Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1846, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1846 Page 6
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-i tVWN l Y-Mia rH COKtiHiM. IM >M<kU. WiumiM, 6iaroh l?. 1946. Hrayor by the Rev. Mr Tu.Un Journal of yesterday. ((Resolution adopted, thet when the Senate edjonrne, it shall adjourn over to Monday next. . Mr Dn presented petitions from Western New York /or gbrogation of certain Indian treaties. .... Mr ATHxaTon presented resolutions ol the New Hampshire Legislature, recommending a reduction Of the tari(t, s??d the re-establishment of the sub-treasury ABOLITION rCTITION. Mr. Camcbon presented a petition from the Female Anti-Slavery Society of Philadelphia, asking for an amendment oi the federal Constitution in reference to slavery. Some other petitions intervened, when Mr. Sbcioht rose to protest against the reception of the abolition petition from Philadelphia He hoped that it would not be received?that R would not be evaded by a aiere side wipe, but that it would be rejected by a direct vote?that they would come directly up to it, and meet it. Mr. Camibon?Is that my petition I Mr. SrcioHT?Yos, sir; the petition you presented just now. Mr. Cameron said, he believed there was a rule in re ference to such pepers. The Vict PassiotNT stated it was the rule to raise the question of reception. Mr. SrtuiHT then raised the question of recoption. | Mr. Manwdm then moved tolsy the qaestionof recep tion upon the table. Mr. sfkiomt exprersed his regret at tlis motion of the Senator from North Carolina He, Mr. 8., wanted a di- : rect vote upon this petition; and not that it would be 1 given the go-by in an indirect decision upon 1L He : hoped the Senate would promptly repel this doctrine of interference with the question of slavery. It was not a paper referring to abolition is tha District of Columbia, but it embraoed tho abolition of slavery in the whole United Stales. Mr. Misavu defined the rule and action of the Senate , in the premises, and the aetion of tha Housa ; and while he concurred in the viewe of the Senator from Mississip pi, (Mr. Speight) he thought It best to avoid all unneces sary action npon tha suhjeot. Mr. CaieuuN asked for the reading of the memorial. It waa aocordingly read, and praye such tin amend- | meat ef the Constitution as will forever relaaso the call xens of Pennsylvania from all political connection with j the institution of rlavery. The petition is from the Phi ladelphia female Anti-Slavery Society, and is signed by , Hannah L. Tiokney, Presidentoss, and Sarah A. M'Kim, Secretary.' Mr. Calhoun aaid, the views of the action of the 8e- , nate, as given by tue Senator from North Carolina, were , correct. There was but one practice, which was to ; raise the question of reception, and lay that question upon the table. As to his own course, Mr. Calhoun said he should never vote to receive a petition which pro posed to give to the Federal Qovernment a cognizance over the institution of slaver*. Whenever the vote . should come up this would be hid position. The vote was taken upon the question of reception, and with this question, the petition itself was laid upon . the table. Mr. Wsitcott and Mr. Barrow presented several pe titions or other papers. ths patbnt office report?the public PRINT!*!!. [ Some time ago, Mr. Cameron moved the printing of 60,0oo extra copies of the Agricultural Report from the Patent Office. Afterwards the subject was referred to a committee, who subsequently reported an amendment, cutting down the extra copies to '16.000. Upon this mo tion the subject of the extra printing was to day re- 1 aumed Mr. Ashlet took up the defence of the extra printing, | and argued chat from the *alue of the report, and from the avidity of the demand for it among the people, a large extra edition could be advantageously prigtad; j and that whatever might have been done with other public documents in selling them to the grocery mer chants, there was no danger of this document being sold i in bundles as waste paper. He argued, too, that from the comparative expenditures heretofore arising from the priuting of otner and less valuable documents, this extra demand was but reasonable and justifiable. At the , past session of the '19th Congress, the Talent office report cost $4 977 04 < Document on commerce and navigation 3 -160 00 l Report on Texas 3 000 00 Trot Johnson's coal report 11 000 00 Report on retrenchment 16,030 00 Books of the Exploring Expedition. . 80.000 00 Aud appropriation would be required Mr Ashley, ho wevei, justified the Expedition a< a national duty, aud whatever ine expense uught be, to present the results of this expedition to the world, in the best and roosi beautiiul ?iy ie ? he wa? in lavor ol it L<eut's repon tut cost, (694 pas?') some (14 047 89; but tois ? sp -use Vlr A did i.ot o'-ject lo at nil. although some 40ti page i ot ina hook were iiikeu up with tables u>eiul only to tne scientific Tuts agnculiural Socu- , metit had no mat ei iniltUAi would not be generally ot toe gr?a eat ui.uty u> m? greet agr.cuiturai luteiestot lour millions ol poople. Mr. Nil>i was o.,posed to this useless expense These very agricultural reports, which cost tna government about 90 cents a copy , bad been reprinted in Philadel phia at li ots. Besides, he Uoubtad whether the extra I editions haietofore printed had beeu circu-ated; nut was ol opiuiou mat they tiad, nke many other documents, j bee.i disposed to masses at tue groceries, or book stores. He tdouglit that this subject of agriculture was not a propai subject of governmental regulation. [There waa a large audience in the galleries,and a general bum of couversatiou above aud below. We hope the Vice President, for the sake ot tbe reporters, will enj>>iu au appropriate silence. We think be is some- | times disposed to be too indulgent in this respect ] Mr. Webster advocated the printing Tne oopies of this document accruing to the Senators from Maasachu- ! sella last year, were all distributed, and the demand was so tar unsatisfied, that up to twenty four hours ago there were applications upon him for that document. : He knew of no document that had met with such general approbation aa the annual report from tho Patont Office, at the lest sessaon. On motion of Mr. Jarnauin the bill was informally laid upon the table. THE LAILT TIME! Ti. THE UNITEb STATES SENATE. Mr Jarnaoin rose to a privileged question. With a I few introductory temarks on (he necessity of the case, be called the attention ot the Senate to the numbers of i the Umty Timet ot this City, of the 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th, : of too present month. These numbers embraced not the I ordinary vague and general charges of newspaper de nunciation, but direct, specific ana positive charges of cortuptien against this body. It was not his purpose to , say one word against the editor of this paper; but he ; would be permuted to say, that if these charges have the slightest loundation -if any Senator could *o lar for- > gat the responsibilities of his station ?the dignity of this body, ami all the considerations ot honor, as to enter into i and carry on negotiations of the character charged, it was high time that the country knew it. On the con- < they were not true?if they were entirely unsus taincd by tiuth-he knew not what penalty should be visited upon the convicted party. Mr. J. read from the j Timei ot the 5th instant, part ol a loug editorial, as fol lows " At that particular crisis it did not succeed. They who were pledged to it did not all atand up to thair j committal?and, instead of being despatched to the care : of the British steamer at Boston, then just ready to em- , bark, an adjournment delayed it to a tuturo day. Since ; then, a more complete understanding has bean effected. i Caucus meetings have bean held ; the principle of action , laid down ; votes counted, and the success of the reso- | lutions, in anticipation of final action, confidently count- | od on. But, what is more aatonlahing, and showing how i false hearted some of our American Senators are, while ' seemingly contending for the interests of their country and the welfare of its people?how traitorous they dare : bo in secret collusions with our hereditary enemy?all these intrigues to force the administration into compro mise- all these plots to abandon our native soil?these I baigains to disgraca the American nation, and of their I substance All the maw of the rapacious British lion, | were canvassed and arranged at the British Minister's : own table within tha laps# of a few days, whore a 1 mooting, tor this specific and express purpose, was had, | attended by all the loyal advocatos ol tha British claim 1 who are comprised in tha whig ranks of the Senate, with, as we aeii above, a lew exceptions from the West, , of aaea who could uot in their hearts become tha plot- 1 tort of treason against their country. " On this occasion, disgraceful to the name of Repub- ' lican, which the party to this dinner-table compact as sumas, the whole strength ol the compromise ptrty was counted and ascertained?their firmness in the ciisis was pledged lor, and Minister Pakenham, the represen tative el the British Government, put in possession ol all 'her Majesty's' party strength within the walls of the American neuate " Can the American people be made to realize this ' most inlamous fact '-that the British Minister, instruct ed by bis government to intimidate, intrigue, or bribe the American peopia out of a territory to which that power has no title, and has never pretended to as.ert one, cau surround himself in secret conclave, the doors guarded, and the loop holes closed, to provide against betrayal, with a bouy ol American Senators, with whom he cau couusel on what will be the effectual means to accomplish the iuiamy of the American Go vernment, and who are alien euouga in heart to commit themselvee to hie measures of (access." Alter the publication ol thie article, the Senator from Georgia (Mr. Colquitt) thougnt proper to denounce in his place me utter taiiebood ol Ins charges involved. But in the very next paper the editor reiteraios those cuergee, and talc-re to an article, and publishes it, from a papier in Missouri (the St. Louis tCfutucmn), ot the hUlkebruary iasl, intended to show tnat, if tha Sonata piopoee an investigation, me Timet will not be the ouiy paper implicated iu toe indict.neut. Alter the denial of in# Senator liom Georgia (Mr. Colquitt), sustained by the Senator iroie Kentucky t >lr. Criueiiden), tee charges of corruption ate reitaiaied, as toliows (Tiseesot ins 10th). Mr. J. accotdiugiy read Irotu tue paper: " tVe roiteiate tue assertion, tun at a Btitish dinner, given by toe Uuiisa .Miuister, attended only by British Wings, mis tciu-u uwui,.isiaiw was the subject ol de bate , end we Lave sale above way the cluneal aeuetnr Was nut pieaaul- be Will do lor tbe catena* ot those men, nut iney eat then * cuius.iia.s' tn sacisi; '? It is also iu line ^.naiLCtei wilu this denial that he has Heated tut otuer seveiar Cliaige* cl out arti cle iu Lis in. j ol oSoUi.CiatiOu, be nas snown, to every line, ol toe uiuei flagiant cnaiacter , and, iu attempting te exculpate tile cilineallliy ol others, oy wboieaase denial oi tue uppueeiion to himself, us nas most suahieiUily earned ImougtieUi me just epithet ot Wesa needed, huUoW-Ueat led tool) and lor hie wuUug noes to bvcuuis the it vulgar ooleutiei, most cetuunjy de served a utoie coat insure aid tuaii luat which pity and apuiugy ate this day axtendiug to mm. "We Were loid, oueveiy osud, subsequently to the pnblicstisu ol Thutsday'e paper, and down to .Monday morning, mat sucb a as the excitement and letting ot the members ot cougiess and private citizens, grow ing out ol our charges, mat an iuVes*tgauon would be instituted ; toat uie esatter eoutd uot be passed over j that tue tieacisery mast tie ? xposed, if the caarges were trne. Wbeu we wrote end pubusued, we made pa DUO what many observing men iu. this city knew, aud we ware ready to stand by our axpotura. but investigation was out oltno question -investigation would do to caron ton, but it would bn ruin to act on Tbe octora lb cer tain scenes knew ibis. They dared net subject their in trigues with the British Minuter and hia more immadiata Bi man coutede rates, to tba dissection and naksdnass of a public examine toil. They talked this all ovsr. They helo a caucus on .Sunday night?(was tha Revarand Mr. Colquitt not there !) arid there the whole matter waade- 1 ftkUiT T?? ekiMMVitpinNu'l^it^RTRSa ml sell.?l?4MaMa?. *-~l U,m tornu|l >?, ? 4etSl mUaUen ?? lilt Mil m( Ut bkiiigual l> ttl lit l|-IU -Ml is nolle* lbs tub]sot " These wars eerlous chergee against lbs inleg rit y of this body, oml tlltr a repetiCou t|tiu snJ again, Mr. Jarnagin thought that some action wai celled for. on the part of the Senate. He thereupon, without furtbor ra ins rk, submitted the following rasolution: Resolved, That a committaa of thrne mambars ol the Senate be appointed to enquire and ascertain what mea sures if any, are required to vindicate its character and honor sgainst the charges of a paper published in Wash ington, called the Daily Timet, and that the committee be empowered to send for persons and papera. A Voice.?Five Mr Jarnaoin accepted the amendment; and the reso lution was altered, so as to read " fire members" instead of" three." Mr. Mihium confessed his reluctance at noticing this mattsr st all; but as one of the whig Senators, intimately conversant with his associates, and competent to speak in their behalf, he would announce, that there was no meeting of the whirs whatever, at the British Minister's or elsewhere, at which the British Minister was present, at which, either directly or indirectly, there was any caucus or consultation in reference to this question of the Oregon controversy. There was not a scintilla of foundation for those charges. His own impression was, that if the character'of this Senate was not strong enough to sustain, passively, charges like these?not specifically made, not substantiated by any direct evi dence, however high the character of the paper? ha de sired no longer an association witn it. And, if any Sena tor, upon such general charges, deemed it essential to call a committee, we had bettor leave our position! at onoe. But be waived his objections,) because he under stood that one of this editor's informants was a member of Congress. Voice raoM the Democratic Side?What 1 Mr. Manoi'm repeated that ha had understood on# of the informers of this sditor was a member of Congress. That it was a member of the Senate he believed to be utterly impossible. If, however, this should be an addi tional calumny,. as respects any member of the other House, it was proper that it shoufd be exposed. As the resolution was offered, therefore, he should vote most cheerlully for it. It was due to the British Minuter, dis tinguished for all the courtesies of lifajaa ha was?it was due to him, and to that spirit sf hospitality which should ever characterizes* great nation?that the truth should be known. The charges of intrigue embraced all the whigs of the .Senate, one half the democrats, and the President himself was involved. What could the whigs, or a caucus of tbe'whigs do, unless they found a oo-ope ration in the President! Mr. M. said he.would vote for the resolution. Mr. SrEitiHT said that this bill of pains and penalties consisted of two counts. It assumed that not only at these recent intrigues were the whigs a party, but that a portion of the demacrats ware also present. Now, he had reason to believe that he was one of the latter ar raigned under this charge. It was to himself, to his con stituents, and to the Senate, to aay that he emphatically deuied any knowledge whatever of any intrigue of the opposition party, or of his own political friends. He had no knowledge of any such thing. He was at a caucus at the beginning of the session, in reference to the ap pointment of committees. In regerd to the amendment of the Senator from Oeorgla, (for "negotiation and com Sromise") from the time at which be first beard of it,Mr. . was positive in declaring that it was not the result of any caucus. In regard to the Oregon controversy, he had ever considered it, as not a party, but strictly an American question, and in this view he had freely con versed with the whigs upon this subject, from a desire that the Senate should present an unbroken front before the world. There was do foundation for these charges. Mr. Calhoun (as understood) said that in the absence of the Senator from Georgia, (Mr. Colquitt) it was pro per that he (Mr, Calhoun) snould state that he had ob served to that Senator that his amendment was well drawn up, and would combioe a majority ef this body in its support. Mr Benton said it was nearly a month ago when a Senator from the other side, with a view to a proposi tion wh ch would carry the Senate, brought forward bis amendment. Consequently it was before the period laid for this accusasiou. On one occasion,he had onvers- , ed with the Senator from Kentucky, (Mr. Crittenden) in the committee room. This was a case involving, not an individual member of the body, but a majority. Ho thought it, notwithstanding, unworthy of serious no tice. But a member rises and proposes a committee, and whatever course he may have preferred in the begin* ning, he should vote cheerfully for the resolution. Mr. Chalmars said he was one ot those who voted against the adjournment, (on Thursday, two weeks, i wnen Mr. Colquitt's amendment was under considera tion )and it was pioper to state the facta in the premises. He regarded the charges of this paper as wholly uuwor iby ot hie notice in this house. He knew of no other caucuses but ot the democratic members lie had at tended no other He knew nothing of any whig caucus jvun the Brmsn Minister He naif voted ugaiu.t the ad journment, becauae he desire 1 some action of tne Sen ate upon tne amendments He was favorable to the no- j lice mid de?ireii it ra-ucn a to'm as would secure the , laigesi vote of this body. He should vote cheerfully ' lor tne committee. Mr Westcutt was understood to say, for ha apoke in a low tone ol voice, that if he had the slightest auspi cion that there was a single member ot this oody in any degree guilty of tne charges aduoed, he should almost feel as it be himself were involved in the offence. But he hid not the slightest suspicion of this kind. Hs should vote agaiost the notice in any of the forms in which it had been presented He did not believe the Committee of Investigation necessary, either to the via- I dicatiou of the character of the Senate, o of any iodi vidual Senator, but as an act of public justice, in the . conviction ol the guilty party. Mr. Baosv did not believe the resolution* necessary to 1 vindicate the character ol the Senate. He could not be lieve thattbe lime had come wheu it was necessary here [ to enter into a grave investigation of newspaper charges, i and he hoped the time never would come. H* had heard of no diuuar at the British Minister's?of no intrigue?of no raucus?nor did he believe in the intrigue, nor in the caucus. He thought the rasolution would be a little letuog down of the Senate. This waa the first time that such a proposition had bean submitted, and he Hoped it would be the last. Mr. Bkrbien would not vote for the reiolution, on the ground that it wa? called for to vindicate the character of the Senate, or of any Senator on hia or on the other aide of the chamber. No Senator, appealing to Ood and hi* conscience, could say that he believed in aught of theae charge*. But he hoped that an oppoitunity would be afforded in the courae of thia investigation to rebuke the growing licentiousness oi the pre**. The resolution lor toe Committee of investigation was adopted, and the committee voted, to be appointed by the chair. The Vies ParsioKifT, accordingly, named Messrs. Jarnagin, Benton, Dickinson, J. M. Clayton, and Tur ner, as the Committee. On motion, the Senate then took up tho resolutions and amendments Irom yesterday, on tho subject of oaEoeis?araciAL oaoca or thimv. Mr. Atchison, of Missouri, rose to the question. Af ter stating the queation he should, he would prefer that ' torm of notice which should be the briefest, and the most explicit and unconditional; such a form, for instance, as the resolution reported from the oommittee on loreign relations. Specified his objections to tho various amend ment* proposed. He had various objections to tho pro viso of th# Senator from Kentucky, (Mr. Crittehden,) proposing to hold back the notice till the adjournment of Congress, because it would so far auspend any definitive action on this subject He reed from the President's message, and said that waa the very reason why ho wanted the,treaty of "17 removed?nothing could bo done towards the formal occupation of tho territory, until tho treaty were removed. If we wished to assume exclu sive jurisdiction over any portion of that territory, it would be necessary to give thia notice. " Mas terly inactivity" would not answer. First settlors in Oregon wore from Missouri. Thoy expected the protection of the government?donation* of land? and so lorth. The wild spirit of adventure in the West could not induce men witn large privileges to undergo all the privations of the wilderness. No, sir, it was the hope ol bettering their condition, from grants of land by the government. Under the policy of " masterly inac tivity" emigration would cease, tne settler* would be come dispinted, and there would bo danger,ultimately ol'absolving themselves Irom the Union. Mr. Atchison, for an hour and a half, continued his .argument for the whole of our rightful soil He believed our title good to 64 40?that the President was committed to that boun dary?that the Senator from North Carolina was wrtmg in placing the President at the 49th degree, end wrong also iu declaring that farmers and tnecnanics were unfit for the Presidency. Th* speech oi Mr. A was marked with good sense, plain matter of fact argument, and for a fifty-lour lorty speech wae so conciliatory as to load us to the impression, that If it were necessary for th* peeo* ol the couutry and the peace of the party, he would as a last alternative, probably, go for something short of 64 40, if our title war* not so " perfectly clear and unques tionable" as he had bean led to suppose. Mr. Calmou* secured the door, and on his motion, and with the object of hit accommodation, th* 8*nate ad journed, ami pursuant to a previous resolution, adjourn ed over to Monday next. A little too last. Bsior* the motion to adjourn was put, on motion ol Mr. Jabnaoin, tn* committee of investiga tion sppointed to day was authorised to employ s clerk. And tnen th* Senate adjourned. House of Representative*. Was hi.kit o.v, March IS, 1848. The House met at eleveu o'clock this morning. Pisyer liy the Chaplain, and reading of th* journal by th* Clerk. COSSl'LAB SYSTSSf. Mr. W. W. Camtssll submitted a resolution, which w.ia adopted, mat a select committee be appointed to inquire and report to lais House, wnat alteration, if any. ought lo be mad* in the consular system el th* United States, and that they leport by bill or otherwise. asvoLUTioiSART soloisss. On motion of Mr. W u. Saowrr, it was resolved that the Commute* ou Kavuluuonary Pensions, inquire into ti.e expedieuoey oi making inure ample provision tor 10 digeul suliliere and pensiuueis ol me revoluuou. sua so or claihs. On motion of Mr. Ashmuk, it was resolved that the Committee on the Judiciary inquire and lepoit What tneesuiee ei* necessary to be edop.ed to 1 aciillalo me seu.emeut ol claims. <>s Alt'i rocs VAKMS .sir. Johmsok, of 1'euuesse*, asked leave to introduce a bui an.bunting every poor man, aud nead ol a family, to poseesa one uuuarod and sixiy BOX** Ol land, " without money and wunout piice." nut oojectiou was made, and the benevolent design of th* nuuoisute genu* uaa, lor ta* preseut, detested. MtllCAN lltDSMelTV. Mr. C. B .Smith, iroin the oudimittee on Foreign Af fairs, reported a nul making appropriations lor the pay meul at me two losusimenls ol the .vlesioan indemuity, provided tor Dy the convention ol the 3/th of Jsuaery, 1943, uetweeu Mexico end me Uuued States ; sad it Was reaa twice end relurred lo the Committee ol the Whole ou th* State ot the Uniou. roaTs or bstbt. Mr Cbosiks gave notice that on to-morrow, or some day, h* will ask leave lo introduce a bill to dvoiaie Kooxvilts aud Caattaaooga, in th* state ot f*D nestee, port* ol eutry. HOLD DOLUS ? DSVIXD. Mr. Htnvnssrosn, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported the* may hod had th* subject under consttleratien, and from lutormauou principally derived from communications from th* Director ol tn* Mint,they have com* to th* conclusion that it is inexpedient to au thorise me coins g* ot ooo dollar gold pieces. n MniN awtn hi Ue,Inm tka Oe**Wee m be?MM??*. h p?rt*4 ? bill %? u vst Kum Ui vela* *t certain money? taken tl Ute^owatom . k?wM|4>tM^ai tloD (or duties on Imports. * It ?u rood twits, whon *"?? The Iruiit soid if thsre ?u no motion to commit, the question would now bo on its passage ; but Ot the instoneo of Mr. J. R. InoonsoLi^it woo, for the present, laid aside. On motion of Mr. Yanobv, the Houso resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, and resumed the consideration of the SITES ISO HASSOS BILL. Mr. Constable addressed the committee during the hour allotted in debate, in a constitutional argument In favor of the bill; the principles of which, he said, had received the sanction of every Executive since the com mencement of the^overnment, from General Washing ton down to John Tyler. Mr. Collin succeeded, and made a speech in fhvor of free trade. Mr. Roc swell, of Connecticut, demonstrated that our domestic commerce was far larger than our foreign. The crop of oats, beans and barley of England alone was greater than her exports, and the internal industry of Franoe was eight times as much as her exports; showing, generally, that whan men undertake to legis late for foreign commerce, to the neglect of the domes , tic, they legislate for that branch which was of minor i importance. Any distinotion between salt water end fresh, when improvements were proposed, was, to say the least, absurd. The only question should be, ere the works national in their character, and have we the money to expend ? They should not ask, was the ap propriation for the North, East, 8outh, or WastT-if it was necessary and proper, it should have his vote. Mr. Hunt contended that the foreign end the domestic commerce were inseparable, and that the olause of the constitution giving Congress power to regulate com merce between this end foreign nations and among the several States, was as applicable to one ai to the other. They were as muob joined together as man and wife ; and we were bound to exercise the power, in order to carry out the great design of the Conatitution,to promote the general prosperity and happiness. Mr. Winthbop arose, and said there wee not much en couragement at this moment to make a speech ; for the seats on the floor and the seats in the galleries wore almost amgtjr; they had a worn-out subject, the report ers had their pens behind their ears; and, therefore, there was held out no temptation to him. However, he spoke in favor of internal Improvements, as contributing to the common defence in time of war, and to the public ] prosperity in peace, by increasing the facilities of trade ; | and entered into an able argument to show the palpable design of the Constitution, quoting the aots of the first Congress end its subsequent proceeding*, end the opin ions of Lowndes, Calhoun end Cheves, in in favor of tho system. Mr. Thompson, of Pennsylvania, obtained the floor. [Cries ol "Adjourn," "adjourn."J He said he would yield the floor for that purpose. And the motion wee made and carried that the com mittee riae. The SrEAEsa having returned the chair, it was re solved that when the House adjourn, it adjourn to meat to-morrow, at eleven o'clock. And the House, at three o'clock, adjourned. Philadelphia, March IS, lMfl. Arrival *f a Slaver?Vardlime Waift-^ Bigtu and Awn ? in ft aj the City?Improvement* and Oat in the Dis trict*? Stocke, fc. The bark " Pons," seised on the coast of Africa, by the U. 8 ahip Yorktown, with a cargo of 000 slaves on board, arrived at the Navy Yard thia morning, in charge of Lieut. Cogdell, of the Navy. Considerable curiosity is excited iu our people to see this vessel, and there appears to be a general feeling of indigration among them. It is certainly a more powerful abolition sermen, in effect, than has been ever preached to this community. The vessel belonged to this city, but was sold by the owners at Rio da Janeiro, end the purchaser, a Brazil ian, aubaequently converted her into a sieve ship. Two vessels arrived at thia port yesterday, which bad been picked up at aaa, abandoned, during the late storm. One is the 8iran Louisa, of New Bedlord, with a cargo of oil, picked uj> by the achr. Willis Putnam, Capt. Cook, of 8t. John's, N. B.; and the other, the brig Sarah Jane, towed into port by the pilot-boat " Herald." They were complete maratime waifs, no body being on board when found, and ths fiudsrs will, of course, be entitled to a handsome amount far selvage. The city oounoila lest night passed an ordinance pro hibiting the placing of aigos and goods on the awning posts in front of our stores, the projection of signs and flsga from the line of the hotuea, and the trundliog of wheelbarrows, Ac on the sidewalks. It goes into ope ration by the 1st of May, aud is a necessary measure of reform. Kensington it about to be lighted with gee from tbo Northern Liberty gas works, and contracts ere about being eotered into between Spiing Garden end the city gas works for a supply of light to that district. The probabilities are that Sou'hwsrk and Moyamenaing will soon follow the example of the upper district*, end we will then have the whole territory, which is governed by separate corporations, united, at least so Tar as re gards pure water end abundance of light The state of the stock market seems pretty much the same as yesterday?prices being unsettled, aud likely to continue ao, until the uext advices from Europe I do not see that the news by the Liverpool has had a deci ded effect on the market We have a warm, Wet day. gnlcs of Stocke est PlallgdaJphla. Brokers' Board, March 18.?300 City 6's, 103 ; 000 ?hares Vicksburg Bank. 7) ; 143 Lehigh, 18 : 10 Girerd Trust, 33) ; $7,000 State 6 s, 71]; 1 share Philadelphia Bank, 109 ; 93 Northen Bank. Kentucky, 93 ; ISO Gtrard Bank, 9{ ; SO Reading Railroad, 86] ; 60 Memphis Bank, 70. Arras Board-SO Lehigh, 18; 60 Reading, 4 days, 86] ; 600 Girerd Bank, b6,10 ; 60 Reading. 88) Second Board?1000 Texaa 8 par contest] ; 3 shares * nk, *" Commercial Bank, 60) ; 100 Vicksburg Bank, 7) ; 1000 Lehigh 6's, '46. 60) : 100 shares Girerd Bank, b6,10 ; 100if. 8. Bank, b6, 4j ; 10 Union Bank, Tennessee, 64) ; 100 Girerd Bank, 10. After Board-860 Lehigh Mortgage, 77 ; 6,600 Wil "6,78 ; 4,600 County 6'e, 1880, c" " mingten 8's, '66,78 ; 4,800 County 6's, I860, old. 94); 106 shares Grand Gulf, 7) ; 900 Reading Railroad, b6,87 ; 100 Vicksburg Bank, Monday, 7) ; 600 do, bs, 71 ; 100 Girard Bank, bd, 10. SalM of Stocks at Boston. Brokers' Board, March 13.?6taharoa Western Rail road, 98] ; 100 Reading Railroad, seller 16, 86] ; 36 do. 36] ; 100 Long Island Railroad, seller 10 da, 46) ; 36 do., 46) ; 436 East Boston Co. in lots, 16). Second Board? 6 ah* Western Railroad, 96]; 8 Charles town Branch Railroad, 16) ; 76 Long Island Railroad, in lots, 46) ; 35 East Boston Company, bolOda, 16) ; 60 do. 16) COMMERCIAL. New York, Friday, march 13. Cotton.?A fair demand haa existed to day for thii article, and the aales, which amount to 009 bale*, were entirely to apinnera. The market is very firm at our outaide quotation*. Lira*tool Claiiivicatiou. O. Ufl. t flat. and Ttxat. Inferior. ..._... a? ?a ? Ordinary,. . .. ... ... .. 6}a 6] 7 a 71 Middling,. . .. 71a 7* 7*a 7] Good middling,......... 7Ja 8 ... 8 a 8* Middling fair,. ..... 8 a 81 81a 8] Fair 81a 8} ?_ 0 a 01 Fully fair ... .. Sia 0 Ola 9] Gooa fair............. 9}a 9} ,, , 10*10} Fine. ....none ... Ilal3} Tea*.?imported in the ahip Houqua. Terms-note* at six months. Hyaon?76 half cheat* at 68} cents per lb, <3 81b boxes $1 01. ? Young Hyaon?30 half cheats 71,08 do. 84,60 do 831, 810 do 63, 13 do 68}, 13 do 64. 134 do 68}, 30 do 68}, 60 do 46}, 44 do 46, 30 do 44} 773 do 44, 30 do 43}, 07 do 43, 106 do 43}, 98 do 43, 87 do 41}. 180 do 40, 66 do 39}, 138 do 39, 90 do 38,10 do 36}, 46 do 36} , 343 do 36, 88 do 37}, 303 do 36}, 6 case* each 4 U]lb bxs $1 01, 6 do $1, 40 do 98 cts. i'wankay? 30 half chests 30}, 177 do withdrawn. Hyson Skin?110 chests 37}, 167 do 37. Gunpowder?13 hf. chests 88, 11 do 87}, 6 do 76. Imperial?10 half cheats, 76}, 8 do 76,7 do 69, 16 do 67}, 148 do withdrawn. Oolong?10 half Cheats, $1 36; 16 do 63} ots; 30 do 44}; 60 do 44; 147 do 40; 66 bx* $1 01; 166 do 66 cts. Souchong?30 chests 17; 303 do withdrawn Ningyong?304 half chests 89. Poucnoog?30 half chests 37; 30 do 36; 43 do 36}; 186 do 36; 130 do withdrawn. Uoku Ooolong?100 14}lb bxs, 43}, 75 do 41, 36 do 39}, 35 do 38,36 do 37}, 60 do 87,368 do and 400 18} lb boxes, 85. Cassia?3700 mats cassia at 17 cts. per lb. Real Estate at Auction?Three story brick house and 18 years lease of lot 119 Forsyth at, $4,350 ; two sto ry brick house and lot on 30th st, near 4th avenue, 36 by 91 ft, $3,860 ; two lota on 46th at. near 4th avenue, 36 by ? ft, $400 each, $800 ; one lot on 46th street, near 4th avenue, same size, $363; one Irregular lot on Bloom ingdale road, near 41st St., 31 ft 4 inches front, $880; one lot on Bloomingdaie road, adjoining, 30 by 74 ft., $786 ; one do.,32 by 78 one side and 73} the other, $490 ; one lot on Bloomingdaie road,near 37th St., 36 front, 34} rear, 134 ft. one side and 136} the other. $736; two story frame house and lot 64 Ceo're st 17} by about 91 ft, $4,460 ; Family Provision Msurket. Our remarks, relative to the markets, must be limited; in a few weeks we hope to add much to oar present list of prices, fcc. We notice a decline in good butter ; still, many of our first grocers keep up high prices. Eggs from Jersey, South and the East, come in very freely, and price* must vary daily. Apple., brl... $1 66 a I ? Teal, do....... 0 17 a * 5* B>-af, ch'epes.. 0 9 a 0 18 Turkeys,do... 0 76 a 1 75 Do. corned.... * 5 a 0 I Geese, do 6 56 a 1 14 H-eU. bush.,,. 0 56 * 4 0 Fowls, do..... 0 4814* 0 17 Cucumbers, 104 4 54 a 4 40 Cntckeu., do... 4 J7)ja 4 48 Cabbage 4 ? aO 6 Sea Bus 0 8 a 0 1#M Celery, bu'h... .4 14 e 4 IS guipeddo. .... 4 I i lllH Carrots, bueh.. 4 75 a 4 4 Flounder., bull 4 14 a 4 11 Cr.uberriaa )<pk HjfaO I Ells,par lb..... 0 A it I Omoua, bush.. 6 50 u 6 4SH Freeh Cod, lb.. 0 5 a 4 4 Squash 4 11 a 4 11 Crab. 0 18 a 4 18 Habbita, pair... 4 85 a 4 II Lobsters...... 4 4 sO Veal, pound... 4 7 s 4 18 Butter, fresh... t 18 e I 85 Potatoes 4 7? el 4 Ens, per dot. .4 a 85 B. sweet, buah 1 64 a 8 44 Cheese, par lb. 4 4 a 4 ? rk, freefi.... 4 5*a 4 6 Lard, do .. ... 4 9 a 4 14 Mall's, clt'a.aa 4 4 e 4 14 Tame Pid"*,dot. 1 a a 1 85 Parsnip, bu'h. ...4 84 s4 4 kumees 1 M a 8 54 Wild Duck. do. 4 54 s 4 75 Salsify dot.... 4 54 * 4 4 Tam*Dackt.paii4 ?W>4 4 Philadelphia Cattle Market. Offerings consist ot 1360 htad, principally of Pennsyl vania beef cattle, including 860 taken to New York ; 300 cows end oalves, 370 twine cod 1660 sheep. Prieee Beeves dull, but the metket wss mostly clear ed st $5 a #6, the 100 lb*. A few extns brought 36 ? 60 more. Cows and calves tell at $13 a $80. Swine?The bulk ol the tales were at $6} a $6] the 100 lb Sheep we quote at $3 a $6, each, aa in quality. Hay?The prioe at good Timothy ranges at 100 a 199c the cwl, and straw at $6 a $6 the 109 bundlea?the do maud about equal* the supply. ? Foreign Market*. Porto Rico, Fob 2A?American produce was dull and brought low prices. Molasses was scarce ; there , were about 16,060 gaUoua left In tho market. TkU WW J Crti7iimUaJ K^SSl war* declining Th* orop it 1? Mid la IK ?a crop of coffee U flight. It ?u scare* in the market and brought high^glcoa?My I1*r qaiatal^toc^fair quality. Trinidad, February 10th ? Oor market baa bam Terjr dull; the arrivals from the United State* have been nu meroua For the laat few day a, Hour baa been aold at $7 ?0 ; corn meal, >4J; rice >8 ; pilot bread, g?f ; corn, tu per bar ; prim* pork, $14 ; meaa, $1T ; batter, lAc; lari, 11c; choose, 184c; tobacco, $l?tol?. Exchange on London, 80 days, *479 to ?10J sterling. Lute at Dates. ascaivao AT THI SEW TOEE HERALD tmCI. Aajier Nov. II Madra* Nov. U | Africa Jan ? Malaja Jan. ]? ' Aransas Bay Dec. 1 Madeira Dec. IS Antigua Jan. IS Maurttiua.. Dec. It Aax Cayts. Feb. 1 Maracaibo '"Feb. 1# tagn.tine Bay May 22 Manninilla Fab. II nana Nor. II Matanzaj Mar. I BayoMslandt, N. Z. .Sept. II Mayaguex Feb. 18 Bermuda Feb. 24 Maaatlan Jan. 14 ; Buenos Ayr** Dec. 13 Matamoraa Jan. 1 Belize, Hon Feb. 17 Monterey Dec. 7 Barbados*......... J&ii. 17 MouteTidso,., ....Dec. 30 Bogota July 20 Merida, (Yucatan) . .Jan. SO Bonaire Dec. 0 Nassau, N. P ?"*b. 11 Bahia Nov. S Oahn, 8. I Dec. 1 Bombay .....Dec. IS Oregon July 30 I Cape Towu.C.Q.H..Deo. 30 Para Feb. 11 Calcutta Dec. 7 Parti.... Fab. 7 Cardenas Mar. 1 Portan Piutoe Feb. 21 Chagrea July 2S Porto Cabello Feb. 17 Corpus Cbriati Feb. 14 Point Petre, (Juad.. .Jan. 22 Cwafuegos Feb. 19 Pemambnco Feb. 9 Cape Haytiau Jan. 21 Panama Sept. 17 Curacoa... Feb. 20 Payta Nov. a Car t. bag sue Sept. 20 RioJaneiro Jan. 21 Caapeachy Feb. 4 Rio Grande Dec. 21 Coquimbo Dec. C San Juan Jan. C Gallao Jan. 2 San Diego Dec. S Damerara Fab. 17 San Franciaee March IS Faral Nov. It St. Helena Jau. 16 Gibraltar Jan. 19 St. Thomas Feb. 10 Uuayama, P. R Feb. IS 8t. Jag o de Cuba... Jan. 24 Galveston. ? Feb. 20 it. Johns. P. R Feb. IS Genaire> Jan. 22 Sagua la Grande ... Feu. 18 Guayaquil v. . v... d^ag. 21 Sc. Croii Feb. 11 Gallipagoe Ialanda . May 4 St. Domingo Feb. 20 Havre Feb. 9 St. Ubes Oct. 20 Havana Mar. 1 Surinam Feb. 4 Hobart Town, V.D.L.Sept. 10 Singapore... .. . ..Dec. 4 Jeremie Feb. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W... Sent 30 Jacinel Feb. 19 Triunlad de Cuba... Feb. 27 Kmntou, Ja Feb. 11 Taleahuana Dec. 2 London Feb. 9 Tahiti Sept. 12 Liverpool Feb. 10 Tampico Jaa. S La Onayra .......... Feb. 6 Tobaaco... Mar. 1 Lagans Dec. 1 Turks Island Mar. 1 Lima Oct. ? Valparaiso Dec. 20 Macao Dec- 9 Vera Crux Fab. 14 Manila Nov- It Zanzibar Sept. It Pause ng era Arrived. Bremen?Bark Argonaut?G F Seidenatiche?107 in the steerage. Havana?Brig Wellicgaley?Albert Mathian. Havana?Sclir Geo Warren?J H Smith. Abkcibo, PR?Brig Adelaide?Mr Hall, Mr Kelpapper. Charleston?Bhip Sutton?Mr Heyward, Mr Quinn, Mr Mitchell, Mr Oarey, Mrs Herman. Foreign Importation*. Honduras?Brig Marion Gage?$10,100 specie ]L_lof? tm honny, 10 tur i for wood B Blanco?gSOO apecTe O F Oleim? 50 bales aarsapruilla 3 boxes old copper 4500 anecie Slogs ma hogany F Alexander?$8000 specie Edwin Coffin?$1000 specie 88 bales aeraaparilU John J Lonbiaae?11 leroons sarsaparilla 60 hhda 1 bbl old copper 1 box turtle shell 6000 cocoa nuts Fer nan do Wood. Cardena>?Brig Olivia?491 hhda 9 tea 10 bbla molasses to Champion lit Spencer, New Haven. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Bark Nancy W Stevens?30 bis cheese 529 bbla 8 htlf do lard Work It Drake?441 bbl* lard Daws It Co rey?141 bales cotton Jonathan Thompnou, Jr?23 hhda tobac ' ca John Stewart?SSS hides?C A Robert?33 bbla lard Good MARlTIME herald Movements of the Steam Ship*. Leant Due in Leave Steamers. Captains. Liverpool. Jtmerica. America. Massachusetts .Wood Uncertain. Hibernia, Ryria...... ...Mar 4... Mar. 22.... April 1 Caledonia, Lott April 4... April 12... May 1 O. Western, Matthews April II...April*... May 7 Cambria. Judkini April 19. ..May 3... May 16 Packets to Arrive. ? Fookata to Mall. LIVERPOOL I LIVERPOOL. JphnR Skiddy.Skiddy.Jan. 30 | Fidelia, Hsckstaff, Mar. 16 Biddoui. CoMi! Feb. 11 | Hotriugur:. Borsley Mar. II Shemtudonh, West Feb 16 R>ncma, Eldridge, Mar. 26 Henry Ulay, Nye. Fab II | Europe, Purber. Apl. 1 8. Whitney, Popham, Feb. IS j Aahburtoo, Howland, Apl. 6 POBTSMOUTH. PORTSMOUTH. Woatmiuater. Hovay, Feb 10 | Hn'k Hodaon, Moore,Mar 20 8t. James, Meyer, Feb 20 Wellington, Chadw'k.Apl. 1 Northumjerland, March 1 | Pn .ce Albert, Bebor, Apt. 10 HAvtut i Havre. HAVRE I HAVRE. Utica, HeweU, Feb 18 Havre. Ainaworth, Mar. 16 Albiny, Crtwrbrd. Fab 24 | Sally, Edgar. Mar. 14 Silvia de Grata*, Rieh, Mar 1 I Baltimore, J ihnaon, Apl. 1 atARiriLLia. I haRvxii.lei. Prince de Joinvillo, Jan. 15 | Prince do Joiuvillo, April 1 FURTOF NKW VOUK, BlAJtLCil 1*. H H H M ?UN RISE! 6 16 MOON RUE* 7 31 P. 6 04 UISH WATER 9 51 M Cleared. 15 ;rk Princeton, Rogers, Havana, Back It Feteri. Bri( New Orleans, Brambail, Bermuda Nesmith It Walsh. Bug Augusta, Sherwood, Bewonah, Sturgas, Clcarman It Co 8chr Barton, Mclnlyre, Bristol Bchr Navarro, Fuller, Boston. Foster It Nickeraon. Be hi Delaware, Creese, South Am boy. krrlTM. Packet ship Francois 1st, Whedon, from Havre, Feb 9th, with mdse, to Fox It Livingston Sid in company with ship Solon, for Apalaehicola; bark Jupiter, Charleston; ships Mary Plea sants, and Hargrave, for the Golf. Feb II, 1st 4} U, I on 41 IS, fell in with immense Balds of ice, and wee 14 hoars entirely sarroanded; saw several large islands of ice to the sooth of 46. Again, on the 4th of March, lot 41 41, Ion 61 JS, lei I in with field ice extending as far wast as we canld discern: had to steer to the BE, and was two days in getting clear. March 6, let 41 40, Ion 69, saw a large steamship, bonud E. racket ship Bally, Edgar, from Havre, Jan 10, to Fox It Li vingston. Has had heavy gales from the westward, from Ion II up to the Banks. Jaq II, shipped a heavy sea, which earri ed away starboard main rail and bulwarks. Feb 10, let 43 31, Ion 31 SO, had a heavy gale from NE, with snow; lost fore and main topsails, foreeail. and fore and main topgallant masts.? Has had heavy gales daring February. Ship Persia, Robinson, (of Plymouth, Mass.) from New Or leans. Feb *>, with cotton, to tl Haviland. The P has been < days north of Hatteras, with light north winds. 4 steerage pas sengers. Ship Anson, Barkman, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to U Button. Bremen barb Argonaut, Hedarich, from Bremen Nov 12. and Ramigate Jan I, to mas er. Experienced nothing bat head winds ou the passage, and wis obliged to ran down to latitudes where the trade wiuds ought to prevail. Daring 26 days, be tween 1st >2 and 23 N, and somet.mea as lar north as II N, had nothing bat westerly^ winds and calms, with a tremendous swell running from WNW to NW, which coatianed for a foruight successively March 1, 1st 37 N, Inn 66 41 W, saw Bremen brig No 19. Bark Amos Patton, McNear, from Manel, PR, Feb 21th, with molasses, to order. Sid in company with brig Oread, for Boston; schr Warren, for Portland. The brig Napoleon, Jor dan, for Boaton, aid 24th Feb. Left no American veaaela. 4lh instant, lat 30, Ion 71. spoks brig Mtnraret, from Cardenas for Boston. 2d msiant, lat 32, Ion 71, shifted cargo in the late se vere gale. Baik Nancy W Stevens, Stevens, II days fiom New Orleans, to J KlwellA Co. Bark Almira, (of Portland) Keixar. 13 dap from Cardenas, with molasses to Nesmith ItWslsh. Bid in compeny with bark Axim, Dunham, for N York; brig America, for do; Le vant, for Boston; Margaretta, far do. Bark Adeline. Lincoln, of Boaton, 30 days from N Orleans, with pork, Ike, to master. 16th inst, lat 30 11, Ion 7143, spoke Danish brig Colnmbns, bound to Cha " j Charleston?had lost her fore mast and foretopgallant mast. Lat 33 17, Ion 7130, spoke schr Geo Warren, from Harasia for New York. 9th inst, off Capo Ilatleras, spoke brig Gea Stark,- hence for Georgetown Baik Azim, Dan nam, II days from Cardenas, Cuba, with 411 hhda molasses, to Arrowsmilh It Wheeler. Brig Adelaide, Bart, 13 aays from Arecibo, PR, with sugar, lo Badger It Peck. Brig Olivia, Mclatyre, 13daya from Cardenas, to J Elwell. Id inst, off Hatteras. in the late gale, stove 3 casks molasses, and received other damage. Brig America, Pomeroy, from Cardenas, Itch alt, with mo les .ea, to Attwater It Mai ford. Sid in company with barks Almira, aad Azim, for New York; and briga Levant, and Mar Cet, for Boaton; brigs G W Knight, and Sebsgo, for Port i. Spoke March 1, lat 19 36, schr Gazelle, from N Orleans lor lirdtord. Brig Marian Gage, Read, 16 days from Honduras, to B Blan Le - _eft ao American vessels. _ , Brig Wellingsley. (of Bust n) Davis, from Havana Feb 31, to master. March Ith, lat 13 16 N,lon 73 06 W, passed the wreck of s vessel about 46 or 30 tons, waterlogged, no mast or bowsprit standing. Bark Ganges, Miller, from New York, UUIT6|'l 16 smsi?sju?? i/ai sa uau|cs. miiisi| sium ?'v ?? ? "? ~i was off the harbor, bound in. Bark John Paiker, Cammiags, arr 16th. Brig Hamlet, Rabioson, 20 days from New Orleans, with tlonr, to master. Feb 14,1st 33 33, Ion 3131, picked up a bale of cotton; no mark on it. Schr J Holt, Holt, 10 days from St Marys, with lumber, to Nestni. h It Walsh. Sid in company with brig Burnish, Bar gent, for Kingston, Jain; schrs Nerins, Keanay, for Bt Jago da Cuba; Louisa, Johnson, lor Portland. Schr Psion, Hatch, II days from Tobasco, with 3404 quin tals logwood to A I'atrullo. Left schr Juliette, York, for New Y ork, at the city (in trouble). March 9. lat 34 loo 21 10, ?poke brig Napoleon, ol Portland,11 days fm Ma tallies lor Bos ton. Vessels at the Bar ready for sea, it is quite uncertain when they can get away, as there is bat 10 feet ol water on tha bar once i month, and then the pilo t are not willing to take them out without s steamboat, which costs one bnudied aid lea dollars. 9th ins t 1st 34, lou 7110, passed a schr ol about 100 tons, down on her side, her mast in the water. 16th mat. oa the southern edge of the Gull, passed a round and a square bala of coiton, appeared to have been lat a short tuna in the water. Bchr nacy.Loriog, ru days from Ponce, PK, with molasses, to F G Tharstou. Bchr Geo Warren. Small. 17 days from Havana, with molas ses, to order. h eb 16. lai 13 16, (on 79 36, spoke brig Thomas Phslsdelp K A Edward, from New Orleans fur Philadelphia; lat 31 34, Ion 74, bark Adeline, ol Boeloo, lor N York. Schr ansau Taylor, Bryant, 9 d?ys from Geoigrtnwa, 80, to Badger A Peck- March Mh, lat 33 36, Ion 7613, fall in with schr Mor.'uce, of New York, from Loug Key, with salt, lor Edeuton, NC, with loss of main boom, sails badly split, host and water casks stove Had keen without water 1 days; sup plied her with weter, Ae. Bohr Little Mary. Lord, 14 days from Swiasboro, NC, with aavtl stores to Dtpaysier A Wliitmsisn Bchr L-xiugioa, Irons, Ueorgctowu, with lumber, to Badger A Peak. Bchr A'fred, Rogers, Philadeli hia, mdse. Bchr Alexander, Bills, Philadelphia, coal. Bchr baliiinore, Jaivis, Philadelphia, c el. Bchr Julia Martha, Peeahaia, New Haveu. Below, Bchr Wilmington, from West ladies, with molasses. Brig Caroline Cle.k, Belfast, with lumber, was spoken by the pilot boat Btovsom, and refnaad to take a pilot. Ibrias. Wind B8e., blowing a ?ala. ?IgoeUaneMas Record, KJ* Sot Boston, Philadelphia, aad Baleaa porta. Foa BaaaiL ?Tha brig Fashion will sail from Wilmington. Del, on the 13th inst, for the coast of Bratil. Letters sent to that poet office, prepaid, will be forwarded. Sewn. PaastaquiD, previously reported abandoned on htr passage from Havana to Boston, was fallen in with by Captain M^monds, of the bark Beaver, from ApalachieoL, and taken into Providnaee. Her cargo, which is principally molasses, is insured la Boston fcr between ? aad 136:0. Vbiskl oft Fiaa.?Capt Edmonds, of tbe bark Baavar, at Providence, reports it midnight on the 4th last, about lat 31, Ion 71 30. made a light to the NNE; found it to be a vessel oa Am, and burnt down nearly to the bends; set a light, aad made several tacks near her until sunrise, when wa stood close to her, bat saw nothing within oar com paw ef view Irons eleft, except the burning wieck, aad her bowspvit and jibboosa, which layfloetlag ender the bows, when wa made sail on nor coarse. The wreck appeared te be a low deck herm brie, "ith grooa bottom, whit* water line, boot top and bands Mask, a gilt ii? m>t I toptailfcct. ??? B?*r*?. at Providence from Apalerhieola, in the l>h of tha U inst, threw over 40 bale* of cotton, loat atara boat, flyingjib boom, head rail and water casks. Bbig Altarro, at Providence from Havana, ia tha gale of 2d mat, lat14, Ion 73, loat mainsail, lore ipenear, jib, topgallant ?ail, aplit topsail, and eaaaad tha raaaal to leaa badly: also, stove 63 hhda and 1 tea ntolaaaea on deck, and loat deck load el 10,000 ?ran gea. Sena. Autiaa, lata of Philadelphia, waa told at Petnaaba co. Capt Barclay took passage in the whale ihip Fanny, ar rived at thu port. Danism Bmo Columbus, at Charleston. from Aatweni, N> porta, on ilia lat of March, M nulla tut of rharleatou, during a thunder storm Irojm aouth, waaatruck by lightning, the llnid ?ateriug the head ef foretopmaat, and deacaading to head of foremaat, near the ryea of rigging, the fore and main top gal lant mailt, fell with tha foretopmaat. Ou the two following daya, encountered heavy galea from weat, to W 8 W, and northerly. The C. hat had cootiaual weaterly galea daring the put age i V Baaa Wabash, at Philadelphia from Rio Jaaairo, in the last gala, lat M, Ion 71 JO, waa boarded by a heavy aaa, which heav ed her on her beam ends, and to right her waa obligtd to cot away the mainmast. 8cm* Jot, before reported ashore on Craney Island, was from Washington, DC, for Pensacola, with eannonfortha U 8 government. At last aceonnta aha waa high and dry, uad I weald probabl y be condemned. Lkwki, .Del., March 11 ?Since reporting yesterday, two vssaels, crippled, off the Capet; I have to add two more, and a barque, the itlier a schooner, and, altogether, making foar crippledvaaaela; one in tow of pilot boat Herald, hiving gone up the bay; and up to this tune, IP o'clock, have not learned auy particulars. Half peat 11, A M. the baique Hope, from Kio, erigi Win M Rogers; Acorn, Elliott, and Home, for Bos ton; the Consort, from Philadelphia} schr Richard Kith, of Kali River; aloop Isaac U Borden, for Kail River, are now at the Breikwater. The crippled vessel in tow is reported, by Capt (Jray, of the Hope, to be the barvne Wabaah, of Boston, irons Rio, which sailed SO deya before the Hope, and her pas sage was 44 days. Ship Robert Morris went np the bay yes terday. Captain Gray reports a great qnantity of drifting ma tarial at tea, from vaaaela either diamiatcd or otherwise in jured. Babk Morgan Dii, itCbaaleaton, from Botton, reports: Id inst, lat 35 40. lou 75 10, white laying to in i perfect hurricane from the ENE to NE, a heavy sea cauie across her bow, tak ing bowiprit, jlb-boomi and jibs, and carrying away loretop wait ana mi in topgallant-meat; got a tackle aloft aa soon at possible to saenro the fore-mast, and then commenced cutting away head-stays to clear the spars nnder tha baw: cat away top-uiait, back stays, lie, and cleared tha wrack to tha beet ad vantage. On the 3d, 5 A M, came into the Golf stream, ship ped aliaavv com see on the quarter, taking stem boat en top ihe taffrail; had to cm her away for the preservation of t >? round honae and man at the wheel. 1'he M D hae laved to M hours in succession this passage; for about <4 hoars of the gate ' " ' ' i her the wind blew in sack gnats aa to leave the veaael on beam ends, and the aea, m far aa conld be seen, waa nothing but breakers. 4th, came ont of the Gulf; saw large quantities of barreli of provision or molasses; also a lot of Spanish cedar. 5th, saw a fore and aft schooner, with loss of mainsail, foresail ana jib-boom. When the M D hove to in let 55 40, lou 15 10, she wai 51 bonis from Boston. Rpekan. 8teamahipCambria. Jndkina, fromBoiton, (March 1) far Li rrponl, 5th inst, ? A M. let 4110, Ion Sd 10. Bark Chesapeake, from Caidrnu for Boston, 3d instant, lat SI, Ion 77. Bark Wyman, from Boston for Baltimore, 8th inst, 8 Shoal NW SO miles. ?Sebr J HJiinf. from New York for Wilmington. PIC, 3d in stant, lat S4 407Ioii~7tS; badiott sails and bulwarks?wanted no asaiatance. Ship Lacei, Miller, 46 days from New York for Canton, Dec I, lat 22 a 8. Ion 28 56 W. Schr Slaters, (so reported) from Jeremie for New York, no date. 1st 31 25. Ion 04 40. Bark Corolme. of and from Boston, for Pemambuco, Fab 10, Percamluco bearing W, distant 58 miles. Ship Konohaaartt. from New York for Sandwich Islands, Jan 4, lat 14. Ion 39 30?so reported; this ia probably an error Feb lat. lat 43 30, Ion 14 10, waa passed, an American ship, a'eerirg W, with a black ball in her fore topaail, (New Fork park't.j Ship Medora, Rhoades, from Manilla, (Oct 16) for Boston, Nov 16, Gupar Island beorirg 8W, 30 miles. Ship Angola, Clarksen. from Manilla, (Oct 27) of and for Boston, Nov 4, ia China Sea, lat 11 SO N, Ion 110 25 E. Ship Florida, (whaler) from Sandwich Islands for.New Bed ford, Uth iust off Cape May. Ship General Harrison, Simpson, from Manila for Boston, 8th inst, lat 3?, Ion 69 30. Ship Oneida. Creaaey. hence (Aug 8) for China, Nov 17, Gasper Islands hearing NW 5 miles. Shir Saracen, Hawkings, hence (FeblS) for Glaagow; March " "i WT 8, lit 38 SON. Ion 6945 \ - .. .? _ . ,, Saw a three-masted schooner, with white streak and white quarto r-bul works, steering 8, March I, about lat SIS, Ion 68 45. Bark Mary Smith, from Apalachieola far Boston, Fnb M, lat SI Inn 79. Sclir Ellen, Dale, of Bangor, bound to St Croig, Uth nit, lat 29 Ion 3D a. , , WhU(? Letter* from C>pt Smith, of shi rrn?th? .??, w'PL of 5hiPr Catharine, of N London, report her it St Nicholas, Caoede Verd islands Oet 3 30 dan ?4 bbi,;pi;' 7 Or/sn i.SlL ni^ ja' from Liluinn. report! *rr at Maui, rnKd,9lTlft,fe0Tii*nc* M ?? "COwh; 3l?t J?'?} ,*ur> Tuke, Champlin, Warren, lOO id 350 wh; R Mit MmrilJ? gT\ *?' ?n*hton. Cot, TVS, 40 IP 1600 wh: iw n vl, i "^NL t?* 7hi No* Jd Zephjrr, 8mith, NB I4M Ifn ?,k to- *' Coa'U do *? *Pj Jefferson, Harris. NL. 1300 wh, 6th, Wiscnsset, ritne. SH,60sp 1480 wh- Geom ^ moewh' v ' M0#i.*P "* 7h: 7th- Havana, 8-1*60 ffioinmTlMB,a5lJ 500 #P5 ^o ^eWtOO. olocunib. NB, 2350 wKj India. Miller. NL, TOO wh; lith George, 8wift, FH. 150 ?p. 1050 wh; Walter 8cott, Grant Min' IUkVH *^?er'cf'^icharda, NLondon, >00 tp 360 wh* Jlth, Lttm-Banr. CltTeland, W?rran, 30 ?p 2000 wh; Tar Ha i-,80J wh; ^wfcnck, Allen, NB, Tali bound home; feuphratea, Unham, NB, was in the Crhtnn I bound in to recm.t a. d hom-, oil unknown. Bark Allmth fnr OcM ^.?rf iMd f?*?*hS N?Z 18lh- ?"'(! Kail*, of 0H, at Maui Oct I. hadI 100 ip 1300 wh; Cherokee, of NB, do, had 163 >n 1 00 1 whale. uc'But,w' touched at Maui in Oct, witE 1300 raportt-Dec 19. Itf 3743 8. Ion 63 ?)LTOott2i * ,,,n" w,th M in "?wh,?h w?y n^f Br?2-'f,n April w, 1843, ahip BUtic, Butler NB ^radanffiVll?) " rnonthi, reported 200 whale; April 5,'Chaa" month" W0^ ' ?perm; 14th Zephyr, lffi&dS?J Whale eliip John 8andford, of NBedford, drifted aahore on b' the N aide of the Boain lal?ude,bnt wai got pfr dama?d g i* '"'j' W!i r?lW*r P??0,U brokeu, and cop per damaged. Rapaiied, aud tailed July 3 for Japan. foreign Porta: timore ?H?' rR' MMch 1?,u Pot brig Sarah, Wood, for Bel Baohuost, Africt, Jan 11?Sid brig. Tim. Pickering fx. Br.? -*iV ith ?ctob"- Wdet, for cap* da Varfil f?r N?Lou.KinAcer,Si;.Pr'T,OU, 1?Jm "-tu *>"? ?>"? Oriental, ns^^it'li*? ,?Iu Pfrt, Frolic, Faueon, from and lor Chi ?u. immeeiatel^ Antelope, DnmareM,, for 00 8th. *rAr M*n- Ellen, Edmonds, Havana for Porta poitbd'lesk M# * been on her baamenda, and i* re yCcvoc, F^b 7, (notpreriouily)?Sid Hudson, Lawton, N w Cuascot, Feb 20?Bark J A Je.srun, Vinal, eld for Amsi.r riVsm i^Tn nc '? l'ort. brigs Allen, Man ton, disg; Alma Yrwk*?>'*'e'> 6~""' b"'lta' ?m'th. from Antwerp for N*w r SVL' u-fb 6k79Ld Cf?Bet> Heard. New Orleans, raased by, Colchu, Knight, from Amiterdim For do FaLMoUTM, Feb 5-S!d Irvine, Raw. Mobil*; 6th, Luciaa," Albrecht, (Fin Rotterdam) NY ork. OarcnocL, Jan ll-SJd Blanchard. Bjanchard, NYork. Genoa, Jan 36?Ar Warsaw, Paraona. Charleston: Backus MaJoney, NV stE Hid 34th, Philena. Forbes, Leg horn. Havana, Feb If?In Port?Berks Jubilee, Harmon. For Tn ff'V'rt 9*."a,*ba?ir, Dmmmoad, discbg; Rochelle, Huckius, do; Adelaide, Adams for New York, soon; Merlin Uoodhue, fgt or char; Pilgrim, Mitehell, do; Jo/in Parker, Cou tngdo; Fmpreas. Pitman, wtg, Mu.kmgha^, Crocket, fgt or charjbrtn Baltic, Wrnta, unc; Samuel, Curtis. do:McUTlan, Orr. for Boston, eld; Nauvoo. Dickey, dbg; Clio, bsgood, do! Midas, Etchbetgar, under repairs; lighter, knight, diaehg; Champion, Bnckman, do; Falconer, Denaisou, do; Ellsworth. Johnson, far Boaton. 'dg; Calcotta, Clark, freight or charter; X, t*n'j i i L d1; <J,**1'avChnrchill, do; Haidy. Parilton, ;?ncui Hival, Islay. wtg; hiko. Smith nnc; (Jalen, Braner, lor Bostoe, soon; Prince da Jeiaville CJsrdner, disg: Pandore, Towle, freight or charter; Gleaner, Sawyer, wtg; Peruvian, Watson, dug: Cad*, fiabeor, wtg; Li' ma. Higgins. discharging; Laurel, Withem, waitiog; Mary Pennell, Doughty, do; Jo*. Norton, diag; William, Arey. wtg; Patridge, Bantow. disg; Persia, Chaadlar. for Boston, eld; Em ^oU\S*>for NswOrleans, do: Alida, Falsi,uncertain; Wellingeley, Davis, for New York, sli; schrs Mogul, Moore, wig freight; Anrora.[3 masted] Martin, do; Malabar, Wnita, disg; Irene,Brran, do: Oraloo, Fernham, freight or charter; Kathadin. Rich, do; Delaware, Elliott, diag; Rival, Browa for Cardenas, eld; lion, Blake, air 37th iuat, 18 da fm Frank fort; Albright Viaal, Nlcboli, lor Frankfurt, dug; Ontivia. Al len. arr 37th in 13 honra fm Kay We.rCld.36tlT AnuTUver ? SffnB'1 Fotter, McKenzie, Wilmington, f?C ssirjic warth, Baltimore: Oscar, Labory, Charleston. Livebpool, Feb 7-Arr Asblaad, Williams, and Harder Cortsn, New Orleans. 9ih, sld Columbia, Book, Vireiuia Seoiland, Thompson, New Oilcans. 3d, eld Palastioe, %:ott' Mobile. 6lh, Statesman, Gilchrist, New Orleans. Entered forloadug tth, kredenca, (Br) Atkinson, for Boston; 6th, 2 hemes, Silsby, Havana; Carthage, Knapp, Virginia; CBanaa fo, Rio Janeiro; Kalamazoo, McCrrrrea. lor New York 11th, Vicla, Jsmiion. and Alfred. Mrere, New Orleans; Merchant, Mobile; Concordia, I)ort, for Boetoa aboot 38th; Yoikihiie. Bailey, for New York Mareh 1; Fredooia, Lnnt lor <lo about Fa i3ih; Nouantum, Farley, fordo aboat 6th Mi vh; Venice, Salter, for do 13th; Meteor, Lawrawea, do; 12th" Pa>t CUS? *DK*Ked; ^-"loehana, for Philadelphia LonDOiv, Feb. 7-la port, Margaret Forbes. Prescott; Elita b-ih Bince, Day,and Russell Lunphar, all lor New Orleans id*; pellowthip. Arm.trong, for Boston, do. La>casTza, Feb 4th?Sld Diogenes, Sylvester, Fleetwood. Manas", Dec 30- Ar Aal>. Wood, Beaton, Ang 14. Oahu, Nov 11?Sld bark Allioth, with oil ana bona, for N *>Tk. PoHTtMoutn.Frt, i-Ar M.rij Spavr, Oooglne. London for Malta; Sultana, Porcello, do for Mooil# (ao repotted:) 5th and 6th, fraucesa Ann. Wright,(or Fish) do for NOrleaaa. Pill, Feb 4th?Ar Kennebec, Smith, Bristol for N k erk and remained 5th. Rio Nugz, aboot Jan 39?In port brig Northumberland un certain. Jan. 32-Phipa Boston, waititg freight; Nile, fra New York, do; bark Jane fm Boaton for New Or Uana; Pilot, Burton, for the Coast of Africa; Osceola, Whip For New Orleans in a Faw days; brigs Traatf. Tat?m for the Coast of Africa; C zrtin*. lor New Oileata; Sluwmnt, miJadT0"' " 0,e*ota York?(previouaiy i aportao! R.o Oaayis, Dec. 31-In wrt, barks Amelia Malhollaad, Diioy.lnrRioJaieiro; Joaenhtna. t rem Lisbon, due; brigs 1 Henry, Means, from Csdi*. do; Francis Lord, 6lsddia* lor I Hi? Jan-iro; Chip >la, MeLaouan, fir Montevideo; Kraafclin ( Small, for Havana; Cashier, Lick, of New Vork sold- fedr? *a. MeCormack; Irom Hio Janeiro aid N.w i ork m.r .1? ickr Nile. Upton from Montevideo. '"'h* ?T Thomas, 31st nit?Br ga Jjhi Croiky, Hopkins fa I Msrtiuiqttw. with inalasaa*, arr llih; 4nn Bsni-ft fm iimn'rmm. town, S C do: Edw BlT., Wheel.'., tm Mm, 2'.? jtfiSSZ achreR Atkins, -m, do; oh ferry./mOa'idll aim do; At do, 13th and I4ih, i.rigs Christians, ai.d Milmoact, nnc' Waa.oQ, l?pa,r|i.g; irhr Dec! nation f?u Voito Rico Mth air brig Ral"-f, Sawyer fm fhil idelphia, achr Mary Ana Sehaak lta. Irr m B dtimore. th.p North Star, W, le, tm Pmladslnhia for Live,poel, rer.,nn*, w, old sail in a . portion of he- cargo of Hoar, hid been sold ?'?b?er Sizaaa Lion*, about Jan 32 - In port tehr Vel-sco Cork unc; eld previoua to 24d, achr John McCree, Sttard for Loan St IlcLgrr* Jan 16?Hid ship Gen Harrison Simpson for Boston, last from Manilla "amaon. Simpson, iot Boston ' '~sld 'houda, Driver, (frem Caleatta) Tor TaiiiiB*D dp Cvaa, Feb. 26?Brig Arctnras, for New I 2J 'lo J?'1' T' at. for Boston, do. I March I.?brigs Vulture, Havee, for Naw York, ready for tea: El zal-eih. Powers, Marorllles, do; Florence, I Hopkins, for New Vork, op the rtver with cargo; sebr Jn lieite. York, for New York, at the city, (ia tr.ble.l TaininaD. reb 3?Sld bark Triaidad, Frubia, for St Vin cents, with her satire deck load, betas aaabia 10 make a sale of il r lleni Porta. . AraLACHicoLA, Fob 38?la Pp;t, B Amir, Carver, for New York, loading: Ocaaa Q-een, McBitde. for Liverpool, load 1? Kestrel, Tamer, lor Liverpool, with dispatch. Ocean, ing; Kestrel, Tamer, lo* Liverpool, with dispatch; Ocean, Wiilaid, lor Liverpool, loading; Louis , Tay, for Boston, with dispatch, Edwin, rierce, from New York, waiting; barks Doc do Orleans. Rohartsoo, from N York, waiting; Ro bert Watt, Johnson, from Liverpool, do; Imbnlla, Kelly, for, N York, with ^mtehi Providence, Vinson, from Kingston!, | Bagdadoea; Cay age. Coiner, lot N Y?tk, wtth dispatch; M HHHHHHHiSmSu mISU VmIuuX. inSiHHMIHH W inst, off Huurw! loatSlbbla flow and M hags psnsCaac orf doek, stove bulwarks, stanchions, slit plank shear, 4c. Also arr, barks Maria, Baker. New Orlaaas; A tries. MTellaa, do; brigs Dirk Hattriek, Bait, Falmouth, Ja; Nersus, Maanry, Mansanilla; Eralioe, Walton, Trinidad; Levant. Jaffcraoa, M* Manilla; Eveline, Walton, Trinidad; Lerant, ^effe^H Segue la Grande: Saline, Singer, Cardenas; Brazilian, ]?? born. Cardenas, tod iaat, 1st IT, Ion 74 in a haary NE gala, lost deck load to or 78 hhds molasses. Also air, brig Cant Job" Debar. New Orleans; brigs Chas Henry, Bishop, Wilmington NC; Vandal is, Stroat, do; Uenias. De Wolfe. Philadelphia. scbrs Befleiale. Yonog, Jacmel; John Danlap, Case, Cm ansa, Geo Pollock, Canny, do; Balance, Froet, Savannah?tod iaat, 1st CI, Ion 75, lost beat, balsvarks, jibbooa, flying jib, I balsa cotton, off deck. Also arr, sears Vandalise Strout, Wilmington, NC; Forest, Jaqaas. A'etaadria; Poto mac, Nicholson, and A Niekeraoa, Smith, Fredericksbarg, Homer, Kent; Grecian, Chase; Compliance, Lewie; Kenha wa.Frisbia; A M Hals, Hall, and Btar, Smaller, New Yerk. Cld,ship Barah, Cutter, Madras and Calcutta; barks Detroit, Low ell UOD.rorilBBQ IU IUIU lira DUWHvna, avuta a/va tvawiagj a/n? water, Goaairas; K Randall, Cook. St Jago da Caba; Tribnna 4 loir man, 8avaonnh; Liringaton, Bearer. Wilmington, NC; Caasius. Eldridge. do; Colnmbir, Berry,Tkiladelphin; Friend, Crowell, and Fancy, Chase, New York. 12th, pkt ship Colom bo. Burwell. Liverpool, Jan. 9; has had rery heavy weather; ship Colombian, Merriman. Apalachicola: harks Chesapeeha, Parker, Cardenas; E Churchill, McGilrery, do; Attica, Mn Lellau, New Orleans; 1st 34 14, Ion 74, in a NE gain fell in with aereral empty csaks, wooden and iron bonad. On thn head of one in white letters forming a circle, was "Reed's On inalli" and across tha cirri* '|Troy," _as nearly as coatd he made oaf ? Also arr bark T O Brown, Horton, New Orleans. Id last off Cape Hatteras, lost 30 bhls floor and M kags pigs feat off deck, store bulwarks, stanchions, split plank shear, be ?Also arr barks Como, Bogardus. Charleston; J W Paige, Taylor, Baltimore; brig Henrietta, Thnraton, Cardenas; schr Jalia Ann, (of Eastport) Winchester, Philadelphia, Signal for a lark, supposed the Turk, from Philadelphia. Wd.wind 88 W ;o WSW, moderns, brig Christiana, hideout; ship Ni obe, bark Howtand; brigs September, Cordelia, Ceres, Mats mora, and Albert, went to sea from below on Wednesday night. CHiiLtiTsii, March 10?In the obng, ship Phante, paasad midshinmaa Maoomo, from the West Coast of Africa; ?th. birk MorfDix, Hamilton, fm Bortnn? (? bimiIIubodi) ?'???I ?vit* iMvriin, tin lUBiaii'MB. v >u Via. MIDI Powhattan, Stone, Liversool; Winnganne, Malahar, Gulf of Mancoj barks Brontes, Curtis, Bottom; Bradahaw, McNair, 8t Johus, NB; schr Btspbea ft Francis, Coietsr.&t Aucnstin*-,Sth ship Sullivan, Waits,New York; bark Potomac, Breeie, North of Europe; brig Arabian, Jones, Mew Orlosns. Arr. brie Athens. Jones. Amsterdam. The A. has experienced heavy gales of wind daring the passage?lost a?*d spite sails Ket West, Feb 19?Air bark J SIE Willisms. Protitkoee; blV ? AI - * B UUm b A M..IL J. . ase _ . a aebr Bhawmnt, New York; Slat, Abby b Amelia, do; tod, toN Ootwa. Apalachicola; 25th. aebr J Q Adams, do, Magantwhok St Merits; also, brig Aimed*, do. 81d 18th. bart J k ?WU liams, Apalachicola; brig R Ornninga, Pegncol*- su, sehr Shawmut, New Orleans: toth, schr OntwbAna^ani Moiiilk, March 5?Cld Br ship Satellite, ^aiabridre. Llrer pool; ship Viriinie, Eaton, Havre; Br >^rk Champion, Coeh ranr, Liverpool; bng Harriet, Uelra-'^. N tw Havx*. March IS-Arr b^g Atlantic, Whittleeey, fm Trinidad, and S4 daje fm OrgWida. Qn the M andSd inat, tot fathoms of water off Cap^. Henry, experienced a tremendous gain from the NE, in Vnich lost foretopmast suymail and fore spencer,3 days sfr..r tha gala, 1stSS 30. Ion 74 30, picked opto balw Cottonjyhd 17 barreIs flonr. The b?rk Trraidad, Knsbie, sailed from Trinidad with hnr entire deck load of atoek for St Vincents on the 8ih n)t. brig Sophia; S(th, harks Brown and Calliope, nnd brig P Soale, antf out of Wilder'* Bayou, brig Jane. Ou the 27th, ahta Ly ons; Silh. ships Isaac Newton, and Tennessee; brigs North Baud, Lancet, and Wni Daris; 37th, ship Pursuit, and bark Hero of Sidon. Old, ahipa Emily Taylor, Hows, Boston; Wm Eugs, Boas, New York; Aubum.; barks Acadia, Harlow, Marseilles; Augusta, fSwede] Daunburg, Gotten burg ; Znlrtta. Kelly, Phil idelphia; Sarah Hand,Bailey, do; brig T Street, McConnei). Haraua. Phila?eu>hia, March13?Arr bark* Hope.Oray. Bio Jane b Jane, Flit iro; R Morris, Onterbndgr. New Orleans; Mary It Jan*,Flit ner, do; hriga Kebecaa, Ames, Trinidad do Cuba; Norris Stanley, Dnuly, New Orleans: Ooraria, Doughty, New York; schra Lochial, Lufkin.'i; Two Brother*. Kelsy.Na "" f ~ " " Tgi Haven; Trxtor, Smiih, New York; Frances, Fowler, do; Tnrk PHOTlociscg, Much U ?Arr bark Ttnerroa, Crowell, Ape lac hi col a; bark Beaver, Edmonds, do; brig Alvsno, Pace, He no"; schr Hcpestar, (of Brookhaven) J'rvia, Philadelphia.? |C'n S7th alb, off Grant Egg Harbor, took a severe gale from ENE to NE, laid to Mhonrs, Mid drifted into Gulf 8trosm? ?RtoaiwmmHHiltotoitototoMtogtoM sprung aleak, threw over about 30 tons coal, lost boat, galley, bolwniks.jih,and binnacle, Schra Adventurer. Lewis. New vui wume|jr>,uiiw viuunwim win* nuTOutu'ci, W 'York: Presid'nr. Wilbour. do; sloops Leader, Hazard, Waal-1 CHrt,(Mats.) Native, M'Kenzie, do; Gaorgs, Cobleigh, do; Huisa, Wilcox. Tiverton; Ann. Cory. do; earn#, fenrca.Bria tol; Wm H Allen, Usher. Bristol; Fashion, Cooper, Wick ford; Bradford Dnt fee, Borden, Fall Rivar. Cl'd. ship Ham burg, Litrabee. Bath. SI'd, schrs B ands. Mweet, Virginia, ri i New York; O n Lafayette, Chase, Boston;sloop Charlea, Raider, New PokTLSND^Mareh 1??Arr Susan Jane, Stan wood, Muaaam; schrs While Oak, Hmall, Bath; St stirs. Preble, Georgetown, M-. Cld, sehr Deltware, Trott, New York. Richmond, March 11?Arr schr* U Fngs, Sweat, Thomas ton; Rowena, Young. Boston; John Slam ins, Taylor, do; ' l, Doughty, do. I '14 ? 4V I If CIIOj M fgltb' 4#U? lw?1 livilll WIUIUI HO) Peter Hitter, Deriekson, New York; Gen Scott, Below,, Now York. SaraititAH, March ??Arr Fr brig Villa da Treport.Eudaliaa Point Patre, Gnad; achr O H Perry, Wooetor, Ga.dalonjmvia St Thomas. 8alem, Maich IS?Arr ship St Paul, Allen. Maaillg. Mar oh 6,1st 3< H N loo 70 14 W, pasted a boat bottom np.paintod white aides mid red bottom; appeart d to have bean in this weter bnta short time?Also arr brig Oliada, Hutchinson, Rio Grande. March S, let 34 52 N, Ion 713 #W, passed close along side of ship Parmelis, of Qarbeo, before reported abandoned Sid hris Rutseli, Wast Coast of Africa; schNantnkaag,BJo Grande. . _ _ _ WAgngit, R I, March 12?Art brig Wm Hoary, Coin, Mb tanzes. On the 1st. 2nd and 3d inat, eiperienood a tsvete gala of wind, stove cambooie, bulwark*, fcc. Took the gala in ln| 38 II. 11th i' it, off Moataug, ipfll achr Forest, fm Richmond for New Bedford, WAtHmoTois, NC, March S?Arrachra Emma Jnlia, How land, Wast Indies; Two Brothers, Richardson, Now Yoik. Cld, schrs Swallow, Roainton; M M Fowl*, Forhaa, and Mas cia, Smith, Naw York; Bellooa, Stonington; James Otis, Boo By lut Bight's Soothers Itil. Baltimssk, Marc)i li?Arr ship Herald, Bronjhtoa, 37daya from Rotterdam. 4th iust, txchangad signals with a Hw bark bine ground, white iquare, naidiii to the 8, in lat IIK, ion N 10. Experienced contrary wnid* and rough weather dnnag the postage. Oa the ltth Jan, 10 leagues 8W of Sicily, Christian Johnson, aeaman, waa missing, aappoacd waahcd overboard la I a heavy aea that waa ahirpcd at the time. Alao arr, ships Avs lanche. Parsons, N*w York; Emerald,; bark Wyman Dill, Boston; brigs Bermndisna, [Br] Ssodera. Bermuda, Oarm, Shackford, St Thomsa; Islam, Ram Key?Captain Liu cola waa washed overboard on the lat inst, off Cape Hattarma, and drowned. Also arr,brim Walnsre, Luce, Mobile; Eleanor. Brown, Savannah; schr Comet, Barney, Mataoiaa?on the lat inat, lat 29 30, long 79 St, waa atmek by a whirlwind, and loot fore and square sails, and carried away flying jib stay; from Id IUI? ?uu ttfUOl V Hilt, MIU IUIICU tWBJ U y IU| JIU ?tiy I HUM totth, lat >9 and II, and long 78 to 79, experienced a sever^ gale. lost jib, shipped a aea which washed the long boat ont c the choeka, and atova the cabooee hoaae. Sehr Tiyall, Oibba, 1m Providence; schr Heroine, Conies, I da fm NYork; achr Emerald, Snow fm Providrnce; schr Direct. Brigga, fm New York; achr John Travers. Tolley, from the wreck of the achr Maria, fm NYork, with a put cf her cargo; steamer He rald, Russell, An Noifalk?saw off Ureal Wicomico n herma phrodite brig, and Higher up the bay a bark, both bound up. Below, a full rigged brig; alao, schr NYork. Cleared, brig Frances Jans, Gardiner, St Johna, PR; achr Ro chester, NYork. _ . Noarou, March 11?Arr sclis Ruth Atkins, McKannon, fm Tnrka Island; J W Kimpton, Oaborn, from Alenadrin, bound to New York, put in on account of heed winds.?Also arrack May; Hubbard, from Baltimoiv. In Hampton Roads, brig Henry Woodis, Chamberlaine. 13 day* from New Orleans, bound to Baltimore. On the lltb mat, in lat 16 13, Ion73 St, saw the achr Brilliant, of Boston, sank, with her stern just above the water, her head beiag deeply buried, aad with her innate alongside. Also, passed on the same dal. three windlaasee. PHiLAor.LrHiA, March 19?Arr bark Poas, in charga of Lieut Cegdell of the U 8 Sloop of War Yorktowa, from the Coast of Africa, hsvirg been captured as a alavar, particulars of which have been previously published.?Alao arr berk Coosa, Oar viu, New Orleans; brigs Ruby,McKeatia, Charleston; raua sylvanii, Lyle. Mataaisi. Feb 26. Sd inst experienced n vio lent gale irom SW to NW while lying to, lat SI SI. lea 79. was struct with a heavy sea, which stove bulwark! broke eleven ?taaeneona. started the long boat ont of the chocks, carried away both bob stays, two tierces molasses off deck, fcc?Also a-r brig Caspian, Anthony, 8t. Ihomas; achr Geo Warren Welsh, from Bathurst, Coiat of Af.ica. Cld bark Nashua, Skatta, New Orleans; brigs Soils, Bangs, Beaton; Howo, Crowsll, Halifax, NS; EllaTWheldea, Boston; Elmira Rogers, Salter, ftew York; James fc Hasnnel, 8omert, New Yoik; Pa triot, 31 as on .Bridge port, Coaa; Mexican, Totalis; New York; Staunch, Tallmadge, Brooklyn. CAUTION. TAMES 8. MASON'S SPANISH BLACKING LABEL J COUN " COUNTERFEITED ?Shippers, Merchants, and the Elbiic generally, accustomed to purchase, or use MASON'S elebrated CHALLENGE BLACKING, _ are very fully requested to examine the LABELS of Blacking aad ascertain if the hamx of JAMES S. MASON is ' as his Spanish Blacking Labels haw been copied in every pur focation on|jr excepted, by a concern mi ticnlar, the name and location only excepted, by a con Philadelphia^ far the paipote of Deceiving lit Pvblie, by im posing on thair confidence iu favor of Maaoa's Blacking ; the style and form of the engriving and Uttering, the wor <iag j_? color of the paper, have all been copied. OBSERVE that Mason's ( hallengv Blacking is uevsr labelled in Spanish lei ny American market. TO PREVENT FRAUD for the fatnre, Jan. S. Mmm will place his sigaatnre on the libels of every boi of Bltcktof p?v pared by him, without which noun is genaine Hu lOMK ?r rience as a mtonfattnrer, the eitaat and vntirty of his chinsry and other facilities, afford him superior adTtaOw over any other Blackiujr Maaafacturorio the L nited Smtae. o.ders for BLACKING and WHITING INK, of thibml quality, famubed promptly wi*br" ^ ml Iw sod* re 199 North Third ttrmE_ s bassett kkknch.^^^H COUNSELLOR AT LAW. ettoada all the ceurttWd hi the city of Richmond and coeoty of Choetorftold, Virginia oAce Manchester, Virginia?Refers to. His ExeeUancy. Jm| McDowell, Governor of Virginia;Jflis Excellency John F N. B.?Mr. Hadaea will taka ekewa of a*v papers r Mr. Freaeh aad forward same to him safely. for _ dtt Jtaw taa*r chwe-st junjfgf^fgm Sn nerior and Elegant Commercial System of WRITING, 117 ILL continue tote tatigM( daring bis stay in New Twrfc, Vf to Ladiss aad Gentlemea of rvxav son. Day M Eve nine, in Twalra Leee?as, lor the small charga of Ovlt Krvx Dou-ana ! Mn. Bniarow, Finishing Writing Master, promiaoaandMrs naivvggs to ALL, old or yonog, to impart a beautiful, HI gXPKDiTioi s aad rASMioea iLr style of Penmanship, no mad how aao, ii.i.xoinLc or cnsMrxu mar !>e tha viUtt^ _. IN TWELVE EASY LEMONS FOR $3 Ot ONLTI J'Boon Kerr mo and Shout Haivo unght tAerougWg. . B.?Privsta lessons given. Families aad Schools a II kawla C^HOAL.?I am delivcmg Ikom my yard, comer of Kit ? Greenwich atreeu, the real P?sch Orchard Bed M these lowprieeeJor cash ooly.vit: Egg and Broken 85 73; Nat sad Stove, mixed, f5 39. Bayers can positively d? oe having their Coal delivered at these prices. . ..^m ill lmeod*r pITeRCUIH i ii iii 111 ii 11 i'i M TIANLINE k OSTHE1MER, Importers, ? by 7, MM by 91. All sites polished plate II by ifjfo 57 by 24. Also, Toilet glaneea, Pipes, Banff Bonn, Cigar Cases. Mouey m^BSslEsuaPm Jill itol hi

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