B. M. Byrne. (St. Joseph's.) Captain,. s. K. Dawson, 1st Art'y. G.W.Ayrss, 81 Art'y. A. 8. Hooe, w chanman "Lieut. Col. E. A. Hitchcock,commanding. r, PL I n , .u . . " ? J. R Conrad. Croghsn Ker, 8. B Thornton, J. F. Irons, lit " C. Benjamin, 4th " C.C.Sibley, w. unapman. Brovot lit Lieut. D. 8. Irwin, adjutant. *? of Corpua Christ! village. In the middle ground p,.mMter St. Clair Denny. C.A.May, W. J.Hardee. H. M. Whiting, 4th " - ire the tents of the 31 Brigade, (8d and 4th Infant- " KloydJ. BealL Fint Ueutenant,. 8. Williams, lit C. L. Kilburn, 8d " Firit lieutenants. Captain,. A. Doubleday, 3d " b. B. Marcy. a. c.?. k a.q m. D. Iluggles, a. c.?.6th inf y L N MorrU a. F. Field, J. J. Ilaynoldi, 4th " J.H.Whipple, W. Root, J. Van Horn#, H. Bainbridga, T.J. Curd, lit " N. B. Ruiiell, J. A. Whitall. J.L. Coburn. gnuitiKBHi. Hamilton, Oh VVitiPhin. nr. i hn nm o. vwgsa, wiu i, j. vuiu, ?" n, a. rum?u( .... " J ? utiuuiu. fade, 2d Dragoone, and 1st Brigade. Beyond the Captain J. K. Mansfield. - . ,. , J. F. Farry, 4th " L. B. Weld, lit Seeond Ueutenant,. j^r,t Lieutenanti. lento the white line is Dart of the Nuecea bav ? to M John 8anderi. n p CinnStll w st A'u' ?ik woiiuit or uriirir. 8. H. Fowler, RL-Brooks, P. N. Barbour, brevet capt. W. H. Henry,brigade ax.e. wniatMwn wane is part ot tne Nueceaoay , to jnr,t Lieut. J.M. 8carritt. n.ntnr.n. Brevet Lieut.Col. W. O. Belknap,commanding. s. NorveU, J.C. Robinson, L.8 Craig, J.M.Smith, the right ta Corpua Christi bay ; the long low point topographical khqiikiri. j??**1"' ?*5 m ' Second Lieut. John D. Clark, aoting adjutant. H.WhitiDg, F.W.H.Gordon, D. T. Chandler, a. a. q m. leparatea the two. The houae on the hilL to the Captain T.J. Cram. H. Anderson, O.T. Maion, Captain,. M. Roiecranti, XP.ftnlth, O. L. Shepherd. 5- , l r l 1. First Lieut. J. E. Blake. D. B. Sackett. W. R. Montgomery, R.B.Screven, T. O. Pitcher. W.L.Crittenden. Second Lieutvaant,. lett, la Col. Kinney's, the proprietor of the place.? Second Lieut George Meade. FIR8T BRIGADE. W. O. Kello, H. McCavett, 7th r*oim*ht op isrAfrTar. W.B. Johns, Thomas Jordan, It ia taken lookinn north. The deDot at Corona ordwawcr dspartmsht. Brig Oenl W. J. Worth, commanding. J. V. Bomfosd. Major J. Brown, commanding. D.C. Buell, J. B Richardson, n. . - . .. . , _. Captain G. D. Ramsay. First Lieut Larkin Smith, 8th infantry, a. d. c. Firet Ueutenant*. 3d Lieut. F. N. Page, adjutant W. T. H. Brooks. A.W.Bowman, Uhrisu la between the camp ot the Light Artillery, Lieut C. P. Kingsbury, (St. Joseph's.) Surgeon H. 8. Hawkins, general staff J. V. D. Reeve, - C. R. Gates, Captaint. A. J. Williamson, R. Hazlitt, tad the M Brigade. LIGHT artillery 11 J* J.B.Wright, do do G.Lincoln, A. L. Sbeppard, E. 8. Hawkins, F.Lee, J. C. McFeran, O. C. McClelland, Annexed ia a list of the offioera on dnty With the Major John Ervlng, 3d artillery Assistant Surgeon, D.C. DeLeon, g.n.rU Mag. J.SaMan, AT.Lee. jD08&brevet major ^ 'J. C.Bibb, i, . f 0 . ,, ? . . Ass't Surgeon J. B. Wells, general staff battalioh or ARTiLLsar. Second Ueutenant*. J. G. Kaiiu, orevei major, o w I B. E. Beo. Army Of- ueeupation at Corpus Chnati and St. aiLt. 8. S. Fahnestock, 4th artillery, aet'g adj*t. Brevet Lieut Col Thos. Childs, commanding. R. P. Maclay, J. O. Bur bank, T.H.Holmes, ?? moss. I fourth reoimkrt or irpaptat. Toaeph's Island, Texas. Brevet Major,. Second Li#ut-R8- 0?ra?".?rt'y. "Cfg adJuUnt. J. Beardsley, C. F.Morris, D. P. Whiting, Itc^oaum. Lieut. Col. J. Garland, commanding. ?BS?assr U'B.r.r ???,? s.ssa. far""'" ?^xrs,cwKisr?s1... OaptW.r W*8. BUyas^'a^tMtgmwMal. James Duncan, 3d artil'y.^ wlTShover, 3d artillery, aMVckenzVe1 Sd'irt'y'7' C*f'Sadt^Mart?' T. L Montgomery, J.Tff SneUinr^ JR Second UsWmhUs. J?hn PaK?, ? 'w.M.Oreham, brevet major. &?s&fi.stbv. jga?Rg*g?-? trrT;,, ? r ? ral, " army of occupation.? R Ridgelv, 3d artillery, J. H. Thomas, 3d artillery. R. C. Smead, 4th art y. ! 7. Col. J. S. Mcintosh, 8th infantry, cemmandlng. J. H. Potter, W. K. Van Bokkelen, C. H. Laniard. Colonel T. Cross, ass't quarter master ganeiaL Firtt Lieutenant,. 1st Lieut.C.L.Stevenson, Sth infantry, Brigade Msjor. a. Cruiot, E. B. Strong, Firit Lieutenant,. Major C. Thomas, quarter master, (St Jeeeph's) M .-mfjlr h I TvTm^.t ad .HiiUnr M. Knowlton, 1st ArUUery, J. B. Magruder, 1st Arttt'ry, 81ur?*?n R' C" yv?2d'? ? foneral slaff. J.M.Hemy, H.B.CUta, B.Alvord. R H. Omhsm, Msjor 8. McRee. do do do Wm. Hays.Od artilleir, 8.L. Fmmont, Idhartillery, t.Deas, 4th ?' J. S Hatheway, " " Ass't Surgeon J-W. Russell, do do * W.H.Wood. R. E. Cochrane, a. a. q. m. E. Q. Elliott, a. C. A St. Jo Captain G. H. Crossman, ass't quarter maates. I f' 5^1 itp j?hn.??!L VuhtwiiUnr R. A. Luther, 3d " C. B Daniels, 3d " H. C. Cruttenden, do do. THIRD BRIGADE. aephs. E.S. Sibley. do do J.J. Peck, 3d artiUsry, J- r.jWnnsto:no, 4tn artillery, o. Taylor, bt. capt. 3d art'y, W. H. Fowler, 1st - 3th aaaiManT or inpantrt. Colonel W. Whistler, 4th infantry, commanding. Second Lieutenant,. " E. A. Ogden, do do a. u. r rencn, aa amuery. A. Ebzey, 3d art'y, W. Oilham, 3d " Major T. Staniford, commanding. Second Lieut. G. O. Haller, 4th Infantry, brigade major. T.H.Porter, Sid. Smith, " W. 8. Ketchnm, do do 8ECOND REGIMENT OF DRAGOONS. W. H. Churchill, Sd art'y, J. P. McCown, 4th " 1st Lieut. O. Deal, adjutant. Ass't Surgeon J. B. Porter, general staff. - H.D. Walen, J. Beaman, *' G. G. Waggaman, commissary of aubeisteDoe. Colonel D. E. Twiggs, commanding. Second Liutenant,. Captain,. " M.Mills, " C. C. Aumr, U.S.Grant, Snrgeon P. H. Craig, medioal director. Assistant SurgeonL. C. McPhail, general staff. L.Chase, 2d Art'y, A. A. Gibsen, 3d Art'y, Martin Scott, A. Drane, " J.Simons, " ? J.S.Woods, J. A. Rickey, " N. 8. J at vis. First Lieutenant H H. Sibley, adjutant A.B.Lansing, " " W.S.Smith, 1st " M E. Merrill, E. K. Smith, '? A. W. Kennedy, " P. A. Farelly. GOOD CHANCES TO MAKE MONEY. A first rata Refectory to let, fixtures, kc. for sale, four ' years' lease frem May, situated in a central and crowded mmuukPart of the cttr; also, a Porter House. oremu with bu llosas; a Sstpnr brick house, with building in the rear, suite 's for an v kiae of manufacturing business; the dwelling part ? a handsome bouse, for boarding or private families; a store, kc. well located; several houses, stores, rooms, kc. in various puts of the city. Persons in weat of good business stands, or ... 1, ?nt_ wjnitTl much time and trouble, by " use Agent, 551 Pearl street, near collected, and prompt returns t, in lfith street and Ith avenue, m 14 tt*r STATE* ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. I M A HANDSOME COUNTRY BE AT. with a few or ml any number of acres that may be desirable. Barns, kc. JaBLkc.. attached, on the North shore of Ststen Island, fron nngon the river, and within three minutes walk of Castlrtoo Steamboat Landing, one mile from Port Richmond, and a mile and a half from New Brighton. The property has a ronton the water of about 440 feet. For farther partieulara enquire of William and John O'Bri en, No. IS Wall street, or oa the premises, of Mrs. Jane Burger. m'S tw r TO LET OR FOR SALE, kd A MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable and 171TB Coach House attached with about an acre of land, the JmBLpriacipal port of which is well stooked with fruit and fa cy shrubs, and ea lesed wi'h a picket fence. The stages lues every ten minutes w.thiu five minutes' wslk of the house. Situation between 110th s?d 11 Ith streets. For further iaforma :ion apoly to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street, or Dr. tVOODS. Harlem. inrll lm*rc HOTEL AT KINGSBR1DGE. BR To let from toe 1st day ofMsy next, the large and comaio Pm dious Hotel nt Ktngsbridae, now occnoiea by John P. JmUL Dodge,being very suitably arranged for boarders, and buviug a good garden of about one acre of ground attached h-rero, and also a targe Stable that will accommodate from M to 13 horses. It i? considered to be one of the best locations ter a I'eblie House between New York and Albeny. It will be let for one or more years, sad for a private residence, if de aired, being beautifully aituated on the Harlem river. For tar ma. apply to Abraham Valentine, in the Town of Yonkeis, """" "*"? "JTkaYWo" VALENTINE, tli 6t* r 165 Front itrect. New York. TO LET. MWL A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the village of Jamaica, ffll L-1 ; at present occupied by Doctor G. H. Kisaam, Ijyl with stable ib the rsar. The Houie is modern built, three story with marble meutele, in complete order. Possca sios given let of May. Alio, Two other homes in the village, all well located, be ta* rear the Railroad Depot and both Aeademiea, one of which can be occupied immediately. For further particulars, apply to J AMES HERRI MAN, ml lw*rc Jamaica. L. I TO LET, IN FORT LEE, N.J., A FIRST RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acrasof I ground and a number of wooden buildings, in tolerable ?Lfood condition, which were formerly used as a chemi factory, at praaeot occupied as a pianoforte manufactory; situated on the Hackeaaack road, only a few misutra walk from the ferry. Rent to a good tenant very low, to whom a lease will be given for several years, if required. Inquire of Dr. Morris Leo-Wolf,?? Liberty street, N?w York. el lw*rc NOTICE. aDWELLlNO HOUSES, STORESand vacant Lots, for sale, rent or exchange. Invests ents made on pro dactive Real Estate, that will paylr om ten to twenty percent on the purchase money, with an in crease in valee of from ten to fifteen per cent per annum. Mt ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Polieiaa of lutum.iee obtained from die most responsible companies in the country. Apply at 155 Third Avenue. JOHN ALLEN. N.B.?Plans, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildings, fonus bed here or at No. I Broad street, at the ahort ?t notice. CALVIN POLLARD, 111 lm're Architect jig buigTL. ^^?eac3n>c"i^"n*"eininB^J?ininHuIr^HIP supplied ^?i spring and rain water in the kitchen, and coal vaults iu HMt, kc. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain I eenred, st 6 per cant. Enqu.ra o. th. ^^or^ I f 13 Im'rre ?4 Wall street P jar quarry for sale, or to lease?Hite RflBitaoaUie Paasaie river, in North Belleville, formerly belonging to Abraham Joralemon, Esq. Said quarry has been exteuairel/ worked for thirty rears past, and is one of the best quarries of free stone in New Jersey, and is in ?good order for wovkiag. The premises consist of two dwell Rugs, store bouse, two barns, two hundred feet of wharf, and I seventeen fcree of lend, which will be eold astir.-, or the ssa I Belleville. Feb. 1?, MR. OS lWc HOUSES ANl> LUT FOR SALS. A PLEASANT country aunt in the village of Madt fm ,0"- Morris couety. New J may. within aft w minutes J^JLwalk of the beautiful residence of Win. Uibboae, Esq., bcinE about? miles from New York city?communication to I and from twics a day, any day m the year, per Morris and Ea rn Railroad. Said place contains about ona acre, on which era Two Houses sad a Sara, wit-i a Arstrs-e welt of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity. The premises ere located la u commanding position, overlooking tke whole village; sad is one of the most desirable locations In the lleee. H-iag withia two minutes walk of the railroad de pot, whieh reaSers it convenient lor e person doing business in the city, who dee ir?? to rotire in the country. For purtieolare enquire, or uddreau to the subscriber. . E. T. THOMPSON, B4 lm?rc Momstown, N. J. I' A RARE CHANCE. ^^^^?WILL BE SOLD <-heep, or exchanged for city p*o ^^Bny, e very valuable valley grain end grace farm, eou HBBH'nibg seres, II or much are woodland,aod the rrest a rich soil, having bean all cultivated, highly manured I and seeded, within five mars punt, and yields abundant crops; I aitaated It miles from New York, 4 Irom Huntington, I from I Cold Spring, and!5 from Farmingdale, by the beat roaifa in the I county of fmSolk. The buildings are all nearly sew, end con sist of s commodious Dwelling.? Bent, Cow Hheds, Cur I riage Henee. Poultry House, lee House, Bakery, Wash lloom. I end Smoke House. Twenty acres lie in a position to produce I 5e earliest vegetable., and bemg wit sin IK hours comieuni I nation with Breeklya, to which ears run from karmiagdale three times ? dsy, makes it vary desirable. Steamboats also rk toixir1? ;rtTtw'm MJohusf SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. f"? WHY will you pay 94,54 and $3 for a Hat, when yon tpa can go to ROBERTSON'S PHfENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Pnlton Street, and (?t as good a one for $3,307 Oo and examine lor your ?elms. mris lm'rc KNOX'S FASHION ADLhi HaTS, (V FOR THE ENSUING SPRING, ere now'ready for jpn inspection and sale, df 110 Fulton atreet, between Wil liam and Nassau. To thoae who are not the votaries o' fash ion, bnt alw ys wish to look uniform in the kind of hat ihey wear, which is most b-eomiag to them, cut have their Hats made to order at a very short notice- mil lm*rc TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KING, the well known and celebrated9^ first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in general, ithat he has for sale a most splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW H ATS, manufactured of aa satire new article, called Paris Straw Gimp, made to the shape of ..... tTfml ?" the Shepherdneas Gipsey?so beaut' fiat and becoming, they need only be seen to be admired. Milliners, and merchants of tlie trade, will do well to Call and examine before they make their purchases, as the goods will be sold by the ease or doxea at a very liberal price. CARL KINOv 17 Division street. N. B.?A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods and Paris Ribbons always on head. 173 lm*r . FINE FRENCH BOUT8 FOR $1 34-City made, rand are equal to those told in other stores for $3; fine Freoeh (-a'f Boors for $4 54, rqual to the best made in this 'OUNg It city for V w $7?at YOUNG It JONES' French Boat Shoe M'jo actory; one of the most fashionable in this city; ear Boob aiviug been judged in the late Fair at Niblo'e, are said to be the best Boots ever sold in this city. All Boom warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNG It JONES. 4 Ana street. i*77 lm*rh near Broadway. New York. 192 BROADWAY, CORNKR OF JOHN STRUCT.

TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. SPECIMENS of RING'S unapproachable VERBENA CREAM FOR SHAVING.-This article, uuivrsally praised by (hose who made trial of it, last yrar took the fi-at premium of the Institute Fair. lodeed it is futlv conceded by those who know, tnat it it impossible to manufacture an arti cle equal to it. It is softening to the skin, fragrant to the sense, a destroyer offreckles and pimples, and is sold cheai>er than the old soaps. All, therefore, who would consult econo my and comfort in shaving, should possess themselves of it. From the New York Gaxette.?The Neiv Soap.?We speak from experience, and we speak from the more professional knowledge of oar benefactor and frieod James Grant. No. 4 A?n street, whesays it is ahead of any thing ever yet found oat in this department of modern improvement. It is not only an emolient " but it is something more." In short, we believe it is the best shavieg soap in the world. From the Evening Mirror.?Ring's Verbena Cream, we know by experience to be the beet kind of shaving soap, and those persons who have troublesome beards, should not be without it It has a penetrating way of its own, and softens tr.e hardest and roughest beard, so as to tender the operation of _ eiucnt nuu i uu^tirni ucaiu. *u mm tv ituiuoi iiif Cj'Fiauuu ui thariug perfectly easy. Mr. Ring has lately uken the busi ness or Dr. Miloor. at the eomer of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; anu, likewise, King's Cough Candy, which ia said to be a pleasant and cer tain cure for that troublesome companion. From the Sunday D spatch.?Every man who shaves himself should procure "Ring's Verbena Cream." It is an exquisite article, softening the beard, and allayiug all irritation of the tkin, ao that it becomes an absolute pleasure, instead of aa an noyance, to use the raxor. Beware ofImitations, and onaerve the written signature un der the directions for use, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared and lor sale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by C. H. RING, Druggist, Jfg-.. 192 Broadw.y, corner of John street Successor to Dr. Win H. Milnor. N. B.?Merchants are particularly requested to call and ex amine this article, aa now prepared, as to quality, quantity, ap pearance and price. It cannot be beat?ihe splendid new label from a steel plate, engraved by Messrt. Rawdon. Wright k Hatch, far exeteding any thing of the kind before the public, mi lm*r 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. 'rHIt Snbueriber returns his thanki to his friends and the A public I for the very liberal patronage extended to him since the opening of his Store in New York. Premising that in Perfnmery the maxim sftould prevail, "either the beat er ? raeatly solicits one moment's attention to i be fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offering t. whether the competition be foreign or Ameri the very best, whether the competition be foreign or Ameri ca*- l*t- He poesaoaea unequalled advantages tu Paris, ia huv '?C been for many venr* Director of the Laboratory of Laa fat ~we at File, fox half a ceatnry the first hoase in this line in Europe. Sad. pace the first eshibition, some years past, ol JT Wassvo KM UI II FlltlUlllUli| aUUlO J twle 1'Mli VI ' ?7?mery, it hen, without a single exception, obtained in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the First Premium over all competitors, naff at the lest exhibition in New York, he ww.honored with tan Gold Medal never before awarded to M. Hh Per Pmfhmery. Sri. Mm Perfnmery bee banished the imported whenever it bee come fairly into competition. This is em phatically the ease with his Shaving Cream Why should it . , he so T Hie Perfumery is, in fact, the Foreign, b??h, in |ts quality and mode of fabrication, with the i. in its quality end mode of fabrication, with the itaon of an excellence which the foreign never can p pes see . tsly, freshness and advantage in many of these articles oi the greatest importance, owing to their perishable nature. 4Ui. H is pnree arc from M to M per cent lower. In flue, the sub scriber, educated m the best foreign school*, imported with bJ" ffppe?sace and of his native city, offers the products of hu laboratory. eqnai to the beat imported and aaperior to them from the.advantage of recent preparation, at maeh lower m the advantage of recent preparation, at mneh lower prices. Ho, increfore, flatters himself that hit preparations must of necessity inpereede the imported, except with those who are ao unreasonable as to prefer article* merely because they are foreign, and hav* been subjected to the influence of a see voyage. To conclude, the subscriber alwavs keeps on hand a perfect assortment of the best foreign perfumery, and offers store an cpportanity of comparing the two. and of ' judgment or preference of ihe i ? | according to the The aabocribor most reepeetlhljy solicits a fall ftom thoe# who with to purchase that which is geouiae, aa he assures the Kblic that nothing shall ever qnit his astabl aliment without ingau represented to the purchaser. He particularly invites the attention of wholesale and retnl dealer* to hu very com plete aaeortment, which he offers to them at prices from M to 5. per cent cheaper dm. they *?**"?TfoUMEL, Manafactnror and Importer of Toilet Hoepo, JMlm'r Perfumery, ke. TO TRUNK MAKERS. TRW* BOARDS? lO.Mt lb* Trunk Board*, of superior i ...uc, -W, 'Tli'oV.., ft laa SMI7 Neman street. DR. 8WAYNEPS Compound Syrup of Wild Ohorry, THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Wkom Honor In Don. It m*r truly be Mid, that no one has fit keen 10 tutn?r>l in eel pounding a medicine, which has done ao Much 10 relieve the human family, to rob dis ease of its terrors, and restore the Invalid to Health and comfort, as the Invtntor and Proprietor of that most deser vedly popular family mediein*. Da. Swarm's Compound Kritur or Wild Cherry,and none has been so generally pa tronixed by the profession and others, both in thia country and in Kurope, nor has there ever been to great an effort, in the 1 hort space ol only s x or seven years, to deceive the credu lous audnnthinking, by putting ap Nostrums kinds, of various kinds, by various individuals, afflaing the name of Wild Cheery, and aa much of the name of the original prepara tion at will screen them from the lash of the law, and one of t ie impostors who pats oat tha common paregoric o> the shops, and calls it the Balsas! or Wild Cherry. has had the impudence to caution the public against the Original Pre paration, Or. Swathe's Compound Strop or Wild Cmerrv, which is doing so much good ia the world. BKWARB OF SUCH 191 POST ICRS. And purchaee none but the original and only genuine article, as prepared by Dn Swathe, which is the oaly one compound ed by a Regular Physician, and arose from many years close attention to the Practice of the Profession, and which led to ? his great discovery. Thousands and tens of thousands of the best testimonials of the unparalleled success of Or. Swayue'i Compound of Wild Cherry, for the cure of Consumption! Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Liver Complaint, Tickling or Rising in the Ttiroat, Nervous Debility, Weakness of Voice, Palpitation or Disease of the Heart, Pain in the Side or Breast, Broken Constitution from varions causes, the abase of ca o mel.kc., Bronchitis, Asthma. Whooping Cough, Itc , were declared to the world yeais before any other preparation nf Wild Cherry c-me out. The moet sceptical may satisfy themselves aa to the truth of tha above by a little inqniryia Philadelphia. The genuine article is orgpared only by Dr. Swayhr, whose office 1ms been removed to N. W. corner of Eighth and Rare streets, Philadelphia. The Balsam and other spurious articles of Wild Cherry has been sold ont. and resold out, aud the proprietora are obliged to retort to False 11000 and Strataokm to make their own ont of it. The ge nuine article ia put up in plain style, in square bottles, covered with a bine wrapper, with a yellow label, with the proprietor's signature attached. (7* The Public are requested to remember that it is Dr. HWAYNE8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHER RY that hns and is repeatedly performing inch miracnlont curei of 1 iteases which have baffled the skill of the Frofre sion, and set at defiance the whole caralocne of Patent Medi cines, which are daily puffed through the organs of tha pre as. Therefore, ask lor Dr. 8 WAYNE I COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, and pnrihase no other. Aciekts in New Yore?Charles H. Rim, Druggist, 192 Broadway, corner of John street; Sands, ltd Bowery: Warner, 205 bleeeker stieet: Dodd. 771 Broadway; Lewis, 527 Green wich street; Hurt, Ml Orand street; Everett, 9# Hudson street; or Bailey, comer of Fnlton and Sands streets, Brrooklyn. f2l lm*m DOCTOR ARNT'3 RELIEF SALVE. FOR WOUNDS, Bruises, Burns, Chronic Sorva or Swel lings, Piles, Ulcers and Inflamed Breasts, It ia also a sovereign remedy for Blotches on the Fac*, aud Chapped or Rough Skin. It will soon reader it transparent, clear and soft as velvet. (Extract of a letter from Doctor Wood.) I am highly gratified to hear that the "Relief Salve," pre pared by Dr. Charles Arnt, is being introduced to the pnblie. It poaaeaeea merits which will apeedily give it a high rank in the confidence of yonr customers. It ia decidedly superior 19 any other preparation with which I havs any acquaintance. "1 have made frequent nse of it with the greatest poeaible success, aed freely and cheerfally commended it to others. 1 cannot withhold an expression of surprise at the happy effscta I have known it to produce in several eases of inflamed breasts and nerves." (Extract from n letter written by a female to h?r relative.) ' Monday morning called at Mrs. Holbert'a. She had suffer ed so long and ao much with her breaita, that 1 expected from what we had heard, to flod her dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arm's Relief Salve' that night and the next day, and to my great satisfaction, I found her entirely relieved. After apply ? eg it twice ae 1 had dir-eted, the milk suited a stream; they put the child to her breasts, and they are now both doing very well indeed. They eall me the Good Samaritan for mentioning the salve to them. I am very glad of being the means of doing some good ia the world." Doctor Halloek?Sir; That the great rirtne of " Amt'a Re lief Salve" may bo known to the afflicted, 1 deem it my duty to state a few (ecu connected with my own ease. About twenty years ego I received an injery from the fragment of e bursting cannon striking me in my groin; from that up to the present time I have suffered muchdistress and pain, and finally it re sulted in a diffused aneurism, pervading my leg and foot. During this protracted season of suffering, I hare had recourse to all the " sure cures," and highly recommended ' Pun Ex tractors," he., tie., with 10 beaeflt . Having recently taken n severe cold, my leg was again the ?eat of moat excruciating pain, and had all tha appearxnee ol immediate mortification. 1 was advised that, in order to save my life, my leg mast be amputated. Again I resorted to tlw varions highly recommended remedies, bat found no relief, uutil 1 was peisasded to try tho "Relief Salve After the first application I felt a great benefit; and on the second, the dark mahogany color of my leg and foot changed to a natural and heal thy appearance. By using two boxes the swelling end inflaminauo 1 disappeared, and my leg became entirely free from pain. It is now in a better condition than it has bees for ton yeera. I do therefore recommend it strongly to othsrs suf fering from aimilar afflictions, and hare ao doubt it will proya n highly valuable application for all tha pnrpoeae for which it m recommended. Respectfully yours, Imp, pARgoNg French's Hotel. No. 1JJ Fnlton street. Now York. Sold wholesale and retail by the principal agent, C H ARLE8 H. RING, Drnggist and Chemiat, 192 Broadway, comer of John street, and by moat of the respectable druggists. fit !m*re WINDOW SHADES, TASSEJrS, CORD, fcc. QN MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. 9th,) the inb.crsber will "T!o, M Chatham Btreot, (lew York, One door from tho corner of Chambers, a new, extensive, and TRAN8PA5^T*^Vr?SoW SHADES; Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, to be Maud either iu Europe or America. Prices we will not mention; but 1 mm our Saeilitiea for manuftetaring,as well as for import ing, we think we can safely defy competition with tho would: A good assortment ofTaooels, Cord, fcc., will be kept ^Ybmjeonle and rntnU purchasers we respectfully invited to eall tad examine for thetneeivea. THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES, OR thoee whose Luugt are affected .lightly, should take this Syrup withoat delay, by which they may prevent the tiling of that dire disease (ally and firmly. How important then, to araM It- Never livo a day with a eouk when this Syrap can be had and yon are nearly certain, with proper care, to avoid destruction by Consumption. DR. BWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. It is a compound of Vegetable Remediee; it is called Wild Cherry, became that article ia the basin of the preparation. It is so combiasd with other ingredients, that the utmost effi ciency it given to it? good qualities; as a supporter and preeer ver of the powers and functions of life, it has no eqnal. Captio* ?All preparations of Wild Cherry, except Dr. 8wsyne's, are fictitious and counterfeit, and sprung np years after this valuable remedy had introduced itself into the sick cnamber: therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balsams" and " Spariou. Mixtures," bat Or the gennine and be cared. Prepared only by Da. Bwanm, N. W. corner of Eighth and Race etreeta, Philadelphia. . _ ?, _ ,, , Sold wholesale and retail at Charles H. Rtngi, (late Dr. Mil nor'i.) 192 Broadway, comer of John it.; and at Drag store*, 1*8 Bowery, 771 Broadway. MS Bleecker at., 96 Hudson .treat, and Ml Grand street. jltlm m ?|'kE ACME id)F EXPEDITIOUS WRITING.?Stew A art Hardinge respectfully announces to the public that he is now receiving names for a Class of five hundred Ladies and Gentlemen, for a COURSE OK SIX LESSONS m his legible and expeditions ...tern of Shoit-haivd WaiTifto, to be giran at the LYCEUM, 581 Broadway, on the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of two successive weeks. The first Lesson will be given as soon as five hundred names shall have been obtained, of which due notice will be Cen to Subscribers. Two splendid Gold Watches, valued at each, will be awarded to those Members of the Class who will send in, on the evening of importing the fifth lesson, the two best Local ConuooauHs, written m the Characters of his Svstem, and bearing fhe adthvsa of the writer. A committee of six will be nominated and chosen by the Class, to judgeof the aptness and wit contained in all tbe Conundrums sent in, which will be reed to them by the Ciairmaa of said Commit tre. The Watches may be seen at Saxton It Mile*' book store, Broadway. To ensure a correct result to all who may feel disposed to participate ia the above intellectual sad amusing Coarse ol Lectures, the following Gentlemen have been mad* agents lor the sale of tickets, who will be responsible for the retnrn of the money paid, ahonld any accident occur to prevent the proceeding of the Coarse, or should any person, after at tending the same, not be able to writa every word in the lan guage, according to the principles of the system. Mr. Strei heigh, Clerk at the Office of the Tl' ? r.;,?h Clerk at tns Office of the Tribune; Mr. Taylor, of the 1'eriodieal Depot, 2 Astor House; Shepard's, and th* New Yoik Hotel. Ticket* for the Coarse?Gentlemen $2; Ladies $1 The following unsolicited editorial notice appeared in the New York Tribune, January 20, IMS?"Mr. Hardinge gave his third lecture on phonography, at Clinton Hall, on Saturday evening last. He answered, to the satisfaction of his audience, many objections which were raised by different individuals, and seemed entirely matter of hit subject. A class of small boys, who had taken bnt two lessons of Mr. H. were able to read vary readily in Steno-Phonographic characters, snch sen tences as were handed in bv the audience and written on the blackboard by the Lecturer." b?4 2w eod'rc D. w. STONE, Attorney at Lau>, Raletgh, N. C. WILL atteod to the collection of any claims that may be entrusted to hia care. Refer to Messrs. Woodhall It Mintara, New York. Bryan h Maitland, " L>MyertkCo. " A.M. Trad well, Esq. dtt 2taw4m*r UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avenue, Waehington City,D. C. fT-HE PROPRIETORS of th it new, Urge and modem built A establishment, respectfully tender their thanks to the pub lic for the liberal rapport they have | i given, and confidently anti cipate an increasing popularity from the efforts of the under . The I ~ signed to the pnblic sccommodatioo. The house is sitnate on the Avenue, on the promenade aide, between Third and Four and-a-Half streets, convenient to the Railroad Depot, and tha Capitol. It u capable of accommodating three hundred gaesta. In all its parts ithas recently undergone a general improvement for the winter's season. The parlors and ladies' apartments have been elegantly famished?the ladies' ordinary tastefully refitted; indeed in every division of the hoase the primary consideration has been to adapt It to the comfort of oar patrons. The dining hall is ooa of the moat consmodioas and best light ed. by day and night, in th* Union. Oar train of servants are polite, active, obedient, and wall disciplined. Briefly, ws con fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating public ia all tha essentials required to render n pablie house a home to th* traveller. _ Charges as heretofore, flM per day. Permanent boarders taken at a fair discount, in ctmsonanM wuh the^ri^ofjhe a2J tm eod'rc SHEFFIELD HARD WARE. 7nn ORO. IVORY, Stag. Tip and Bone Table Cutlery: I W 4000 dox Pocket Catlery; 20? doz Hand. Panel and Back Saws: an assortment of Cast-steel Filet. Razors, Sett lors, Ivory Table Knives, in tela of H piece*, Brown It Flath ?r's Braces and Bittt, Squares and Spokethavet; Japanned Tea rrays. Also, a few eases of Cast Steel for Handsaws. The ibore being purchased direct from the manufacturers, are ef brcd at low pri'**, by BARTON BROTHERS. m9 11 II It'm It Piatt street, up stairs. MR. OLDF1ELD. PR0FE880R OF MU8IC, PIANISTfc., No. MB William Itnet WILL be happy to play at Concerts sad Cotillon Parties ; get up Musical Entertainments, and grve instructimu on the Pieao Forte. Mr. O. has e beaatiftuly toned Piano Forte, that he will sell cheap for cash. Can be seen at No. MS Brand war jt*'m*rg LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GMENTLKMEN and Families having tnperflaoai WEAR I ING APPAREL, (either Lady's or Gentlemen's) Jewel ry, Fire Arms, he.. he., they would dispose of to advantage, may do so by sending for the subscriber, who will attend thee at their residence* by appointment. H. LEVETT. No. 1 Wall street, N. Y. All orders through th* Poet Office, or otherwise, punctually attended to. jail lm*r 1 OLu LEAF AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL OF HU OLD LEAF AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL OF SU 1 periov quality?Gold k oil IS per oz.; Gold Leaf at the lowest marxet prices; Pale Gold BS M per package: Silver Leaf, Gold, Silver and Copper Broaxes, he , at th* Factory, 92 Reade street. J. L. WAUOH, ianim're Fiaetieal Gold Beater MOUSSLLINES Ud. I.A1NE. infk NEW SPRING STYLES j, k oroiga sad Domestic, UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK. jyjR OEORUfc VANDENHOKF will delim hi. Open . iiig Lecture on Elocu'inn, wil t Poelir tl aud Scriptural Readings, t > the Studenti of the University, in the Chipel, on Monday Evening, 18th Merch, 1148, it half-pur 7 o'clock pre cisely. Ticket* to the public to cents, may be bad at the University, aud st Mr. G. Vandenhoff's rooms, M Chambers street. ml3 Itisre REMOVAL. THE HARDWARE. Lntiery aad Uasa Eatabliabmaet ol A W SPIES It CO , is removed from til Pearl street to 81 Maiden Lane. mI3 3t*r SEGARS?FOREIGN ANO DOMESTIC. THK SUBSCRIBERS i Trite the attention of country mer chants, dealers, and othera, to their eitensire stock of 8e (ars. This st ick has been selected with the greatest care, and purchased at the very loweat prices for cash; they are, there fore,enabled to offer the different qualiti slower than any other establishment in the city.The assortment comprises erery style and quality, from $3 to ??.houund^ LAyERTy mrll lm*re Wholesale Segar Emporium. 101 Wall at. ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from the best materials and the finish equal to any in the world. 8teel from 3 to 3 cents per inch; copper from l)f to 3 cents per inch: Plates from 3 to 40 inches; Card Plates 13s to 16s per doz. A large stock always on hand an J rea dy for orders st a moment's notice, and sent by Adams'Ez press. Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE, mr!3 Im'r 8< and 36 Piatt street, N. York. SARON1 & ARCHER, 1131 Waiter at.. Corner of Olnlden Cane. AVE on hand a large assortment of Caps, Silk and Kur H Hats, of erery description and Spring style, Straw and Hats. Also. Oil Silk, Olszed Lawn, Vizors and Panama , . . Cap-stocks, which th-y offer at ?ery low prices. Dealers and manufacturers will do well to examine their Stock before |>nr chasing elsewhere. ml2 Im'in FIFTEEN FARMS. DLACES of from two to thirty acres each, splendid Views I of the Sound. Village aud Landing, for Sale st New Ro chelle, 18th Marcn, 1148, at 1 o'clock, P7M., at public Auction. Terma liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A. Lawrence, Auctioneer. New Roehelle; or John H. Peters, New York. Mape at MilDr'a tavern. New Roehelle. 116 8w*re SHAFER & CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, litll Broadway, near Park Place. ARE NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre Packets, an en tirely new assortment of the fiscst Sedan Cloths and Can simeres, adapted to the early spring trade. Having conclnded a permanent arrangement, as cutter, with Mr. P. Andriot, late of the Hne Cutiglione, Paris, well known to moat of our faah ionablea who havs visited Europe, they are now prepared to execute orders in a style of unusual elegance. , mi!3 Im'r 341)1 Broadway. UTEAM O ply to MM POWER.?Rooms to rent with Steam Power. Ap y to R. HOC fc CO, 3wre 39 and 31 Gold street. TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CUBEBS, AND COPAIBA is particularly recommended u a safe, i " " ~ ' " ' speedy and efficient remedy for all sexual diseases It is in a very concentrated and pleasing form, which admits ol taking it without being tasted or producing sickness or nausea; it has become very popular, and alt who have occasion to nse it, ac knowledge its efficacy. For* ale, wholesale and retail, by JAMES TARRANT, Drugg at, lie. corner of Greenwich and Warren atreets, N. Y. Also, by Mosely k Tucker, Mob le; M. Grew, Natchez; Hendriekson, Savannah; M. A. Santos, Norfolk;G M. Carey. Charleston; D. Antignac k Barry. Augusta; W. H. Reese, Baltimore; Gilman, Washington; McCloud k Wheaton, St. Louis. mrl2 !m*r YOUNG PHYSIC. CHKONO-THEHM AL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE, with an Introduction and Notes,by DR. TURNER,late Heal h Commissioner of New York.?Price 71 cauts. "The day is not distant when the Chrono-Thermal system will be universally received. The bone* of Samuel Diekanu may first lie mouldering iu the dust, aad his spirit rest with God who gave it, but truth will at laat triumph, and posterity will render to hia memory the merit which ia hie due."?New York Courier k Enquirer. For sale by REDFIELD, Clinton Hull, mil 8tia*re New York COMFORT FOR THF AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT C. KELLLNGER'S PAIN ERAD1CATOR. THIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, continues to astonish all who sue it, or who havo been favored with the alighteet knowledge of ita wonder working effect* upon tlx human system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where this infallible remedy ia applied, it mat ten not from what eaaae it may have originated. Principal Depot. 80 John street. f 11 Im'r MANSION HOUSE, VIDDLKTOWN, CONNECTICUT. PI'HE UNDEKSIUNED begs leave to anuoua A friend* and the pnblie, that he hna leased (he at announce to his above house for a term of yean, aad hopes, by long eeperienee and strict attention to business, to merit a libsrsl share of their patronage JOHN L. MONROE, - - - - - ,f the U. 8. Hotel, Boei mrl Ira*re Formerly of LOOK AT THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of first qaslity Boob and -r*.Shoes, to make room for a large supply of Fruoeh Goods, sow on live way, comprising cork sols Boob, water proof and light Fraaeh do, fine call Shors, Pampa, and Dancing Gaiters, Lady's Gaiters, Buakiaa. Slippers, Ties, patent leather, white and black Satin, whit# Kid, Clogs. Moccasins; all kinda of Rubber* aad Overahoea. ke., kc , all of which will bo aold 33 per cent lorn than heretofore, at 387 Broadway, eor. Fraaklin timet. M* CAUILL. f* Im'me RHEUMATISM. Coopooid Syrnp of the Hydriodate of Potama SARSAPARILLA, YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE is pre pored from tkepurvst article#, and is recommended as the hast and only sure cum of Rheums At this season of the year especially, it ia of tha greatest importance, aa it will remove all thoae extremely unpkwant symptom*, (sever* pains, stiffness of the joints, back, shoal kc. lie.) It ihtus. purifiss,and quickens the eirculstioa, wwsu, II WIWl |ninilii|IM IJllCSwwff M?w 4.H8" and leaven a vary port of the animal economy ia a pert??i ?b of health. Tun virtues ol each article have loag beau hao* to tha faculty, aad by their Judicious admixttra thair off" BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRE88. PGR Fitebbarr.Keene, Greenfield, Brallleboro, Windsor. " Woodstock, Montpelier, end Burlington, Vt., end the Co uadss. All Ptckiiai, Parcel* and baaiaeae.t* any of die above towna, or any part of the we*tern portion of Now Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfully attended to if directed to the care of L. BIOELOW, I Court street, Botton. N. B.?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow'i hi DR. POWELL OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, attend, to Diseases of the Eye and to all Impurfsctloas of Vision, from 1 to 4 o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren WL Ophthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear fiaeagi, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and saceeas. Invaterate eases of STRABISMUS, or Sqaiating, cured in a lew minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior bounty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence Ml Broadway ratraaoe 1W Warren street. mi M, W.KkSua 1m k 4tw*r, #?,tHmi, $<>,ouo, ts.uoo, ia,uou|?,?ioot fd.SOO, ?a,ooo, tl,BOO, flJJOO, ?t?0 LEND ON BOND AND MORTAGE-The above * sums of money, on good productive real aetata in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to S 8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall st. inVw office of Peaxcek Co. basement. N. B.?Call be ween the hoars of I and it o'clock, or be ween 1 and 4 o'clock P. M iMlm*re STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE.UAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. Those who denbt i's virtnes, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. II hum bugs would take this method there would be ao reason to com plain. Gentlemen can hare their whiskers and hair changed to any color or shade in a few minutes. Private rooms for cnaog ins the hair. None genuine nuless signed " H. Striker," in red int. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No 9 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hail or Records, New York, up stairs. IM Im'rh ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. THE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe J Store, No. til Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, wootd J sprrtfnlly inform his enstomers and the public generally, that he has established the One Price system. The price will lie found written on the diffeut kinds ol Boots and Shoes, which will be the low*it end only pries ssksd in raters in this Establishment. He wonld thank the pnbUe for the liberal jtttroosgc received, and solicit a continuation of the same in this most desirable way of trade, the One Price System. Do not forget the n ember, 111 Greenwich, eomerofB street, near fio lm*r Do not forget the uamber, ill Greenwich. conn of Barclay r?et, near the Hoboken Ferry. JAMES WIOOINR. f 10 lm*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /"VTTIS FIELD, respsctfnlly informs his friends and the " " poblie, that he hat returned to his!old favorite quarters, BA88FORD'S ROO.VIB. entrance IX Ann st, adjoining the Museum building, or 141 bniton street. The Rooms sad Ta bles have been pat in perfect ordm. The Tablet are Mete. Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber end Cloth Casbioas. They will so doubt suit European and all great placers, being the beat ia this eoantry. Larger balls for Boutnernere?Caro lina balls for Germans. N. B.?Bsssford's new style Billiard Tables for sale; India and French Cue Leather, best in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every articlei a the trade, constantly on hand and far sale. fM lm'ntic TO ARCHITECTS, BTUNE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. TORRE STONE 'uruiahed by the subscriber, equal to Con F neetlcnt in Quality, and M per cent cheaper, on application to A. Wilson, Sto i eCutter, Jersey City, or at the Quarry, Aquaekanoak, N. J. f!7 lm'rc ABM. H. VREELAND. DR. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 'PHE superiority of Dr-Hall's instruments ever all ethers JL is acknowledged by the most eminent pbystcinnam En, rope and America. .... ? . Office tVeoey street, Aster Hons*. A female in attendants Is the laoVe' deoartmeei ml '?*?? FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VDOBTABLR LOTION. AHIOHLY valuable Cosmetic Tor eradicating Erup on the Face sad flkia, particularly Pimples. Bleb Tetter, Sunburn, Ringworms, Freckles end Cameos crraences. The nse of the Lotion for s short tims WfU the skin sad establish a brilliant completion. Bold ks I at TJ cents each, at No. 1M Bowery, comer Pprmg aDueti also, by Mrs llsye*. iw Fulton street. Brooklyn. fl lnv*us HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! Fnr sain by MOORE k CO., tha A ma lie an IgnwH, 41 Ana street, and Elliott, 1T3 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Prion fil a bottle?Obt bat lies tor $?. Philadelphia, TutUa,? Booth 4th street afi lmja BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No. 1 St. JoKh'i corner Bene A street, Nine York. tpHE 8UB8CRIU J M would inform his Customers sad the 1 Public, that he b < eps constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common B is d Cages of every description, which ne offers fjr sale at a lower rate than they ean be bought else where. Merchants * oald find it to their advantage to call and eiunins his stock. ju P. 8. Country or 1 111 attended to wR h promptness islle and Bayonet of every rormi yommrj oempe in, about chsngmg their sniform, * "ft" ,M" Iorn,"? SOW companies w.l{* A fall rasortmeat of every variaty eerattntly oshmd ul ?Hs 11??" " ' ATACAP. MS Broadway TO THE PUBLIC. Jur Ah CURED ol a most riistressinc disMOs by Dr. JO* HkMNF No. K Dean# strovt.assr Chatham st. My body was <ivere^ with nlcerti my joints mid boae. were swollen rjfffifuk I I"* ?" eo",d ^ *fPi .was tea fi?Jto mr bedi my arm* end legs were contracted. 1 tried ee t"ml rt^eUne; was sslivsted. but recsivsRno benedt until I was cured by Dt. JoeephHems. was c ? g|_MABD TSTUB. Those who with to see am. will Aud mc Hi .the corner ol South strret end Maiden lane, where I happy to give *11 particulars which 1 should not like to give la this eertifl **$?' B ?Dr H. has no other offien but M Dunne strsvt, Bear Chatham, when hnadrrds of certificates may M teas mllm't